Oceanic Guild Recruitment

1d [A] Völtage - 1/11 M - Dath/Khaz [A] <Voltage> We are a relatively new guild that formed in the final few weeks of Nighthold. We are a semi-hardcore guild currently looking to recruit a few extra players to compliment our core roster for Mythic ToS progression. <Raiding Progression> 10/10 H NH, 9/9 H TOS, 5/9 M TOS, 11/11 H ATBT. 1/11 M ATBT <Needs> DPS Pref (Rogue/MM Hunter/Frost DK/Ele-Enh Shammy,Warlock) HEALS Pref (Holy Pally, Resto Shammy) All Exceptional candidates will be considered !! <Raiding Schedule> (Mythic Progression):- Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 7:15pm - 10:30pm AEST Raiding Goal : Cutting Edge As a raiding guild, we have gone from strength to strength, finalizing our Mythic Team and achieving our first Mythic Kill almost 2 months ago. We are always on the lookout for exceptional raiders to compliment our amazing line-up. I would love to have a chat with you, discuss your ambitions and goals within the game, and see if Voltage is the place for you to achieve those. I am available through the day on Sajesstive#6264 on Discord, and afternoons/nights on BTAG Doggadogjr#1662. Look forward to hearing from you !!Sajesstive0 1d
1d Singapore Semi-Casual Guild Recruiting All! <The Reclusive Order> is a Horde guild based in Thaurissan that's currently looking to expand its roster for the upcoming raid in Argus! Meanwhile, we are currently casually progressing through Heroic Tomb of Sargeras. If you are looking for a semi-casual experience that's primarily focused on clearing Heroic mode and not too fussed about Mythic, this is the guild for you. We raid Wednesday, Sunday and the occasional Monday, 9.30pm till 12am (GMT+8). Looking forward to raid with you all!Linweiye4 1d
1d 11/11H DPS DK LF Guild 2-3 nights Pref Hi, I am looking for a raiding guild. Prefer 2 nights but can do 3. Looking for a guild at a similar progression. Have a lot of raiding experience dating back to BC, clearing majority of end game content when active. I am currently located on Frostmourne Alliance but am willing to transfer/faction change. Please don't hesistate to add me for a chat. *Logs can be provided if needed. Rodge#1734Drake4 1d
1d Rogue LFG for raid progression Hi all, I have been soloing contents ever since legion started and I believe it's time to join a guild to start raiding. I will like to stay on Frostmourne (Alliance) and preferably GMT +8 timing. Feel free to hit me up at Shirayuki#1490 thanks.Envykeke4 1d
1d [A] <Just Another Guild> 1/11M GMT+8 LFM <Just Another Guild>, Alliance on US-Aman'thul (GMT+8) is 1/11M, 11/11H Antorus. We are on the hunt for competent raiders to bolster the team in preparation for Mythic progression in Antorus. Current Recruitment Priority * Heal: Hybrid Heal/DPS (any class) * Rdps: All * Mdps: DK, rogue Players exceptional in a class not listed above are welcome to apply. Raid Times * Wed, Thu, Mon * 2100H to 2330H (GMT +8) * 0000H to 0230H (ST) Guild Environment The people of <Just Another Guild> are mainly working professionals (aka older folks with family commitments) from Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. We take a more casual attitude towards raid progression, but our raiders are serious about making their performance count over the 2.5h of raid. We are a friendly, laid-back bunch and enjoy running m+ with each other on off-raid nights. How to Apply Apply at our website (http://jag.enjin.com) or whisper an officer in-game (Mistyia#1230, Fufu#6858, Nasheq#1289) for a chat. Cheers, Mistel (Mistyia#1230)Mistel132 1d
2d <Omen> 1/11M LFM Omen is an Alliance side raiding guild based on the Oceanic server Aman'Thul. Our raid team is progression focused and aims to have fun while downing all Mythic content whilst current. Raid Schedule: 2 Progression and 1 Farm raid night a week. Wed, Thurs & Mon 9pm-12am Server time (Server time = AEST = GMT + 10) Current Progress 7/7 M-CE, 3/3 M-CE, 10/10 M-CE, 8/9 M ToS, 1/11M Antorus Who we are: The Omen community has been around and raiding together since BC. We have survived as long as we have because, whilst our culture is laid back and there are plenty of giggles between boss pulls, we are focused when needed and willing to put the work in to learn fights as a team and get bosses down. The feel within the guild was best summed up by a new member who at the end of their trial period said they loved it here as it felt like a group that had been friends for years but that you get to feel a part of that within a few raid nights. The things we are looking for in a recruit are: - Someone who will get as much out of the team progressing as they do out of seeing the content themselves - Players who are hungry to be the best they can each raid night - Someone who looks at the raid logs to see how they can improve, seeks support from guildies and gives it to others - Players that enjoy the class/role they have chosen and love to raid with a team - Someone who watches/reads boss fight guides ahead of time - People who enjoy a giggle on Discord but can focus when it's needed - Players who turn up when they say they will and let the guild know when they can't Who we are looking for: High performing, experienced & skilled players of any class / spec will always be considered. The classes / specs we are most currently most interested in recruiting for our raid team: Melee DPS: Dk Ranged DPS: Spriest/Lock Healer: Druid/Monk Tank: Any with strong DPS offspec. If Omen sounds like a guild you would like to be a member of or if you have any questions, please contact one of the Guild Officers below for a chat or head over to our guild site https://www.omenguild.info/ to check us out. Guild officers to contact: Add me on Raphy#1443 for a chat!Dillidos70 2d
2d (A)CK Frostmourne 3/9 M 9/9 H Centurion Knights: (3/9 M and 9/9/ H) are currently looking for people interested in Heroic raiding. Our main goal is to have fun together while killing raid bosses while still having a life outside of Azeroth. So if you are looking for a great bunch of people to raid with and to enjoy a steady progression, join us :) . As a guild we have been established since 2006 with a long tradition of quality casual raiding. We are currently looking to expand our roster. Raid times are 8.30 - 11.00 ST Wednesday & Thursday. We also run Mythic + Dungeons, Mythic groups & alt raids on other nights. If you are interested fill out an app; at https://arieals.typeform.com/to/Pt1FGqInarieals18 2d
2d Hpallys needs mythic guild Are there currently any Mythic plus guilds recuiting Hpallys? please let me know raid times and days. Thanks.Todäys1 2d
2d Casual Raiding Guild LFM Alliance Frostmourne <Tactical Pause> we are a casual raiding guild looking for more players to bolster our roster for Antorus and onwards. We are Currently looking for Mages, Locks, Hunters, Warriors, Rogues, and a tank class. But all classes/roles will be considered. We are 11/11N & 5/11 H We raid once a week with an optional raid night in which we do normal mode/farm bosses Wednesday (Optional): 8pm Svr Time to 11pm Svr Time Sunday: 8pm Svr Time to 12am Svr Time We do ask you be at least 920 ILVL before you are ready to raid, which doesn't mean that you will not be accepted into the guild if you are under 920 ILVL. We also want you to be raid ready (enchants, consumables, etc) Our WowProg Page https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/frostmourne/Tactical+Pause Our Logs Page https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/187285 Officers Bnet: Justfallen19#1768 Twig#1232 Pyredor#1310 Or whisper one of our other members if we aren't online.Justdecendin1 2d
2d [H] <Ajantis> 5/11M - LF Healers!! About us: Ajantis is a 20man Horde Mythic raiding guild on Saurfang. Ajantis started raiding on Aman’Thul in 2006 and transferred to Saurfang in 2008. We've raided at a cutting edge level since inception and aim to push high oceanic rankings in all future content. We are a group of mature raiders with progression in mind, we aim to provide a drama free and relaxing environment to raid in. We take suggestions seriously and encourage communication between members and officers. We also place emphasis on raiders performance and attitude and constructive feedback is provided when necessary. Raid Schedule: Wednesday: 8pm-12pm Thursday: 8pm-12pm Sunday: 8pm-12pm Monday: 8pm-12pm Website: http://discord.gg/UwEHm9H (we primarily use discord for everything) Legion Progression Tier 20: Tomb of Sargeras - 9/9M - OCE 13th Tier 19: Nighthold - 10/10M - OCE 9th Trial of Valor - 3/3M - OCE 10th Emerald Nightmare - 7/7M - OCE 22nd Recruiting: We are currently looking for the following classes in high demand: ... Contact: Reterino (Recruitment Officer) - Reterino#1629 Delvex (GM) - Delvex#1512Reterinoshad67 2d
2d <theMinistry> / (6/11H Antorus) Recruting <theMinistry> is a (6/11H Antorus ) Frostmourne Aliiance OCE raiding guild. We are currently recruiting DPS for progression Heroic and Mythic Antorus. We are an active / social raiding guild looking to add new members to our guild. We are looking for raid ready members ( 920+ ilvl ) for our core team but are willing to help people gear. We do keystone runs a few days a week for 930+ gear to help out our members. RECRUITMENTCurrently recruiting high priority: Resto Shaman, Hunter , Mage , Warrior Currently recruiting medium priority: Rogue , Death Knight , Windwalker Monk , Demonhunter Raid days and times are: +10GMT Thurs 8 - 10pm Sat 9 - 11pm Mon 8 - 10 pm ( casual fun / alt night ) Logs and Progress:https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/212139 https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/frostmourne/theMinistry Please contact our recruitment officer via BNET - EVA#2601 , or our guild leader Cougs#1764 if you are wish to join :) ( Casuals are welcome )Véngéancé22 2d
2d [H] Barthilas <Spotless> SG GMT+8 recruiting <Spotless> - Barthilas Hi, we are a late night GMT+8 raiding guild made up of mainly working Singaporeans/Australians adults. We are currently looking for dedicated players for Mythic progression. If you are looking for a social, friendly and efficient raiding guild, look no further! Progression: 11/11H 7/7M 2/3M 9/10M 6/9M Raid times: 9-12pm SGT/ 11pm to 2 am SVT on Wed, Thurs and Mon. Optional raid on Sunday Expectations Commitment Preparedness Respectful Recruitment All exceptional and dedicated raiders. In particular we are looking at: Melee Dps - War, Rogues Range Dps - Mage, Elemental Shaman, Moonkin Druid, Shadow Priest, MM hunter Tanks - Closed Healer - Druid Loot System EPGP Communication Discord Whatsapp Casuals are also welcomed. We do frequent mythic+ and normal/heroic raid clears. Please feel free to contact either myself (Ewnsha/Ewnairr) ewnair#1890, (Sushisushi/Cfish) ClownFish#6454 or anyone in the guild really. You will be pointed to the correct channels. Thanks for reading!Ewnsha79 2d
2d [A] <Voltage> FM. 3/11H Antorus ~ DPS Hey, We're a Frostmourne guild raiding Mon and Thurs nights 8.30-11pm server time. Our current progress in Antorus is 11/11N, 3/11 H and we are primarily recruiting: Dps: happy to consider both melee and ranged, but would love a boomkin, mage and shadow priest! We are a semi-casual raiding guild, with the goal of completing around 5 mythic bosses this tier. There is also an optional alt night, N Antorus Sun 8.30-11pm svt, casuals and those wanting to get into raiding are also welcome. We have recently begun m+ nights too, twice a week on Tues and Fri, to help those raiders wanting to get their +15s done. History: ToS- 1/9M, 9/9H (AOTC) NH- 3/10M, 10/10H (AOTC) ToV- 3/3H (AOTC in EN gear) EN- 7/7H (AOTC) Add me on btag iolanthe#1961 if you're interested, happy to answer any questions :)Elyssaelina5 2d
2d <A> Handle It 7/11H LF Prog Raiders <Handle It> Aman'thul Alliance is an Australia based guild. Who we are: We are an active guild who enjoy mythic+ runs, Raids, PVP night (rated battlegrounds), the glory to the raider achieves for mounts, have transmog competitions, and much more. Recruitment is currently open for dps/heals. Website: www.higuild.com Discord: https://discord.gg/CbZeTKh Raid schedule: All times are server time: Wed - 9pm to 12:00 am Sunday - 9pm to 12:00 am Monday - 9pm to 12:00 am (Progression tba) During progression we may extend raids and/or raid additional nights when possible. We are looking for people dedicated to clear content, people that will show up to raids on time and prepared and that will stay the duration of the raid. We expect players to: Research the fights ahead of time. Know how to play their class and keep up on any changes blizzard makes to the class. Show up early for raids and stay for the whole raid. Represent the guild in a good light when in pugs or trade chat. We also accept casual players and players who just want to do Mythic+ or pvp we are a very friendly guild who just like to have fun while playing. We are currently 11/11 normal and 7/11 heroic in Antorus We will provide Feasts, flasks, potions, gems, enchants for the raid team. If you are interested in joining us please contact Furby or Velissaro or Rybeast in game. Of add me Sammy#1911 or Rybackk#6125Rybeast0 2d
2d [A] *Ante Meridiem* Morning & Evening Teams Ante Meridiem, one of only 2 remaining guilds that have continuously raided since vanilla WoW on Stormrage server (PVE) is recruiting excellent players. We pride ourselves on being a guild that has many players of the same stature, allowing us to have multiple raid teams that raid at entirely different times throughout the week. WEBSITE: amwow.net ------------------------------------------------------------------- *Note: All times are Stormrage Server Time (EST) AM Raid Team (Mornings) 2/11M Thursday/Friday/Monday 9:00am - 1:00pm Recruitment open for all classes! Contact: Kermite (KermitDaFrog#1283) ------------------------------------------------------------------- PM Raid Team (Evenings) 1/11M Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 7:00pm - 10:00pm Recruitment open for all classes! Contact: Numerical (gucci#1524)Ravan22 2d
2d [H] <Somebodys> 11/11 N, 8/11 H <Somebodys> is a casual raiding guild on Barthilas that is currently looking for more players to raid with! Our progression is as follows: - 11/11 Normal & 8/11 Heroic (Antorus). We are a three night a week raiding guild that are looking to move into Mythic raiding. At present, our recruitment is open for the following: - Tanks – Full at present. - Healers – Need one healer (pref. Holy Paladin/Mistweaver Monk) all healing classes considered. - Damage – Need three DPS (pref. Ret Paladin, Warlock and Hunter) all ranged classes considered. Our raiding schedule is as follows: - 8pm – 10.30pm Server Time (Wednesday) – Farm content / Trial raids. - 8pm – 10.30pm Server Time (Thursday) – Progression. - 8pm – 10.30pm Server Time (Monday) – Progression. Loot: We currently use RCLootCouncil and gear is voted on by a team of six members consisting of officers and core raid members who take into consideration the following: class/spec, skill, attitude and attendance. Goal: We try to achieve a raiding environment where players can have an enjoyable experience but also see content in a timely manner. Outside of raiding our members participate in running mythic +'s, random battlegrounds, completion of older raid content and PvP arena's. As a guild we try and get as many members as possible through Mythic 15+ keys. If you are interested in what you have read, or would like to have a chat with us, please feel free to speak to one of the officers. - Undisputed; - Milkiest; - Bovich; - Chayse. Thank you.Milkiest2 2d
2d [H] Severed Saurfang 6/11 heroic Timezone: GMT+11 hours = Sydney Time or AET Server: Saurfang (US) Main Raid times: Sunday: 7:00PM - 10:00 PM Monday: 8:00PM - 11:00PM With random alt/fun runs throughout the week organised by guildies. Other Content: ToS: on occasion when organised (guild is 9/9H) Mythic +: We try to get all members the weekly +15 key each week regardless of their actual capabilities. We are currently recruiting the following: Ranged DPS (any) Requirements: Must have completed 11/11N and be familiar with the normal mechanics. Voice Com: Discord Logs are not required for entry but may help streamline your application. About us: We are a social raiding guild that raids 2 nights a week. Heavily active members who love running Mythic +'s and old content full of banter and fun, We also have our share of serious players who like to push keys (16+). We pride ourselves on our ability to complete content whilst enjoying our time together and the game. Any Questions can be answered by: Shadowsbride/Shadowfidi Jalána/Jenári Kaashu/AhnnelainShadowsbride2 2d
2d H Barth 925 Rogue & 931 S Priest LFG +8 Hi, We are currently looking for a Horde guild on Barthilas who raid to GMT +8 timezone. Ideally the raid would be starting at 8 - 10:30 pm (11pm - 1:30am ST). Looking at doing Normal/Heroics at this stage. A little bit about ourselves? Well we reside in WA Australia and enjoy playing wow. We have extensive raid experience in previous expansions. More currently between us both, we have the following experience: AToC for Xavius, Helya & Guldan and 8/9 H ToS. Feel free to message me on my battle tag Chelle#1521 if you think we would suit your raid.Mìchelle3 2d
2d [A] Twisted Haven 1/11M GMT+8 Twisted Haven (Aman'Thul) is a GMT+8 raiding guild currently looking for exceptional and committed players to join us in progressing and completing the tier. We have members hailing from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Philippines. RAID DAYS Wed, Thurs, Sun (3 day raid week) 9pm - 12am GMT+8 12mn - 3am AEST (Oceanic Server Time) 8.00am - 11am EST / CST 5.00am - 8am PST (Raid will start at 11pm Oceanic Server Time when DST ends. No changes for GMT+8 time zone.) PROGRESSION 8/9M Tomb of Sargeras 10/10M Nighthold 7/7M Emerald Nightmare 3/3M Trial of Valor 13/13M HFC (prior to pre-patch) RECRUITING - Tank - Range: Shadow Priest, Elemental Shaman, Mage, Warlock - Hybrids with OS heal/tank All other exceptional players are also welcome to app! Just add us for a chat :) EXPECTATIONS - Ability to attend all 3 raid days on a regular basis unless there are IRL emergencies. - Discord and a working mic. Being able to actively participate in Discord to convey time sensitive information is of utmost importance. - A good attitude towards raiding. While we do our best to have fun, our goal is to use our time efficiently and effectively, and we expect you to be able to buckle down and focus when it is required. - One should be able to take constructive criticism objectively and always consider the guild’s priorities over their own personal glory. Please contact Criss#11291 / Mycra#1827 or apply at http://twistedhaven.guildlaunch.comMycra264 2d
2d [A] Orbit - Frostmourne! Wed/Thurs 8-11 AEST <Orbit> - Frostmourne is an Australian-based Mythic raiding guild currently 11/11 heroic and looking to bolster our ranks with more DPS. We finished ToS at 5/9M and looking to progress at a steady, yet consistent rate into mythic Antorus. We raid Wed/Thurs 8-11pm AEST, with an optional normal clear on Sundays. Looking for: Priority DPS Boomkin Elemental Sham with strong resto spec Warlock Mages Hunters Everyone will be considered and welcome to trial for the guild! Hit us on bnet for more; Bulltongue#1903 FearForever#1650Sigra1 2d
2d (H) Zug Zug - Barthilas 10/11H LFM! GMT+10/+8 Welcome to Zug Zug - Barthilas! Formed in 2016, Zug Zug is a semi-hardcore mythic raiding guild. Led by an experienced RL and officers, our aim in Antorus is to obtain Cutting Edge: Argus the Unmaker. Zuggers considered ourselves as a close-knitted team and we are currently looking for more like-minded raiders to join our mythic roster! We will be looking to form a G2 for GMT+8 in near future! Expression of interest welcome! Check out the recruitment list below! We are looking for: Tanks : Closed Heals : Closed DPS : Any DPS welcome! Raid Schedule (SVT): Wednesday: 9.00PM - 12.00AM ST Sunday: 9.00PM - 12.00AM ST Monday: 9.00PM - 12.00AM ST Current Progression: Antorus, The Burning Throne Mythic: 0/11 Heroic: 10/11 Normal: 11/11 *Above achievement as of 12th December 2017. If you are an experienced raiders who would like to join a competent and fun group, we want YOU! Please leave a message below with warcraftlogs or add any of the following players for a quick chat! Charzdingo#1921 - Guild Master/Raid Leader Cortex#1111 - Guild Master/Class I/C ZUG ZUG!Chazdingo27 2d
2d <Vicious Intent> 2/11M - LF RDPS <Vicious Intent> Frostmourne (Alliance) We're a mature and relaxed guild with a focus on timely mythic progression. With an active player base we often hang out in our guild Discord and run a lot of Mythic +'s within guild. We're recruiting exceptional players to join our flexible raid roster, with high interest in the following classes/specs: - Balance Druid - Shadow Priest - Hunter - Mage - Warlock Raid times: Wednesday 8.30pm - 10.30pm SVT (+10GMT) Thursday 8.30pm - 10.30pm SVT (+10GMT) Sunday 7.30pm - 9.30pm SVT (+10GMT) Required for raid: Discord, DBM, RC Loot Council, Weakauras Applicant requirements: Mature adult with a sense of humour Active player with progression-focus 935+ ilvl (preferred) For more info, or to organise a trial, message: Taliah#1174 Hero#6374 Dazza#1556Taliah18 2d
2d [A] Frostmourne <Bastion> 3/11M LF DPS/Heals <Bastion> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild formed in legion looking to fill our roster in preparation for pushing content in Tomb of Sargeras. We’re a guild of laid-back and mature players looking for like-minded people to join us. Casuals are also welcome to join. Fun and progression go hand in hand! We have achieved 7/7M, 2/3M, 7/10M and 8/9M in the past tiers this expansion, and we are looking to push as far as that, or further, in future tiers. Raid times (Server time): Wednesday 7:30pm -11pm Thursday 7:30pm -11pm Sunday 8pm - 11pm Alt/Casual raid: Saturday 8pm - 11pm Looking for -Balance Druid -Mage -Mistweaver Monk -Holy Paladin -Discipline or Holy Priest -Retribution Paladin Exceptional players will always be considered regardless of class. If you think you’re good at what you do, do not hesitate to apply! If you would like to apply, visit our website or contact one of our officers in game or through Discord. Website: bastion-guild.com Battletag / Discord tag Retributoo: Retribution#1962 / Retributives#4520 Subduce: Subjugates#1357 / Sub#1591 Under: Dartz#2473 / Dartz#0702Underperform75 2d
2d Recruiting Raid Leader Hello, We are recruiting a raid leader for a current top 1000 world 3/11 M-Antorus guild. Ill go into more detail on the guild and its set up through PM's We need an experianced raid leader who knows what they are doing. Previous experiance raid leading a guild at a similar rank/progression is a must. We are willing to accomdate returning players if they have this level of experaince. Please add Nugo#6843 for my detailsFridges2 2d
3d [H] <Baphomet> 9/11 H LF Mythic Raiders Hi all! <Baphomet> on Barthilas Horde is a newly formed guild by high performing raiders from top guilds from different servers. We are currently recruiting exceptional players for Antorus progression. This guild has one agenda only and that is to push progression to see end game content. What you'll be given is a raiding environment with like minded individuals who wants to achieve the same goals. Outside of raiding, we have active mythic plus teams running to not only get 15s done but to also help you push your mythic score rating! Raid Times Wednesday - 8:00pm - 11:00 pm SVT Thursday - 8:00pm - 11:00 pm SVT Monday - 8:00pm - 11:00 pm SVT Current Requirements 1xTank Healers - Resto Shaman, Resto Druid DPS - Hunters, DH Of course, any exceptional players will be considered. What we're recruiting for are for the remaining active core spots. Our goal is to be Mythic Raiding in the next week as we will have more people coming over. If you want more info add me on Jumn#11185Jumn7 3d
3d Kiwi Guild recruiting for Antorus. Kia Ora, Murloc ate my Mount is a Heroic-clearing Alliance guild on the server Aman'thul. We're currently looking to add more to our team for the upcoming raid Antorus and beyond into the next Expansion. We are a predominantly New Zealand-based guild with a few Aussies and other riff-raff thrown in and would like to add you to the mix. We currently are focused on Heroic difficulty as it allows us to keep a good balance between raiding and enjoying other aspects of the game and life itself. We're looking for players of all classes and specs, a few more DPS of the ranged persuasion. Current Progression (7.3) 7/11 Heroic Antorus 11/11 Normal Antorus Achieved prior at Current Content 9/9 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras 10/10 Heroic Nighthold 3/3 Heroic ToV 4/7 Mythic EN Schedule: Monday - 7PM to 10PM (GMT + 12) Wednesday - 7PM to 10PM Thursday - 7PM to 10PM If you have any interest in joining or trialling with us, (including cross realm) then hit one of us up with through our Battletags below, or make a toon on our server and get in touch with someone in guild. Danneris#1602 Jellytip#1899Gornfiend38 3d
3d [A-Frostmourne] - Looking for guild! Hey there peeps, I've recently switched mains (Rogue/DH -> Priest) to get in on that heal action. Been putting in some hours the last few nights to catch up on some item levels. As you can see - My kit isn't up to scratch, but I'm a pretty reasonable player. Puttin' in the hours each night to get up to standard :) Experience spanning over the last decade, from 40m MC through raid content each xpac (until recently). As you can see, I took a quick break for a bit, but dove back into TOS https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/caelestrasz/%C3%B0aedalus/pve Have experience as; Holy Paladin/Holy Priest - Vanilla Ret Paladin/Warlock - BC Resto Druid - WoTLK <Skipped Mists> Warlock - Cata Arms/Fury Warrior - WOD Demon Hunter/Rogue - Legion Ultimately, I'd love to find a weekday guild. Based on AEST. I'm a quick study & respect constructive feedback. If you're not looking for a Priest, might consider other options so I can be part of something great! Cheers everybody P.S. I'm a sucker for a badass guild name. P.P.S - Btag is Sinqnew#11826Åpoc1 3d
3d [A-Aman’thul] Molotov - 7/11 H-Antorus is LFM <Molotov> is looking for some skilled raiders to join our team as we work towards clearing Heroic Antorus, The Burning Throne on Argus. As a guild, our aim in raiding is to stay “Ahead of the Curve” in each tier of content without doing any mythic difficulty raids. What are we looking for? Skilled players who are also good people, we’re not interested in drama. As with many guilds our biggest problem is attendance as people have real life interfere with their gaming life. We have spots for up to five (5) new raiders to join our core team. We’re looking for DPS, and if you have a very well maintained off-spec for healing or tanking (i.e. skilled enough to have done the mage tower challenge for it) that would be awesome. Realm: Aman’thul (Oceanic-PVE) Raid Times: Wednesdays and Thursdays 8:30pm to 11:30pm (server time which is currently AEDT) Current Progress: 11/11 Normal Antorus and 6/11 Heroic Antorus Contact: Ask to speak to any officer in game or add me (Rath#6607) to your battle.net friendsElarriel9 3d
3d [A]<Templars Of Blood> LF DPS w Heals Offspec <Templars Of Blood> are recruiting more players on Frostmourne Alliance to join our core raid team. We created this guild in October 2017 and are made up of players from Horde Thaurissan-Dreadmaul. Our reason for transferring is the server was not active enough for us to build the numbers to start Mythic raiding. We are 7/7H EN 3/3H ToV 10/10H NH 9/9H ToS 6/11H ABT and raid 9pm-11:30pm SVT Wed/Mon (With alt raids on some Thursdays). We are active most nights between 8pm and Midnight. Currently considering applications: Tank Tank Closed DPS Looking for Ranged DPS with Heals Off Spec. Priest (High) Shaman (High - Elemental) Druid (High - Balance) Heals Any considered with good DPS Off-Spec. We also accept leveling/casual characters, do plenty of Mythic+ dungeons and even the occasional PVP. To get in touch for more information, contact Béhémoth in-game, add my Battletag Hydrax#1831 or simply comment here and I will reply back as soon as I can.Béhémoth6 3d
3d [A] Druid looking for casual raiding guild Hello I'm currently a 938 feral druid currently looking for a casual raiding guild for weekend raiding, would prefer only 2 hours a night with nothing going past 9pm ST but post me what you got and I'll see what I can do. I'm also looking for guilds that actually talk to each other and have fun, not interested in a guild that's just a bunch of people in the same place not talking to each other.Nezzuccho0 3d
3d Dedicated Discord Recruitment Channel (Updated) Hello there! Looking to recruit more active guild members? Or maybe you are looking for a guild to suit your specific availability. Here we have a growing recruitment channel on discord for those who prefer to expand their searches. (Skip to end of post for direct link) This server is for the specific use of recruiting with additional channels for game discussion and voice. We have specific channels for NA and EU realms. If you are posting for your guild/organization, posting in the corresponding channel will ping those also looking for the same searches. (Easy game, easy life!) Once you have joined the server, head into the get_tagged channel to select your role/faction's etc. The available tags are as follows: Raid Leader (known raid leader / gm) Recruitment Officer NA Horde EU Horde NA Alliance EU Alliance Role Play Mythic+ Tank Healer MDPS RDPS When you are posting your recruitment message or looking for a group (Warcraft related) please do not forget to include the following; Guild/Faction Server Raid Days Times Progression Loot System Recruitment Needs Wow Progress link. Contacts Battletag Notes We also have Herald of the titan runs (NA specific, but can extend to EU) Raid/m+ pug channels, advertisement, Diablo and other related game channels for use. Again, these tags allow you to see/post within the correct channels notifying those searching for the same criteria and limit unwanted spam. Even though I (and any future admins) will not be super strict about behavior, any server users will be expected to behave with decency i.e. you will follow the protocol for Blizz forums (http://us.battle.net/en/community/conduct) Spamming will not be allowed. Harassment accusations will be investigated with the appropriate party penalized. As with any growing channel, if you have any recommendations let us know in #recommendations. If you have issues with the server inv you can message me on discord Waffles#3784 or Lilius#1003 Discord channel link: https://discord.gg/AZbnMn6Brahaxa0 3d
3d A<Handle It> Looking for more <Handle It> Aman'thul Alliance is an Australia based guild. Who we are: We are an active guild who enjoy mythic+ runs, Raids, PVP night (rated battlegrounds), the glory to the raider achieves for mounts, have transmog competitions, and much more. Recruitment is currently open for dps/heals. Website: www.higuild.com Discord: https://discord.gg/CbZeTKh Raid schedule: All times are server time: Wed - 9pm to 12:00 am Sunday - 9pm to 12:00 am Monday - 9pm to 12:00 am (Progression tba) During progression we may extend raids and/or raid additional nights when possible. We are looking for people dedicated to clear content, people that will show up to raids on time and prepared and that will stay the duration of the raid. We expect players to: Research the fights ahead of time. Know how to play their class and keep up on any changes blizzard makes to the class. Show up early for raids and stay for the whole raid. Represent the guild in a good light when in pugs or trade chat. We also accept casual players and players who just want to do Mythic+ or pvp we are a very friendly guild who just like to have fun while playing. We are currently 11/11 normal and 7/11 heroic in Antorus We will provide Feasts, flasks, potions, gems, enchants for the raid team. If you are interested in joining us please contact Furby or Velissaro in game. Of add me Sammy#1911Apervert13 3d
3d 941 Prot warrior LF 8GMT Progression 941 Tank, 93something Arms Looking for a guild, again, in the +8GMT time bracket, prefer something 7:30 8GMT onwards (1030ST) 2/11H exp 11/11N exp Chakkie#11894Chackie0 3d
3d [H] <Old Dogz> LF Raiders - Khaz/Dath [H] <Old Dogz> LF Raiders 4/11 Heroic Antorus Old Dogz is a new progression casual progression guild looking to kill bad guys but balance that with the reality of real life commitments. We made of mainly Aussies based in Bris Vegas/Melb and are all old school raiders from Khaz Vanilla from some of the top progression guilds from this server over the past 14+ years including: Guild Serenity Conviction Crimzon Khazuals Bizarro We are looking to build on our strong start by recruiting some more mature gamers to come join the ranks and have fun but progress at the same time after you have put the kids to bed. We are also looking to shout out to any of those that we may have played with some of us back in the glory days of Vanilla to come back and relive some of those good times - but at a less addicted and life consuming pace. Most of us now are married, kids, have full time boring jobs and are getting old and need an outlet to have a bit of fun without the old progression guild drama. We currently raid 7:00pm to 10:00pm Thursday and Sunday (Brissy Time) and our aim is to clear the heroic content and build into some mythic content early in the new year. All classes are welcome with the exception of tanks which we are currently full on at the moment. Any questions at all, please reach out to either Xuanwu or barou#1311. Happy to have a chat! Thanks for your time! Xuanwu/BarouXuanwu0 3d
3d VENGENCE DH 954 LF RAIDING GUILD Hero/Myth VENGEANCE DH 954 LF HEROIC/MYTHIC RAIDING GUILD 75 traits aotc, willing to server hop from frostmourne alliance for the right raiding guildChoppychoppy1 3d
3d H <Snakes on a Plainstrider> (Khaz) 7/11H Snakes on a Plainstrider (H) - Khaz'Goroth, is a semi-hardcore raiding guild looking for more members for mythic raiding in tomb! With a solid core and 7/11H progressed members, we are currently seeking more like minded players to join our roster. Gear level isn't an absolute requirement, but we do require a good attitude and strong ability with your class. Current raid times are: - Wednesday 2030 - 2300 SVT - Monday 2030 - 2300 SVT We are currently recruiting any player with a high skill level but of particular need are the following: - 1 Healer (Preferably Shaman, or Priest) - Ranged or Melee DPS Outside of raiding we are very active and run mythic+ (15+) dungeons weekly. We also run social raids 1-2 nights a week depending on attendance. Social members are welcome. If interested in joining the guild or have any questions of your own, please contact any of our recruitment team in game: - Defrager#11607 - Anguinis#6776 -Orlean#6850 -Raguru#1334 or visit our guild website where you can find an application form https://soap.enjin.com/ Safe travels, Snakes on a Plainstrider (H) - Khaz'GorothErriaind10 3d
3d 940 brew/WW lfg 892 Brew/WW Lfg 7/7m guild on frostmourne pref currently in nighthold i am 2/10h 10/10n not willing to move to horde this late into the expan. 7/7m prog looking for a guild for nighthold! i know its so close to nighthold but looking for a guild thats willing to take on another tank or os tank /ww main Very experienced raiding background including server first and us first kills Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/fKNM6kQYRBWyH9a7/ https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/RWxDkZgmH7jqXV49 https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/PxNwzLRDhvAQ3TyZ Windwalker LOGS: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/3FGPXTVhctLvwMBC/#view=rankings&fight=2 Here is my youtube for when i feel like uploading kills: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCViXa0O7Obj1JnUZ2gsjn3A/videos If you would like to know more feel free to message me on blurgie#1233Oktoberfistt17 3d
3d <FATE> Cael/Nagrand - Rogue & Warlock <Fate> 7/11 Heroic We're a group friends with the intention pushing heroics as our number one goal, but we are wanting to really push forward into Mythics. We have a strong team but lack the numbers to go forwards. All welcome, but want: R/Druid or Shaman Ret Paladin Warrior Dps DK Warlock RogueRaid times: 7:30-10:30 - Wednesday, Thursday (and Sundays optional for pushing extra prog.) We also enjoy: Mythic+ This includes both key carry groups and high level key pushing. While our guild is primarily about having fun, we expect a certain level of skill from our players which is why we have a very short trial period to firstly see whether or not our personalities click and whether you make the cut. If you're interested, please feel free to whisper: mattyd#1767, DarkApostle#1161, Shihiro#1378. (Mattyd, Harlok, Shihiro) Thanks!Shihiro2 3d
3d (A) Hideout - Frostmourne <10/11H Antorus> < Hideout - Frostmourne > We are an Semi Casual raiding guild with +8GMT Timezone. Our goal is to achieve mythic raiding with a team of Experienced Raiders who wish to experience raiding from a more Semi Casual approach to Hardcore Progression. The community we plan to build a guild with enough members to substitute during progression. Our guild management team is experienced and helpful. Edited progression TOS - 9/9H, 5/9M TOS, 11/11H, 1/11M Antorus Currently recruiting (minimum ilvl 930) Resto Shaman Resto Druid Rogue Warlock WW monk Death Knight Heroic/Mythic Group: (Weds, Thurs & Sunday) Alt Run : Friday or Monday Raid Time - 11pm SVT or 9pm +8GMT Please feel free to add us on btag for a chat. Officers : Helborn#1295 : Reveri#6525 : Eldest#1271 : Landris#1388Helborn55 3d
3d <Pathfinder> Weekend 7:30-11 7/9M 11/11H Pathfinder Pathfinder is a tight knit group of friends and experienced raiders who have raided together for numerous expansions. We strive to maintain a mature, friendly and civil atmosphere for everyone within our guild, our aim is to have ZERO toxic players. While we only raid 2 nights a week we want to emphasize quality over quantity and are looking for like minded people who want to progress at a steady pace but may not have enough time to commit to a more serious schedule. We finished ToS @ 7/9M progress where we decided to take a breather before regrouping for Antorus. We are also very active when it comes to running mythic + groups and also enjoy a fair bit of overwatch. Current Progression 7/9 M ToS 11/11N Antorus 11/11H Raid Timings Saturday (1930 - 2300 AEDT/Server Time) Sunday (1930 - 2300 AEDT/Server Time) Current Recruitment Players who are aware of raid mechanics, parse well without tunnelling, know their class and are sociable and respectful to others. Maintain high attendance (90% min) Parse consistently in 70+ percentile Aware of raid mechanics Come prepared for raids Ability to follow raid leader instructions Have access to discord (voice chat app) Are not one to cause conflict/drama etc. Currently open Core Spots Healers x1 (Shaman/hpal/monk) Exceptional DPS (Pref boomkin/spriest/warlock) Get in Touch Yuwe (Rookie#1265) Hairyprunes (fatpigeon#1837)Hairyprunes5 3d
4d Ex-Hardcore raider Boomkin (US 2nd) LFG H/M Hey all, Getting back into the raiding scene and looking for a 3~4 nights p/week Heroic/Mythic guild that's looking to progress in Antorus. Looking for a hardcore guild that takes progression seriously and is willing to make decisions based on skill and performance over anything else. Gear is dog !@#$ so more than willing to chill out in farm raids for a bit before pushing mythic. Relevant 'recent' raiding history: MOP/WOD: - Officer in Suit Up, US 6th Oceanic 1st T14/T15 - Main Raider in Esoteric/Avast: US 3rd Imperator, US 2nd Blackhand - Main Raider in Entropy: US 2nd/Oce 1st Multi-class DPS specialist, top 1% DPS on Enhancement Shaman, Warlock, Feral Druid on WarcraftLogs, capable of playing every class to the highest standard. Hit me up on B-tag @Reveries#11791 if you need more information or you want to provide some info about your guild etc, happy to apply/trial where necessary. Kill-vids and !@#$ if you want to see me stand in fire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uP0D0PkfhH8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFsHH1GfUgM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vHB_qrxZ10 Cheers, Glyph/ReveriesValencia0 4d
4d [A] <Unlimited> FM 8/11H GMT+8 Recruiting Unlimited We are a casual raiding guild on Frostmourne (PVP) Oceanic Server. Our guild, Unlimited, consists of international players from Malaysia and Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Australia, New Zealand and other countries in Asia Pacific. We welcome all casuals who would like to be part of this big family. Present Progression: 8/11H Currently, our raid team is semi-hardcore. We are focusing on progressing on current content mythic raids. We need dedicated and competent core raiders to know their class, fights and mechanics. Turn up for raids and be comfortable to sit out for certain fights during progression or farm runs. We do not want to spend excessive hours on achieving progression kills because of one person's mistake. Therefore, we want raiders that fit the above criteria so that we can progress smoothly. We are using an EPGP loot system. For more information regarding loot, please ask the officers in guild. Past From previous patches and expansions, we have achieved a few top tier end raids. We have been sticking to a raid schedule to encourage a balance of different classes that may help in our mythic progression. Recruitment > Will pay for transfer to committed players only. <Tanks> > Open slot for high dps tank > Will take high OS in artifact weapon <Heals> > Restoration shaman > Mistweaver monk <DPS> > Need all > If you're good, we may consider putting you in core team > Provide links to your logs and our officers will check them > Trialing period will be up to a maximum of 1 month > You will be trialed in normal or heroic ToS > Open for any exceptional players with good attitude, attendance and performance. > We welcome casual raiders too if u have too much commitment in real life. For instance, you can only raid 1 or 2 days per week. Our Expectations From You ★Attendance: Attendance is the key to our stability. We rely on a small number of players and for our raids to be sustainable, we require most of our members to have a close to 100% attendance. We handle with the occasional sign out provided you give us a heads up so that we have the time to prepare for it. Once progression is done and we will lighten up the attendance requirement. ★Communication: Being able to communicate with your team mates is an absolute requirement. The raid consists of 19 other people who have invested their time into progression, so be considerate as the world does not revolve around you. Be able to handle criticism on your class. We expect you to have good written and spoken English (fluent singlish is welcome too). We will require you to use Discord to speak and listen during raids. Join our Whatsapp group for both encounter strategy and general planning/scheduling. RAID SCHEDULE Wednesday, Thursday, Monday (Antorus Heroic/Mythic Progression) 9.00pm - 12.00am GMT+8 (Singapore time) Friday and Saturday (Heroic optional for farm) 9.00pm - 12.00am GMT+8 (Singapore time) Tuesday (Normal / Heroic optional) after reset 11.00pm - 1.00am GMT+8 (Singapore time) Regardless of DST, we will raid according to GMT+8 time. ToS Incentives > Progression boss reward - 100k to 900k (Award varies depending on GM) > Repairs > Free feast and flasks (for progression only and heroic farmed bosses) Do not hesitate to contact us in game or via Bnet ID Honey#1274 (Main contact person) LynnKaylen#1511 Any officers in guildElflynn50 4d
4d [H] <Unreal Realities> 11/11N 9/11H 2 Nights Tired of joining <Reformed for this Patch!> Guilds? Want a forever home where you can kill bosses in a relaxed environment? Are you not a douchebag? Welcome! All exceptional applicants are considered. We raid two nights a week. Thursday: 8pm Server Time -> 11pm Server Time Monday: 8pm Server Time -> 11pm Server Time Sunday is a Achievements/Normal or Heroic/Old Content clear night and is optional. Progress: We are currently 11/11N and 9/11H Antorus In Legion: - 7/7M EN when current. - 6/10M NH when current. - 5/9M ToS when current. In order of preference we are currently recruiting: Ranged DPS: Warlocks, Mages, Boomkin, Ele Sham, Hunters. Healers: A Healer who can switch to DPS confidently, or vice versa. Melee: Open to all applications. Big preference for any DPS with strong Tank offspecs. Tanks: Open to all applications. Who are we? We are a guild on Horde Barthilas and we have been raiding every single patch together since Ulduar, making us a long-term, well established and friendly guild that's been around for over 8 years. Every year we have a Guild Drinks where we get together in a different capital city (Brisbane was this year, and looks like Sydney 2018) to meet the awesome people we play games with which makes us a great "forever home" for players of any persuasion. Every night of the week people can be found on the guild Discord chatting, doing Mythic+ and playing other games together. Our current roster sits at 25 players, as a guild that is aiming to clear Mythic content within the current patch whilst only raiding two nights per week, we are looking at boosting this to around 30 players. As for non-raiders, we have plenty of those as well with over 150 accounts in the guild. All non-raiders are welcome! To have a chat please add Miniegun#1879, Zameth#1106, or Codsyg#1424 or jump on to our forums at http://www.moneyback.enjin.com/forum/m/4998787/viewforum/1640829. If you are on Barthilas feel free to hit up someone in the guild and see if any of us are online as well :)Miniegun22 4d
4d [A][Frostmourne] <UNRELENTING> 8/11H About us: <UNRELENTING> is an Australian based raiding guild looking for more raiders. The guild was formed early in Legion, and has progressed through all raids, achieving Ahead of The Curve in each. We were lacking in raider numbers, and had no real motivation for Mythic raid content until ToS, where we progressed to 5/9M. Recently we've had a few members stop playing the game or have moved on from the guild, so we're recruiting to get our numbers back up to what they were. Our team has completed: - 7/7 Heroic EN (AoTC) - 3/3 Heroic ToV (AoTC) - 10/10 Heroic NH (AoTC) - 5/9 Mythic ToS (AoTC) - 8/11 Heroic Antorus Our Goals: - Ideally, we're recruiting to get the numbers for Mythic Antorus progression - Achieving AoTC in reasonable time before the next raid releases - A relaxed, efficient atmosphere - Mythic+ progression What we expect of you: - Great raid attendance - Prepared with consumables - Punctual - Knowledge of class/spec and the current raid - Mature, friendly and fun Recruiting: HIGH PRIORITY: - Tank w/ a DPS off-spec - Strong DPS (prefer Demon Hunter, Arms Warrior, WW Monk, BM Hunter or Shadow Priest; but all classes will be considered!) Raid times: Wednesday: 8.30pm-11.30pm (AEST) Sunday: 8.30pm-11.30pm (AEST) If interested, whisper: Naxxian#6895 Varekai#11528 Jishue#1513 Teria#1309Naxxian4 4d
4d [A] Standard Nerds - Nag/Cael - Recruiting Hey all, Standard Nerds are recruiting! Currently 11/11N and 4/11H in Antorus, we are looking for some more players to join us as we move forward in Antorus and beyond. Standard Nerds is a guild focused solely on Heroic progression and getting that Ahead of the Curve achievement. This expac we have achieved that goal across all tiers. (7/7H, 3/3H, 10/10H and 9/9H) Antorus will be no different! Essentially we are a guild built around established and mature players who want to get the most out of the game, whilst still enjoying this hobby. We have groups that do M+ on the side and as a guild are always up for alt raid nights or past tier clears. If you ever need a Standard Nerd - there is usually one online willing to help! Raid Times Our current raid nights are : Monday - 8.00pm - 11pm server time Wednesday - 8.00pm - 11pm server time If you are looking to heal - we would prefer 100% attendance. Being that we are only a two night raiding guild (6hrs prog a week) when a new tier drops both nights become full time progression. If we are missing a healer one of those nights it can halt progression and ultimately our goal. With that being said - we understand greatly that real life happens, and as long as you give acceptable notice we can deal. (Note that we are largely QLD based - so come Daylight Saving Time we do adjust 30mins for our Non-QLD brethren. People got jobs in the morning ya know!) Current recruiting needs We are currently looking for healers! Ideally: Healers - Resto Druid - Exceptional Holy Pally DPS - Hunter - Balance Druid - Rogue - Exceptional Other DPS As always if you are a exceptional player and think this guild fits you perfectly and would be a ideal home - do not hesitate to contact us and we can talk. Details If you would like to apply for a raid spot or position in the guild, hit us up in game. Feel free to speak myself (Petrai) or Gorst, Keldric, Nyca or Vellie in game for more details. If the above people aren't online - someone who is can point you in the right direction or contact us to know you are interested! Preferably you can add my Btag if you want to get in contact that way - Samelian#1386 Take care out there on Argus and have fun :)Petrai16 4d
4d [H] <Iconic> Barthilas 11/11H Antorus At <Iconic> we want to have fun while also completing as much of the current mythic content as possible. We started raiding this expansion late in Nighthold and reached 4/10M. In Tomb we accomplished 5/9M while building our team up, and in Antorus we're already 11/11H. We raid 3 nights a week, Wednesday, Thursday and Monday. We normally raid 8.15pm - 11pm Server Time, although occasionally extend to 11.30 if we think it's worthwhile. What do we expect of you as a member of Iconic? We're committed to our raiders, and we expect a similar commitment of them. Being punctual and prepared for raid, and interacting with guildies outside of raid for things like M+ keys etc. In return, core raiders get a well stocked guild bank, and all raiders get cauldrons and feasts for raid. Our current recruitment needs are as follows: Tanks: Full Healers: 1 Healer, Pref not HPal, should have a DPS OS DPS: Open Regardless of current recruitment needs, a player who stands out or is beyond exceptional will always be considered. If you’re interested, we’d love to hear from you: Killainstnct (GM, Killainstnct#6610) Milkymoohoó (GM, Bubbleoseven#11339) Cavallaro (Officer, Cavallaro#6807)Killainstnct7 4d
5d [H] Holy Paladin LF Raid Spot Sundays Barthilas Potential availability during the week but unsteady work roster. Also have a mage friend!Mid3 5d
5d [H] <Das Boot> 8/11H 2 Nights Recruiting <Das Boot> is a 2 night raiding guild on Barthilas (Horde). Our aim is to push high-level raiding on a budget time frame, whilst also maintaining a fun guild environment outside of progression. If you are looking for a mature and friendly guild that focuses on having fun and enjoying the game whilst also taking a serious approach to progression raiding, then we could be the guild for you! Our core group is made up of people who have raided together since early Legion, who have decided to start a new guild together for a fresh start heading in to Antorus and beyond. We are now at a full roster, but still looking for a couple more ranged DPS (especially people with healing offspec), a tank (or a melee DPS with solid tank offspec), and healers. Most of our core raiders have progressed to 5/9M ToS and are experienced at pushing high-level raid content in previous tiers and expansions. All of our current members also run multiple Mythic +15 and above keystones every week, and many of us regularly play other games together such as Destiny 2 and PUBG. We have an active guild discord where you will almost always find people just hanging out. Main raids are Wednesdays and Mondays 8.00pm - 10.30pm server time, with an optional normal mode clear on Thursdays at 8.00pm server time. If this sounds good to you, or if you would like more information, then please let us know here, or via BTags Skotcha#21205 or Konrad#11788.Skotcha8 5d
5d 950 tank LF progression guild hello, (ignore the guild I'm in) timezone: Australia, NSW raid times: Preferably on Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun, 6-11pm. Wednesdays are a no no for me I am personally looking for a progression raiding guild that clears heroic and towards Mythic. I've tanked since SoO onwards and willing to progress in Antorus. i would consider myself competitive in raiding and I'm a fun, positive person. I also have a 930 pally healer. Server: Currently on Saurfang, but willing to switch. EN: 7/7 H (AoTC) NH: 10/10 H (AoTC) ToS: 9/9 H (AoTC) AtBT 11/11 H (AoTC) My B-tag: Clamshell#11541Vicarameila4 5d
5d H Bathilas Nz guild early st <Mind Set> is a fresh nz based guild lfm to join, casuals-hardcore are welcome. Looking at raid start between 4,5,6:30 server time on Bathilas. Aiming for wed/thurs/sun/maybe mon. looking for all classes specs, and leaders with xp but not needed.Sharuma0 5d