Oceanic Guild Recruitment

4d VENGENCE DH 954 LF RAIDING GUILD Hero/Myth VENGEANCE DH 954 LF HEROIC/MYTHIC RAIDING GUILD 75 traits aotc, willing to server hop from frostmourne alliance for the right raiding guildChoppychoppy1 4d
4d H <Snakes on a Plainstrider> (Khaz) 7/11H Snakes on a Plainstrider (H) - Khaz'Goroth, is a semi-hardcore raiding guild looking for more members for mythic raiding in tomb! With a solid core and 7/11H progressed members, we are currently seeking more like minded players to join our roster. Gear level isn't an absolute requirement, but we do require a good attitude and strong ability with your class. Current raid times are: - Wednesday 2030 - 2300 SVT - Monday 2030 - 2300 SVT We are currently recruiting any player with a high skill level but of particular need are the following: - 1 Healer (Preferably Shaman, or Priest) - Ranged or Melee DPS Outside of raiding we are very active and run mythic+ (15+) dungeons weekly. We also run social raids 1-2 nights a week depending on attendance. Social members are welcome. If interested in joining the guild or have any questions of your own, please contact any of our recruitment team in game: - Defrager#11607 - Anguinis#6776 -Orlean#6850 -Raguru#1334 or visit our guild website where you can find an application form https://soap.enjin.com/ Safe travels, Snakes on a Plainstrider (H) - Khaz'GorothErriaind10 4d
4d 940 brew/WW lfg 892 Brew/WW Lfg 7/7m guild on frostmourne pref currently in nighthold i am 2/10h 10/10n not willing to move to horde this late into the expan. 7/7m prog looking for a guild for nighthold! i know its so close to nighthold but looking for a guild thats willing to take on another tank or os tank /ww main Very experienced raiding background including server first and us first kills Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/fKNM6kQYRBWyH9a7/ https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/RWxDkZgmH7jqXV49 https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/PxNwzLRDhvAQ3TyZ Windwalker LOGS: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/3FGPXTVhctLvwMBC/#view=rankings&fight=2 Here is my youtube for when i feel like uploading kills: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCViXa0O7Obj1JnUZ2gsjn3A/videos If you would like to know more feel free to message me on blurgie#1233Oktoberfistt17 4d
5d (A) Hideout - Frostmourne <10/11H Antorus> < Hideout - Frostmourne > We are an Semi Casual raiding guild with +8GMT Timezone. Our goal is to achieve mythic raiding with a team of Experienced Raiders who wish to experience raiding from a more Semi Casual approach to Hardcore Progression. The community we plan to build a guild with enough members to substitute during progression. Our guild management team is experienced and helpful. Edited progression TOS - 9/9H, 5/9M TOS, 11/11H, 1/11M Antorus Currently recruiting (minimum ilvl 930) Resto Shaman Resto Druid Rogue Warlock WW monk Death Knight Heroic/Mythic Group: (Weds, Thurs & Sunday) Alt Run : Friday or Monday Raid Time - 11pm SVT or 9pm +8GMT Please feel free to add us on btag for a chat. Officers : Helborn#1295 : Reveri#6525 : Eldest#1271 : Landris#1388Helborn55 5d
5d Ex-Hardcore raider Boomkin (US 2nd) LFG H/M Hey all, Getting back into the raiding scene and looking for a 3~4 nights p/week Heroic/Mythic guild that's looking to progress in Antorus. Looking for a hardcore guild that takes progression seriously and is willing to make decisions based on skill and performance over anything else. Gear is dog !@#$ so more than willing to chill out in farm raids for a bit before pushing mythic. Relevant 'recent' raiding history: MOP/WOD: - Officer in Suit Up, US 6th Oceanic 1st T14/T15 - Main Raider in Esoteric/Avast: US 3rd Imperator, US 2nd Blackhand - Main Raider in Entropy: US 2nd/Oce 1st Multi-class DPS specialist, top 1% DPS on Enhancement Shaman, Warlock, Feral Druid on WarcraftLogs, capable of playing every class to the highest standard. Hit me up on B-tag @Reveries#11791 if you need more information or you want to provide some info about your guild etc, happy to apply/trial where necessary. Kill-vids and !@#$ if you want to see me stand in fire: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uP0D0PkfhH8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFsHH1GfUgM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9vHB_qrxZ10 Cheers, Glyph/ReveriesValencia0 5d
5d [A] <Unlimited> FM 8/11H GMT+8 Recruiting Unlimited We are a casual raiding guild on Frostmourne (PVP) Oceanic Server. Our guild, Unlimited, consists of international players from Malaysia and Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Australia, New Zealand and other countries in Asia Pacific. We welcome all casuals who would like to be part of this big family. Present Progression: 8/11H Currently, our raid team is semi-hardcore. We are focusing on progressing on current content mythic raids. We need dedicated and competent core raiders to know their class, fights and mechanics. Turn up for raids and be comfortable to sit out for certain fights during progression or farm runs. We do not want to spend excessive hours on achieving progression kills because of one person's mistake. Therefore, we want raiders that fit the above criteria so that we can progress smoothly. We are using an EPGP loot system. For more information regarding loot, please ask the officers in guild. Past From previous patches and expansions, we have achieved a few top tier end raids. We have been sticking to a raid schedule to encourage a balance of different classes that may help in our mythic progression. Recruitment > Will pay for transfer to committed players only. <Tanks> > Open slot for high dps tank > Will take high OS in artifact weapon <Heals> > Restoration shaman > Mistweaver monk <DPS> > Need all > If you're good, we may consider putting you in core team > Provide links to your logs and our officers will check them > Trialing period will be up to a maximum of 1 month > You will be trialed in normal or heroic ToS > Open for any exceptional players with good attitude, attendance and performance. > We welcome casual raiders too if u have too much commitment in real life. For instance, you can only raid 1 or 2 days per week. Our Expectations From You ★Attendance: Attendance is the key to our stability. We rely on a small number of players and for our raids to be sustainable, we require most of our members to have a close to 100% attendance. We handle with the occasional sign out provided you give us a heads up so that we have the time to prepare for it. Once progression is done and we will lighten up the attendance requirement. ★Communication: Being able to communicate with your team mates is an absolute requirement. The raid consists of 19 other people who have invested their time into progression, so be considerate as the world does not revolve around you. Be able to handle criticism on your class. We expect you to have good written and spoken English (fluent singlish is welcome too). We will require you to use Discord to speak and listen during raids. Join our Whatsapp group for both encounter strategy and general planning/scheduling. RAID SCHEDULE Wednesday, Thursday, Monday (Antorus Heroic/Mythic Progression) 9.00pm - 12.00am GMT+8 (Singapore time) Friday and Saturday (Heroic optional for farm) 9.00pm - 12.00am GMT+8 (Singapore time) Tuesday (Normal / Heroic optional) after reset 11.00pm - 1.00am GMT+8 (Singapore time) Regardless of DST, we will raid according to GMT+8 time. ToS Incentives > Progression boss reward - 100k to 900k (Award varies depending on GM) > Repairs > Free feast and flasks (for progression only and heroic farmed bosses) Do not hesitate to contact us in game or via Bnet ID Honey#1274 (Main contact person) LynnKaylen#1511 Any officers in guildElflynn50 5d
5d [H] <Unreal Realities> 11/11N 9/11H 2 Nights Tired of joining <Reformed for this Patch!> Guilds? Want a forever home where you can kill bosses in a relaxed environment? Are you not a douchebag? Welcome! All exceptional applicants are considered. We raid two nights a week. Thursday: 8pm Server Time -> 11pm Server Time Monday: 8pm Server Time -> 11pm Server Time Sunday is a Achievements/Normal or Heroic/Old Content clear night and is optional. Progress: We are currently 11/11N and 9/11H Antorus In Legion: - 7/7M EN when current. - 6/10M NH when current. - 5/9M ToS when current. In order of preference we are currently recruiting: Ranged DPS: Warlocks, Mages, Boomkin, Ele Sham, Hunters. Healers: A Healer who can switch to DPS confidently, or vice versa. Melee: Open to all applications. Big preference for any DPS with strong Tank offspecs. Tanks: Open to all applications. Who are we? We are a guild on Horde Barthilas and we have been raiding every single patch together since Ulduar, making us a long-term, well established and friendly guild that's been around for over 8 years. Every year we have a Guild Drinks where we get together in a different capital city (Brisbane was this year, and looks like Sydney 2018) to meet the awesome people we play games with which makes us a great "forever home" for players of any persuasion. Every night of the week people can be found on the guild Discord chatting, doing Mythic+ and playing other games together. Our current roster sits at 25 players, as a guild that is aiming to clear Mythic content within the current patch whilst only raiding two nights per week, we are looking at boosting this to around 30 players. As for non-raiders, we have plenty of those as well with over 150 accounts in the guild. All non-raiders are welcome! To have a chat please add Miniegun#1879, Zameth#1106, or Codsyg#1424 or jump on to our forums at http://www.moneyback.enjin.com/forum/m/4998787/viewforum/1640829. If you are on Barthilas feel free to hit up someone in the guild and see if any of us are online as well :)Miniegun22 5d
5d [A][Frostmourne] <UNRELENTING> 8/11H About us: <UNRELENTING> is an Australian based raiding guild looking for more raiders. The guild was formed early in Legion, and has progressed through all raids, achieving Ahead of The Curve in each. We were lacking in raider numbers, and had no real motivation for Mythic raid content until ToS, where we progressed to 5/9M. Recently we've had a few members stop playing the game or have moved on from the guild, so we're recruiting to get our numbers back up to what they were. Our team has completed: - 7/7 Heroic EN (AoTC) - 3/3 Heroic ToV (AoTC) - 10/10 Heroic NH (AoTC) - 5/9 Mythic ToS (AoTC) - 8/11 Heroic Antorus Our Goals: - Ideally, we're recruiting to get the numbers for Mythic Antorus progression - Achieving AoTC in reasonable time before the next raid releases - A relaxed, efficient atmosphere - Mythic+ progression What we expect of you: - Great raid attendance - Prepared with consumables - Punctual - Knowledge of class/spec and the current raid - Mature, friendly and fun Recruiting: HIGH PRIORITY: - Tank w/ a DPS off-spec - Strong DPS (prefer Demon Hunter, Arms Warrior, WW Monk, BM Hunter or Shadow Priest; but all classes will be considered!) Raid times: Wednesday: 8.30pm-11.30pm (AEST) Sunday: 8.30pm-11.30pm (AEST) If interested, whisper: Naxxian#6895 Varekai#11528 Jishue#1513 Teria#1309Naxxian4 5d
5d [H] <Iconic> Barthilas 11/11H Antorus At <Iconic> we want to have fun while also completing as much of the current mythic content as possible. We started raiding this expansion late in Nighthold and reached 4/10M. In Tomb we accomplished 5/9M while building our team up, and in Antorus we're already 11/11H. We raid 3 nights a week, Wednesday, Thursday and Monday. We normally raid 8.15pm - 11pm Server Time, although occasionally extend to 11.30 if we think it's worthwhile. What do we expect of you as a member of Iconic? We're committed to our raiders, and we expect a similar commitment of them. Being punctual and prepared for raid, and interacting with guildies outside of raid for things like M+ keys etc. In return, core raiders get a well stocked guild bank, and all raiders get cauldrons and feasts for raid. Our current recruitment needs are as follows: Tanks: Full Healers: 1 Healer, Pref not HPal, should have a DPS OS DPS: Open Regardless of current recruitment needs, a player who stands out or is beyond exceptional will always be considered. If you’re interested, we’d love to hear from you: Killainstnct (GM, Killainstnct#6610) Milkymoohoó (GM, Bubbleoseven#11339) Cavallaro (Officer, Cavallaro#6807)Killainstnct7 5d
6d [H] Holy Paladin LF Raid Spot Sundays Barthilas Potential availability during the week but unsteady work roster. Also have a mage friend!Mid3 6d
6d [H] <Das Boot> 8/11H 2 Nights Recruiting <Das Boot> is a 2 night raiding guild on Barthilas (Horde). Our aim is to push high-level raiding on a budget time frame, whilst also maintaining a fun guild environment outside of progression. If you are looking for a mature and friendly guild that focuses on having fun and enjoying the game whilst also taking a serious approach to progression raiding, then we could be the guild for you! Our core group is made up of people who have raided together since early Legion, who have decided to start a new guild together for a fresh start heading in to Antorus and beyond. We are now at a full roster, but still looking for a couple more ranged DPS (especially people with healing offspec), a tank (or a melee DPS with solid tank offspec), and healers. Most of our core raiders have progressed to 5/9M ToS and are experienced at pushing high-level raid content in previous tiers and expansions. All of our current members also run multiple Mythic +15 and above keystones every week, and many of us regularly play other games together such as Destiny 2 and PUBG. We have an active guild discord where you will almost always find people just hanging out. Main raids are Wednesdays and Mondays 8.00pm - 10.30pm server time, with an optional normal mode clear on Thursdays at 8.00pm server time. If this sounds good to you, or if you would like more information, then please let us know here, or via BTags Skotcha#21205 or Konrad#11788.Skotcha8 6d
6d 950 tank LF progression guild hello, (ignore the guild I'm in) timezone: Australia, NSW raid times: Preferably on Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun, 6-11pm. Wednesdays are a no no for me I am personally looking for a progression raiding guild that clears heroic and towards Mythic. I've tanked since SoO onwards and willing to progress in Antorus. i would consider myself competitive in raiding and I'm a fun, positive person. I also have a 930 pally healer. Server: Currently on Saurfang, but willing to switch. EN: 7/7 H (AoTC) NH: 10/10 H (AoTC) ToS: 9/9 H (AoTC) AtBT 11/11 H (AoTC) My B-tag: Clamshell#11541Vicarameila4 6d
6d H Bathilas Nz guild early st <Mind Set> is a fresh nz based guild lfm to join, casuals-hardcore are welcome. Looking at raid start between 4,5,6:30 server time on Bathilas. Aiming for wed/thurs/sun/maybe mon. looking for all classes specs, and leaders with xp but not needed.Sharuma0 6d
6d (H) Khaz/Dath - 2/11 Heroic - LFM Hey all We are currently chasing a few more raiders to fill out our team heading into Antorus. We currently raid Sunday and Monday 8 - 11 AEST. We have Normal Antorus cleared and are working on Heroic sitting @ 2/11 atm. We are a mature casual based guild with a friendly atmosphere. Please contact myself Espexì (i is done ALT 1 4 1 =P), Krazzie or /who our guild and ask anyone you like.Espexì1 6d
6d [H] Dath / Khaz .Tooter0 6d
6d Dragonmaw- 2 LF guild 941-fire mage 933-blood Dk. Hey looking 2 people looking to join a casual raiding guild on the dragonmaw server . Preferably one that has a raid day Saturdays around 9 Am PST or a raid team anytime Saturday. We are friendly have mics and want to progress through normal and maybe heroic content with some guild mates. current guild wasabi Deathsquad is our guild we can leave itKonoyaro0 6d
6d [H] Rogue LF Mythic Group Hey, I just moved to Australia and I'm looking for a raid group to do some Antorus on my rogue. I have completed 11/11H on my DK, and some heroic on rogue. My progression lately has been 10/10M NH (Cutting Edge), and then the first few weeks of ToS I had to get ready to move, so I only got to 5/9M with my NA guild. Looking for a laid back group on any OCE realm who actually is looking for raiders. I've had a couple nice guilds let me join but their rosters seem pretty full already. I'd be happy to link old NH logs or some old kill videos if you're curious about performance. Please feel free to add me Bismark#11729, Thanks!Timmythick0 6d
6d [H] Barthilas <Glitch> 4/9M LFM 18/11/17 We Currently are Looking for 2 DPS (Rogue/Paly/Priest/Mage/Hunter) for a core Mythic prog raid spot.. Hi all, <Glitch> Horde Barthilas Recruiting for our Guild and Mythic Raid Team. Active, Friendly Guild constantly running M+ and looking to clear end game content. We are looking for like minded players who enjoy and can handle a joke but can still perform and focus when needed. We are currently 4/9 mythic Tomb and have suffered a lot of setbacks which has slowed/stopped our progression in Tomb. So now we are looking to recruit and bolster our ranks and get ready to hit Antorus hard. We have a pretty close team and are looking to Build on that to make a solid core 20 with a few extra players who are not looking for or may not be able to make all 3 nights. Looking to sub people in and out, rotate classes for Boss fights for gear or mechanics. We Raid: Wednesday/Thursday/Monday AEDT UTC+11. 8:15-11pm server time We Want: - M+ Players. - Mechanically Strong Players. - Social players. - People that want to improve and can handle Criticism. Raid Roles Needed: Tanks - Yes - Druid/Monk (M+/Heroic Team) Healers - Yes - Exceptional Healers (Druid/Priest) DPS - Yes - High performing Melee/Ranged (Paly/Rogue/Mage/Priest/Hunter) All classes considered looking for players that know the game and mix with current members. //glitchbarth.enjin.com You can go to the website, find us in game or leave your BtagHooplah45 6d
6d [A] [Frostmourne] <Cube> 2/11M Recruiting DPS <Cube> is an alliance guild based out of US-Frostmourne whom are currently seeking new members to join our friendly, stable & mature guild for: - Antorus Progression Our core is made up of experienced mature raiders dating back to Vanilla WoW and been part of Oceanic 1st kills back in the day. We've now transferred over to Frostmorne and formed together as <Cube>. Our Raiding Schedule is as follows: Thursday - 7:30PM to 10:00PM Sunday - 7:30PM to 10:00PM Monday - 7:30PM to 10:00PM We are currently recruiting the following: - Melee DPS: 1 (esp. warrior) - Ranged DPS: 1 - Healers: 0 - Tanks: 1 Exceptional Players welcome to apply. If you've got the determination, ability and attitude, we're willing to give you a fair trial to show just how great you are :) We also like to run daily M+ dungeons pushing high keys just for a nice challenge. Always interested helping our guildies out and generally having a good time playing WoW together. As we've done so ever since Vanilla 13 years ago. For more information please contact: Dasman#1678 PrimeTime#6333 Treebucket#1896Primezor14 6d
6d ⚔️Project 60 Oceanic-Amun'Thul HORDE⚔️ After a lot of interest on Jepsi's post but no real direction. I have decided to start one up. I have made a Discord https://discord.gg/Tbz9yfM And a Blzzard group https://blizzard.com/invite/OZokEhVnD Join if you are interested... Decisions on Faction, classes etc will be made soonSpecticles45 6d
6d [A] FM <Dock On> 11/11H 1/11M - LFM [A] FM <Dock On> has reformed for Antorus, our aim is to progress towards cutting edge and clear mythic content. We're looking for skilled players to join both our mythic and casual core teams. What we provide to our raiders - Fun, mature and relaxed raiding atmosphere - Transparent guild leadership and loot structure (loot council) - Fun guild atmosphere where members push various content such as M+ - Repairs provided to our raiders What we expect from our raiders - Consistent attendance - Proficiency in their role and specs - Research boss fights in advance - Handle constructive feedback and be ok with sitting out if required - We enjoy banter but at the same time, be respectful to others Progression: 11/11H 1/11M Mythic Core Raid Times: Wednesday 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm Sunday 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm Monday 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm Roles Required: 1x Resto Druid 1x Boomkin 1x Rogue 1x Ele shaman However, all exceptional players will be considered Casual Core Raid Times: Wednesday 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm Sunday 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm Roles Required: 1x Tank 1x Heals However, players in all roles with a proven raiding history will be considered. If you're interesting in joining, contact one of our officers: Bibbs (Bibbs#11901) Rossian (Rossian#1596) Silfury (Silfury#1148)Bibbs0 6d
6d [A] <SOS> 2/11M LF Exp raiders About us: SOS is a 20man Alliance Mythic raiding guild on Caelestrasz/Nagrand. SOS started raiding in Vanilla and all the way through to MOP, where the guild has been on hiatus during WoD and now has returned to fight against the Legion. We've raided at a high level since our return and aim to push high oceanic rankings in all future content. We contain a group of mature raiders who is into mythic progression, we aim to provide a drama free and chilled environment to raid in. We take suggestions seriously and encourage communication between members and officers. We monitor raider’s performance and attitude, and provide them with constructive feedback if necessary. Raid Schedule: Thursday 8:00pm – 11:30pm Sunday 8:00pm – 11:00pm Monday 8:00pm – 11:00pm We are a Semi-Hardcore Progression Raiding Guild and our current progression is: Emerald Nightmare - 7/7N | 7/7H | 7/7M Trial of Valor - 3/3M | 3/3H | 2/3M Nighthold - 10/10N | 10/10H | 10/10M Tomb of Sargeras - 9/9N | 9/9H | 7/9M Antorus - 11/11N | 11/11H | 2/11M What we are looking for in recruitment: *Skilled and committed raiders *Exceptional raid awareness (Mechanics) *Maturity, punctuality and 80% + attendance *Knowledge of class played *Fully gemmed/enchanted You must at least meet 940+ ilvl and 72+ traits (Main Spec only) and at least M ToS experience. However, please apply anyways if you are interested and is confident you meet majority of the requirements. All exceptional applicants would still be considered. ... Contact: Bluangelz (Recruitment & GM) - Bluu#1795 Razerknight (Tank Officer) – Razerhax#1965 Rainbowfire (Healing Officer) – Rainbowfire#1480 or fill in this application https://goo.gl/forms/HxnQXKz5ekN3fLL63Bluangelz70 6d
6d [A]<Gaytime> FM 11/11H 1/11M - LFM! <Gaytime> of Frostmourne, Alliance are currently recruiting for Antorus! We are a reasonably new guild that formed at the beginning of Legion who have progressed steadily through Tier 19 and into Tier 20 while maintaining a positive and friendly raiding experience. Our guild members are friendly, mature, considerate and prepared. Such qualities we desire in our new recruits and trials. Our raid times are (in AEST): Wednesday: 9pm-12:30am Sunday: 9pm-12:30am Monday: 9pm-12:30am Our progression is as follows: Tier 19 7/7M Emerald Nightmare 2/3M Trial of Valor 9/10M Nighthold Tier 20 9/9N Tomb of Sargeras 9/9H Tomb of Sargeras 6/9M Tomb of Sargeras Tier 21 11/11N Antorus, the Burning Throne 11/11H Antorus, the Burning Throne 1/11M Antorus, the Burning Throne All exceptional players are welcome to apply, but we desire the following roles: - DPS. As a trial for Antorus, we expect you to have 65+ traits in your Main Spec weapon and have an item level of 930. If you have any questions or are interested in trialing with us, please contact myself through Battle.net at Ginny#11675 (Tank and Recruitment Officer) or Guild Master Beyonce at Flottz#1131.Ginnyweasley23 6d
6d [A] 1/11M Recruiting DPS (TRANSFER PAID) <Misrepresented> is recruiting skilled DPS to join the core team for M Tomb of Sargeras and beyond. We are particularly after: **Rogues** WW Monk DPS Warrior Skilled players of any class/spec are encouraged to shoot me a message. We pride ourselves on being a long standing, friendly and mature guild that has a particular focus on having fun and building lasting friendships whilst also having a strong progression based mindset. We are always looking to improve as individuals and as a guild. In addition to raiding, several of our players can often be found pushing high level mythic+, old raids as well as other games such as Overwatch and Destiny 2. Our raiding history is as follows: HFC: 12/13M pre Legion patch EN: 7/7M ToV: 2/3M NH: 9/10M ToS:6/9M ABT: 1/11M Raid times are Wed/Sun/Mon 8.30-11pm Sydney time <Cost of server transfer will be covered by the guild for exceptional applicants!> Add Azminas#1576 on battle.net! Look forward to hearing from you!Singularis0 6d
6d Regular Raiding Group - < Non-Guilded > - LFM Are you looking for a regular raiding group, but not wanting to server change / swap guilds? Do you want more then LFR, but without the drama that comes from being guilded? I've started a group, and am looking for more players who are interested in raiding regularly at set times to get their weekly fix, and to avoid LFR and the group finder system :-) The group i'm forming isn't guilded, or even setup from a single server. Perfect for just the casual raider, who want more of a challenge then LFR offers. Or those who are over guild drama, or just aren't interested in guilding. No need to worry about server hopping just to be invited into a guild. We currently have 6 people all keen and ready to roll. Level of experience in Antorus is not an issue, as am happy to help new people learn the current raid Proposed times are: Wed 800-1030pm / Sat 800-1030. Contact me if this is something of interest to you. All classes considered Loungedancer#1334Loungedancer1 6d
6d [A] <SuperStars> 2/11 M - 2 Nights <SuperStars> (Frostmourne - Oceanic) are a 2 day per week mythic raiding guild, with a mature and friendly raid environment. We pride ourselves on completing maximum content with a reduced raiding schedule. Our raid times are Sunday & Monday 8:00 to 11:00 AEST (Server Time) M EN - 7/7 M ToV - 2/3 M NH - 9/10 M ToS - 6/9 M AtBT - 2/11 What we are recruiting: 1 X Resto Druid 1 X Rogue 1 x Mage Please don't hesitate to contact us if you spec isn't listed above, we can always make room for the right player. 940+ ilvl, with 75+ in main spec artifact weapon and mythic experience is a minimum expectation. For inquiries, please contact: Boodizz#1424, Frozen#1828, Deludedj#1410Boodizz79 6d
6d Looking for a progression raiding Guild! Looking for a not so hardcore progression raiding guild on the oceanic servers. I am currently on US Wyrmerest Accord server as a Item level 938 Human Arms Warrior. If anyone is interested I don't mind having to faction change if I have to. Bear2308#1982 is my battle tag :)Bearcodex0 6d
6d [A]<Dock On>on FM 1/11M LFM !!!! Dock On is reforming for Antorus, our aim is to progress towards cutting edge and clear mythic content. We're looking for skilled players to join both our mythic and casual core teams. What we provide to our raiders - Fun, mature and relaxed raiding atmosphere - Transparent guild leadership and loot structure (loot council) - Fun guild atmosphere where members push various content such as M+ - Repairs provided to our raiders What we expect from our raiders - Consistent attendance - Proficiency in their role and specs - Research boss fights in advance - Handle constructive feedback and be ok with sitting out if required - We enjoy banter but at the same time, be respectful to others Progression: 9/9H ToS 4/9M Tos Mythic Core Raid Times: Wednesday 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm Sunday 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm Monday 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm 11/11 heroic 1/11 mythic ROLES REQUIRED 1x boomkin 1x lock 1x rogue 1x ele shaman However, all exceptional players will be considered Casual Core Raid Times: Wednesday 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm Sunday 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm Roles Required: Currently recruiting players in all roles with a proven raiding history. If you're interesting in joining, contact one of our officers: Bibbs (Bibbs#11901) Rossian (Rossian#1596) Silfury (Silfury#1148) Apollo (Apollo#1443)Silfury8 6d
6d ilvl 950+ Resto Druid LF H/M Guild Already full cleared AtBT first day in came out, making H progress. Have AoTC from last raid tier and have been searching for a guild to push my gear up and grow in a team, as well as make some new friends! :) It gets very slow after H is done and you're just hoping for roll upgrades on gear, so a guild aiming to do M at some point would be rad but not necessary! I'm looking forward to working on team skills and communication in raids with it being coordinated etc. It's quiet exciting and interesting when raids work out like that and is very satisfying. I'm happy to learn and practice these things when necassary I use Discord primary, but may be willing to try other modes of communication I'm currently 18, finished year 12 exams, working and going to uni next year so raid times after hours would be neat but I do play all day on the weekends when I'm not busy and am more than happy to help other guild members with dungeons, levelling, gearing etc. I quiet enjoy it c: I can make gold contributions but I'm primarily hunter/gatherer in my professions so gold can be little tough to grind out at times but I am a dedicate player (don't worry about the guild I'm in now, its a friends guild but they don't play anymore RIP) Thanks! And let me know! - AlphaCrest / Monoko (For those who are M raids, My realm is Saurfang)Monoko7 6d
6d 6/11H Oceanic Guild LF Core Raiders! Hi there, <Pandamonium> is a Oceanic Horde Cael/Nagrand Guild that consists of mostly Australian and New Zealand players. currently 6/11H ABT and are looking to be 11/11 within the coming weeks. We are currently have a couple of core slots open. RDPS: Mage (any spec) Shaman (ele) MDPS: DK (either dps spec) Healer: Hpally or Resto Druid We are also looking at substitute Raiders for ALL roles as Real life stuff happens and sometimes people are unable to attend. We raid Heroic WED/THURS 7-10PM AEST ( Australian Eastern Standard Time) and Normal SUN 7-10PM AEST We are only looking for serious raiders that are constantly trying to improve as we will be moving onto Mythic when possible! My Btag is sylaris#1121 feel free to add me and i will answer any questions you may have. Hope to hear from you all soon :)Mcgrammar0 6d
Dec 11 [H] <Moist> 10/11H ABT Recruiting Tank/Heals <Moist> is a semi-hardcore PVE guild. We're looking to complete the most difficult raid content on a 2 night raid schedule, and want like-minded raiders who can enjoy a fun but competitive raiding environment. Information: Current Progression: ABT 11/11H ToS 6/9M Realm: Barthilas Faction: Horde Timezone: GMT +10 (Melbourne, Australia) / Server Time Loot System: Loot Council Voice Platform: Discord Raiding Schedule: Wednesday: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM Monday: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM Optional night - Sunday: 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM (first few weeks of new content only) Thursday or Friday Night: Heroic Run (Optional) Recruitment: Healers: (Shaman/Paladin/Priest/Monk) Ranged DPS: Warlock/Ele Sham/Boomkin/Priest Melee DPS: Rogue / Warrior All other interested raiders are encouraged to apply as well, and exceptional players always considered! Contact: Add Sollaar#6990 to your battle.net for more information!Sollaar6 Dec 11
Dec 11 945 hpally LF late night raiding guild Hey all! I'm a hpally looking for a late-night raiding guild (9.00pm aest onwards) due to work conflicts. Any days are fine. Looking to do heroic/mythic. Currently 6/9m in Tomb and 8/11H in Antorus Btag is valkyrie#12883Morivanna1 Dec 11
Dec 11 [A] <Crimson> 2/11M LF DPS <Crimson> is an Alliance progression guild on Dath'Remar which was formed during the Dragon Soul raid at the end of Cataclysm. It was originally a 10-man guild which thrived as one of the top raiding guilds on the realm, obtaining the realm's first 10-man Heroic Garrosh Hellscream kill in Mists of Pandaria. After merging with Khaz'goroth, it has still managed to remain one of the top raiding guilds on the connected realm. Our guild's mindset is to get Mythic kills. The more, the better. Everything else is structured around obtaining this goal. That's not to say we can't have fun outside of main raid, but that is where the majority of the guild's focus lies. Progress this expansion when the tiers were current content Tomb of Sargeras: 7/9 Mythic Nighthold: 10/10 Mythic Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Mythic Trial of Valor: 3/3 Mythic Progress in WoD when the tiers were current content Highmaul: 7/7 Mythic Blackrock Foundary: 8/10 Mythic Hellfire Citadel: 13/13 Mythic Raid Times (all following times correspond to server times) Thursday: 6:30pm - 9:30pm Friday: 6:30pm - 9:30pm Sunday: 6:30pm - 9:30pm We also do optional runs on Wednesday (starting time 6:30pm server time), which is when lower difficulties and some farm tends to be done. However, progression is always saved for the aforementioned nights. What can you expect from <Crimson>? 1. Focus on progression 2. A friendly atmosphere 3. Guild repairs for raiders *and* recruits What does <Crimson> expect from its raiders? 1. Consistency in both performance and attendance 2. Being knowledgeable about their class and spec, and being willing to switch to the optimal spec for the boss fight at hand (and keeping their artifact weapons up to date to facilitate this). 3. Willingness to take on an extra responsibility in a fight if their class has some kind of mechanic which gives them an advantage 4. A healthy desire for progressing on a boss (including the really hard ones that may take hundreds of wipes) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - You can visit out website @ http://crimson-dathremar.enjin.com/ and drop in an application AND/OR Add jwbartle#1161 to your friends list if you're up for a chat.Astraeus135 Dec 11
Dec 11 <Abrasive> New +8gmt Late night Need All HI, We are a new Perth based guild recruiting for mythic Antorus. Looking for all for experienced players that are looking to take a more relaxed style to raiding but have what it takes to kill the hardest bosses. Server: Barthilas. Raid Times: 9:30-12:30 +8gmt Wednesday and Mondays. Roles needed: ALL OF THEM! Expectations from raiders: Strong knowledge of your class and game mechanics. Patience, we will wipe, it will be messy, this is a brand new guild the kinks need to be ironed out. Good Attendance and most of all a good personality and attitude. If your a good player and want to help build a strong, enjoyable place to raid and hang out please dont hesitate to contact me social casual member also welcome. Btag : Cillius#1102Brunhylda6 Dec 11
Dec 11 Vicinity Acquisition Vicinity Acquisition is a 2 night a week raiding guild on Barthilas. We are currently a new guild on barth with proven results being a top 5 guild on barth though out the Nh before taking time away from the game. We are currently recruiting DPS and Healers to join our raid roster to start mythic prog after the xmas break. Raid Days (Sunday/Monday 8.30 ST - 11.30 ST) Our guild is very organised, raiders are active outside of raids (people constantly online doing M+, old raids as well as chatting on Discord) and we take progression seriously with a team that knows how to get things done during raids where we expect our raiders to show up on time, come to raid knowing the fights, knowing their BIS list and having the necessary consumables. Feel free to either contact an officer in game to have a chat or feel free to add my Bnet to have a chat. Thedubbs#11832Dubbnation3 Dec 11
Dec 11 LF guild raiding earlier/NZ hours frostmourne Hi, I currently based in QLD and work full time night shift, with a lot of guilds I've come across raiding until 10pm-midnight server time (frostmourne) and my shifts starting at 10:30pm I haven't been able to find a guild with a raiding schedule I can fit into. I'm looking for a guild that raids no later than 9:30pm server time, starting time is not really an issue. I have pugged my way through normals this xpac due to the above issue but I would like to experience HFC from a more organised raiding/heroic (maybe mythic?) perspective. I'm also wanting to raid in legion as well. This priest is my most progressed character at the moment. I've put most of my eggs in the shaodw basket lately but I have played some disc as an off spec. As a side note, I'm not opposed to faction changing if there's a horde guild that fits what I'm looking for perfectly. Send me an in game mailing on frostmourne, reply to this thread or add my battle tag tmt90#1613 if you think I might be useful to your guild, Thanks :)Shaeya6 Dec 11
Dec 10 9/9M tank LF raiding guild 9/11H as of writing this. pally or monk tank LF mythic raiding guild (AU) preferably ally but can do horde if decent offer.Chizhou7 Dec 10
Dec 10 BUNNINGS SNAG WITH DAD BUNNINGS SNAG WITH DAD (Jubeithos / Gundrak) 11/11 N 2/11 H Raid days : wed+ thurs 8-11pm SVT / with occasional 3rd day during prog push We will be pushing into Mythic ASAP Raiding without the ego is basically our strat. If you sit on dal platform all day talkin trash and linking your kills - jog on. We want people who are humble, like to have a laugh, but also care about what they are doing. If you have been put off mythic raiding due to the scum attitudes you have witnessed by mythic raiders - hit us up! All roles will be considered, the most important thing is your commitment to attendance / attitude and willingness to improve. We also hit up mythic + weekly for box / pvp / chase achieves and other neckbeard stuff. Looking for lads who want to settle into a guild and push as far as we can Cheers Stranger#6450 on bnetPunjabi8 Dec 10
Dec 10 <The Rebel Alliance> LF DPS Oceanic Dath’remar and Khaz’goroth looking for DPS! 2/11 Heroic. We raid twice a week, with a third day occasionally thrown in for fun. Full clear normal each week and then into Heroic as far as we can get before it becomes a wipe fest. We are looking for people who want a chance to gain a permanent spot on our roster, who are interested in a relaxed progression experience. We understand that sometimes RL gets in the way, so attendance requirements are based on the individuals availability. Our raids are fairly laid back, and there is a decent helping of banter to lighten the mood. We are mostly Aussies, so don’t ask if you are sensitive to sometimes obscene language. Definitely apply if you want to have a laugh and clear content in a quick and efficient manner! Perfect for people looking to get into raiding for the first time, or people unable to meet the requirements of some more hardcore raiding groups! Whilst we raid to enjoy the game and experience the content, we expect that everyone is open to improvement, and all fights are logged so that we can tighten up on each encounter.Mindfuldruid0 Dec 10
Dec 10 [A] <Medium> - 1/11M (two nights a week) Medium (US - Oceanic - Frostmourne) We take a relaxed and semi-hardcore approach to raiding. A solid bond has drawn a bunch of veteran players together to start slapping dragons and provide good times & strong banter along the way. Ideally, we offer a home for the retired hardcore raiders. First and foremost, we're looking for strong and competent players with a positive attitude to finalise our progression roster for Antorus. What is otherwise a relatively small number of hours that we have for progression raiding we expect trails to be prepared for progression. This includes fight knowledge prior to progression, consumables, and all gear, including enchants and gems to be properly accounted for, but most importantly the correct attitude coming into the raid. Overall, we're generally laid back, but this does not mean effort is not being put into the content being cleared, and we hope that all applicants will share this ideology. All our spots are very competitive, currently we're only recruiting exceptional players. We hold preference to the following classes in order: • Elemental Shaman • Holy Paladin • Balance Druid Currently our roster is full, but positions are always competitive. Current Raid Times: • Wednesday & Thursday 8:00pm – 11:00pm SVT Current Progression: 7/7M EN (cutting edge) 3/3M ToV (cutting edge) 10/10M NH (cutting edge) 6/9M ToS 1/11M Unfortunately, excluding exceptional circumstances, we are not prepared to accept applicants without the necessary Legion gear and experience to start Mythic progression. In-game Contact: Niles (Biggilleh#1646)Niles41 Dec 10
Dec 10 (A) Immersed - LF Tank 8/11H Recruiting for Antorus! Immersed is a tight-knit Perth based group on Frostmourne looking to push progression on a relaxed schedule whilst still having a laugh at the same time. We have been around since the before MoP. We are recruiting like-minded individuals who are eager to progress seriously in Antorus. We raid two days with an optional third. Progression: 5/9M ToS 11/11N Ant 8/11H Ant Raid Times: Server Time Wed/Thurs 11:30pm - 2:30am Sunday is optional but we encourage people to show up if they can. Raid forms 15mins early. Preferred recruitment: Tank: DK, Druid Healer: Paladin, Shaman, Monk Ranged DPS: Boomkin All exceptional players will be considered. To be considered you must have: - Reliable raid attendance - Impressive mythic/heroic logs - Prior raiding experience - Ability to take criticism and a willingness to better yourself - A sense of humour and a good attitude If interested whisper: Baddie#1555Imbercile42 Dec 10
Dec 10 [H] <Vortex>2/11M- 2 night guild [Barthilas] <Vortex> - 2 Nights per week Raiding Contact: Randomno#1372 (Randomno), Pixel#1909 (Rolltheranks), Nurt#1880 (Amaliaa), AirOut#1228 (Airout) Raid times: Wed 7pm-10pm AEST, Sun 6pm-10pm AEST Progression: 3/3M, 10/10M, 8/9M, 2/11M Currently recruiting: DPS warrior Rogue Ranged DPS Healer with DPS OS - Druid preferred. And of course any exceptional DPS will be considered, with a preference for ranged. Hi, We're Vortex, a long standing guild who have maintained consistent progression throughout 20 man raiding. We're a fairly good bunch who can finish up tiers time and time again, while being able to have a good laugh. If you want the minimal hours with efficient results, then we'd love to get to know you! We're pretty social and always have people doing stuff you can come along to. As an applicant and to be continued as a raider, we require you to be researched on fights as we approach them, have near to 90% attendance for raids, a want to be able to push progression within the limited raid time we have and of course, be able to work to play your class to the best of your ability. We use discord and you will need to bring your own pots, flasks, food and runes. Applications are best directed to the contacts at the top of the post, or the applications section of the forum on our website: http://vortex-terenas.enjin.com/home. Thank you for your time and consideration, Bye, SmdcidgafSmdc182 Dec 10
Dec 9 [H] <Rule Thiry Four> Saurfang Recruiting DPS We are a semi casual guild comprised of ex hardcore raiders who do not have the time to commit to hardcore raiding anymore. We raid 2 nights a week and also do M+/farm raids most nights of the week. Current prog 9/9H ToS 5/9M ToS 11/11N Antorus 11/11H Antorus Raid times WED 8-11 ST SUN 8-11 ST Looking to recruit all roles for our current roster. Players who can provide logs will get stronger consideration Add Thermic#1110 for a chatTherrmic0 Dec 9
Dec 9 (H) [Nagrand/Caelsteraz] NZ Raiding Guild LFM CJ is recruiting some strong players for our raid team. We are a Kiwi (NZT) based raiding guild, on Nagrand/ Caelsteraz that raids a very reasonable two nights a week (Thursday and Monday nites) from 19:30 - 23:00 NZT. (17:30-21:00 Server Time) We aim clear all heroic content (AOTC) while its relevant, which we have comfortably achieved for the last few xpacs. We are currently 10/11N Antorus, 9/9H Tomb of Sargeras, and would like to get a couple more like minded players to join us on a regular basis. We would be specifically interested in * Tank with viable dps OS * Hard hitting DPS, bonus cookie if you are a mage If you are keen on playing wow a bit more seriously, you want to make some new friends, but you dont want to deal with the BS that comes with mythic raiding please hit us up. We will always consider exceptional players in all raid slots so please find one of the officers (Guvna, Nmyrthe, Cambriá, Schmérzen or Barricade) online and have a chat. Cheers BarricadeBarricade30 Dec 9
Dec 9 [H] <SoDelicious> Thaurissan recruiting We are a 6/9M ToS guild (currently 7/11H ABT) recruiting 1 healer (pref druid), 1 ranged(warlocks pref) and 1 melee dps(rogues pref) for Antorus. We raid Fridays and Saturdays 8.30-11.30PM (GMT+8). Loot system : EPGP Add me on BTAG (Azmodan#6855) for more information or just whisper me ingame.Milofur2 Dec 9
Dec 9 11/11H Aotc Tank LFG 950ilvl 11/11H Aotc Tank looking for Mythic Raiding guild for core tank spot. Not worried about realm or faction. Happy to move Asap. Must be at least 11/11H Leave guild info below with btags and i will add you.Noraendine7 Dec 9
Dec 9 Arms Warrior LF 12am+ Raiding Guild 930 Arms Warrior looking for raiding guild (currently on Frostmourne Alliance) I have little experience when it comes to raiding but I know my class and have been playing warrior for 7 years on and off and am able to quickly understand mechanics of a fight. My ilvl is a little lower than I'd like currently, due to taking a large break recently. (farming as we speak) Looking for a guild that raids anytime 12am and onwards and preferably 2+ nights a week. I'd also like to at least find a guild that plans to do heroic progression but am also willing to settle into mythic progression. (Note: Am willing to change from Arms to Fury after I obtain some gear for the spec and also willing to server/faction change if need be) Btag - Sentacus#1600Sentacus2 Dec 9
Dec 9 [H] Exit Wound -7/11H - LFM DPS camaraderie; mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together. Exit Wound is a horde guild based on Barthilas. We have been a raiding guild since Cata and have been consistently raiding since with very minimal breaks/downtime. Our roster is made of all different levels of experiences with people from back in Vanilla to people who have only started playing in WoD. Our guild prides itself on the camaraderie on people who are in our guild. The base of our guild consists of loyal, genuine and dedicated people who share the same passion for raiding as our leadership team who are also very strong and resilient, especially with all the curveballs the game can give to guilds regarding make or break situations in a raiding environment. We've had them all but we're still standing and going strong. We're looking for raiders who; > Who show up and are prompt and on time (100% attendance to pass trial) > Know their class and keep improving themselves > Able to take direction and constructive criticism > Have a decent internet connection/PC > Loyal to guilds! This is a HUGE quality we look for > Non-elitists > Have initiative - looking at fights/strats for current content > Be okay with rotating roster Raid Days; Wednesday, Thursday and Monday Raid Times; 8pm - 11pm EST (7.45pm invites) Voice Comms; Discord Looting; Master Looter = CURRENTLY RECRUITING = Tanks; Closed. Healers; Closed. Melee DPS; Open. Ranged DPS; Ele Shaman, Spriest, Hunters and Boomies. ALL EXCEPTIONAL APPLICANTS WILL BE LOOKED AT If interested and think you'll be a great fit for our guild, please add; MissRenface#1693 or lyc#11918Rensocaramel88 Dec 9
Dec 8 [H] Barthilas, 2 night a week raiding guild. <Procrastinators United> A friendly guild on Barthilas looking to expand its numbers to get into mythic. We are looking for people who are focused and want to improve their skills whilst having some fun. Currently: 9/9H ToS 11/11N AtBT 3/11H Our raid times are: Wednesday ~ 7:30-10pm Thursday ~ 7:30-10pm We are currently in need of: RANGED DPS •Hunters •Shadow Priest •Warlock •Balance Druid •Mage •ALL DPS classes considered for trial!!! Simply add Tieranix112#1777, Hairygunda#6130 or Misspickle#11821 on bnet with any questions you may have.Elana15 Dec 8
Dec 8 [H] OMS | Weekend Raid | 8/11H Recruiting! One Mist Silver Our guild of adult raiders was founded at the end of the MOP expansion and has raided continuously until present. Our purpose is to provide a long term framework for fostering growth as a competitive player while still maintaining a fun and social environment. Our Vision We believe that Mythic content can be cleared in the current patch without raiding 20 hours a week. We quickly cleared Heroic EN on our 2 day weekend morning schedule and finished at 6/10M NH prior to the launch of ToS. We are currently clearing Heroic ToS. Guild Info RCLootCouncil is used for loot distribution. Rare raid drops such as mounts and pets are shared among everyone using our custom reward system. We provide cauldrons and enchants for regular raiders and expect raiders to provide their own dps potions. Guild repairs are provided for those who are invested in the guild. There is also an optional raid held most Friday evenings at 730pm AEST GMT +10 which is usually a Normal ToS run. We consider it to be a good chance to socialize, get some nice loot and familiarize yourself with progression content before entering the main raid. We also have a very active Mythic+ environment with many players completing a 15+ each week. These groups are held almost all hours of the day or night. Raid Schedule Saturday Morning: 730am - 11am AEST GMT +10 Sunday Morning: 730am - 11am AEST GMT +10 Current progression NH: 10/10H - 6/10M EN: 7/7M ToV: 3/3H ToS: 9/9H - 5/9 M Antorus: 8/11 H Currently recruiting ANY R DPS, Tanks (shamans preferred) If you're interested in learning more about our guild, please contact: Nihilius#1485 or Draethz187#1326Nihilüs2 Dec 8