Oceanic Guild Recruitment

Nov 10 [A] Tempest Dath/Khaz - Heroic Focus <Tempest> of Khaz'goroth/Dath'remar is recruiting! We are a laid back 21+ guild based in Australia for the most part. We understand that some don't have a large amount of time to commit to raiding due to real life commitments- jobs, kids, hassles etc :P Because of this we are dedicated to providing a stress free raiding environment 2 days per week in addition to an active social community. Check us out at discord https://discord.gg/eNn7ugT We are currently 9/9H and complete current raid meta achievements once AoTC is accomplished, we also sometimes give mythic a bash although it is not our main focus. Social apps are available for all classes and levels! If this sounds like the guild for you please contact us! Previous tier progression was 1/7M, 3/3H and 10/10H NH Raiding info: We raid from 8pm sharp server time Sundays and Wednesdays for 3 hours and use epgp for loot distribution. Recruitment openings: -Rogue -Warlock -hybrid ranged dps feel free to chat If this sounds like you, or you would like some more info please pst or mail Aereth (Aereth#1439).Aereth95 Nov 10
Nov 10 Alliance Frostmourne Casual Guild LFM Frostmourne <Tactical Pause> we are a casual raiding guild looking for more players to bolster our roster for Antorus. We are 9/9H and until some of our players quit we were 2/9M We raid once a week with an alt raid on Thursdays (currently suspended until we have the numbers) Thursday (Hiatus): 8:30pm Svr Time to 11pm Svr Time Sunday: 8pm Svr Time to 12am Svr Time My Battle net is Justfallen19#1768 if you want to have a chatJustdecendin1 Nov 10
Nov 10 [H] Barthilas <On The Spectrum> 8/9M On The Spectrum is a newly formed weekend raiding guild focused on a high level of progression, with somewhat casual raiding hours. We raid 12-4pm Saturday and Sunday with the option of adding a raid on Friday nights during progression. Our main focus is finishing TOS while prepping for Antorus. Currently we are recruiting 1x Boomkin 1x Mage 1x Warlock 1x Rogue 1x Healer Resto Sham/ HPal / DIsc / Druid However we are always recruiting high level players, if interested in joining or have any questions contact Andyxo#1695 or Sqwert#1218.Andyxo10 Nov 10
Nov 10 <theMinistry> / (3/9MTOS) Recruting <theMinistry> is a (4/9M TOS ) Frostmourne Aliiance OCE raiding guild. We are currently recruiting DPS for progression through Mythic TOS and into Antorus. We are an active / social raiding guild looking to add new members to our guild. We are looking for raid ready members ( 920+ ilvl ) for our core team but are willing to help people gear. We do keystone runs a few days a week for 930+ gear to help out our members. RECRUITMENTCurrently recruiting high priority: Hunter , Mage , Deathknight, Warrior Currently recruiting medium priority: Rogue , Balance/Feral Druid Raid days are:Thurs 8 - 10pm Sat 9 - 11pm Mon 8 - 10 pm ( casual fun / alt night ) Logs and Progress:https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/212139 https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/frostmourne/theMinistry Please contact our recruitment officer via BNET - EVA#2601 , or our guild leader Cougs#1764 if you are wish to join :) ( Casuals are welcome )Véngéancé19 Nov 10
Nov 10 Fusion 8/9M Only two nights GMT+8 Hi all! Looking for a later-night raiding guild with competitive raiding but no angsty nerds shouting down their mics and bragging about how much better they were in WOTLK? Come join Fusion of <Barthilas> Currently 8/9M ToS with Thurs+Sunday night raid times (10:30PM-1:30AM ST) Specific Requirements: Ranged DPS - Shadow Priest Melee DPS - Exceptional Players of all classes :) Healers - Mistweaver Monk Disc Priest Restoration Druid All other dps classes are encouraged too apply! (No tanks allowed :P) Hit me up on Bday#1929 for a chat to see if we have any similar interests ;)Getsmashin242 Nov 10
Nov 9 [H] <Deceive> 3/9M Recruiting DPS/Heals Barthilas-Horde [US] guild <Deceive> 3/9M NZ/Aus based guild recruiting DPS and Heals to fill our roster coming into Antorus next patch. Preference on Holy Priest Preference on Cloth/DK but all specs considered. Raid times - Wed/Thurs 7:00pm ST (9pm NZDT). Chill bunch, very active, supportive and friendly group. Often run M+ and help out gearing as much as we can. Pugs love us. I suck at writing this !@#$. Just add me so we can talk lmao. Add me at Bootee#11545 to talk more. Cheers :)Bootee12 Nov 9
Nov 9 Khaz'goroth <Endless> 9/9H GMT+10 <Endless> on Khaz'goroth is a 9/9H Aussie-based guild recruiting all roles at the moment. Good times to be had, no stress, no drama, we're a chill group. Raids Mondays and Thursdays 8pm server time. Being a Mythic+ fiend is a bonus :) We're AOTC regularly, lacking the numbers for Mythic content for now. Most of us are 25-40, WoW, Overwatch and Destiny 2 are our after-hours time sinks. Check us out, send me a Btag request/message - Animalistic#6390 https://raider.io/guilds/us/khazgoroth/EndlessAnimalistic0 Nov 9
Nov 9 <GoonSwarm> NZ friendly [A]Frostmourne <GoonSwarm> [A] Frostmourne We formed start ToS once we geared our raiders we powered throught content. Currently 3/9 M 9/9H 9/9N Need people for mythic prog. Also Recruiting for Antorus. Really friendly guild older people that just want have fun. We raid Wed and Sun 6-9 st (8-11NZ) High priority. Warlock Hunter Spriest Everyone welcome as well for Mythic +. Alt raids Friday or Saturday depending on peoples RL. Add Btag Sliperygypsy#1414Sírbutters13 Nov 9
Nov 9 6/9 Mythic Alts LF Raid Guild. Hello, my friend and I are currently seeking a guild that has a raid spot for a 925 holy paladin and 930 feral druid on horde side preferably. We are very active gamers and have been mainly focusing on mythic pluses and pugging heroic ToS. Days: Everyday except Sun/Mon. Time: No later then 1am ST Paladin: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/saurfang/squidgie Druid: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/saurfang/veeh -Just to clear up some confusion Pawsative is my main and is not looking for guild ^.-Pawsative3 Nov 9
Nov 9 [H] <Prime> Barth 4/9M - Wed/Mon Need ALL Who Are We? <Prime> Barthilas is an AUS/NZ horde guild with players that want to raid casually but still achieve Mythic level progression. Our raid environments are easy-going and low ego, but we get things done with hardcore efficiency. Currently Recruiting We are looking to complete our Mythic roster for the remainder of TOS and build us up for Antorus. - Any Tank x1 - Any Healer x2 - Any DPS x3 We also welcome players of varying skill and gear levels for our Member ranks. Options to progress to Trial are open once you feel you are ready. Everyone is welcome to join as a Member. Raid Schedule (7:30pm until 10pm ST) Wednesday Progression Raid Friday Farming/Gearing Raid (Optional) Monday Progression Raid We understand real life matters occur and people have outside commitments so should you need to leave a raid early or by a certain time we understand and are easy going about it. Raid Progression 4/9M ToS 6/10M NH 6/7M EN Our Expectations of Core Raiders - Core Raiders should have close to a 75% attendance record. - Active participation by all guild members in Discord. - Arrive on time with all your consumables, bonus rolls and talents. - Be aware of your personal roles and responsibilities for every boss fight. - Have the following addons installed: DBM or BigWigs/Discord/Weakauras What We offer Core Raiders - We will provide food, cauldron (flasks) and repairs - A fun, friendly team based environment. - Progression raiding at a consistent pace. - Officers who will take the time to assist you with feedback, ideas and suggestions and are also welcoming of the same in return. How to Apply? Simply hop onto our Discord and ask for an officer in General! https://discord.gg/US4TCFFBanethor2 Nov 9
Nov 9 2 night (~6hrs) 6/9M LF Holy Paladin Current progression 6/9M No Dice is a tight knit group of people comprised of skilled players, many of which have raided in top tier Oceanic guilds in the past but have now developed a more casual approach to the game. I get asked all the time if this is the 'No Dice' from Barthilas, and yes we are! This guild has been around since Vanilla and isn't going away any time soon. We define casual as low amounts of hours and not raging because we're progressing slower than we'd like to or because we have to miss a raid once in a blue moon because some key players had to pick up an extra shift at work. We don't consider people who just do what ever they like, die non stop and do rubbish dps as casual. Rather we consider people such as this as time wasters. During our limited raid hours everyone is expected to do the absolute best they can. That being said we're re-opening recruitment. We're after players with a similar level of ability and approach to the game. We're currently willing to consider ANY application however we'd strongly like to recruit 1x Holy Paladin We raid Thursday and Sunday from 7:15-10:30 SVT. To apply please contact Hamurabi, Alcho, Atolt, Sharftee or Servus in game or alternatively add fmm#1844 or Alcho#1229 on battle.netHamurabi29 Nov 9
Nov 9 [A] <Perception> 3/9M ToS + AtBT Recruiting! We at <Perception> on Khaz'goroth/Dath'remar (10/10H NH, 9/9H + 3/9M ToS) are looking both for new raiders for Mythic Progression in ToS AND for new members to join us in progression through Antorus, the Burning Throne when it drops! Pre-recruitment gives you the chance to complete your trial period before the next patch starts!! In ToS, we are looking for those with knowledge of each boss fight (can be worked around to some degree) and their class at heroic raiding level minimum with gear and confidence to match! We will and do consider all possible future recruits! Our History and Goals: <Perception> formed as a friendly 10-man raid team during Mists of Pandaria in June of 2014 and cleared 10/14H SoO pre-nerf. In WoD we completed 7/7H HM, 10/10H BRF and 12/13H HFC pre-nerf. Our goal in Legion is to continue to clear the hardest content we possibly can while providing a fun, safe and inclusive place for all of our members (social members are always welcome!). Ultimately, the guild’s primary aim is to provide a fun, safe and inclusive place for all of our members!!! Raid Schedule: We raid 3 nights per week on Wednesday, Thursday and Monday at 8 - 10.30 pm server time (Sydney/Melbourne time). We highly recommend being online at least 10-15 minutes prior to raid time! If all Heroic bosses are downed before the Thursday/Monday, we will use these days for Mythics, achievement runs, alt runs, or potentially use them as M+ nights in small groups. What we are looking for as a raider! - a positive attitude - a willingness to listen, learn and improve - raid awareness (can you get out of fire?) - past experience in progression raiding is highly desirable - strong meme appreciation ;) Our current preferences regarding you as a recruit are as shown on the following list: ! = high priority Ranged DPS Hunter ! Mage ! Priest ! Shaman ! Warlock Melee DPS ! Death Knight ! Demon Hunter Druid ! Hunter Monk Paladin ! Rogue ! Shaman Warrior Healers (capable of swapping to DPS considered highly!) Druid Monk ! Paladin ! Priest (Holy) ! Shaman Please note! Your specialisation DOES NOT have to be on this list, so please do not hesitate to contact us regardless! We will and do consider all possible future recruits. Extra Activities: In addition to raiding, we do achievement runs and other activities. Anything organised by the guild leaders will normally be held on the weekends. All members (new and old) are encouraged to organise their own events if nothing else has been scheduled and they wish to see a particular event happen. Some of our members also play other games together such as Hearthstone, Overwatch and LoL; if you are looking for somewhere to hang out outside of raid you would be more than welcome to join in! Additional Information: Further information about us, trial information and how we run things can be found on our Discord server. If you have any questions please contact one of our officers: Arhkos, Tamuriil or Wolidid. If you are interested in joining us, please visit our discord server at https://discord.gg/FT9UutR Contacts: [RL] Arhko's battletag: Arhkos#6116 [GM] Tamuriil's battletag: Tamuriil#6286 [RO] Wolidid's Battletag: Wolidid#1212 Our discord server: https://discord.gg/FT9UutRWolidid3 Nov 9
Nov 9 [A] <Völtage> Khaz/Dath (5/9M ToS) Recruiting Völtage is currently seeking committed raiders to join our progression team as we clear Mythic Tomb of Sargeras. Currently Seeking: Ranged/melee dps. If you don't see your class/spec please get ahold of us as all candidates will be considered. Raid Times in AEST: Wednesday - 7:30 -10:30 Server time. Thursday - 7:30 -10:30 Server time. Sunday - 7:30 - 10:30 Server time. Organised Mythic Keystone runs Mon/Friday nights About us Formed in the final weeks of Nighthold with the intention of pushing high end raiding, we managed to achieve "Ahead of the Curve: Gul'dan" and push the guild into the server top 10. Now the focus has switched to Tomb of Sargeras. Currently sitting on 3/9 Mythic, and still top 10 server. We're constantly running keystones, arenas and battlegrounds, but the main focus is to down mythic content. Get in touch with: Grim#1548 Vycer#1500 DoggadogJR#1662 Alternatively just /who Völtage in-game and ask for an Officer. Thanks.Grimmerz2 Nov 9
Nov 9 x xDrvegamonk3 Nov 9
Nov 8 [A] Frostmourne <Early Night> 9/9M <Early Night> is a new guild formed during the Nighthold raid tier by players that are looking to enjoy our time playing this game and the people we play with, yet progress through content at a steady pace. We are always recruiting exceptional players of all roles but have a keen interest in the following classes: -Ranged DPS (Hunter, Priest, Mage, Warlock) -Melee DPS (Rogue, Warrior, DK) -Healers Our scheduled Mythic raid times are: - Wednesday 8:00pm - 11:00pm ST - Thursday 8:00pm - 11:00pm ST - Monday 8:00pm - 11:00pm ST We also do other unscheduled raids and Mythic+ all throughout the week. What is it like to raid with Early Night? A very rare blend of fun and professional. We have a lot of fun and banter on and off the field, but when it comes time to knuckle down, we are able to do so. The 'raiding environment' is largely the reason why this guild has been created, and something we're extremely proud of. What we want from you? Aside from the cookie cutter things guilds are looking for in members like; being fully gemmed & enchanted, always looking to improve, punctuality, etc. We want our members to actively participate in the guild! By this we mean not just logging in for raids, but getting to know your fellow guildies outside of raid times, and becoming a part of our culture. What we offer? More than what's quite apparent above, you can expect; Gbank repairs, farming runs so you can make money, a relaxed 3 day raid schedule, a tightly run ship and fairness (both in loot and raid positions). If you've been sat or have been in a rut performance wise, you will be given a chance to earn a spot back and continue to be geared up on farm content. We have a mechanics come first mindset - meaning on progress we don't care about damage/healing nearly as much as we do mechanics and there's a level of comfort that our members take in this. If you're interested add one of our officers Dmags (on Dmags#1627), Qwazinator (on tattlebag#6705) or Snitchels (on snitchels#1376). Alternatively contact us in game. If we're not online the other guildies are pretty helpful.Dmags56 Nov 8
Nov 8 Old Player looking for casual oceanic guild I've recently returned to WoW after not playing since WotLK. I'm making a brand new character (Dwarf Hunter, a class i've never played) and am keen to explore the changes to the game since Cataclysm as well as run a few dungeons (mainly because I love the lore of the game) I've made my character on Frostmourne. Just want a casual group of people to play with, that I can hang out with in game chat to and generally have a chill time.Samanala2 Nov 8
Nov 8 NZ Raid Team Interest Hi Guys, I am now living in NZ and I have noticed the lack of NZ time friendly guilds. I thought i would throw out a post to see if any interest. I am a former hard core raider with 10 years of experience (mostly guild leader) and want to know if there are people out there interested in creating a semi-casual raid team. I will be looking for skilled players that do not have the time for a hard core schedule but would still love to clear content. I am a very laid back person who loves this game and wants to goof around with everyone and kill some bosses! If i get enough interest I will put a few of us together to have a chat. I already have a few interested but are hesitant on starting fresh. Our goal will obviously have to be for next expansion to really take off but if we can get together to clear the rest of legion out that would rock! My realID is Whitt#11587 Post on here or add me if you would like a chat :) Hopefully i hear from yaThaerys6 Nov 8
Nov 8 Pondering a new home Hello! So im hopefully looking and finding a guild that fits me again! Ive been playing really solo since the fall of my mythic guild back in Emerald Nightmare. I actually faction changed and did try to raid with another group but i wasn't enjoying my experience any longer. I became a king of alts, i have all toons at 110 and 920+ and some over 930/940, Now im really looking for a bunch of people i can get along with for the rest of this exp and the exp to come. I am really looking to commit myself to another guild once again, and would love to chat and hear what you guys have to offer. If you guys took the time to read this please post giggles just shows me some real intent. Thanks all :)Felgibson9 Nov 8
Nov 8 Barthilas <Magnitude> 7/9M Recruitment Open. <Magnitude> is currently 5/9 M ToS. We have a strong, progression-focused core raid team, made up of a combination of experienced and dedicated players. Our guild provides home for players who are seeking to further their experience both in raids and dungeons, whilst balancing real life obligations and guild commitments. We are looking to strengthen our M+ community, and welcome friends and alts. Our progression raid days are: Wednesday - Thursday - Monday 7-10 SVT Our optional(alt/friendly) raid day is: Sunday At the moment, our focus is Tomb of Sargeras progression. We intend to cover old content (NH, ToV and EN depending on need) for newer members further into the new tier. We are currently have limited open spots for our core raid team, but welcome all expressions of interest: Tanks: - Full Healers: - Needed! DPS: Spriest Feral Any exceptional dps inquire. If you feel that our guild may be well-suited to you, feel free to message any of the officers or recruitment team in regards to being invited. Our core roster is setup so if multiple players are unavailable raids continue, our team understands that rotating through bench is an important and necessary part of progression. http://tinyurl.com/yc893geh - Apply here. Feel free to contact any of the officers in regards to your application or future invitation: Hermit (Hermit#1986) - GM Julilla (Duggy#1127) Recruitment Team: Rehc (Deano#6761) APFrenchy (KillZoneR#1340)Hermitxp32 Nov 8
Nov 8 Sadness Factory - 85 Twink Guild Good afternoon team, We are Sadness Factory - Barthilas - Horde. We are a bunch of players who have played for many years, and really miss 10 man. Whilst we do raid currently, this will only be a once a week thing at this stage - probably weekend. Basically something to focus on other than world quests, mythic plus and my dying soul. Most of us cleared all of Cata on heroic as current tier. We are looking to clear primarily Cata raids. Probably in order. We are looking for some extra members to fill our roster. Please note that both tank spots are spoken for and will not be available, although an offspec would be appreciated. We are after a couple more DPS. A decent mage/hunter/rogue would be great. Some of us are still leveling so no rush for anyone. We have 6ish people at the moment. There has been interest to do Herald of the Titans along the way, so we will probably do that too. If you're interested in JUST Herald, you're welcome to join regardless. Please message Steve#15724 or post in this thread if you have any questions, requests, suggestions or if you're keen! :) Thanks!Shhmee4 Nov 8
Nov 8 LF early morning weekend raiding guild Hi all I am a long time WoW player with lots of experience over each expansion through the years, dating back to Vanilla. I am currently playing a ret paladin, but I am willing to play any dps class (ideally ranged: hunter, ele sham) to get a core raid spot in the right guild. I am looking to raid Saturday/Sunday morning from around 6:00am - 9:00am Australian Eastern Standard Time. I do not mind if this is with a US guild, or any other country. I am willing to transfer my character/boost and start a new character on any realm to achieve this. I am a mature player who will consistently show up, perform, listen and contribute to the guild's progression. I’ve raided with a US top 50 guild during WotLK and Cata so I know what “hardcore” looks like, but not looking for that these days. Looking forward to your repliesOldmanpally4 Nov 8
Nov 8 928 HPriest/920 Mistweaver LF Heroic Guild Hi everyone, As the title says, I'm a holy priest main, but also have a mistweaver (was my main at the start of Legion but I swapped to priest at patch 7.1) and I am looking for a heroic raiding guild. I am currently Alliance on Khaz'Goroth but am willing to change for the right guild. - Current Tier progress 8/9H (Have seen up to phase 3 of KJ, just not knocked him down yet) - Available to raid 6pm - 10pm AEST any day - Willing to faction/server transfer Feel free to add me on Rumjunkie#1207 and ask me any questions.Holyshu5 Nov 8
Nov 8 940 4/9M Exp Ele Shaman & Havoc LF M Guild Two experienced reliable raiders playing since vanilla looking for Raiding Guild intent on M progress for Antoras, able to raid up to 3 nights a week any time after 9pm Svt. Barthilas HordeBarrigan2 Nov 8
Nov 8 {A} Khaz/Dath Transcendence 9/9 H Hello everyone Transcendence (Dath'Remar) is an active progression guild (9/9 N, 9/9 H) that is seeking players who are committed, enthusiastic about the game and always willing to learn more about the game whether it be class knowledge, BiS gear and gems or raid mechanics. We are a new look guild that is currently looking for DPS and 1 or 2 more healers for Antorus to continue progression and raid mythic. We are very laid back and understand that some people may have real life commitments, however we do raid on Wednesdays and Sundays starting at 9:00pm on Wednesdays and 8:30pm on sundays till (raid forms 30 minutes prior)-11 server time and we expect everyone to be at the raid by that time so we can keep things running smoothly. We regularly run high level mythic plus dungeons and old raids. If you are interested in joining our guild please feel free to respond to this topic or add me on Battlenet (Migwhale #1570) Cheers -ShaqShaqheel1 Nov 8
Nov 8 [H]{Cael/Nagrand} <Cash Money>(GMT+10) 6/9M Cash Money A two-night a week raiding guild, on Nagrand. We're a pretty laidback group of individuals who have a passion for raiding, and are looking at recruiting more members for mythic raid progression. Although we're pretty casual, we are also quite an active guild. When not raiding, we spend a lot of our time pvping or doing mythic+'s - with the majority of our guild members and their alts being keystone masters (15+). One thing we do expect of our members, is to be well versed in the knowledge of their class and role, and thus not be a detriment to the team. If you can prove this, and you're interested, please apply! About Cash Money: One of the oldest guilds on the server. Transferred from Gilneas when Nagrand first opened up. Raided in one aspect or another, in every expansion of this game. Vanilla - Legion. Banter. We love banter! If you can't take a joke, or are sensitive to particular types of jokes, please don't apply. RL > Wow. We all have commitments, and we don't hold it against people if they can't always make a raid night, but saying that, we only raid two nights a week and it shouldn't become a habit. Raid Times: 9:30pm - 12am AEST (GMT +10), Thursday & Sunday Minimum ilvl requirements: ideally 925 Actively recruiting: 2 x Melee DPS Apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/CB7dEWJWPIHP0T4A2 Further info? Contact any guild member in-game, and they'll forward you onto a relevant person.Bainz13 Nov 8
Nov 8 HPal + Fury Warr Hey fams, My pal and I recently transferred back to Jubei after raiding with friends on Tich. Sure is nice to be back to the Aus ping. We're currently fairly undergeared but can pull our weight in regards to DPS/HPS and mechanics. Posting this to put out some feelers to see if anyone's interested. HPal logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/id/26811171#rankingmetric=hps We both have experience with mythic raiding. My guild fell apart during Nighthold, but I have previous realm first kills on my mage from this and last expac. Decided to take a break from DPS, as that's what I've played since Vanilla. Old mage logs if anyone was interested: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/tichondrius/montiara#rankingzone=11Moistiara21 Nov 8
Nov 8 [A] <Tactical Pause> Frostmourne - 1 Night Looking to take a step back in WoW but still want to progress through raiding content? Tactical Pause is a newly formed guild at the start of legion. Created by friends from ex semi-hardcore and hardcore guilds. Relaxed guild environment and raid team with constant banter during raids. Currently looking for new members (predominately DPS classes) to step into Antorus. Schedule Sunday - 8:00pm - 12:00pm (AEDT // GMT+10) Contact If you wish to join the team or any questions, contact pop, leveck or myself on Bnet or ingame. Btag: [GM] Twig#1232 [Officer] Pop#6497 [Officer] Leveck#11515Twiig0 Nov 8
Nov 8 934 blood dk looking for guild ***pref around NZ time** Hey guys, Names Vic, I'm 28 and a registered nurse. I am currently looking for a new guild with which to raid with. A little about me: I'm currently employed fulltime, but living away from partner and family so I find I have loads of free time, which I would like to fill raiding. Past raid history: Vanilla: joined and stepped foot into first raid being ZG, raided sporadically, cleared all content but Naxx. Burning crusade: All content cleared when current. WoTLK: Almost all content cleared heroic, stuck on Lich King heroic, defile was hard. Cata: Quit at start, came back when Dragon Soul was current, cleared it heroic. MoP: quit again, came back to SoO, full cleared heroic pre-patch. WoD: Playing sporadically managed to get imperator down ahead of the curve. some experience in BRF, nothing to brag of, up to heroic Korm. Guild disbanded. Moved to the oran thul, guild disbanded. Joined lithium on jubei those and they stopped raiding two weeks later :( Really gutted as they wre a fantastic group and I enjoyed raiding with them. gained 5/13 mythic with the oran'thol and 8/13 with lithium. Legion: mixture of casual and heroic only groups, have all "ahead of the curves" What I can offer: As an ex-hardcore raider I don't often stand in the fire. I'm usually on time and know well in advance if I cant make raids for whatever reason. I research my class and come to raids prepared, ie flasks enchants etc. I am looking for a guild I can call home, something I haven't been able to find since Wrath, I miss the friendships formed in guild. I'm not a loot !@#$% and don't cause drama, i'm to old for that stuff now. Also can answer all your gross medical questions. What I'm looking for: i'm looking for a raiding guild that respects its members, has fun but can still kill the bad dude. I'm looking for a home to spend the rest of my WoW days in, however long that will be, I find I play and enjoy more if I enjoy where I am. Wel thanks for reading, looking forward to hearing from people :) battletag: Apathy#1698Rnv9 Nov 8
Nov 8 939 Feral Druid LF Heroic/Mythic Guild .Zephyresh5 Nov 8
Nov 8 [A] Frostmourne - BM Hunter - LF Guild Hi there, A couple of weeks into Tomb of Sargeras my guild disbanded so I took a break. Once Argus came out I slowly got back into things and am now looking for a casual raiding guild that is looking to progress onto Mythic; going into Antorus the Burning Throne. Preferable days and times (flexible): (Server Time) Monday - Thursday = 7pm - 10pm Friday, Saturday = Nothing past 12am Battle Tag: Harisun#1753 Looking for a friendly bunch of people that just want to have some fun and kill some bosses! Hope to hear from you! :)Harisun2 Nov 8
Nov 8 [H] <Rule Thiry Four> Saurfang Recruiting We are a semi casual guild comprised of ex hardcore raiders who do not have the time to commit to hardcore raiding anymore. We raid 2 nights a week and also do M+/farm raids most nights of the week. Current prog 9/9H ToS 5/9M ToS Raid times WED 8-11 ST SUN 8-11 ST Looking to recruit all roles for our current roster in the lead up to Antorus. Players who can provide logs will get stronger consideration Add Thermic#1110 for a chatTherrmic0 Nov 8
Nov 8 934 SP LF Weekend Raiding 934 Shadow priest with all legion tier aotc.. Looking for weekend raiding. Saturday and sunday preferred. Open to transfer/faction change. Wangdangle#11968Xannahh0 Nov 8
Nov 8 INFINIUM (6/9M) - LF RAIDERS !! Hey Everyone, INFINIUM is a semi-hardcore Alliance 30 man raiding guild situated on Oceanic Dath'Remar, with members primarily from New Zealand and Australia. The guild was created by a couple of friends that wanted to play together and most of all have fun. The guild's founders and officers range in experience from Vanilla raiding and up to now. Current Progress: ToS - 6/9M NH - 8/10M ToV - 2/3M EN - 7/7MRaid Schedule: Core Nights: Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday 8:00pm - 11:00pm AEST (GMT +10) (PLEASE NOTE: WHEN WE ARE PUSHING CONTENT WE MIGHT USE MONDAY, AS FOURTH NIGHT TO RAID AND ALT NIGHTS ARE ALSO ON MONDAY) Recruiting: Healer: Druid Monk ShamanDPS [R]: Shaman Priest Druid MageDPS [M]: Druid Death Knight Warrior ShamanIf your class is not under the role, We are still taking non-named classes as long as you can show logs. What you can expect from us: No recruitment for bench positions! Friendly members with similar raiding goals. Fair loot based on performance/size of upgrade and attendance.Our Expectations: All members and trials are expected to be fully prepared ahead of time with the guild's strategic nuances and learn from mistakes at a rapid rate. The officers will where possible assist in any improvements that can be made to one's play style/rotation through logs, however we are not here to spoofed and logs will constantly be used for checking performance based on fight mechanics.Btag: dreamiix#1746 Website: infiniumguild.weebly.com APPLY NOWJaay12 Nov 8
Nov 8 927 Spriest LF Guild I am an American, due to work hours, looking for a guild that raids 1AM+ CST (my time) and it seems Oceanic is the best bet for me to find those hours. I am currently looking for a guild that raids (forgive my possibly dumb math, 8PM-1AM Frostmourne server time(?)) any time of the week. Preferably a H/M. I am 9/9H. I havent been able to step into mythic ToS yet, but have looked at the fights thoroughly. I have Holy OS, but only touch it in emergencies or to !@#$ around. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/20924610/13#difficulty=4&class=Priest&spec=Shadow&metric=dps https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/malganis/alobrohaminAlobrohamin3 Nov 8
Nov 7 H Priest 4/9M LF M Raiding guild H Priest 4/9M LF M Raiding guild available 3 nights a weekFrostpotz13 Nov 7
Nov 7 [H] 943 Resto Sham & 941 Feral Druid Barth Myself and my friend Vii are looking for a 2-night mythic raiding guild on Barthilas (Horde - we're both mid transfer). I have 9/9H 1/9M experience (Mistress only), Vii has 9/9H experience. Xendless - midmagik#1318 Vii - Varwick#11976Xendless5 Nov 7
Nov 7 Frostmourne (A) 9/9H recruitment Frostmourne <Quen> Formally a social guild we have now decided to take the step into raiding. We are now looking for players to help us progress through ToS! Progress: 4/9 Tomb of Sargeras Mythic Leadership 9/9 Tomb of Sargeras Heroic Raid Days: Wednesday - 22:00-00:30 ST Sunday - 22:00-00:30 ST Currently Recruiting more players to start our progress through Mythic Mainly looking for Melee DPS: Warrior Rogue Demon hunter Ranged DPS is also welcome. Healer: Druid Monk Shaman Also recruiting all classes for casual game play. What we can offer you: *Raiding in a relaxed but progressive atmosphere *An active player-base where people are always willing to help and run Mythic+ as well as levelling alts etc. *Friendly players who hang out on Discord and always welcome you online. What we ask of you: *Know your class! We expect you to keep on top of your class' changes and updates and put effort into getting the best you can out of it. *Showing up prepared for raids - repaired, flasks, food etc. *Know tactics and make sure you have the correct addons. On progress we expect wipes, everyone makes mistakes but we expect people to learn from them. The raid leaders have the say on which tactics we go with for each fight - suggestions are always welcome before or after a pull (not during a fight). We do enjoy having fun and joking in raid, but on boss fights (especially progression) we expect people to be serious and pay attention. All applications will be considered even if your class is not listed above. To apply to our guild please contact us over b-net: Kaepool#1932 Socials always welcome!Overlrdtrump0 Nov 7
Nov 7 [H] <Rule Thiry Four> Saurfang Recruiting We are a semi casual guild comprised of ex hardcore raiders who do not have the time to commit to hardcore raiding anymore. We raid 2 nights a week and also do M+/farm raids most nights of the week. Current prog 9/9H ToS 5/9M ToS Raid times WED 8-11 ST SUN 8-11 ST Looking to recruit all roles for our current roster in the lead up to Antorus. Players who can provide logs will get stronger consideration Add Thermic#1110 for a chatTherrmic0 Nov 7
Nov 7 [A]<Dispøsed> 9/9M LF RANGED DPS <Dispøsed> We have a LONG history, spanning back to TBC release! over this time we have had many great accomplishments, rivalries and developed great friendships. The core vision of Disposed is to kill sh!t and have fun doing it. We always push for progression and are serious when it comes to that. We are fair with our members and welcoming to new people. We want to be on the top of the 3 night raiding guild scene. Dispøsed pride ourselves on quality players and good attitudes. We focus on the task ahead, but on farm have a lot of fun. This is a game at the end of the day, enjoy it. We 9/9M are always recruiting exceptional players of all roles. Must have relevant experience/gear/mythic logs. Special interest in the following: 1x Mage 1x Warlock 1x RANGED DPS SPECIAL INTEREST IN A WARLOCK AND MAGE RECRUITING FOR ANTORUS!!!! ALL CLASSES CONSIDERED • Wednesday 7:30pm - 11:30pm AEDT(server time). • Sunday 7:30pm - 11:30pm AEDT(server time). • Monday 7:30pm - 11:30pm AEDT (server time). Apply by following this link, and we will get back to you asap. https://goo.gl/Uyvj6D VipR#11332Vipr9 Nov 7
Nov 7 [A] Dath <Soft Enrage> 4/9M Recruitment Soft Enrage is an Alliance guild on the Dath'Remar/Khaz'Goroth realm. Most of the team have been raiding together since the start of WoD and we are currently looking to expand upon our roster to ensure Mythic progression can continue on nights with planned & unplanned absences. Current Recruitment Our ideal candidates at this point in time are DPS looking to secure a place on our core mythic team. High Priority Druid - Balance Mage - All specs Warlock - All specs Current Progress 9/9H Tomb of Sargeras 4/9M Tomb of Sargeras Previous Tier 7/7 M Emerald Nightmare 2/3 M Trials of Valor 7/10 M Nighthold Kill Videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkHdRNxLWflgNKj0RWG_DIg Raid Times (All in reference to Server Time) Wednesday: 7:30pm to 10:00pm Sunday: 7:30pm to 10:00pm Important Info Loot System: Personal Loot (ML on tier bosses once benefits of PL have been exhausted) Communication: Private Discord Server WCLogs available after each raid night As a progression raid team, we are looking for dedicated gamers who are willing to put in the time learning fights prior to attending each raid and those looking to constantly improve based on their logs and performance. However, with that said, we pride ourselves on mainting a relaxed & fun raid environment for everybody with any issues being discussed privately when the need arises. With the majority of our roster being full time students and those with full time work & family commitments we understand that real life happens, however, it is expected that you will be able to attend almost all raid nights to maintain a position on the core roster. In the event that you will not be able to attend, an online absence form must be filled out in advance so we can replace you for these night(s). As we are looking to actively tackle Mythic raid content this expansion, those with high absence from raids will risk losing their spot on the core Mythic team. Application Process If you are interested in applying to join our guild, please fill out the application form (https://goo.gl/forms/PoM9hdGvYI4dS27F2) and one of our officers will be in touch with you regarding your application. Otherwise, please feel free to have a chat to any of our guild members in game or contact the officers through the Battle Tags listed below. Officer Battle Tag Recruitment Contacts Narisko (GM): Narisko#1854Nariskô22 Nov 7
Nov 6 [A]Distortion / Team1 / 7/9M / NZT 3 Nights Distortion are currently recruiting for Mythic Legion Progression. This guild was created in 2008 and are still going strong. OCE: Caelestrasz/Nagrand TEAM 1: T19 progression: 7/7M, 3/3M, 10/10M T20 Progression 9/9H, 7/9M Currently recruiting: HEALS (Non Pally) Raid times: 6.30pm - 9.00pm AEST (8.30pm - 11.00pm NZT) Wednesday Thursday Monday Team 2 https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20754337501#1 If you would like to apply please visit our website: http://www.distortion.co.nz or Hit up an Officer on Discord https://discord.gg/5f4xttT or Use our Btags: Guild Master :: Logbo#1398 Team1 :: Baloy#11290 Team2 :: Rust#1876Logbo292 Nov 6
Nov 6 [H] <Kinetic> | Barthilas - (4/9M) <Kinetic> is a newly established guild on Barthilas, focused on providing a fun and friendly atmosphere. Our aim is to build a strong and progressive raid team and progress through the raid tier at a competitive rate - Now that we have our core mythic roster we're looking to progress though the remainder of ToS at a relaxed pace. However, we are still in need of some classes and specialities moving forward into Antorus. Raid Times: Wed: 8:30pm – 11pm Thu: 8:30pm – 11pm Mon: 8:30pm – 11pm Optional alt/social/ach raids : 8pm-11pm Friday/Sunday Currently Recruiting Resto Shaman - High Shadow Priest - Medium Marks/BM Hunter - Medium We will of course consider all other applications from all classes and specs. You can apply directly here: https://discord.gg/QptNpyB within #recruitment If you have any questions please feel free to contact me in-game or via real-id: chilinn#1530 Chilz3 Nov 6
Nov 6 LF Fri/Sat night Heroic/Mythic Raiding Available Fridays and Saturdays from 6pm ST to 10pm ST (I am in NZ) Experienced raider/raid leader since Vanilla across multiple characters and specs. Druid is geared as Tank, Feral and Boomkin - 63-66 weapon levels. Prefer playing Feral ATM. Did challenge mode on all the specs mentioned above at ilvl 915-920. I can transfer for the right guild.Nkalakatha0 Nov 6
Nov 6 [H]Niflheim-Barthilas GMT+8 - (8/9M) LFM! Greetings! <Niflheim> - Barthilas, is a GMT+8 raiding guild and is currently looking for exceptional and skilled players as well as like minded players from all classes for Mythic progression for current and future expansions. If you have a strong knowledge on your class and you have the skills to back it up, then <Niflheim> wants you! We are also recruiting for 5man mythic+ if it suits you more as a casual player. Current Progression 7/7 M Emerald Nightmare 3/3 M Trials of Valor 10/10 M Nighthold 8/9 M Tomb of Sargeras What we expect from you Able to commit to near 100% attendance Know your class well and be prepared for fights Having the desire to clear current content Raid Times Wednesday, Thursday & Monday - 12am Server time to 3am Server time (9pm - 12am +8GMT) Usual Raid time: 11pm - 2am server time Daylight savings Raid time: 12am - 3am server time Currently RECRUITING: Tanks Any Tanks Range DPS Shadow Priest Moonkin Warlock Hunter Melee DPS Rogue Healer Restoration Shaman Holy Paladin If you are an exceptional player and your class is not listed and you are interested in joining, you may also apply at http://nif.guildlaunch.com or you can leave a message below. You can also add your ingame name or Btag here. Lastly, you may also contact Akíza (Akiza#11139), Basbiel (Brad#1416), Kaelarok (Kaelarok#6482) & Nervie (Foster#1344) in game.Akiza433 Nov 6
Nov 6 940 Brewmaster 7/9M LF Guild Hey there, Beers here! I'm looking for a new home, and I never thought I'd have to specify this, but preferably one with some community. I have trailed a few places and just haven't found the right fit for me. I'm an american stationed in Korea until July. I have pretty much open availability. If you are in need of a tank feel free to get in contact with me via battle tag @ zholten#1989Beers2 Nov 6
Nov 6 [A] <Bush Lurkers> 6/9M LF DPS <Bush Lurkers> is a two night a week raiding guild located on Caelestrasz/Nagrand server. We aim to do high level mythic raiding without the long hours and are looking for mature dedicated raiders to add to the team for Antorus progression. Raid Times: 9pm - 12am ST (GMT+10) Wednesday & Thursday with optional gearing runs on Fri/Mon. We also constantly run Mythic+ and carry groups. Progression: Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Mythic Trial of Valor: 2/3 Mythic Nighthold: 10/10 Heroic 9/10 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras: -9/9 Heroic -6/9 Mythic Currently recruiting all specs with high priority on the following: Tanks Healers DPS -Rogue -BM/MM Hunter -Mage -frost/unholy DK -Warrior -Balance druid -Shadow priest To apply visit: http://bushlurkers.shivtr.com/forums/2085835 Contact for further information: Mojoalo#2133 Atomic#6828Atomicx49 Nov 6
Nov 6 942 Protadin + 932 R/B Druid LFG Antorus Hi all, 942 equipped Protadin. Currently on hiatus from raiding, but looking to hit mythic Antorus pretty hard. 7/7M 3/3M 10/10M 6/9M (pre-mistress nerfs). Pretty keen on m+ - have pushed reasonably high over the course of the expansion. Extensive pre-Legion raiding experience from classic onwards. All Prot legendaries, 69 traits in weapon - would be higher, but I've been tinkering around with alts during the break from raiding. I am capable of playing Ret or Holy if necessary, with decent legendaries in both, though Ret weapon is only 66 traits and Holy is only 55~ traits. Mate is a 932 equipped Resto Druid. Just come back to the game. Not much mythic Legion raiding experience, but extensive pre-Legion raiding experience. Happy to play Boomy also. Legendaries are WIP, not bad but not great. 64 traits in both weapons. No faction preference. Raid days/times are reasonably flexible. We're based in Sydney, so AEDT friendly times preferred. Not in a rush - want to take the time to find the right long-term fit.Ulyssandra10 Nov 6
Nov 6 [A] Aman'thul - <Hardly Noobish> <Hardly Noobish> 9/9(H) We're a new, active and laid-back guild looking to bolster our ranks for Antorus and beyond. Plenty of banter in discord if that's your kind of thing, although we don't hesitate to get serious when it's called for. Raid Times (AEST/Server Time) Tuesday 7:00pm - 10:00pm Friday 7:00pm - 10:00pm Saturday 7:00pm - 10:00pm We're also run Mythic+ on the daily, PvP and grouped content. For more information you can whisper Juiçer, Vallisstia or Rumble in-game.Rumble1 Nov 6
Nov 5 [H] Nagrand-Cael Mythic Raiders wanted (5/9M) I am the GM for <Nitro Chrysalis>. We are a Horde guild based on Nagrand-Caelestrasz US Oceanic servers, currently 9/9H & 5/9M. Looking for solid raiders to join guild for Mythic ToS progression and Heroic farms. Raid times are 7:30pm AEDT Wednesday, Thursday, and from 4pm AEDT Sunday - pick which days you want to raid, you don't have to raid every night. We use a sign-up system via our Facebook page. Current roles to fill across two teams: DH - Vengeance Druid - Restoration Hunter - Survival Monk - Mistweaver Paladin - Retribution, Protection Priest - Shadow, Discipline Shaman - Restoration, Elemental All applicants considered, however the roles above provide a niche in our roster. Raiders of all skill levels welcome to join; in the Chrysalis we strongly believe in developing our players. We are a semi-serious social guild. We like to keep things pretty relaxed and discourage any elitism, prejudice and meter spammers. We just want to drop bosses and have a good time doing it. If you are sick of all the pretentious guilds, all the ragers and all the crap, step inside the Chrysalis and find joy in the game again. MetalBee#1546Creepshadow26 Nov 5
Nov 5 RSham & RDruid LF heroic/mythic home Hey all, Myself (916 Resto Sham) and a Resto Druid (925) are looking for a new forever home on Frostmourne before the next raid tier hits. We are both seasoned players, who offer extensive experience in heroic and mythic raiding since ICC – we both managed to finish clearing Mythic HFC within reasonable time of the content’s release. Since the release of Legion; however, due to exciting adventures of travelling overseas, we both took a break from the raiding scene which has lasted for most of the expansion, and completed EN, NH and ToS at normal/heroic level at a slower and more liberal pace with PuGs– druid has AoTC for ToS, while I have only begun to clear heroic at 3 bosses in. We understand that we are fairly under geared and do not have ample heroic/mythic experience from this expansion. Nevertheless, we both have extensive mythic raiding experience from previous expansions; thus, we hope to join an established guild intending to clear either heroic or mythic content for the upcoming raid in Antorus– obviously we would prefer a guild with mythic aspirations, but we realise that we may need more experience and gear to be considered. The type of Guild that we are looking for: • One with a semi-hardcore raiding environment: We would like to be in an environment that is social, laid back and chilled with good banter, but still manages to kill bosses within current tier and focuses on progression. • We want to feel like we are part of a community and valued as members. • Either an established heroic guild, or mythic guild. • Would prefer to raid on a 2 night schedule from 8pm (AEST) onwards on the following days: Wed, Thurs, Sun and Mon. (we would only consider 3 days only for a mythic guild and if the hours aren’t too long – though 2 night mythic guild would be the dream.) • We would prefer to stay alliance on Frostmourne. The types of raiders that you will gain: • Dedicated raiders, who are knowledgeable and passionate about their classes (as well as other healing classes) and strive to improve and reflect upon their raiding performance. • I am an experienced healer (have mained a resto shaman since ICC, with a brief swap to a Mistweaver for most of the mythic content during WoD), and have raided in competitive mythic environments while sustaining a good healing performance, while the sexy druid offers an extensive background in both DPSing and healing heroic/mythic content. • Punctual, team players and active communicators with working mics that can be used during fights, if necessary. • Good banter, dank memes and great social company ;) If we sound as though we might be a good fit for your team please let us know. We are also happy to supply any additional information upon request. Battletag: Chassaria#1553.Chassaria8 Nov 5