Oceanic Guild Recruitment

Jul 29 <Desire> A - Frostmourne <Desire> Is a mature aged raiding guild. We are a fun group of people and always love to make new people welcome. Our raid times are as follows; Wed/Sun/Mon 8:45pm Svt - 12am Svt. We are currently recruiting one melee dps to fill a 20 man core roster so we can start beating down on those mythic bosses. We are 8/9H and soon to be 9/9!! What we look for in you! We look for like-minded people who want to progress and do well. People who are driven to learn and improve on themselves to better the team as a whole. When you are a part of our team we want people who will represent us in a positive manner to the WoW community by being nice to others and keeping toxicity to a minimum. We do not tolerate sexism/racism/whatever-ism and always promise to stick up for our team and deal with any disputes in a mature way. We are trying to build a close “family-like” raid guild and want to have people who will fit in well. What we are also looking for! We are also looking to boost the activity of the guild during the day on non raid days, due to this we are looking for someone who is very PvP orientated and would be interested in getting together an RBG team. Contacts If this sounds like the place for you, add us on Bnet and message us in game! orangejuicec#11951 Mishkro#1142 Aquariun#1861Wildhéart4 Jul 29
Jul 29 (A) Immersed 9/9H - 2/9M | 10:30-1:30 Immersed is a tight-knit Perth based group on Frostmourne looking to push progression on a relaxed schedule whilst still having a laugh at the same time. We have been around since the before MoP. We are recruiting like-minded individuals who are eager to progress seriously in ToS. We raid two days with an optional third. Progression: 8/10M NH 9/9H ToS 2/9M ToS Raid Times: Server Time Wed/Thurs 10:30pm - 1:30am Sunday is optional but we encourage people to show up if they can. Raid forms 15mins early. Recruitment: Healer: Holy Paladin Melee DPS: Rogue Ranged DPS: Lock. Shadow priest All exceptional players will be considered. To be considered you must have: - Reliable raid attendance - Impressive mythic/heroic logs - Prior raiding experience - Ability to take criticism and a willingness to better yourself - A sense of humour and a good attitude If interested whisper: Baddie#1555 Drakenhax#1489Imbercile17 Jul 29
Jul 29 [A] Khaz/Darth Mad Prophets 8/9H - LFM Mad Prophets OCEANIC, 8/9 Heroic TOS: We have a strong core team already! looking for like minded people, Semi-Casual guild! Willing to take in groups as well! We are looking for: 1 Tanks 1 Heal 3 DPS Looking for experienced raider.That is able to commit 80%+ We are in Khaz'goroth/Darth :) Raid times Core Team Wednesday, Thursday & Monday 11:30PM - 02:00AM (server time) 08:30PM - 11:00PM (GMT+8, SG & MY local time) Apply through sending mail or whispering our members: Just /who mad prophets Contact Tricky#1880 Dkz#1913 Wimax#1763 Mortss#1623 Description Mad Prophets is a long standing social & casual raiding guild made up of players from around the globe. The guild has a very strong social core with numerous activities ongoing. We are also searching for social members to add to the atmosphere of our guild. All levels, jobs, personalities and names are welcome to apply. Feel free to contact any of us for more details. https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/dath-remar/Mad+ProphetsRintangan0 Jul 29
Jul 29 [A] Nagrand/ Caelestrasz NZ player LF Guild Looking for a guild to call home i took a brake from the game and have recently returned. I am a Assassination Rogue with a ilvl of 900. I am a New Zealander so i am currently 2 hours ahead of server time. Would love to join a guild that runs Mythic+ and also raids. Feel free to hit me up in game or add my Btag: Maoriboy#11899Frombëhind3 Jul 29
Jul 29 Heals(930) 3/9M exp LF Mythic prog Hey guys, As the title states, 928 ilvl HPriest looking for a new home for mythic progression for ToS and into Argus/Next xpac. I've done 3/9 M ToS, 8/10 M NH, 3/3 M ToV this expansion and similar progression through most of the previous expansions during which i have raided. Not really interested in Heroic progression guilds as i don't find it personally interesting enough or challenging enough to be something that is *my* goal. I want to clear the content while it's current, not necessarily at a server first level but within a decent time frame. Have previous experience in positions of leadership within guilds (though not actively seeking such positions, more out of necessity). The sooner the better in terms of finding a decent and STABLE team that is ideally not recovering from a fractured roster and holding on by a thread would be nice... If any of this sounds like what you may be looking for please feel free to post here and/or add my battle tage: staele#1310. OCEANIC REALMS/TIMES ONLY PLEASE!! Thanks.Acuria13 Jul 29
Jul 29 Defection (Barthilas) (4/9H) seeks ranged dps The critical stuff: Seeking Ranged dps, melee would be considered but we're melee heavy so some more ranged would be realllllly lovely. We're very mail heavy so some more cloth/leather would be swell. We raid Thursday and Sunday from 8:30pm to 11:00pm server time. On Barthilas - Horde Side We're happy/casual ex-mythic raiders. Been together a long time and just enjoy the fun of it. We all have families/jobs that can take us away from the game occasionally so we focus on enjoying time together. Basically a big, weird, family that plays video games together and occasionally meet up for drinks and debauchery. We'd like to poke into mythic after finishing heroic, but find ourselves low on numbers. We'll never be the fastest on the server as we value person over power, but since we're all long term players we've at least picked up a few things over the years so generally don't suck at mechanics too often. A weird sense of humour generally helps - hopefully your pun game is strong. Hop on Barthilas to see if anyone is online to ask about coming along for a trial, or add me Xuanwu#1212.Aelithice0 Jul 29
Jul 29 911 Holy Priest 6/10M LF Mythic Guild Hello, My guild recently imploded so i'm looking for a new guild that raids 2-4 nights a week between 7:30 and 12am AEST, preferably on Barth Horde. My logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/11385751/latest#metric=hps I also have a good Boomkin friend who'd also like to find a new home. (with the same prog as me) His logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/1035366/latest/ Anyway thanks for stopping by :DKaneki14 Jul 29
Jul 29 [A] <Neoteric> 6/9H on Saurfang LFM <Neoteric> 6/9H ToS is looking for more raiders to join our raid team. We are a friendly guild who know how to take raiding seriously (lets be honest, we just want to get things done). Our heroic progression team raids twice a week: Wednesday 7-10ST Thursday 7-10ST We also run a casual/alt night on Fridays from 7-10ST. We are currently looking for more dedicated ranged DPS (in particular a hunter and mage) and an off-tank (preferably bear). Other classes/specs will also be considered. If you are interested in joining us for raiding or casually please chat with either myself (Amellyne#1906 - Raid leader) or Mace (Massie#11938 - Recruitment officer).Aytrune3 Jul 29
Jul 29 Horde Barthilas 8/9 normal <CUCC SQAUD> is looking for reliable dps classes (full on leather) to push into heroic raiding, the raid team is led by a previous ex mythic raider with various cutting edge achievements and we are looking to extend our roster after creating the guild as a group of friends. We raid on Friday nights from 8pm-11pm AEST (server time), we are also looking to start a second day in the near future. If you are interested please contact me on my battle tag: Demons#12681Taru0 Jul 29
Jul 28 [A] arms warrior LF guild in Frostmourne -Hi i just tranfered from Bonechwer US realm -Looking for a guild that raids on either wed-thurs-fri-sat-sun-mon starting 2230H server time due to work schedule - I just recently came back to play wow again, finally got my main warrior to level 110 and doing the rep grinds atm -feel free to PST me or add me if there are any guilds interested thanksJayceboi0 Jul 28
Jul 28 Frostmourne@Horde Late Night Raiding Guild <PSYCHE> LF1M Heal as Core Raider. Current Raid Progression: 9/9N, 7/9H ToS Raiding Time: Wed, Thurs & Sunday 2330-0200 (Server Time). Kindly contact us in-game for more info. Badnabit / Fidessa / Crescens - FrostmourneBadnabit1 Jul 28
Jul 28 >Gravity Horizon< Khaz'Goroth 10/10H >Gravity Horizon< of Khaz'goroth Alliance 9/9N 2/9H Raid Times Wednesday - 7.30pm ST - 9.30pm ST ( alt fun run) (Optional) Thursday - 7.30pm ST - 9.30pm ST Sunday - 7.30pm ST - 9.30pm ST Monday - 7.30pm ST - 9.30pm ST Voice Discord What we are looking for: Healers Dps Currently looking for recruiting raiders for Tomb of Sargeras About Us We are a new guild that recently transfered. We do old raids and achievement runs to collect that Transmog gear, Titles or mounts that you would like to have. Also we are currently helping out other guilds progress through heroic aswell on off nights. What we would like from you: We would like you to be able to make the raid times and the willingness to learn and be be patient to have a good time while raiding. also have the willingness to help each other learn, should it either be Mechanics, Classes or just general knowledge. Casuals are also very welcome to join too. Contacts Feel free to add Bubbles#1844 for a chat or any questions you may have We look forward to hearing from you and hope to be raiding with you in the futureWaffles11 Jul 28
Jul 28 Havoc DH or Prot Pally LF guild hey guys, Long term player NZ based player here looking for a solid guild to raid and do mythic plus with. Am currently pugging my way through heroic ToS which as you can imagine... is great... Ideally looking for a two night a week raid team with a active playerbase during the off nights for mythics and shenanigans.Vesnir9 Jul 28
Jul 28 Experienced tank looking for mythic guild Karshuin - 926 Protection Paladin looking for a mythic guild on an Oceanic realm I have recently left the guild I was raiding with as it was not meeting my progression expectations and had no outlook to achieving mythic progression before the expected release of the next raid. I am looking for a mythic progression guild on any Oceanic realm. My preference is to continue tanking. My History and Experience I have significant raiding experience in most expansions with the exception of Cata. I have fulfilled Tanking, Melee DPS and Healing roles. Please see my experience: Vanilla: Holy Paladin BC: Holy Paladin / Prot Paladin WotLK: Combat Rogue Cata: --break-- Panda: Prot Paladin WoD: Combat Rogue Legion: Vengeance DH, Prot Paladin My character - Karshuin Armory: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/khazgoroth/karshuin Warcraft Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/khazgoroth/karshuin Artifacts: Truthguard (Protection): Level 57 Ashbringer (retribution): Level 52 The Silver Hand (Holy): Level 52 Availability: Prefer to raid on any of Wed, Thurs, Sun and Mon no earlier than 8pm due to real life commitments. Contacts: Battletag: Karshuin#1250 Discord: Karshuin#1698Karshuin7 Jul 28
Jul 28 [FM][A] Returning RDruid 915 LF Raiding Guild Hey, As the title states, I've just come back and I am looking for a core spot or even a regular sub spot 2 to 3 nights a week. I've been raiding end content for over 10 years and know the ins and outs of it all Class Preperation Being competitive Playing the class to the fullest ability Making corrections I don't have current logs. I have a decent tank set (tank m+ mainly and can tank raids if needed) and par-ish dps. I am looking for a guild pushing mythic in a a short hourly roster with a decent skill cap or close to moving into mythic raiding with good attitudes, aren't cliquey and no drama. Thanks for reading, Leave your btags and info below and I will be in contact. N.B - I'd prefer to stay on Frostmourne and I will most likely never change faction. Guywithhat2 Jul 28
Jul 28 [A] <Troupe> 9/9 H | 1/9 M Wed/Sun We are recruiting to continue to solidify our core for ToS Mythic Progression. Fantastic opportunity for anyone currently stuck in heroic raiding and looking to move into a mythic core team. Our raid times are Wed/Sun 7:30PM ST - 10:30 ST. We push plenty of keystones weekly, and do alt runs etc. on our nights off. Current recruiting needs: Looking for a Disc Priest but ALL exceptional applicants will be considered Expectations: 1. Attitude, Attitude and Attitude: We want players who are able to take criticism constructively, work together regardless of personal feelings and work towards the betterment of the guild not their own ilvl. Be able to own your mistakes and not make excuses. 2. Class Knowledge: Even if you are the nicest person in the world with perfect attendance you will still be expected to perform at a consistently high level with your chosen class. 3. Preparation: When you come to raid, you will be prepared to raid. This means bringing enough consumables for the entire night and being fully repaired before raid begins. Research for new bosses is also a requirement; know the best spec/talents to use on any given fight. If this sounds like you add Barbs#1744 Futhermocka#1417 Shane#1945 Alae#6631 Alternatively just give someone a whisper in game, and they'll point you in the right direction.Rëckt2 Jul 28
Jul 27 [H] <Traitorous Dogs> 3/9M TOS Please visit our website for up to date recruiting needs. We are one of the few guilds that does not raid and never will raid on Thursday. If you aren't 915 ilvl equipped and minimum 54 weapon traits (post 7.2 traits), then you're undergeared for our current content. We tend to farm heroic early in every tier, and then drop heroic to focus on mythic content. If we're more than 2-3 months into a tier and you still need gear from heroic, then odds are you'll need to pug your heroic kills, or attend the heroic clears organised by guildies on non-raid nights like Thursday or Friday. We _try_ to keep our roster relatively small so rotation is minimised, but we still need subs and as such all raiders must be willing to rotate as each boss fight typically requires a different raid make up. We are a Horde guild on the Oceanic server Thaurissan with our player base split between West and East coasts of Australia along with a smattering of raiders from other regions. TD has been around since prior to ICC during the WotLK expansion and many of our core raiders from the WotLK days are still actively raiding with us. If you socially fit in with the guild, then you're more than likely going to hang around and still be raiding with us years from now. The guild is made up of mature players, most in their mid 20's to mid 30's. We raid a limited number of hours each week with relatively short raid durations. We love to joke around with each other and our banter is often colourful, but we know when to focus and down bosses. We are not a casual guild. Neither are we a hardcore raiding guild. We're looking for experienced raiders with track records of successful end game raiding. Raid Times (2nd April 2017 - 30th September 2017): Wednesday 8pm - 11pm ST (6pm - 9pm GMT+8) Sunday 7:30pm - 11pm ST (5:30pm - 9pm GMT+8) Monday 8pm - 11pm ST (6pm - 9pm GMT+8) Raid Times (1st October 2017 - 31st March 2018): Wednesday 9pm - 11:30pm ST (6pm - 8:30pm GMT+8) Sunday 8pm - 11:30pm ST (5pm - 8:30pm GMT+8) Monday 9pm - 11:30pm ST (6pm - 8:30pm GMT+8) Guild Website: Visit www.traitorousdogs.com for additional information and to apply. You can add Nathanos#1740 on battle.tag for a chat or message Demonzlife, Browene, Brahmann, or Trepp in game if you have any queries.Brahmann4 Jul 27
Jul 27 Horde M+ Group LF MDPS /w Stun Hi, I'm part of a M+ Oceanic group of ~2250+ M+ score players. We're looking for a 2k+ MDPS with a stun to push high keys over this week and the next, as an attempt to qualify for invitationals Our current comp: Blood DK: https://www.wowprogress.com/character/us/barthilas/Rimwaztok Holy Priest: https://www.wowprogress.com/character/us/barthilas/Twistylox Mage: https://www.wowprogress.com/character/us/jubei-thos/Lowbudget Hunter: https://www.wowprogress.com/character/us/barthilas/Fps If you're an active MDPS that's interested, please add me on reflex#1805 and message me in-game.Fps0 Jul 27
Jul 27 {A}Blame the Gnome - Aman'thul Blame the Gnome -Aman'thul A small and friendly social and raiding alliance guild, We have weekly raids as well as mythic+ and achievement/transmog runs. If you are looking to join to make some new friends or raid even if you've never raided before then this might be the guild you're looking for :) We are currently looking for tanks and a healer for our raid team but all dps are still welcome to join. Raid times are 7:30 pm AEST Wednesday and Thursday and we are happy to gear you up to join in. ( We are not hardcore raiders, its more for something to do with a great bunch of people) If you're interested message any member in game :)Chèster0 Jul 27
Jul 27 Cael/Nagrand 7/9 HM Wed/Mon Gnomes Raid times are 7:30-10:30pm AEST (Oceanic Server Time)* Wed / Mon (Optional farm raid Thurs) If you're looking for a stable place to settle in to and raid in though Legion... Serious raiding, without the qq www.ex-tenebra.org All high quality apps are taken into consideration, regardless of class/role (or even race). Current Recruitment Oportunities: Ranged DPS (2-3) Hunter Druid Warlock Mage Priest (All classes considered). Melee DPS (1) Rogue DK Monk Healers (1-2) Monk Priest Anyone that will heal a gnome. Tank (0) -- 18+ only - in terms of both age, and maturity. Happy to talk to "groups" of players, if all members of that group fit the guild ethos. In such cases, there are ways and means of finding room for class/specs. It's the "People" we're after. People that fit Ex Tenebra's personality. Please visit www.ex-tenebra.org for more information. Add me in-game if you have any further questions after reading our info on the website... bomber#1186Bomber0 Jul 27
Jul 27 (H) 4/9M experience tank LF M raiding guild Able to monk or druid tank, 9/10M in NH, 4/9M experience in TOS (sisters sub 20%) can make most days/timesKeepontrolln2 Jul 27
Jul 27 Looking To Start A Guild? Looking to create a guild? Then Stop what you are doing and read for more info! If your looking on creating a guild then hold everything! You could be the new Owner of Previous Level 25 Guild Called >Booty Raiders< All Perks unlocked and have MOST Rewards Unlocked. [Reins of the Thundering Jade Cloud Serpent] [Deathwatch Hatchling] [Blacksteel Battleboar] are the 3 that's Not Unlocked. Currently have 8 Guild Bank Slots Guild Created 12/19/2010 Catch is... YES you WILL be the New Owner and Can do Whatever you LIKE. Change to a Raid Guild/ Casual Guild/ W/e you like... However... You will be involved with 3 Co Founders of >Booty Raiders< I am the Current Owner, But have been stress with Rebuilding. I DON'T want to Completely give the guild away as it is my first guild ever that i had created, Among My other 2 Co Gm's . So if you don't mind having 3 other Co Founder's among you then feel free to Run it as you please! Yes i will keep GM Rank BUT you will have GM Title and have whatever rights you would like.... I know its not that much But for your knowledge Guild Gold is currently at 73,752kg 76s 47c If you are interested Please let me know and i will inform you further assistance of how to contact me in Game. >Booty Raiders< Currently Located on Proudmoore Alliance Please Help Grow My Baby and Do what you please! *cheers*Ðárkmystic0 Jul 27
Jul 27 [A] <Tempo> 1/9M 9/9H Frostmourne <Tempo> 1/9 Mythic 9/9 Heroic Wed / Thur 7:30 - 11:00 GMT+10 ( Frostmourne STV) Tempo is a newly formed guild consisting of a group of high skilled players who want to clear high end content, while having an enjoyable yet progression orientated raid environment. When we are not slaying dragons we enjoy to do alt runs and host many activities on optional nights were all members are welcome to participate. Despite our end goal of mythic progression we are a very laid back and friendly guild that understands the value of friendship in an MMO. Currently we are building our core dragon slaying crew so we may continue to progress in Nighthold and beyond! Currently we are Recruiting: RANGED 1 Warlock 1-2 Hunter 1 Balance Druid HEALERS 1 Resto Druid 1 Resto Shaman Exceptional Applicants All exceptional players or ex-raiders will be considered. Note: A Minimum of 52 Artifact level is required in order to be accepted for a trial. Any other player will be considered if they agree to put in the effort. If this interests you, then your search for a positive yet stern raid environment may be over! Our officers are listed below. Feel free to contact them in game if you have any inquiries or are interested in joining the guild. You may also apply to <Tempo> online. Just fill in a simple application at https://goo.gl/forms/UoCOvx0PaoMzOUVD2. Attaching logs and relevant experience to these applications is ideal! Come and have a friendly chat with one of our officers! [Citrus#1376 (Zhu)] [Lava#1597(Seriousnes)]Ilyndrathyl23 Jul 27
Jul 26 <Exit> (Alliance/Frostmourne) Greetings comrades! <Exit> (Alliance/Frostmourne) We are a fairly social, mostly mature (some by age, some by personality) guild looking for fresh meat for heroic progression. Specifically we are recruiting RELIABLE players. Healers (Shaman/Mistweaver/Priest) and all DPS although anyone is welcome. We also regularly run keys and some PVP. Raid times: Wed/Thurs/Sun 8-10.30pm server time If interested hit up one of the officers in game. Btag: Subsonic#11474 Brecco#11100Subsonix4 Jul 26
Jul 26 [A] <Bads> 8/9 H LFM Bads is an Australian based guild of IRL mates and veteran raiders. We're a casual/semi-hardcore guild look to fill out our core to progress into mythic. Looking for players who are sociable and enjoy banter, come prepared for raids and have access to discord (voice comms). Current Progression: 8/9 H ToS 9/9 N ToS Raid Times: Wednesday - 19:30 - 22:30 ST Sunday - 19:30 - 22:30 ST Recruiting: 1x Tank - Guardian Druid/Blood DK/BM Monk pref. 1x Heals - Resto Shaman/Holy Pally pref. DPS - Rogue/DH/Boomy/Mage pref. Contact: Bibbs (bjp091#6890) Apollo (Apollo#1443)Bibbs0 Jul 26
Jul 26 Looking for a Casual Guild to call home Hello, I am 60 yrs old and my partner is close :) A casual guild with a little raiding would be OK. Between us we have 20 lvl 110 chars that need dungeons and a few quests to complete. Item lvl's a little low but we are working on them. Played since vanilla, stopped at catt and restarted at pand.Marleyknight0 Jul 26
Jul 26 [H]Barth BM Hunter/UH DK/H Priest LF M Guild Hi There, We're three players with extensive cross-expansion raiding experience, with Cutting Edge achievements in each content patch of this expansion so far We're currently looking to join an established Horde Mythic Raiding guild. Preferably on Barthilas, however we're willing to transfer for the right fit. Raid times & days that best suit are: Wed,Thur,Sun,Mon (3 or 4 nights a week), with raiding being anywhere between 7pm and 11.30pm ST. Our current prog for TOS is 3/9M. We also farm M+ and all 3 of us currently sit at 2250+ M+ score. WW Monk / BM Hunter Wowprog: https://www.wowprogress.com/character/us/barthilas/Stovie logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/25151300/13#metric=dps Still trying to obtain bis lego (no wrists yet) I also have a hunter, with all BM legos, & bis survival legos. This is the char I have completed Gul'dan Cutting edge on, with numerous 99 logs in 7.2/7.2.5 and 100 logs on M krosus. I am willinging to play this Hunter if required, however it hasn't been touched since the first week of TOS release. It remains 920 ilvl, but without current tier pieces Wowprog: https://www.wowprogress.com/character/us/barthilas/Fps Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/24367342/11/#partition=3 Unholy DK Wowprog: https://www.wowprogress.com/character/us/barthilas/Rimwaztok (likely in blood gear as he tanks M+) Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/barthilas/rimwaztok Logs include 99 average parse for all difficulties in TOS, and 100 logs for M Demonic Inq, Heroic Goroth & Heroic KJ. Holy Priest Wowprog: https://www.wowprogress.com/character/us/barthilas/Twistylox Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/barthilas/twistylox Message me in-game on reflex#1805 if interestedStovie4 Jul 26
Jul 26 Unlimited - 7/10M (Frostmourne) Recruiting Unlimited is a semi-casual mythic raiding guild (7/10 Mythic NH) based in the +8GMT time zone (Singapore/Perth) currently looking to bolster our ranks for the new Tomb of Sargeras raid progression. We are recruiting all classes and spec for our Mythic team. Main Raid: Wednesday: 9.00pm – 12.00am Thursday: 9.00pm – 12.00am Sunday: 9.00pm – 12.00am High Priority Recruitment Needs: -Ranged DPS (MM & BM hunters, locks, mages, S/priests ele shaman & boomkins) -Melee DPS (monks, ench shamans, rogue, paladin, demon hunters) Also in need of an off-tank. Low Priority Recruitment Needs: - Healers (Monk) Loot System: EPGP What is expected 1. Have a stable internet connection 2. At least 80% Raid Attendance 3. Be on time 4. Pots/Flasks/Food- Mandatory for the duration if the raid night 5. Discord and a working mic 6. Be familiar with all fights, do your own research, don't be THAT guy 7. Be respectful to your raid members If you don't see your specific class listed here, don't worry, Unlimited recruitment is ALWAYS open to any good players, so don't be afraid to apply if your class isn't listed here. We aim to clear as much current content as possible at our own pace while maintaining a healthy level of raid performance and standard. Nevertheless upholding a Learning/Progressing environment where we help and guide one another as progression is made. *Do take note that +8 GMT is 2 hours behind Frostmourne Server Time. (Raid times are 11PM server time to 2 AM). If you would like more information feel free to speak to an officer: Honey#1274 VeronicaV#1206 Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you :)Jasmíné7 Jul 26
Jul 26 [A] <Vita Obscura> 5/9M Recruiting Vita Obscura is a mythic focused raid guild on the Caelestrasz/Nagrand server. During Warlords of Draenor, we completed full mythic clears for Highmaul, Blackrock Foundry and Hellfire Citadel and achieved realm first Mythic Archimonde. As a guild we push hard for raid progression during our 9hr/week raid window; as individuals we strive to play our characters to their full potential, staying abreast of the most competitive specs and item builds. We are proud of the low turnover within Vita Obscura and when we seek to recruit we value loyal members who wish to build their 'home' within our guild. In Legion, Vita Obscura intends to compete at a higher level than we have done previously. We don't expect world firsts, but we do intend to push ourselves to new progression targets. Members are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner while in guild raids as well as during out of guild activities We are looking for Tomb from the following classes: --Melee-- Rogue --Ranged DPS-- Spriest --Healers-- 1 healer (priest or Hpal) Exceptional applicants are ALWAYS considered. We raid 3 nights a week for 3hrs each night 8pm-11pm Server Time (AEST) with raid invites from 730pm Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday. During progression, raids may be extended by 30mins if near to boss kills. Please apply at http://www.vitaobscura.com.au Guild Master Lori - Lori#1578 Officers Vrosk - Vrosk#1806 Tulareas - Tula#1654 Darthgrim - Grim#1848Vrosk13 Jul 26
Jul 26 Legacy raiding guild seeking members <Nostalrius PVE> (Dath'Remar-Horde) Legacy raiding guild seeking more members, legacy classes only (no DKs/DHs/monks). Not super strict, will allow non-vanilla races (coz we all have to have fun right?). Will be raiding lvl 60 content at first, then moving on to BC/WotLK content later on. PST Pallatious ingame for more info.Pallatious6 Jul 26
Jul 26 [H] 8/9 H ToS LF DPS and a final Healer. Hello! We are <No Pants - Nagrand/Caelestrasz> currently 8/9H ToS [7/7 M EN - 3/3 H ToV - 4/10 M NH]. We are looking for more people to round out our raiding team which currently sits at 23~ people. While not a super hardcore guild we still enjoy progression in a friendly environment. Casual members are also welcome to join as we are actively running Mythic+s and other activities during off time so there is almost always people around to play with, we also clear ToS Normal every Friday night as a casual raiding / alt night! Perfect for casuals seeing content :) Raids are Wednesday / Sunday 7:30-10:30ST, we use EPGP for these. Friday night 7:30-Clear is N ToS, Personal loot is used there. We use Discord for communication and our Officers are available for contact below We are after the following. Monk [WW / MW] DK [DPS] Warrior [DPS] Shaman [Elemental / Resto] Druid [Balance] ----------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry#11363 / Sorry-Nagrand Redhoax#1403 / Redhoaxx-Caelestrasz [GM] Cind#1162 / Cindo-Nagrand generiK#1735 / Aspire- Caelestrasz Skytorn#6165 / Kaalz - CaelestraszSorry0 Jul 26
Jul 25 <Magnitude> Barthilas 9/9 H 3/9 M LFM <Magnitude> is 9/9 H, 3/9 M We have a strong progressive core raid team, made up of a combination of experienced and dedicated players. We are also looking to build up a positive, friendly social side, and run at least one fun raid per week (alts welcome). Our progression raid days are: Wednesday - Thursday - Monday 7-10 SVT Our fun raid days are: Sundays, occasionally Fridays (flexible times) We are currently recruiting for our core raid team: Tanks: Closed Healers: Exceptional healers considered- in particular restoration druids and shamans. OS advantageous. DPS: Druid: Balance (healing OS would be great) We encourage all amazing players to apply, regardless of recruiting needs. All classes and specs are welcome to apply for a position in our social raids, including newcomers and returnees. Feel free to contact any of the officers in regards to your application or future invitation: Hermit (Hermit#1986) - GM, application overview and discussion, ultimate judge Julilla (Duggy#1127) - Healing officer Rehc (Deano#6761) - Recruitment teamRehc12 Jul 25
Jul 25 [A] <Visceral> LF heals & DPS Hello everyone Visceral (Dath/Khaz) is a fairly new 18+ guild seeking dedicated raiders who enjoy a good laugh to join our Raid Team for Tomb, we are currently 9/9 N ToS - 3/9 H ToS. Raid times: Thu/Fri/Sat 7:00pm-10:30pm Server Time. We are currently seeking all classes and roles and we are happy to teach newer players of the game. All raiders will be provided with food, flasks, gems, enchants and repairs as necessary. We are also happy for active casuals to apply. If your interested in joining us or would like more information, please contact; Paws#11611 Harlech#11585 CandiCandi#1567Lilium3 Jul 25
Jul 25 [A] <Linguine> - 10/10M Linguine (US - Oceanic - Frostmourne) We take a relaxed and semi-hardcore approach to raiding. A solid bond has drawn a bunch of veteran players together to start slapping dragons and provide good times & strong banter along the way. Ideally, we offer a home for the retired hardcore raiders. First and foremost, we're looking for strong and competent players with a positive attitude to finalise our progression roster for ToS. What is otherwise a relatively small number of hours that we have for progression raiding we expect trails to be prepared for progression. This includes fight knowledge prior to progression, consumables, and all gear, including enchants and gems to be properly accounted for, but most importantly the correct attitude coming into the raid. Overall, we're generally laid back, but this does not mean effort is not being put into the content being cleared, and we hope that all applicants will share this ideology. All our spots are very competitive, currently we're only recruiting exceptional players with considerable mythic experience. We hold preference to the following classes: •Mage •Warlock Current Raid Times: • Wednesday & Thursday 8:00pm – 11:00pm SVT Current Progression: 10/10M NH (cutting edge) 9/9H ToS 1/9M ToS Unfortunately, excluding exceptional circumstances, we are not prepared to accept applicants without the necessary Legion gear and experience to start Mythic progression. In-game Contact: Niles (biggilleh#1646) Faraway (snakey#6456)Niles29 Jul 25
Jul 25 [H] <Gronks> - Barthilas / 7/7m 3/3m 10/10m <Gronks> is a semi-hardcore guild with a focus on mythic progression at a comfortable pace whilst keeping a sense of community alive. We have held a top realm position throughout most of Legion as well as achieved the server first kill of Mythic Gul'dan. Recruiting mDPS: - Arms Warrior rDPS: - Warlock - Mage While these are what we are in most need of, if you believe you are extremely skilled at your respective class/role you will be taken into consideration. If interested contact: Iro#1423 Immediate#1775 Fitz#12159Fitz60 Jul 25
Jul 25 <Vindicated>Frostmourne 2/9 Mythic LF Healer <Vindicated> Frostmourne 2/9 Mythic is currently LF a Healer to Fill our last healing Spot.For Mythic Prog/Farm. Mainly looking for Resto Druid or Holy Priest to fill that position. Raid nights are Wed/Thur 7-10pm aest with Heroic/Normal on Sunday at 1.30 pm Please add MatyD#6881 or Wisper Hekz/Newmain in game to talk more.Hekz0 Jul 25
Jul 25 [A]<Crux> 8/9H ToS - US Guild LF 2 DPS ... Who Dis: [A]<Crux> on Silvermoon(US) was formed in July of 2016 by a group of retired "hardcore raiders" and friends who decided to return for Legion. Many members have been playing since launch and together since The Burning Crusade. We are an adult guild that strives to maintain a goal oriented and fun environment. Our PvE goals consist of effectively clearing content with a casual 3 night/3 hour schedule, as well as completing meta achievements. We provide feasts and flasks and use a personal loot system. Mythic raiding is something we are interested in doing when we have enough numbers. When we do reach that point, we will approach mythic with the same level of preparation and attitude we approach heroic. Regardless of your raiding background, we ask that anyone interested be somewhat comparative in gear, have a minimum of 52 artifact traits, and be competitive on the meters. Contact Info: If you are looking for a fun and casual raid environment with competent raiders (minus Whiskerz), feel free to contact Spoonska (Spoonska#1616, Spoonska#0796 on Discord) or Reesi (Reesi#1576).Spoonska0 Jul 25
Jul 24 3/9M US guild LF aussies! Here's some info about us: BOBAlicious is an ALLIANCE and semi-hardcore progression guild that is committed to completing mythic content in a timely fashion. We have a friendly community who are typically on grinding content during all parts of the day and week. We are looking to buff up our mythic roster with even better players. Some of us have been together for over 3 years. Raid Days: Tuesday, Wednesday & Sunday Raid Times: (9 hours weekly) 9:00PM PST to 12:00AM PST 10:00PM MST to 01:00AM MST 11:00PM CST to 02:00AM CST 12:00AM EST to 03:00AM EST Progression: Tier 20 - 3/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras Tier 19 - 7/7 Mythic EN, 3/3 Mythic ToV, 10/10 Mythic Nighthold Tier 18 - 13/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel Basic Requirements -Able to take constructive criticism. -Raiding experience. -Mechanically competent. -Mastery of your class. -Ability to use TeamSpeak. -Have the following addons: RcLoot, ErT, and WeakAuras -Will be able to sit for progression if it means to help kill the boss (Team player). -Drama free with mild NaCl allowed. For any additional questions please contact: Guild Leader: Heyitsmary#1781 Raid Leader/Officer Danz#1139 APPLY HERE MEOW!: http://bobalicious.enjin.com// http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/darkspear/BOBAliciousHeyitsmary0 Jul 24
Jul 24 [A - Stormrage] <Ante Meridiem> Morning Team Ante Meridiem, one of only 2 remaining guilds that have continuously raided since vanilla WoW on Stormrage server (PVE) is recruiting excellent players. We pride ourselves on being a guild that has many players of the same stature, allowing us to have multiple raid teams that raid at entirely different times throughout the week. WEBSITE: amwow.net ------------------------------------------------------------------- *Note: All times are Stormrage Server Time (EST) AM Raid Team (Mornings) 3/9M Thursday/Friday/Monday 9:00am - 1:00pm Recruitment open for all classes! Contact: Ravan (Raven#13847) ------------------------------------------------------------------- PM Raid Team (Evenings) 3/9M Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 7:00pm - 10:00pm Contacti: Numerical (gucci#1524) Recruitment open for all classes!Ravan19 Jul 24
Jul 24 [a][frostmourne] 915 dk lfg Hey all, Currently in a guild with some friends but looking to get on a bit more of an organised schedule for raiding. Looking at 2-3 nights a week, preferably not much later than 12:30am server time. Got AOTC Gul'dan / AOTC Helya, haven't done much in heroic TOS as yet (3/9 so far) but cleared 9/9N very easily. raider.io/characters/us/frostmourne/Kailah worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/frostmourne/kailah Also have a 918 mage / 906 warrior I've been using as my alts, would much prefer to play the DK but could also raid on one of those. worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/frostmourne/lilaena worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/frostmourne/layni My bnet tag is jac3n#1297 if you want to add me or can message me here on the forums.Kailah0 Jul 24
Jul 24 Adorable 10/10M Recruiting for ToS About Us. Adorable are a relaxed but progression focused guild located on Frostmourne. Despite being a fairly new guild we have made great progress which we attribute to our tight-knit group of like-minded players. We place great emphasis on having a fun and respectful raiding environment free of any toxic or cancerous players. Recruitment Although we do have specific recruitment requirements we will consider all exceptional applicants. We are currently considering the following to bolster our roster: - 2 x Hunters - 1 x Mage - 1 x Warlock - 1 x Rogue Raid Times Wednesday - 7 PM to 11 PM ST Thursday - 7 PM to 11 PM ST Monday - 7 PM to 11 PM ST Sunday - 8 PM ST (optional). Please add the following bnet tags for more information: Tribby#1244 Yuna#6536 Meyrah#1103Tribby57 Jul 24
Jul 24 THE WOOLY MAMMOTH-Barthilas 8/9H Recruiting! <The Wooly Mammoth-BARTHILAS> (Horde) 8/9 H ToS, are recruiting 3x RDPS & 2x MS Heals, with Hunter (Marksman/BM), Mage, & Shadow Priest taking priority for DPS recruitment, & Resto Druid & Holy Paladin taking priority for MS HEALS recruitment, for mythic progression in our core team for ToS. Raid nights are Mon/Wen/Thurs 7:30pm server. We also have a second raid team focused on heroic content looking for all roles. As well as this, we also do copious amounts of keystones, have a huge social aspect within the guild, and run multiple Rated BG teams. Contact me via this post, in game to Sovereigne-Barthilas, or my btag Sovereigne#11990 for more info.Sovereigne0 Jul 24
Jul 24 [H] Barthilas - 7/9H LF Hunter & Rogue Hey there, <Arbitrary> is a one night per week raiding guild on Barthilas. We have an extremely efficient raid and very social atmosphere. We do take our 3 hours per week fairly seriously and attendance + communication is huge for us! Currently 7/9 H in Tomb and looking to progress into Mythic this tier. Time: 6:30pm-9:30pm Monday Nights. LF top shelf hunter and rogue to join our team. Looking for geared players with high end DPS for their ilvl. Hit me up! Baratus#1795 or check out our website arbguild.enjin.com Cheers!Baratus3 Jul 24
Jul 24 [H] <Defaced> Semi-Hardcore Raiding Guild <Defaced> is a social guild on Thaurissan/Dreadmaul that raids twice a week with a close group of people. If you are interested in downing content within each patch, and with a casual atmosphere, then hit us up. Raid nights: Thursday: 9pm - 12am ST Sunday: 9pm - 12am ST Whisper Nemuca or add me: Nem#11211Nemuca2 Jul 24
Jul 24 Good for a chat Hi.Shambassador1 Jul 24
Jul 24 Advice on Guild Recruitment A friend and I have recently made our own guild. We've been in many different guilds over the years, but we've had the intention of starting our own for a while. Mainly because we are looking to form a group of like-minded players who we can raid, pvp, and have fun with. At the moment we are having trouble recruiting for the guild, as it seems very few people are willing to join a new guild now-a-days. Personally I am not in a hurry to recruit people, however it is a turn-off for people who join to see only 20 other members in the guild. I refuse to use the guild invite addon, as I know it annoys people (it annoys me at least). I try to have a conversation with/help someone out before I invite them to the guild. But this has proven to be a very slow process and most decline the offer regardless. I would like to ask for advice/help on this. How can I more effectively recruit more players to the guild (without addon/spamming trade chat)? Sorry for the wall of text.Sarosh3 Jul 24
Jul 24 Looking for 'the chosen' Hi I'm a 920 shaman who can play all specs. I'm looking for a guild interested in completing 'The chosen' achievement in Mythic Trial. Are their any guilds looking to complete this? If so, I would be interested in raiding with you long term. I can raid any hours. Any days. I have completed all content since the release of the Burning Crusade. I'd rather not step on anyone's toes so please leave a btag for me to add if your team is preparing for or interesting in completing this achievement soon. Regards.Qwdqwdqwd0 Jul 24
Jul 24 [H] One Mist Silver | Weekend Raid | 6/10M One Mist Silver Our guild of adult raiders was founded at the end of the MOP expansion and has raided continuously until present. Our purpose is to provide a long term framework for fostering growth as a competitive player while still maintaining a fun and social environment. Our Vision We believe that Mythic content can be cleared in the current patch without raiding 20 hours a week. We quickly cleared Heroic EN on our 2 day weekend morning schedule and finished at 5/7M EN prior to the launch of NH. We've cleared Heroic NH and now working on progressing through Mythic NH. Guild Info RCLootCouncil is used for loot distribution. Rare raid drops such as mounts and pets are shared among everyone using our custom reward system. We provide cauldrons and enchants for regular raiders and expect raiders to provide their own dps potions. Guild repairs are provided for those who are invested in the guild. There is also an optional raid held most Friday evenings at 730pm AEST GMT +10 which is usually a Heroic NH run. We consider it to be a good chance to socialize, get some nice loot and familiarize yourself with progression content before entering the main raid. We also have a very active Mythic+ environment with many players completing a 15+ each week. These groups are held almost all hours of the day or night. Raid Schedule Saturday Morning: 730am - 11am AEST GMT +10 Sunday Morning: 730am - 11am AEST GMT +10 Current progression NH: 10/10H - 6/10M EN: 6/7M ToV: 3/3H If you're interested in learning more about our guild, please contact: Niham#21259 or Lerain#1576 Check out our website: http://onemist.enjin.com/home Thank you for your time. We look forward to hearing from you!Niham47 Jul 24
Jul 23 [A] <Augmented Reality> 8/9H now recruiting <Augmented Reality> is a progression raiding guild on US-Frostmourne seeking dedicated raiders to join our ranks in steady progression in The Nighthold. ** CURRENT PROGRESSION ** The Emerald Nightmare - 7/7 Mythic Mode The Nighthold - 7/10 Mythic Mode Tomb of Sargeras - 8/9 Heroic Mode ** CLASS REQUIREMENTS: - Mistweaver Monk - Restoration Shaman - Balance Druid - Warlock - Hunter - Death Knight - Rogue All other classes will be considered as well. Updated 10/06/2017 ** RAID TIMES (+10 GMT): Wednesday 9:00pm - 12:00am server time (SVT) Sunday 9:00pm - 12:00am (SVT) Monday 9:00pm - 12:00am (SVT) ** CONTACTS: - Akilli [Guild Master] (battle tag: Akilli#11995) - Our guild is located on Alliance, Frostmourne (US)Akilli38 Jul 23
Jul 23 <Augmented Reality> 7/10M NH, 8/9H ToS <Augmented Reality> (7/10M NH, 8/9H ToS) recruiting for core Tank position. Also in need of a healer ( pref resto shaman or MW monk) and couple strong DPS Raid days are Wed, Sun and Mon 9pm-12am server time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are a progression oriented guild, capabale of pushing mythic content. Very laid back but organised, with determination we like to kill new bosses and want to include YOU in our adventure. We don't like drama and immature behaviour, proper raid ettiquete is a must :) If you are looking for a guild that raids these times, add me on bnet for a chat : Nightraven#14821 -------------------------------------------------------------------------Violeteyes4 Jul 23