Oceanic Guild Recruitment

Dec 28 [A] Dath'remar/Khaz'goroth 1 Heal 1 RDPS <Killing In The Name Of> is in need of at least 1 heal and 1 RDPS for its Heroic/Mythic raid team. Exceptions may be made. Raid days are Wed/Sun/Mon 8.45-11pm Server TIme. Most of us are in Perth, some in Eastern states, one in NZ. Currently 7/7 H EN and 1/3 H ToV. Would like to have a full raid team before Nighthold is out. Pst for more in game Lukesta#1342 or leave a comment here :)Lukesta0 Dec 28
Dec 28 [H]<Lebensraum> 2/7M EN 3/3H TOV LFM <Lebensraum> is a Singapore guild looking for raiders for Mythic EN & ToV. Hence, we're looking for like-minded individuals from any part of the world who have decent raid awareness and are willing to learn. We raid twice per week on Friday 11pm ST & Sunday 5pm ST. Dedicated players of all classes & specs will be considered. If you are interested in joining us to progress in Mythic EN & ToV or have any enquiries, please contact: xShadoweR#1587 rinnrin#1726Chuckies19 Dec 28
Dec 27 [H] Modus Operandi 7/7M 2/3M LFM DPS & Heals! Modus Operandi is a semi-hardcore raiding guild primarily located in Australia/New Zealand, we are aiming to clear Heroic/Mythic Raids while it's relevant and making sure we have a solid team for the next raid tiers & expansions to come. Our guild is focused on creating friendships and enjoying the time together while also getting some good progression :). We are looking for a few more friends to join us! We are searching out strong players, gear is not a major factor, however skill, knowledge, effort, and commitment are. Current Raid Times (Server Time) Wednesday: 8:00-11:00pm Thursday: 8:00-11:00pm Sunday: 8:00-11:00pm Monday: 8:00-11:00pm Raid schedule will change after progression, generally 1-2 days depending on clearing speed etc. What we expect from you 1) Raiders are expected to come to raid with the best available consumables, gems and enchants. This includes, flasks, food, and potions. We do supply said consumables but you should try bring your own in case we are running low or forgot to make some etc. 2) You must be using Teamspeak with a decent Microphone, DBM or BigWigs, EPGP and EPGP Lootmaster. These addons are non-negotiable and your client will be tracked for updated/present versions. 3) Willingness to accept criticism and have an attitude of self-improvement. 4) No drama queens/kings. 5) Owner of a stable internet connection. 6) You are always representing Modus Operandi. Act appropriately to outsiders and behave in kind to your fellow raiders/leadership. 7) Have good time management. If you have to be late or miss a raid, please notify us via text or the AFK Forums on the guild site. We know RL will take precedent over WoW we only ask you notify us ahead of time. Loot Rules We run EPGP and occasionally trials will be viable for loot, as long as core raiders do not need said items. For more information on EPGP and how we use it, please contact us. What we’re looking for We’re recruiting a solid group of players for Mythic Raiding we are generally open to all classes and specs and if you are an exceptional player we would love to read your application. If you are interested in applying with us, head over to https://modus-operandi.guildlaunch.com/ and submit an application or contact us in-game. Who are we? We are a friendly, relaxed guild, located on the US Dreadmaul server, Horde faction. Our primary focus is PvE, and we cater to both casuals and Mythic/Heroic raiders. Contact Us Azayzél-Dreadmaul - Kleon#6716 Guild Website - https://modus-operandi.guildlaunch.com/Azayzel25 Dec 27
Dec 27 880+ Havoc DH LF Mythic Guild (H)or(A) Hi guys my guild has just Imploded and I am looking for a Mythic Raiding guild that raids on any days besides Wednesdays and Saturday (unavailable until 5pm) I am 4/7 EN M experienced and 2/3 Heroic Tov Experienced Helya at 7%. I have x4 Legionaries and I am a experienced DH. I also have my 35 Traits. I play quite a lot and love the DH, I am always looking to learn and improve my out put. my I.D is Evolution#1747Lavalette2 Dec 27
Dec 27 need a guild im a new wow player but years behind the bell playing mmos as you can see im only lvl16. my end project is to raid , need a guild to take me in and help learn the game, im on most nights, so when im good enogh to raid i can. im a fulltime uni student. Cleaning up Ghostlands at the moment, i would like to level as fast as possible so i can raid as soon as possible. Legion will be bought just as soon as i can. i will change servers if needed im horde any replies would be appreciatedNephron1 Dec 27
Dec 27 Frostmourne NZ 2nights p/w 1/7M 7/7H. We are currently 2/7M 2/3H. Looking to recruit a couple decent DPS for Nighthold progression raids. We start early and raid two nights a week Wed/Thurs 6pm-9pm server time, with a third optional/alt night on Sunday for farm/alt content. We are a relaxed friendly social guild, however we take raiding seriously and we are focused on progression. Only raiding 6 hours per week we are looking for players that can make most if not all raids, show up on time with the appropriate spec/enchants/consumables, and demonstrate a good understanding of their class and the fight mechanics. Feel free to contact any of the following people in-game: Gerbosaurus Gerbberish Maanta Vondrac Oxxii Spankstar Starquake ArkitektStarquake15 Dec 27
Dec 27 U.S. Eastern Time zone player LF Guild 1. Times/time zones-ATM I'm currently available either mornings from 4a-1p or late nights 11:30p-2:30a eastern time zone. I work 3p-11p Mon-Fri rotating every other weekend. 2. Server preference: PvE/PvP either one is fine, as I'm also willing to transfer servers if need be. 3. Faction preference: I can go either ally or horde, I don't really have a preference so long as I can find a good guild. 4. Hardcore/Semi-hardcore/casual: I'm currently more tuned to semi-hardcore atm, I do work as well as have a family so I'd like to spend some rec time on the game just not all of my time. 5. Current progression/experience: On my mains im currently 7/7 H - 4/7 M - 3/3 N - 2/3 H. I'm looking to main this toon though and would really look forward to joining a guild capable and willing to help me gear and become a valuable asset to their raid roster. 6. Contact info: I'm open to an email, bnet, or response on here...BNet info is Uther7052#1213/ Email: mybuddymac14@gmail.comKuthellas0 Dec 27
Dec 27 [H]<Dreamz> Team Pekster 7/7M EN LFM Thaurissan/Dreadmaul Server Looking for 3 RDPS/Healers to raid on Wed, Thurs and Sundays at 930pm - 12am SG time. PST Pekky#1515/Shiniee#6605/Jumaki#1961 in game or send us a friend invite for more info!Shinjishou5 Dec 27
Dec 26 (H)Jubei'thos Guardian 4/7 880 Just came over from alliance frostmourne, couldnt stand not being a tauren! i have an 880 shaman healer and ret pally both looking to rumble as well. 3 nights a week would be perfect sunday monday wednesday being optimal. hit me up. we were up to illganoth as our fifth in Mythic EN.Pigdogs0 Dec 26
Dec 26 LF Singapore Guild LF Singapore guild! A returned player looking for a guild to chill and raid in the future. As soon as i catch up :D Causal would do oso, nothing bored me when having friends around :D Add me AllenRan#1502Tofuhoohoo1 Dec 26
Dec 26 7/7m exp LF Mythic Guild Hi there. I'm looking for a mythic raiding guild. 871 Enhancement Shaman from NZ - Fkndone 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare. Currently on Barthilas. Prefer to stay but am open to transferring. Mythic raiding for my shaman is my goal and looking for a dedicated guild that will continue into Nighthold progression. Heaps of past raiding experience. Looking for a few days/nights per week 2-3. 12pm - 5pm server time - Wednesday, Sunday, Monday. Any other day I can make any time. Pst here or whisper me in game/mail. Functioning mic if needed. Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/mzYb2TV4kvDrdPKZ#type=damage-done&fight=2 ^ please consider my ilvl at the time and % parse, not too bad eh.Fkndone0 Dec 26
Dec 26 Looking for Singapore guild Looking for guild with Singapore players or players in the GMT +8 timezone. Currently in Caelestrasz realm. Moved from US timezone realms due to incompatible playtimes. Hope to make friends too!Elessedil3 Dec 26
Dec 26 <Revendus> Barth H recruiting for N/H content <Revendus> is a fairly new guild looking for players of all shapes and sizes to join us in this adventure that is Legion! We have our own Teamspeak server and are currently looking for players who are interested in doing just about everything that Legion has to offer. Our main focus is to make sure everybody experiences normal and heroic raid content whether you're new or old to the game! We want to fit everybody in and leave nobody in the dust. The raid times as it stands are: Monday & Wednesday: 7:00pm - 10:00pm ST (Server Time) We use a loot council as a form of loot distribution. So based off this short introduction, if you're interested in joining our ranks then please don't hesitate to PM me in game or one of our officers through BNet: Erna#6130 Tea#6434Illywilly1 Dec 26
Dec 26 888 Prot pally LF mythic raiding guild I am looking for a guild to progress through Mythic Emerald Nightmare and Heroic/Mythic Trial of Valor with. I am currently 1/7M with a 15% wipe on Ursoc in a pug and 3/3H Trial of valor. I have a level 42 artifact weapon and i'm working hard to get higher levels. I am constantly doing Mythic+ with friends for the gear upgrades and BiS legendary drops and i clear the required level dungeon for the top ilvl reward every week. I take my raiding very seriously, i write my weakauras and am always on top of changes. I love to progress through content as well as progressing my character, i really try to push my self to get the best out of my character and i'm always looking to get better in any which way possible. Emerald Nightmare logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/13868500/10/ Trial of Valor logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/13868500/12/ I prefer to stay alliance over horde but i am willing to change realm/faction for the right guild. I live in a GMT +10 time zone and i can raid any time on the listed raid days. Thursday Friday Saturday SundayPlease post below or add me Michael#11705 if you would like to speak with me for more information.Apocaliptic0 Dec 26
Dec 24 [A] Omen @ Aman’Thul 7/7M 3/3H - LF Range DPS Omen is an Alliance side raiding guild based on the Oceanic server Aman'Thul. Our raid team is progression focused and aims to have fun while downing all Mythic content whilst current. Raid Schedule: 2 Progression and 1 Farm raid night a week. Wed, Thurs & Mon 9pm-12am Server time (Server time = AEST = GMT + 10) Current Progress 7/7 M-EN, 3/3 H-TOV Who we are: Omen has been around and raiding together since BC. We have survived as long as we have because, whilst our culture is laid back and there are plenty of giggles between boss pulls, we are focused when needed and willing to put the work in to learn fights as a team and get bosses down. The feel within the guild was best summed up by a new member who at the end of their trial period said they loved it here as it felt like a group that had been friends for years but that you get to feel a part of that within a few raid nights. The things we are looking for in a recruit are: - Someone who will get as much out of the team progressing as they do out of seeing the content themselves - Players who are not e-peeners but are still hungry to be the best they can each raid nigth - Someone who looks at the raid logs to see how they can improve, seeks support from guildies and gives it to others - Players that enjoy the class/role they have chosen and love to raid with a team - Someone who watches/reads boss fight guides ahead of time - People who enjoy a giggle on Discord but can focus when it's needed - Players who turn up when they say they will and let the guild know when they can't Classes/Specs we are looking for High performing, experienced & skilled players of any class / spec will always be considered. Currently we are most interested in: - Mythic ready Ranged DPS If Omen sounds like a community you would like to be a member of or if you have any questions, please contact one of the Guild Officers below for a chat or head over to our guild site http://omenites.guildnow.com to check us out and apply. Guild officers to contact Vid (BTag: Vid#1333) Del (Delorne#6666)Vidaar21 Dec 24
Dec 24 LF Guild Looking for a raiding guild to gear up with, Currently 860 ret paladin on frostmourne. Am available most times. A reliable and dedicated individual, Also willing to learn from experienced players., If you have any questions please feel free to add me on bnet #Hevy1406 for a chat, or a reply. CheersHevy5 Dec 24
Dec 24 5 man group Looking for a serious 5 man group. Willing to play healer/dps/tank for a real group looking to push ranks. Let me know, I'm willing to play any class roll or spec to push ranks. Have parses to verify message me.Duglawaha1 Dec 24
Dec 24 Holy Priest LF [A] Frostmourne Guild Hi, I am currently a 868 ilvl holy priest with 7/7H 2/3H exp looking for an alliance based Frostmourne guild that raids either Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon. I am over 18, have mic and have been playing priest since vanilla. I am not interested in swapping servers or factions. bnet: Destero#1421Praynmantis0 Dec 24
Dec 24 870 Warlock looking for a mythic pro group I need a guild to raid with. Post your guild name. I don't care if you are horde or allianceMarqiselock13 Dec 24
Dec 24 Resto Druid and Hunter LF Mythic Guild Hi all, myself and a friend are currently looking for an established guild to progress into NH next patch, we are currently 4/7M EN but our progression has paused due to guild being on break. We are only looking for Horde guilds but would be willing to server transfer for the right guild. We have both been raiding semi-hardcore since BC in mythic/heroic guilds. We are looking a drama free guild preferably finished with EN progression and ready for NH. Our available times are 7.30pm - 11.30pm ST any days. preferably 2 or 3 days a week. Zonra-Barthillas 886 Resto Druid, logs available on warcraft logs Mokta-Barthillas 883 Marksman Hunter, logs available on warcraft logs To contact me please add Hexillar#11974Zonra3 Dec 24
Dec 23 [H][Khaz'Goroth]0 Raiding Experience Hey guys, I'm a 840 Prot Warrior/Fire Mage looking for a Casual Guild to raid with, I have almost 0 Raiding Experience but willing to put in the commitment to learn what I have to. Would be willing to level any character that's required in the guild lineup as well. I'm probably not the most appealing recruit to have, but I figure I should give the forums a shot... Maybe someone's crazy enough to take me. Thanks,Craygon0 Dec 23
Dec 23 Indonesian World of Warcraft players. Hello anyone here from Indonesia? I'm not Indonesia (relocated to Jakarta three years due to work,) but I'm just curious to see if any Indonesians play at all. For you Indonesians reading this Selamat pagi, dan semoga sukses main di World of Warcraft. :)Tarokuntei344 Dec 23
Dec 23 Mythic Raiding for beginners GWAM - 7/7 H 3/3 N - Jubei'Thos / Gundrak Oceanic guild We are a casual long standing guild looking to form a core raid team. ATM we have a mix of players with different commitments, making it hard to gather 20 geared people at one time so we can begin Mythic progression. The type of peeps we want should be relaxed, have excellent XMOG and be commited to 90% attendance. We want you to value your spot and work for it. Raid days : Weds + Thurs : 8pm-11pm SVT Discord is used for raids iLvl Required : 850 for Norm Emerald, 860 for Heroic, 870 + for Mythic prog (Or be willing to gear, doing mythic + with guildies is an excellent and fast way to gear) All roles will be considered, with preference given to those who have more than 1 toon or spec. We have an open mind to those with little experience, as this is where some of our best guildies have come from, complete noobs sitting in trade asking what a mythic is.. and now they are top dps / heals. The most important thing we are looking for is reliable people who have an interest in progressing the best they can. Contact me in game on hypernerd or bnet Stranger#6450Hypernerd0 Dec 23
Dec 23 Legacy raiding guild seeking members <Nostalrius PVE> (Dath'Remar-Horde) Legacy raiding guild seeking more members, legacy classes only (no DKs/DHs/monks). Not super strict, will allow non-vanilla races (coz we all have to have fun right?). Will be raiding lvl 60 content at first, then moving on to BC/WotLK content later on. PST Pallatious ingame for more info.Pallatious0 Dec 23
Dec 23 (H) 884 Prot Warrior Khaz / Darth Hi! I'm looking for Khaz / Darth (H) guilds in need of a tank for their core group M progression. Current guild isn't progressing at the speed i had hoped - although loyal; I would like to test the waters and see what else is out there. Thanks for your interest.Varlosh2 Dec 23
Dec 23 Any RP Guilds on Frostmourne? Or, Oceania? Hey all, As the title suggests, I'm looking for an RP guild on Frostmourne (preferably Alliance, but Horde is fine too). Does anybody know of one? If so, please don't hesitate to mention :) Alternatively, are there any other big RP guilds on Oceanic servers that are worth mentioning? Thanks!Synia0 Dec 23
Dec 23 877 Shadowpriest/Holy priest LFG Hi guys, Im currently looking for a new server to transfer to for my raiding in legion, I am currentlly 5/7M and consider myself quite capable player, ive been raiding as shadowpriest since start of the expansion, but have recently delved into holy aswell and have a fairly comfortable grasp on that too Im free pretty much anytime during weekdays Looking for a chill group who also is around the same progression. Logs linked below, ( pay no attention to nythendra lmao) https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/18666298/10/Akkyaks6 Dec 23
Dec 22 [H] <Titan> 4/7M 3/3H <Titan> is a group of ex hardcore raiders who have decided to start a new guild on Saurfang for raid progression. Our aim is to recruit good raiders who enjoy progression but cannot commit to 4 nights a week raiding. We are looking for a couple more solid players that can log in on raid nights and put in 110% effort. Within 2 weeks of being in mythic progression we have cleared 4/7M Emerald Nightmare and are currently recruiting all exceptional players to push to 7/7M & 3/3M ToV to prepare for The Nighthold release. Raid times: Wednesday 7:30pm - 10:30pm ST. Monday 7:30pm - 10:30pm ST. Apply at: http://titan-saurfang.shivtr.com/ Please contact Kamonoz (Btag Mitch#1246) directly if you have any questions.Thèbane2 Dec 22
Dec 22 880 3/7M Boomkin LF Guild Looking for a new home as my last guild split up. Looking for something around 8-12 raiding time guild as it fits in with work https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/12661326/10/ Btag is Tezzeret#11401. Not looking to server or faction swap at this time. Thanks for lookingÐen5 Dec 22
Dec 21 886 Prot pally LF new home I am looking for a guild to progress through Mythic Emerald Nightmare and Heroic/Mythic Trial of Valor with. I am currently 1/7M with a 15% wipe on Ursoc in a pug and 3/3H Trial of valor. I have a level 39 artifact weapon and i'm working hard to get higher levels. I am constantly doing Mythic+ with friends for the gear upgrades and BiS legendary drops and i clear the required level dungeon for the top ilvl reward every week. I take my raiding very seriously, i write my weakauras and am always on top of changes. I love to progress through content as well as progressing my character, i really try to push my self to get the best out of my character and i'm always looking to get better in any which way possible. Emerald Nightmare logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/13868500/10/ Trial of Valor logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/13868500/12/ I prefer to stay alliance over horde but i am willing to change realm/faction for the right guild. I live in a GMT +10 time zone and i can raid any time on the listed raid days. Thursday Friday Saturday SundayPlease post below or add me Michael#11705 if you would like to speak with me for more information.Apocaliptic5 Dec 21
Dec 21 [H] <CV> Jubei'Thos late night guild 7/7M CV is now recruiting for World of Warcraft! We are seeking highly skilled Oceanic gamers for both PvE on Jubei'Thos - Horde. We are focusing on Mythic Raids for PvE as well as Mythics + Dungeon. We are accepting both old school players who are returning as well as players who are up to date. We do not care about your current gear state or level and will be accepting based on all around experience, personality and availability. We have 4 raid nights a week: - Wednesdays: 11:30pm - 2:30am Australian EST (Mandatory) - Thursdays: 11:30pm - 2:30am Australian EST (Mandatory) - Friday: 11:30pm - 2:30am Australian EST (Mandatory) - Mondays: 11:30pm - 2:30am Australian EST (Alt/Optional) CV is Vietnamese base guild consisting of veteran skilled player. However, all nationality is welcome. Originally Channel-V from Frostmourne, we had achieved consistently top rank server through each expansion. Our goal is to achieve and enjoy end-game experience Currently, we are looking for several class to join our team: Mage/Boomkin/Lock/Shadow Priest (high demand) ANY HEALER CLASS ( HIGH IN DEMAND) OR any EXCEPTIONAL RAIDER Requirements - Age 18+ - Must be active on guild Discord + Forums - Working Headset and Microphone - Skilled gamer + Fast Learner - Discord App installed - Good sportsmanship - Can play at late Oceanic times ( 11.30pm - 2.30am) To join or queries, please add Lintence#1465 BahamutSon #1952 FinalXOmni#6995 for more informantionThunderfurii20 Dec 21
Dec 21 (H) Weekend Raiding (4/7 M) LFM Do real life commitments make it difficult for you to raid during the week? Can't find a guild with raid times to fit your busy weekday schedule? Recently returned to WoW and looking to get back into raiding? If this sounds like you, then <Nostalgic> (Barthilas) is for you! We are a weekend raiding guild looking for a few additional players to round out our current roster in the lead up to Nighthold. We are seeking a Hunter and Warlock for core positions! We are currently on leave for the Christmas and New Year period and will be returning to raiding Saturday 14th January to get back into the groove before Nighthold's release. We would like to fill the vacant spots before this holiday period ends :D Raid times are 8pm - 11pm (AEDST/GMT +10) Saturday and Sunday. Even though we only raid 2 days a week, we strongly believe that we can still progress without the demanding schedules of other guilds. We are a fun and friendly group of all experience levels; from former mythic raiders who can no longer commit to weekdays to returning raiders looking for an established and consistent raid team. Several other classes will happily be considered so whatever you play, don't be shy, send us a message today! Btag: Odin#6980 Katurn#2218 Beacin#1671 Criatura#1895 More info at: Website: http://nostalgic-barthilas.enjin.com/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX_zsemTjbc8QbGY1DN45nATauroki1 Dec 21
Dec 21 7/7m 3/3h 884 tank lf guild on barth Hey guys, currently looking for a new raid team due to a change in circumstances. I've also got a 865 BM monk. I'd prefer a guild with similar prog my current exp is 7/7m 3/3h Can raid most days/hours Theo#12952Theokolies0 Dec 21
Dec 21 [A] Frostmourne Mythic Day Guild LFM/Merger Greetings, <Inverse> is a daytime mythic raiding guild created by a group of friends who met online, some of which have raid experience from as early as Vanilla. We are committed to building a relaxed and friendly atmosphere of mature players seeking to apply themselves to mythic raiding. Current Progress: 2/7M Emerald Nightmare 2/3H Trials of Valor Raid Times: Wednesday: 10:00-14:00 AEST (11:00-15:00 Sever Time) Friday: 10:00-14:00 AEST (11:00-15:00 Sever Time) We are seeking players who: Actively seek to better themselves Are consistently and punctually attending raids Are willing to provide/receive constructive criticism Understand progression doesn't happen instantly Effectively communicate over voice (Discord) Have a friendly mature attitude We are currently happily accepting any class looking to fill a DPS or Healing role. Additionally, we also understand that the player base our guild suits is relatively small. As a result of this we are open to the idea of a guild merger. This would require some discussion between parties, however may prove beneficial moving further into Legion. If you are interested please contact either Zantrah#1857 or Nidorn#1163. Alternatively you could leave you information and contact details below as we will check back frequently.Vaheera0 Dec 21
Dec 21 [H] <Gibborim> 7/7H Heroic Guild (NZ based) Gibborim is a NZ/Aussie Heroic Raiding Guild on Khaz'Goroth/Dath'Remar, quite content with heroic raiding but would also like to attempt mythic for fun: 7/7H Emerald Nightmare 3/3N Trial of Valor Raid times are: Wednesday: 5:30-6 pm St to 8-8:30 pm St Thursday: 5:30-6 pm St to 8-8:30 pm St Monday: 5:30-6 pm St to 8-8:30 pm ST Looking for a interested Tank(s) and Healer(s) and DPS to join our team we will take anything to happily add to the mix~! check it out~! Demand Preference Priest: Shadow Only Mage: Low Warlock: Moderate Rouge: Moderate Monk: Moderate Demon Hunter: Moderate Druid: Moderate Hunter: Moderate/No Resto Shaman: Moderate Paladin: Moderate Warrior: Moderate Death Knight: Moderate So if your interested post here or whisper me in game~! Ace3rus#6982 - AlysisRoek31 Dec 21
Dec 21 Frostmourne/Alli: I want to start a new char Played hunter for 7 years and done heroic Archi and raiding experience. However, I want to start a new character for alliance to get their side of the story. Looking for a social guild who I can talk to while questing who is friendly and just does casual raiding for the futureJessicaks0 Dec 21
Dec 21 880hunter needs a new home horde Frostmourne 880 hunter looking for a new home(horde) Looking to do Raids and M+ Tagane#11985Tagane1 Dec 21
Dec 20 [A] <Wicked Sick> - Frostmourne - LF Raiders <Wicked Sick> - Frostmourne - Alliance - LF Core Mythic Raiders Hi everyone! Wicked Sick is a new guild based in Aus/NZ consisting of a reformed roster from the previous guild I was in. Long story short, I have brought all the good players over from the previous guild (which was 7/7H 3/3N with a few players 4/7M) and formed a new guild with the intention of clearing mythic content. Thus from the ashes, a phoenix was born. Our guild is comprised of Aus/NZ based players, all mature gamers that either work full time or go to uni. Our prime focus is to play the game at a high level, clear all content and become absolute beasts, but at the same time there'll be plenty of friendly banter to keep us entertained. All of us have atleast cleared 7/7H 3/3N, with some of us in the guild 4/7M Our guild is currently in fairly early stages of forming, with 6 currently confirmed core members, and 4 promising looking trials. So we need you all to fill our core spots! Currently Recruiting: HEALERS - Druid, Shaman, Holy Priest, Paladin DPS - Priest, Mage, Hunter, Druid, Rogue, Shaman, Death Knight, Paladin, Monk, Warrior All DPS with good healer off-specs are in high need. Raid Times: Sunday: 5pm - 8pm SVT (7pm - 10pm NZDT) Monday: 5pm - 8pm SVT (7pm - 10pm NZDT) What We Expect: Applicants need to be atleast 860 ilvl with minimum 7/7H experience. Please contact me on my battle tag Dylza#6216 if you're interested in joining. If anyone feels they have what it takes, but doesn't meet this criteria, add me anyway and we can have a chat! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I look forward to hearing from you all!Fullywick5 Dec 20
Dec 20 [H] <Blood Crusaders> LF Casual Players <Blood Crusaders> are a newly formed Guild on Thaurissan recruiting all mainly for Dungeons and PVP. We raided heavily in Wrath and Cata under a different guild <Atrocity> and have recently come back to wow just before Legion was released. We are on most nights pm Bnaarok or Bélphégor for an invite!Bnaarok0 Dec 20
Dec 20 [H] <Exception> 7/7M 2/3M GMT+8 Recruiting <Exception> is a semi-hardcore guild on Barthilas. http://www.exceptionwow.com/ PROGRESSION: Tier 19 - Emerald Nightmare 7/7M Tier 19 - Trial of Valor 2/3M RECRUITING: Tanks: Looking for someone reliable and committed, preferably with a long history of progression raiding. Healers: We are looking for a reliable core healers, paladin and druid preferably. We are also looking for a 5th healer, who is able to also play their DPS offspec at a high level. Ideally priest, however any classes will be considered. Damage: Currently very high priority on Shadow Priests, Boomkins, and Mages. Any exceptional damage dealers are also encouraged to apply. ... EXPECTATIONS: Dedication to knowing your class inside and out A working mic & Discord (and be willing to use it) Knowledge and preparedness to the content being cleared A positive, can-do attitude RAID TIMES: Wednesday - 7:30pm - 10:30pm GMT +8 (10:30-1:30 AEST) Thursday - 7:30pm - 10:30pm GMT +8 (10:30-1:30 AEST) Sunday - 7:30pm - 10:30pm GMT +8 (10:30-1:30 AEST)For the first 2-4 weeks of a tier, we also raid Monday - 7:30pm - 10:30pm GMT +8 (10:30-1:30 AEST) CONTACT: Sushi - Sushi#1583 Eiken - Eiken#1949 Nakk - Aliquem#1893 or visit our website at http://www.exceptionwow.com/Eiken17 Dec 20
Dec 20 <Iron Forged> Casual LFM Saurfang Hi all, After being inactive for a few months <Iron Forged> have made a change in GM and a removal of inactive members.We are looking for new members to join our ranks and help regrow this guild to be better than before. We are a casual guild but we are looking into making a semi-serious raiding team, we will be raiding 2 nights a week with an optional 3rd night a week to do legacy raids for guild run achievements. RaxnosRaxnos0 Dec 20
Dec 20 il860 Hpriest LF guild for progression GMT+8 As title, currently in mist of looking for a GMT+8 guild for progression. Ilv860 and have experience in 7/7 H for Emerald Nightmare. Pls leave a mgs here and i will revert asap. ThanksAshdawnx17 Dec 20
Dec 20 [H] <OMEGA> LFM 5/7 M EN Jubei'thos Omega is a guild that has been around since 2010 under the same leadership. We all have real lives in the outside world and understand that this is just a game, by structuring our raids for Sunday and Monday nights 9pm SVT till 12am, we can focus on killing bosses while still maintaining a normal life. Our aim as a guild is to clear all Mythic content while it is current and do that on a limited raid schedule. We are currently searching for those few special raiders, to compliment our raid group as we work through legion. If you've been searching for a group where you can still see the final boss of the tier drop and you think you've got what it takes to help us get the job done then Omega might just be for you. Recruitment: Tanks High for all except DK Healers: Mistweaver Monk Holy Priest Discipline Priest Restoration Druid Ranged DPS: high for all Melee Unholy/frost DK Raid Times (AEDST): Sunday: 9:00pm-12:00am Monday: 9:00pm-12:00am Wednesday: 9:00pm-12:00am (only for 1st 4 weeks of the new Tier) Contact any of the below: Triarchi - Triarchi#1812 (GM) Meltheone - Meltheone#1892 (Raid Leader) In game or apply via the guild site below. Guild Site http://www.omega-guild.netMeltheone52 Dec 20
Dec 20 .. ..Celestial9 Dec 20
Dec 20 [A] 856 Frost DK LF raiding guild. Cleared normal on my Mage multiple times, looking to do heroic EN, can raid nearly any day, but prefer Friday if possible, my realm is Frostmourne, cheers.Bâne3 Dec 20
Dec 20 Specialist <A> Khaz'Goroth/Dath'remar <Specialist> 4/7M 2/3H Are currently recruiting skilled players for our mythic progression group. We have been active for almost 10 years and would like to find more members to progress further into legion content and beyond. All roles to be considered. The raid atmosphere is pretty laid back, we are by no means a hardcore guild but despite that we show up 3 days a week and progress at a steady rate. we prefer having a good time while playing the game with friendly and fun players. Raid times are Monday Wednesday and Thursday 8 pm server time til 10:30 pm server and alt clears run either Friday or Saturdays around the same time. If interested pm anyone in guild in game and they can direct you to an officer or leave a comment below.Josh3 Dec 20
Dec 20 LF Khaz M EN progression guild Hi! I main a resto druid 877 and have a good 875frost/877blood dk friend who'd like to come with me. We'd like to find a friendly guild that does M EN to heal/dps in as our current one simply isn't focusing M EN. Otherwise, we run Mythic+ carries and push higher levels mythic+ almost every day. Please let me know if you think your guild fits that description! We'd love to pug with you so you can see what we can do.Adellorae2 Dec 20
Dec 20 Sublimity 7/7M EN 1/3M TOV LF YOU! Raid Times: Friday 7.30pm-11.30pm AEST Saturday 12pm-4pm AEST Sunday 12pm-4pm AEST Total Hours: 12 Sublimity is a raiding Horde Guild on Caelstrasz/Nagrand linked servers, originally started as an alt guild during Highmaul for weekend raiding with experienced and powerful players now has become a fully capable progression raiding guild. Sublimity offers all players the same professional attitude and outlook that most of us follow in our day to day lives and careers: being prepared, on time and efficient. We credit our success to each player having a high set of standards for themselves, constantly critiquing your own play and looking for areas to improve is mandatory. Raiders show mutual respect for one another, help one another and contribute to the guilds needs if called upon. We pride ourselves on making the best use of our time inside the instance, competing for realm firsts and enjoying ourselves in the process. We require our raiders to have a near perfect show rate on attendance so please take note of the raid times above. Voice: Teamspeak 3 Loot: Loot Council We are currently recruiting any exceptional player on any class, tank, healer or dps. Specific recruitment: Healer (Shaman, Priest, Monk), Shadow Priest, Moonkin, Warlock Apply here: http://sublimityguild.com/recruitment or Contact the following: GM: Mana#1763Mana190 Dec 20
Dec 20 (H)Exumed-Thaurissan 3/7M EN Recruiting More <Exhumed> is a semi-hardcore Australian raiding guild situated on Thaurissan Horde. Exhumed, Has been around since Burning Crusade and has always been in the top 20 on Wow Progress in Legion we are pushing to start Mythic ASAP Current Progression Emerald Nightmare - 3/7M Trials Of Valor - 2/3H Recruiting: All Classes and Roles Raiding Times(AEST) Wednesday 8:00-11:00 Server Sunday 8:00-10:30 Server Monday 8:00-11:00 Server 7:00-10:00 QLD time during DLS Loot Distribution We use a roll system, With relics trinkets and titanforge items we use loot council. Leadership: The guild is led by a group of players with typically very high attendance that have been raiding with the guild for years. We're all very approachable and get along with each other well: Officers: Tyridan (Tyridan#1201) Mikyd (Mikyd#1499) Burnotice (Burnotice#1531) If you feel you would fit into our guild or if you have any questions please contact an officer Also looking at guild mergers as well.Burndk0 Dec 20