Oceanic Guild Recruitment

Apr 26 [A] Frostmourne - <Toilet Emoji> We are a casual raiding guild looking for more members! At the moment we are not currently looking at pushing into Mythic content, but just looking at getting some more numbers to run HNH with a consistent group. Our main raid time is: Wednesdays 8:00-10:30 AEST We also are looking at backup / cleanup day: Mondays 8:00-10:30 AEST Feel free to add Oshikai#1935 if interested.Tanfei0 Apr 26
Apr 26 904 Fury warrior with tank OS LF new Guild! 904 equipped Fury warrior with tank OS, LF new Guild to progress though mythic might hold with! After clearing heroic, my Guild died so I had a small break from raiding, but now I'm back looking for a new Guild to progress with through Nighthold and the new upcoming raid ToS. My raid times after flexible and my attendance has always been 100% during progression. Prefer to DPS, but will always tank of the Guild needs me too. Feel free to message me in game too. Btag is Jakeyy#1518Tinydoodle9 Apr 26
Apr 26 906ilvl 3/10M Mage LFG Hey guys! Looking for a new guild as my current guild disbanded raiding this week. Prefer a team with decent Mythic progression as I want to push harder over my current 3/10M progress, we were stuck with roster issues. Would prefer to stay on Frostmourne Alliance but always open to the idea of transferring for the right guild. Have been playing with a more "casual" sort of mindset in Legion(didn't see much point pushing myself hard in a 3/10 environment), but I am looking to get into a more hardcore team and really push through Nighthold and into Tomb of Sargeras. Biggest WoW achievement would be raiding at Oceanic 6th level in T14 and obtaining Realm First on Caelestrasz for that era. Competent raider that researches all fights and can easily follow instructions and jobs assigned to me as well as meeting all required DPS checks when needed. Prefer raid starts around 10pm to 11pm +10GMT, late night gamer so any earlier hours I will simply reject. I can make any raiding day just prefer late night runs. Characters - Main: Mage 906ilvl http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/frostmourne/Bloodmagix/simple Alts: DH 895ilvl Havoc http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/frostmourne/Min%C3%A0zuki/simple Druid 893ilvl Resto http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/frostmourne/Fujoen/simple Mage has 6 Legendaries including 3 BiS for Fire and the DPS Trinket. Have made the swap from Fire to Frost recently and in process of min/maxing my DPS in Frost spec. Mage Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/18581996/latest# Battle.Net: Bloodmagix#6833 Discord: Bloodmagix#0364 Any questions, queries or offers just hit me up, Discord Private Message will be the fastest method of contact also.Bloodmagix8 Apr 26
Apr 26 [H] <FROST> SAURFANG - 10/10H 1/10M LF DPS <FROST> is a small semi-hardcore raid guild on Saurfang, current progression 3/7 M EN, 3/3H TOV, 10/10H NH We are currently seeking 1 healer and a few DPS to round out the team and start Mythic NH progression, we have 2 extremely reliable tanks, 4 healers and a good mixture of dps, the raid team avg ilvl is 898. RAIDING DAYS: THURS/SUN/MON RAIDING TIMES: 9pm ST - 12am ST (AEST) We have a close group of dedicated and reliable raiders but just looking to bolster our numbers to progress further, we are currently trialling loot council and are having great success with it. Both Rc loot council and discord are required to be downloaded before trial begins. Also seeking more casual players for dungeons, m+, bg's, guild runs and alt raids. If you would like to discuss further, msg me in game on Ava or add me on bnet - GrumpyKitten#127300Avava3 Apr 26
Apr 26 [H]Plug And Play Recruiting!! We are a Jubei'thos based SG/MY Horde guild farming H NH and recruiting to fill up Mythic slots while getting ready for H ToS, all classes welcomed less Druids but would prefer Ele Sham/WW to apply. Raid times every Wed and Sun 9pm-12am GMT+8. Current Status: 4/7M, 3/3H, 10/10H and 1/10M Post your reply here and we will get back to you or alternatively can pst Keff in-game or battlenet ID Keffeine#6693.Tiorhorh2 Apr 26
Apr 26 <H> Frostmourne Recruiting social players/ looking for mythic + plz need friendsUromdal1 Apr 26
Apr 26 [A] <Pop Culture> on Frostmourne LF RDPS Howdy, <Pop Culture> on Frostmourne is a pretty small, relaxed group who basically just play to raid and have fun. We have pushed through Heroic Nighthold and setting our sights on more mythic kills currently 2/10M. As a result we are always on the lookout for good players (with a good sense of humour preferably). We raid two nights a week, 8-11 GMT+10 (9-12 DST) on Wed and Sun, with an heroic/alt night on Mon. Things we're looking for in a raider: - Reliability (shows up most raid nights, however we understand real life happens) - Ability to research and understand fights before raid time - A good knowledge of your class/spec - Positive attitude Currently looking for: -Ranged DPS - Warlock, Balance, Shadow, Hunter, Elemental, Mage -Other classes/specs will also be considered. We are looking for those with experience and knowledge of raiding and a decent ilvl (890+), but will happily make exceptions for the right person. Also, if you're not looking to raid but just want a sweet guild to hang out in, maybe to do some Mythic dungeons or achievement runs, feel free to come on over. Please contact a member of the officer team with any queries Sarreness (Sarreness#6696) Samiskal (Samiskel#6480) Wildtime (Bowie#1176)Sarreness12 Apr 26
Apr 26 903 shaman LF late night guild Hey, 903 Resto shaman (O/S Ele) looking for a guild raiding from 9pm to 12am SVT (or a bit later) twice weekly. I also really enjoy pushing keys and running high level M+ and am open to faction / server change if needed to find the right home :) https://www.wowprogress.com/character/us/frostmourne/Jayced https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/16271296/latest#metric=hps Cheers guys :) JaycedJayced3 Apr 26
Apr 25 [H] Barthilas <Gundibabe> 9/10M LF dps! Gundibabe is an Australian based raiding guild looking to recruit additional mythic raiders for Nighthold. As a guild, Gundibabe is the perfect blend of high performance in a friendly and relaxing environment. We cleared Mythic Emerald Nightmare with no stress or drama and are looking to continue raiding the same Gundi-way in Nighthold. Current progress; 7/7M 2/3M 9/10M. Raid Times (Server Time) Wednesday 8PM - 11:30PM Thursday 8PM - 11:30PM Sunday 8PM - 11:30PM Currently Recruiting Tanks - Full Ranged - Full Melee - Open - Rogue / Fury Warrior preferred Healers - Full Guild Expectations Raiders are expected to show up on time to each raid or let an officer know that they will be late/unable to attend. Have everything you need to raid ready by raid time, gear, talents, food, flasks etc. Friendly attitude towards others. Good performance in your chosen role and spec. Would you like to know more? If you are interested in joining, feel free to contact me (Ether#12618). We can have a chat and see if Gundibabe is the place for you. As part of the application process we will look through logs to get a general idea at your current performance or trends in performance. Don't be intimidated by that, this exchange of information should always be a two way street, so feel free to look through our logs. If you don't have any logs, or your logs are not currently that great - don't worry too much. I am more than happy to still have a chat with you to arrange a mythic+ or heroic raid audition. If your role or spec is not listed under the current recruitment section, but you feel you are exceptional, feel free to apply anyway. Looking forward to raiding with you :)Ascende6 Apr 25
Apr 25 877ilvl Lock - LF Hord Casual Raiding Guild 877ilvl Lock - LF Hord Casual Raiding Guild Hi, Returning WOTLK player on a brand new account looking for a friendly, helpful and no pressure/drama Hord guild with weekly regular heroic/mythic dungeons and raids preferably on Cael/Nag. A little of a background on me, I'm 35, used to play and casual progression during Lich King. Left game, had a family and kids, looking to get back into the game on a casual but daily logon basis. Quick learner, friendly and helpful, willing to raid on weekly schedules of +10 AEST. Thanks, Noc.Nocturnalwl3 Apr 25
Apr 25 [H] <Entitled> 6/10M Recruiting Heals & DPS <Entitled> (Recently renamed) are a Horde guild on Barthilas. We raid Weds/Thurs/Mon 7:30-10:30pm, along with several alt runs for normal and heroic Nighthold. We are 6/10M, 7/7M and 2/3M. We're looking for skilled, chill players to finish off Nighthold and begin ToS progression when it's released. We have core positions available for the following: Healers: Holy Pally DPS: DH BM Hunter All exceptional DPS regardless of class will be considered. Please add: Eleanor#1630 to apply.Ciridae1 Apr 25
Apr 25 [A] 890 Arms Warrior looking for a guild Hey everyone, I'm a returning player looking to find a guild to raid with and hopefully do some rbgs. I've been back for about a month and managed to get my warrior geared to 890, but I'm ready to move into higher tiered content. I'm pretty free up most weeknights thanks to my job being at weird hours so I'm happy to jump in on most content. Mostly, I'm looking for some fellow Australians to hang out with while I push into higher content. BNET Spasmodic#6143Spasmodic2 Apr 25
Apr 25 Mythic Nighthold Progression GWAM - 10/10 H Situated on Jubei'thos / Gundrak merged realms. Raid times: Wednesday + Thursday 8-11pm SVT / Sydney time We are looking for dedicated players who are wanting to move from heroic raiding into mythic progression. You should be the type of person who enjoys a challenge, the core raiders that we have enjoy pushing themselves inside and outside of raid hours. Our point of difference is our relaxed environment, WOW is a game and it is for fun, challenging yourself can be frustrating, but that doesn't mean you have to raid in a tense stressful situation. We find the humour in our mistakes. You need to be able to handle criticism within reason, and you need to be able to take a joke. The one thing we aren't relaxed about is attendance, if you join our core team you need to reliably show up every week, missing a raid should be the exception not the rule. As a guild group we rely on each other to enjoy our mutual hobby of WOW, its no fun when you can't run a raid because Billy has decided to watch game of thrones with his dad during raid time. We are the underdogs, although our guild has been around since 2011, we have only started to raid as a guild this XPAC. We have come far in this short period of time, getting a raid team off the ground is brutal. We have all the foundations there, just need the numbers to match. We will consider all roles, contact me on bnet at stranger#6450Hypernerd5 Apr 25
Apr 25 1 Night Heroic Clears - LFM. Barth - Horde. Hey there! <Arbitrary> finds our home on Barthilas - Horde. Are are looking to expand our raid group. We have a very solid 20 players right now some of which are parsing in the top 1%. We want to expand the group out to 30 players. Looking for any healers or DPS that can commit to our super amazing schedule: 1 NIGHT PER WEEK - Mondays 6:30pm QLD Time. 3 hour raid duration. That's right - we clear heroic content in that little slot every week including progression. Please add me - Baratus#1795 if you wish to join. We are also very accepting of players who raid in other guilds but don't want to pug on their alt every week.Baratus0 Apr 25
Apr 25 Barth Horde Moral of the Story Barth HORDE 10/10H casual guild looking for 2 healers for H NH and M+ runsMalaridan0 Apr 25
Apr 25 Looking for Heroic Raiding guild Hi, i have an 896 prot warrior tank, looking for a home, am able to server transfer. Would love NZ raid times, as i have a lot of family and work commitments. Been playing since TBC, and raided during most xpacs. Current experince is 10/10 N NH and 6/10 H NHRakmâr1 Apr 25
Apr 24 Short Fuse Barthilas 10/10H 10/10H Looking to step into Mythic NH. Raid Times: 7:30PM - 10:30PM Australian Eastern Standard Time(Server Time) Wed, Thurs, Sun We are looking for DPS roles to be filled in our Core Raid Team Preferably Mage, Rogue, Boomy, S Priest. On off days we run Mythic+ dungeons and a little bit of PvP. The Guild uses discord as a way of communication and a Facebook Group page. For any enquires feel free to ask away or add me via btag Lostey#1269Lostether2 Apr 24
Apr 24 902 Feral Druid LF semi-hardcore guild Hi all, Looking for a semi-hardcore raiding guild to progress with that treats each other well and shows no derogatory aspects to down others. My main used to be a 906 Holy Priest but for the majority of end 7.1.5 > 7.2 I have finally re-built my druid up and have been pushing quite hard on him to gear him up. I know my class rotations, the guild I'm currently in are 3/10M but I am looking for something different that suits me. P.S - I also play Resto Druid as an offspec. Happy to trial for a few weeks or so, if you think your guild would like me on their team, please don't hesitate to message me. Btag: Hally#1793Boomyz8 Apr 24
Apr 24 905 2/10M havoc LF guild guildie screwed me and a few of my friends over, looking for a new guild that cares more about having fun with mates than progression, but also are good at the game link to logs below EN https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/19276184/10/#bracket=-1 TOV https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/19276184/12/#bracket=-1 NH https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/19276184/11/#bracket=-1&partition=1Rydïa14 Apr 24
Apr 24 902 equip guardian druid, 3/10M exp, 43 trait My old guild has just disbanded and i am seeking a new Mythic raiding guild. Title says my specs, I aim to do my best in any spec i play. My legos and AP are mostly into my tank spec but am willing to go another spec if necessary but i wont be as proficient in that spec. thanks for reading, cheers.Rookie8 Apr 24
Apr 24 906, Roar/mantle 3/10 mythic hunter lf guild Flexible in times, 3/10 mythic with experience on spellblade, would like to trial for a guild to finish mythic nighthold, no alts, 43 traits, not talkative but more than happy to listen/learn/communicate if there are any issues, also happy to do any extra mechanics etc. Will not miss most raids but if anything happens (medical issues, internet problems) I will definitely notify, ask for more info.Huntertres12 Apr 24
Apr 24 [H] <Paradigm Shift> 4/10M Hi there, <Paradigm Shift> (H) - Jubei'thos 7/7M (cutting edge) 10/10H 4/10M is looking for exceptional players, particularly DPS, to bolster our mythic roster https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/jubei-thos/Paradigm_Shift All applications will be considered - Our raid times: 7:30pm - 10:30pm AEDT (server time) - Thurs / Sun / Mon - About Paradigm Shift: We are a relaxed group who enjoy an organised and smooth raiding environment. We expect our raiders to attend, remain competitive on their chosen spec and be prepared to learn from mistakes. We are very open to new members, regardless of your intention to raid. There's usually groups running M+ and we try to be as inclusive as possible. - Applying: If you are interested in joining our community and trialing for the team on the then please contact one of: Tom#6618 Scopey#1168 We look forward to hearing from you!Tombust0 Apr 24
Apr 24 [A] <Vindicated> 5/10M Wed/Thur Frostmourne <Vindicated> ( Frostmourne ) 5/10M Recruiting raiders for Mythic NH, Heroic NH, 15+ keys LF all DPS (particularly Ele Sham, Mages, Warlock, Boomkin, Hunter) Also LF a Core Healer ( Holy Pal or R Shammy ) Wed/Thurs 7.00-10.00 PM. AEST To Apply Add myself : MatyD#6881 or visit http://vindicatedfrostmou.wixsite.com/vindicated/applicationsHekz0 Apr 24
Apr 24 [H] LF Mature, Casual Guild, Jubei'Thos Hi folks, My partner and I are on Jubei'Thos Horde, and have recently come back to playing WoW in late expansion. Both 30+ with a baby due in 1 week. Looking for a Mature, Casual Guild to call home, that does some Raiding and RBGs, but understands the demands of being a freshly minted parent! I have a 110 DK, War, & Hunter, all rank 36+ Artifacts. My partner has a 110 Hunter & Priest, hunter on 36+ Artifact. We've both done a lot of raiding in the past, and had intended to play all through Legion, but the news of a baby on the way kind of threw those plans out the window. Coming back to it now, and both interested in Raiding, with me into PvP and trying to get my partner to dabble in it :)Râgnor2 Apr 24
Apr 24 [A] Tyrant - Frostmourne 10/10H, ?/10M <Tyrant> is a freshly made semi-hardcore raiding guild, who's goal is to clear Mythic content while it's current. Our members have varying degrees of Mythic experience in current content, and for most of our officers we have accumulated experience from BC-Wotlk onwards, with a Vanilla experienced raid leader. Our raid structure currently is 10pm-1AM AEST (Server time, Frostmourne) on Wednesdays and Thursdays, with the mind to begin raiding three nights a week in the near future. As Tyrant is populated with Mythic raiders and intends to use M NH as a stepping stone, and formative time to make significant progress in Mythic Tomb of Sargeras, it's preferable that applicants are at least 895 ilvl with 42 traits, and have cleared 10/10 Heroic NH. While we have specific needs, we are considering all exceptional players, so if you're not on the list below, but you want a fun guild with ambition, experience, and a chance to break your way into Mythic raiding, ask anyway! Healer: Restoration Shaman / Holy Paladin / HPriest Dps: Ret/Boomie/WW//Rogue/Hunter Klompet#1947Ebeneezah0 Apr 24
Apr 24 Jubei/Gundrak: LFMature Casual Raid Guild. Hey all, As the title says I'm looking for a mature, casual raiding guild. Currently I'm mainly playing an 890 BM Hunter (41 ranks) and a 860 Resto Shaman (just starting on again since Wotlk). Can raid twice a week after 8.00pm ST preferably looking to start on N NH or whatever really. Also enjoy the social side of the game running Mythics and helping people get stuff done. Anyway my BNET is Hoghead#1818 if you want to chat. CheersHookêr0 Apr 24
Apr 24 [H] 3/10 Mythic, Against the Odds! Against the Odds, Barthilas Against the Odds is an Aussie guild on the Barthilas server with a view of Mythic raiding in Legion on minimalist time-frame (4 hours a week). We’re looking to recruit mature players that want to make raid progression while balancing real life commitments. About Us Most of our group is made up of older ex-hardcore players with families/full time work who still want to lock in some solid progression every tier without committing to the long hours required for hardcore progression raiding. In order to accomplish this we take on a work smarter not harder attitude to push our progression every week. How we accomplish this is by putting together customized boss strats, Warcraft Logs analysis which we do almost weekly and a loot system that uses portions of EPGP and ye olde DKP to reduce time on loot allocation when we raid. This essentially translates to most of us doing our prep outside of the game or on our own time so that when we do come together as a group for our two raid nights we've got everything in place to lock in prog kills. Outside of the 4 hours we raid most of us are on every evening after work or over the weekend kicking back with the guild either with Mythic+ runs, WQ's or engaging in pointless debates about how much we hate Fjarnskaggl & Nomi this expansion (Thanks for 7.1 blizz). What we're looking for Our ideal raider is someone who understands whats required for progression both in a Heroic & Mythic environment who happens to be time poor. This means having a thorough understanding of your class, likely in multiple specs, being gemmed/chanted and bringing sufficient raid supplies (prepots/flasks/food) on the raid night. Because of our limited time frame we don't have the luxury of learning a fight once we walk in the door or putting together strategies on the fly, so we expect every raider in the group to be fully versed for a fight. The kind of raider we're looking for is someone who has limited time to play WoW but wants to maximize the use of that time. They are prepared, punctual and mature in attitude. They desire progress over farming loot and are committed to being the best they can be at their class. We want players who have that progression itch but due to real life are unable to commit to the regular hardcore guilds out there. Current Progression - 24/04/2017 7/7N 7/7H 2/7M 3/3N 3/3H 10/10N 10/10H 3/10M Raid Days – Thursday/Sunday Raid Times – 7.30pm to 9.30pm AEST (ST) Classes/Specs Needed: Tank - Core spots filled. Heals - Core spots filled. DPS - Any DPS specs and classes other than Druids & Mages are considered currently. If your class/spec isn't listed but you feel we're exactly the kind of guild you're looking for then definitely add me on Bnet for a chat. Add one of us to apply today! Arwenemma#1899Heisenstein15 Apr 24
Apr 24 902ilvl Boomie 4/10m LF a semi hardcore - hardcore guild. Can Xfer servers if needed. I have a playable bear offspec at 900ilvl. Sloppie1#1226 add me to discuss further.Bignaenae6 Apr 24
Apr 23 [A][Sargeras]<Academy> 10/10H Recruiting All! [A][US][Sargeras]<Academy> 10/10H AM/Afternoon Raids LF All Who We Are: We are a newly formed guild on Sargeras made up of an officer core of 10/10H raiders looking for all roles to fill out our roster. Our goal is to make it to mythic progression before 7.2, but ultimately we're looking to enter Tomb of Sargeras strong with a Mythic raid ready team of 25-30 raiders. When We Raid: Our raid times are currently F/Sun/Mon 12pm-3pm EST. What We're Looking For: We're looking for all roles of raiders whether you have 10 years of raid experience or you have zero. We are a patient group who will help gear up any undergeared players, all we ask for is that you have a willingness to improve, learn your class and the encounters to the best of your ability. What To Expect: While the core group is already 10/10H don't expect heroic NH runs right off the bat. We are building the guild from the ground up which means we will be running H-EN and H-ToV until undergeared members are caught up. Our main progression will be Normal NH for now working our way to heroic. We will walk you through the encounters if you are not experienced. What We Expect: We expect you, over everything else, to be able to make all Raid times or communicate any days that you may miss ahead of time. We require the use of a working headset and microphone, as we will be very vocal thru discord. No one will be required to speak during raids but you must be able to listen, and need a mic to speak with us one on one if necessary. We don't expect you to be world class raiders, but have the desire to push your ability and class to the max. We will help you along the way. We want to eventually start mythic progression and are looking for raiders with the same goal. Current Needs: Tanks: Non-Warrior Healers: RDruid/Rshaman preferred DPS: Any Contact: Feel free to contact me or any other officers if you're interested in joining. Fuzz#11320 Redpool#11536 Rackbah#1881Fofuzzy0 Apr 23
Apr 23 [A] The Spectres - Weekend Raid Team 5/13M The Spectres - Weekend raid team on Saurfang Alliance, raiding 7 to 9 PM Saturday and Sunday Oceanic Server Time is currently looking for more raiders to bolster numbers for mythic progresson. We are also recruiting for Legion. Our mature friendly raid team has a total of 4 hours raiding a week. The team has been running continuously since the beginning of Cata. Currently recruiting one of the following: Mistweaver Holy Paladin Other class/specs may be considered. Prior raid experience, dedication, maturity and enthusiasm required for Legion recruitment, as well as a high level of personal survivability. Please note there is a 2 week trial where Main Raiders have loot priority. Cross server trial is currently available but transfer will be required upon completion of the trial. 75% Attendance is required. We are also recruiting socials for Alt/Casual runs on Fridays/Monday night at 7pm, as well as other random ad hoc guild events - Gnome Darts anyone? Guild Policy is of strictly no trolling and no discrimination on basis of sex/race/sexual orientation. We aim for as drama free an environment as possible and are 99.9% successful in that. Please whisper Bronebeard (Guild Leader), or Officers Cassamina, Toxicshot or Magneith for more details, or leave details and/or queries here. Cheers. Applications to : http://the-spectres.enjin.com/Cassamina11 Apr 23
Apr 23 <Horìzon> New guild <Horìzon> a newly formed guild looking to start up a raid progression group. We're currently recruiting for a 2/4/9 party, all classes are welcome. We're also recruiting any classes and anyone who would like to play with us in dungeons, pvp and quests, we are looking for anyone to join for a social guild, no drama and most important, all friendly. Raid Times: Sunday - 7-10PM S/T. Monday - 7-10PM S/T. Tanks - Any tanks will do need both. Healers - Pref: Druid, Sham, Holy Priest and Paladin Damage - Any class for damage will be acceptable, just know your class. For raids we will be using Discord as team chat and for all updates on the guild. If you wish to find out more information add me on b.net "Nate#6723" Realm : Barthilas Thanks, AzunâAzunâ0 Apr 23
Apr 23 [A] MAMM NZ Guild Recruiting for Nighthold Kia Ora Murloc Ate My Mount is a laidback, New Zealand-based raiding guild made up of players from all raiding walks of life, ranging from ex-hardcore raiders, to ex-officers, all the way to casual players looking to break into heroic raiding. We look to knock off as many bosses as we can in the time we have but keeping things fun and exciting while we do them is paramount to us. Formed in 2007 and run by a group of former heroic (now known as mythic) raiders, things are looking good but we would love to add you to the team as we make our way through the Warcraft universe. Our raid times are extremely friendly to NZ players but those from all corners of the globe are welcome. If you love raiding but also appreciate the importance of life outside of Azeroth, we may just be the guild for you. Like you, we appreciate this balance, so while we don’t enforce 100% attendance, we do expect you to turn up as often as you can and let us know if you can’t make it in advance. During raids, we expect your toon to be fully raid ready with gems, enchants and consumables. We also expect a raid friendly attitude, including a tolerance for wiping. You may be required to play a spec other than your main, so the knowledge and ability to do so is a plus. Sounds sweet as right? Take a look at our recruitment needs. Actively Recruiting: We are specifically recruiting certain classes, but all players and specs will be considered, so if you’re interested but don’t see your spec below, feel free to contact us anyway. Elemental Shaman Hunter Warlock Shadow Priest Boomkin Our General Recruiting Follows: Warrior: Tentative Druid: Boomkin Death Knight: DPS Demon Hunter: Tentative Rogue: Tentative Paladin: Tentative Shaman: Elemental Priest: Shadow Warlock: Open Hunter: Open Monk: Open Mage: Closed Current Progression (7.1) 1/10 M Nighthold Achieved prior at Current Content 3/3 Heroic ToV 4/7 Mythic EN 13/13 Heroic HFC 3/13 Mythic HFC (pr legion patch) 10/10 Heroic BRF 7/7 Heroic HM Schedule: Monday - 7PM to 10PM (GMT + 12) Wednesday - 7PM to 10PM Thursday - 7PM to 10PM Intrigued and want to know more or get in touch with an officer? We don't have an application process currently but cross-realm means we can trial you without needing to drop cash on a transfer, so: Make a toon on Aman'thul and come have a chat with either Nevjmac, Danneris or Rhavine or add nevjmac#1391 or danneris#1602 The MAMM teamNevjmac39 Apr 23
Apr 23 Legacy Raiding guild Is there any legacy Raiding guilds on oceanic? 60/70/80 i dont mind, been looking for one for a while now and i dont think any are active on Oceanic, Can someone point me in the right direction if they know of one? thanks.Shireenbara0 Apr 23
Apr 23 [A]<Shabe Quai> Aman'Thul (NZ) Hey guys, We are a New Zealand guild and are looking to recruit some semi-casual raiders, our schedule is: Wed 7pm-9pm NZT (5pm-7pm ST) Fri 7pm-10pm NZT (5pm-8pm ST) Sun 2pm-5pm NZT (12pm-3pm ST) We are using discord for voice and look to progress through any new raids from Norm to Heroic, potentially Mythic if we have 20; we don't really care, we just do whatever is the right difficulty for our gear. We're all easygoing but do wanna progress, so as long as you aren't intentionally trying to die every fight, have a pretty positive attitude & don't get frustrated easily, you're in. We are preferring tanks & healers over DPS at the moment, however all are welcome as we plan to expand our numbers. iLvl wise, anyone 860 or above is fine, doing N NH at the moment; moving onto Heroic in the near future (if you want to jump into Heroic, iLvl 875+ would be ideal). If the times work & you wish to raid with us but you are in a different realm, we can make it work but note you will have to find your own flasks & food! We already have 2 members who do this. Add & talk to my BNet tag mintek#1557 Cheers!Eaglekick4 Apr 23
Apr 23 900 Disc Priest LF Guild (3/10M) My main is Cinnstrasza-Proudmoore. She is a Restoration Druid ilvl 902. She is also 6/7M, 3/3H, 3/10M. I want to change my main healer from the Druid to my Priest though and the guild I am currently with does not want another Priest. I'm military stationed in Japan so I game on JST. I would be available weekdays after 1800 JST. Weekends... any time! I absolutely always make raid time. I currently wake up at 0700 on Sunday morning to raid with my current US guild. I bring my own flasks, pots and food. I am patient. I know the fights and mechanics. I can offer advice and receive advice.Lexistrasza8 Apr 23
Apr 23 [H] <Elevated] (Barthilas) Recruiting all! <Elevated> is a new guild formed around a week ago ran by high tier PvPer's who have decided to convert to raiding. We're in need of all players who are interested in raiding and doing mythic/new content release progression! Raid nights are Sunday/Wed/Thurs 7.30-10.30pm Server Time. The leaders are currently 10/10H Nighthold and one of us is 4/10M Nigthold progression. If you wish to join us add Astro#12656 on BTAG or reply to this post with your btag. We do accept casual members and will organise normals for those who cannot dedicate themselves to a core raid group.Røbert0 Apr 23
Apr 23 908 DH 6/10m ex LF Frostmourne AM/day raiding Due to changes in work times I have had to seek another guild. I'm a committed player who hasn't missed a day of legion. I'm currently 5/10M with multiple pulls on Tich. If you know of or are a guild that raids anytime around/between 12am - 3am or 10am - 1pm SVT I'd love to hear from you :P willing to change factions to raid. cheers, Stormblessed#6154Chaost0 Apr 23
Apr 23 [H] TLegion - 8/10M - LF RDPS, TANK & HEALER <TLegion> - Barthilas, is a Chinese based raiding guild and is currently looking for exceptional and skilled players from all classes for Mythic progression for current and future expansions. If you have a strong knowledge on your class and you have the skills to back it up, then hurried and apply for <TLegion> now! *Do take note that we only communicate in Chinese while raiding therefore its a MUST that you understand Chinese Language.* Current Progression 7/7 M Emerald Nightmare 2/3 M Trials of Valor 8/10 M Nighthold Raid Timeing Wednesday, Thursday & Monday - 8.30pm Server time to 11.30pm Server time *Do take note that there will be possibility of extending raiding time* Currently RECRUITING: TANKS Druid Warrior PallyRange DPS Hunters Moonkin Elemental ShamanHealer Holy Paladin Resto Druid Mistweaver MonkExpectations As a raiding guild, you can probably imagine we require a few commitments from you. That being said, While we are not an elite guild, we do however still have the expectation of every player that they can follow the few simple requirements as follows: Attendance and Punctuality We understand that everyone have their own real life issue and not everyone be able to follow a 3 day schedule. That is okay, this does not mean you can't join this guild and can't raid with us casually, as life can pull mean and cruel stunts on people all the time and we may need someone to fill in. However, if you have the intention of maintaining a core position within this guild, we do expect you to be able to meet this schedule. Failure to notify an Officer about lateness/inability to raid could jeopardize your position. Preparation This one speaks for itself. Make sure you arrive on time with all your consumables and specializations required for the raid/fights you have ahead of you. Core players generally have consumables available to them from the guild, however trials will not have this benefit. This topic also relates to classes - while we are not an elite guild we still expect you to be able to perform on your class. ATTITUDE Please notice the capitalization of this. We don't need players with egos higher than a ceiling let alone a roof, we don't need players who can't accept responsibility for their own mistakes and we NEED players who have a passion for the game, a drive for progression, a want to learn and players with the ability to take constructive criticism. There's no "I" in Team and the last thing anybody wants is a player who can't handle an Officer or Raid Leader trying to help fix the way someone deals with a mechanic. If you are an exceptional player and your class is not listed and you are interested in joining, You can add your ingame name or Btag here, we will contact you as soon as possible. Lastly, you may also contact Popethor (mDs#1318) or Gugula (OrangeGugula#1236) in game.Popethor7 Apr 23
Apr 23 Owner of guild need active friends I need some friends on wow for lvlng on thru endgame and just general fun.Murgruk0 Apr 23
Apr 23 Newly Formed Guild <Horìzon> <Horìzon> a newly formed guild looking to start up a raid progression group. We're currently recruiting for a 2/4/9 party, all classes are welcome. We're also recruiting any classes and anyone who would like to play with us in dungeons, pvp and quests, we are looking for anyone to join for a social guild, no drama and most important, all friendly. Raid Times: Sunday - 7-10PM S/T. Monday - 7-10PM S/T. Tanks - Any tanks will do need both. Healers - Pref: Druid, Sham, Holy Priest and Paladin Damage - Any class for damage will be acceptable, just know your class. For raids we will be using Discord as team chat and for all updates on the guild. If you wish to find out more information add me on b.net "Nate#6723" Realm : Barthilas Thanks, AzunâAzunâ0 Apr 23
Apr 22 907 BM Hunter LFG GTM+8 foundLanoradeith8 Apr 22
Apr 22 DH lf casual raiding guild Getting back into wow after a long break. 874 ilvl looking for laid back raiding experience.Mâkhavick3 Apr 22
Apr 22 [H] Healer LF Raiding Guild Hi I'm on Saurfang and am looking for a casual raiding guild. My ilvl is currently 875 on my Holy Paladin. Not necessarily looking for any core spots, but I do want to be able to raid. I'm pretty flexible when it comes to raid times. I'm from the Philippines, if that matters.Thecreator4 Apr 22
Apr 22 4m LF guild Hello all 4 member looking for New Home . we're looking for raiding guild . warrior 904 prot(main) , 896 fury Priest 898 holly and shadow Demon Hunter 896 Havoc Death knight 895 frost we currently 5/10H Willing to change faction n realm transferWärmaiden12 Apr 22
Apr 22 [A] i879 BM Monk looking for casual guild Hi all, I879 brewmaster tank looking for a casual guild mostly for dungeon and world content. Not fussed about raiding as I can't devote a regular time to being online. Looking for a friendly guild who shows signs of life in the GMT+10/11 nights, happy to go wherever, whenever... Dungeons (normal/heroic/mythic), WQ, questing, etc. Have played on and off since vanilla, never been hardcore and never plan to be. If you want a tank with a sense of humour to just go have fun, let me know.Dyzbear3 Apr 22
Apr 22 887 Pally & 889 DK looking for raiding guild! 887 Tauren Protection Paladin, HolyMojo and 889 Frost/Blood DeahtKnight, Mokushii looking for raiding guild. We are central time and looking at raiding roughly around 6 to 9 or 630-930 during the week and anytime on the weekends. Know all current fights on normal.Mokushii3 Apr 22
Apr 22 895 Prot Pally LF Raiding Guild. Hi there. I'm a competent protection paladin who recently came back from a 7 year break. I'm looking for a raiding guild to be a part of. I haven't had too much exposure to Legion raiding (I've raided heavily in BC/Wotlk), so I don't mind joining a guild that is just starting up, or has not progressed too far. I'm not the best, but not mediocre either. I'm looking for a mature and friendly environment wherever I might end up at. Prefer Alliance. Thank you for reading! Wrecks#1754Wrecks3 Apr 22
Apr 22 [A] <Eternal Illusions> LF Tank / Heals Located on Saurfang, we are a fun alliance guild, very playful and inappropriate, looking for like minded people to complete EN H with us before Tomb opens. We are 6/10 H (officers 10/10). We are currently seeking one tank and a healer. 890+ ilvl required, weapon 40+. Main tank is at 905. Raiding times are Friday and Sunday at 7pm, and an alt/norm run on Saturday for funsies :) message for more info! love your face.Hronydraenei0 Apr 22
Apr 21 890ilvl Holy Paladin - LF Mythic Guild After returning to WoW at the beginning of last week I've decided to push back into mythic raiding and looking for a well grounded team to be apart of. I left WoW back in Oct last year after trying out another class at the beginning of legion and decided that a break was in order when the casual guild I was in moved apart. What you can expect from me: - Near 100% attendance (will never be lower than 95% for purely unforeseen emergency reasons) - Extensive knowledge on class (have played holy paladin since WotLK) - Knowledge of all aspects of fights prior to raid time - Fully enchant, flasks, food, bonus rolls etc prior to raid assemble time - Have a working mic and happy to talk over chat programs as necessary Im looking for a guild that raids between the time period of 18:00 to 23:00 AEST (not looking to go any later than 23:30) happy to raid any days except Fri, Tue or Sat. Happy to realm transfer / faction transfer for the right fit. Happy to supply logs (please be advised that due to only being back a week these are limited logs), run a mythic + etc or have a chat with anyone interested. Feel free to add me on bnet: Chrillic#1563 Cheers,Casgrim6 Apr 21
Apr 21 LF Nice fun guild Ive been playing wow since I was around 8 (14 now) and throughout all those years I never found nice people to play with or a fun guild to stick with. I would like to get into the end game content but am too worried about people getting mad cause I dont know what i'm doing. So basically i'm looking for a tolerant guild that likes to have fun. It can be on any server (Ive been thinking about hopping servers for a while) Thanks!Trixii2 Apr 21