New Player Help and Guides

6d Traveling from Stormwind to Silverpine Forest I'm level 30, and for some reason Shadowfang Keep isn't showing up as an option for me in the Group Finder. So I'm forced to do it on my own. Whats the fastest way to Silverpine? I'm currently in New Tinkertown, but it seems like Ironforge is sorrounded by mountains I can't get over with my ground mount. Any help?Ishcira1 6d
6d Where's The Lore So I recently watched the Warcraft movie and have been watching WoW lore videos on YouTube. And I was wondering, when will my quests start developing lore into WoW, so I can actually play the story. Currently, its always "go kill 15 of this; take this to this place; go talk to this guy" and its been pretty bland.Remandir5 6d
6d Combined Realms? I just started playing WoW again, after about 5 years without touching it. And the other day I noticed some people in General Chat have other realms names beside their name. Are there realms that are Combined? Because that isn't how it used to be.Remandir1 6d
6d Rogue guide for the current patch I'm level 12 now and wondering if there is a current low level guide somewhere for Rogues the current the current game data? I've looked at a bunch already and they always have outdated skill suggestions. It's been kind of tough figuring out how best to go about the game at this level in with the current expansion.Segasys2 6d
6d Faction Change question If I put in for a faction change over to horde, does everything that isn't tied to the specific faction transfer over (mounts, pets, achievements, etc?)Sief1 6d
6d Where can I buy basic shirts? Someone told me that I can buy basic shirts in Stormwind but I'm not sure where exactly....Stormwind is huge lol.Cumatmebro12 6d
Jan 17 Early Farm Running a level 22 Enhancment/Elemental Shaman, I was wondering where the best place to farm loot is for my character atm?Ishcira3 Jan 17
Jan 17 Arcane Mage Help So, I'm new to the game and looking for help with my arcane Mage. My DPS avg is around 280K not during my burn phase. Looking to raise it past 300K. I'm a Worgen and have an ilvl at 867 equipped. Right now my stats are: Intellect: 35251 Mastery: 47% Crit: 24% Haste: 14% Versatility: 2% My Talent choices: Amplification Slipstream Rune of Power Charged Up Chrono Shift Nether Tempest Overcharged Any suggestions for me please?Swampragnar1 Jan 17
Jan 16 class hall/order hall followers? Hi guys I currently have 4 followers I do missions with. How do I get more? Also, is doing missions a requirement into getting gear/quests/progression? Or more of an optional thing for resources? I notice some cost a lot of resources and I don't know if I should be spending my resources on missions or artifact research?Colonascopy1 Jan 16
Jan 16 Hunter, Shaman or Warlock for RPing a Troll? I want to go with a Troll, but stuck on whether I should go with a Warlock, Shaman or Hunter for it, which best suits the Troll?Paoquo2 Jan 16
Jan 16 Help With Gear! Hello ;D. Okay so I started WoW recently and all I can say is WOW xd. The lore is amazing, so are the battles, I love it. The only problem I have is with gear. Now I know good GOOD gear isn't easy to get and that is fine, I don't mind farming for it later. But one thing is bothering me, you see I have OCD with how my characters look. I am switching to orc soon for my hunter since I don't like how trolls look, sorry trolls! But I don't know how to get good looking gear for transmog. Am I suppose to farm for good stats AND old raids/dungeons for good looking gear as well? I mean its too much in my honest opinion. I already have a headache after spending 4 hours looking for gear I like on websites. The ones I like are all from raids and dungeons that have low drop rates and its killing me because I NEED to look good and have pretty close to amazing stats as well or I will go nuts. Is there any where I can get unique clothes for my character with out having to grind dungeons/raids? I used to play games like wizard101 if that helps :p I just want to know the options I have for getting gear that looks badass for transmog. Thanks!Mordarian2 Jan 16
Jan 16 Gravenscale Hauberk Rank 3 recipe Dantalionax Im trying to get the Rank 3 recip for the gravenscale hauberk. It says it comes from dantalionax in the black rook hold dungeon. Which difficulty? normal? heroic? mythic? mythic+? or will any drop it? I didn't even notice the dantalionax was a boss. i only notice him on normal difficulty. Do i have to do the dungeon over and over untill i get lucky? thanksTrollstrollr1 Jan 16
Jan 15 Viewing Character Achievements Is there any way to view only the achievements that a particular character has earned rather than all of the ones earned by all characters on an account? I don't see a way to do so in the Armory or in the game itself. The closest I've found is looking up a character's individual achievement points in the guild roster.Cobaltus6 Jan 15
Jan 15 Understanding damage I always go damage so I installed the addon 'recount' as suggested by my friend and I realized I'm doing terrible damage. I'm lvl 109 but still pretty lost at this complex game. How should I go about learning the ways of PvP and doing much better damage in Battlegrounds, Raids, Dungeons, etc. I know I'm probably doing everything wrong but my idea of playing the damage role is targetting a specific enemy and using whatever ability to bring them down but I stay at the bottom of the recount damage list. Screenshot of recount:\ (This is my only character I really play and it's my first time hitting max lvl)Silverwhisp2 Jan 15
Jan 15 How do I get to Feralas? I'm currently trying to leave Desolace, the quest is titled "The Wilds of Feralas". I've been running around these mountains down here for about 45 minutes and I can't seem to find a pathway or a way to the body of water that I could swim through. Any advice?Arynthian2 Jan 15
Jan 15 Use item while sell menu is active Is it possible to use an item while the sell menu is active? For example, holding shift, or alt and clicking, or any thing like that?Noobsaucé2 Jan 15
Jan 14 "Twisted Hatred" Melenas' Head Hello, I am new to WoW but not new to mmos' having trouble finding the cave that Melena is in. I am spending way to much time on a low lvl quest. As it's my first experience with wow I'd really like to finish out my quest logs and not abandon it. I've gone to the area on the map and found two other caves in the proximity of Melena's however there were other mobs in the caves. If someone could possibly give me some guidance I'd appreciate it. Thanks KCBiouch2 Jan 14
Jan 14 Heirlooms vs dungeon drops ? My lvl 62 character currently has both Chest and Shoulder heirlooms, but they are scaling until lvl 60 only. Now I'm running a lot of dungeons, so I understand I'll eventually get nice blue pieces of gear. But I also know sometimes they won't drop, so I'm actually in doubt if worth upgrading my heirlooms to 90. Question is: How heirlooms compare to blue dungeon gear? Should I ever find gear better than my heirlooms, or heirlooms are always better than drops until lvl 90?Axmor4 Jan 14
Jan 14 How To Distinguish Flying Mounts? title Colelctions doesn't seem to list whether each mount can fly or not, and some (like the Hearthstone mount) can fly without having wings or having said appearance. With Legion flying coming soon I want to browse all flying mounts and pick out the one I think looks best, and I don't want to overlook ones that don't visually appear to be able to fly. Thanks in advanceSperowolf3 Jan 14
Jan 14 How do you put spells outside your action bar So I use to play with my ex boyfriend and he set my WoW all up. But it's been about a year since I've played, I've uninstalled it and I know he use to have it so I had spells set up outside of my action bar and now I can't seem to do that. How do I do that? :) Thanks!Kodeex4 Jan 14
Jan 14 Any new players? Hey! I'm a decently experienced player, and was wondering if there is anyone new to the World of Warcraft. I'd be happy to level up a new character with anyone and answer any questions!Scraulle0 Jan 14
Jan 13 Help Me Pick a Healer! Well, not me, I have a healer I love. But the first question asked by most people who have never played a healer before is usually "Which one should I play?" This thread is meant to be a quick overview of the different healing classes, their playstyles, their strengths and weaknesses, considerations for PvE and PvP, signature moves for each class, and general fun facts about each as they currently stand in Warlords of Draenor. It is meant to help people unfamiliar with healers choose a healing class. It is not meant to be a comprehensive guide to each class, or how to heal, as these can be found elsewhere in the class forums, as well as outside websites. Feel free to add your own observations about each healer, or correct me on points I have gotten wrong, and I will do my best to keep this updated through this expansion. So, in alphabetical order, here we go!Pipikaula282 Jan 13
Jan 13 Frustrated- gear help? (LEGION) Hi everyone I'm a little frustrated with trying to gear for legion. Can someone help me and tell me what I'm doing wrong? I was an active pvper and now I am doing pve after taking some breaks from wow. I have read most legion guides and am progressing through the content the way I thought I should be doing. I have unlocked world quests which I do and am still doing normal dungeons since I am not ilvl 810 yet. So my world quests that give me gear only give me ilvl 805 gear. I have purchased ilvl 815 gear (only certain pieces, I have some greens 769 being my lowest) because I wasn't getting anything better. The faction gear is also around there for what I currently am (friendly with nightfallen). My order hall hasn't unlocked gear yet (I am currently on some quest with soul shards? no other quests). I don't pvp for boxes because my gear sucks. Normal dungeon gear dropping for me is around ilvl 805. Without being in a raiding guild, how do I acquire higher gear? Someone in my guild said the world quests get better, but at what point? Do I have to do a specific number of world quests to unlock better gear? I'm pretty confused, never had this problem in previous expansions where I just grinded out honor points and got higher ilvl pvp gear :/ Thank you to anyone who helps!Colonascopy9 Jan 13
Jan 13 ENHANCEMENT SHAMAN NEEDS HELP hi there now I'm just wondering now I'm not new to the game but am trying to understand enhancement shamans as it it my first season as one Now I'm not sure why I'm doing such low dps it's around 250k but I have I'll 877 and artifact 888 Iv looked up rotations and got it down path but I'm starting to think some of my gear is incorrect could someone please give me a hand it would be greatly appreciated !!!!Shardyparty1 Jan 13
Jan 13 Do you use your Garrison in Legion Are you still going back and forth using your Garrison? Or can you leave it behind?Bhak5 Jan 13
Jan 13 Karazhan: Master of the House i have three of the four items for the quest. I still need the "spiced rib roast". I've gone through two more times and i don't know were it is. it doesn't show anything on the map. Can anyone tell me how to find the "spiced rib roast". ThanksTrollstrollr1 Jan 13
Jan 13 People to play with? As a brand new player who was expecting a populated world with people to play with, (like seriously i only have one character and hes level 12) do more people show up later? i was expecting this game to be more community oriented but aside from in ironforge, i havent really seen any players let alone people to play with.Squidumpus2 Jan 13
Jan 12 What race is best to RP a Warlock? Title explains it all, I want to go a Warlock, especially a Horde race. What race is the best to RP a Warlock?Paoquo3 Jan 12
Jan 12 Troll or Undead - best Warlock RP experience? I want to go either a Troll or Undead Warlock, which of these two races is more affiliated with the Warlock class for the better RP experience?Paoquo2 Jan 12
Jan 12 Advice for an FPS veteran starting WoW Hey guys! Our guild recently recruited a friend of a friend who got into Blizzard games through Overwatch. Long story short, he plays fps games on a competetive level and has barely ever dabbled into MMOs. He is having a bit of a hard time adjusting into the game play and we have given him all the advice we can think of. The thing is, I don't play fps games and I was wondering if there are some specific things we should be explaining to him. Stuff that us MMO players take for granted but someone coming from an fps game doesn't understand / is not second nature to them. Were you / do you know someone who has come from an fps game into WoW and do you have any pointers we should bring up with our friend? Thanks a bunch in advance!Brandee1 Jan 12
Jan 12 ¿How to start on WoW? ¡Hello there! I'm Xorezaa, im live on Chile (yes, taco taco) and today i bought my first month on World of Warcraft I came from a lot of private servers, with a lot of expansions, but, recently, from Legion. Sadly, i only could buy the Battlechest, but not the Legion expansion. Anyways, i really appreciate the help of somebody that can guide me to the level 100 (the max that i can reach) or , sometimes you need to ask for help. Thanks for you attention! I see you on AzerothXorezaa5 Jan 12
Jan 12 Ihavent played wow in 5 years .. I resubbed 3 days ago. I just don't know what class to pick. What I am looking for? I plan to play casually but if I really get into it. I want to join a guild and PVE dungeons and raids. I want to be desirable to PUG groups along with guilds so they actually take me raids. I pick up things pretty quickly. Once I run a dungeon 1 or 2 times I know it pretty well. I prefer to play melee classes over ranged because I do not like being so squishy. I need a class that is a little more forgiving in terms of the "oh sh?t " factor and not being so complex. I leaning towards ret paladin/ WW monk / Fury warrior. One reason is that they all can tank so I can get groups easier or switch from dps if tank leaves mid dungeon or content. I do not need to be the best class (top dps) because I know that's going to change with each patch and I am in it for the long haul. I really just looking for what people find fun right now. I did a bunch of forums searches and got a little info but not on these three specifically. Also where to do I begin to relearn the game. I also do not really want to start at level one. I plan to use the character boost. Thanks for you thoughts.Gimly4 Jan 12
Jan 12 Where are all the old raids? I'm confused, I played Vanilla WoW years ago but never quite managed to get to raiding. I'm trying to catch up with the story (I played all of Warcraft III and the expansion) and I would like to experience all of the content and raids. I want to be able to face Illidan, the Lich King and the classic final boss of Vanilla WoW (I think it was some sort of dragon that had mind control or something). But I can't seem to find any of these raids in the in-game Adventure Guide. Does this mean you can't even queue up for them with the raid finder? Any help would be appreciate, thanks for helping this noob :)Tinji27 Jan 12
Jan 11 Will Hunters still be easy? I was thinking about shelling out 60 for a 100 bm hunter. With all the bs they did to the Hunter, will it still be a simple rotation for bm?Bajadin1 Jan 11
Jan 11 Druid or Monk?? Hey guys, So I've completed the class trial for the druid, and the monk. However, I can't decide which to pick! I love playing both classes, as they each give me options to heal/tank/dps. Why do I wanna have these? So that I can practice each aspect of the game, on the same character. While I love the kung fu style fighting and animations on the monk, I equally enjoy shapeshifting and all that druid swag! I'm mostly doing solo WQ, dungeons as of now. But I intend to PvP in the future. It would be great if you could provide cogent arguments for your suggestions. :-)Xanthurion2 Jan 11
Jan 11 Why is wow gametime token so expensive ?? I don't play a lot as I use too. A few months ago I purchased a wow game time token for 20,000 g for a month of game time which I thought was fair. So today I decided I would purchase another to get back into the game, and I was shocked to see its now 40,000!! WTF! Shame on you Blizz.Jenzun17 Jan 11
Jan 11 Recruit-A-Friend Question I'm looking to recruit a friend into WoW in the next few weeks. He already has a account but hasn't installed WoW before. Would he have to create a new account or is it possible to link my account with his already existing account?Brynyar4 Jan 11
Jan 11 Unleash Life is out of order "Unleash Life" is grayed out. All my other spells are "lit" and crouched for employment. However "Unleash Life" is un-lit and will not answer. Any advice?Applejohn1 Jan 11
Jan 11 Couple Legion Noob Question Hello - So I've been off WoW for awhile (played very little bit of WoD, but then stopped. Been most active on WotLK, BC player) and am making a return. I have couple questions hoping people can help with. 1. WoD Garrison. Are there any point to leveling this now? 2. I heard that there are some pre-requisite for world quests - something about reps? What are the pre-reqs? 3. Is there a cap to artifact weapon level? i.e. will I eventually max out levels on them? 4. What happened to Honor? Are there still PvP gear? Thanks!Applesoju2 Jan 11
Jan 11 Fix PVP Healing! Fix PVP Healing!Flashofsmite1 Jan 11
Jan 11 How to disable floating health bars? title^ I want an answer besides shift+v or v... because I already made a different keybind on it Im searching through the interface menu one by one, and still cant find it =/ any help?Anarim7 Jan 11
Jan 10 legendaries? Hi there I have a question about legion legendaries Do these drop randomly in world quests, or LFR? I don't pve in an active raid group or anything so how am I able to obtain these items? Thank youNotears1 Jan 10
Jan 10 Fire mage nerfed or buffed? So I see that they increased the base damage, but it looks like they nerfed the criticals frequency. They added crit to scorch, which was not being used so much in rotations if not mistaken. How do the numbers workout?Bajadin3 Jan 10
Jan 10 Having problems gearing at end game Hey, I've gotten my item level up to 828 and hit a wall getting past it. I can't get better gear from heroic dungeons and i keep getting declined for mythic ones so short of waiting a week at a time to do lfg and hope i get something i don't know what to do.Sonistra2 Jan 10
Jan 10 Best class for a Blood Elf? I'm going to try Horde as I have only played Alliance so far, what i the best class for a blood elf. I've already tried warrior and rogue so something different. I was leaning towards a mage or a priest.Tiannos5 Jan 10
Jan 10 Power Leveling Question!! I'm wanting to power level my BF's toon who is lvl 65. I've been running him through dungeons but it seems pretty slow... He has BOA gear but no XP pot as they're too stupid expensive to buy off the AH and takes too long to farm for.. so.. Is there a quicker way of power leveling him? I've googled but all the Power leveling guides are very out dated. Thanks guys!Kasibella3 Jan 10
Jan 10 guide to world quests, end game gearing? hi everyone i came back to wow a while ago and i am currently enjoying legion, finishing up my questing in suramar and i just unlocked world quests on my main. I have been reading legion guides and there seems to be so much information in terms of gearing, raiding, questing and reputations, artifacts and so forth it's overwhelming. does anyone have any resources for step by step guides, instructions on how to get great gear WITHOUT having to raid, and how world questing works? Much confuse. Also, how do I get to broken isles? Is the class hall thing similar to garrisons? Thanks!Burnt7 Jan 10
Jan 9 Endless Death Loop I was in a party in FELWOOD, I was scouting a head but got attacked on the road... (I thought the road was more safer than anything) Anyway I died... Being that I was being attacked my many bears in the area... After revival I was attacked again at the GRAVE SITE, now in a endless Death loop PLEASE help.... thanks Also I am lost, and the HEARTHSTONE spell takes too long to castOmnimuscle6 Jan 9
Jan 9 Lvl for when to look for Guild? What would be the recommended level for when I should look for a guild, most are doing legion stuff, and I'm here as a Level 24 still trying to level up and such so I can do most of the previous things.Hydramain4 Jan 9
Jan 9 Legion lvl 100 boost help This may be a stupid question but please dont make fun of me just answer.. Just got legion and did the lvl 100 boost on the lvl 70 hunter. After most of my abilities were gone and only a few were left. I lost my other two pets and revive pet is gone and my only pet is dead. I completed the demon assault thing and theyre still not there. Will these abilities ever come back? Again please dont make fun of me just AnswerLudwiga5 Jan 9