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Mar 15 gnome mounts lvl 20 where do i go to get my mount at level 20? im a gnome mageEark9 Mar 15
Mar 15 Is the game supposed... Is the game supposed to start this slow? I have been just getting into it, and it feels mostly slow. I think I might be doing something wrong. On that note, I don't really know what to do in each zone. Is there a main storyline to each area? Should I do all of the quests that I come along? Also, any tips for a noob?Galadrieal10 Mar 15
Mar 15 Worries about surviability I am new to the game, played tad bits off and on for a long while but never manually leveled past level 30. With the leveling changes recently I started over again to try and level. I like playing Warlock and Shaman and Paladin. One of the things that was happening to me, specifically on my Warlock. Is that before I got the drain life skill which I think was level 13 I would die constantly, anytime I would get a mob I wasn't completely prepared for I would be dead. Anytime I aggroed two mobs at once I would be dead. Thankfully after getting the drain life skill I have been able to avoid any further deaths. For shaman they have the heavier mail armor and a self heal. Similar situation for paladin, heavier armor, self healing, defenses and so on. So the real thing I can't seem to imagine is how to people play a class like a mage who, as far as I know, has no self healing or anything like that? How do you avoid dying all the time in solo stuff when you don't have the kind of built in survivability with heals and armor that some classes do? Also, I swear if I see everyone say !@#$ like "by getting good" or "by not sucking" I will forever lose faith in the WoW community.Nyxaria7 Mar 15
Mar 15 Boosting to 100 instead of 110? Hi, I've noticed with buying the expansion you get a character boost to 110 instead of 100. I was hoping to do the legion content from 100-110 and get the endorphin boost of being able to ding during the process. I was just wondering if this is at all possible anymore? Or will I be forced to go straight to 110? Thanks.Erikjustice3 Mar 15
Mar 14 Returning to WoW after long time - Tank Help Hi, I'm jumping back into WoW after a a looong time. My highest character was a 63 druid. I want to try tanking so I've created a Monk to go Brewmaster and a Warrior. I'll be playing casually with a mate through the levels, no power levelling or anything. Currently i'm having a lot of fun with warrior but i'm seeing a lot of people saying its rubbish and isn't fun nor engaging. BM Monk is being praised as very fun and requires more user input. Does the Monk always hit with fists even though weapons are equipped? I like swinging a sword/axe etc. But would sacrifice this to play a more engaging character. I'll be PvE'ing predominantly but wont be going uber high level with it. The skills look really different now. Last time i played there were 2 trees that went downwards. Now it looks like you can switch between builds. Does this allow you to utilise a DPS build and a Tank build whenever you wish by quickly swapping? For example as a Monk could I play a tank and then swap to a healer for another dungeon? or DPS and Tank for the warrior? Any thoughts or advise would be greatly appreciated. TGarpa6 Mar 14
Mar 14 Looking for guild and instances Would like friends guild and people to help grind items on instanceSadirishfool2 Mar 14
Mar 14 LF People to play with I want to start an allied race (starts at level 20), nightborne (horde), but i have no one to play with. I love doing dungeons and was thinking of playing a healer. I don't mind if you're a new player cause I love to help and could answer questions all day long. I am willing to make a character on any realm. Anyway, if anyone is interested in playing this weekend hit me up! Deaddaisy#11780Sybriss4 Mar 14
Mar 14 Need PC advice for BFA Hey all! I haven't played since Cata and want to hop on board for BFA. The issue that I have is that my computer cannot run WoW anymore :( Right now my dream build is but my budget is much tighter than my dreams. Does anyone have any advice for putting together a PC or a premade PC to play BFA on that's less than $700? I've been using to help me figure out what I want but I wanted to reach out to the pros for any information! P.S. In case you need it, here are the system requirements for BFA Mar 14
Mar 14 LF friends make a new characters and grind! Just picked this game up and have been leveling a character, but as any mmo player will tell you. these games absolutely suck by yourself and I want to get a group of 4 or 5 people together or join someone elses group and start a new character and just grind and have fun. add me on discord Grumpig#7095. Thanks and hope to make some great friends playing this game!Banketi9 Mar 14
Mar 13 Is it too late to play WoW? After a lot of wondering, I finally decided to give WoW a shot. I even bought a new computer and furniture to play WoW seriously, I put some money aside to buy WoW token in the game to buy some weapons if that facilitates game playing, Just one concern: since the game has been played for over 11 years, i sort of worried that even I spend a lot of time and money into the game, I can never get to where those top WoW players are, is it too late to play WoW? should I go look for another relatively new game to play? any tip or thought would be appreciated,Battlernet4 Mar 13
Mar 13 pvp im fairly new and have been doing a lot of pve and wanted to start on pvp i cant seem to find where i can get season 14 gear if anyone could help that would be greatWitethunder2 Mar 13
Mar 13 Comparing bag items to worn items Hi all, new to the game (crazy, I know). I was watching some Let's Play on youtube, and I noticed that when he (Sambo - love his series) hovered over an item in the bag, it brought up a view of the comparable item that he was wearing at the time. This doesn't happen for me (only BC atm). I looked in the settings but could not find anything. Is this an add-on, or a feature of WotLK or Cata? It would make game play less tedious for me. Thanks in advance.Elyssar26 Mar 13
Mar 12 Hit 110,now what? First time wow player, and, as the title suggests, I just hit 110 on my first toon. What do I do now? All I'm doing atm is questing in suramar and queueing random dungrons. I am going for the flying achievements but I was wondering if there were other things I could / should be doing cuz questing gets boring after a while.Gomukaya3 Mar 12
Mar 12 Levelimg after BfA launch After BfA launch one would assume atrifact weapons will be removed from game but I am curious as to how toons will fight thru levels 100-110 with no weapons after the removal as no weapons can be created currently for these. Anyone have idea on this?Juzz1 Mar 12
Mar 12 low level dungeons Recently I have been going back and doing some of the low level quest that I have missed or lost due to the cata upgrade and have done some soloing in a couple of dungeons(cleared blackfathom deep and started scholomance). I was looking at the dungeon listing and there is the ragefire chasm in orgimmar is there a way to access this instant or is it only available to the horde? As well as the two dungeons in the barrens? Thanks.Warofaith10 Mar 12
Mar 11 Missing Ride/Mount Quest Hi I'm a new player in WoW and looking to find how I get trained to ride and get a mount. In looking through the prior postings, I should have gotten a quest at level 20 that leads to the ride trainer. However looking through my quest log, does not look like I got one. What options do I have? Help/tips appreciated. thanksUnrah3 Mar 11
Mar 10 Battle Net Privacy Settings I understand if you chose to, you can use the invisible feature on your bnet to keep others from seeing you're online period, but is there a way to set it up to where you can be shown via the b-net as online, but no one can see which character/faction/server you're on? tl;dr: I don't care people seeing I'm online, but I'd rather keep which server/faction/character I'm on to myself.Raestia3 Mar 10
Mar 10 Change Dungeon Difficulty vs Q-ing Specifics Hi all, I've been trying to queue for TBC Heroic dungeons, what I don't get is the difference between the Right click on char portrait > dungeon difficulty vs. Queueing for specific heroic dungeons. Is one different from the other? And how does the change dungeon difficulty work? Do i just queue for random TBC dungeon and it automatically gets put to Heroic?Velphiisa2 Mar 10
Mar 9 Do you read quest? i usually ignore the text, but do players read them?Nyte16 Mar 9
Mar 9 world map so i was recently watching a youtube video about WoW and saw they opened their map and thought wow thats pretty cool and i was wondering how i get my map like that this is the picture i dont know if the link works or not or if you are able to get your map to look like that any ideas?Anubrer1 Mar 9
Mar 9 how exactly does the LFG que work Im a healer and i spent the last 40 mins in a que waiting for a tank...during that time a group formed three times but a dps was afk so the group failed and we went back to i would think that we would just grab the next DPS in line BUT NO each time the tank went to some other group and I had to wait longer...which means some other healer got a group before me ? if you que for a specific instance does that mean you only have a pool of other people looking for that same instance or you form a group and any one looking for a random group fills the spot? id assume randomly..but i cant understand these rather long ques as a healer... thanks in advanceMäd2 Mar 9
Mar 9 Won't let me do dungeons please help I finished a dungeon that had me kill four different bosses (Forest-y place. One of the bosses was an Ancient and another was a spider as a optional bonus boss in some cave) and it pushed to me level 101. After that it doesn't allow me to do anymore random dungeons. I'm not eligible for anything, so wondering how I'm supposed to get gear and level up. Is it because I went over 100 so that no longer makes me eligible for old content, but since my item level is 644 it's too low to do anything else? I cant do burning crusade, lich king, or legion and those are the only ones it lets me do now (I don't see Draenor now I think that was a choice before) I read I should be doing Garrison missions, but I truly dislike building my own kingdom or doing small questions. I'm really much more interested in end game stuff like eventually raiding and mythic+ stuff. I hope to Elune that I don't have to do Garrison stuff (At least to level so I can start doing legion content) I also read to maybe go to Talann Jungle or whatever it's called to level up, but I have no idea how to get from Stormwind/Stormshield to that place (This WoW map is enormous I'm completely lost 99% of the time excluding where the Storms are and where Malfurion resides) I also am a restoration druid. I can't do much damage so questing alone will be DREADFULLY long or very difficult (I don't have a second set to dps. I have a distaste for DPSing - one reason I'm considering switching to holy paladin so my second set when I start working on a second set can be tanking) Not sure why I can't repeat dungeons either. I did it for the dungeon where we appear on black birds and there's a part where the wind blows down the stairs and you have to be careful not to be pushed off.Veterinary9 Mar 9
Mar 9 Trial version differences ? Hi everyone, I downloaded the trial version and so far really like WoW. Apart from the level cap at 20, what are the other differences ? If you play a character up to lvl 20 and then decide to buy the game, is it worthwhile keeping that character or are the differences such that it would be better to start over ? Every time I login I'm taken to a page that offers the WoW battlechest. What is it ? and is it worth buying for a trial account ? When I see the button 'upgrade' I'm assuming this means upgrade to a full account. How much is a full account ? Thanks in advance for any answers. A WoW noob.Cridedd21 Mar 9
Mar 9 Questions about mouse hovering for targeting I have healbot and I want to designate my clicks to certain spells, like my main heal rejuv would be left click, but I also need to target people with my left click so I was wondering if there's a way to enable mouse-hover over to target Also how would I change looking left and right with pushing my mouse to the left and right of the screen instead of clicking the screen and dragging? Thank you!Veterinary16 Mar 9
Mar 9 Is the game... Is the game supposed to start this slow? I have been just getting into it, and it feels mostly slow. I think I might be doing something wrong. On that note, I don't really know what to do in each zone. Is there a main storyline to each area? Should I do all of the quests that I come along?Galadrieal32 Mar 9
Mar 8 Friendly WoW Discord for shy / new player Inspired by the EU Fail Train Discord Community, "Fail Train US / Oceanic" was created for players who play on WoW US and Oceanic servers who: Have social anxiety issues or feel a bit shy to group up with people Are new to the game or need help exploring all that Azeroth has to offer Value doing content with a fun, social and relaxed group May want to try out a new class or role but are put off from doing so Want to make new friends and play WoW with like minded players Love talking about food (we have a channel called "Nomi’s Kitchen" dedicated to delicious noms) And most importantly: Players who think the journey is just as important as the destination. So if that sounds like you then hop on board The Fail Train :) If you don't particularly fit the bill but are willing to dedicate a little time and understanding to those that do then you too are welcome aboard. What are we about? We are trying to establish a guild free from server or faction restrictions. We would love to get a bunch of more passengers aboard so there are always people online from all over to group up and do content together (raids, dungeons, transmog runs, achievements, questing and more). We are currently running Normal raids each week on both Alliance and Horde sides, and would love to get more people joining that would like to experience raiding other than LFR. You can join Fail Train US / Oceanic Discord via the link below. Discord is a free web, desktop and phone based chat app for gamers. Be sure to check out the #welcome channel when you join: If you know anyone who might be interested in this community, please feel free to share our invite link around.Zireael1 Mar 8
Mar 8 First Dungeon Hi, I've been playing the game off and on for years, but have never done group content. I've just leveled a Dwarf Hunter to 20 and wanted to try my first dungeon. I would appreciate any advice I could get on how to do this the correct way. (effectively and not annoyingly to my fellow group mates) ThanksHughalfogal6 Mar 8
Mar 8 Group exp between early levels and 60ish I want to level a new alt with a friend. The alt I want to level is pushing 50, but my friend is starting at 20. I don't want to slow their progress and want to do dungeons with them. The new level system lets us team up in nearly any pre-60 dungeons. Will I slow their gains or be locked out of doing content together if I hit 60 or 61? Should I stop my exp gains at a particular level, or will the content continue to scale as we do stuff together - with just me getting lower exp gains as I stick around in pre-60 content?Izizi4 Mar 8
Mar 7 Artifact Power I searched on this, but anything that seemed remotely relevant was from 7.2... Once my artifact traits are maxed is there any benefit to adding more AP? I have maybe 20 AP+ items ranging from 600,000 to 1 billion, but I'm not sure what to do with them. They are one of the more common quest rewards. Do I need more? Should I trash them?Rorien2 Mar 7
Mar 7 Questions about Restoration Druid in Raids+ So, I currently, for the most part, finished up my addons and such. I've got my rotation in the right place and so on. I've played a couple dungeons to test the waters and I came up with a couple of questions. To my understanding, I should be keeping lifebloom on the tank and cenarion/ironbark? (1) but do I keep both rejuvenations on the tank or if I have two tanks one on each? It's a confusing question because everyone says its my main heal, the butter to my bread. So, wouldn't I be casting my main heal on whoever is losing health? Or is regrowth and wild growth for those other people (the dps' when i say others). It's just regrowth consumes a lot of mana and I can't move while using it and apparently resto druids are known for their mobility mostly. For me to keep my main heal away from the majority of people in a raid doesnt make too much sense. I come from another mmo called DCUO and it's a bit different from WoW. (2) Should efflorescence be kept on the tank or should it stay on top of me and the other ranged people? I noticed Madskillz used it on himself and the ranged people in a fight that had green laser legion fire stuff coming out. It's just strange because I would assume if we're ranged, we're less likely to lose health whereas the melee dps are up and personal and they can lose health easier so having that on the tank would benefit those dps which would act as a back up for them. (3) When is it good to activate flourish and is it bad if I can't find time to use moonfire? I think for the most part understanding it is simple, it's just practicing from here on out, but boosting around level 55 seems to have been a bad mistake because I'm completely lost on what to do and what I missed (I would really love to play the dungeons I skipped because aren't some like the olds gods or fighting ragnaros? Hearthstone player here) Sorry for the long questions. I'm sure someone will say what I have to do in a raid largely depends on the raid, but that leads me to another question. (4) How do people even know what to do for a raid? Do they release guide books after testing it multiple times? Seems like a lot to prepare for all the dungeons and raids out there for someone who recently got back into WoW This is a separate issue with the addons, but I really hope someone can help as it's the most important. (5)I was watching madskillz play and I saw that he has all these health bars for each person in his raid. I'm not sure what I did wrong, but I don't have that. I have to click on the tank and it will then only give me his health bar that I can monitor.Veterinary1 Mar 7
Mar 7 Need some new friends I came back to wow and all my friends dont play anymore it doesnt matter if you're new or not if you wanna add me and play you can. Pushpen#1315Pauster7 Mar 7
Mar 6 Cooking from 150-175 Hey team! So i Am stuck I know I need Zangy Clam meat or Lion Steak to get to 175 so i can cook sagefish but I have no idea where to get the clam meat. I read that Southshore had some but I have no idea where that is, can someone please help me? :)Akayna8 Mar 6
Mar 6 Wanting to get into game I'd really like to get into WoW. I have been looking into the game for nearly a decade now...but, the 15$ per month is the only thing throwing me off. So I'm 50/50 borderline on both playing and not playing. The class I would like to play is Priest and possibly Druid. I like the support/healing roles. Another downside is finding a guild/people to help me learn the game/mechanics. I am not new to MMORPGs. 13 years spent on another and 5 spent on it's sequel. Is there anyone willing to take me in and show me the ropes? Giving me a reason to fully buy the game and spend the 15$ a month? I do use discord and have a mic. I have been testing with the free to level 20 and so far it's fairly fun. But, if anyone is willing to take and teach please let me know. I want to be your healer. xDKiaya8 Mar 6
Mar 6 Artifact Appearances Questions So I recently heard that when Battle for Azeroth comes out, the mage tower and Mythic 15+ artifact appearances won't be available anymore. I'm trying to level as many characters as I can to obtain the appearances, but I'm not sure I can level characters for each specialization before Battle for Azeroth. So I just had a few questions. Since some of the quests are the same for some specializations, if you complete a mage tower artifact quest for one specialization, does the artifact appearance for the other specializations become unlocked, or do you have to complete the same quest? Also, if you switched specializations, does the other mage tower artifact quests become available? Finally, for the Mythic 15+ artifact appearances, if you unlock it on one class, will it become unlocked for other classes, or do you have to keep doing it? I haven't been able to unlock much of the artifact appearances, but now that I know some of them won't be available soon, I'm trying to unlock all of them as fast as I can.Syrelaeda2 Mar 6
Mar 5 Questions about buying WoW I am a free to play player and had some questions. First if I buy legions does it come with all the DLC up till the newest one? And does it come with a free 30 days of game-play? My other question was what are the major differences between just buying the regular twenty dollar pack and buying legions? do they both come with all the DLC?(Besides legion for the twenty dollar one.) Thanks!Blightcull2 Mar 5
Mar 5 How to lock your own threads-? -to prevent necros or is there a way to request it from a forum moderator?Furrlex1 Mar 5
Mar 5 Red Fishing Spot I was fishing around Borean Tundra and saw a red fishing spot. It kinda disappeared in front of me so i couldn't investigate what it was. Anyone can tell me what red fishing spots are?Kyousou1 Mar 5
Mar 5 Night Elf quest progression Up to this point (Ashenvale), the questing has been very linear and it's pretty easy to figure where to head next. Any recommendations on where to go after Ashenvale is complete? I'm currently level 23 and figure to be 25 before I move on. I've read Stonelaton Mountains, then Desolace is pretty common, but I've also seen alot of other things as well. Just trying to get some opinions so what others have done. Also, what location (if any) would be considered my ultimate goal? ThanksDashlaran3 Mar 5
Mar 5 LF someone to grind/play/learn with I am noobish at the game and am looking for someone to play/grind with and learn with them i really want to get good at wow and i have no one to play and i play daily i took a break for irl stuff but I am willing to play any faction/character/class/role or start a new toon. I wanna get competitive but i need to learn and play with people. I have discord and can talk i have all the resources to play but i need someone to enjoy the grind with and i need to learn how to play wellEliasavage5 Mar 5
Mar 5 How Do you get to Netherstorm. Question markThefakealche14 Mar 5
Mar 5 LF friends make a new characters and grind! Just picked this game up and have been leveling a character, but as any mmo player will tell you. these games absolutely suck by yourself and I want to get a group of 4 or 5 people together or join someone elses group and start a new character and just grind and have fun. add me on discord Grumpig#7095. Thanks and hope to make some great friends playing this game!Grumpigwow0 Mar 5
Mar 4 Grime encrusted object help! So I have a few Grime Encrusted Objects in my bags, and I've Googled on how to clean them, and what I found is going to the Clean Room in Gnomeregan there are machines that clean them, only these answers have been posted years ago and I cant seem to find this Clean Room. Can anyone please help me? Anything is very much appreciated! Thanks for your time.Melodypond7 Mar 4
Mar 4 Legion: No "Valarjar Soul Fragments"? Hello! I got a quest in which I have to grind 1000 "Valarjar Soul Fragments". So I participaed several times in the raid "Trial of Valor", but no new drops appeared. Is this working as intended?Fetitoo5 Mar 4
Mar 4 Hearthsteed won't fly? Sorry, I am new to WoW but I got my Hearthsteed and it won't fly... Plus I've heard a mount and your character can sprint? What do you press or is it required for you to sprint on a mount to fly? I just don't know why my mount refuses to fly.Wartricond8 Mar 4
Mar 4 New player roll dh first? Hello fellow wow players , I have a few questions for you guys today. I’m a brand new player always followed wow lore through YouTube and such and always been a fan of the game since it came out but never got the chance to play it due to bad computers and no money cuz I was a kid but I’m older now and finally got the game now I know I’m jumping in really late but better late then never. So I started off with a Warrior since Warrior has always been my go to for any mmo. I’m looking forward to going through the early content at my own pace but wanted to know a few things. So I’m planing On leveling my warrior to max but I also wanna make a dh would it be a bad idea to max a dh first while leveling my warrior and saving my boost. I’m afraid if I start my dh to soon I might be out the loop when it comes to questing since don’t know much about certain quests u need and professions and how to get all the good things any other acc has. Will my experienced be ruined if I start off at a high level while leveling up my warrior , should I just focus on one toon or play both or even 3 if I boost another char which I might not do because I’m very indecisive , will I be fine maxing my dh then figuring out late game mechanics to give my warrior a idea of what to expect I just don’t wanna ruin my experience I’m having such a good time leveling and playing on my rp realm. Love it love it love itAnimongus3 Mar 4
Mar 4 Need Info on Raid Difficulties I've run a lot of dungeons at this point, both grouped and alone, but I was hoping to go back and start playing through some of the Classic or BC raids by myself. When I've entered a raid instance before (competely on accident), it has always defaulted to 25-man (I think that's what that "25" in the upper right means). However, I've heard that raids can also be set to an easier 10-man setting. How is that done? Do you have to be in a raid group of some kind to change the settings, or can you be completely by yourself (like with dungeons)? Do you have to be inside or outside the raid instance in question? Do raids from different expansions have different settings available? Can settings be changed before the raid's weekly reset?Cobaltus5 Mar 4
Mar 4 How to WoD Just hit level 90 and got the starting quest for WoD. There are a few questions I'd like answered before I start though. 1. What are garrisons, how do I access them, and tips? 2. Should I complete all WoD zones? I haven't completed all the zones in any of the previous expansions. 3. If I shouldn't complete all the zones, what's the best zone? I like completing at least one zone before moving on. 4. Any random tips or important things I should know before I get too deep? Thanks in advance!Gomukaya2 Mar 4
Mar 3 Level scaling question I'm a returning player from long ago. I stopped playing when the cap was lvl 60 so a lot is new for me and I am leveling a character from the start to get acclimated. My question, which I had trouble finding much reference of, is: If I'm level 30 and I'm with a friend who is level 35, when we attack the same mob how does it scale for us if we a grouped? Is the scaling unique to the person even if they are grouped? I'm sure this is somewhere on the forums already but I couldn't seem to find it anywhere.Coop6 Mar 3
Mar 3 Help!Mounts! I wanted to know if there is any other mounts that we could buy for a blood elf demon hunter other than the felsaber, like a flying mount. Thank you!Zarrissa7 Mar 3
Mar 3 Artifact Weapon Change - help! HI. I recently bought BFA, and recieved a boost. I used it on a priest, and have been playing shadow. I have decided to change my spec, and I don't know how to obtain the artifact weapon for that new spec. Any help is welcomed. :)Calaran4 Mar 3