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Nov 22 Combat on mounts? Is it possible to do combat while on a mount? Cause so far all my mounts have disappeared moment I cast a spell, or get attacked by tons of enemies.Dragonmight4 Nov 22
Nov 22 New Player. So lost. LOL Hi ! I'm new to this game and I'm soooo lost on what to do. I've been doing quest these whole time. I also want to find a guild that willing to take new players because I really need someone to guide me.Svenali13 Nov 22
Nov 22 Collective stat % Is there a website or in game window that will give players a complete overall look at there combined stat percentages? Between gems, crucible selection, relics, weapon talents and all the little percentages we pick up i want to know my overall percentage on my talents. Thanks.Losvanknight1 Nov 22
Nov 21 Combo Points or I Randomly Became a Demon I turned into a cat and cast Ferocious Bite then somehow turned into a purple humanoid demon thing with wings. I'm not sure what comb points do or how to use them but I know Ferocious Bite has something to do with combo points. The description of F.B does not mention becoming a demon either.Glados18 Nov 21
Nov 21 2x Gathering Profession and DPS Loss Hey gang! Just started a Warlock. I'm looking for casual relaxed play until the new expansion hits. My question is in regards to professions. I'd like to eventually do heroic mode raids - probably won't have the time for Mythics...I'm wondering if I can get by with 2 gathering professions to earn gold and still be reliable dmg for raids? Obviously it's not min-max role - but would I lose a ton of dps if I don't have a real profession? I'm dirt poor on all of my toons.Etrix1 Nov 21
Nov 21 Change spec, change gear? I understand you can now change your spec nearly at will and it changes your hotkeys. My question is when you change spec, can you also automatically change your gear or do you have to do that manually?Darshiva6 Nov 21
Nov 21 Where to get geared for Antorus? What dungeons should I raid to get gear to be around ilvl 920 or so for Antorus?Ganondworf4 Nov 21
Nov 20 Void Elves When ????????????? I want one!!! When can we make one???Caseycross4 Nov 20
Nov 20 Need help picking a realm Hey there peoples, I'm trying to pick this game back up after a two year break. I have four horde toons ranging from 85 to 100 on Sargeras but quite frankly it just seems empty there. I think the Alliance outnumber the Horde quite a bit on Sargeras. So I'm looking to play a horde pve Priest and maybe some pvp with a DK or Pally afterwards, but I feel like I'm just rolling the dice on picking a new server. I've always preferred PvP realms; however, it sounds like it wont matter as soon as the expansion launches. If anyone has suggestions I'd be glad to hear them!Traxex2 Nov 20
Nov 20 Transfer gold to another server? My grandson learned that I play WoW, and apparently he started playing it a few months ago. He has a lvl 100 player on Moon Guard server, all my characters are on Uldum. We tried to meet up at TrueShot Lodge, but that never panned out - he said he was at the same location as me, but I couldn't see him nor could he see me. So I figured it was because of being on separate servers (we are both Horde Blood Elf hunters, surprisingly enough). So I used my token from the Legion upgrade to create a lvl 100 Hunter on his server. During the game play, he complained about not having much gold to repair his armor. I saw that I had 600+ and gave him half. Afterwards, when he logged off, I tried to transfer gold from one of my Uldum characters to his on Moon Guard. No dice. Also tried to transfer gold from an Uldum character to MY Moon Guard character, again - did not allow that. So is it something that absolutely CANNOT be done, between servers, even for a player to transfer gold between his own players if they're on different servers? I am assuming the answer it "sorry dude, no can do", but wanted to ask anyway just to be sure. Thanks.Sylverhawk3 Nov 20
Nov 20 Sub Questions Hello everyone. I had just started up WoW again after six years and I had a question about the subscription model. I just paid for my subscription a couple of days ago (got charged 15$ and all). My question is: Will I get a second month charge in late December (like it's supposed to be), or December 1st? If the latter, why have I been charged a full 15$ for only 10-12 days of November?Arathtil3 Nov 20
Nov 20 Time to lvl 20 in Vanilla? I've been doing the iron man challenge (I've died multiple times tho) and it's taken me about 7 and a half hours to reach level 20. This is a bit longer than usual but i feel like it still would've taken much longer in vanilla. Does anyone know roughly how long it would take back then and give me any additional tips to make leveling more like vanilla because even with the iron man challenge i feel the game is not challenging enough.Nagraakk8 Nov 20
Nov 20 Seeking advice So I’m fairly new to WoW but, I do have brief understanding of the game. I’ve tried to play on mulitple occasions but, ended up quitting because of frustration. I’ve leveled a character to 20 and 29 but I never feel like the class is right for me. I have many questions and am eager to learn more about this game but, honestly I do get uneasy when it comes to asking other people questions because of bad experiences. But I do want to play with other people and grow friendships and what not but my mind always feels like it’s going to explode from this game I think I’m trying to take all of it in at once and figure everything out on my own that it causes me to stop. I would love to have a personal guide that I could ask questions. Or even a guild but the guilds ive joined expect new players to know everything and I know it’s not every guild but The ones I’ve joined have been like that I’m honestly just trying to learn about the game more.Divinetorva3 Nov 20
Nov 20 guild for a new player looking for a guild to help a new player learn the ropes in illidan realmDomian2 Nov 20
Nov 20 Questing in zones far below your level Is there an etiquette or rule for this kind of thing? My two characters are currently in Outland doing the Burning Crusade zones, but I would like to have my character who started in Kalimdor eventually do the Eastern Kingdoms quests and vice versa. But basically I will be one-shotting things that new players and players leveling alts need since we will have the same quests. Is there an established way this works?Qoath6 Nov 20
Nov 20 Clueless How to operate navigational console ?Manara1 Nov 20
Nov 19 character/level struggle I've been asking around (Discord, Twitter, etc.) and people seem to not grasp what I'm trying to say. So. I'm technically still a new player (started in late March of this year) It's been odd. I started with a character, leveled to around 30, then deleted it. Decided to use my boost and ended up deleting. I kept creating characters, but never got far due to the fact that in my opinion the game doesn't seem new player friendly. Like, it gets REALLY confusing on where to go next. Around September I created a Demon Hunter, but eventually deleted it and decided to make a fresh character, but after seeing the next expansion announced, I'm confused on what to do. Should I go ahead and continue or should I buy a lvl boost? I feel like I completely messed up my experience in this game.Feyleliadawn8 Nov 19
Nov 19 Order hall follower ilevel goof Hi All, I focused on pushing one follower to ilevel 900 because he had a bonus to mission success if no other followers were with him (just troops), and seemed alright for him to push out ahead to open up new kinds of missions. When he dinged 900, some higher up missions appeared which was neat. By the time a rare quest mission for ilevel 900 appeared, I had 2 ilevel 900 people and one speeding toward 900. That third one just made ilevel 895 and was able to contribute to success on that quest - I dispatched them 2 hours before it would've expired. But now I have these two ilevel 760 followers left to raise up, and no missions below ilevel 810. Will anymore ilevel 760 missions appear maybe tomorrow, or are those two followers just stuck until I can dig up armor for them? Also, could I use follower items on a follower if the follower is with me as a combat ally? One of the followers is hemett, so I could just make him a combat ally for awhile unless that keeps me from being able to put armor items on him when I get armor items. I hadn't used any as combat allies because I needed random combinations for various missions and didn't want to hinder my ability to beat the missions with stuff I still sort of wanted. But if I have two guys who are benched now, I may as well put some order resource follower items on one and bring him out with me.Hartdegen4 Nov 19
Nov 19 Best way to collect blood of sargeras? I'm new to Legionand would like some little help and advice. I will be 110 soon. I'm trying to figure out the best way to farm gold, and I figured that collecting Blood of Sargeras might be one way to do it. What's the best method? If it matters any, my professions are Herbalism and Alchemy.Seahawkx16 Nov 19
Nov 18 Click No More! - A Guide to Keybinding I've seen more questions on these forums regarding keybinding than I care to count, and generally we simply give the OP a few general tips and move on to other topics. However, the questions keep popping up, and since no one else seems to have any urge to do so... it's guide time. Note: This guide is not intended to be a comprehensive, end-all / be-all resource for keybinding techniques and strategies- these guides already exist elsewhere on the interwebz, and have been written by much more proficient players than myself. This guide is only intended as a starting point, a basic, general overview of keybinding for players new to the practice. -- What Is Keybinding? -- To begin, let's start with the most basic question: "What the heck is keybinding, anyway?" Keybinding is the practice of assigning (via the Blizzard Interface menu or via an add-on such as Dominos) various abilities placed on a player's action bar to a specific, unique key on the keyboard or mouse (if applicable), or to a unique combination of keys. Basically, whenever the player hits the key (or key combination) to which an ability is bound, that ability is then used (macros, also, are bound in this manner - for more information on macros, Raygecow has an excellent guide for beginners: The short version: you hit a button, you do something. Bam. Simple. Moving on. -- The Virtues of Keybinding -- The next question that comes up is, "Why should I keybind?" Without going into too much mind-numbing detail regarding the differences in dungeon, PvP, and raid performance from those who keybind to those who don't, the bottom line is that players who keybind have a much faster response time to what is happening around them, able to unleash a string of abilities in the time in can often take a "clicker" (someone who doesn't keybind) to find just that one spell. Keybinding transfers an ability rotation from a player's visual memory to a player's muscle memory, allowing him or her to react sometimes before they're even aware of what they're reacting to. The short version: keybinding saves time and effort. Why not make the game easier for yourself? -- Binding Keys and Keybinding Logic -- Now we come to the good part: "How do I keybind?" Back in the day, we had to do this thing called "manual keybinding," which meant that we had to go into the Blizzard Interface menu and manually change and re-arrange our keyboard layout to suit our rotation and style of play, one key and key combination at a time. This meant that you had to know how each Action Bar was laid out in order to bind your keys (Bar 1, Button 1; Bar 3, Button 5) etc. This could often take a great deal of time to steamline and set up effectively (and those of you who want to learn how to do this can simply go into the Keybinding menu and play around with it to see what I'm talking about: Esc --> Key Bindings). More recently, we've taken to using (and recommending the use of) add-ons like Bartender and Dominos for this task- Dominos, especially, is a major time-saver due to the fact that it lets a player mouse-over the Action Bar slot they wish to bind and simply hit the key or key combination they wish to bind it to. Bartender does offer some further customization over Dominos, but Dominos is much more user friendly and what I recommend for those new to add-ons / keybinding. The following sections can easily be put into practice using either medium mentioned above.Rynok44 Nov 18
Nov 18 New/Returning Player LF Guild. Thrall|Horde (Please dont reply with the usual copy paste guild advertisements.most of the time the poster didnt even read the OP..many people dislike those as a response...they really do, its true...) Heya, Sorry if its a wall of text. I haven't played WoW seriously for a long time. I left to play other things since I really love Jrpgs and RPG games...but this isn't really about me. My wife loves to watch me play stuff and she has played a few things like Little Big Planet 1,2 and 3 and some old school Nintendo stuff. Anyways she wanted to give WoW a go and I figured she may enjoy it with lots of things to do and people to meet. She is brand new to this type of game-play and so on. So setup the account paid the money (still need the legion upgrade) and she was online last night. Ill be back on this weekend. She is on Thrall as a Blood Elf....go figure :) Playing a hunter cause Pet Catching is fun! Still learning the controls and running around the starter zone. I plan on playing as well but probably not as much and Im probably gonna start a new character as well. To run around with her when I am online. She is a fast learner if its something she enjoys and was pretty impressed to see her sidestepping last night haha :)..her first night playing. Anyways we are looking for a Guild to join. Looking for the following. Active as in well rounded in the things they do like random dungeons, maybe some pvp here and there, old raid runs etc etc. Laid back but mature and not run by kids or people (that act like kids) with the typical Leet Hardcore attitude. Fun, chill type attitudes kind of tight knit group. People who understand life comes first. Helping out the new players with advice and so on. People who dont mind taking the "noob" players (like my wife) through dungeons and having patience etc. until they get the hang of things. Me personally I can handle anything but like many people reading this we were all new once and had that feeling of fear and uncertainty in this massive digital world...especially others that dont have much gaming experience at all. Reply here or hit me up on my BTag jibs#1308 ThanksJibster2 Nov 18
Nov 18 Pandaren Can't Select Quest from Anduin Wrynn Hi, I'm leveling a Pandaren for the first time and just chose the Alliance faction, which then took me to Stormwind. I turned-in the choose-Alliance-or-Horde quest to Anduin Wrynn. A gray exclamation point appears above him, but the quest is not selectable. I tried logging-out and completely exiting WoW, but that did not fix the problem. Thoughts or suggestions anyone? Thank you, KodeeyakKodeeyak4 Nov 18
Nov 17 Mm hunter ilvl880 help I disc9vered that I should be causing more damage, I am fairly new to Wow and am unsure how to get my damage dealt up. I want to be competitive any help would be awesomeKaulonia3 Nov 17
Nov 17 Looking for leveling partner! Horde or Alliance Looking for someone (new or veteran) to start a new character with and level and enjoy it with. I've recently started playing wow again and want to start fresh and get into the actual game again (the game before max level that is.) I feel like every time I've leveled in the past I've just been trying to go MAX SUPER ULTRA HYPERSPEED to get to 110. I want to not take it too slow but not just focus on getting max level. If you are interested or have any other questions please feel free to add me and ask! id: Triston#1565Tamez6 Nov 17
Nov 17 How exactly is the season 5 mog achieved? I've obtained the pieces I care about on my Death Knight, but I just did that by playing ranked Arena. Is there any specific way on how it's obtained? Like is it 5 wins get you a piece or whatever?Anonthealpha1 Nov 17
Nov 17 When should you stop using heirlooms? Okay, well i'm pretty late but I never used heirlooms, I have like 3 pieces, the helm, body and legs, only level 60. Should i bother now and get it upgraded to 1-100? Or just forget about it and move on?Orekk9 Nov 17
Nov 17 playing wow again starting over at level 1 id like to play wow again. its overwhelming starting at 100 with all the skills and everything going. id like to start over at level 1. anyone wanna play with me?Syllione1 Nov 17
Nov 16 What is the easiest class to play? I've been away from wow and was wondering what is the easiest class to play? ThanksTarron10 Nov 16
Nov 16 Motorcycle mounted characters under level 20? I've just returned to WoW from a long hiatus. I'm giving a Starter Edition a whirl before I resub my main account. I've seen many players on motorcycle mounts with sidecars. They're under the usual first mount level of 20. What is this new-fangled machine?Dregga17 Nov 16
Nov 15 How does loot work? This sounds like a pretty embarrassing question but can someone please explain. I'm coming from Diablo and there, any loot that drops is basically all yours. Other players don't see or pick up your drops and you can't see theirs. That's not the case here, I know that much. I've just started to run dungeons and pretty much every run, I barely get loot on my runs. I play ranged so I'm always at the farthest point of any given skirmish. By the time everything's down, all the corpses have been looted. When does the need, greed, pass prompt appear? Do I need to loot the corpse while someone else is looting it to get that prompt?Doogie6 Nov 15
Nov 15 Need Help! I have tried to play this game and some parts have been fun, but I feel like 99% of this game for me is walking around in circles for hours on end having no clue what to do. I used my level boost thing on a draenei priest and now I am just lost. I am looking for someone to help me out and teach me about this massive game. Thanks!Setherburge5 Nov 15
Nov 15 Shamans Try not to make too much fun of me but I'm a total noob. I just made a shaman and I can't figure out how to use the mace. Does it work on its own when a mob gets close enough? or is there a button I'm missing? Again. not too much fun of me lolDaudshe5 Nov 15
Nov 15 Concordance of Legion fall Progresion Hey all! I'm new to Legion, and decided to join last week after a loooooooooooong hiatus. I'm confused about Concordance of Legion fall's progression. I have it at rank 4, but it wont go any higher. I've seen people say it goes up to 50 or something, but for mine it says 1.4 billion AP for the next rank, but I have that; the text (1.4 billion) is in 'red'. Do you have to unlock something, or do some quest for it to go higher? Thanks!Supadruid2 Nov 15
Nov 15 Where to get starting quest for Legion? Hey all! I am not sure if i am having a bug issue or not but I cannot figure out where to go to get started in legion. I did the prequest line and everything and waited in dalaran in northrend for launch. I have been to SW as well to try and get a quest to active but nothing :( am i being a dumby? hahaMorphìne10 Nov 15
Nov 14 PvP Progression? I’ve been playing some of the pvp battlegrounds with my low level characters. You don’t seem to get any rewards for playing, xp, pvp xp, gear, etc, win or lose. Does that kick in at some point? If yes, where can i read about it? Thsnk you.Akig2 Nov 14
Nov 14 Human surnames Hi! I've recently switched over to Wyrmrest Accord on a warlock to try roleplaying, and I want to roleplay a human, but I can't come up with any good surnames, something that rolls off the tongue well with Xankris would work maybe?Korzee5 Nov 14
Nov 14 Swimming to make this simple, when I am swimming it will automatically make me swim up or down when I press the w key to move forward so I will either dive underwater or rise to the surface and I half to hold down my mouse to make my character go straight forward. I do not know what is causing this but open for recommendationsJadescape11 Nov 14
Nov 13 How do you show numbers on action bars ? Hello. How do you show numbers on action bars. Please help.Ellindell4 Nov 13
Nov 13 struggling with incomprehensible story So, I am a new player who just started playing two weeks ago or so. I've been enjoying it a lot – except for the nontrivial problem that the story has left me very confused. After doing some searching, I found that this is because the Cataclysm expansion rewrote the story in the lower level zones, making them a sort of mishmash of timelines in a way that doesn't make sense. When I got to Outland, the current story at least stopped trying to mesh different time periods together, but I don't understand how what I'm playing in Outland relates to what I played previously, or even how the different parts of what I played previously relate to each other, and since the older story is gone, I never found out what happened before Outland. It's almost like I'm reading a book that has the first few chapter ripped out and the other chapters all in random order, with a few pages from the missing chapters randomly interspersed among the middle chapters. Those who read it before that happened might be able to understand it, but not someone reading it for the first time. Leaving aside the issue of how unfriendly this makes the game to new players, is there any way to make any kind of sense out of this whatsoever, or should I just quit? I mean, I'd really like to keep playing, and I get that the story isn't the point of the game, but I'm not sure I can live with a storyline that is completely incoherent.Kalasin15 Nov 13
Nov 12 Where in the story am I? So I am completely new to WoW, and on the game description it says "discover 5 expansions from Burning Crusade to Warlords of Draenor." I was wondering if someone could explain how I know which part of the story my character is on, I really like the story content I've seen so far but I have no idea where it all fits together.Wryze3 Nov 12
Nov 12 WOW tokens and grinding I figured the new player forum would work best for this topic. I understand how the WOW token system works and I know that as of right now they are worth around 180,000 gold but how much does this actually help you in the game? I work full time and have other responsibilities (like I'm sure most people do) so paying $20 to skip some grinding doesn't sound too bad. Obviously I'm still low level so it's not something I'm rushing out to do but when I do get to the high level end game content how useful is the gold? I know a lot of items bind when picked up so how much of the high end gear can I actually get? Or will I still need to grind out dungeons and raids to get the better items? I'm mostly interested in the end game PvE content so I'd be looking at getting better gear for dungeons and raids.Xaandirixa3 Nov 12
Nov 11 ¿Le bajaran al precio de legión? Mi pregunta es que si le bajaran a legión en diciembre y cuanto le bajarían y si vale la pena comprarlo.Franco2 Nov 11
Nov 11 Bored of Druid(Guardian) Bored of Druid(Guardian) Im getting pretty bored of tanking in dungeons, and i really want to try dps. I tried feral but cant get my head around it. Played Balance up until 40 then i changed to guardian. This is my 1st Char, but i want to try and Simple Dps class thats funPinknpurple4 Nov 11
Nov 11 The Wandering Isle: A Path is "Blocked" Hi, I started a Pandaren (now at level 8). I have a weird problem, and I'll kick myself when someone tells me the answer. It's in the Pandaren start zone: The Wandering Isle. Bring up the map and see The Temple of Five Dawns building at center. At bottom-left of the building, a road heads west. I need to get to that road so I can reach three quests that are just south of Morning Breeze Village. But I cannot get to that road from the building (or so it seems). Of course, I tried other routes to get to the road or the three quests but no luck: I'm always blocked in some way. What the heck am I not seeing here? EDIT: Holy cow! Like I said I will kick myself. I just found the answer: there's a small tornado inside the building. You ride it up a level, and there's the road I needed! Yay. Thanks! KodeeyakKodeeyak2 Nov 11
Nov 11 Legion showing in old game expansions? I jsut came back to WOW and saw the Legion release showing how the legion planet was visible in the sky on the main planet in the game. I watched this happen in one of the cinematic for the game, and well... While running around in my game, I noticed the planet in the sky, which I don't think was there before. Is it possible that Legion patches have been implemented in the entire game, regardless of what expansion of a user is playing on?Lunahasawa3 Nov 11
Nov 11 choices/decisions that are irreversible is choosing your talent, professions etc. are anything of these set in stone and can't be adjusted? is there anything in the future i need to be aware off before making a decision?! Thank you!Certyy3 Nov 11
Nov 11 Is it alright to change the rampage icon just started playing fury warrior and i would like to have the rampage icon picture changed, it doesnt look good at allTavernheart3 Nov 11
Nov 11 Is Zygor Guides a Reliable Investment? As a new Orc on the block, I have trouble leveling efficiently. Recently, I read a review about Zygor Automated Leveling Guides. The add said these guides were useful to new players who frequently lose themselves in the questing game and fail to level effectively. The problem is the price. As a graduate student, my time and money come at a premium, and I really don't want to sink $60.00 into a leveling helper if it not all its cracked up to be. Has anyone used such a method successfully? I don't want to waste my time or that of others, but I figured posting this question was worth a shot and it would certainly be much easier on my bank account, especially if Zygor Guides is just trying to pull the proverbial wool over the eyes of new WoW gamers. Thanks for your comments in advance and Happy Holidays. UzUzgurg45 Nov 11
Nov 11 My New Show WoW Time! I've recorded the first episode of my new show called WoW Time! It's focused on explaining classes to new players! My first episode focuses on basic Affliction Warlock PvP, please let me know what you think! Thanks!Taurenret0 Nov 11
Nov 10 Legion So today after I get off work I'm going to buy and download questions is do I need to worry about the pve and PvP armor .or does that matter I'm a causal player. I like to do raids and PvPTylocks5 Nov 10