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May 6 I signed on and I was dead? I'm not understanding how this happened. I logged off a little while ago because I was on an alliance character and spotted two Horde memebers just sitting a ways down from me. I had to turn in some quest that required me to go past them but I didn't feel like being trolled so instead of running past them I just X'ed out of WoW. I come back later and when I sign on I'm in the world does that happen?? I had killed the one MoB by me before signing off so I'm not understanding how I was killed after Xing out of the game. o_o TYVM for any help!Minzybom7 May 6
May 6 You don't have permission to look that corpse I am a fairly new player and am questing through Outland. I was finishing a quest alone and nobody was around me that I could see. As I killed the last creature, I began looting it. There were three items to loot, one being the quest item. I was able to retrieve two of the items, but not the quest item. When I tried to look the quest item, I received an error message: "You don't have permission to loot that corpse". I was unable to finish the quest for that reason. Does anyone know what happened here?Reverendalex2 May 6
May 6 Can You Hide Mount? Some MMOs let you hide your mount and just give your character a speed boost, can you do this in WoW?Drana5 May 6
May 5 how to get back to Azsuna I was doing a series of (guided) quests ...when I lost internet connection for a few hours =( logged back in ...and I was back in Dalaran ...when I tried to go back to Azsuna via the sky master > it said " I have not discovered it yet =( I backtracked thought Dalaran and can't seem to get back to Azsuna ...seen portals for different cities other than that? can anyone please tell me how to hitch a ride back? =)Houselomein1 May 5
May 5 Questions About Warlock Class Just a few questions about the Warlock class. 1) Is it a good class for beginners or should I consider switching? I heard it's good if you don't play with friends a lot which I don't that much. 2) When do I unlock the ability to create portals and how exactly can they be used? 3) Which is the most fun spec to play for the class? Which one requires the most work? Also, would I be right to assume Demonology is the best for solo? 4) What level do I get my mount and is it an ability or do I have to do some sort of quest for it?Varrskahn5 May 5
May 5 Guild question I am pretty sure the answer to my question is somewhere in this forum, but I could not find it. A Guild invited me, I accepted. Now is the thing, for the moment I have lots of time on hand and can play a lot and be valuable to my new Guild. In a month or so I won't have so much time anymore and will be for several month at best occasionally logging in. Can I stay in my Guild or is it more polite to leave in the times of inactivity and after that come back?Kelula5 May 5
May 5 Blackwing Descent, Nefarian stands there How do you access the final boss fight in this raid? I've killed every single boss but Nefarian just stands still. No dialogue, no actions, nothing. Just idle in front of a closed door. I've ran into every room, everywhere in the dungeon. The only thing I can't do is open the cage to this Finkle npc but apparently that isn't required. Google hasn't given me any results for this issue either. Its 25m heroic if that matters at all.Elizabautne1 May 5
May 5 Accidentally leaving a dungeon I just waited in a 25+ minute queue to get into a specific dungeon to do quests and get the achievement, but I accidentally ran out the exit. I now have a 30 minute deserter penalty for leaving. Not sure why the game doesn't confirm whether you want to leave, but could I have gotten back in somehow? I feel bad for the group that was suddenly left without a healer.Qoath2 May 5
May 4 Hidden Artifact Perks? Hello all, I noticed wowhead has perks for using the hidden artifact appearances. I only have the appearances on a few classes, but it seems like I'm getting the bonuses they list regardless of having the appearance. Is this actually a thing? Does using the hidden appearance actually grant some kind of perk?Survilius2 May 4
May 3 Pally or Warrior Tank I want to pick up tanking, and I'm deciding between the two. I have a max balance druid, and don't really want to learn a new druid spec so I'm not trying guardian for now. So between pally and warrior, what is the most... new tank friendly?Arctiel3 May 3
May 3 How to be the best I can Can anyone point me in the direction of a website/resource that can tell me the following: What the best equipment for my class/level is Where to find the best equipment for my class/level How to use glyphs How to use the auction house How to be a better DPS in dungeons/PVP Is soloing lower level dungeons beneficial? How? I may have more questions to come as I have a lot of them.Ahqwas6 May 3
May 3 Looking for Players Relatively new player looking for some people to grind with then do raids and have headsets...(44 druid willing to start a new)Herbderb0 May 3
May 2 How Do I Get Different Pets? So I've only had 2 characters before (ones currently a level 9 and the other one was a level 25 before I deleted her) and they've both been Paladins, this being said I have no idea how to get other pets besides my moth (currently named Mothy). So how do I get other pets and where should I go to get them, I'm in Cho'gall! Thanks!Adalene9 May 2
May 2 journeyman riding I have been looking for the "rider trainer" in most cities... I tried to back track and found the vendor is located in eversong woods... unfortunately I can't remember where the vendor ...muchless the trainer is at =(. how do I find a trainer (journeyman riding) ?Houselomein2 May 2
May 2 What to do at 100 without Legion? Hey All, I just hit 100 from level 1 for the first time, just got WOW about a month ago. I am hesistant to buy Legion from a $$ perspective and want to continue with the current content. What all should i do? Farm Mounts, build professions, build up garrison? I found one article but it is pre-legion. Any direction would be greatly appreciated.Teenor9 May 2
May 1 Anyone else want to level up as a group? Hey guys I got a group doing some controlled leveling together, so we can go slow and work on professions and stuff at the same time. Let me know if you're interested! (NA alliance Icecrown server) We're currently level capped at 20.Chokform0 May 1
May 1 Can I walk to a different starting zone t lvl If i create a character as an Orc, but walk to a different races starting zone will i be able to complete their quests so I can level with a friend?Åmbush11 May 1
May 1 Action Bar info is there a way to have more than one action bar? least another tier? noob here... trying to organize key strokes :)Houselomein6 May 1
May 1 PvE Player Bushwhacked by Taurens I was flying over Krasarang Wilds when I was shot out of the sky with the message, "Discovered Thunder Cleft". Thinking quickly (not), I used my reincarnation and immediately died again. Turned out that my corpse was in the middle of the Thunder Cleft village, so there was no way I could retrieve it. Prior to being shot down, I had no idea that this area was off limits. I've had this sort of thing happen on other characters, too, and I'm getting really frustrated. I love to explore but am becoming very leery of uncovered areas of the map. A druid friend tried to resurrect me one time, but she got a message something to the effect that she couldn't perform that spell on a PvP target that wasn't flagged for PvP. Message made no sense. If I wasn't flagged for PvP (which I wasn't), then I shouldn't be a PvP target. Anyway, as a PvE player, is there any way that I can determine ahead of time what areas I need to avoid in order to not to be killed by a part of the game in which I don't participate? I'm just frustrated and looking for some guidance.Rhonnat6 May 1
May 1 Unable to do lvl 100 quests. So my dumb as decides my first artifact should be the one that isn't in my heirloom spec. Which was enhancment, agility. But I picked the elemental artifact, which runs off intellect. Now I have the smorgasbord of half gear I've been trying to piece together to even finish my first quest in the broken isles. I'm horrible underleved. Any help?Yenadin2 May 1
May 1 bear form I was in the druid gall hall and saw someone in bear form and it looked like it had some bone on it and was wondering how to get it for my druid. Can alliance druids get it or is it horde only. How can either my alliance or horde druids get it? Plz Help ThanksLilyh5 May 1
Apr 30 Help Me Not Be Casual Hello there! So, as the title suggests, I am a casual gamer WoW player, but I have been a round a really long time. I mainly raided as a Frost DK from 3.1 - 5.4, quit for 6.0, came back at 7.0 launch with a new account, left because IRL stuff, but now I am back! That's the TL:DR version of the story >.> Anyway, as this is a fresh realm, fresh experience (Never leveled anything Horde past level 30), I wanted to gain some insight on what YOU guys are liking so far this expansion and why. I mainly DPS, but I do like having the option to heal myself which is why I strayed away from Mage. I know they have shields and are really good right now, But I just could never get over the fact that they don't have a couple of healing spells. I guess that's the RP in my head getting the best of me. I have been leveling this Balance druid and I have to say... I freaking love it. The new spell animations, the sounds, I even love the blue Glyph of Falling Stars. I feel like I am a true master of the stars themselves! Getting used to being ranged has been a bit of a challenge, especially when I have to sit and hard cast, but I am sure after leveling and finally getting my artifact weapon that will start to change a little. My other options that I have been considering: Assassin Rogue Ret Pally Destro lock Warrior of some type Any help (Especially boomkin help as that's the way I am leaning the most) would be appreciated!Tahonue2 Apr 30
Apr 29 Legion Flying Help Hi I'm working towards legion flying and had some questions about the Broken Isles Pathfinder achievement. Does achievement progress travel between characters? Like If i complete loremaster of legion on one character and exploring the Broken Isles on another, would I have both of them unlocked for both characters? Regarding the Loremaster of legion achievement, how do I start the quest chains for each of the regions? I skipped over most of it so once I hit 110 I immediately dropped my current quests and started gearing up. Is there a way to go back and start the quests needed for that achievement? Should I just search up how to start each one I am missing? Sorry If what I'm saying is hard to understand, I will be willing to clarify anything if It's confusing just lmk. Thanks again!Burnnflames1 Apr 29
Apr 29 order hall resouces transfer I was watching a video and the guy said something about transfering resouces to an alt. character on his sever. How can I send some of my resouces to my alts. Plz Help ThanksKurohime1 Apr 29
Apr 28 How to get to Legion from Draenor I have been putzing around Draenor since reaching lvl 100, but my son has been prodding me to move to Legion so we can both lvl our horde characters to 110. But I can't figure out how to move from Draenor to Broken Isles and start Legion quests. I suspect I was offered the option to move to Legion at some point and either ignored it or abandoned it assuming it was easy to find again, but apparently it isn't. I Googled, and went to Orgimmar, but the portal to new Dalaran isn't there anymore (or I can't seem to find it). Are there steps I'm missing? I haven't finished all the quests in Draenor and haven't been to Tanaan Jungle yet -- is that the problem?Naraia6 Apr 28
Apr 28 How to unassign Legion Champion follower? I have Calia and Ishana as my priest hall champions atm. Im currently equipped with Ishanna and want to switch over to Calia, but when I goto Followers tab in my class hall, Ishana is greyed out and I have no options to switch or deactivate. I'm probably missing something?Bangbear10 Apr 28
Apr 28 Melee in dungeons/avoiding AOE damage Not a new player, but I think my question is pretty basic. I have played ranged, so when I am in a dungeon where there is some type of mob with AOE damage, I just stand away and cast. Not sure what melee is supposed to do. I do have a Ret Pally, which has a couple defense CDs, so that is not a problem. But what about other melee? For example, if I run a fury warrior through one of the Mauradon (lvl ~30) dungeons where there are yellow slime mobs that damage you if you make contact, it seems like I can stand back and not do any damage, or go in to hit them and take damage (fury warrior has a small heal in BLoodthirst, but not enough for burst damage) So what do most melee specs do when confronted with toxic mobs? I would like to play warrior, if I can understand how to deal with this sort of thing.Beckydor4 Apr 28
Apr 28 options > how to show low level quests? Not a new player, but i thought this area of the forums would be my best place to ask my question. there used to be an option in the interface menu that would let you see low level quests on npc's and after 6.0.2 I can't find that option any more and npc's no longer show a golden ! for low level quests, this is making it difficult to track down the quests i need on my 90 boosted character to open up the cataclysm portals in orgrimmar.Silverblight19 Apr 28
Apr 28 Quick leveling guide for 1-90(100) Ok, so I have been spending time after time finding out which is the most efficient way to 90/100 from level 1. Now I know most of you hop in, reach 15 and stop the questing and jump straight into Random Dungeons which is a good idea but if you only do that, you're looking at 2-3 maybe even 4 days of game time to reach level 85 and then another day or two for 90. I am here to simply shorten all of this up and crunch into 1-2 days to reach 80 (game time, of course). There are simply 4 steps (5 if you're a Monk but I'll save that for last ;) yes?) Step ONE: Simply choose a Class you wish to play, follow the newb area to 15. (Easy, yes!?) Step TWO: Once you are level 15, simply just press I for Random Dungeons, Random Battlegrounds, et cetera. The "fun" stuff basically. Step THREE: Queue of course, but while waiting for that Queue to popup with "Ready", do some questing around your level and wait for that QUEUE "READY" popup. Doing the quests while waiting for that "Ready" popup will help you with reaching near endgame much quicker than you would think. Don't stand outside of Orgrimmar or Stormwind City watching the people duel or dueling with random people, you should be getting much more EXP than the dungeons can give (depending on how quickly that dungeon was for you). Step FOUR: Of course, the last step (if not a Monk) to this guide; DON'T just stop leveling because you leveled 50 something times in four or five hours, simply stick to it and reach another 40 levels in four or five hours, it's worth the time and remember, DON'T FORGET THE QUESTS WHILE WAITING FOR QUEUE. Step FIVE (for those Monks): When you reach level 20, use your "Zen Pilgrimage" ability and go to the person handing out that quest, the ability after the quest will be instantly cast upon you giving you 50% bonus experience for 1 hour for every 10 levels (get this, IT'S DAILY TOO!) and if you have Heirlooms, you can be getting as much as 85% to 100% bonus EXP (Crazy, right?!) and you can be 80 or 90 in just a DAY! Yes, legitimately a day, I have done it myself and only took exactly 18.5 hours with the side quests and running dungeons. I love to call this ability with Heirlooms "CRUNCH TIME" because of how speedy it is and I know, it's fun as well!! I HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY THIS GUIDE AND MAKE USE OF IT, I SPENT 3 MONTHS FINDING EFFICIENT AND PRODUCTIVE WAYS TO LEVEL QUICKLY AND THIS HAS WORKED THE BEST FOR ME AND MY FRIENDS/GUILD MEMBERS. THANK YOU FOR READING AND HAPPY LEVELING!Orphadius12 Apr 28
Apr 27 How do i start broken shore stuff Just hit 110. What are the prerequisites for starting the broken shore. I.e. their wq's and such.Yenadin1 Apr 27
Apr 27 Ingame command to change screen brightness? I haven't played in a while and I know that when cataclysm came out the ability to turn off the screen brightness or something was taken away but you could still change it by doing some type of / command. I forget what it is but I'm trying to get more stable framerates and it would help. Thanks!Zebra5 Apr 27
Apr 27 Battle net card If I buy a prepaid battle net card from a store...can I use it on mounts and other in game services?Panttousai1 Apr 27
Apr 27 Orgrimmar to Pandaria hello - returning to WoW after, like, a 5-year hiatus ... I am a horde-blood elf Mage, I want to get to Pandaria I am in the Valley of Honor in Orgrimmar - I see a bunch of monks and a red balloon but I can't use it for travel. When I query a horde guard in Orgrimmar - he doesnt mention Pandaria as a connection. My WoW license is "Warlords of Draneor" -- which is after Pandaria. Why cant I get to Pandiaria? BTW - I understand this is totally a noob Q, which is why its in "New Player Help and Guides" ... Comments? Suggestions?Ophiand2 Apr 27
Apr 27 Tanaan quests after boosting I boosted my toon to 100 and have the garrison and shipyard but never received the tanaan jungle questline which is where i get oil for the ships. Is there some way I can get that questline?Zorgon4 Apr 27
Apr 26 Need WoW buddies I am a new WoW player, and am having trouble navigating the social aspect of the game. I have had to give up on some quests simply because i cannot do them alone. How do I go about finding other players in my realm and getting them to help me with my quests? Should I try to join a guild?Muterandolph3 Apr 26
Apr 26 Flying after completing everything, what? I just got flying in Draenor, so how does this benefit me when I had to complete everything just to get flying? I don't get it, shouldnt we get flying before we complete everything, to help us complete everything? I saved my crystals and bought the fel flying mount, so what's left for me there? What am I missing? It just seems silly now that I've accomplished pathfinder.Vathorean5 Apr 26
Apr 26 Outland quest issue Hi guys i've hit a bit of a stump. I finished all the quests i could find in zangarmash but i didn't get any quest to take me to terrokar forest. Did i miss something or is there no quest in the first place?Guldrum2 Apr 26
Apr 25 Artifact Power Legitimate question here. I've completed the Suramar Questline and have gotten Broken Isles PF. Currently at 20k/100k AP. Any idea of a better way to get AP other than world quests? Or is it a long slow grind? Not complaining here just asking.Grazingcow7 Apr 25
Apr 25 Does anyone do low level dungeons? Is something !@#$ed up? Does no one in the game do low level dungeons? I've been told you could level through dungeons but I've got all three checked and I'm still 0/1, 0/1, 1/3 ten minutes later. I'm not going to do these boring quests to 100, I was told you could level through dungeons but not ONE single other person out of the millions of subs this game claims to have is in the queue?Elizabautne10 Apr 25
Apr 24 Legion Companion Can I upgrade artifact knowledge using my legion Companion App?Firesign3 Apr 24
Apr 24 account bound items... noob question... just got back on wow and was wondering.. if u destroy an account bound item ... exp... to make space in ur bag. do the items disappear ?Senirgy3 Apr 24
Apr 24 Proc Based and Instant Specs I like instant cast spells and reacting to procs that lead to instant casts. I find it fun when my skill barfs light up like a christmas tree. Proc --> Blammo! I've done loads of melee and found that my Frost DK and my Ret Paladin both have a fair amount of procs to work from. Having never played too many ranged classes, which specs do you think most lend themselves to this playstyle? As an example Mage -- Fire -- Heating up! --> Pyroblast! I think that's fun. Do Warlocks have a spec that has some of that? Shadow Priest? Boomkin? Elemental Shaman? Arcane/Frost Mage?Zook1 Apr 24
Apr 24 PvP in order to heal? I am an Alliance Priest; new to healing. Just now, once again, I was out in the Broken Isles. I was doing the World Quest "WANTED: Majestic Elderhorn". There was another Alliance toon, and a Hoard toon, also attacking him. I could not do Holy Word: Sanctify. The game said I needed to be PvP. I "enabled" PvP and could then heal. Many times I am able to heal without "enabling" PvP. Why sometimes and not other times?Gymlea3 Apr 24
Apr 24 Learning tanking, can't seem to get it So I've been playing WoW off and on since vanilla (on other accounts over the years), and I've never done anything but DPS. I dont really want to get into healing, but tanking has always seemed appealing to me (especially since RDF is always so starved for them) so I've been trying it recently and I just can't seem to get it right. I've read the Icy Veins guide on how to tank, and I've read their guide on how to tank as both a Blood DK and a Brewmaster Monk, but most of those guides seem oriented toward a player who is already max level, and somewhat familiar with tanking. The rotations include high-level talent abilities and mastery, without much in-depth explanation for really basic things like how to properly gather and hold aggro, or what the tank's first move should usually be at the start of a fight (AoE vs Taunt vs etc.,). Isn't it kind of unwise to start learning to tank when you're already max level, even if that means you have access to all the abilities? So where are the guides for players under level 60 with maybe a couple taunts and one or two AoEs to work with? I've been trying to use the proving grounds to practice tanking in a low-risk environment but I can't even make it past wave 4 of Bronze. So what does a tank do when their AoEs are doing little more than irritate the mobs, and their taunt is always on a long cooldown? It seems like I'm missing something obvious here, but I just can't seem to hold aggro at all, even if I hit them first, unless I directly taunt them. I know a lot of people reading this are just going to say "stop whining, get gud" but I appreciate any of the actual advice any of you might be willing to supply, because I can't help but feel like there is some obvious trick that I'm missing. Also I realize a lot of very skilled tanks are probably reading this amazed at how much of noob I am, but like I said, I've never done any tanking before, so this is all based on a good amount of research and zero practical experience. Thanks for any advice though. TL;DR: What does a tank do when their AoEs are doing little more than irritate the mobs, and their taunt is always on a long cooldown? It seems like I'm missing something obvious here, but I just can't seem to hold aggro at all, even if I hit them first, unless I directly taunt them.Bobinn6 Apr 24
Apr 24 MOP raids as of 7.2 Are these solo-able? If so which raids, what class? and what is the min ilvl needed to do so.Titancleave3 Apr 24
Apr 24 DPS or heal? not new to the game but im stuck at choosing a new main. i always healed and only in this expansion did i main a dps which was my mage. it just got hard finding end game content after a while such as mythics and mythic+ but not raiding groups. i enjoy both but it does get stressful healing when your dps stands in simple mechanics they shouldn't and as a dps i often get blamed for pulling or get no heals at all yet im the one carrying the group. when i heal i do not play an offspec i've tried before but all healing classes i play i don't really care much for there off spec dps in a few content like pvp plus it's hard for me to learn offspecs on certain classes i rarely played such as shadow priests and monks and druids. with pure dps classes or dps/tank i had no issues with this idk why also if you say dps which would you recommend? was playing a BM hunter but it got really boring fast. i mainly play ranged but thinking of switching to melee since i never mained one so it should feel like a refreshing start.Celbrise1 Apr 24
Apr 24 Looking for a leveling partner Anyone looking to reroll alliance with me?Goregaz10 Apr 24
Apr 23 Nice server for horde? Hey i'm not new but I've been on ally (proudmoore) for a long time but i've been playing with the idea of a horde toon or two. i may delete some low levels and keep them on proudmoore but the server is very ally heavy. basically proudmoore is very friendly and not hardcore with some lgbt friendliness too (they don't care) If i made a toon i would want to find a horde guild and be able to talk to them and make some friends on that side. Any ideas? I like normal/pve realms too!Horrow1 Apr 23
Apr 23 How to get more Hunter pets? Hey guys I'm new to the hunter class. I have a level 12 Hunter with a Cat as a pet. I just bought the skill to tame new pets but when I dismiss my cat and try to use the skill, it says that I have too many pets. How do I get more pets?Linkuz4 Apr 23