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Feb 9, 2013 if I upgrade from battlechest do I + time? Do I get more time say if I upgrade to any other expansion? I got some sort of 31 day play period for upgrading to battlechest and was thinking that if I upgrade again that I could get additional time or do I have to pay for some more time AFTER spending 30+ dollars for the whole thing?Ladrilan1 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 Do old raid 10/25 and N/H share lockouts? Like ICC, Ulduar, FL, etc. If I run a 10-man normal Ulduar this week, can I also run it on 25H mode on the same day? Thank you!Inphinity2 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 help i keep dying in cataclysm dungeons Back in wotlk i was alright. i didn't die on bosses or anything but i wasn't main tanking icc25 or anything. But now i seem to have the problem of.. well dying on bosses. i dont know if healers cant keep me alive (seems unlikely) or if im just a bad player (which also doesnt make sense because people say cataclysm is easy but i had more trouble with it than any expansion yet?) im just coming back to warrior tanking so there could be that, but i don't have any trouble with threat or anything, i just.. die. a lot. please help!Yukasum5 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 Gearing up for pvp (Fresh 90) Im having a terrible time in battlegrounds trying to gear up.... i dont even stand a chance against these people it seems every time i walk out im dead within 2 seconds.... i cant even get very many HK so my Honor points per game isnt very much. Do i keep going even though im getting destroyed every match?Gabarver9 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 Dual Wield DPS Fury Question Which is better dual 1h weapons now or 2h weapons or a hybrid of 1h with 2h weapon?Mokra6 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 Help with health Ok so i am a level 79 deathknight but i have friend that is level 85 the gear is weaker than me but he has 5 times the amount of health.Can anyone explain this?Diaron5 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 Rare Monsters Spawning Time Hey, I wanted to ask how often rare mobs spawns on MOP 5.1 ( I think), I'm looking for a mob named Unknown Soldier, can you tell me how often he spawns cause he's rare. thx!Øverwhelm3 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 Fiery Weapon Enchantment I want to make my daggers into a fiery weapon but I'm not sure if I can get Formula: Enchant Weapon - Fiery Weapon because I'm only on level 20, trial. I saw some people out there having fiery weapons on low level though… PLEASE HELP IF YOU KNOW HOW TO GET IT BY LOW LEVEL PLAYERS!Øverwhelm8 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 Bought a Store Pet not enough $$ ?? So about 2 hours ago I purchased a Store Pet using a Reloadable debit card. After buying it I went to check the balance and seen I was short a little over 1$. So knowing this payment won't go through and is currently marked Queued will my account get locked until I pay or will they just take the pet off my account? I will be loading more cash on monday, so was just wondering what may happen till then?Delvesh2 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 Leveling from 85 to 90 Is there any good leveling guides out there? It's taking me forever to get through level 85 and I want to get to 90 asap.Ameliawillam3 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 Blacksmithing. Hello everyone! I Just started playing, and I picked up Mining and Blacksmithing; because it seemed logical to do. However, I was just wondering if it is actually worth it to level it, while I am leveling . Or is it better just to wait till I hit the maximum level, and then level it? Thank you for any answers! :-]Calorea7 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 Which Tank Class Should I Make? I am thinking of making a tank alt, but I can't decide which class to go with. I know I don't want to be a death knight, they don't allow you enough leveling time to learn your class and they have an incredibly odd resource system. I don't know much about druid tanks, however they rub me the wrong way for some reason and I don't really like how you can't see their gear when they're in bear form. I really like the mechanics of paladin tanking; their AoE tanking and the fact that they use a shield are both pluses for me. However, there are no Horde races I feel I would want to play as a paladin and that paladin tier gear often doesn't have the best design. Monks seem cool to me; I like how good their AoE tanking is, but I don't like how reliant they are on active mitigation they are. Warriors also seem cool to me; they have awesome tier designs and I always like a plate class, but I worry about their AoE threat. Basically, my ideal tank class would wear plate armor with a sword and shield, have great AoE tanking abilities, not rely so much on active mitigation as on their naturally high passive mitigation, and last but not least look cool. (I know it sounds vain, but it is a common reason people pick the class that they pick) Which tank class would you recommend I roll, based on this information?Bronyheals1 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 So I just hit 90... On my frost dk and I'm sort of confused on what to do . I'm having a hard time getting the ilvl 460 for raid finder and m stuck at 457. So I've been building up my justice and valor points and I was wondering where I spend them in pandaria to get better PvE gear. Also I've been hearing about these quests called dailies and I was wondering how to get started on them? Any help would be greatly appreciated!Atiz2 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 a few questions on reputation Which reputations are strongly recommended to get to exalted? I just want to know because I'm doing a lot of quests right now getting from 80-90 and I saw the quest reward for one of my quests as 200 gold or 1000 Ramakahen reputation.Maizez5 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 Travel from eastern kingdoms to kalimdor? What is the easiest way to get from one continent to another?Illicitness4 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 Test Realm? I heard that you're able to try the test realm but I don't how to access it. I read you have to download a client or something but I couldn't find anything specific or where to get the client.Ameliawillam10 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 Just a little frustrated right now. Hello, I recently started playing to see what this game is all about. I would like to point out a few things that I am finding to be quite troublesome. First of all I entered some moon portal then couldn't figure out how to get back to where I came from. 95% of the players completely ignore anything you say or ask. Now I am having problems trying to find someone who sells weapons and armor. It shouldn't take a player an hour to figure out where the vendors are located. You want subscribers then you need to make some things simple like vendors or getting back to where you just teleported from. I would like to get past the surface issues and see what this game is really like but this is just ignorant.Lactan15 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 camera zoom out wont work Ive tried everything with the console cameraDistanceMax 40 but I cant seem to zoom out. It has worked before but not anymore. Any ideas?Spetsnáz2 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 So I just hit 90... On my frost dk and I'm sort of confused on what to do . I'm having a hard time getting the ilvl 460 for raid finder and m stuck at 457. So I've been building up my justice and valor points and I was wondering where I spend them in pandaria to get better PvE gear. Also I've been hearing about these quests called dailies and I was wondering how to get started on them? Any help would be greatly appreciated!Atiz0 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 Mounts other than the turtle Ok, so I am super new to this game. I've gotten to level 44 somehow, but I feel like I know nothing about this game still. lol. So I have journeyman riding and I have my faster turtle, but how to I get other mounts from different vendors? I see that a lot of mounts are from quests or drops, but none of the other vendors I've looked up give me the option to buy their mounts. For example, I went to the Wolfrunner guy in Ogrimmar, but he just says "take a look at these wolves" or something and won't let me buy one. Sorry if this sounds really dumb. I'm just trying to figure this game out.Mahree8 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 how do I earn a title? So I'm still pretty new and just getting used to this game. I always see everyone's name that hasn't something extra added to it. I'm assuming this is a title and I was just wondering how your earn these.Romane3 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 [Warlock] returning player, last attempt Hello, I recently started playing warcraft again, a co-worker said the affliction warlock was all new and fresh. I prefer this class and spec as it just sort of fits me, or at least did. I am reaching my limit and am very frustrated. A bit of background, I am a casual player, 35 years old, so I dont have lightning reflexes and am prone to make mistakes as this is just a hobby for me. Firstly, in raids and dungeons, I am not sure what to do when I have shards. Do I use the burn talent to get dots on the mob or is it more beneficial to cast haunt? Secondly I understand if there are a ton of mobs you want to use COE, then power up your Seed of corruption and then spam seed. But what if you have the life drain talent? Is that better? Second, I like to be involved in Battlegrounds. But I simple get destroyed, it seems like when I played before you died trying to get your dots on the target, but if you could get the other player loaded up with dots then you had a chance to win. Now if I get my dots on the target they seem to do next to nothing unless I also have haunt and am using the grasp ability. And even then it doesnt do enough damage to kill them, its at beast annoying to them. any tips, I know my gear isnt the greatest but a few people I have been easily killed by are wearing gear that is worse than mine. Any suggestions or hints? Its really frustrating to be killed in literally a matter of seconds if one of the two cooldowns I have isnt up. Thanks for any help!! I like the game but I am not enjoying the results I am getting. In dungeons even priest healers are out dpsing me, in pvp if my defensive cooldowns are not up I literally die in seconds and feel like I am playing the game at the graveyard.Neurobash4 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 Darkmoon Fair tickets Do the tickets you win from games from one darkmoon fair carry over to the next time there's a fair?Drusilla3 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 Hello *Little Help Here* Im tottaly new to World of Warcraft really do love it Iv'e reached lv 20 so im thinking buying membership but one problem I really don't get do I have to buy the expansion pack aswell the current trail's pack? uh hope that kinda made senseConnect7 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 Which is right? Something has gotten me a bit confused here. I was reforging my elemental shaman and the stats *haste, hit* say one thing on the in game character sheet and the armory says something different. For example the in game sheet says I have 15.82% hit armory says 14.82% she's a draenei so I know 14% is all I need. Her haste in game says 18.17% but the armory says 12.54%. This is also after logging out and even comparing the next day. Armory seems to update pretty quick even after I logged out last night and looked it already updated the new armor I got with the re-forge changes. Any thoughts as to why the stats are so wildly different?Revvan14 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 Can you help me with a class/race suggestion? Do you want to have a permanent pet? Is a temporary one okay with you? Or does it not matter if you have a pet? It doesn't really matter. Are you partial to cloth wearers or do you want a little more bulk in your armor? In the middle. What have you played in other games before? Maybe you played a caster in another game and liked it, or have a fondness for barbarians/warriors. WoW might have a rough equivalent for you! Nope. Except Skyrim. Do you want to be able to heal yourself and others, or are you okay with lacking those spells? No healing. Which is your preference: attacking enemies from a distance or being up in their faces? Either or. Are you the sneaky type or do you take pleasure ripping out internal organs as a greeting right off the bat? Ummm... both. Do you want to be on the front lines with a shield or watching over your group to keep them safe? Behind enemy lines or in the middle. Will you be leveling with a friend or mostly on your own? If you're doing it with a friend, what are they planning to level, or have they not decided yet? Alone, but on another character I'm grouping. Have you read about classes at all yet? If so, what stands out as interesting to you? Have you tried any classes already? Yes, but no class really stands out. I have played every class (except DKs) to lvl 5. Are you interested in the lore or story of Warcraft? Some classes have a lot of easily-absorbed lore while others are a little "less detailed" in their history. Definitely! Interested in roleplaying at all? This goes with the previous question, but some races/classes are easier to roleplay as a newbie than others (with lots of history to adhere to). I would love to roleplay. Do any of the races stick out to you as being attractive? Not every race can be every class, so if you have an early favorite (or if you really dislike one in particular) this can narrow things down. I like Draenei, Night Elf, and Blood Elf so far.Xeriz8 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 Healing Help... Hello Everyone, This is my first time playing WOW. When I enter instances sometimes I get a "Jerk" Healer where he is following a sort of "Healing Bible"... He will ONLY heal the tank then sometimes melee characters and no ranged. I try not to screw up and consider myself doing a good job as a mage with what I have not pulling and stuff... etc. etc. etc. Well they've let me die a couple of times and I will not get into the specifics of the "Ifs, hows, ors and whats"... I've taken the "first aid profession" for this purpose but am wondering if its worth spending my precious cloths on it to level it up, since I notice that the potions I am getting heal me more in less time... will it be worth it in the end at some point (MAX I guess). Thank You in advance.Drunkenmage11 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 A few questions about item stats 1.) Why are the item stats for some items in green? For example, Sandals of the Courier has hit and critical strike in green but other stats in white. Does the green refer to what can be disenchanted using the enchanting profession? 2.) I don't exactly understand how reforging works. lists the different reforgeable stats, which refer to what stats can be exchanged for each other via a 1:1 ratio (for up to 40% of the listed stat). I tried reforging Sandals of the Courier. It's got hit and critical strike as reforgeable stats. Take hit. I should be able to reforge hit into all the other reforgeable stats except critical strike (since the item already has critical strike), right? But the reforge NPC doesn't let me reforge anything at all on the item. 3.) What does the 'item upgrade' npc do? E.g. the one in SW is called Voidbinder Sturzah. Thanks.Amelica11 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 Guilds Old Subject Hi a Newbie here. I've been trying to post question's on other threads dealing with this subject but those threads are either locked or I get an error 500. So, before I go through typing out all my questions again I'm going to make sure this post goes through.Younamemudd4 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 Appear offline option for realid/battlenet? I am not sure where to post this so I apologize if this is the wrong forum, but is there an appear offline option for realid/battlenet, and if so where is it? If it is there I feel like an idiot but I can't find one. I love the ability to talk to my friends across different servers and whatnot, but every once in a while I want a little peace and quiet. Does this feature exist or do we only have the available/away/busy option? Thanks in advance!Iscreampie4 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 How to get Justice points I want to know how to get justice points to buy some heirlooms. Thanks for any help.Wolfthewolf5 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 What does stack heals on me mean? On my DK before this boss pull the tank said "Stack heals on me" Now I see myself most likely being a healer "main" so I am wondering what it means. I asked in the dungeon and the tank said something about personal space. I am very lost.Momoka15 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 Can I buy justice gear from Lo Ping b4 90? I am almost maxed out on justice and I want to know if I can buy justice gear before 90 from him. I also understand that you don't have to be honored anymore with any particular faction to buy it, right? Otherwise I'll be forced to just buy some PvE heirlooms to get myself under the cap again. Thanks.Amelica4 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 Heirlooms? Hey guys, a lot of people told me that the cool armour and stuff they were wearing were heirlooms. What's a heirloom? How can I get one? What level do i need?Where can I get one? Need help!!Mitox4 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 Seeking party/guild advice OK, I've done a couple of dungeons now, and would hope to continue. But there are some issues. First, everybody (or the DPSers, anyway) seems to be in a huge rush, especially in pugs. I'm trying to learn tanking, but in this rushed atmosphere I find, as someone else put it, I'm mainly DPSing with some self-heal. I understand this GO GO GO is the prevalent approach to instances on WoW; I thought to get around it maybe by partying exclusively with guild members, some of whom might be more amenable to taking it a little slower and learning something. Is that unrealistic? Second, the guild I'm in seems pretty good (for all I know), but there's a distinct dearth of healers, in particular, around my level. There's lots of members, but the vast majority can't even do instances yet; the ones who can are nearly all at a high enough level to lock the party out of the dungeon. So, I'm wondering if maybe joining a much larger guild would go any distance toward ameliorating that situation. Or should I just go for 3 DPS in the guild and pick up a healer in the Dungeon Finder? I realize that these low-level dungeons don't really require highly coordinated teamwork, but I'm trying to build my character so that when it does matter, I'll be at least competent. Also, I'm a bit concerned about guild-jumping, not to mention having to start building rep all over again with a new guild. Advice?Unhurried20 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 Level 80, how do I get to level 81? Hello. I currantly have two Caracters at level 80, And am trying to get to level 81. ran out of quests at the ice citadel and I don 't know where to go next. I think where I went wrong is I didn"t save the 4500 gold for the flying mounts. Where do I go next? Can I advance without doing the dungeons or PVP? I like to stick with doing the quests.Seder9 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 OK, I'm lvl 90, now what? I know this is the newbie forum but even at lvl 90 I still feel like I know very little about the game. I made my way to 90 fairly quickly (by my standards anyway) just questing. Now I'm trying to figure out where I go from here. Some of my thoughts: Mounts: I'm working through the quests for cloud serpent now and saving my coins for a tundra mammoth. I don't feel the need to own everything and from what I've been able to read it seems like humans are pretty limited in what they can ride anyway (horses/gryphons plus those couple of "special" mounts) Armor: the PvP and PvE thing completely confuses me (as does raid gear vs questing vs dungeons, *sigh*). It seems like armor value XYZ should be armor value XYZ regardless of PvP or PvE, right? likewise, strength bonus is strength regardless, correct? I'm currently wearing PvP armor as it was the best I had a blacksmithing recipe for and higher stats (other than some pieces' crit) than what I had from questing. Should I care about that? Professions: speaking of blacksmithing, I spent all that time leveling up mining and BS to 600 and now it seems that the best armor out there can't be crafted anyway, it has to come from drops in "heroic" dungeons. Did i waste my time? Would it just then be OCD to max out my secondary professions? Weapon: it seems that the best weapon for an Arms Warrior is a two handed Axe (Shin'ka, Execution of Dominion). I'm a human character with bonus to two handed sword. Am I just screwed and picked a crappy race for a warrior? Should I start the big quest line to get that Axe or does my human tendency towards swords make a somewhat less powerful sword better? Pets: on my pet page there's info about battle pets that seems to imply I can unlock it. Being a warrior I'm unable to though right? Dungeons/Raids: I think I did two dungeon finders along the way to 90 and I never touched a raid. Now that I'm 90 and still effectively a noob am I going to just be a drain on any pick up group? How do you folks suggest I learn to operate in those groups now that I'm a high level character? Enchantments/Jewelcrafting/Glyphs: so these all seem to stack onto crafted gear and add more stats but am I going to find that this is just like Blacksmithing; that is, any gains I would get by either leveling enchant/JC/inscription myself or buying from someone who is max'ed are just going to be put to shame by heroic dungeon drops anyway and thus a waste of time/money? If there is value to this, which enchants/jewels/glyphs should I looking to buy/make? anything else, or is it time to start an alt? TL;DR, pick a question from this novel and your advice is much appreciated!Daladox18 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 Can a Blood Elf play with an Undead? New to WoW and my friend wants to join me and be the undead character. I'm a Blood Elf. Will we be able to play together? i.e. complete the same quests, work togetherRainedette4 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 Buying the game..... I recently bought the World Of Warcraft Battle Chest (at Walmart) and I thought it came with the game Burining Crusade & The Wrath of Lich King,my question why is continuing to ask me to buy it from website?Darthdorcas2 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 7, 2013 xp bar What is the little tiny bar that moveson the xp bar?Hordehunting5 Feb 7, 2013
Feb 7, 2013 5.2 Tranmog changes? Is there anywhere to view the new changes coming in 5.2 to Transmog. I was told that soon you will be able to for example transmog a sword to look like a mace, or a mace to look like an axe. But say a fist weapon still cannot be changed. Can anyone show me a link or maybe inform me on this? Thanks :)Devesh2 Feb 7, 2013
Feb 7, 2013 Ok ilvl simple question how is the item level of a character determined? what items are included and what items are not? There is 15 slots. Sum and divide by 15 would be my guess... but if i do that what i get does not = what the game reads.Andryana3 Feb 7, 2013
Feb 7, 2013 rep talbards So I am into collecting the achivments just because.... So my sister showed me these rep talbards to gain rep as you exp. Well we almost have all the horde cities so I am looking for new ones. I found a kirin tor one but I am not friendly with them yet. Is there any others? I want to collect them for the talbard achiv and get more rep achivs.Momoka3 Feb 7, 2013
Feb 7, 2013 Scroll of Ressurection Question How long do you have to be off wow before you can get a scroll of res?Ameliawillam1 Feb 7, 2013
Feb 7, 2013 What should my average DPS be? I have a DPS meter, my average is around 65-70 with an AIL of 484. Sometimes DPS is higher, sometimes its lower. Just came out of a raid and another fury was just under my DPS or right next to it and he was all in greens and blues. I didn't have any food buffs or elixirs or anything, just all the class buffs. I don't understand how he was so close. I go to Noxxic and follow the rotations and stats, my Hit and Expertise are above 7.5%. I've been playin a fury warrior for years and I use macros: /Charge /Colossus Smash /Bloodthirst /Battle Shout /Heroic Strike /Berserker Rage and for a burst I have: /Berserker Rage /Deadly Calm /Blood Fury (Orc Ratial) /14 Trinket /Skull Banner /Rallying Cry /Avatar /Recklessness So Berserker Rage, Colossus Smash, and Battle Shout are always on cd. and I also use Dragon Roar on every cd, even for single targets as it hits for a large amount in a short timeDethshead11 Feb 7, 2013
Feb 7, 2013 Soulbound as a weapon characteristic? I am new and only at level 6. my character is a human paladin and i got a new weapon after completing a task and it said that it is level 5 soulbound two-handed. my character uses two handed weapons and i am now at level 6 but the game says i cannot use the weapon because i don't have the skill to? i assume it is because i don't meet the requirement or skill of soulbound. could someone please help me figure this out so i can use this new weapon. it is a staff that is a few more points of damage than my current hammer weapon. thanks in advance for any help i get.Rdrd5 Feb 7, 2013
Feb 7, 2013 What is the penalty for ressurecting? I am new to the game and at level 8. I saw that the game says you can ressurect with no penalty at level 10 or lower. So what is the penalty after level 10 for resurrecting and what else can you do to continue your game when you die? Do you have to resurrect or what happens after level 10 when you die? What are my options? Thanks.Rdrd4 Feb 7, 2013
Feb 7, 2013 Skill bar too small! I am getting more and more things to put on my skill bar and i can't fit them all. If there is some way to get more room please tell me.Wolfthewolf3 Feb 7, 2013
Feb 6, 2013 having trouble getting to max level I'm not a new player, but for a year and a half I've had a new player problem. I can never get my toons very far along before I get tired of them and delete them. My highest level toon hit 56. A couple of others hit the 40s. A few hit the 30s. Nearly all of the rest never made it to 20. I need help getting over the hump and getting THIS toon to 90. Any suggestions?Ziima6 Feb 6, 2013
Feb 6, 2013 How should I prepare for MoP? Hello, This is my main, and the toon that I've taken furthest into the game. Before I start getting into MoP questing, I have a few questions: - I need to update my trinkets, they are holding my ilvl back immensely. Is there a good vendor or should I look through the dungeon journal to find bosses that give trinkets? - I currently don't have any quests to get to MoP questing. Do I have to complete certain cata content to move on? Or is it my ilvl? Finally, - Do you recommend a certain site to look up glyphs, talents, rotations, etc for mages? I am open to switching specs for endgame. I intend on getting into casual raiding eventually when I'm ready. Thanks!Eraelyn6 Feb 6, 2013