New Player Help and Guides

Jun 4 Sticky AoE's? Is there any setting in game for sticky AoE's? In other words, you can center an AOE around your desired target and use it just by pressing the key twice as opposed to having to click and place it.Candelin4 Jun 4
Jun 4 World Quest Raid Question..Confused Newb I am trying to get Nightfallen faction in Suramar. The raid World Quest says to kill Gilded Guardian. When I go to raid finder it does not list Gilded Guardian on the raid target lists in Nighthold. I have done this raid several times on several different raids and have asked in raid if we could kill the Gilded Guardian and I never get a response. We kill the named mobs and disband.... I never have a chance to kill the Gilded Guardian. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a mechanic I am missing? How do I convince an entire raid to divert off the mainstream raid to go kill a side mob. Appreciate the coaching. I can't see me ever completing a "World Quest Raid" at the moment.Celeborne8 Jun 4
Jun 3 Normal quests only showing up as "trivial"? Hey everyone, I just got to Northrend on this character today and went straight to the Howling Fjord instead of questing through Borean Tundra. When I got to the Taunka village I initially thought there were no quests there beause nothing displayed on the mini map or above their heads, but then when I hovered over the NPCs the quest exclamation mark popped up with my cursor and I actually was able to take quests. Then I noticed that when I clicked "show trivial quests" on the minimap options, the quests appeared above their heads and on the mini map as translucent exclaimation points, which I've only ever seen when I was significantly outleveled for a quest. When I untick the "show trivial quests" option, they all disappear again. Any ideas what is causing this or how I could fix it? ThanksKunakte9 Jun 3
Jun 3 Reputation stuck at 18048 in Ogrimmar I'm stuch at 18048 reputation with Ogrimmar, I have the tabard on and I keep playing in dungeons and my rep just won't go up, should it be a bug or something? I'm trying to reach exalted.Ihra3 Jun 3
Jun 2 How does 'Killing Blows' stats/summary work? I'm new player (started to play WoW back in mid December 2016). Battleground instances are my favorite since I was still lvl 30s, but until now I never understand what these 'Killing Blows' stats are -Total Killing Blows -World Killing Blows -Continent with the most Killing Blows I mean I'm in Dalaran (PVE Server) and I don't remember that I ever killed 4307 players in Northrend or 110k kills in total .. So, are npc/creature kills also counts?Aeleinne2 Jun 2
Jun 2 Is WoW worth coming back to? I was going to post this in general but aparently now you have to have a subscription to post, meh w/e. Anyway on to the point of my post. Is Wow worth coming back to? I am a long time player, I played back in wrath, cata was my main time around, played a ton of MoP too, and I stopped when WoD came out for multiple reasons not game faults just real life stuff. So is it worth coming back? In order to come back I'd have to plop however much money down on the WoD expansion, and maybe pre order the new next one coming out? But is it really worth it? I remember how much MoP changed right at the end, we had wonky character models, half our spells removed making rotations simple but boring, is this all the same? Has everything been ironed out and working again? Is WoW still fun like it used to be? If I do come back I might have to ask support if they could give me my 15 days that should be held in reserve somewhere (back when I quit I had support take off my last 15 days and note my account that I could get them back) so that I can try the game out make sure it runs fine on my new computer since its not really a god like gaming PC. Thanks all!Trynthia10 Jun 2
Jun 2 Calling all Hunters.... What talents do you find more beneficial in the Beast Mastery AND the Marksmanship?Lenatrix2 Jun 2
Jun 2 The class you chose What was the deciding factor on how you chose which class to play? My favorites are Hunter, Paladin, and Mage. What about you?Lenatrix9 Jun 2
Jun 2 Lore/ Backstory help So I'm totally new to WoW and I'm feeling pretty lost when it comes to the story progression. I was wondering if anyone could tell me where I could read up on the story so far so I can feel caught up with the goings on and more involved with the quests I'm completing. I'm level a level 21 blood elf who just got to Undercity. Thanks for any help. EDIT: Also, is the Horde evil? I've been feeling kind of malevolent with some of the quests I've been doing and I've always had a hard time playing evil characters; it feels counter intuitive.Grizthor4 Jun 2
Jun 2 Hunter weapons At my level, what bow or cross-bow should I be using?Lenatrix3 Jun 2
Jun 2 broken shore building construction question I understand the basics of the construction and have been taking advantage of the benefits of each building. My question is about contributing. I want the nether disruptor to come up as fast as possible since I'm making good money selling the legendary armor I get from the "armor crafters recommendation" I get from it. What does contributing do? Should I contribute more to the nether disruptor if I want it more than the other two? How should I use my "legionfall war supplies" to get what I want? Thanks 4Trollstrollr3 Jun 2
Jun 2 How to loot from bodies (more than 30)? I'm kind of new so I'm hoping there's an add-on for this but I can't seem to find anything. I've been sentinax farming, and once I loot a pile, I get the option to loot again, and again. Then all of the sudden, there will be these very small areas that I can also loot from. Now, when I sentinax farm, we are pretty much spawn killing it all, so the bodies are right there. It makes it very hard for me to loot currently when bodies pile up like that and I don't want to miss anything. Is there an add-on that can make it so a dead body is outlined in red, indicating that I can loot it?Amázin5 Jun 2
Jun 2 tome of hybrid beast Does anyone know exactly what I need to do to get the tome of hybrid beast. I read that you need all traits in the BM artifact done and something like including at least 1 trait in Concordance of the Legionfall. but I'm not sure what it means. Plz Help ThanksKurohime4 Jun 2
Jun 2 QUEST PROBLEMS Hello, I'm new to wow. I have a problem with my quest, I have no quest showing up at all, apart from one coming up is I have a quest to do in stonetalon mountains, it wont track on the map, so I started to make my own way but its impossible because I'm only level 27/28 and versing things that are level 40+. Also all my pets tracking that show up on map isn't green they're grey... aha So I have no idea what I'm meant to be doing or how I can just do normal quest haha.Dakodaa6 Jun 2
Jun 2 Fresh 110 Gearing Guide Part 1 Hello everyone! I am a new content creator over on youtube, focusing on all things WoW. My first video "Catching up to speed in patch 7.2" got some positive feedback, and I was requested to make a complete gearing guide. So, I give you part one of my two part series for gearing a fresh 110. Part one is mostly dedicated to New / inexperienced players who have just hit level 110. Part 2 will be focused toward the experienced / geared players who are looking to further progress their character and maybe even get into high end content. I hope you enjoy this video and let me know what you think! New videos will be released every Tuesday and Thursday. Jun 2
Jun 2 Learning the Ropes battle pet quest. How do I get my pet in a fight? I right click on animals that have a green paw indicator and nothing happens. I'm a free trial user, is the disabled for us?Stabbath14 Jun 2
Jun 1 How to get up to speed in patch 7.2 Getting caught up in legion after just starting the game can be a bit overwhelming. This video can help you or your friends know what goals you should be focused on when starting out the game in patch 7.2 :) Jun 1
Jun 1 LvL100 boost warning I used the lvl100 boost on one of my low level characters, I already have 5 lvl100 and 4 lvl90+ toons on various servers, and I found that in doing this I basically ruined that character and wasted $60, I strongly advice against using this boost unless you only plan on using the character to PvP, farm crafting mats, raids, dungeon runs (farming gold or items), here are the reasons: 1) once you boost your character you will automatically get a lvl3 garrison, many of the initial quests needed to obtain garrison resources will not be available or not able to complete, which reduces the garrison to only providing some crafting mats. You will be able to upgrade some buildings and place which ever buildings you would like but that is limited because in order to upgrade buildings you need garrison resources. 2) most quests in Draenor will not be available because the initial quests were not completed. 3) Many followers you would have received as a quest reward will not be available, again because the initial quests were not completed. 4) these are the quests you will not be able to complete: "Keeping it together", "Qiana Moonshadow", "Ravenous Ravens". if I remember right in order to get garrison resources you need to complete Keeping it together, and Qiana Moonshadow is already a follower once you boost your character but the quest to recruit her still shows its available but you won't be able to complete it because shes already a follower. There maybe more quests that cannot be completed but those are the ones that I found so far and they are the most important ones. 5) your followers start out at lvl90ish, but since your lvl100, most of the follower missions will be to high lvl for them to complete so you will only be able to do a couple missions at a time, even though you start out with a good number of followers. The only thing that I have been able to come up with that would eliminate this problem is for the Dev's to change the results of the boost, so that it only affects your character and nothing else. A lvl100 character can lvl their garrison rather quickly and they would still be able to do all of the Draenor quests if they chose to do so. As it stands right now the garrison is rather useless, if you use the lvl100 boost, its only useable for farming a few crafting mats or doing some crafting, but not much else. I truly believe that this lvl100 boost idea was not planned out very well. I hope that other players that used this boost have found a work around and will post it here.Catryanna35 Jun 1
May 31 How to Speed Level Whats up everyone, I recently wanted to figure out the quickest way to level-up in WoW, because i had heard some conflicting ideas from some buddies. I tested three different methods that were recommended to me and measured the XP i was gaining in intervals (yes, accounting for variables). I thought I would share what i learned. I tested questing alone vs. questing while dungeon farming vs questing while queuing for dungeons and BGs and Skirms. As i expected, uninterrupted questing was by far the least effective method of speed leveling, yielding only half as much as XP as the other two methods, which were very close. Interestingly though, Queuing for dungeons AND skirms and BGs was the most effective method, rather than simply dungeon farming. On average, I gained about 15,000 more XP while PvPing alongside dungeons than doing just dungeons! I was playing as level 60 characters, in Hellfire Peninsula, when i did this, btw! I'd love to hear your feedback and comments.Muterandolph2 May 31
May 31 Personal or Group Loot? So I've been Running Hellfire for ages now looking for 2 pieces of loot for my Monk: Tunic of Reformative Runes (9%) and Waistwrap of Banishment (10%). And was curious if I should be running the raid with the loot set to Personal or Group? I usually run with a group of 5 people so I always thought Personal loot would give me better chances of seeing it drop, but would group loot increase my chances? Anyone know?Sarinity2 May 31
May 31 Need some advice on gear Guys, sorry I know this is a noob question, but I need some good advices. So first I need to ask where do people generally get their high end weapons from after lv 100, I have a look at the AH and there aren't many out there. And as you can see, I'm about to hit lv 100 and I'm looking to change my two-hand weapons. I saw one in AH at lv 101 with pretty good stats except there's no Str on it, so if I am to change both of my two-hands I would gain (better than my current) +500 dps on each which come to +1000 I guess and +3000 Sta, but -600 Str. Is it a good move? Dps vs Strength? cheersKresselda6 May 31
May 30 weird question..... I am still learning to play. I've been focusing on questing so I can increase the level of this toon as quickly as possible. I feel like I am not playing my character as effectively as I should be. I want to make sure I am getting the most of the game and that I will be of use to my guild. I see lower level players that look stronger and faster. I keep using the same couple of abilities. I'm tired of just getting by.....I want to be a better player. I'm thinking I need to learn to use the macros. Not sure exactly what they are other than commands. Is that right? How do I create a macro and use it? what should I start with? I feel like I don't have a lot of time to decide what to do when someone or thing attacks me, I try to hurry and defend myself. Is there a step by step guide like "hunters for dummies"? LOL I appreciate anything you can tell me.Lenatrix3 May 30
May 30 Help with my garrison I'm not a new player, but I am new to the garrisons- I'm just starting to explore mine. I'm trying to find my stables as I'd like to earn myself some of the mounts, but I can't find it. I found my flightmaster just outside the barracks/lumber mill, and I thought the stables would be near there. But I've actually looked all over my garrison and there are no stables. Any help anybody might be able to give would be greatly appreciated :) Thank you!Aetheryal5 May 30
May 29 How to Gamepad Hello There seems to be alot of questions on this subject and not many answers. I figured I would make at least a basic guide and spare people an hour of headache. If people show enough interest I will come back later and edit this to be a little more formal of a guide as well as update it. Why use a gamepad? I find that alot of people are resistant to this subject because they believe that using a gamepad limits them to four hotkeys. Not true in my case. In my case with a little tinkering I am able to use up to 48 hotkey buttons without touching a mouse. Also employing the use of two joysticks in fact seems to make it much easier to move around. That circle of death is just not as annoying to me anymore. Also I personally find that it's actually easier for me to access a vast amount of keys with this method far more efficiently then if I were to use a keyboard. The trade off is that it requires a bit of muscle memory. Which means a bit more practice. But overall it makes game play far more stimulating. Including grinding. How can you replace a mouse? Every now and then your going to have to still use a mouse. However generally speaking you can deal with most of functions of a mouse with macros. Getting a controller Currently I am working off of an old PS2 controller. Just remember that you don't need to buy a state of the art gamepad. If you already have a controller for a console system then in most cases you should be able to use it on a computer though you may have to fork over a small amount for an adapter if the controller is not wireless. Most of the instructions can be found by a simple google or youtube search. Getting a controller to work with wow Alright. Now to the most frustrating part of all of this. How to actually get a controller to work in wow. I personally use a program called neodelight joystick plugin. What this does is binds your buttons to set keyboard keys. Three key things about using this program. 1. You cannot use it without a controller plugged in. 2. There is a preferences tab to the right. Click that to enable the sticks. Also turn the sensitivity down a little. 3. This program will give you the option of making a button press more than one key. Make sure you don't a button doing the same key twice. How to configure the Gamepad To give you a template, this is how I set it up. Left analog stick = W,A,S,D Right stick = Q,E and -10 mouse wheel 10 mouse wheel X =1 Square = 2 Circle = 3 Triangle = 4 L2 = Tap R2 = Shift L1 = Ctrl R1 = Alt Select = M L3 = Space R3 = Left Mouse click Keyboard Config. 1=Ctrl1 2=Ctrl2 3=Ctrl3 4=Ctrl4 5=1 6=2 7=3 8=4 9=alt1 0=alt2 -=alt3 ==alt4 Also note that pressing shift + 1,2,3,4 will take you to different action bars. You will note that I put ctrl before regular numbers. The reason I did this is because the ctrl set is on the left bumper so instead of confusing the brain plain numbers are in the center and bumpers take it left or right. You will also notice that the L3 button uses the left click. In order to avoid using the mouse constantly, level outs the horizon to ever so slightly looking downward and place the cursor at level with your characters feet or legs. This will make it easy to click everything easy to click. Macros Using macros for me is still a work in progress. If I find a good macro or see a good macro then I will update the post later on. The only one I can really say I've got down is the questing macro which I will give you all. /script SelectGossipAvailableQuest(1) /script AcceptQuest() /script SelectGossipActiveQuest(1) /script CompleteQuest() /script GetQuestReward(1)Faeron11 May 29
May 29 How to unlock artifact trait 35? I have unlocked all 34 traits on my frost artifact. I received a quest from Khadgar to "unlock all traits". I have enough AP to unlock another trait. But I have no idea how to do it. At the forge, only the usual 34 show up. Any tips here?Soku2 May 29
May 29 Is there a way to create waypoints? I'm having trouble finding some locations because they do not show on the map and was wondering if i can set a waypoint on the map manually? it would certainly help me find things when i loose them. :oWhipp19 May 29
May 28 False advertising I'm in silithus and i accept some quests that say they give me 26,000 xp. I am really excited because thats kind of a lot for me at level 54. so i complete them and then when i turn them in i only get 8,750 xp. Why? my dream have been crushed. is there an explanation for this?Cornycash2 May 28
May 27 Armorcrafter's Commendation? Armorcrafter's Commendation. What do I do with it? I brought it to "elieser hammer" but nothing happened. Little help pleaseTrollstrollr2 May 27
May 27 How to find an items ID I want to hot link an item on these forums, how do I find a specific item's ID?Iggie10 May 27
May 26 Canceled Auction Item Missing I tried, for the first time, to create an auction for a glyph that I created. This was at an auction house. I dropped the item, set the price and created the auction. No problem. But then I realized that I had stacked 17 when I meant to sell them individually. So I immediately canceled the auction. It removed it from my active listings, but I can't find the item in my inventory. It's not in the bank either. Is this a glitch or will it appear in my inventory after a while? Thanks!Linasha8 May 26
May 26 Is there a physically simple class please. Hello thanks for reading. I just bought the game last night for 9.99 and I have been trying out classes. Most only have 2 things on the action bar but I looked at the spell books and can't figure out which classes have the fewest buttons. I have a condition where my nervous system acts slowly. I can move but it takes a little longer. I hope to play with others and be able to contribute which is important to me. Thanks again.Moofee4 May 26
May 26 Best Hunter Spec for PvE Dungeons and Raids? Just wondering what the best spec is to do dps in dungeons. I'm always hearing that hunters are terrible and I was thinking of just rolling a mage or something. Also, tanks keep getting mad at me because my pet keeps aggroing. Is there any way I can make my pet not do that? I put him as ferocity does that fix that?Kevenfu9 May 26
May 26 DK and Professions So I am pretty new to the game and people have been saying the real game only starts at level 100. Though there are a few questions I do have. 1. So does this mean I need to run all the low level areas to raise my profession skills for harvesting? Or are there high level zones that lets me mine low level goods also? If I have to do low level zones - how do you reccomend going about it in the least boring way possible? Or should I do 2 production professions and use normal characters to farm for it? 2. Is Jewel Crafting worth it anymore? Two jobs I never see anyone recommend anymore are Jewel Crafting and Inscription. Everyone seems to always recommend Blacksmithing and Skinning, Leather working and Engineering and Alchemy Herbalism. 3. The DK main base where you portal to doesn't seem to sell single handed rune swords. Only two handed ones. Are there single handed rune swords ( that style ) or am I out of luck? An just need to do dungeons to hope to get some fancy single handed swords for a Frost DK? Thanks in advance.Kavmorin5 May 26
May 25 New Player, LF friends/nice people Hi, I decided to come back and start playing wow. I last played in the pandarian expansion but didn't play that much, I only got to max level with my buddy, bought some heirlooms and quit. And now i decided to come back, but only this time I will try to make friends. I am playing as an human wizard this time, In Stormrage. If you too playing in stormrage as an alliance, doesn't matter what level hit me up. Or if you are just recruiting to a guild my BN account is - HappyFeetu#1798Puregains0 May 25
May 24 Un-Soulbounding items? I got this robe yesterday in a dungeon, and since I'm a hunter I was going to mail it to my mage, and I got it before I knew it would be soulbound. Is there a way to un-soulbound an item?Galarrus11 May 24
May 24 I own Cata but still can't fly I own Cataclysm, and bought the Flight Master's License in-game, but I still cannot fly in the "old world" (Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, etc). I can fly in Outland, but not in the previously mentioned locations. All the forums I checked the problem was that the person did not have Cata, but I bought a Battle Chest that included it, and I even double checked to make sure I have it. What could be causing this and what are some potential solutions?Canthsong5 May 24
May 24 Most "in demand" class/spec at max level? Hi everyone, I'm returning to WoW after giving it a shot previously but never making it to end-game. I would always get buyer's remorse about classes I picked, and end up recreating after just a little while. I want to make a commitment to stick to and learn one class this time around. My question is just simple: are there any classes/specs that are often wanted/needed at max level, but aren't seen as much as they should be? I know tanks and healers are in demand while leveling, but given how few spots there are for them in raids, is this the case at max level? I've heard ranged DPS is preferred over melee DPS as well. I'm willing to put time into learning anything. I'm just looking for some feedback on a spec that I could focus on and feel rewarded later on for playing it. Thanks!Caeloh2 May 24
May 23 Why is wow gametime token so expensive ?? I don't play a lot as I use too. A few months ago I purchased a wow game time token for 20,000 g for a month of game time which I thought was fair. So today I decided I would purchase another to get back into the game, and I was shocked to see its now 40,000!! WTF! Shame on you Blizz.Jenzun33 May 23
May 23 New Player... Confused I guess. Hey guys so im newer to wow. I guess my question is... what do you do in wow? I guess ill level with questing and dungeons. Do i do raids along the way? What do I do at max level? Is the goal to just max character gear level? If so how does that work. I guess im just confused on the overall goal as a player in wow. ps. if the answers vary, I prefer pve not pvp. Current server is acually rp moonguardCodith8 May 23
May 23 Discord download on my Mac I have tried multiple times to download Discord on my Mac and it does not work. All it does is spin endlessly. Anyone know what to do ?Ellindell5 May 23
May 23 How does Mob Tagging work? I don't really understand how this works. Logging in one of the tips says something like "don't be afraid to help another player out, you will both get loot and credit for the kill". Yet, even though I'm the first person to get a hit on a mob, others, usually with a much higher ilevel, come along and hit the mob, it grays out and I don't get credit or loot. Is it more about how much damage you do or ? Forgive me if this is a dumb question, I haven't played for 6 years and don't remember how this workedJayaji6 May 23
May 23 How do you show numbers on action bars ? Hello. How do you show numbers on action bars. Please help.Ellindell3 May 23
May 22 Please Help just returning. Need help on what to play for long term. I really like my fury warrior dual wield 2h is amazing and fun but I feel like it could get stale. Thought about rolling a protection pally. Any suggestions or opinions?Nahok4 May 22
May 21 Any reason to level cooking? I've just reached Northrend. I'm at the point where every recipe I find I cannot use because my cooking level is not high enough. Yet all of my existing available recipes are green or grey so I get no additional points from cooking them. I could probably do the cooking dailies to to level up a bit more, but now I'm starting to wonder... as a dwarf priest is there any good reason to level cooking at all? I don't really enjoy it, while on the other hand, I really enjoy fishing and whenever I fly over a school, I stop to fish it a bit.Reverendalex7 May 21
May 21 Questing confusion So I was doing all my quests in this area right and all of a sudden they all lead me to a dungeon called dire maul. Is this supposed to happen? there is no way I am expected to solo a dungeon like that. I am just confused because before I was on a chain of quests leading me to other areas with more quests and so on. but now I have done every quest in this area I'm at and now left with nothing but these dire maul quests. The quests didnt lead me to a new questing area.Cornycash6 May 21
May 21 Game Rewards Low? Edit: Removed the information of my post because its irrelevant to this forum.Alunasari4 May 21
May 20 Where do I get a flying mount on Horde? I have looked around many places and cant seem to find any mount vendors. If anyone could tell me where I can get a flying mount that would be great!Vaulterion1 May 20
May 20 Forsaken Mistweaver: pros and cons? I have one Alliance (Night Elf Priest) and one Horde (Forsaken Monk) character to get a fuller view of the game. Both let me heal or dps, and monk also lets me try tanking if I ever feel like giving that a go. So I did some searches. I wondered what people thought of (Forsaken) Mistweavers as I am used to healing classes, but as the game has changed so have views and playstyles: (Jul 7, 2013) (Jul 27, 2015) (Nov 11, 2015) I guess the fistweaving/mistweaving toggle for DPS vs. HPS that the class once apparently had is gone and punching people isn't as much of a thing now for healer specs. But, what do experienced players think of MWs as healers? Easier or harder to play than other classes? Better for PvP or PvE? Do Forsaken racials make a difference (saw something that said it works well but that might be outdated)? I will play the character until it stops being fun or I find something more fun, but where would you say a Forsaken Mistweaver is right now in the current patch in terms of playability, power, and cool-move/animation/theme factor? Thanks for sharing your thoughts!Qoath5 May 20
May 20 Onyx Eggs I've been working on the Cloud Serpent Reputation lately. Mostly this involves going to the Isle of Winds and fighting Sauroks, although there have been some other types of Quests mixed in. Anyway, in a previous thread, someone told me to be sure to collect any black eggs I find there. And one of the Quest-Givers has on a couple of occasions told me to bring back any onyx eggs, which I assume are the same thing. (This is not part of any Quest she has given me. It's just something she mentions after I turn a Quest in.) I've been doing these Dailies for more than a week now, and I still haven't come across a single onyx egg. There are plenty of dark blue or purplish ones, but they can't be picked up, so I know they're not the ones. I first assumed that the eggs were just really rare. But now I'm wondering if maybe I haven't been looking in the right places. There is another part of the island that I've been ignoring. It seems to be populated with tigers and non-hostile Sprites. I went there once, but since it didn't seem to have any Sauroks to kill or anything Cloud Serpent-related that I could see, I've just ignored it since. I didn't see any eggs there, either, but as I said, I only went there once. It also occurred to me that maybe the onyx eggs all spawn at a specific time, and that other players find them all long before I go to the island each day. I'm already halfway through Revered. It just seems weird that something designed to speed up the Reputation would be so rare that you could get most of the way through the Reputation without ever finding it.Kyniska25 May 20
May 20 10 years off - Need a change IF YOU'RE A VETERAN AND HAVE PLAYED EXTENSIVELY: ---> OR HAVE LEVELED PAST 60 What have you played before? My most committed toon was a human rogue. I've delved in others, mage, warlock, hunter, etc. How far did you level it? Rogue was 60. Others were no higher than 40s Describe what you liked and disliked about those classes. Be detailed! I guess what I liked about the rogue was the swiftness, if that makes sense? I liked killing mobs quick. Fairly easy to use, at least at the time I thought so lol. I liked being able to avoid mobs by stealthing. I felt a little vulnerable only being able to wear leather. With a friend or alone? What's your friend going to be leveling? Ridin' solo Are you leveling via PvE or PvP? Chain-running dungeons? Strictly PvE Will you be doing primarily raids/dungeons at level cap (PvE) or knocking the opposing faction in the balls over a flag (PvP)? Questing primarily then raids/dungeons Will you be multiboxing or just playing a single character? Since I'm just getting back into it I just want to focus on one toon for now. Race preference? Either for looks or the actual racials (or lore!). I don't really have a race preference though I tend to lean more towards alliance. Though I'd be open to rolling a horde. Heals/tank/DPS? What's your style for DPS - melee or ranged? I guess I'd say I was more of a melee dps person since I'm coming from a rogue. I'm currently leveling this druid and I'm still on the fence with it. Not sure if I can get into the whole casting thing yet. Any favorite game mechanics? (DoTs, HoTs, stealth, mana, etc) Probably stealth, DoT, Hybrid or pure? Does it matter? Doesn't matter Pet or temporary pet or none at all? Does it matter? Doesn't matter Throw in any extra details here: Sorry if my responses were vague. Tried to give it my best from what I can remember about the "old days". I haven't played since TBC, so this is a whole new game for me. I don't have the time to dedicate to the game as I used to so I'm looking for something that's quick to pick up.Bastorn1 May 20