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Mar 14 Herbalism mobs There are several mobs out in the world that, when killed, can be curated by Herbalists. Whether they appear as a yellow or orange skill-up level, you never seem to gain herbalism levels from 'picking' their corpses and generally yield grey level trash. What is the purpose of these mobs and why don't you gain skill-up levels from them?Somatsu1 Mar 14
Mar 14 Trouble picking a healing class I am going to start a healer alt. Been trying to decide between MW or a resto shaman. Looking for some constructive feedback. Don't like druids so these are the options i've picked. Going to use for mainly mythic+ and some raiding.Saniz4 Mar 14
Mar 13 should i use boost new player here just got into outland and mobs still die with 2 swings. Tried questing without the heirlooms mobs still die with 2 or even a third shot. I am buying legion on tuesday and was wondering if i boost to 100 wouls i be missing anything story or raid wise? Will mobs die within 2 shots while leveling to 100? ill prob try out a different class one that can heal besides paladin. Never got a chance to try healing while leveling the gear i was getting did not have intellect on it and i could not find any on the auction house.Abadoxx8 Mar 13
Mar 13 Can class trials collect transmog? ^title Can I funel all my uncollected armor/weapons to a class trial character and unlock transmog pieces and then delete the character down the line and still keep all collected transmog that that character unlocked?Limnadra2 Mar 13
Mar 13 how often can you do a raid I did ZG today then was asked if I wanted to do it again, when I tried it said I was already locked to ZG. What does that mean? And yes I have played all the way to 80 and only did 2 raids, I solo alot. :)Litehammer7 Mar 13
Mar 13 medallion of the legion Can u still get the medallion of the legion from garrison missions or has that changed like how you can't get gold from the missions anymore? Plz Help ThanksAoichan6 Mar 13
Mar 12 Warlock DPS Help So I got a friend in to the game very recently and its his first time with any game like this. Hes been playing the Demonology Warlock. So far his dps output has been incredibly bad despite my attempts to help him. I have never played Warlock before so im lost on how to help him. I bought him the best ilvl gear I could get for him at lvl 104 to make sure it was not a gear issue. So im asking if there are any Warlock players that could give me some tips on Warlock rotations. Is Demonology spec just low in dps? Any help would be greatly appreciated.Lyshkaron4 Mar 12
Mar 12 Unlocking third relic slot im starting to use a new alt and have gone through every artifact quest to get my third relic slot unlocked. i'm not getting anymore quest and want to know how to finish to get the third relic slot unlocked. I just finished "the witness of illidan stormrage" and it gave me the "soul prism of illidan" quest. Do i really need to get the 80 soul fragments to unlock the third relic slot? What do i need to do to finish the artifact quest line and get my third relic slot? if i go back to my order hall and click on the big gold artifact it only ask me if i want to witness the fall of illidan stormrage again. i didnt finish with a perfect score the first timeFastanin4 Mar 12
Mar 12 showing health numbers I saw somewhere on youtube that a player had numbers showing on their hp and mp bars. All I have is a percentage on it instead of numbers. How do I change this? Plz Help ThanksAoichan2 Mar 12
Mar 12 Is WoW worth coming back to? I was going to post this in general but aparently now you have to have a subscription to post, meh w/e. Anyway on to the point of my post. Is Wow worth coming back to? I am a long time player, I played back in wrath, cata was my main time around, played a ton of MoP too, and I stopped when WoD came out for multiple reasons not game faults just real life stuff. So is it worth coming back? In order to come back I'd have to plop however much money down on the WoD expansion, and maybe pre order the new next one coming out? But is it really worth it? I remember how much MoP changed right at the end, we had wonky character models, half our spells removed making rotations simple but boring, is this all the same? Has everything been ironed out and working again? Is WoW still fun like it used to be? If I do come back I might have to ask support if they could give me my 15 days that should be held in reserve somewhere (back when I quit I had support take off my last 15 days and note my account that I could get them back) so that I can try the game out make sure it runs fine on my new computer since its not really a god like gaming PC. Thanks all!Trynthia8 Mar 12
Mar 11 Getting Different Mounts HI! Im a level 43 Blood Elf Hunter i have the bird mount (the one you can get at level 20 for blood elfs). It can be fun, but it got old. When i go to other races in the horde, for examble i went to the mounts in Orgrimmar and it would not let me buy any type of mount. So how do you get different types of mounts for a blood elf? If there is a way of getting different mounts how and where you to get differnet mounts. If you get what im asking please help Thanks, DeuceDeucebox16 Mar 11
Mar 11 Pvp Ok so i need some help im not very good at pvp could anybody give me some pointers or tips on equipment or elixers or just any help at all to make me better Balbimlin5 Mar 11
Mar 11 why cant i swim in nelthandrals lair? when i drop into the water i can't move forward. sometimes i can sometimes i just bounce up and down trying to move forwardTrollstrollr4 Mar 11
Mar 10 leveling prot or ret i am enjoying the gameplay of both and ret but would like to know if leveling in prot would be better then ret? i have no interest in tanking if im going to do a dungeon its going to be in ret.Abadoxx3 Mar 10
Mar 10 Abandoning a quest or Untracking a quest What is the difference between clicking "abandoning" a quest or "untracking" a quest? I have a few that I would like to go away to unclutter my sidebar but I don't want to get rid of them yet? Thanks, AshAwqueentiger2 Mar 10
Mar 10 Can You Reset Your Primary Proffesions? I picked herbalism and alchemy at first, but I think I'd rather have mining and enchanting now. Is there a way to reset your choices?Twatson4 Mar 10
Mar 9 when to change zones i was wondering is there a good or bad time to start a new zone? i noticed while getting to level 20 in loch modan there were still more quests coming up. Would it of been better to stay and keep going or was i right in going to wetlands at level 20? One more question do you get more xp then the previous zone or is it all the same xp regardless?Abadoxx4 Mar 9
Mar 8 Where to get low lvl resources?? So I've been working on my mining profession a fair bit but recently dropped my unused blacksmithing skill for engineering. But it needs lower level resources to make the things than what I'm finding in the world right now. Am I forced to go back to the low level places and mine and kill for stone and linen or is there somewhere I can buy it to help level my engineering skill?? While I'm on topic of engineering, is there like a total steampunk xmog thing out there??Mojor7 Mar 8
Mar 8 How do you get Honorable Kills? I've noticed this when looking at characters' pages here on the forum. On the lower left is Honorable Kills. I looked at this on Wowhead From the comments below it sounds impossibly difficult, yet I see people with many HK's. And the Wowhead page doesn't say how to go about getting it. If it's easier, could you just point me to an article explaining how you go about this, if you know of a good one? ThanksColeportal10 Mar 8
Mar 8 Weird Death Was walking around Booty Bay and I was suddenly disconnected from the server. I logged back in and it appeared someone had put a spell on me because there was a "Spirit of Redemption" timer on the screen. I then died, but there was no recap available. The recap button wasn't clickable. What happened?Reverendalex2 Mar 8
Mar 7 Need help find the right class for me... Howdy all, I was browsing around Google and took two "What Class Are You in WoW?" Quizzes, one told me I was a Paladin and the other told me Rogue. Which caused me to dig deeper into the "What Class Is Right For Me?" criteria on Google, and came across a forum post in the new player forum. I read it and it told me to be specific, and I'm going to be using some of these questionnaire questions from that thread I linked. So hopefully someone can help! (^ ^) Here goes nothing! I do not like casting unless it is mainly instant cast or very fast casting. I prefer to be able to heal myself, and I don't think I would mind healing but I don't know how healing works in WoW. The only game i've ever liked healing on is ESO and I didn't do it for long. (BTW I was leveling a templar in ESO) I prefer to do PvP, and I know in the guide it says not to talk about "Survivablity" but I'm more talking about armor type here...I typically like heavy armor in games, however if I can heal myself decently in cloth and still be pretty tanky in PvP (after getting used to the playstyle) I wouldn't mind a cloth wearer. I do not really care if I have a pet or not. I do NOT want a DK or DH...not that I wouldn't mind playing them as alts later, I just haven't played through all the content yet and want to experience the content from level 1. I boosted several toons, and I want to experience the game from the start. I will be questing/dungeon queuing alone, as my friend is already close to lv. 40 I will be playing Horde, and my favorite horde race(s) is/are Undead (Male), Orc(Female). I absolutely HATE the way Taurens look with NO TAURENS CLASSES HERE!! Please thanks. (^ - ^) That's about it....Hopefully Someone can help me figure out what to play (T_T) As I have several level 10's and 20's and can't figure out what to play.... (T o T) Thanks in Advance to all who reply, TwitchyGamer94Tweakles6 Mar 7
Mar 7 New Player so so so confused I bought this game over a year ago. I purchased base game with Dreanor expansion. It gave me a level 90 boost which I used for a druid. My main character is a level 42 ranger. I am so lost. I don't know the map. I have been exploring for past 24 hours and I am only finding low level quests that are giving few hundred exp. I was fiddling around with the pet battle mechanics and made my way Stormfall. Queued for a dungeon and now I'm sitting in iron forge. I see no quests I am at whits end. My server is Stormrage. Am I on the right server? Should I ditch my level 42 and just start on my druid? Even hopping on my druid I don't know where to start. Ive tried google but In all my years in mmos theres always that one person willing to dump their knowledge. I'm going to be around for a while, so if anybody is willing to help me immerse myself that would be grand. I'm not asking for gold or items. I rather find my own. Just looking for knowledge and a little push in the right direction. Thanks in advanced.Sannahlia10 Mar 7
Mar 6 Choosing a class I'm looking for a class thats easy to learn . I'm not sure which it would be they all seem hard. id also like a class that can cast and do melee. thanks tips are welcomeLicia4 Mar 6
Mar 5 Transportation Hi! I am having a very hard time learning the transportation system ingame is there someone who could give me advice on this? I use the magic stone on backpack and takes me to undead city but in undead city i don't find that magical balloon thingy that moves you across continents. Edit: idk why it post with this character but i have a troll and the stone citizenship is for under city because i talked to an npc onceShadowkz2 Mar 5
Mar 5 Laptop compatible with Legion? Hello, I'm fairly new to the game and i'm planning to get legion but i am not entirely sure if my laptop can handle Legion, Works fine with normal game but there might be lag or a freeze here and there when i enter a very populated city like stormwind. Have no idea what ill do if its not compatible. Windows 10 HP notebook (Windows 10 Home) Ram: 4g (up-gradable) Intel Core i3-5005U CPU 2.00GHzMsnoname2 Mar 5
Mar 5 Confused about cross-realm guild invites Some people say you can invite people from different realms if they are able to contact you or standing right in front of you. However, each time I do that it says "player not online" something like that. The server I play is on Dalaran. I checked other threads but they were outdated by a year. Could anyone clarify the current information about this? Thank you for your timeSaumiya11 Mar 5
Mar 4 Recruit a Friend - Friend Looking for someone starting wow. I want to find a friend to level with that we can level super fast. :) feel free to leave a comment or message my skype. warren.williams221Jaeyel4 Mar 4
Mar 4 LvL100 boost warning I used the lvl100 boost on one of my low level characters, I already have 5 lvl100 and 4 lvl90+ toons on various servers, and I found that in doing this I basically ruined that character and wasted $60, I strongly advice against using this boost unless you only plan on using the character to PvP, farm crafting mats, raids, dungeon runs (farming gold or items), here are the reasons: 1) once you boost your character you will automatically get a lvl3 garrison, many of the initial quests needed to obtain garrison resources will not be available or not able to complete, which reduces the garrison to only providing some crafting mats. You will be able to upgrade some buildings and place which ever buildings you would like but that is limited because in order to upgrade buildings you need garrison resources. 2) most quests in Draenor will not be available because the initial quests were not completed. 3) Many followers you would have received as a quest reward will not be available, again because the initial quests were not completed. 4) these are the quests you will not be able to complete: "Keeping it together", "Qiana Moonshadow", "Ravenous Ravens". if I remember right in order to get garrison resources you need to complete Keeping it together, and Qiana Moonshadow is already a follower once you boost your character but the quest to recruit her still shows its available but you won't be able to complete it because shes already a follower. There maybe more quests that cannot be completed but those are the ones that I found so far and they are the most important ones. 5) your followers start out at lvl90ish, but since your lvl100, most of the follower missions will be to high lvl for them to complete so you will only be able to do a couple missions at a time, even though you start out with a good number of followers. The only thing that I have been able to come up with that would eliminate this problem is for the Dev's to change the results of the boost, so that it only affects your character and nothing else. A lvl100 character can lvl their garrison rather quickly and they would still be able to do all of the Draenor quests if they chose to do so. As it stands right now the garrison is rather useless, if you use the lvl100 boost, its only useable for farming a few crafting mats or doing some crafting, but not much else. I truly believe that this lvl100 boost idea was not planned out very well. I hope that other players that used this boost have found a work around and will post it here.Catryanna34 Mar 4
Mar 4 Artifact Quest - Got DC'd Help!? I was doing the Mage's Fire Artifact quest and got up to "The Frozen Flame" (to obtain the Felo'melorn, and I got disconnected and zoned out of the area. I tried to zone back into ICC but it wasn't the phased quest. Also went to Halls of the Guardian, could not find anything. Cannot drop quest either. Does anyone have any Ideas? Thanks,Lelex2 Mar 4
Mar 3 Find my old/past guild? I just quit my guild to join a new one last week. I hadn't logged on for a few days and now I've come back to no guild affiliation. I'd like to contact the guild leaders to see what went wrong, but I sadly cannot remember either of their names or the guild name (short term memory ftl). I've searched far and wide to try to look up guild history/old guild affiliation to no avail. Wowprogress shows nothing (as I'm guessing the guild was too new). Is there any way to find this information? Thanks.Auspicia9 Mar 3
Mar 3 Recruit a Friend Can you recruit a friend who is in the free trial of the game, or does he need to buy WoW? And another question: All the rewards we get the two or only some and only the one who invites? Thanks.Krazoxcgmv1 Mar 3
Mar 3 How do i get better gear? I have just recently started playing WoW and i don't know how to get good gear. All the gear i have now is from beating the bosses in the current dungeons that are available to me. But, i see other players in the dungeons with much better gear. Is there any other way to get good gear other than from the dungeons at my current level?Optictrixter12 Mar 3
Mar 3 ilvl noob question I know this is a really dumb question and is possibly simple, but how do I change my character ( C ) menu to show my ilvl and my average ilvl. example 865/871. Instead of hovering my cursor over my ilvl to show it I want it just shown regularly. I'm not sure if this is an addon or already via in game. Asmongold has it set up like this here's a pic : Mar 3
Mar 3 My dps is low Can someone help me figure out why my dps is so low compared to othersAltholdiir4 Mar 3
Mar 3 Dying again... and again... and again. I'm new to the game and am playing Alliance a PvP server. I'm trying to complete a few quests, one in contested territory. A few folks from the Horde seem to be guarding the quest turn in point. One of them is level 110 and killed me instantly. The graveyard is very close so I resurrected, but within a few seconds of resurrecting, I was killed again. And again. And again. By the SAME player. And then another one showed up. Someone please tell me there is more to this game? Is this behavior tolerated? What can I do?Reverendalex10 Mar 3
Mar 3 Confused about Agility and Strength On the character screen, the tooltip for Agility says it increases critical hit chance. The tooltip for Strength says it increases Attack Power. Warriors, Paladins and feral Druids are all melee. Why is Agility recommended for DPS Druids and Strength recommended for DPS Warriors and Paladins?Snaggledee14 Mar 3
Mar 2 Number of Mission Available? Right now my priest has one mission available. Never more than one! What must I do to get 5 or 6 missions available?Gymlea1 Mar 2
Mar 2 Want more from the game? For all the new players, players coming back from a long break, undergeared players, players with undergeared alts, people who want to raid and run mythic dungeons but are a little intimidated, for all of you, I have a question. Would you join a guild that was based on getting you to be the best that you can be, so that you can experience the most from the game, with as little fear of being torn up by pugs !@# possible? Would you join a guild who will gear you, grind rep with you, help you with WQ's, teach you dungeon and raid mechanics and allow you to achieve your potential as a player? That's the guild I am building. I need people who are well geared, experienced and patient, willing to teach, and have, if not all toons and specs, a complete understanding of their own class and specs and are willing to share their knowledge with new and inexperienced players. I also need people who want the help, who want to get better and enjoy more of the game. If you're an experienced player wanting to be a part of a guild that's about learning, sharing and enjoying the game as a group of friends, then I want you as an officer, guide, and guildmate. If you're an oldtime player back from a break, a new player wanting to learn more, if you got into Legion late and have trouble gearing or if you're having trouble figuring out your toon, we want to build this guild on you. This link takes to our recruiting post and our guild charter on our website, give them a look, drop me a note on the website or via battlenet. bloodgod#1142 Mar 2
Mar 1 Bonus roll question So I'm trying to get an item from Hellfire Citadel. I used a bonus token already once this week. If I go in again can I use another token?Alaeis3 Mar 1
Mar 1 Equipping more than 2 legendary I just enabled Legend of the Tirisguarde letting me have 2 legendary weapons.One has already dropped for me.Is there anything I need to do let me equip 3 legendary?Zasa3 Mar 1
Mar 1 How do you solo raids? How do you join a raid just by yourself so you can solo the raid? Deathhowler10 Mar 1
Mar 1 Alts and Guild Bank as personal storage Ignore. Found it.Natharia6 Mar 1
Feb 28 Question about mage So I've just started mage in wow and is seriously feeling weak. I'm level 7 and it takes about 6-7 hits with my first skill to kill an enemy. Is it just me or am I playing it wrong? It feels very tedious and a pain to kill all the monsters and advance in quest.Codenamej12 Feb 28
Feb 28 Third artifact slot / class hall dk i have to finish my class hall to unlock my third artifact slot. i have all my artifacts but want to unlock the third relic slot. The quest for my class hall at this point is "goddess watch over you". i've looked online and it seems that i have to complete the val'sharah quest line first, but it's not real clear. Is this true? If not what do i have to do to finish the "goddess is watching over you" quest. this is an alt i just want to use for the two free professions i got, so i want to do the minimum for the character.Fastanin3 Feb 28
Feb 28 Mounts before level 20?? Hey all, I often see low-level players with mounts in starting areas. How is this achieved? Is it some type of special perk? Thanks!Marsyas18 Feb 28
Feb 27 Spirits of Auchindoun I've relocated Teapray here to Shattrath City and have been questing in the Terokkar forest. I got the PvP quest Spirits of Auchindoun and decided to give it a whirl. I got confused immediately, starting with the timer that counts down when the Spirit counter reset. It... didn't really seem to be counting down in real time. For example, it seemed like it claimed there was 5:11 for a very long time. Well, eventually it did hit zero and I headed off the the towers. One was Alliance held before I even got in range. I headed off to the the next nearest one and got the prompt to toggle PvP. Fair enough. I did so, dropped mount, and then ran around the tower killing the couple of NPC's that got annoyed that I was there. I'm not sure how, but I captured the tower. I ran to the next tower, and the next, and then the last, repeating my actions. In the end it was 4 -1, Horde. I never saw any other player, of either faction, during this adventure. I got credit for the quest after I took the first tower, so I guess I did well enough. But I really don't really understand what the towers are for, or what benefit there might be to capturing one other than finishing the quest. I imagine capturing the towers would be a different story if other PvP flagged characters were around. How exact did I manage to capture them? I wouldn't mind trying real PvP, but I really don't know much about it.Teapray6 Feb 27
Feb 27 Action Bar - Weapons Hi - I'm new to WOW and need some help. Somehow, I replaced my longstaff with a pair of boots (on the Action Bar) and I do not have a similar weapon in my bag. It's kind of hard to battle someone with a pair of boots. Is there a fix to this or do I go back to square one and start over? Thanks.Roldenah9 Feb 27
Feb 27 Class Hall Combat Ally So I am wondering, you can send your companions on missions where they gain XP and level up, and you can also assign them to accompany you in the world as a combat ally. If they are higher level (from missions) do they fight better as a combat ally, or are those XP/levels only useful for missions?Deandeyvia3 Feb 27
Feb 27 cant' find deathglare iris in EN l need the "deatglae iris" from the emerald night mare. I just found out you don't have to join a "premade" group, i can join the "group finder". But when i defeated Il"gynoth i didn't get it. i saw the yellow circle with the quest number behind the tree he was in on the map but it was behind the tree. Someone mentioned that this wasn't considered "normal" level. Do i have to join a "premade" group on normal level to get it along with corrupted essence and essence of clarity, or can i get it from join using the "find group" button? tyTrollstrollr3 Feb 27
Feb 26 im getting the wrong relics the relics im getting for my affliction warlock are all different kinds other than what i need i got a frost yesterday 2 fire and one fel relic today i dont know if if this is normal but my now my artifact is draining on my ilvl because i cant find relics for it my gear avg is 833 but my artifact is like 811 because i cant find any relicsFuloffel1 Feb 26