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Nov 5 Easiest class/spec? Not for myself, my partner wants the get into playing wow but doesn’t have much experience playing any video games, don’t want her to get overwhelmed! So, in your opinion what’s an easy class to pick up? Possibly with the least amount of buttons or maybe a simple rotation to learn? Thanks in advance for any help!Strikenine3 Nov 5
Nov 5 legendary item and mystic keys I have sephuz's secret and Kil'jaeden's burning wish and I'm wearing them, and I'd like to add them to my collection, but every time I unequip and reequip them they are never added to my collection. What do I need to do to get them added to my collection. How do I get mystic keys, and how do you use them? Plz Help ThanksKurohime4 Nov 5
Nov 5 How the hell do I get Marks of the Sentinax? No sentinax active in my realm, no groups in lfg, cant start a group because people would be put into my realm with no sentinax. ????Grimidoran3 Nov 5
Nov 4 Question on solo raiding I want to get into raiding and do some of the original raids as well as the raids from BC, WOTLK, etc when I can. Is it true that I can walk into these raids by myself and solo them on my own? Because I thought I needed to be in a group in order to enter a raid, but I saw someone on another post from a couple years back who said Blizzard changed older raids to where you can just walk into them by yourself. Also if I'm doing them solo, what level should I be for them? Can I do different leveled raids like heroic and mythic in a solo queue, or do I also need to be queued with someone?Tanathadros5 Nov 4
Nov 3 New player here, not sure what to do next Somewhat new player , unsure of what to prioritize. I played back in 2006, and quit right before Burning Crusade came. I did my fair share amount of research here and there and have been playing with my wife, at first we just stick to questing , but when Dungeon finder pops, we just keep dungeons as we explore new cities (horde) , now we're both level 65 ish, but are there anything for me to prioritize besides leveling ? We started from silvermoon, went to undercity, even tried to go to ironforge because my memory was wrong (i thought ironforge was a United city where horde and alliance can go in) , then discovered Oggrimar. I have checked about Garrison, but unsure how to start one ? Is there any important quests to do ? Is it just leveling for us until 90+ ? I know garrison can be started in Dranei (sorry if mis spell) Much appreciated for answers.Ginmin7 Nov 3
Nov 3 Dropped off I believe there is a way to be dropped off at the next FP if you've made a mistake in where you want to go? I thought it was just logging off the game and back in, but that isn't it.Visandra5 Nov 3
4d Shyness, anxiety, depression, toxic community Empty friend list, empty btag list, empty guild or no one ever online, uneasy starting conversation. There are way too many to list all the reasons why most of us play alone. Unfortunately, as most of us know, finding nice people has become a bit of an issue due to the toxic behaviour of a very small portion of the player base. Most of us just stay quiet for fear of getting kicked out by those disruptive kids, or insulted, and so on. I've started a community on Discord and hoping to find more like-minded people interested in joining us. You know, people who can speak in full sentences, people who don't need to swear every 2nd word, people who can go for hours without insulting others, people who actually like to help out, etc... In short, a nice community. No need to transfer toons, to reroll, or change anything you do. We get together on Discord to chit-chat (mostly text), or to form groups, to get help or to help out. If you are as bored of playing alone as some of us are, feel free to join us. Everyone is welcomed, regardless of faction, level, ilvl, experience, etc. Please post your btag in here and I will check the thread regularly to add you. By posting in here, others may also friend you or you can friend some and you'll gather your own list of friends. If you prefer not putting your info in here, you can contact me directly on btag or in Discord. Looking forward to meeting some of you soon. Cheers, Worgbane btag: Worgbane#1877 Discord: Worgbane#9655Worgbane22 4d
Oct 30 Where do I go after the Worgen starting zone? I just beat the Worgen starting area, and then got on the boat. The boat took me to Azuremyst Isle? I didn't think that was right, so I used my Hearthstone. My hearth stone got automatically set to The Howling Oak in Darnassus! I have no idea where i'm supposed to go now. Can anyone help?Jebmoonfury5 Oct 30
Oct 30 About Veiled Argunite So I was attempting to buy some ilvl 910 relics for my Artifact Weapon, and bought 3 of them and none of them had anything related to dps purposes. However, all 3 were different from one another. My question is, does having these 3 separate items in my inventory therefore increase the chance of getting 1 that is not like 1 that I already have? I just don't know if its possible to get duplicates or something, trying to minimize my chance of getting another non dps relic. And a bonus question, if the current holy artifacts I have in my Artifact weapon are ilvls 860 and 870, would it still be better to switch them out for a non dps ilvl 910 one? Thanks for your timeScottxx4 Oct 30
Oct 30 Changing specs, how does it work? So if i change specs (prot pal to ret pal) and join a pvp q, will my item lvl for my tank spec work for my DPS spec. Also second question so how do you gear up for a second spec, do you just change loot pref and start doing content or is there something else I should do?Mequilos3 Oct 30
Oct 30 Armor and Class Stats Just wanted to get this cleared up, as a teen who isn't working i can't afford Legion. So my question is should i follow the stat changes that go on with the class i play on the current Legion patch? or follow the latest Warlords patch since i don't have Legion? Any helpful answers are greatly appreciated.Shaynek2 Oct 30
Oct 29 Do Unholy vs Frost DK affect weapons/armor What I mean is does an Unholy DK have a variety of different armor and weapons compared to a Frost DK, or do both have the same? This pretty much goes for all other classes.Tanathadros5 Oct 29
Oct 29 Please help me choose a good USA realm. Please say, which servers are good and what's good about them. I think a alliance/horde balance is important to me. And not according to realmpop, but actual experience. Appreciated.Miifi2 Oct 29
Oct 29 Warlock Minion Voice Hi. I just hit 90 with destru warlock, and so, was planning to use doomguard as my minion but there was a problem.................... The guy wont shut up! :x Was wondering if I can silence him somehow. Can't take him telling the same 2 or 3 phrases each time I dismount. Thank you.Zaleos3 Oct 29
Oct 28 Is wow Still fun? Towards the end of Cataclysm I cancelled my WoW subscription because I felt that everything in the game pre-max level raiding had been trivialized to the point of pointlessness. I.E. that if you weren't max level and raiding, then there was no point. Veterans will notice that this was not the case in WoW history. It didn't matter, back in the day, if you were level 15, 60 or 70, you could still feel as though you were making an impact, having fun and that your character mattered. However, since late Cataclysm, the game has shed it's enjoyable factors for those under max level. Everything in WoW is focused entirely around reaching max level and joining raid content, even though (opinion) raiding is one of the lease enjoyable portions of the game. I admit, freely, that having a dynamic 25 or 40 man raid, which functions properly, can be fun. However, it is, by far, not the most enjoyable portion of the potential content offered in WoW. There is no longer a learning curve for tanking, DPS'ing or healing between levels 1-99, it has all become variations of DPS'ing. Simply stand nearby and wait for cooldowns, nothing more, nothing less. Tanks no longer have to concern themselves with Aggro management, only with % damage reduction cooldowns. DPS no longer have to pay attention to what is happening on the field. Healers only have to watch health bars and play "whack-a-mole". I understand that Blizz worries predominantly about subscriber retention "if people are subbing, then all is well". However, I would argue that the main reason I became "hooked" on WoW was the early-mid game content in BC and WotLK. End game has never Truly excited me, due to the fact that it is nothing more than a gear grind. Now, in MoP and WoD, there is nothing offered other than the gear grind at maximum level. Which, as far as I can tell, is the least interesting portion of the game, the journey rather than the destination sort of thing. I haven't must else to say, coherently at any rate. I wish WoW could still be fun, however it's nothing more than a max level gear grind. There's no social aspect, no leveling aspect, no character focus. You're a tank/dps/healer, an interchangeable cog for end game raiding and nothing more. If you're not maxed and at the correct ilevel, then you don't matter. (also this isn't an ilevel gripe, i'm fine with that mechanic, however it shouldn't be the only focus in an mmo to stimulate players)Biospark15 Oct 28
Oct 28 Looking for high detail Gryphon mount Recently I saw someone with a Gryphon mount that had a LOT more detail than the usual Alliance basic flying mount. I didn't think to figure out what mount it was at the time and I haven't seen one since. What is the highest detail/resolution/polycount Gryphon that a casual player can obtain? I came across mention of a Grand Gryphon (req 80), is that possibly it or is there something else?Pwnytails2 Oct 28
Oct 28 Can't fly in eversong woods? so a few nights ago i got my flying mount and the flight license and for some odd reason I can't fly in eversong wood or ghostlands, do I need the artisan flying or something?Cynitha19 Oct 28
Oct 28 Lost I've recently rejoined after not playing since WoD, and I'm a bit lost at the moment. I'm trying to get to the Broken Shore, and eventually Argus but I have no idea how to get to either of those, I've looked up guides but they're from when the patch came out (when you logged in and auto got the quest). I'm assuming to get to the Broken Shore, I have to finish every questing zone, which I have except Suramar, I'm not sure if that's correct or if I'm wasting my time.Scifistun2 Oct 28
Oct 28 Warlock help? Staff vs Wand Should I be using a staff or wand? Is it better to hand my offhand free for a shield or something?Treth1 Oct 28
Oct 27 Over leveled maybe? I haven't been playing for too long but I finally finished up the missions in the starting area for my race (azuremyst isle) and then moved into the bloodmyst isle which seemed like the obvious progression since I was lvl 12. I was bombarded with missions (I had 14 active missions and everytime I completed one 2 more would become available). Through just questing and 3 dungeons (no extra grinding) I've managed to get to level 23. I still have more missions to complete in that area but now I'm such a high level that most of the mobs don't drop any exp. By the time I finish up with this area I feel I will be over leveled for where I go to next. Plus there are still plenty of areas that are the same level or less then my current level. Is this normal? Am I intended to make other characters to explore the other low level areas?Xaandirixa9 Oct 27
Oct 27 Macro help please Hi, I'm a new player, so please excuse my ignorance lol. Anyway, I'm a warlock and I'm trying to create a macro to simultaneously cast Shalowflame and Shadow bolt, but it won't work. I can press them both at the same time and manually cast them together, but when I put "/cast shadowflame /cast shadow bolt" It just refuses to cast both. Anyone help?Treth2 Oct 27
Oct 27 Horde reputation Which zone in general while doing quests increases your rep with the Horde?Sedenas2 Oct 27
Oct 27 Help me ! I don’t know how to use Obliterum Forging for craft item to get Obliterum Ash. Anyone please guide me how to use? ThanksDruzdornkal2 Oct 27
Oct 27 Where is the Netherlight portal ? I have bad memory. Been to the Netherlight temple once. But I have slept twice since then and had a lot going on. I DONT remember how to get back to the portal to take me there. ( I get lost easyly even in my home town.) Soo Can some one give this Old forgetfull Lady Directions to the portal or how I am to get to the Netherlight Temple? Please, and Thank you.Mizjoha8 Oct 27
Oct 26 Should I continue to quest or wait for 8.0? As you may have known from my previous post, I am not a big fan of questing but I am doing it along with dungeon fighting and some arenas. I am new to this game but I think my advancements been pretty good since I have started playing this game about a month ago. Here's a question for you guys and gals. I do not have a lot of solo quest completed, not even close to opening world quests and given the time frame the next expansion is coming out, do you think it will be a waste of time grinding out all my solo quests? Should I put my time into learning how to battle in arenas, playing dungeons, and just getting more of a feel of this game and what each character does? Btw, I have a 105 Veng Dh i would like to possibly learn to tank in dungeons. And of course, my main, 110 BM Hunter. Thanks in advance for any advice.Huggar16 Oct 26
Oct 26 lvl 65-69 pvp twinking . how balanced is lvl 65-69 pvp ? I know that lvl 60+ pvp gear are better than heirlooms . Would it be worth my time to get that gear , enchant it and stop experience at 69 ? sorry if i sound like a complete noob :D . help would be appreciated !!Spetnas2 Oct 26
Oct 26 New to game.... Is it important to grind REP from the factions of the older expansions?Pocketsize3 Oct 26
Oct 25 level 100 boost issue [Solved] A few days ago I posted on here about wanting to forfeit my level 100 boost because it was gonna bug me that: A) I have a dead, deleted level 100 sitting in my "undelete this character" roster. or B) I have a level 100 character that I just don't want. Solution - wait until this character is level 99.5 :DPavet4 Oct 25
Oct 25 Questions about dungeons and monk class I'm very new to WOW, 3 days old to be more specific. I've watched lots of YouTube videos and read guides but it all focuses on lvl 90 and up. I started as a priest and made it to level 15 where I tried my first dungeon and decided I wanted to try another class with more versatility to take to high level so I started a monk (now level 11). The monk seems a bit more up my alley with both the tank and healer specs sounding fun for me but I feel like I'm missing something. I just got to choose my spec and was looking through the abilities of the brewmaster (my most likely choice) and it seems like for a tank he is pretty useless in dungeons until at least lvl 28 when he will have access to both of the brews and stagger. Even then it seems as if I would die quickly without a good healer since I have weaker armor. Is the brewmaster strictly a high level tank that you need good coordination with a healer or am I just missing something (most likely)? Should I only play the healing class in dungeons until I start to get to high level or should I just avoid dungeons? I'd like to be able to get some decent gear before I go offer exploring too much. *Small side note* I'm not really a fan of DPS especially not melee DPS so I would like to stay away from that in any group oriented tasks.Veriselyia8 Oct 25
Oct 24 Who is this? in Westfall, there is a quest called "livin' the life" where you have to go into a cave and hide inside while you listen to a conversation between Glubtok (a boss in deadmines, who is a giant two-headed ogre) and a "Shadowy Figure"(it's a female btw), you can actualy see the figure, it looks like a priest in shadow form or something like that. In the Dead Mines dungeon, there is a worgen boss who is named admiral something dont remember, and once you kill him, he says "You will never find her, until it is too late." I believe he's talking about the shadowy figure. Just wondering but who exactly is "she" or the "shadowy figure"?Rubberchops4 Oct 24
Oct 23 When should I level an alt? Hello all, I started WoW way back in vanilla and played through Lich King. I have just come back in the last month and hit 110 a couple nights ago. My question is about leveling an alt. What should I accomplish on my current character before even starting on an alt? I was thinking about getting flying and then casually starting an alt to play. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!Vashpede3 Oct 23
Oct 23 Just completed Borean Tundra where to now? Iv just completed all I can see of any remaining quests of the Borean Tundra Zone in Nothrend (Even got the Achievement for completing all quests in zone). But I havnt got the usual "Report to" quest that will tell me where I need to go next. So which zone do I next need to go after Borean Tundra?Râzion13 Oct 23
Oct 23 Voluntary 100 boost forfeit? It's my understanding that with the purchase of the current expansion "Legion" you are entitled to a character boost from 1-100 or anywhere in between. If this is correct which im 99% sure it is, can we optionally forfeit this boost? I don't want it, and I don't want to have to use it, delete the character and have that ghost character forever on my character roster potentially able to be restored. I just want the perk removed, I want to never be able to use it. Is this something I can do?Aldriess7 Oct 23
Oct 23 Need help to play with friends I am a panda on the turtle island and when my friends invite me to their guild it says they cant because "im in the opposing faction". I cant get to their world or in there guild and im level 11. this is very frusteratingKeddz3 Oct 23
Oct 22 Suffering from constant rerolls. help :( I'm suffering from being an altoholic, and need to find a class to love forever! What have you played before? I have everything at max level. How far did you level it? See above. Describe what you liked and disliked about those classes. Be detailed! -I enjoy healing and DPSing. I like tanking only sometimes. -As of late, I'm enjoying ranged more than melee DPS. -Can't be a hunter due to my raid having 7 of them. -Solid class fantasy. (I'm a DnD player at heart, fight me.) With a friend or alone? What's your friend going to be leveling? Alone. Are you leveling via PvE or PvP? Chain-running dungeons? PvE, everything is at 100 already so I'd just be leveling through legion. Will you be doing primarily raids/dungeons at level cap (PvE) or knocking the opposing faction in the balls over a flag (PvP)? Raids :) Will you be multiboxing or just playing a single character? One toon. Race preference? Either for looks or the actual racials (or lore!). I LOVE elves, I'll be playing ally. Heals/tank/DPS? What's your style for DPS - melee or ranged? Ranged DPS (optional healing offspec) Any favorite game mechanics? (DoTs, HoTs, stealth, mana, etc) I love stealth. I've mained a rogue for awhile and have gotten use to it. I also love execute phases, they're super fun for me. Also having raid utility (such as mage food, warlock cookies, or rogue's soaking capability) make the class a lot of fun for me. Hybrid or pure? Does it matter? In the end it doesn't matter too much, but having a healing or tank offspec to pug M+ wouldn't suck. Pet or temporary pet or none at all? Does it matter? Doesn't matter at all. :) Throw in any extra details here: I want to play this class for the long run. I know class fantasy will be subjective as to who finds what cool, so I just request strong class fantasy. I love having utility in raids, and I definitely want to be ranged. Thanks for reading and for the help. <3Vixanis3 Oct 22
Oct 22 Does Blessing of protection drop aggro? just wondering if i put it on a tank in a dungeon.Muldulur8 Oct 22
Oct 22 Deepmist Grotto? Trying to finish up my trick or treat acheivements and the only candy barel I cant find is in Deepmist Grotto in Vasjh'ir. I have been all over Vasjh'ir on all my 85s and cant locate the grotto. Can someone send me in the right direction?Snarel12 Oct 22
Oct 21 undelete character timer? i want to undelete one of my characters it says 1 day left currently but i am wondering if there is an actual timer i can look at to see when this function will be available to me. or is it basically just based on a day system type of thing regardless of what time of the day you last used it? also when will it be up? like it says 1 day but will it be available at say 12am server time or is it whenever the servers reset if so what time is that now? it used to be 3am i believe but i think they changed there time zone or something now so it's at a different time.Astura5 Oct 21
Oct 21 Heirloom Legs Missing According to the heirloom collection the legs pieces are for sale by the guild vendor. But I have checked both guild vendors in Org and the Undercity and neither of them have them for sale. Am I missing something?Pinkanimal29 Oct 21
Oct 20 New to the game...character boost? New the game...should I level at least 1 toon to 110 before using my character boost?Naeruuna9 Oct 20
Oct 20 can't finish quest as i already killed boss Hi, so like the title says, i killed a boss in a dungeon raid before i knew about the quest now that I've accepted the quest i can't complete it because the boss is already dead , anything i can do here or i am i best off just abandoning the quest and moving on? I'm new to this and i apologize if this is one of those questions that gets asked every week, i tried searching first but no luck. many thanks in advanceTrabmahgnib5 Oct 20
Oct 20 Who is a person and who is not? I seem to have the embarassing habit of trying to chat up static computer controlled characters without realizing they aren't players. How can I avoid this?Mudge9 Oct 20
Oct 20 Can't do quest A Time To Lose I am trying to complete this Hallows End quest, but for some reason it won't let me. Whenever I attempt to destroy the Horde Wickerman, it says I require Horde Wickerman. What am I missing here?Paoquo3 Oct 20
Oct 19 Netherlight crucible with alt I unlocked netherlight crucible with my main. Now I just hit 110 with my alt and at the forge it says that a new trait is available at netherlight crucible. I don't understand if I have to go to Argus, or somewhere else, or nowhere. How or where do I get to the NC with my alt?Kelenya1 Oct 19
Oct 18 (Kinda) New - Buddies in need I am fairly new, and I am picking up the pace with my knowledge. I would like to have some casual friends to play with, maybe a guild. I just want to play more. :)Greyfox5 Oct 18
Oct 18 Need to find trainer for Demon Hunter New to WoW, in my spellbook I have "master riding" which will allow me to ride my mount at max speed, but I need to see my trainer. Who/where is the trainer for a demon hunter?Borimrath8 Oct 18
Oct 18 Am I able to JUST play dungeons? Help I am somewhat new, just started playing this game about a month ago and got my BM Hunter from 100-110 to 835 ilvl. I HATE solo questing as I find it very, very boring but love those random/heroic dungeons. Very fun. I plan to play Mythic when I am up to par for better gears. My question is, am I able to succeed in this game just doing dungeons? What are the benefits of solo questing and World Quests that I can't get out of dungeons and possibly arenas. What I mean by succeeding is getting the best gears as possible and just continue to advance. I know that I will not be able to get Order Resources as they are from solo quests, so order halls are, i guess, out of the game. Thanks.Huggar7 Oct 18
Oct 17 New player and catch up mechanic Hi, I am leveling a priest and I would like to know,even if there is a ton of catch up mechanics now, if I am interested in the priest specific story, can I still run the order hall and other class specific quest lines, or are they out of the game completely ? Do I still get a order hall for example? Thanks in advanceShatil2 Oct 17
Oct 17 says starter edition buddy created character upgraded doesn't have legion yet but says hes in starter edition still any idea howIlldari1 Oct 17
Oct 15 Keep getting one-shot by arrows Right now I'm a lvl 47 Paladin, trying to do the Badlands. I keep getting one-shot by archers I can't even see while trying to do one of the quests ("Their Hunt Continues"). The weird thing is that I get hits from melee enemies that are on the order of 200, but when the arrows come, they're always close to 100,000. Any advice here on why this is happening and/or how to avoid it?Vanadian3 Oct 15