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Jun 14 Heirloom gear question Hey guys I have a druid that I'm leveling up wearing heirlooms I've been leveling via instances and PVP I was wondering at what level do the heirlooms become useless and we stop getting better gear via dungeons? Please let me know Also as a side note or side question ryc my latency in game?Emortalize1 Jun 14
Jun 14 ilvl increas on its own as Char gain exp Hi guys, I bought a few pieces of heirlooms. The ilvl when I bought them was 35, now they are all like 50, 55. And the stats do increase as ilvl increases. Does this mean items can gain exp and lvl for themselves? And does this work on all items or just heirlooms? (Info: don't have Legion yet. Also, I'm talking about the item level, BOT THE "REQUIRED LEVEL" which can be upgraded which gold) Thanks guysCelesteeve4 Jun 14
Jun 14 help i boosted a mage too 100 and she keeps dyingAlelynnique2 Jun 14
Jun 14 Let's talk "tough healers". Hello everyone. I'd like some opinions based on your personal experience please. Going to write a little here, so skip to the bottom if you're into the whole brevity thing. I've been a fan of healing since I first tried it at the tail end of BC. No matter how many times I've tried tanking and dps'ing in PvE situations, I've always lost my motivation and wanted to go back to healing. So... I'm no longer fighting it. I need a healer main. With the nature of the Legion content now, I don't want to play alts anymore (at least for awhile... you know how that goes.) And my new main needs to be a "tough healer"... IF that's a thing. You know. A real bada**. The proverbial Rocky Balboa (from part IV) of healers, if you will. My shammy here has been my favorite for a long while, but I can't help but feeling like there's tougher. You know the feeling that you get as a tank character when you drop into "insert zone here" surrounded by mobs, but you couldn't care less because you know they won't be able to kill you? I'm wondering if there's a healer that can emulate that feeling or, at least, which one gets closest to it. Right now, I'm trying a Resto druid with Guardian affinity, but I'm not quite geared enough to test it fully. I've also heard that Disc Priests are pretty sturdy. Outside of this, I have no other experience with other healers. What do you kind people think? Am I on the right track or is there another class that you'd recommend? TL:DR Which healer do you think is best equipped to heal through multiple attackers' onslaughts during solo, world PvE encounters? Let's say for the sake of argument that their DPS is not important.Anemos7 Jun 14
Jun 13 Journeyman riding, new mount needed?? Hello guys, I just reached 40, already learned my 2nd riding skill for fast ground riding, journeyman riding I believed it's called. So, does a player need to buy a new mount somewhere at this point to get that fast riding effect, or that weird bird just gonna run faster cuz he learned the 2nd riding skill? Also, I have a Heartsteed mount from Heartstorm. and regarding the first question, if a player (who does not have an epic mount like Heartsteed) need to buy new mount, do I have to? (Asking cuz heartsteed says "This mount changes depends on your riding skill") Thanks guys, sorry for the complicated question for something I'm sure simple :)Celesteeve3 Jun 13
Jun 13 What am I doing wrong?(gear) Hello, so I'm still new, currently going through Pandaria. I'd do battlegrounds on the side, and I noticed a huge difference between battlegrounds in the 80s and 90s. I looked up a player who defeated me in 5 seconds(stunned) from the 90-99 bracket and he had the following: vastly oversized ring, demar's band of amore, etc. with an ilvl 755 Basically all gear that requires level 101(despite being lvl 99?) with really high stats including 860k hitpoints. When I check my own stats, it's no where near that, especially the ilvl. What I'm wondering is how come the gear I get from quests, etc. doesn't have stats with +900 crit, +500 agility, +900 mastery, etc. like theirs does? Even the gear rewarded from winning battlegrounds only gives +70 agility or so.Furrlex3 Jun 13
Jun 13 Druid or Warlock I'm torn between a Warlock and Druid for ranged DPS can anyone please give me some pros and cons for legion?Brodoxx5 Jun 13
Jun 13 Battle chest troubles I recently bought the wow battle chest, I put the game in and log in but it still says that I have the starter edition help pleaseAntthahammer12 Jun 13
Jun 12 Which Ranged DPS I just started wow a warrior with the level 100 boost i got for buying legion but want to do a 1-110 start and want to try a ranged DPS, somthing that has a option for healer/tank anything as long as i can avoid long queue times for dungeons so i can level faster. I would be willing to do a some thing without it but i heard leveling is vary slow just doing quests without dungeons. I have played hunter but got bored really quick and stopped playing To sum it up i'm looking for somthing thats generally accepted everywhere mythic dungeons/raids, pvp, brawlers guild, and thats 1v1 pvp/pve without being to boring.Brodoxx12 Jun 12
Jun 12 How to use six demon bag? Just received this trinket and not sure how to use its effects.Paoquo3 Jun 12
Jun 11 Battleground bracket without legion Currently I don't have the legion expansion. If I were to hit 100, would I be placed in a different bracket with only those who don't have legion and those who froze their exp at 100? And would I be able to get the class artifact at 100? :P Thank you!Hhll1 Jun 11
Jun 11 Hand of gul'dan imps disappearing too soon? I just got my first warlock to level 10 and switched to Demonology, and when I use the spell Hand of Gul'dan, it says the imps are supposed to last for 12 seconds, but they disappear after 2 attacks, leaving 4 seconds left on the timer. Is this supposed to happen?Teirezias0 Jun 11
Jun 10 Beginner's guide to Dungeon Etiquette The Random Dungeon Finder is an excellent tool to help with leveling and learning your class, and probably the best tool for getting gear as you level up. However, a lot of players go in without much understanding of how groups work, and they make a lot of mistakes in their role and in common behavior. This is perfectly fine for beginners - learning is part of the process. With that in mind, I've compiled a few pointers for certain roles and for dungeon divers in general: Disclaimer: I will be using some common WoW terminology a lot throughout this post. For a list of common abbreviations, see: /forum/topic/2228418470 General (All Players): Communicate. I emphasized that word because it is so often ignored in PuGs. Silent dungeon runs are awkward, clumsy, and often catastrophic. Talk to your party when you need help, when you have a question or comments, or just to lighten the mood. When parties communicate, they work better and they have fun. Pay attention to /p and /s chat. Players can and will speak up if something is wrong or if they need something. Having the channel disabled or the chat window hidden is a poor excuse for a mishap. Need versus greed is a very serious matter, and should be respected without exception. If an item is up for roll, and it benefits you directly (your class, your stats, or your profession), you have the right to roll need. However, it is unfair and uncool to roll need on something that you don't actually need, potentially robbing another player of something they could use. Don't be surprised if you get vote-kicked for being a loot ninja. No one likes loot ninjas. Try your best to have fun. That's what most everyone is here to do. If a pull goes badly, if the group wipes, or if something else isn't quite right, don't get worked up. Raging , flaming, and quitting in a huff isn't fun for anyone. DPS (Damage Dealers): Contrary to popular belief, you actually have two main jobs: deal damage, and don't make things difficult for the tank and healer. Stealing aggro, pulling extra mobs, and running ahead or away from the rest of the group makes you more trouble than you're worth. Watch your threat (preferably with an AddOn like Omen) and watch which mobs you attack. It's typically the tank's job to pull, especially in classic 5-man dungeons. Regardless of whether or not you can get to the mobs first, it's harder for the tank to get the aggro off of you then it is for him to just pull. Aggro on anything besides the tank is bad, but mobs hitting the healer is especially troublesome. While not really mandatory, a superstar DPS will make an effort to take aggro off of the healer right away. If you see someone wailing on the priest, target that bad boy right away and start wailing back. The tank can take the aggro off of you as soon as he's ready. Healers: Your job is to heal. Just heal. Odds are you won't be able to juggle healing and attacking at the same time, and no one is asking you to try. The DPS can handle that. Focus on healing, even if you have time and mana to spare. When the poo hits the fan, you'll be thankful you were patient. The key to saving groups is priority. As much as we'd like to heal everyone, we won't always be able to. The tank is your top priority - he stays alive at all costs. Then it's you (the healer), and lastly the DPS (typically melee before ranged). If a DPS or two goes down in fire, it's regrettable, but it's not a wipe. If the tank goes down, everyone's in trouble. Tanks: Tanking isn't really hard, but it is probably the hardest role in a 5-man group. Tread carefully into this slot. Read guides for your class and for the role in general. Learn how to manage threat, how to mitigate damage, and how to pull safely and effectively. Some players will want you to rush forward or pull bigger groups, but if you're losing health too quickly, lay off. Playing safely is more important than playing quickly, and those players have the time to spare to do the run properly. Watch your party. Mobs can aggro from any direction, and can switch aggro pretty suddenly. The other players aren't as tough as you, and they shouldn't be taking damage for long. Pull mobs away from other players as quickly as you can, and don't get sucked into your rotation. The tank is typically the puller and the leader through the dungeon, so speak up if you don't know your way through a particular area. Usually, a more experienced player will be happy to act as the guide.Halzen23 Jun 10
Jun 10 Quest paths for each race. So I noticed on my Orc and Troll characters that they both, after completing their opening areas, ended up reaching Razor Hill. Now they've both currently got the same quests lined up to do without any variation at all. This is a little worrying, as I don't want to get bored or burnt out on either of those characters from doing the same quests over a second time. So I've got a few questions about this. First, do they ever branch off again at some point? Or are my Troll and Orc destined to travel down the same path, visit the same areas, and do all the exact same quests for the remainder of the game? Second, which other races (On Horde and Alliance side) get paired up and eventually pushed to the same place to do all the same quests? Third and last, does it eventually reach the point that all races are doing the same quests? I assume so at least with end game content type stuff, but I cant say for sure or how soon it would come.Alcodes7 Jun 10
Jun 10 How do I get into a Raid? I have been playing WOW for a while off and on. Just recently, I got my rogue over lvl 85 and was hoping to do some raiding. Whenever I click on Raid, however, it does not give me any raid choices at all. I know that I have to be mindful of my item level but I am well over level 400 on almost all of my items. Still no Raid options. I also do not know how to check my aggregate item level. Apparently, it isn't as easy as it used to be. I was under the impression I could do a PUG for a Raid, but I guess not. I am part of a raiding guild but they concentrate on level 110 stuff, which I understand. How do I get to the point that when I click on Raid finder, I can find a Raid?Saurron5 Jun 10
Jun 10 Who can wear plate? What classes or specializations can wear plate armor? TIAGeodyr12 Jun 10
Jun 9 How to get to the broken isles Hello I am a lvl 100 hunter and I want to go the broken isles. You see after using my character boost,finished my mission on attacking the horde and getting my new bow I wasn't able to go to the broken isles. I heard you were able to get to lvl 110 if you go but I am not able to get there. There are no portals,no ships and no mission's for me to get to. Please tell me a way to get to the broken isles for the allianceTerthelard2 Jun 9
Jun 9 Want your opinions on ranged DPS So I can't decide which ranged dps I should play. I wanted to make this thread to see what everyones opinion is for each ranged dps class. This is not about which class is currently the meta/highest dps numbers blah blah blah. Just your honest opinions on your enjoyment of playing, difficulty, and whatever else you can think of. I just have a hard time deciding. I've tried them out a couple levels, but still can't decide.Ganryu9 Jun 9
Jun 9 Is it me or do I have bad luck with PUGs? Hello! I'm fairly new to WoW, as I've been playing for about 5ish months, and I have questions about running dungeons with PUGs and my healing output. This is my main and highest level character. I started leveling her as a balance druid, mostly through questing, before I started running dungeons. After a month or so, I switched my spec to Restoration to focus on healing. I use several websites to be knowledgeable about spell rotation and the like, but I feel like lately I've been having difficulties occasionally with groups from the dungeon finder. I'd say 70% of the time, I can run dungeons with a PUG just fine. Minimal casualties, I heal rapidly, and best of all, no one is spamming me to heal them in chat. However, it's really frustrating the other 30% of the time when people are dying constantly, the other members are taking damage faster than I can heal, and they start harassing me in chat. Most of the time, I'm truly trying my best. I'm not intentionally letting people die, but when they start berating me about how I'm healing, I'm tempted most of the time to just leave the group, because 9 times out of 10, they're being a real jerk about it. I'm not saying that I can't handle people being mean to me. I can put on my big girl pants and take it. I'm mostly just worried that I'm not doing as good of a job as I think I am. An example from earlier: I queued for a random dungeon as a healer, and immediately was put into a group for Abyssal Halls. Things were going fine for the first 10 minutes before we lost the tank on the elevator part, and a DPS ran on and pulled the mobs before the rest of the group was ready and before I could cast any spells. They started spamming me to heal them in chat. Then, when they died, they told me to just "do your job and cast spells" even though I was casting and trying to heal them. It was like this the entire dungeon, and literally as I was about to leave the group because I was tired of them yelling at me, I was kicked. I immediately queued up again for another dungeon, was again placed into Abyssal Halls, but this time there was only one death, and we made it through in about 15 minutes. No yelling, no problems casting spells, and no issues with continuous dying. Is it me? Am I the problem? Or do I just have bad luck when it comes to these things? Thanks in advance. DANG, sorry that this was so long winded.Miraszune12 Jun 9
Jun 9 Blizzard Balance Question Does Blizzard Balance automatically apply to a purchase of a service/game even if said service or game is more expensive than the current Blizzard Balance? I want to buy a realm transfer but I currently only have 15 blizzard Balance. I was wondering if the 15 blizzard balance would apply to the 25 dollar cost of the transfer and I could cover the remaining 10 dollars. But the way the interface makes it look, makes me think i'll be charged the full 25.Firebát3 Jun 9
Jun 9 New player - several questions Brand new player also new to this type of game with some (hopefully) basic questions not covered in the tutorial. Also have not been able to locate answers after numerous web searches. I'm on a Mac - don't know if that makes a difference. 1. How do you leave the game? I finally found a menu after about 10 minutes of random poking around, and there's "logout" and "exit" with no explanation anywhere of what each do. Which gets me back to where I was - and what does the other do? 2. I eventually was able to battle some creatures and pick items up - but I have no clue what to do with them or if they should be moved somewhere other than the right popup. 4. Is there any documentation as to what the items are at the bottom of the screen and how/why to use them - other than the weapon on the left and the"?" box? 5. In forum and other areas I see mention of various (I don't know what to call them other than "geographical") regions of the game - how do I know where I am, and do I stay there? Is there a "master" map? 6. In the game, other than things I can apparently battle and the "!" and "?" characters who are all the ones just standing around or circling aimlessly? 7. When entering the game for the first time I got hit with a $9.99 "now or never" upgrade offer. I had only planned on playing for free; I had seen something about a level limit of some sort but it seemed like a very high number. I didn't want to just purchase the game as I have no idea if I'll like it, if it has to be played steadilky without breaks (which I can't do) if it's too physically demanding (I have some hand problems) - plus I'm on a tight budget. But I thought I better not cripple myself, so I paid - only to find out 1) that I must have signed up for an unplanned subscription, and 2) there's absolutely no information about what I bought. Both ticked me off a bit - I don't buy things that "blindside" me. Can anyone explain what I bought; if it's worth it; & if there is there a way to *not* have to pay the monthly fee I didn't know about? Sorry for the long list. Other than playing a few shooting games with my kids 20 years ago I have zero experience with any of this.Silverfaced14 Jun 9
Jun 9 Search for like minded people Hey all, I'm on the Dalaran server, I am new to WoW but not to gaming : ). Right now I am a lower level but i have a plan for my Night Elf Priest and i am searching for people that share the same like minded views that I do. I want to start a guild with friends that I have been questing with and that I trust. I've been looking in game but it's not going so well for me : (. Anyway, if you have a kind personality and don't mind someone that talks a lot (that would be me :P) that I would like to sit down at an Inn that isn't so crowded with trade talk and have a drink, then maybe hit up a few quests and see if we battle well together. Oh, and they guild I want to start is something that I want to be great, I want the Guild name to known and talked highly about one day, so I would really need people that are willing to put in the effort to help me with that. So if you like what you have read so far add my battle Tag and lets chat. Tyonca#1375 Thanks for reading, SinshellaSinshella7 Jun 9
Jun 7 How to Craft? I've been playing the game for about four years now and for the life of me I still can't figure out how to craft. I was told that if I collected enough silk cloth I would be able to use it to stitch my own mount together at a tailoring station, assuming I had the internal organs to stuff into the the thing once it was done. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find the recipe for the 'silk cloth mount', which I'm assuming looks sort of like a patchwork horse. Has anyone had any luck putting one together?Etoxican8 Jun 7
Jun 7 My pet won't follow me? I bought a pet a few minutes ago(Lil' Ragnaros). When I equip him, he will not follow me when I start to move. He just stays in the same spot in which I have equipped him. Also, it says "Cayennedecay's Companion", not "Cayennedecay's Pet" What do I need to do to get him to follow me? Or did I !@#$ up and not get the right thing? LolCayennedecay6 Jun 7
Jun 7 is there a way to "go back in time/levels"? I started wow 2 days ago when I was introduced to it by my boyfriend and I reached level 15 through quests. He told me to do some dungeons with him. I had no idea what those were but I did like three and I went from level 15 to level 26 in like 15 minutes lmao. Now I'm hit with a tonnn of new features (ex. guilds) and I have no idea what any of these means. This kind of ruins the experience because now I have all these things I don't understand, I can't do any quests as they are too low level, everything just feels overwhelming and out of track Is there a way where I can un level or something, or like go back to a certain level, to where I was before?Hemziie8 Jun 7
Jun 7 Part 2 of my gearing guide for new players! Hey guys, I just released part 2 of my gearing guide series for new players. Please note this is dedicated towards new / returning players that still dont have a full hold on the game. Pass it around to any new wow players and lets get them caught up to speed for the release of 7.2.5! :D Jun 7
Jun 7 riding trainers I am lost! I have read and reread about riding trainers and gone to every Hunter trainer in Silvermoon City and I still cant find a way to get a riding license. There is no drop down windows so I can ask about riding. Ive asked guards everywhere and the same thing no windows for riding trainers. What am I doing wrong? I already have my mount.Morilynda3 Jun 7
Jun 7 cannot get worgen past quest Sacrifices! I got to the chapel and on the way or at the chapel my character is supposed to round up 30 Bloodfangs and it didn't happen. I rode on the back of the horse and they chased us. The 'round up' quantity didn't change. I then tried running out nito the worgen, and my character got killed before I could round any Bloodfangs up. What do I need to do to accomplish this ? ( free account, cannot post in quest forum. No answers for this quest there.) Thanks !Kargonah6 Jun 7
Jun 6 dungeons locked at lvl 91 Just started playing wow some weeks ago, reached lvl 15 and have been doing dungeons since. Now I got lvl 91 and suddenly all dungeons got locked, apparently need item lvl 500 and got 320. What can I do?Hyperionxvi8 Jun 6
Jun 6 My BE Hunter gear will someone check out my hunter and tell me what I need to add or change or remove? I know I need to focus on "agility" items.Lenatrix8 Jun 6
Jun 6 LF Other New Players To Play With I just started the game and am looking for a group of other new players to play with while experiencing everything for the first time. If such a group exists, please add me! I am willing to reroll on any server, my current highest character is only 24. SkullyBones#11233Skira2 Jun 6
Jun 6 LF Other new players to play with! I just bought the game yesterday and absolutely love it! I have experience with MMORPGs so I'm not ultimately confused but I have my moments. I'm on Dalaran currently and was wondering if anyone else is out there that wouldn't mind joining me?Lanalyn0 Jun 6
Jun 5 Question regarding auto-attacks. Sorry, I'm new to WoW, as well as MMOs in general, and have a rather silly question to ask: how do I avoid having to right click to start my autoattack? I've made a DH, and as I'm using demon blades need to be using my autoattack, but how can I initiate my autoattack without right clicking or initiating with another attack?Akryan5 Jun 5
Jun 5 start from level 1 or usr level boost just bought wow and wondering if its better to start from level 1 or use the level 1000 boost? and also what professions are good to make money are at least a decent amount?Theirun3 Jun 5
Jun 4 Server location matter? Hey, i was looking to pick a server and i live on the east coast, so New York is the closest data center to me. The only problem is most of the servers i am interested in are PST and in the California data center. Does the data center make a big difference? Will I lag more playing on a data center further away from me, rather then one close to me?Summon13 Jun 4
Jun 4 Need help unlocking third relic slot This is my alt, I've been trying to unlock my third relic by completing my class hall quest line. Problem is I just got the "A Glorious Campaign" achievement on my Lock and the relic is still locked. Am I missing something? Jun 4
Jun 4 When The Raven Swallows The Day So I have been trying for over a month now to figure out where this begins. This is the last one I need to do for Between Arrak and A Hard Place. I'm at the point where I just need some help. Where do I start this from? I would like to get this finished up. Thank you for your time and consideration.Walthro4 Jun 4
Jun 4 Outfit Manager? Is there any sort of way I can save the looks of an outfit for future use? I found an outfit I liked, so I transmogrified it. However, as I get new gear the outfit falls apart and I keep on having to transmogrify it back. Is there any way I can save the outfit and have the looks of it and the stats of something else in separate tabs so I can wear both at the same time?Candelin3 Jun 4
Jun 4 Dungeon loot question I'm gonna do my first dungeon, and I don't wanna ninja anyone's loot. So is it like PVE where whats twinkling on a corpse is mine? Also I'm gonna tank, and I've read you shouldn't tank or heal for your first dungeon, but it's the only toon I'm decent with. Thanks for any help!Malevetine2 Jun 4
Jun 4 Sticky AoE's? Is there any setting in game for sticky AoE's? In other words, you can center an AOE around your desired target and use it just by pressing the key twice as opposed to having to click and place it.Candelin4 Jun 4
Jun 4 World Quest Raid Question..Confused Newb I am trying to get Nightfallen faction in Suramar. The raid World Quest says to kill Gilded Guardian. When I go to raid finder it does not list Gilded Guardian on the raid target lists in Nighthold. I have done this raid several times on several different raids and have asked in raid if we could kill the Gilded Guardian and I never get a response. We kill the named mobs and disband.... I never have a chance to kill the Gilded Guardian. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a mechanic I am missing? How do I convince an entire raid to divert off the mainstream raid to go kill a side mob. Appreciate the coaching. I can't see me ever completing a "World Quest Raid" at the moment.Celeborne8 Jun 4
Jun 3 Normal quests only showing up as "trivial"? Hey everyone, I just got to Northrend on this character today and went straight to the Howling Fjord instead of questing through Borean Tundra. When I got to the Taunka village I initially thought there were no quests there beause nothing displayed on the mini map or above their heads, but then when I hovered over the NPCs the quest exclamation mark popped up with my cursor and I actually was able to take quests. Then I noticed that when I clicked "show trivial quests" on the minimap options, the quests appeared above their heads and on the mini map as translucent exclaimation points, which I've only ever seen when I was significantly outleveled for a quest. When I untick the "show trivial quests" option, they all disappear again. Any ideas what is causing this or how I could fix it? ThanksKunakte9 Jun 3
Jun 3 Reputation stuck at 18048 in Ogrimmar I'm stuch at 18048 reputation with Ogrimmar, I have the tabard on and I keep playing in dungeons and my rep just won't go up, should it be a bug or something? I'm trying to reach exalted.Ihra3 Jun 3
Jun 2 How does 'Killing Blows' stats/summary work? I'm new player (started to play WoW back in mid December 2016). Battleground instances are my favorite since I was still lvl 30s, but until now I never understand what these 'Killing Blows' stats are -Total Killing Blows -World Killing Blows -Continent with the most Killing Blows I mean I'm in Dalaran (PVE Server) and I don't remember that I ever killed 4307 players in Northrend or 110k kills in total .. So, are npc/creature kills also counts?Aeleinne2 Jun 2
Jun 2 Is WoW worth coming back to? I was going to post this in general but aparently now you have to have a subscription to post, meh w/e. Anyway on to the point of my post. Is Wow worth coming back to? I am a long time player, I played back in wrath, cata was my main time around, played a ton of MoP too, and I stopped when WoD came out for multiple reasons not game faults just real life stuff. So is it worth coming back? In order to come back I'd have to plop however much money down on the WoD expansion, and maybe pre order the new next one coming out? But is it really worth it? I remember how much MoP changed right at the end, we had wonky character models, half our spells removed making rotations simple but boring, is this all the same? Has everything been ironed out and working again? Is WoW still fun like it used to be? If I do come back I might have to ask support if they could give me my 15 days that should be held in reserve somewhere (back when I quit I had support take off my last 15 days and note my account that I could get them back) so that I can try the game out make sure it runs fine on my new computer since its not really a god like gaming PC. Thanks all!Trynthia10 Jun 2
Jun 2 Calling all Hunters.... What talents do you find more beneficial in the Beast Mastery AND the Marksmanship?Lenatrix2 Jun 2
Jun 2 The class you chose What was the deciding factor on how you chose which class to play? My favorites are Hunter, Paladin, and Mage. What about you?Lenatrix9 Jun 2
Jun 2 Lore/ Backstory help So I'm totally new to WoW and I'm feeling pretty lost when it comes to the story progression. I was wondering if anyone could tell me where I could read up on the story so far so I can feel caught up with the goings on and more involved with the quests I'm completing. I'm level a level 21 blood elf who just got to Undercity. Thanks for any help. EDIT: Also, is the Horde evil? I've been feeling kind of malevolent with some of the quests I've been doing and I've always had a hard time playing evil characters; it feels counter intuitive.Grizthor4 Jun 2
Jun 2 Hunter weapons At my level, what bow or cross-bow should I be using?Lenatrix3 Jun 2
Jun 2 broken shore building construction question I understand the basics of the construction and have been taking advantage of the benefits of each building. My question is about contributing. I want the nether disruptor to come up as fast as possible since I'm making good money selling the legendary armor I get from the "armor crafters recommendation" I get from it. What does contributing do? Should I contribute more to the nether disruptor if I want it more than the other two? How should I use my "legionfall war supplies" to get what I want? Thanks 4Trollstrollr3 Jun 2