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Dec 3 Mord's Learn2raid Community Events his Is For The Players Who Want To Raid But Cant Because Reasons If you are someone who wants to try this raiding thing but gets turned off by the vocal minority of Raiders in this game, then this thread is for you. If you are someone who just wants to raid in a low-pressure group that cares more about killing bosses and having a good time, then this thread is for you. If you are someone who wants to LEARN to raid without being berated for low dps, low awareness, etc., then this thread is for you. If you have Autism or any other disability that would keep you out of PuGs in LFG do not be afraid of joining this group. I'm diagnosed with Developmental Dyspraxia and other developmental disabilities and a panic disorder and I'm not ashamed of who I am. I have difficulties others take very light, especially when it comes to learning new things. I know for a fact, everyone learns differently. Every group I lead is different. I don't lead carry runs, I can't promise kills but what I can promise is you will experience a judgement-free raiding environment and you will learn how to do many things in Raids. I'm not perfect at how to lead but I do my best at helping people overcome barriers. This is for beginners, players with disabilities, and anyone else who wants to help people get into raiding and move past LFR. How to Sign up Character Name Class/Spec Role Item level Who to Contact in Game to get an invite to Raid? Add Meira#1501 and join our community group: https://blizzard.com/invite/bWNkgF2Ke Community Event Schedule: Community Video Guides for Learn2Raid (Legion only) Emerald Nightmare Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiMxEaKdoLc Trial of Valor Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZS78mRperec Nighthold Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPeCnQSyKhA&list=PLP2xqcboFhzbBiKwro4aBliRGfUuh6F7Y Tomb of Sargeras: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gcm8v7W3zvI&list=PLP2xqcboFhzaL_QoSseWPPQg5zwcp95kHMordecaí1264 Dec 3
Nov 19, 2014 Raid Lockout Systems Lockouts at a Glance Raid lockouts limit the number of times a character can kill a boss in a week for a chance at obtaining loot from that boss. Throughout the years, different raid lockout systems have been used, and multiple systems exist in the game depending on the system used at the time a raid was introduced. To check your current raid lockouts press your ‘O’ key in-game, select the Raid tab, and click on Raid Info in the upper right. This will display your current lockouts, and time left until they reset. There are three types of raid lockouts used in the game. Loot-based Lockout Used for: All Raid Finder raids, Siege of Orgrimmar Normal/Heroic, Warlords raids Normal/Heroic. You can kill a boss as many times per week as you like, but only loot it once per difficulty. Anyone can join anyone’s instance. Bosses are never locked to you, and you can always go back and kill them later even if you’ve skipped them by joining a group that had progressed further. Raid sizes can be anywhere from 10 to 30 players, and difficulty automatically scales to match. Flexible Boss-based Lockout Used for: Normal difficulty raids from Wrath of the Lich King through Throne of Thunder. You can only kill a boss once per week, and you may not enter an instance where a boss is alive that you have already defeated that week. You can move from group to group during a week as long as you’re joining instances that don’t have bosses alive you’ve already killed. If you enter an instance that is more progressed than your own and get saved to it, you will be locked to all prior bosses. You can move between 10 and 25 raid size, given these constraints. Strict Instance-based Lockout Used for: All classic raids (Molten Core through Sunwell), Heroic difficulty of Wrath of the Lich King raids through Throne of Thunder, and all Mythic difficulty raids. Progress is tied to a fixed instance ID. Once tied to an instance ID, you may not enter any other versions of that raid of that difficulty until your raid lock resets. If other players complete that instance while you are absent, the instance will be empty for you as well, because progress is tied to the instance, and not your character. You may not switch between 10-player and 25-player raid size once locked to one size or the other (does not apply to Mythic which is 20-player only).Bashiok0 Nov 19, 2014
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24m argus the unmaker trinkets so what is this crap? why are trinkets unable to drop in LFR? what is the point of screwing people that don't have the time to run with a guild or commit to pugs that can last hours to complete a raid? don't see the logic here?these trinkets are basically gonna be a requirement to have on every class yet only "real raiders" can get them? really gotta love how blizz consistently screws over the people that make up the majority of there playerbase. this is a casual game...unless blizz removes LFR entirely that will not change.seems like blizz constantly forgets that the majority of the playerbase will never do a normal mode raid or higher..while i myself am not in that majority.."il actively raid unless i burnout on wow for one reason or another"i still find these decisions by blizzard incredibly mind boggling.Bellindria105 24m
1h Unable to solo iron maidens mythic? Hi, I just resubbed after a long time, so I decided to go back and solo all the draenor raids just so I can see the content. I'm finding, however, that I cannot solo the iron maidens. What happens is that I try to burn one down quickly, but I can't seem to kill any before someone jumps on the ship. If I chase the person on the ship, the encounter resets. However, if I kill anyone on the platform, the iron cannon on the ship starts firing at me directly instead of launching bombs. The issue is that once I kill the two on the platform, I can jump to the ship just fine. However, the constant barrage of cannon fire interrupts my attempts to sabotage the cannon, so I eventually just die unable to stop the cannon from firing. Am I missing something?Goodarthas5 1h
1h Heroic Antorus - Too easy It's day 3, and the pug group I was in got our aotc... half of the applicants for the group were linking aotc. The only fight that was actually a challenge was Coven, why is everything in heroic antorus so undertuned? Oh, and normal was an absolute joke, felt like running lfr nightmare with a group of 940's. Anyone else feel the same?Psyber91 1h
1h Kin'garoth How to kill the bastard? I just finished completing Antorus N for a 2nd time. I've killed every boss twice in this raid except one. Kin'garoth. Can anyone tell me WTF why can't I ever kill the bastard? What am I doing wrong? Or is there something most groups fail to notice when fighting him?Tyralone0 1h
2h Heroic Argus and AOTC It seems that every single group or raid leader has a strict AOTC requirement when doing Heroic Argus. How are we supposed to get into groups that make it mandatory to have AOTC, when we can't get into a group because we haven't killed him on heroic? Any way. If anyone is doing heroic argus around now, and would give a fairly competent holy priest a chance, let me know. I had a 9% wipe and a 1% wipe on him (heroic).Lightsup16 2h
2h FYI: Ulduar is getting the "Flex" treatment Currently on PTR for 7.3.5, Ulduar is being changed to have a single "normal" difficulty that supports 10-30 players, i.e. "Flex" difficulty introduced in MoP. This is being done to accommodate a Timewalking version. What this means is that: -10/25 split will no longer exist. -loot from both 10 & 25 are just slushed in together so that each boss has a relatively huge pool of dropped items. (This includes tier tokens!) -achievements from 10/25 just get combined too, so double rewards for some of them for titles/mounts/etc. also some just get dumped into legacy, just a mess. -Since it will be flex, when soloing you will be in a 10m instance and get less loot. -Herald of the Titans remains, but not much detail beyond it still being there. (One thing for certain is that gearing for it will be harder because of the loot changes listed above) -quests for 10m are gone. So, all in all, if you are missing ANYTHING from Ulduar you have less than a month to go get it using current conditions! Some references: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759468625 http://www.wowhead.com/news=278262/more-details-on-ulduar-in-patch-7-3-5-loot-transmog-and-mountsCharity2 2h
3h NA Alliance/Horde Mythic+ Discords Current update on my servers: Currently the Alliance one is the most active Mythic+ discord. It also has the most members of any M+ discord when comparing faction/region equally (And is still more active than the more population servers anyways). Typical night is about 30+ users in voice + many more looking for groups. We use a custom bot that automatically updates your scores and sorts all users by color-coded ranks for ease of group finding. Feel free to contact me with any questions once inside. NA Alliance Server Population: 3200+ NA Horde Server Population: 1250+ NA Alliance Discord: https://discord.gg/m8TRn4w NA Horde Discord: https://discord.gg/KgRfzpk Many groups looking for members/running keys at the moment!Rëlic0 3h
6h Argus Instakill Mechanic Can it not do durability damage? kthxRaava4 6h
6h Why is trinket balance such a disaster? As with all raids, Antorus brings new trinkets. And, some of them are just unbelievably bad. 2 examples in Antorus are the Forgefiend’s Fabricator and Gorshalach’s Legacy for melee. They are just awful for everyone. Why and how could this happen? Relatedly, there is the issue with the legendary Aman’thul’s Pantheon trinket. There are some specs who just don’t want it. That shouldn’t be happening. Again, why is it like that?Niingjing14 6h
7h LFM Mythic Gul'dan. Tomorrow 7 central. I have a lockout saved to Mythic Gul'dan that i wish to use for tomorrow. I have a need for 2 tanks, 3 healers and dps. Would begin searching for people at 6:45 central time and hopefully start on time. Required: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFgTGGWIILo&t=1198s Watch it, know the last phase. Mount is free roll. ADD: McCowan#1297 at anytime prior if interested.Kataeus0 7h
7h Heroic Coven Zero Melee Curious what melee think about this fight it really seems to me that this fight encourages zero melee. There's no reason to bring melee even as far as I can tell. The storm mechanic makes it so melee will be standing around a large chunk of the fight doing nothing at all.Martei53 7h
9h healing utility in M+ Quick question for the community. What do holy priests offer in m+ that other healers do not? It seems nothing, which is fine. I'm not here to complain, I'm just deciding between a few classes I enjoy and wanted to know if there is anything I'm missing. From a very very basic perspective it appears that each class offers some utility that helps quite a bit in m+. Such as: Shaman: interupt, lust, ankh, link, aoe stun Druid: vortex, mobility healing, survival (bear), brez, damage mitigation (bark) Monk: mobility healing, aoe stun Disc: damage during heal thruput, Damage mitigation (barrier / PS), proactive absorb Paladin: damage stop (self: bubble, others:bop), damage mitigation (sac / aura), Burst damage / healing with wings / loh, Freedom What exactly does holy priest offer that is in comparable to these classes / abilities? Thank you very much for your input and time!Paperkliip13 9h
9h When can raiding be gone? Like, I'm kinda tired of this irrelevant side hobby infringing on the other possibilities for WoW.Balfuria6 9h
10h 960 Tank lf mythic ToS Group I'm in a two day guild and we don't devote raid nights to ToS anymore. I'm looking for a group that clears M ToS weekly for a chance at t20 pieces, at least up to avatar. Message here or btag dusto149#1362Bolshy0 10h
11h Explosive orbs and the AOE should pop them Explosive orbs should be popped by AOE im sick of having to leave keys because people dont do orbs , its getting beyond a joke that every time explosive comes out people become filthy casuals an expect to be carried , im forced to pug keys because the guilds on my servers dont want tanks or melee dps and to re roll to a ranged would mean weeks if not months of grinding to get legos to even be considered for a raid spotBrewsree27 11h
14h SoO to kill garrosh hellscream? It's a long raid and the belt i want rarely drops, is there an easier way to get directly to garrosh hellscream without clearing the entire zone?Haze1 14h
15h Gear check Can I get some of you guys/gals to take a moment and check my gear. Any where you see that I need to change something? Am looking to raid norms and do as high mythic +'s as I can. The only other legos I have are the feet and wrist, both 970.Trollybeary2 15h
15h Heroic High Command Help So guys I would love some suggestions. Last night we ran Heroic High Command for the first time. Our raid is by no means world first contenders but we are all competent and good enough. We really struggled. We had 18 people I believe and we used 3 and 4 healers. No matter the healer level we were oom at the third pod with the boss at 40-50% health. We usually ended up wiping there due to the bombs exploding. The mines and adds seem slightly over tuned for the third boss of a raid, even final raid, but not impossible. What have other guilds had success with? Our pod people are getting to about 25 stacks before swapping, we mostly avoid mines, add killing is a little slow but we are never close to being overwhelmed, people aren't dying early too often, but still we are oom and there is half a fight left.Noobacleese4 15h
20h Mythic+ Tank Help So ive been bouncing around between a 944 BrM, 944 Blood DK, and a 950 Prot Paladin in mythic+ But with my new job i really need to find a main tank and just roll with it. Currently im stuck between Prot paladin and blood DK. For mythic+ content solely which one is better at handling mythic+ and why? I love both classes but want to get more experienced players opinions on the two.Phatori7 20h
23h 935+ AotC fresh N Anto Norm Antorus run don't screw mechanics or you're kicked. Must do 900+ dps. No scrubs. WOW that was quick. O.oLothao27 23h
1d M+15 Weekly 960 Titanforge ? No Upgrade. So i completed my +15 for the week opened up my Challenger chest and out pops a 960 Titanforge Waist i think cool :) Then i check to see what my guildy's got and one had a 965 titanforge , WAIT WAIT WAIT so if my Base ilvl drop for completing a +15 is now 960 then where is my titanforge ilvl upgrade this item has not even warforged. I have put a ticket in because if the base item lvl has not gone up then this item DID NOT titanforge at all it did nothing but drop at it's base ilvl. Does anyone think i have a valid point ? Cheers VelVelenix10 1d
1d blacklist dungeons plz, blizz, allow for a blacklist on dungeons, we have it for random pvp so why not random pve? theres at least 2 dungeons that i flat out refuse to do and im sure others are the same.......Ragingsun9 1d
1d How do you solo 25H Dark Animus? I went into Throne of Thunder for the first time yesterday because I enjoy soloing content two expansions back. Since I'm a mage doing content from the prior expansion is usually too much damage. To my question however, how in the world do you solo this guy? I tried maybe 20 pulls each doing things a bit differently. On one pull I even living bombed one add, immediately ice blocked, and then waited. All of the adds died except for a couple of the big ones, and I still died. The outgoing damage from the remaining adds was just ridiculous (melees for 100k+). Any advice from non-tank classes on how to solo this? I do not have much in the way of self-healing outside of blink.Zyzden43 1d
1d Eonar Boss Frame So is anyone else able to reliably see Eonar's boss frame after the fight starts now? I can't even target her during the fight anymore since last reset and it's persisting into this reset. Feels like they broke something in a fix, as I should be able to target her at the least.Thecheat1 1d
1d Violet Hold Mythic Boss Rotation? Is there any place to see what the VH bosses in Mythic will be for the week without actually going in?Ashton3 1d
1d Stealth nerf on M+ gear, trust betrayed again Its fine, they want to extend this teir for as long as possible to delay the expansion. because aman'thul's trinket isn't enough but u need to stealth nerf titanforging chance on M+ gear without telling us? u want to keep us playing this tier as long as possible i get it. but this is low, even for you blizz. could have at least included in the hotfix notes.Kairuime12 1d
1d Pureblood Firehawk 100% drop rate on Normal http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/69224#dropGameObjects Also seen a few posts littered around the forums also claiming it now drops 100% on Normal. Anyone gotten lucky and won one of these this week? If so, grats :)Digerati169 1d
1d Mythic+ scores Do people still really go at it? I used to run mythic+ all the time but nowadays I just do it for certain loots(hoping for titanforge... blah) and the weekly chest. So my score is pretty low. I guess I don't even bother much. I understand different players focus on different contents but I kind of lost interest in running same dungeons over and over. People still serious about this? P.S. I just got declined 10+ times because of the score XD lol. I was just bored and wanted to run a couple before bed.Dfunction2 1d
1d Nightbane - Return to karazhan So after killing Curator and receiving the 5 min buff to summon Nightbane our group mistakenly followed tank through portal after Curator. How are we supposed to get back to Nightbane? Taking portal back kills us instantly and then respawns us in the upper portion before Medivh. We then thought we should hearth to Dalaran take portal back to Karazhan. Upon doing this we lost the buff to summon Nightbane, then upon entering Karazhan are again ported to the upper portion of the dungeon right before Medivh. For a harmless error like walking through an ingame dungeon connector it shouldn't completely lock the group out from still finishing their timed run. Makes no sense at all. Also why should people die instantly from using the portal in the dungeon. This happens all the time in M+ as well and has been happening for quite a while...Kek10 1d
2d (N)Varimathras Tanking PSA @ Tanks 1. Face Vari away from raid 2. Tanks stack on each other, don't move. There is no cleave on normal. 3. When the tank currently tanking gets the debuff, the offtank taunts. Do this over and overFrostchi3 2d
2d Raid Update Question Just curious if we'll ever see a change/update from 2-tank raiding to 3 or 4-tank in a raid composition. Seems that it's been the same for many years and was wondering if this might change. With this, we might see the dev team come up with mechanics that can make use of such a raid comp :)Xazander3 2d
2d Help or advice on Durumu Achievement... Hello all I was doing Achievements in Throne of Thunder and now I only need You Said Crossing The Streams Was Bad, A Complete Circuit and Ritualist Who?. What I need help with is the first one; You Said Crossing The Streams Was Bad. How? I did what the guides said and even caught the white cloud before it disappeared waited a few seconds and nothing... No fog beast, nothing. How do I do it? Any tips?Roguepaw0 2d
2d LF M+ group to do 18+ Healer LFGGarryy0 2d
2d Trinket Drops? So... week 2 of ZERO people in my heroic Argus kill getting the trinket. One person got it in normal. Anyone else experiencing this?Sightblindër17 2d
2d I have calculated your odds of survival ZERO!!!Niraz2 2d
2d Gratz to Method Argus is down, according to wowprogress.Gambanteinn3 2d
2d !@#$ty LFR Experience What an amazing experience I just had with LFR in Tormented Guardians, everyone straight to Ursoc while some people were being killed by the mobs, including myself, and I couldn't reach the boss anymore because I were one of the few who was running back so there were few targets to mobs aggro. I asked for raid help and people just told me it was my own problem and not raid problem if most could go through it. I was already used to the boring LFR and LFD were you just attack and nobody care about anyone else anymore, but this is new level of !@#$ty mmo interaction to me. So I just quit the raid and now I have a 30min debuff to queue again, amazing experience!Kimolao10 2d
2d H Argus Hotfixes - Deleted - "Huge performance issues in this guild." "I'd hate to be in this guild." 10/11H in week two, but receiving straight up toxic hate about our performance. Whatever.Fursine25 2d
2d how hard is mythic NH is mythic NH doable for a 946 equipped DK that has never done mythic NH before? i just want the transmog setGeistkick5 2d
2d Q: Taeshalach & Scythe of the Unmaker Because this is push personal loot and unable to be traded, I have to ask: are these items tagged on a player's account so that they cannot get them more than once?Kabbie4 2d
2d High Command pod healing Anyone figured out a better way to get raid frames to not automatically change a player's frame to the command pod they're in? Our healers last night were only able to heal our pod players by putting them on focus. People with various raid frame addons reported that the players' frames were unnecessarily changing to the pod (though we have no one that uses default so I don't know if those break too). A seemingly minor annoyance but in a smaller raid it requires our healers to constantly have to be resetting their focus targets.Thecheat16 2d
2d Top bosses that stayed unkilled the longest. Since Ragnaros is on the timer currently, this seems like a good time to look back through WoW history and see how long other bosses took to die. These are from the date when the previous boss was killed or the first pull if that information is available. Not to suggest this is indicative of their relative difficulty but I find it pretty interesting. #1 Ouro - 87 days from the Twin Emperors' death. 26th April 2006. #2 C'thun - 86 days from the Twin Emperors' death. 25th April 2006. #3 tied Chromaggus - 74 days from Ebonroc's death. 25th September 2005. #3 tied Ragnaros - 74 days from Majordomo Executus' death. 25th April 2005. #5 Yogg-Saron, Alone in the Darkness - 70 days from Stars' first pull. 7th July 2009 #6 High Astromancer Solarian - 59 days from Magtheridon's death (unlocking the Eye). 24th April 2007 #7 The Four Horsemen - 56 days from Gothik's death to D&T's kill. August 25th 2006 #8 Al'ar <Phoenix God> - 48 days from Magtheridon's death. 13th April 2007 #9 The Lich King (Heroic 25) - 42 Days from Heroic Putricide's death (first pull). March 26th 2010 #10 Heroic Al'Akir 25 - 36 days from Heroic Conclave of Wind's death. January 22nd 2011. #11 Kael'thas Sunstrider <Lord of the Blood Elves> - 31 days from Solarian's death (first pull). 25th May 2007 #12 Magtheridon - 29 days from the first level 70 25-man raid. 24th February 2007 #13 Lady Vashj <Coilfang Matron> - 17 days from being unlocked. 29th March 2007 #14 Leotheras the Blind - 16 days from Hydross' death. 4th March 2007 #15 Loatheb - 14 days from Heigan's death. 17th July 2006 #16 tied Heigan the Unclean - 13 days from Noth the Plaguebringer's death. 3rd July 2006 #16 tied Hydross the Unstable <Duke of Currents> - 13 days from Gruul's death (Unlocking Serpentshrine). 16th February 2007 #16 tied Heroic Cho'gall - 13 days from Heroic Ascendant Council's death. 15th January 2011. #16 tied Heroic Nefarian - 13 days from Heroic Atramedes' death. January 9th 2011. #20 tied Archimonde <The Defiler> - 10 days from Azgalor's death. 9th June 2007 #20 tied Gothik the Harvester - 10 days from Instructor Razuvious' death. 30th June 2006 #22 tied Mimiron Firefighter 25 - 8 days from Ensidia's first pull. May 1st 2009 #22 tied Sapphiron - 8 days from Four Horsemen dying. 2nd September 2006 #22 tied Gruul the Dragonkiller - 8 days from Maulgar's death. 3rd February 2007 #25 Reliquary of Lost Souls - 6 days from Gurtogg's death. 2nd June 2007 #26 tied Kel'Thuzad - 5 days from Sapphiron's death. 7th September 2006 #26 tied Kil'jaeden <The Deceiver> - 5 days from the opening of the third Sunwell gate. 25th May 2008 #26 tied Sinestra - 5 days from Heroic Cho'gall's death. January 20th 2011. #29 tied Heroic Anub'arak 25 - 4 days from Heroic Twin Val'kyr's death. September 6th 2009. #29 tied M'uru. 4 days from the opening of the second Sunwell gate. 4th May 2008 Thanks to SK-Gaming's handy list of all time world firsts, guild blogs and wowprogress.com. http://www.sk-gaming.com/content/16397-WoW_world_first_list Some explanations: The only guild working on Black Temple at the time was Nihilum, they killed Gurtogg first in a few pulls and went to Reliquary so it's timed from the first pull. Similar situation with Leotheras. The STARS Yogg-Saron time is from the first pull OF Alone in the Darkness. Solarian is timed from Magtheridon because while Nihilum went to Al'ar, Death Wish went to Solarian and pulled her first.Renebrasques41 2d
3d Wtf? 20 min queue for TW? This is BS. Does blizzard really think this is acceptable? I can understand if this was a M+ or N ToS but it's not.Sevardo20 3d
3d No loot in Warlords dungeons? While gearing a lowbie shaman, I had the epiphany that I could go solo Bloodmaul Mines a few times and hope I get some nice greens for said shaman. Why? Because I think paying 1-3k per item slot is a bit ridiculous. So, I go out to the mines and charge through, murdering everything... and I realize none of the mobs are dropping anything aside from Ogre Waystones. If I didn't have a Mage Tower in my garrison, I probably wouldn't get those either. The only drops came from the dungeon bosses, and that was it. So, did I miss a nerf? Because I can run pre-Warlords content fine and make out like a bandit, but suddenly Warlords dries up. If this is a case where Blizzard is trying to prevent players from getting stupid filthy rich, well, you have me there, but I think most of those people are playing the AH, not running dungeons. I'm trying to gear an alt. What gives?Vesiana5 3d
3d Tanking Varimathras This is my first raid tier tanking, and overall it's been pretty fulfilling. I am having a terrible time with Varimathras though. I depend on pugs for my raiding, so I've seen variations of strats for this fight. Does anybody have any suggestions for tank placement that worked for them? I did watch the Fatboss video on YouTube, but I don't care much for the "crotch/butt" rotation. It seems having the tanks stand on markers near each other and swap taunts is a reasonable alternative, IF the makers are properly placed...but that seems hit or miss.Strife7 3d
3d Stormstout Brewery exit So tonight I ran Stormstout for the first time not using dungeon finder, to earn some achievements. Once I beat it, I started running back to the entrance, but the door where you fight the hopling boss was closed. So I turned around and walked back to the last boss, and after a good while searching the area I had access to, I could not find a way out. Eventually, I just hearthed out, but is there an actual exit to this place?Eltorodeoro15 3d
3d stop putting same color on same color effects Can we stop putting red effect on red ground, green effect on green ground, etc?? I'm getting tired of barely being able to distinguish harmful effects from their backgrounds. Simple.. harmfull effects should have a different color than their background. If this is intentional to make things more difficult through obscurity then it's just dumb.Chopskii9 3d