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4d Mord's Learn2raid Community Events Why I started #Learn2Raid for World of Warcraft This Is For The Players Who Want To Raid But Cant Because Reasons [i]If you are someone who wants to try this raiding thing but gets turned off by the vocal minority of Raiders in this game, then this thread is for you. If you are someone who just wants to raid in a low-pressure group that cares more about killing bosses and having a good time, then this thread is for you. If you are someone who wants to LEARN to raid without being berated for low dps, low awareness, etc., then this thread is for you. If you have Autism or any other disability that would keep you out of PuGs in LFG do not be afraid of joining this group. I'm diagnosed with Developmental Dyspraxia and other developmental disabilities and a panic disorder and I'm not ashamed of who I am. I have difficulties others take very light, especially when it comes to learning new things. I know for a fact, everyone learns differently. Every group I lead is different. I don't lead carry runs, I can't promise kills but what I can promise is you will experience a judgement-free raiding environment and you will learn how to do many things in Raids. I'm not perfect at how to lead but I do my best at helping people overcome barriers. This is for beginners, players with disabilities, and anyone else who wants to help people get into raiding and move past LFR. How to Sign up http://openraid.zergid.com/ or Google docs https://docs.google.com/document/d/14CZq9NwgjzwlITEIHSIqFQWe-7xAm-0MFh6W5iT0xkw/edit Role Name Btag Discord Tag Who to Contact in Game to get an invite to Raid? IF YOU NEED TO CONTACT ME ADD MY BATTLETAG: MEIRA#1501 Join my Discord server for learning raids, to talk to me and to view the google doc. https://discord.gg/dEz7Bm Community Event Schedule: Wednesday 10/11/2017 3pm-5pm Horde event Tomb of Sargeras Normal Thursday 10/12/2017 3pm-5pm Horde event tomb of Sargeras normal Friday 10/13/2017 3pm-5pm horde event tomb of sargeras Saturday 10/14/2017 9am-noon Horde event tomb of sargeras Monday 10/16/2017 3pm-5pm Horde event tomb of Sargeras Tuesday 10/17/2017 3pm-5pm Alliance event Tomb of Sargeras Wednesday 10/18/2017 3pm-5pm Alliance event Tomb of Sargeras Thursday 10/19/2017 3pm-5pm Alliance Event Tomb of Sargeras Friday 10/20/2017 3pm-5pm Alliance Event Tomb of Sargeras Community Video Guides for Learn2Raid (Legion only) Emerald Nightmare Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiMxEaKdoLc Trial of Valor Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZS78mRperec Nighthold Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPeCnQSyKhA&list=PLP2xqcboFhzbBiKwro4aBliRGfUuh6F7Y Tomb of Sargeras: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gcm8v7W3zvI&list=PLP2xqcboFhzaL_QoSseWPPQg5zwcp95kHMordecaí1258 4d
Nov 19, 2014 Raid Lockout Systems Lockouts at a Glance Raid lockouts limit the number of times a character can kill a boss in a week for a chance at obtaining loot from that boss. Throughout the years, different raid lockout systems have been used, and multiple systems exist in the game depending on the system used at the time a raid was introduced. To check your current raid lockouts press your ‘O’ key in-game, select the Raid tab, and click on Raid Info in the upper right. This will display your current lockouts, and time left until they reset. There are three types of raid lockouts used in the game. Loot-based Lockout Used for: All Raid Finder raids, Siege of Orgrimmar Normal/Heroic, Warlords raids Normal/Heroic. You can kill a boss as many times per week as you like, but only loot it once per difficulty. Anyone can join anyone’s instance. Bosses are never locked to you, and you can always go back and kill them later even if you’ve skipped them by joining a group that had progressed further. Raid sizes can be anywhere from 10 to 30 players, and difficulty automatically scales to match. Flexible Boss-based Lockout Used for: Normal difficulty raids from Wrath of the Lich King through Throne of Thunder. You can only kill a boss once per week, and you may not enter an instance where a boss is alive that you have already defeated that week. You can move from group to group during a week as long as you’re joining instances that don’t have bosses alive you’ve already killed. If you enter an instance that is more progressed than your own and get saved to it, you will be locked to all prior bosses. You can move between 10 and 25 raid size, given these constraints. Strict Instance-based Lockout Used for: All classic raids (Molten Core through Sunwell), Heroic difficulty of Wrath of the Lich King raids through Throne of Thunder, and all Mythic difficulty raids. Progress is tied to a fixed instance ID. Once tied to an instance ID, you may not enter any other versions of that raid of that difficulty until your raid lock resets. If other players complete that instance while you are absent, the instance will be empty for you as well, because progress is tied to the instance, and not your character. You may not switch between 10-player and 25-player raid size once locked to one size or the other (does not apply to Mythic which is 20-player only).Bashiok0 Nov 19, 2014
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57m Seat: Problem the dungeon or the community? I've seen people ragequit Seat more than any other dungeon by far. Maybe I'm a little oblivious to Kara since I don't do it much, but out of any others-- or well, anything pretty much. I've seen the same thing happen repeatedly: 1st boss: People either down it, or do stupid things and fail a couple times, typically annoyed but down it. 2nd boss: People down it but often struggle with poor coloration making it difficult to stop certain abilities 3rd boss: The worst. This one is flat out where so many groups rage quit by far. Certain classes flat out cannot deal with it. If you're a ramp DPS and not burst you are 100% unfavored, to the point that bringing you is a straight up liability. So if you want to do it, lube up. It's made so many people frustrated and I've had multiple groups take countless tries-- and interrupts often come literally within .3-.5 seconds of his cast going off. 4th boss: Honestly negligible you can have people mess up pretty hard and do it just fine. Mobs: I get it, it's a void swarm, there's supposed to be a lot, but it gets to a point-- also, back when it was Sanguine/Volcanic, the mobs that pulled you in and yanked you around made those affixes straight up unfair. Bolstering is pretty rough too but that one is a bit more reasonable. Thing is, is the problem due to it being overtuned? Or do you think the challenge it brings is healthy, do you think the difficulty is fine, and do you think people rage quitting it are the issue?Dreadneko5 57m
3h disabling affixes during boss fights? I'm just going to use volcanic as an example Oakheart grabs the tank, tank gets volcanic.. tank dies Medivh casts flame wreath. Volcanic pops under person in flame wreath. I mean should we have affixes during boss fights? It always seemed the affixes revolved around more of the adds I'm not even saying all of the affixes just the ones that contradict a boss mechanic.Ràh11 3h
4h Balance of power lockout system broken? If you cleared N EN at the start of the week then get the 30 essence balance of power quest later in the week it acts as if you already cleared it with the quest. It gives you the lockout even though you didn't even have the quest, you can't go do it in a different mode you're not locked to. Seems like the once a week per boss lockout counts the first boss you kill instead of the one that actually gives you an essence, pretty sure it shouldn't be like that?Venomisto2 4h
5h Do Away Zerging,KILL Everything ok i want to talk about Regardless what others Think or put me down for.i want the Dev's to make instances where you need to kill Every Critter and low level boss i mean EVERY Thing in a Raid and instance must Die in order to cont to final boss .i Seen and be part of playing of these Raids Where players don't kill they just skip certain areas of a Raid in order to Save time and they believe the Faster you do a instance and Raid the more you can do in Q'ing up for another one.that total B.S. Ever Hence wow as Suffers the population Drop The Wate Time for the Random Generator A.K.A. < P.U.G.s> get longer and longer .this needs to Stop. Zerging is killing the fun ,Raids and Instance Are Suppose to waste time and have Fun and hold a Very important part of world of Warcraft ,Story and Rewards .Why would Blizzard would make these Critters or Bosses that can be killed or place them in spots with a high Argo Range if there not Suppose to be killed ,that dose not make Sence to skip! hell i Seen and been kicked out of instance for Trying to kill Everything because i want too and players Get Annoyed if some one wants to not to Zerg. this always Been Around players always try to make Short cuts to that can get there Instant gratification.there got to be away for this By pass to Stop! . i am done i not going to talk about this i don't care if this was Talk about before i just wanted to Say this and get it off my Chest and be done with itAnsar28 5h
5h 30 hrs of watching group finder interface! I got a +4 KS after running a N mythic on reset day. Been trying to run it because I can't get invites to anything higher. GM's and chat says make your own groups. Well I have, for 30 hours this week. This can't be consider engaging or challenging game play by any game developers standards. WTF?Sevardo15 5h
5h Mythic Blast Furnace - Slag Elemental w/o DR? I went and solo Mythic Blast Furnace. However, I found that some slag elemental did not have the 99% damage reduction buff that they normally come with. Was this a new change? Edit : Tried it on another charactger and this didn't happen.Mesina1 5h
7h Mythic Thogar So I've been soloing M BRF, I only have Blast Furnace (I know I need a priest/rogue for this), Thogar, Maidens, and Blackhand left. This char is 913 and only has Prydaz, no other legendaries yet. I haven't had any issues with any bosses but I've had to use Prot on a few of them and my DPS as prot is not the best. I'm also sort of new to prot but I am getting a good handle on it from doing BRF. I am usually hunting for more leggos but I want to try to get as far as I can in BRF before reset so I probably won't have another one this reset, and even if I got one it may not be a really useful one. To the point, I keep dying to Enkindle on Thogar. Does anyone have any tips or tricks for a warrior on him?Outofmeswamp0 7h
8h Mythic+ and the saga of.... ...people who just randomly drop out of group because they're upset at how the run is going. Regardless of what the outcome may or may not be. Heck I was doing a +10 Cath the other day and had a healer just automatically drop group because and I quote "Your dps sucks so we're leaving" which was a bunch of rubbish anyway because everyone in the group was pulling well above average for that level. The real question, and not trying to rant here, is does everyone agree with me that the people who drop out and waste the time of the other 4 individuals in the group(not always from the same guild) merit punishment of some variety? That is not to say that running with the guild isn't a solution because sure it is, but it doesn't change the fact that a lot of the player base don't necessarily run with or are party to such a group. Those people are usually the hardest hit, and although it has probably been discussed before, these individuals don't even get any kind of recourse for the behavior of 1 individual responsible for not only wasting those other 4 peoples' time, but also their flasks, food, keystone, etc. Thoughts?Cåskade16 8h
11h How do you solo 25H Dark Animus? I went into Throne of Thunder for the first time yesterday because I enjoy soloing content two expansions back. Since I'm a mage doing content from the prior expansion is usually too much damage. To my question however, how in the world do you solo this guy? I tried maybe 20 pulls each doing things a bit differently. On one pull I even living bombed one add, immediately ice blocked, and then waited. All of the adds died except for a couple of the big ones, and I still died. The outgoing damage from the remaining adds was just ridiculous (melees for 100k+). Any advice from non-tank classes on how to solo this? I do not have much in the way of self-healing outside of blink.Zyzden37 11h
11h Do we need to go back to WOTLK raiding Before I start this thread, I would like to explain that I just wanted to obtain everyone's opinion and have a civilized debate about raiding! I play the game somewhat casually and therefore let me state that I never finished any raid in WOTLK except Naxxramas, but still enjoyed each and every boss because it felt fun rather than a grind. Now normal is way too easy and is in no way fun and the content is completed really fast. Im not the biggest fan of then moving into heroic, once you finish content once it doesnt feel the same. I really do appreciate the flex nature of raiding though, it helps casual guilds and raiders with the flexibility, but why not remove normal and make a flex heroic. Make each boss exciting and fun again, and make content last longer. If you are uber casual you have LFR and if you are hardcore you can still have mythic. Having 2 raid tiers is kind of ruining it for casual organised raiders like me, but Im sure people will have other opinions and I will like to hear about themAdohokanda38 11h
11h Mythic+ DK or DH for mythic+, how do dks and dhs stack up to one another? From their blood/vengeance tank spec, to their frost and unholy/havoc dps spcs? Im enjoying them both a lot but would like to narrow it down to one. Looking to you veterans who may be playing both, have played both, played with both etc etc etc and just your takes on which is better nowadaysLildeekay18 11h
15h Loot rules in legacy raids. I started doing M and H BRF and I realized when I do mythic its group loot with 4-5 pieces of loot and extra chances to get the weapons/armor I want but when its heroic or normal its one pitiful piece of loot? Is there some trick to get it to group loot solo?Saidan3 15h
15h This Hallow's end As you know, on Wednesday, Hallows end returns. Now one thing that has been put into the game in recent years is the "Bad Luck protection" So I am asking, Please, Blizzard, with all my heart. Can the "BLP" Be put into account for the Headless horseman mount? I have been trying to get it for the past 7 years and this will be my 8th year trying to get it. I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting this mount so I am asking very nicely, Can we please have BLP scale with this? I know this means I'm not guaranteed to get it, but it would put my mind at ease.Mogrin1 15h
19h Prince Tortheldrin - Dire Maul I am leveling a Holy Priest and I have been having issues with the last boss, Prince Tortheldrin. The boss has real mechanics and getting the tank to accually talk to me let alone tank this boss properly seems impossible. I have to stay beyond 30 yards or my holy will be locked for 15 seconds and the tank will die. To achive this the tank needs to be in a corner to limit the knock back the boss can do so I can stay beyond 30 yards. I do like the mechanic, I would like to see more bosses gain some mechanics that required some effort in low level instances. I am not sure what I should or can do?Sylvynn1 19h
1d Seat of the Triunvirate overtuned I tried to do a mythic plus 14 on this dungeon but the dificulty of this dungeons is overwhelming, i know there are new mechanics that we need to learn and we did learned some of them, but the dungeons feel so hard, i manage to clear an arcway 17 an it was so much easy than this. The time given to complete the dungeons is way to short, we stayed for 2 hours and we only reached third boss, we had to quit there because someone needed to leave. This dungeon needs a rebalance asap.Ojoverde28 1d
1d Heroic Avatar! I had my first kill on heroic Avatar after 116 pulls in pug group like I always do. That's less than 1% or to be exact 0.8620%. What I really wanna know is why in the hell a raid boss, for heroic I may add, is RNG based not mechanics? Since when we as raiders kill boss based on RNG and not mechanics. Whoever designed this boss must be new to WOW raids that's for damn sure. Further more they need to be fired I hope. I don't think I'm gonna get my AoTC for Heroic ToS, and what's sad is I don't see many raiders with AoTC since Avatar is a major problem for many. Later. P.S I don't like to raid with guilds I enjoy pug raiding. Furthermore, This is heroic boss not mythic boss.Savagefeast7 1d
1d Sinestra's eggs are bugged. I was doing the heroic bastion of twilight raid. And when it says that her eggs become vulnerable, I will rotate to go destroy them and it still says that they have the invulnerable buff on them and I cant hit it. Then the raid just slowly ends with Sinestra winning. Any help/suggestions.Kantaros5 1d
1d CAN we PLEASE choose the Keystones we get 2ND WEEK IN A ROW Where i get a stupid dungeon THAT NOBODY LIKES TO DO. im sick and tired of it. Waiting hours to find people only to have them leave before we even start the dungeon. or if we fail at a certain boss, the person leaves AND THEN THE KEYSTONE GETS LOWERED BUT IT STILL REMAINS AS THE SAME DUNGEON. Seat of the Triumvirate. Cathedral of Eternal Night RINSE AND REPEAT. Can never get my crap done. And don't tell me to "Join other people's" Cuz when i do, IM WAY ABOVE THEIR posted ilevel requirement, and i still get declined.Zouey12 1d
1d Learning my role in raids So I been trying to learn the fights for different raids and I am having a really hard time understanding "when" to do what I am suppose to do during the fights. I know what to do, but I am having a hard time figuring out when to do it. I try to watch you tube videos, but I still am not sure what visual effects or clues to look out for so I know when to take the appropriate action. I read the adventure guide in game and because there are not pictures to paint a picture for me visually, I have no clue during some of the fights when to take the appropriate actions. Are there any kind of videos, on youtube, that takes viewers by the hand and points out the different things that are happening and explains when you see this that is when you want to do such and such. For example the moon boss in Tomb of Sargeras,(Idont know the bosses name, sorry) I never can figure out who has what charge on them and which side to go to and when. I know that I need to go to other side to clear myself of it, but I never know when. Now I don not need the corrections made for my misinterpretation, but is there like a video where someone walks viewers through the fight and shows how to distinguish the differant things/phases/charges going on through out? This is just one and only an example. So yes, I see something is wrong during the fight and I know I have to react, but do I cross over to the other moon phase or get by another person in fight and hope they are charged with the opposite charge as me...this is the kind of clearing up I need. So to those who are going to post I should not be raiding until I know my role in the raid, well that is why I am asking on the forums, so I can learn my role. Now I will admit, I was one of those people that showed up at opening day for the dragon fight and learned on the fly, but I am done with that. That sucks hiney.Mocoso23 1d
1d Brawlers guild is a joke Please make the brawlers guild harder/more mechanically intensive.Pokémon8 1d
1d The Cod Squad - Dungeon running team for all! Good day all, My name is Cod and I am a part of the Convert to Raid community on Aerie Peak. I have created a dungeon running community to help people experience dungeons in a positive and helpful environment. Who we are: The Cod Squad is a group / dungeon running team that will be running in Legion and beyond. Our team is based off of a couple of principles: This group is for everyone. From “beginners” to “experts” Horde and Alliance We will wipe, we will try again, we will win Positivity and friendships are required This group is not just about completing Mythics and Mythic+ dungeons. This group is about enjoying dungeons, group content and other activities with friends. Nothing is as awesome as killing internet dragons with your friends. Nothing feels as empty as joining a random dungeon and having a great run…but then just looting the last boss and dropping group. I want to put back the feels into running dungeons. We also make some promises: We will never ask you to change your class or spec We will never link DPS logs in runs We will never link HPS logs in runs We will never say “You can’t” You will never get yelled at You will never be asked about your iLevel You will never be told you cannot go based on ranged / melee I promise you that if I hear of any of this happening…it will be stopped immediate and the member who violated to rule talked with. Requirements to join: Right now The Cod Squad is up in running on Aerie Peak server as a part of the Convert to Raid Guild. The best thing about my group is that you DO NOT have to server transfer. Everything can be run though using people’s Real ID’s. Here are the requirements to join: Have a max level toon Be willing to learn Be patient Have Discord (Mic recommended) That’s it. No silly ilevel requirements, no DPS requirements, heal requirements, etc. This group is for everyone! We want to help you with your group content needs! There are also no time requirements. You do not have to sign up for times to do activities. You are not obligated to do X amount of runs in Y time. We run when you need us. Now…that doesn’t mean we run 24/7….but we can usually get someone into runs pretty quickly. As we grow…so do the times we run. But I expect that after spending some time with us…you will want to keep doing things with us. How to Join: There are a couple of ways to get yourself into our great group…and it all starts with having a small conversation with me. Here are the many ways to get in touch with me: Real ID: Captcodfish#1784 (fills up quick so also add me on these...) Twitter: @gamingwithcod Discord: CaptainCodfish#4029 Every member of my team gets a one-on-one with me so I can make sure we are on the same page. I like talking with people and hearing people get excited about what we are doing. I like to keep this personal touch….I think it helps people feel like we are more friendly / more like a home than a group of randoms. At the end of the meeting I welcome you to our family. Cod Squad Goals: I have set some personal goals for our team. Some that are really hard and some that are pretty easy. For Legion here are a couple of major goals: To become your preferred method of finding Mythic and Mythic + dungeons To help people with any group content (WQ, Profession quest, Artifact, etc ) To help people get attuned for Karazhan To help people experience Karazhan in a positive environment Those are some of the major goals we are trying to complete. I also will spend as much time as I can recruiting, reaching out and talking with people who feel like they cannot find groups for dungeon content. I truly believe in leave no player behind. No…we may not be running +5 +6 +7 runs right now….but we will make sure that everyone has a chance to experience end game dungeon content. So. Raiders, non raiders, beginners, experts, anyone who wants to belong to a family style dungeon running group….we are here and we want to help. #leavenoplayerbehindIroncod268 1d
1d legion invasion raid frames legion invasion raid frames would be awesome - as a healer on 3 classes its simply needed. my current work around is to enable friendly players nameplates so i can atleast see whos about to die - but i feel this is an easy implementation. trying to form a group after entering an invasion point phases out players and resets current progress inside the zone.Miiho1 1d
1d bursting - no heal for me thats right im setting one hoof in a mythic this weekCîren11 1d
1d Oh look, it's skittish week Just a friendly reminder this is not a fun or interesting affix, threat was removed from the game during cataclysm for a reason. The affix is able to be countered 99% of the time with either a hunter or a rogue in the party. This affix wasn't present or used in the MDI for a reason. Signed, Someone with two tanks that needs to deal with this crap but also has a hunter who can bypass the entire affixDisowns32 1d
1d I soloed Violet Hold! While exploring Dalaran today, I stumbled upon the entrance to Violet Hold, which I had previously entered only through the Random Dungeon Finder. Once I realized where I was, I started fighting in the dungeon and was amazed at how I was about to kill everything in it, including the final boss Cyanigosa, without dying even once! Yet I still felt challenged enough by the fights. I think from now on, I'll just come to Violet Hold and forget about lesser dungeons like Deadmines and the Stormwind Stockade. I find those boring and the loot in them is not worth the trouble unless I'm escorting one or more players below level 20!Bichorak9 1d
2d Raid Progress / Blizz Profiles Hello, I looked at my original main profile (a character I have not played in several expansions) and I was surprised to see that my raid history is half erased. I understand the website has been newly designed but not happy to see that instances I spent hundreds of hours in have no credit to them as being done. Just shows 0 as if I never stepped inside of those places. Any reason for this?Maarius2 2d
2d KJ is going to get nerfed so hard If world second hasn't gone out yet it's not going to be realistic for 9 hour/week raiding guilds. If Exorsus has done 30+ heroic split runs as I've seen claimed, one-clear-per-week guilds wouldn't have that much gear until January (although they'd obviously have much more mythic gear). Fallen Avatar probably gets massively easier with gear, but coordinating soaks on KJ is something that takes a lot of practice. Although anyone watch the streams? How close are they? And the fight is mostly heroic on steroids, right? I don't want to talk too much about a mythic fight I haven't researched lest I get downvoted (oh wait), but I don't know how they're gonna nerf this fight gently. Perhaps increased time before Armageddon lands will be the best way to reduce difficulty while retaining the original feel. And I bet Normal and Heroic get nerfed too when the mythic ones go out.Twilightcult142 2d
2d New Karazahn Entry Issue Hello, Do you have to be in group, or is the new Karzahn dungeon able to solo enter it ?? Currently i did the older karazahn raid this week, every time i try to enter as dungeon solo, it puts me in the raid version. Are forced to use the LFG system to make a group to enter it as dungeon vs raid when want to go in as single player only ?? I want to enter the new dungeon version solo, how to do ?? with out using the group finder system or other persons aka hence SOLO entry ?? Wonky no switch for dungeon vs raid entry, since this is the only place re-used that has such a dual purpose??Moondance4 2d
2d NA Alliance/Horde M+ Discords NA Alliance Server Population: 1900 NA Horde Server Population: 500 Had over 40 users IN VOICE at the same time today on the Alliance server. The server is always busy, feel free to join no matter what skill level you are. The horde server was created not that long ago, already 500 members.. will soon grow to the alliance size in coming months. NA Alliance Discord: https://discord.gg/m8TRn4w Screenshot of server traffic: http://oi65.tinypic.com/2qnsg7m.jpg (There are 15 channels.. that screenshot is only showing what I could fit.) NA Horde Discord: https://discord.gg/KgRfzpk Feel free to message me if you have any questions, I should always answer within the same day depending on work etc.Rëlic1 2d
2d Story Scenarios with friends? First of all, thank you for making some amazing, engaging play for my family, my friends and myself. Progressing in the Broken Isles and on to Argus has been a blast. I have older family members in their 60's and leveling up who I quest and play with pretty regularly. It's fun for them to play along with me and vice versa. When we were just getting level 110 and opening Suramar, we often needed a little help from each other to find key places and progress story questing lines. In one case, I and another family member were helping family along the first quests to find Arcanist Thalyssra and open Shal'aran. Very soon into the quest line, the friend we were helping vanished. She was in a different phase and, even though we were grouped, the only way we could help was giving advice in voice chat. We could not see what she saw and we were blocked from giving any real aid. She wanted our help, but she couldn't really have it. Would you consider the possibility of allowing grouped party members to enter this kind of scenario with the leader? Could it scale in a way to make the encounters not trivial, but not like a challenge mode? For example, my friend wants me to play along and share the opening of Shal'aran. She invites me to her party and I get to see her and what she encounters. I get to help her with mobs, maybe heal her. Maybe there are a few more mobs, or maybe they have more health. She gets to be the hero of this scenario, I get to be the sidekick. If she wants to play it alone, she can, but if she wants to share it, she can too. Does this seem like a good change or just not possible?Saalmis1 2d
2d Did BRH for WQ solo, got no loot? so i did BRH for the world quest and it was treating it like it was on personal loot, i didnt get any loot from bosses and trash mobs were hardly ever lootable. i couldnt change the loot options because i wasnt in a group. why are these dungeons built like this? is this how it is supposed to wrk??Blazecore1 2d
3d Best mage M+ spec? For pushing keys? I'm getting mixed responses so far.Jigowatts7 3d
3d Glory of the Legion Hero (H) Looking to knock out all or most of these this weekend at some point on Horde. Willing to re-do other achieves. Post class/spec, btag and/or add mine. Aoo#1483Nickiiminajj0 3d
3d Plans to make Amber Shaper soloable? Hey Blizz. I'm wondering, since you made Galakras soloable, do you have plans to make Amber Shaper Un'sok soloable? Lots of people can't solo him because of the reshape life ability.Aedyn9 3d
3d New UBERS I fail to see how the new ubers is better..stop messing with old dungeons your effing them up and we don't like it.Deciever12 3d
3d X-realm M-KJ P3 practice on heroic Looking to organize some P3 KJ practice for mythic in heroic. I'm willing to do this with anywhere from 10-30 people. I'm thinking a 6pm CST start on Mondays, and I'm willing to do this for up to six hours, although 2-4 is more likely. I want to make a game out of it. Here's a draft of the rules: (Is it 8 or 9 obelisks that the platform is completely covered?) 8 players get assigned a lucky charm All points would be multiplied by the obelisk wave #. First safe marker placed: 10 points Second marker placed: 7 points Third marker placed: 5 points Other safe markers: 1 point No marker 2 secs before explosion: -1 point Unsafe marker 2 secs before explosion: -3 points Winner gets to wipe less on KJ for the next month. Post here if interested. I am both open to getting 2-4 guilds each offering 5-10 toons, or "pugging" toons from any guild with M-Mistress down. There is one problem with having tons of toons though, because once the first marker goes down it'd be much easier to verify correct than to find yourself.Tantreyetal0 3d
3d Cannot queue for random legion dungeons I cannot queue for random legion dungeons thru the group finder. My ilvl is 718 and I have my artifact weapon for elemental spec with about 7 traits unlocked I think. Once my ilvl was over 680 - which was the minimum it said I needed in group finder to queue for regular random legion dungeons - it looks like it wants to let me queue because the button is no longer grayed out or w/e, but when I try to queue it says I do not meet the minimum requirements. I CAN queue for specific legion dungeons but NOT the random dungeons. So basically I guess the difference is that I miss out on some AP which is exactly the thing I am farming on this toon atm. Is it because he is level 99? I do not see a minimum character requirement stated anywhere and after searching the internet for over an hour I have come up with zero info on this. Seems odd that 98s and 99s can get their art weps and quest in broken isles yet not queue for random dungeons even if their ilvl surpasses the min req. Is it related to the proving grounds somehow maybe? I would just like to know if there's anything I can do to get this level 99 toon into the random dungeon queue or if its not possible cuz of a level requirement. This pertinent info is not made plain or is not even available.Korundum12 3d
3d Help gearing I mainly PvP so a lot of things aren't obvious to me as would someone who PvE %50 to most of the time. I want to start gearing my toons faster then random drops from PvP instances. So what I need help with is the path people usually take to do this. I mainly WQ for most gear outside of PvP for gear primarily. But I would like to get into Raiding/Mythic I am a bit of a altoholic and have tanks/healer/ DPS classes mostly between 890-910. Some would say join a active Guild reason I don't I am not on regularly due to work, and life in general. And a lot of mythic+ that can benefit me usually have me dealing with people want to see raid progression or whatever. Which doing like I said mostly PvP up to this point and WQ is somewhat lacking. Does anyone know a way to gear easily or how I can get into mythic+ without much raid progression? I have 2 tanks (Druid/pally), one healer rdruid most geared to on 910ilvl and a slew of DPS warlock, hunter, Dk, etc.Mcfaceroller6 3d
4d Maiden of Vigilance and colour blindness Hey, so... I have protanopia, a form of colour blindness, and one of the effects is that greens and yellows appear quite similar. On Maiden this is making the balls phase near impossible for me, and by extension my raid, because the balls are pretty much the same colour. They are too close to each other in colour/shade/intensity and that you aren't to mix them it's almost a lucky shoot whether you get the right ball or not. For example I only get on the correct side because I know which sides fel, and which sides light, but don't know them by colour differentation. Once it becomes the ball game it's game over.Fragilex33 4d
4d Legacy Raid Completion Printout Hello everyone! I created an easy to use printable weekly chart for tracking what legacy raids are completed. On it are columns for tracking every Legacy raid broken down by expansion, check-boxes for completed Transmog sets and Mount Collections, as well as a check-box to track weekly completion of the raid. I know the raids tab has a lockout tracker, but this will allow you to view your entire Legacy raiding lockouts for the game without scrolling. I turned it into an easy to use .jpg that anyone can print out and use, hope someone finds it useful ;) https://imgur.com/ZyPq9s2.jpg (Direct link, completely free.)Lacey0 4d
4d Multiple Raids per Tier We have not had a multi raid tier since the begining of MoP, Since then every tier has been 1 big solo raid with 9-13 bosses and this is getting really boring. Having 2 raids per tier with 4-6 bosses in each instance would make raiding feel a little more refreshing, currently all you raid is tomb, whats next week? tomb, week after? tomb. What do you do on you Alts? Tomb! You are seeing the same area the same corridors the same boss room designs and it never changes, even though tomb has different artwork for some of the raid boss rooms like Harjatan,misstress and Maiden, you don't feel like you're in another raid you're just in Tomb. For example Let's take out 4 bosses from ToS and put them in a new raid perhaps one to do with Naga and have new artwork and raid design to compliment the new raid, it would still launch side by side with ToS and share tier gear like previous split raid tiers. The problem? you're telling 2 story's in a single tier and blizzard are stretching their lore as it is, well that's fine you can still have 2 raids that tell the same story just told in different ways with completing both of them culminating in us going to Argus, Like HoF and ToeS did. Highmaul+BRf and EN+ToV+NH Do not count! Whilst these raids are technically the same tier they just aren't. The problem is they feel like different tiers, when Night hold came out no one wanted to go raid mythic EN they had just spent the last 5-6 month doing that, night hold dropped better loot for easier content(NH heroic ilvl higher than En mythic) and it had tier. Making EN feel like it's own tier of raiding just with out tier gear. I am in no way saying we should stop doing big raids but what i am suggesting is that every raid tier need not be 1 big raid. ToT, SOO, BRF,HFC,NH,ToS and Anotrus that's 7 raid tiers in with only 1 relevant raid to do. Evani8 4d
4d How long does it take to update wowprogress? I have to pug and many high level groups go based off of wowprogress. How long does it take to upgrade after you run a higher level key?Bearythebear5 4d
4d Tank training dummy stacks I was wondering how many stacks of uber strike most tanks can get to before dieing? I just tried tanking the training dummy and could only get to 32 as a brewmaster. This is without any use of big cooldowns. I think it would be interesting to see how all the tanks stack up to the training dummy metric. Even though it has little to say about our performance in higher level content.Pearagorn12 4d
4d Solo Al'Akir Platform Trouble I've searched for this issue but haven't found any solutions, only people with the same problem. Is there a known bug with getting to Al'Akir's platform? I've been trying to jump up in the wind tunnel on each platform and none of them will work. I can't get over to the boss.Germaximus2 4d
5d Can we expect ToS nerfs and if so, when? A few things first about current ToS numbers: Assuming they keep to the 77 day release schedule, T21 is coming 11-14 for Normal/Heroic and 11-21 for Mythic, i.e. last day for ToS CE is 11-21 60 US guilds have cleared 9/9 M ToS. Mythic Nighthold numbers: 490 US guilds cleared 10/10 M NH (some may have been after ToS dropped) Last day for M NH CE was 6-20 Significant NH Nerfs on 5-1 and 6-13I've seen a lots of threads on reddit and elsewhere about extending mythic ToS lockout and whether the respective guild will be able to obtain CE. It looks like there was significant nerfs to NH ~50 and 7 days prior to the time allowed to obtain CE. Again, assuming the 77 day schedule, we have just over ~30 days to obtain CE in Mythic ToS. My question is, can we expect any nerfs to ToS and if so, when?Ivankamtrump11 5d
5d Advice for Mythics Recently I've been considering leaving my current raid team for another in my guild, one that does mythic level raiding. The problem is that I've never done any mythic raid when they were current. Does anyone have any help or tips they could give?Kromtarn3 5d
5d Mythic+ iLVL vs. Skills Hey everyone, I was wondering how far can you go in mythic+ withtout doing raid? I'm not a hardcore raider but I do like the challenges the Mythic+ brings. I'm just afraid I won't be able to continue further at some point because it won't be only about skills but it will require a mimum iLvl that will only be attainable through raid. Thanks for your time and answer. Best regards, TalantyrTalantyr11 5d