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Mar 26 Mord's Learn2raid Community Events Why I started #Learn2Raid for World of Warcraft This Is For The Players Who Want To Raid But Cant Because Reasons [i]If you are someone who wants to try this raiding thing but gets turned off by the vocal minority of Raiders in this game, then this thread is for you. If you are someone who just wants to raid in a low-pressure group that cares more about killing bosses and having a good time, then this thread is for you. If you are someone who wants to LEARN to raid without being berated for low dps, low awareness, etc., then this thread is for you. If you have Autism or any other disability that would keep you out of PuGs in LFG do not be afraid of joining this group. I'm diagnosed with Developmental Dyspraxia and other developmental disabilities and a panic disorder and I'm not ashamed of who I am. I have difficulties others take very light, especially when it comes to learning new things. I know for a fact, everyone learns differently. Every group I lead is different. I don't lead carry runs, I can't promise kills but what I can promise is you will experience a judgement-free raiding environment and you will learn how to do many things in Raids. I'm not perfect at how to lead but I do my best at helping people overcome barriers. This is for beginners, players with disabilities, and anyone else who wants to help people get into raiding and move past LFR. How to Sign up Character name Server Class Item Level Horde or Alliance event Date of Event Who to Contact in Game to get an invite to Raid? IF YOU NEED TO CONTACT ME ADD MY BATTLETAG: MEIRA#1501 CURSE ID: MCCRAYJUSTIN167 I use the Curse App for Voice and Text Communication. Mord's Learn2Raid is the name of my server. Community Event Schedule: Upcoming Events: Horde: March 8th: 6pm-7pm PST Mord's PvP Bootcamp (Rated battlegrounds, arenas, Ashran, Casual battlegrounds) Alliance: March 7th Mord's learn2raid: 5pm-7pm PST (might go little over that time) Emerald Nightmare or Trial of Valor [u]Need more Raiding help? ... ... ...Mordecaí1246 Mar 26
Nov 19, 2014 Raid Lockout Systems Lockouts at a Glance Raid lockouts limit the number of times a character can kill a boss in a week for a chance at obtaining loot from that boss. Throughout the years, different raid lockout systems have been used, and multiple systems exist in the game depending on the system used at the time a raid was introduced. To check your current raid lockouts press your ‘O’ key in-game, select the Raid tab, and click on Raid Info in the upper right. This will display your current lockouts, and time left until they reset. There are three types of raid lockouts used in the game. Loot-based Lockout Used for: All Raid Finder raids, Siege of Orgrimmar Normal/Heroic, Warlords raids Normal/Heroic. You can kill a boss as many times per week as you like, but only loot it once per difficulty. Anyone can join anyone’s instance. Bosses are never locked to you, and you can always go back and kill them later even if you’ve skipped them by joining a group that had progressed further. Raid sizes can be anywhere from 10 to 30 players, and difficulty automatically scales to match. Flexible Boss-based Lockout Used for: Normal difficulty raids from Wrath of the Lich King through Throne of Thunder. You can only kill a boss once per week, and you may not enter an instance where a boss is alive that you have already defeated that week. You can move from group to group during a week as long as you’re joining instances that don’t have bosses alive you’ve already killed. If you enter an instance that is more progressed than your own and get saved to it, you will be locked to all prior bosses. You can move between 10 and 25 raid size, given these constraints. Strict Instance-based Lockout Used for: All classic raids (Molten Core through Sunwell), Heroic difficulty of Wrath of the Lich King raids through Throne of Thunder, and all Mythic difficulty raids. Progress is tied to a fixed instance ID. Once tied to an instance ID, you may not enter any other versions of that raid of that difficulty until your raid lock resets. If other players complete that instance while you are absent, the instance will be empty for you as well, because progress is tied to the instance, and not your character. You may not switch between 10-player and 25-player raid size once locked to one size or the other (does not apply to Mythic which is 20-player only).Bashiok0 Nov 19, 2014
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54m Please remove penalty for being kicked If a player is kicked from a dungeon, they should not have the 30-minute penalty preventing queuing, and should not get the 15 minute cooldown on queuing. One of my favourite things to do is just do dungeon after dungeon. While rare, it really feels unfair when the group kicks you without anyone having said a word. Given I often have time restraints, it ruins my lunch break to be put on a 30-minute penalty because someone got kick-happy. Being kicked provides a feeling of betrayal, and makes the time put into the dungeon feel wasted. That is enough of a penalty. Don't make people have to wait 30 just to requeue.Mellowmarrow24 54m
4h Fel Scythe Hi, does anyone knows if you need special kind of addon to track Gul'Dan Energy Bar in Nighthold raids so you can taunt it off from other tank when it reaches the certain amount? I've been running Gul'Dan over and over again but fail to see the energy bar pop up. I have DBM installed but to no avail.Mabuk4 4h
7h Can someone give a quick tl;dr on tanking NH? I can't give anything of substance, so first person to do it well gets a virtual hug. It's the best i can do. Anyhow I'm 10/10 Heroic and 1/10 nearly 2/10 M (... Would be much much further but sadly my Guild had personal troubles and vanished. Eugh im sad about that) but anyhow I want to pug it on my tank, and I've never tanked it before. So I know all of the bosses, I just don't know the very specifics of what tanks do on the fights so a quick tl;dr would be wonderful (without the "so Skorp is AoE. He summons Scorpions. Scorpions are bad m'kay. Gul'Dan has 3 phases and 3 adds and-- I know all of that just the specific mechanics and all). Thank you kindly ♥ ♥ ♥Huntingnekos8 7h
7h Mythic Raid Lockout for Previous Tiers Is there a reason why older raids on Mythic such as Emerald Nightmare (and soon to be ToV / NH) lock you to a single group after a boss is killed? I am a newer player that has not really gotten super deep into Mythic raiding and there's not a whole lot of info on this subject, so I'm just looking for anything to explain this to me. I understand that for current content raids it is necessary to keep the Mythic runs exclusive to guilds because if the lockouts didn't exist then it'll change stuff like split raiding and having a sense of realm community, but doesn't all of that go out the window when the next tier comes out? I'm not really looking to change it if it has a good explanation, but if EN can be pugged right now wouldn't it make more sense to allow personal lockouts that don't prevent you from joining other groups once you kill a boss?Jrew1 7h
9h Guess it's mythic + vacation week for tanks Teeming + Necrotic = no thank you.Galenar21 9h
11h Help With High HP Tanking I have been playing dungeons awhile now. I have noticed that the better tanks have higher hp than me when i am in my protection warrior mode. How come that is? I have looked everywhere and could not find a answer. Thanks!Areagale4 11h
11h What to do on Mana devourer +10 this week? With Necrotic+Tyrannical+Mana Devourer Attack speed, This boss is hard. I have to kite him when I'm at 12 stacks of Necrotic. The previous two bosses before Mana Devourer were a piece of cake compared to him.Nothealed5 11h
17h Raider.IO Rankings Development Thread My boyfriend and I have been working on a raid rankings site called Raider.IO (http://raider.io). Given that this is a new website we’d love to get community feedback as far as suggestions, bug reports, and various thoughts (good or bad) if you have them. All of the input is valuable! I'll be maintaining this thread to show our weekly updates as we make them. :) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [UPDATES -- UPDATES -- UPDATES] January 27, 2017 - Bosses on rankings pages are now sorted from left to right in the order in which the guild defeated those bosses - Usability feature on the rankings pages to let you more easily scan the order in which guilds are killing bosses, done by hovering over a boss icon in the list. February 7, 2017 Addition of realm pages, accessible via "Realms" in the nav bar: - A list of all realms in a given region, grouped by the connected realm they are a part of - The type, faction balance, language, and time zones for the realms - And a chart indicating the distribution of raid progress for that realm at the chosen difficulty February 14, 2017 - Add Guild page supports Realm Auto Complete - View Time Since Guild's Previous Boss Kill on Rankings February 21, 2017 - Mobile support added March 1, 2017 Filter the Realms list to specific Time Zones or Languages: - See only Oceanic realms: raider.io/the-nighthold/realms/us/mythic/timezone/oceanic - See only realms in US Eastern, Central, Mountain, or Pacific time zones: raider.io/the-nighthold/realms/us/mythic/timezone/us-eastern - See realms designated for a specific language: raider.io/the-nighthold/realms/eu/mythic/language/ru-ru March 7, 2017 - Search for guilds, realms, bosses with auto suggested matches - Disbanded guilds now hidden from rankings, with the exception of the Hall of Fame page March 14, 2017 First iteration of guild pages: - Guild progression across entire tier visible at a glance in the header - Each raid's World / Region / Realm rankings visible together - Per-boss World / Region / Realm rankings visible by clicking a row - You can click any of the ranks on a Guild Page to jump to that page in the appropriate leaderboard - Ability to queue guild directly from guild page March 22, 2017 - Fixed a bug that was redirecting the realm rankings to the US rankings on individual guild pages - Reformatted the timestamps so they are easier to read - The guilds are now sorted in the search and shouldn't shuffle around like they did previously. - Searching for a realm now returns connected realm results as well - ASCII characters are treated as regular characters in the search field. This means if you search for "Mirage" you'll also find a match for the guild "Mîragè" March 27, 2017 - Rosters have now been added to the guild pages. - Connected realms now pull up in the search April 4, 2017 - Resource links added to sidebars of ranking pages - Crawler improvements and bug fixes April 11, 2017 - Next/Prev no longer snap you to the top of the page - The chevron on the guild page no correctly rotates when clicked - Added sidebar links to guild pages - Numerous crawler updates - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Some people may immediately wonder why anyone would bother making a site like this when one already exists. I have a few answers to that. 1.) It’s always good to have more options. Back in the day people said that same thing about Wowhead because everyone was used to Thottbot. Just because something out there already does the job, doesn’t mean there isn’t room to improve upon the idea or to try something a little different. 2.) Our guild is not a mythic raiding guild and we like the idea of people across multiple difficulties being represented within their respective “tiers”. This isn’t fully implemented yet but is definitely a priority for us. The idea of going to a rankings page and seeing how you compare against guilds similar to your own is very appealing to us. 3.) It’s a labor of love. We’ve been playing WoW since Vanilla and have run successful fansites in the past. We like doing it and between the two of us (he’s a programmer and I’m an artist) we feel like we have the tools to make the sort of site that we want to use, and we hope that other people will want to use as well! All that said, we’re really appreciate any feedback you folks might have for us. The more constructive input we get in these early developmental stages the stronger we can make the website become as we put more time into it. http://www.raider.io Thanks!Ulsoga23 17h
20h Ranged with best survivibility? Which ranged other than affliction warlock has the best survivibility in M+ and raiding? And between mm/bm hunter and mage specifically, which has more survivibility?Lokc4 20h
21h Legendary Drops So in a new player and have been playing for almost 2 weeks now and am at level 93. I have been looking at the forums and wiki pages and am looking to getting forward to getting to level 100+ and potentially getting legendary drops. My question (and yes its probably stupid) is can any boss drop any legendary? I have seen the dropped by tab on legendary items with 4-5 bosses, so I would assume it only drops from them but in other forum posts/wiki pages the wording makes it seem like any boss has a chance to drop any legendary. Thanks for the help :) .Enaka3 21h
22h Keystone folks who don't raid, no set bonus? I am curious for those who run only keystones, what is it like without T19 set bonus gear. How key is it if folks who run only keystones to be without any T19 set bonus gear if they do not raid? Is there a work around?Esanelle8 22h
22h 7.2.5 M+ Given how the loot will be dramatically reduced for completing a M+ in the 3 chest time, I would like to see an increase in legendary chance for the chest and granteed AP for each player. With each M+ giving less loot, if you normally complete it with 3 chests, the bonus AP and leg chance would give more reason to run them. As the changes are now, I can only see myself pugging, my normal routine, my key for the weekly chest and not doing anymore. The reward just isn't enough to inspire me to pug into lesser keys, less loot, same lego chance, less AP for group.Oatmeal10 22h
1d Mogu'shan Vaults - Spirit Kings stuck Not sure what to do here. Was trying to solo it, wasn't fast enough killing the 2nd King - the Archer Anyways, I got "pinned down" and I can't escape this. ALSO since I am 110, they aren't doing enough damage to kill me either to end the fight Not sure what to do here. Can we get this fight "fixed" to be more soloable? Before I used to use my legendary ring proc explosion to kill the arrow. Can we maybe add a timer to "pinned down" when soloing so we aren't just stuck here forever? ETA: I tried force quitting wow, waited a few minutes, going back in I am STILL stuck in the fightXiata21 1d
1d Need Help Becoming a Good Party Member I have been playing WOW for many years, but have very rarely been in a dungeon or on a raid. The few times I have with a party, I know that they have carried me or have gotten kicked. I want to do more dungeons and experience the game fully. So.....what is some advice for folks that are new to running with a party? How can we be more helpful and become good party members?Silvashar8 1d
1d So did anyone ever figure out Omegaplugg ive gone in a couple of times for some engineering items (curse you reaves!) and summoned him for the hell of it...but thinking back i cant recall if anyone ever figured out a legit way to kill him....every kill i ever heard of was with some weird bug....did anyone ever figure out how to get the bombs to actually stop spawning? any GM confirms? wheres that mind worm secret finding group when you need themBajapanti0 1d
1d Chromatic Anomaly casts Time Bomb on Tanks? So, wiped like 8 times last night, one of the main reasons was our Tank gettin the Time bomb debuff and having to get away from the raid, but i had too many stacks so he had to take the boss with him and that !@#$ed up everything basically. Is it normal? how do you guys handle it? or its a recente bug from some hotfix or update? we did some tries last wednesday and this wasn't happening. The logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/ZYvBJ3C4QVpH6xqy/#fight=11&view=analytical&type=auras&spells=debuffs&ability=206617 (yes we are very casual)Haskoll5 1d
1d The Cod Squad - Dungeon running team for all! Good day all, My name is Cod and I am a part of the Convert to Raid community on Aerie Peak. I have created a dungeon running community to help people experience dungeons in a positive and helpful environment. Who we are: The Cod Squad is a group / dungeon running team that will be running in Legion and beyond. Our team is based off of a couple of principles: This group is for everyone. From “beginners” to “experts” Horde and Alliance We will wipe, we will try again, we will win Positivity and friendships are required This group is not just about completing Mythics and Mythic+ dungeons. This group is about enjoying dungeons, group content and other activities with friends. Nothing is as awesome as killing internet dragons with your friends. Nothing feels as empty as joining a random dungeon and having a great run…but then just looting the last boss and dropping group. I want to put back the feels into running dungeons. We also make some promises: We will never ask you to change your class or spec We will never link DPS logs in runs We will never link HPS logs in runs We will never say “You can’t” You will never get yelled at You will never be asked about your iLevel You will never be told you cannot go based on ranged / melee I promise you that if I hear of any of this happening…it will be stopped immediate and the member who violated to rule talked with. Requirements to join: Right now The Cod Squad is up in running on Aerie Peak server as a part of the Convert to Raid Guild. The best thing about my group is that you DO NOT have to server transfer. Everything can be run though using people’s Real ID’s. Here are the requirements to join: Have a max level toon Be willing to learn Be patient Have Discord (Mic recommended) That’s it. No silly ilevel requirements, no DPS requirements, heal requirements, etc. This group is for everyone! We want to help you with your group content needs! There are also no time requirements. You do not have to sign up for times to do activities. You are not obligated to do X amount of runs in Y time. We run when you need us. Now…that doesn’t mean we run 24/7….but we can usually get someone into runs pretty quickly. As we grow…so do the times we run. But I expect that after spending some time with us…you will want to keep doing things with us. How to Join: There are a couple of ways to get yourself into our great group…and it all starts with having a small conversation with me. Here are the many ways to get in touch with me: Real ID: Captcodfish#1784 (fills up quick so also add me on these...) Twitter: @gamingwithcod Discord: CaptainCodfish#4029 Every member of my team gets a one-on-one with me so I can make sure we are on the same page. I like talking with people and hearing people get excited about what we are doing. I like to keep this personal touch….I think it helps people feel like we are more friendly / more like a home than a group of randoms. At the end of the meeting I welcome you to our family. Cod Squad Goals: I have set some personal goals for our team. Some that are really hard and some that are pretty easy. For Legion here are a couple of major goals: To become your preferred method of finding Mythic and Mythic + dungeons To help people with any group content (WQ, Profession quest, Artifact, etc ) To help people get attuned for Karazhan To help people experience Karazhan in a positive environment Those are some of the major goals we are trying to complete. I also will spend as much time as I can recruiting, reaching out and talking with people who feel like they cannot find groups for dungeon content. I truly believe in leave no player behind. No…we may not be running +5 +6 +7 runs right now….but we will make sure that everyone has a chance to experience end game dungeon content. So. Raiders, non raiders, beginners, experts, anyone who wants to belong to a family style dungeon running group….we are here and we want to help. #leavenoplayerbehindIroncod228 1d
1d Pandaren Timewalking Dungeons - Mount rewards The current mount that you can buy from the Pandaren Timewalking dungeons, as we all know is Yu'lon (Jade Cloud Serpent). But what if that WASN'T the ONLY one that you could buy with your TImewalking badges? What if you were able to get mount versions of Niuzao, Chi-Ji & Xuen as well ? I mean to say for those pet battlers out there amongst us, you've got the miniature pet versions of these characters, so why not complete the set and get the mount versions as well ? :) Let me know what you think ?Jîáýîng2 1d
2d Dye the colorless shroud of Xavius This item is not dropping, I've done it twice now with the quest on Mythic difficulty. Other's in my group have been able to acquire it.Demonseven4 2d
2d blank raid tab when I click on raid it shows nothing, no random or specific. I am lvl 95 and an Ilvl of 552. Is this not high enough or what?Arrowielder4 2d
2d Everyone Dropped from HoV Group Queued up for a Heroic HoV run. While killing the WQ target, it appears all of us were dropped from group. Now I can't queue up for it again . . . and that's a sweet trinket. Can someone remove the lockout?Noshoesforme4 2d
2d Withered Army Training Issue My roommate was doing Withered Army Training just now, had guys left and was heading down further into the tunnels, and had sent two large chests up. All of a sudden "You are not in this instance group" popped up and she was teleported to Shal'Aran. She lost her chests of course, which is the only reason she even went down. This is unacceptable. How does she get her chests that she earned?Awengrove5 2d
2d Instance Servers Just Reset Everyone in my heroic group just got ported out of a heroic into Dalaran. Others in my guild did too. Might wanna check.Wôôble3 2d
2d What do you do when a rare mount drops twice? I wanted to get the flameward hippogryph because it is badass, so I decided to run heroic firelands until I got exalted with the avengers. On my third run, I was amazed and ecstatic to find that I had looted the pureblood firehawk (a mount way cooler than the hippogryph). Several weeks later, on my sixth time doing the raid, IT DROPPED AGAIN! I can't find a way to sell it, auction it or even give it away, but I feel guilty destroying it. Any thoughts?Vardrin17 2d
2d CoEN , how many times have you ran it? Isnt it sad that the dungeon was so over-tuned people just don't do it anymore period because it left a sour taste in their mouth? I mean ive only ran this place like 4 times and the one time I got it for my keystone it was impossible. I really hope the new dungeon for argus isn't overtuned and has gear that is worth running the dungeon for : / literally 0 upgrades for me in the new dungeon even if they titanforged.Longos11 2d
2d M+ CARRY GROUP Horde Hello all, i am looking to put together a carry group that we can get together and do M+ carries on a regular basis. I am a DPS and i'm looking for a reliable tank and healer both above 900+ ilvl that we can do carries and farm AP. if you are interested please post here. im avail all weekend and would like to do this very often as most ppl already have their favorites to play with in guilds.Ishox1 2d
2d Players on Ragnaros insta-kicked now It has gotten so bad that players over all on my server group (however they are bundled together) are just instantly kicking everyone from Raganos now. LFR/LFD/Premades. I did every LFR today. 6/8 waited to kick Ragnaros players before the first pull. I must admit I lol'd a bit but I do have a mild sense of sadness for them. Has anyone seen this happen?Roku156 2d
2d Old Kara Chess Event This event is annoying to try to solo just to get to prince. Can something be done to make this event not as annoying to solo or just make it so you dont have to do the event to get to prince?Heiler0 2d
2d What's with slow tanks in low level dungeons? So I'm in this Scarlet Monastery group and the tank is a bit slow on the pulling so I run ahead, pull and kill a group of trash and they kick me. I'm on an alt with full heirloom + enchants so I can actually solo theses dungeons but it's faster as a group so why kick me if I pull and solo a pack easily?Jamanya19 2d
3d Raid schedules Ok so first off can we not have the weeks to open a raid or whatever? I hated it in AQ and quit and X years later it's still lame. Honestly I'd be happy if raiding died but this is also all pretty egregious. Secondly if you have to have that can we also not have the raid finder open wing later crap? I don't raid because it's for genetic weaklings, I just want to do the bosses asap quick and be done. I'm not going to be doing anything in wow for like 3-4 months at this rate.Marziveil6 3d
3d Deathcharger's Reins So I've been diving Stratholme for a couple of days, and today I was up against Lord Aurius Rivendare (yet again) and the strangest thing happened! ................................................... I didn't get the mount. But I thought I had. That's the strange part. Just as I defeated him, a long rectangular box appeared in the lower right corner of my screen, saying something about Deathcharger's Reins in purple, something about "rare" (I didn't catch it all as it wasn't there long), and then the box disappeared. I looted the corpse, and there was no mount drop. I checked my mounts to see if it was automatically added ... nothing. I even Hearthstoned back to SW to check my mail ........................... zip. Is this normal? Is it just something that tells me there's a potential for a rare drop? I don't remember seeing that little box any of the other times I've been killing Rivendare these last two days. So ... wtf, Blizz? You just messing with me? :pEmogene5 3d
3d mystic dungeons how do i get into the mystic dungeons ???????[b][/b]Aktou3 3d
3d Gul'dan ability bug Doing H Gul'dan, and people are taking damage to Empowered Fel Bonds in phase 1, basically 1 shotting them Wondering if anyone else has seen thisWarbuckz14 3d
3d Solo Razorgore issues So, I was trying to get into Blackwing lair for transmogs, and ran into this brickwall today. It seems some stuff has changed in this fight, as Razorgore now takes way more damage from the NPC's, as well as no longer consistently dropping threat when mind control is broken. The best I can do on my hunter is to get about 2/3 of the eggs done before he dies. Anyone else seeing issues with this, or other fights?Ranthae24 3d
3d Disc healing for H NH So i wanted to start healing heroic NH as disc and was wondering how feasible it is. I mostly heal m+s but I understand raid healing as disc is totally different. I know shield discipline is a must but do i have to dedicate most of my mana for PWR spam right now? Having to rely on Innverate and just being a rapture machine for burst phases while otherwise trying to save mana during fights doesnt sound particularly enjoyable. I know PWR is getting changed majorly to the point where we can't just PWR the whole raid to get atonements up. But I was just wondering, is this really the case for disc in raids? To just PWR as many people as possible and go thru half my mana 20 seconds into a fight? Or can I play more conservatively balancing 7-10 atonements and PWS tank on CD while doing dps rotationGongsho1 3d
3d Healing M+ What's a strong class for healing harder M+ dungeons?Genamue7 3d
4d LFM for M+ Pushes (get that wowprog) Hello all, Long story short - I have a large network of people who push keys already, looking to expand that. min/max comps for certain dungeons. I'm also looking to gain any additional knowledge on any and all dungeons that give us a leg up on the run. Here is my current wowprog - https://www.wowprogress.com/character/us/velen/Zulehqt I can tank, concordance still work in progress or I can DPS, Have concordance I run M+ pretty much every night, either pushing, or doing carries with stream viewers. You can either leave your contact info & wowprogress in a comment OR add my bnet own3dqt#1511, add me on discord Zulehqt#8330, catch me live @ www.twitch.tv/zulehqtZulehqt0 4d
4d Freshly returned player after a few months I was traveling for a while. I couldn't play wow and I of course kind of fell behind the progress. I was 54/54/54 and usually ran 15~18 mythic+s I know it's no big deal. My iLvl which could be invited pretty much anywhere is getting rejected from trivial easyass runs. I nearly spent an hour getting rejected until I decided "screw it, at least I can tank" People have pretty high expectations now. Hopefully my luck will improve for better loots... this warrior hasn't had much luck since beginning. So I kind of got sensitive about my ilvl then I realized the ilvl(not the equipped one) fluctuates as you swap your gears(?!?!) I remember this number used to be from averaging the highest ilvl you have. What's the logic behind this? I want to display my ilvl as high as possible.Dfunction2 4d
4d throne of the tides does the dungeon not count towards the 5 TW dungeons needed for the quest?Aneline1 4d
4d Could not fight Gul'dan Ran a normal nighthold last night killed all bosses and then went to fight Gul'dan, but the teleport to Gul'dan room had disappeared. I can not access to Gul'dan room but everyone else could, so I had to sit around in Elisande's room while the rest of the group killed him. Is this a bug or is there some attunement I am missing to access his fight? I followed the tank to the teleporter, which they used to get to Gul'dan but only had the option of either the front of NH, courtyard, and underground. I also got the credit for the fight, but still could not access the area after the fight was over.Ogdenir1 4d
4d Resto help? Hey guys! I've completed H NH and got the AOTC, but I'm wanting to help my guild progress through Mythic now. I've been spamming M+s and emissary's - doing about 5-8+s at the moment. In raids though, I can't seem to even come close to a Hpriest healing... I can only really pull out 350k-420k. I can't ever get CLOSE to the healing I see from Shammys/Hpriest. Or even Mweavers... It sucks :/. My weapon is at about 38 artifacts purchased.Plasticmem13 4d
4d Violet hold MYTHIC rotation? Wowhead used to show it. Or i just don't see it on the webpage i need festergut for my last achievement lolBoocraftz0 4d
5d What's up with the Skittish/Necrotic cycling? 3 weeks ago we began with the Skittish (with Teeming iirc) affix, and then the next one was Necrotic (with Raging). After that, we had Bolstering/Skittish combo which was a little dangerous, and so I thought we would get a non-Necrotic affix next. But BOOM! We have Necrotic as our second affix, yet again. Coupled with Teeming affix, this sounds like a dangerous time for the tanks. Are we going through a cycle between the two? Or is it going to be over soon? Not a rant thread, but I find it odd that we have to deal with only these 2 for the past one month.Elkaz2 5d
5d Anyone know about a Necrotic Rot addon? I want it to scream at me when I get 30 stacks, and I want it to inform my party members so they don't get all mad like "Why are you running away?!" Anyone who can tell me about any good addons will be my best friend, and if it's on Curse or Twitch or whatever they go by now, I will love you forever. XDKittenfight1 5d
5d Is shannox not dropping crystal traps? Trying to do the legendary quest chain and shannox did not drop a crystal trap even once. Attempted 7 times...left both dogs up and just magma totemed for ragefaces stun = no trap, killed rageface and no trap, not even once. Bug? Anyone else having this issue? Removed? Whats going on here?Moadebe13 5d
5d Poor relic choices for Brewmaster in raids. Once tomb is out, there will be 29 raid bosses in legion, and not a single one drops a face palm relic. For those of you who do not play Brewmaster, Face Palm is currently our best DPS trait and one of our best defensive traits, in 7.2.5 with the nerfs to Hot Blooded, Face Palm becomes our best defensive trait. 29 bosses, and no Face Palm Relics yet there are 5, 5, that give Healthy Appetite that increases our HP by a whopping 1%, yet monks who care about performing will still be forced to farm EoA, Nelths, and HoV over and over and over and over and over for the ever slim chance of even seeing one of the Face Palm relics drop, and if it actually titanforges then that would be enough of a miracle to throw a god damn parade. I'm sure there are other classes who have this issue, but I only know Brewmaster so I can only speak on our behalf. Relic count for those who are curious: Face Palm: 0 Hot Blooded: 5 Potent Kick: 0 Healthy Appetite: 5 Staggering Around: 4 Gifted Student: 3 Obsidian Fists: 4 Dark Side of the Moon: 4 Overflow: 4Drezda11 5d
5d Withered Army Scenario - Healing bugged? Healing your army in the Withered Army scenario causes them to take damage equal to your heal (nullifying the heal). Is this an intended nerf so healers have to go DPS to do the scenario? Or is it a bug? Tried doing it on a disc priest; couldn't heal them of course, and shadowmend in combat was actually killing them (The heal was nullified but the shadowmend debuff continued to tick). Just to reiterate what's happening: Say a Withered is on 10% HP, and I heal them for 200k, they then take 200k damage over about 2 seconds to bring them back to their original HP; making the heal completely void. This is occuring in and out of combat.Female21 5d