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Dec 12 Question about M+ names Would +2 mean the lowest or second lowest level of mythic+? Because I see +0 to refer to normal mythics, but have never seen a +1 M+.Dragonjts3 Dec 12
Dec 12 Mythic+ So. I did a +10 Raging/Necrotic/Fortified Nelth's Lair with 2 mages, a priest healer, and a warrior tank, and I gotta say, NEVER AGAIN. Between the pelters killing me constantly because I'm melee and thus in melee range and the scorpions at the end 1 shotting over half the group and taking multiple tries each to down. This is the first time I've done that high of a level of M+ and it'll probably be the last for a good long while. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go curl up into a ball and cry because I thought about that run again.Conser21 Dec 12
Dec 12 Karazhan requirements? Besides ilvl does this 7.1 patch has any extra requirements for the Karazhan dungeon? I've read somewhere that you need at least 1 follower at 850 ivl (I have 2 at the moment). I think I'm ready for it but I don't want any surprises.Vulcän15 Dec 12
Dec 12 Mythic HFC carries Do any alliance guilds on sargeras still sell mythic HFC runs for the mount? I heard from a friend that it's still at 100% drop rate and was wondering if any sargeras guilds are willing to sell a carry for it or have heard otherwise that it isn't 100% drop still.Rankonebear3 Dec 12
Dec 12 So my friends want me to tank... My friends I play with want me to tank... I don't mind tanking but I have the issue of not feeling the glory and not feeling like I am far enough in it and not doing a lot of fun stuff.. I enjoy pally tanking but my question is. Is there a tank I should be focusing on for mythic + or is it just whichever you wanna play with?? Any advice would be cool.Alimank3 Dec 12
Dec 12 Melee or Ranged for M+? Which would you rather bring and play? Which has it easier? Tell me for 1-10, and 10+ as well as for diff affixes overall which is better and more used?Blackpower3 Dec 12
Dec 12 Plans to make Amber Shaper soloable? Hey Blizz. I'm wondering, since you made Galakras soloable, do you have plans to make Amber Shaper Un'sok soloable? Lots of people can't solo him because of the reshape life ability.Aedyn5 Dec 12
Dec 12 Seriously, i dont even need a fit bit Hey Blizz, Cana here just wanted to say a friendly shout out. Nice job on Legion, classes could use some work on balancing bla bla bla. Oh ya, woiuld you mine SHORTING THE DAMN WALK WHEN YOU DIE TRYING TO SUMMON PEOPLE FOR HALLS OF VALOR! ALLIANCE AND HORDE HAVE BEEN WAGING WAR FOR HOW MANY YEARS NOW??? That is all. Thanks for your time.Canabiz0 Dec 12
Dec 11 Getting Back to Lower Karazhan I completed Return to Karazhan but forgot to grab the Menagerie Soul Fragment. When I enter the instance now it puts me back at the Mana Devourer. Can I get back to the Menagerie?Zygfryd1 Dec 11
Dec 11 Heroic Ursoc Kill... Removed During Encounter I was in a raid for Heroic Ursoc and before the boss was actually killed I was removed from the group. Because the instance kicked me out I couldn't physically recieve any potential loot. However, I am now currently saved to that boss. Is this fair?Grapedutchx48 Dec 11
Dec 11 Unfair to the casual player ? I have been playing WoW since 2006, I love this game it's a part of life for me, the current MO of WoW is slated to Mythic 5 man to progress if you are not a PvP player IMO, you need to do quest and that is fine, but doing them on mythic is another thing, you need to have a certain gear req to even be able to run with most groups so it's a catch 22, not everyone has a guild that will come to your aid and help out at any given moment and you should not expect them to. Game play is limited for some folks so dancing around on the current set up takes so long, I think it would be nice to make Mythic a regular part of the LFG tab, or change how you quest to gear up since you can't run raid with the guild or most any other group since your item level is low and you can't run mythic to gear since its hard to find a group and if you start a group it takes so long to find a tank or heals. So is there a way to make it appeal to the casual who does not have so many hours to game like we did in the old days before RL kicked in. Is there a middle ground that can be given to those of us that fall into that slot ? Who wants to pay 30k for a carry, how fun is that ? Sincerely Banished PaladinEnnius16 Dec 11
Dec 11 Karazhan question Is it possible to do just go straight to curator and do Shade, MD and Viz without doing any other stuff in a fresh lock out?Lorthaes3 Dec 11
Dec 11 VoW +15 (key cleared delete post) TL:DR LF a monster tank for VoW +15 to complete the achieve. btag Our M+ team has lost it's tank for the next month due to exams and the upcoming holidays. Sadly we are left scrambling to fill the slot because we have a +15 VoW key that we are on the cusp of completing in the timer for our achieve (5 hov +12 or higher the sanguine/overflow/tyranical week). So we are in search of a monster Tank w/ high M+ experience that knows how to tank necrotic/raging. We have a solid strat and the pulls down and are right on the timer and want to bang it out before reset. If you think you fit the bill and are willing to go for the achieve during a non-cupcake week leave a post here or btag meMomohime2 Dec 11
Dec 11 M+12 Looking for group to help me through Arcway +12 if anyone can help me on sunday 12/11/16 to do this, i am a well versed fury warrior, carry my own weight, looking to complete at least one +10+ before next patch if group interested my btag is Wild#11281, thank you in advance if you choose to help me with this undertakingIroncarnage0 Dec 11
Dec 11 Kara groups There maybe a very obvious answer to this but I haven't figured it out yet. What's the best way to get a non guild Kara group started? I don't see it in premades ever.Manidal41 Dec 11
Dec 11 The 100 Dungeons Hidden Apperance? So there is the hidden appearance for artifacts by completing 100 dungeons. I can't find much more info..does this include old expansion dungeons, does it mean I have to kill every boss in the dungeon that week? What are the restrictions? Thanks!Netherhugz13 Dec 11
Dec 11 Complete dungeon quests in M+? One thing I'd really like to see is allow us to complete dungeon quests in M+. This would not include dungeon WQs, but would include the quests after the essence of power collect 30 things from EN questline, profession quests and some Suramar quests. And just have whatever item you need to collect be included in the box at the end or have it be clickable after run is finished.Ninqjinq5 Dec 11
Dec 10 I love your Mythic+ System! When I am on my main and in a carry group of guildies that are competent(in no way is this condescending, I apologize in advance). I feel there needs to be some protection, or system in place for those that make it unfair for others though. Let's say I want to do Mythic+ on my undergeared alt... I join into one of these said carry groups that I know can't be too bad right?! Incorrect. You go forth, you're making great timing for a +3 carry even, no wipes.. you're 8+ minutes ahead of the timer, something goes wrong. An accidental mob gets pulled, all hell ensues as if it's the end of the world. X Player apologizes, X Player rages. Tank leaves while leaving by saying "Good luck with your depleted key"... I get it's still a flawed system where you run at your own risk. If you intend on getting carried attempt to find a group that you know is capable of doing it ie guildies, you return the favor... Or friends even. With all this being said why, why is this a thing? I am personally a turtled player... I stick to my Main, rarely an alt and maintain just playing with guildies because it's more rewarding than attempting to pug ANYTHING these days. Any attempts I have had in the last few weeks at pugging anything has been very unrewarding. I can now safely say that I love having a depleted 6 EoA (of all keys too, what a joke of an instance) with literally no reason for it to have gone sour other than babyrage. Personally just wish there was something in place (apart from the /ignore or blacklist) but to punish those who baby rage, or can't handle the pressure. A++ tl;dr My fault I depleted key because I trusted pugs, and didn't do a formal background check. How have you guys depleted your keys?Steeldrago3 Dec 10
Dec 10 SoO, loot drop rate (Normal) I'm sure this is a question many has asked already. The raid itself is automatically set to personal loot, which is 20% on boss, and almost no loot on trash. Yet, sometimes I consistently get loot like a regular 10men, i.e., gold, cloth, and greens from trash, 2~3 loot per boss, and not all of them usable, (I might get two plates, for example, whereas in personal loot I'd always get something usable) I prefer the latter situation, so I'm wondering if there's a set up I need to use to ensure it?Rainfable1 Dec 10
Dec 10 Black Rook Hold: Necrotic Good morning all, last night I went through a +7 black rook hold with an RL friend and his guild. We had three AOE stuns, so the dungeon went pretty smoothly and we were able to drop necrotic stacks without too many problems. However, when we got to the gauntlet leading to the third boss, we completely stalled out. The bats that continuously spawn also apply necrotic, and we were having problems properly dropping stacks. Eventually we made it through, but we wiped a couple times and ended up missing the timer. Does anyone have insights or a good strategy for dealing with this one area? It was pretty rough.Ochyro9 Dec 10
Dec 10 Is any guild selling heroic EN carries? I was not sure what the price range is for this. It's on farm and we usually do alt runs but could help some people out who want the carry. Just don't want to over charge.Vivec5 Dec 10
Dec 10 Best way to "farm" legendaries? I'm thinking of what content I could spam to increase my changes of getting a one (that doesn't suck). Should I do heroics, mythics or mythics +s?Remox16 Dec 10
Dec 9 LFR trade on bosses you've already killed Let's say I run LFR Xavius on Wednesday. Personal loot doesn't award me anything. During the weekend I run it again and the piece I was wanting drops for someone else. Can they trade it to me on that second kill? Would I be eligible to trade with? Thanks in advance!!Sythes2 Dec 9
Dec 9 Total Beginner - Dungeon & Raids How do I get into a dungeon? or a Raid? I'm a total noob, has been questing all the way through level 49. With no dungeon or raid. I have no idea how to do it, I tried finding group in dungeon finder. Then I found a group of dwarf on left panel. Then my character just stay in town, not teleported or anything. How exactly do I get into the dungeon???Horust3 Dec 9
Dec 9 Withered arm at exalted so just looking for clarification on continuing withered army training after already reaching exalted with nightfallen and already having gotten all the medium/large chests. If I just get the 400-450 score and get the usual big box at the end do I still have same chances for the fox mount? ThanksJunkhead6 Dec 9
Dec 9 Best healer for mythic +? So I'm looking at rolling a healer, mainly just for mythic+ runs Whats everyone's opinion on the best mythic + healer? Probably looking at doing both low+ chest runs, and high + runs if that matters.. Cheers!Chandrasekha12 Dec 9
Dec 8 Mythic raid difficulty should use flex size Why don't they?Lenox17 Dec 8
Dec 8 WHY REQUIRE MYTHIC FOR QUESTS For some of us it is difficult to find time to get into them and I do not like having to ask my friends to help me get in. Don't mind asking them to go, but I have to ask them since it won't let me sign up for mythic on my own. And that brings me to that problem, if they are going to make it so you have to do something to get in and you don't, then why give us quests we cannot do!!!!!!! Not everyone that plays this game is a big dungeon freak.Riveredge32 Dec 8
Dec 8 Mythic + Affix Schedule Hey all, so you know when you press "I" to open the pre-made group finder and you go to the mythic dungeons tab? Well I was in a group with someone who said they had the upcoming affix schedule on there next to the list that shows your highest completed dungeons. However, I don't have that schedule on mine and we both use the same addons (mythic plus timer). Any thoughts for me out there? Thanks!Giantstalker2 Dec 8
Dec 8 Use Caution. We don't want our withered to end up in cocoons. Any updates on this getting fixed from repeating every 5 seconds?Mustafina2 Dec 8
Dec 8 What ilvl for heroic EN Thinking of trying it out on my demon hunter since I'm stuck with a +9 votw that no one wants to doJohancarlena3 Dec 8
Dec 8 Need help finding Heroic EN group I was wondering how people area supposed to get into heroic Emerald Nightmare without AOTC. I play on a fairly small server with only a few raiding guilds. None of which are looking for melee dps. So when I try to find a group on premade everyone ask for AOTC before I can join which I can't provide. Would anyone be able to let me join in their run sometime so I could get AOTC, and start running H EN weekly? Not a "Bad" at all I just like running Mythic+, and didn't expect AOTC to be required to run when I felt like finally getting into raiding. Battletag: Dynomite281#1997 Spec: Unholy DK Itemlvl: 872 (DPS) 874 (Tank) Experience so far: 7/7 N, 3/7 H, 0/7 M Server: Draka/Suramar Time Zone: EST Also if any guilds are recruiting for a melee DPS I don't mind server transferring if raid times align well with my schedule.Itzadkk3 Dec 8
Dec 8 888 Tank has a M+ dream. Hello, I have a dream. A dream of a team of players to form a consistent M+ group. I run a lot of M+'s a week with a flexible schedule. My dream includes : A healer that voices outside tank CD's, knows when to drink for mana, knows which pulls will need a healing CD'S, among other needed abilities to perform at best for M+'s! 3 DPS that use potions every minute on the minute to greatly increase DPS, know how to stagger CD's with other DPS for trash pulls so every pack through instance dies ASAP, DPS that runs TO the tank during skittish weeks and not AWAY, know which mobs need CC'D without being asked to save time, know when to release due to distance and when to wait, among many other things. If you feel like you want to be apart of this dream, please be: -880+ -Always flasked/ 375 food. -Have at least +10 achievement or equivalent CM from previous xpacks. -Have mic/discord and BE VOCAL. -Knowledge of every dungeon/mob/boss/affix Make this dream a reality! Thanks for reading. Add Viralrush89 #1243 if interested.Subtlebladez7 Dec 8
Dec 8 Re-tune Heroic Odyn for smaller raid sizes There are a ton of guilds out there hovering around 15ish people and can't/won't do Mythics. Ours included. Odyn with 15 people and Odyn with 30 people, the difference is so massive it's absolutely mind boggling. With 30 people, not only Odyn's health doesn't scale up according to actual dps, you have waaay less people needing to do mechanics. We have around 12-14 people on raid night. On a good day we might have 15. Now if we were decked out in 880s, it might not be a problem. Well we farm heroic EN, and it drops 865. Only 2-3 dedicated people who do mythic+ are at 880. Rest of us hovers around 870, and can't seem to go higher without lucky forges. Heroic Odyn with 12-14 in 870... it's so painful. We lose so much dps time running around, and one mistake from any one is a guaranteed wipe. Can you please throw us a bone for the smaller guilds?Greenleather7 Dec 8
Dec 8 Helya P2 question What happens if we kill 9 tentacles before second pair of mobs spawn? What triggers the second pair of mobs? Time? Death of tentacles from one platform?Shadyrules1 Dec 8
Dec 8 Hans'gar and Franzok, impossible to solo? I was soloing through Blackrock Foundry. I could clear the other two wings, but then I went onto these two. At around 85% health, they grab me and despawn. Is there any way around this mechanic, or is this fight something you can't solo?Illidas2 Dec 8
Dec 8 Mythic+ progression looking to hit a constant 10 or higher keys a week 870+ Need 1 dps will have to pull at least 300k dps buffed and provide some cc to keep adds out of fight. A healer and a tank of any kind will do as long as they know how to play their class. Currently we have :878 shadow priest :876 Destro LockHealindays3 Dec 8
Dec 8 Getting tired of the "carry me" mentality? Ok, so I am an 'old player'...I played since vanilla -nothing to boast about- I am just saying I have noticed how the playerbase 'mentality' has changed over the course of this game. IMO. I have to say with the introduction of accessible loot and leveling, and with the idea of everyone having a chance to get pretty high ilvls - which I appreciate. I am starting to feel that this player base now has the worst mechanics skills I have seen since any expansion. The amount of players who just refuse to understand very simple mechanics including their own class' and just want to rofl stomp everything, and yet still want ilvls...I mean look if that is the playerbase so be it, but eventually at high level content these kind of players are extremely aggravating I have to say, at least to me - I frankly don't want to play with them. I personally blame it on the access of 'carry' potential' which allowed ilvl to no longer be an indicator of skill at all....a player can get an astounding amount of ilvls due to mythic + which have no CD, and carry groups (God bless them), are making a field day out of that mechanic. I think this teeming week is what just got me over the edge, where I am just so sick and tired of how players want to play this game at the expense of others working harder because they don't want to turn their brain on (and perhaps can't cause they never had to), but yet want all the shiny gear. I kept thinking maybe it's the wrong guild...the wrong pug...the wrong this or that. No. I think it's just the amalgamation of accesible leveling, gearing and paradoxically the simplifying of classes and pve mechanics has breeded this player base that just expects that things should not be that difficult. I am all for it...except when the content JOLTS in difficulty all of a sudden, to a level I personally find acceptable...but these players REFUSE to try at all...it's either carry me or I'll go play overwatch. Any instruction is taken as 'how dare you tell me how to play this game, I don't want to stress my self out'. I don't know what am I trying to get at, I am just wondering what is your opinion on this kind of 'gaming'...I personally feel like if this is how it's gonna be, I am sorry I don't find it acceptable that I have to work that much harder now to find a decent gaming experience just cause I don't want to 'carry' anyone.Velesta21 Dec 8
Dec 8 Dungeon Rewards Ion Hazzikostas please read Hello, Players are burning out and quitting due to RNG droprates of specific items and legendaries, have you ever thought of publishing your formulas so players know their chances of getting legendaries prior to entering the dungeon? Also, have you considered going back to justice badges for loot so players get something every single dungeon run they do rather than are left empty handed (other than AP). Players need loot to move up in the world of m+'s especially those players that do not raid (like me) and when that loot fails to drop after the 12th time of running 6+ EoA, we are left discouraged and wonder why we invest so much time into this game. Move loot awarded in dungeons to vendors and reward players with badges instead of items with the exception of legendary items for completing dungeons. (This drives the incentive to do daily/weekly dungeons as well). Also, make warforges and titanforges badge upgrades to eliminate their RNG. Mythic plus runs could award achievments that allow players to purchase + gear (similar to previous 2200 rating requirement for arena gear) eg mythic 6+ on all allows for purchase of 6+ or 7+ loot. Increased amount of badges awarded based on performance: m+2 40 badges -1 chest, 80 - 2 chest, 160 - 3 chest. Could this mean you have an area of the game with an obnoxious amount of vendors that could create a lot of lag? Yes but if you plan on it, like you did with heirloom vendors, it could work. Alternatively, vendors could appear at the end of the dungeons. What publishing legendary chances would mean: Player thinks: I have 1% chance to get a legendary if I run any mythic 2+ and 1.5% chance if I run mythic 3+, but I know that based on the published formula/add on that tells me my chance of getting loot that incorporated the formula, that chance will go up to 2% and 2.5% with the badluck system; therefore, knowing the exact percent and the amount it increases after completing said dungeons, I will continue running the dungeon and in the meantime receive points towards gear every single run whether it be low m+ for guildies or higher m+ for my weekly.Hulkpaladin4 Dec 8
Dec 8 Cross Realm mythic raiding I started raiding with a group in WoD. The majority of them are on one high pop server, while there are smaller groups of friends spread out across other servers. In WoD, we never had an issue with the timing of cross realm mythic raiding unlocks. In Highmaul/BRF we never even finished heroic before the next raid was released. In HFC, we finished heroic and got to start working on some of the mythic fights, because by the time we finished heroic HFC, cross realm mythic raiding was opened. Legion is proving to be a problem for us though. The difficulty of the raids is way lower. We finished normal EN in three weeks, and we just finished heroic. Our raid leader wants to push mythics, but it's causing some real friction among some of our raiders who don't want to transfer. The holidays and upcoming release of Nighthold seem to be putting the issue on pause for us, but it will definitely come up again after we finish heroic Nighthold. Why isn't cross realm grouping for mythic raiding being opened up faster? While ToV is a smaller raid, in the past cross realm mythics usually open up with a new raid. I'd think once the race is over, and various world/region firsts are settled, that's the time to open mythic raiding to cross realm groups.Gulg3 Dec 8
Dec 7 iLvl(DPS) vs. Raid/Mythic+ Scaling Hello. I'm just wondering if there a website that tells the suggested raids/mythic for iLvls and DPS. We have a wide array of iLvls of people in our guild and I want to make sure they're doing the proper content before I schedule anything and they are also getting the most out of the run. Thanks you.Aureil0 Dec 7
Dec 7 You can kill Na'zak the Fiend again today Since the lockouts reset on Tuesday you can kill this world boss again if you've already done it on Monday. The world quest isn't showing for him because you already did it, but the boss is there and will drop loot. No this doesn't have to do with the exploit to kill him multiple times to get loot as that has been fixed now. This is just you killing another world boss after your loot lockout reset.Pawss5 Dec 7
Dec 7 The Nighthold unavailable?? Hello, I recently got my item lvl to 835 for LFR but I cannot que for nighthold. It previously said i needed 835 ilvl but as soon as i was 835 its saying "This instance is not available yet". Any help???? thank you.Hardshock9 Dec 7
Dec 7 Is raid healing fun? Specifically on a resto shaman. I currently PvP as enhance and would like to offspec either ele or resto, and use that for PvEing.Purgeallday13 Dec 7
Dec 7 Helya(Normal) P2 Tactic How does everyone handle P2? 1) Do you have the melee stay up front to take out the 2 tentacles, then head to the back and wrap around to the left then right? 2) Do you have everyone head to the back, clear those 3 while cleaving adds, head to the left, clear those 2 and adds...drop down to middle and then to the right? We saw phase 3 but the healers were oom and the placement needs work(stand on stairs) on P2 for the entire group with the waves.Wiggumkin7 Dec 7
Dec 7 Raid/Dungeon Group Suggestion I've been playing WoW for almost 12 years, and although I have raided with a guild in the past, I'm a much more casual player nowadays. I love the game, but I don't have time to try and form groups to run more advanced raids/dungeons. I also don't especially like dealing with some of the rude people I meet in dungeon/raid finder. I play this game to take a break from life, not feel like I'm at work dealing with difficult people. My suggestion is for WoW to create an "antisocial feature". This would be an optional selection (that could include a friend or two, if desired and could be reversed or reapplied at any time) that would allow a player to select their chosen role for the raid or dungeon, and NPCs would fulfill the missing roles. As a casual player, this would ensure I stay subscribed. What does everyone else think?Tillanzia6 Dec 7
Dec 7 Heroic: HoV lockout My Heroic: Halls of Valor lockout didn't unlock after the reset.Panzerfury1 Dec 7
Dec 7 Incentivize Higher M+: Lego Drops After a week of Teeming/Skittish at higher levels (10+) it feels like we're at the exact same spot we were when they changed how AP was awarded awhile back. There is little incentive to actually complete keys past 10 within the timer other than to push the key to 12 so you can get your 885 weekly chest. People want 3 things from Mythic+ dungeons: their weekly 12 chest, AP, Legendaries. Higher 885 weekly chest rewards for completing a 12 were a direct result of the release of ToV and necessary. AP rewards were fixed to actually incentivize doing more difficult dungeons so that your time was rewarded. However now with active players long past their 35th trait and semi-active players attaining their 35th trait AP farming is a far less important. The effectiveness of a .5% boost to DPS/healing/armor per 4th dragon trait makes hard AP grinding a lot less appealing as your overall player power progression slows to a crawl. Lastly you have the carrot everyone is chasing at this point, legendaries. As the system works now you're better off setting up carry groups again and banging out low keys so you get 3 chests and therefore 3 opportunities to loot a legendary. Why run a difficult 12+ key that you'll likely 1 chest, maybe 2 chest if you're a really really strong group or depending on the affixes, when you can do a quick carry on a 2-9 and guarantee yourself 2 chests possibly 3 depending on how big the carry and key is. Personally I'm at my 39th trait and my regular Mythic+ group can consistently pass 12 keys inside the timer. We are still pushing for our 15 achievement as we had 4 keys during sanguine/overflowing week end up at HoV +13 and higher; and the past week and next week are pretty difficult affixes (teeming/skittish and enraging/necrotic) to push keys to 15. That being said once we eventually finish a 15 inside the timer we likely will not bother w/ keys past 12 as there is ZERO incentive to do them. It makes no sense that we should have to do carry groups to try to farm legendaries since lower keys give you a much better opportunity to loot them. 2 or 3 chesting a 12+ is very difficult unless you get the cupcake affixes like sanguine/overflowing. During a week like this one (Teeming/Skittish) or next weeks (Enraging/Necrotic) even completing inside the timer is a feat in most dungeons. The end of dungeon chest rewards in terms of legendaries should take this into account. 1 chest at 12+ should give you just as much of an opportunity as 3 chesting a +2. Personally i believe a tougher dungeon should give you a higher chance but I would be thrilled if it gave an EQUAL chance as I wouldn't get stuck doing boring content. As it stands now if your goal is giving yourself a chance at legendaries you are hurting yourself spending your playtime doing difficult content as it'd would be much more effective to just do easy carries just like it was previously in regards to AP farming.Momohime9 Dec 7
Dec 7 LFM For Amazing Carry Group As the title says above I am looking for 3 amazing people to make a solid carry group. I have currently been struggling with this for some odd reason. I use LFG and get 890 people but then they pull 200k dps or something. The point of this thread is to find 3 people who are competent and want to constantly farm AP/ Titanforged items by 3 chesting high keys 4-9. If this sounds like something you would be interested in doing then please post below with your most recent logs. I am only accepting 90%+ players. My btag: Forgotten#1885Ravenbear8 Dec 7