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Jul 21 BRH Bursting My friends and I have the terrible key that is BRH +15 with bursting. We're trying to plan out some strat of it. Do the felbat pups give bursting on the gauntlet before Smashspite?Seeliesidhe4 Jul 21
Jul 21 Legacy Raid Finder tmogs Is there a way to run old raid-finder raids or a way to get the color variation from the old LFRs for tmogs?Semibipolar1 Jul 21
Jul 21 Which dungeon is most fun? Which Legion dungeon do you veterans find to be less of a chore, and you pretty much always enjoy running on mythic/heroic?Jalloran20 Jul 21
Jul 21 Dungeon Hotfixes If you're on a mission to hotfix dungeons going into the M+ Invitational i'd like to add a couple. 1) Attumen the Horsemen melees before he dismounts from Midnight. This usually means that melee are being hit by a Tyrannical boss that isn't tauntable/aggro-able by the tank. 2) Pennies from Heaven ability from Ghostly Philanthropists at the start of Lower Kara was nerfed in the latest hotfixes. However, the most dangerous ability from these mobs "Throw Coin," an unavoidable tank mechanic still 1-2 shots tanks on high M+ Fortified weeks. It seems odd to nerf the avoidable mechanic, Pennies From Heaven, and not the un-avoidable mechanic, Throw Coin. 3) Helya Tentacles Dot does more tank damage than recently nerfed bosses. Personally I like the damage that it does, but if you're nerfing things like Timber Smash by 25% then you should probably be looking at a 20-30% nerf to this dot. Bear Specific Things: 1) Pawsitive Outlook Thrash proc will still pulls things through walls. Most notably on the ship in MoS and the 1st hallway in Lower Kara. Sometimes this is detrimental, but other times you can intentionally pull additional trash that you would otherwise skip for percent. 2) Force of Nature (Legendary Cloak) applies it's 30% damage bonus upon entering bear form. The 30% damage buff remains regardless of having the cloak currently equipped. Meaning you can put on another legendary and still have a 30% damage bonus. I will edit this thread as I remember more.Emangle0 Jul 21
Jul 19 Extending Mythic Dungeon Lockouts? I would like to know if it is possible to extend a mythic dungeon lockout if you want to save your progress. I am attempting to tame Fenryr and have made it to phase 2 and after several hours of attempts I need to get some sleep (been up all night). I understand that there might be a soft reset? However, I still want to keep trying. I will be having surgery on friday the 21st so I don't know if I will be able to get back quickly enough to continue my attempt at taming Fenryr (assuming I have not been able to kill him by then). Even if I kill him and the tamable version does not spawn, I will at least know what I have to do to finally kill him. Thank you in advance to all who are able to help me.Sagewind2 Jul 19
Jul 19 Timewalking with Legion and Old Legendaries I'm exceedingly aware of the fact that previous content legos will scale down. But I'm wondering if a 110 can use old legos and new legos together in timewalker dungeons, or even Back Temple timewalker. Anyone know this or able to confirm? I don't know if the 2 legendaries only restriction only applies to 110 legos.Deathpony5 Jul 19
Jul 19 Rogue or Warrior ToS H+ Hey guys, Trying to decide on Rogue or Warrior for H ToS+ raiding and what would be more optimal for an alt/main. CheersGravy2 Jul 19
Jul 19 Loot Bug? I have attempted to solo several Legion dungeons and none of them drop loot. Is this a bug or is it intended?Geemo9 Jul 19
Jul 19 Solo 60/70 Raids I am curious as to what level is the lowest you've seen solo level 60/70 raids. If you have, was that recent or in the past. Is it easier or harder to repeat that now?Darkmilk3 Jul 19
Jul 19 Cath+15 6 hour fail Wasted 6 hours+ wiping on the last boss in cath+15 to have the group disband. Hope none of you guys have this experience.Talason29 Jul 19
Jul 19 New info on Mythic+ from a Game Master. Hi, game master Sniekia explained something to me and I thought I'd share it with the community and the people struggling with higher end Mythic+ dungeons. "The lowest item level mythic 13 gear can be is ilvl 900. Seeing as the base was pretty low the item proc'd up to 925 to make it Titanforged. Sometimes Titanforged items will not always be +15 levels on the dot." So basically you can get the same ilvl item in your Grand Challenger's Bounty by doing a M+11 or a M+13 or M+14 (as I found out by looting a 925 from a M+14 on my warrior this week and a 925 from a M+11 last week). This contradicts with the info in http://www.wowhead.com/mythic-keystones-and-dungeons-guide and confirms there is no point in doing anything more difficult than a M+10 or M+11 for your weekly chest because the base ilvl will still be 900. Hope this helps save some frustration and time!Scherzo13 Jul 19
Jul 19 Deaths of Chromie bugged or terrible RNG? So, I have been doing The Deaths of Chromie scenario and I've become really frustrated. I currently have up to the second last talents of Chromie's and I'm supposed to be having a large chance of getting the Keepsake Box. Well my issue is that firstly, I only ever get one in the entire scenario and also, it is the Brimstone Beacon for Hyjal. Never have I gotten anything else and never have I gotten a second one. Is this terrible RNG or bugged? Please help. :(Kizbo1 Jul 19
Jul 19 Prot Paladin Threat vs Guardian Druid The main tank in my guild is a 914 Prot Paladin. I'm a 920 Guardian Druid. Doesn't matter if I pull first, unless I have a full rage bar at the start of the pull I'm never going to out threat him and he'll always pull threat on me. It's so irritating. Example, Mistress fight, when the taunt swap happens I try to pull the stalker adds so he isn't having to tank everything. But unless I use taunts it almost never is going to happen. But I can't really use taunt's reliably because taunt was down during a taunt swap and almost wiped us. Do I need to learn to just let go and accept the fact I'm not going to out threat a Prot Paladin? Or will I have to gear more towards DPS tanking versus tank gear tanking to have a chance at a huge sacrifice to my tankyness? Thanks for your input.Andreana6 Jul 19
Jul 19 Dear Blizzard: Soak Mechanic Spam Not Fun Little bit about me: I've been raiding in this game since Vanilla. Have played most of the hardest content this game has to offer. This instance, more than any other in living memory (lol) has been absolutely belligerent with soak mechanics. Lets do a quick run down. Goroth - Rain of Brimstone Harjatan - None Demonic Inquisition - None Sisters of the Moon - Incorporeal Shot Mistress Sass'zine - Hydra Shot Maiden of Vigilance - Orbs Fallen Avatar - Touches, Beams, Dark Marks Kil'jaeden - Literally 100 meteor swirlies need to be soaked, including 20 that can only be soaked by immunities or tanks, which are subject to RNG, and which can't even be seen during one portion of the fight That is absurd. There are several reasons why soak mechanics are not fun. First off, with any soak mechanic that is at all difficult to handle, the main difficulty is RNG. You could have KJ soaks where they all spawn on one corner of the room, and players who have spread out all over in anticipation of handling it can't get to the one corner in time to help. Also the big swirly can spawn opposite the player whose job it is to handle it. Another reason why soak mechanics are not fun is that throughout all of farm you will have to take time before pulling to set up soak assignments, which is just annoying. Certain classes (like Mages/Hunters) will never be able to take a turn to sit on the boss because they will always be needed to handle soaks. Lets compare it to both Nighthold AND Emerald Nightmare together: Nythendra: None Elerethe: None Ursoc: None Il'gynoth: Death Blossom Cenarius: None Xavius: Lights Skorpyron - None Chrono Anom - None Trilliax - Cakes Krosus - Pitch Spellblade - None Botanist - None Tichondrius - None Augur - None Elisande - Orbs Gul'dan - None So we're looking at a total of 5 (five, V, funf, cinco, go) soak mechanics in the 15 bosses in EN and NH combined. In 9 ToS bosses, there are 8 soak mechanics to deal with. Please, please don't do this to us again. Give us more mechanics like the Rag hammer/sons of flame. Mechanics with an element of RNG, but which give the raid time to display it's flexibility by adapting to the new situation and handling it. You know, the hammer comes down, everyone sees where it is (that's the RNG part), then the raid adapts its plan on the fly to handle the situation. That, to me, is how mechanics should be designed. Not 8 swirlies spawn across the huge room and it's a question of whether the characters nearest those swirlies have the run speed needed to get to them.Airwave12 Jul 19
Jul 19 Mogu'shan bug I get to the end boss in the Forge of Endless and when i activate the control console, it doesn't do anything. Im running it on Heroic 25 man by myself. What is going on? I have even reset the raid to try and fix it and reloaded my UI. Nothing works.Chihiroruin3 Jul 19
Jul 18 Getting better at mythic So my /played at 110 is around 2.5 days, which I know isn't a lot compared to many of you who were here since the beginning of the expansion, but I feel like I've caught up pretty quickly and have ilvl 875. I'm a guardian spec if you were wondering I've run the dungeons on normal and heroic many times, but I just can't seem to get any better at mythic. I've only ever completed like 3 runs (VH, DH, EoA) and only once each, and feel like even this is a struggle. I've tried doing HoV but literally can't even get past the first boss. I haven't tried a mythic keystone yet because I don't think I'm good enough yet. I also feel like my damage is really low, but I've followed talent build guides and use the right rotation but still come out on the bottom of the damage done So my question is how do I get better at mythic dungeons? Blizz seems to have made them essential for gearing up, so I have to get better at some pointAceed9 Jul 18
Jul 18 M13-15's I can't get into any of these groups because I'm 911 ilvl and a disc priest with no KSM. Normally forming your own group would be an option but my keys keep upgrading to lower kara and cathedral and no one wants to run them. Am I at a dead end for the game now as a solo player? I know I can easily heal a 14-15 but understandably why give me a chance when there is another healer at 920+ilvl with ksm already. I feel some of the problem would go away if the base ilvl drops from 11-15's would go up a little.Therapybeard6 Jul 18
Jul 18 Black Temple TW lockout problems. The way these lockouts work is that they don't work, seemingly. Once you leave the raid, your lockout is meaningless. I cleared the entire thing up to Illidan and after our 3rd or 4th Illidan wipe the group just split. Wiped at 9% too, I'm sure would could have done it, but that's beside the point. My point is, that was a couple of days ago, and now I'm trying to get my Illidan kill. I join a group, everyone is 8/9, leader made sure. Every single person including the leader had an Illidan lockout. We queue up, port in, and boom, it's fresh, and the NPC can't port us anywhere. Pretty damn disappointing that after nearly full clearing this godforsaken raid twice now, I'd have to do so, fully, AGAIN, just to get my Illidan kill. I would love for Blizzard to fix this and give us one more week of BT TW just so everyone can get their kill, but honestly, I find that unlikely.Endre9 Jul 18
Jul 18 the new m+ is garbage im absolutely astounded how you would think this was a good idea, Just revert it before you ruin something good...Vaelorid88 Jul 18
Jul 18 Blackrook Hold Bats dropping threat Felspite Dominators spawning waves of bats. The bats keep bugging out for me and drop threat and it seem to evading at the top of the stairs.Grahroller3 Jul 18
Jul 18 Timewalking Black Temple trash It's fun and all, but the amount of trash is pretty absurd. It could be cut in half and still be a lot of trash by today's raid standards. The shear amount of it is going to leave this place largely a ghost town because it adds so much time to running the raidEmrill13 Jul 18
Jul 18 M+ DPS So like alot of people I dont have time to commit to raid with work and wanted to start getting into mythic+ runs to up my gear. This monk is 889 so Im hoping thats a good ilvl to start but Im also wondering if some of you M+ veterans can give me some insight as to what dps class excel in M+. Thanx in advance =)Qwai1 Jul 18
Jul 18 Firelands Bucket List Achievement Help Okay So I know this is where you drag Shannox to certain places on the map but can you do that AFTER you defeat the bosses? This I'm talking about for the areas before you go over the bridge.Temhoi1 Jul 18
Jul 18 Tomb Difficulty Scaling Best # of Peeps aFrostalicous9 Jul 18
Jul 18 Mythic+ Gear odds -_- I hope blizzard fix their mistake in 7.3! M+ atm arent what they used to be and are rapidly loosing ppl interest! Im fine with the difficulty. Im fine with the affixs. It "is" still used as an alternative to raid...only with heavily lowered odds....!! -_- And i dont see why!!!? Those saying they lowered the amount of loot b/c ppl were getting geared strictly in m+ are wrong. Your tier is still by far the best required hence raids will always be a thing! Whats hapenning right now is a HUGE decrease of m+ being completed because lets be honest: We are not stupid! Aint gonna spend 6hrs completing maybe 7-8 +15 dungeons for like 21-24 piece drops thats each have what? 10% change to warforge to heroic raid quality? ...getting a 955 requires the same luck as winning the lottery!! Im personally done with m+ other then running my single +15 weekly. I justPlayed all week end and had maybe 3 drops, non warforged. I really miss the olds days! M+ season 2 was awesome! In conclusion! Blizzard has annihilated my interest of taking my chance for loot in m+ dungeons which to me was even more fun then raiding in many aspects!!! Nowwith that said...I am gonna let the raid drops gear my toon til im bored...and I feel that day coming fast with no purpose to run dungeons.Galaxie10 Jul 18
Jul 18 Timewalking Black Temple - Problem, Critique My guild set up this raid together, and we were super excited to do it. We cleared all the bosses but illidan, and then a bunch of people had to leave. So we optimistically put it up on the calendar for the next day. We ensured we had 10 people who were there, all night and had the same lock out and queued together before attempting to add new people. We were able to queue up while being saved to the raid, unfortunately this meant that we had to clear the raid from the beginning - without loot. We understand this is working as intended. But.. It's stupid, and here's why - If we have to go to all of the trouble to form a pre-made group, we should be able to pick up where we left off. There should be a second option when we queue - "Start fresh" (that warns us we'll have no loot on bosses already killed) or "Use existing lock out" that warns people we have "x/10 bosses killed, do you want to proceed?" so that groups like ours can make a fun and engaging group bonding activity. Or a queue guild group option where only members of a guild and their realID friends can join. Could something be done for this for future instances of the timewalking raids? I know this isn't a one size fits all solution, but it would make it a lot more enjoyable and use friendly for non-PUG raiders who just want to spend time together, but maybe don't have the time all at once. Thanks for listening to my whining. I appreciate feedback, including why that may or may not be possible, or an alternative methodology.Amastrasza10 Jul 18
Jul 18 Timewalking BT question Hi everyone. My boyfriend is deployed at the moment, and has both glaives so I want him to get the achievement for the transmog but I'm a baddie on his rogue. When the next BC timewalking event occurs, will the timewalking BT be available to do again? Or is it this week only? If it's going to happen again, I'll wait for him to do it himself. If not-I'll run his toon through. Thanks for any help!Mahalle0 Jul 18
Jul 17 M Kiljaedan Down!! According to wowprogress.com they are 9/9 downing KJ 3 hours ago!!! Gratz Method gg!!!Deimosana26 Jul 17
Jul 17 Kicked at Last Boss I will run a keystone dungeon with a group and they may complain about my dps. They will keep me in group until they reach the last boss fight and then they will kick me so I don't get any loot. It makes me not attempt to progress with the keystone since there is a threat of getting kicked for this reason. Of course, this greatly decreases the fun of the game play for me. I don't want to leave WOW altogether if this can be fixed. Will you make it where groups cannot kick a player if the player has fought all bosses prior to the last two? This way the player can't be used and then kicked before reaching the final boss.Daryin12 Jul 17
Jul 17 Black Temple Timewalking Suggestions TLDR version: Honor raid leader's raid lock-outs, even for returning attempts during the event and/or break the raid up into wings so a full restart isn't needed. Optimize LFR tool for TW access akin to LFG TW system. I like the notion of visiting vintage raids in the TW format, but it needs to be finessed some for BT and any future raid TW's. I don't mind that the fights can't just be roflstomped and are challenging and need to be learned/relearned or that some of the NPC CC is really lengthy... I'm looking at you 30 second ice traps. I have successfully done the BT TW on this posting char, and attempted it on several alts, only to be met with frustration. On my warrior I got to Mother one day and Illidan the next on separate days and clears - I tried joining a subsequent group to try to down Illidan a third day to find that even with everyone 8/9, we were being given a fresh raid. Restarting progress repeatedly because lock-outs are not being paid attention to on subsequent days is very frustrating. Suggestions to remedy raid TW: Raid lock-outs should be based only on the raid-leader's lock out, even if the leader is returning a subsequent day during the TW event. Their lock-out should be the position everyone in the raid gets in at. Loot rules for cleared bosses should still apply for players who have cleared further - as it is with LFR currently. If you can't get the system to work on raid-lead based lockout, please consider breaking up the raid into two or three wings, it's a really long raid to be full clearing [multiple times]. I suggest sets of four bosses per wing: Nar'jentus through Gorefiend, then Bloodboil through Council and finally Illidan separate - which would be approximately consistent with how raids are broken up in wings now. Queuing up for the "wing" you're actually at would be less frustrating than running the whole thing only to find that the group starts disintegrating around Souls or Mother Shahraz (as has been my experience repeatedly) and having to start all over the next day after you've stayed up way too late throwing yourself at a boss and watching the group slowly start whittling away until you're down to too few healers and it's "called," only to repeat the same experience the next day, hoping that you can complete it for the quest and achievement (which you don't get unless you're the right class). It feels like you're perhaps working on that already, given the locations where you can teleport to if you've cleared to Illidan and wiped. Ideally it would be nice to make an option to use some enhanced tool in the LFR tool for TW for future raid TW events. Only one person may need to go to Shattrath to queue for the current system, but it feels clunky as-is, at least with it currently not honoring lock-out positions. There is some flexibility in your raid size with the current system, but when faced with forced full restarts after previous group disintegrations, it becomes a trivial benefit. Thanks.Auralie0 Jul 17
Jul 17 TW Black Temple Lockout Problem Last night, i raided with a fresh group until we got to Illidan. But after 4 wipes, since it was already 2-3 AM and people where quite tired, we decided to disband and do the last boss separately today. Problem is: today, i try to form a group in group finder, all with the same lockout as mine, and all the Bosses are still up. Do i have to beat the entire raid one more time just to get to Illidan? WTF is going on?Antônioluiz0 Jul 17
Jul 17 Black Temple I'm usually one that avoids asking for something to be handed to us when screwed, however this lockout bug RUINED me and my friend's chance of getting the warglaive transmog. We all had the Illidan lockout (We made sure) and everytime we qued we got random lockouts... Is this lockout roulette? We scheduled our time around each other's available time to play and when we came back to our scheduled day to finish the last boss its all bugged. So now we are about to lose our chance and be forced to wait months before the next BC time walking!! You guys just need to make legendaries transmoggable.Locàldefense0 Jul 17
Jul 17 Stop punishing me in Raid Finder Blizzard, please stop punishing me for someone else leaving a LFR raid too early by putting me in their abandoned raid spot. I do not want to queue for a raid for 30 minutes and then join it only to find some or most of the bosses are already dead. This causes me to have to queue a second time if I want to kill the boss I miss. Allow me to put a check in a checkbox that will only queue me for a instance with zero killed bosses. I will wait the extra time happily to not have to queue for several LFR raids a week twice. Again stop punishing me for others abandoning raids.Astanyx7 Jul 17
Jul 17 The world first race Fallen Avatar must be a monster if it took Method 453 pulls and Exorsus and Limit are still beating their heads against it. I don't watch any streams (are any even available?) but is the tough part breaking the shield or the P2 DPS race? I'm not surprised Fallen Avatar is tough, though, I was even thinking this might be a Spine of Deathwing or Cenarius tier. And anyone know how Method is doing on KJ?Twilightcult21 Jul 17
Jul 17 Feedback for Black Temple Timewalking raid! Ran this raid on the PTR with Asmongold's group and loved it. However on live I see a lot of issues. First off I feel this needs to be sort of an LFR style raid mainly for the reason of people leaving. My group consisted of 14 dps, 5 healers, and 3 tanks. We one shot the first boss and people left. Get to the second boss and one shot it, and 2 tanks/2 healers left. Can't re queue since its not in group finder. I was willing to spare a few hours to finish the raid but with people constantly leaving and the group getting smaller and smaller with no ability to re queue, it just fell apart. Now the next BT TW event is October 17th! Nearly 3 months away! Hopefully Blizzard can re think their methods on this content and allowing it to be at least in group finder. That way if a lot of people leave you can just re queue and continue on with the raid. Thanks!Lampshades1 Jul 17
Jul 16 Weak Auara question I've included some /say messages to some of my ToS WA's. However, when they're announced the text in the chat bubble over my head is gibberish, similar to trying to talk to someone cross fraction. Can this be fixed?Uubergoober3 Jul 16
Jul 16 Weekly Chest Vs Instance Chest Mythic 15 should give gear comparable to heroic ToS (910). This has been the way it has been for a while now and you went and switched it (ninja nerf -5 ilevels). This has nothing to do with the weekly chest. It has everything to do with people who run multiple instances weekly and only get gear between normal and heroic ToS for instances that are more difficult (15+) than both normal and heroic ToS (That is if the RNG gods are on your side). The disparity between the weekly chest for a completed +15 and a instance chest +15 is ridiculous. 930 Vs 910. 20 ilevels? Are you serious? We previously got a 905 for a +10 weekly chest. To get 905 gear you now need to do a +14. Most groups @ 905 can't even down a +14. It's bad enough that you nerfed ap, chests and you had to take 5 ilevels to seal the deal. What's next Devs? Make all mythic plus only able to be run once per week? I wouldn't be surprised if you have something else to ruin our fun in the works. It's never a positive thing - always a nerf or a take-away and I mean always. Your idea of incentive is to make everything harder and provide less reward. Great business model.Haughtyfire1 Jul 16
Jul 16 Armageddon change idea Instead of having it do raid damage have it instead heal KJ for a lot, so damage dealing class understand what it's like for us healers when you can't do mechanics correctly.Zön3 Jul 16
Jul 16 Can we nerf N KJ? Cause it's a group breaker, and a total headache. Even 920 players wiping on it. I been killing it weekly since ToS opened, however it always takes me a LOT of pugs til I get into a group that can kill it. It's VERY unforgiving. Perhaps makes it only do a solo soak swirl every OTHER time? Or get rid of it for NORMAL It's NOT fun.......the fact groups can blow through 8/9N then get stuck In the LFG right now there's 10 groups @ KJXiata31 Jul 16
Jul 16 How do I reset a raid ? I started doing solo raid recently and i was wondering how do I reset a raid ? Right now i'm farming Kael'thas for the Ashes of Al'ar.Komazur1 Jul 16
Jul 16 Healing after WOD Hello, I used to heal a lot until they made a great many changes to healing at tge begining of WOD. I was curious how it is now, has it stabalized? Has it gotten closer to what it was in Mists? Any help is appriciated.Resevelt4 Jul 16
Jul 16 Kicked from pug Q Was running normal tos pug was kicked right before desolate host died for unknown reason anyways can I go back in and grab loot ? Or am s o lKegnex2 Jul 16
Jul 16 how do you do mythic dungeons? i want to do mythic dungeons but i cant find out, anyone know?Scherbeh9 Jul 16
Jul 16 Can't solo Hans'gar and Franzok The encounter stops at Crippling Suplex. Please fix!!! :(Palastorm0 Jul 16
Jul 16 Allow spine in DS be skipped I know many players have soloed this since late Cata but there are still those of us players who still have a hard time soloing this even with reading guides and watching the videos. I think it is now time to do what they did to the green drake in ICC and allow us to skip this part. If I remember they made the drake able to be skipped due to classes not able to heal it yet all you had to do was take bandages or a spirit beast. This spine is more a nightmare then the drake ever was having to watch every time he rolls to having too much on your screen has got to the point now where I go there make few attempts then leave that is how frustrating it has become. If they don't want the spine able to be skipped let us get the emerald drake another way cause the last drake I need is blazing. I know this isn't a popular idea from those who have and still can solo it but need to think of the other players ones who want those mounts but can't deal with the spine.Azerothwolf8 Jul 16
Jul 16 Why can't I see Kahdgar in Dalaran ? In order to have access to Kharazan I need to take quests from Kahdgar in Dalaran but he's not there ! I have finished the quest city of light but he still doesnt appear in Dalaran. What should I do ?Komazur1 Jul 16
Jul 16 ~1650 m+ 9/9H Tank/DPS LF btags Looking for good players to push keys with, add my btag bigsampz69#1328Sënju0 Jul 16
Jul 15 Duoing Dungeons Hello, my and my wife are starting up the game again and are looking to be able to play with mostly just the two of us. We don't want to PvP or get into any competitive/elitist stuff, just want to be able to clear dungeons semi efficiently without having too much trouble. How can we go about doing this (as far as level requirements, duo classes, etc) and is it possible to do it early on so we can duo all the lower level dungeons as well? I enjoy being the tank and she is mostly a barbaric dps player lol, we were thinking pal-pal but not sure how that would work. Thanks for any advice.Nobaan5 Jul 15
Jul 15 Mythic+ reward is way too low for difficulty i mean honestly 2-3pcs of 910 for a +15 is a joke. adjusted for ilvl increase in going a tier, this is the same as farming +8's during 7.2, where we breezed thru it in half the time and got 6 pieces of loot. it was perfect balance between raid/m+ reward. there is currently no reason to run m+ outside of ur +15 weekly. sucks for u if ur BiS come from instances. understandbly, mythic+ farming was too strong in EN but it was just right in late NH. also you cannot get tier from m+ so it will never replace raiding anyway. i love the increased difficulty/challenge, but currently the rewards are simply not worth.Kairuime13 Jul 15
Jul 15 dps check is there anything in the works for like a dps check scenario. i know u can get like dps silver and gold and all that but was just wondering if there was a way to put like an achieve or post that the leads can quick check for pugs for tos or other raids that show someone can at least do the minimum dps needed for the dungeon im not a great raid lead and dont understand alot of the websites and stuff but do like to run pugs sometimes and would always get good geared people and yet they play their classes horribly i dont care in a guild group but in a pug u spend 90% of time just trying to find people and kick people that are not pulling their weight. not just dps but all the gruops could have a basic check mark that raid leads that are not experienced can look at. was just wondering tell me if im nutsAliila2 Jul 15