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1d Mythic Achievements Can you keep running Mythics over and over through out the week for the the Glory of the Legion Hero Achievements? Like, for "You Used to Scrawl Me In Your Fel Tome" in BRH. Will the pages be locked out after you run it once that week?Kalimore3 1d
1d LVL 85 ROGUE IN NEED OF HELP ASAP okay so I just hit lvl 85 and my gear isnt good enough.Does anybody know what I can do to get a high enough gear lvl with out spending gold? Please I would like to raid tonight, anybody have any suggestions?Dragonoid3 1d
1d new dungeon can i even do the the Cathedral of eternal night dungeon needed for the "Altar of the Aegis" quest I've tried twice today to queue for it but it doesn't look like i'll be able to do it with the queue times being what they are?Aneline2 1d
1d Unconventional hardware for raiding? Has anyone considered using foot pedals for shift, ctrl, and alt? Any other weird setups? I've seen split keyboards but type too much to be interested. I do have a mouse with 6 thumb buttons which I dunno how I'd live without anymore. Especially since I'm getting repetitive stress injuries from having 10 different toon's most-used abilities bound to mouse wheel up, mouse wheel down, and shift MWU and down. For people on the top 0.01% of extreme I thought a "keyboard" actually created just from mouse wheels would give a performance boost. Something like a sound mixing board but wheels instead of sliders. Point being that rolling the wheel can be done more smoothly than mashing and releasing a key.Twilightcult9 1d
1d Midnight mount Can anyone confirm if Midnight's Eternal Reins Drops in Mythic Keystone Lower KarazhanBopeddie0 1d
1d M+ Karazhan Extra Loot Bug don't want to spread an exploit.. blizz plz fixAirwave1 1d
2d Icon Of Rot? More Like Icon Of Suck Hey all, I admit, I normally don't care about trinkets being bad or good. If they're bad, I don't use them. If they're good, I do. And given how powerful some of NH trinkets are, there's usually not much need to look at the other trinkets. But I'm looking at Icon of Rot because I freaking *want* to like this Trinket. It's dropped from Tichondrius, a vintage Warcraft 3 character. It is a trinket that bestows an absolutely iconic ability to the Warcraft franchise - the Dread Lord Carrion Swarm. And I'm a Shadow Priest. If there was any class that should thematically benefit from more purple stuff shooting out of them, laying waste to enemies around them, it's me. Unfortunately, Icon of Rot parses terribly. As far as damage goes, it's on par with a trinket maybe 60 ilvls lower. As long as you have another trinket that's within 40 ilvls of it, there's never a reason to use Icon of Rot. It just doesn't do enough damage. I don't know if it's bad coding/bug, or if it's truly capable of much more but people aren't using it right... but I'm hardpressed to find any fight where it'll contribute more than 2-3% DPS. Often it dips as low as 1% with little explanation. It's the only trinket HowtoPriest.com (one of the best class-specific resources on the Internet) has highlighted in red essentially saying: "Not Recommended." - In another words, even though it Sims relatively well, use any other trinket because the results won't show in practice. Can this Icon of Warcraft Lore - that turns Uncle Barry into freakin Bat Jesus - get some love and attention? Why does it suck so much? Why do I have to keep my ilvl 895 Icon of Rot in my bank while using a 865 Darkmoon Hellfire card?Barrison7 2d
2d My guild spent 2 hours wiping on M Chrom https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/m72Ln1PBjc8yWgHq Any advice? Not sure what we're doing wrong, might be our DPS is too low.Valyir9 2d
2d DPS Logs Help H NH After talking to another raider and from what they were looking at sims wise, we both feel our dps as a raid team is low. Here is a link for our raid on Thursday if anyone has time to look at it and see how we can improve. I know for some reason I forgot to take my flask for the 1st boss, however for our ilvl I feel our dps as a whole should be higher. Thank for any help u can give https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/8qKBJxnZawVprt9YJataast5 2d
2d The new affixes New Affix: Bursting (level 4) When slain, non-boss enemies explode, causing all players to suffer 10% of their maximum health in damage over 4 seconds. This effect stacks. New Affix: Fel Explosives (level 7) Creatures have a chance to summon an Explosive Orb at a nearby location that will explode, inflicting damage of 50% of the player’s maximum health. New Affix: Quaking (level 7) Periodically, players will Quake, inflicting damage of 20% of the player’s maximum health and interrupting spell casts of themselves and nearby allies. New Affix: Grievous (level 7) While below 90% health, players are afflicted with Grievous Wound. Make M+ harder than raiding, especially Bursting, pulling multiple groups=wipeApao6 2d
2d 7.2 M+ Nerf to all In 7.2 the ilvl and difficulty of all dungeons will be increased. ~ Gear will be capped at 905 baseline for a M+ 10 (cache) and 895 in dungeons ~Obtaining Keystone master will be much more difficult, because the gear stops scaling at M+10. So besides the achievement, what is the point of running anything beyond a + 10 after tomorrow? Is there any incentive for those who have the Keystone master already? If a M+10 and m+15 drop the same ilvl baseline then how does one progress from +10-15 now (excludes titanforging)? Now technically they aren't nerfing your character, they are just raising the difficulty level of the content, so they ae nerfing everyone inside M+. I understand they will be increasing base ilvl across the board in dungeons, but this is a huge nerf to players via content buffing. If they did this to raids people would go insane. Am I missing something here?Iownzforums8 2d
2d Karazhan Question - Stuck and lost Hello I recently soloed Kara today and I haven't been here in along time (since TBC), anyway I did The horsemen boss, Moroes the rogue guy, the Stage event (big bad wolf) and I also killed the Maiden. However I am now completely lost as to where to go (I think Curator is the next boss). I don't know where to go to get further up the tower to the other bosses, can anyone help me? I explored every nook and cranny of the map, I found a Door which was locked, but when I looked it up, its only to exit the stage event. I also found a NPC near the entrance you can ask about Kara, and also the guy who tells you there is spiders, and bats and warns you. Sorry I know this is a very newbie question, but my memory is lost as to where to go.Feargx3 2d
2d Raid Boss Talk Bring back the raid/dungeon boss talk...the stupid text reading just isn't the same. Am I the only one who enjoys hearing raid/dungeon boss speech?Dustyhoe4 2d
3d Guild ranking site feedback wanted. My boyfriend and I have been working on a raid rankings site called Raider.IO (http://raider.io). Given that this is a new website we’d love to get community feedback as far as suggestions, bug reports, and various thoughts (good or bad) if you have them. All of the input is valuable! I'll be maintaining this thread to show our weekly updates as we make them. :) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [UPDATES -- UPDATES -- UPDATES] January 27, 2017 - Bosses on rankings pages are now sorted from left to right in the order in which the guild defeated those bosses - Usability feature on the rankings pages to let you more easily scan the order in which guilds are killing bosses, done by hovering over a boss icon in the list. February 7, 2017 Addition of realm pages, accessible via "Realms" in the nav bar: - A list of all realms in a given region, grouped by the connected realm they are a part of - The type, faction balance, language, and time zones for the realms - And a chart indicating the distribution of raid progress for that realm at the chosen difficulty February 14, 2017 - Add Guild page supports Realm Auto Complete - View Time Since Guild's Previous Boss Kill on Rankings February 21, 2017 - Mobile support added March 1, 2017 Filter the Realms list to specific Time Zones or Languages: - See only Oceanic realms: raider.io/the-nighthold/realms/us/mythic/timezone/oceanic - See only realms in US Eastern, Central, Mountain, or Pacific time zones: raider.io/the-nighthold/realms/us/mythic/timezone/us-eastern - See realms designated for a specific language: raider.io/the-nighthold/realms/eu/mythic/language/ru-ru March 7, 2017 - Search for guilds, realms, bosses with auto suggested matches - Disbanded guilds now hidden from rankings, with the exception of the Hall of Fame page March 14, 2017 First iteration of guild pages: - Guild progression across entire tier visible at a glance in the header - Each raid's World / Region / Realm rankings visible together - Per-boss World / Region / Realm rankings visible by clicking a row - You can click any of the ranks on a Guild Page to jump to that page in the appropriate leaderboard - Ability to queue guild directly from guild page March 22, 2017 - Fixed a bug that was redirecting the realm rankings to the US rankings on individual guild pages - Reformatted the timestamps so they are easier to read - The guilds are now sorted in the search and shouldn't shuffle around like they did previously. At the moment the algorithm is trying to show the most "relevant" guilds first, but this might need some tweaking. - Searching for a realm now returns connected realm results as well - ASCII characters are treated as regular characters in the search field. This means if you search for "Mirage" you'll also find a match for the guild "Mîragè" March 27, 2017 - Rosters have now been added to the guild pages, for first kills only (we plan on expanding this). There are problems we are working through where alts are showing up multiple times on kills - hoping to fix that soon. - Connected realms now pull up in the search - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Some people may immediately wonder why anyone would bother making a site like this when one already exists. I have a few answers to that. 1.) It’s always good to have more options. Back in the day people said that same thing about Wowhead because everyone was used to Thottbot. Just because something out there already does the job, doesn’t mean there isn’t room to improve upon the idea or to try something a little different. 2.) Our guild is not a mythic raiding guild and we like the idea of people across multiple difficulties being represented within their respective “tiers”. This isn’t fully implemented yet but is definitely a priority for us. The idea of going to a rankings page and seeing how you compare against guilds similar to your own is very appealing to us. 3.) It’s a labor of love. We’ve been playing WoW since Vanilla and have run successful fansites in the past. We like doing it and between the two of us (he’s a programmer and I’m an artist) we feel like we have the tools to make the sort of site that we want to use, and we hope that other people will want to use as well! All that said, we’re really appreciate any feedback you folks might have for us. The more constructive input we get in these early developmental stages the stronger we can make the website become as we put more time into it. http://www.raider.io Thanks!Ulsoga13 3d
3d upper and lower kara what's the difference between upper and lower kara in the dungeon finder in 7.2?Aneline1 3d
3d World Bosses? I returned to WoW about 6 weeks ago and I am a bit confused about world bosses. Wowhead states: "Nine bosses are part of the regular rotation. These spawn on Tuesday and are up for the full week. The two bosses in Suramar, Ana-Mouz and Na'zak the Fiend, have a small chance to spawn in addition to the regular rotation. These special world bosses are only up for three days." Do these bosses show up on the world map? That's what I was told by a guildie. I've been checking the map every day and don't see any world bosses on it at all. What's the deal?Emryys5 3d
3d Heroic Guild Logs - fury war Anyone one here like log analysis and could toss out a tip or two? Esp looking for help w/ my own performance; I just swapped to fury from prot and my numbers are really shameful Of course things will get better as i'm more comfortable w/ the rotation and figure out the temp of the fights as a melee dps, but if anyone get see a huge derp mistake in any of my logs from yesterday it would help me a lot. Warrior - Fitsi https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/3V9YnyZvhKcxXAfF If anything else jumps out as an "omg why" moment for other classes ill pass it along too. thxFitsi1 3d
3d Kor'kron Juggernaut, Does It Still Exist? solo'd mythic SoO seven weeks in a row, rolled on Garrosh each time. no mount, though the drop chance is about fifty fifty i know flipping tails on a coin seven times in a row isn't too out of whack, i'm just getting tired of running SoO because of how freaking long it is did the drop rate get nerfed at some point? if i have to sit and listen to green jesus and garrosh's four minute exchange more than one more time i swear i'm gonna down twenty sulfuron slammers and end it allSperowolf13 3d
3d Boosted Character Scenario VERY buggy I just used a character boost on my hunter and chose Survival when i boosted him. I ran into two issues that made it so I couldnt progress the scenario. First, it has you call a pet using Call Pet. I tried to call an existing pet that I had and it told me that the pet was dead and that i had to use Revive Pet. So I used Revive pet and it brought my pet into combat .... But since I didnt use Call Pet, it didnt progress the scenario. So i tried to use Call Pet to call a different pet and it told me I couldnt because I already had a pet out. So i went to look for Dismiss Pet, and it was locked by the scenario. So the ONLY thing that I could do to progress the scenario was to Abandon the pet and call a different one, and therefore i lost the pet that i had out. Then I got to the point where i had to use Flanking Strike on the target dummy. It unlocked the spell, but every time i tried to use the ability it told me "Cant do that yet". So i just got stuck at that step in the scenario and couldnt do anything. I tried relogging, Reload UI, disabled addons, nothing would let me use that ability. In the end i had to just hearth out of the scenario to skip it completely (which i just happened to figure out that i could do cause it doesnt tell you that you can skip the scenario by hearthing out). Not sure if all of the scenarios are like this or if Survival Hunter is just bugged, but the scenario was undoable.Sharrq2 3d
3d Proposed: Opt-In Region Lock for LFD/R The issue: Dungeon Finder and Raid Finder matches players to groups that are either A: hosted too far geographically to conduct good gameplay (latency - ex: East Coast to Oceanic) or B: contain players that speak a different language that you cannot effectively communicate in. (ex: English player being matched to a group from Ragnaros or Azralon) A proposed solution: OPT-IN, Disabled by Default, a simple checkbox on the Dungeon Finder and Raid Finder that will restrict your character's grouping preference to your specific region. This will also launch a dialog box that acknowledges that by enabling this option, your queue might be longer than those who would not take the region lock. Again, to be clear, this is neither forced nor permanent, and would have to be enabled by the player and could even be tucked away in an options menu. This gives everyone on both sides what they want. Those that don't care or are unaware will likely not see a change, and those that do can have a release from less-than-acceptable gameplay experiences in exchange for a longer wait.Sybei15 3d
3d [H] Nightbane group, LF 3 week commitment LF a strong DPS or healer to fill the missing spot in our 5-man group. We would like to have someone who can commit three weeks (three runs; two members already have the mount) to ensure all who participate will get the mount. Background: We were in the midst of acquiring Nightbane for the whole group when a member could no longer commit their time. Message me if you're interested and we can discuss further details. Thanks for reading.Behnken3 3d
3d Nighthold difficulty/rewards Hello. Im going to be really brief here and suggest that if any blizzard employee see's this post that they check out Preach's video about nighthold, And why people are burning out due to its lack of rewards for difficulty. And how once you down a boss you never really have them on farm anymore but rather every week could feel like progression again, Its really boring and stale. And theres little reason why you cant just do a 10x easier version (heroic) and get some massive titanforge and it winds up being better than your mythic piece. HUGE PROBLEM. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1YLx62dih4 This video alone excellently presents feedback on how the community of mythic raiders feel with nighthold. The video gives great statistics and very valid points. Should you or Blizzard decide they want to know how nighthold is. This video captures it perfectly.Vaelorid56 3d
3d Mythic+16-20 doesn't give 905+ weekly? So I checked my weekly chest and I completed a +16 last week but only got a +15 900 item level piece from my chest? I thought it was suppose to go up to 925. Does this mean that doing any mythic + over 15 is pointless? Because I was expecting to get a +16 TF piece from my weekly but only got a +15. +15 = 900 +16 = 905 +17 = 910 +18 = 915 +19 = 920 +20 = 925Xandrel11 3d
3d Let's queue Mythic Dungeons So, we're a fair bit into Legion now, and safe to say I think the Mythic keystone system has worked out pretty nice. I also agree that manually putting together groups for that kind of thing is the best route to go. That being said, I think we're over the period where normal mythic dungeons require manual groups. Here's why. Currently, a new alt gets to roughly 810 ilvl or so and can do heroics - great. The world quest content (and heroics) can get you somewhere in the neighborhood of 820-825 or so without too much hassel, which is good enough for LFR (which drops baseline mythic dungeon level loot btw). However, you're not high enough ilvl to proc world quest 830-840 gear yet, and to top it off you will -with almost 100% certainty- be declined at 825 from any mythic you list for in the manual LFG system. It's a dead space in ilvl from 810 to about 835-840 or so. "Run a ton of heroics" isn't really a fun answer, either, as that gear is 825 and you're praying for warforges. The solution? Make baseline mythic dungeons queue-able via the normal LFG system at 825. They are not anywhere near the difficulty of WoD mythics, so pugging them is 100% doable at that ilvl. They're basically "heroic+" at that point. Keep the weekly lockout as well if you want for individual runs (so someone cant specific-queue for MAW 200 times) just like heroics. It helps with obtaining keystones also every week that will enable you to maybe get into a higher level run with a group looking for a quick 2 or 3. Is there any reason not to? Only one I can see is that it makes a very small window for heroic dungeons to be useful. Which imo is fine. Once you're 825, you're not really spamming heroics anyway to get higher. You're focused on world quest rewards.Dopameanaj5 3d
3d location of Ragefire Chasm Hi, the best I can tell is that it is located in the Cleft of Shadow which has one primary entrance off The Drag. Do I have this right? Thanks Yaggr11 3d
3d Herald of the titans Herald of the titans Just got geared and ready to attemp the feat of strength for uldar 10man To get the title. I'm looking for people to Start a group, my bnet tag is NIGHTRAVEN#19655Sybrosia14 3d
3d Mythic + Deserters Mythic + Deserters It's not time consuming, it's not an issue that is split down the middle for people against it or people for it. Everyone is against deserters. So if not figuratively, literally every person wants or is indifferent to a system that will punish players who desert and reward those who get deserted on, and it's a huge system that will take months, there isn't a reason to not put it in. Yes the common argument is to get a guild, but those people only speak for themselves when they only know about the guild experience, many people do not have to or want to seek a guild. I've been deserted on 3 weeks in a row without enough people i know to help me un-deplete it, because nobody wants to run something without a reward if you aren't in a guild. Please do something about this, i'm not the first and i will certainly not be the last to ask.Enhadov52 3d
3d Vial of Green Goo-Endgineer Omegaplugg Tried this last night w/ guild members ( all around 890ish ) and couldnt get it. We tried all listed strategies for this that we could find, but nothing is posted after about Oct 25, 2016 ( a few of which are updated to being hotfixed). We killed the original boss, and spawned Endgineer, but the bombs kept killing us. Even if we hit all 6 buttons, when we rezzed, the bombs still spawned. What did we miss, or what "current" strat works best?Bobbaginush1 3d
4d Mythic +0 lockout Is there a reason you can't do mythic difficulty dungeons without a keystone more than once per week? I mean, maybe there's some reason that eludes me. It's kind of annoying when you do a quest in Court of Stars that requires mythic difficulty, and then the next day get a different quest for Court of Stars that requires mythic difficulty.Aqueas5 4d
4d Nighthold Lockout Question I have killed Skorpyron/Krosus/Spellblade in different groups with the LFG tool. Now I am trying to make a group to kill Chrono and Trilliax but I spawn at Spellblade and am unable to backtrack to kill those bosses. Is there any way to go backwards from the Spellblade spawning area or do I just have to join another group.Oldirtdog1 4d
4d Pureblood Firehawk 100% drop rate on Normal http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/69224#dropGameObjects Also seen a few posts littered around the forums also claiming it now drops 100% on Normal. Anyone gotten lucky and won one of these this week? If so, grats :)Digerati165 4d
4d Synch iLvl for dungeons via Group Finder There's been a trend for people since the start of the expansion to outgear certain content when going via Group Finder. While I enjoy an easy run as much as the next one, these hidden pre-requisites are starting to get out of hand... and more often than not, people are left behind. Other games I've played have countered this tactic by actually implementing a manadtory fixed level when entering certain dungeons. No cap, no floor, just the dungeon in the way it was meant to be experienced. While it is nice to see Timewalking take this into consideration for its holiday (and it works well), it needs to be applied to current content as well. This late in the expansion, those just joining have no chance of catching up, and in general, the constant disregard for the capacity for improvement over "ez runs" is just kind of morally bankrupt. TL;DR: Synch item levels for dungeons in any Finder. Helps lowbies/makes later-game content more accessible to everyone. Weeds out the overgearing dickheads.Inathios9 4d
4d Mythic + Tips and Details Compiling/summarizing/adding some of the things I learned that aren't here also: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/2087758-Mythic-plus-tips-thread These tips are mostly designed for people transitioning from +9 to +10 and higher. They're more meant for completion than beating the timer, as well. A good guide for beginners would be http://www.wowhead.com/mythic-keystones-and-dungeons-guide Posted Dec 17, 2016 (1 month before Nighthold) Arcway: --Bring lots of interrupts for the arcane minions and ghost pats. Fighting the ghosts at corners is a good idea. Also, letting them cast two torments and then interrupting them 3/4 times in a row for the debuff to fall off is a very good idea. An all-ranged group could have trouble killing the minions before they heal. --One form of demon CC is really handy (DH, warlock, repentence? paralysis?) and one form of humanoid CC isn't bad either. --The damage done by the final boss' force bomb (the one that pushes you) is pretty low. (I took about 180k/tick on mythic 9 I think). If you stand between the two orbs they "push" you evenly and pass you by. Only if you wind up riding the waves like you're surfing is it a problem. --You can reset the first two pulls after the big blobs split by running out, it's generally faster and definitely less deadly. --The rat pull on bolstering week might require some kiting. --Small spiders explode on death, big ones jump on your toon's head until killed/stunned. --There are a lot of trash mobs hidden immediately behind corners; experience is important. --If the doors to the left are open, don't forget to go up to the Fel Lord. --Final boss casts an interruptible spell that puts a buff on himself that is stealable / purgeable / priest dispellable. If you don't have a mage, shaman, or priest, you'll have to be very solid on the interrupts. Black Rook Hold: --Invis pots are commonly used to skip everything from the entrance to the first boss. --On tyrannical weeks It's a good idea to work out ahead of time who is going to kill the adds from which direction on the first boss, Amalgam of Souls. --The bats in the gauntlet can receive bolster (from the felguards) but don't give it to other mobs when they die. They do, however, give necrotic. On necrotic weeks plan ahead. --A lot of damage can be avoided from archers if they're fought at corners and people duck behind when randomly targeted. --Manabeasts and lancers can be controlled by DKs. --You have to be able to survive the dreadlord's first shadow blast (on tyrannical weeks). --82% is NOT enough trash to start Smashspite with. Court of Stars: --Enforcers need to be moved from where they start as they can respawn immediately after being killed. Enforcers also need to be fought at corners so the fel detonation can be LoSed. --For the second boss, stack on top of each other. After her cast has completed everyone quickly moves off the puddles and kills and stuns imps. This gets a little trickier on volcanic week. --Melandrus is very challenging on Tyrannical weeks. Swirling maelstrom is not avoidable despite the animation's appearance. On +15 Tyrannical he has 273 M DPS, which means group damage of 1700k/sec will take 160 seconds. I find 5 clones to be where things start getting nuts, YMMV. --Melandrus is very simple, however. All adds can be stacked neatly by 1 ranged or healer that moves back after the "line" ability goes off. --Melandrus is even worse on volcanic weeks as his clones cause additional volcanoes to appear. On raging volcanic tyrannical week https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dSe5-Yb_U4 Darkheart Thicket: --Dresaron's ceiling collapse gives you almost no time to get out of it; after 'Downward Blast', everyone should already be moving to anywhere no one was standing. --Google "World First Mythic +20" and do what they do :-) Eye of Azshara: --For all but the tightest timers clearing out the area by Serpentrix fully is the way to go. Extra mobs take 10 seconds, wipes take 3+ minutes. --It's very easy to run out of range of the healer on Wrath of Azshara. Working this out ahead of time can be helpful. --Courtesy of Corpseten, the trash % needed when entering the cave is 82.5% on regular and 84.5% on teeming. Assuming 1 pack of goblins + 1 pack of murlocs + the two giants. --The naga boss can be problematic on volcanic because the graphic will spawn under the little patches of land. The volcanoes are also difficult to see under the water as well.Twilightcult10 4d
4d Best Legion 5man I have a WoW podcast and this week we are talking about our favorite current 5man. I'd love to get some feedback from the community on which 5man they think Blizzard did the best with. Which one is the worst or most frustrating? Lastly we're going to discuss what makes a 5man great and what makes a 5man so terrible people drop as soon as they get it in random assignment.Anadorei19 4d
4d Ancient mana dumps? I'm sure it's been addressed before. Exalted with nighthold + gotten all withered army enhancements and cleared every everything out multiple times . Aside from increasing the maximum I can carry I have done everything involving ancient mana ad far as I know. Is there any vendor whatsoever to dump the mana ? For small gains of reputation or anythingRichard2 4d
4d Trial of the Champion - can't get in! Hi everyone, Trying to get into Trial of the Champion in Icecrown so I can solo it for transmog gear. Unfortunately, when I went to the Crusaders' Coliseum at the Argent Tournament Grounds where the entrance to this instance is located, there was a closed gate in front. The cursor does not change to a cog or anything on hover, so I can't do anything with it and there doesn't seem to be any sort of key. The difficulty was set to 5-man heroic. Thanks for your time!Derpette9 4d
4d The Cod Squad - Dungeon running team for all! Good day all, My name is Cod and I am a part of the Convert to Raid community on Aerie Peak. I have created a dungeon running community to help people experience dungeons in a positive and helpful environment. Who we are: The Cod Squad is a group / dungeon running team that will be running in Legion and beyond. Our team is based off of a couple of principles: This group is for everyone. From “beginners” to “experts” Horde and Alliance We will wipe, we will try again, we will win Positivity and friendships are required This group is not just about completing Mythics and Mythic+ dungeons. This group is about enjoying dungeons, group content and other activities with friends. Nothing is as awesome as killing internet dragons with your friends. Nothing feels as empty as joining a random dungeon and having a great run…but then just looting the last boss and dropping group. I want to put back the feels into running dungeons. We also make some promises: We will never ask you to change your class or spec We will never link DPS logs in runs We will never link HPS logs in runs We will never say “You can’t” You will never get yelled at You will never be asked about your iLevel You will never be told you cannot go based on ranged / melee I promise you that if I hear of any of this happening…it will be stopped immediate and the member who violated to rule talked with. Requirements to join: Right now The Cod Squad is up in running on Aerie Peak server as a part of the Convert to Raid Guild. The best thing about my group is that you DO NOT have to server transfer. Everything can be run though using people’s Real ID’s. Here are the requirements to join: Have a max level toon Be willing to learn Be patient Have Discord (Mic recommended) That’s it. No silly ilevel requirements, no DPS requirements, heal requirements, etc. This group is for everyone! We want to help you with your group content needs! There are also no time requirements. You do not have to sign up for times to do activities. You are not obligated to do X amount of runs in Y time. We run when you need us. Now…that doesn’t mean we run 24/7….but we can usually get someone into runs pretty quickly. As we grow…so do the times we run. But I expect that after spending some time with us…you will want to keep doing things with us. How to Join: There are a couple of ways to get yourself into our great group…and it all starts with having a small conversation with me. Here are the many ways to get in touch with me: Real ID: Captcodfish#1784 (fills up quick so also add me on these...) Twitter: @gamingwithcod Discord: CaptainCodfish#4029 Every member of my team gets a one-on-one with me so I can make sure we are on the same page. I like talking with people and hearing people get excited about what we are doing. I like to keep this personal touch….I think it helps people feel like we are more friendly / more like a home than a group of randoms. At the end of the meeting I welcome you to our family. Cod Squad Goals: I have set some personal goals for our team. Some that are really hard and some that are pretty easy. For Legion here are a couple of major goals: To become your preferred method of finding Mythic and Mythic + dungeons To help people with any group content (WQ, Profession quest, Artifact, etc ) To help people get attuned for Karazhan To help people experience Karazhan in a positive environment Those are some of the major goals we are trying to complete. I also will spend as much time as I can recruiting, reaching out and talking with people who feel like they cannot find groups for dungeon content. I truly believe in leave no player behind. No…we may not be running +5 +6 +7 runs right now….but we will make sure that everyone has a chance to experience end game dungeon content. So. Raiders, non raiders, beginners, experts, anyone who wants to belong to a family style dungeon running group….we are here and we want to help. #leavenoplayerbehindIroncod209 4d
4d Skipping boat in cos I know this got patched but recently ive seen players still exploiting this, just did one earlier and he mentioned "warrior im gunna skip with you" "kk" How do you even do this? I looked and couldnt figure it out.. he just ported right over to the area.Vasaroth8 4d
4d Level 500+ gear? How and where? Hi, returning player. Mostly solo. Im a level 93 with average 466 gear. I cant seem to get into WoD instances because my gear is too low. And I can't seem to que older instances to gear up. Please keep in mind, you have to kind of explain these things to me like a 2 year old because, well, I honestly just dont understand how alot of this works. But I love to play and any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!Billcore4 4d
4d Neltharions Lair, what are the fish for? I've never known. What is the point of throwing those fish?Phumbles1 4d
4d Do yourself a favour Blizzard RE: TOS Don't release it now and turn Nighthold into a 3 month raid. There's lots of life in it yet and I'd like to finish the last bosses on mythic. Cutting mid-expansion raids too short is how you've continually had year long content droughts at the end of each expansion. I'd rather have six months of nighthold, six months of Tomb of Sargeras and eight months of Argus... ...Than three months of Nighthold, five months of Tomb of Sargeras and a full year of Argus.Ianarion6 4d
5d Ranked LFR/DF, and Donation Pools Not sure what the response to suggestion like this would be, but as a general solo player, I personally, would find these options or quality of life improvements to be fascinating and fun to roll with. Here we go. -- Ranked LFR and Dungeon Finder -- I think this would be a neat addition to LFR and DF (Dungeon Finder). I'm not saying I would like this as a end all be all change to any system, but more or less theorizing how something like this would look and work. I also have the hunch this topic may have already been beaten into the ground and if completely unacceptable, please see the next section. People can queue in LFR and DF as "experienced players" though this option seems to do nothing other than denote who gets party lead. Generally the people who talk more and aren't overtly hostile seem to take charge, or just the tank generally, and lead the dungeon or raid to victory. I've played many other MMOs that have a commendation system in place. LoL and FFXIV come to mind immediately. I feel like having the ability to give positive reinforcement to players that really shine in LFR and DF could be beneficial to people who primarily play in this "game mode". Have that one DPS and Healer who duoed the last boss after something terrible happened to the tank? A commendation of "resourceful" or "strategic" would be welcomed here. Or maybe the tank was very forgiving and let other players know how to assess and overcome the fight. "Helpful" or "Advisor" would be a nice commendation in this aspect. There are many ways people could be positive LFR and DF material. Maybe you just found someone who was very good at their role, and you'd like to party with more people positive minded. Now, with these "points", "averages", or "score"; I'd like to get into the ranked portion of this suggestion. This is where I'm sure most people who have been playing this game for a long amount of time would find this grating, and yes, I understand. But, the possibility of non-LFR difficulties could be circumvented here. Let me explain further on how this system would work. If two people commendated each other, then they are added to each others PUG list. This list is not available to view via user interface for privacy reasons, but is stored server side. When you would like to run a dungeon on a harder difficulty, you may select that you would like to, and if anyone in your PUG list is currently queue'd then you would both receive notification that a match could be made. This type of system is not concurrent with the current guild system. I'm not entirely sure that this sort of system would work due to server limitations restricted upon players, and the current need and want for a guild system. Could they work hand in hand? Could certain guilds have their own PUG lists, separate from player's PUG lists? I'm open for discussion on this. -- Donation Item Pools -- Something I've noticed over LFRing and DFing is that people LOVE to ask for the loot they just saw drop for you. Ran a dungeon recently, and received 4-5 asks for one drop, let alone the rest of the loot for the dungeon. A system like Donation Pools would get rid of this issue. Currently, the problem feels like early MMOs (or even more current servers lol) where people constantly beg for gold. Some people don't mind giving these hand outs. But the exchanges feel cheap anyways. It ends up with 2-3 trade windows being spammed on you, and it is at your discretion who gets what. A Donation Pool would correct this. The item drops into a need only roll pool if donation pool is selected upon item drop. Donation Pool is not actively selectable if the item is non-equipment, or the item's ilevel is greater than what you have equipped. Once the item enters the Donation Pool it is effectively passed on for you, no longer redeemable even by GMs, and free for people who are looking for a higher ilevel to roll upon at their whim. This also relieves the stress upon the individual who originally received the loot to figure out who should get the equipment after being asked by 4-5 people. -- Anyways, those are my ideas. Have fun discussing or tearing them apart!Skiera2 5d
5d Time Dilation on Gul'dan not affecting DoTs? The tooltip and dungeon journal entry for Time Dilation on Gul'dan both state (emphasis mine): ... Looking through one of my Heroic Gul'dan logs as an Affliction Warlock, this does not seem to be the case. Here, I looked at tick times my Agony on Gul'dan as I cast Time Dilation. https://puu.sh/tUhHg/29a74fdf32.png As you can see, the time between ticks is constant throughout, the same as the normal tick interval expected by my Haste. If Time Dilation worked on DoTs as expected, then the "Pct of Normal" interval would be 100% outside of Time Dilation, but increase to 130% inside of Time Dilation. This is not happening. Here is the same phenomenon for Corruption. https://puu.sh/tUhT2/6bdaef100a.png Here is the same phenomenon for Corruption, even when it is refreshed inside of the Time Dilation window. https://puu.sh/tUhVT/5be0325f39.png Finally, the same phenomenon for Drain Soul, a channeled spell that deals periodic damage: https://puu.sh/tUj9k/28c496b4c1.png Why does this matter? This means that Affliction Warlocks gain virtually no use out of Time Dilation, a big disadvantage compared to other classes and specs on that fight. Everything an Affliction Warlock does, right now, is tied to how fast their DoTs tick. If your Agony, Corruption, and Drain Soul don't tick any faster, you gain almost no benefit from Time Dilation. In fact, I would argue that casting Time Dilation is usually a DPS loss for Affliction Warlocks, because it reduces the duration of your buffs (in particular, Reap Souls) while not conferring any benefit to your DPS.Arcinde8 5d
6d [A]Heroic Elisande 9EST - Dps/1heals needed Hello Folks, Buffs and Fisticuffs is looking to down the last of heroic NH and could use your help. Unfortunately, attendance has slipped within our guild and we need to fill our raid with some solid players tonight. We locked our raid and this will be our first progression week on her. With that said, we will wipe BUT with each wipe, we learn. I consider us fast learners. What we ask for : --Follow mechanics (Them rings) --DPS atleast 400k --Discord DPS Class not in raid but ALL welcome: Warrior/Monk/Rogue/Enh Sham/DK/Mage/Priest Swift#1872 or #Linkerjsr1520 (GM)Wiggumkin0 6d
6d Skittish and Threat, how does it work? Skittish: does anyone know for sure (no guesses or assumptions please) how it works? I've heard two theories: 1. that tank threat modifier is simply lessened 2. that threat may randomly drop at times. I have another question I'm hoping someone very knowledgeable can answer: Do melee (or anyone standing in melee) automatically gain more threat than someone standing at ranged? - secondary to that question: if it's true melee get more threat, is it on the initial pull based on how close you are? Or is it a constant melee-increased-threat thing? Thanks in advance for any help!Brixillian22 6d
Mar 24 Mythic Dungeon Lock - Reputation? Hello, just started after coming back from hiatus during WotLK. I know you can't get any more chances at loot after the first clear, but do lock outs also prevent reputation gains at the completion of the dungeon (+500/550 rep)? Thanks!Keeblers6 Mar 24
Mar 23 Need help with Dire Maul entrances! I went to Feralas and found an entrance, got into Warpwood Quarter. Now, I would also like to do the other wings (I have a 85 hunter for doing this), but I can't figure out how to get there. I checked online stuff but can't find anything useful as to the entrances for the other wings. Are the entrances outside like the first one, or do you get to the other wings from Warpwood Quarter? Thanks.Beckysbanker2 Mar 23
Mar 23 How do you get LFR loot in Legacy? I tried to create a group with LFR difficulty for Legacy raids, but instance difficult is either normal, heroic, or mythic, there's no LFR difficulty. I am looking for a few transmorg pieces specifically from LFR difficult, how shall I set it up?Emberheart9 Mar 23
Mar 23 Slight adjust to affix combinations Just to get it out of the way, this isn't a complaint post by any means, and I will completely ignore balance for the purpose of this post. Most people know that there are 8 affixes and 8 affix combinations. Most people probably also recognize that each affix appears twice (except the third affix, which appears four times each). However, one thing I noticed is that while MOST of the affixes are spread evenly between Fortified and Tyrannical (e.g. one Sanguine week is Tyrannical, the other is Fortified), Overflowing and Skittish do not follow this same pattern. Both Overflowing weeks are on Tyrannical, and both Skittish weeks are on Fortified. Fortuitously enough, both of these secondary affixes also share Bolstering as an affix on one of their weeks. My suggestion is to swap Bolstering/Overflowing/Tyrannical to Fortified, and swap Bolstering/Skittish/Fortified to Tyrannical. This would serve to make it so every affix has one week on Fortified and one week on Tyrannical instead of 6/8 following that pattern, while also having minimal impact on balancing and playstyle during M+.Tehr4 Mar 23
Mar 23 Farming old Raids So I decided to go for the mounts and pets in throne of thunder this week. I ran it in 10 man normal, then tried to run again in heroic and it keeps porting me to the last boss room with all the bosses defeated. Can you not farm old content multiple times per week by doing norm, heroic, and mythic?Ðoctorknotty9 Mar 23