Dungeons, Raids and Scenarios

May 13 Can you solo 'Only the penitent' achieve? It's the last one I have to do for Glory of the Firelands achieve, and was just wondering if it's possible?? Can't seem to find people who would be able to help..Evvanmoore10 May 13
May 13 Herald of the Titans Doing herald of the titans tonight with a few guildies. If you have a level 80 and want to get the title add my battletag GavinS#1271 or post below. Plan is to do it around 6 PST.Sprìg0 May 13
May 13 Top End Raid Leaders : Perspective Input Thank you for taking the time in looking at this. I manage a 9/10[M] top end raiding guild and I'm looking to improve some statistical performance for our guild. This relates to setting a standards for our players in having to achieve certain required level of artifact power. If you're an old school hardcore "vanilla" raider, I would appreciate your perspective on my most important question I have... Is what I'm doing for my guild fair and logical? Here's the info below... ... I'm not here to debate or discuss the grind of AP. I'm asking for input if this is a reasonable yet fair standard to set? Thanks again.Roameo34 May 13
May 13 Timewalking Dungeon Drops Just wondering if anyone knows - Do these have a whole brand new loot table or will they drop the same items from their original loot tables, just scaled up to our appropriate level? I ask for transmog purposes actually, as a lot of cool sets come from these and if I can collect them while I get functional gear, it'd be awesome! Thanks if anyone knows.Livie3 May 13
May 13 Stuck in Canal on Court of Stars How do you jump out of the canal in court of stars? I've tried the tundra mammoth mount and horse mount. I can't get out of the canal and get kicked. (laugh if you want to). Does anyone have any tips for this. Not trolling; I have videos of me being awarded a heroic Talaxia kill when I'm stuck in the canal.Opalshine1 May 13
May 13 Tamable Fenryr not spawning Hi there, I spend about 3 hrs in Halls of Valor M solo to get the tamable Fenryr. Downed Hymdall, then took awhile to get Fenryr. When i finally got him down I headed out and hard reset to clear the mobs and collect him. When I went back in the mobs were gone and he was not there. I read about a soft reset so I went out and did quest while I waited an hour. Still no spawn, so i cleared all the mobs to Fenryr that were still up. Now 2 hrs later and still no tamable version. Noone else entered the dungeon but me.Ironphoenix8 May 13
May 12 Do you use prot warriors to raid? I ask because I get looked over by lowered geared guardian druids and DK's alot of the time. I hit 34% haste 30% mastery using devastator I have 4.6m hp if i use indominable i have 5.7m hp but i enjoy Devastator over it. Is there any reason people dont like to bring warrior tanks to their raids?Gerenuk11 May 12
May 12 Dungeoneering could be Amazing! I am sure many of you are aware of a game called Runescape. For the most part I find this game to be extremely dull and grindy, but there is one gem that I thought would be awesome if implemented into WoW..... Dungeoneering. Here is how I think dungeoneering could go in WoW... 1. There are procedurally generated dungeons that have a mixture of enemies. 2. You have no gear to start with, but you use your skills in these dungeons to craft/buy items, weapons and armor. 3. Group play only (solo is available in runescape, but I do not think it would fit well in WoW). 4. It would work best if mixed with mythic + (The higher the difficulty the more challenging it becomes. Affixes get added etc.) 5. There are some issues I could think of like finding the right comp. of skills to get a decent group, but that can easily be changed through adjusting either the number skills each player is allowed to have, or other methods that are of no use posting. 6. This would making skills extremely fun again, and not feel like a grindy waste of time (my opinion on skills, not everyone's). I'm not sure what kind of rewards would await a group completing these types of dungeons, but I am just thinking about the replay-ability, and I believe it would be high. Let me know what you guys like or dislike about it.Zolfares5 May 12
May 12 Selling 10/10 Heroic (A) We're selling 10/10 Heroic Nighthold Personal Loot. Sold by 10/10 Mythic Raiders. Come and get your gear, tier, and AOTC. Today at 8:00pm EST 5:00pm PST! Add me on btag for more information tettles#1480Tettles0 May 12
May 12 Should RNG decide a successful kill? I have serious concerns with the amount of RNG in nighthold and further raid encounter development. Particularly I'm going to use Gul'dan as a reference, but Spellblade is another example. Why do sometimes fel bonds kick you to the outter edge and other times root you in the middle of the platform? Then why do dread lords spawn on top people who had just been stuck with bonds? These are all things we cannot control. This is not 'bring the player, not the class.' This is not 'bring the class for its utility. ' This is RNG, Nothing here is in our control. The empowered fel pools placement on the ground can somewhat be controlled by stacking. But when empowered eyes spawn right after that and jump into the middle of the fel pool you lose half your dps as melee can't reach the eye. These are all things we cannot control. This is not 'bring the player, not the class.' This is not 'bring the class for its utility.' This is RNG, Nothing here is in our control. in phase 3 when you get afflicted with fires of sargeras, followed instantly by storm what do you do? You're trying to run to the edge to keep fire out of the raid. but now you're faced with two options: 1. run the fire to the edge and get trapped by storm. Or 2. Run away from storm while dropping fire along the line you run. This is not 'bring the player, not the class.' This is not 'bring the class for its utility.' This is RNG, Nothing here is in our control. Some RNG affecting snap decisions or cause and effect is fine. It's good, its like putting a little spice in your recipe or maybe your food needs just a little salt; However, if you destroy your recipe with salt the food is not edible.Moadotz8 May 12
May 12 Myyhic Dungeons I have a couple questions about mythics. 1st what should my ilvl be when i start. And my 2nd is do i have to actually go to the dungeon or will it just throw put me in it like a dungeon finder. My third and final question is do I queue up through group finder. thanks in advanceAndantsu8 May 12
May 12 Looking at my Resto, what M+ can I do? I've reached a 5 and 3 chested it, but I'm still pretty concerned on what I can and cannot heal. I don't want to join a 7 and get the group mad at me because I couldn't heal through the burst :/. I've got 36 artifact traits, and the rest you can look at my profile to see.Plasticmem1 May 12
May 11 M+ is good fun. But the interface to find groups is horrible. Like really bad. I've only seen worst gui's in government projects.Yenadin8 May 11
May 11 raid boss kill saves so i just got back into raiding since like wotlk and i just have a quick clarification question about the boss kill saves... if i go into a pug norm nh and kill first 6 bosses but im not leader will those bosses be dead if i then go and lead my guilds norm nh within that same week? or do i have to be leader for the boss kills to be saved to that champ? i know i wont receive loot for repeat killing bosses unless i coin but the actual boss being dead how exactly does that work? sorry if this is a repeat thread i didnt see any and cant find the answerXwidowmaker4 May 11
May 11 M+ chest loot The loot provided by a final chest on M+ dungeon is only the loot provided by the same dungeon or it can brings some loot from other dungeons?Phoenixwill1 May 11
May 11 What resources do the Top 5 guilds have? Mostly curious about what how much of their main stat they have, how many split runs they do, and how far those split runs get (are they all 10/10M?) Plus any other random things, like the number of software developers and stuff on their rosters. The reason I ask is that I recently noticed how exponential primary stats are on gear, so if they are sitting on lots of 920/925 TF mythic NH drops,their ilvls, and, as above, primary stats, must be through the roof right now. I just think it's funny that despite my guild being on-track to get M-Gul'dan, these top guilds have had access to his loot for months now and probably shard it unless I'm also curious how much AP they'll be hitting ToS with, but can't efficiently armory them on my phone.Twilightcult8 May 11
May 11 Kicked for not voting to kick? I was playing a dungeon a few minutes ago, and some people in the dungeon were complaining that a dps spec priest queued up for a healer. Sounds reasonable. Then they tried to kick him, which failed because I didn't vote. Then I get spontaneously kicked from the group for absolutely no reason at all. I didn't play badly or make any dumb decisions in the raid, they just instantly kicked me. Do people get kicked for not voting to kick someone? I'm a bit confused.Muaka5 May 11
May 11 Kill count required to get mythic missions? So, my champion have a mission that will eventually return a piece of Nighthold gear. How many mythic kills do I need before that piece of gear is mythic quality?Kathucka5 May 11
May 10 Proudmore (A) 10/10H NH <Propaganda> Aliiance Proudmoore Looking for members to join our raid team. Looking for DPS and Heals. Be 900+ and know what your are doing. We run -Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday- 8:00-11:00 EST. We are 10/10 H NH. We are very casual(Attitude) and drama free with our team helping down bosses not competing with each other! We will down normal Tomb Of Sargeras as soon as it drops and will progess in herioc same week. The goal is to be clearing mythic ToS. Meeting raid times weekly is a must. Contact me here for an invite.Ïholy1 May 10
May 10 Fel bonds throwing me off the edge Is that supposed to happen? or is it a bug???Rockea11 May 10
May 10 Mythic optional? Hey all, just wondering are the mythic quest required or are they just a way to get people back together playing, I have a quest, a few, but can't seem to get a group together. I could pay a million bucks to be taken in, but I don't want that, I want to enjoy it myself. I just don't want to stress, if it is required to progress, if its optional, I can take my time to group up. Thanks for the knowledge folks, in advance. I have tried to find this info but couldn't find any.Cynomen5 May 10
May 10 Speed Ive mainly enjoyed WOW as a solo player but got bored after awhile and decided to try some dungeons. My problem is I am so slow it is hard to keep up with the running around between fights. I have tried using potions but they havent really helped much. It seems that after we kill a boss my toon is still collecting while the rest of the team are well on their way to the next area and I end up anxious that Ive been left behind and I might get lost :/. I am reluctant to join groups because people dont really wait around for you and its embarrassing how slow I seem to be, I also dont want to ruin anybodys else run. Any suggestions?Msdemeanor3 May 10
May 10 Knee jerk to mythic+ changes Don't people trying to push the hardest key they can need it to stay the same so they can continue practicing it? i.e. The current system of depleting? I'm not that big into pushing high keys, but how are you supposed to learn a difficult key if you only get one chance? Although I'm glad they're moving away from 2-3 chest runs, speed runs are better suited to Diablo, I prefer CC and tactics more in WoW.Twilightcult11 May 10
May 9 Quaking OOC is Frustrating Hello, I do not know if this is working as designed, but Quaking going off out-of-combat is frustrating to deal with. With it interrupting ressurections and eating food, it slows down a M+ run unnecessarily. While a great affix otherwise, I think it shouldn't go off OOC, but maybe deal a little more damage (30% instead) to make up for it? Just giving my thoughts.Decaiden10 May 9
May 9 WowProgress & Mythic Plus Would people push mythic plus keys high as they can if WowProgress didn't track progression rewarding a "mythic+ score"? Considering as of 7.2 loot rewarded from keys higher than 10 doesn't change, I don't understand why people are doing +20 keys. I see on Wowprogress it takes some people hours to complete keys around this level and you can't tell me spending that long on a dungeon is a worthwhile or enjoyable experience. It seems like the only reason most people are pushing keys is to look at their Mythic+ Score on Wowprogress-if you and/or someone else would never know the highest level keys you've done I highly doubt there would be as much desire to do such high level keys.Zopyros9 May 9
May 9 M+ teeming quaking pugs vs healers This week in mythic + dungeons I have encounter many pug groups that are underestimating the affixes. At the Mythic +9 and higher keys, playing as a Mistweaver Monk (900 ilvl) has been a challenge when having to heal groups that are ignoring the quaking/teeming affix (especially in HoV) resulting in the group taking more damage making it more difficult to heal (or keep up) and sustained mana to plow through the dungeon. I was wondering are other healers witnessing the same issues with 2 or 3 affixes? You would think that all you needed to do is stop casting and use instant cast spells for quaking but some of the teeming packs can be difficult to catch up with group heals after the quaking affix goes off.Nyú12 May 9
May 9 Can't see self in raids Does anyone else have difficulty seeing where your character is among the pile of others during raids? I literally get lost and face the wrong way. Is there a way to keep marker on me or, drastically distance the camera. I cant be only one experience this. TyMicham3 May 9
May 9 'Only the Penitent' achievement Firelands If anyone if interested in getting this done to complete Glory of the Firelands Raider for the mount, please let me know. Btag mlammey#1587Giantstalker0 May 9
May 9 Only the Penitent Looking for people to help me with the achievement "only the penitent"Deathgrowl2 May 9
May 8 Oceanic/US server filter? I've always been curious about this, but why are American and Oceanic servers linked? The latency difference is enough to cause issues with mythic keystones and general gameplay. Maybe have an option to filter oceanic/american servers based on where you live? Higher level keystones don't really allow for error and is extremely frustrating to die to something that could have been avoidable without a delay.Starreyeyed3 May 8
May 8 Amount of Healers in flex? Hi! I am a healer on my raid team. In the past we would always do 10 man with 2 healers. I preferred this. Now we are doing flex raids with 13-15 people. I am unsure how many healers is suggested? I still pretty much hate having three healers. It feels like just wasted healing. Thoughts? (also is there no longer a healing sub forum? )Kismi5 May 8
May 8 Personal Loot Trading - bad mechanics I recently ran a mythic dungeon with a few guildies and was very depressed to learn how the system actually worked. Blizz's response is below. You AUTOMATICALLY can not trade a personal loot item IF: 1.The item you are trading is a direct upgrade to yourself 2.You equipped the item 3.It was a token, you redeemed the token and you equipped the gear piece 4.You upgraded the item 5.You used the item in the transmog NPC 6.It's a mount or pet: mounts and pets looted in dungeons or raids cannot be traded 7.The recipient was not present in the encounter or did not participate enough 8.The recipient belongs to a different realm and you already left the instance 9= item was boe and you rolled need I understand all of the above except #1 so I had them clarify. Basically the system considers anything an upgrade so long as it is higher ilvl than your current gear. This means that if you get a piece of gear that has none of your bis secondary stats that is a 5 ilvl upgrade from your current ring and your guildie needs it as an upgrade to their own ring, you AUTOMATICALLY can NOT trade that item to them because the system considers it to be an upgrade to your own stuff. tl;dr and the purpose of this post: Why are we having the system decide that we are not able to trade an item to a friend as it would be an item level increase in the first place? Should this not be the players decision to reward the person of higher item level even if it is a run that they are doing to help gear you out? This system doesn't make sense to me since there seems to be virtually no reason that this should not be tradeable. Post your thoughts on this and bump this if you feel this should be changed to put the decision in the players hands for upgrades on loot.Lifë21 May 8
May 8 Mythic dungeon personal loot nerf? I've been doing mythic dungeons with personal loot usually twice a week on my main and alt, but today I noticed that each boss only drops 1 piece on personal where as previously it would drop 2-3 on personal loot per boss (sometimes only 1), but I've almost completed them all on personal and it's only been 1 per boss on personal (as in only 1 person in our 5 gets something).Meec3 May 8
May 7 Might be time to differentiate gear by source So, we live in a Titanforged world where there are very lucky people that are walking around with 900+ items from doing World Quests, LFR, what have you. The resounding problem I hear is... "What's the point of doing Mythic raiding if everyone gets the same gear?" Now, to be fair, I understand that sentiment, but we're not going to touch on the fact that most people raid mythic for the joy of raiding mythic (and the skins). The proposition? Utilizing the Timewalking method to cap and scale gear (infinitely?). For example, lets say you get a world quest for a Plate Shoulders with an ilevel of 860. Let's say these Titanforge and you get a 915. That's awesome! These plate titanforged shoulders would be displayed as 915(860). Meaning, in World Quest content, they're 915, in Mythic + or raids they're 860. (Another option could be Warforge adding +5 to base and Titanforge adding +10 to base for all other content) Let's apply this logic to Mythic +. What if Mythic + could scale infinitely? What if you could pull off a +30 and the run gave you 980 gear? Let's say that at +30 it drops 980(900). You can keep getting gear that will help you push higher difficulties. This will make you more successful at doing Mythic +, but it won't give you the competitive edge in raiding. Raiding could follow the same scenario. Let's say you do Heroic Nighthold and you get a 925 Titanforge that completely negates the point of doing Mythic. What if it was 925 in heroic and 900 in mythic? Obviously Mythic would have to make the preceding difficulties easier. Obviously this causes some design changes, but I think this is the best way of avoiding the current scenario where RNG can put World Quest Warriors on par with people that are doing cutting edge content. Should someone that Titanforges their rolls in LFR have better gear than someone grinding Heroic Nighthold every week hoping for the same thing? TLDR: Gear you get by doing a certain activity (WQ, M+, Raiding) scales beautifully for the content that you got it from, but it maintains a static ilevel of reasonable value in the other content so it doesn't help to invalidate nor trivialize the progress that people like to put in on more challenging content. I appreciate any feedback that might come up because I think this would do a lot for the health of the game as well as potentially, positively, impact replayability.Arceles13 May 7
May 7 Can we just call High Botanist, Foxy Shazam? I can't concentrate on the High Botanist fight because every time the soundtrack plays I'm awe struck by the voice acting. Whoever it is reminds me of Eric Nally (Foxy Shazam). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kAUCMvUCCo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuqbwxkyofIPennyplague1 May 7
May 7 Lady Vashj not dropping cores? so ive been killing adds on lady vashj for like 10 minutes now.. not a single mob was lootable for cores. anyone else having this problem? if so have you found a way around it?Glowstick11 May 7
May 7 Loot Q Did ToV heroic earlier this week, after tuesday. Just did it again right now to get the item from helya so i can forge my legendary but didn't get the item. glitch or can you not get quest items during lockout? If that is the case, can I do normal? Or will only mythic now yield loot?Bearistic2 May 7
May 7 Dungeon/Raid Locations? When I purchased Legion I missed out on a Lot of dungeons and raids. Now that I'm getting further in the legion expansion and/or frustrated I go and do those dungeons and raids I've never visited. Here's the question: Is there an easier way to find those without searching google every time? I know I will have to physically get my character there and walk in. That's not an issue. I do have the TomTom addon. But like I said, these are the ones I have never been to.Lamethyst5 May 7
May 7 Rank1: Concordance of Legionfall: % Gains? Trying to figure out that math and come up with some numbers with each class/spec. 1.3 proc rate sound right? Say an average of a 6 minute fight? What else needs to be considered in a worst case scenario estimate? Any math wizards that would be able to help me out in determining an average % increase? SomethingRoameo3 May 7
May 7 Nightshards Drops? do anyone know if nightshards drops in the raid finder The nighthold or do they just drop in normal or higher?Hunters1 May 7
May 7 M+ ditching punishment There is still a huge issue with players ditching M+ when the run isn't going at absolute best speed. I recently had a DH leave a +7 HOV teem/quake we were tuning up for a guildy because the tank wasn't pulling hard enough for him and because the other pug body pulled some trash were were going to need for % anyway. He then proceeded to whisper each person and talk trash. We still ended up getting the key done but just barely on time. There needs to be a way to report these people and after so many reports of being a ditcher and make it so the next time they run a M+ they get no loot or a daily lock out for being a ditcher. It could be a passive debuff after 10 people report them for ditching a run so they learn the hard way. Waste their time for wasting ours. Or the group could queue for a pug so blizz doesn't have to worry about alt gearing via toon swapping. IDC if the new system will prevent a depleted key from being useless because of this the community as a whole needs to improve the toxicity of M+ runs. I remember MMO communities used to ban together to shun these players during the UO and EQ days.Nitrol6 May 7
May 7 Best ranged for m+ atm? Can someone rank them. I'm gussing afflock has the most survivability and dps, but i heard they are being nerfed next patch.Blackpower4 May 7
May 6 Timewalking "updated" Warforged items I did a brief search and couldn't find anything on this. This is more in the nature of a "gee, be great if you fixed this". It relates to the upgraded timewalking items. The armory does not show the item correctly. It seems to completely ignore Warforged items, so the ilvl of the items is always wrong. Since my character has the item equipped Vestige of Haldor, this is more than a bit frustrating, since it makes it VERY hard to value any possible upgrades, to what APPEARS to be a VERY good piece. I've tried to give the armory some time to catch up, but if it shows the item equipped, I have a reasonable expectation the it will show the item correctly.Valentinian0 May 6
May 6 Lf a good melee class for mythic + Been trying to decide what class I should focus on for mythic + and casual raiding. I've been debating between ret/Dk/enh/ one of those 3. Any input would be greatly appreciated thanks.Hanzo12 May 6
May 6 Quaking -- first impressions? I'm stuck at work, anyone run this yet? I'm reading it as "bring only melee" but maybe it's not so bad?Fitsi33 May 6
May 6 Neltharion's Lair contact Emerald Dreamway? While working on the Druid quest line, I notice that when I Dreamwalk to the Emerald Dreamway, my map shows an available quest contact for Neltharion's Lair. But looking around, there is nobody there with the quest. Other posts show this to be in Highmountain somewhere and none that I have seen yet have mentioned this "contact" (yellow !) in the Emerald Dreamway. Is this a glitch?Brommond0 May 6
May 6 How do you deal with M Krosus? Specifically the burning pitch? My rogue has about 100 wipes so far and we just can't get get this boss down. I'm hoping to see if someone has any good ideas.Kalorea10 May 6
May 6 Bonus Loot UI bug? So I just got my AOTC for Guldan, but to spoil my victory, my bonus UI didnt show up, so could not roll any bonus rolls. I do have 2 seals, so I don't know why i didnt get the UI. Did anyone else have a similar problem?Ghurtrim0 May 6
May 5 Missing loot? By the way, sorry if I'm posting in the wrong thread. I really don't know where to post this kind of thing. My problem is that the Runesong dagger (the purple one) has not yet dropped off of Normal Warbringer O'mogg in the Shattered Halls (BC dungeon level 70-ish dungeon). You're probably thinking "Okay, what's the deal then, so what, you didn't get your loot why are you complaining?" I'm complaining 'cause I've run this dungeon 14 times so far, going on my 15th. I've had to wait 2 hours between running the dungeons because the game only lets your do 5 runs per hour. Is the dagger meant to drop off of the Warbringer on normal mode? Does it drop off a different boss? I checked my loot spec. and it shows I'm able to loot the dagger if it drops....IF. Is this a bug or am I just insane? I dunno....please help! :(Feldriel2 May 5
May 5 Knowing my loot from world bosses So knowing what dropped in dungeons & raids for my characters is easy - loot the body/chest and its right there. But the world bosses put the loot directly into your bag and I tend to have way.... to much in them, plus currency earnings and so on. So trying to scroll through dozens of lines in the chat panel trying to isolate 'You received...' from dozens of 'Joebloggs received...'is eye straining. Is there a setting or even an addon that will help do that?Psythe3 May 5