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Sep 5 Never mind! Found my answer!Sindah0 Sep 5
Sep 5 New RL, Need Advice Hello! I am a new RL and I'm just starting to put a team together for our guild. I understand the basic raid team which is 2/3/9(well I believe it's is if not please tell me), but I'm having trouble deciding to know what kind of classes I should be looking for. As of right now I have a really small team With a Ele Shammy, Outlaw rouge, Frost/Unholy Dk(same guy but both spec for him are geared) and a WW/BM Monk, with a holy priest an a resto shammy who will probably make the team, also this is probably important is that right now we are not going to be a heroic prog guild even tho we look to be after a decent amount of experience in normal first,(I have knowledge of normal tho so that isn't a problem). I'm looking for any advice or help with this please.Brawkster8 Sep 5
Sep 5 60.70.80 Raiding guilds Back in the day i use to be a part of old school raiding guild for level 60 which would consist of 10-20 man raid teams taking out the old content at level no talents and such just to enjoy some of the old content w/o playing on private servers. did it a little at level 70 aswell but not as much. Im just curious if anyone knows of a server that has any guilds that are active for any of the old content. Not particularly bored of Legion. Just looking for something to do during my offtime from raiding and Pushing M+Sorlunda1 Sep 5
Sep 5 Access to Mythic Dungeons MANY apologies for the noob question, but here it is: I can't seem to be able to queue up for Mythic Dungeons/Raids. I have an iLVL of 888, my dungeon/raid tabs are set for Mythic, but no go... Thanks for any help out there... Cheers. FBFuzzybunny2 Sep 5
Sep 4 Hymdall really needs to be nerfed... so after another go at M+ and the group failing to down Hymdall, I have strong feelings that the 7.2 patch buff Hymdall recieved is way overtuned compared to other bosses. At first, I thought I just didn't quite know the mechanics so I went ahead and tried Mythic 0 as protection just so I can tank Hymdall long enough to try and figure out if there is a pattern with these drakes or if there's an easy way to go about dodging their breaths. I've come to the conclusion that the drakes are quite random and can appear on any side. Because I don't have super wide screen, it's extremely hard for me to see these drakes unless I spin around my camera. And even if you could see them coming, at times the breaths nearly overlap giving little to no time to get to a safe area. Now... I'm not gonna die on Mythic 0 and I did dodge nearly all the storms, but I can see where this can be a huge problem for the majority of normal folks like me who do HoV on m+ when there actually is pressure. especially when it's on Tyrannical. Just even getting clipped by a storm is instant death. I'm not a pro by any means. I'll like to think I'm a decent/average player that can get better the more I do a certain boss, but the multi-tasking in this fight is ridiculous for m+. I'm sure some of you pro players are laughing your !@# at how bad I am but pat yourself on the back for being that damn good. I wish I could adapt but this is one fight that kills me EVERY time. And that's my reasoning for it being overtuned because I have learned nearly every other mechanic I've come across but this. it feels very broken when you compare it to a lot of the other m+ bosses.Speckoh50 Sep 4
Sep 4 M Mistress Nerfed?Alwayzx8 Sep 4
Sep 4 Dungeons Currently Too Easy Doing a +10 for 935 is a joke, a +10 right now is nowhere near as hard as a 15 tyrannical 2 days ago.Longos19 Sep 4
Sep 4 KJ LFR supposed to require determination? Like I have yet to kill it without 2-3 stacks on any characters. Typically dps is just too low, so I instruct groups to wipe 3-4 times at 80% so we can just kill it as quickly as possible, rather than spending 3-4 10 minute wipes to kill it. Is that the intended deisgn?Vynestridan12 Sep 4
Sep 4 M NH full clear Does anyone know of any groups that still full clear M NH?Lilwhit0 Sep 4
Sep 4 Cata time walking needs a mount and pet I'm sure it's been posted before and here it is again the title says it all. also this would be another way to keep the content interesting to those who have all the current collectables with out much effort. But whilst we are at it what mount and pet would you like to see them put on a vendor that has a Cata theme to it.Evani1 Sep 4
Sep 4 Hyrja M+ Absorb Shield The scaling for this shield has not been adjusted for the new 7.3 difficulty. This means that the shield is absorbing less damage than it should when compared to the damage the Hyrja is doing.Emangle0 Sep 4
Sep 3 Call Vellius Call Vellius isnt showing the bubbles in the water anymore? Does anyone know what option in graphics this is??Moonkinxz2 Sep 3
Sep 3 Vault of the Wardens First Boss Bug The Tirathon encounter in M Vault of the Wardens is currently bugged beyond belief. The adds that spawn, more often than not, will simply fall through the floor and spam their casts for the rest of the encounter while being unkillable. In addition, they spawn explosives under the floor. These don't seem to do damage, but on a +14 the boss lasted long enough that the room was flooded with nameplates from 20+ adds that were all evading and spamming casts. In addition, the boss sometimes evaded out when near the well in the center of the room. Anyone know any workarounds for this?Saiyoran3 Sep 3
Sep 3 Ridiculous 238ms world latency in Groups Ridiculous 238ms world latency in BGs and Groups! Normally, my home and world latency is 26ms and lower. But when I get into a BG or Dungeon or Raid group with a foreign (not US) server, my world latency tanks to 200-300ms. And it's because now my connection is being routed through Singapore to connect to these foreign servers. This doesn't happen in all instances, but when a foreign server is lead, it seems to be the case. Playing a twich class like a rogue, makes it IMPOSSIBLE to play! And I have to leave the instance, take the deserter debuff and wait. THIS SHOULDN'T HAPPEN!Dmgr4 Sep 3
Sep 3 Unable to roll for loot Sorry if this is a newbie question, but I can't figure it out even after googling. So as of yesterday morning when I go on a dungeon run (and the same thing has been happening to a friend of mine; often we group and queue in together) 90% of the time, I can't roll for loot. That window with the roll/greed/pass/disenchant window doesn't come out; you just get a smaller screen closer to top of screen that says who got it. It felt as if whoever hit the corpse first would get it, but not always? There's also a ton less of the simple stuff, like coins and regents on bodies. It felt like before maybe every 4th or 5th body you could get stuff, now only like three times per dungeon, no matter how many you kill. I did not change any settings before this happened, but in case something switched with the latest patch, it's set for loot: group and my spec (was that always there? I can't be sure). Honestly I can't even figure out how to change anything but the spec part. I didn't get their names, but two other people we ran with said they were having same problems.Bartnel6 Sep 3
Sep 3 Help with my +9! Is anybody willing to help me with my +9 COEN on either Sunday or Monday? I'd love to progress it to +10. I 3 chested the +7 Upper key but we couldn't even kill the first boss in COEN . If any high ilvls would like to help comment below and I'll put my Battle net Id down later! Thank you!Xia2 Sep 3
Sep 2 Best healer for myth+ What do you guys think?Thombar5 Sep 2
Sep 2 What is wrong with Mythic Goroth Um so we did Mythic goroth tonight and everey mechanic that went off made a big purple light spasm out... was this a change that had to be put through? its cancerMagikilla12 Sep 2
Sep 1 Mythic Avtar nerfed by 5% then reverted This is complete horse manure. Several guilds got kills because of the nerf and then blizzard reverted it and put the rest of us almost back to square 1. Reducing the number of puddles to soak is not going to make up for the fact that the DPS check was temporarily nerfed. https://imgur.com/a/whdCG If you make a mistake with the original nerf then own up to it, you can't revert a nerf after some guilds get to take advantage of it. Blizzard has seriously disappointedme with their behaviour this tier.Huntardbear17 Sep 1
Sep 1 Kicked for no reason. Im leveling my guardian druid through dungeons, like normal. And i get into Gnomeregan with a healer that wont heal, and is in balance spec. Like that shouldnt be a thing at all. After i complain about them, IT GET KICKED. Like the system blizzard has in place is SOOOO broken. This needs to be reworked so that cant happen. And this isnt the first time I was kicked and didnt do anything wrong. BLIZZ PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!!!Freshbasil7 Sep 1
Sep 1 MoS explosive! Boy howdy. That first Boss' adds certainly spawn a ridiculous amount of orbs. Good timesRubelee6 Sep 1
Sep 1 Burdon of Pain H-Mistress Ok so last night my guild was pushing through Heroic which we have cleared 8/9 and do very well until avatar, and we ran into some big issues with Mistress. Both tanks fully understand the burden of pain mechanic as we have had this boss on farm for some time. 1 tank gets debuff and the other takes the boss ( Simple) The issue we were running into is the debuff seemed to drop off early and or not even cast. We had multiple times when neither of us had the debuff and the next cast was 8 seconds out. The issue with this is that we would all of a sudden get slammed with 2-3 ticks of raid damage due to the incorrect tank holding aggro even with noone in the raid having the debuff applied to them. We attempted to hold aggro longer as well as switch early and were unable to stop these from randomly going out. I tried using default UI to make sure I wasn't having an addon issue and seeing the debuff, but it was dropping off and not being re-applied. So we had burden raid damage going out with no debuff being applied. Anyone else see this issue after the patch?Karmo5 Sep 1
Aug 31 +10 or +15 So I know according to the patch notes 7.3 was supposed to scale the +10 mythic plus to give a weekly award to a 935 ilvl cache reward. I've read that they implement a +15 after the new raid is released. So after 7.3 went live I ran a +10 thinking it would give me the 935 cache reward for next Tuesday. But under my mythic dungeons tab I'm only seeing a 905 reward for the week. I just wanted to know if I need to still do a +15 or not.Clashed5 Aug 31
Aug 31 Mythic Mistress prog/help Throwing a line out there for anybody who has downed mythic mistress and I can shoot some questions at or be directed where to do so. My guild is jut over 100 pulls now on her and best one being 13%, running 2/5/13Swedishfish3 Aug 31
Aug 31 Lower Kara clipping issues How is this not fixed yet? It has been happening for months. Mobs randomly get hit with abilities on levels below, and train 5000 mobs onto you as they run towards the group. And to add insult, since 7.3 I've seen it happen in places that I've never seen it happen before, like spiders being pulled from the ball room. Are you kidding me? This sort of thing in a dungeon that is in the M+ roster is not acceptable. Also Maw of Souls. TLDR: Fix the damn clipping issues in Lower Kara (and Maw) already.Ineedmoneeyy0 Aug 31
Aug 31 Item levels Mythic dungeons drop 885 epic gear at base lvl. TW dungeons drop 880 blue gear. I'm seeing players get 895 warforged. PvP gear rng drops 860-870 on average. So basically some noob grinding out TW's can have better gear than guys who actually earn mythic or pvp gear. I mean this is just horrible math. I spent countless hours pvping to get up to 900 ilvl. Now, any fresh noob can just do a handful of TW dungeons and be near 900 ilvl. The devs just keep giving players more reasons to quit like there aren't enough reasons.Magix6 Aug 31
Aug 31 What is everyone's favorite dungeon? Eye of aszhara is funArigozia8 Aug 31
Aug 31 Weak Aura For Kicks [Kick Rotation Tracker] A while back I wrote this Weak Aura for tracking friendly interrupts for rotations in raid and pvp. It was originally just a pet project of mine that I would hand out to people that asked for it ... but last night someone asked me why i hadnt published this ... So, here it is ... For Kicks ver 1.3 - Tracks CDs of up to 5 friendly interrupts - Displays Spell Icon of interrupt - Displays Class color and name of interrupter - Announces spell Name of Unit that was kicked as well as spell interrupted - Plays an audible `LOOTWINDOWCOINSOUND` sound on successful intrupt - `/script setFollow()` used to play audible `senjinfetish_trolldrums` sound when it is your turn ... player must be targeted when running script Screen Shot - https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7308460/Wow/ForKicks.PNG posted as a github gist https://gist.github.com/caffeineaddiction/ecb2109ca1967066fdd38789112ca524 because it wont all fit in a single post here Note: This was originally written back in Legion ... some of the spell IDs may be depreciated or new ones added ... I added in code for Demon Hunters, but might have overlooked changes made one of the other classes. If you spot a bug feel free to post it here. Version History: v1.4 - Updated for wow api v7.3 change to `PlaySound` v1.3 - Publicly released v1.2 - Fixed /say & added Demon Hunter intrupt / class color v1.1 - added Sound Alerts & `/script setFollow()` per request v1.0 - InitSwiftthistle7 Aug 31
Aug 31 "Indicator Lights" on (Fallen Avatar) can you please use a different color and/or make these more obvious? They are too hard to see ..they are the same color as everything else going onSuperdaedra4 Aug 31
Aug 30 Mythic Sisters Mechanics change Mythic Sisters now targets tanks with Lunar beacon and Incorporate shot While they are tanking the boss. Beware Both tanks in phase 3 when it got to sub 20%. The tank that had the boss and got 2 stacks of lunar fire, would then get Lunar beacon for some odd reason, As soon as the other tank taunted and you got to the edge of the room. You would get incorp shot as well. Just the 2 stacks of lunar fire plus the Lunar beacon is almost 47 million damage and the tank is silenced. So its hard for the healers to be healing that amount of damage, plus they are running to get in the incorp shot way off to the side of the room. Out of our 8 wipes tonight. 5 of them had this issue in them.Mistified11 Aug 30
Aug 30 Mythic cache missions at order hall Just got my 10th mythic kill in ToS today. Is that enough for mythic cache missions at the order hall, or do you need more?Valéns17 Aug 30
Aug 30 Why did sisters need a buff??? Blizzard, for the love of God, why did you buff sisters? Was it really too easy? I'm seriously lacking understanding of why this boss needed buffed. If I could get an explanation that would be lovelyVeloran8 Aug 30
Aug 30 40 Min lfr queue So after waiting 40 minutes for an lfr queue of a wing of a raid I get queue and put into raid where only 1 of the 3 bosses is left. Im waiting for other raid queues to pop as well and I dont want to have to requeue and wait another 40 minutes to hope raid finder puts me in a different group so I can get the first 2 bosses so I leave the queue. Now I have lost my other raid queues which I had been waiting on, gotten dungeon deserter debuff(30 minutes to wait for the chance to queue and wait another 40 minutes). This system is so counter intuitive. You're punishing players who patiently wait for a group because some other jerks left a raid before it was completed, effectively penalizing legitimate players and making them pay for others actions. If you can have raid scaling outside of LFR why not in LFR as well. No one is queuing for a full raid wing hoping "Oh I really hope I don't get to kill all the bosses". Either implement scaling so that LFr raids aren't negatively affected by players leaving early or don't penalyze people who join a raid that is in progress for leaving just because they want to do the whole raid. Just because someone left a raid early or was kicked because of a mob mentality ,other players who wait patiently for their queue shouldn't have to suffer. Queues are long enough as is, you cant expect players to queue twice to do old content that they don't really need in the first place, and if you're going to force this upon them then throwing a dungeon deserter wait debuff and removing them from their other queues is overboard. Can the dev's start using common sense please?Kek17 Aug 30
Aug 30 Why hasn't Mistress been nerfed? I really want an answer as to why there is so much feet dragging on nerfing a boss over a thousand guilds are stuck on. I can acknowledge it might be a hard boss to nerf due to the way it is designed. Nerfing her health makes the boss obsolete, but in not nerfing the boss the playerbase is suffering. Guilds are dying, people are quitting. That will always happen to some degree regardless, but a guild who could kill Cutting Edge M Gul'dan before the new traits/pre-big nerf in <150 pulls shouldn't be wiping to Mistress 400 times. It's not an end boss but it's designed like one. At the end of the day, it's been 2 months and the boss hasn't seen a serious nerf. The level of guilds who are wiping to it now don't want to smash their head against this wall. People are putting in pull numbers similar to that of top end guilds on end bosses, and for what? 2 months. A thousand guilds - and that number will only continue to grow. That's more than twenty thousand people who are actively wiping to Mistress every week, and that's not including the thousands more who are wiping excessively to reclears. 2 months. Over 1,000 guilds. There are a number of ways to potentially nerf the boss. Here are my suggestions of possible changes that could be made: - Nerf her health x% but make the slippery debuff last the entire fight. It's still punishing if you screw up your fish but doesn't trivialize the bufferfish mechanic. I can't think of any other way to be able to nerf her HP and maintain the fight as a whole. - Reduce the number of murlocs in P3 - Significantly reduce the number of ink pools in P3. This does 2 things: makes it much easier to hold on to fish in the last phase and reduces the inevitable ink damage and slow that goes on so many people. - Make the puddles able to be picked up by immunities so you can have someone clear them similar to Botanist. I don't know if this is able to work at all because you can't get multiple stacks of ink. My guess is this would take more work than it's worth to implement. - Any combination of having eel puddles up longer, more wave time to move, maybe even more time to get into position for hydra shot. (My thoughts are that this wouldn't matter as much as changing something more impactful in p3) Mistress is a bad fight. It's an unfun jumbled mess of overlapping abilities. Below are just my thoughts on the fight and why it's so terrible. Feel free to skip. The timings are nothing short of absolutely infuriating. You have hydra shots that are on a set timer, you have sharks that are based around her health (why not just make them come out on a timer? not like the boss is short of things to pay attention to), you have other timers that don't start until phase changes and they will vary from pull to pull. Sometimes she casts burden before tornado, sometimes after. All of this makes it so raid CDs can easily be messed up. One pull you're able to use your SLT here, other pulls you can't. It's pretty much impossible to assign CDs in the last phase. Again, this boss feels like it was designed for an end boss - but she's not! You kill Mistress and you have Avatar and KJ to look forward to... IF you can rekill Mistress again in a timely enough fashion to start chipping away at those bosses every week. Mistress has 11 abilities you have to deal with. Burden, jelly fish, murlocs (high ticking dmg on head, hard hitting water burst when off), maw, wave, ink puddles (both on its own and needing it for maw), bufferfish, tornados, eels (that can teleport out of position last second to bonk people), eel puddles, sharks. This boss is ability soup. Throwing more abilities at our face with no rhyme or reason is not fun. It wasn't fun when it was being tested and it's not fun on live. As a whole, Mistress is a terrible, poorly designed fight. It might be too late for Argus to not have a similarly designed fight, but I hope that beyond this expansions we never see an encounter like this again. So I have a simple question: Why has Mistress still not been nerfed? What is the reasoning behind this?Nouks23 Aug 30
Aug 30 Raid boss is not dropping correct ap Why did raid boss ap, tos,only goup by 10m, from 30m to 40m? Everything went 4 times Random daily heroic went form 16m to 64m All mission ap went up by x4 Lfr went from 18m to 72m Everything went up by x4 Hell bonus rolls went from 20m to 80mLucifers0 Aug 30
Aug 29 LF RANDOM DUNGEON TEAM I am level 35, would anyone like to queue for Randoms with me? Must have heirloom gear.Lenaerdon0 Aug 29
Aug 29 Future boss design--ability soup? Modern bosses have many rapid-fire abilities. (Mythic) Sisters of the Moon, Botanist, and especially M-Mistress Sassz'ine have critical mechanics firing as often as every ten seconds. I think a threshold has been reached where adding new abilities to bosses will turn raiders into cross-eyed-Ritalin-poppers. And the encounters will become increasingly homogeneous if 15+ of the game's 25 or so core mechanics are used on every encounter. Have there been any dev interviews for how future raids will be kept fresh? Edit: changed title to "ability soup" from "excessive ability spam", see post 10 or 11ishTwilightcult15 Aug 29
Aug 29 Question about Hydra Shot Hi, I started pugging heroic Tomb this week and I have a question. As Ret, if I get marked with Hydra Shot, can I pop an immunity and stand directly on top of Mistress Sass (so closer to her than the other melee) without causing issues for a pug raid? I want to avoid people trying to stand in between to soak, but I don't want to accidentally hit other melee. I'm also worried someone might wonder where the third Hydra Shot is and panic. Should I just keep things simple and run 20 yds away from the boss to let people soak like they normally do? Thanks.Wee1 Aug 29
Aug 29 Mage tower Challange. i hate it, no amount of hate can describe i have for this challange. im not an elite player. and i shake alot when i start getting stressed. i know its ment to be difficult. but i cant do it. xylem is to hard for me to beat. and like the pheonix mount challange i was never able to get back in preivous expansions. this is going to be a 2nd one and denied one of the best looking skins in the game. i want to know how im suposed to beat this without a smart remark at playing better, my hands start shaking real bad and my reaction times suck i dont play to be the best im just having fun.Leyoria20 Aug 29
Aug 29 Weekly Mythic + Max Reward is what? Hey I was just wondering what the max key you have to complete to get a 930 reward in a weekly chest. is it +10 you must complete or a +15??Táñk1 Aug 29
Aug 29 Tomb isn't fun anybody else feel the same way? at first it was alright, but after two months of it being out it has really died fast. and to boot its a nightmare for pugs, even in normal. the raid looks good and all, but the playstyle and mechanics of the raid really just kill the fun of itDarthlegion22 Aug 29
Aug 29 Are non looted drops always mailed? Just curious if there was any restrictions on what is mailed and what, if anything isn't, like Leggos from boss's in dungeons, LFR and normal. I sometimes run through LFR's and normal's just for the AP and don't always loot knowing I would get any drops in the mail. I wouldn't want to miss a Leggo drop. I know trash mobs need to be looted.Uubergoober2 Aug 29
Aug 29 Anyone selling heroic kil’jaeden? hey guys! I’m looking to buy a heroic kil’jaeden run for my mage tower artifact skin. if anyone is willing to run me through, And just to be clear I am paying with gold. Thanks.Rinelle0 Aug 29
Aug 29 PUG Players, how many KJ pulls do you have? Just wondering how many others there are like me, whose guild stopped raiding and have to rely on pick-up groups to clear Heroic TOS. How many pulls do you have on heroic KJ? Do you have AOTC yet? I've been going hard for AOTC since week 2 of ToS, with only 1 week off due to a vacation. I have 140+ pulls on KJ as of last night, and really thought it was going to happen yesterday. Got him to 2%, but after 2 hours of wiping the group collapsed. Maybe tonight?Dollabilly36 Aug 29
Aug 28 Heroic KJ enrage is too short Ok first off I know a lot of people are going to bash me for saying the heroic KJ enrage time is too short. I think the KJ fight was really poorly designed, I believe you basically said thati in one of the interviews that realized you created to much soaking, which resulted in class stacking or very strict comps. I think instead of 10 minutes, I think it should be 11mimutes. Heroic should not require special comp for soaking, that should be mythic. We were doing heroic KJ and kept hitting enrage. I know a lot are going to say get better dos. Of the 14 people in the group, 12 if you exclude the 2 tanks, only 3 people could soak. We were using the 3 tank strat but it kept causing you hit enrage. With the current enrage timer at 10 minutes, you have created an unintential difficulty to the fight. What happened to bring the player not the class.Luciferss45 Aug 28
Aug 28 Mythic+, Get rid of Keys Mythic+ is probably the biggest system this expansion has, and has given content we typically stop doing in a month longevity for the entirety of the expansion. It's fun too, five players, close knit groups of friends fighting dungeons and getting good loots. The problem? The Key system. Every week I try to bring 3~ groups into Mythic+ from guild. Sometimes we have keys and compositions that are easy and we sorta laugh through the dungeon. From time to time we have doable, but challenging stuff, that we have to focus to win. Then there's the week where no one has even an "okay" Key. The weeks where everyone has Karazhan, Cathedral, or a dungeon that the affix makes ridiculous. (Here's looking at you Bolstering Fortified Arcway). Aside from specific dungeon balance, the KEYS themselves are the flaws. Let us go and start ANY Mythic+ Dungeon we want. Completed a 17 last week? You can start any dungeon at 14, if you then beat a 14 that week, you can start any 15, so on and so forth. Spam farming AP is irrelevant, so we won't have a Maw of Souls incident again. Dungeons that drop relic's people need can actually be done instead of hoping the key rolls into that dungeon on a week it's doable. There is enough RNG in Legion, don't make where I Mythic+ RNG as well.Claurice29 Aug 28
Aug 28 Mythic Tomb is not fun Alright, a small rant. Tomb of Sargeras's Mythic prog is not fun, at all. During this expansion, we'd progressed and downed Emerald Nightmare, ToV, and gotten to Star Augur in Nighthold. While Augur was sort of our limit, and there were fights in there that pushed us hard; not once have I had less fun with progression than I've had with Tomb of Sargeras. The victories against Mythic Goroth and Harjatan felt hollow. I'll give you that Demonic Inquisition felt like a very polished fight that saw its' glory in Heroic, but the mythic changes were more nuance than anything. It was another "finally that's over", rather than "!@#$ YEAH" victory. Then there's the sisters fight. Yep. That fight, on top of what was around the corner (Mistress Sassypants), made our mythic prog halt for this tier. Raiding this tier just doesn't seem fun, or rewarding. I believe it's in cause of WoW burnout, and mythic design in tomb. Heroic was a blast though, so, gratz on that. /rantVolknir4 Aug 28
Aug 28 Guide to Challenge Mode GOLD runs Challenge Modes are a great new addition to the game, I've spent a huge amount of time in them since MoP launched, but I've also noticed that a lot of people give up easily because the initial brick wall to figuring them out can be daunting. I want more people to enjoy and discuss these modes! They're a lot of fun :) Why Should You Do Challenge Modes? Because they're a ton of fun! For years players have pined for a chance to prove their skill in a five person environment - Challenge Modes offer that opportunity. These are not only for the hardcore, however. Anyone can put in some effort and get Bronze times or even Silver, all the while improving yourself and your teammates so that you can tackle Gold when you are ready. The rush of doing well in a challenge mode is unparalleled. If you want tangible rewards they are: ALL Bronze: The Undaunted title ALL Silver: Pandaren Phoenix mount, four different colors available EACH Gold: Challenger's Path permanent teleport to that instance entrance ALL Gold: Class specific Transmog gear with unique graphics and spell effect animations So now you want to go but you're a bit overwhelmed? I've put together walkthroughs for all of the current dungeons so that groups starting a dungeon can have a reference to start with and adapt the strategy to their group, reducing some of the frustration and initial hurdle of learning what you can and cannot skip, which trash is hard, etc. Some basic tips that hold true for all challenge modes before you start: Consumables! You need these. There are: 18 second Invisibility Potions, that take 1 Ghost Mushroom and 1 Sungrass each. 15 second Lesser Invisibility Potions that take 1 Wild Steelbloom and 1 Fadeleaf each. Flasks - Tanks should use DPS flasks Food DPS Potions Trash packs: These represent a lot of the tank damage you will take during Challenge Modes, because you can't afford to CC most of the time and you often have to pull multiple packs together. The way you best handle these are by coordinating large tank cooldowns, smaller tank cooldowns, large healer cooldowns, and soft CC (interrupts, stuns, disorients, etc). For example, with my group a pretty standard 'hard' trash pull would involve a shadowfury on the pull, while I start a remorseless winter, leading to an extended stun while the DPS is AEing hard, then if there are casters that need priority interrupts we will have one person on each (or multiple on one as the situation warrants) and interrupt them while AE'ing the trash. If not enough is dead when stuns wear out, the tank will pop a big cooldown like Icebound Fortitude, or a healer cooldown like Tree of Life. Every party has a different composition, this is going to be the most challenging part to figure out. Once you know what you can do to keep a group mostly controlled for 30 seconds at a time, you will be much more successful in Challenge Modes. Bosses: Typically bosses are not a huge hurdle in Challenge Modes, trash represents bursts of intense difficulty, while bosses test your ability to sustain high dps and mechanical aptitude for longer periods of time. Bosses are typically where you will want to use DPS cooldowns, but in some instances trash packs are good places for these as well. Healers should be drinking before you pull any trash pack or a boss, mana is a huge issue and spending 2 seconds getting out of combat can save you from wiping when your healer goes OOM at the last 10% of a fight. Guides for individual dungeons, listed in my personal of easiest to hardest: Scarlet Halls - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hXoNceKs3-Q Gate of the Setting Sun - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzgUl-qIKoI Scholomance - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4T13NFf9tg Mogu'shan Palace - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3N0LzfQVnY Temple of the Jade Serpent - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbEawLUKbXE Siege of Niuzao Temple - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWvpKbXnt8g Shado-Pan Monastery - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrKeSMjlTmU Stormstout Brewery - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RoM1k1f64Y Scarlet Monastery - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWhwP4XMAs8 I won't make any claims that these are the most efficient routes, but I know there are a lot of random videos and it can be hard to sort through to find good information on a few of the zones, so these all are at least a great jumping off point on your quest for Gold times, and maybe you'll start to think of your own tricks and take world first! Even with these guides, expect to spend some time in these dungeons - they are difficult, but it's far more about determination than anything else. Just keep at it and don't give up. If you enjoy them, please check out our guild at www.aftermath-guild.com If you need to poke me in game feel free I'm on a lot and have no problem talking shop or answering questions.Marza251 Aug 28
Aug 28 How does the reset on Tuesday work for M+? I'm technically pretty new to Mythic+ (only having done a handful of them throughout the entire expansion) and I was watching videos of peoples' tips for preparing for 7.3 on Tuesday. One tip that keeps getting mentioned is that doing a Mythic+ this week will result in a 935 piece of gear on Tuesday from the chest, correct? I just did a +10 and failed it, and went to the chest and got an 895 piece. Do I click the chest again on Tuesday to get the 935? Or did I just click the chest prematurely when I should've waited until Tuesday? And how does the whole weekly chest work in general? Noob question I know but I haven't really done any Mythic+ since Legion came out.Budasac4 Aug 28
Aug 28 How do you physically get to Yogg Saron? Inside Ulduar after you've killed nearly everything that moves and breaths or doesn't breath and you have nothing else left to do other than stab Yogg Saron in the face(s), How do you get to him/her/it? I am unable to see a clear path, I have used mind vision and I can see that there is a tunnel that exits into the room but cannot figure out where the entrance to that tunnel is. Where is the physical walking path that leads to yogg saron, I can look down into the room from the observation ring but there doesn't seem to be a clear path down. Obviously there is one since millions of people have fought Yogg, I just can't see the path. Google just has details on how to fight him. Youtube videos show people exiting the tunnel I need the entrance for. Where is it? Is it the hall of memories where you kill that elephant squid man and the door doesn't open or does that lead somewhere else?Anyankah17 Aug 28