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Nov 7, 2012 Galleon Galleon isn't up after reset on Thrall. Anywhere else?Ascibarasch12 Nov 7, 2012
Nov 7, 2012 new raid finder raid broke? Ok this is pissing me off is the new raid in the raid finder broke? cuz iv queeded up over 10 times and each time i have queeded the 1st 2 bosses r killed "Eveytime"!! wtf is going on i been trying to quee for over a hr and each time 2 bosses killed wuts going onGreenkamodo11 Nov 7, 2012
Nov 7, 2012 LFR is too hard. Yup, you read that right. IF and ONLY IF everyone has an IQ above 60, then LFR is simple. However, lets face it, the vast majority of wow players are completely inept at following the simplest demands. "Stack on the giant red arrow," or "don't run into the GIANT CIRCLE AROUND THE BOSS" are simply too hard for them to figure out. Please post in this thread about how non-constructive the OP was while I wait for my entire guild to log on so we can have a HOPE of 10 manning lfr while all the morons die to basic mechanics.Gahhda17 Nov 7, 2012
Nov 7, 2012 Power Aura for Feng's Lightning fist Would someone be kind enough to tell me what paramerters I need to set up a Power Aura for when the tank gets Reversa: Lightning fist ? I can't seem to get it to work. I've tried has a buff , usiable action, on raid, party member, unitDaleus2 Nov 7, 2012
Nov 7, 2012 HoF no non-spirit spell weapon? Can someone explain why the hell there is not a single non-spirit spell weapon in Heart of Fear? What the !@#$ is this %^-*?Eggimann3 Nov 7, 2012
Nov 7, 2012 LFR HoF Garalon BUG Maybe So on his ability list it doesn't list a constant 10k damage every few seconds, but this is happening. And I was not standing in pheromone bubbles and didn't have pheromones on me, so can anyone tell me where the constant damage is coming from ???Rythemic28 Nov 7, 2012
Nov 7, 2012 Fresh LFR run option Would it be possible to perhaps add an option to queue for a fresh run of LFR? I've been sitting here for a while declining 2/3 boss pops, kinda frustrating! :P I don't know if that would drastically screw up wait times or what. Just a thought!Porimlys7 Nov 7, 2012
Nov 7, 2012 New raid in LFR today? Anyone know if they are putting the new raid in LFR today?Smoketree12 Nov 7, 2012
Nov 7, 2012 Don't Stand Under The Purple Circle Wipe #8, people running under after told 20x don't. Ah fresh LFR baby!Secondtime9 Nov 7, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Looking For Raid is bad. 3 weeks with out gear. this system needs another look at, trying to gear up is slow if you are only doing LFR and not normal or heroic mode. I like seeing content but not if i only get gold from every boss, i feel disappointed every time i queue for LFR knowing that i'm just going to get gold and not any loot. Dont get me wrong i like LFR but not getting loot is not fun.Anaki35 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 [Suggestion] LFR option Not sure where to put this...could have sworn there used to be a suggestion forum but couldn't find that forum. Problem: Wasted time spent in LFR queue Solution: Allow players to select/toggle an option in the settings to exclude/include already in progress raids. More times than not when queueing up for LFR and after waiting 30-45 minutes, the LFR queue will 'pop' only to reveal a raid with 2 (or more) bosses already defeated. Then I have to leave the LFR queue and re-queue again only to wait another 30-45 minutes for the same thing to happen again. So after spending an hour or more in LFR queue looking for a 'fresh' raid and only given the option to join raids already in progress, I give up and try again later or another day. A simple toggle to include/exclude raids already in progress would allow players who prefer 'fresh' raids to not have to waste time in the queue and the players that do not care one way or the other to join raids already in progress if they so desired. Synopsis: To curtail wasted time in LFR queue please allow players to select an option to exclude/include raids already in progress. Thanks for your consideration.Zeromancer5 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Soloing Tempest Keep (Monk) Really want to start hunting a Phoenix mount. What spec would be the best to do this? What sort of gear level would I need to do KT? How hard is it/what should I look out for? Any tips? :) Much obliged!Rìft6 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Monk Tier 2 Piece Set Is there anyway devs could possibly reconsider the set bonus for this tier set? It's absolutely abysmal in terms of theoretical dps gain and even worse in terms of the bonus you see live. Rather depressing when you see other classes getting huge % dmg modifiers to fillers and other spells and we have...5 seconds off a rather poor ability which contributes to ~1% of our dmg in the most optimal conditions (which rarely happens).Neyzio0 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 That good feel when us tanks have easy jobs Has anyone notice the amount of bosses this expansion that has tanks doing such minescule jobs and boring tasks for the encounter? besides guardians. makes me feel relaxed and good insidePopeward35 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 LFR Garalon lol wipe fest... prepare yourselves for griefers/window lickers :)Shank1 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Challenge modes are a huge jump First, let me state that I'm not here to whine or ask for nerfs. We tried our first challenge mode last night (Scarlet Halls) and spent about an hour in there, wiping about 6-7 times before finally giving up after 3 wipes on the second boss (the whirlwind guy). Can I tell you what though, I actually enjoyed it. I don't get to raid other than LFR, and heroics have been so facerollable this expansion, so it's almost nice to know that there is a realistic chance of dying in a dungeon now. However, I'd like to figure out exactly what we did wrong. We didn't go in looking for a time race, simply wanted to finish it and maybe, maybe get a bronze since that time looks so forgiving. Honestly, it seems like even with 3-4 wipes the bronze is still achievable. But I would like to actually finish one of these and I'm wondering how to fix it, do I need to change my reforging/gemming? Am I just not using CDs properly? Do we need to CC 3 mobs in every trash pack and kill them one at a time? The damage I was taking just seemed huge compared to heroics, even though I was chaining my defensive CDs and stunning/silincing whenever possible.Mishaela10 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 85-90 Dungeons or lack there of! So I am leveling my second 90 and this expansion seems to feel a bit weighted on the questing content and a bit depressing on the dungeon side of leveling. Now in the leveling bracket of 80-85 or even low levels you never leveled very far and you got new dungeons now the distance between 87-90 is huge and there are only 4 dungeons to go into while leveling in the panda bracket. Dungeons have always been that break that gets you out of the questing frame of mind even for just a bit but I pushed and went maybe when i hit 88 I'll get a new dungeon Ding nope. 89 Ding Nope! Now with as many heroics as there are at 90 i don't see how you couldn't just tune 2 more of them for the level 88-89 bracket it would make the questing feel a bit better cuz theres ALOT OF IT. I feel that doing the same 4 dungeons all the way from 86-90 is a bit much that's hours and hours of playing. Would also help with pacing cuz I have noticed that there are no guards in most towns and there are a few times when I am stuck in an area of questing and can't go on due to 90s camping quest givers or whole towns. Please rethink your strategy and with all the heroics at 90 wouldn't be much effort on your part just a bit of tuning.Sneakyginger0 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Is it possible to get old tier sets still? Question a friend is asking, who is also too lazy to use the forums. He wants to get Bloodfang from BWL, but we remembered that Onyxia was changed. Does this mean no helmet? What about old mounts and legendary weapons? Do-able with 5 people? Not available anymore? FILL ME/HIM IN.Kitora2 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Valor, Dungeons, and Friends Why is it that daily quest limits are removed. Giving people who enjoy daily quests more to do and more rewards for doing them. However, for those of us that enjoy running dungeons, we are still limited on our valor point accural for the WEEK. So if I cap on the start of the week and I hate doing dailies and pet battles, I am just out of luck for the week. It makes me wish WoW sold subscriptions on a day to day basis. So I could just buy 4 days of WoW and be good for the month. What is almost as bad, if my low level friend has a tank to leave his dungeon, he can no longer invite me to come help because I am too high level like you used to be able to do. So that removes my ability to help my guild mates and friends as well... Even less reason to play.Brollyzeven10 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Challenge mode enchants/gems Ok I keep getting told different stories about gems and enchants being effected by the scaling. Could someone lay it to rest for me? Some people say gems and enchants are not worth it since they get scaled down and its just a waste of gold for those who only do challenge modes and not raiding. Some people say they work but are budgeted to be only partially effective. Some say they work full on and are NOT effected by scaling at all. I just wanna know if I am wasting my time on them. I have tried google, etc. and I just get old posts about challenge mode previews from before MoP launched. So yar...Kaijin4 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Stone Guard overloads - possible? I apologize if this question has been asked and answered over and over again, though I wasn't able to find a definite answer by perusing the first few pages of this forum. My raid team has experience some trouble downing this boss. What we've been trying to do is to get the petrifying statue to overload around the same time as the non-petrifying statue with him. The petrifying overload is easy to heal through, but we've been trying to use defensive cooldowns to survive the the non-petr overload and it's doable, just very very difficult. With all of the ground effects, chains, and constant tank damage, someone usually dies immediately after or during the non-petr overload. I've been reading some strategies and many of them make it seem like it's possible to only have the petrifying statue overload, while somehow maintaining a balance of the energy bars of the non-petrifying statues... The math is beyond my simple mind, but is that possible? To go an entire encounter with these three (10-man) ugly dogs and only ever have the petrifying statue overload? It seems like that's the intended way this works, but I want to make sure. I also know this is extremely difficult for the tanks to do, so if there are tanks out there who have figured out an easy way to do this, could you guys chime in please? :) My tanks have been experiencing a lot of difficulties in switching smoothly, and we've had some problems with DPS pulling aggro off of the dogs. Thanks for any insight. :)Momo8 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Dissonance Field clarification Does a non-Cry of Terror target standing and casting inside of a Dissonance Field cause the Field's HP to deplete faster than simply standing outside of it? The Dungeon Journal claims that this is the case, but I haven't been able to prove it yet. When I stand and cast in a Field without Terror, it doesn't look like the Field is dying any faster. Any insight?Bergg0 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Remove the kick wait time I just had to spend 15 minutes doing nothing, because we zoned into a dungeon and our healer was AFK. None of us could kick it; it said we had to wait 15 minutes. This is ridiculous. Fix it. Under no circumstance should four people be forced to sit around doing nothing for 15 minutes, because one person decided to be an !@#$%^- and go AFK.Yenpanda16 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Please nerf everything, or teach people. The player base is so pathetic right now that they can't even clear gnomereggan. You have people who don't know the difference between healing touch and wrath. People who think that rogues are a healing class. Either nerf dungeons to the point where you just zone in and get free loot, or change starting zone quests to guides on how to learn your ABCs and 123s. that way the players who apparently cant even read their spell descriptions or boss notes will be able to clear content. -a disgruntled customer.Lucifrön52 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 3 healing What *needs* to be 3 healed in current content? 10 man obviously.Deliverance0 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 How does your guild do loot rules? Do you do +1? Loot priority? I honestly think evening out loot is the best option. I mean who would want one of their dps being amazing while their tank gets the crap knocked outta them?Kegs11 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Confused about the loot system in LFR. So I just finished a boss in LFR an the gold bag appears.Under the gold bag is the roll for gold coins to use .Are we rolling on the gold or extra roll on loot-gear? When the little box undr spins an lands on gold means ya wasted ur coin rolling ?Erli8 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Updated Raid Schedule Heart of Fear & Terrace To help raiders prepare their schedules for next week, we wanted to give everyone a brief heads-up that the Normal mode Heart of Fear will be debuting alone on Tuesday, and the Normal mode Terrace of Endless Spring will now open two weeks following the release of Normal Heart of Fear. To help players focus on tackling these new encounters without feeling overwhelmed, we’ve decided to stagger the release of the two remaining raid zones. Heart of Fear should prove to be a challenging zone that will take the typical group some time to master, and players must defeat the Grand Empress Shek’zeer at the end of Heart of Fear before they may move on to Terrace of Endless Spring once that zone unlocks. The unlock schedule for Looking For Raid modes for Heart of Fear and Terrace of Endless Spring is unaffected by this change. Heroic Heart of Fear will still be accessible to players who have cleared the zone on Normal difficulty. *Updated the release time for Terrace of Endless Spring to clear up some confusion.Nethaera102 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 To try for HM's or progress through HoF So we made a new group last week and decided to work on Vaults to clear it than HoF. We cleared Vaults with no problems minus elegon who we still killed in about 10 attempts. Than we went to HoF and actually had more trouble with the first boss mainly bc we had a healer and a dps who died everytime to sonic rings. We ended up replacing them and swiftly killed it however had no more time to progress through the instance. Now the question i have is should i go in tonight and do 2/6 HoF and than go work on the first 2 HMs in vault or should i clear vaults really quickly tonight and than progress on HoF the rest of the week? We raid 3 nights a week for refrence for about 3 hrs a night however most my guys are good and would put in a extra day if needed. We are also short on gear atm since most the guys started late, id guess a avg of the groups ilvl sits at about 474ish.Lovelikewoe18 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Will of the Emperor-Devastating Arc Animation Last group I was in I was the only guy who got off any strikes of Oppertunity. Normally I'd say it's just my team mates being stupid, but in this case it wasn't. For some reason, the animation that telegraphs where the attack is going to land seems to be 2/3 on it's way up to the ceiling. Let me explain that. The boss has an energy bar that charges to 20. When it charge, they'll do a "Devastating Combo" which means they'll do 5 attacks. They'll either Devastating Arc in a certain direction, or do a stomp. The bosses have huge health bars, and a constant supply of powerfull adds occupies alot of the range DPS's attention, leaving it mostly to the melee to deal the damage. To compensate, if any melee can dodge 5 of the Devasatating Combos attacks in a row, the player can counter attack for 500k. In order for that to work though, you have to not get hit. The stomp animation isn't anything to difficult to see, so dodgeing the stomp is fairly simple provided you are fast. Durring the arc though, the boss will show these two blue lines in the direction he devastating arc will go. But these bosses are very tall. Because they are so tall, the animations is very high up above the ground, goes way off your camra and you can't see what direction the arc will be in. The only way to see it is if you use the command to zoom out even further, extend to maxium, and pan the camra directly over your head so you can see the top of the boss's head, because the animation happens in front of the bosses face, which is to high up to see if you don't use an overhead view. But even then, because this is inside of a room with a roof overhead, you can't actually pan that camra all the way out, so there is still a chance you won't see the animation and be forced to guess if it's a stomp or an arc tot he left/right. And if anyone says to just run out of range, you don't get the strike if you aren't in range. You have to be in range of the strike, but not in it's path. Point is blizzard, change the animation. instead of being the thin blue line that appears in front of his face, just use the ground rumble effec that you have used before. It's much more clear and easier to see. I'm not saying give us more time to move, make the arc smaller, etc. I'm just saying make it so we can actually see the animation.Viernes21 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Inaccessible area in Mogu'shan Palace What's the deal with the area across the chasm to the left as you go down the stairs after the first boss fight? There are a bunch of saurok milling around back there, and it's presumably connected to the passage in between Gekkan and the elevator that all the Saurok jump up into. Is that accessible in any way, or is Blizzard just screwing with us?Keeblik6 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Stone Guard combos I would like to have a word with whichever designer thought it was a brilliant idea to have a heroic fight with different mechanics every week. So you kill it one week; and then next week, you have to spend an evening - or more - learning another variation of a fight you thought you had already beaten. Last week, we downed Stone Guard and Feng, and were looking forward to trying Gara'jal this week. Instead, it looks like we'll be lucky if we manage the same two bosses we killed last week, due to Stone Guard spawning the ridiculous chains + trap + pools combo. You already decided that bosses with a random choice of abilities were a bad thing for Challenge Modes. So why did you do it for heroic raiding?Elocyn43 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Elegon Energy Charges - DPS tips? We gave Elegon some attempts last night and got decent progress (we were fairly able to get 6 charges on elegon each P2). We did not kill it however due to bad DPS on Elegon himself. This got me wondering if we could somehow stack more charges of draw power on Elegon early in the fight to help compensate for later DPS issues. I was looking through some logs for what players of each class can do, but I thought I would also try asking here. So what does your class do (what's the best spec for burst on charges and overall for the fight)? What talents did you go with? As shadow Priest I found I couldn't get Mind Sear to work off the boss to the adds when they first spawn. I tried Halo and found I could do solid burst on all 6 adds. However later I tried Cascade and it felt more effective and it seemed to be up for more waves. After my AoE opener I would Mind Spike x 2, Instant MB + DB, then Mind Spike/SW:D until dead (doing this I do about ~8mil on 10 rounds of adds). I found a log of an Afflic warlock doing stupid damage (~12.5mil on 10 rounds of adds) on the adds from just spamming SoC + Spreading corruption (how do they do that?): http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-gvfbqhlo82ffcpgg/analyze/dd/spell/?source=4&s=10054&e=10620&target=103 What about you? What do you do to melt the adds (and how much damage do you do?)?Poena13 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Blade Lord HoF So we did several attemptson Blade Lord tonight. We had a huge problem with overwhelming assault not falling off ever. We ended up having to get a dps warrior taunt every third or fourth time to even get anywhere on the encounter. I can't see this being right. We did it on 10 man. We were getting to about 6 seconds left on the debuff before the next one would come out making it impossible to tank. Is this a bug? I can't see this being the way the encounter was designed. Is this supposed to be stacked to 1 or stacked to 2 everytime?Zontar8 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 LFR 2/6 COMPLETED I'm getting really tired of getting 30 2/6 queues on the back half of Mogu'shan Vaults right now. There needs to be something implemented that stops this from happening so much. I want all the bosses not just the last. I don't want to sit in queues over and over again waiting for a fresh one, it's ridiculousIshk16 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 How difficult are the first 2 HoF bosses compared to say elegon normal? What bosses in mv would you make a comparison to hardness wise?Semirhaj42 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Zor'lok heroism phase 3 (MCs) My raid leader has decided that we are going to use hero on phase 3 of Zor'lok rather than phase 4... Please convince me he is right.Purrfection5 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Can you xrealm current tier raids? Trying to find the definitive answer to this. Our guild is about to start raiding MSV, but wondering whether or not we can xrealm some people from our old server into the raid with us. Anyone know for sure?Sylken1 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Choosing a role, MOP for the returning player Hey there. I'm just returning from a pretty long break. I had an account towards the end of vanilla, I played all of BC, Wrath, and Cata up to level cap but no raiding really. I quit at the start of cata and just returned, and I am having problems finding the role that "fits" for me. I have currently a 90 DK, 86 paladin, 86 hunter, 80 druid and a mid ranked shaman. I have things I like about each, and dislike about each. I am having a hard time deciding what the deal breakers are. First off, im a PVE guy. I dont care about PVP other than the random BG, i usually don't even have a pvp spec. I only did it in wrath because of the PVP combat area. The DK is Blood/frost. I enjoy tanking and frost is easy enough. Concerns here are frost DKs are melee dps and not sought after much, and other concern is gearing a tank. Historically they have to be the best geared and prepared, and a good tank makes a good raid. I will either be raiding with my guild or casually in PUG groups. I just want to clear content, i'm no slouch. I was a top 5 tank on the server when I was raiding hard in wrath early on. How desired are tanks for the most part and how easy will it be to progress as one for a fairly experienced raider? The paladin is holy/ret. No prot because it is hard for me to enjoy paladin tanking after tanking on my DK. Healing is easy enough. Issues are I am not a big fan of ret dps, and a dps spec is basically needed for the rep grind. Ugh. I would raid as a healer, again, being a melee dps is a concern. People want ranged. How desired are healers right now, and how well do paladin healers do compared to shamans? Easy to find groups as one? Easy to get started raiding? Shaman would be ele/resto. Would raid as both probably. Concerns with being able to compete in healing and dps. Benefits of being a healer and a ranged dps. How sought after is this combo, and how does it do? I am not concerned with topping charts, I am concerned generally with over all effectiveness. Most stuff gets nerfed and buffed, so that is overlooked for the most part. Easy to get started/find my place with this? Thank you in advance for your advice, I just can't seem to figure out where I belong in mists!Akkabal3 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Scenarios: Waste of Time I did 11 scenarios today and ZERO loot. Why do them? Total waste of time.Sodapop35 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 LFR Grouping Today I spent about an hours worth of time in queues for the second half of LFR because every single time I queue'd I got put into a 2/3 completed group. This is extremely annoying in a few ways. The first being that when I got into these groups either the group never got full because of people leaving or people would start the fight without everyone being in the room/half-full group/people not being ready. Of course these would always end in wipes and then starting the process all over again. Eventually after getting the same thing over and over I just said forget it. I'm not going to do this because this isn't fun. This isn't just a one-time occurrence with LFR, it's the constant problems that I run across, like when tanks don't know to get the crystals on Feng, when people pull before the group is full, and the worst: people who don't know the fights. I can't tell you the amount of times I've watched people die on Ultraxion. The whole point of the dungeon journal is so that people can learn fights and not go in blind expecting everyone to tell them what to do on every single pull. I understand that not everyone will go watch videos of the fights online and some people will make some mistakes, but I'm finding more and more that everyone expects the fights to be faceroll and needing no prior knowledge. The first time I did Elegon in LFR I knew exactly what would happen with the floor, tried to explain in to the group. Twenty-one people died. I've been trying to think of a solution to this, and the only thing that I can come up with is some type of smart LFR grouping, but the problem with this is that people who are inexperienced and don't know the fights will constantly keep wiping and never finish it. I personally couldn't care less, because if they don't know the fights that's there problem, I understand that I can help out with the community and not be a jerk to players who don't know whats going on, but it really gets old after doing it for every single fight every single week. I would encourage any response that would have a suggestion on how to fix this, or if you just want to challenge me, I feel discussion about this topic could bring some much needed change.Nappa8 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Help my guild, Blizzard? [MGV 10m] Hey, Blizzard. Social guilds that aren't skilled enough for the 10m normal mode are left in limbo. We have nothing to do together as a guild while we wait for raiding nerfs, and continue to gear up individually, as opposed to as a guild. It is killing them through boredom, when all they ask is for one boss [Stone Guardians, prz?] to be brought down to a level comparable to a 20%-35% Dragon Soul/Icecrown boss. Doing this keeps the rest of the raid intact for the purists and provides a little something for non-optimized guilds as they continue to work towards a Better Future In Raiding. Without that boss, we're left dashing our heads on the rocks for longer than your above average guild and getting twice as frustrated without progress. LFR doesn't cut it. You can't socialize with your guild inside a mess of other players you don't know, regardless of how many you take with you. And it's too short, regardless. This issue is exacerbated when you're on a server with a limited pool of players to work with. You can't just "replace" players when there's few people to recruit. [Edited for 'clarity'.]Nipo500 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 How to tell if Zen Meditation will work? So, maybe this is more suited for the Monk forums, but oh well. Is there a way to guarantee if Zen Meditation will work on a boss's abilities, short of testing it? Last night we were able to confirm it protects half the raid (in 10-man) from Force and Verve, and that's about it. For those who don't know, Zen Meditation will: 1) Reduce your damage taken by 90% 2) Redirect 5 "spells" taken by allies to you- melee swings aren't protected 3) However, it doesn't get effected by AoE abilities, just targeted ones 4) It breaks upon receiving a melee swing So I suppose what I'm asking is if there's a way to determine if an ability is a "targeted spell" rather than an "AoE spell". Getting to use ZM on something like Blade Lord's Unseen Strike would be pretty cool, but I have no idea how to check if this will even work, or if I should save it as a personal "next melee swing deals 90% less damage" cooldown (since I'm a tank and all).Wisemuffins2 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Regarding Loot filled pumpkins. First and foremost, I would like to say I'm loving the new account wide stuff in MoP. It's been a long time coming, and I'm glad most of it is finally implemented. That being said, with all the new systems in place to assure class and spec specific rewards, WHY did I get the Horseman's horrific hood on my warlock? It wouldn't be so bad if it was BoA, or if there was some way to trade it to my DK. I messaged a GM about this and they said they were not allowed to transfer items so I should post here, and I am really hoping there's some way to transfer it, as well as my second sinister slicer. I worked quite hard leveling my DK in time for the holiday event, but as of this post (and with only one day left) I have yet to get a single thing on him besides masks and treats. What's more, two of the days now the pumpkin has been empty apart from treats, and according to official posts nothing will be done to help people like me (and excuse my terminology if you feel it harsh) who were cheated out of a chance at the items which for most people are the only reason to even do the fight. I am very dissatisfied with the way this is being handled, especially regarding the empty pumpkins. At the very least people who were affected should be given an appropriate amount of pumpkins to try for their items. As for the above, if there is no intention of ever making one able to send those items to another character, or making them BoA, then they should at least be removed from the drop table for characters that can not use them, as with the two unusable items I have gotten I very well could have gotten the mount instead.Vonekruel20 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 [HoF] Wind Lord Mel'jarak Picture Guide! http://i.imgur.com/b7wy2.jpg :) Input appreciatedHarts4 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Mogu'shan palace wow error I cant really figure out why i have wow error on the last boss on this dungeon. everytime i go here i have error 2-3 times on last boss. tried turning off all addons, didnt work. tried deleting all addons, still didnt work. anyone have the same problem?Crashburn9 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Raid buff distribution; spell haste. Is anyone else struggling with raid buffs? It feels like spell haste is a little scarce, just ran my casual 10 man guild has been missing spell haste since the beginning of this tier, I was just in an LFR where between 25 players nobody brought it, plus after a couple wipes on Will of the Emperor half the raid left and was replaced and there was still no haste buff to be seen. As a guild we try to run 10 man unique, we are missing a shaman as part of our make-up at the moment. We are healing with Priest, Druid and Paladin. The priest is our heals leader so he doesn't plan on playing shadow and the druid is offspec feral. Is anyone else having this problem or am I just noticing a streak of bad buff luck.Stoutley5 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 LFG SHA OF ANGER Im a frost mage im looking for people to join sha of angerDronex5 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Raid Finder Loot Spec Question Hi friends, In a raid finder raid of three bosses, let's say I queue as enhancement. I kill the first boss and we're on to the second one. I don't need any enhancement gear off the second boss, so I change spec to resto (even though I am queued as dps) and down the boss that way. I don't use coins at any time. My question: what will the potential loot be? Enhancement or resto? I have a suspicion that the loot will be resto because I never get ele loot when I dps in raid finder, making me think that Blizzard gives loot out based on spec, but I would love to have some confirmation.Ephraalin1 Nov 6, 2012
Nov 6, 2012 Daily quests for Dungeons Instead of just one time quests inside dungeons, make them daily! Can reward rep for a faction asking you to do daily dungeon quests, but only if you have done the daily faction rep quests that are done outside the dungeons... IE: You can do the faction dailies inside a dungeon, IF you have done the faction dailies outside the dungeon And make the daily dungeon quests change up, like the ones outside dungeons do... IE: Find 10 rabbid vermin inside Brewery - Find 10 Brew of the Ancients on Alementals inside Brewery - Question 15 Ghostly Brewers about lost Brew recipe inside Brewery This way, once players have everything else from a dungeon (gear/valor), they will still have something else to do dungeons for! Thoughts?Xaxsan0 Nov 6, 2012