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Jun 7, 2012 DS 25% Nerf +Next 2 nerfs. DS 25% Nerf I believe will be this coming Tuesday June 5th. Yes these nerfs are great to help some people out but really, why make us wait longer and longer each time. the first two where awesomely split... 5%=Jan 31th (Lasted 4 weeks) 10%=Feb 28th (Lasted 4 weeks) 15%=March 27th (Lasted 5 weeks) 20%= May 1st (Predict 5 weeks) Keep it with 4 weeks instead of 5 weeks, you guys are probably doing this to drag out the release for mists out which truly is cool and all but waiting 5 weeks each time i stupid...Bring it back to 4 Please Blizzard :), then just make us at 30% for however long you want for the pre-mists event patch! p.s. the next two nerfs will be either 4-5 weeksPsn73 Jun 7, 2012
Jun 7, 2012 Heroic Spine (25) without Blood Kiting? I've been looking around to find examples of guilds killing 25 heroic spine without kiting the bloods in phase 3. I've found discussion about it on various forums, but never a video of it being done. I know that it's possible to do it in 10 man, and I assume the same holds true for 25 man, especially now that the 25% nerf is in place. Could anyone point me in the right direction to find a video of this tactic being used, or if your guild kills heroic spine without kiting bloods for the third plate, please share what the tank/healer setup is for this method? Thanks in advance!Moonvest7 Jun 7, 2012
Jun 7, 2012 LFR disaster After popping a ticket on the actually day this incident occured, waiting for DAYS for merely a response that was completely unhelpful, I searched around and could not find any way to report a player for just being an overall jerk. Sure there's language, spam, and harassment, but I feel this incident does not fall under any category, and thus cannot be sent in as a ticket or complaint because it will only be directed somewhere else to be yet again deemed as not compatible. This past Wednesday, May 30th, a group of friends and I did Looking For Raid: Fall of Deathwing. Everything was fine, and after the Spine of Deathwing encounter was done, a few people left the raid, possibly having already looted the Madness of Deathwing encounter and did not wish to continue. As people begin to join, a person who had just joined came in as a healer. I noticed that his gear and talents were completely aimed towards tanking, so a tank as a healer role would be completely useless to us in the encounter. I assumed he had not changed gear, after a minute of waiting my brother asked in raid chat why he was in tank gear. the character then proceeded to say "Should have just kept quiet" walked over to thrall, and began the fight. We were still short on players, half of the people afk or just not prepared, so we wiped. (also laughed and stood during the failed attempt to defeat Deathwing) now sure, we all have horrible looking for raid stories. he left the raid before we could kick him and i figured wow, glad hes gone, lets just get this done and get out of here. and obviously after a wipe, plenty of people leave and we have to once again wait for more to re-enter the group. BUT YES! A PLAYER ONCE AGAIN JOINED THE GROUP AS A HEALER. the same person was back, and upon me realizing, he put in raid "hahahahaha" started the encounter again, and left. I know this is just looking for raid, and just a few gold in repairs, but people should NOT be able to do these things and then be completely unpunished. over an hour of paying customers time was wasted because of one persons complete disrespect and rudeness. It was not whether he knew how to play or was confused. He simply wanted to be carried, or to ruin everyone's weekly lfr grind. PLEASE tell me I can get in touch with a game admin or someone who can help me further, because the ticket system and calling customer support does not aid in anything of this nature. (was originally posted in Customer Support, told the Dungeons and Raids forum would be more appropriate)Heathmax15 Jun 7, 2012
Jun 7, 2012 Couple questions about H Yorsahj Hey guys, I tried tanking my first H DS last night, very fun from what I can tell so far. Morchok went down without any trouble, we 4 healed it, it was very straightforward. We got stonewalled on H Yorsahj though unfortunately, and it was due pretty much every time to deep corruption blowing up (we 3 healed it with a priest, sham, and H Pal). I have two questions: 1. Is my gear good enough to solo tank this? 2. How difficult is deep corruption to get used to? It seems pretty straightforward, what is the most likely cause of the blowups if the healers were doing it right, too much raid damage? Not getting black down fast enough? We were using standard priority, mainly green > yellow I believe. I'm also not sure when I should be using my cooldowns. I ended up using Barkskin at higher stacks of void bolt on every ooze rotation, and I used Frenzied regen (with 4 piece) and Survival instincts when it looked like I was getting really low on HP. I also used Mythical healing potion when I was getting really low. I wish I had some attempt logs, but I don't - forgot to /combatlog when I entered the instance. Has anyone used an addon to automatically enable combat logging? Thanks in advance for any assistance.Strika23 Jun 7, 2012
Jun 7, 2012 Role Bonus the role bonus from LFR that allows players queue'd as that particular role to have a +100 to their need role should be added to the LFG's; ive witnessed too many ppl queue'ing as a dps and then being able to steal loot from the tank when the tank actually needs the particular piece of gear that has dropped. one scenario would be a fail fury warrior rolling need against an exceptional protection warrior for the Corrupted Carrapace that drops off boss 2 in the last HoT dungeon and the fury warrior winning. Blizz, i beg u, pls fix this!Bladde3 Jun 7, 2012
Jun 7, 2012 Garrosh requiring two raid groups I recently killed Garrosh using two raid groups as the high number of players sitting in org makes it almost impossible to achieve with 40 or less players on high population servers. The problem is that only one raid group can get the achievement. I contacted gms who told me that this is an intentional part of the game but did not know why and said I should ask the developers by posting on the forums. So I want to know why only one raid group can earn the achievement even though it often requires more than 40 players.Hàrbinger20 Jun 7, 2012
Jun 7, 2012 Won a roll, posted on forums 2nd week trying LFR, won gurthak as 2nd weapon. I'm happy. Must go pwn faces in random BG's and arenas now.Dathoriüs9 Jun 7, 2012
Jun 7, 2012 Has anyone else had this happen 0_0 A couple friends and I were doing HoT heroics. We get WoE, all goes fine first pull, get a dc, replace. Get to Illidan, and someone pulls the demons before all can get across, and said someone doesn't have a res (either that or won't res). So basically for around 30 minutes the group falls apart, get's more people, etc. Eventually the entire group falls apart. Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen. It sucks >_<!Mooncrescent6 Jun 7, 2012
Jun 7, 2012 Dragon Soul Difficulty Quick question to everyone. Does Blizzard plan on nerfing DS by another 5%. Whether the answer is yes or know I do have a suggestion for them, to make an option to choose how much you want to nerf it, choose to set it to 5/10/15 or 20% nerf because there are some like me that find 20% to easy and prefer 5-10% nerf only.Waritor63 Jun 7, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Put a raid entrance in an enemy city Sort of like Ragefire Chasm but a max level raid. That would shake things up a little. The chaos would be beautiful.Loonstomp12 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Cata regular dungeons I played mostly during vanilla, came back during Wrath and then left again until about 2 months ago. I have never entered a Cata dungeon and feel intimidated by the thought. I dungeoned most of my way through Wrath, with a bit of archeology, cooking/fishing dailies and half a zone of Northrend questing. I know the dungeons up through Wrath so I was comfortable with my place in the world. Then I hit 80 and only Cata dungeons showed up. After questing in Hyjal to up my iLvl I can queue for Throne of Tides and Blackrock Cavern, but I'm scared my ignorance will show. I have read the dungeon journal about the fights, but I learn by doing the fight, but I understand most people have the patience of a 4 year old on crack. Where can I look for more information on the dungeons?Maurel4 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Why is this so common in DS? Why does the loot that you want for a toon of yours always drop while you are on another toon? Like today, I was on my paladin and the shared agility ring and starcatcher compass dropped that I needed for my rogue when they didnt drop when I raided with that toon yesterday. When I was on my rogue yesterday in DS, Bone link fetish trinket dropped but it didnt today when I was on my paladin. This is especially frustrating when you are in a raid composition to where there is no competition for your gear for an easy loot grab. I know ppl are gonna say "oh its random rng and etc" but this is a pain.Kavell0 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 need people to do 80 raids i need brave players to help me and do 80 raids like ice crown citadel and others in the realm of malygos ho´s in ?Libracesar1 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 heroic dragon soul? so ive been doing reg dragon soul on a bunch of my characters for a while now and im wanting to start doing atleast 4/8 H on my toons. i was wondering how much dps is usually expected for these heroic fights. right now currently i pull around 47k on reg zon ozz, 34k on reg ultrax, and around 31k hagara. is this good enough? please respond someoen :PSenar7 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Instance Lockout (5/hour) Is there a reason for this? You encourage speed runs of instances by creating achievements that require you to go into an instance, world events that require you to kill a mob in an instance to complete the objective (slave pens in fire festival, cata event bosses, brd during brewfest, etc., point is, this lockout is extremely annoying, cuz a) 5 instances per hour, really?. and then on top of that its accountwide. So for example, im doing this on an alt before raid looking for a piece of loot or whatever, then i have a raid with guild. I cant zone in because i got instance locked on my alt. I suggest this lockout to be removed, or extended from 5 to iono 10 instances, and also to have an ingame tool that tells you how long do you have til your first lockout expires so you know if you should zone into a new instance or not.Enana4 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Raiding FPS problem Im gonna refrain from posting on my main for obvious reasons, but I'm a prot warr tanking heroic spine and having serious issues. I'm doing the best i can with kiting on plate 3 but i cant seem to hold it and everything falls apart about 10 seconds before nuclear blast goes off. I know how to kite thats not really the problem. the problem for me is my computer. It already sucks on a basic fight, but on a fight like spine when im kiting well over 50 bloods my fps hits the floor. I have about 4 fps at that point, and about 7 for the earlier parts of the fight. What part of my computer can i fix/replace to change this problem? (its not lag, my ms is at about 42 home and 45 world, the game just spikes, like a powerpoint changing slides every second) Edit: Also, all of my settings are on the absolute lowest they can be.Supersaïyan7 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 LFG H-FL so im lookin for a Heroic Firelands group that will do 7/7 PS: I prefer non-hardcore attitudes =DCorebenik3 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 I can DPS Dragon Soul but not Zandalari? OK, here is my dilemma: I can tank or dps in Dragon Soul no problem, madness of Deathwing is a breeze, but we tried to do Zandalari dungeons in gear sets averaging 380-400 an we WIPE every single time! I do everything they way I have in the past and we still wipe! Even in some of the best gear available we still wipe on ZA/ZG. I want to hear some theories as to why we keep failing in these dungeons; or how I can be most effective in tanking the Zandalari dungeons (namely ZA) as a Death Knight specced in Blood.Panterasbite19 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 LFR Role Bonus Hotfix It seems as though hybrid classes queued as dps are getting improper "Role Bonus" rolls on healer loot. Queued as a healer on my shaman, lost mail spirit/int belt roll to an enhance shaman (queued as damage) with 11 pieces of pvp gear pulling 6k dps, 20th on the meters just below an atonement disc priest. Healing on my disc priest... Lost the spirit/int neck from Morchok to a shadow priest. Later saw a ret pally and enhance shaman (both queued as damage) both get "Role Bonus" need rolls on the spirit/int shield from Warmaster. The ret pally won the shield over 3 healers who needed it. On spine of Deathwing, 2 Will of Unbinding dropped (stacking int buff from damage spells) So figured I might as well need since I've been losing my main spec rolls and the trinket would actually be useful for a disc priest if specced atonement....and didn't get the role bonus. Ret pallies, enhance shammies, shadow priests, and dps druids SHOULD be able to need on healer gear but should NOT get the role bonus. This would ensure enhance shammies don't take healing shields over people who need it for their main spec, but if no one needs it for main spec they should get the first shot over the greed and disenchant roles (as the role bonus system was originally intended.) A simple hotfix on the reset tomorrow would fix this. Otherwise, hybrid classes wanting healing gear might as well queue as dps since they will get the role bonus on the healing gear anyway and also get a free shot at dps gear while they're at it.Samus45 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 [Leveling] Quests that still don't work well Since all of the dungeon quests have now been moved inside the entrance of dungeons, these quests are now an integral part of the LFD leveling experience. However, some of them don't work very well at all for groups leveling through and seeing the dungeon maybe once or twice before outleveling it. This post is about those dungeon quests that still don't work "smoothly" or are non-conducive to LFD groups, and suggestions to improve them. BLACKFATHOM DEEPS "Researching the Corruption" requires 8 Corrupted Brain Stem. These have a very poor drop rate (maybe 1 in 5 mobs), and are player-specific instead of group loot. The end result is that, consistently, I would finish tanking a run and basically everyone in the group would only have 3 or 4 stems, if they were lucky. These should be a guaranteed drop off every Naga/Satyr and should be group loot. "Twilight Falls" requires 10 Twilight Pendant. These have the same problem as the brainstems. Again, every BFD run I completed, my group would clear ~every single Twilight mob in the dungeon~ and not a single person had enough pendants to complete the quest. Should be guaranteed drop, and group loot. DIRE MAUL - GORDOK COMMONS "The Gordok Ogre Suit" confuses players leveling through in LFD because everyone can get the quest (and wants to complete it) but only one Ogre Tannin can be looted per instance. Each person in the group should be able to loot one ogre tannin and complete the quest. Additionally, it impedes the flow of the dungeon to have to get the quest, run up, get the Tannin, then run back down to Knot, then run back up and keep going with the dungeon. Knot should be located in the same place as the tannin basket. "Unfinished Gordok Business", obtained by completing a Tribute Run with both Kromcrush and Mol'dar alive, is unintuitive to LFD pugs (no one understands to keep guards alive unless an experienced player explains it) and located halfway back to the start of the instance (so most LFD players will never see it, since they drop group or tele out/in after the last boss). The Tribute Run should be made much more clear to players (it's a very, very cool part of Dire Maul... I wish you still made dungeons with interesting features like this), and Kromcrush, Mol'dar, and the other bosses you "spared" should all appear in the final room once you kill Gordok. BLACKROCK DEPTHS - UPPER CITY "The Heart of the Mountain" requires all the Relic Coffers to be opened in order to spawn the boss that drops the key that opens the coffer that provides the quest item. Most LFD groups will never even find the room with the relic coffers (you're not directed there clearly at all). Additionally, the drop rate on Relic Coffer Key is ludicrously low and again, not group loot / gets rolled per person. The net result is that unless you clear the entire dungeon from top to bottom, you probably won't have enough keys to open all the coffers. And even if you do, all it takes is one person dropping group (and thus taking their keys with them) to cause you to fall short again. It's pretty much a red herring to even offer this quest to LFD groups, who will literally never see it completed (my stubborn group spent an extra hour in BRD after completing it just killing trash for relic keys). The coffers should be changed to not require keys, and players should be lead into the room more clearly. That way the quest becomes about simply looting the Blackrock bank, killing the boss that spawns, and then getting the quest item — that's in line with the involvement/difficulty of other dungeon quests. DRAK'THARON KEEP Completing "Cleansing Drak'Tharon" requires the player to sit through an extremely long RP scene between Drakuru and the Lich King. This is extremely cool the first time, and becomes progressively more infuriating every subsequent time. Remember "Glad you could make it, Uther"? Yeah. It's like that. Most people I get Randoms with don't even complete it unless I stick around to remind them that the turn-in will appear after the long RP scene — they summon Drakuru, get confused by the lack of a "?", and leave. Simply modify this one to behave like other "blah blah blah" quests — the scene plays out every time, but the "?" appears immediately at the start of the scene and allows impatient/veteran players to skip past it and move on. I'll mention anything else I encounter / think of here. :pWildflower8 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 LFG Herald of the Titans Geared spriest looking for a group doing Herald of the Titans. Have done the encounter multiple times, including when ulduar was current content. PM me in game or leave a message here and I'll get back as soon as i can, thanks! :)Tymic2 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Help Me Choose So in the next coming months, I will have more time to myself and I will hopefully be getting back into raiding for the remainder of DS and in the future, MoP raids. I am only interested in starting a new character between the two previously mentioned classes: rogue and warrior. I am familiar with what both classes offer, but I feel I need more opinions on which would be the better class for raiding overall. It would be much appreciated if you could give your opinion on which class would be better and why.Cóncon1 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 RAID Finder Upgrade Suggestion LFR, like DF, allows one to "list" themselves as looking to get into one of the runs. This is convenient since it allows one to continue doing productive stuff rather than sitting in SW reading Trade Chat (ugh!!!) to see if there will come up a LFM or LFG for a RAID run. Yes, PUG groups and all that entails. The nice thing about LFR is that it assembles the group, it does have iLevel restrictions and does read if you have been in a "run" this week or not, and to which boss. It also controls the roll choices by not actually having a roll per se, but a dungeon like selection, limited to Class. -- no, not complaining, just stating facts for below. -- First, to address the iLevel issue currently causing a problem. -- It had been suggested or proposed elsewhere, that iLevel be removed from PVP gear to attempt to remove the PVP geared person from getting into a run and potentially screwing things up. (no, I am not looking to start a long winded discussion over PVP vs PVE gear in raid runs or dungeon runs). I am not certain that is desired, but maybe since the iLevel 'can' be read, to read if it is PVP or PVE gear. PlayerScore (GearScore) does this, and I am not trolling for them, just a reference that it can be done. -- If one is running BGs, and wants in a LFR run, why not prevent the listing unless they switch gear sets. We have the Equipment Manager and it is ever so convenient to have complete gear sets in your bags to instantly swap out. Yes, I can see someone with this set up, listing for a run while in PVE gear, swapping to PVP gear and going into a BG while waiting. This does, however, eliminate the PVP only geared (I am at iLevel 391, what's the issue types). It is not that difficult to gear appropriately. Second, to allow listing for Normal or Heroic runs. -- Use the improved iLevel access for these. I think LFR requires 373 iLevel to list. So what about 384 for Normal, and 391 for Heroic. What this would do is to allow productive time while waiting for a run to be assembled. Issues of cross-realm and gold trading, or buying a drop, has been raised. This is already handled in LFR, so just continue that. -- What this allows, other than the obvious gearing upgrades by being able to get into these runs, is access to the other stuff LFR restricts you from - geodes for gems, BS or LW or Tailor patterns. -- If it is thought that Heroic might be a tad too much, limit it to Normal access. ---- Not everyone is in a raiding Guild, or can simply try to join one. This is not for that discussion. Third, control of drop issues. -- Continue to use the current LFR method, though not perfect, for the boss drops. Some apparently do not realize that OS is automatically read, thus one can "need" a tank item (e.g.) while in DPS gear, or role. One cannot need on non-Class items, like Warrior needing on Mage gear. This could mostly eliminate the loot trolls. Yes, I have won need "rolls" in LFR when having that gear - I often simply give it away at the end if I have no OS need, because the system allowed me to 'need' it. I am more concerned with what is going on in the run than constantly checking my bags to see what I got. But that is me. I guess my point here is one that since you have "run the run" to qualify gear-wise to have access to a Normal run, you have been through the drop issue. Fourth, saving the run issues, or problems. -- Currently one can have a RAID saved at some point, 3/8, 5/8, whatever. LFR will notice what you have run, but you cannot necessarily come back to continue where you left off. -- LFR does list the bosses down in the "We are ready for you" window. You can choose to enter or not. RAID Finder does list you as being locked, or in progress. --So maybe a weekly reset could be done, as it is (I believe) outside LFR. Fifth, the PUG issue. -- LFR is a PUG, a cross realm PUG. It has issues. It is not a lock for a smooth run with no wipes. People using LFR should understand this. Too often the group is barely assembled and some tank runs off to start things with no warning. "It's only trash...", "It is only LFR...". But I see many dying in trash because they weren't ready to roll. Lastly, why even bother suggesting this. -- Well Blizzard gave us RAID Finder, Other RAIDs, List Me. It is flawed, and as I am told few use it. I wonder why? It has the seeds for doing what I suggest, but I guess it somehow doesn't really make you available. So why have a flawed tool, or one that isn't really used because of some reason I am not fully aware of? Waiting for runs that occur at 9 PM server time is really not convenient for anyone other than maybe PST or MST players. Even those 3:30 PM server times are not always good, as on the East Coast many are sitting down to dinner. Some people like staying up to the wee hours, but many cannot for a variety of reasons.Richardcyphr20 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Low lvl loot Etiquette? I know this is a touchy subject. Ofcourse it is my own choice but I am just wondering what most people think? Hello I am lvling up alittle pally healer alt. Mostly 100% through instance runs. I am wondering what the etiquette should be in 5 mans? I am not a crazy loot obsessed person & even less so on low lvl loot that I will outgrow. But at the same time when you do lvl so quickly you can end up with a run of bad luck and half of your gear being super low lvl to where you are at. Healing is fairly easy at low lvl s but still some groups you get all newbies and a dps tank and it can still be trying. I want to be the best healer I can be to keep my groups alive through it all. This topic comes up after losing/passing on alot of loot and realizing two pieces of my gear are for like someone more then half my lvl lol There is caster plate gear out there but the majority I see is dps. Pretty much the only constant upgrades I am getting is rings. The plate bonus is moot as their is only one piece of plate caster boa so I am going to be wearing a mix of mail, leather & cloth anyways. At first I thought I would only roll need if there was no one else who needed it. But I swear every group I get into has a clothies, an ele shaman and often a druid too or a really bad hunter who thinks he is a caster lol Do you think it matters at all at low lvls? Should I roll need on anything I can use? Or should I only roll need on plate? I try to always be a fair and nice player but I don't want to hold myself back either ya know?Sýnn2 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Firelands raid Do you have to do the firelands quest line to do the raid? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!Expectwar3 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 ICC25 HEROIC TODAY @ 3PM Central. Needing all. Shards reserved. Everything else is free roll, including mount. 85's only. Know fights. realid: music4marco@yahoo.comHëllhåmmer2 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 5, 2012 My one wishlist item for future LFR raids So I've been taking alts through LFR. Three alts, three complete runs this last week. EVERY boss fight that requires talking to an NPC, for all three runs, was started early by people either ignorant or griefing. And since there's a popup dialog asking "do you want to start the encounter?", it cannot possibly be an accident. Naturally, nobody would admit to start the fight, ever. Please, FFS, tell the raid who started the encounter.Farmbuyer4 Jun 5, 2012
Jun 5, 2012 [H] LFG Sinestra Ret/prot paladin looking to kill sinestra. I know most of the fight, seen phase 3 plenty of times, have gotten her to like 30% before we stopped trying for it ( this was toward the end of FL). Im willing to set up a group for this if i get the geared and experienced players to join in. OR Willing to join another group that ever needs a tank or a dps for this, just looking to get the kill, want the title so bad, its the one and only boss fight this xpack that i have not killed and its driving me nuts >_>. Anyone interested in discussing this further a response would be cool or u can add me to my real id@ bobbyblazer93@gmail.com just state who u r and what ur adding me for. KkthanxbyePunîsher1 Jun 5, 2012
Jun 5, 2012 Removing the shared Lock-out system Really frustrating with the Heroic mode lock-outs that cannot allow you to join other heroic mode groups some players are just bad and groups fall apart then when you wanna fiinish you have to wait another week to re-try with another pug to down !@#$ if you can even get pass any of the bosses in Dragon souls with the nerf as well! Would be easier to go group to group not worrying about i cannot join another group cause i got stuck with %^-*ty players from yesterday or the day before or a few hours before and see another one up to a boss i am saved too!Nurarihyon8 Jun 5, 2012
Jun 5, 2012 Heroic Madness Question My group has all the platform mechanics down easy but I think a few of my group member are not meeting the requirement. We are making it to the final burn on platform 4 but we missed cataclysm by like 2 sec. We have 2 people at around 66k, 3 people around 55k-58k and 1 person around 48k. I don't want to call anyone out and screw up the group but I don't think even if we get to the head phase (which I am sure we will easy) we will have enough DPS to finish off the fight. Anyone know what the DPS check for each player at least? We are 1 Tanking it and also our Tank is pulling 38k. 3 Healing it. I don't have logs right now. Any input would be great.Shugz10 Jun 5, 2012
Jun 5, 2012 Can't do heroics... This may be a "newb" question but my LFD is not letting me go for heroics any more (since yesterday). I'm lvl 79 and the only option I have is TBC regular... (And I have all expansions) Is that normal? if someone can point me to the heroic rules for dungeons or explain, will be great.... ThanksAidamed4 Jun 5, 2012
Jun 5, 2012 Naxx25 Transmog/Achievement Run [06/06] http://www.openraid.us/index.php/users/raid/18018 - Naxx25 Transmog/Achievement Run on Wednesday 06/06Chacko1 Jun 5, 2012
Jun 5, 2012 Horde just got another cool PVE DPS Racial Undead Underwater Breathing Underwater breath lasts 233% longer than normal. Replaced with: Your attacks and damaging spells have a chance to drain the target, dealing 13,680 Shadow damage and healing you for the same amount. /Ponder faction transferDigerati47 Jun 5, 2012
Jun 5, 2012 H Morchok hates me 9 kills and he has yet to drop the shoulders.... one of my guildies has had the shoulders drop 6 times for him... MORCHOK, Y U NO DROP MY SHOULDERS???Fangsaur29 Jun 5, 2012
Jun 5, 2012 Make WoW Easier Get rid of glyphs, gems and enchants. People are not using them anymore. I don't know if it's out of ignorance, laziness, too cheap, or willingly wanting to be bad. But it's frustrating trying to run 5 mans and getting tanks with none of the above, plus a combination of dps and pvp gear. They cannot and do not survive. I have 7 level 85 toons (fully gemmed and enchanted), and it just keeps getting harder to grind for justice/valor points. In addition, I like to try to pug a raid or 2 each week, but invariably I see most people missing gems/enchants/glyphs and severely under-performing. So just do away with them - include the stats in the base for each gear piece. /end-of-rantGreyrox37 Jun 5, 2012
Jun 5, 2012 This character passed the audit! Wouldn't this be a good requirement for LFR in MOP? I know people can gem/enchant completely wrong and pass the audit but overall this would help some.Treehuggs33 Jun 5, 2012
Jun 5, 2012 Help on Heroic Blackhorn (10) So my group has been stuck on Heroic Blackhorn for a couple of weeks now. We've seen p2 a couple times, with our best pull getting the boss to 50% before enrage. We've tried having everyone soak. And that ended up poorly since peple would die due to accidental solo soaking. What seems to work best for us is to ignore the small swirls, having just tanks and a few dps help solo soak some (with cd's). How ever lately, especially last night. It looked like fire was getting so out of control that people couldn't see that they were in the way of a charge, or on top of a swirl. Our comp is generally: 1 Prot Paladin 1 Bear Druid 2x Arcane Mage 1 Shadow Priest 1 Hunter 1 Rogue 1 Warlock or Balance/Resto Druid 1 Resto/Elemental Shaman 1 Holy Pally Does anyone have any tips to help us down this encounter? Many times we just get people dead from solo soaking when they shouldn't be. Or not running out immediately after an onslaught. I know we should get a DK to death grip the sapper, but that is not an option right now. Here is our logs from last night, a very messy night, our best try was our first pull. http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-lpc4nq6sglg2gdod/ And here is our record of logs if that will help. http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/963/Dokter39 Jun 5, 2012
Jun 5, 2012 3/4 Bosses Defeated No I didn't just queue 20 minutes for Madness, I don't even want to do madness. Please make it so that if the queue pop has bosses defeated you have the option to pass on the pop, rather then being forced to queue again for an additional 20 minutes. Apparently common sense didn't quite make the cut on things that are important when designing this system.Shpooke17 Jun 5, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 Entered too many instances recently Anyone else find this annoying when farming xmorg gear? Just wish they would remove it entirely.Timestopper2 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 Don't take away underwater breathing! It's an iconic undead ability! I don't see why it has to be taken away it has no merit in PvP or PvE but really, only good if you're questing underwater which never happens. Unless it's gonna be op because they're introducing underwater chests or something, I think this passive should be kept the way it is!Dylennis10 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 why can i only press raid and other raids whenever i use the raid finder tool it only allows me to press raid and other raids im new to this game and really need help so please help meTricour3 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 No More Two Queues Per LFR Wing! Yay! I am pleased to report that as of just now, the end of having to queue twice for each LFR wing is finally over! That's right, now we privileged WoW veterans have the honour of getting to queue THREE times per wing! HOORAY! And while I'm waiting in this fantastic joyous third queue, which hopefully should take several hours for that one boss, I have time to enjoy many of the other great aspects of life, like reading a book, or doing the laundry, or finding a new game to play! I'm just giddy with excitement you guys!Baldok6 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 Temple of Ahn'Qiraj Troubles Recently I decided to try and get the T2.5 set from the temple of Ahn'qiraj for transmog. I read on wow head that people 2 or 3 manned all of the bosses fine, so as a hunter I thought I could solo them. When I showed up at the entrance, it told me I had to be in a raid group to get in. How do you get around this? How did the people on wow head get in with less than 5 people ( because that's when the party gets transformed to a raid group)? Thanks for reading.Darkarrows6 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 LFR RAID Queue for 1.5 hours. LFR RAID queue has stuck in the queue for 20 minutes give or take, five times now for a total of one and a half hours. I seem to run into this every time I queue. The queue lasts almost twice the duration of the whole instance (4 bosses) 75% to 90% of FLR offers seem to be 2of8 or 3of8 bosses down these days. Most groups of this type are failed groups, trouble makers and saboteurs, or a bugged instance. They are always a waste of time and you may never see the first boss. I on more than one occasion see my group start to assemble from scratch (missing a healer or two) and then prompted for a fail group like X of 8 bosses down. This is pissing me off. Most of my guild now wants nothing to do with LFR because everyone sees it as a waited failure on Blizzards part. I am on the verge of joining the veto. It is a sad day for Bliz that they drive people away and refuse to get a clue.Gwent8 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 Raid bosses should raid us For example, Arthas and his band of freaks from ICC invade Stormwind, steal items from the AH, rob the bank, and kill the King. That is until the heros of Azeroth unite to defend the city from a dozen raid quality bosses. After a lengthy battle and the citizens of Stormwind celebrate their victory, you see something in the distance. Oh no, it's C'Thun, the Twin Emperors, and some huge bugs!Merloon21 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 coilfang arnaments I collected about two-hundred arnaments, for the Cenarian Hippogryph mount. I was told to turn them in to the Ysiel in Zangarmarsh. When I looked it up on google is said it was "obsolete" - Which I hadn't quite understood. I farmed for the longest time and I don't know what it means. Is there a different place to turn them into now? Because you Exalted reputation with Cenarian Expedition.... And I was told you can farm those and get 75rep each.Nóvä3 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 New Karazhan entrance? I found this while flying by and I don't remember it existing before. Has this always existed since or is this new gate entrance for a future dungeon/raid? It appears it requires a flying mount or a flight master to get to. Currently, the gate is inactive. See images. http://www.iimmgg.com/image/494d7db957750d2452011ccf23a4c595 http://www.iimmgg.com/image/c235887ba5ac431f140b9dde5b6fb526Sayena3 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 Heroic Morchok positioning (on the road?) So normally we do Morchok on either side of the road and his crystals always spawn in fixed positions (behind Morchok while he faces the tower, and behind korchum while he faces away from the tower). Like this (yellow = crystal spawn point): http://bossblueprint.com/world-of-warcraft/app/view.php?game=wow&img=VN47R92FX So I figured for multidotting fun, we could position them both on the road with their backs to each other and figured the crystals would spawn in between... instead they spawned in multiple positions. http://bossblueprint.com/world-of-warcraft/app/view.php?game=wow&img=y7k_sLTcS So I never really learned why/how you can get the crystals to spawn in a fixed position... only they did if we positioned him the first way.... any tips on how to get them to spawn correctly on the road so our ranged can have fun multidotting?Poena20 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 Why are we forced to run same raid for months I just cant seem to understand the concept of forcing your players to run the same raid every single week for 4-6 months. When I look at other MMOs they never do such a thing. In Rift there are people running current tier raids obviously but other people are running the raids that were released with the game still, and they arent complaining. In Everquest people still raid stuff thats 2-3 expansions old for gear 10 levels below them and again they dont complain. They know they need that gear to progress so its necessary. But why must we run DS and only DS every week because thats it and theres nothing else to raid. The same was true during the end of Wrath we had ICC and that was it. The reason people still do older raids in the games I mentioned is because they still provide viable loot needed for progression. During TBC people ran all sorts of tiers during the entire expansion same was true during Vanilla so it gave you options. But look at WoW now. You either run DS every week or you do nothing. Its just that plain and simple. No one bothers with Firelands or BoT or BWD because the loot is inferior and worthless wasting your time to get. They only go there maybe for a trinket and for achievements but thats it. Im just wondering is this a good game design and how long can WoW keep people pleased with only running one raid over and over and over for almost half a year?Dabriix34 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 Any future plans for Expansive LFR? As we all know by now, LFR is a unique and new experience in the game. However, recently, due to my personal preferences in the game, I have been creating level 80 twinks. I love the content at 80, but find it hard to get a group of all level 80's where I want the true challenge again for that content. As I understand that the current content is hard, I do not enjoy it as much and would like to see maybe a cool way to allow players to go back and experience previous raids at the appropriate level. As I understand that it is always better to group with people you know or guild mates, I would like to maybe see some sort of LFR for lower level raids. So as you level up you dont miss-out in the fun challenge based experience rather than leveling to the max level then going back and practically soloing it. Just wondering people's thoughts on this matter. :) All hail the true King! Arthas Menethil!Beefysteak6 Jun 4, 2012