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May 3, 2012 Heroic DS Lockout question!! I've got a couple people that need the "Deck Defender" achievement for their last part of the Glory to the Dragon Soul Raider achievement, but I know that the DS lockouts are somewhat trickey. If I take 1-2 people and do an Alt kill of regular 10 man Lord Blackhorn, can I take these people to heroic spine and to heroic Deathwing? I've read that if you don't do the first 6 on Heroic you can't do the last 2 on heroic, but does that hold for every individual in the raid or just the raid leader? I'd hate to miss out on 2 more Life-Binder's Handmaidens. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Wrennardx9 May 3, 2012
May 3, 2012 Question for Blizz - First Tier Raid Release Dear Blizzard, Every new expansion release, there is a massive race to level to the cap, acquire materials and level professions, grind dungeons for starter gear, etc. I have found that this pre-raid period is one of the most stressful and chaotic times for a competitive raiding guild. I have even seen guilds and the sanity of guild masters crumble under the pressure to be ready for the first tier raids. Blizzard, have you ever thought about not releasing the raid content right away but giving guilds a grace period - maybe a week or so after expansion launch - to perform pre-raid activities without pressure to preserve their sanity and . . . employment? There is so much new expansion content to absorb, and the sheer amount of new content present in a new expansion coupled with the goal to be competitive on a world or realm scale and access the first tier of raids immediately can be somewhat overwhelming. With Love, Employed PeopleDezimota8 May 3, 2012
May 3, 2012 Madness of Deathwing drops The Raid Finder takes patience. I understand this. I've been fine with losing drops or not seeing them at all after a week or so of anticipation; I've come to expect this, having been playing for almost 4 years now. I've run the same Heroic Dungeon upwards of 30 times in the hopes of attaining a nifty axe or bow (*Cough* Trial of the Champion *Cough*) and have become quite comfortable with the idea of running content multiple times before I get what I want, even in the face of friends and guildies getting their loot on the first try. But one recent incident really tried my patience. After several weeks of my loot not dropping and groups being unable to get past Spine of Deathwing in LFR, I finally got a capable LFR group. We beat the Madness encounter and then collected our loot. I was fine with the idea of losing Kiril, Fury of Beasts to another Hunter or Druid. I was prepared for the disappointment of it not dropping. As it turns out, it didn't drop, and neither did anything besides No'Kaled, the Elements of Death. 4 of them. The same piece of loot, 4 times. There were 2 people in the raid who needed them, and they each needed only one. I really felt like the other raiders and I were screwed over. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think this kind of thing should happen.Kalterim23 May 3, 2012
May 3, 2012 Apologies for my ignorance As of last time I tried to use the Raid finder I couldn't. I think it's refered to as being "locked out". So I assume there is a limit to how many times I can use the Raid finder. Is this correct? If so what is the limit and when does it restart? Answers to any of my questions would be great. -JacobGaycob5 May 3, 2012
May 3, 2012 Warmaster Fire @ 20% Nerf Bugged Out. Greetings, Is anyone else have issues with the fire on Heroic Warmaster being extra offensive post 20% nerf? Last night we wiped for a while on him with the fire still spreading all throughout PH2. Also, it seemed like many times the gnomes would drop water on the fire, but it would not go out? Any suggestions? Anyone else having this issue? PS I have killed him a few times now for a few weeks, and fire was NEVER this big of an ordeal. It just seems to be really foul after the latest rounds of nerfs.Leadbëlly23 May 3, 2012
May 3, 2012 The Culling of Stratholme Heroic I noticed once I hit level 85 I could no longer que up for older dungeons via Dungeon Finder, I want to run The Culling of Stratholme on Heroic for the Bronze Drake mount. I know the dungeon is located in the Caverns of Time I am just confused on how to set it to Heroic once I get there via World entrance. Can someone help please?Letlansuto3 May 3, 2012
May 3, 2012 Idea for the Dev Team on raid loot rolling So here's my thoughts on raid looting options, this mostly applying to the LFR (Looking for Raid) option where loot may not be controlled by a raid leader and all items are up for grabs. Would it be at all possible to put in to that coding that if players that possess 'need' options already have said item on hand/bank/bags or otherwise they do own one of said item the loot options revert to greed only? I'm no programmer but this doesn't seem impossible and it would take a lot of frustration out of the looking for raid feature, and perhaps even the LFG (Looking for group) dungeons as well. I'm sure i'm not the only person who has entered a raid/dungeon and seen someone with the item you need already thinking you have no worries and suddenly they roll need on it any ways just because they can with no repercussions. Well hope this idea is given some thought or perhaps build on the idea and put to use. Cheers!Soulshard12 May 3, 2012
May 3, 2012 How is this even fair? Ran LFR on an alt to gear him up some. Had just beaten Deathwing, item i would have really liked to win drops, lose roll fair and square. The Problem I have with this, is that the person that won it was a Death Knight, with one already equipped.Kraco41 May 3, 2012
May 3, 2012 the legendary weapons is it me or is it such a !@#$% to get a legendary weapon as a caster then as a mellee dps or a mage or lock... im balance and i hate that i cant ever get into a raid or get trolled because i choose not te be a damn tree... this game pisses me off in this way that i like pvp and not that oranges are out for them all top toons have them but i have no way to get them and im idk thinking about quitting because theres no way for me to get one befor MoP is out.Booka15 May 3, 2012
May 3, 2012 Heroic Gear Any explanation about the lack of a 410 neck for everyone but heals/spirit to hit classes? Why is there only 410 spirit offhand? The cloak thing, while stupid, is understandable to a point. Probably missing some gear, but you get my drift.Batar6 May 3, 2012
May 3, 2012 Suggestion: Item that scales your stats down. How difficult would it be to make a herloom item that lowers your stats to a preset value? For example; a lv 85 warrior put the trinket on and his stats now equal that of a lv 60 warrior will full dreadnaught armor (iLv 88 - 92) Here is why I am curious. I guess i am one of those guys who enjoys running older dungeons. You have tons of great content that people avoid now because it is not relivent.Kara, Ulduar, BWL, AQ40. I would like this item so I could run these instances again. No changes to the dungeon's design, or rebalancing work, or a new server with retro raids. Those seem like tons of work. I'd rather just have my stats scaled down if that is the easiest method. This would open all old content back up on all servers if there was one item per level caps in the past. I know some ofthe skills are not balanced for these encounters, but it would be close enough that I think people would still enjoy it, besides I think people would still wipe on bosses like Vael and razorgore. I can see some guilds dedicating some time back into this juts for some nostalgia, maybe even bring back some old achivments with the requirment that this item is equip. Alone in the Darkness is an increddibly hard one to get, I'd love to see an oppertunity for people to earn it properly and not ust cause they out leevel ther content. Also people who never got to play these when they were big. I really want to try Sunwell. I missed it when it was out and I'd love a chance to try it without plowing through it cause I out level it.Jespar12 May 3, 2012
May 3, 2012 Burning Tendon target macro problems (SOLVED) Creating a new thread as you can't change topic on the old.. If the right-hand side of the plate is popped then you have to be standing on the right-hand side of Deathwing for a targeting macro to work, otherwise nothing happens (Haven't tested left side, our tank on my trial run always popped right)Lusignan3 May 3, 2012
May 3, 2012 Satchel of Exotic Mysteries? What was the best thing you got out of this so far?Saricc171 May 3, 2012
May 3, 2012 End game PvE DPS I don't quite know where to ask the averages of certain class/specs end game dps. I understand and believe that you can do insane dps with any class/spec if you're well geared enough and have the skills. I'm just merely looking for what you think the average is of two class/specs I'm interested in. Which is Fury Warriors and Destro Locks. I was looking into making new toons as these class/specs and the info won't really change my mind unless it's tragic. If you also know how the specs compared to its class's other dps specs I would love to know that as well such as if Demo's dps was on average better then Destro's. Please if there is another form better suited for this kind of post and I'll be given more in depth and reliable info, I'd love if you could direct me to such a place.Gaycob11 May 3, 2012
May 3, 2012 Tauren Think-Tank podcast needs your help! Greetings to our fellow WoW players! I would like to inform you of a new podcast in the works, and ask for your participation. Tauren Think-Tank, hosted by Rem and Jules, will focus on the WoW player; more specifically, the drama that may or may not come with playing WoW, both in game and in real life. Our show is an audio advice column, where listeners send us emails or tweets and we answer them with advice and humor. We hope to see questions regarding Guild and Raid Leadership, drama with other players, drama with real life, drama with the game, and we will also attempt to offer sort of a "Noob" guide to WoW's 10, soon to be 11, classes. Our hosts, Rem and Jules, are guild officers and long-time players of WoW. For about six years, we both played Alliance. We were finding that our in-game experience was beginning to become less enjoyable from being on a very low population server. About two months ago, our guild decided together to do a server and faction transfer to Wyrmrest Accord to give us a new and fresh perspective on the game. We have experience with 10-man raiding, PvE, and PvP, and with balancing our busy lives and families outside the game. Rem has plenty of knowledge with DPS and tanking, and Jules is a experienced healer. We may not know every answer, but we have a large stable of "consultants" to make sure your question is given its due! As we are just getting started, we need your help! We would really grateful if you would submit a question to us at: questions@taurenthinktank.com, or find us on Twitter @TaurenThinkTank and @Remghar, so that we may begin to put together our show in its final arrangement. Our website is under construction, but you'll be able to find us at http://www.taurenthinktank.com very soon. Rem and I thank you for your support and we hope you'll submit questions to us and watch for our first episode coming very soon! All the best, Julannah (Jules)Julannah0 May 3, 2012
May 3, 2012 Raid loot: Its either great or horrific. Wouldn't you agree? ----------------- In cata you can dungeon and get valor items to a certain point. But after that........your waiting week after week for an item that may or might not drop, then you have to roll against everyone else. +The point being if you get even one piece of loot, its great! Your character gets an upgrade and you become able to do better next time and it will be easier. - The problem is that odds are you won't get that loot, and lower odds that you will win the roll against. You eventually just que up week after week and hope you get an item. You can't advance to heroics without the normal loot so you may actually get left behind for the entire season. ------------------------------------------------- LFR though, is a great idea. Its implemented very well...until you get to the loot. You see, the loot is the same in instances. Meaning no supervision.(loot council). So people with the best gear, all decked out in full heroics can still need on items that they don't need at all. Especially the case with mutiple spec classes. Which is why in the end you have a lot of rolls on madness for items that people already posses or posses a better item, or can't even use in the spec. Its complete bs because in most cases this is the only non-valor way to obtain loot. So it can take months for people to be normal raid available. This is essentially a HUGE problem when a heroic geared needs on all loot and WINS the loot. -------------------------------- Personally: Did madness lfr every week for a month and never seen the staff, it drops today and heroic geared(with same staff only heroic) gets loot. Its getting to the point for me where lfr is just another instance that i can just do once a week.(with decent gear but a LOT lower chance for).Nefelpitou18 May 3, 2012
May 2, 2012 waiting, waiting.....WTF in a random raid finder que for 38mins, next minute i'm off the raid finder, like nothing happened? all i can say is "guild wars 2, hurry the !@#$ up" so sick of the BS!Voldoi11 May 2, 2012
May 2, 2012 At my wits end with LF(R)andom Ok Bliz, I have had it. If I drop a group for reasons such as people who can't work together, purposely bombing groups, or tanks in pvp gear.. I'm dropping said group because I don't want to be there. Then LFR puts me back in the SAME group??? I even waited long enough to drop so I wouldn't get hit with a cooldown the first time around. When I queued a second time heals were not listed as someone getting the special bag so it stands to reason you have a line of them waiting... so WHY do I get put into the same group again..... only to have to drop AGAIN... then hit with a 30 min cooldown because I'm not wasting my time/gold??? Yeah.. that's fair. What's my incentive to use that infernal tool? WHY are people, specificaly tanks, in head to toe pvp gear even able to queue for a HoT instance?Granarten12 May 2, 2012
May 2, 2012 Openraid: Cross-Realm Raiding Note: This is not a site I personally created. =D Hi everyone! This post is about: www.OpenRaid.eu and www.OpenRaid.us. This is now also, thanks to you guys and especially Suntwat, a cross realm raid finder! You can do x-realm raids by enabling real ID in OpenRaid. For smaller guilds, it’s a pain to find raiders, mostly due to low guild level and such. While you may have a few great raiders, you can’t easily get 10, let alone 25 players. You want to get people that fit in your group. But nowadays, with a lot of small guilds, that’s a difficult and time consuming process. So this is why we made OpenRaid. To enable you once more to do the raids you want, and the achievements you want. LFR tends to get boring and hasn’t got the gear edge DS10/25 does. You also can't really do the achievements you may want to do, or perhaps even oldschool raids. But now you can do this cross-realm, too! Aside from that, spamming trade for pugs doesn’t always cut it. It can take hours to set up, especially harder achievements, and it often fails or isn’t the atmosphere you seek. Anyway: www.OpenRaid.eu and www.OpenRaid.us are in beta testing phase right now, so it may contain a bug here and there. Give it a try! It’s free, and will be forever. It's also not ad supported. Please let me know if you do find any bugs, and we’ll fix them asap. Give it a shot! You'll only see raids that you can attend (based on ilvl from Battlenet and other factors). You can leave feedback after raids which gives people reputation with OpenRaid. Using rep you can know what to expect from a certain player. Let me know what you guys think!Ryusaki54 May 2, 2012
May 2, 2012 Fix LFR Plz Tired of queuing for LFR and getting locked outside because some stupidhead is too impatient to wait for 25 ppl to be in raid, or decides he's going to be a grievance by starting the encounter early. kthxbaiParablé3 May 2, 2012
May 2, 2012 Sensey Soloing the Lich King a non-Deathknight solo for your viewing pleasure: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6kjdMA9Noo&list=UURoYpHhlzNcs3vvzSKOsasg&feature=plcp All my latest solo's can be seen on my YouTube Channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/iMasterSensey?feature=mheeSensey3 May 2, 2012
May 2, 2012 Change LFR LFR is a great tool to level your alts ILvL or even your mains. But there has to be something that stops people with higher gear or LFR gear already to not be eligible to recieve gear they dont need. It makes it difficult for new members to the game to recieve gear when a 400 ilvl toon comes in and wins the gear then gives to a friend. There has to be a way for the Computer to recognize that they are already wearing That piece or an upgraded version. I can understand some people coming in to get OS gear, but u should Que up as that OS to recieve the gear. this will make it much easier for new and old players to recieve gear they Actually need.Érebûs6 May 2, 2012
May 2, 2012 Clear 7/8 Normal + Extend H Madness Lockout ? Is it possible for my guild to extend out lockout with 7/8 heroic cleared on one character while the rest of us clear 7/8 normal to do achievements? Will those of us who clear the normals be able to join the heroic lockout without any issues?Sepelio7 May 2, 2012
May 2, 2012 No major Villain in MoP Not sure how I feel about this. I was SURE that Azshara and N'ozth were going to be the major villains. I guess Blizz's 2-expac-hint thing is legit... edit: read something about how it's talking about 5.0.Byniri44 May 2, 2012
May 2, 2012 Point Caps serious problems! What you think? Well lets get this out of the way yea it been talked about and blizzard had said what they said, but lets get real blizzard is wrong. There is no competitive game out there that does not reward players that play the most. For example Call of Duty most played first person shooter and what if they have a weekly rank cap only can do 10 ranks a week LOL they would lose all of their players real quick and we let blizzard get away with saying its not fair to the casual players? well this is a competitive game. hence the achievements, titles, rewarded mounts, gear, PVP, and the list goes on. The people that play or if you wanna say practice the most are the best and get the best things the fastest. So why does blizzard not have this notion when it comes to justice, valor, honor, and conquest points? If i play 50 hours a week and get capped awesome, but if i play 100 hours a week and after 2 days im capped for everything thats pointless? you are not considering your serious gamers. I am a casual gamer and I expect to get rolled on by more serious and dedicated platers. If blizzard wants to stick with weekly caps i get it, but make them higher, i get it you want to consider your casual players, but how about considering yours serious players? Make the cap double 1000 VP a week lol it takes you 3 weeks to get legs? and in those 3 weeks you cannot get another piece of armor!! WTF is that 3 weeks for 1 piece thats insane? 1650 CP a week? it takes you 23,050 conquest points to get full Cata PvP gear, this means it takes you 14 weeks OR 3.5 months to get full gear thats insane!! That is not right in any ways im a paying costumer and I should be able to get WHAT i WANT as soon as I can get it, if i want to stay up 3 nights in a row to get full cata as soon as possible I ahve that right to as a paying costumer! Yes, i know some of you are not gunna read this and i know some of you are thinking it all about money, it a guaranteed 30 bucks from every person in cata gear and since they spent 4 months getting it they are not gunna quit wow anytime soon so it turns into at least a year guaranteed from all cata geared people. And i get that 100%, but i am saying you will get even more money by letting people get what they want as soon as they can, you would get a lot people back that you lost in the past years. I dont care if things are spelled wrong its not a spelling test or a graded paper so if thats what your gunna write please do us all a favor and get a life that does not consist of sitting on the computer! Thank youHealinelf9 May 2, 2012
May 2, 2012 Herald of the Titans in this or next week http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=3316 If you don't know the fight that's fine we'll explain it on the day However you will be required to have the correct gear for the achievement (This cannot be avoided, if you don't have the gear don't bother asking for invite cos i'll simply kick you) .Requirements Are:*Must be Level 80*All gear (apart from Weapon/s + Ranged Weapon eg: Wand, Bow, Thrown Wep etc.) Must be Item level 226 or lower!*Weapon/s + Ranged WeaponMust be Item Level 232 or Lower! Need 2 tanks 2 dps 1 healer Add tylerfoot@hotmail.com on real idFirenova0 May 2, 2012
May 2, 2012 Level 5 twinks Vs. Lvl 50 elite 10khp http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEscRQBc3DcPvpinude1 May 2, 2012
May 2, 2012 DK question regarding AMZ I was wondering, is anti magic zone useful enough to mitigate damage caused in certain encounters in DS? Examples that come to mind is helping on yorshaj, blackhorn, spine and madness and ultraxion. Ultraxion: I wasn't sure if it was useful for providing protections against Hour of Twilight for those who can't seem to get it. Spine: Nuclear Blast Madness: Initial elementium blasts, blisters and shrapnel yorsahj: depending on slime configs Blackhorn: for the big boat blast.Hyperbane5 May 2, 2012
May 2, 2012 LFR yor'sahj blobs (red-black-green) The last few weeks there is a lot of aggro in raid chat whenever this combo happens. Sometimes people have an addon that spams to 'kill black', and what usually happens is half the group goes red and half green. Then there's a big argument from the people who went red about how "green doesn't do anything" (huh?) , "LFR is different to normal" (while that person is themself oblivious to how green works) and the people who went black complain about everyone else not following instructions. In the end what happens is no blob dies, the group kills the boss anyway because the damage is so low, and then everyone stops !@#$%ing eventually.Lusignan28 May 2, 2012
May 2, 2012 How many guilds are tracked by WowProgress? Or other such sites. I can't find that number for GuildOx or WowProgress. So it's hard to guess just how much our ranking means. The world 8407 WowProgress has us at would mean much more with, say, 50,000 guilds being tracked than it would with 8407, at least, unless the criteria used to track at all were very restrictive. Actually, this can probably be disregarded. I found where I can see how many have killed Heroic Morchok. Which is probably a reasonable baseline to judge how much a ranking number matters. We're comfortably in the top third by that measure, so not really impressive but not horribly embarrassing either.Lonaranu1 May 2, 2012
May 2, 2012 Please let us reset raids...PLEASE This tuesday I joined a pug DS and the raid leader decided he wanted to leave after clearing 2 bosses and getting slime boss to 7% before wipe. The raid disbanded and I was left spamming trade and waiting around org every waking hour of this damn week. No one was continuing my terrible save obviously, but I couldn't even find a group with Ultrax save. Because of this, I have wasted an entire week doing nothing but watching trade chat to no avail. Meanwhile, I have seen countless fresh ds groups form. Why can't Blizzard just make it so I can (optional) reset my save but not be able to loot bosses I have already killed (like lfr). This also happened to me the week before last. Before anyone says anything, I have cleared 8/8 and my dps is competitive. I didn't want to join a raid group because I didn't want to be locked into planning my life around raid times, yet I just planned my entire week around trying to get back into one. I don't want to switch guilds either, since my friend irl partially runs my guild.Deoxippus24 May 2, 2012
May 1, 2012 Firelords UNITE! Fridays @ 5PM EST Are you a Firelord? Can you handle a 25M (Or 10M) raiding setting? Want that damn firechicken bird? Well I'm hosting a 25M 7/7 H Firelands clear weekly! Thats right WEEKLY! If you've lost the roll one or two times to someone else and just gave up, this is your chance! Get the firechicken before MoP when they reduce the drop rate to 0.01% You can sign up here(25 Man): http://www.openraid.us/index.php/users/raid/9017 You can sign up here(10 Man): http://www.openraid.us/index.php/users/raid/9018 NOTE: You have a better chance getting into the 25M then 10M. Literally takes 1 minute to sign up for the raid, you will be accepted if you have Firelord or 6/7 H Exp. (Firelords get priority) You have a 1/20 chance of getting the mount (Some people already have them) regardless you'll be running with other players who just want to have a good time while playing the game. If you have any questions you can also contact me in game or on that website.Fountainhead14 May 1, 2012
May 1, 2012 Please fix LFR i usely like to start a fresh run not a raid allready in progress..... I think there should be a choice to join the raid allready in progress or continue to look for a fresh run, instead of kicking out of raid finder. this morning i spent at least 45 min looking for a fresh run, restarting raid finder 3 times please fix this.Zerobelow3 May 1, 2012
May 1, 2012 what i loved about Cata raids... Ty blizzard many players only come to forums to complain about things such as "Dragon soul was junk"while i agree that Cata raiding had bad sides...I want to take a moment to thanks Blizzard for the great work they did on some sides 1. Making Healing more fun in a raid... I'm not spaming FoL or Holy Light anymore!!! and mana is actualy something i need to manage!!! ty 2. rly rly fun bosses mechanics... we are Far away from Vanilla's mechanics. And as a DPS i had some fun things to do aka: Flying on Alysrazor, Driving Ryolith, Jumping on Magmaw's head to chain him down... all that was cool stuff 3. enjoy the LFR at some point... when i don't have nothing to do and have some free time outside of guild raiding time... i love to get into LFR only to practice my rotation, challenge some ppl i don't know on a DPS raceI think that to improve this game, we need to point the bad things to improve em... but we need to point out the good facts to repeat em!... yeah 4.1 to 4.3 could have been way beter than that but still... there was some good things Ty blizzard for all this workHeiros32 May 1, 2012
May 1, 2012 Madness platform switch glitch. Last night with 3 attempts on madness (10 normal), one person would randomly fall into the ocean and die when switching platforms. This glitch is frustrating especially as each attempt was smooth until the last switch when someone randomly drowned each time... Does anyone know where exactly on the platform the glitch spot is when running off? I would like to be able to tell my raid this so we don't keep wiping from this.Woodlandpark33 May 1, 2012
May 1, 2012 Raid soloing question I am kind of wondering, which raids aren't and probably won't ever be able to solo because of a raid mechanic. Such as how in Hyjal Azgalar will auto-kill a random party member. I know Blackwing's lair will require at least a team of two for the first boss, and I've heard that Ahn'Qiraj temple can't be done, so what would you say are the ones that have one like that? Also, what would you say is the hightest level content your class can due with the current top tier raid gear?Vorzapzakinn17 May 1, 2012
May 1, 2012 help me get geared, my ilvl right now is not high enough to do dragon soul. how can i get better gear?Baliker8 May 1, 2012
May 1, 2012 Extending a Heroic Lock on a Nerf Week First of all, is it possible to extend a lockout on a nerf week, or do they clear the locks once the next percent hits? We haven't extended a lock since WotLK, and locks were cleared on big patch weeks back then, so I'm wondering if anyone can confirm that isn't the case with the DS nerfs. Assuming you can extend without problem when they release nerfs, has anyone extended a heroic lockout with changing nerf percents? We want to take a lockout at Spine from last week and extend it to this week; will the nerf adjust to 20% accordingly, or remain at 15%? I know heroic lockouts act similarly to the older raid ID's, and I have no idea how that might affect raid-wide nerfs. I'm looking for input from anyone that can confirm either of these. Thanks in advance.Danibus1 May 1, 2012
May 1, 2012 Raid Finder, why hold back it's potential? I realize that I am probably speaking as the minority in this situation, but I truly feel that Raid Finder has untapped potential. I just returned to WoW about 3 weeks ago, I had been a sub from when BT was released up until just before Firelands came out, and had been raiding since I was able, as it is one of my favorite parts of WoW. However, the reason I unsubbed was because of me starting college, I simply had no time in the day to play one of my favorite games of all time, and I could not make the commitment that is needed to progress with raid content. After reading about all the new and exciting features that had been implemented since my departure (Dungeon Journal, Raid Finder, etc.) I simply had to resub and start playing again in my off time. How could I resist? Afterall, Raid Finder offered me a chance to see new content, get awesome gear, complete said content in a really short amount of time with no real commitment. It was like Blizzard knew I had a demanding schedule and was asking me to come back. I spent hours just running Heroics to get my gear up to par for Raid Finder Access, possibly the feature I was most excited for. The thought of running BWD, BoT, Firelands, and DS had me super excited. However, Upon hitting the required ilvl I become really disappointed. Reason being, DS is the only raid available for Raid Finder. As an avid fan of WoW, it really was a blow to me that I would not get a chance to see all the content I had missed, yeah DS is cool and the content is fun, but what about all the other raids? Which all leads me back to the original statement. I simply cannot understand why Raid Finder currently only provides access to a single raid. My solution would be to give players the ability to choose any current raid they want. I realize where opposition to this could come from, which is why I said I probably am speaking as the minority. However, if implemented as a full fledged "third" raiding difficulty, that would open up whole new avenues for people like myself who may not be able to enjoy a fantastic part of a great game as they once did. I understand that something like this has little chance of being implemented into the game, this thread is mainly just a passionate fan of WoW voicing his opinion about what he feels is an incredibly under-utilized feature in a great game, and anyone that supports that is fine by me :).Rif9 May 1, 2012
May 1, 2012 Allow solo votekicking I was in LFD for half an hour. It finally pops and I'm stuck in a dungeon with one dead person and no tank. We're running through because apparently everyone went back to the start. Another tank joins. Dead person is still not rezzing or running back. Tank disconnects, but he's group lead. Don't really blame him. The other two people drop group. So now I'm stuck in a group with a disconnected tank and completely AFK dead person. I can't requeue the group because lead is disconnected, but I can't vote kick either one, either. And if I drop group, I get a debuff and can't requeue? WTF waste my time much?Nokthrax23 May 1, 2012
May 1, 2012 The People You Meet in LFR After many, many LFR runs, with some very unskilled players, and tanks that don't know what Fading Light does, and several discussions with guildies, I have concocted a list of the people you meet in every LFR, without fail. -The DPS-Meteroholic- This guy will link his meter after every single boss. Sometimes even after trash mobs. He's usually in the top 10, but not always. -The Know-It-All- Here's the guy who constantly makes references to the normal or heroic mode, and even old content. May go on a tangent about how raiding isn't the same. -The "One Who Does Not Suck"- According to this lovely player, all of you suck, except him. If you wipe, it is because everybody else failed this person. He won't call out one or two players, but can often be quoted as saying "You are all baddies" or "You all suck" -"Inspector Gadget"- This guy will go through all 24 of you, inspecting your gear, and will link any piece of gear that he finds unattractive in raid chat, and will openly mock that person. Missing a gem? He'll make sure you don't go unnoticed. -DPS-Meter Police- All of you should know who this one is before I even describe it. He's the one that calls out "Player X is only doing this much DPS! Kick him!"... Even though its LFR and 5 people can be AFK and still down a boss. -Captain Kick- "Kick this guy. He's been AFK for 15.3 seconds while he went to get a drink." "Player X DC'd almost 30 seconds ago. Kick him. Do not wait another second." Closely related to the DPS-Meter Police and Inspector Gadget. Could also be known as Captain Inspector Kick Gadget -The Non-Raid Leader- Everyone's favorite, he's not the raid leader, but he'll act like he is. Possibly connected to the know it all. He will give a very long description and type very slowly so you can understand him and use basic, elementary school vocabulary because he genuinely doesn't believe you are intelligent enough to understand any more. Will incessantly repeat himself after everyone dies. Oh, and if you die, he'll turn into Captain Kick. -LFR Hero- Acts like he knows the in's and outs of DS but has never actually stepped foot in normal instances. He has a full set of 384s and thinks he is godly because he places in the top 5 of DPS charts. He thus transforms into one of the sterotypes above. Contributed by Twiister -The Wanding DPS- Its that DPS who queues when you actually look at the meters you wonder if he went AFK during the fight. When you actually look he had the same active time as everyone else, hes just that bad. Just beware that this 5K Arcane Mage will, and most likely win, your Cunning trinket because the roll system seems to "favor" low dps (just kidding but you know what I am talking about). Contributed by Rixas -1/8 Heroic Hero- His guild finally killed Morchok heroic and he's on a high because hes doing Heroic content. He turns into the know it all and needs to remind everyone hes doing heroic content. After getting annoyed you look at his wow progress and see hes 1/8 but acts like hes 8/8. Treats people awful. Contributed by Rixas -Pop it NAO hero Mage- Its that Mage who will pop hero at any bad time he/she can. Pull Zon'ozz, Hero. Pull Hagara, Hero, Ultraxion sub 20% Hero and the best of them all 3rd tendon Spine....you guessed it. Contributed by Rixas -STOP IT NOW DPS- The Amalg on Spine is at 40% health. Out of nowhere you start seeing yelling text that you are "all scrubs and to quit dpsing the amag". Any time the dps drops below 40% to 35% , even if there are 7 stacks, he will continue to call you all scrubs and "loosers" for not stopping. Bonus points if he taunts the almag early at this point because hes afraid the "bad dps" will kill it too soon, ie he pulls a 9 stack at 30% health. Contributed by Rixas -The Cool Kid- Will never type a sentence without using at least 4 curse words no more than 4 words in between. If he's real cool, he'll make incessant references to: His 'girlfriend', Your mother, How high he is, How he's not even trying. -The Siren- As soon as a wipe comes, expect no more than 4.3 seconds to pass before encountering the siren. They will immediately start screaming names that are to blame for the wipe, whether you were standing too close to the side of his Power Word Barrier or you took one tick of Morchok's blood, your name will be screamed. All he does is scan his recount. I'm not sure if he knows what class you even play. If you have any more people you meet in LFR consistently like those above, post them here. Or if you are one of the above, tell us your ways. If not, hope you enjoyed, and moreso hope you were able to think of at least one person for each of the above. - JoeflaccoJoeflacco160 May 1, 2012
May 1, 2012 Heroic Warmaster - Buggy DS in general Why is this fight STILL in this state where we can have pulls where fire is literally everywhere AND doing damage and not despawning. Combine this with charge hitting people that are not even in the a position you could even consider to be near the charge and not to mention the mobs randomly charging / not charging with / without animations or barrages 1 shotting people where 2 are stacked full hp and giving the second person a debuff without doing any damage to them... ZONOZZ BALLS... Bounce stuck, 3 bounces in one stack, changing direction, going thru boss despite correct kiting and hitting tank. It really speaks to the lazy coding of this entire instance when you see that once the instance is cleared they "store" the animations for the dragons and thrall around the base of wyrmrest assuming noone will walk there ... /facepalmFurah18 May 1, 2012
May 1, 2012 Heroic to Heroic lockout question... So one thing im wondering, if i do 4 heroic DS bosses(non on normal) in one lockout can i join another heroic lockout who are at 7/8? cause my main's guild want to extend lockout for next week raiding, but i still need gears from all other 7 heroic bosses in DS. If i join another raid to do only heroic bosses, will i be able to join my guild's heroic lockout at 7/8?Ashbrînger1 May 1, 2012
May 1, 2012 Issues with starting Deadmines NOTE: I posted this in New Player Help and Guides but didn't get any help after 15 minutes (Reposts like this aren't against the rules, right? :-/) Hopefully this forum helps? :-) Hi everyone, First off, I'd like to apologize in advance in case this is in the wrong forum or I'm missing something that's blatantly obvious. Here's the situation: I have not previously completed the Deadmines, nor has my friend with whom I would like to complete them for the first time. We have entered the instance and can see each other and are in a group. However, when I try to share The Foreman with him (which is the quest to kill Glubtok), I am not able to do so. How do instances work with boss-killing? I know there's a Dungeon Finder, but doesn't that make a group of five? I would like to only complete the dungeon with my one friend (I know, it will be tough, people have told us). Please ask if you're missing any information I could give you to help me. Thanks.Sparviero4 May 1, 2012
May 1, 2012 Pureblood Firehawk Challenge So after we had this event someone mentioned that CryHavoc on bonechewer did the same thing! Glad to see other guilds trying to create some world pvp and PR with their servers. This is how ours turned out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vgl0UgzSruoEruption2 May 1, 2012
Apr 30, 2012 Heroic Warmaster Blackhorn Fire Bugged Warmaster Blackhorn's deck fire appears to be spreading at least twice as fast as it was prior to 4.3.4. I don't know if there was a change to it on the 17th, but the poor gnomes trying to put it out just can't keep up. The week of the 10th is was spreading a square or two every 3 or 4 seconds, this week it seems to be spreading 2 to 3 squares a second which results in at least half of the deck being covered in fire by the time we reach 50% on the boat and the get our second deck fire to start. Which then quickly covers the entire deck before we get to 25% or phase 2. Thanks very much, WagsWagnalls36 Apr 30, 2012
Apr 30, 2012 LF heroic RAG KILL 401 Unholy DK or 395 resto druid LF heroic Rag kill cross realm! add me on real-id sh0rtyrp123@gmail.comKushnoj1 Apr 30, 2012
Apr 30, 2012 Shared Lock, can we get rid of that.. What is the first idea that LFR and Raid use different lockout mechanic like Raid using shared lock while LFR using the dungeon saved method like you can get into the same bosses more than once but you can only get item from that boss once for entire lockout. I know LFR using dungeon finder mechanic and your toon being transferred to some other server out there and in there the mechanic calculates everything about our lockout and saved boss. Why can't shared lock do the same thing? Shared lock has done amazing things about not getting people locked out for an entire week for just fail group that killed Morchok but it definitely makes the player need to get the group that failed at the same position, yes at the earlier boss there will still many of group that LFM, but at later boss, there is slight chance that you will get the chance to get that since most of the time group that can kill most bosses smoothly from morchok to lets said ultrax won't have any problem in the next 3 bosses. Is there any plan about this in the next expac maybe to solve the prob?Radhini10 Apr 30, 2012
Apr 30, 2012 Whats the position of blizzard on role bonus or rather, when in LFR when a dps joins the queue as healer, then quietely switches back to dps, (obviously goin in with a group of friends or guildies) then needing on healer items so he can pass the loot to his buddies. This just happened to me, at first i thought it was something with role bonus being broken at some point, and allowing dpsers to win said items, but at the end checking on recount, the healer turn out to dps a lot. Will like an answer to that, and sincerely being grateful for any response.Brozo7 Apr 30, 2012