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Mar 4 Herald of the Titans Group Forming https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20753525750Zarruz0 Mar 4
Mar 4 been waiting a long time for this 25m heroic Can anyone come help me in Icecrown Citadel. Trying to get the achievement - Been waiting a long time for this 25 player heroic and the frostwing halls. Need a healer. Horde-Illadin server.Darkzavenz3 Mar 4
Mar 3 [A] Mythic+ Service Sales. Alliance M+ Service by Nymerias-Dalaran (Nyméria-Shu’halo) Greetings, we are now offering Alliance side M+ completion services across all servers. We aren’t from any one guild in particular but we are a band of friends that came across each other and enjoy pushing very high keys together. All of us are at 1800+ Mythic plus score, and always looking to aim for higher. We take gold from all servers. With preference to the servers Dalaran, Stormrage, Shu’halo, and Frostmourne (we are willing to give discounts for players from these servers) For all of these dungeons, you will receive all loot that we can trade or do not need. Mythic+ 0-9: 100k (+3 chest) Mythic + 10-12: 150k(+3 chest) Mythic + 13-14: 200k (+2-3chest, reward 890-895 ilvl in weekly cache) Mythic +15: 300k (+1-3 chest, rewards 900 ilvl in weekly cache) Keystone Master Achievement bundle from +10 key: *500k, if you have a lower key refer to prices above Mythic 16+: 400k – these are for those who would like to push their keys to achieve a higher score, we can comfortably 2-3 chest everything up to +17 in most weeks for most dungeons. Of course if you do a ton of M+ you understand that there are the occasional complications that can occur. Kara clear with Nightbane: 250k For orders and inquiries contact me via Btag: NymStark#1874 or Discord: NymStark#7909Nyméria11 Mar 3
Mar 3 Issue with volcanic I'm reposting this because it still hasn't been addressed or fixed. For whatever reason, Blizzard made it so that multiple volcanoes can overlap, which is a one shot to anyone without a serious cooldown up. Normally this isn't a problem, since you're supposed to move away from them anyway. However, they still haven't fixed the bug where the volcano doesn't even appear on some textures of ground until after it explodes. So you get in places like Vault of the Wardens and The Arcway as a caster and can find yourself getting one shot out of nowhere several times just by getting screwed over by RNG. I'm not asking for volcanic to be removed or even for it to be nerfed. Just make it visible before it explodes no matter what type of ground it is on. You have no problem with making other ground effects like Death and Decay always appear on top of everything else. Please do the same with volcanic.Danvash4 Mar 3
Mar 3 Please cordon off unusable areas in LFR I am now starting to do quite a bit of LFR now that I have a healthy cadre of alts. Lately I've started to notice a pattern on the LFR Royal Athenaeum between bosses Star Augur and High Botanist and that's that people will leave Augur's room and run to the very end and make a right. While I can see LFR as a learning tool and plenty of mistakes are made, I fail to see how 100% of the LFRs, this late into Nighthold's release, have ended with people running up those stairs and pulling trash back downstairs. I ask that you cordon off this area, as you always have done in LFR, so that people don't keep going into the wrong area. In lieu of how you wanted to hear feedback, here's my suggestion in bullets 1. When exiting from Star Augur's room, down the hallway and up the stairs, please seal off this hallway. 2. If not seal, please remove the trash and close the door upstairs so people know they have gone the wrong way, but won't have impacted everyone else by having trash pulled downstairs (which likely has more trash, which usually ends in a wipe) 3. After Spellblade Aluriel is defeated and entering the building to Star Augur, can you block off all the trash in the hallway after the fountain to discourage rogue/accidental pulls on the way up the stairs.Practicàl2 Mar 3
Mar 3 Nighthold raiding So there seems to be a few issues with the bosses in there. One of the problems is that the encounters don't take into account the raid size of the group enough. For example if you try to do Spellblade Aluriel with a 10 man group, you still get 8 frost or fire adds like you do if you were 20 people. When really it should be down to 4, and other fights have similar problem even though you are a smaller size group. It forces you to have no choice but to be around 20 people to have a chance at it. Another problem is the damage that some do. Let me be clear it's not so much as the damage itself but the spamming of abilities. For example Botanist, where he does Solar Collapse, then right after that Fether, as you are doing Fether he is doing Controlled Chaos, as you are running away from Controlled Chaos he is doing Solar Collapse and so on and so on, (that is without even mentioning the other abilities he does later on) I'm surprised we even have enough time to do some damage on the boss with everyone constantly having to move all over the place. Star Augur Etraeus is another, where during the frost part where he puts Gravitational Pull on one tank and the other tank taunts. The thing is that while the tank is trying to clear his stacks (there is one left on him) the other tank already got the gravitional pull, before the first tank is even able to set himself up to taunt him. Heck it's not just Nighthold it also happens in Trial of Valor with Odyn and his spear in phase 3, where you run away to mitigate the damage and 1 sec after he just shot his spear he already is doing it on the other tank while the other tank is still far away trying to get back. Even with Cavalier and Knights Templar I still couldn't get back in time a couple of times, which is ridiculous, it means he is spamming that ability faster then 22 sec apart. That is a little insane. Helya is another in phase 2, with the constant spamming of adds, that just keep coming and coming and coming non stop. And it's not just those fights, it's the same with all other bosses. The only difference is that in some cases the damage from their ability isn't as high so you can survive it. I have been raiding since Vanilla wow, and this is the first time where I feel overwhelmed with the sheer number of abilities that the boss just keeps spamming every second it seems. In other raids you had a little breather here and there, 5 sec of normal fighting or even 10 sec. But with these bosses you don't even have 1 sec to relax. It constantly puts you on your toes. It forces you to try and play perfect or you wipe, the fights are unforgiving. I understand that to be like that in Mythic, but on normal and heroic? Or even if it's only a few bosses not every one of them. Yes eventually you get better gear and you get better at it that you can manage it. I'm sure when Tomb of Sargeras comes out, by then people will find Nighthold easy. But we'll run into the same problem with Tomb of Sargeras at first. I think some of the damage being dished out in Nighthold to be high, but I can live with it if people had some time to take a breath and try to regroup. Their has to be a bit more time in between each ability to give people some time to regroup and then go at it again with the next ability. EDIT: For those asking for a TLDR version, basically they need to a better job to adjust the bosses ability with the raid size, for example Aluriel not spawning 8 adds when you are only 10 people. Also they need to tone down the amount of spamming the bosses are doing with their ability. Their needs to be more time in between each ability so people have some time to regroup. For example Botanist where he is doing fether while you are avoiding solar collapse, then doing Controlled Chaos as you are killing the plants, and then doing Solar Collapse as you are running away from Controlled chaos, only to right after do fether and so on and on. You have to allow people a chance to regroup and breath a little, even a 5 sec breather between each abilities or after using 3 of them (like Botanist after using Solar Collapse, Fether and controlled Chaos).Girfreid19 Mar 3
Mar 3 Heroic Night hold lockout Have a Heroic Nighthold lock out at eli and guldan to lazy to forum a group and i came here!! if u have a guild that wants to progress at this lock out let me know i would love to come join u! =DHuen2 Mar 3
Mar 3 Your Mythic Keystone Affix Ideas If you could add a new affix, what would it be? I would add one like teeming, only for bosses. Instead of just 1 boss, you now fight 2-3 identical copies at the same time. A "boss pack," if you will. Would be paired with tyrannical for level 10+ to make it challenging.Tallywix21 Mar 3
Mar 3 Solo raids might be fun!? Okay, so I have been playing this game since vanilla (never made it to 60, but I started in vanilla), and I never would have considered solo raids to be a thing until I thought about it. A lot of the casual crowd has been asking for more solo gameplay for a while now, and I have disagreed with it until I thought about this idea. What if Blizzard created a new solo difficulty to raids. This would entail that there are a full 19 NPC heroes in the group with you, and you play your role. Now obviously it would require a ton of dev time to make something like this, but if it was done right I think it would be amazing. Imagine going into Nighthold as a resto druid and having to figure out how to do the solo mechanics yourself. The fights would be entirely dependent on your skill with the class/spec, and it could be very interesting. It would be fun, but obviously it would need to drop loot to make it worth while, so what ilvl loot would make it worth doing, and would it be something you would be interested in completing?Zoldruid20 Mar 3
Mar 3 PVE players forced onto PVP Servers I am furious that I am forced against my will to be flagged for PVP when joining a Mythic group on the Premade group finder. Today Myself Proudmoore (PVE), 2 from Moonguard (Rp PVE) 1 Goldrinn (PVE) and 1 Alleria (PVE) found ourselves on a PVP server for a Regular Halls of Valor Mythic where we were farmed non-stop by Horde just trying to get into the instance. One of the group said we had ended up on Ragnaros (latin America PVP server). What the actual hell Blizzard are you doing sending a group of American PVE players to a Latin pvp server to be farmed? If I had wanted the joy of being farmed by the Horde trying to get into an instance I would have rolled a toon on a pvp server. I am tired of this crap, I am a pve player, a carebear, stop sending me to friggin pvp servers to get farmed!Dovauk6 Mar 3
Mar 3 Small question about dungeons I've been tanking a bunch low level dungeons today, and i blaze through them rlly fast! My question is regarding the loot. If i speed run without stopping to loot any of my designated mobs, would my party miss out on rolling on items? If a party member hangs back to loot, would he see any greens from mobs i haven't looted? Tough to explain what I'm trying to say, but i tried.Gothicss2 Mar 3
Mar 3 Blizzard removing friendly nameplates 7.2 https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17615133023#1 Horrible idea and a band aid fixKerromar10 Mar 3
Mar 3 Throne of Thunder Bug? I defeated all bosses but Lei Shen, his knockback mechanic pushed me over the edge to my death. Now the "displacement pad" won't port me to the battle arena to try again. Is this a bug? It took a few minutes for the pad to reset, I wonder why it doesn't reset right away?Felicious2 Mar 3
Mar 3 So Krosus breaks the bridge... I know this, you know this ... but it would be nice if they put it in the Dungeon Journal. EDIT: obviously comedy eludes some of you so I rewrote what I intended in this post in my 2nd reply down below.Mércénáryz27 Mar 3
Mar 2 Kicked From Dungeon & Dungeon Deserter I don't understand, why do we get "Dungeon Deserter" debuff when kicked from a dungeon? TWO TIMES today I have been kicked from a dungeon group. The first time I queued in to a 4 man guild group in a dungeon in progress. I asked them why the last tank left, one of them told me "he was a douche" and the healer told me the tank kept pulling while (s)he was OOM. Well, everyone had mana and were in front of the next pack, so I pulled. After it was all dead, they kicked me from the group, I have no idea why, and I got dungeon deserter. Unable to queue for another 30 minutes, even though I did not leave by choice and did nothing wrong. So I dicked around waiting for one of the mount rares to spawn instead until I left for work. I come back home and queued for a dungeon, I got Shadowmoon Burial Grounds. In the room with the first boss when we first enter, I ran to the right and pulled the trash pack on the top level there, the other four didn't follow and instead went left and pulled the left pack themselves. I died because I had no healer or dps, the pack went to them and killed them, thus wiping. I asked why they didn't follow me, and they told me I went -the wrong way- and wiped the group, and then kicked me from the dungeon. I got the deserter debuff again. I didn't do anything wrong... I have done Shadowmoon Burial Grounds 4 times, I have always pulled the right pack, I honestly did not know the left pack was different at all, nobody has ever said anything to me about it. It's really frustrating to get kicked from a group for no reason whatsoever, and as if that wasn't punishment enough, to receive the deserter debuff on top of it? It's more than a little upsetting.Sepsis83 Mar 2
Mar 2 The Grove Defiler mount... ...can't fly...wait, what? The dungeon version of this achievement (Glory of the Legion Hero) awards a flying mount but the raid version doesn't...? This HAS to be a bug I'm sure, right Blizzard? We finally finished the Glory of the Legion Raider achievement last night, got our mounts and I can't even express the amount of disappointment we all felt, especially with flying coming in 7.2. Please fix this mount so that it can fly, thank you! Oh, and in before forums trolls start their hating.Herrmdh5 Mar 2
Mar 2 Raid Size? I just had a few questions about how raid size is working out in legion. From my perspective it seems like the larger the group the easier the encounters become, but that should be a given, right? Let's use Nighthold for example. My guild group has anywhere from 11-13 people and we had little to no trouble going through normal, but the transition from normal to heroic seems more difficult. We get the first 3 bosses down with no trouble, but when we get to spell blade it seems like having more people would make a huge difference. I've heard that things are suppose to scale i.e debuffs, etc but I've read other posts saying that certain bosses have fixed amounts of debuffs; such as spell blades frost marks and the injections from star augur.Craidon2 Mar 2
Mar 2 Legion Raid Lockout I was looking at the "Raid Lockout Systems" pinned at the top and it states for the Loot-Based Lockout, "Used for: All Raid Finder raids, Siege of Orgrimmar Normal/Heroic, Warlords raids Normal/Heroic." Does this lockout system apply to the Legion raids as well? The reason I am asking is I would like to lead multiple runs per week, but still be available to lead/run my guild raids, so if Legion follows the Loot-Based Lockout system this would work very well for me, since it would allow me to lead raids for my guild and lead PUGs as well while understanding that I would only be able to loot the boss/mobs once for all raids lead/run.Mishtar2 Mar 2
Mar 2 Mythic+ Raging Affix Strategies? Hello! I see this week we have Raging / Volcanic / Tyrannical. Not as bad as last weeks, imo. Anyway, I'm working my way up trying to get that Mythic 15 cheevo... and I was curious what strategies other tanks use with Raging. Do you ask your DPS to use a kill order so you dont have multiple raging mobs? Do you run away at 30% like you would in a necrotic+teeming situation? I just ran my first keystone this week (Arcway 6) and had multiple raging mobs because dps like to aoe / cleave non-stopand I just thought of it as foreshadowing for a dark future... The need for DPS to flex their #s is so strong I don't know if they're going to dps intelligently in pugs... so I'm trying to think of alternate strategies despite bad dps. What are your thoughts?Glimmette5 Mar 2
Mar 2 Checking prior weeks Mythic+ Leaderboards? Is there any way to check prior weeks Mythic Keystone Dungeon Leaderboards? It seems only the current week is visible at any given time.Sagerremeseb1 Mar 2
Mar 2 Weekly m+ chest Hey just wondering if anyone knows if this is woeking right. Did a few m+ last week got a 12 eye done. Open my chest in class hall and got boots that drop from HoV, i never did hov for the week. Is loot from class hall not based off of the actual highest dungeon completed? ThanksÀrasia5 Mar 2
Mar 2 Tank ranking Just curious how people rate the tanks in legion currently. What tanks seem to be holding up the best in mythics and which are lagging behind? Iv been playing a brewmaster and have been successful in mythics, but I feel like I need to work much harder than other tanks(looking at you prot warriors) to be effective.Eriena59 Mar 2
Mar 2 [H]Heroic NH PUG Tuesday 8pm EST Putting a forum post out there to get geared players with parses for a solid run on Tuesday. Our PUG has been killing Heroic Gul'Dan since week 2 and plan to keep doing it. We go into one shot bosses and wipe on trash of course. We are looking for pugs who can parse above 75% and have a 890+ gear score. We do AOTC only runs. We are not looking to carry anyone through these raids, we just want to come in, get loot, get out. A couple notes, you are required to have consumables, you will get kicked if you are bad and don't do mechanics. If you min/max, we are the pug for you. You can contact me at slyr#1581.Formslyr4 Mar 2
Mar 2 Cant get into heroic/mythic raids. Help So i'm a ilvl 878 feral druid trying to do some raiding, my guild is very small so I am forced to do pugs for raiding nighthold. Lately, all the pug groups that are my ilvl are requiring that everyone has the AOTC gul' dan achievement to get into Heroic and Mythic nighthold raids. The problem is, I don't have it yet but I need it to get it. its and endless loop of no achievement and no raiding. What do I do?Alarak3 Mar 2
Mar 2 Eye Heroic Got Kicked at restart time Hello, 1. id like to point out its wednesday and there is no reset today. However, my whole group was kicked out of EoA Heroic right at 8 am. Instant port out mid fight. I whispered a few people in my group to ask why I was kicked and they all said the same thing, they were ported out and also "left the instance group" even though they, like myself, did not leave on purpose.Deptiqq10 Mar 2
Mar 1 [A] LF: AOTC completion Melee Ret looking to get AOTC done, competent player, bring consumables, and aware of mechanics. I've been trying to do it the past two weeks but most groups will not take me due to the lack of not having AOTC; however I lack the free time as I tend to work a lot. I'm looking for a pug group that runs 9pm (Pacific) or later who just wants to get in and out. Item Level: 888 Battle Tag: Aztec#1290 Parses: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/22681477/latest/ ( I know heroic mechanics )Dominguez5 Mar 1
Mar 1 I suck at Tich beams so bad I've never failed so hard at such a simple mechanic. Is there any tricks to it or patterns? Any graphic settings that make it easier to see? A camera angle that's better? Is watching him easier or the floor? I think I'm having problems because there's other green glowy stuff on the ground and I can't process where the beam actually is until a half-second too late. Also, every PUG keeps the bats in the center, but isn't that the worst possible place to put them? The room isn't totally circular, but the beams still are MOST likely to go through the center of the room. Wouldn't two off-center spots be better?Twilightcult2 Mar 1
Mar 1 Prof & other quests in Mystic not in LFG Anyone else really feel like having Professional or Storyline quests in Mystic without being able to get into them using LFG is ridiculous? I now have 3 toons running into required Mystic Dungeons. Many groups require 860+ just to be excepted. Before LFG or LFR I pretty much didn't do them. Have access to both opened up allot of content. Anyone have any idea why they removed Mystic from LFG? Anyone heard if they plan to add them in 7.2 or future patch? Or do I have to max out all of my toons just to finish Professional questions? sigh...Yyesteryear9 Mar 1
Mar 1 Free N Guldan Free N Guldan kills for those who need for quest / bonus rolls.. Run is on Sunday.. add rickybobby#11660Shoryuiken2 Mar 1
Feb 28 Karazhan Lockout Question *delete*Maidenchina1 Feb 28
Feb 28 Mythic+ Gear Reward I've run a few of these now, but I'm confused about when you have a chance to get loot. I was under the impression that any level mythic+, at any time, will have a chance at dropping gear in the final chests. But a guy in my guild told me that you can only get gear drops from mythic+'s that are higher than what you have previously achieved in that dungeon, but I'm sure I've received gear at the end of a mythic+ that was lower than my previous run. In short, will I have a chance at gear if I run a +2 Maw of Souls, but one hour earlier, I ran a +7 Maw of Souls? Same goes for every dungeon! Thanks in advanced!Keregorenn2 Feb 28
Feb 28 Rate Heroic Nighthold bosses in Difficulty For HEROIC difficulty, please rate the Nighthold bosses in terms of difficulty. Skorpyron Chronomatic Anomaly Trilliax Krosus Spellblade Aluriel Tichondrius Star Augur Etraeus High Botanist Tel'am Grand Matristix Elisandre. Gul'dan I found my heroic groups wiped a ton more to spellblade , being a big step up after the first 3 more easily puggable bosses, but Krosus was easier than spellblade.Feanta21 Feb 28
Feb 28 PSA: skip M+ groups who are "pushing to +15" They will boot you after you have helped them upgrade it. Pretty much everyone with a +15 key nowadays looking to make a quick 200k+ gold with it (selling to carries), depleted or not. Can't blame them because the system allows it. This is only going to get worse over time. The only way you will get an actual +15 done is by upgrading your own key. And hey, once you have it at +15 then feel free to pull the same crap as above. Gold is gold. Learned this the hard way tonight.Wintel10 Feb 28
Feb 28 Please Nerf Necrotic Necrotic is possibly the worst mythic plus affixes. It's actually 2 affixes jammed into one. The dampening portion by itself is actually worse than overflowing and on top of that you take a ton of DoT damage. My suggestion would be to either nerf the DoT damage or the healing reduction or shorten the de-buff duration.Kelu38 Feb 28
Feb 28 Best place to level up 1-60 Best place to level a Warrior for transmog quest rewards and cool items? What professions should I get I was thinking Enchanting/Mining?Deathok2 Feb 28
Feb 28 How do I tank this certain part of BRH? how do I tank this part of BRH with Necrotic? The bat gauntlet. Instant 1000 stacks :(Fatuglybear3 Feb 28
Feb 27 Locked out of mythic and can't do mythic+ Hello, I am new to mythic dungeons and I had a quick question. I have a Maw Of Souls +5 Mythic Keystone and I am currently locked out of Mythic Maw Of Souls but I read that you can't get locked out of Mythic+ dungeons (http://www.wowhead.com/mythic-keystones-and-dungeons-guide#mythic-lockouts) Is there something I am missing or doing wrong. When I enter Maw of Souls it takes me to the cages and all the mobs are dead and there is no Font of Power for me to insert my keystone. Thanks.Nullvalue2 Feb 27
Feb 27 Let us enter LFD with 4 players, plz! It's really irritating to queue for /LFD, the queue pops, tank, healer, a DPS and myself (a DPS) all accept... except for the 3rd DPS. We're send back to the queue, and wait. Sometimes the queue pop-up doesn't appear for several minutes and then when it does, tank, healer, DPS and myself accept but not the 3rd DPS again!!! Back to the queue and we're stuck waiting. Don't tell me there's a lack of DPS that the system can't find a 3rd one right away. Or maybe, the tank and healer are like: "screw this" and don't queue up. Or maybe the other DPS is like "screw this" and now the system has trouble finding 2 DPS. Whatever the case is, can the LFD system just let 4 players in the dungeon? As long as the tank and healer accept, then what's the problem? 2 DPSers are perfectly fine for the trash at the beginning of the instance and heck, 2 DPS are usually fine for the first boss if somehow we reach the boss before our 3rd DPS shows up. Please fix this Blizzard. You allow it for LFR so why not LFD?Rusila3 Feb 27
Feb 27 Lunarfall Inn Quests Inn Quests: In order to upgrade my Lunarfall Inn I have to complete Inn Quests. I have not been able to solo these. I have not been able to find groups using the group finder, because these quests do not appear -- even if the toon I'm using has not yet begun Legion level activity. I have not been able to get anyone to join a pre-made group for any of these. My Guild is small, so that is not an option at present. Are there ANY other options, or should I simply forget about upgrading the Inn?Aaryanhwy1 Feb 27
Feb 27 Dark Animus Solo I'm having a real problem with this. I'm trying to take out the little dudes as fast as humanly possible but I just don't have enough attacks to kill them fast enough. Is there something I'm missing?Broxim22 Feb 27
Feb 27 Do top guilds use DKP? Probably the wrong area for this, but I'll give it a go. About a month ago, my raid leader recently introduced DKP to the guild's raid team. I've heard stories about how easily such systems could become unfair to all members (First night, we were given 300 DKP, then one of our DHs decided to do a bidding war with me over a Shadow relic from Skorpyron that gave me a rank in my Confession trait, eventually costing me 200DKP), and I've been trying to convince him to drop DKP in favor of simply rolling for loot, which is easier and much more fair. His constant excuse is "But the top guilds use DKP." Do they? Not to mention, we have so many leather wearers (3 druids, 2 DHs, 2 Monks) in comparison to the rest of the active raid team, that I'm afraid that the loot tables are skewed in their favor. Anyway, the question is: Do the top raiding guilds use DKP, and if not, what do they use for determining who gets gear?Aevtaa37 Feb 27
Feb 27 897 Equipped Mage LF Heroic Gul'Dan Kill Troll has shown me why I don't post on the forums. Going to go sit in my blanket fort. Delete this post.Tunanocrust1 Feb 27
Feb 27 Mythic+ Carries= Pain My item level is 859 as a Fury warrior, and im trying to get geared out, I completed the World Quest and my 10 arenas and I never get item upgrades of course. I always get mythic keystones that are +7 Halls of Valor and no one wants to run that of course or carry me. How am I supposed to get gear if no one is willing to carry me or run with me with my little item level? I join Looking For Group, and can be in it all day, not once have I found a group. Any ideas of how I can get geared? Is anyone willing to carry me? :P I also do LFR and of course that never gives me any upgrades.Atsuhiko13 Feb 27
Feb 27 Throne of Thunder I just boosted this character and tried to run LFR ToT. But I don't meet the requirements, what requirements are those?Dãlãmãr1 Feb 27
Feb 26 Mythic Lockout with upgraded key? So a pug group of us did Maw of Souls mythic regular and got a +2 key for Eye of Azshara out of it. We all got the same key. We then did one run of Eye of Azshara +2 and beat the timer to get 3 chests. This gave us all a +5 key for Eye of Azshara. Some of the group left and we picked up some more people after that. When we went to do the +5 the new members couldn't get into the dungeon because it said it was not complete. We tried disbanding, resetting. Nothing worked. We felt bad because we did not want to waste people's time but we couldn't get it to work. We also did not want to waste a key with people waiting outside if it didn't work then either. Should one of us have just activated the 5 key and then people could come in? That seems like a risky gamble and wasted time if someone takes forever to load? If you were one of those in our group who couldn't get in, I apologize. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.Brungar4 Feb 26
Feb 26 <Synthesis> Sales (M+ and more) I appreciate you stopping by to check us out. <3 You can sign up for a run through the link below, or contact via btag at Sieara#1968 or on discord at Sieara#6473. >> http://www.synthesisguild.org/index.php/sales/ << Raid Sales/Carries ** Just as a side note, be aware that none of the runs include items that are TF/WF as our raiders might need them. Often they don't need anything, but this disclaimer is here so you aren't shocked if they do. ** The Nighthold Heroic Nighthold Full Clear: 900k Heroic Guldan Only: 150k Mythic Nighthold Full Clear: TBD Trial of Valor Heroic Trial of Valor Full Clear: 100k Heroic Helya Only: 50k Mythic Trial of Valor Full Clear: 2 million Mythic Helya Only: 1.5 million Emerald Nightmare Heroic Emerald Nightmare Full Clear: 100k Mythic Emerald Nightmare Full Clear: 850k ____________________________________________________________________ You can obtain achievements for completion of a Mythic +5, +10 and +15. There is also an artifact appearance obtainable by completing a +15 within the time limit. Mythic + 10 Carry: 100k Mythic + 12 Carry: 200k Mythic + 15 Carry: 350k Mythic Level 15 (Guaranteed Timer Completion): 500k (Rewards 1 to 3 chests + unlocks Artifact Appearance) For more specific runs (anything below or between what we have priced out), please message us or contact us in game. ____________________________________________________________________ Karazhan Nightbane Mount: 150k We have two sales teams just for this, so feel free to add them directly. Times they will do the run may vary due to our progression raid schedule. Malourne (blue#1616) or Brobben (guardians#1335)Sìeara28 Feb 26
Feb 26 Cross Realm Mythic? Probably too many topics on this, but what's the latest news? The attendance boss is harder to deal with than raiding. Who cares about server identity. It's long dead. Cross realm zoning killed it years ago. Blizzard please focus on getting people into raiding no matter what. Nerf achievements if it's not a pure guild run etc. Be creative. Help us reach each other. This is a silly restriction on progression and it's ruining the game.Goldshield15 Feb 26
Feb 26 Heroic Nighthold DPS Requirement In Heroic Nighthold, what's the required dps for single target fights? And for multiple target fights?Corek2 Feb 26
Feb 26 Bad raid group setup? My raid is running a strange healer set-up that I think is going to hold us back in mythic raiding, maybe is even holding us back now. We run 2 Holy Pallies, 1 Disc Priest and 1 Resto Shammy. I feel that 2 healers that specialize in single target healing (pally), an AOE healer that speclializes in grouped up situations (shammy) and a disc priest, that unless played extremely well is bad for progression period is a terrible mix. What would you think of this set up for mythic progression?Lyonhart3 Feb 26
Feb 26 [H] EN/NH Mount Achieve Mar 4th @ 9:30pm HORDE Date: March 4th, 2017 @ 9:30 EST (8:30 CST) Raid: Emerald Nightmare & Nighthold Achievements Sign-up using the link below (30 spots) https://goo.gl/forms/oC1VxpsCSi3eQOsn1 Using the Turalyon realm discord. Make sure you sign up with all relevant information. The raid is from 9:30pm EST to 11:30pm EST. This is cross realm optional. I won't be vetting ilvl as much but I would prefer you to bring mains so this goes more smoothly. We are doing these on NORMAL. This may take longer than a week since we only have an alloted 2 hours to do this every Saturday. THIS IS A PUG.Sìeara1 Feb 26