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May 24, 2012 Solo/duoing old raids and raid lockouts I enjoy soloing old content for gold and transmog gear. Obviously there are some bosses impossible or really hard to solo which prevents advancement. So I have my brother help duo those, like razorgore, high king maulgar, reliquary of souls, etc. Now he doesn't enjoy it like I do so what I want to do is have him come in just for that one boss and leave. Then he would extend his lockout (only beating 1 boss so raid info says he's locked to just that one/ previous ones I killed) so I can keep soloing stuff every week and he doesn't need to be bugged. The problem is it winds up locking him to all of those raids, it keeps downing it for him but he's nowhere near, normally logged off in org. Why? This doesn't happen if you leave a DS early and they wind up finishing it. How do I get around this?Tydrodis2 May 24, 2012
May 24, 2012 Votekick during combat I thought it wasn't possible to vote kick someone during combat? Group I was in saw fit to kick me during the final boss fight in Stonecore. I thought that wasn't possible?Bakarius3 May 24, 2012
May 24, 2012 Soloing/duoing old raids Double post on accident. Sorry.Tydrodis0 May 24, 2012
May 24, 2012 The Curse Is Broken! I went 3 months with out getting a single piece of loot... Tonight I managed to get my Wyrmstalker's Headguard Treads of Dormant Dreams and my Sporebeard Gauntlets I just wanted to share this because I was beginning to think that Hunter loot was just never going to drop.Breezyod5 May 24, 2012
May 24, 2012 heroic rag kill wtb heroic rag mount pst in game or u can pst me whough battlenet real id is resse23shadowarrior1986@gmail.comAsheliia0 May 24, 2012
May 24, 2012 BH 20 or BH25 I noticed on some servers they still do BH25man. I know on Korgath We do 20man, basically two of each class with no issues or problems on horde and Alliance. On Boulderfist, Horde side does 20man and on Alliance side for some reason they are stuck on BH25man. Durotan god forbid either side does 20man lol. I wont do 10man ever, imo its a waste unless your strictly after the valor. What do you guys do on your servers?Andrommeda13 May 24, 2012
May 24, 2012 New to game - dungeon/raiding help Hello, just started my account and character earlier this weekend, and so far I've just been constantly questing. I'm beginning to get a bit curious about other aspects of the game and would like to start gaining knowledge about them. For instance, I feel as though the game kinda just throws you into it and doesn't explain everything, so I'd like to get some info on Dungeons/ Raiding. I'm sort of assuming that Dungeons/ Raiding isn't a big thing when you're only level 18 but I'd still like to gain the knowledge. For instance: 1. What exactly is the difference between a Dungeon and a Raid? 2. At what level does most people start doing Dungeons and/or Raids? 3. Any good tips to give to a new player? Like, how to get a team, and how to properly assume a role on said team? WoW is only the 2nd MMORPG I've ever played (First being one that doesn't have much in the area of dungeons and raids, just some team bosses.) so please excuse me if some of my questions is the simplest and well known information across MMORPG's, i'm new to these things :PDerped8 May 24, 2012
May 24, 2012 Too Many Instances At about 10 minutes to 10pm EST I started working toward getting a hold of some items for transmog. I ran botanica 4 times, and Mechanar once. It locked me out. I looked up the 5 instance per hour lockout. So I waited until ten minutes to 11 EST to enter mechanar again. It let me in, no problem. I go in, kill who I need to kill. Damn my item didn't drop. Leave, reset all instances...and I'm locked out again. Leaving my opinion of this system aside. If you're going to use it, can we please fix the glitches? I'm extremely limited as to when I can sit down and really play. I can't be up all night waiting for glitches to set themselves right. It's the beginning of a new hour, and now I cannot run any of the instances I need to get the transmog set....Kirà20 May 24, 2012
May 24, 2012 N-10m Spine We did spine for the first time last night, and had all hella kinds of issues. One of the main issue's was that all 3 of us healers would either get super low on mana or oom. We run 2 shammies and myself. We for some reason was having mana problems on all the fights now that I think about it, and we normally don't that im aware of. What do you guys/gals think of 2 shammies/resto druid as healing comp for ds (spine specifically)? We one-shotted everything up to blackhorn, even though we struggled mana wise. I am working on gearing a holy priest, think the priest would be better for any certain fights?Hordedruid14 May 24, 2012
May 24, 2012 is druid bad on tanking raid so far all the raids i have played(raid finder so many times), the tanks were usually either DK or warrior or pally, never seen a druid tanking. and on the Channel message, raid people usually look for warrior or DK tank, sometimes pally, i have never seen a raid group look for druid as a tank. i wonder why.Drdung9 May 24, 2012
May 24, 2012 Solving the Ninja Looter Issues I know I'm not the only player who's sick of ninja looters, especially in raids with pug players -- specifically LFR. I propose that Blizzard install a patch that prevents players from rolling need on any gear equal to or lesser than what they both have equipped and in their inventory -- not just in their bags, but in their personal bank as well. A lot of ninja looters will be upset by this, if Blizzard sees this through; so be it. As for players who would otherwise roll Need on gear for their secondary spec, if it's something they can equip for their class, taking into account item level and such, they should be permitted to roll Greed for it. Otherwise, the patch prevents them from rolling Greed; they'll only be able to disenchant or pass.Sayd228 May 24, 2012
May 24, 2012 Streaming Hard Mode DS fights tonight! Hey all, Pouncival here again. No Diablo tonight, since it's raid night. Tranquility of Khaz Modan is a laid back, easy going guild that still focuses on progression. Tonight we're going to be taking our 10 mans through DS hard modes. We're currently 4/8 for Heroics and will be seeing if we can get any further. If you'd like to tune in for some friendly, fun raiding that still focuses on killing bosses, join us here! Shadow Priest Perspective Tonight! http://www.twitch.tv/pouncivalgaming Stream starts around 6:20 PM PSTPounsival1 May 24, 2012
May 24, 2012 Why do I have to do normal DS for gear? Why do LFR and normal DS not have the same gear stats? I work almost twice as hard in LFR because people don't pull their weight than any normal DS my main has been in. Not to mention I always have to explain the fights and do extra work on boss fights for other people. I feel as though I should get the equal stats that people get after getting loot in normal DS. Simple as that. The only gear that should be different is herioc. A perfect example of this is that blizzard got rid of tier 2 stats for Pvpers so this should not be asking too much.Trixdon62 May 24, 2012
May 23, 2012 H Morchak So my guild was doing H Morchak(10) last night and usually we skate on through this but last night we had like 3 or 4 new people. When he splits and 90% we seperate him and go to the sides but right after he splits he usually fires a resonating crystal. My question is, does it matter which boss shoots the crystal? Shouldn't the side that is closer to the crystal stack up on it? We ran into this problem when the boss I was tanking shot his crystal clear to the other side. If anyone knows the answer I would appreciate it.Inhumanity5 May 23, 2012
May 23, 2012 Old Raids or New? Hey old school raiders, I'm trying to get a perspective on old school radining vs new. Here are a couple of questions if you could respond that'd be great. How long have you been playing World of Warcraft for? What was your favorite raid of all time? How do you feel about the Raid Finder? Do you believe pugging raids is a good way to raid? Which boss was your favorite to fight and why?Dpies11 May 23, 2012
May 23, 2012 deleted deletedAnsme0 May 23, 2012
May 23, 2012 LFM [A] Herald Of Titans 232 or less weps 226 or less armour. Got 2 healers atm or one healer 1 shadowpriest. Pretty much know your class and naxx 25 or better gear and you're in. Send a mail to me on frostmourne with your real ID (if you're not on frostmourne) to either Daniie, Tibberss, Carried or Putricides ty. Looking to go sometime next reset or right before this reset if we get enough numbers.Daniie6 May 23, 2012
May 23, 2012 Make fangs of the father doable in Raid Find. Blizz, please make fangs of the father startable in raid finder DS. Im tired of looking week in and week out for DS raid group. im ilvl of 378/380. I am more then geared enough for DS. I want a chance at friggin daggers. i pay for annual and expect to be able to have access to legendary weapon questlines. Thx. Im sure plenty of other rogues are in same boat and feel robbed to.Driztdurden81 May 23, 2012
May 23, 2012 leave without rolling should be a 'pass' I've had a few incidents recently where people, at the end of a dungeon, have either left without rolling on the final boss loot, or worse, left *after* rolling on the final boss loot. In the first case, those who are interested in the loot have to wait a couple of minutes for the roll to timeout. In the second case, those who might be interested in the loot lose out completely, since if the person who rolled and left wins, then *no one* gets the loot. I saw a chaos orb go to waste last night. If you leave a dungeon before a loot roll is complete, you should forfeit the roll, since you clearly have no interest in the items being rolled for.Cathix5 May 23, 2012
May 23, 2012 Need in LFR This attitude right here : No, it's not broken at all, working exactly as it was intended. If someone can roll need - they may. What they do with an item at that point is totally up to them within game mechanics. Change doesn't mean what is available now is broken, it just means our developers have taken player feedback into consideration and are doing the best they can to address some concerns. Last one is really laughable Yes We the players and payers do feel its broken. How difficult would it have been to add in a role - de-bonus to players who already have the item? Seriously too difficult for the programmers at Blizzard? Its bad enough we have groups rolling against ya to help there friends, but to have it lost to someone that is just going to de it and waste it is getting really dam old this late in the game. They way lfr is set atm is like gambling. We can go to casinos' for that. When I take a toon into lfr, I am working towards a reward. If that reward keeps being snaked away from me, I will quit working for it eventually.Twocoolcat4 May 23, 2012
May 23, 2012 You have entered too many instances... Please Blizzard, increase the requirement to like 8 or 10 before displaying this stupid message... I understand this system was put in place to prevent mass farming or whatever reason, however a majority of times (I'm assuming, and very likely right about this) this message occurs through player accident. I clicked Reset Instance a few times, yes, but because we were having raid problems and people couldn't figure out that they were locked to a raid, so I find it COMPLETELY unfair that I, as the raid leader/former, have to suffer for however long and am not able to help my raid because I couldn't figure out what the heck was going on. Please, just increase the cap to 8 or 10.Fenrír3 May 23, 2012
May 22, 2012 New to Heals and I need help!! I am new to heals, and I need tips on what to do. I know about the trying to not overheal and casting renew x3 on tank. But im not sure what else to do. Everyone says to get healbot, but that made things worse!! Any helpfull advice out there!!Elissanor5 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 Option for Fresh LFR? Just wondering if anyone has heard anything on making the raid finder allow for a "Fresh" box, because i know it becomes annoying on some of my toons (dps specifically) that i want to start fresh, and clear through that way, and not get the 2/4 3/4 que's. I know it gives you priority on a fresh one after the fact of clearing those last bosses, however, priority waiting of 20-30 min between is really a hassle in some cases. Granted i know i can just ninja a healer friend of mine and have him que for me and leave after we get in...but seriously sometimes when i get home from work early in the morning, no on is on and i might like to run a RF on a toon before bed ya know.Rapp16 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 Ultraxion crystals In the past, I have been in a 2-healer group for Ultraxion, in which the healers got red and green crystals and the warlock got the blue crystal. However, when I tried to do Ultraxion with 2 healers again, with me selected to get the blue crystal, somehow I couldn't click on it. How are you supposed to activate the crystal? I was under the impression that you just had to right-click on it, but it didn't seem to work.Gibbons4 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 405 SV Hunter LF XREALM Normal Firelands Run Title says it all. LF Normal Firelands run for transmog gear. Also LF 25M Ulduar for Intensity or Twisted Visage but I prefer Intensity I can do a quick run tonight or any day next week. Reply to this thread or pst me @ Area 52 to talk.Scantraxx1 May 22, 2012
May 22, 2012 My Analysis of Cata Raiding Evolution Hello, Now that Cata is ending, I'd like to share my opinion about the wise moves and flaws this expansion had, raid by raid, boss by boss, and throwing some suggestions here and there. I know this may sound silly and it's useless to try and fix what has been done, my purpose is not praise or bash the devs, but to add some ideas to past bosses or raids, that, based on my experience, would have improved the gaming experience of many. This could be used as a serious feedback for future content. I still like this game and I'm looking forward to 5.0 and beyond. I know that I'm just one player, so would be great to hear what others players think about this (feel free to make your suggestions on the same format I'm doing this) Patch 4.0 I would say this was my favorite moment of Cata, three different raids (with good design overall) to explore put my expectations quite high for future patches. It would have been nice that the final bosses would have dropped weapons with a little more level than 359 to add value. Bastion of Twilight My favorite from the initial three. You had an idea what you were doing there. Kill Cho'Gall, who was doing bad stuff. The instance itself had interesting enviroment and voices. The only downside, it didn't had music on launch (it was added later, but wasn't an exclusive tune) Halfus: The initial trash was kinda tedious, I know Blizz tried to boost the use of CC, but it was too much packs IMO. Now, the fight itself, was great in terms of variability. Every week was a different combination of dragons. Thumbs up for that. However, as an initial boss, before nerfs, was pretty unforgiving. The initial boss shoulnd't be so hard to beat, or players get discouraged. Twin Dragons: Incredible fight. Nothing to complain here. The trash was precise and wasn't tedious. Nerfing blackout so much was dumb, because the risk was completely removed. Council: Ok, this boss was ridiculous. First, a boring trash pack. The fight itself was a huge brickwall. In terms of design, it was great on paper, before phase 3. The HP accuracy you had to achieve with all four bosses was pretty unforgiving if you wanted to survive last phase, which was hard by itself. Abomination had a really boring, colorless model. Cho'Gall: Pretty good final boss. Fun fight, good difficulty. Thumbs up! Never knew if his master was C'thun or N'Zoth... BWD Good raid, however, you never know why exactly you are messing in Nef's crib. There is not a single quest which put you in context, which was a bad point. He was a zombie...and was doing experiments... but he had zero participation in the plot. (Yes, I'm a lore@%*) Magmaw: Another unforgiving entry boss. Our raid (which was semi-hardcore) couldn't make it the normal way, so we had everyone stack in meele except one hunter and one frost mage to kite the worms. High damage everywhere, everyone had to be on their toes. Megaman: Another hard entry, but a fun fight. Most neophites to raiding had to memorize a lot of things and failed, specially with Toxitron's adds. Kinda unforgiving but way better than Magmaw. Atramedes, Chimaeron and that weird Dragon-professor: Pretty good and fun encounters, and their difficulty would be in par if the first two would be so hard (IMO). I applaud the devs for these great fights. Reasonable trash as well. Atramedes es la cumbia. Nefarian: This fight was...weird...and messy. Sounds great to fight Nef and her robotic sister at the same time right?...right? I dunno but the chamber was too little and the mechanics too messy for me to enjoy this fight. Nef and Onyxia as separate bosses would have worked better IMO. Throne of the Four Wind Ah yeah, the raid nobody wanted to do. You had little exposition about who was Al'Akir, he was the elemental lord with less exposition. We all could agree he was rushed into 4.0, with a poor model and not even voice acting. The music was great thou. The Genies: A pretty original and fun fight, where cordination was the point of success (and gear of course). I was happy with this one. Applause Al'Akir: Oh Al'akir, you were so cool in the RPG books, now look at you. The fight was kinda fun, but you had so little space to go, so much RNG and the annoying 3D space at the final phase (didn't Blizzard learn from Mali? it doesn't work), that when we finally killed this guy, our guild never wanted to do him again. To be continued in Firelands...Chronadox29 May 22, 2012
May 21, 2012 What is the best heirloom for a paladin 4 dun What is the best weapon heirloom for a prot pally?Orthox1 May 21, 2012
May 21, 2012 A simple tings to stop "Trolls" in LFR... Welcome me brodahs... Looking for raid has given me race a bad name...I also be hearin' dat dere be trolls in da filthy Alliance raids too... Dere be some simple tings dat make dem bad trolls go away...well you nevah stop da trollin...but you can make it haddah for dem to give us trolls a bad name. 1) Don let one of dem start the encounters by demselves. When someone tries to start da encounter, randomly pick tree oddahs to agree by vote. If da vote doesnt pass, pick tree oddahs. If it gets trough the raid wit out tree votes , lock out da person who tried to start it out from starting it again. 2) Aftah a wipe, evaluate da players. Wit all da programming brains you have, you can determine what it mean to be a bad player or a troll. You already limit dem on gear level. You can easily determine if dey aint doin good in da raid. If dey don't, den lock dem out for 24 hours, tell dem dey need to do heroics to get more training. Aftah all, de afk and de baddies affect da game play of so many oddahs...de baddies need more time learnin da ways in heroics. Dose simple tings will keep LFR free of bad trolls...or at least make trollin' LFR less enjoyable for dem, and more enjoyable for da folk who wanna play nice.Kaatet7 May 21, 2012
May 21, 2012 LFR Que Suggestion I'd like to suggest a way to improve the LFR function. For those players that would rather do a full clear but have to wait like 15-20 mins for a que only for it to pop up as 1/8 or 3/8, instead of leaving que altogether and start the timer again, there should be a "Next" option. so that way, they remain in que until a 0/8 pops up. This could also work for Dungeon Finder if they're trying to do a specific dungeon.Lavamancer6 May 21, 2012
May 21, 2012 You do not meet requirements Whenever I try to queue up for random instances it says "You do not meet the requirements for the chosen dungeons" However if I click on specific instances I can queue up no problems but then I don't get the weekly bonus points. Whats up with that ? It made me miss out on 1000 extra justice last week and now its giving me the same message after the restart this week so thats another extra 1000 justice i'm getting screwed out of. Temjin12 May 21, 2012
May 21, 2012 Best realm for raiding and RBG Guilds.... Any suggestions? My realm sucks and no one cares about getting better gear. People are just too lazy to put in the effort.Chillit1 May 21, 2012
May 21, 2012 Guild vs. Raid vs. Xrealm My issue: I play on a server with most of my characters in one guild due to the shared bank space perks. I have friends that play on other servers that I would like to raid with, but no one wants to pay all those fees for moving characters around, mainly because WoW is no longer about a single character, it is about an account and all your characters. Even if they did all transfer over to my server (or me to theirs) I would not want to join their guild because I already have my own guild, with my own name, with my own tabard that I like, and they would not want to join mine for the same reasons. Another issue I've run into occasionally is that sometimes I would like to PvP with one guild, but raid with another, but the two guilds do not mix and match. I was wondering if anyone else has been running into this issue? I would love to see some of the following to alleviate my issues: - The ability to join multiple guilds! - An account wide storage system (some people have said bake it in with housing and w/e I don't really care about housing but if it works), we're on our way to this kind of thing anyway I feel with account wide achievements and xrealm heirlooms. - The ability to have cross realm guilds so it is easy to meet up and communicate with groups of people using in game tools. - A more affordable mass character xfer/race change.Verts2 May 21, 2012
May 21, 2012 Questions about Heroic Raid Lockouts Ok, I was hoping someone could help me understand this situation. Last Sunday I formed a 10 man raid to do Heroic Rag. One of the members of the raid had a raid lockout cleared up to Heroic Rag. So i made him leader, we all zoned in, got saved to that raid lockout, and then I was promoted back to raid leader. We practised fighting heroic rag for a couple hours, and then quit (we didnt kill him). Now that it's a new week, I was thinking of extending that lockout, form another group, and go back to heroic rag and attempt to kill him again. But, i am very nervous to extend the raid lockout, because i dont know if one of the raid members that were with me last week already killed rag (normal or heroic) with my raid lockout and that would leave me saved to that raid lockout when i extend it, and he won't be available to kill. So part of my question is this: Is there anyway to know whether rag is still available to kill on heroic before i extend the lockout and get myself saved? The other part of my question is this: If someone from my raid that got saved to the heroic raid lockout later in the same week started their own 10man raid and went in and killed Heroic rag on that same lockout, will I be able to kill heroic rag on the same lockout that i'm extending? What about if they changed it to normal and killed rag on normal on that same lockout? If i extended the lockout this week, would heroic rag be available for me to kill? I really want to extend the raid lockout this week to go in and attempt to kill heroic rag, but i'm very nervous to extend the lockout just to find out that heroic rag is not available because someone in my raid ninja-killed heroic/normal rag on their own last week after my raid, and then i'm screwed cuz i'm saved to that raid lockout by extending it. Can anyone with extensive knowledge about raid lockouts please explain this?Melchizedek8 May 21, 2012
May 21, 2012 50 only Molten Core livesteam http://www.twitch.tv/tristanpdrec/b/318762050Greenhaggler2 May 21, 2012
May 21, 2012 New raid after DS? So I have a question to ask. Will they be making a raid for the conclusion and the starting of Mist of Pandaria like they did for the conclusion for WotLK? Cause if they did, I honestly think it would be great to see a storyline going in to our next expansion (MoP) just to have new idea thinking what were gonna do for the new expansion. Just as we did infultrating the twilight cult and seeing what they were planning. I would think that would be pretty cool myself.Ronoc3 May 21, 2012
May 21, 2012 Bringing back old Dungeons; A theory. This is just a bit of theory craft for those of us who miss the old versions of ZA, ZG, Deadmines, SFK, annd even Naxxramas or Ony; Keep in mind, I don't know what it would take to make this happen, I am just presenting an idea for those whom control these things... The Caverns of Time, the perfect place for such an idea to be manifested- An NPC, or a series of regular portals that lead to each instance respectively, and allow nostalgic players a chance to go back and do the original content- Along with allowing new players to experience things that were removed (quite rudely, I might add) from the game. I miss killing Arugal. I miss killing Edwin VanCleef. I never got to see the real Naxx, nor did I get to spend much time on old ZA. I have high doubts that Blizzard deleted the instances entirely, and I'm sure I can't be the only one with this mindset. So.. Look into it maybe? Anyone?Exsecutus6 May 21, 2012
May 20, 2012 Regular Spine Strategy Question I have run the LFR Spine fight every week since it was released. I did my first 10-man regular fight yesterday as a tank pugging with a guild group. The strategy we used, which was the strategy I found while reading online, was as follows: (1) Kill three Corruptions, releasing three Hideous Amalgamations (we left the top right corruption alive). (2) Immediately roll Deathwing so the three amalgamations died (3) Kill the remaining corruption (the top right one), releasing a final Hideous Amalgamation - this also caused another corruption to spawn in a random location (4) Kill and pick up the bloods, blast, burn the tendon, and repeat Obviously step (4) above is a bit shortened, but my question has to deal with the first three. At the end of those three steps, the zone has the following active: 1 Hideous Amalgamation, 1 Corruption, 1 or 2 Bloods (depending on the weird random one showing up), and a few blood residue puddles. So why were three corruptions killed in step one? If you run the exact same strategy, but only kill two corruptions in step one, you will roll DW to kill those two, take down a third corruption (creating the amalgamation you will use), and have the fourth and final corruption still active. The layout of the zone remains the same (except you get to control where the corruption is rather than having it show up in a random location), but you have not had to waste the few seconds to kill the extra corruption (because only three total have died rather than four). The reasoning my raid leader gave quickly last night was because of the Fiery Grips from the corruptions, but those don't seem to affect much. At the very worst, my strategy would lead to two raid members being grabbed by Fiery Grip as you roll DW, but because the grip holds you onto the back, that's fine. You will still have to free them after the roll, but you have to do that anyways with the one that would be held in the normal strategy. SUMMARY OF QUESTION: Why in 10M regular Spine do you kill all four corruptions at the beginning rather than only killing three, when either way gives you the same end result of having one corruption active?Kovarian7 May 20, 2012
May 20, 2012 LFG Black Wing Decent [H] 397 Mage LF Group to do BWD [h] for Xmog Power Generator Hood / Crown Token Real ID Wukenstien@hotmail.com Have own vent and other 397+ raiders if neededWukenstien0 May 20, 2012
May 20, 2012 Another raid lock question. Say we work on H Spine this week but don't kill it. Can a raid member kill N Spine and N Madness later this week, and then next week I can extend the lock and we attempt H Spine again?Lusignan1 May 20, 2012
May 20, 2012 LFR minimum size limit please! You've all seen it. A pull goes badly and some people leave, then after a few minutes nobody has come in to replace them and you don't have as many healers or tanks as you need so you can't start it (sometimes someone does anyway) and more people leave. Well, I think it would be great if the whole thing just disbanded if the party gets below a certain size. I got pulled into a fall of deathwing that was 3/8, which was fine because that's all I needed. I get in and there are only 6 of us in the raid. I left, queued back up, and got pulled into one (maybe the same one) that only had 3 people including myself. I took a screenshot - http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g78/nunchuko_2006/really.jpg What are the odds that this raid will actually fill up and get anywhere? Honestly?Jjlock5 May 20, 2012
May 20, 2012 Removed by guild group I was in a dungeon finder group today, got grouped with and 4 people from another guild. The first pull went fine, nothing untoward happened. All the DPS were about equal. Then during the second pull I got removed during combat. I thought I'd read on these forums that guild groups couldn't kick the fifth person?Necrotia9 May 20, 2012
May 20, 2012 LFR flop Can not believe people with no need for lfr gear would need on tier tokens and auction them off to the highest bidder at the end of the raid. Saw a guild group of priests, pallys and a warlock try and win pieces for a pally in their guild. Nothing wrong with that, however...I needed also having 378 pieces. Looks like the peeps with the most gold to pay off the guy who was in 397 tier pieces sold them off to the guild rather than helping me out. People with tier should not be able to roll on them. People who roll on the LFR gear who sell it off at the end are worse than the floppers in the NBA. And especially worse than these ones in this video... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBFo-34hRdM Yes, this is for all you who need on gear you do not need whatsoever. If it is for OS, then hell, get urself into a pug and get ur OS tier! LFR needs to recognize specs of folks and the tier they already have. 3rd week in a row and lost all tier tokens to people auctioning them off at the end or needing for OS. Bring on mists so I do not have to put up with this anymore. LFR is supposed to be about having fun, learning the mechanics, and enjoying some loot while doing it. When it becomes a hustle or a chore to get some decent gear to move on to the next level because people simply take it away from you, it puts a bad brand on the game. I know mists is changing this, however will not stop people from hustling in other areas which needs to stop as much as flopping in basketball. "To me, you have every right to voice your displeasure. Those type of plays to me are starting to make parts of our game a fuss. It is happening more and more. Where is the cut off?'' - Jeff Van Gundy (3:15 in the video above)Karacyn17 May 20, 2012
May 20, 2012 Raid lockout help Alright, so I left at 5/6 in Sunwell Plateau and my /raidinfo says that I'm 5/6 but when I try and kill the last boss with other people, it says 6/6(when we zone in), the other group killed the last boss when I was out of their group... Why is it saying that? I Know its my problem because I left the group and the other people got in just fine and for them its said 0/6... Any help is appreciated Thanks.Nixlol0 May 20, 2012
May 20, 2012 How many people for TotC 25? What is the minimum number of people I can do TotC 25 with? How many tanks and healers? Thanks.Hemoplague9 May 20, 2012
May 19, 2012 Question - attempting HM DW? Hey everyone! Last week, my guild downed HM Spine after a disgusting amount of attempts. As one of the few surviving 25m guilds, it's been a true challenge for us. Anyway, we're back in there this week and the planets are simply not aligning. Since D3 came out, people are really having this "omg why is this not dying in one attempt!" mentality, and it's causing unnecessary frustration for the entire team. ANYWAY! - so my question is: is it necessary in a single lockout to clear every boss on hardmode setting in order to make attempts on HM DW? Personally, I'd like to see us just do Spine on normal and then toggle to Heroic Madness and work on that. But I didn't wanna bring that up to the team just yet unless I know whether or not it's possible. I realize my post is somewhat rant-y... but talk about terrible timing. With all of the other games out there these days, and the 'lack of quality' in Warcraft that so many complain about, the timing could not be worse. People are ready to drop WoW like a bad habit until Pandaland comes out, which is a really hard blow to this 25m team that has been trucking along and doing our best to fight the good fight. Thanks for any input/suggestions <3Hymnal13 May 19, 2012
May 19, 2012 LFR Loot 'Need +' not working Hi. I'm here in Customer Service to make a complaint about the "Need before Greed" loot system not working, especially Need+ in LFR. I'm sure you have heard this topic many times over, but it continues to need to be addressed because the nature of the Need before Greed is broken and not working. Maybe you're not aware that it's still not working as worded, and I feel it's my turn to remind you it's not working and going to cost you the loss of yet another subscriber, in addition to the million you lost last year. I just got out of LFR on this hunter and I lost the pants token drop to a resto shaman with 397 legs on. I have 378. He rolled and got the Need+ bonus and beat my roll. I lost the shoulders token to a Warrior with 397 shoulders on to the Need+ roll and I have 346 shoulders. After the roll this warrior lol's and asks for offers to "buy them" off him, even though you can not trade gold in LFR. Insult on top of injury. Is this what I (we) are paying for? I don't have much time to play or raid and yet I come to your solution for casuals to get that opportunity and I leave feeling like I've been had by not only fellow players, but the game designers as well. This is the thanks I get for giving you my monthly fee of $14.95? After this happens, how valued do you think I feel about my money spent here? It's like I am now paying to be griefed on gear due to bad Nb4G rolling system, the company not fixing this situation at all, and being griefed by other players over the loot loss. This is very poor customer support and service. Here is my suggestion, why not just program Need before Greed with a little more intelligence and if a player is wearing gear iLvL higher than the instance provides, to not allow a Need+ roll on that slot of gear? Offspecs aside, if you NEED gear for your "offspec", then make it so people need to come to play in that spec to get the Need+ bonus? The whole "I need it for other spec" argument is moot when we constantly get the shaft on loot rolls because of it. Come to play on your spec you choose to gear up and get gear for it, period. I am continually losing my Need+ rolls to Elemental and Resto Shamans, and that sucks and hurts. I understand Enhancement shammies, but resto and ele? Please, draw a line somewhere. Last week on my Feral Druid, I lost a Need+ ROll to a Boomkin/Resto offspec (I armory'd him) Druid on an AGILITY trinket. What's up with that? Please tell me how a spellcaster druid gets a Need+ roll on an Agility Trinket. Again, he has no Feral Spec. Sadly, it appears I am just a grain of sand on the beach, but if you suffer the loss of another million subs, maybe you guys will reconsider fixing the game to be truly fair and stop wasting people's time running LFR only to give loot to those who don't NEED it and dangle it in your face. We shouldn't have to wait til Panda for this to be fixxed. I'm paying you NOW. Panda may be too late... Defend it as you wish. May the subscription cancellation numbers overshout your defense of your broken, unfun, unfair looting system that players should not have to suffer abuse from. Please, pass this up to Morhaime's office for me and tell him Thanks for the run of good games, til now. Respectfully yours, CrittsterCrittster45 May 19, 2012
May 19, 2012 Griefers & LFR - Blizz please respond Dear Developers - It seem in the down time of people waiting for a new expansion, griefing LFR is becoming a popular past time. I personally, have not seen much done to prevent nor deter this. Its getting old and frankly, YOU at blizzard need to do something to put this to a stop. Just last nite, while tanking 2nd half of DS with a guildie as off tank - a group of 4 people from Greymane decided to grief our raid. It was 2 priests, a rogue and a mage. Each of the priests use Leap of Faith to pull a tank behind the boss and off the cliff. Then after the raid wiped due to no tanks, the rogue rezes' the group on the ledge underneath the boss. Somehow they also managed to restart the event before we could get all 4 kicked so that when we pulled again, because they bugged it to where as soon as we pulled - we had twilight eruption because nobody was in the twilight realm upon pull- so we died again. So, we experience 2 repair bills and a good 20 mins of wasted time because this group of 4 people thought this would be fun. Please go check my logs for Medivac's Ultraxion run last week. BUT many in the raid submit tickets about this. Most of which your GM's will not even accept the ticket because they are unaware u have to click thier name to report and we can not do that once they have been removed from the raid. But even the ones that are accepted - nothing substantial is being done. If GM"s look back at the logs and see it was a blatant attempt to wipe the raid - WHY are you not coming down on them with a ban hammer. OR find a way to ban players from LFR for several weeks. I guarentee you, you come down hard on those who are doing this stuff intentionally, we might really start to see people not wanting to do this. I am starting to AVOID LFR now - its not fun. You are letting people who are not healers que up as heals to reduce thier que times which often only wipes the raid due to lack of heals. This damn PVP gear allows people already who do not pull thier weight to get in. I have 9 85s who can go into LFR. Between all the LFR's I have been in - I have seen a LOT of griefers doing downright intentional things to kill people. I zoned into a first half a week ago - only to find a shadow priest was running and gathering as many mobs as possible to bring back to the raid before morchock to kill everyone. Some people died several times because as long as they stayed in combat, she was unkickable. Almost every time I do run into people doing these I have submitted tickets - but I admit I am starting to feel like its not worth it - you guys are not listening. THIS IS NOT A PROBLEM THAT CAN WAIT TO BE FIXED WITH NEXT EXPANSION! So, Please Blizzard - FIRMLY address this problem with griefing and people quing for roles they are not doing (Tanks or dps queing as healers but not actually healing). Also, even though you have added a new report system - you NEED to add griefing as a category. Most people look at the choices and cheating or name is not really an appropriate category >.> Would love a Blue if u have information about anything being done about this. Thanks.Vazziera27 May 19, 2012
May 19, 2012 Looking for raids. Looking to do some Dragonsoul runs on normal. Need to get the acheivement and what not. I would appreciate any invites. ThanksDekalbz1 May 19, 2012
May 19, 2012 Looking for Full Clear of wow group. Hi a few months ago i saw a post on here that had a person who created a guild that was doing a full clear of wow. They had already dont vanilla and bc and was in the middle of wrath. I am wondering if anyone else is wanting to do this. I would love to do is since i hit lvl 70 a week before wrath launched. Please let me know if you know of anyone who is starting from the begining of wow with t1 content and HAS NOT STARTED yet. i would love to do this if anyone would like to do it. I would start one BUT i would be unable to lead a raid due to the fact i never did any of this content while it was current i just blow through it at 85 without following the mechanics at all. Thanks for any info in advance. TinkTínk0 May 19, 2012
May 19, 2012 Accepting a heroic raid lockout With the way heroic raid lockouts work, there is a key piece of information missing that is not presented to us when we zone in to a partially cleared instance. When the box pops up that says '6/7 bosses defeated, accept?' we need to know which of those bosses were killed on heroic. If we don't have that information, we run the risk of being prevented from pulling end-bosses on heroic. I signed up for a heroic rag farm on openraid.us. We were assured that 6/7 heroic had been cleared and the group would just be pulling heroic ragnaros for the mount. So, we get set up, zone in, accept the 6/7, clear trash... and of course Rag is not there. There is no way to know when you zone in to a partially completed instance which bosses were killed on heroic, and this piece of information is needed in order to make an informed decision whether or not to hit 'accept'. I opened a ticket, and as I suspected the GM would not reverse my save, polite as we both were to each other :) Of course I understand that the best way to do this is with a guild group and that's how I've done it before, but with the guild taking a diablo 3 break I figured I'd try this for fun. Ah well, won't be doing that again.Malkie3 May 19, 2012