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Mar 18, 2012 I love raiding... It is the only reason I play this game, but its the only reason I need. It is awesome. Every bit of it. However Dragon Soul just fell short of what everything blizz has done before this. Not only did they skimp out on content, we are given a rather bland set of bosses while individually aren't that bad. But put all of them together and we have a mediocre raid that lacks content, and end-boss while, being one of the better fights, is a bad end boss. I don't understand why they didn't want to do 12 boss raids anymore. Everyone loved them did blizzard just get lazy? I still enjoy raiding, but its getting harder because the content is just not doing it for me. Anyone else getting this feeling?Silverhatred11 Mar 18, 2012
Mar 18, 2012 Question and Opinion please. How often Protection Paladin and Bear Druid use Prismatic Elixir or Elixir of Deep Earth or Elixir of the Master? Which class between Protection Paladin and Bear Druid get most benefit from Alchemy? In your opinion between Protection Paladin and Bear Druid which one can solo Dungeons & Raids greater than another one? Montiele1 Mar 18, 2012
Mar 18, 2012 Heroic Lockout Rules and Bugs? I've looked over and over the rules regarding Heroic Raid Lockouts and cannot find the explanation for this situation. Hopefully we can pool some knowledge from past experiences here, so if you know please answer! Recently I went with friends from another guild on this character, my main, to clear a few heroic bosses in Firelands. I intended to stay on this character as long as possible to help clear heroics, however wanted to leave at max 6/7 so Ragnaros would be available on heroic for my guild (we weren't going to try Rag heroic in this pug). We wound up killing Shannox, Rhyo, Alys, and Baleroc on heroic before we switched to normal to kill Beth and I switched to an alt for the rest of the night. We then cleared the instance on normal, killing Rag. To my knowledge my main was saved to a 4/7 Heroic raid that can be picked up later on... right? Showed up to raid with the guild, entered while it was on normal (derp) and it showed 4/7 save selection. Switched to heroic and it saved us all to a 6/7 "heroic" showing Rag available however with Rag despawned. What the what? The explanation I've received so far is that because the remaining bosses were cleared on normal (by characters that WERE NOT present in the guild run put together later) my main was "saved" to a full Firelands clear. I want to make it clear, my main and no one else's character from our guild raid was present for those final 3 kills, we left at 4/7 heroic. The paradox of Rag being available still to kill on normal was described as having "no explanation". This just seems inaccurate to me... Was this just weird or is it true you cannot partially clear on heroic on one char and complete it on normal with another without both characters being saved to the entire clear? Olducu8 Mar 18, 2012
Mar 18, 2012 Anyone irritated with the loot system? Alright..I've been looking for Treachery's Bite from the Hour of Twilight instance off of Archbishop Benedictus for quite some time now..I think I've killed him 20 times or so, and I haven't even had it drop. The guide says he has a "medium" chance to drop it, not to mention he has a 1/6 chance to drop it (he drops a total of 12 items, 2 drop at a time), and I haven't even seen it. It's really the only weapon that I feel would be good for my build..ugh just frustrating..Tristane11 Mar 18, 2012
Mar 18, 2012 Let's talk about epic gems for a minute. See my thinking is that the prices are getting lower, but honestly not low enough for the majority of people to benefit from them. My proposition not to drop the prices (5k for a red gem and more for the cuts btw =3 ) but to simply make them more available is make every normal mode, NOT LFR boss drop 1 random epic gem. This was done in Burning Crusade in a few raids and dungeons, and the same goes for WotLK. SUPPORT THISSS.Fystif31 Mar 18, 2012
Mar 18, 2012 do people usually DE all items in BH? just a quick question. is it normal for a group in BH to disenchant every item dropped? i was just in a group for my first time in BH and they wouldnt allow a roll on anything but crystals and when i asked if i could roll on a non DEd piece of gear i got a verbal assault on vent. so is this a normal thing that groups do in baradin hold or was my group just full of pve freaks that didnt want any cata pvp gear?Doobrr5 Mar 18, 2012
Mar 18, 2012 LFR trolling and vote to kick So this is definitely the last time I will be doing LFR. Every week it has become the same thing where groups of guild members will queue together just to intentionally wipe and troll LFR. The part that makes this bad is that Blizzard protects these players with how they have the vote to kick feature set up. I personally have a lot of alts, so in the past i queued LFR multiple times for both parts every week. Lately, it seems like every raid I joined there would be 3-5 guild members queued together and they would just do everything they can to intentionally wipe the group. Pulling adds on Morchok, starting Spine before players can be kicked then killing all corruptions, people using aspect of the pact/lifegrip to try to wipe groups on Hagara, pulling Zonozz during trash, etc. The list goes on and on, and every single week for the past month or so now I have run into this almost every single LFR I queue for (including the one I just finished). I end up having to leave the groups I get into, after sitting in 15-25 minute queues because someone that is intentionally disrupting the game is protected. Now here is the catch. Blizzard takes absolutely no disciplinary action against these players. They say we should be saving our vote to kicks for this. Well, when you have a lot of alts and run into this problem a lot you end up with a 4 hour vote to kick timer as a result of vote to kicks having an impact account wide when you use it. So in the end people end up having to sit around and wait for a kick timer to remove these LFR trolls. I'm sure some people will say you can only get a high kick timer if you kick too often. Well that is not the case because as I said, vote to kicks have an account wide penalty and I have 11 85s. Even reserving my vote to kick only for people intentionally wiping raids and preventing the group from being able to progress, I am still stuck at a 2 hour minimum kick timer (varies between 2-4 hours depending if I kicked someone that week). Just so people understand the extent of some of the trolling goes on I'd like to use an example I ran into last week. I joined a group that was already maxed out on vote to kicks on Morchok (yes sad I know, but this was the group I got when I queued I couldn't do much about it aside from spending another 20 minutes in queue). So anyway, there was this individual that had been wiping the group for about 2 hours apparently before I joined, and proceeded to wipe the group for about 3 hours after I joined. I was on a mage so I would just run away and invis to avoid dying, but it just amazes me that Blizzard is protecting players like this. You run the risk of being stuck in a raid where you, the innocent player, is forced to suffer while someone who is intentionally ruining the game for *thousands of people* (5-15 players would get cycled through the group every wipe and this went on for hours) gets no repercussions for their actions. The thing that makes this so unacceptable is the fact that if you were to go in trade and curse, you could probably get a temporary ban. If you intentionally ruin the game for hundreds or thousands of people by intentionally wiping groups, absolutely nothing happens to you. In what world is that a logical balance of consequences? I understand Blizzard set things up to try to protect new players from being kicked for things like low dps, dying once, etc, but when it is protecting people that troll on a regular basis who are ruining the game for people, it is no longer acceptable. LFR at this point is just a horrible experience because queue after queue there are trolls doing everything they can to wipe groups, and innocent players are at the mercy of a broken vote to kick system.Rainbowstar36 Mar 18, 2012
Mar 18, 2012 Finished Dungeon Issues I have had several problems on all my characters where I queue for a random and when I get in its completely finished and its all because someone didn't click the "leave party" option and clicked "find more players" instead of find group. So for those people, they are stuck with the dungeon finder cool down and can't requeue. As a dps, the finder cool down mechanic is really annoying and not to mentioned flawed. I don't really understand the point of this mechanic since there is already the deserter debuff for those who choose to leave right away, just add that affect to people who get kicked and there will be no need for the cool down. For this issue, I suggest making it that once all the bosses are dead no one in the group has the option to "find more players." They can either 1) queue for a new random or 2) be forced to leave the party to queue.Ashekor0 Mar 18, 2012
Mar 18, 2012 Dungeon Kick needs to be looked at Just joined a dungeon and everything seemed fine, til we asked where the rogue was. Apparently he/she was afk dead, none of us could initiate a kick (i haven't even voted to kick someone all night) and so we were left with an afk rogue. Blizz really need to look at their limitations on the dungeon kicking system, I'm so sick of getting stuck with some troll who wants to grief the entire party by either not moving, afking or just not helping in general.Karder0 Mar 18, 2012
Mar 18, 2012 Tips for H Spine 2nd-3rd plate transition? So we put in a night of attempts on H spine this week and were able to get the second plate down a few times, but the transition point of mopping up bloods and then rolling before plate 3 always managed to kill off some or all of our raid every time. We kill 2 corruptions and have 2 amalgs to mop blood - should we be killing an extra one? We couldn't help one of the amalgs hitting 9 stacks every time and exploding on the raid, which added to the explosions from bloods dying and the aoe damage from standing in the tendrils during a roll always seems to kill some people even with all of our raid cd's running - barrier, tranq, tank 4pc, and aura mastery and it's still not enough (usually the people who die are ones with the healing debuff, which is understandable). EDIT: It's 10 man, btw.Silverbolt7 Mar 18, 2012
Mar 18, 2012 An unconventional run thru BRC Short story; not bragging, just relating what we did hoping it might be of use or entertaining to someone. I have 4 accounts: one is mine and the others for minor children. We play together. They are all under one bnet login. We decided to run a high-level instance, but the problem was this: our 80+ toons were all on 4 different servers (long story), and you can't form a group xrealm between accts on the same bnet login. So... My buddy (who has my real ID), got on his 83 rogue and xrealm invited four of us: 85 spriest, 85 hpally, 80 mage, 82 feral. Then he queued for a random, which amazingly works because BRC and ToT are 80-85. We got BRC. Ok, next question was: who tanks? The feral had kitty spec and gear, and was played by a 6 yr old, so he was out. So the 83 rogue tanked, and the 85 pally (played by me) healed. The kids dps'ed. I was honestly amazed that this worked: 60k hp rogue tanking 5-pulls (ok he'd sap one and I'd HoJ one). Mage didn't know how to sheep, so we didn't. I would rebuke casters on CD and arcane torrent when it made sense, but mostly I had to heal hard to keep the group up. It was challenging, but a lot of fun. TL;DR: You can queue xrealm on toons from diff accts under same bnet login if you use a friend to form the group. And an 83 rogue can tank BRC normal with a strong enough healer.Kinelope11 Mar 18, 2012
Mar 18, 2012 Heroic Zon'ozz dispel Looking for any tips to do this. We are wiping a lot because of this: -Debuff on 3 players, 2 go to the same direction and boom -Players leave for dispel (3 debuff on the same group) and ball wreck havoc the others Raid: Tank: Druid Healers: Disc Priest - Druid - Shaman DPS: DK, Mage, S Priest, 2x Hunter, Paladin Groups -Tank, Disc Priest, Druid, DK, Paladin -Mage, S Priest, 2x Hunter, Shaman Druid and Shaman dispelling (their groups). They wait 3 seconds, so players can run, healing the target and start the dispels.Tarvos5 Mar 18, 2012
Mar 18, 2012 HM Hagara Question So my guild is working on H hagara and I'm tanking it. As far as I know, and from what I've read, the tank is supposed to move the boss when she focused assaults. Whenever I do this, however, the boss will not cancel her cast. I can literally drag her across the room and she will just continue casting like its nothing. So we ended up just having me soak it with CDs since I don't really need them in any other part. This works, but it would be much easier if the boss actually canceled her cast. Just wanted to know if any other tanks know anything about fixing this, thanks in advance.Kalibastyr8 Mar 18, 2012
Mar 18, 2012 Dragon Soul runs ok so 3 weeks ago i could run ds 3xs a week without having to try to find a group, but latly i cant even get word of a non guild ds run thats not rf and not being able to buy the equip people are purring in ah from ds runs i need help finding runs that arnt in the middle of the night.... so if anyone has a raiding group that needs another dps with vent id really appreciate hearing from ya with infoDaxxus5 Mar 18, 2012
Mar 18, 2012 Normal 10 man loot qq... So tonight we got two bows off 10 man Madness and no hunters. Seriously? I didn't think 10 man was supposed to get duplicate loot, I thought that curse was only present for 25s as part of their incentives to bring multiple classes. This is a complete outrage and disgrace and um... (losing steam here..) angers me greatly and I demand this be fixed right now! (even though we don't really need any more loot off this guy anyway, but ignore that). I'm so angry I'm going to quit the game (for 2 whole hours!). i'm gonna *yawns* um.. ok yah, gonna head to bed now but this is madness I tell you!Elm14 Mar 18, 2012
Mar 18, 2012 LFG - BRD Blizz why can't you toss us a bone and tell us what boss we need to kill to get credit for when we get BRD in a random group? That place is way too big to guess and if you try and kill all of them it takes way too long.Smokevin1 Mar 18, 2012
Mar 17, 2012 Why do people cry about LFR when..... Normal DS is so easy with the NERF? Hell, I'm a keyboard turning noob, who never done DS normal before and only have 5% hit with pvp gear, yet still able to down Madness in a pug. OPPS I forgot logic doesn't exist here only WWWOOOAAHH I DIDN'T WIN ROLL WWHHOOAAHH!!!!Highßorn23 Mar 17, 2012
Mar 17, 2012 Upgraded Kara This would tide me over 'til MoP. Just sayin'. Can't the geniuses at Blizzard tweak some numbers and drop a level 85 version of this classic on an unsuspecting public?!Rushmore21 Mar 17, 2012
Mar 17, 2012 LOOK HERE guilds doing runthrus and want2.3m I want the expansion experience, I need EVERYTHING from all the raids in this expansion, all loot that drops and I can use (paladin) all mounts, all achievs, everything. those who think they can do it, let the bidding commence I can xfer and faction change 2.5mg is the starting bid, go lower if you want the jobDeadkelsier42 Mar 17, 2012
Mar 17, 2012 [Suggestion] Tweak reputation rewards <85 I wasn't sure where to put this, being that there isn't a suggestion forum anymore. I figured this was relevant because the gear is needed for (lower level) raids, and you grind most of the reps through dungeons. So there you have it. Bear with my ignorance, since this is my first 'twink'-like character. The BC factions are the primary concern for me, personally, but as far as I'm aware, this is a problem with basically every epic vendor until 85. Rewards cost a ridiculous amount of JP for anyone who is not capped and farming Cataclysm dungeons. There are many of us freezing exp at 60, 70, or even 80, to enjoy raids and battlegrounds. As it stands presently, at level 70 and enjoying and exploring BC content, I would have to farm the 2 WotLK dungeons for over six weeks to be able to purchase a chest piece. If I can settle with a week and a half, I can obtain a shield. What I propose: a) Let BC Heroics reward JP in a small amount similar to the WotLK ones (Seriously I'm tired of Utgarde). I don't believe this would be easy to abuse because it is a very small window for those who are leveling, and it would have as little consequence as farming WotLK for old JP gear. b) Let the cost of rewards scale appropriately with end-game progression. E.g.; it takes about a week to obtain a piece of gear from Valor at 85; the same should be true at 70 and 80 (with the 'larger' pieces taking just over 2 weeks). The biggest issue I see with my own suggestion is how easy it would make obtaining this gear for capped characters; however, JP is already so inconsequential that it would hardly make a difference, and to them the gear serves a purpose of vanity - it does not affect their gameplay or give them an advantage over any other player. I understand that this is a very small part of the game and only affects a small portion of the population; this is just my humble request. If anyone has a point they would like to share or argue (or point out I've overlooked something painfully obvious) please feel free to share. Thank you!Ladore0 Mar 17, 2012
Mar 17, 2012 [H] Herald - need tank Once again, we appear to be short a tank - they're so scarce. If you have or know a correctly-geared 80 who would like to tank Herald within the next two hours, please tell hin to contact me at realID clent16@yahoo.com Thanks.Meirlkor0 Mar 17, 2012
Mar 17, 2012 Can Blizzard define the word "Need" please? Blizzard's statement: Raid Finder is primarily intended for players who don’t already raid consistently. These are players who may not have had the opportunity to take part in raid content due to scheduling conflicts, playtime constraints, limited access to other raid-capable players, or a lack of experience with higher-end content. These players may want to experience World of Warcraft’s raid content and storyline without being able to commit to the additional time investment of a raiding guild. The Raid Finder is also a great way to quickly and easily gear up alternate characters without having to worry about raid lockouts. So there are a lot of debates about it now, so can we get a statement at what "need," actually means? So we know what you're plans are for the future. Here are some suggestions from people in the thread: -Do ToC tokens where they are universal and the system detects if you have that token for the role you picked. This way something you can use drops off every boss. -Make tokens role based and have 1 tank, 2 heal, and 6 dps drop like AQ 40 each boss would drop the same tokens every run (numbers can be tweaked.) -Make all items unique and detect spec so you cannot win the same item twice (put daggers or axes as 2 for warrior/rogue/shammy etc.)Shrouds135 Mar 17, 2012
Mar 17, 2012 Cataclysm raids were unpolished For the first time, raid content has not lived up to the high expectations Blizzard usually meets. Content had schizophrenic difficulty settings as developers changed their philosophy about raid difficulty mid-expansion but failed to communicate their new goals well or even create a coordinated response. The result is Firelands heroics becoming easier than T11 heroics, with players unable to manage expectations because they never know if the next tier will face 5% monthly nerfs, 30% sudden cliffs, or remain untouched, since each strategy was used in Cata. Bugs abounded, and responses were slow. T11 content was broken for at least two months before the first round of serious fixes were released in February. Warmaster heroic remains an embarrassingly bugged encounter today and Hagara also has never worked as intended. Ultraxion trash still cannot be appropriately hit by melee. Instead of targeted fixes for things that were not working, content was scrapped entirely or just given a zone-wide nerf to appease players. Redesign Atramedes months after only exploiting guilds got kills. Instead of fixing Ultrax trash, speed it up. Blackhorn will remain buggy because the nerfs make him accessible. The philosophy appears to be that players will enjoy broken content so long as they're showered in purples. Balance concerns have been surprisingly bad. Compare Holy paladins at release (Tower of Radiance needed a nerf, mana and regen were nerfed, healing values nerfed) to priest healing specs (holy saw its combat regen doubled, disc saw healing values tripled just to make these specs competitive). Repeatedly, I am seeing experienced players predict very obvious problems that developers somehow miss: original Tarecgosa acquisition rate was too fast as players noted; developers recommended a change that would have given 10man guilds their first staff in December while 25s got their 5th; new Holy Radiance predictably needed multiple rounds of nerfs; 10man twin dragons used the same damage values as 25man despite having 2-4 fewer healers, and so on. Many mechanics have been bad, or failed to work as intended. HRag: players must be X yards apart, you give them a helpful zone larger than X yards and are surprised when players fit more than one inside. Deep Corruption (Yorsahj): neat idea, but why not give it a combat log event? Early players had to crawl logs and guess which effects triggered it, later players can't figure out what blew them up. Inexplicably, trash debuff is not the same. Unacceptably, some of the effects were just overlooked (Atonement: zero stacks on trash, but a single holy fire is 8 stacks on Yorsahj). Atramedes: didn't work. Morchok: lol easy, but whose idea was it to (originally) limit 10man guilds to only 2 melee? Months of Rhyolith RNG monster. Rag trash (lol) fixed just a few weeks ago. Eventually these things turn out "OK" after a number of iterations, on LIVE servers. But the experience is like playing a beta. Conceptually there was some good material, but too much lived past the editing room floor, should have been cut in PTR testing. I feel like Blizzard thought "most players won't experience it so this is acceptable." But the effects (even on heroic raids) bled down throughout the raiding community. I hope Mists of Pandaria provides a better environment to POLISH content before giving it to players. In particular, I'd congratulate MoP on the decoupling of challenge mode dungeons from heroics--which are grind-mode dungeons. Those are two opposing design goals. Raids need the same treatment but it's not even being discussed. LFR provided the perfect opportunity, a third difficulty setting so that "grind mode" and "prestige-only mode" could be decoupled. Please do it so that we don't see another expansion whose raid content is warped by competing interests. Mouthwash24 Mar 17, 2012
Mar 17, 2012 End Time Murozond change? I haven't run this in a while and today got in on my shaman alt and there seemed to be a change where it wasn't resetting my cooldowns. before I remember having to recast hero and my other cooldowns after each use of the hourglass now it seemed everyone still had the debuff from it and I couldnt reuse my wolfs. Can someone explain the change to me. It confused me and I tried looking it up and didnt find anything.Lilfööt5 Mar 17, 2012
Mar 17, 2012 Please segregate lfd/lfr based on language I was just kicked from a group full of people from goldrinn and one from warsong, the brazilian servers after seeing some incomprehensible question, to which I simply said, "english?" Then all I saw was that I have been removed from the group. I was top dps and I'm not retarded (this is lfd after all, don't stand in fire or pull everything and you win), so I can only assume I was kicked because I speak english. While playing an American game on a US server. This has happened to my friend as well, with spanish-speaking people instead of brazilians. Please Blizzard, for the love of god segregate the lfd system, the language barrier is apparently too much and a 15 minute cooldown because of racist south americans is too much for a game i'm paying for.Linux3 Mar 17, 2012
Mar 17, 2012 Definition of random This is my final post on this topic; a post in which I wish to promptly and concisely refute all arguments which are pro-loot sharing in LFR. T make my argument, I will barrow from a Webster's dictionary and simply give you a single definition and explain it. But first, if you're rolling for a friend, it is not you who needs the item, it is your friend. This does not change no matter how many times you post that you 'need' to be able to clear more content. Your friend's need of gear can easily be translated into a need of more skill, better resource efficiency, or your guilds need of a more competent player. A player should have no problems running normal DS in a group with full 378 heroic gear that the players running Normal FL didn't have running 353 gear. Now if it poses an upgrade for the friend, or hell, even a downgrade, let him roll, but a player should win on their own roll alone. My definition from Webster's will be used to detail why. Random: Statistics of or characterizing a process of selection in which each item of a set has an equal probability of being chosen. There are four key terms/phrases I will loot at in this definition: "process of selection", "each item", "set," and "equal probability". First, "process of selection". This is simple, "random" is simply a process of selection. It's not "Who got carried" or "who does it pose the largest upgrade for" or "who performed best". A player is chosen by a random system and that's that. Next, "each item". In reference to statistics, which unfortunately is not a widely-taught class in high-school anymore or else many of the arguments would cease quickly, "each item" would mean the final destination of an end result. In terms of loot, each player who would potentially end the selection with the loot is an "item" which can be selected. In someone is rolling for you, they do not have the item at the end of the process, you do. In fact, they were never going to have the loot in the first place if the intended destination was you. Statistically, this excludes them from the "set" which is the next term to be looked at. A "set" is simply the total of "items" which could have been chosen by the "process of selection". If your friend is passing the item along to you, he simply becomes a sub-route of you, which represents one item. However, in any statistics class, a sun cannot exist in a random selection. Lastly, "equal probability". This is obvious. In reference to the definition, each item (player) in a random set (people who need the item) should have the same odds of being selected (winning a roll). This is precisely why a sub cannot exist in a random selection. For any item to have a larger chance of being selected, it is no longer random. It is still probability, but even a fraction of a percentage ruins the very nature of "random". In 4th grade English, which seems to be the common language of Azeroth, this means if someone has a larger chance of winning loot cause their friends are rolling for them, it is no longer random. All RNG arguments become invalid. Have a nice day.Steppinrazor60 Mar 17, 2012
Mar 17, 2012 Madness platforms For the love of god just put a damn bridge going from green to blue. Screw random deaths being part of the hard mode. Edit killed it the next attempt >_>David12 Mar 17, 2012
Mar 17, 2012 Random raid drop LFR blizzard fail So i'm really annoyed about the horrible design of the way the random drop items from the first six bosses were designed. As it stands they have a painfully low drop chance, even in our main raid this whole tier we have see 2 cunnings 2 vials and 1 bone link fetish. So what we have is an item with something like a 0.1 drop chance that EVERYONE in the raid needs, how ordinarily an item with a low drop chance will eventually drop and in a main raid where there are say 5 casters you will all get it. however in LFR chances are everyone still needs the trinket or they wouldn't be doing the raid. This game rewards perseverance or skill or both. either you get something because you are really good, or you get it because you farmed it a for ages. However this stupid system means that i'll never get my god damned cunning. HOW IT SHOULD BE: each of the first six bosses should have 1 item that is guaranteed to be any of the random drop itemsMuleish10 Mar 17, 2012
Mar 17, 2012 Group / Raid marks need more? I don't understand why we don't have access to more marks for groups and raids or even the ability to use marks with text or symbols. The macro system has so many icons yet we get to choose from only a handful for marking and they become so overused again and again. My suggestion, 1. more marks - symbols for melee and range 2. text marks with predefined text or text you can type in 3. even marks which may have player names / portraits (if you want to get fancy) Kumawins1 Mar 17, 2012
Mar 17, 2012 Madness of DW blistering tenticles For those folks who had done madness of deathwing in LFR there comes the issue with the blistering tenticles on the 4th platform. #1 they are too hard to click on, I have tried many times to try to click on the tentcles to attack it, and it dosn't work. If I am lucky I can successfully click on one, but they can't be targeted by clicking. #2 they are very hard to kill with AOE damage, since many folks have issues single targeting it, they use AOE ability, and they don't get killed fast enough. Many groups wipe at this point because they fail to kill the blistering tenticles, and I'm sick on tired of wiping on madness due to this issue. Urbersproak43 Mar 17, 2012
Mar 17, 2012 LF BOOMKIN HM RAG KILL SUNDAY sign up on openraid.us 100% chance of getting accepted if you have legendary and exp.Cataqt1 Mar 17, 2012
Mar 17, 2012 Pugging is too hard I just wish there was an easier mechanic maybe you fill a few slots and then you can ask for help from Wow for other players who are looking for a pug. Say you have a tank a healer and a ranged dps and you want to look for other players and dont care what you get you can click on how many ranged players you want mele and minimum Ilevel or how much you intend to clear Heriocs or not. I would also like to see better options for players who want to que older raids could click I am i.e. (I am ranged dps and then click on a stage of a quest for this legendary weapon.) or (I am a rogue and I will pass on geodes in order to get gear.) Right now the 1 player who might put him/herself in other raids is just to vague to go off on. And trade is so flooded with raids (most of them that discriminate the smallest thing) or pvp teams. I think there should be clear channels again for all three (trade pvp and raid) that would help clean up channels.Gnobiwan4 Mar 17, 2012
Mar 17, 2012 LFM Ruby Sanctum Heroic 25 Need more quickly for RS 25 heroic, come get your achieve!!! webe666@hotmail.comTyriâ2 Mar 17, 2012
Mar 17, 2012 LFR chock full of selfishness I have a lot of toons, 50% of which are healers and when I dps if i have the item i just pass on it even if i can actually use it as an offspec, the thing is i have so many toons i dont want to get gear from someone who can use it on his main spec. On my hunter horde toon i ran the raid since day 1 and i have never ever gotten the shoulders. Thsi is the last straw when i begged, yes begged the shaman to give it to me as he was wearing a higher one and he just left the raid. Of course one cannot expect kindness to be ever returned but seriously this is obviously a raw, bleeding, ozzing and pus-filled issue that blizzard needs to fix. One big reason i refuse or dislike running with people from my server is that my server is old and most of the people here do NOTHING absolutely nothing but raid. Back when we didnt have the lfd/lfr I was one of the people who would form a group , exert 200% effort to find a tank or healer and even pay these people to do those services. I dont want to do it anymore. No siree. On top of that people on my server are vicious, if u fail once or u do something by accident u get called for it several times on the raid then again several times on trade then sometimes, back then, u get called for it n the server forums. So nope. No. Cheesypoofs12 Mar 17, 2012
Mar 17, 2012 math is hard dur....that is all signed lfr heroesDrakulich8 Mar 17, 2012
Mar 17, 2012 Single player instances I recently read about the idea of a single player class specific area to teach new 85s how to play their class. I just wanted to expand upon it and throw in my 2 cents worth of ideas. Upon reaching level 85 a player would have access to 1 or more class and spec specific 1-man instances. These instances would have a gauntlet of challenges in them for a single player and would reward gear that would help them jump right into heroic 5-mans. (In the context of cataclysm, the gear would probably be item level 365, which would allow a new 85 to jump right into HoT instances and be decent.) The gear rewarded could also be made to look like gear not normally available to that class, such as cloth gear that looks like Wrathful Gladiator's Felweave but available in the mage/priest quest rewards. (Yeah I just think lock s8 looks badass.) Inside these instances you would be required to wear a specific set of gear (or have your stats normalized) so that the difficulty is not effected by gear whatsoever. These quests would teach class skill and overall awareness. I've come up with some examples of quests for a warlock: DPS Test: Two mobs are in a room. Lets say they are voidwalkers. They do not attack you. They take turns channeling "Elemental Protection" on each other which causes the target to take 50% less damage but the caster will take 100% more damage for 10 seconds at a time. After 2 minutes they both explode instantly killing you. These voidwalkers are tuned so that you can kill both of them within 1 min 45 sec with an ideal dps rotation and good timing on target swapping. CC Test: You fight against a warlock and a felguard. The felguard has a buff that reduces damage taken by 99%, making it obvious that its not supposed to be killed. Every 30 seconds another felguard will be summoned. The enemy warlock himself is fairly weak and only casts corruption and shadowbolt on you. The felguards hit extremely hard and you would die to them in about 5 hits. It should be tuned so that the warlock will die in 2 min and about 15 or 30 seconds to an ideal dps rotation with dps from an enslaved felguard including time to CC the summoned felguards. Class skill Test: You fight against a metamorphed demon (Lets call him Opdemolock). He is immune to all CC and his auto attacks do shadow damage. He has 2 attack patterns: Five seconds into the fight Opdemolock will use Demonic Leap where he will leap into the air (gives a warning 2 sec before he does it) and land on you (does no damage) and begins to cast Shred The Shadows, a 1.5 sec cast time 20 yd AOE that instantly kills you (can not be interrupted). If that does not hit you, he will chase after you for 5 sec at 125% of player moving speed, if he reaches within 10 yds he will instantly cast Touch of Death, instantly killing you. If he does not reach you he will become exhausted and be stunned for 3 seconds. A few seconds after finishing Demonic Leap Opdemolock will begin to channel a Flame Portal or a Darkness Portal chosen at random for 16 seconds. Waves of 8 imps will come out of the portal 4 seconds at a time for 16 seconds. (4 waves of imps totalling 32) Flame Imps will come out of the Flame Portal, they are immune to fire damage. Dark Imps will come out of the Darkness Portal, they are immune to shadow damage. They do weak damage but Opdemolock gains a stack of Shadowflame Empowerment, giving him 10% increased damage per stack up to 32, for each imp that dies within 10 yards of him. They have fairly low health and die quickly to seed of corruption or hellfire/rain of fire. If he does not gain a single Shadowflame Empowerment buff for the entire duration, he will be stunned for 3 seconds afterwards. It should take approximately 3 Demonic leap and 3 Portal cycles to dps him down.Gnomegrinder9 Mar 17, 2012
Mar 17, 2012 Battlegroup Question If there are no longer battlegroups for dungeons and bgs why do specific server still get queued with realms in the old battlegroup system before any other?Dhunter0 Mar 17, 2012
Mar 17, 2012 Question for Horde players Just curious as to what Horde players reaction was to not actually going on the Horde gunship and having to fight on the Alliance one instead in Dragon Soul.Katarn8 Mar 17, 2012
Mar 17, 2012 Looking for Raid Loot system The way the loot system works right now, you can get loot from the raid finder the first time you run. You can also loot multiple items if you roll high enough, that I do not have a problem with. But what I do have a problem with is this; if you go into the raid finder and nothing drops from a boss that you can use, you miss out. If you go back to run it with a friend but you have already run the instance, you cannot loot an item that drops that you can use. I think Blizzard should make a slight change to this feature. Make it so that if you cannot loot the items that drop, you should be able to go back and have another shot at loot for that boss. But if you have looted atleast one item from the boss you can no longer gain loot from said boss. Now most of you might disagree and say that the system is designed to be like a raid for casual players. I agree, however, seeing as this is lower gear, as easy as the new dungeons, and you can kill the bosses multiple times, you should be able to have multiple chances at loot. Koike37 Mar 17, 2012
Mar 16, 2012 What if the system didnt tell you who won Just a suggestion I have heard and I really think would prevent people from complaining about LFR loot rule system. Current everyone seems to thing they deserve winning the loot. Either because they have good dps so they should win, they have bad dps because they have bad gear therefore should have priority over gear etc etc. What if you didnt know who won? What if you win the only roll you will see is your own as well as the roll of the next highest person(but it wont tell who that person is), conversely if you lose it will tell you what you roll and what the winner's roll was(but wont tell you who won). Making the winner anonymous and it will be purely up to the winner discretion if he was to reveal he/she won would eliminate alot of the issues in LFR in my opinion.Zerde35 Mar 16, 2012
Mar 16, 2012 Eastwall Gate Locked? Not sure why, but this evening I tried to enter the Eastwall Gate, only to realize that I could not interact with the gate directly. I had been farming Strat the day before, and this seemed odd. I killed myself outside the gate and rezzed inside the gate. I used the lever to open the gate. The gate did allow me to interact with it after I used the lever for the first time. I'm thinking this is a bug.Drewedlulz1 Mar 16, 2012
Mar 16, 2012 Looking for raid group Not sure which forum to put this, redirect if need be please. Looking for raid and dungeon group, would like to try the being a # 2 tank to learn. If that is not possable I have a LVL 85 hunter that I am working on gear for raids. I run skype for comunication.Aitqwa0 Mar 16, 2012
Mar 16, 2012 Heroic Yor'sajh (10m) Help Hey everyone, I was hoping to get pointers on Heroic Yor'sajh. My guild tried him for the first time last night and we seemed to progress slowly (but steadily), so I was hoping to get some pointers that might help us learn the fight a bit quicker. We tried a variety of strategies but nothing seemed to work (logs can be found here: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/1j357ludgk9yb0xl/dashboard/?enc=bosses&boss=55312 ). Best attempt is this one: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/1j357ludgk9yb0xl/analyze/dd/source/?s=4171&e=4416 For the most part we went with the "kill purple strategy" but noticed that we ran into a variety of problems being that healers didn't have enough mana when we were dealing with a mana void, during a Yellow+black combo the second set of adds weren't down until after we were done killing the ooze, thus adding more strain on healers, or if we had a red+blue combo we were dieing to too much raid damage even with moving the boss to the mana void. That said we seemed to do really well when dealing with a blue+green+purple combo, so if anyone has any tips or strategies for helping us deal with anything that would be great. Our raid team consists of: Paladin Tank Feral Tank Holy/Shadow Priest Holy/Retribution Pally Druid Heals Arcane/Fire Mage Arcane/Fire Mage Enhance Shammy Elemental Shammy Retribution Pally DPS Warrior Here's what I was thinking we would try, but please make suggestions as we need help - (bold means I'm not sure the best way to deal with). black — blue — green — red; ---> Kill Green ---> black — blue — red black — blue — purple — yellow; ---> Kill Yellow ---> black — blue — purple black — green — red — yellow; ---> Kill Green ---> black — red — yellow black — purple — red — yellow; ---> Kill Yellow ---> black — purple — red blue — green — purple — yellow. ---> Kill Yellow ---> blue — green — purple black — blue — green — purple; ---> Kill Black ---> blue — green — purple Thanks very much!Zaide17 Mar 16, 2012
Mar 16, 2012 fix raid finder ok, im not one to complain but if you guys arent going to be fixing raid finder with all the ninjas and vendor rolling MoP is going to fail epicly and your going to lose even more subscriptions then you did when you released tyrael's donkey even though raid finder was around the corner. This is due to people seeing where you are going with the game. If you plan to keep this game going strong then a small suggestion would be to disable roll bonuses if the piece of gear is equipped in the boss encounter for the ninjas and make raid finder pieces non vendorable to stop people rolling for gold. simple things like that and being able to need and get a roll bonus for gear that is not used for your spec at that time. Look on the forums, most of the people complaining about LFR are complaining about ninjas and roll bonuses, they are both easily fixable and why you haven't done it yet is beyond me, but apparently this post has been long overdue, you would think your dev team would have come up with this by now but in case not there you go :)Gurú11 Mar 16, 2012
Mar 16, 2012 Cross Realm Raiding US/EU - Question My question is are you able to cross realm raid between, us and eu servers?Kerlifly2 Mar 16, 2012
Mar 16, 2012 What would you fill this slot with? Hi Everyone, I will be losing a raider in the next few weeks, and I was wondering what you thought would be the IDEAL replacement for him. I know a lot of classes share buffs, and all classes can theoretically do the “same” DPS, but I’m trying to think even in terms of loot distribution, utility, etc etc… My group comp will look like this… Prot Warr (OS DPS) Blood DK Holy / Disc Priest Resto Druid Resto Shammy SV hunter Arc Mage Combat Rogue Ret Paladin ?????????? Here’s my predicament. I am thinking that I would like to have a Lock for the candy, closet, and brezz, but that brings me to 3 clothies (including the healer). The other choice I was thinking is an ele shammy, but I have yet to see one who can do competitive DPS (maybe just bad luck). What do you guys think? If you had the above 9 classes and specs, what would you like to have as an ideal 10th? Jglordsphinx5 Mar 16, 2012
Mar 16, 2012 Low level dungeons and weird healers. Whats with all the weird healers in low level dungeons. 2 out 5 dungeons I ran this morning were plagued by the healer. The first time we had a druid with no gear, that just ran around spamming moonfire. It was so fast about it that we couldn't kick. The second one just occasionally cast rejuv and that was it. Are there like dungeons bots or something? Because they both needed on everything that dropped too. And neither could be kicked because they both had 10+ minute timers, so they were kicked a lot.Persephon2 Mar 16, 2012
Mar 16, 2012 DK tanking gear question Ok finally got this sight to show my Raid gear. Question is On a thread yeasterday some one said something about "500 threat rating" were or how do you figure this out.Aitqwa4 Mar 16, 2012
Mar 16, 2012 Institute a pure points PVE raid loot system. Is there any legitimate reason for not eliminating the current loot system in favor of using points to purchase almost everything like in PVP? I think most of us would agree that bad loot RNG is probably the most frustrating thing in this game. Seeing fellow raiders complete their heroic offspec set before you've completed your main set is just F'd. Give us 3 sets of separate points. LFR, Normal and Heroic points. You could even put in requirements for buying specific items, like killing H Deathwing could be a req for purchasing heroic DS weapons. Achievements could be used to unlock gear for purchase. Make only gold, mounts and flavor items drop from bosses. Let us buy the gear we want rather than let many of us unlucky sobs watch the same unused drops week after week get DE'd while lucky raiders get their wish lists. I know GMs will argue that loot evens out over time, but IMO that is a BS answer since raiders have a finite time on progression before nerfs go out and before the next tier starts. Bad RNG affects progression. We all have our stories of how our BIS item X has never dropped on this tier or that tier. The current system has too much volatility and players at the crappy end of the bell curve get screwed.Grimsly28 Mar 16, 2012
Mar 16, 2012 Hagara the Stormbinder 10 Man Just here bringing another video of me and a few buddies (a lot of pugged people) doing Hagara. Now save yourself the time if you just going to leave a generic comment saying it' sloppy (I know this lmfao) Please leave helpful tips on what to change and what we did right. P.S Yes I see my DPS was horrible that is simply because I am a tank in tank gear and in tank spec. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTdM9aaqaZ8Xessive0 Mar 16, 2012