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Jan 18, 2012 Can we get a forum... ...just for threads about LFR and how someone won an item, and some other dood didn't? It would make D&R almost useful again. I haven't seen a post about dungeons, or raids, in I don't know how long.Severen16 Jan 18, 2012
Jan 18, 2012 [Suggestion] BRD Style Group 'Zone' I was recently having a blast through BRD and I'm always struck at how big and non-linear it is, with so many tricks and secrets, and kind of sad that places like it (and similarly, Dire Maul) have never been made since. Even the entrance is(was) epic, running across chains suspended over a molten lake, with a secret quest giver just to get the key to the second half of the instance! Now I actually like the change to 15-20 minute Dungeon runs, especially since I don't have time for much more than to run one of these every now and then (Unlike my past, unmarried student life!) and dislike the "poopsocking" mentality of the gruelling grinds to get into the raids of yesteryear... I am Causal!... But what if there was a similar idea to classic BRD/DM in a 5-man (or more?) PvE Subzone! This would not be in the Random dungeon list, as it would likely require more effort and time from the group members. It'd be a place where you can do the big exploration style dungeoncrawl adventure, there's lots of quests, special summonable only bosses, and an endboss (maybe with variable rewards depending on whats happened previously ala Dire Maul?) various tricks and mechanics to find/enter hidden areas and extra loot. Since there's no dungeon finder loot/points, there's no incentive for the "Gogogo final boss only" mentality, and it would reward exploration and experience, rather than sheer DPS numbers and the fastest a group can make it from point A to point B. Loot levels would be on par to Dungeon and Justice gear, and it could be expandable with the extra content patches (ala VoA/BH) or have special patch-scaling craftable rewards? (to keep up with Justice point changes) I wouldn't want it to be just another dailies hub, (get in, do quests, get out, repeat) But something people can take their time over - Potentially on lockout on par with raids, so players can pick up where they left off possibly? With such a concept in place way we can keep the Wrath-esque Linear, quick and fun dungeons with extra group orientated content, but which isn't as high in performance expectancy or organisational requirements as raiding, but is as epic, and as deep as the clever, nonlinear adventures of ClassicStormstout0 Jan 18, 2012
Jan 18, 2012 The worst part about LFR Is all the terrible LFR "heroes" who have never done any other raiding except LFR and think it actually prepared them for normal mode DS...Sinthìa13 Jan 18, 2012
Jan 18, 2012 How long did it take you for madness 10m norm Without any ptr experience, just wondering how long this boss takes on average. After about about 4 pulls on him we got to the platform before head phase then raid time ran out.Bloodcraved30 Jan 18, 2012
Jan 18, 2012 Invisible carrying is bad, otherwise its good This is a general proposal on balancing difficulty for PvE content. If you can "carry" other players who are performing substandard and they can continue along and never realize they made a mistake that they should correct, this is bad because your group and any future groups they join will have to make up the difference and that bad player might even blame other people if the group wipes. Game mechanics that it's possible to do poorly on should lead to an immediate, and visible result when failed that multiple people will notice. This, more than anything else is what annoys people when grouping with strangers in LFD/LFR. Accepting the overall difficulty is one thing (and mechanics should be fun at any difficulty level, a separate topic) but permitting bad play to continue without recognizing or correcting it hurts the entire community and detracts from the feeling of an "epic" encounter because in fact, you aren't helping anyone. There is no easy fix for the current situation because healers can and do carry bad players through LFR (or risk getting kicked if they don't and the raid wipes) but I think it would be better for the game and the community if this was changed in MoP — if there was an immediate and highly visible consequence when players failed mechanics, which doesn't kill them but does make other players aware that a mistake has occurred and that the rest of the raid needs to make up for it. This could be from a stun or other non-counterable loss to DPS (requires that healers aren't GCD-locked, in case a healer is incapacitated and the others need to make up for it) as suggested by other people or by introducing mobs into the fight that tanks can't keep good control of, so if a DPS player takes too much avoidable damage a healer would risk taking aggro if they just healed through it. This would allow Blizzard in MoP to design encounters that feel challenging and rewarding to a skilled player through open recognition that they are essential to the group, instead of invisible carrying that leads to them getting kicked because they could only carry 2 fail players instead of the 3 that happen to be in the group. Maybe this goes in the healing forum... but I'll see if it gets any discussion here since it goes beyond healing.Taemojitsu15 Jan 18, 2012
Jan 18, 2012 tier token roll rules. I see a ton of posts talking about this but I see one area largely overlooked at least on my browsing though. (I can't read everything I'm not a machine.) Why are all old content raids setup so that anyone can roll on tier tokens they CANNOT use? What is the great purpose behind this? I have seen alot of heartache caused by it and only one instance of it being usefull to prevent a problem.Amehyo2 Jan 18, 2012
Jan 18, 2012 LFR Loot Issue. I can understand that Blizzard hasn't polished LFR enough yet to prevent, say, Boomkins ninjaing agility trinkets and polearms away from Hunters and other loopholes like that. And while making it to where you can't win two items off the same boss seems like a fix, it does absolutely nothing for those people who roll and win on the same item again and again every week (or even on another boss later in the same raid). But tonight was a special example of kids being proud of having no class. After the DK, rolled and won the 2-hander off of Deathwing in LFR, everyone inspected him and mentioned that he already had it (had it transmogged, in fact). He laughed, called everyone a variety of names, said he had been screwed over before so he's doing it now and that yeah, he's proud to be "THAT guy". As immature as that was, there was a warrior trumping his childishness. The Warrior right clicked the chest and kept it open, preventing everyone in the raid from being able to loot the gear, including the DK. When this was brought up, we found out that the Warrior had about half a dozen friends in the LFR still, and they proceeded to kick everyone out of the raid that rolled (or could even use) the 2-handed sword. And it worked. I was the last non-guildie in the raid before I was kicked. How is this even remotely fair? I understand RNG and the game's random elements adding to the "carrot on a stick" philosophy, and that's fine. But players teaming up to exploit game mechanics to ninja gear and screw other players? I seriously doubt that's the spirit of LFR that Blizzard intends. Being able to win the same gear multiple times and therefore screwing other people out of it who really need it is one thing; But holding a chest hostage and kicking everyone else out of the raid is another. And it's happening with more and more frequency every week.Edgevale10 Jan 18, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 Need some help with Pugging Yogg/Zero Keepers For nearly two years now I have been leading old school raids to tackle content people missed out on in the past. All my raids are pick-up-groups with the normal composition of 5-6 healers, 2 tanks, and 18-17 DPS all level 85. Starting in the summer I transitioned to wrath content, as I've got everything I could ever want from Vanilla and BC, while Naxx, EoE, Ony, and Sarth have been easy to do; I've hit the wall within Ulduar. I understood going in that there would be achievements from Ulduar that are to demanding to expect people on their first run to accomplish, such as [Getting Cold in Here] on Hodir. I've been able to do easily down every meta achievement up to my arch nemesis Yogg-Saron, and his [Alone in the Dark] Achievement. The importance of this achievement is that it allows for the possibility of Mimiron's Head dropping (which is 1/100). I enjoy collecting stuff in-game, and this is the main reason I'd like to get Yogg on farm mode, so I can conduct weekly raids. Unfortunately, the 5-6 times I've take raids inside Ulduar the group will reach Yogg and then in short order wipe multiple time in spectacular failure during phase two. The problems I keep having is that most either don't appear to be reading the boss strategy I present them, or forgetting it, which leads to people going insane. Through research I've seen different methods people have used to be successful in pugging Yogg; I do not have those options available. Such options would be using vent, but I do not have the money to rent a vent server, just to raid Ulduar. Another I cannot use, is when people bring a core group of 10 people who know the fight inside out, but I could not do that on a weekly basis. That aside, I was hoping people could review the boss strategy I currently provide, for any important boss information I'm missing, and ideas on how I could simplify so people do not feel overwhelmed with whats being presented. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. /rw {star} Yogg-Saron {star} /rw This is a multi-phase fight, so I have six macros to explain the fight. Please read them, to make sure your aware of Yogg's abilities, as he can easily WIPE us. "/kiss Sara" on phase 2 for an achievement. /rw {star} Yogg-Saron (PHASE 1) {star} /rw DO NOT STAND IN THE CLOUDS or you'll spawn adds, so just stay back melee, and let range burn the adds. DPS the Guardians down when they are by Sara! /rw {star} Yogg-Saron (PHASE 2) PART 1 {star} /rw Watch your Sanity debuff as you be PERMANENTLY MIND CONTROLLED if it reaches zero. (ZERO SANITY = MIND CONTROLLED) /rw {star} Yogg-Saron (PHASE 2) PART 2 {star} /rw AVOID LOOKING AT THE BOSS!!! You will lose sanity if you look at Yogg-Saron. Phase 2 is all about killing the Tenticles that spawn, and entering the portals. /rw {star} Yogg-Saron (PHASE 2) PART 3 {star} /rw If you get a RED/YELLOW BEAM connected to someone else, run to that person or you'll go insane. STAY AWAY from those who are feared or you'll become feared as well and lose sanity. /rw {star} Yogg (PHASE 2) PART 4 {star} /rw When portals open up, First DPS to click on them enter a closed off illusion, and must kill tenticles there ASAP. Once the tenticles are dead, you can DPS Yogg's Brain, but exit before Yogg's casting is at 70%. /rw {star} Yogg-Saron (PHASE 3) {star} /rw Attack Yogg from behind, and ignore the adds that spawn as they cannot die, so just let me and the OT move them away from Yogg as they will heal him. Be sure to never stand in front of him or you'll lose sanity.Raogrimm6 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 23, 2012 399 Spriest 6/7HM Looking for FL in 4.3.2 Hi, I am not sure where to post this but this seemed like the best place. I am looking for a group that still does firelands weekly to run with in 4.3.2. Our Boomkin got about 900 cinders before switching to his Rogue for 4.3 so I am quite behind on my legendary staff (650 cinders). Hope to find a group and best of luck to all in the upcoming patch.Ofporcelain28 Jan 23, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 LFR Off tank issue Can anyone tell me why the off tank in LFR cant roll on tank gear with the roll bonus? Toespally8 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 Whats up with Essence of Destruction? Why is it that those are never up for free rolls in DS groups? Like in a pug, EoD are always reserved or if its a guild run its always going straight to guild bank. Even with the living embers in FL, ppl still rolled freely on them.Neoprime19 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 Healing Heroic Hagara 10-Man.. Those of you that have downed it, how have you healed it? What comp did you use and did you 2 or 3-heal it? My guild has surprisingly been stuck on this boss for a while now. We're 3-healing it and I think we should try 2-healing it. Any tips or suggestions?Desi5 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 H Zonozz Question What's to stop you from taking 1 black phase from 9-10 stacks, then letting the 2nd ball hit the wall, and just straight up burning from there? Will he re-cast the ball after a certain period of time?Imbamage9 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 Rant Post Low level instance lock outs OMG Blizz! Do you want us to spend our money somewhere else? I am trying to farm gear in BC dungeons and after the 5th run I get hit with "you have done too many instances"...I know Bio does not do that in SW:TOR and I am wondering if they will have that in the next warhammer MMO...Since I have played WoW for a few years now I had no idea about this rule and it is really dragging the game out making it way less fun to more like work...You give us crap drop rates on low level gear sets for transmogrifying and then we get locked out after repeating the dungeons 5 times for an hour...what is that crap all about...who cares about farmers...like a 70 BOE is gonna be worth anything in the AH with toons trying to hit 390+ gear...Please rethink this because I am playing the new MMO that came out before Christmas and every time I log in to wow I have no problem with finding a reason to not pay my next re-newel for this game. I enjoy playing this game but since being 85 all I have to do with my time are dailies, hit the 1000 valor cap for the week in less then 3 hours...so please make a change to this rule. I am sure other players feel this is another reason why to leave wow and in SW:TOR there are a bunch of ex wow players who chat about how disappointed they are with stupid changes like these. OK Burn me up guys...Virsago7 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 Heroic Warmaster Blackhorn 25m Hello, I have been looking at different kill videos for this fight but I am looking for any potential strats that have been used for 25m. Do you guys use teams to soak ? and have them stand at specific locations ? My guild just killed Ultraxion so we attempted blackhorn w/o a real strat and it was utter chaos lol so any detailed information would be greatly appreciated. -Thanks.Nostradamuz8 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 Possible old dungeon running friend(s)? With the upcoming patch I see that there is the ability to run old raids and dungeons with realID friends! (My server is lame and no one ever wants to do anything) I really want this toon to be an AQ40 character. I'm looking for a committed 3-5 people to farm old content. I can get on my druid until this character gets to 85(Shouldn't be too long) So basically-a weekly clear of old content, I'll help with whatever you want to clear. This toon I want AQ40, TK and SSC for purple pally ranger transmog set! lvl 60 content can easily be done with 3 people and lvl 70 content 3-4/5 As far as a time I am usually free on weekends and during the week anywhere from 4p-8p est I am open either post here or send me an in game mail to either Glory or Restobation Cheers!Glory4 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 Warlord Zon'ozz bugged? Anyone have problems of his ball being bugged and him not absorbing the ball when it hits him?Petronus9 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 dungeon finder not working Every time I try to queue for a random dungeon it says that I do not meet the requirements even though I have the required item lvl for the dungeons, I can queue specific but not random, I used to be able to but since I took a month off I can't anymore. So confused.Ritsuka2 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 The true random dungeon finder. I would like an option box beside my join group key on my dungeon finder that I can check which puts me in a seperate que alongside anyone else who has it checked and in that que no two players who are brought into the party can have already been in a party before joining the dungoen finder for the first time. (players who repeat qued would be allowed in the que.) This que would undoubtadly have sickening wait times but I simply don't care. I will gladly wait them. Am I the only one willing to wait? The objective being to avoid 99% of the problems I have with either being booted or having a good member in my party booted for ignorant crap because 2 or more people together feel like playing the nefarious god with other peoples time. This message was brought to you by a paladin tank and her priest healer husband who were kind enough to ask for a BRB then remove me for tanking a patrol which would have wiped out our other clothie dps. As I was the only available option (since our tank went afk in a patrol path and nobody else had plate or a shield.) I did my job and was told I was not the tank and removed for it. NOTE: I am the only person who died. Successfully tanked them with no heals and all mobs died roughly same time as me. How nice for me. I sacrificed myself to save my party (thought I would have heals) and was removed for it.Amehyo1 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 Looting issues with the LFR... Hello, I am hoping to bring to light some issues with your current policies involving loot with the LFR in particular. Basically, It used to be in game policy with a missroll or looting error, that a GM would be able to redistribute the loot to another in the raid and eligible player. For some reason, you have negated this once hallowed feature, to our dismay. This, when combined with other errors in design involving LFR, such as the not being able to go into the chest and retrieve loot manually if a player afk's in it, and LFR's auto-loot-distribution feature not working a surprisingly high amount of the time, make for a very large headache. And, now for the doosy, what if i misclicked and hit need instead of greed? Oh, you say a GM will give the items to me later? But I have no use for them, why not give them to another player who was there andactually needed them? "NO." is all i get told. "We are forbidden from redistributing loot at this time" to quote a GM. He told me to post a forum, so here's where I am. I think it wouldn't be that big of a thing on your side to allow these in game Gm's to once again do the research they always have, determine eligibility, and actually assist in overcoming these errors in a currently flawed system. Also, once you exit a raid finder, even after its completion and all bosses down, you can't go back in if there is a loot distribution problem. I'm sure you can see how when combined with said things above , can cause even more nightmares. In summation: 1.) Make it so more than 1 person can loot a chest. It's 2012, this should be possible... 2.) Allow GM's to do their in-game job again. These restrictions arent helping anyone... 3.) Fix the LFR loot system. It's bugged, you know this. Stop bein all "but we love it, and it's goin great, and people love easy loots" and instead be like "um yea, we got this". I am currently the not-so-proud owner of 3 Souldrinkers, 1 that I've had, and two that I don't need and should have gone to someone else, because I have better. Grats on making someone's day darker because you thought you solved the problems and just actually created deeper ones... 4.) This is a personal suggestion, so please don't hold it with previous suggestions. When you implemented the LFR, you took the desire away from the mass community to complete things on the normal level. You also killed alot of the communal interaction that would have resulted from this. Maybe, in future releases of content, make it so raid finder only goes so far, and doesn't experience the full spectrum. Make it so normal has more to it than raid finder, the way heroic did in Bastion of Twilight and Sinestra. Make them stepping stones, not easier replacements for the masses. (Blizzard is a proud sponser of the special olympics) ^ I dare you to tell me I'm wrong... :)Headtaker3 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 Heroic leap > Charge. Anything wrong with using heroic leap >charge to recharge my rage meter? Seems to pop me up to 100 pretty well. Editing for clarity. I am talking about heroic leaping out of the thick of combat and charging back in for the rage I get for charge. Takes about 1.5 to 2 seconds I am guessing which is a bit less than a weapon swing which if I am rage screwed seems far more productive than waiting for the swing. Aside from also having the added benefit of doing the stun to 1-3 mobs depending on my spec.Amehyo6 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 Where can I find Heroic strats Looking for a site to find heroic DS strats. I used to use Tank Spot but they just have normal strats. Anyone have a good site to check out boss strats?Axeingar4 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 Why Needing Loot to Barter is Bad There is a misconception that your chances to get the loot that you want are increased if you Need on items you have in order to trade/barter with them. This is a rising trend that actually severely decreases your chances at obtaining loot in this fashion. I'll define 'The Scenario' as: winning an item that someone else needs, and having that person win an item they don't need that you need. (We won't consider the chance that you may straight up win the item that you need.) Already this sounds like there is more chance at play than straight up winning the item you want. I'll put down some numbers so you can see how much your chances decrease. First, something you might need to know about probability: the scenarios I'm going to be talking about are dependent on each other, so we multiply their probabilities to get our result. Some assumptions: tier tokens have a drop rate of 30%; 8 players are eligible to roll Need on your tier token; of the 8 only 3 actually need it, so 5 are rolling to barter. Therefore, a person's chance at winning one of these tier tokens is 6% (0.3 * 0.2 = 0.06), if only the 3 that need it roll, and ~4% (0.3 * 0.125 = 0.0375), if all 8 roll. Furthermore, if all 8 roll, the chance that the person actually needs the item they received is ~1.41% (0.0375 * 0.375 = 0.0140625) and the chance someone got it for bartering is ~2.34% (0.0375 * 0.625 = 0.0234375). Now the probability of 'The Scenario' is 0.055% (0.0234375 * 0.0234375 = 0.00054931640625). That is, you won an item for bartering and someone else won an item for bartering. I won't even get into whether or not either of you need/want the items each other possess. We went from a 6% chance (only people rolling if they actually Need) to a fraction of a percent chance that you are obtaining a piece of loot; over 100 times less of a chance. It is better to try and win an item straight up than to plan on obtaining it through a trade. Again, you are gambling that: you win an item to trade; someone else wins an item to trade that you need; and that that someone else needs the item that you won. It should be easy to see that the trend of taking loot to barter is a bad idea; you can help stop it by stop doing it!Fmya41 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 Raid finder loot problems. So my mate was in raid finder with me and he rolled on 'Gurthak, Voice of the Deeps' a 390 2h sword from MoD, and he got role bonus, but then lost the roll to a paladin tank who also got role bonus. How does a paladin tank get a role bonus for a sword he can only use in dps.Liamstar11 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 Lfr still needs tuning... Lfr is a really nice feature, but sometimes i feel the mechanics are too complicated and can set up an inexperienced raid to wipe. For example, on Morchok there is always a few people that die every time he goes into the goo phase. I think it's not good to kill players who are new or who might be lagging. I think a good alternative is too have a raid-wide aura that saves a player from dying if he makes a few mistakes. It should have a two minute cooldown so death would still be a threat. Some fights are a little too much gear dependent like ultraxian. I think his health needs to be half of what it currently is because a lot of players are failing to meet dps requirements and can actually cause a wipe. Some fights like spine are too mechanicy. The fight isn't very easy to learn unless you read a guide. I think its wrong for new players to resort to outside sources to learn the encounter. It's something that blizzard should move away from. Before you all jump on me, i'm perfectly fine with normal and hard modes being the way they are. However, i think it will be good for everyone if the LFR encounters are tuned more sensibly towards more casual players.Superbass44 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 An Heroic (Deadmines) Tale of LFD Goodness Despite all the difficulties group work in WoW sometimes presents, it's little moments like last night which keep me coming back. Disclaimer: This post is a huge wall of text. It will take two posts. I'm telling a story with context and details about experiences in the game. I'm hoping people will relate to it and enjoy what they read, but if you can't be bothered, or don't have the time, please don't feel you have to read it. There will be no TL;DR, so scroll at your desired pace. Maybe brew a cup of tea first. Put on some inspirational music. Knit something. Let the journey begin... Once upon a time, when Cataclysm was new, I eagerly leveled my priest healer to 85, looking forward to healing dungeons and maybe one day, raids. We all remember the OOM, CC-less wipefests that were the first couple weeks of Cata dungeons. Many a scapegoat was kicked from groups on the altars of frustration, whether they deserved it or not. We eventually adapted, but like an abused pet moving in with new, nicer owners, we had been trained to fear. The encounters were still tough, and even if you knew the score, it wasn't so easy to carry even one person through if they didn't. And you wanted your new gear. You wanted your Justice Points. You wanted your Valor Points. And you wanted them yesterday. So the uninitiated continued to get the boot, you were just quietly thankful it wasn't you, and prayed for good groups, fast runs. This got tiresome after not too long. It made good dungeon runners huddle together, small groups of xenophobes who feared outsiders - outsiders who might not know the fight, might have sub-par DPS, or might have cooties, God forbid. Even those who tried to be patient and actually help teach less experienced people the strategies had their efforts hampered by people who didn't have the time to do the same. Instead of showing the new blood the ropes, you waited with the new blood in the queue. I cancelled my subscription before 4.1 went live, and stayed away for nearly a year. Then recently, partly in an effort to further hook my wife into gaming, I recruited her to the game. I also dusted off my level 74 paladin thinking it might help revitalize my fun, 'cause I heard pallys are fun, yo. Levelling to 60 had been a blast (the Azeroth quest revamp was amazingly well done, imo), but Outland and the sad max level dungeoning experiences sapped the enjoyment so hard that I didn't have the momentum to make it even to 80. But I had made a renewed commitment, so I took her to 85. Then I remembered: I always had an itch to tank. I would perish the thought almost immediately after having it. "I can't tank," I'd think, "I've never done it, and I would suck, and no one likes a sucky tank". But the itch got the better of me. So instead, I crafted a beautiful rationale for myself: "Okay, I'll try tanking, but, I will get the best gear I can possibly get without dungeoning, I'll run old dungeons solo so I can get familiar with the mechanics, I'll study the fights, and, and... I'll give everyone presents and bake them cookies! yeah... that should take the edge off the suck... (maybe I won't get kicked)." So that's what I did. I decided to cut my teeth on normal dungeons only and see how it went. People were still impatient, but we never wiped, and I got a feel for the fights that Youtube videos, useful as they are, just can't provide. But nearly everyone I meet in LFD out-gearing normal instances isn't a good test of whether I am going to be able to tank and enjoy it. No... I had to try Heroics. Gulp. I wasn't going to do this with a pure PUG. I was too unsure, lacked too much confidence for that, so I grouped with my sister and her 85 resto druid, and we queued. Of course, being a tank + healer combo, we got a group almost immediately. What we fell into looked... grim. First of all, it was the Deadmines. Crap! I only studied dungeons with normal 85 equivalents, and the last time I was here was almost a year ago on my healer. I can't really remember this place at all. Gulp. When we loaded we were with 3 DPS who just had their tank and healer quit on them. Not an encouraging sign. Yeesh. Also, at least one of them has never been here before (the other two don't say anything when asked). When we start clearing trash on the way to the next boss, Ripsnarl, I see that these DPS are averaging 5k dps. During my brief Googling of the Deadmines before we started, all my skimming revealed for the remaining encounters was "DPS race...dps race... dps race". Crap.Coligny2 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 Does Zuramat still exist? As the title asks. Does http://www.wowhead.com/npc=29314 still exist in game? I have ran VH ever day for the last month and I keep getting the same 2 bosses every single time. All I want is for Zuramat to pop out of his protective little barrier so I can get my Red Proto Drake. Aryck4 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 Dire Maul - Ogre Tannin quest Quite frankly, I'm a bit annoyed that, repeatedly, one of the random dungeon members will pick up and complete the Ogre Suit quest in Dire Maul, only to drop the group shortly thereafter and leave the remaining group at a complete disadvantage. I propose that the Ogre Suit quest be possible to complete by everyone in the group -- that way, in the event the dungeon run goes south at any point, the remaining group members can at least still bypass the otherwise annoying boss.Villen2 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 Finding Heals And Tanks are hard to find! It is difficult to find heals and tanks when you do raids!It took me 1 hour to find heals and tanks and after wiping on the first attempt of the raid(BwD) I had to find another heals and took me another 30min to find a descent heals. Blizzard should really remove this holy trinity as it is a waste of time!Necrovine15 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 Spine 10N advice... My guild is attempting this quite soon and I am wondering is there any tricks to make the fight so much easier? or even a little easier? (Healing help would be nice :p) Thanks guys I appreciate it :) Raid comp. 2 tanks- Pally and Druid. 3 Healers- Pally (me), priest, shaman OR Druid. 5 DPS- Hunter ,rogue, mage, worrier, Shaman.Deathshift7 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 Looking for new servers Hi, I am looking for a new horde and alliance server. I can no longer stand playing with nobody on my low population servers and having barely any guilds or other people who are very good so I cannot progress into harder aspects of the game. I am looking for horde and alliance server that are preferably high population server that offers open-world pvp so I can do for the alliances and for the horde, and has good raids that can help me get to normal and heroic Dragon soul. I am looking to transfer two druids a paladin and a hunter, druid and hunter ali and druid and paladin are horde. Please help me find two servers that are good so that I can enjoy this game more!Snipeshowzz2 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 Remove pvp from pve, and pve from pvp... I think it's stupid when people do either or... Specially when you get the people in full pvp gear, wanting to tank, just for the faster ques... Ruining it for the rest of the group... Or you get that person in full pve gear just getting killed off really easily in a BG.. it's understandable when someone in pvp, is just starting off, and are working on getting honor, but its a pain when people drag the wrong type of gear to the wrong place... Or in LFR, when you get someone in full pvp gear, who wins your piece you really want... knowing he's just going to vendor it...Otock5 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 Ledger of Revolting Rituals in LFR The 5th boss in Dragon Soul, Ultraxion, drops the only Off-Hand weapon in the new raid instance. The problem is, because there are no encounters with an Off-Hand with hit on it, this makes this the only option for an Off-Hand for Shadow Priests and Balance Druids. The thing is, as a Balance Druid or a Shadow Priest, you dont recieve the +100 roll bonus. On bosses such as Morchok, or even Madness of Deathwing, the ranged dps can get a Main Hand weapon. What good does this do them without the availability to roll on such items as Ledger of Revolting Rituals? Can someone please explain to me the logic behind this, for I do not see it.Camhen19 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 How many people to under man T11? So I'm kind of bored and think it would be kind of fun to go back to the nerfed T11s and try to do as many of them with as few people as possible, but I'm wondering what you think would be the minimum for various bosses? Magmaw: 1 tank, 1 healer, and 2-3 DPS, one with the ability to kite adds. Omnitron: I remember seeing a vid a while ago of someone killing this with like 3 or 4 people, but I can't remember exactly. I think as long as you could avoid AoEing and healer was good, you'd only need 1 tank, but idk. Chim: 1 tank, 1 melee DPS, 1 really good healer, and then enough DPS to kill chim p2 before he kills us. Possibly with the right strat we could juggle him around to prolong it, but idk. Atra: 1 tank, 1 healer, just enough DPS to beat running out of gongs. Mal: At least 2 tanks due to the buff the adds give the boss. Good DPS/heals. Although come to think of it, we'd need enough to survive the red phase damage split. Nef: At least 2 tanks, 3 heals, 3 DPS. No real way around it except dropping a healer in favor of bringing a DPS that can self heal the shadowbolts and can still get all interrupts. Halfus: Depends on drake settup. If we got slate we'd need 2 tanks. VT/T- We'd need enough people to survive blackouts and meteors. 1 tanked. AC: I guess you could get away with 1 tanking this. DPS and healing would get crazy in p3 though the less we had. Cho'gal: 2 tanks required due to adds and debuffs. You'd need enough DPS to kill him in p2 before you got too much corruption. Conclave: 2 tanks, 2-3 healers, however much DPS we'd need to beat enrages/regeneration. Al'akir: Ragewyn 2 manned this with another DPS. I'm sure this would be easily doable 3 man. 1 tank, 1 DPS, 1 healer. Anyway, what do you think? I'd like to see how many I could get away with doing as no more than a 5 man group. Darthelmet8 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 Best Raid Fight of Cata Tournament Which was your favorite raid fight of Cataclysm, of the 31 different bosses, which will come out of top? *Voting on Heroic difficultys (BH bosses were added to get as close to 32 as possible) only Madness of Deathwing is on non-heroic as he hasnt been see on heroic by alot of guilds* Magmaw vs. Majordomo Fandral Staghelm Hagara the Stormbinder vs. Atramedes Cho'gall vs. Chimaeron Warlord Zon'ozz vs. Lord Rhyolith Ultraxion vs. Pit Lord Argaloth Yor'sahj the Unsleeping vs. Beth'tilac Baleroc vs. Omnotron Defense System Al'Akir vs. Maloriak Nefarian vs. Spine of Deathwing Ascendant Council vs. Madness of Deathwing (on reg) Shannox vs. Conclave of the Wind Alizabal vs. Alysrazor Morchok vs. Warmaster Blackhorn Valiona and Theralion vs. Occu'thar Ragnaros vs. Halfus Wyrmbreaker Sinestra as the only heroic mode only boss will get a bye with week. Let the battle begin! Voting ends next MondayEmberfrost37 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 Hour of Twilight and Heroics Is it just me but that the Hour of Twilight Heroics are way easier than the regular Heroics?Sardorim22 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 Simplest fix for Raid Finder loot disaster Only allow one "need" roll per boss kill per character each week. This will encourage people to think about what they actually need versus what they want to be greedy about. --- Personally, I'd love to see the tier token system revamped too. Increase the number of tokens that drop per boss but make each token represent one class (or maybe two with 1 popular class & 1 rare class) and give each token the same chance to drop. I've lost count of how many druid/dk/mage/rogue pieces that I've seen drop (I swear that they all get slurped up by the dps with the lowest dps or the most 'stand in fire' moments). I've also seen many hunter/warrior/shaman drops. I rarely see priest/paladin/warlock tokens. Solana7 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 Tell us who started the fight. For encounters that are started by talking to an NPC (for example the Ultraxion fight), please add an emote or something similar that tell us who started it. Too many times I've seen a griefer start the fight when the raid was clearly not ready. I guess they get their jollies that way. It's doubly frustrating because often there's a crowd of people standing around the NPC so it's not possible to tell who did it. If we knew who started it, we could at least kick them, and possibly submit a ticket for abusive behavior. Thanks!Oboe11 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 Improvement on the loot system Hello to all. I play this game for nearly 4 and a half years, and I always faced a problem common to all good-sensed players of all realms in WOW: the NINJAS, players who stole our most wanted pieces of gear when they are not using the same spec that you are (for instance, tank spec), because the Need before Greed system allows it. I once had 3 pieces stolen from me, IN THE SAME DAY, in a gap of minutes amongst one another. You have to count with luck to get your piece, and it seems that every single miserable who tries to stole from you, gets it. Its like a programming that says "If you are rolling for something that its not from your spec, you will win the roll". Very well. When I was playing by the Raid Finder, how I was surprised to see that Blizzard implemented a "Bonus roll" system on the loot, preventing items from being ninjaed. That way, a melee DPS, for example, WILL NEVER GET A TANK PIECE, for the tanks will have a bonus roll in the item, because its the correct spec for it. The same goes to healers, who won´t lose their pieces to DPS casters never again. When I saw that, I said to myself: "OMG, Blizzard finally found the solution for the problem!" Now, I want someone to tell me WHY THE HELL THIS ISN´T WORKING IN THE DUNGEONS YET? Or anywhere else? Is it necessary to have an IQ over 150 to see it? Do we need to be a 4 sigma member to know it? Any 10 year old child knows it will solve almost the majority of problems about ninjas. So, what I want to propose is simple: Blizzard should also pass the "Bonus roll" system to the dungeons. And fast, LIKE, YESTERDAY! Don´t you agree with me, you, good kind-hearted players who are always just and pass the items for the players who are in the correct spec? I know you do. So, lets ask Blizzard to do it ASAP.Allars7 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 Suggestion on LFR Loot. Most of the people who run through LFR don't run with loot addons. It would be most appreciated if Blizzard could use the raid warning to alert the raid on who won what. Better yet, use a notification system like the kind GMs use when they want to talk to a player. It's a small thing, but would be a wonderful quality of life improvement.Desumetal0 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 How to win loot in LFR http://s209.photobucket.com/albums/bb63/dogbert_2001/Screenshots/Whammy/Tyra7 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 deathwing weapons can you make the ones that cant be dual weilded at all unique and greyed out as a need if you already have it, getting pretty sick of loosing the polearm on my druid to a hunter who already has it every time. today we had 3 in lfr same hunter already had it and won all of them. please fix this ty.Spoon1 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 Player hogging on Loot. Today, after completing Madness of DW and all the roll done and item supposely allocated, some player keeps hogging onto the chest/heart (whatever it is that held the loot). This making the few player entitle to the loot unable to get theirs. Moreover they tried sending tells to other members to kick away the entitled player their prize. Blizzard, please make the item automatically distribute immediately to the entitle player disregards somebody looking at the loot for LFR to avoid further abuse. To the shameful and unethical player, good luck, hope you get a week ban or two. Pixtonk12 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 Can I enter more than one instance of raids? Doesn't seem to be a guide to raiding to understand the rules. But can one enter a DS and tank for one group and then tank for your guild but get no loots? I see Rags "available" in the Raid info, can I go through all firelands to take the fight to Rags? Not sure the rules and can't find them on the forums.Merlanus2 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 Proposal dungeons. Well my English is not good translated it in google it was so much if someone wants to translate well there I leave the original link in Spanish. http://us.battle.net/wow/es/forum/topic/3881884349 Proposal dungeons (and see if you like xD). "History": Deathwing won the battle (it is an "alternate future DX") with his last strength of the aspects give their energy to Nozdormu (the representative of the bronze dragons) and die, then return to the past and Nozdormu account happened in the future: Deathwing kill the warriors who were the future and the past to forge the Dragon Soul then could never forge the weapon and slowly began to fall all. Deathwing Sylvanas was with (the leader of the Forsaken or undead) to control and seize power but ultimately resisted Sylvanas fell and became queen of twilight was and then I gather Deathwing parts Frostmourne (Frostmourne) and use its power to transform it into the Agony Agony Twilight or Twilight (Twilightmourne or not know how you call it in English XD) and with that weapon and power began to revive Sylvanas great heroes and powerful enemies the first and most important wasMaloriak with alchemy skills greatly improved the revived with the help of Sicco Termoenchufe or Sicco Thermaplugg in English (Head of Gnomeregan dungeon obviously joined them) use technology to arm them with machine parts and improve some time was almost impossible to stop Deathwing army gradually fell the great heroes were first with gnomes goblins who joined forces in an act of sacrifice to make up a huge bomb, but the results were useless Sicco skills. Garrosh fought hard with Cairne (revived and with almost the same strength of his youth) but in the end things were fairly smooth but his son Baine avenges his father and kill Garrosh betrayal, then Cairne and face both died Baine while in an emotional battle. Jaina, Lorthemar Theron (leader of the Blood Elves) and the Prophet Velen (leader of the Draenei) killed by Sylvanas and Arthas the Paladin Twilight. Because of the great conflict between the dwarves Sicco easily took care of them and beat the 3 board of hammers. And with his last strength to make a final attack Deathwing, the great and powerful Varian (xD) Vol'jin (leader of the trolls) Tyrande (leader of the night elves) Malfurion (husband of Tyrande), Tyrande Malfurion and killed by Deathwing while Varian and Vol'jin disappeared in battle. When Tirion Fordring (the kind that comes out the end when you fight Arthas) is killed by Arthas, the new Lich King (or Lich Spanish) Bolvar Fordragon's death feels Tirion and go into battle with his army of non-muet . Deathwing aspects fought but were gradually defeated and sacrificed their lives to power my (Nozdormu), now only the army of the undead and some factions are fighting now in my future (as it is counting Nozdormu). Well according to history and just as we in the future of Nozdormu then explains that he must stop first at 3 sites to Deathwing army, which are Sylvanas Cemetery: where heroes relive some people killed in battles , the cave alchemical Maloriak: Where better to revive the dead with his alchemy Sylvanas and Sicco The workshop Termoenchufe: Where revived and transformed alchemy are enhanced with robotics technology, these 3 are the dungeons. The first is Sicco's workshop. Boss: 1 .- Robotic Defense System or System Omnitron merged Cybertron (http://www.guiaswow.com/descenso-de-alanegra/guia-sistema-defensa-omnitron-defense-system.html): After being destroyed in Decline Sicco Blackwing parties met were in decline and robot together in one joining various parts of the entire defense system Omnitron, at the beginning you see the 4 but at the beginning of the battle are merged into 1. Initial dialogue: Cybertron Fusion system attached and functioning. Skills: This bug as you know are 4 (in Blackwing Descent) but are merged into one and can be random, 100% Arcane Annihilator can throw, electric shock, burning-Security, chemical pump and 50% for any of the same, bone change any of those powers 50% of life. Final Dialogue: Cybertron Fusion system broken and destroyed. 2 .- CyberGarrosh (http://es.wow.wikia.com/wiki/Garrosh_Hellscream): After being treacherously murdered by Baine and revived by Sylvanas Maloriak enhanced by alchemy and rebuilt with robotic parts by Sicco, joins CyberGarrosh Deathwing's forces to fight them. Initial dialogue: Mori for the Horde and betrayed me, now I serve and die by Deathwing. Skills: mmm is not that Blizzard put him or else you see what skills you can have this. Final dialogue: For…give Horde.Zetul2 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 17, 2012 Spec Change Mechanic Been leveling up a new Priest and healing a lot of the old instances. They're mostly zerg rushes for many reasons not worth getting into here... Ever since I got dual spec I use it - I quest as Shadow and instance as Holy. Thing is, here's what happens every... single... time... I go in an instance: Me: "Changing specs, sec" Change specs and mana goes to zero Next instant the tank charges the first pack of mobs I mean, seriously, without fail. Trying to get people to read and understand is next to pointless with your average Dungeon Finder group. Unless I can manage (which is most of the time, but it's still annoying) the tank dies and immediately emo quits the group. So, isn't it about time we do away with the "penalty" for spec changes, at least in this context? It serves no purpose and only punishes classes that depend on mana. Maybe make it only for PVP? Thanks! Xello4 Jan 17, 2012
Jan 16, 2012 Best Heroic Fight of Cata Tournament Hello and Welcome to the Best Heroic Fight of Cata Tournament. Yesterday, I started a Tournament for Raid bosses (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3881920048 ), Today we will do Heroic bosses. Each of the 64 bosses we were given, have been divided up into 4 groups. Group A Lockmaw/Augh vs. Beauty Karash Steelbreaker vs. High Priestess Kilnara Vanessa VanCleef vs. Peroth'arn Dragha Shadowburner vs. Earthrager Ptah Temple Gaurdian Anthur vs. Echo of Baine Corborus vs. Altiarus Jan'alai vs. Akli'zon Assad vs. Ozruk Group B Baron Ashbury vs. Asira Dawnslayer Daakara vs. Nalorakk Murozond vs. Rajh Corla' Hearld of Twilight vs. Azshara Arcurion vs. Erudax Globtok vs. Jindo the Godbreaker General Umbriss vs. Helix Gearbreaker Siamat vs. Admiral RipsnarlEmberfrost25 Jan 16, 2012
Jan 16, 2012 Please fix LFR. Salutations Blizz. Please fix the raid finder people that already have won the items are rolling and selling if they win. Some are rolling just to keep the item from others. Can you please look into this issue? Sincerely Asgear.Asgear9 Jan 16, 2012
Jan 16, 2012 Yor'sahj the Unsleeping First off, I understand that the Dragon Soul normal modes are somewhat laughable for groups in Heroic Firelands gear. However, I attempted an alt run tonight with a few friends of mine. We are in gear that ranges from 374-378. We had trouble with multiple combinations on the Yor'sahj fight. My understanding is that there are only 6 combinations that actually appear during the fight: 1. Black, Blue, Yellow 2. Black, Green, Red 3. Black, Purple, Red 4. Blue, Green, Purple 5. Blue, Purple, Yellow 6. Green, Red, Yellow Now for the crux of our problem: The first combination (BBY) led to no difficulties. We killed yellow, focused the mana void, and cleaved down the adds by stacking. The second combination (BGR) also gave us no problem. We killed green and stacked for red and adds. Same thing with the third (BPR); kill purple and stack for red and adds. The fourth combination (BGP) gave us massive problems. We couldn't get through this phase. If we killed purple, lack of mana killed us for AoE damage, and if we killed blue, purple and green wrecked us. I assume you kill green with this combination, but the healers were having trouble not killing the raid just healing the tank! Do our healers just need to shape up? The fifth combination (BPY) also gave us huge problems. Killing purple led to AoE damage with no mana to heal it. And leaving purple up but killing yellow gave us the same problem as before, with just healing the tank giving us problems with Deep Corruption. The sixth combination (GYR) was okay, but we also had problems. We usually killed green and popped healer cooldowns to get through the AoE damage of yellow and green combined. Could anyone offer me any advice? All of the dps was pulling about 19-24k each. On my main run with everyone pulling about 30-40k and healers pulling 15-18k hps we had no problems,Would bad healers cause most of the problems I stated here? I think honestly that was our problem, but perhaps I am wrong. Please help, RadianovaRadianova20 Jan 16, 2012
Jan 16, 2012 LFR - Need Fresh Run Options This is more of a request than anything; not sure where to post this. Please enable an option to queue up ONLY for fresh runs. I am getting really frustrated with having to queue and then drop because it wants to place me in a 3/4 or 1/4 over and over.... Could you please implement a means to deny raids currently in progress? Thank you. Ordinary15 Jan 16, 2012