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Jan 27, 2012 Idea: 3rd Party Master Looter This is my idea of a new loot policy. It would work just like the regular Master Looter, but with a significant change. The ML is allowed to observe the raid in progress, inspect everyone's equipment, and communicate with the raiders, but can not actually participate in the raid. When loot drops, he can assign the loot to the raiders, but can not take any loot himself. This eliminate any potential for him to try to take all the good loot for himself, and allow him to decide who to give the loot to without having to worry about the raid itself.Kredoran3 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 Layoff and upgrading my gear Greetings, I'm back after a long layoff from Wow and I was wondering how I should go about upgrading my gear. Most of the 85 toons have an iLvl around 320-330. Whats the best path to get me up to the Hour of Twighlight 5 mansSkanklicious2 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 How does MT and OT work? Hey, I've wanted to raid tank for a while but I'm not quite sure how the Main tank and Off tank system works? I am really good at the Hour of Twilight dungeons when tanking, but now everything is boring, as I cant really gain much more than VP gear on a weekly basis. So I have decided I want to raid tank, and get high lvl end game gear, but I'm not sure how to work with an Off - tank or Main - tank. How does this work? Also any tips on raid tanking? - Thanks Bobblers13 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 Should HM boss kills drop epic gem geodes? Being that epic red gems could be considered legendary at this point do you think it's time that HM kills drop epic gem geodes? or AT LEAST a have a greater chance at an epic gem? I'm confused on the decision of making ONLY Madness drop epic geodes.Bertstare12 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 Stuck in LFR with people we can't kick. This is getting to be an old problem and the 4-5 tickets I have submitted in the last week haven't given me any answers. Again stuck with people that are afk/out of the instance and the raid can't kick them to get on with the raid. Players are dead or not contributing but they don't get knocked offline and can't be kicked. There needs to be an override or something to help players get along with things. Perhaps a buzzword or keyword that will alarm a GM to come and kick or check on the situation. Either way - still waiting for players to be kicked - waiting minutes to get in the LFR then doing 90% of the raid to have to wait for the rewards on some losers that wanna get carried is getting old.Brazaak3 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 LFR loot rolls. When are they gonna be fixed so the guy auto-shotting in the back can't need roll and win both only to vendor one. Now i see why theres a nerf to normal raid because LFR is just a very very random system that seems to award one person almost everything. I'd change my character to make this post but i dun feel like it because i'm talking from the perspective of another character of mine.Prasios4 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 lfr gear and non-raiders there are many other threads lost out in the pile regarding lfr armour tokens, but im just gonna share my opinion that its really quite hard to get them when 9 other people are also trying to get those same tokens. or any item really. it doesnt help that rogues have to compete against mages, tank dks, dps dks, tank druids, resto druids, melee dps druids, and caster dps druids. and other rogues. but im not crying over which classes are on which tokens here. in 10 mans it works fine. my quarrel is that in lfr, anyone can join up and do well and get nothing. its like going to work and maybe getting paid for it at the end of the day. its a great way for non guilded casuals to take part in the raiding, but it also feels like those players are being punished for not taking part in guild runs. we get lesser quality gear that is thrown to the masses to frenzy upon. i can understand that if lfr had the same quality gear as regular raids that nobody would need to join guilds to raid. but maybe thats where the game should be heading? guilds and casuals just joining lfr and scrapping the lfr quality altogether. so blizzard, why do us casuals get treated like second class players to guilds?Curious15 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 Heroic Ds Can u do a heroic ds without beating it on regular first thanksDarkpython3 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 Need more DPS for Madness - (have logs) Howdy folks. Here are the logs for our attempt tonight: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-ewa0cqfa7xisy7eb/sum/damageDone/?s=8793&e=9606 I see a few folks below 40k, and those are the guys I am most concerned about. Is their rotation wrong? Not dotting? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Ninja Ninjasaurus13 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 Smart Loot Drops can we steal them from Rift? I know this was raised in the past but I figure it now would be a good time to bring it up again since Rift is implementing a "smart loot drop" system in their 1.7 patch (source: http://community.riftgame.com/en/2012/01/27/expert-dungeons-items-see-big-changes-in-update-1-7/): ... If this plays out well in Rift can Blizz please implement this in MoP, especially since we'll be likely seeing 4 tokens instead of 3; meaning it will be very likely that the new 'Guardian' token will only have 2 classes (Monk & Druid) making it even more likely that there won't be a class that can use a token, particularly in 10 player raids.Taheraliel3 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 >1 Boss kills per week with 1 chance for loot With LFR we are now able to kill a boss as many times as we'd like but just have a chance for loot once per boss per lockout. I think it would be helpful to implement this to normal/heroic raids. Examples: You join a pug, kill 1st boss, wipe and disband after wiping at 2nd boss. Now you're locked and it would be difficult to find another pug that's starting at the 2nd boss. But if you implement the above system you can join in with fresh groups, kill the 1st boss, collect no loot then have a shot at the 2nd boss and on. You would also have more options to help guildies who couldn't make or had to sit out on the main run get some loot. Thoughts? That's the best i can do for now for a title for this thread due to character limitation.Darkmeats5 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 Warmaster Blackhorn advice. I have a melee heavy group. Ranged only being myself and a Warlock. Between the 2 of us we can almost get a drake killed during each pull down phase....almost. Leaving it to blast the ship until the next pull down. Would it be a good idea to have one of melee switch to the drake to help at least kill 1 during each pull down? I have an Enhancement Shaman, Rogue and Fury Warrior for melee DPS. I was thinking about having my Shaman help kill the drake, this way myself and the warlock can go back to helping the melee down the 2 big guys. This seems to be the only option we have as we always seem to have the boat explode because there are just too many little bombs going off. The Sapper is a usually a non issue as we have gotten used to killing him before he reaches the cabin.Alone7 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 Ultraxion Normla Mode Buffs We are downing normal mode Ultraxion but we are doing something assigning the buffs I'm afraid will carry over to Heroic if/when we get there. We are currently 3 healing it with: H Pally H Priest Resto Druid They are assigning Green to the H Pally. The Druid is getting the Blue buff. WTF are they thinking? Does this make any sense to assign the Pally Green and the Druid Blue?Roguegankme4 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 gears in lfr and dungeon to avoid the ninja looting from players that already posses the gear should be auto pass on the gear they already have in the specific spec they join the dungeon or looking for raid because i have seen many players trading them for other gear at the end of the raid or dungeon or if they are in the same guild they just trade it between each others . like when it was in the zandalari dungeons is justyfied for towards the other players.Sharak0 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 why is healer queue so long? Healing is very possibly the hardest role in the dungeon, but there seems to be many more healers than tanks, and tanking is fairly easy (go afk and still keep aggro). So how come tank are so rare?Plaguebringr56 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 losing gear to others 2nd spec I have seen this a thousand times and i know it has to happen to other people. i have ran countless dungeons and when a piece drops i want (ex agility trink) a resto druid or resto shammy needs the trink and i have now lost my main spec trink. I hope people support what i am saying i believe you should only be able to need a piece of gear if its your armor type and your stats so hunters,rogues want be losing agility to resto characters there are many more examples of this. so i wanna hear what everyone else has to say about the subjectAkins13 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 Any chance in changing LFG looting? I apologize if this topic has already been posted but most loot posts I'm seeing are about LFR looting being messed up. I was wondering if perhaps in the near future, we can see LFG loot work similar to LFR looting in the regards to getting a role bonus when needing items? I think that part is great about LFR looting. Often times if a dps roles on a tank item or heal item when a tank or healer needs it, they get slammed for doing so. I try to be the good Samaritan and only role need on my role unless nobody else needs it, but lately it always bites me in the bum. There's noting more annoying than waiting 20 minutes in the queue as dps just to have a tank with an instant queue out roll me on a dps trinket. If I were to do the same I get kicked from a group for being greedy. Give the role bonuses in LFG as well PLEASE!! This way, everyone can role and not feel guilty. If the offspec rolls and wins over the role bonus, then they won fair and square and nobody can fault them for it.Luthorn2 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 Looking For Raid Loot .. -.- Okay, so, there has got to be a high rolling addon somewhere. Because I was just in a Wyrmrest LFR, 4 Items drop. 2 Cloth shoulders, 1 Priest/pally/lock helm token, and a 384 healing trinket. Another Priest in the group, has a 397 T13 helmet, 384 and 397 healing trinkets, and 384 T13 Shoulders, and rolls 194+ on all 4 items, while I need all of those, and I tie with him once at 194, and he gets it ... Wtf?Bíz8 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 Please, let us challenge ourselves You made three raid difficulties. People can solo queue for 5 man normals, 5 man heroics, and 25 man LFR. They can literally have FULL SET tier 13 gear, see EVERY boss, and experience ALL of the story line without ever interacting with a single other person to discuss a single bit of strategy or gameplay. You guys have done it. You have accomplished what you wanted. Now everyone can SEE raid content. Everyone who is capable of hitting level 85 and throwing a few hours at that level to have the required ilvl can now experience every single PvE storyline. Honestly, I guess I don't have much objection to it. I mean, many people always wanted to raid without ever having to deal with anyone else or organizing a group. It was always hard finding people or figuring out strategies or what not, and the content sometimes felt like a chore. People have the ability to play normal modes. This way they can STILL get that casual guild feeling that is so special to WoW. Not everyone in that group needs to be amazing. Not everyone really needs to max, or play their character the "right way." They can still down things at a reasonable pace. This is fine too, I honestly don't have any objections. Now, you have (and always have had) a particular crowd who loves the way you made bosses long ago. They want that insane feeling of knowing everyone next to them is an awesome player, yet THIS boss, even with all those good players along side you..... seems impossible. There are players who LOVE this feeling. It's so awesome to know that you have this deep deep puzzle that you can't just walk through. Your raid listens to commands, people work together. There's even little mini-cheers when you get past a certain part of the boss you couldn't touch before... even if it's still far from a kill. Everyone really tries to max, and tries to figure out little tricks with their own class' tools to get a little more healing, or dps, or damage mitigation, or anything. Maybe someone totally saves the raid with the most awesome timed LoH or lifegrip or whatever. When it happens, it's epic as hell. These nerfs hit my guild in particular very very hard in the past. You nerfed heroic ragnaros before a SINGLE United States 10 man had beaten him. Not a single one of us killed it, and you stripped away what we had worked so hard on. After the nerf, a kill came on the third pull of our 2nd raid night on it. We worked ~40something days on that boss and did over 300 attempts. Then you took away what would've made the kill amazing. You nerfed it. This also happened to us on Cho'gall, one of the harder fights I've experienced that we were on for almost a month, and we killed it within 4 pulls after the nerf. If less than the top 100 guilds combined 10/25 in the entire world (currently 93 that have completed DS in t13) are we ever truly going to see the bosses as they were originally intended? You also can't just say "well just turn off the buff," because rankings obviously matter to a lot of people, and refusing help that obviously SOMEONE will use is just ridiculous. My question is... what's wrong with keeping heroics the same forever? What's wrong with that? Will people really quit because of it? I think if the decision makers really think that the difficulty of T11 RAIDS was what lost so many subs, then they are mistaken. What lost subs was the insanely difficult 5 man instances that we had to wipe multiple times on even with a solid group of 5 in there just to understand. I personally loved it, but the people who like to only do LFR and normal modes... probably didn't. My statement is this: If you're going to cater to the players that want content to be incredibly easy... where it has LITERALLY gotten to the point where they can TAB OUT MID-FIGHT to kill EVERY SINGLE ENCOUNTER in the instance...... well.... why not let the other side have it as well? Keep later content super hard, and don't nerf it. I'm gonna get another damn cheapened kill this tier aren't I? I'm going to be right on that stupid little line where I needed a few more weeks, even after downing all the rest of the content at the peak of its difficulty......then it's going to be stripped. With 3 whole separate raid difficulties, this should NOT be an issue. My main is 6/8H and we're right in the middle of H Spine progression, so if it doesn't go down before jan 31st...... basically this sucks. Why do I feel like I'm part of a middle class that's being eliminated?(lol) (last sentence was a joke, please don't get mad).Gamex107 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 The point of running LFR more then once I was thinking about this and the only real reason to run LFR twice is for your friends who want company or the little gold you get running the instance again. I know you get VP for the last kills in each set of bosses but how about rewarding JP for the other bosses or make it an additional reward if you can't get any more valor that week?Balthier2 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 Dungeon Tier Scaling As we level we go into Dungeons and alot of us have really come to love certain ones. It does not matter which ones you love. You hate leaving them behind. What if we did not have to? What i want is for Dungeons to grow more powerful with the tiers. When you get to Burning Crusades levels the Dungeons from Classic also grow to meet the new tier. The mobs, the creatures, the bosses get more dangerous, advance in level to meet the new tier, their abilities would be the same but damage would be upped. The amount of life and resistance from attacks would compensate for the armour and player level of your teir. Heroics would upgrade as well as Normal. Nothing else would change, quests would remain the same, the loot from mobs, creatures, the weapons, clothing, mounts, pets, cloth, items they do not change. The layout would remain the same. Flowers and mining nodes remain the same, leather you get from skinning remains the same. Wrath of the Lich King Dungeons would have Frozen Orbs. This would be a way to return to the old Dungeons and be challenged once more by them, need a group once more. You get get the old thrill you used to. Imagine Scarlet Monastery and Gnomeregon and Maraudon and Magister's Terrace being a challenge for a full group of 85's. The dungeons would appear in LFD like anything else in specific list. The Random Dungeon and Random Heroic on the Dropdown list will put you out in a selection from all teirs. This idea would please many people for it would allow them to do their favourite older Dungeons and it would help the dungeons at the tier you are at not get boring and dull after a while for some people. Specific Dungeon Cataclysm Heroic Cataclysm Normal Wrath of the Lich King Heroic Wrath of the Lich King Normal Burning Crusades Heroic Burning Crusades Normal Classic Heroic (maybe) Classic Normal On the drop down list. Random Dungeon Random Heroic Random Hour of Twilight Heroic Random Cataclysm Dungeon Random Cataclysm Heroic Random Wrath of the Lich King Dungeon Random Wrath of the Lich King Heroic Random Burning Crusades Dungeon Random Burning Crusades Heroic Random Classic Dungeon Random Classic Heroic(maybe) Specific DungeonNohlani0 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 Heroic Hagara Question How vital is it to have a hunter? Can this fight be done in ice phase without a hunter and aspect of the pack? I have seen a lot of vids/strats/friends tell me that a hunter is almost mandatory. Opinions? Thoughts? HALP! Cheers! WildlightWildlight7 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 Azshara Adds? So Ive done well of eternity many many times. Some on this toon, some on a priest, some on a rogue. and ive seen some REALLY pitiful dps. sometimes, i was that pitiful dps. and we still got azshara down and went on to mannoroth. well i got into this one group... the healer was doing fine, there was one guy kinda doin low dps (round 10k and could use a LOT of gear), but other than that we should have been great. the tank was fantastic (and thats a lot coming from me, because i hate bear tanks most of the time). we were doin mechanics perfectly. rogue was on interrupts.... kill the hand... kill skull first... and... we wiped 6 times before i left. idk if its accurate, but it really seemed to all of us that the adds were coming up really quickly. before we knew it there were 4 and then all 6 up at once. they were just BOOM BOOM BOOM.... or at least it seemed that way. now i may just have it all wrong too. my group thinks they were fast, and my fiancee (who was not in that group) said that he kind of noticed that too in an earlier run... if a lot of you think that they are, and its not supposed to be that way, ill report it on the bug forum. but for now... i just kinda wanna see if other ppl think so too.Sadielady7 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 Someone's saved - Do I have to break up group I've leaded BH several times but I have a question. If someone is SAVED how can you reset it? The "Reset all instances" thing wont work. Do you have to break up the entire group?Science17 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 LFR rolling question If I queue up as a tank, can I roll on the dps trinket? IE Bone Link Fetish, and will I get the roll bonus? I have a good enough set for both dpsing and tanking but obviously would prefer to queue as tank since it will be quicker. Oh and also, what about the 2hander with the proc? Is that considered a tanking weapon for a dk and given the role bonus?Allstops3 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 Vote Kick - Do you think before you kick? I want to know. Do players look to see who they're kicking when asked to vote, or do they just click 'Kick' and assume that the player deserves it? Last night I was running LFR on my DK alt before the weekly reset. Just before the third boss, I was inexplicably kicked from the group. Boo hoo, /qq, whatever. I would be fine with this if I were removed due to a fault of my own, however, I severely doubt this was the case as I wasn't the only one to be kicked. 5 people were removed from the raid prior to myself, and I can only guess at the number that were kicked afterward. The raid went like this: 1) Morchok down, vote to kick another DK dps, who pulled the least amount of damage on the fight. Initially the vote failed, but a second vote was brought up just before the second boss and passed. 2) Warlord Zon'ozz down, vote to kick a Druid who was the top healer on the fight passes. 3,4,5,6) Halfway through clearing trash to the third boss, a Rogue calls for the group to hold up for a moment and up pops more vote kicks, removing a Mage who was consistently one of the top 3 dps, the Druid off-tank, a Rogue who had just joined the raid one pull earlier, and myself. So what do all these players of differing roles, skills, and usefulness to the raid have in common? None of us had behavior issues and the group had no issue with any of the fights. Oh yeah, we all roll on the same Tier token as the Rogue who held up the raid to (presumably) start these kicks. If anyone can find a better explanation as to why we were kicked, I'd love to hear it, but I certainly can't think of another. It would be foolish to pretend that the kick system didn't have it's problems. Jerks will always be there to abuse the system whether it is too lax or stringent. The one redeeming quality that it has is that it still takes a majority to remove someone from the group. In LFR, that's quite a number of people, and certainly diminishes the power a few jerks and their buddies have over abusing it. While the rogue in the group certainly had some friends helping him initiate the kicks, it still took a majority vote to get the kicks to pass. This leads me to wonder... How many people in the group were aware that they weren't just kicking the people hindering the group, but also some of the group's top performers or even someone who hadn't the chance to prove himself? How many people were aware that all they were doing was helping a few jerks get a better shot at loot and, in the process, increasing the number of people that would roll on loot that they want? So, I ask once again. Do you spend a few seconds when the vote kick window pops up to make sure that the offender is enough of a detriment to the group to warrant a kick, or do you just click to kick the moment the window pops up, glad that it's not youself that's up for removal?Nilson28 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 Are Trinkets and Rings Rare Drops ? Did blizz design this tier so that trinkets and rings are very hard to get ? I am just wondering if everything is " working as intended ". It seems that having them drop off 6 different bosses, that blizz wanted to make them readily available for gearing up. Yet it is not working out that way for my group, in 9 weeks we have not seen 1 single caster trinket or Intellect ring off the first six bosses. Did blizzard intend for this ?Taobender2 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 Language barrier prejudices Not to beat a dead horse, but it sure seems like this issue is rampant and not being resolved. One might even say that it is being ignored, as has been demonstrated by GM's to me as of late. I am an English speaking individual. Tragically, I am not fluent in any other languages. I know enough French and maybe a couple other languages to get by irl if i NEED something, but Spanish is not one of those languages. But in WoW idc what you say as long as it isn't rude, stupid, or "trolling" in nature. I'm not racist or prejudice, but I swear everytime I've grouped with people who spoke a language I couldn't recognize, which some people have told me is Spanish (but iono for sure), the run is terrible and people are rude and just afk all the time and will just kick you if you can't speak the language they're using. Needless to say, my first outlet for being frustrated with this is to open a GM ticket in game. However, the ticket doesn't get answered before I need to log off so I generally expect, when I log back in, to see some message in the mail from a GM telling me to go to the forums and blah blah blah. This however does not occur and the open ticket is gone. My ticket was just ignored. After going to the forums anyway, now even more frustrated, I simply just wanted to ignore whole servers since my experience with certain ones had been so poor. I found a thread (which I am too lazy to go find sorry!) about, well, putting the "Latin" or "Brazil" servers on ignore. I posted my experiences and a week later I checked the thread again and my posts were deleted and the thread was locked. Blizzard, I'm getting sick of being treated like a second rate worthless bag of flesh by other people simply because I speak English.Lapriestess38 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 Am I ready for low teir raiding? If I get rid of my last two peices of pvp gear out of the way. I can do a solid 23-28k dps in heroics and sometimes higher. I'm tired of LFR since it is filled with a bunch of people who are not the most pleasant. So am i ready? Baldtop6 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 Please don't go back to easymode heroics I hear a rumour that blizzard is thinking about going back down the path of easymode heroics like the ones in Wotlk. Please rememeber that the spoilt masses will never be pleased with what you do. The spoilt masses said that the heroics in BC were too hard, so you made them easier. Then they said it was too easy and classes didn't need to learn thier class, so you put strategy in. The formulea you have now is good because player cannot effectively outgear the older heroics. Please trust your judgement in what will challenge you players to learn thier class.Bazkass91 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 Heroic 25 Warmaster - Deck fire?! So far it seems so random. We've tried soaking the first Barrages and then letting the rest hit while raid-soaking every Onslaught. That resulted in a bunch of deck fire. We've tried soaking every Barrage and and raid soaking every Onslaught. That somehow also resulted in a bunch of fire. I understand that new Deck Fire spawns every 25%. I know there is a bug where the fire supposedly goes away but the visual is still there...but is it possible the fire despawns, but the visual causes new fire to spawn from it? I just don't understand how guilds have their fire despawn before p2. No matter what we tried tonight there was a !@#$ ton of fire going into p2. So...any ideas?Demolina4 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 Why is it so hard to design a fight? So with all the discussion of the upcoming DS nerfs, I've been wondering why it seems so difficult for blizzard to just make a correctly balanced fight? What I mean by this, is that it seems like encounter design is never just right. It either has to be easy enough that every single player in the game can do it, even if they aren't someone who wants to raid, or its made near impossible without class stacking and borderline exploiting with the intention that it will be nerfed later for the average raider. Why can't they make a fight that's "just right" and leave it that way? They have months and months of time to test these fights, and yet someone with all the internal and player feedback, they still manage to release fights that are either impossible, like heroic spine, and then fights where you could AFK to take a bathroom break, come back, and find that the fight is half over and you're somehow still alive. You would think that after 7 years they would understand basic game design...Giberish35 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 Why doesn't LFG work like LFR? In that if someone doesn't accept the queue the ones who did accept STILL get grouped up and sent to the dungeon and the game continues to look for the last player? (similar to what you do when someone leaves a LFG group already in progress and you have to search for a replacement). Why is it that just because joe shmoe didn't queue up I have to wait sometimes an additional 5-10 minutes to get into a dungeon, queues already take long enough as DPS. Why can't it just go with what it already had and then fill the remaining spot like it does when you don't get all the members in one go for LFR? Seriously, what is the downfall to doing LFG that way? I mean if a player drops out of your LFG you can search for another player without everyone having to drop the LFG group and re-queue, so why not just do it the way an non-filled LFR works?Kourin1 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 Best Heroic Fight of Cata Round 3 With Round 2 now wrapped up, its time for Round 3. Who will make it to the next round? Group A Temple Gaurdian Anthur vs. Karash Steelbreaker Jan'alai vs. Ozruk Group B Siamat vs. Murozond Jindo the Godbreaker vs. Daakara Group C Setesh vs. Zanzil Echo of Tyrande vs. Hex Lord Malacrass Group D Ascendent Lord Obsidius vs. Archbishop Benedictus Forgemaster Throngus vs. Echo of Slyvanas Voting ends next Saturday Emberfrost14 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 HM Warmaster Blackhorn In phase 2, if and when Blackhorn siphons the life from his drake, damaging the drake and healing him, does he retain the vengeance he gained? Essentially what I'm asking is if it is a bad thing for the boss to siphon life from his drake. We have a lot of cleaves and if it isn't bad, that'd be a big damage boost to cleave past 80%.Kynlee2 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 Heroic Spine - Blizzard's Intent After completing a fairly wonky fight such as this, I like to step back and put myself in Blizzard's shoes and try and figure out how they envisioned the fight to be completed when designing it. Judging by the fact that Bloods cannot be slowed, and because Deathwing's back is an awkward oval it doesn't seem like they intended kiting to be a part of the fight (much like the initial version of Magmaw). So then what exactly were they envisioning? Off tanking the Bloods for the duration of the encounter? Continuous AoE so that your tank is only tanking a reasonable amount? Using 4-5 tanks? What then for 10 man?Haids21 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 End Time Shared Loot Just wondering but why did Blizzard decide to make a shared loot pool of 18 items from 2 bosses, and only 1 item drops from each boss, quite frustrating when Echoing Headguard is the last item I need from these heroics. At least make it so that an extra item drops when you kill the second echoBuirza34 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 Blizzard messed up Tier levels in Cataclysm Back during ICC progression it seemed that I had a lot more to do during the week outside of progression raiding than I have now in Dragon Soul. I realized why... Blizzard advanced gear too quickly from Firelands to Dragon Soul, and made gear from Firelands equal to what could be found in 5 man random heroics. In WoTK - ToC 10 - ilvl 232 ToC 25 - ilvl 245 ICC 10 - ilvl 251 ICC 25 - ilvl 264 The ICC 5 man heroics dropped ilvl 232 This meant gear from ToC 25 was better than available from heroics and thus it was worth farming every week to get something as an upgrade. In Cata - Firelands - ilvl 378 Dragon Soul - ilvl 397 DS Heroics - ilvl 378 Why would someone want to go put together a group to raid Firelands when any gear you get is comparable to what you can get from a random que? I think that Blizzard got ahead of themselves when it came to ilvls on gear.Clawandorder83 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 loot just left on raid bosses sad I was doing the raid finder and the 2 hander drops off the boss and a tank gets the bonus roll and winsit. he dont even know he won it and leaves the raid therefore outrolling all the dps that needed it and winning as a tank and just leaving. First of all tanks should not get bonus rolls on dps items. cause then i would just get a 2 min que and take all the tank gear as well as dps gear on the sole reason that i could. i put in a tickett and as usual no one is able to help i feel cheated and with nothing else i can do about it im on this forum. Anyboby got any ideas to stop loot just being left and i would really like to see the tickett system being a bit more personal i feel shoved along when all i ever get is an automated response. it hurts even more when u apologise for it cause it dont feel liek u careArchángel23 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 BC/Wrath/Cata 5man Comparison I have always felt reluctant to grind Cata heroics but I couldn't exactly pin point the reason. I was talking to a friend of mine who no longer plays WoW about this and I finally realized why I enjoy cata heroics the least when compared to all of the dungeons in the past. I thought I would share my opinion and go through the dungeons in each expansion briefly. BC: I had a lot of fun grinding BC heroics and it didn't get boring. The main reason for that is because of group composition. My friend was a pally tank and I played a resto druid. All we did was pug since we weren't in an active guild. We didn't care about people's gears/classes/specs, we simply did /2 lf3m dps for H blah and picked up the 1st 3 dps that whispered us. With this method, we had to come up with new strategies to approach each pull so rerunning heroics felt fresh each time. We could not use the same strategy even for the same group comp because of player skill/spec/gear differences. We came up with a new strategy each time and cleared the heroics each time. The grind was long but the replayability was great. Wrath: Wrath dungeon was fun in a strange way. For some reason it was satisfying seeing enemies simply blow up right in front of you. Each heroic took 10min at the most and each time we pulled we challenged ourselves by seeing how much we can pull without dying. Sometimes we would pull too much and die but we didn't care since clearing heroics was so fast. What made replaying dungeon fun is us racing against our past times to see how fast we can clear it. We felt good if we shaved another min off and finish the heroic in 6 min. Cata: Cata heroics had a lot of potential but ultimately didn't deliver for me because blizzard gave everyone the same CC abilities. I am not saying that's a bad thing in itself but the result is that it made replaying dungeons boring. Going through cata heroics the 1st time was fresh and fun but replaying it simply felt like a drag because it was the same each time. Before people were geared: There are 2 types the pulls. 1, CC mob A, focus B, kill A, aoe the rest and that strategy doesn't change per group comp because everyone has essentially same CC ability. So rerunning the heroics felt the same no matter which instance I am in. The only thing that changes is the CC mob is CCed in different ways. 2nd type of pull is simply aoe everything down and of course this would be the same everywhere. After people were geared: Cata dungeon ended up being mindless faceroll like wrath. However, the major difference is that we still couldn't pull 5 packs of mobs and aoe them down and watch them explode (maybe you can do that now in beginning heroics, never went back since FL came out). Instead, all of the pulls became go in and aoe. And you go in and aoe down every pull for every dungeon. Needless to say, this got repetitive extremely fast. 4.3 heroics didn't change the formula for the pulls. They were fun to run the 1st time and it becomes the same mindless aoe fest except the mobs don't blow up on demand so it's slow. Cata dungeons is a strange hybrid between BC and wrath heroics and I enjoys this hybridish approach the least. I am glad Blizzard is implementing challenge modes to normalize gears so we can never out gear an instance. However, I also hope Blizzard can come up with ways to solve the repetiveness of regular heroics so gearing up alts doesn't feel so painfully repetitive.Ogc3 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 The nerf on Dragon Soul Ok so iv'e been doing DS since the patch came out and i just downed Madness this tuesday and i thought it was awesome, a ton of wipes progression and everything made it that much better. Now for everyone wanting it nerfed is dumb whats happening is people are going in undergeared and not being able to down the bosses then coming here and whining, Blizzard nerfing dragon soul and everything in general is just stupid they are making this game too easy making end game so boring it's stupid. I don't wanna go into a raid and my first day be able to clear the whole thing, its supposed to be a challenge people that's why its raiding so Blizzard please stop nerfing these raids keep the challenge up and for people that can't handle get better geared/experienced and down it. I don't wanna see this game get to easy cause there is no point in playing a game that doesn't give a challenge.Yeshdkyesh3 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 A Player and a Father I know I'm probably gonna get some pretty ignorant replys from this one, but I must speak my mind regarding players getting booted from LFR or Random Heroics. I TOTALLY understand the need to get thru a raid or dungeon quick and easy without constant wipes. I am on the same page as everyone else on this matter. Here's my problem...... I have a 13 year old daughter who plays. She does not know how to "build" a toon from the ground up. She doesn't not know that investigation of how to play a toon (or build a toon) is required to play this game. She just enjoys in logging on and playing a "video game". She has a level 85 toon and loves to do random heroics, LFR, and battlegrounds. One day I was watching her and noticed that she had the "combat log" on instead of the "chat log". I asked her why? Her response was, "I don't like reading the mean things people say". After thinking about it for a second, I realized people were probably bashing her about her DPS and how her gear "sucked". Watching her in a raid, she was very good at staying alive. It's her gear and specs that kept her from high DPS. So I read up on her character and helped her spec, gear, enchant, etc. Yeah it was my fault from the get go for not explaining this to her. This bothered me for a long time. How many people did I "kick" from a group because they "sucked"? This could have been a kid like my daughter (maybe even younger). I know most older teen age kids (and prolly younger teenagers) and some college kids can care less about hurting someones feelings in this "game". If you are an old fart like myself, think twice about insulting someone then booting them from a party because "they sucked"! This could be someone's kid who has no idea this "game" takes more skill and knowledge than they think.Unndertaker62 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 27, 2012 Role Bonus applied to DUNGEONS as well Role bonus should not be limited to just raid finder, I know I am making this thread out of pure rage that I feel after a paladin tank needed on an intellect trinket that I actually need, but hell it makes sense to me that this applies.Expletive2 Jan 27, 2012
Jan 26, 2012 Good thing LFR loot is working (derp) Lulz XD http://i375.photobucket.com/albums/oo197/Sannguine/World%20of%20Warcrack/WoWScrnShot_012512_234148.jpgXeora12 Jan 26, 2012
Jan 26, 2012 Looking for Raid Auto Que bug? I qued as dps for Looking for Raid, then went AFK to prepare dinner. About 10 minutes later, my hands covered in basting sauce for this chicken, I hear the sound of epic battle coming from my room. Curious, I poke my head in, but my computer is asleep. I figured the horde were attacking Stormwind or something. I washed my hands and went into my room and shook the mouse, and there I am, dead at Morchoks feet, with loot waiting for me to roll on. I have no clue how I got there, I asked the raid if I just arrived at morchok or the beginning or what? And no one responded except one guy who said this was a fresh run. So what happened? Does the LFR function, once Qued, automatically pull you in? Did the raid preists Chain Leap of Faith me all the way to Morchok? Curious, JaemJaem11 Jan 26, 2012
Jan 26, 2012 Add transmog tier items So every tier, both my specs' gear ends up looking like a hodgepodge between the 3 melee specs tier just because of the way the BiS list works out and the fact that they don't make full paladin set for tank/DPS. You would think transmog would fix this, but if I want the set to mog to, I'd basically have to wait for everyone else to get their tier gear with the exception of a few slots, and then I'd have to start rolling on holy pally gear for transmogging the non-tier pieces. So just a very simple solution, add purchasable, stat-less, transmog only versions of the full sets each tier, and then maybe make the raid achievement a requirement so that you couldn't just get it without ever doing the raid. Can you please do this? Look at me! I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be a paladin or a DK, and my tank set is even worse, mixing in several pieces of the warrior gear as well. I really like the look of new tier sets, there's just no way I could justify rolling on new raid gear just for transmog purposes, or even to waste valor on some of the offset pieces for the same reasons.Darthelmet8 Jan 26, 2012
Jan 26, 2012 Raid finder question. Hello everyone, sorry if this is a bit of a stupid question. I was just wondering when I go to use the raid finder for BWD why I am the only one listed on the browse raid menu? I haven't played the game in awhile and was just wondering. Does nobody que or does it just take a long time to get a que?Thio0 Jan 26, 2012
Jan 26, 2012 Fix DS Please. Please make it so I can backstab, ambush, shadowstep Ultraxion and shadowstep for madness. That is all. I thank you on behalf of every sub rogue raider.Sneakeh16 Jan 26, 2012
Jan 26, 2012 need some help on Warmaster 10m this is normal mode. we have been going up against this boss for a couple weeks now, we need to revise our strategy a bit so we can hopefully get him down when we go back in tomorrow. last week we used a cleave strategy for the melee adds while ranged worked on drakes. http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-znmhffdz7s7z3qiq/ this week we tried having all dps kill 1 melee add, then a drake, clean up the boat, then kill other drake. http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-zs0o5y8alzk2mrjb/ I'm not very experienced in analyzing these logs.. but it seems to me that we are taking excessive avoidable damage (ie charges), too many adds up at once, and I'm not entirely sure why but the melee adds are eating our other tank like candy. x.x as for number of adds, I am not sure if it is from lack of dps focus firing things down or due to the chaos of dealing with the sapper and other target switching going on. or that we just don't have enough dps to beat this boss, despite being able to kill Ultraxion. I would be grateful for any help or ideas for other strategies we can use. I have read of 1 strategy to pile the melee adds on top of a drake and cleave all.. how do you position the adds so the dreadblade does not cleave everyone, the slayer doesn't charge to the center of everyone piled there, etc? also, our mt is struggling with surviving through psychic drain on Zon'ozz, any tips/ tricks on 1 tanking this boss would help us here too: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-wdp049wm6ygatdy6/dashboard/?s=1253&e=1579Lilywind9 Jan 26, 2012
Jan 26, 2012 Timer on loot roles, simple fix = time saved. I apologize if this has been brought up, but is there anything that could be done about people leaving before they select their need/greed/DE/pass. Occasional problem in 5 mans, rampant in LFR. Just makes everyone else wait for things they did select something on. If you leave before you pick something, you have "completed" your roll and the timer doesn't need to wait for you - something along those lines. This would make groups run a bit smoother with less down time, and would be a quality of life improvement in the game, albeit small one.Silentechoes10 Jan 26, 2012