Dungeons, Raids and Scenarios

Nov 14 Returning Player Just coming back after quitting not too long after launch. I was mainly looking to play legion for pvp but I'm not just not a fan so I'm coming back to PvE. Any tips on what DPS class I should try to main? As in what is there a high demand for and low supply.Playstyle1 Nov 14
Nov 14 Are current Mythic Raids Cross Realm? Righto so I've tried tracking this down but my google-fu is not up to scratch. I have mates informing me that current content Mythic Raids (Tomb/soon to be Antorus) are able to have people invited from Cross Realm. I was of the understanding that Mythic Raids did not permit Cross Realm until a new raid is released then the old ones were permitted to use Cross Realm as it is considered 'old content'. Please halp me friends. Is everything Cross Realm now?Benchedjack2 Nov 14
Nov 14 Grps req a certain + score With M+ score becoming more will say a more accurate way of "gauging" the skill of players, I see more and more grps requiring a certain score to even be considered. I can't help but feel this will become the new "ilvl" or "aotc" meme. Should blizzard adopt this 3rd party system, since ilvl no longer shows we'll say "skill." To use a third like raider.io and wowprog is kind've a pain when dealing with special charcters. I personally just whisper them so I can ctrl+c their name. Is there an addon possibly that can help with this I wonder?Beörn13 Nov 14
Nov 13 Tank training dummy stacks I was wondering how many stacks of uber strike most tanks can get to before dieing? I just tried tanking the training dummy and could only get to 32 as a brewmaster. This is without any use of big cooldowns. I think it would be interesting to see how all the tanks stack up to the training dummy metric. Even though it has little to say about our performance in higher level content.Pearagorn15 Nov 13
Nov 13 How do you physically get to Yogg Saron? Inside Ulduar after you've killed nearly everything that moves and breaths or doesn't breath and you have nothing else left to do other than stab Yogg Saron in the face(s), How do you get to him/her/it? I am unable to see a clear path, I have used mind vision and I can see that there is a tunnel that exits into the room but cannot figure out where the entrance to that tunnel is. Where is the physical walking path that leads to yogg saron, I can look down into the room from the observation ring but there doesn't seem to be a clear path down. Obviously there is one since millions of people have fought Yogg, I just can't see the path. Google just has details on how to fight him. Youtube videos show people exiting the tunnel I need the entrance for. Where is it? Is it the hall of memories where you kill that elephant squid man and the door doesn't open or does that lead somewhere else?Anyankah18 Nov 13
Nov 12 [A][EST] LFM for steady/weekly Mythic+ Group Hello everyone! My name is Rex, and I am here to ask, if you are an Alliance WoW player, do you like running/pushing Mythic + but maybe you have to pug it a lot or don't have a steady group to run with? Well fear not because this might be the post for you! I am currently looking for a few players to form a steady Mythic+ group with the purpose of pushing keys while having fun doing it! The only catch is, I am only available to play Sunday to Thursday between 9:00PM and 3:00AM EST. I main a warlock, but I have 5 other level 110's I also run M+'s on, Including a ilvl 936 Prot Paladin. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, drop me a line or add me in game: Phyrexian#1669 The only thing I ask is that you: -Be 18+ -Be knowledgeable about your chosen class and spec. -Be a person of your word: if you say you are going to show up, then do just that! -Be ready to have fun, but commited to the goals of the group. Hope to hear from some of you soon! -RexPhyrexia1 Nov 12
Nov 12 35 gold as a raid boss reward has got to go imagine logging into raid night, gathering 20 people to defeat some menancing foe, you finally manage to kill it after 50+ wipes , and you get 35 gold. which is not even a lot of gold by the way; it would take 10 boss kills with 35 gold rewards to buy one flask on my server; and then you go on to the next boss and get gold again.... TLDR: dumb reward for raid boss okay for dungeon, give us blood instead;Repodude11 Nov 12
Nov 12 How much you need for 'Only the Penitent' Can 4 people finish "Only the Penitent" Achievement? On 10 man firelands can 2 people kneel each orb? Or do you need 6.Pouya1 Nov 12
Nov 12 Current week's Mythic+ tracking Is there a way for a character to check if\what Mythic+ it completed this lockout week? I have multiple toons and I tend to forget what I did and I'm wondering if the game keeps track of it for me or do I just need to write it down. If it's somewhere in the game; where can I find this information. If it's not in the game; it'll be a nice feature to add for Battle.Afterthôught3 Nov 12
Nov 11 LFM Glory of the Legion Hero As the title says LFM !!!! Let's do this achievement , feel free to whisper me I'm online most of the time : Bodyca-Illidan Kisses :*Bodyca1 Nov 11
Nov 11 Need help with Dire Maul entrances! I went to Feralas and found an entrance, got into Warpwood Quarter. Now, I would also like to do the other wings (I have a 85 hunter for doing this), but I can't figure out how to get there. I checked online stuff but can't find anything useful as to the entrances for the other wings. Are the entrances outside like the first one, or do you get to the other wings from Warpwood Quarter? Thanks.Beckysbanker4 Nov 11
Nov 11 Viscidus Soloing Strategies: Class by Class Hello all! Got tired of all the QQ posts regarding soloing our favorite blob of goo, so here you now find yourself! This is intended to be a community-driven thread, as I only personally know 5 classes well enough to comment on how to solo this guy. I'll update this OP as more class representation presents itself! THE PREMISE 1. Do enough hits to freeze Viscidus 2. Do enough hits while Viscidus is frozen to shatter him while he is below 5% to avoid having to go through add phase While yes, they made number 1 easier (which really just 'saves time'), the primary issue for most classes will be with numero dos. For some classes, this will be easy, for others, not so much. General Advice 1. Haste!Haste potions, haste food, haste elixirs, haste gear, whatever you can do to get those fists flying, do it! It might seem like nothing, watching your swing timer go from 1.8 to 1.65, but trust me, when you miss the shatter by 2 hits, you're going to be kicking yourself!Kafa Press! 2. Items!Remember, the individual hits don't have to be from you! But they DO have to be melee hits. So, time to dust off those Barov Peasant Caller, because yes, their hits count! Just make sure to keep them out of the poison. Other items that I can confirm work are: Terracotta Fragment!Antediluvian Cornerstone Grimoire, and I'm sure there are others! Just make sure to test ahead of time whether or not they'll A) Remain active if the item is swapped, and B) That they can be summoned during the event Classy Advice Druid FERAL My flavor of choice, this is really not that hard at all. Get yourself a Kafa Press, suck back some Tangy Yogurt, pop that elixir, and then, wait, you can't FREEZE him, can you? Well, not to worry, there is a very simple solution to this problem! Brunnhildar Harpoon! Sold by Warsmith Sigfinna in Brunnhildar Village within Storm Peaks, you'll find yourself freezing the big green in no time. After that, it's really only an issue of pooling energy, saving Tiger's Fury, popping berserk, popping your Press, and then spamming your lowest energy-cost ability. Some like to pre-pop zerk, but I did it just fine popping it on reaction to him freezing! Rogue COMBAT Should be doable by most rogue specs, but I used Combat for Adrenaline Rush and Killing Spree! Usual items apply for buffs, haste haste haste, Kafa Press. There exist several grey quality, low level daggers that have 1.6 speed, from the weaponsmiths in Org. Go purchase them. Affix Ye Olde Frost Oil, go bonkers on the green glob. Once he is about to freeze, extend duration of SnD, pool your energy, and then on freeze, pop Press, KS, Shadow Blades, Adrenaline Rush, SS->Evis until your fingers bleed = Dead Blob Death KnightHero Class Bro. One of, if not THE easiest class to solo this as. A) Pop Army B) Hit Visc 8 times within the frozen cycle C) Collect lootz HunterYet another snooze-fest class, please be advised that the "IMMUNE" you get from snake trap is from the Poison they're attempting to apply, NOT the melee hits! A) Brunnhildar Bow! B) Snake Trap C) Lynx Rush D) Stampede E) LootzArkadu56 Nov 11
Nov 11 Blizz, Please Fix Your Queue System https://puu.sh/yicyC/cad73b097b.jpg The wait time is going down, not up. Meaning more and more people are getting in faster and faster. So tell me, if that's the case, why the new people are getting priority over me? If people suddenly start queuing in mass, you might want to give the person waiting 35 minutes priority over those waiting 5 minutes. Then 3. Then 2. You might really want to fix this before your new expansion where leveling is an even bigger thing. Edited for wrong copy/pasteDreadneko3 Nov 11
Nov 11 Mythic raid bench warmer Feels bad man.Putricide10 Nov 11
Nov 11 Logging question I️ turn Warcraft logging on by when I️ try to upload the logs after splitting them and all that, it only allows me to load the as “personal” logs. How do I record logs that are allowed to go public? Thank you!Nootzio5 Nov 11
Nov 10 Tanking/Healing M+ Hey all just wanted to post up a link to our video. We do a deep dive into tanks and healers in M+ dungeons. https://youtu.be/WMyvesRNitwArgenthand1 Nov 10
Nov 10 Old raids loot count I did Mythic Siege yesterday on my death knight getting my 4-6 drops per boss or whatever no problem. Running today on my warrior i'm only getting one, granted its "usable" by my class but it's still just 1. Intended?Haramburger4 Nov 10
Nov 10 Warforge/Titanforge proc rate nerf? Has anyone else noticed a steep drop off in warforge/titanforge gear in M+ recently? Yesterday and today I have run about 7 dungeons (key levels 11-15) with 25-30 pieces dropping total and not a single one has warforged or titanforged. I realize this isn't a huge sample size but for most the primary incentive to be running M+ is to try and get a good titanforge piece.Cposanders1 Nov 10
Nov 10 ICC Timewalking please! Blizz, I loved Ulduar don’t get me wrong but the crown jewel of WOTLK was Icecrown Citadel. Can you please make this a time walking raid? In addition to this I think you should make it possible to time walk any raid when that expansions time walking is available at any level (for instance allow it to scale to lvl 120 when BFA releases).Cbegs5 Nov 10
Nov 10 Ritualist Who? Easy Guide 7.1.5 After looking through the internet to find an easier and quicker way to do the achievment I found nothing, everything saying it had been fixed. This is incorrect however as today, 3/15/17 I found a way to reset the ritualists. Last night I cleared TOT 10N up to the ritualists, killed them, then logged off still in the instance. The next day when I logged in I was at the start of the raid and decided to go through the dungeon and check them again and they all were there, 1 which I actually needed for the achievment. So I killed them and logged off, an hour later I tested this method again and when i logged back on the riualists were up. This is the only method I have found that works. Easy Steps: 1. Clear raid and kill the ritualists, dont attack orb or kill boss. 2. Log out and wait. (I am uncertain how long exactly to wait for but I usually just do a bg or 2 on my alt and log back on.)30 mins aprox 3. Log back onto the character you did TOT on and the mobs should be up. 4. Profit. Enjoy your Armored Skyscreamer! :)Ratslayer4 Nov 10
Nov 10 King Ymiron Can we please make it so the skeletons do not apply necrotic during this boss? It's ridiculous at higher key stones.Lolmaru6 Nov 10
Nov 9 Can't get into Zul'Gurub Every time I try to go through the portal to the dungeon, I get the error message: "Zul'Gurub is only available as level 85 Heroic Difficulty dungeon." As you can see from my character portrait, I am lvl 103. I never had any problems on my other character and she's 3 lvl's lower. What am I doing wrong here? It lets me do ICC and other raids and dungeons but not this one. Very confused. If someone could please help me, that would be very appreciated. :)Iffrit2 Nov 9
Nov 9 Best old raids to solo for gold? on a 110 fury warrior, ilvl 925, if it makes a difference.Diamonddave2 Nov 9
Nov 9 Nervous about trying Mythic +10 I've come to really enjoy mythic dungeons (as a healer), and I've been doing +9's for the past few weeks. I think I might be ready to try a +10, but that third affix has me a bit apprehensive. Is there a huge gap, difficulty wise, between +9 and +10, or is it not really a big deal?Karenthi15 Nov 9
Nov 9 940 Mage lf keys 940 fire Mage with decent selection of legendaries including bis's. Looking for people to push keys >13 and raise mythic plus score. Capable player with 11 years ranged dps exp. prefer oceanic but familiar with American server ping. Please add for a chat. Schillpad#1826Densemf0 Nov 9
Nov 9 Best mage M+ spec? For pushing keys? I'm getting mixed responses so far.Jigowatts9 Nov 9
Nov 9 Need people for regular M+ hey guys me and my friend are looking for dps and maybe a tank for m+ keys we want a group to run regularly doing keys 10+ and trying to push would be a chill environment and there to have fun and enjoy the m+ that blizz gave us idealy if you have done higher keys before thats great but its ok if you havent done too high this also isnt gonna be a carry run for people to just come for free runs so idealy some gear helps anyway feel free to post here or add me shadowya#1539 Need dps and maybe a tankDaddyshadow7 Nov 9
Nov 9 Most interesting raid boss fight so far Off your experience in all these expansions so far what do you think was the most interesting raid boss fight Mechanic wiseRàh16 Nov 9
Nov 9 "Random" Legion Heroic. Hi everyone, i have this issue with the Random Legion Heroic system... it's very simple... I don't know why but almost everyday (like 5 or 6 in a week) i get Karazhan. I don't have missions there, and i'm very boring if that one... Maybe it's a bug? or what i am missing about this?. Please help!Quótza4 Nov 9
Nov 8 Legion dungeons don't give much xp They aren't worth doing unless you got a quest to do them, at 102, a whole dungeon run in the random dungeon finder gave me only 2 bars, thats it. WUT?! Yet I hear a quest to do them gives you about 2 bars per quest turn in. I guess they are only there to gear up a max level toon now. No point doing them :-/Aycardus15 Nov 8
Nov 8 Free Key Carries! (NA/Horde) Hey there! I recently started playing again and my favorite thing has always been to gear friends and such. Right now I am starting a stream and carrying any keys (up to +12) with some friends. We are all 930+ and most of us are 9/9M! I will even try to armor stack for your class (I have geared healers of every class)! All I ask is you enter the keyword in my channel to be in the drawing every round. I look forward to playing with some new people and making new friends! Twitch.tv/yokiwan P.s. I Hope this sort of advertisement is okay, I see a lot of sales posted, so I assume it falls into a similar category.Yokimaru3 Nov 8
Nov 8 PVP dungeons Think mythic + but you're racing a team of the enemy faction to the final boss. First one there gets the bonus loot. Teams matched on ilvl. With the current Queue design i think this would be fairly easy to implement. Promotes rivalry between horde an alliance. Loosing to a clock... less fun Loosing to opposing faction players... Implementation would basically be two separate dungeons linked one for alliance one for horde obviously. There is no pvp fighting during the dungeon run, pve'ers wana pve after all. % to complete shows both horde and alliance. First one that wins takes the bonus lewts.Derilore1 Nov 8
Nov 8 BfA - dungeon levelling Bring it back please. Everything is gonna be locked behind a quest wall anyways, at least let me level with other players via dungeons.Astrioch3 Nov 8
Nov 8 Mythic cache missions at order hall Just got my 10th mythic kill in ToS today. Is that enough for mythic cache missions at the order hall, or do you need more?Valéns19 Nov 8
Nov 8 Dragon Soul LFR drop chances are abysmal. I have run DS LFR no less than 50 times now, and the chance to receive any kind of loot seems abysmally low (sub 5% in my experience). The only real reason this is even available at this point is Transmog gear, are there any plans to raise the drop percentages so that the gear isn't harder to farm than most rare mounts?Bluerelic7 Nov 8
Nov 8 Legacy LFR loot Please increase the legacy LFR drop chance or allow us to change the loot system. 1. It feels punishing to run the legacy LFR's and get nothing. I'm not talking about that last piece I need to complete an appearance set, I mean literally zero drops. It's set to personal loot by default and can't be changed. 2. The legacy LFR's take a considerable amount of time to complete, and they just aren't rewarding enough to justify the time. This irks the completionist in me something fierce. 3. This issue gets worse every expansion because another set of legacy LFR's are added to the list. A fix now is better than a fix three expansions down the road. Please consider investing the resources required to make legacy LFRs a fun and rewarding way to play the game.Zuegalak4 Nov 8
Nov 8 Hexos (Brawler's Guild) I queued into this almost a dozen times and every time it ends the same way. Hexos teleports in and latches on, I turn to face the first gap, he yells "too slow" and teleports a few yards away, and the encounter ends. All within the span of 3-4 seconds. What am I missing here? I beat this fight back in WoD and don't recall having this much trouble. As far as I can tell, I am facing the empty spot in the rings and Hexos clears them without hitting, but the encounter still ends almost immediately.Contreras1 Nov 8
Nov 8 Siege of Stormwind When is that coming out?Zulman1 Nov 8
Nov 7 Raiding - Mythic 15 or 20? So far, from what I have learn from the different interviews about the upcoming expansion. It seems like the game developers are happy about 20 man mythic raiding. I was wondering if this is a problem for a lot of guilds out there, because it seems like the biggest challenge to mythic raiding is consistently having 20 people show up for raiding every week. Maybe this is a small problem or a big problem, I'm not sure because I don't have the numbers. One thing for sure is the effect of not having 20 raiders, that being more or less. For instance, having less than 20 players actually hinders the raid to the point that raiding that night might be called off, in the other hand, having more than 20 players leads to players being getting bench for the night. I have a suggestion which is to have a flex mythic raiding number, for instance, from 15 man to 20 man - I'm not a game designer, so I am not sure how the balancing for this would work. However, it would be a really cool idea - it keeps those guilds struggling to find the last 3 - 4 players for mythic raiding and as we find more, nobody has to be benched until we have 20 man. What do you guys think? For those who have 20 man mythic raiding consistently, this might not affect you, but it has affected me in the past and I have seen so many guilds disband because they just cannot find the people to raid with, even when there 10-12 core dedicated players.Korthre9 Nov 7
Nov 7 KJ is going to get nerfed so hard If world second hasn't gone out yet it's not going to be realistic for 9 hour/week raiding guilds. If Exorsus has done 30+ heroic split runs as I've seen claimed, one-clear-per-week guilds wouldn't have that much gear until January (although they'd obviously have much more mythic gear). Fallen Avatar probably gets massively easier with gear, but coordinating soaks on KJ is something that takes a lot of practice. Although anyone watch the streams? How close are they? And the fight is mostly heroic on steroids, right? I don't want to talk too much about a mythic fight I haven't researched lest I get downvoted (oh wait), but I don't know how they're gonna nerf this fight gently. Perhaps increased time before Armageddon lands will be the best way to reduce difficulty while retaining the original feel. And I bet Normal and Heroic get nerfed too when the mythic ones go out.Twilightcult158 Nov 7
Nov 7 Mogu'Shan Vaults - Pinning Arrow Solo I kept being stunned and had no way to "kill" the arrow. I would take forever to die because of my passive healing and did not find any help online :( Here is how you can solo this: either equip a heirloom PVP trinket or use Draenic Living Action Potion. Hope it helps! Hug the tree!Luar4 Nov 7
Nov 6 CoS shortcut & short toons There's a small shortcut start of Court of Stars you can take to skip one of the mechanical custodian adds, on a bridge over a canal. Jump down into the canal, then jump up out of the canal onto the other side. Problem is, I can never do it. I'd get stuck in the bottom of the canal. This really annoyed me for some reason. I even went into the dungeon solo to try and practice it, without luck. I just assumed it was some wall-climbing special technique people who do Mythic+ runs a lot have learnt. But then I got into a CoS LFD group, and I noticed how easy it seemed to the other players. I got onto my nightelf character, who hasn't done the dungeon yet, and tried this shortcut. And on a nightelf, I can do it easily, no special technique required. So the only reason I can't do it on this character is because she's a dwarf? I didn't think the height of a character would affect the ability to jump over obstacles - but apparently it does.Greer9 Nov 6
Nov 6 Antorus and bonus roll coins Do we have any confirmation that Antorus will use Seal of Broken Fate? Or will we be getting a new coin. (Like how HM and BRF used one coin and HFC used a different coin). Just wondering if it will be useless to try and pool coins for the upcoming release of Antorus.Nicelogs8 Nov 6
Nov 6 Seal of Broken Fate You should include an option to buy Seal(s) of Broken Fate, for Nethershards. Otherwise, this currency is pretty useless.Coinoperated4 Nov 6
Nov 6 Dungeon Boss Skipping I am here to suggest to Blizz Devs they make a few changes to Dungeons at least in Legion if not all dungeons. Make it so you have to kill all the bosses to unlock the final boss in the dungeon. Some players have taken a shine to skipping bosses (especially) Dark Heart Thicket. Not only does this prevent players from : 1. Getting EXP from killing the boss if app 2. Getting gear and possible artifact power 3. Quest completion Yes I get it peeps like fast runs...but if your able to run thru all the dungeon and skip most of the mobs in there, then why bother going in? Thank you for your time.Ceidre18 Nov 6
Nov 6 Do we need to go back to WOTLK raiding Before I start this thread, I would like to explain that I just wanted to obtain everyone's opinion and have a civilized debate about raiding! I play the game somewhat casually and therefore let me state that I never finished any raid in WOTLK except Naxxramas, but still enjoyed each and every boss because it felt fun rather than a grind. Now normal is way too easy and is in no way fun and the content is completed really fast. Im not the biggest fan of then moving into heroic, once you finish content once it doesnt feel the same. I really do appreciate the flex nature of raiding though, it helps casual guilds and raiders with the flexibility, but why not remove normal and make a flex heroic. Make each boss exciting and fun again, and make content last longer. If you are uber casual you have LFR and if you are hardcore you can still have mythic. Having 2 raid tiers is kind of ruining it for casual organised raiders like me, but Im sure people will have other opinions and I will like to hear about themAdohokanda39 Nov 6
Nov 6 [H] Mythic Elisande//Gul'dan kills Partial guild run with 6/9M players Looking for more players interested to kill mythic Elisande & gul'dan weekly for seals and mount farming , starting all sundays at 7pst // 10 est. Loot will be set to personal. Requirements: - High ilvl 930+ (Even tho it's tuned for 905 , I would like to have overgeared players to rush through the bosses and make it less painful). - Discord - time & dedication to do it every sunday. BTAG: baloort#11486 NOTE: If you have the direct portal to elisande on mythic contact me aswell. willing to negotiate for the opening each sundayAntí4 Nov 6
Nov 5 Mythic+ Raids One idea that has occurred to me is that the world first kills for final bosses in raids happens pretty quickly these days. Its interesting to watch as different guilds compete for bragging rights, but ultimately it doesn't last very long. Which I think is kind of a shame. Mythic raids are some of the most complex encounters in WoW and while it’s good that these are reasonably accessible it would be interesting if guilds had the ability to make them as hard as they can handle. So this idea is to expand the Mythic+ system to raids So this idea is to extend that all the way along by expanding the Mythic+ system for dungeons for raids to allow them to scale indefinitely. Of course the system would need to be modified a little bit. Here would be how I think it could work. When the final boss in the Mythic or Mythic+ version of a raid is killed each person who loots the boss can get a copy of a Mythic+ key. If you were currently in the Mythic form of a raid then you get a Mythic+ 2 key, otherwise you get they key 1 higher than the version you are currently in, each key is account bound. Each character can only be saved to a single Mythic or Mythic+ raid instance. You get saved to an Mythic or Mythic+ instance when any boss in the raid is killed. Thereafter, during the reset week (from Tuesday to Tuesday) if you attempt to enter into a Mythic raid for the type of raid for which you are already saved you are moved into the raid instance you are saved to. At the start of a Mythic raid instance is a keystone pedestal that the raid leader can insert any Mythic+ keystone that they possess for the current raid. Doing so creates a new instance of the raid at that Mythic+ difficulty, moves all characters in the raid to the new instance, as well it associates the group to that instance and anyone who enters the a Mythic raid while in the group and isn’t already saved to another Mythic+ instance is moved to the group’s instance. If the raid leader is already saved to a Mythic+ raid then when they start a group that group is also automatically associated with that Mythic+ instance. This is a long description which basically boils down to you can only be in 1 either Mythic or Mythic+ instance during a given week so you can’t get loot from both. For each difficulty level on the Mythic+ key the health and damage of all creatures in the instance is increased by a percent similar to how Mythic+ dungeons work. Otherwise the Mythic+ version of a raid works exactly like the normal Mythic version. While the raid is current tier when the final boss is killed all players who are saved to the raid instance are granted an achievement saying that they defeated a given Mythic+ raid instance. As well if the group qualifies as a Guild Group the guild is similarly given a similar achievement. The reason for giving it to all characters saved and not just those present at the final boss kill is that likely characters will need to be swapped in and out from encounter to encounter to allow for the highest keystone level to be defeated, and they all deserve the achievement as a result. To help clarify the idea here are the things that are different between Mythic+ Raids and Mythic+ Dungeons: 1) There are no affixes with Mythic+ raid, these combats are already complex enough. 2) There is an implicit time limit of 1 week instead of an explicit one. You have until next Tuesday reset to finish the last boss to get the next keystone, if you fail to do so your Mythic+ instance is destroyed and you become unsaved to any instance. Mythic+ keystones only level up 1 step at a time, no multi step based on doing it fast and obviously no time penalty for dying. 3) You can have as many Mythic+ raid instance keys as you wish, inventory space is the only limitation. The key is also not removed from your inventory when you insert it into the pedestal, you get it back so if you fail in a given week you can just try again next week. Mythic+ instance lock outs cannot be extended. 4) Loot works exactly the same in Mythic+ as in normal Mythic. If you want you could give a small increase to the chance that a piece of gear becomes Warforged in Mythic+ but there is no inherent improvement in iLvl and no loot box at the end.Yufa7 Nov 5
Nov 5 Antorus release on Nov 28th So it doesn't get buried in a thread about another topic, figured I'd put this up here. The raid releases the week of the 28th, confirmed by J. Allen Brack: http://www.wowhead.com/news=275497/antorus-the-burning-throne-raid-release-date-november-28th ToS tier extended by one week essentially. To my fellow Americans reading this, enjoy the holiday week.Thecheat0 Nov 5
Nov 5 New type of dungeon idea Hi my idea for new type of dungeon where having the whole dungeon revolves around one boss with different phased events making it like a mini dungeon having the boss changes his strategy each time face him through out the dungeon Anyone else would like to see a dungeon like thisEpicret1 Nov 5