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Apr 20 Gul'dan LFR Flames of Sargeras tank? As the title says, I have noticed that Flames of Sargeras will sometimes apply to tanks in normal or higher difficulties, but I have yet to run a LFR where it is applied to the tanks. If anyone knowledgeable knows if this is true or if a blue can be so kind to confirm this I'd be most grateful.Momomomo7 Apr 20
Apr 20 Addons for Key Bindings? I've been getting more into raiding recently (Resto Druid), and I realize that click casting is a pain during raids. I've tried changing the key bindings using in game UI, but it's inconvenient for my alt characters. I was wondering if there is a specific addon for key bindings that can easily be switched on and off for raids and is (preferably) character specific. Thank you!Cotiane4 Apr 20
Apr 20 Mythic Keystkne and dungeon quests I have a couple quests to do some mythic dungeons (court if stars for example) so i did a mythic+ CoS dungeon but i wasnt able to complete the quest. Can u enter a mythic keystone dungeon to complete a quest that asks for only mythic?Zoombawonga1 Apr 20
Apr 20 healers ranked for mythic+ So I’m looking to make a healer alt and I will mainly be doing mythic plus. And I have not looked into any of the healers this expansion so I was wondering if some healers could give me a quick ranking of all the healers in a mythic plus setting and maybe some strengths and weaknesses Thanks in advance.Xandela7 Apr 20
Apr 20 Violet Hold Bosses this week? 4-19-17 I dont see it on wowhead, which is usually where it's posted. Wondering does anyone know them yet.Morginor0 Apr 20
Apr 20 911ilvl resto shaman LF NH sales group 8/10M, with solid healing legendaries, looking for a Nh / H NH carry sales group. Can bring owns customers if its a byo system. Will work for off-realm gold, so any team is fineAragosa0 Apr 20
Apr 19 Deserter Buff So, I queue'd for the scenario for the Azsuna Legion invasion. I got stuck with two people who were apparently from the same server, they must have queue'd together, they were from Frostmourne. Anyway, I was playing through most of the scenario and made it close to the end (I would assume) and one member of the group hadn't been doing anything. I saw them stand around or run around and not help with DPS at all. Apparently this person also happened to be group leader. Well guess what? When I asked them why they weren't doing anything they got mad and vote kicked me. Now I'm stuck with a 30 minute deserter buff and can't queue for another scenario. Exactly how is that fair? Edit : And for the record, if this were near the end of the invasion, exactly HOW, Blizzard, do you expect me to finish the invasion?Schraede12 Apr 19
Apr 19 How do i return to the beginning of SoO??? So I decided to go for the new mount and get to the part where I have to go into Siege only to find out I cant figure out how to return to the very beginning of this stupid raid since I full cleared it this week already. this is annoying if I have to wait till next week to start this all over again. and if there is no way to get back to where I need to be then how do you do LFR version solo? or can you? I know you can with dragon soul but I don't recall seeing anyone you can talk to to solo que for SoO LFR. I just dont understand the point in putting me near the end with no way back to the start.the portals on the way out take you out of the raid and there is nothing near the docks or nothing.Särkhanvol6 Apr 19
Apr 19 Keystone Question If I delete a keystone that came out of my weekly cache, will I be able to pick up a new +2?Cyrr3 Apr 19
Apr 19 Cathedral of Night door glitch After clearing up to the second boss in CoN, our group wiped and tried to make it back into the room. Unfortunately, the door was closed and did not reopen. Our group tried walking out and in and it didn't work. Rather than reset the dungeon, everyone left, understandably. It was on mythic difficulty, if that has any significance. Please allow us to walk back in after a wipe. Please don't tell me we simply should not have wiped.Rakotah4 Apr 19
Apr 19 strongest dungeon specs? of all classes, what are some of the strongest specs for mythic dungeons? Leaning toward ret, DK, maybe rogue, and havoc. I can't find a current tier listArfoire0 Apr 19
Apr 19 Is it Fine to Use PvP Gear in PvE So I've recently returned to PvP and realized that most of the gear that was dropping has a higher ilvl than gear that has dropped from normal/heroic EN. I'm not planning on doing mythic difficulty raids, I only plan on running casual normal/heroic raids or mythic+ dungeons. Would it be fine to use this gear in that case?Galemerick6 Apr 19
Apr 19 question about mythic raid lock so if I run with some friends and do 2/10 mythic, I should still be able to go into my guild group if they're saved 4/10, correct? thanks for any help <3Gavinnpz4 Apr 19
Apr 19 910 H Priest LF High M+ Group/Players Hi friends, I've been looking for high M+ players since I've made my holy priest new main post 7.2. My DH's (subtlebladez) score was 1750+ pretty 7.2 if you're looking for my experience. I always have consumables. Add viralrush#1243. Cya in a dungeon! -SubtleSubtleheals1 Apr 19
Apr 19 Sacrifice Soul - Ghostly Protector Why does this damage reduction stay even though the protector's channeling is interrupted, or he's dead? Black Rook Hold, by the way. It's an uninterruptable AoE 75% damage reduction spell channel that already buffs all of the mobs around us the second it's cast. So, a few questions. Why is it a channel if the channeling does nothing? The moment the spell goes off, they're already buffed. Too late to do anything about it. Might as well just make it a spell cast with how it is. If it's intended to be a channel, why not make the damage reduction last only while it's being casted? It gives a reason to kill/stun the protector as he's channeling it. As it stands, if he gets the spell off and he dies, then the rest of the group has 75% damage reduction for about 10 more seconds, causing irritation that can't be avoided. ...... TL:DR... Why is it a channel if it isnt truly channeled on the others, but are instead just buffed like a regular cast? Why doesnt stunning/killing the protector get rid of the buff as he's channeling it? If the debuff is suppost to stay no matter what, why is it a channel at all?Forben5 Apr 19
Apr 19 Possible Keystone level bug? Last week I finished a Mythic level 9 dungeon, and got a level 11 keystone in my chest this week. I've never seen anyone get a key for a level higher than they finished the prior week. Did this happen to anyone else?Thanatasi3 Apr 19
Apr 18 How's the new Grievous affix? ... Has anyone tried Grievous yet? Not sure when I'll get to try it for myself this week, but was just wondering how aggressive the debuff is, and if it's causing any issues on lvl10+ keys.Tallywix50 Apr 18
Apr 18 can't enter normal mode I've tried changing the dungeon difficulty to normal, and resetting all instances, but It always defaults to heroic. I am unable to complete page 5 of The riddlers mind worm because of this. Any suggestions?Genzin3 Apr 18
Apr 18 Garbage healers Blizzard should require some sort of proving grounds for healers to get into mythic keystones. It seems most of them have no idea how to play their class and are just playing the easiest role to get an easy carry. A garbage shaman on +12 Helya earlier kept dying to bellow after several wipes, and it went OOM in phase 1 and whined about encounter design midfight while getting carried hard on our successful pull. We only managed to beat it because we had a warlock and blood DK outhealing the 907 restoration shaman carry who probably bought KSM. They should add a demerit system that you can assign to bad players after a keystone is depleted. After enough demerits, the system realizes the bad needs more training and they are locked to only being able to do their own keys for a few weeks.Modor12 Apr 18
Apr 18 (A) Selling H Nighthold PL 10/10 M players selling full clear through Heroic Nighthold! Come get your tier, gear, aotc, etc! Today at 8:00pm EST 5:00pm PST! Add me on btag for more info tettles#1480Tettles7 Apr 18
Apr 18 Halls of Valor nerf I'm gonna be that guy and complain about the nerf to HoV. You took the most fun dungeon in Legion and made it more dull. Not something that needed to be done imo.Philaster3 Apr 18
Apr 18 Maw of Souls Grievous/Tyrannical - Last Boss Just wondering if anyone else was running into issues with Grievous affix on last boss. Not exactly the boss -- but the Tentacles in the first phase of the fight hit for a massive amount of damage. Compounded with Grievous, I was dying with cooldowns on the 2nd & 3rd tentacle in Maw +12. I also ran into similar issues with Grievous on the first boss when the adds spawn. Here's the damage done to me on the kill (Guardian Druid): Destructor Tentacle damage done - 31.46M damage Helya damage done - 19.30M damage Grievous Wound damage during fight - 4.46M damage My group had to pop all CDs on the first tentacle. I used Rage of the Sleeper on the first one. 2nd tentacle, we popped lust & I used Barkskin/Survival Instincts. A 3rd tentacle came up and I used a Potion of Prolonged power + active mitigation. Helya is a total joke but, I was very surprised to see the Destructor tentacles dealing so much damage in a +12. I've tanked this numerous times across 2 druids and i've never struggled so much to survive. Was the damage from the tentacles buffed at all?Shikoku14 Apr 18
Apr 18 Arc/Cos/Upper/Lower.. please stop.. I know your proud to have these as daily instances, but please over and over, think I have done Arc on both my toons 3 days in a row. Please make a rotation again. Thanks, love the game! Just tired of the same 4 over and over.Redseal5 Apr 18
Apr 18 5 man versions of all old raids Similar to Kara but might take a bit more work, should do 5 man versions of all the old raids. I know they want to do timewalking black temple but timewalking is a bit of a let down really, doesn't preserve any of the original challenge intent.Muaddeeps2 Apr 18
Apr 17 How do mythic keystones work? I hate that Blizzard has created a system that is so monumentally confusing. So everyone I know assumed we just run a mythic again this week and get a new +2 key. Well, we all logged in and got higher than +2 keystones from the chest. We did a quick Nelth's to see if it reset to +2, it did not. How the crap does this work? Do we actually have to let the keystone expire to start back at +2? Cause if so I'm extremely annoyed the weeklong time was reset. Can we delete our current key, run a new mythic and get a new key? How does this work? Blizz, next time you make a feature, don't add 20 layers of convoluted nothing to it.Cuddlebun3 Apr 17
Apr 17 Grievious concern Why is this debuff active out of combat? It's already very taxing in combat but your whole group must stop to be healed up to full otherwise it will constanly reduce their HP. You can't even drink when that's normally a healers time to do so. Couple that with stacks and you're almost out of mana even prior to certain pulls. I should never have to use a CD to heal my party after any pull or boss. I can deal with it if that's the way it's suppose to be but I can foresee this being the single biggest issue with this debuff in higher mythics.Haughtyfire31 Apr 17
Apr 17 Nighthold tier from Nethershard boxes? I just had someone in Broken Shore chat link and say they received Nighthold Gear (880 Legplates of the Obsidian Aspect) from a Nethershard box. Is this actually a thing or was it a troll? EDIT: It is a thing, I rechecked the linked gear and it said "Relinquished" on it. Kind of caught me by surprise and I'm not really sure what to think about that.Remontoire45 Apr 17
Apr 17 Mythic Botanist Phase 3. need help Wanna check. In phase 3 Flare is applied to the tank and players within 4 yards of the tank. From then, parastic fetters is applied to whoever is hit. However some how our melee is getting parastic fetters even though they are standing more than 4 yards. (even on our replays no one was near the tank at all). whats more flare seemed to be casted on random people on the raid. Izzit a bug or something we are overlooking? Anyone else has this issue?Lesbomancy4 Apr 17
Apr 17 Solo Razorgore issues So, I was trying to get into Blackwing lair for transmogs, and ran into this brickwall today. It seems some stuff has changed in this fight, as Razorgore now takes way more damage from the NPC's, as well as no longer consistently dropping threat when mind control is broken. The best I can do on my hunter is to get about 2/3 of the eggs done before he dies. Anyone else seeing issues with this, or other fights?Ranthae23 Apr 17
Apr 17 Why does Blizzard encourage abuse in LFR? It seems that you guys don't start to consider how bad things are in LFR before putting them in. Never mind the constant player trolling, terrible attitudes, and angry people who get off on pulling mobs into the group -- no those are just player issues. But, knowing what an absolute cesspool LFR is, you put things in like the Un'goro crystals in Il'gynoth's area, allowing people to take it to a whole new level. Tonight, just before Il'gynoth, one of the tanks grabbed the crystal, murdered several people and then pulled the boss before anyone could rez, thus locking them out of the encounter. This meant that all I could do is watch helplessly as the boss was killed, and subsequently not get quest credit, which is pretty much the only reason I queued in the first place. How can you say you'd like to fix abuse in places like LFR while actively providing trolls the tools they need to screw people out their time?Feltoker3 Apr 17
Apr 17 How to get to Flamebender Ka'graz Im going for a chest she drops for my transmog but I cant figure out how to get to her. The only way I assume is past Hans and Franz, but I cant get past that fight solo. Is there any way to get to Ka'graz completely solo or do I need other people to kill Hans and Franz to get to her?Glemier3 Apr 17
Apr 17 7.2 Ok, so to preface: I literally came back to WoW for legion for 2 reasons: legendaries and m+ Now, M+ is a cool fun concept and I enjoy it a lot. That being said, the changes in 7.2: -make healing exceptionally unfun, especially with the new affix. We're already playing catchup and pushing to the best of ability in the higher stones, grievious is just a stupid lazy design choice that punishes healers for no reason at all -the AP rescaling has made it almost not worthwhile to grind m+ as long as there are AP wqs up. 1.1 mil for a 9 eye? I can get that in half the time with wqs with no risk whatsoever. Not exactly balanced. -number rescaling. I realize WP reset everyone; still, going from being able to do a 20 prepatch to struggling in 16s is... demoralizing. The 'improved scaling through M+30' patch text just adds salt to the wound. What was the point if no one will clear 30s for a long long time? Lazy much? TL;DR m+ was fine you guys made it from somewhat niche to atrociously painfulHygiene1 Apr 17
Apr 16 No more ffa loot anymore? My wife and I use to run old content and do quests using the free for all loot mode. Today, after the patch we noticed there is no more options to change from personal loot. Anyone know if this is this an intended change or some bug, since I don't recall reading about it in patch notes. Thanks in advance.Buffel22 Apr 16
Apr 16 Yogg Saron 25 man (Solo/2-man) This was immensely difficult for my friend and I (two Enhancement shamans), even with all 4 keepers. Basically the problem is that we can't get out of the constrictor tentacles easily and fast enough (only ability we can use while held captive by it is Unleash Elements). The corruptor tentacles are also really annoying, causing stuns and slow debuffs. The main problem though, is that once we get into the Brain chambers, we can't dps the neutral adds fast enough--by the time the central passageway is clear and we can dps the brain, it's on the verge of finishing its Induce Madness spell, and so to survive, we have had to just take the portals out of the chamber right away. Inevitably we either fall prey to Induce Madness, or just are not able to DPS the brain down fast enough. Help? What are we missing?Huatan11 Apr 16
Apr 16 looking for a help group I'm currently not looking to join a guild but trying to find a group who can help me learn warloads of draenor and legion. Currently ive started my garrison but honestly i want to move onto dungeons. I haven't played since pandaria and don't play a lot of mmos(first person shooters I'm your man). Anyone know a good group? Also if you use teamspeak would be awesome considering I'm still getting use to using attacks and watching the party chat.Joefumas0 Apr 16
Apr 16 Can't get to Upper Karazhan Heroic My guild decided to try running Return to Karazhan Heroic with just four of us. We finished Lower Kara no problem, but now can't get to Upper Kara. The doors are locked and no key dropped (like in Mythic). Is there any way to run Upper Kara Heroic without using the Dungeon Finder?Redwarf1 Apr 16
Apr 16 Anyone experiencing bugs in Challenges? So, disclaimer: I know these are hard. I know you need to be ready to juggle a possible 5+ mechanics during these fights. I know they're hard and tuned for Tomb raid gear level. So I was fighting Sigryn. Now among the first major fight aspect are the warrior getting buffed and the runes on the ground. Sigryn's self buff is also a major one and rather small window to deal with it (hope DBM updates for scenario timers soon). Before that the minor hits are mainly fire on the ground and the twirling weapons, but generally those don't nuke you for 2/3rds your health. So I was scratching my head when I got nuked for somewhere around 2/3rds my health before the first set of runes. Ran again and it didn't happen, okay, died because I failed to stun Sigryn before she got empowered. Running again, wow before the fighter got buffed I got 'nuked' again... I didn't check my combat notes right away, probably a mistake, and I didn't find what nuked me but maybe I couldn't check back far enough. But unless there was invisible fire on the ground I'm not sure how I lost that much health. So I'm getting nuked by something that I don't see in strats, didn't occur during a mechanic, and I couldn't find in combat notes? Now I still could have missed something, got hit by twirling swords and been in fire for too long, and not really have been nuked, there is a lot going on. I just want to put this out there and see if anyone else might be experiencing odd spikes or nukes outside of the mechanics known of (aka possible bug).Zared2 Apr 16
Apr 16 Cathedral nerfed again Congratulations all you whiner baddies, you got the only fun dungeon nerfed into the ground. You're probably the same people that claim wow is to easy these days but want cathedral nerfed. Can people not just run the dungeon cause the difficulty makes it fun and not be a bunch of gear driven people for once. The only thing in the dungeon that should have been adjusted was the big demon to the left that runs in and annihilates people in the beginning.Qodron26 Apr 16
Apr 16 Can't queue for Arc and CoS? I can enter the instances fine, but I don't see the option to even search for those groups or start one. I even have a M+ key for CoS.Davidtruong0 Apr 16
Apr 16 Mythic Blackrock Foundry Why do the Slag Elementals still need a debuff from the Security Guards who can only be controlled by Priests or Rogues? Every week there's a 10-30 min wait for either class to show up, usually a wipe and then a 5-10 min explanation on what to do. Creates a lot of frustration for the group, on the 2 classes who can do this out dated mechanic and being expected to know, as well as a lot of time waiting around for either class to show up in the first place. I get the feeling this was something that was forgotten about, please change the mechanics to the same as normal/heroic where the Slag Elementals don't need to be debuffed at all, just killed near a Primal Elemental so you can complete Stage 2.Ixao3 Apr 16
Apr 16 Retry Class Challenges! I've completed both the arms and fury warrior class challenges and I thought they were a tonne of fun. It was refreshing having some difficult and rewarding solo content in the game outside of dungeons and raids This is a great addition to the game and I think it should be further built upon. Firstly I would love the option of retrying these challenges after having completed them because they're super fun content. I want to try new strategies and setups to tackle the boss fight as well as experimenting with my class. Having some kinda of personal best system tied into it could also be cool like time to kill, damage received or damage dealt records. Incorporating a system similar to the M+ guild leader board could also be cool, but instead have it tied to the class and spec. That way you are able to compete with those within your class. Anyway really love the challenges so far! I want to see more of this added into future content.Feladore1 Apr 16
Apr 15 Unstack grievous after combat Not suggesting they all drop at once, but the debuffs should start unstacking after combat, same rate at which they are applied. This still leaves the healer with the responsibility of topping people off, but in a more reasonable manner.Wahkooah0 Apr 15
Apr 15 EN AP Drop rate stealth nerfed Th is teh third week in a row that after running en on n, H, M and only have gotten 1 maybe 2 ap items. Anyone else noticing this stealth nerf?Synergiy1 Apr 15
Apr 15 Mythic+ Class Hall Chest Literally did more than 7 mythic+ run this week and the chest tells me to complete one before i can open it. Why?Dreamelf22 Apr 15
Apr 15 Stuns and Interrupts in M+ I've noticed that several mobs, though immune to cap totem, can be interrupted with a HoJ. Do single target stuns effect mobs differently? Are they able to disable things when an aoe stun cannot? Along those lines, does it matter if its a physical ability or magical? Will a kidney shot stun a mob that a HoJ wont? Will quaking palm interrupt an add where a Cap totem wont? If M+ is going to be sticking around (not just this expansion but in the next ones as well) I find myself wondering if going panda would be a good idea for their single target pyhsical interrupt. ThanksBipst4 Apr 15
Apr 15 How do I gear up more from here? At 894 ilvl, finding M+ isn't really cutting it unless I push higher keys, which require higher ilvl in general. Feel like I'm at a wall?Otl3 Apr 15
Apr 15 AP Grind replaced ICC Buff? So this is something that's been rockin around in my noggin for a while now. The final 20 points in 7.0 and the final 50 points in 7.2 are just replacements for the knob that used to exist in IceCrown Citadel that made the raid easier to clear over time. The same way the Legendary Ring in WoD trivialized content over time as people cleared Archimonde weekly(And later could upgrade it with Valor) and the way the Legendary cloak powered people through SoO in fairly record time on top of SoO's high ilvl gear and multi-difficulty gear. It's been Blizzard's way of making end game content easier over time without blatantly putting a knob on things. is this a "No duh" revelation? Ok, well, why are we all ok with it? Let me state that I don't actually dislike the idea behind Artifact traits, and gaining more power at max level, it's kinda like leveling and getting new ranks of your abilities, and that's ok, the first 34 traits were fine. My beef/problem comes with the last traits which are essentially just % modifiers for you that primarily effect your raid, and don't have a healthy end in sight. Let's be clear about this, those final points are overkill for anything outside of a mythic raid, they're completely unnecessary in pvp(And disabled if I recall), not needed in dungeons or even Mythic+ dungeons, and most certainly aren't needed for world questing. So it all comes back to raiding. Unlike it's predecessors, which had clear weekly goals and stopping points so the player could relax, this new AP grind does not have an end in sight(The last rank costs 865,842,644,766,330AP, and no I'm not joking), and while it's clear Blizzard doesn't actually expect you to grind out 865,842,644,766,330AP the fact that they left it open like this and didn't bother to give it a logical ending point means they've sent a message that they don't mind you endlessly grinding AP and throwing AP items into your artifact until the next expansion drops. Maybe it's too late to make this argument, but I think people like to have goals in WoW they can reach and stop. People like to finish something and then say "Ok I'll go work on this thing next." The AP grind in it's current iteration is not such a creature. There's no difference then if Blizzard made the 50 point trait a 1 point trait that got stronger every week on it's own instead of relying on the player to endlessly grind dungeons and world quests and raids. In fact doing so would allow the player to explore other avenues in the game then stressing about falling behind and holding their raid back because their traits aren't matching the rest of the raid. TLDR: Blizzard used to make raids easier overtime with a % modifier, now they make the player jump through hoops to make the raids easier over time, but they've become increasingly and unhealthily time consuming.Flotty5 Apr 15
Apr 15 20+ Keystone grp LF Tanks (HORDE) Recently started pushing keys fairly high with some friends. We don't really have xp pushing keys until recently, but have managed to get a 20 done during the first week, and a 19 done at the last minute this past week. We seem to spend most of our time LF tanks, and are currently looking for several tanks that we can run with throughout the week. An ideal tank should have 18+xp post 7.2, 910+ equip, 45+ ranks purchased, and be fairly chill. If you are interested, have any questions, or have a group that needs a healer from time to time ( only interested in 15+ keys) feel free to add my btag fillawsophir#1663 .Snuggyhuggy2 Apr 15
Apr 14 Fury static gameplay - Similar classes? Hey guys. Recently got back from a long break and started leveling my warrior as always. I saw that we have a few new changes and a class newly introduced, and I began to question my decision of my warrior. I love warrior solely for its static gameplay, no need for RNG(too much), rotation is simple without much interference, theres just no DoTs and such to keep up. Just bank rage, collosus smash, berse- i mean,(rip fury dps) bank rage and rampage. I love these sorts of classes, like as how Destro was in MoP. Is DH similar? They seem similar with their resource. But I hate having to integrate mobility into my dps (momentum) i heard its not used anymore though. Any other classes similar to the Fury feel?Wyston4 Apr 14
Apr 14 Ragnaros and foreign players I wish these servers would stop being grouped with our American/English servers. Not only do most of them not speak English but many of them are completely undesirable to play with. I've had countless dungeons ruined by these players- they have a high dc and afk rate, they don't understand instructions, And if you upset them they always spam the most vile, vulgar and nasty insults before leaving the group. These groups almost never turn out well, and this week with a new explosive affix it's just a mess. I've had about 3 groups within the last 2 days completely fall apart with ragnaros and azurlon players that don't attack orbs and can't read our instructions when we tell them what to do- I had a ragnaros tank call me a trash healer when orbs kept exploding that his two dps friends would not attack and he insulted me with language I can not even repeat. A few days ago my +10 keystone got ruined when the Chinese tank from illidan dc. There are more than enough of them to be grouped within their own group finder, every single player I have ever talked to about this agrees with me 100%. When hosting my own group I no longer invite players from ragnaros, azurlon, illidan, and there's one more sever b-something I've also included.Aelen24 Apr 14