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Jun 19 DPS Main for ToS - Guild Comp Question Situation: Guild is AOTC but no mythic and we want to do better. I've been maining my DH as DPS but we have several that attend regularly and I am considering switching mains to help out the guild. I have a boost available as well. We run 2/3/12-13 tank/heal/DPS most nights. Here is our standard comp. Heals - Priest, Priest, Druid Tanks - Warrior, Paladin DPS DH - 3 Hunter - 3 Mage - 2 Warlock - 1 Warrior - 1 Here are some other DPS that sometimes are present. There's usually at least 2 of these present. DH - 2 Warrior - 1 Warlock - 1 Paladin - 1 As you can see, lots of DH. In addition to the DH, have a 110 Druid, Warrior Hunter and Paladin as well as a 104 lock and 105 rogue that I could get to 110 in a day. I'm really not super choosy and enjoy multiple classes. I'd even try something brand new. I just want to help and I think our comp is a little lopsided. Thanks for reading and any thoughts you may have to share.Zinj4 Jun 19
Jun 19 Gul'Dan AotC Question Is Gul'Dan AotC over with? I have seen a few people say yes, you still can get it, while others in trade say no. I can see both arguments: a) Patch is out, no you can't get in anymore vs b) Wording on the achievement says to kill GD by the opening of the Tomb of Sargeras (which hasn't happened yet). Has there been a definitive answer?Diurnus5 Jun 19
Jun 19 Raiding and 2 hour Lockout Idea So was jus thinking that this entire expansion I haven't raided, or pvped much at all (other than LFR) due to life schedule (work, kids, wife, outdoors etc). My actual play hours has plummeted to all-time lows because of these things, which leaves me with very little hours to play the actual game. I'm sure many others are in my same boat. This doesn't mean we don't enjoy logging into the game once in a while to kill some time and enjoy the expansion, however the problem is that raiding in general demands too much of a time commitment for the "casual" person. This may not be YOU, so if it isn't YOU, then feel free to disregard. For those who can only log in for 2 straight hours at a time (which I'm sure the number of people out there in this situation is very high) I think it would be a wonderful thing if blizzard could implement some sort of raid lockout after 2 hours time. Maybe after 2 hours the lockout happens on the next boss kill or w/e. So raid for 2 hours then get locked for say 12 hours so you'd have to pick up the next night or w/e. Just keeps the hours to a single play in check so people don't get burned, or can have a life outside of wow yet still enjoy attending a raid. This could be good for raiders in general to help curb burnout. I know years ago when I was a raider (prior to wife/kids) I had all the time in the world to raid and could easily spend 3-4 hours a night in a raid. Although I did also notice that after 2 hours into the raid I became bored and not nearly as focused and just kind of sluffed odd. So a 2 hour lockout could be great for raiders in that sense. It keeps raid night short and helps enable folks to be laser focused during that 2 hour raid. I just think this sort of thing could be of great benefit to both casuals and raiders. Yes sure there will certainly be folks who are like "WTF DUDE I CAN RAID 4 HOURS NO PROBLEM"... and I agree. I used to be "that guy". Thankfully I do have a life outside of wow at this point and simply don't have the time to devote to the game any more. I think raid participation would actually INCREASE if raiding was kept to 2 hours, such that busy folks would actually participate in raids knowing they can commit to 2 hours instead of a potential 4 hour marathon. Lot's of people don't bother raiding any more, due to lack of time available to commit. Just a though. Some people would like it, obviously some won't. Would love to hear people's feedback though (good and bad).Chickkilledu4 Jun 19
Jun 19 Lets talk about Explosive(M+) So I totally understand that not all affixes can be equal. Some are rougher with certain classes, some are tougher in certain dungeons etc. And as a whole, I really do enjoy M+. That said, Explosive needs to go imo. Is it broken, overpowered perhaps? No. But its not fun at all, and it punishes the whole party too much. Simply put, its not fun. Thoughts?Uncleslam33 Jun 19
Jun 19 Dungeon suggestion Okay, so dungeons have become quick and easy, we don't even have time to admire the raids you guys work so hard on! In about the span of a second people are across the dungeon and we spend most of our time starting a nap. I suggest that you put little one shotable npcs that effect the whole party until they are killed. Maybe just something that causes slow or maybe even counts down killing off players. The trick would be hiding them up in the walls and ceiling. This way we have to walk through the dungeon and pay attention to our surroundings; not just what the tank brings in... we will search for these little dudes intently and admire the graphical design because we will finally look at it! I noticed how awesome vault of the wardens is, and realized I never even see half the detail that's in the world. Thanks. #givesgadowpriestshadowyshieldÂzrael0 Jun 19
Jun 19 Raid requirements? for item lvls hi im returing recently id post on my other toon but its giving me errors when i try to switch but my characters item lvl 862 . now im not much of a pver but i dont mind doing it now and then especially for a extra piece of gear. but lately when ever i try to get into a nighthold. hall of valor or a Emerald night mare the requirements im seeing people link are a little high. like today for night hold normal and EN heroic they wanted 900 item lvl requirement which correct me if im wrong ( which i might be) but i thought EN only drops up to 880 gear on heroic.Illumaniti5 Jun 19
Jun 18 Soloing raids - which is easier? When starting to solo a new raid, which is generally easier - 10 man heroic or 25 man normal?Zeijun1 Jun 18
Jun 18 Does Wipeing give a buff? I remember a Pandarian dungeon, where after the third wipe, the group as a whole got a buff, which increased their chances of succeeding. Is my memory correct? Was this a one-off because Blizz realized that that boss encounter mechanic was too hard? Does this happen in all LFG dungeons? LFG raids?Gymlea2 Jun 18
Jun 18 What are your favorite M+ team compositions? I enjoy pugging keystones but recently I had: Blood DK Frost mage WW monk (off-spec for myself) Beastmaster hunter and Restoration shaman which worked well. Most creative one i did recently was: Blood DK Brewmaster monk Retribution paladin Affliction warlock and Restoration druid Any favorite or creative team compositions for M+'s?Esanelle10 Jun 18
Jun 18 Dungeon Difficulty based on Group iLvl? If I form a group to do a dungeon, or raid, does WoW change the difficulty of the encounters based on the group iLvl? I think I saw some "Tip" that said they do that. Sometimes my groups are all high-level players, and sometimes I have friends who want to play with me but are "scrubs." We have fun, but it seems to me we do better than we should, so I wonder if Blizz is changing the difficulty based on the group of players collective iLvl.Gymlea1 Jun 18
Jun 17 Throne of Thunder bugged? Hey all, I started soloing 10-man normal Throne of Thunder for the transmog items over the weekend and while I didn't have any problems downing any of the bosses, the little red portal above the Ji-Kun platform wouldn't teleport me to the next area. It kept porting me out to The Forgotten Depths to the entrance of the Roost. It's been years since I've been in ToT and I know Ji-Kun is the last boss of that wing in LFR, but am I doing something wrong or is the teleporter not working as it should?Verdammt3 Jun 17
Jun 17 Black temple timewalking Is it out yet? How do you do it?Vasculinity1 Jun 17
Jun 17 5x DH Tank M+20 This is a pretty good example of blizzard knowing absolutely nothing about their own game. Make certain specs/healers suck for Mythic+ dungeons but 5x DH tanks clearing a +20 is fine.Therapybeard3 Jun 17
Jun 17 Experiment on new M+ and downgrading So up front I have never completed a M+ at any level, tried a +2 and failed miserably. That's my experience in M+. So i tried to do a M+2 today failing the timer (+2 arcway 22% completed, no boss)and not completing the dungeon, walk out/in and still the window for dungeon can be completed for a little loot yada yada yada is visible. So my test was, can a +2 be downgraded to a +0 or go away altogether due to failure of run. But how does they system know when a person/group ends the run and downgrades the key regardless if +2 can't go any further? The key is still in my inventory as arcway +2, 4 days left. Curious to see if the dev's had thought of people trying this. FalFalorian1 Jun 17
Jun 17 3 affixs on a +9 from a +10 downgrade I recently had a Upper Kara +10 key and I did not complete the dungeon. I received a +9 of Upper Kara (as per the new key system), but it had 3 affixes on the key. I figured it was a bag error and found a new group. However, when I put the key in and ran the dungeon, it showed that Fortified was also active. Is this working as intended for 7.2.5. or is this a bug?Rubbahs6 Jun 17
Jun 17 Best DPS for M+ now? Which dps is the top 3 for M+ after 7.2.5.Tingoodoo10 Jun 17
Jun 17 new Mythic+ loot So ran +4 MoS in REALLY fast time, beat timer by a ton. Only got 1 AP, no loot. Intended or bug? Way patch notes were worded I thought that with a great time you were supposed to get 3 itemsTierant12 Jun 17
Jun 16 Developers please ban autokicks. In lower level pugs 2-3 friends are queing and kicking healers and tanks over and over just to have a laugh. We get a 30 minute penalty and our gameplay experience ruined because of these low lvl pugs. Its so common in pugs lately. It prevents tanks and healers ftom leveling up. You say find a guild but most guilds are not leveling alts. As you can see by kukus post he is a racist doing this intentionally. These players should be banned!Rhaneys7 Jun 16
Jun 16 Overcome the dullness of leveling How are you able to fight through the dullness of leveling to get your character to 110? I am trying to get back into wow but leveling is so boring and such a grind.Mòrticia16 Jun 16
Jun 16 A New Difficulty for Raids I have sent this idea to wow support back in Mop and think that with the implementation of mythic difficulty they are heading towards the right direction in terms of lengthening end game content, but I still think the top guilds are clearing these raids too quickly. I believe if you added a hardcore mythic difficulty it would really force guilds to really take their time to learn the mechanics as well as take a long time to get fully geared and give the dev team more time to create new content. What hc mythic difficulty would contain is somewhat simple. When there is a raid attempted if lets say they wipe on this first boss they are completely locked out of the raid the rest of the week. I know this sounds crazy and very punishing but I think it would force players to really understand how the boss works and that added pressure would the bring out of players. Yes at first players will be like this is bs and quit but the real wow hc players will be like oh !@#$ I really need to step my game up and not slip up at all. Now the new hc mythic mode would also add another boss mechanic for each boss that would make the guild learn these bosses specifically. I mean for the most part they will be able to practice on the mythic difficulty on the mechanics and learn the bosses but still have to worry about an extra mechanic when going into hardcore. This mode will also force players to turn off all addons. Now this part isn't necessary but I feel like it would be cool because too many players rely on dbm and combo bar and things of that nature instead of really reading up on the mechanics of the boss and watching where to go and learning how to interact. Now with this level of difficulty there should also be an equally high level of reward. I think the hc mythic mode should offer guaranteed loot drop of 50 percent of the raid group, so a 25 man group the boss would drop 12 items. These items should also be a higher ilevel than anything in the game and should only be attainable through these bosses. Also they should give you set bonuses that are just wicked cool. It would take some time to hash out what bonuses they would give but it would worth it. Finally for completing each boss there should be a special aesthetic that everyone can see so other players know that this player is top in his league. I think something like stars next to the name like each boss done gives one star as well as something like a radiating aura around the player that changes in color and eventually becomes super bright and multi colored. If a player completes the whole raid I believe they should be awarded something even better that pertains to that raid like everyone in the raid gets a mount and a minion like a mini guldan plush toy that floats and follows them around. Now this is just a rough idea and there are things that need to really be hashed out but I really think the hardcore wow community would really enjoy something that is this difficult. I think a lot of raiders are tired of just going through the motions after a few weeks of a raid coming out and just being like alright lets just get everyone at max ilevel and thats it. This will force players to really pay attention to every detail of every boss battle in the raid or they will wipe and lock out their entire raid. Anyways I just want to say thanks ahead of time for taking your time to read this. WoD was a too simple and boring but you guys bounced back with Legion and really put a lot of detail into things that needed attention. There are some things I don't agree with but for the most part this is a great expansion. Sincerely, KBBusturhead11 Jun 16
Jun 16 Feel weaker in 7.2.5 then 7.2 Does anyone else feel weaker now that 7.2.5 has hit? They are nerfing bosses in NH because of this. It makes no sense you have running a raid for almost 6 months, then you log in a week before the new raid is released and you toon is weaker. I can not figure why they have done this. If it is because they want T19 and gear from NH not to be stronger the TOS gear, then you should have designed T20 TOS gear better. The is glaring example that the developers are sub par and cannot design better items. They should have been more creative for T20. It just shows their lack creativity, this is very sad.Synergiy7 Jun 16
Jun 16 No loot from Mythic+ I checked out the patch notes, and i didn't see anything saying you only get 1 piece of loot per week, but i've done several M+s today and I only got 1 piece of gear, from the first M+. Is this a bug, or is this "working as intended"?Tðmßrady1 Jun 16
Jun 16 MoS ship straits? After killing the second boss at MoS, I pulled 4 mobs (single mob + pack of 3, I was tanking) and a DPS complained about how i wasn't getting out of the "straits". I have tanked this dungeon many times already, been there quite a lot more as healer and DPS, but this is the first time I see someone complaining about killing the mobs where they spawn. Am I missing something?Buddhaspalm1 Jun 16
Jun 16 Chromie's deaths. Whats's the bonus reward? So i managed to save chromie with like 1 mins to spare. (no bonus time was used). So wth was the bonus rewards was i suppose to get? I got nothing for all that trouble?Lesbomancy9 Jun 16
Jun 16 Too Many Instance Servers Recently Dear Blizzard, Loving the new re-design for Mythic+ with 7.2.5. Really adds new life and meaning to the challenge that Mythic+ can provide. Unfortunately, one of the problems that we've run into is the Instance Server Cap. Because the best way to run Mythic+ currently is to intentionally deplete your key (by instantly running out and resetting). This can lead to reaching the Instance Server Cap for an account (if you want to deplete a key 7-8 levels and then continue running). I would hate for something like the Instance Server Cap to get in the way of your brilliantly re-designed Mythic+. Hopefully, the Instance Server Cap can be increased so that this isn't a problem in the future. Love, People that actually understand how stupid your current Mythic+ system is.Emangle2 Jun 16
Jun 16 Solo Halls Of Valor(Myth)as Hunt=Impossible Soloing Mythic Halls Of Valor is impossible. I have tried MANY (many) times and Hymdall is just impossible to solo as a BM Hunter. Hymdall Literally ignores my pets even if I use Growl/thunderstomp. The ONLY thing that works (a bit) is misdirection and it doesn't last very long... The cooldown on misdirection is way too long and by the time it comes back, I'm dead or trying to survive (shell) ! It is NOT normal for Hymdall to just IGNORE my pets all the time and CONSTANTLY come towards me. The shield I have from my legendary item and my healing (also from legendary) do NOTHING against him. I can avoid tornadoes and drakes easily but it is pointless since those are the least of my worries. I am geared 895 ffs I have plenty of mastery and usually my pets do the job very well. Against Hymdall, it's as if they are not even there, growl and thunderstomp are INEFFECTIVE and do nothing.. How the hell am I supposed to solo this stupid boss when the BIG part of my damage comes from my pets?! Either he kills them as if they were nothing more than flies on the table to squat (4M+ life) or he just ignores them altogether... I find the idea to force players (Hunters who want to tame Fenryr) to SOLO Halls of Valor (MYTHIC) appalling and ridiculous but mostly exaggerated and a little weee bit Elitist. Not the most brilliant idea from Blizz. imo ! I keep trying to get my ilvl up and up but it is pointless ! Please make the damn place actually soloable if you really want to keep things as they are. I can easily kill the mobs before Hymdall, the pets do their job (as they should) but against Hymdall , what pets ??? I could have 50 pets in front of me and he would just ignore them all ! Either remove Fenryr from being tameable or find another (more realistic) possibility because right now it's pure friggin elitism... This isn't diablo 3, not everyone can do a diff. 80 GRIFT, the same as not everybody can solo the hardest difficulty in WoW, especially not if the boss is bugged... What is the difference of having 2 legendaries on if it changes NOTHING, it's as if I was naked when this stupid boss hits me, again, pure exaggeration and eliticism! Blizzard, there is a difference between a challenge and overboard exaggeration, this is a perfect example ! make this thing more doable and possible or simply remove Fenryr from being tamable ! I want him but no pet is worth this much trouble/problems/rage and this comes from a person who has all spirit pets (except the damn raptor) cuz you put him straight in the middle of Ogrimmar... another, not so bright idea.. Meanwhile any horde can easily come to SW, (without any opposition) and just tame The griffin no prob.... (I'll stop there since it's another subject). Please try to be more reasonable, realistic and understanding when making things in the game or changing things in the game Blizzard. Not long ago,You used to be able to tame Fenryr without having to SOLO Mythic HoV and then this brilliant idea... COME ON !Kiramina13 Jun 16
Jun 16 When does ToS come out? Stupid question but that's why I'm asking it here and not in gchat. thanks.Dexecute5 Jun 16
Jun 15 Trial of Valor carry!PAYING!N or H Any clans that do carries for Heroic Trial of Valor? Paying 50k on Tichondrius for a carry on Heroic Difficulty. 20k for Normal difficulty.Evelsin0 Jun 15
Jun 15 Dungeon finder abuse? I queued up into Dungeon finder and was basically told to leave. 15 minutes of queue time + 30 minutes dungeon deserter debuff is quite long and a waste of time. My question is, is there anything I can do to prevent this? http://i.imgur.com/BzrJj1B.jpgAylã13 Jun 15
Jun 15 Another Legendary whine Please blizzard I looked so forward to raiding and doing well, who is going to want to bring someone for progression without dps legendaries? Since I've been back I've worked hard to gear my character and optimize him to assist whatever guild I end up in with their progression. How can one not feel inadequate when they don't have even decent Legendaries? It's like going into a raid with two pieces of broken gear, more so if you compare with best in slot legendarys. Getting a legendary should make you excited. I have never been more devastated in a video game than last night when I new that I got my second legendary and it was the crappiest one of them all. Knowing that the first two will be leaps and bounds faster than the third and beyond means that I know I won't get another before tomb opens and it will be a major setback in my attempts to join a raid team this late in the space. Games should be fun and reward the time and effort put in. Dps classes shouldn't get a single utility legendary until they get a dps one. Our raid slot shouldn't depend on such extreme rng.Darkthurr3 Jun 15
Jun 15 New Mythic + Design is aweful The title says it all. Please revert to old system because it felt more rewarding and was. The changes they make sometimes just have you thinking, they have to be playing a different game or they are f u c king clueless. I honestly hope they revert the mythic plus changes regarding the chests. They have taken to fin out of working to 3 chest. There was a bit on 60 minutes about apps being designed to reward you to keep using it. They should go and watch it because they clearly don't get it.Synergiy0 Jun 15
Jun 15 Mythic Arcway Does this instance still require attunement?Edain0 Jun 15
Jun 15 PSA for M+ group leader If the current direction of patch 7.2.5 does not change course, then this PSA is for every group leader. Please disregard if it does change. Do NOT bring elemental anymore in 7.2.5. Our Earthquake will no longer scale with haste, which means less damage and more importantly less knockdown. This change, along with our pathetic boss damage, will effectively kill our viability in M+. Hope this PSA helps you form a good group after the patch and have a good day.Umeshoryu6 Jun 15
Jun 15 Mythic+ new "deplete" system I thought I had heard somewhere that if you completed a key, but not in the timer it would down-grade to a new key (different dungeon one level below the one you didn't complete in time). Or have they changed that now so that even if you complete it not within the time limit it just down-grades to a key of the same dungeon? It was under my impression that it would 100% stay the same dungeon if it was NOT completed. Example : Friends and I did a +14 Cathedral, completed it but not in the time limit. Went to a +13 Cathedral. Did the 13 Cath and it has down-graded to a +12 Cath. Is this intended or are we just crazy unlucky? :p Any help much appreciated!Malitià6 Jun 15
Jun 14 Looking to do some M10+ Hi there! I am a (holy) priest looking to do some M10+ runs. My guild is a great group of people but we primarily raid and not many want to do the mythic runs. Bit about me: I have done M+9 so far. I have been playing primarily as a healer for the past several years. I did take about 2 years off and just got my AOTC last week. I am at 903 currently and 1 point away from my first concordance pt. Please feel free to add me if you have a group or need a healer for those runs. Thank you. EDIT I am on from 430pm EST to 1030 EST daily. Dark [dark#1181]Darkslady1 Jun 14
Jun 14 Razorgore patched? Did Razorgore in Blackwing Lair get a patch update? His Destroy Egg ability used to have a 2 sec CD, but now its instant. I've been playing it for a few weeks now, and when I played it last night, the spell cd was instant, which is why I could tell. I'm not complaining, bc it made the fight even easier, but it seems so strange to update it out of the blue like that.Yusuke1 Jun 14
Jun 14 Get your aotc Aotc required to get your aotc. Anyone doing well finding a group to kill H Guldan without dealing with this nonsense? What are your tips/tricks for doing so...Zelsa45 Jun 14
Jun 14 Best 7.2.5 change Can we all please take a moment and enjoy the fact that Razorgore no longer has a cast on his egg break ability in BWL? You can clear all eggs in one MC now. Praise the dev team for this might accomplishment.Bamfcity3 Jun 14
Jun 14 Better Mythic Keystone Stats Can we have stat representation for Mythic Keystone progression on our character pages - something to compliment the raid progression stats and PvP ratings - and also a better leader board? I don't like how we only have realm leader boards, which have poor visibility and get scrapped each week. I don't think many people even use them. People just go to Wowprogress instead, which has a very nice setup. Isn't the whole point of pushing higher level keys for prestige/bragging rights? I thought those were Blizzard's own words. The current leader boards don't really allow for that. We need something on the character pages that preserves historical data. I would like to have a historical, progression-based Mythic Keystone rating represented on our character pages, as well as other stats, like highest completed level for each dungeon, number of timers beat, etc. I would also like to have one master leader board, with historic data, for all realms combined, that can be filtered by current week, realm, guild, class, spec, dungeon, etc., that's accessible on the website and in-game. Wowprogress does a very nice job with most of this already, but they seem to have quality and reliability issues with getting data, which can create inaccurate and misleading stats. It's also disconnected from the character in the sense that it's a third party service. I'd like to have accurate, reliable stats represented on my character page, and available in-game. I think this would be a great feature for an upcoming patch, or for the next expansion.Tallywix0 Jun 14
Jun 14 Raid Bug? Today i was doing Black Temple, as soon as i got to the Reliquary of souls i disconnected. Relogged back in and kill Reliquary of Souls, then did Gurtogg Bloodboil. then i was on my way to the next boss, however the door remained locked, i've tried resetting instances, traveling to each boss room, reloading, logging out and back in to no success the door is still sealed. I am literally at a loss for ideas.Firephoenix4 Jun 14
Jun 14 Mythic 15? Does next week's bounty chest scale up from doing a 15 key this week?Chrisadan1 Jun 14
Jun 14 back to back epocheric orb Since 7.2.5 my guild has noticed orbs dropping multiple times in a row. ive never seen this prior to today. has this always been a thing that we have just never ran into, or is this a new change?Narelle0 Jun 14
Jun 14 Mythic+ Toxicity Why? I will have to say that when I heard that when they announced an alternative to Raiding for character progression I was thrilled, as someone who works alot and even its its highly RNG like the idea of something you can do thats not on a weekly lockout. Sadly the reality was what always happens with 'competitive' content and its sad to say that when the game first came out I burned out hard and was so frustrated with the community forming around M+ that I had to take a break from the game for 6 months. Having come back its sad to say nothing much has changed, people either wanting people to way outgear the content level or straight up not accepting you if your a certain class. This is the same dynamic that happened with Challenge dungeons and the reason I never was able to do them. Theirs just no way to really balance the scales when you let the community build the structure of what is and is not considered applicable. If your not in a guild or have friends that actively play to do that content with, good luck with the pug life. I don't know what the solution is but as someone who is competent in my class its disheartening to see how toxic such an amazing concept has become so quickly. I've seen as high as M+8 and did it easily but I have never gotten into a 10 based on the above arguments and more. With them adding 5 more levels this week that I may never see I dont know really where to go from here. If anyone has any advice I'd gladly hear it because another expansion of farming LFR and not being able to participate in engaging challenging content based on the whims of a toxic minority of the player base is not the kind of game I enjoy.Aneira27 Jun 14
Jun 14 Black Temple Timewalking SO, Black Temple raid will be released in BC Timewalking tomorrow and they make the weekly event a Pandaria Timewalking? Why bother releasing it yet if we can't even play it? why not make it a BC Timewalking event when Black Temple is released so that we can play the new(old)content?Beastinator6 Jun 14
Jun 14 Wraith Of Lich King Heroic doing some wraith of lich king heroic's and wondering if anyone wants to joinGigglezprime0 Jun 14
Jun 13 Adjusting ilvl drops in raids Its a long shot, and im probly not the first to have the idea.... I honestly think that diversity should be encouraged. I think Old raids (EN, ToV & now NH) should have their item drops adjusted to current raid drops minus 10ilvl. If normal ToS drops ilvl900 gears, normal EN, ToV & NH should drop 890s. and so on with heroic & mythic diff. That would encourage player's to go back and keep those raid content populated. Gears would still need a huge titanforge to be in par with the new content drop, and yes it would happen once in a while! But thats kinda the point here as well... It gets kinda boring at some point to always have ''one'' option of raid or get no change of gear drop upgrades from raids. Its also dissapointing to think of EN and the work put into learning the fights knowning we will barely if not ever revisit the areas. Wonder what blizz team would think of it.Galaxie3 Jun 13
Jun 13 Mogu'shan Vaults - Pinning Arrow Can we talk about this god awful mechanic that makes it impossible to kill this boss solo when you don't have burst damage? BLIZZ PLZ, can you make this a timed debuff or something?Ikah8 Jun 13
Jun 13 I haven't done a daily heroic in months I queue up, hit accept, yeah it's Karazhan again, leave and get deserter for 30 minutes, queue up again, enter, it's Karazhan again...Ianarion19 Jun 13
Jun 13 Invasions still around? With my work and the odd hours, have not seen 1 invasion in a week, they still around?Redseal5 Jun 13
Jun 13 Mythic+ 7.2 to 7.2.5 conversion graph Hey guys, I found someone who made a graph showing a bit of information regarding 7.2 and 7.2.5 keystones. I have decided to create my own to get more detail and break it down a bit more. Enjoy! https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/6gv7g1/725_mythic_difficulty_comparison_to_72_with_graph/Rëlic0 Jun 13