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Dec 5 Traits past 75? Hey all, My character mainly pushes M+ as a end game goal. With that in mind, ive played sub as it's usually the best all around compared to others in attributes needed for M+, and I enjoy it the most. My question though is how much stamina do you get past trait 75 in your artifact weapon? I wanted to know as ive gotten my OS (asn) high enough to be used if I wanted a break from ask as it's at trait 72. I was attempting to see the benefits of putting the ap in MS for extra surviability compared to having another spec to play and it's difficult to do that without knowing how much stamina you get past trait 75. Thank you all in advance, -SubtleSubtleknife3 Dec 5
Dec 5 Fate Smile Upon you - Antorus I was on Argus and noticed that the nether disruptor buff seems to disappear on there. Does anyone know if the buff still has a chance to give refunds on bosses in Antorus?Kildrazien1 Dec 5
Dec 4 Achivment Glory of the legion Hero We already have a tank we just need 2 dps and 1 healer and also we will also prob do glory of the legion raider add me on Battle.net if interested also post your gear score mine is 924 the tank is 925 TheDeathNinj#1342Trirne2 Dec 4
Dec 4 pantheon trinkets Is the legendary one required for the raid to get the pantheon buff?Luciferss3 Dec 4
Dec 4 Question About Antorus Why does it say "this instance is not available yet" on my hunter with item level 919 gear, yet on my warlock with item level 870 it is available, but says she needs ilvl 890?Bellamii2 Dec 4
Dec 4 M Tichondrius downed before mechanics? Is it possible to down mythic Tichondrius with bloodlust and say 930+ raid group before enough mechanics kick in and wipe the raid? I know some bosses in there can as I've done a few like that but I haven't tried Tichondrius yet. I know his strat involves player awareness of mechanics but I'm wondering if its possible yet to down him fast enough before mechanics wipe the raid. If anyone has done this or knows if it's possible let me know.Cennaria4 Dec 4
Dec 4 LF - Norm Argus kill tonight Sifting through LFG isn't fun, I will come to raid with: pots, food, and flasks. Working on my enchants when i get home. Btag: Loc4L#1119Railroads0 Dec 4
Dec 4 If I'm saved to M NH will this work? I pugged a M NH run the other day and got 3 bosses down before raid disbanded. If my guild starts a fresh run and clears the first 3 bosses I've already downed would they be able to invite me to that raid or am I locked out to the one I am saved to? If so, is my only option to invite them to my save and have them accept my lockout? Thanks.Cennaria3 Dec 4
Dec 4 Boss Ability Tracker Weakaura etc help I've been scouring the internet to find weakauras that have the functionality of some of the ideas in this thread: https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/tellmewhen/issues/799 1) A function that is "some kind of counter that counts how often a boss has used a certain ability (spell count) and resets when the encounter resets". 2) A function that starts "a timer as soon as I enter combat so I can alert myself after x seconds that an ability is incoming". 3) "If you want some functionality like having the condition pass every N casts, do something like this in a Lua condition: (UnitCastCount("unit", "spell name") - N) % M == 0 where N is the first cast that the condition should pass for and M is the number of casts after that at which it should be shown. For example, if N = 2 and M = 3, then the condition would pass on the 2nd, 5th, 8th, 11th, etc. casts. If N = 0 and M = 2, the the condition would pass on every even numbered cast (including 0)." I imagine I can do all of this by adding spell count to the spells I'd like to tag in the Deadly Boss Mods lua's. I just need to figure out how to do that. Otherwise if there is anyone out there that has any ideas about how to make such weakauras or links to some that are at least on the road to what I'm after I will definitely appreciate the input (or maybe links to any "how to guides" for adding spell count to DBM lua's). =)Myboyfriend1 Dec 4
Dec 4 Humble down I am reading many many of the posts about antorus. Are people high? 940 gear? better have fights memorized? Get over your selves, please! We all brush our own teeth and wipe our own behinds! The raid just opened. It takes weeks if not months to become efficient in a raid dungeon, not to mention have it memorized. People think they are better than everyone else and go and post this egotistical stuff. There is just way way way too much macho BS flying around. Everyone who will be going to Antorus will need to learn it. It’s called progression. What makes people think a player with 940 gear is going to make a raid succeed more efficiently than someone with the minimum required level gear and talent ? That’s sad! You should ask for people who understand the class they bought into instead. I mean lets be honest here, most level 100 character are bought right? I mean i have my original lock that I leveled through every expansion, but I have many other characters I just bought at level 100. Anyways, I’m excited for LFR in a month or whenever it comes out. Been watching the videos on the fights. It looks like Blizzard is bringing back choreography into the raids.Mocoso27 Dec 4
Dec 4 Ulduar Timewalking Raid There is something that is really bugging me about the next timewalking raid, Ulduar. Back when Timewalking Black Temple was first released, i joined a group to clear the entire raid, and we did so until we wiped several times at Illidan. It really took a long time to get to the 9th and final boss and everybody was tired of playing from night to morning. They explained to me that everyone would be able to return to Illidan if we were to get in groups with the same lockout. And so i did. But every single time i tried that, the raid group would start right at the beginning of the instance. No bosses cleared, no trash mobs killed. Even in groups where every single player had the same lockout. It would mean that getting to Illidan again would take lots of hours and award no loot for killing the other 8 bosses. I would not participate in later opportunities for Black Temple runs, since i would travel to work. Was this problem ever corrected by Blizzard? Because, if this keeps up in Ulduar, defeating Yogg-Saron will turn out almost impossible. There are 13 bosses + 1 optional boss in Ulduar. Will Blizzard force the players to clear the entire instance in a single run like in Black Temple? Or will they fix the lockout system to actually work this time? What are your thoughts? Also, will the bosses drop higher level gear if defeated in their hard mode?Antônioluiz14 Dec 4
Dec 4 Kicked Randomly I understand this isn't exactly a rare issue, but today I was kicked for the first time in a long time (I don't remember the last time I was kicked). What prompted me to post here is that I have no idea why I was kicked and I think that I should be given the reason. What happened just prior to being kicked is I rolled need on a ring with haste and crit on it (as a ret paladin), I mined ore after a fight with a pack of mobs, and a DPS(?) died. I wasn't lagging way behind either, I was with the group. My point is, I don't know why I was kicked and it seems silly that the person getting kicked has no notice or information about the kick. If someone is being a douche, they can assume they just tilted people enough to get them to kick the douchey player, but for players who are either doing nothing wrong or just don't know that they're doing something wrong, they get no information. Obviously, a mature way to handle this is to ask the "offending" player to not do whatever it is they're doing, but all I'm asking is that the target of kicks can see the reason they're being kicked. It's frustrating to be doing nothing wrong, as far as I know, then get kicked and have to wait several minutes to reque. I've typed this while 10+ minutes into a dungeon que after the 4 or so minutes of waiting to be able to reque. My time is being wasted by a bunch of randoms and I don't even have a reason why. It's not fair and it's incredibly frustrating.Mithaniel6 Dec 4
Dec 4 Tank advice? so im thinking of learning to play a tank as i never have before in wow but i am thinking of playing prot paladin as a tank so i was wondering any advice / add ons yall could give and whats the essayist tank to play and the hardest out of curiosityJosephnuma7 Dec 4
Dec 4 Raider IO logging How exactly does this thing work, ive done multiple 9 keys and other lower that this website hasn't recorded but has recorded others, does someone have to log the infomation or is there something in the background recording this infomation via the addon?Koorine2 Dec 4
Dec 4 Anthorus Progression Issue Hello, first I would like to say how I think legion was a great expansion. I think for the first time in WoW's history, the game serves every type of player with good easy to hard content. I'm a player who enjoys challenges, but my work scheduled never allowed me to progress how I would like now with mythic keys combined with flex raiding. I can somewhat follow my guild gear wise and not be benched during heroic at least. The problem that I see now is that Anthorus is out, some of my guildmates almost cleared heroic already. They 1 shoted trough normal the first week it was out. I am pretty confident they will clear heroic in a few weeks and our guild will get into mythics. I work a job that has a varied schedule and for that matter I will not be able to be a mythic raider in the foreseeble future. The question that I have is why do we outgear Anthorus during the first day with TOS heroic gear only ? Was it that much of a problem for good guilds to have a meaningful progression tough heroic at least ? What this means for me is that I will clear the content fairly early that my schedule allows me to. I will be contraint to spend the next 6 months in a mindless heroic 1 shot runs and mythic key farming like I did in Tomb of Sargeras ? I am only saying this because I love this game and I love challenging raiding and I want to enjoy playing this game for the months to come. Mythic is not available to me for personal reasons and I hope that for Battle of Azeroth you will take this into concideration. It's good for the players and it is good for you. Your content lasts longer and people stay longer on the game. Thank you for improving the game as much as you did and I hope people will come and discuss if they have the same issue or if they have solutions to this problem.Xionmao9 Dec 4
Dec 4 Classes that can easily reset TBC dungeons? Planning and going back and grinding some TBC reps to exalted. I realize resetting is moot once I hit a certain rep level and only Heroics reward at that point. However, for grinding regular TBCs it's a pain to reset because while some of them have a shortcut back to the zone line a lot of them dont. Are there any classes that make getting back out of the zone faster? I know it only takes a few minutes to just run out but once you factor in the amount of runs you have to do it really adds up in a hurry.Lythriä6 Dec 4
Dec 3 Heart of Fear - Grand Empress Is there something special you need to do to start the last boss fight in this raid? thanks,Arczar2 Dec 3
Dec 3 Achivment glory of the legion hero We already have a tank we just need 2 dps and 1 healer and also we will also prob do glory of the legion raider add me on Battle.net if interested also post your gear score mine is 924 the tank is 925 TheDeathNinj#1342Trirne0 Dec 3
Dec 3 Any advice on getting into Mythic+ runs??? I know the best way is to be in a guild that runs them, long story short, that isn't possible for me right now. I've found that no matter how many mythic+ runs I queue for I end up wasting all my time because I'm constantly declined. I find it strange that people want dps with higher ilvl than the gear that the dungeon drops. I wouldn't run it if I didn't need the gear from it. Any advice is welcomed!Dohjin20 Dec 3
Dec 3 Minimum item level antorus normal? Never done an actual raid before (only 1 LFR, the deceiver’s fall) and I’m ilvl880. How many more item levels do i need and what’s the fastest way of grinding it? (I have not started the argus campaign)Brickler5 Dec 3
Dec 3 Coven of Shivara Heroic Anyone got any good strats for this boss?Bloodrusher2 Dec 3
Dec 3 Emerald nightmare help I was doing the first part of the emerald nightmare out of the three parts and we defeated the firsty boss and when i tried to enter the portal i was still in combat but i was technically not. No one else had this problem in my raid group. Had this happened to any of you and is this a bug because im not sureMedaendsolia0 Dec 3
Dec 3 Kil'jaeden LFR insta-death I searched around and couldn't find anyone else reporting about this, but it seems like the majority of the time when I kill KJ on LFR, if I have the Darkness of a Thousand Souls debuff, and KJ dies, I can be at full health and in the midst of the loading screen I just flat out die. Recap shows nothing, just totally blank, and my log shows me getting a lot of heals and getting hit by DoaTS for a whopping 166000, but doesn't show what kills me. Is this a known thing that nobody is doing anything about? Does this only happen to me? Please advise. Should also note this has happened multiple times on multiple characters, tanking or dps, so it's not like it's something I can narrow down. And I don't know if it happens on all difficulties since I never really bothered ToS.Lionymmar7 Dec 3
Dec 3 Antoran High Command Bugged? I was wondering if the mines are bugged in High Command everytime we got the boss below 20% the mines would just start exploding on their own. No one was walking on them even the ones far away were going off. anyone else with this problem logs for proof https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/MNc8pmz3BRgHnq9kBelvora5 Dec 3
Dec 3 Any normal Antorus pugs this weekend? 937 Prot paladin wondering if anyone is planning to start a pug for normal this weekend. Thanks!Happyclap3 Dec 3
Dec 2 Antorus Raid Guide/Strats Hi all. I have started creating some boss overviews and strategy guides for Antorus. Built mainly for my raid but hoping to spread the love and maybe they can help you all out as well. You can find them here... https://imgur.com/gallery/V2WNq . They are built from a variety of sources but are heavily dependent upon the great work of those guys over at FatbossTV so props to them. Finally complete. I hope this thing helps you all out. Let me know if you find it useful and if there is enough interest I will continue to produce these for follow on raids. Good luck and happy huntingKhanadin5 Dec 2
Dec 2 Final boss on heroic is poorly tuned...again Since the new raid structure introduced 3 years ago, only 2 of the 8 final bosses on heroic have been properly tuned upon release. Imperator: Terrible scaling Blackhand: Terrible scaling Archimonde: Terrible scaling doesn't do it justice, 10-13m was harder than most mythic bosses Xavius: Joke, but not entirely unexpected Helya: Decent scaling, good difficulty overall Gul'dan: Phase 2 circle soaks the only noticeable scaling problem, otherwise good Kil'Jaeden: Grossly overtuned, surpassing even LK and Rag's old normal difficulty, bad scaling Argus: Complete joke, surpasses Madness of DW as the most poorly tuned end of exp boss. It honestly defies comprehension how they missed the mark this badly. I'm seeing tons of guilds 1-shot it on a very sloppy first pull. The same guilds that put in 50-100+ on H KJ the first week. Not a very good track record. Is this really what we have to look forward to every tier from now on?Illifra9 Dec 2
Dec 2 Mythic keystone upgrade? How do you update your mythic key stone?, Ive been running mythic + dungeons and I have a lvl 2 keystone so i've I've been joining +2.Tinytoast5 Dec 2
Dec 2 heroic/mythic dungeons Can somebody who knows about these dungeons please explain to me how to start a mythic/mythic+ dungeon? I can begin a heroic one but cant figure out how to make it mythic or mythic+Crellestial3 Dec 2
Dec 2 Varimathras misery mitigation. So after a few wipes on Varimathras heroics, I decided to take all the misery. Arms warrior damage reductions - Defense Stance: 6 sec CD, -20% damage taken, -10% damage until canceled. - Die by the Sword: 3 min CD, -35% damage taken for 8 sec. You can add 1 or 2 more by equipping tank trinks. It's not a lot but since I'm already next to the boss and might as well keep the incoming misery to one target making it simpler for everyone. Just one way to deal with it.Dfunction5 Dec 2
Dec 2 Mythic, World Tour I've seen it posted a few times, LFM Mythic World Tour. Is this an achievement? If you do each mythic in one week, you get something? And is it done on regular or have to be + something? Thanks.Snappy4 Dec 2
Dec 2 Revelations scenario bugged AI's wont tank and will not heal me. As a boomkin slightest damage I do, I pull aggro. I generated 25% threat from moonfire DOT alone. AI's wont tank and only heal each other. I literally resorted to running in to aggro the Fel Reaver and watching AI slowly kill him without me helping. I shouldn't be forced by Blizz AI to tank and heal myself. Please remove solo scenarios.Delaz10 Dec 2
Dec 2 Looking for a raiding guild. Lvl 903 Hunter looking for a new guild to join to do raids since my guild has given up on that.Tuckks0 Dec 2
Dec 2 Looking For A Raid Group/Guild. Hi, I am looking for a group/Guild that will run the new raids.Tuckks0 Dec 2
Dec 2 Mythic 10 highest reward? I did a +15, we even finished in time, the loot I got from end of dungeon was a 915 Mythic 10 though. Is M10 the highest from the end of dungeon? If so, pretty useless loot to be had! Not worth doing more then 1 just to get a cache on TuesdayXiata1 Dec 2
Dec 2 Next week's M+ cache need +10 or +15 for max? TitleNotthesteve1 Dec 2
Dec 2 Why is my healer a ret paladin? Why is it allowed to be in DPS spec, but fill the position of a healer? I tried to vote kick the paladin and the group got angry. "Why kick the person carrying?" I didn't sign up to be carried. I signed up to tank and that paladin signed up to heal me and they didn't.Volbi134 Dec 2
Dec 1 Varimathras; Necrotic Embrace Visual It'd be helpful if the necrotic embrace debuff had a visual to go along with it. Not necessarily a timer like on maiden, but perhaps something that shows that it's expired, jumped, or 'bloomed'.Favi0 Dec 1
Dec 1 Argus the Unmaker Incredible? The music, the voice acting, the visuals, all of it is just incredible.... 1000x better than Kil'jaeden, and arguably way better than even Gul'dan (an incredible fight on its own), any thoughts for those who also did Argus yet?Basherslice14 Dec 1
Dec 1 Mythic Keystone from +3 was a +11. Last week I completed a mythic +3 in time to upgrade a key 3 levels. It was not my key, however I didn't have a key at the time so I looted one at the end of the dungeon. It was a +11. Is this normal? I was under the impression that i would have looted a +6 from completing this mythic+.Ålbus3 Dec 1
Dec 1 Way to skip to Iomar? Heard there's a way to skip High Command and Portal Keeper to get to Iomar and continue the raid in Antorus. Is that true?Ganondworf4 Dec 1
Dec 1 Item level too low... ...but can still join premsde groups and guild quickjoins. Why do you need high item levels to start a dungeon or raid group in legionMedaendsolia1 Dec 1
Dec 1 Dungeon Roll can you please look in to where you can fix the Dungeons Roll like for example i was in the Seat of the Triumvirate and the healer was in dps spec so they signed up as a healer but were not a healer. Can you look in to it where if players do that it says you are not in the right spec for this roll cause i know players do it just to get a fast que and it makes it harder on the party.Kagero2 Dec 1
Nov 30 DFA on Kin'garoth How does stuff like this go live? LULGangsta3 Nov 30
Nov 30 Door didn't open after Immerseus 25 Mythic? So I decided to go do some older content for transmogs and mounts. Went to do Siege of Orgrimmar on 25 mythic. Killing Immerseus and... now what do I do? I'm standing in a room with a white light beaming down on a square on the ground assuming this is where I am supposed to be, but the door in that room is still closed. Bugged? Am I not in the right place? Help please.Cennaria2 Nov 30
Nov 30 Threat Drops on Hasabel-Reg Went with guild to reg Hasabel. Everything was going great. At the 5:45 mark two dps pulled agro off of the tank, Crucifier. The threat was solid, dps were showing no where near the two tanks for threat on Hasabel. Neither of the dps were even actively dps'ing the boss at the time, as they were focused on adds. There were no threat reducers used on Crucifier. There were no threat abilities used by anyone during this time frame at all. 5:45- bompe pulled agro and died 5:47- muttles pulled agro and died 5:48 crucifier taunted and held the boss fine until the kill. This is the log: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/T73jp2qyPLZbYAxf#fight=18Rhawnah6 Nov 30
Nov 30 Varimathras Did anyone else have a difficult time with this dude? Group I was with spent quite a bit of time figuring out the tanking of it. We ended up three tanking it and it was smooth sailing after that. Anyone else had to try that? Otherwise enjoyed the raid so far, looking forward to finishing norm tonight and moving on to some heroic bosses.Puzzlit10 Nov 30
Nov 30 Garothi no Silver Shifting Cosmic Silver + Garothi Worldbreaker So, Garothi generated no stacks for Silver(The entire fight), anyone else experience this?Demidari1 Nov 30
Nov 30 Eonar... I'm all for trying new things but can you at least make sure it's a real encounter first? This "fight" is ICC gunship levels of difficulty, probably even easier, honestly. My group went in blind and ran around like headless chickens for 5 minutes and then the encounter ended and we collected our loot. More thought went into killing the trash mobs earlier in the instance than the mobs in this encounter.Marxmanship14 Nov 30
Nov 30 Star Augur--Only Unique Tank Mechanic So Far If we define a "tank mechanic" as something above and beyond using cooldowns and positioning the boss: M-KJ: Taunt Swap + Soaks (and very difficult cooldown usage) M-FA: Taunt Swap + Careful Positioning M-Maiden: Taunt Swap M-Mistress: Taunt Swap M-Desolate Host: Taunt Swap + adds M-Sisters: Taunt Swap M-Harjatan: Taunt Swap M-Demonic Inquisition: 3-tank tag-team Taunt Swap M-Goroth: Taunt swap M-Gul'dan: He had three mechanics genuinely aimed at tanks, but Flame Crash is the most inconsequential ability of the entire fight, and Soulsever just required CDs. Scythe, however, I'd like to see more of, as there were timing issues for setting it off. M-Elisande: Taunt Swap M-Botanist: Taunt Swap M-Star Augur: Taunt Swap + *** (below) M-Tichondrius: Taunt Swap + adds M-Krosus: Taunt Swap M-Trilliax: Taunt Swap + split cleave M-Chronomatic Anomaly: Taunt Swap + extra action button M-Skorpyron: 1 boss, 1 adds M-Helya: Taunt Swap M-Guarm: Taunt Swap M-Odyn: Taunt Swap M-Xavius: Taunt Swap (complicated by corruption a bit) M-Cenarius: Burn + Taunt Swap M-Il'gynoth: Tank 1 tentacle each M-Elerethe: Taunt Swap M-Ursoc: Taunt Swap M-Dragons of Nightmare: Taunt Swap M-Nythendra: Taunt Swap ***So if you look at the previous 3 (1/2) tiers, the only fight where the tank was doing something outside of their normal duties was Star Augur, both in P1 and P2. P1 was dropping the debuff, P2 with the meteors. Gul'dan and KJ get partial credit because they required such complicated cooldown usage, but the tanks were ultimately still doing their normal thing. So it's not like the sky is falling. Non-bear tanks are interesting to play. They're DPS whose cooldowns focus on incoming damage instead of outgoing damage, and a lot of thought and polish has gone in to those rotations. But the thing is that an outside observer would say that tanks not only do the same thing every fight--but the same thing almost every moment of every fight. And the fact that all the cool things the tank is doing are only visible to him undermines epic immersion. Part of the problem with this is that if the class fantasy of tanks is mob control, the fact that CC, snares, and stuns are distributed evenly across classes doesn't leave much else for tanks to do. Also, bosses are immune to all those things. One thing I also need to mention is that tanks bring utility, but almost all that utility isn't tied to their "tankiness". Stampeding roar and Gorefiend's Grip are both crazy useful on M-KJ...and both could be given to other classes (say, feral/windwalker or unholy/frost) without breaking class fantasy at all. (Stampeding roar would need to be renamed, but a movement buff from a windwalker would fit.) So I don't like getting in to suggestions too much as people shoot them down as a proxy for arguing the overall point, but I feel I should give a few: --Let tanks do things DPS and healers can't do. Maybe even give tanks a special version of existing abilities (stuns, CC, slows) that do work on raid bosses. --Since Taunt Swaps are here to stay, maybe try and work in unique ways the debuffs are cleared. --Because it's the job of tanks to position raid bosses, perhaps work in other ways of them doing that. Maybe something as simple as a fight with a special action button that made the boss go somewhere that wasn't directly in front of the tank. --This would be a major overhaul, but possibly reduce the number of raid tanks. If only two classes could be raid tanks (presumably warrior and maybe death knight) then it might be possible to design encounters more dynamically that wouldn't be trivialized by any of the possible combinations of two tanks from six choices.Twilightcult6 Nov 30