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4m Dungeon Personal Loot: Mount Drops Does anyone know if the change to dungeons having personal loot has impacted mount drops like the Blue Proto-Drake in Utgarde Pinnacle?Jonaingo0 4m
10m LFG Glory of the Legion Hero Hello! I am a Item Level 929 Restoration Shaman trying to get some people together to do the very specific achievement list of the Glory of the Legion Hero achievement in hopes of getting the Leyfeather Hippogryph. If you guys add me on BTag (OhMrSandman#1601) then I'll add you and perhaps set up a Discord group for organization Thanks! P.S. This is Alliance-side only... Sorry Horde!Burdabim3 10m
1h Trial of Valor raid achieves So these 3 achieves are not in the meta. There is no other reason to do them other than wanting the points. I'm looking for a group! 1. You Ruined Everything 2. Boneafide Tri Tip 3. Patient Zero 1h
1h Commander of Argus Trying to finish Commander of Argus achievement, if you have Varga, Wrangler Kravos or Jed'hin Champion, hmu.Ironlocked0 1h
2h Armory question Why does the armory not show the total of all the achievements I have earned across all my characters anymore? It only shows what each individual character has earned. Was this intended? I don't remember seeing anything about it in the patch notes.Killamor2 2h
16h Postmaster Title / Achievement So I just found the postmaster item on the ground on my alt on Sargeras, a very busy server and managed to do the whole chain. After receiving the achieve I logged back into my main Eep and noticed I didn't have the title accessible to use. So after doing all this and the rarity on the item, come to find out my main can't even use the title because it's only on the character that completed the achievement?Eep2 16h
19h Mount Collector Support Group v 24 last one capped at 24 19h
20h TCG Loot Buy/Sell/Trade Thread #37 Continuation from: ...Çx366 20h
1d Lost points I know we were going to loose points in the patch but I lost 755 what givesHeavendawn11 1d
1d Get that achievement XVI Just a continue from topic. Last one to post was Frytanya so as a reminder you need to [Remember to Share]you only got four more to go! (: I'll take a couple achieves to tackle. (: For those interested in earning achievements with other here are some great discord link: Achievements , WoW General Secret Finding , Achievement hunters , WoWhead: World of Warcraft and Neall's Discord Server . All of these are among my favorite for getting and/or giving help with achievements, pets, mounts or toys.Winfree308 1d
1d 20k Point Club? I don't always start threads, but when I do... Who's in it?Kaoes84 1d
1d Getting Hot in Here - Still Needs 10 People Just confirmed. You still need 10 people to do this achievement. It is a safe bet that Show Me Your Moves requires 10 as well. I don't have a Wowhead account so I thought it best to post this here to give other players the info.Héarthas0 1d
1d Ulduar Timewalking What happens to 10/25 man Since they made the new Ulduar timewalking raid in this patch, and the 10/25 man achieves are going to legacy, are you going to be able to still go back into ulduar and set it to said property of 10/25 man and still get the hidden legacy achievement? Or is 10/25 gone forever. I was only missing 5 out of all the achievements in Ulduar, but supermassive and nerf scrapbots are kind of RNG base and not fun to solo so I ended up not being able to get those. Just wondering if I can possibly go back and get them with the new way the raid is set up. If not they're just legacy so it's not that big of a deal.Eep5 1d
1d Warlord of Draenor Warlord of Draenor People interested in doing this achievement of WoD? its from the garrison's quests Nemesis: blood elves, trolls, orcs, etcDafsar2 1d
2d Best way to get Stormtrooper achievement? Hey, I'm gunning for the Stormtrooper (killing 5 flag carriers in a single battle). Wondering about the best way to accomplish this. Currently looking at a couple options: 1) A twink survival hunter in a low bracket. 2) A pre-made with people who also need this achievement. 3) A couple rogue twinks ambushing the FC over and over? How did you get yours?Shatterbird3 2d
2d Glory of the Legion Hero Looking to put together a group for Glory of the Legion Hero. If anyone is interested in this or has a group starting to do it add me BTag: Jonny#1722Victoriøus4 2d
2d Herald of the Titans on 25? Is it possible to run Herald of the Titans on 25 man or is it only for 10 man? I can't seem to find any answer online regarding this. We have 17 people who have Herald characters and it would be nice to be able to do this in one run.Draical5 2d
2d You Are Now Prepared? I think I've been through most of the Antorus campaign and have achieved the Breaching the Tomb achievement. However I have not completed the War of Light and Shadow achievement. I've been checking wowhead, etc. for a macro to see how far into the War of Light and Shadow I have progressed. Ideally a macro to tell me which quest(s) I did not accomplish. Any ideas?Dastalis3 2d
3d Battlemaster/Khan title 2015 I'm making this post because it took me a while to find this information and I want it to be listed in the search engines. The Battlemaster title is an account wide title achievement that can be earned through achievements of any character on your account. All account achievements earned count towards the title achievement And as far as PvP titles are concerned it's pretty prestigious as the title takes work by your specific account and can not be bought unlike Arena Master, Warbound, Lord/Lady of War titles which can be. As far as PvP titles are concerned the Battlemaster title is ranked in the following order by reputation. Gladiator titles > Hero of the Alliance > Vanquisher > Duelist > Rival > RBG 2100+ titles >Arena Master > Lieutenant Commander/Champion == Battlemaster > Khan > Other PvP titles Battlemaster is essentially like having a 2000 rating via achievement and is equal to the Lieutenant Commander/Champion title. Less than 0.7% of the population has earned the Battlemaster title. If you see someone with the Battlemaster title they deserve the some of the highest WoW respect you can give related to PvP. Comparable to top arena titles, it is one of the top battleground titles available. It surely takes skill and tons of effort to achieve this title and should not be mocked. If you see this title on a low level alt 65+ I would be very weary of ganking said toon lest the main return and put the hurt on you. The following PvP titles can NOT be purchased with gold or cash. Gladiator > Hero of the Alliance > Vanquisher > Duelist > Rival > RBG 2201+ titles > Battlemaster > Khan > Justicar Thus these deserve respect and admiration because they have been earned, not purchased. If you think this information needs to be modified I can be reached at smash#1916Smash36 3d
3d Looking for multitude achievement I need to group with 100 random characters on Heroic random dungeon for this. If I do some dungeons on one character and some on another, does that count toward the 100 number? Or do all 100 have to come from a single character?Gezer1 3d
3d Max prestige title error/bug Where's the best place to post this? The title for prestige 25, honor rank 50 (absolute prestige cap) is "the Tactician." Was really excited for this until I found out they accidentally added a comma in the title. So instead of following the general rule of thumb for titles that begin with "the," i.e. Name the Immortal, Name the Light of Dawn, etc, the title displays as "Name, the Tactician." This bothers me. Can we get this fixed please?Mage3 3d
3d Legion pathfinder I'm trying to gain the patience to finish suramar quest line. I'm up to the part where I have to keep collecting ancient mana to bribe some guy. Is that a requirement? Cause it's just a pain in the !@# to collect.Dreñ4 3d
3d just got my spider mount since saving gold from pandaria, i reached the 2 million gold and now i got it. btw, he's up right now.Shovelready3 3d
4d Long-Forgotten / Camel-Hoarder Looking to buy both of these. I have gold on: Thrall - Horde Earthern Ring - Horde Add my btag please: Mylek#11466Iightning6 4d
5d Naxt Victim Once again the Nether Disruptor is active, and using it to obtain the Naxt Victim achievement is next to impossible. We understand that the Nether Disruptor portal farming and Sentinax portal farming were both nerfed several times to address exploitative practices among the playerbase to farm things like Nethershards. However, this was well over 6 months ago. The Broken Shore is not current content and these safeguards are no longer needed. Their effect on the Broken Shore achievements and quests are clearly unintended consequences. The drop rates for the relevant portal beacons on the Broken Shore are abysmally low. They need to be raised for anyone who is going through the Broken Shore content (the achievements, such as Naxt Victim, and even farming Marks for a quest are unnecessarily painful) this late in the expansion.Deport3 5d
5d Marking rare and hard to find creatures I've started Pandaria content. There's marking rare and hard to find creatures. Is this function working for Outland and Northrend?Cuteraccoon1 5d
6d Insane question (Bloodsail Buccaneers) Hi! I have a question for those of you who have done the Insane in the Membrane FoS. Do you need to reach 11999/12000 honored with Bloodsail Buccaneers for it to count to the achievement? I'm currently at 680/12000 and I'd like to know if this is enough and I can go and start grinding the four goblin factions. Yes, I have searched in google for this but I haven't found an answer to my question. Thank you!Kalakh1 6d
6d Highmaul Coliseum in Legion Hi I was just wondering what will happen to the coliseum in legion? will it become 110 to enter or still 100, are they going to get rid of it? just wondering.Bakedazz9 6d
6d Community Vote for 350 / 400 mount achiev The new expansion is just around the corner and I am guessing the new achievements will more and likely be released with the pre-release like they did in Warlords of Dreanor. Blizzard also let the community vote on what would be the achievement mount last time so hopefully if we get enough attention the community can come up with a great mount that gets implemented into the game. Here is what I compiled so far: Blizzard likes to make the achievement mounts from re-colors of previous expansions. Here is the list of achievements/drakes/sources -Achievements- Albino Drake - 50 - Vanilla Red/Blue Dragonhawk - 100 - Burning Crusade Jade Pandaren Kite - 150 - Pandaland Armored Red/Blue Dragonhawk - Burning Crusade / Wrath? Felfire hawk - 250 - Cataclysm Heavenly Azure Cloud Serpant - 300 - Pandaland 350 - Wrath? / Cataclysm / Dreanor With what Blizzard has given us in the past my guess is that it's most likely going to be a mount from either Wrath, Cata or Dreanor. My personal opinion the Cata mounts would probably look the best recolored even though I would like a Mimirons head recolored to Bowsers Copter in Super Mario Bros (I'm sure there's some copy write issues there). Below are a list of flying mounts released in the previous expansions. -Wrath- Proto Drake Armored Proto Drake Mimirons Head Invincible -Cataclysm- 4x Stone Drake 4x Wind Drake Dark Phoenix Mottled Drake 2x Fire Hawk Blazing / Harbinger / Hamdmaiden Obsidian Nightwing Spectral Gryphon Corrupted Hyppogryph *Tarecgosa* -Dreanor- Felfire hawk - Already done Emerald Drake - Already done Soaring Skyterror Heavenly Azure Cloud Serpant - Already done Ironbound WraithCHarger Eclipse Dragonhawk - Already done Solar Spirehawk Felsteel Annihilator Grove Warden Grinning Reaver Mystic Runesaber Cindermane Charger Infinite Timereaver With that said, in Dreanor they also released the "awake the drakes" achievement. That would also make room for a "drake of the stones" or "drake of the four winds" achievements / Mount recolors. Please post what you are hoping for as a new achievement Mount even if it doesn't follow what's posted above.Podgy21 6d
6d Fight Kill Salute - Achiev Since nobody is doing anything to adapt it to lv 110, I'm creating an event for it. Requirements - Need 15 players - Your character must be alliance - Be lv 100 (not above, not under, exactly 100) - Have Gladiator Sanctum rank 3, therefore getting the quest Queue only pops with 15 players. 6d
Jan 11 Stardust Crusaders - the Argus achievement Collect 20 Motes of Titanic Power (I think is what they are called?) within 5 seconds. Open discussion on best methods/strategies, hints or tips for going into Phase 4 and properly executing the collection of Motes. How did you guys do it?Unfinished2 Jan 11
Jan 11 Selling Ammo Jagged Arrow & Accurate Slugs Hello all, I have recently discovered that I have an abundance of unobtainable ammo on my hunter from classic wow. I have over 1500+ Accurate Slugs, 400 Jagged Arrows and 21 Thorium Headed Arrows I also have 1x Hakkari Coin, 1x Skullsplitter Coin, 3x Bloodscalp Coin[/b] Looking at various sites, such as undermine journal, I have a somewhat rare good. Obviously it is niche but for any collector I would be willing to sell my unobtainable ammo and the more I sell cheaper it gets! If interested in collecting ammo, please contact Mcivor#1356. The ammo as of now is on Arthas US.Rko0 Jan 11
Jan 10 Things going away with BattleOfAzer/Prepatch I posted here because I have no idea where I would ask this question besides general. I avoid general as a rule. Basically I am asking if anyone knows or is willing to post sources so I can know what is going away come battle of azeroth. Thanks. I am a returning player so I am very out of the loop thanks bunches!!Bustybuffs7 Jan 10
Jan 10 FOS for 36/36 Mage Tower? Does anyone know if there is an achievement or Feat of Strength for completing all 36 mage tower artifact scenarios? I’m currenty 24/36 and can’t decide if I should push the 36. If there isn’t an achievement/FOS in game, any chance of getting one devs?Jihan3 Jan 10
Jan 10 90+ Exalted Factions Club Hey, If you're reading this you may have 90+ Exalted Factions in-game. This thread is for those to post that they reached this prestigious club in-game. I, Myself, Just reached 91 Exalted Factions yesterday, With my 92nd one not too far off. For those wondering - It's possible to reach 90+ Exalted reputations now even if you never got Exalted with the (2) factions that got removed some time ago from the game. So who here has 90+ Exalted? Show your pride! :-) Xanlorash [The Insane]Xanlorash30 Jan 10
Jan 9 Crushing Bones and Cracking Skulls - Soloable I posted this on Wowhead just recently. It combines a few elements from a few posts on there about soloing this achievement since it has finally been properly fixed. The basic concept on soloing this achievement is very simple: Get naked! Timing is the most important factor, but you won't be spawning those Angered Earth elementals without registering hits from Quake unless you're naked. It may take you some time, so have patience and give yourself ample time to go at it. Only took me about 15 minutes and 3 tries to get it down. I believe this strat will work for every class. If this works for you, please upvote my comment on Wowhead and share, share, share! Let guildies, friends and whoever that may be struggling know how to nail this achievement and show Blizz player resilience and strategy beats lop-sided policies and canned responses in tickets from GM's. "Unfortunately, there isn't anything we can do..." Well there's plenty we can do if you fix bugs instead of create them. xD Edit: Forgot to link the comment - Edit 2: Adding screenshot for credibility - Jan 9
Jan 8 Please fix Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare I've tried getting Glory of the Ulduar Raider forever now and I've attempted this achievement about 5 times... YOU DONT GET CREDIT FOR RAZORSCALE BREATH KILLING DARK RUNE GUARDIAN DWARFS!!!! I've gathered tons of them, all dead, 0 credit. Perhaps they need to be damaged? Redo - Each one tagged and hit to half and nope, no credit for ANY of them. This achieve is impossible.Poisonoaks30 Jan 8
Jan 8 Glory Achieves Help LF help with Glory of Draenor Raider and Glory of Hellfire Raider. Not having any luck finding groups for those. BattleTag OlivineMDan #1532.. ThanksSpazgremlin3 Jan 8
Jan 8 LFM to run Pandaria Raider Achievement Currently I'm stuck the Glory of the Pandaria Raider achievement that are not soloable Need some help to get the following: "Sorry. Were you looking for this?" (this may take 5 ppl to complete) "I heard you like amber..." and maybe "Face Clutchers" as well If you like to do the same achievement or don't mind helping me, pls hit me up. thanks in advance. Btag: Starlyse#11384 IGN: Starlyse-BarthilasStarlyse8 Jan 8
Jan 7 Jen`din Champion Is this rare on a timer or a WQ or something? I've been looking for him for the last week and never do see him up.Jaggér1 Jan 7
Jan 5 Loremaster before the level scaling? Anyone like me still trying to get Loremaster achievement before the level scaling? I'm going through Outlands achievement now, then still have Northrend, Pandaria, Draenor, (have Draenor done but with this toon only need to complete Spires) and Legion (only have Suramar to do)Trazzin1 Jan 5
Jan 4 REZIRA THE SEER Rezira the Seer does anyone have the portal? I need Him to finish a achievement. I'll pay to use it thanks.Elindel0 Jan 4
Jan 4 Dungeon Achievements Hello Everyone, I am looking to do: Karazhan Cathedral of Night Seat of the Triumphant I would like to do the achievements in these dungeons tomarrow. If you would be free and open to coming in the afternoon please add me Selinace#1683.Wildroot0 Jan 4
Jan 2 There's a Boss In There Am I never going to get a dungeon mission for this?Diamonddave1 Jan 2
Jan 2 Boosted Character Quests Limitation As I just came back to wow, I boosted my toon and am trying to get draenor flying but am unable to do so due to being unable to access some quests/achievements due to it being boosted. Quests: Qiana Moonshadow Quests: Ravenous Ravens Achievements: Establishing a Foothold (boosted toons comes with tier 3 garrison) Achievements: The Pursuit of Justice (requires Foothold) Could anyone advice?Puohuaiwang1 Jan 2
Jan 2 Good Suramaritan The only story lines I need to complete are A Growing Crisis and A Change of Seasons, but according to,, I have the emerald nightmare quest for A Growing Crisis, but I don't have any of the quests for A Change of Seasons and there are no other available quests around in Suramar. Please help :(Harlint1 Jan 2
Jan 1 High Mountain Treasure Chest is where I started. There is a treasure under the fishing boat just off of the Highmountain. ... When I equip my fishing pole and start looking in the cave, I get to the spot, find a dead skeleton, but no chest. Is there some other secret to finding the chest besides swimming down into the cave and going to the location? Cave entrance is 32.4, 44.5 but nothing at 32.2, 38.4 for me. I gave up after fifteen minutes (it is a small cave). Thanks!Bitterhope1 Jan 1
Jan 1 Bareback Brawl not showing up it's the only pvp WQ that doesn't show up or is active when I go to the evant area. why is this?Malcador2 Jan 1
Jan 1 WTS Gutrender Looking to sell my Gutrender. A darkish red recolor of the Blade of the Titans that was removed from the game post Cataclysm. Willing to Server Transfer if needed, however, I'd prefer if you can come to Stormrage.Lakeclaw0 Jan 1