Aug 19 #AchieveMoreWithNeall As most of you know, I'm Neall, your friendly warrior tank from Medivh and I help people earn Achievements! I am truly humbled today to be selected by Blizzard as a WoW MVP - which I see as both confirmation and acknowledgement of how helpful I (and the other 14 super awesome MVP's) have been to the WoW community and at the same time a charge to me to continue to help people #AchieveMoreWithNeall. My appointment comes with no NEW super powers, if you don't count green text in the Warcraft Forums and the ability to call myself a WoW MVP. I'm really not that different from anyone else, I put my armor on one leg at a time. It's just, when I put my armor on, 29 other people usually earn an achievement. #ThatsLewd #AlsoFunny #AlsoTrue. If you're looking for some metrics at the time of this posting, I've led over 1,500 OpenRaid events and received over 17,000 - 5 star reviews there. (250,000 Achievement Assists is a conservative estimate.) I helped several groups of 30 people earn Stamp Stamp Revolution at current content, when you actually had to dodge several rounds of stampers (we called them Stamp Stamp Revolution Parties (I - I don't see how that's a party)). And, at the time of this post, have helped 49 groups achieve Show Me Your Moves - the most difficult raiding achievement in WoW (excluding current Mythic Progression). #50 Soon (TM). Seriously, as always, you can find me leading achievement hunters to Glories, Mounts, Titles and other Rewards at OpenRaid, where I'm also an MVP, the Achievements Discord, where I'm a Host, my guild - Shattered Fates on Medivh, where I'm the Social Officer, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, the WoW Forums and in other far flung corners of the internet. Some people join in for the Achievements, some for the sweet loot rules, some for the bad jokes and others for the singing. Most people just want to hear "the speech", but everyone keeps coming back for the two easy rules that guide most of what I do: #NoDrama #HaveFun . You and I, we're Achievement Forums Family! If there's something I can help you with, reach out to me whether here on these forums or some other way - most of them listed below. I may not be able to join you in game to earn an achievement, but I can give you advice, point you in the right direction, and cheer you on! As I said, my new title really comes with the charge of make all World of Warcraft Communities better - help everyone in WoW #AchieveMoreWithNeall Neall on Medivh World of Warcraft MVP Neall on Medivh Discord MVP Achievements Discord Host Social Officer of Shattered Fates-Medivh @TheNealls Fb: Neall On Medivh Aug 19
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1h Mount Parade stuck at 199/200 Is there a known glitch on Mount Parade? I had 199/200 mounts and got the new 180 day sub mount and it didn't push me to 200. I noticed the same thing when I picked up a Warlock specific mount it didn't go to 200 either.Illinorian5 1h
1h 100 exalted reputations not possible? I am currently sitting at 95 / 100 exalted reputations. The following are the reputations I do not have at exalted. Ravenholdt Shen'dralar (No longer available) Syndicate (Stops at Neutral) Zandalar Tribe (No longer available) Silverwing Sentinels Stormpike Guard The League of Arathor Bloodsail Buccaneers (Exalted currently not possible by mortals) Out of these reputations, it looks like I can only increase 4 of them to exalted which would bring my count to 99. Is this correct? Am I currently not able to reach 100 exalted reputations? Are there any I may be missing?Frobozz9 1h
2h An Eventful Battle-Fozruk In the scenario and Foz spawned (with the star on the map) outside of the keep. He stood on the road--you could talk to him but nothing else-unattackable. About 30 seconds later he had a dialog, when you clicked, you could ask him to attack. I clicked it and he ran towards the enemy keep. We were on the last boss. He helped with the last boss and stayed alive but I didn't get a complete mark on that portion of the event. Has anyone completed this? What was I supposed to do? Can't find this info in the usual spots.Celerie2 2h
5h "The Insane" I would like to find the easiest way to get this title...I have some things standing in my way I think tho... I dont *do PVP....- is this something required to get this? I have already done the quest lines for the buccaneers, and am now hated by them because I started gaining rep with the others b4 finding out about this ach. can I go about I just mark myself as *at war with the other factions until I get the exalted w/ buccaneers? and, will this eliminate the need for pvp activity?Sharinah5 5h
16h Legion Class Title Achievement Is this title character specific or can it be used on all characters of that same class? Say I have a Rogue who earned Shadowblade, but I boost another Rogue. Can the second Rogue use the title as well? A GM didn't answer this question, but confirmed it wasn't available in game anymore.Misere6 16h
18h TCG Loot Buy/Sell/Trade Thread #38 Continuation from: Selling TCG Mounts: Swift Spectral Tiger Spectral Tiger: x2 Wooly Rhino: x2Selling Blizzcon Items: Murkablo Big Blizzard Bear Murky Murloc Costume... Battle Tag: Gargasm#1595 ...Estivar86 18h
20h An Eventful Battle Has anyone figured out how to do the "Lost Caravan" portion yet? I cannot seem to find it after about 30 runs on my shaman.Kelly2 20h
22h Mount Collector Support Group v25 Last one capped 22h
1d Sausage Sampler Please remove this achievement or make the sausage available for horde to buy. Or make it so you can purchase your own goods on the AH. Alliance don't want to make free gold on my realm, so this achievement is impossible to do. Just remove it please!Corey7 1d
1d War Mode and Camels I want to start hunting for the mysterious camel figurines; I have my route but I have a question of do I need to now do the route twice, once with war mode off and once because the figurine may be present in one mode and not the other. Follow up question is does looting a figurine affect the timer in in the other mode or are they independent of each other? Thanks!Mafei0 1d
1d BFA rep? so is WQ's, quests and ship missions the only way to get their rep??? People are exalted with BFA already and I'd love to know how to do it fast too?Zarnia4 1d
1d TCG Loot Buy/Sell/Trade Thread #38 Continuation from: Selling the following Blizzcon Items: Big Blizzard Bear Murkablo MurkyBuying the following mounts: Swift Spectral Tiger Spectral Tiger Feldrake Magic Rooster All other TCG mounts not listed at a reasonable priceBuying the following discontinued Items: Pendulum of Doom (lvl 35) Miner's Hat (lvl 35) Frozen RunesI accept gold across all servers and am open to reasonable trades. Feel free to add my btag: ugrettsuoh#1145 or my discord: ugrettsu#1138 If there's something you're interested in selling or buying that is not listed here, please feel free to message me as what I have listed isn't a representation of all things I have to sell or am interesting in purchasingTwochainzlit19 1d
1d 100 Reps Exalted post your fabness Got it today. Super happy. So glad it was this mount rather than their first plan. Started grinding reps on this character in Wotlk after doing them for mounts in BC on my first character. I started working on the Insane and then one day I thought "I am going to get EVERY rep at exalted". Didn't finish that until Legion lol and now have 3 more to get back there but meanwhile yay!! An actual prize for the often prize-less hobby of rep grinding. Hardest rep: DMF before there were dailies, making endless ENDLESS cards and relying on rng. My personal most hated rep: Tillers. I know most people enjoyed it but I just did not like farming lol. Favorite grind: I guess it's Shen'dralar though maybe time has dimmed the pain.. Working on all these reps gave me an eventual love of bg's , took years to get exalted with the pvp reps and by the time I did I was hooked. So let me hear your journey and happiness when you get this chieve :DNarthexia16 1d
1d Poor Unfortunate Souls ach. Hi, we are a group of 4 who need 1 more to be able to do t he Poor Unfortunate Souls achievement, which counts for Glory of the Legion Hero meta achievement. Anyone interested this late? Contact Arthémis-Runetotem pls. Thanks.Arthémis0 1d
1d Is "No More Tears" bugged? Didn't get credit. I killed 12 tears of the vale just to be safe even though the achievement only calls for 10 then downed immersus on heroic difficulty and did not get the achievement. I also didn't get credit for doing the "Must Love Dogs" achievement in Mogu'shan Vaults earlier. Are achievements in raids bugged right now or what gives?aHazathal1 1d
1d What a long stranger trip it's been Part 2 Any chance we could get another one of these, i quite enjoyed the first one but that was completed nearly 10 years ago surely we can revamp these holidays and make them more interesting than a new toy each year?? also add more bosses to these events that drop cool items mounts pets etc but keep the original achievements in game in case anyone wants to still finish theirs up.Evani1 1d
1d Feat of Strength - Grand Marshal (Vanilla) Mines gone all of a sudden. Did blizzard just take these out? What happened blizzard? Can any other vanilla grand marshals confirm?Vainth1 1d
1d My Thoughts: Removed/Locked Challenge Rewards I apologize for the lengthy post ahead of time! So with the title not being very specific I first want to point out that I'm just giving food for thought with a topic that can be touchy depending on who you talk too and how seriously they take this video game and the items earned within it. I've also not played for quite a few years and have come back a few months ago running into these things that have sparked the thoughts I'm going to share. But am just giving my thoughts and ideas on content I feel that can be made available instead of removed and viable with the challenge still being there. So my first thought I'd like to touch on is Elite Gladiator PvP gear that can only be earned within a season after earning a 2k arena rating. I have not always been able to play WoW because of real life, and have missed opportunities to get various arena prestige sets. Now that's my own fault and I'm in no way saying this justifies what I'm about to suggest. I'm merely being matter of fact and know this is the case for a LOT of players who don't prioritize this game to the top of their "to do list" in life. I would love to see a token system like that with the Vicious War Mounts that are earned after winning 100 arena matches or 30 rated BG's. But with the Elite Gladiator set's you would need to reach that 2k rating then you'd be given a Elite/Prestige token where you can buy any of the Elite gear available. Reaching 2k now or reaching 2k 2 years ago does not change the fact you hit the prestigious mark and being able to still EARN those sets would be a treat. Another thought I've been puzzled by is why is all Elite Skinned Gear since they've been introduced locked behind that rating and that specific season wall, but Mythic Raids gear is not? I mean Blizzard... If you're trying to set a "You are special" standard for earning challenging gear and achievements that can only be earned when they are currently relevant, why is it being cherry picked? I could care less either way honestly it's just confusing to me, seeing as blizzard is usually very on point with these kinds of things haha... My last thought has been since the introduction of Time Walking Dungeons, you've introduced the ability to scale us players down to old content o enjoy a challenge that gives us awesome nostalgia and fun! But this brings up a very good point, and that is why cant you do this with the Prestige Challenges (Like Mythic Raids, Mage Tower, and other difficult challenges that have been introduced then removed)? Scaling the challenges like those I mentioned to the player no matter the current content would gives players old and new alike the ability to complete them and still have the challenge be viable (to REALLY Give us a sense of Pride and Accomplishment). I'm not going to speak for anyone else but those I've talked to in game and friends that play in person, but I know I'm not the only one who can see this being a great way to keep content and still have it be malleable for us to dive into and have a challenge and EARN the rewards that have been removed, which really is taking a wonderful chunk of content out of the game that's been paid for by the subscribers of the game! In conclusion I see opportunities like those I've mentioned to allow prestigious items to still be obtainable and the challenge to get them still intact. I don't understand why some are favored more then others where content is removed that is challenging but others remain (And those that do end up remaining become easy to get which defeats your purpose of removing only 'some' prestigious items in the first place..?) but would love to get feedback from players who read this or actual Blizzard Forum's staff members who would give us an opportunity to listen to a reply, a reply that isn't dodging any questions brought up here with rational reasons as to why the setup is the way it is right now. I'm not sure how to Tag Game Devs of these forums if there is a way to do that, if anyone knows how to feel free to do it or let me know! Thank you for reading and hope your WoW experiences in BFA so far have been as enjoyable as mine!Ðrîzzt1 1d
2d Achievement Hunters Hey guys, I started playing two weeks ago or so, and I fell in love with the idea of achievements for my character. It shows how much she went through and overall great addition to already fun game. I was wondering if there are any groups that I can join to make some friends to do achieve runs with? Maybe a community? I know I’m still a lowbie, I just wanted to be ready for the hunt when time comes.Missfurious2 2d
2d Combining Achievements. Little bit of a Vent, on things that have been bugging me when it comes with Achievements. Bliz can you make it that all Achievements are Earned instead of Earned by this toon but not earned by this other toon that you are playing. You have the ability to sort your guild by Achievement points, how come its not the total like it is in the Achievement window. I like being the top spot in my guild with the most points at 10k Achievements but when i play another Toon I'm sitting there at the bottom with maybe 1k or whatever. I don't want to be chasing Achievements that I have already earned cause that toon has the most number of points cause I just happen to play that toon longer. I don't know it could just be me and my ocd but I'm just saying it would be nice that Achievements weren't Toon based but Account based .Panian22 2d
2d Jolly Roger - Only Available on Pirate's Day Don't forget to go get your Jolly Roger Toy if you got your Bloodsail Admiral Achievement this past year! Edward Techt at 39, 84 in Cape of Stranglethorn will sell it to you for 10 gold if you have the Achievement! It's only available on Pirate's Day!Neall2 2d
3d Why does Fishing achieve stops at 1000 fish? Why isn t there a 5000 and 10.000 achievement for people who fish a lot?Doctus2 3d
3d Old Content flying and Races I'm more concerned about flying, but the new races seems to be of the same vein. I stopped playing the game for 4 years, so when i came back, i didn't have the reps for flying in WoD or Legion... and this inability to fly around really deters me from playing my alts. But the game is about new content, so i don't want to waste my time going to old content to farm reps to fly for my alts... So this is the actual question. Are there any plans to make the grinds for older content less restrictive? There is already a president for it. I remember when wintersaber farming was hard, then it became a cinch by comparison.Dracomagi0 3d
3d Pilgrims Paunch - Undercity table missing? For the Pilgrims Paunch acheivement, i went to undercity to find the bountiful table there and its missing. I talked to Zidormi and went to the past but it is still missing. Anyone have the location?Kaelathi1 3d
3d I got my mind on my money 200k Achievement Hi guys, this is my first time that I post something and I don't know if i'm posting it in the correct place, sorry for my bad English. I found a way to get this achievement in 2 hours, but it can only be done today on Pirate's day. To get this achievement you got to buy "Big Bag of Booty" from "Dread Captain DeMeza" it costs 300 Gold, buy a ton of those, use them and pick up the gold that the item drops, it will count towards the achievement, I went from 90k gold to 150k in 1 hour, and I only lost like 2k or 3k gold by doing this. Have a nice day guys.Mikyackerman2 3d
3d Rep achievements from deleted characters? I have the achievement showing that I complete Exalted status with the Sha'tari Skyguard from Burning Crusade (and I have the Netherwing mounts to prove it). However, none of my current roster of characters shows Exalted with the Skyguard. I did delete a few characters several years ago and probably it was one of these characters who completed the achievement. None of these characters show up as restorable since this was too long ago. Will this still count toward the overall exalted rep count achievements? I'm currently sitting at 55 exalted reps on this toon. I calculated that I will pick up 6 more Exalted reps from my other characters, but I wonder if I will also pick up credit for the 7th that I don't currently "have" in my current roster but achieved at some point in the past.Magahli2 3d
3d Treasures of Tiragarde Sound Is the achievement Treasures of Tiragarde Sound currently bugged? I have all the maps in my inventory (and read/opened them), found all the treasures, and acquired the Secrets of the Depths toy. The achievement has it all ticked off except for the maps, so it won't complete. Am I doing something stupid, or is it bugged? Screenshot of achievement status: Thanks! Edit: NM, got it. For anyone else confused: the achievement doesn't care about the maps themselves, it wants the treasures the maps lead to, after finding the maps.Ricoculous2 3d
3d "Been waiting a long time for this" help I have been trying to complete "Glory of the Icecrown Raider" to get the mount and I only have one achievement left to complete for it. Im having problems with Been waiting a long time for this, I get to the point where I have a enough ghouls running after me, and I go to smack the lich king once and wait for the necrotic plague. But he never infects me with it, what am I doing wrong or missing? Im doing it on my 100 dkWhiteangel13 3d
4d Class Mount - anyone know a guide? I have different people telling me different things. Does anyone know of a guide that tells you exactly what to do for the class mounts that were in legion? I bumped my mage up to 110 and skipped legion, and there are quest everywhere. I have no clue which ones to do and which ones to skip.Morginor2 4d
4d Master of the Molten Flow I have been trying the Flamewalker Shaman step of the achievement for days. I've watched multiple videos on YouTube of people completing the achievement, so I know I'm doing it correctly. I know that not all the Shamans will cast the spell, but the ones that do seem to inflict no damage upon themselves. I have tried using the Soft Foam Sword too, but it has no effect. What am I doing wrong?Rhizome2 4d
4d 100 Rep Achievement Questions! Hey there! Excited about the new reputation achievement coming out, but I'm unsure about a few things. I got the Beloved around the time it came out so I think I will be good, just want to make sure! Question 1: Relationships (Tillers, Fisherfriends, etc) do count towards exalted right? I've read both answers that they do and they don't. Question 2: I remember a website that tracks your reputations and lets you know how many you have at exalted but I can't for the life of me remember the name of it. Anyone know what I am talking about or have a similar website they know of? Thanks in advance!Vyah45 4d
4d Realm First Achievement Denial Story time - A group of friends and myself recently completed the Realm First BFA Keystone Master achievement on Sargeras. Only 2 out of the 5 members of the group were given the achievement. We've all played on Sargeras, a very high pop server, for years and have many max level characters on the server. With the launch of BFA, three of us decided to pick new mains to play, so we transferred characters from their previous servers to Sargeras at the start of the BFA. Long story short, due to some arbitrary 60 day rule blizzard implemented many years ago to try and stop people from transferring to low pop servers and getting easy Realm firsts, 3 out of the 5 members of our group were denied our first ever Realm First achievement because our new mains were not on Sargeras before the expansion launch. I'd like to hear some thoughts on what we should do... We've tried to open tickets but were met with "this is a policy our devs put in and we refuse to budge on the matter". I have 15 characters on Sargeras, 6 110s, 2 120s, and yet for some reason I don't deserve the achievement because my new BFA main just happened to be on another server last expansion and this somehow has an effect on a BFA achievement.Riyon17 4d
4d you may remember me from my free aotcs some of you guys and girls may remember me from legion i gave away 700 free aotcs.. good news i am still playing and i am going do it again when i get heroic on farm and im geared to carry ....if you want to know my progression you can check up on me on my twitch stream please come say hi and give me a follow !! i would love all the support right now im still working on my channel so bare with me plz....Rsmudvayne3 4d
4d Get that Achievements XVII Topic Carry on from last page [Battle Safari] Complete Jonrock, get your feed on & get [Everything Tastes Better] Obtain a 6 hour "Yummy Bacon" buff.Kodekkz2 4d
4d Ravenholdt rep during Warfronts? Hi everyone, I am doing my rep grind for the Insane title. I have all of my lock boxes, but still need to grind the mobs for neutral - revered rep. I went to Arathi Highlands yesterday to farm some, but with the new stuff going on in the zone, they are all missing. Does anyone know where I can go to farm rep for Ravenholdt? Or do I just have to farm a ton of lock boxes now and use them for the lower rep levels? Thank you.Yippey2 4d
5d Finally, im exalted with all 6 factions feelsgoodbrahsOuyesdfjsdf0 5d
5d the dang mimiron head so i use the wowhead ideas, (do 10m kill the levi and change to 25 m) to kill the yogg...even i leave, change to 25 and stills says '10' on the map...Prophit9 5d
5d Get that achievement XVI Just a continue from topic. Last one to post was Frytanya so as a reminder you need to [Remember to Share]you only got four more to go! (: I'll take a couple achieves to tackle. (: For those interested in earning achievements with other here are some great discord link: Achievements , WoW General Secret Finding , Achievement hunters , WoWhead: World of Warcraft and Neall's Discord Server . All of these are among my favorite for getting and/or giving help with achievements, pets, mounts or toys.Winfree500 5d
5d "Allied Races: Mag'har Orc" bugged? I did the achievement but can't find the mag'har orc mount anywhere in the mount journal. Clicking achievements, I see the Nightborne and Highmountain mounts but no Mag'har Orc. Is this a bug or did Blizz not intend for the races to be unlocked this early?Xenulu6 5d
6d Wingmen Achievement Will there be a fix so that it is still possible to obtain this achievement after leveling past100/110?Majikthise1 6d
6d Selling Nearly ALL TCG Mounts <3 Hello, i am selling nearly All TCG Mounts on the only Select realms: Zul'jin (Horde) Stormrage (Alliance) Kil'jaeden (Horde) So anywhere else atm, you will have to Xfer or just make a new toon. I will take Gold from Any Realm but it may cost more depending on where i use the G. SELLING: SWIFT Spectral Tiger x1 Corrupted Hippogryph Blazing Hippogryph White Riding Camel Swift Shorestrider X-51 Nether Rocket XTREME Wooly White Rhino Ghastly Charger's Skull Big Battle Bear Savage Raptor Amani Dragonhawk Mottled Drake Mecha-Mogul MK2 PRICING: I have multiple, so majority of them i am Negotiating with those Willing enough to make an offer. Contact me WITH your offer and we can Chat (: ((( See TUJ for U.S. averages and prices accross all realms ))) - For the SWIFT Spectral Tiger since it is the only X1, the Bid started at 18M and if you have any offer, feel free to contact me. I am willing to do Bulk deals and discounts and also willing to Trade off mounts for mounts, etc. For any Cross-realm trades, i do Not Trade first. The Reputation of TCG handling in the last 7 years with many folks can confirm this. Add me or Leave me a message @ anytime Main: ' KZ ' on the Realm Zul'jin-horde Kzkillz#1422 < Bank of Warcraft > P.S. - feel free to message me in-game for an invite to the <Bank of Warcraft> to browse the other Mounts for future reference. Many folks park an Alt in here to view for future trades and to refer others. If someone you Refer buys from me, you will recieve 5%+ of the Cut just for name dropping.Kz0 6d
Sep 16 Achievements wrong date? So I noticed that when I go to the wow armory that the achievements I have are one day off... so I earned some achievements today 9/15/18 but it shows that I Earned it on 9/16... which is tomorrow is there a reason why ?Deltastream1 Sep 16
Sep 16 The Reining Champion Please for the love of all that is equestrian, could we make this achievement slightly easier to get? Even just two more seconds to help guarantee a 3rd zeppelin actually being spawned and in range would probably do the trick. The hit-boxes on the gnolls are just so dang buggy, which I understand may be difficult to fix. Am I in the minority on this one? Are folks finding it acceptable as is to get?Reruro12 Sep 16
Sep 16 Clever Use of Mechanical Explosives Anyone figure out where to locate these sporonite bombs?Zipatriarc1 Sep 16
Sep 15 Bring Back Mage Tower in Legion Time-Walking Make the Class Challenge Achievement a feat of strength but allow the questline and challenge to be completed. At the very least allow us to earn a couple of the skins if not all. Keeping it inline with the Mythic+15 Achievement. The achievement for Class Challenge/Mage Tower vs Mythic +15 is vastly different. The Mythic +15 achievements only provided you with one specific color of a particular Skin as an achievement; this all comes from the Balance of Power Questline. In this case those individuals who weren’t lucky enough to get in a group to complete a +15 are only denied one color of 4 possible colors. Class Challenge/Mage-tower on the other hand is an entirely separate skin with four corresponding colors. All of which are now unavailable. The mechanics are already in play. Time-Walking is the best thing I can see that brings back the story and challenge of this quest as it brings us back to being on-level with the content. We still need to farm/earn the appropriate gear and that are itemized for our particular specs so that we are best equipped for the challenge. For the (the legacy effects could be “activated” once in that instance) There are so many resources online thanks to the WOW community that make understanding this challenge easy, walkthrough guides and videos. Let the hard work for those be relevant in the future. On my Shaman, I was able to complete all 3 challenges. Yes, they were challenging, but above all they had a great story line. There was a sense of accomplishment when completing this story and defeating the legion at their game. This doesn’t have to end here. I have alts that I would like to earn this on. This is they best way to do so while keeping it a challenge so that all of those who had the time to earn this on their toons don’t feel like the challenge is diminished.Stump12 Sep 15
Sep 15 Kul Tourist / Zandalar forever Just want to vent some disappointment here. I levelled this priest as horde and got the achievement for Zandalar forever, ie did all the horde quest lines. Transferred to alliance cause of some mates, the opposing Kul tourist achievement was not completed, so I sucked it up and began completing it. I completed "A storm song dance" on my priest, and while levelling an alt I completed "Drust do it" and "A sound plan". Only to find out that you can't earn the Kul tourist achievment by competing the story lines across multiple characters. Confirmed this with a GM ticket. Note that the Kul tourist achievement IS account wide, just the criteria for obtaining it is not shared between characters, which is dumb. Really annoying =(Jøhnø6 Sep 15
Sep 15 Master angler of azeroth This is BS requirement to get an achievement and title. This way to rng based plus all the players frommutiable servers makes this almost an impossibility for the average player. I have attempted this weekly and faithfully since WotLK and sinc2e they brought back. I have yet to even get 40 fish much less turn it in. I have changes routes, changed where I start at, +200 bait, tuskar spear, underlight pole, bah you name it I have tried it. As far as I am concerned blizz can take flying f*@k off the nearest cliff with all this fishing gear I have collected over the years to get this achievement shoved so far up where the sun doesn't shine that all they need to do is open their mouth to retrieve it. Thank you and anybody that has an unkind comment about this post can do the same thing as I recommend to blizz to do.Stormìe2 Sep 15
Sep 15 Impossible/unreasonable reputations Just wanted to throw my support behind a post on the EU forums (, as I can't reply to it from this account. Speaking as someone who is currently Exalted with 91 factions: Black Prince rep (which I just hit Revered with) is an unreasonable chore for any character who was not active during Mists of Pandaria. The only available rep is 500 per week from killing a celestial boss on Timeless Isle, which takes about a year and a half to finish. It is possible for players who DID play Mists to grind Black Prince rep off some mobs on Isle of Thunder, but this is weirdly disabled for everyone else. It would be so awesome if Blizzard fixed this, as there's no reason for this rep (which doesn't even have a vendor or an achievement associated with it) to be so weirdly and unevenly gated. And, it would be just great if Zandalar Tribe and/or Shen'dralar were re-added to the game. It seems odd, at minimum, that we can't earn Zandalar Tribe rep from Zul'Gurub mobs anymore, especially since the rep vendors are apparently coming back in Battle for Azeroth. Maybe park Zidormi outside Zul'Gurub and Dire Maul or something, I dunno. If it works for Darnassus and Undercity, why not? Anyway, with the new 100 achievements rep in place, and currently a very narrow margin of choice with regard to reps (there are 95 Exalt-able reps in-game, including Black Prince, pre-BfA), this would really help to give more options to players like myself who have put serious time into pursuing this achievement.Ogrot31 Sep 15