5d #AchieveMoreWithNeall As most of you know, I'm Neall, your friendly warrior tank from Medivh and I help people earn Achievements! I am truly humbled today to be selected by Blizzard as a WoW MVP - which I see as both confirmation and acknowledgement of how helpful I (and the other 14 super awesome MVP's) have been to the WoW community and at the same time a charge to me to continue to help people #AchieveMoreWithNeall. My appointment comes with no NEW super powers, if you don't count green text in the Warcraft Forums and the ability to call myself a WoW MVP. I'm really not that different from anyone else, I put my armor on one leg at a time. It's just, when I put my armor on, 29 other people usually earn an achievement. #ThatsLewd #AlsoFunny #AlsoTrue. If you're looking for some metrics at the time of this posting, I've led over 1,500 OpenRaid events and received over 17,000 - 5 star reviews there. (250,000 Achievement Assists is a conservative estimate.) I helped several groups of 30 people earn Stamp Stamp Revolution at current content, when you actually had to dodge several rounds of stampers (we called them Stamp Stamp Revolution Parties (I - I don't see how that's a party)). And, at the time of this post, have helped 49 groups achieve Show Me Your Moves - the most difficult raiding achievement in WoW (excluding current Mythic Progression). #50 Soon (TM). Seriously, as always, you can find me leading achievement hunters to Glories, Mounts, Titles and other Rewards at OpenRaid, where I'm also an MVP, the Achievements Discord, where I'm a Host, my guild - Shattered Fates on Medivh, where I'm the Social Officer, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, the WoW Forums and in other far flung corners of the internet. Some people join in for the Achievements, some for the sweet loot rules, some for the bad jokes and others for the singing. Most people just want to hear "the speech", but everyone keeps coming back for the two easy rules that guide most of what I do: #NoDrama #HaveFun . You and I, we're Achievement Forums Family! If there's something I can help you with, reach out to me whether here on these forums or some other way - most of them listed below. I may not be able to join you in game to earn an achievement, but I can give you advice, point you in the right direction, and cheer you on! As I said, my new title really comes with the charge of make all World of Warcraft Communities better - help everyone in WoW #AchieveMoreWithNeall Neall on Medivh World of Warcraft MVP Neall on Medivh Discord MVP Achievements Discord Host Social Officer of Shattered Fates-Medivh @TheNealls Fb: Neall On Medivh 5d
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1h What do you want to see on the Black Market What items would you like to see Blizzard put on the Black market that are no longer obtainable? Personally i would like to see the following: Amani war bear Black Proto drake Swift Alliance steed Swift Horde Wolf Swift Primal flame saber Brewfest ram (although just put it back in brewfest why not?) Any pets from very old promotions that weren't available world wide such as the icoke dragons. I don't think things like the Black Qiraji tank should be on the Black market nor do i think any mount that would count as an "old school ride" should be on there. all mounts i have named have a precedent for being on the black market. The ZA bear was removed but so were the ZG mounts they came back, the bear was also a reward for skill not luck but so was every other mount post Togc that was never removed just lowered the drop chance so it doesn't make sense why they can come back and not the bear the Swift alliance steed and Horde Wolf also fit this criteria. The Black proto drake is currently the only Glory mount that is not obtainable in anyway possible in the game but the plague proto drake whilst no longer obtainable from the achivement is available from the black market The primal Flame saber event only last a month for the heros of the storm event sadly i missed it but the molten core hound from the MC event during WoD was around for only a short time and that soon found its way on to the black market for players who missed it so a man can hope. Blizzard you seem to want us to spend our gold so why not add some more interesting items to the BMAH that can no longer be obtained. i'm sure there are plenty of people who would pay out the nose for some these items and not to mention some transmog items removed from the game I.E corrupted Ashbringer. No doubt i am asking for items i don't have but that is the point of the thread although i do have the swift Alliance steed i just don't see why it shouldn't be available :PEvani3 1h
1h No mage tower feat of strength? Just wrapped up my 'journey' to get all the challenge artifact skins on all classes/specs. Last kill was shadow priest... using Surrender to Madness (for the first time ever) to burn through the last Raest phase =) Worked like a charm... and then I died horribly =) Anyway, I'd seen this in another post (old post in general), but figured it could use a post here - this seems like a perfect opportunity for a Feat of Strength. I'm someone who doesn't raid. For various reasons. Same thing with competitive arenas/RBGs. I don't have many achievements I can point to that say anything other than "I just like to play this game a lot." It'd be nice to have something that reflects the accomplishment of completing so many mage tower challenge scenarios. I think it'd even be cool to have four different feats - a tank, healer, and dps one, and then a final one for doing everything. Thank you for your consideration!Wyler10 1h
3h Pathfinder flying help Hi guys . I have returned from a 5 yr absence. Doing WoD to carry on but confused as to flying now ? Is there any way apart from the Pathfinder and other achievements to fly in this game now ? I know maybe a stupid question but help an old man out haha. ThanksForthecorse2 3h
4h Prestige Achievements Going Legacy Hey there. So because the Prestige achievements are going to be moved to Legacy, I've been debating farming BGs. I'm only Prestige Level 4, however. My question is, will these be converted at the prepatch or on launch? If it's prepatch there's no way I can get to 25, or even 14 for the Crest of Devastation (which is also being removed). Source was from MMO-Champion.Grimnak2 4h
5h Allied Race Requirements Why are allied races locked behind an exalted rep grind? I don't understand why some people are acting like elitist gatekeepers when it comes to playing a race. The playable races are meant to be a vehicle/avatar that is used to experience the game. Why can't we just have more substantial rewards when exalted rather then the race itself being the reward. Honestly, the main selling point behind one of the most appealing features of this game is to play as the many different fantasy races. Why is that so hard to understand?Goromo1 5h
10h Mount Collector Support Group v 24 last one capped at 24 10h
18h Heroic argus aotc Who needs there heroic argus aotc kill still me and mtg guys do it for free just contact us and we will take you 18h
22h Soloable Glory achievments as of 7.3? So which glory achievements are actually completely soloable? i'm returning after stopping playing around the end of WOTLK, start of CATA & just wonna mount farm glory achievements but none of my mates play anymore so i can only do the ones that i can do completely on my own. Happy to level any character required (pets needed?) Much love DiigglesDiiggles12 22h
1d LF Fire Watcher + Mount I'm looking for this title and mount I've been trying to find on custom groups but this kind of groups just stop showing up on the end of WoD I would like to get it. Let me know price I only have characters on Medivh - Alliance. Contact me here or drop me your btag so I can add you! Thank you and have a nice day!Hyperborea0 1d
1d PvP Pet Tournament June 9th Glorious Achievement Hunters! I know you have an arsenal of pets you've collected throughout the ages. Come test your mettle. I've posted in the pet forums just now and plan to network more in the weeks to come. The more the merrier! This discord link has all the relevant information you will need to catch up on the tournament dates, times, rules, etc. Share with your friends.Reconbravo2 1d
1d Battlemaster still in BfA Battlemaster is still in in BfA 1d
1d Get that achievement XVI Just a continue from topic. Last one to post was Frytanya so as a reminder you need to [Remember to Share]you only got four more to go! (: I'll take a couple achieves to tackle. (: For those interested in earning achievements with other here are some great discord link: Achievements , WoW General Secret Finding , Achievement hunters , WoWhead: World of Warcraft and Neall's Discord Server . All of these are among my favorite for getting and/or giving help with achievements, pets, mounts or toys.Winfree370 1d
1d [H] The Chosen (Mythic ToV) Are there any groups out there that are doing this or want to do this? Every night at peak hours I check LFG and never see ToV groups. I mean.. the title is going away. I'd think more people would be jumping at the chance if you haven't done it yet. I've tried a couple times to get into Neall's group but keep getting put on Reserve. Anyways, if anyone has a group or wants to put a group together I'm down. I keep looking and looking and can never find anything.Yasha19 1d
1d Dungeon Personal Loot: Mount Drops Does anyone know if the change to dungeons having personal loot has impacted mount drops like the Blue Proto-Drake in Utgarde Pinnacle?Jonaingo4 1d
2d Farming Heavy Junkboxes For the "Insane" Farming for you, Heavy Junkboxes For the "Insane in the Membrane" Achievement. Hello I will come to your server and farm the entirety of the Heavy Junkboxes you need to get from revered to exalted with Ravenholdt. I will come to your server and farm them so no need to transfer characters to a different server. Price is negotiable. Please add me to real id to inquire further. Horde and Alliance Friendly Total complete achievements worth farmed: 10 Fulfillment time: Two Weeks Boxes needed for revered to exalted: With Darkmoon Faire buff: 1275 Without buff: 1400 Real id: Killianth#1179 Thank you for your timeKillania0 2d
2d Herald of Titans [H] June 11th My Guild <Execute> of Smolderthorn will be hosting a Herald of Titans achievement run on June 11th Monday Night around 7 PM server time. Most of the guild has the title already with level 80 twinks geared and just helping others get it. If you have a toon around level 80 please send ingame mail to Zergeh-Crushridge and I can put you on the calendar. Please meet basic requirements because we DONT want to carry anybody. 226 armor, 232 weapon, Full Enchants/Gems, and Consumables. Please read Mechanics because we will do a brief explanation before pull. 2d
2d For the Alliance help? Hey guys im a returning player thats kinda been off and on all through legion. The title pretty much says it all. Ive noticed in this xpack and in dreanor that Hoard raids our cities a LOT. not only that almost no one ever bothers to try and put up a defense. Now today i wanted to get back at them a little so me and my guild form up to try and take down their faction leaders. Knowing we would get heavy resistance if we did org first we went to silvermoon, after downing the boss there we go to TB, everything is going swell until the boss starts resetting, then on top of that hoard notice us and purposely try to get the boss to reset. We managed to hold our own for a while and would have even killed the boss except he reset yet again (he reset 4 times before we gave up all at around 50-60% hp) Finally we give up and decide to go undercity. i guess hoard didint expect us to regroup cause we got no resistance on Sylvanas. anyway im wondering if maybe i could see if anyone wants to help me kill Surfang and Baine. be much appreciated cause i have not gotten the achievementFatye4 2d
2d Mounts to be removed from the game Which legion mounts will be removed by next expansion? like the Grove Warden in WoD.Fpsrussian6 2d
2d PSA: Festergut up in Violet Hold If you are looking to get Glory of the Legion Hero done, Festergut is up. He's a random spawn and may or may not be up again before BFA. Easy acheivement. Just taunt him and run from the slimes. Let him get full energy and use a crystal to kill the black bile that pops. Then kill him. You can hearth or portal out once you're done if you don't want to stay.Vhale0 2d
3d Compete 10 different legion dungeons... Hi peeps, I was wondering if there is any bug or something on this. I have the hidden artifact and when I was completing the different tints it showed me how much I needed to complete it (e.g 180/200 world quest). For the Mage tower challenge artifact this doesn’t shown. I just killed KJ on Heroic, I was as a healer, but the artifact unlocked is Guardian (which doesn’t say anywhere that you need to go on the roll of the unlocked artifact, or using it). After we were done I went to get my new Tint and it was locked. I already submitted a ticket, I’m waiting to see what happened. Also I went and tried the 4th tint, which says that you need to complete 10 Legion dungeons (it doesn’t say that you need to do it with the artifact on, nor the difficulty), I did 1 dungeon on LFG until the end, and when I came back it didn’t shown any progress (1/10 dungeon completed. Or something like that), so I don’t know if I’m going to lose my time doing 9 different more. Am I doing something wrong?Chazrius3 3d
3d TCG Loot Buy/Sell/Trade Thread #37 Continuation from: ...Çx479 3d
3d Bounty Hunter Hello, all! I'm trying to get my last Ashran achievements. Bounty Hunter being one of them. And I need help. I'm short a panda hide. That's it. And so few people run pandas in Ashran that I haven't seen one in months, and before that I didn't win the roll for the quest item the last time I saw it drop 6 months ago. I need an alliance panda Ashran buddy to help me get this. I can help you with your Bounty Hunter, too. I have at max level a panda, forsaken, blood elf, orc, and goblin. If you need a tauren I'll consider that the motivation I need to finish leveling up my mooadin. Anybody want to form allegiance achievement hunting friend groups? Horde and Alliance, this achievement is going away for everyone next xpac. Or just wanna help? Post here so we can organize stuff, or btag me. I'm Mcbende#1186.Mcbende1 3d
3d LFG Glory of the legion hero I'm looking for people to group up with to do the achievements for Glory of the legion hero on my horde paladin, I play all 3 specs. 946 ilvl Battletag is TheMuddyOne#1587Muddyvaynez1 3d
4d Only the Penitant... Looking for someone with an active guild or FL that can help me get this done i cant seem to put a group together through the Looking For system in game...Vdüb1 4d
4d Stranglethorn Streak isn't fun That's it. It's not fun. Random spawns under you waste 500 brawler gold which takes at least 2 random boss wins to get back. And that's only if you're lucky not to get randomly phased to another zone where you have to buy the chipped dice bag again. You can't pug it because people panic and run around to die seconds later. You can't build a group because there's nobody looking for it in premade groups. Even Achievements Discord had little interest. The attack radius and speed on the mobs is out of control. You can't skirt out of their range because they can hit things twice their hitbox away. I haven't even seen the final boss of that encounter because death is a certainty. You used to be able to cheese it with pets but now you can't even do that. Now pets just die. And even the beasts don't follow their own rules. Crocs randomly start chasing you. At least with the other "puzzle brawls" you can learn a pattern. This is just pure unfun. There's nothing good about it. Especially since the only way ever to beat it was to be a certain class (mage blink, DH dash, etc...) or to cheat by killing mobs that were not supposed to be killable. Please Blizzard, this is my last achievement in the brawler's guild. Why make it so hard? To extend playability? Do I not have enough things to do in the game that I need to spend a month praying to RNGesus? BTW, if anybody who can do this wants to make 100k on Lightbringer, PSTMaltaneous8 4d
4d Can a druid please confirm Ever since they came out with the transmog achieves I have been trying to get the achieve 'dress in lairs'. Can a druid please confirm they acquired this achievement, on a druid. ThxDumbot1 4d
4d Maybe He'll Get Dizzy Achievement bug? Tried doing the Maybe He'll Get Dizzy Acheev but every time I go in the raid and track the acheev, it automatically shows as red (I am not sure if that means i failed the achiev already or not) and I try to reset instance but it stays red. Bug perhaps? Does anyone know how to fix it? trying to achieve this achievement several time and I still couldn't get it even after I followed the step (left-right 2 times each) exactly. Thank a lotUnloveable1 4d
4d Strand of the Ancients Achievements The purpose of this post is two-fold. Firstly, two of the achievements in this battleground, namely Defense of the Ancients and especially Not Even A Scratch, are about as impossible as you can get for an achievement nowadays. The way the battleground is played is vastly different from back in WotLK, and the low Demolisher health coupled with insane player damage is enough to make the achievement downright impossible unless the enemy team is asleep. Now that the BG is being removed, this is a problem for any who are genuinely trying their best to earn these. To be honest, in many of the SotA games I play, the enemy has mostly or completely destroyed a Demolisher before the boat finishes docking. Blizzard, do you have any plans at all to change these or do some stealth buff to the Demolishers (or anything to make this remotely doable)? With that said, I'm attempting to organize a dedicated group of players that can hopefully form a premade by queuing at approximately the same time. Only with a full 15-man group in voice chat do you even stand a chance of earning these, and even then luck is still required. If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of/help orchestrate, please add me at Bluraze#1450; I will accept next time I log in.Grimnak6 4d
4d Prestige Mount Farm Strategy Blizzard announced on Twitter that in BFA all of your characters' prestige levels will merge. I haven't pvped hardly at all this expac so I still need all of the prestige mounts. At one point I thought they might become unobtainable next expac, but maybe the opposite is true (that they become easier to obtain). For mount hunters that aren't pvping much, what should the strategy be? Get every alt to prestige level one now and then wait for BFA?Jonaingo7 4d
5d "The Insane" Title The "Insane in the Membrane" Achievement, certainly doesn't have a positive reputation in the community. After years of postponing the "awful" grind, I finally decided to fully commit to it and finish it off before the launch of BFA. I am looking for a few dedicated players to go through this adventure together, as it makes it much easier to work in a group rather than solo, all while benefiting from INSTANT RESPAWNS. 1. We will be starting with working on Bloodsail Reputation first. It takes around 3 hrs. of killing goblins in Booty Bay to get us to Exalted (have to be Honored for the Achievement). We will lose all the Cartel Reputations by doing that. 2. Next will be the Cartel Reputation grind. There are a few spots where we can kill pirates WITHOUT losing Bloodsail Reputation. Positioned properly over the area, a 5-man grp. will reach Exalted in about 4 hrs maximum. Again, benefiting from INSTANT RESPAWNS. 3. Ravenholdt Reputation. It will take us about 1.5 hrs to get to Revered by grinding mobs, same way we did with for other factions. Then, either use your Rogue Alt. OR pay someone to pick pocket boxes for you. 4. Darkmoon Faire Reputation. Pretty self explanatory. Every month for a week we do dailies...summing up to 2k rep every day. All together it will take us about 8 - 10 hrs of grinding. Can be done faster if everyone is commited. Im a 970 Prot Paladin. Need DPS classes. PM me at WarZone#1501 and we'll set a date and time and get this done !!!Serìously2 5d
5d Artifact Appearances Is there a list online that shows the mythic 15+ keystone artifact appearances and the mage tower ones as well? I'm trying to get as much stuff done as possible that will be removed in BFA. And what is the minimum iLvl for doing a mythic 15+ keystoneWaffle3 5d
5d Loremaster Calculator Web App Hi All, I made a web app using the Blizzard APIs that calculates your overall progress towards the loremaster achievement. What it does it look at the achievement & quest completion history of your characters and tell you which one has completed the most quests in each zone. This is my first time making a website so let me know what you think! https://wowloremaster.comGunric0 5d
6d The Old Keymaster Achievement I had forgotten about this long lost achievement for years. I had it back when it was current for WotLK. I always wondered why it was deleted instead of being made into a FoS for those of us who had every key possible back in the day. Heck, I even remember when they added the key ring slot on the bag bar so that keys no longer took up bag space. Good times. Who else here was a keymaster? I'll just take your word for it since there is no way to prove it any longer unless you have a screen shot from nearly a decade ago, lol. Maybe one day Blizzard will restore this as a FoS if they still have records of who had unlocked (pun intended) the original achievement.Héarthas6 6d
6d Jungle Treasure Master I'm currently at 50/51 from completing the achievement and I'm wondering if there is a script or add-on that would let me know which one I still need. Thanks.Aureil1 6d
6d Mad Merchant Spawning I seem to be continuously missing the mad merchant. Is there any information or recommendations on how to find him up or when he spawns? Does realm hoping for him work?Salacin5 6d
6d Capping Spree Achiev Bounty *claimed* Offering a 1 WoW token bounty to the veng DH who helps my hunter get [Capping Spree] from Deepwind Gorge. I'm online most evenings/nights, and would be able to hop on whenever your schedule allows us to get some attempts in. Bounty (and my many thanks) will be awarded when we complete the achievement. Add my battle tag Tsurugi#1823 if you wanna give it a shot!Speedwagoñ1 6d
May 19 Fight, Kill, Salute! This quest can't be done by a 110 character which seems to me is a massive oversight how am i supposed to get the quest done and get the achievement if it is literally impossible to queue for passed 101? please fix this so high levels can queue for it. sure i could probably do this on a level 100 but that seems like a pretty stupid work around considering i like to get my all my Achievements on one toon. i get that herald of the titans works this way but that's a feat so it's kind of different.Evani4 May 19
May 18 Mount achievemnt So, my mount tab shows me a little over 200 mounts while my achievement shows just over 150. Anyone one happen to know why there is a 50 mount disparity between them? Do faction specific mounts not count?Stroganof11 May 18
May 18 100 3v3 Wins x 4 chars for saddles I'm looking for a few dedicated players for this. I've been told and read that you can earn a vicious saddle on as many characters as you want per season as long as they each fill the criteria. End of the expansion and I have nothing much left to do. May as well get these mounts. The last 3 saddles I've farmed ( the season achievement for 100 wins), I usually knock out in two days real time. If anyone has interest and can play their characters well, you can reply here or Recon#1383. I can work around most schedules as I make my own hours. No stress. No raging. Just grind until it's done and hopefully have a few drinks while we do it.Reconbravo2 May 18
May 18 Paragon Mount Farming Strategy I have twelve characters that all have maxed out order halls and I'm planning to keep them all going at full capacity until the end of the expac. In order to keep up on order resources, I've been doing Argus elite world quests for 1k OR whenever they are up. This has been working well. However, I still have 6 mounts from paragon chests to farm and I'm wondering if I can kill two birds with one stone here. Is there anyone who is sustaining an order hall army this large while also farming paragon chests? I've tried mixing in some emissaries but they are somewhat time consuming compared to Argus elites and are hit and miss on how much OR they yield. Is there a good strategy that involves emissaries? I'm hesitant to use order hall missions to farm rep because of the OR cost and potential to miss out on gold missions. Is there a good strategy that involves order hall rep token missions? Are there any cheese strategies involving new characters using the Argus rep boost items under level cap? I leveled all my alts through invasions. Is it worth it to go back and do the storyline quests for the rep?Jonaingo13 May 18
May 17 Arena titles So arena mate is showing current rating needed for titles, will this be changing and when is cutoff is my question? Not a big arena guy but kind of felt screwed out of achievements when I played arenas in season 6. So just wanted a heads up this time around, I quit almost month before season ended after inching into a sufficient rating but it changed like 5+ rating and lost it #feels. LolMcfaceroller2 May 17
May 17 Poor Unfortuante Souls (Lagan pet) Group Crazed pet collector here trying to that annoying Lagan pet from above achievement. If anyone else would like to go for this, please let me know and we can try to get a group going in game. Or taking advice on where would be a good place to form a group because my server/LFG haven't given me satisfying results since I've began this achievement a couple months agoSayu3 May 17
May 17 That tower. I'm sure everyone is super eager for their Magnificent Contribution achievement, but is there any chance of an extended period of the tower being left up until the appearances are removed?Canadanother0 May 17
May 16 Help with Rezira for Commander of Argus? Does anyone have the portal item (from farming intact demon eyes) used to get to Rezira the Seer and would be willing to let me use it? Rezira is one of the last few kills I need.Coruwen4 May 16
May 16 Paying for "Stay Classy" Achievement help Hello all! I'm trying to open up the 8th bank slot for my guild and am looking to the community for assistance. I posted this on my realm forum but posting here in hopes of reaching a broader audience who may not browse the realm forums. Once you join and your race/class combo is checked off for the achievement, I will pay you 1,000g and you are free to leave and rejoin your old guild, or stay if you wish (we are actively recruiting). We are need of the following: Orc: Death Knight, Hunter, Mage, Monk, Rogue, Warlock Pandaren: Hunter, Mage, Rogue, Shaman, Warrior Tauren: Monk, Priest, Shaman Troll: Hunter, Mage, Monk, Priest, Rogue, Warlock, Warrior Undead: Death Knight, Mage, Monk, Priest, Warlock, Warrior Please contact me here, in game mail or with my Battletag Hylian#1271 ThanksEltorodeoro1 May 16
May 16 Who still needs aotc for argus? Free help with AOTC anyone is welcome 3 carrys per run..go to add me rsmudvayne#1595 also just join discord and wait till i get in from work ... I am off work on fridays and saturdays... I work 2pm to 11pm mountain time it is 4pm when i posted this and ill be home at 11pm mountain time Promise I'll get you it i help throughs who need it and its all free because i understand the struggle...Rsmudvayne1 May 16
May 15 Salute to Starcraft I went digging into my feats of strength just now because one did not pop up when I thought it was supposed to. (the one for getting Sul'thraze the Lasher). I see one darkened out on the "promotions" tab called "Salute to Starcraft" where I'm supposed to /salute one of the Starcraft pets during the 20th anniversary week. This was never mentioned anywhere in the game to do this. I have Grunty I've had him for years, I could have easily just pulled it out and did the /salute but how on Earth was I supposed to know to do this? There was nothing. So then, being peeved, I looked up what happened to the FoS for getting Sul'thraze the Lasher, which is what started this FoS search in the first place. Turns out I can't get the credit for it now because I only just created the sword today? Literally I had the two swords in my bag since Warlords of Draenor. I just never put them together. You can check my loot log. Why did I wait so long, you ask? Well, I assumed the swords were being taken out of the game, which is what would cause it to be a FoS in the first place. I thought it would be unique to have swords that were taken out. So they weren't taken out of the game. so I thought "oh ok cool so I can just get the feat and go farm the swords again". I put the swords together and BAM! nothing happened. NOPE! Whoever is reading this, let me tell you I'm feeling tricked. Cheated. I had what I needed when I needed it, but because of a technicality that was never made aware to me I missed out permanently. Does it matter that they are just pointless legacy FoS achievements? well in the grand scheme of the cosmic universe, no. But you can tell I'm an achievement !@#$%. Look at my achievement score by my pic. I have a sickness and the only cure is notching that number higher. Please, Blizzard, right this wrong. I feel sick about this.Madamoiselle8 May 15
May 14 Crest of the Lightborn 1000 Kills Hi, all. My main is a priest and I just now got the Crest of the Lightborn after several days of very hardcore grinding. However, my plan was to get the blue tint that comes from getting 1000 honorable kills. I've researched this thoroughly but nothing that has been stated in the past has worked for me. BGs are basically worth nothing, Ashran took forever only to get a couple of kills, the watchtowers are bugged, killing mobs did not work, do not have a guild to run raids with and it's likely that that is patched anyway. So, what would be the best road to go? I am not on a PvP server, so I can't test out the "farm someone's alt for an hour" theory.Kiralynaei3 May 14