Jul 7 #AchieveMoreWithNeall As most of you know, I'm Neall, your friendly warrior tank from Medivh and I help people earn Achievements! I am truly humbled today to be selected by Blizzard as a WoW MVP - which I see as both confirmation and acknowledgement of how helpful I (and the other 14 super awesome MVP's) have been to the WoW community and at the same time a charge to me to continue to help people #AchieveMoreWithNeall. My appointment comes with no NEW super powers, if you don't count green text in the Warcraft Forums and the ability to call myself a WoW MVP. I'm really not that different from anyone else, I put my armor on one leg at a time. It's just, when I put my armor on, 29 other people usually earn an achievement. #ThatsLewd #AlsoFunny #AlsoTrue. If you're looking for some metrics at the time of this posting, I've led over 1,500 OpenRaid events and received over 17,000 - 5 star reviews there. (250,000 Achievement Assists is a conservative estimate.) I helped several groups of 30 people earn Stamp Stamp Revolution at current content, when you actually had to dodge several rounds of stampers (we called them Stamp Stamp Revolution Parties (I - I don't see how that's a party)). And, at the time of this post, have helped 49 groups achieve Show Me Your Moves - the most difficult raiding achievement in WoW (excluding current Mythic Progression). #50 Soon (TM). Seriously, as always, you can find me leading achievement hunters to Glories, Mounts, Titles and other Rewards at OpenRaid, where I'm also an MVP, the Achievements Discord, where I'm a Host, my guild - Shattered Fates on Medivh, where I'm the Social Officer, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, the WoW Forums and in other far flung corners of the internet. Some people join in for the Achievements, some for the sweet loot rules, some for the bad jokes and others for the singing. Most people just want to hear "the speech", but everyone keeps coming back for the two easy rules that guide most of what I do: #NoDrama #HaveFun . You and I, we're Achievement Forums Family! If there's something I can help you with, reach out to me whether here on these forums or some other way - most of them listed below. I may not be able to join you in game to earn an achievement, but I can give you advice, point you in the right direction, and cheer you on! As I said, my new title really comes with the charge of make all World of Warcraft Communities better - help everyone in WoW #AchieveMoreWithNeall Neall on Medivh World of Warcraft MVP Neall on Medivh Discord MVP Achievements Discord Host Social Officer of Shattered Fates-Medivh @TheNealls Fb: Neall On Medivh Jul 7
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3h Some quality of life improvement suggestions As the title says, these are some ideas that I think the game DESPERATELY needs for quality of life improvements, and which cost blizzard almost nothing, and leave no one really feeling like something was taken or given to them for no cost. 1. For the love of God, plz make it so if any char has a faction at exalted, ( and other chars can see that faction, so not like orgrimmar for humans, etc), that it counts towards reputation achievs like 80 or 100. We already earned the reputation at some point, but if you EVER changed mains, things got weird fast. I was a lock from tbc-wod and got up to 71 reps at exalted. In legion, i went mage, and he has 22. On the reputation achiev tracker, it's char based, so my lock has to farm legion reps cause the other way around is just insanity, and will have to farm bfa reps after my mage does them too for that one. 2. For achievs like in bgs, where you cannot do so in one run, like 100 wins, or capping 50 flags, and so on, plz consider account wide for that as well, as you actually did do those things, just not on that character, and having like 50 wins in a bg and changing ur pvp char to a new one resets this effectively. Faction based would be fine on this, and maybe even on the last thing i discussed.Magictoaster3 3h
4h Best way to complete the insane? Hey guys, during pre patch I plan to complete the insane. I had a couple questions about the most efficient route to do it. 1.In what order should I complete the rep? 2.Anyone who has done it, ETA per rep? Or in total? 3.What are some good podcasts/things to watch while I grind?Bleys4 4h
5h "To the Rescue!" (AB) and Battlemaster For a while now this has been the only achievement left for me to obtain Battlemaster. It requires you to defend FIFTY bases in Arathi Basin on a single character. I've talked to a number of other people that have To the Rescue! as their only remaining achievement standing in the way of Battlemaster as well. There is a Battle for Gilneas achievement that is essentially the same, but it only requires you to defend TEN bases, not FIFTY. Now I think multiple people can hopefully chime in here on why this is bad design, if it's not obvious, but I'm just going to jump straight into some solutions to make this more reasonable. 1. Make it account wide. Allow the defends to be added up across all chars on your account, instead of just one. I know I'd at LEAST have 50 across all my characters, but more than likely I probably have a couple hundred across everyone. It's a pretty hard disadvantage for people with a lot of alts, like myself. I honestly wish a lot more achievements were account wide, but this would be the best start. 2. Reduce the number required. Like I said in Gilneas, it is 10, which I find perfectly reasonable. Not there is still a "cap 50 bases" achievement in Gilneas which is the same number as AB caps. It's like when Blizz released Gilneas they acknowledged that caps are much easier to get than defends, and so they adjusted the achievements accordingly. Unfortunately, they didn't go back and change AB as well. It would make sense to lower AB to 10 to match Gilneas, but even 20 or 25 would at least be a good start I think and help out a lot of people (I think I have close to 20 on my highest character). 3. Allow it to work in the AB Blizzard brawl. Not only are defends slightly easier to get there due to the reduced visibility, but more importantly you can solo queue for the brawl and still get the bonus honor. You can solo queue for normal AB, but you don't get any of the bonus honor/rewards doing that, which are pretty substantial bonuses at max level. With as many BGs as there are in the game now, you're only going to get into normal AB randomly doing the bonus BGs every 10 games or so. I can't remember the exact number of 10 and 15 man bgs in the game off the top of my head, but obviously if there are X number of BGs now, it's only a 1/X chance, which makes it significantly slower if you want the bonus honor. 4. Simply remove it from the Master of AB achievement. This would allow them to keep it in the game exactly the same as it always has been, but would allow people like me to get Master of AB (and subsequently Battlemaster) much easier than it is now. And I don't think that by any means trivializes Battlemaster... you still need to do a TON of pvp over years and years to get Battlemaster, and this would just allow people that have done EVERYTHING else to not resort to cheap gimmicks or endless non-bonus-honor AB grinds to get that "one last stupid achievement." Ok so there are 4 really solid options right there, and when I've thought about this before I'm pretty sure I had one or two more solutions on top of these 4. 4 is a great start though and I feel like these are all perfectly viable options to make. Let me know what you guys think - and to the other people that only need this achievement to obtain Battlemaster too... sound off! Nobody should feel "forced" to play the game in a dumb way in order to obtain a necessary achievement for a really cool title. I didn't outline those dumb tactics here, but they're pretty easy to think of and I'm sure someone else can explain it here if someone doesn't understand. Otherwise, I can explain why that's dumb a little later. :)Extreme16 5h
6h TCG Loot Buy/Sell/Trade Thread #37 Continuation from: ...Çx499 6h
6h Master of Panderan Cooking broken in 8.0? Original post from Professions forums ( "So I have been trying to obtain the Master of Pandaren Cooking achievement before the 8.0 patch went live. After the new patch, I noticed that requirements for obtaining the achievement has gone up significantly than before. For example, for each of the ways of cooking (grill, wok, pot, steamer, oven, and brew) the last push for maxing out the cooking ways has gone way up. Now there is no incentive to go towards any of the Grand Banquet meals when compared to the regular Banquet meals, since there is no longer a boost. Boost meaning pre-8.0 was that there was a +5 to cooking for regular Banquet and +8 to cooking for Grand Banquet. Currently there is no boost and the requirements for maxing out each way is ridiculous and no way worth progressing since you will only gain +1 cooking for both Banquet meals. If anyone from Blizz is looking at this, please advise or comment as to if this is correct or that this is a bug that may be noted and can be corrected."Legolith0 6h
8h PestControl, UnderbellyRat issue PLEASE HELP So i decided to spend some time really thrilling myself and exploring Azeroth giving all the cute critters some love and the not so cute, well, you know. Anyway, i have spent about 2 hours now running around Dalaran underbelly looking for the friggen Underbelly Rat AND I CAN NOT FIND AND KILL THIS PESKY SON OF A. I am using a targeting macro and everything and i just cant find one. Please someone tell me i am overlooking a particular spot or doing something incorrectly so i can get this achiev and be done with it. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!Timmehboy1 8h
9h Mount Achievement counting With the new mount achievements added, can the way mounts are counted finally be fixed? For example, every time i buy or earn a mount i am required to then log on this alt to get it to count. Seems silly when it says progress on any character counts towards this achievement. I know it has been this way a long time, and its just a minor annoyance, but annoying none the less.Ultima1 9h
9h 100 Rep Achievement Questions! Hey there! Excited about the new reputation achievement coming out, but I'm unsure about a few things. I got the Beloved around the time it came out so I think I will be good, just want to make sure! Question 1: Relationships (Tillers, Fisherfriends, etc) do count towards exalted right? I've read both answers that they do and they don't. Question 2: I remember a website that tracks your reputations and lets you know how many you have at exalted but I can't for the life of me remember the name of it. Anyone know what I am talking about or have a similar website they know of? Thanks in advance!Vyah10 9h
10h Get that achievement XVI Just a continue from topic. Last one to post was Frytanya so as a reminder you need to [Remember to Share]you only got four more to go! (: I'll take a couple achieves to tackle. (: For those interested in earning achievements with other here are some great discord link: Achievements , WoW General Secret Finding , Achievement hunters , WoWhead: World of Warcraft and Neall's Discord Server . All of these are among my favorite for getting and/or giving help with achievements, pets, mounts or toys.Winfree451 10h
11h Webbing Crashers buggy? Hello, The guild and I tried this achievement last night twice, normal and heroic. We popped all 7 eggs on both tries yet did not get the achievement. Does anyone know, or have they experienced, any issues with this achievement?Ventryn2 11h
15h Last of us (lady/lord of war) run, horde, 110 LFM Last of us ach (kill fight salute) rewards the FOS, title lady or lord of war and a toy. Must be level 110 (2 characters) Lvl 3 garrison lvl 3 glad sanctum 1500 broken bones ( we will do a farm run before) on one char, 100 bones on other Event is Saturday July 21st @ 8PM EST Add me on btag: Gek#1278Spookyboigek10 15h
16h SotA and Battlemaster Is it still possible to get Battlemaster after they removed SotA?Novis1 16h
17h Apperance achievements not popping I bought a few items to complete sets for the collection achievements, but none of them are crediting with complete. The appearance tab has all the items lit up as unlocked and the progress bar / set name is lit up. Do I just have to wait for the 2 hour refund period to pass to get the credit? That is the only thing I could think of for them not popping so as to prevent people from buying items, getting achievement and refuding to get another one.Frozt2 17h
19h Capping Spree- LF Help Hello, All my life I have wanted only to be Gorgeous. Unfortunately this involves getting four captures in a row on a map that, while fun, is a pretty hellish landscape for something like that. Please help me fulfill my dream of being Gorgeous- I need people to help run and protect the flag quickly. I can also pay though not an exceedingly high amount. I'm on Frostmourne so Australians would be preferred but I can binge the ping if my saviors are foreign. Yours sincerely, Not yet Gorgeous hunter.Minloopen0 19h
19h Mount Collector Support Group v25 Last one capped 19h
21h Rezira the Seer Looking for someone that has the resonator and is able to open a portal for me. Just add my battletag and invite me. It is Slate#11972. Thanks in advanceZeke1 21h
1d Only the Penitent (for Fire Hawk mount) - LFG Hey, looking for 5 people to do the Only the Penitent achievement, which is needed to get the Corrupted Fire Hawk mount (purple one). All the other achievements can be solo'ed. If you're interested, we can set up a group. I'm free after 6pm MT. Post here or add me (Goose#13259). Let's get that purple bird!Lëon3 1d
1d Outland Loremaster- Shattrath Factions? Hi! I just have a quick question regarding questing in Outland. I'm going for Loremaster. I currently have the Hellfire segment done, but I'm just curious before I go on- do you have to pick a faction between Scryers and Aldor to gain access to quests necessary for Loremaster? I'd rather remain neutral, but I'm worried that not joining either will cut me off from essential questlines. I've been trying to do some googling about it but most of the topics I've found are ancient and unhelpful.Ariadne4 1d
1d Centaur Reps back? I read that people are able to get exalted with the Centaur reps (Gelkis and Magram). On WoWhead, someone reportedly received 40K rep upon turning in the last quest of their quest chain. Anyone know if this is intended? I'm going to be sad if so, because I've already done the quest chain and won't be able to get these exalted :(Romere45 1d
1d [Insane in the Membrane] Progress? What i mean from the title is, if I get exalted with Ravenholdt on my human rogue, but have the other reps acquired on my mage. Does the rep from both characters share progress towards the achieve, or do I need the reps all on one Character to get the achievement? (I'm aware the Title is account-wide. That is not what i'm asking)Azela2 1d
1d 97 Reputations Exalted The blight that was the Gelkis Clan Centaur and Magram Clan Centaur on my character page has now been filled out (thanks to the Karnum Marshweaver hotfix). For a while now I have been switching back and forth between The Insane title and the Justicar title, and as soon as I get three reps to exalted in BfA I will have a title that encompasses both in the Esteemed title. Best of luck to all you other reputation enthusiasts.Amadis0 1d
1d Can you achieve all achievements? Or are there some that were part of events?Galadrieal3 1d
1d Honor level 500. Best way to grind? So yeah....title pretty much says it. Obviously I'm not going to get it by the end of Legion but my goal for now is to get from 125 -->150 by the end of the expansion. I've been doing all the available PVP WQs starting from my most geared toons down my character list. I can't think of a better way to farm honor ATM, if anyone has any ideas please share, this grind is out of control.Teradan2 1d
1d Gettin Hot In Here I was wanting to check on this to see if it can be solo'd now, but I can't get Subetai to cast Pillage. Is there a way to get him to cast Pillage as a solo raid?Héarthas5 1d
1d Mounts to be removed from the game Which legion mounts will be removed by next expansion? like the Grove Warden in WoD.Fpsrussian15 1d
1d The Chosen Was in a chosen raid last night. Did not die at all. Did not leave instance. Somehow I lost buff. I guess being #2 on dps and not dying does not make me "the chosen" lol Stream of my 0 death clear of mythic tov 2:15:58 THRU 2:45:16 = NO DEATHS = DID NOT LEAVE INSTANCE = NO ACHIEVEMENT = ???? I opened 7 tickets so far between yesterday and today. All nasty and ugly responses. Seems like the way they word the responses makes me want to quit the game. They say words like "its your fault" and "you should have known, it was on wowhead" SMHBoro12 1d
1d Legion flying question. This most likely has been answered, so sorry about that. I want to know about the achievement for flying in legion. I started playing on my Druid when legion came out and almost completed the legion lore master. If I end up completing that on my Druid, but everything else on my priest, will it still count?Somebeachh1 1d
1d What determines this mount count? Just really confused. My achievement says I have 331, although usable by just my shaman (so less due to no lvl 20/40 class mounts) all I can count in my mount interface in-game is 301? And then Blizzard's listed mounts on are showing me 411 which I know has to be counting some things like both horde and alliance and all class mounts possibly? My question is, does anyone actually know where the achievement (the value I'm specifically curious about would be the 331 one mentioned above) mount count itself comes from? What is counted and what is not? Lots of confusion Any help is appreciatedBorgini4 1d
1d Farming TLPD with Warmode on/off So with Warmode comes the ability to be phased away from other players simply by having warmor on or off. I have a few questions, and would really like to see a GM give some information if possible. Things we know - When you have warmode on, you cannot see players with warmode off - When you have warmode on, you cannot see mobs / npcs that players with warmode off are fighting and/or interacting with (there seems to be 2 separate instances of the environment going on that are exclusive to which mode you are participating in) Question - Will Vyragosa and TLPD share timers with both warmodes, or will they have two separate timers for each phasing? I ask this question and bring up this topic because I would hate to miss a TLPD spawn at my location just because I'm on the wrong side of the phasing. I would hate to not get the kill because the timers are shared on both sides of the phasing.Fartbot0 1d
1d The Prestige Achievement "Expansion Features" -> "Legion Class Hall" -> "The Prestige" still requires "Prestige level 1, rank 50". What exactly does this mean in the 8.0.1 honor system? Is prestige still a thing?Saravis1 1d
1d Most completed achievements I've ever seen 1d
2d Who's Afraid of the Dark? I have been trying to get this achieve before 8.0 as well as after but i still cant get credit to trigger. The achieve is fairly vague on when i cannot have the moon. It is only during the Creeping Doom correct? I have made sure the moon was on the ground before 40% as well as never picking it back up after the creeping doom is completed but still no achievement. Any suggestions?Mcpoopinburg1 2d
2d Random act of Kindness Community! RAOK = Random acts of Kindness (How to join): Press J, go to +, type "YeZZZA5HBqz" Exactly. Are you looking for a Community that isn't plagued by toxicity, elitism, and trolls? Have you been searching for a place that you can play with fellow players that enjoy helping others, being social, interactive, and influencing a positive vibe? Are you in search of a community that has developed rules or guidelines in order to prevent: anarchy, disarray, and complete disorder? There isn't another community that promotes the same values that we do, as there are three fundamental values that properly represent us, and exhilarate our cause to the highest decree. This is not an exaggeration, as our actions alone exemplify what we represent, and therefore wish to pass on to the rest of the community. The POWER OF THE RAOK! The First Value: Unity Ever hear the term, "United we stand, divided we fall?" or "A house divided against itself cannot stand?" We have come to a consensus to acknowledge that the community has become: harmful, selfish, and impolite. Will that ever deter us from doing the opposite? Absolutely NOT! We will always stand with the opposition to fight for the oppressed, and against the indoctrination of the 'elitist mentality' that attempts to bully the weak, and recruit players into a similar ethos. We aim to be the change within the community, and replace the expanding saturation of toxicity, plagued without a sense of empathy, and or compassion. The only way we can hope to do so, is by standing UNITED! The Second Value: Will always be Charity, the importance of Charity or 'Random acts of Kindness,' has been undermined by the toxicity adopted by members of the community, and exaggerated by newer members that surround themselves with elitist players. Ever hear the term, "You become like the people you surround yourself with?" That's what I mean. We would rather demonstrate, embody, and personify values of positivity, than that of elitism. Nothing has or will ever deter us from committing to helping people, promoting true altruism, and being nice to players. The Third Value: is for HONOR! Honor is to Integrity, "People of Integrity do not hide their reactions or opinions. They do not manipulate others through deception, and do not pretend." This community will stand adamant in its resolve to promote the ABSOLUTE TRUTH. When we give our word for something, or to an individual, it is in our intentions to honor it. A community that doesn't honor their words, is a community that is driven by lies, empty promises, and false oaths, which is built on the foundation of uselessness. We must ask ourselves, "What is the point of being part of a community that lies, cheats, and uses deception?" It only hinders us from being at our best, by sharing our true personifications of our personality, and who we were meant to be. We must live by example, and epitomize: confidence, trustworthiness, self-respect, and veracity. To begin the process in which we promote these values, we must first start with HONOR.Kornbredkhan0 2d
2d For the Horde/Alliance Can someone explain how to get these achievements, and if they're still possible? It seems every time I try to form a raid group to attack a major city, nobody seems to want to join. With Teldrassil no longer required, I really want to pursue this achievement. Are there resources that make finding a group easier than just trade chat/ group finder?Ellípses1 2d
2d 400 mount Achievement Hi Not sure if this has been posted before, but, I think the 400 mount achievement should have a more unique reward considering the difficulty and time spend, not just a recolor of an existing mount. Hope they will reconsider on this and a more fitting reward can be given as replacement in the future.Nirdvandva6 2d
2d Alterac Blitz is Do-able Again If, like me, you have been chasing this achieve for the last few years it is now once again easily obtainable because the boss scaling is off by a considerable margin. Get it now while you can, because it will most likely be hot fixed soon.Héarthas1 2d
2d lost achvievements points unsure if any one else has had this issue but i logged off the other day with like 19,700 achievements points logged in today same toon as well with 19,200 i have lost like 500 points give or takeAircy6 2d
3d Allied Race Leveling Leveling allied races now give achiv points so... What is the fastest easiest class/spec to level? I'll be mostly questing because I don't like dungeon leveling.Ralivia2 3d
3d Mount total question It is my understanding that profession mounts still count for the mounts (in the statistics pane) for all characters. 110 class mounts work the same way. If I am incorrect about this, feel free to correct me before moving forward. My mount totals on my characters aren't making sense to me. If anyone can give any tips on what to check for, that would be much appreciated. I do not have any gladiator mounts. Are there any other mounts that are not account wide (and do not count towards everyone's total, apart from the couple pre-110 class specific mounts)? This is my Paladin. From what I have heard, Paladins should be 3 mounts ahead of most classes (1 above Warlocks and DKs) due to their 3 (pre-110) class mounts (Warhorse, Charger, Argent Charger in my case). The statistics pane shows him with 354 mounts. He has both Engineering and both Leatherworking mounts BoP mounts. My Shaman is showing 352 mounts. He is Enchanting and Jewelcrafting (ie. no profession-specific mounts: My Warlock is also showing 352. He is Enchanting and Tailoring, and has made the 4 carpets: I have a Demon Hunter who is at 353. He is Skinning and Enchanting: Druid at 352 (Alchemy and Herbalism): Priest at 351 (Enchanting and Mining): Rogue at 352 (Tailoring and Enchanting): 3d
3d Seeking a group for Glory of the Legion Hero Hello, I'm currently seeking a group for the Glory of the Legion Hero meta for the mount reward. Anyone interested should add me by my Battletag which is Xanlorash#1665 All the help I receive is much appreciated. Xanlorash [The Insane]Xanlorash6 3d
3d "Last of us" Lady / Lord of war (110 now) Looking for more to complete the last of us achievement, rewarding the lady / lord of war title, FOS, and a horde flag toy. Requirements: Two Level 110s Lvl 3 garrison Lvl 3 gladiator sanctum 1500 Broken bones on one character 100 Broken bones on another Bone Farming: Thursday 7/19/18 @ 8:00 PM EST Last of us achievement: Saturday 7/28/18 8:00 PM EST if interested add me on btag, Gek#1278Spookyboigek0 3d
3d Fight, Kill, Salute - Can Now Queue at 110 I went to the Ogre, and he let me queue up at 110. It didn't pop though due to lack of players, but at least it's fixed now.Héarthas1 3d
4d 350 mount achievement Hi I got the 350 mount achievement today with the patch but not the reward. Is it a bug? are we getting it later? Also, went from prestige 6 to 30, but got none of the rewards. Where they removed? added to a later rank? Thanks in advanceNirdvandva7 4d
4d Only the Penitent... Hey guys, Looking for more people who are interested in completing this for "Glory of the FIrelands Raider" Comment here or add me Lilylace#1763Lilanne1 4d
4d Lower the (Insert BG) Veteran Achievement Req 100 wins is a long grind. Does anyone else agree? I mean, 50 wins is a fair amount and this is coming from someone who has done Battlemaster (2x) and Khan so trust me, I know exactly how much work to put in at this current time... Please fix this so others have a chance of earning it without beating their head against a wall trying to.Snakk7 4d
4d Fire-Watcher and Ashhide Mushan Beast Bloody Coins The boost takes about 10-45 minutes, depending on your class and the amount of coins you’re purchasing. This boost is for any US/OCE Realms only. You'll need to bring "Fire-Watcher's Oath" from the NPC "Speaker Gulan" on Timeless Isle. It costs 100 Timeless Coins. No Timeless Coins? Kill 5-6 mob's on Timeless Isle and there you go. Speaker Gulan: Rewards for Bloody Coins 10 Bloody Coins: Candlekeeper achievement 100 Bloody Coins: Oathguard achievement + Vengeful Porcupette Pet 500 Bloody Coins: Blazebinder achievement + Reins of the Ashhide Mushan Beast 1.000 Bloody Coins: Kilnmaster achievement 2.000 Bloody Coins: Fire-Watcher achievement + title: Fire-Watcher <name>. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Prices 500 Bloody Coins - 100,000g - 15 minutes 600 Bloody Coins - 125,000g - 20 minutes 2000 Bloody Coins - 200,000g - 45 minutes Add me on Joe#17582Zallie5 4d
4d Why did I lose guild achievement points? Yesterday, before the pre-patch, I was number 2 in my guild achievement point list, ahead of the next guild member by a little under 100 points. Today I am number 4, having dropped more than 600 points behind that guild member. Any idea why this happened?Persimmon3 4d
4d 350 mount achievement Hi I got the 350 mount achievement with patch, but not the reward? is it a big? are they giving it later? On the same note, was on level 6 prestige and reached level 30, but none of the rewards. Where they removed? again, a bug? Thanks in advanceNirdvandva1 4d