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8h Sentiax Bosses - Paying Lots of Gold! Hello Everyone, I am becoming annoyed with this achievement, and I thought I would throw a lot of gold at the problem and hope it disappears. I am looking for the bosses Skuloth and Force Commander Xillioth. If you have or know someone who has the purple crystal that summons these bosses (found on Broken Shore while Sentiax Badge Farming) than please send me a whisper and I will make more than worth your while for kill. Help Me to Help You. Let's Make World of Warcraft Great Again! Selinace#1683Wildroot0 8h
8h Challenge conqueror: Gold I need to know if this achievement can still be obtained, in order to unlock a very nice set of paladin. From already thank you very much!Kleeh2 8h
8h Resiliant Victory - Sale Thread Hello Everyone, I have had many people asking about this achievement as of late, I am looking to get all names in one place as I might cave and agree to do 1 - 2 Achievements for those who have been asking. Please note that I am selling spots into the run, as other spaces will be filled with Top Tier players who are also asking to be paid. I have successfully sold the run about 20-Times now and have excellent strategies as well as team mates who help with the sale. It is self-play and expectation is all people coming contribute as even with Arena Masters it is not a pleasant achieve to earn in the best of times due to the modern day cap-times on the Arathi Flags. Discord will be mandatory. Payment is in GOLD and can be from any realm. If you are interested please add me to discuss, Selinace#1683Wildroot0 8h
17h Broken Isles Diplomat Achivement Hello Could you please explain to me and give me a valid reason why your team at Blizzard had to put an achievement you HAVE to earn in order to fly in the Broken Isles. You have to get revered with like 7 different factions. SEVEN. Seriously. And there are no quests to do in the zones those factions are located so, the only way to get rep is by doing WQ which only give you like 82 rep per quest. So you could either (asking for a little bit here) grant me the achievement, or just give me some helpful tips to reaching that revered mark. Thank you.Vendic8 17h
20h The Chosen - TODAY We will be doing a The Chosen run on M ToV today at 15PM PST TIME. If you wanna join us, feel free to add me at : LucasLopes#1734. 950+ ilvl; Knowledge of the fights; Patience.Lanädelrey0 20h
1d The Last of Us | Lord of War | Lady of War "Lord of War" is by far my favorite title in WoW. I grabbed it for my DK and my Priest before the end of WoD and it will most likely rest atop their heads for as long as I play. There was a ton of talk about it becoming account wide including some low tier guides confirming that it would be, however that turned out not to be the case and has since been confirmed that it won't be account wide. I want this awesome title on my DH too, but I need help to do it. The prerequisites are as follows: * Be level 100 (Not over level 100, exactly level 100) * Have WoD * Have a level 3 Garrison * Have a level 3 Gladiator's Sanctum * Complete Warlord of Draenor Gladiator's Sanctum Level 1 quest. Note: this quest requires you to get 20 Broken Bones from players you kill in PvP. Ashran and world PvP ONLY. It seems now you cannot queue for Ashran as a level 100 and players to kill are sparse in Draenor at lvl 100. I am personally stuck on this quest and would love if any of you Allied scum folk would let me fight you a few times... * Completing The Last of Us Feat of Strength Note: This requires at least 15 people to queue for the FFA arena out front of Highmaul. Only the winner gets the title. I hate win trading in principle but frankly it's not my fault this title isn't account wide. I have no idea whether or not the arena is based on battle-group or if battle-groups even exist anymore but I'm sure one of you do... TLDR: If you want in on this awesome title, PM me your Btag, work towards the pre-reqs, and we can decide on a weekend or weekends to get everyone these titles. My lvl 100 is Horde side on Tichondrius and I will happily let someone execute my poor DH to complete their pre-reqs. I'm in this Discord almost every night (9-12EST ish), we can use that to coordinate. My discord handle is: Septima (Pondus)#4073 My Battle Tag is: Septima#11154 Thanks everyone! Hopefully I'm not the only one that wants this title for an alt :DVeridic0 1d
1d NERF Master and Commander? Hello everyone, I am starting this post to hopefully get a long awaited answer from blizzard by many of us achievement hunters. Please post ANY comments and concerns in this thread and hopefully we can make it big enough to get blizzards attention. Thank you! Question: Can we get an increase to ... boss items drop rate? Achievement: Draenor Garrison > Invasions > ... Problem: Insanely low chance, there are numerous discord groups that work together to share as many boss items as possible and even there we only see a boss item like maybe once every month or two. I have been trying to get this achievement for years and only have gotten 1 boss kill with 100s of invasions completed. I am sure there are others with 1000s. Thank you for reading this far and I hope to gain your support!Killaks8 1d
1d buying achiev? how can I find a group to sell me stardust crusaders achievement for the glory of the argus raider? been trying but I can't really find anyone who is selling the achievementAllfarms1 1d
1d Have... Have We Met? (Thassarian) Hi, Looking for an Alliance player who has the Mt Hyjal/Molten Front dailies unlocked lookin for a alliance player with Thassarian NPC Devtrekt#1768Devtrekt1 1d
2d Get that achievement XVI Just a continue from topic. Last one to post was Frytanya so as a reminder you need to [Remember to Share]you only got four more to go! (: I'll take a couple achieves to tackle. (: For those interested in earning achievements with other here are some great discord link: Achievements , WoW General Secret Finding , Achievement hunters , WoWhead: World of Warcraft and Neall's Discord Server . All of these are among my favorite for getting and/or giving help with achievements, pets, mounts or toys.Winfree332 2d
2d Now you're thinking with portals bug? I have completed every story line in Suramar including the one for unlocking the last portal I need, but it is not there and nor do I have the achievment. I spoke to a GM and they said to make an in game bug ticket because they see I have done everything needed and still do not have it. He mentioned they removed the portal requirement because of the story line or something (it's been a week or so since i read the response). I made another bug ticket in game but I have not heard back. Am I alone on this? Is there a fix for it?Zåx1 2d
2d Drov the Ruiner? What A Strange, Interdimensional Trip It's Been This achievement is driving me crazy! I have to have pepe and kill a bunch of mobs. The only one I have left is Drov the Ruiner. This guy never is up.... Some comments online suggest he shares a spawn with Tarlna and that it may be a daily thing for which is up. But since checking I am thinking it may be weekly? And I just have bad luck lol Does anyone know?Kitten3 2d
2d Invincible attempt #... Ok, but why? :(Burai2 2d
3d TCG Loot Buy/Sell/Trade Thread #37 Continuation from: ...Çx447 3d
3d Mount Collector Support Group v 24 last one capped at 24 3d
4d Ashran Bounty Hunter too impossible! This is an achievements that were possible to do during Warlord of Draenor but isn't quite so in Legion unless you get EXTREMELY lucky! For this achievement you need to loot certain items from enemy players by taking their insignia. I remember this being personal loot in WoD and so not too much trouble to complete. However, I've gone back to Ashran to finish this (only need the Pandaren Item) and the items are now group loot, so if you are lucky enough for the item to drop you then need to win roll on it against the rest of the raid. Is this intentional? In WoD people would have to loot insignias to get these items, so your only competition would be other people actively looting & looking for them. Now, most of the raid will roll need without knowing what the items are and also don't help loot players. It seems a magnitude harder to obtain this achievement and there is probably no hope for people who did not play WoD. Could Blizzard please change the requirement for to achievements to maybe just requiring one item to complete?Aiyana3 4d
5d Tips for Camping Poundfist Does anyone with experience have any tips for camping Poundfist? Pre-7.3.2, he was documented to have a 48 to 142 hour respawn. The conventional wisdom is that his spawn time was reduced in 7.3.2, but I can't find any documentation as to how much it was reduced. I've got a 2nd account with a 110 on a low pop server and right now I'm just running that in the background with NPCscan. Is there more I can do than just wait?Jonaingo3 5d
5d Paying for Skulguloth Will buy you a WoW Token. Post here and I'll get back to you.Banksterr1 5d
5d Inventory of Broken Raid Lockouts Does anyone have a comprehensive list of which raid lockouts are still broke (since 7.3) and which ones still work? ICC still works for me but Dragon Soul does not. I've heard that Firelands still works but I haven't tried it yet.Jonaingo2 5d
5d Poor Unfortunate Souls? Do you need 5 to do this achieve? I'm not sure if I should do it with a couple of my friends or if we need 5 to do it, thx.Promotional2 5d
5d Dropping Some Eaves If anyone wants to get together and do this, it's the last achievement in the Meta I've needed for quite some time and for some god awful reason can't seem to get it done.Lustful2 5d
5d Change Wintergrasp Veteran to 25 wins I'm currently working towards PvP Achievements and I noticed getting Wintergrasp Veteran ( is a boring grind, Wintergrasp is dead, nobody plays it, there is no incentive to play it. The only reason to play it is to work on its achievements, but 100 wins is just... ugh. Hope it's changed to 25 wins just like Tol Barad Veteran was.Coyote3 5d
6d Would You Give Me a Hand Doing Would You Give Me a Hand achievement on Kromog in BRF right now. Jonaingo#1677 if you want in.Jonaingo1 6d
6d Make Tabard of the Protector Account-Wide Tabard of the Protector ( ) I submitted these suggestions in hopes of getting the tabard or at the least the on-use effect to be at the account level, hopefully others who have this piece of history rotting on an old, unused character that feel the same can do so as well. Add the on-use effect to the toy box Badge of the Protector ( ) Make the tabard redeemable from the tabard vendor at the account level rather than just on the character that earned the tabard. This is how Competitor's Tabard works, hopefully the same can be done for this tabard.Lonzilie0 6d
6d Elite PvP sets from past expansions Elite pieces from pre-Legion are still not available to purchase. The elite set system we have for legion is reasonable, however I believe previous expansions can be handled similarly; especially since getting every elite armor piece let alone every elite weapon, shield, etc. was literally impossible with the points system back then. It would be nice to have the first point below along with the expansion-specific points below to determine purchase eligibility for elite sets & weapons from past seasons: If you have an elite piece from a particular season, you are able to purchase the other elite set pieces/weapons from that season on that character. WotLK - eligibility for a particular season would be determined if you have the Gladiator achievement from that season. Unfortunately there were no achievements rewarded for Duelist and below in this expansion, thus the tougher requirement. MoP/WoD - eligibility would be the same as the point above but with the Duelist achievement as the requirement. We already have access to elite enchants if you were at least Duelist in any season of these expansions...not sure why elite sets/weapons were not included in some form.Lonzilie0 6d
6d [A] - "The Chosen" Raid Group Hello! We are going to be organizing a group for obtaining “The Chosen” title. This is awarded if you complete an entire mythic Trial of Valor without dying. This achievement is tracked on a personal basis. See more info @ We will be doing this on Saturday nights at 9:00PM PST. I would like to have everyone with their title within 3-4 lockout periods, there may be a bit of a learning curve depending on how the first week goes. We will be getting this underway as soon as the roster is filled. Expectations for performance will be the same as any mythic raider; research the fights and come prepared. People who cause repeated issues for others will not be invited back the following week. I’m aware we’ll overpower the content with our gear, but that’s no excuse for playing poorly. There are still numerous mechanics in all three fights that can devastate you, despite your item level. I'm looking for people with mythic raiding experience (any tier) and a minimum item level of 950. I will be checking your profile,, and warcraft logs for each applicant. I don't expect you to be parsing in the 95th percentile, I'm just asking for experienced players, so this can go as smooth as possible. If you are interested please join the discord server and post in the sign ups channel. Include your class/role and ilevel. Only people who sign-up via the discord channel will be considered. We’ll continue the conversation over there. Thank you!!Ackthal0 6d
Mar 10 WTS Battleground Achievements Update: Services Resumed on 12/20/2016 Hello Everyone, I have finished performing all of the carries from the last few dozen of people who whispered, and I am re-opening up my services. I offer fast and efficient carries on any and all of standard battleground (non-rated) achievements in achievement tab. I do most of these solo (you and me) to keep cost lower. A Couple Popular Achievements: Cloud Nine (Twin Peaks) Ironman (Warsong Gulch) Save the Day (Warsong Gulch) Stormtrooper (The Eye of Storm) Capping Spree (Deepwind Gorge) Standard Assassin (All Battlegrounds) Supreme Defender (All Battlegrounds) Payment is accepted after successful completion of achievement, and I accept the gold on any server and any faction. I can also do these for all factions and classes (Your gear and skill level does not make a difference for carries). Whisper for your inquiries, (I also offer Dungeon/Raid Achievements) Selinace#1683Wildroot38 Mar 10
Mar 10 Thunderfury Title With Achievement I was thinking with all those inflatable thunderfury things out there it really kills the wow factor of actually coming across a player that actually has the real Thunderfury . I'm proposing a title that comes with the achievement so people can see that you completed that grueling task of getting both halves and 10 legendary bars and they will respect a player more seeing a title like The Thunderfury next to a characters name or maybe The Thunderian or the Thunderer . Or the Legendary. I think The Thunderfury is the best one . Not everyone can get Thunderfury and those that do should be sporting it with no remorse lol . Help us twinks blizzard !Sweettroll1 Mar 10
Mar 10 The Chosen My guild has decided to go back and knock out The Chosen achievement. We only had sixteen people on last night and managed to one shot the first two bosses and two shot Helya. We understand how to deal with Helya now and would just like the additional bodies to blast through it real quick. We plan on running until everyone manages to not die and that shouldn't take more than a couple of resets. If you're interested in this achievement (title, transmog set, and an achievement that will become a FOS with the BFA pre-patch) please let me know. My battle tag is listed below. We'll probably run this on Wednesday nights at 10pm EST/9pm CST. Cross realm is possible for outdated Mythic content. Currently we alternate weeks between full clearing ABT and just doing the first one and last two so it's possible we might do this on Tuesdays every other week. We also clear Mythic Guldan each week for the mount and usually pug a few people in so if you're interested in that as well let me know. yukio101413#1194Youkeyoh4 Mar 10
Mar 9 Same Spec diff faction shared Achievements Hi all, I have unlocked quite a few appearances and achievements on this Alliance Rogue. I am currently leveling a Horde Rogue. In regards to achievements like "Balance of Power" and Artifact skin unlocks what are the main things that the Horde Rogue will not have through account wide sharing. Both Horde and Alliance will be Subtlety Rogues. Any major storylines like Suramar that will need to be replicated again? Thank you for your time, Yours, TegaTega1 Mar 9
Mar 9 Daily Anticipation Does anyone know what goes toward this guild achieve in Legion? WQs? Blingtron 6000? Any information would be appreciated.Dathin3 Mar 9
Mar 9 Looking for Discontinued items! Hello everyone! I am interested in purchasing discontinued items. What I am mainly interested in: [Shala'nir Sproutling] [Relinquished iLvl 910+] [Ettin Bone Fragment] [Relinquished iLvl 910+] [Nor'danil Ampoule] [Relinquished iLvl 910+] [Corruption of the Bloodtotem] [Relinquished iLvl 910+] [Law of Strength] [Relinquished iLvl 910+] [Nar'thalas Writ] [Relinquished iLvl 910+] [Rite of the Val'kyr] [Relinquished iLvl 910+] [Crystallizing Mana] [Relinquished iLvl 910+] [Spellfire Oil] [Relinquished iLvl 910+] [Dreamgrove Sproutling] [Relinquished iLvl 910+]**** For the items stated above I want you to name your price **** I am also interested in all other discontinued items. Here is a short list that might spark ideas, but this list is not limited to: [Chromatic Sword] [Frozen Runes] [Miner's Hat of the Deep] [Recipe: Thistle Tea] **Please contact me at: Gargasm#1595**Estivar8 Mar 9
Mar 8 Ritualist who? -How to reset properly? I only need 7 more ritualists so I tried this "reset" method mentioned on wowhead and somehow I got it to work once and the ritualists no longer reset..I watched a youtube video to see if I had done something wrong but I didn't...this is the only achievement that I need to get sky screamer, apart from the other 2 which I will finalize when I run it(final head/final circruit). I just don't wanna run it again and mess up the ritualists.Sinelus4 Mar 8
Mar 8 glory of the legion hero looking for patient ppl to do Glory of the Legion hero, ilvl 925+, would help if you had an idea how to do them or check out this video message me with name and role, thanksToopy2 Mar 8
Mar 7 Community Vote for 350 / 400 mount achiev The new expansion is just around the corner and I am guessing the new achievements will more and likely be released with the pre-release like they did in Warlords of Dreanor. Blizzard also let the community vote on what would be the achievement mount last time so hopefully if we get enough attention the community can come up with a great mount that gets implemented into the game. Here is what I compiled so far: Blizzard likes to make the achievement mounts from re-colors of previous expansions. Here is the list of achievements/drakes/sources -Achievements- Albino Drake - 50 - Vanilla Red/Blue Dragonhawk - 100 - Burning Crusade Jade Pandaren Kite - 150 - Pandaland Armored Red/Blue Dragonhawk - Burning Crusade / Wrath? Felfire hawk - 250 - Cataclysm Heavenly Azure Cloud Serpant - 300 - Pandaland 350 - Wrath? / Cataclysm / Dreanor With what Blizzard has given us in the past my guess is that it's most likely going to be a mount from either Wrath, Cata or Dreanor. My personal opinion the Cata mounts would probably look the best recolored even though I would like a Mimirons head recolored to Bowsers Copter in Super Mario Bros (I'm sure there's some copy write issues there). Below are a list of flying mounts released in the previous expansions. -Wrath- Proto Drake Armored Proto Drake Mimirons Head Invincible -Cataclysm- 4x Stone Drake 4x Wind Drake Dark Phoenix Mottled Drake 2x Fire Hawk Blazing / Harbinger / Hamdmaiden Obsidian Nightwing Spectral Gryphon Corrupted Hyppogryph *Tarecgosa* -Dreanor- Felfire hawk - Already done Emerald Drake - Already done Soaring Skyterror Heavenly Azure Cloud Serpant - Already done Ironbound WraithCHarger Eclipse Dragonhawk - Already done Solar Spirehawk Felsteel Annihilator Grove Warden Grinning Reaver Mystic Runesaber Cindermane Charger Infinite Timereaver With that said, in Dreanor they also released the "awake the drakes" achievement. That would also make room for a "drake of the stones" or "drake of the four winds" achievements / Mount recolors. Please post what you are hoping for as a new achievement Mount even if it doesn't follow what's posted above.Podgy40 Mar 7
Mar 7 Make all achievements account wide? Maybe this has been discussed, but I don’t go on the forums a lot. Is there any reason as to why all achievements aren’t account wide? It’s the reason I won’t switch mains ever because one character is so far ahead of the rest. Like pvp kills for example. Why can’t they just all stack no matter what character you play. You’re still doing the work, getting the kills. Is it really that big of a deal?Seleria3 Mar 7
Mar 7 28,000 Achievement Club Who else is a member of this club? I did not other posting 29,000 and that requires all but one achieve in the game!Wildroot1 Mar 7
Mar 7 Insane dilemma Working on the Insane achievement. On an older toon, who had done all of the quests for Seeker years ago, before Cata. So I've been reluctant to ditch the goblin reps, but where's the fun of going Insane if it's too easy. So went to Booty Bay, did the newer version of the pirates quest up to Double Rum... switched to at war on Booty Bay and terrorized the town for several hours. Now have the Bloodsail Admiral title and achieve, which can be triggered at honored. But when I hit 11999/12000 rep, the BB goblins are no longer giving Bloodsail rep. Since I've gone this far on the Insanity scale, I figured I would take Bloodsail to exalted. My question is how? Since BB is till phased, the bruisers give 0 rep. And the townfolk are now capped also. I don't want to start repairing the very deep hold I'm in with the Goblin factions until Bloodsail is capped if at all possible. Only thing I can think of would be to hit the pirates near Caverns of Time until BB rep high enough to talk to then and un-phase BB. Then kill the 110 Bruiser to exalted, then restart the goblin reps all over again. I'm likely missing/forgeting something easy, but... what?Crotchety1 Mar 7
Mar 6 I don't wanna collect 100,000 Azerite...:( Blizzard you are mean cruel people.Illinorian17 Mar 6
Mar 6 A Good Start Hello Everyone, Quick survey of fellow achievement hunters - Do you feel that if you are nearby the node when capped that it should count for all players towards their 100,000 Azurite Running Tally? I noticed that players within about 40ft of the node when capped have the blue exclamation mark that something was earned identical to the capper. I do not get this beyond a ~40ft boundary line. My reason for asking is the achievement feels counter productive to objectives of the battleground. It requires people to be more focused on caps than doing their role - case in point a healer earlier tonight running around in stealth for four games and never once healing but just capping. Normally I am all for grinds but at the expense of intentionally ailenating your peers or not contributing? Feels wrong somehow and it is not a small number of games. If you somehow had 7 Caps per game that is 142 Games you need to not help your team and be yelled at for not contributing. If you contribute it means upwards 1,000 Games?Wildroot7 Mar 6
Mar 6 WTB Naxt Victim - Force Commander and Skul Hello Everyone, Since there are a couple posts around this lately. If anyone has, or comes across, or knows someone with one of the Purple Sentiax Beacons that can summon on of the following bosses whisper me. I will pay very, very well for each of them. Skulguloth Force-Commander Xillious If you have one of them whisper me please. Selinace#1683Wildroot4 Mar 6
Mar 6 Glory of the Legion Hero Hi everyone, hope your day is going wonderful! I'm looking for a group that wants to get in on this. Please leave a message/drop a comment below if you're interested! :) Main spec: Tank Off spec: DPSWroofles1 Mar 6
Mar 5 Seething Shore Perfection It seems to be that this achievement is pretty hard. Theres a bunch of us that want to put together a 10v10 premade to swap wins. If interested msg me. dstar#1547Jabberwolky9 Mar 5
Mar 4 LFM [Would You Give Me a Hand?] Alliance Side in LFG. Need 10 unfortunately. Broadway-StormrageBroadway2 Mar 4
Mar 4 Broken Isles Pathfinder I'm finally working to get this crap out of the way... I want to do the Suramar quests on my rogue. "Good Sumaritan" be account wide, and therefore apply to Loremaster of Legion for my toon collecting the acheivs? Will the rep collection on my rogue go towards Broken Isles diplomat? In short, can I work towards Broken Isles Pathfinder on ALL OF MY ACCOUNT WIDE TOONS or just my main? Thanks!Hålo1 Mar 4
Mar 4 portal jockey questions I've seen people and videos where instead of go through the portals people just heal the dragon so fast the achievement procs anyway. is that actaully possible or is this a glitch that was patched out?Eastturtle6 Mar 4
Mar 4 naxt victim: skulguloth Horde I have the following remaining: 29 greater warbeast 39 greater torment 25 greater engineering 20 greater domination 26 greater carnage 31 greater firestorm + 24 lesser firestorm. looking for some people on horde side to farm / summon skulguloth, or alternatively trade summons for this particular lieutenant.Exetra8 Mar 4
Mar 4 Field Medic Is there anyone that has farmed for this? I only need 4 notes left but man I'm going to go crazy over this. Any information out there on Wowhead is disjointed and confusing. I tried to talk with a GM about drops and mobs etc but they just brought me towards wowhead. Is there any clarity we can get on these? I've had some drop in completely different zones from where comments have said they drop. Or what mobs in zones can drop them and which mobs can't. I checked the loot table on one of the notes with a certain mob, that mob dropped a different note that wasn't listed on the table. Is anyone able to help shed light or give me a moral boost on this title.Velyr14 Mar 4
Mar 3 Secrets behind soft resetting a raid? I've been attempting to finish Glory of the Thundering Raider I need to do Ritualist Who? which, if you dont know, you need to kill a bunch of randomly spawned trash with unique names in front of Dark Animus. The only way to do this achievement all at once is to allow the raid to soft reset which is supposed to take an hour. Sometimes it resets after an hour and sometimes it doesnt. I can switch between heroic and normal, reset instance, log on and off but it's just not resetting for me for the last 2 hours. I need ONE more mob and I've tried for it like 9 times today. Thats 9 hours trying to get one stupid mob to spawn today, not to mention a few resets yesterday, it's driving me nuts. Is there some trick to successfully get a raid to respawn it's trash?Alaeis5 Mar 3