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41m Achievement Guild Good morning fellow achievement hunters! I was just wondering if there were any active guilds out there that focus heavily on achievements? One that helps each other out and competes to see who can get the highest score.... I've been very bored lately with wow and only really find fun in farming out any achievement I can, I'd love to find a like minded group to play with! Thanks for the replies in advance!Terronar2 41m
46m Achievements Discord Server <3 Achievements discord server is the community where people gather up to form groups for various achievements and meet like-minded players. Every single day more and more people create groups that successfully accomplish their sought after achievements, such as [Herald of the Titans], [Show Me Your Moves], [Glory of the Tomb Raider] and all other kinds of achievements as well. Players are provided with roles that match their regions and factions in order to be notified whenever someone is organizing an event that they might be interested in, which makes forming groups much easier. Everyone is welcome to join! Invitation link: 46m
1h 350 mounts and 400 I think it's time we put these into the game, i got my 350th mount 2 weeks after legion launch and am still climbing the ranks. I feel big number mount achievements should be rewarded early to show off that collectors dedication and hard work and give players a goal to strive for. Since 400 is just about impossible to get atm it would be implemented with an eye toward the future after all when the next expac comes out 400 will be reachable with out requiring alot of unobtainable mounts. I'm sure many of you are still struggling to get 300 or even 250 but it's nice to know that there is always that reward to aim for. what mounts do you think would be a good reward for these players achievements?Evani57 1h
16h Herald of Titans Any groups for herald of titans forming? Gearing rogue for it.Kroegerqt1 16h
19h Get that achievement XVI Just a continue from topic. Last one to post was Frytanya so as a reminder you need to [Remember to Share]you only got four more to go! (: I'll take a couple achieves to tackle. (:Winfree176 19h
19h How do you complete Securing Draenor? As we all know flying will come to Draenor but you have to complete a bunch of achievements first. I have done everything else except for Securing Draenor and of course the Tanaan Jungle rep. My question: How do you complete Securing Draenor? I have just went to Magnarok and Iron Siegeworks and no bonus objective pops up although I know I did a bonus objective in Iron Siegeworks before when completed the garrison campaign there but the achievement is still grayed out. I tried going to Magnarok but no bonus objective popped up what is happening? Do you really have to wait and get these in the Apexis dailies in your garrison? because I have only been getting socrethar and the arakkoa and the everbloom in the past two weeks.Erendir41 19h
22h TCG Loot Buy/Sell/Trade Thread #37 Continuation from: ...Çx215 22h
1d Gift of Arthas - rare recipe for sale Hi everyone, I have the Gift of Arthas recipe for sale, it's rare as it no longer drops (and hasn't for a looong time). I know that it's value is only in its rarity and that it will only appeal to completists/collectors. The potion is pretty useless now I imagine and would require farming vanilla herbs to make it. I've come back to WoW after a very long absence and found this gem sitting in my bank. I want to sell it to a collector or completist for a fair price. I'd prefer it to go to someone who'd appreciate it and not just want to flip it later but I want gold so I won't be picky. Thanks and tell your friends!Kendoslice0 1d
1d Argus mount/toy drops These used to be tradeable, now they're not. Suppose this isn't strictly achievement, but mount and toy counts are achievements so...whatever. I posted it in the bug forums with no response. Has anyone else noticed this? I play with a friend and when Argus dropped, I was trading mounts and toys when I got lucky enough to get a duplicate. Not they're soulbound. It's total BS.Tristful1 1d
1d Mount Collector Support Group v 24 last one capped at 24 1d
1d Battle Master Hey Guys With the Battle Master title if I complete some of the Achievements on my Horde Warlock and some on my Alliance Paladin is that all good or do they need to be completed on one champion only?Blythie3 1d
2d Have... Have We Met? The Sequel! Continuing from Thassarian is still hovering over Sethria's Roost, for as long as I can manage (will I keep him past rollover? Let's find out!) All Hordies especially welcome! Especially if you can bring Mankrik or Linken wth you! This is happening on Wyrmrest Accord. There's a Custom Group for Alliance realm-hoppers.Glaswen95 2d
2d LFM to farm "Insane in the Membrane" with. I am neutral with the Bloodsail Buccaneers, and would like to form a group to quickly farm this to Exalted (I want to get it past just honored since this would be my last chance), and hopefully continue through the rest of the reps required for "The Insane" title afterward. Please let me know here if you are interested, or send me a tell in game.Signey1 2d
3d WTB Naxt Victim (Sentinaxx Boss) Hey all! I'm seeking for assistance with the achievement Naxt Victim, where you summon the lieutenants from the Sentinax on Broken Shore. Haven't had any luck with the last one. The lieutenant I need to kill is Skulguloth. Willing to pay 100k gold on Hyjal Whisper or add me on real ID osatox#1168 to contact about this. Thanks :)Osatox8 3d
3d Commander of Argus: Missing only two rares! Only rares I'm missing: Turek the Lucid, and Zul'tan the Numerous. These are the only two rares I'm missing for this achievement. I keep going back and forth, back and forth to their spawn points, and I'm not seeing them. Sometimes I afk for a while, and do something else, come back.. and I don't see them still! It's a little irritating. Can anyone help me get the kill for them? I'd really appreciate it! Do they have like a couple days respawn time?Ginora2 3d
4d Commander of Argus Hey All, I am almost finished on my Achievement "Command of Argus" the one Rare I just can't seam to get it "Commander Xethgar" I sat at his spawn point almost all day yesterday, and have been there since 5:30am today (now 9:45am) and still haven't seen him, I have every other rare on the list as they have been at their spawn or they have had a world quest, but I haven't seen anything on this last guy. I check on wowhead and some people are saying they haven't seen him since the start of the week, others are saying he hasn't spawned in up to 3 days. anyone got any idea If I am missing something is there a special way to summon him like some of the other rares or am I just unlucky and have to wait for an unknown amount of time.Tedastrasz1 4d
4d Question about account wide achievements I was searching the internet for an answer to my question and either found outdated information, or information that was not specific to what I was looking for. Also sorry in advance if it is someplace that I did not look. Is there a way to separate the achievements gained to each character? So that I can see what has been done on an individual character? Or is it still account wide? I'm asking because all the forums/articles I read are all dated before Legion. And yes, I have read that Blizzard has changed it from individual to account wide, because I guess that it was a majority of players that wanted it. Just trying to see if they put something in game to change it that I might have missed since the new release. I also know that in-game you can select to show to other players only your achievements and not account wide achievements, and that is not what I'm looking for. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.Drakonicus2 4d
4d Why is the reward for prestige 19 Nothing? Well, technically not nothing, it's an ap token, but why is it nothing exciting?Aishlinn2 4d
5d Giant dinosaur vs mega snail thok wont transition in to phase 2 unless you have 5 or more people in the raid sub 50% health making this impossible to solo, can you please make thok tranisition when all members of the raid are sub 50% please.Evani1 5d
5d Naxt Victim: Than'otalion Like the title says just need Than'otalion to finish the Naxt Victim achievement. Up to 300k nethershards now trying to farm this thing and haven't had any luck. Honestly haven't had any boss beacons drop in ages. Looking to either buy it if on Stormrage, maybe pet trade for it if on another server, or work with a serious group to farm it next time nether disruptor is up on Broken Shore since I can spend plenty of shards for portals. Hoping to finally get this one done. Shoot me a btag request if interested. Spinaltapper#1872Holytapper0 5d
5d Herald of the Titans 80 hunter, geared and enchanted and all for a Herald of the Titans run Xorm#1234 is the bid. Let me knowJarella25 5d
5d Soloable Glory achievments as of 7.3? So which glory achievements are actually completely soloable? i'm returning after stopping playing around the end of WOTLK, start of CATA & just wonna mount farm glory achievements but none of my mates play anymore so i can only do the ones that i can do completely on my own. Happy to level any character required (pets needed?) Much love DiigglesDiiggles8 5d
5d Balance of Power requirements So far I collected the essences and got sent to help the nightfallen and now in order to do next part of chain I need revered. Does this sound right to anyone else?Kovár1 5d
5d Anyone on horde doing Insane in the membrane? If anyone else is doing insane in the membrane and is interested in farming steamwheedle cartel whisper me. Currently farming it and would love some people who are also farming it to group up with.Ausoul0 5d
6d Have... Have We Met? achievement thread THERE IS ACTUALLY TWO THREADS FOR THIS ACHIEVE. My friend I met doing this also has one, and both are the most popular threads for this so please check both! First thread capped If you want to share one of the following NPCs for this achievement (Thassarian, Nat Pagle, Chromie, Linken, Mankrik, Hemet Nesingwary) to others please post here with realm or BTag. Times when you're online for that day, saying you're done, other relevant information is appreciated! BTW I'll have you know since this thread and thanks to people here I've gotten this achievement done! Use Premade Groupfinder addon, this thread, make friends! It's still possible!Vivec165 6d
6d Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part one is garbage. I just finished this achievement today and after all that hard work. I can't see a difference in mount speed. What is this point of this game? If you can't have nice things.Souloflex18 6d
6d Double Agent I play Alliance and am interested in earning this achievement. I have a lot of time off next week from my job. I was wondering if anyone would like to start Horde toons to knock out this achievement. I am planning on starting a Paladin tank, so we could just spam dungeons, quest, whatever sounds good at the moment. Ideally I'd like to knock this out fairly quickly, so playing several hours each day would be fun, I think. Get your energy drinks and coffee ready!Qualify0 6d
Sep 12 Mark of Prey Trading Thread #1 Us-Neutral: I have 14 Horde 110 & 1 Alliance 110 willing to trade kill. Keep in mind debuff timer stop rolling when you're log off unfortunately with the exception of a server reset happening, so you'll need to take at least 10min each day per toon in-game to get rid of the debuff. Wanting to do this least once per day so if you have alliance toons we can use my alliance toon to bring them over to the server or vice versa. We'll be doing this next to a spirit healers in one of the PvP and/or Falcosaur WQ zone. Btag is DarkHermes#1169 if interested. (: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FAQ Talon's Vengeance is a "hidden" faction, with no associated Achievement or Feat of Strength, and no permanent titles. The one reason to grind reputation with this faction is for the Ivory Hawkstrider mount, available at Exalted reputation. This mount is essentially a less armored version of the Swift White Hawkstrider which drops from Kael'thas Sunstrider in Magisters' Terrace (a Burning Crusade dungeon) on Heroic difficulty. Accessing the Faction To access this faction, first you must complete one of the four questlines granted by your falcosaur pets - Direbeak Hatchling, Bloodgazer Hatchling, Sharptalon Hatchling, or Snowfeather Hatchling. Only one of the questlines must be completed to gain access to Talon's Vengeance, but it is likely you will want to complete all four questlines anyway as they each grant a mount on completion. After having completed a questline and obtaining the mount, you must summon said mount in front of Aviana at [32.24, 66.86] in Highmountain. For those without coordinates, she can be found at Sylvan Falls, due east and across the water from the Sylvan Falls flight point (northwest of Riverbend on the map). Once you have summoned your mount and spoken to Aviana, she will have a number of dialogue prompts that you must click through. After you have selected "I will be the talons of vengeance", you unlock access to the Talon's Vengeance Quartermaster - Trinket, a raven that is sitting on the large statue of the archer near Aviana. After this point, you will have continued access to Trinket, regardless of what mount you use thereafter or what reputation you are with the faction. This makes this mount mostly sought after for completists and/or mount collectors.Reputation with Talon's Vengeance is only obtained by farming and using Mark of Prey, which grants 100 reputation per mark. Note that Mark of Prey is not a currency, and takes up bag space - it stacks to 20. These marks have NO USE after getting to 999/1000 Exalted with Talon's Vengeance. *No Paragon caches* Below is a table of how many marks it takes to get through each reputation level, broken down by the reputation buffs (if any) you have. The assumption is that you are starting at the very beginning of each reputation level. TOTAL 42,000 Revered 21,000 Honored 12,000 Friendly 6,000 Neutral 3,000 Reputation buff 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 30 29 28 27 25 60 58 55 53 50 120 115 110 105 100 210 200 191 183 175 420 400 382 366 350 Mark of Prey *EDITWinfree25 Sep 12
Sep 11 Magnify... Enhance This achievement is currently bugged for me. When I drag Lens Flare to the construct, it grows but isn't able to be targeted. Is anyone else having this issue? Last one I need for Glory but can't complete!Flaambookey1 Sep 11
Sep 11 Commander of Argus: Soultender Videx I lack three rares to complete this achievement, but this NPC is a mystery; it appears he was never found even on the PTR. What is Known 1) He is a "seer" type of demon. 2) He has an "unstealth" sound effect attached to him, per Wowhead. 3) So far, he has not appeared as a WQ, random spawn, and I have never seen any groups for him listed, and some have reported that he was never encountered on the PTR. Points to Ponder 1) His name would indicate his job is to attend to souls, perhaps a lot of them. There are a few places that might fit the bill, specially in Northern Krokuun and Antoran Wastes. 2) Since many seer demons are found in Antoran Wastes, that may be the best bet for his location, despite there being quite a few rares already in the zone. 3) He may require an "attunement" akin to The Many-Faced Devourer or Squadron Commander Vishax. I've seen no strange item drops in my time in Argus that would indicate this in the case, however. 4) He may not unlock until after quests in Week 3 are completed. 5) He may become available to kill when all the other rares have been killed, a la Xemirkol in Tanaan Jungle. However, Videx is included in the achievement list, whereas Xemirkol was not. 6) He is not yet in the game, or he was mistakenly left in the achievement. Things to Try 1) Kill only the seer rares in Antoran Wastes (maybe after the other rares have been killed?). 2) Explore the entirety of Antoran Wastes while under the "agent of the all-seer" buff. 3) Try out the Vindicaar powers in out-of-the-way areas. 4) Explore Argus while in ghost form.Valarc13 Sep 11
Sep 10 Foulclaw Trying to get elemental escalation done and I am stuck on foulclaw :( Does anyone have a strat for a team of elementals for ppl that do not have Core Hound Pup?Bludbarf1 Sep 10
Sep 10 Gilneas reputation gains What's the best way to quickly gain Gilneas rep? For all the rest of the Alliance races, I got them without trouble while either questing in zones (e.g., I gained most of my Exodar rep by questing out Bloodmyst and Azuremyst Isle) or dailies for Argent Tourney. But I'm not sure what zones gives lots of Gilneas rep. Suggestions? And I am aware there's a tabard (and use it), but 85 dungeons aren't exactly 'quick' in the way that obliterating a bunch of low-level quests is.Arusta17 Sep 10
Sep 10 Camel Hoarder advice So I've decided to start camping for this. Any advice from those that have gotten it? Yukio45 Sep 10
Sep 9 Need healer for 3v3 Going for 100 wins Need a healer for 3v3 we are only interested in getting the 100 wins for the mount we do not care about rating. I don't care what class. Times: We are Australian and we will be free for arena anytime after 4pm aest. Monday wednesday and thursday from 6-9pm Aest i raid so no arena then. Comp: Hunter + lock + you What we expect of you: Don't be a #**!#*@*, be willing to stick it out for the 100 wins, use voice coms, be capable of winning a minimum of 10 games a week. Don't be bad!, we don't expect you to be a rank 1 gladiator or even a challenger for that matter but i do expect when i call for a cyclone or a bop to get it and not have you looking through your spell book for it. Oh and be Alliance What you can expect of us: We aren't glads not even close, the best i have ever done in arena was about 1600 earlier this year, although it was with a rouge lock hunter combo so it was hard to get a consistent winning run with out a healer. We don't arena much so any help you can offer would be awesome, making target switching calls etc, we will try out best to do this as well. We aren't complete noobs, despite having a low arena rating it's mostly because we never run a half decent comp and i rarely ever did arena until recently, but we both have had a 2100 rbg score and in the pve world have had some good mythic prog. If you're interested send me a friend request Evani#11424Evani2 Sep 9
Sep 8 Blood Infusion (Shadowmorne Quest) Before I started the Shadowmorne Quest chain, I looked up strats and saw that Blood Infusion was the only part of the chain that couldn't be soloed. It appeared that this could be duoed with a DK + Shaman whereas warriors and paladins needed at least two partners. I tried this today with my 93 DK and my 110 Shaman friend and we couldn't get it because the shaman couldn't die quickly enough. Tried taking off all gear and still not enough. I relooked at video strats and none of them mention this being an issue. Even videos posted in 2017 appear to be done with level 90-100 characters. Is there any way to do this with a DK and 110 shaman?Jonaingo2 Sep 8
Sep 8 War saddle mounts in 2v2 Hey everyone i made a forum post over on the arena forums about the war saddle mounts to be dropped in 2v2 aswell as the current 3v3 and rbg achievement reward. Click on the link if you'd care to show your support. Sep 8
Sep 8 LEGION TREASURE HOARD NOT SPAWNING Last chest I need for the achievement SHOOT FIRST, LOOT LATER isn't spawning. Have multiple people that we're there with me and the chest itself was not there. Please fix. <3Vannisshh0 Sep 8
Sep 7 Taking this Show on the Road I can't get guitarist to save my life. I've read all the comments on wowhead. I realize the Number One Fan requirement has been stealth nerfed. Does anyone have any advice? I've seen others get guitarist. I've seen other people get this achievement. I've tried getting hit by ALL waves and miss ALL chords. I've tried getting hit by ONE wave and miss ONE chord. I've tried TWO waves and TWO chords. It never works.Tristful4 Sep 7
Sep 7 Tarlna the Ageless won't spawn I don't know whether it's because of a bug or just abysmal RNG, but Tarlna the Ageless (a world boss in Draenor) has been nowhere to be found for an unreasonable amount of time. This is getting stupid; it's the only thing I still need to kill for my Pepe whistle. I can't find very much reliable info on how Tarlna spawns. All I know for sure is that both Drov and Tarlna cannot both be up at the same time. That could mean any number of things. Could it mean they alternate every week? Nope. I killed Drov last Friday, and he's still the only one I've ever seen. Could it mean they alternate every day? Nope. I've checked several days in a row, and Drov is still the only one I've ever seen. Could it mean that one spawns after the other is killed? Nope. I killed Drov again today and he respawned fifteen minutes later. (and a 15-minute spawn timer is the only other thing I see a lot of sources agree on) Could it mean that a random one spawns every week, day, or kill? Who knows? That's theory A. Theory B is that the system is bugged because it's outdated. The ideal solution is to simply make them independent, and both spawn on their own regardless of the other. It's outdated content anyway, nobody's killing them for their loot. Failing that, at least tell us what we need to do to get this elusive genesaur to spawn.Manabender27 Sep 7
Sep 6 Bring Back Tyraels Charger! Title!Neverbloom33 Sep 6
Sep 6 mountacular.... i am aware some mounts count once per side, profession stuff works different, etc. but how in the world can the journal show 250 mounts, the armory show 259, but the achievement shows... 201? how can it be off that much? i have logged into all my toons in the last day. i don't get how i am almost 50 behind for the achievement.Cluckadin5 Sep 6
Sep 6 Achievement: A Growing Crisis I am stuck with 9/11 chapters complete toward the Good Suramaratin. I am exalted 999/1000 and have searched very very thoroughly for any available quest. I also need A change of seasons and cannot find any quests to work towaqrd that one.Mykinglion14 Sep 6
Sep 6 Broken Isles Diplomat Is there any way to help this achievement along? It's all I have left before I get my Pathfinder achievement. I tried taking dailies but without the Emissary quest it's almost not even worth doing, the rep rewards are so low. I feel like I've missed something, I've been at this for weeks now... is there a better way to do this or should I just keep doing emissary quests and dailies?Cedarleaf4 Sep 6
Sep 5 ...And Chew Mana Buns : the quick way Heey so we did the achievement an Chew Mana buns yesterday, it took us about 1h-1h30, you have to be a little patient haha You have to kill 2 000 demons in Argus to get the achievement (which gives you the mount) and I'm sure it's going to be a common mount in no time as the content keeps flowing in. But if you want to get your mount a little faster and do not want to farm demons blindly in Argus, here's how we did it: Have fun!Feiniel0 Sep 5
Sep 5 Seeking a group for Glory of the Legion Hero Hello, I'm currently seeking a group for the Glory of the Legion Hero meta for the mount reward. Anyone interested should add me by my Battletag which is Xanlorash#1665 All the help I receive is much appreciated. Xanlorash [The Insane]Xanlorash2 Sep 5
Sep 5 Cata timewalking needs a mount and pet I'm sure it's been posted before and here it is again the title says it all. But whilst we are at it what mount and pet would you like to see them put on a vendor that has a Cata theme to it.Evani7 Sep 5
Sep 3 Arena Master I have every achievement (including 5s) for Arena Master except for the 2200 2s achievement. Is it possible to get arena master if I get 2200 in 2s?Synrage1 Sep 3
Sep 2 Please fix Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare I've tried getting Glory of the Ulduar Raider forever now and I've attempted this achievement about 5 times... YOU DONT GET CREDIT FOR RAZORSCALE BREATH KILLING DARK RUNE GUARDIAN DWARFS!!!! I've gathered tons of them, all dead, 0 credit. Perhaps they need to be damaged? Redo - Each one tagged and hit to half and nope, no credit for ANY of them. This achieve is impossible.Poisonoaks26 Sep 2
Sep 1 Breaching the Tomb Just out of curiosity, is there a plan for "Breaching the Tomb" once Patch 7.3 releases? It's going to be really difficult to do certain parts of it once everyone abandons Broken Shore content and moves on to Argus. For example, it will take far, far, far longer to complete a building and thus getting the part where you have to "Finish Building" one of them. Or the Sentinax portion. I can't say with certainty, but I assume that one will be quite a bit more difficult as well. Those are really the only two that I can think of, but still. The Sentinax one (while probably frustrating at best, since no one will be doing it except the people going for the achievement) will not be impossible. But the building one could take a really long time if the majority of players no longer bother to persistently add resources to them. So is there going to be a way to get that done in a reasonable amount of time once the patch drops, or is it just going to take a very long time to acquire class mounts after that point? Seems kind of unfair for the returning players especially that would like to get them. Or even the people with alts that haven't gotten their class mounts yet. Just thought I would ask.Cennik4 Sep 1