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18m Mount Collector Support Group V 23 Last one capped - 18m
2h School's Out Forever Does anyone want to do this achieve? It's in heroic Scholo and takes a full group (and some patience). We have to basically hang out with Darkmaster Gandling until he ports each person into their rooms (or opens the gates). Then we have to kite 50 of the Expired Test Subjects together and kill them all within 20 seconds (they have trivial health). The hard part is not accidentally one-shotting the adds or the boss himself while we wait! If you want to try this sometime soon (like this weekend), add Everwake#1958 to battle friends!Tir1 2h
3h TCG Loot Buy/Sell/Trade Thread #37 Continuation from: ...Çx10 3h
5h Get that achievement XVI Just a continue from topic. Last one to post was Frytanya so as a reminder you need to [Remember to Share]you only got four more to go! (: I'll take a couple achieves to tackle. (:Winfree100 5h
6h Earning Proving Ground Achievement I've entered the proving grounds a few times and I've successfully completed the Bronze Damage trial. Rotun says I was successful and to come to him for another trial, but I don't see that I've earned the achievement. What am I missing? Thank you!Xeyla2 6h
8h Need more rewarding grinds. I know this may not seem appealing to some, and I don't usually go down nostalgia lane, but if there is anything I miss most about BC, is the painfully long grinds. Follow me here.. The netherwing drakes were pretty painful to grind, but in the end, it got me 6 mounts. 5 for the nether rays, a couple cloud serpents and all. I raid in a semi-hardcore guild, 9 hrs a week, and with less and less time to play, I feel like having to grind countless hours for 1 mount - that I already have - (I'm looking at you Ivory Hawkstrider) falls way behind in my priority list. Legion makes you spend a lot of time on your alts only to barely keep up with your main. I love raiding, but I'm a collector, and doing both is hard, so I kinda need a little incentive. Bring back reputation grinds with lots of mounts, pets, toys rewards. Bring back my will to live if you find it along the way. BrendaBrendawise0 8h
10h Long-Forgotten Hippogryph Mount Guide Greetings All! Before I begin, I would like to wish everyone here mega luck on getting this rare and pink mount. I'm not a fan of buying/selling something that can actually be easily obtained. So I give this information to you. I highly recommend the website from Worldofpunks, as much of their information assisted me in getting this rarity. I am not sure if I'm allowed to link it, but if you google Worldofpunks Long-Forgotten, it should come up. I also highly recommend Wowhead. Get addons, such as TomTom and Paste. Paste is helpful as it removes the limit in characters you can type. Also, please take note of the Discord channels: - For Legion secrets These folks are dedicated to come assist you to help you find your crystals. (Many themselves have already found it, so don't worry about them stealing.) They range from US-EU, Horde to Alliance. But please advised, they don't tolerate spam or inconsiderate people. They DO NOT have to help you if you begin to make demands of them or become rude. If you do decide to come to Discord, please add US or EU to your name. Or go further and add, Horde or Alliance. For example: Jaduen - US Horde. This allows the people who can help you, immediately know what type of realm you're on. To start off: The clickable items are called Ephemeral Crystals and they are bright pinkish-purple. They are ONLY found in the ASZUNA zone in Broken Isles. They are noticeable from a distance. You can see them from flightpaths - flying by, or literally just noticing them. Please be aware, they can be anywhere, even in caves. Keeps your eyes peeled. There are a total of 5 crystals you need to click before obtaining the mount. It does not matter what order you do it in, but once you click the crystal, it doesn't disappear, you simply cannot click it again. This is a great indicator to let you know if anyone else has found all 5. How so? If you're not sure if they have all been found, you can run by one you did find and see if it's still there. If it is, the event is still active. After clicking one, you receive a hidden buff that lasts for 8 hours - meaning, you have 8 hours to find the next. Once all 5 have been found, a zone wide message of "You hear a faint caw in the distance, then silence". Someone got it then; hopefully you. If per chance, you didn't get it, don't get distressed, they respawn in 10-12 hours. Always. Your level does not matter. You can be level 1 and still click these. Be aware you cannot trade this mount. Once you get it, you own it. Below is a current list of waypoints to search. I wish you the best in hunting.Jaduen19 10h
13h i got acheivment but no artifact aperance unlock from acheivment. it said to do this acheiv for aperance unlock but it is brokenNoginfoger13 13h
14h lonely achievement not working are they planning on fixing this? today was supposed to be maintenance day to fix problems, i'd rather the realms be down and they fix this stuff then have it not working. it took me awhile for this box of chocolates to finally give me those buttermilk delights then it doesn't work 3 times...Vod6 14h
18h Love Rocket boss available at level 16 If you're a serious mount collector remember that the daily boss is now available at level sixteen. Make death knights and demon hunters on several realms to max your chances for the Love Rocket!Youkeyoh5 18h
19h M+ Achievements - Suggestion Hello, Please add M+ achievements for completing a +20, +25, +30 etc... I have 0 motivation to run high keys right now because AP is no longer an incentive (have 54 traits) and the gear isn't worth it by itself. However, if there was a cutting edge mythic+ achieve for completing a 30 in time. I'd be motivated to push. Please add this feature. Thanks.Ëndër0 19h
1d The First Rule of Brawler's Guild Why is this achievement Character specific when it unlocks for all characters on that faction? I use main to get achievements, but accidentally used the invite I got on an alt before I realized only that alt would get the achievement.Solmoon3 1d
1d How to Cheese Alliance Racial Mounts I'm looking to get the racial mounts for Human, Gnome, and Draenei. Is there a way to cheese this without doing much work? Here are the ideas I've come up with so far: 1. Start a DK, quest out of the starting area, buy mounts, repeat 2. Start a fresh level 1 with a tank class (full heirlooms available) level to 40, buy mounts, repeat 3. Run old dungeons on my main with a tabbard on until exalted, repeat (this option seems really bad) Any other ideas? I looked at the level 100 class trial, but I don't think you can get back to the azeroth faction cities this way.Jonaingo3 1d
1d Share the Love Looking for 4 others to help with the share the love achievement. Feel free to add HaLTheGod#1528Morosi0 1d
1d Starting From Scratch I am looking to make a character to unlock as many Achievements as possible. Anything I have found online seems to be outdated and I would like recommendations based on the current game in Legion. I want to make a character that needs as little outside help as possible. I will be hunting everything from Loremaster to PvP achievements. I will be making a Human character for the Reputation benefits. This is pretty much mandatory as I have so much Reputation to get. As a reminder, classes a Human can be: - Warrior - Paladin - Hunter - Rogue - Priest - Mage - Warlock - Monk - Death Knight Are there recommended Professions I should take? Is there a recommended server I should play on? Should I play on PvP or Non PvP server, RP or Non RP, High Pop or Low Pop? Is there any other advice you want to provide? Something I've forgotten to ask about perhaps?Kitizhane4 1d
1d Selling Long-Forgotten Hippogryph Mount! Hey guys! I'm baaaaaack! You might remember my services in the past with either the Uldum (Grey Riding Camel) Mount or maybe you've done Gold Exchanges with me before. Well many friends I've helped so far suggested I do the same for the *ULTRA RARE* Long-Forgotten Hippogryph Mount! So here I am! I've been studying this mount since it was first known and have invested lots of time and farming to figure out the kinks and I'm here to help you get it. I'm currently working with a small team to make this happen! THE PROCESS: We have multiple toons on multiple accounts parked at spawn locations on certain servers waiting for these crystals to come up. Once it is found, we go through clicking the crystals and finding all 5. Once the fifth is found, we go through and invite the next person in line to group (highest bid offer) to come click the rest of the crystals and obtain their mount. And that's it! You've got the simple and easy part! HOW MUCH?: Well, just like Camels, we are on a private bidding system. People message us with their offers and we categorize them into our sheet from highest to lowest. When a crystal is found, the highest offer is contacted and invited to group. If they are not online at the time, it moves to the next person on the list (this happens pretty often). So when referring to how much, you ask yourself, how much is the mount worth to you? Sometimes this spawns once a week, sometimes none at all (that we know of). Who know's what changes they will make to CRZ and sharding so we are taking advantage of this now before any changes are made. P.S. (WE ACCEPT GOLD ONLY) :P WHEN DO I PAY? For us to avoid getting scammed by "bidders", I will only accept full payment once a crystal is found. You will be contacted and payment will be made on the spot before invite is sent out to you or locations are revealed to you. So please be ready as this is a timed event and anyone is able to go click the crystals and unlock the mount. If you take too long to answer or pay gold, the next person in line will be invited to group! Just like with camels, we accept gold on all (US - OCEANIC - LATIN) Servers, either faction. Unfortunately in order to actually receive the mount, you will need to be on an alliance character to be grouped with us (minimum level 100 - to survive any damage that might come from mobs). But we will accept payment on horde toons (our horde alts from different servers).  WHY SHOULD I TRUST YOU? I have offered similar services in the past and have gotten only awesome reviews. You can view them all from our Grey Riding Camel sales at I wouldn't do anything to risk my rep or account. I've been playing since Vanilla and continue to keep good terms with everyone! If that's not enough for you then sorry! :) If you're interested feel free to contact me in game (Worldofpunks-Proudmoore) or invite me on battlenet (Geekygreek7#1439). You can also check out the site I've made ( for any further information. Like before, we offer a referral system. You will get 10% of the payment that was made if transaction is completed. So tell your friends and guildies! Good luck everyone! And thank you!Worldofpunks84 1d
2d Achievement: A Growing Crisis I am stuck with 9/11 chapters complete toward the Good Suramaratin. I am exalted 999/1000 and have searched very very thoroughly for any available quest. I also need A change of seasons and cannot find any quests to work towaqrd that one.Mykinglion5 2d
2d lonely? How does one do this? What am I doing wrong? I had a guy in old dala, we both had the food buff, I put the picnic basket down, we both clicked it, and nothing. We tried in a party and outside a party. It was the toy picnic basket. Anyway, help? Q.QAlisi3 2d
2d Have... Have We Met? achievement thread THERE IS ACTUALLY TWO THREADS FOR THIS ACHIEVE. My friend I met doing this also has one, and both are the most popular threads for this so please check both! First thread capped If you want to share one of the following NPCs for this achievement (Thassarian, Nat Pagle, Chromie, Linken, Mankrik, Hemet Nesingwary) to others please post here with realm or BTag. Times when you're online for that day, saying you're done, other relevant information is appreciated! BTW I'll have you know since this thread and thanks to people here I've gotten this achievement done! Use Premade Groupfinder addon, this thread, make friends! It's still possible!Vivec154 2d
2d LFM Show Me Your Moves 25M Looking for people crazy enough to do this. I've led 19 groups successfully on 10m. I'm able to dodge 10 attacks on heroic difficulty, so I'm able to teach very easily. There is a reason I'd like to do 25m normal and maybe heroic one day, but will share that later. I really do want to do this and am not trying to make a troll post. Can add me Succesinmind#1797 You don't "gain" anything from the achieve (anymore, as it used to be part of GLory of Pandaria Raider), but you will have my respect (as well as from your peers), a sense of true accomplishment and pride. It's fun seeing 10 opportunistic strikes going off at the same time and seeing the "RA: [Show Me Your Moves] Requirements Complete, kill boss now!" message. Think of seeing 25 of them....and of course having 25 people who don't have slow reflexes.Peqvals12 2d
2d Brawlers Guild - Rumbles Hello All, I was wondering if anyone was interested in forming a group to do all of the brawler guild rumble fights? Stranglethorn Streak in particular is the worst. All attendees should be able to buy at least one card. We can also speed run these to get the 20,000 Coin Achievement. Warlocks, Mages and Hunters are preferred classes as these are best to do. I would like to do tonight around 9pm MST or Monday same time or next weekend. Selinace#1683Wildroot0 2d
2d Solo glory of.... achievements Which ones now with new patch are completely solo-able? I will be using a pet class. Thank youOrchiectomy7 2d
3d LFG - Heroes of the storm WOW mount moving to general. Probably the wrong place for thisIthinin1 3d
3d Guild Glory of the Pandaria Raider Is it still possible for my guild to get the achievement Guild Glory of the Pandaria Raider, for the mount. Or did it have to be achieved during MoPHaraambe1 3d
4d Is there any Legion Achievement group? I want to complete my achievement to unlock artifact skin color, is there any discord group doing this? I wish to joinLotharadge1 4d
4d How to reset old boss fights? Hey guys, I've been trying to finish off some of the old raid achievements I'm missing and I've run into a bit of an issue. There are situations where I can become stuck in a boss fight without any means of reseting the encounter besides waiting a very long time to die. For example, on XT in Ulduar you can't run out of his room once the encounter starts and I'll have to sit there for a solid 20 minutes before he can kill me. Trying to get "Nerf Scrapbots" is hard enough without this additional problem. I'm curious if anyone has any tricks or items that help them in these situations, as this is my main achievement character and switching to hunter isn't going to be an option. I remember there was a dagger in MoP that you could kill yourself with, but I guess it's not usable after level 91+.Siegürd3 4d
4d Achievement - They Really Love Me! So, for everyone who's trying to get this achievement, its badly designed. I just spent 1h45 and 76 charges in a pre-made group, and the group disbanded when it was my turn. I request that the achievement be changed to using 50 charges on people. This is ridiculous. I hope I don't have to spend 50 more min to get that toy...I will keep my ticket open until I get the toy, please post here if you are in the same situation and are unsatisfied with this achievement, and request sticky for the post, thanks <3! For what it's worth, here is a screenshot: Sorry for spelling, English is my 2nd language.Oló161 4d
Feb 15 Reins of the Golden King A couple of Alliance guilds on my server are level 25 now, and are running around on their lion mounts. I was excited when I saw the model for it--it was cool and felt like it belonged with the alliance. But after seeing it... I'm disappointed. The guild banner on it is distracting and detracts from the coolness of the lion. My guild will hit 25 next week, and I don't think I'll be getting the mount unless that banner is removed.Kyruus3 Feb 15
Feb 15 Mistwalker TITLE - Mists of Pandaria CMs This topic may already exist, I apologize in advance for not previously navigating the forums, but I'm on a bus and posting from my phone, so it's very hard to search for things on it. I was curious if any MVP poster or blue poster could shed some light on whether this topic has been discussed at all and if there has been a large amount of feedback on making the mistwalker title account-wide for those who have achieved it? It is a great title to have and they have made every other aspect of CMs account wide, the transmog, purchasable weapons from WOD for toons that you didn't even do CMs on, mounts, etc, and in addition, we didn't even get a title like mistwalker for obtaining realm best in WOD, and this would be a great substitute. Anybody able to shed some light on the topic?Brambleton5 Feb 15
Feb 14 Battlemaster/Khan title 2015 I'm making this post because it took me a while to find this information and I want it to be listed in the search engines. The Battlemaster title is an account wide title achievement that can be earned through achievements of any character on your account. All account achievements earned count towards the title achievement And as far as PvP titles are concerned it's pretty prestigious as the title takes work by your specific account and can not be bought unlike Arena Master, Warbound, Lord/Lady of War titles which can be. As far as PvP titles are concerned the Battlemaster title is ranked in the following order by reputation. Gladiator titles > Hero of the Alliance > Vanquisher > Duelist > Rival > RBG 2100+ titles >Arena Master > Lieutenant Commander/Champion == Battlemaster > Khan > Other PvP titles Battlemaster is essentially like having a 2000 rating via achievement and is equal to the Lieutenant Commander/Champion title. Less than 0.7% of the population has earned the Battlemaster title. If you see someone with the Battlemaster title they deserve the some of the highest WoW respect you can give related to PvP. Comparable to top arena titles, it is one of the top battleground titles available. It surely takes skill and tons of effort to achieve this title and should not be mocked. If you see this title on a low level alt 65+ I would be very weary of ganking said toon lest the main return and put the hurt on you. The following PvP titles can NOT be purchased with gold or cash. Gladiator > Hero of the Alliance > Vanquisher > Duelist > Rival > RBG 2201+ titles > Battlemaster > Khan > Justicar Thus these deserve respect and admiration because they have been earned, not purchased. If you think this information needs to be modified I can be reached at smash#1916Smash30 Feb 14
Feb 14 Torn Invitation - Llothien Fox Mount I researched on wowhead that this item can drop from surumar emissary chests, class hall quests, or withered army training (this item starts the quest for the fox mount). It's February now and it hasn't dropped for me yet. I stopped doing withered army training after I got all the chests but I've done all the surumar emissary chests and class hall missions over the months. I'm having trouble finding additional information about drop rate. Does anyone have any tips on getting this item? Is it just completely random or are there things I can do to increase my odds (other than doing all surumar emissary quests and class hall missions)?Jonaingo4 Feb 14
Feb 14 Field Medic Is there anyone that has farmed for this? I only need 4 notes left but man I'm going to go crazy over this. Any information out there on Wowhead is disjointed and confusing. I tried to talk with a GM about drops and mobs etc but they just brought me towards wowhead. Is there any clarity we can get on these? I've had some drop in completely different zones from where comments have said they drop. Or what mobs in zones can drop them and which mobs can't. I checked the loot table on one of the notes with a certain mob, that mob dropped a different note that wasn't listed on the table. Is anyone able to help shed light or give me a moral boost on this title.Velyr12 Feb 14
Feb 14 Most Time Consuming Achievements? What's the most time consuming achievement you've dived into and managed (or not managed!) to see the other side of?Stitches10 Feb 14
Feb 13 Need help with Fistful of Love Need a undead warrior and Troll rogue to complete Fistful of love achievement. GravyChipz#1348Rezort0 Feb 13
Feb 13 WTB EASY ACHIEVEMENT 1.5K EACH PLAYER 'I got what you mead' achievement you provide the 4 other players Requires * horde * basic mythic HOV dungeon * clear all ads * pick up mead / beer * run up the bridge and we all throw 1 mead each at all the different gods.Sharkprince0 Feb 13
Feb 12 Need help please Hi. I just wanted to ask if I have to finish the "Good Suramaritan" achiv in order to start "Insurrection"? OR just keep doing Suramar quest lines? Cuz I was planning to get the Nighthold mount someday. Thank you so much in advance :)Balötwitsalt1 Feb 12
Feb 12 Anyone Want to Trade Mounts? So I farmed up 10 Skyshards because a couple guildies offered to buy the Alani mount... Yet when it came time to pay up, they all changed their minds. On the other hand, I want to get the Nightbane mount, but nobody in my guild wants to go into Kara. So here's my offer: Looking for a group of 4. You get me a Smouldering Emberwyrm, and I'll get all of you a Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent. Post here if interested.Canofspinach1 Feb 12
Feb 12 Seeking to realm hop for Tarlna the Ageless. Trying to finish my Pepe whistle achievement. Looking for a realm that has Tarlna the Ageless up as a world boss in Gorgrond. Please let me know, thanksSeraphim2 Feb 12
Feb 12 Call to Arms Achievement Complete 100 BGs at max level. -Is this achiev bugged ? I'm 5/100 but I know i've completed way more than that. (losing isle of conquest) Is it wins? if so, why does it say complete.. EDIT: nope.. i completed one today and im still at 5/100. What is going on.Jinxh3 Feb 12
Feb 12 Dropping Some Eaves Okay. So, I've done this dungeon 5 times now and I have done everything right and I'm still not getting the correct dialog for this achievement. I find it funny how most of my guildies have received this achievement without even trying to get. Yet, hereI am wasting my time trying to get it and I can't see to do so. This is the LAST achievement that I need until I get my Glory of the Legion Hero meta complete. Please, someone... HELP! This is so frustrating and I'm getting sick and tired of running Court of Stars.Omiee60 Feb 12
Feb 11 Question about Keystones If I run a depleted +16, will this unlock the "Complete a Level 15 Keystone" achievement for the Artifact Appearance? We won't make it within the time limit, and I do know that I will get a +16 at the end of the week, but I'm only in it for the appearance. Can someone confirm or deny this? Thanks!Serrow2 Feb 11
Feb 11 Deepholm quests Just curious if anyone else had issues with this achievement. I'm stuck at 83/110 and can't find a single one. I should have done it while leveling but didn't. I have hidden quests tracked but after flying around for hours I got nothing. I was contemplating leveling someone else through this to see if it was easier at level. I have tried to track quests completed on wowhead but haven't had much success yet.Turidan3 Feb 11
Feb 11 Good Suramaritan I have completed the "Arcan'dor, Gift of the Ancient Magi" quest and upon handing it in I did not receive the "change of seasons" achievement. I know this is needed for the "Good Suramaritan" achievement which is important (it's my final lore achievement) . I can not re-do the quest as it is no longer offered because I completed it, what can be done?Boneslayer2 Feb 11
Feb 11 Noy getting an achievement ya i got Been Waiting a Long Time for This (25 player) but it didnt give me the mount aND IT WAS the last achievement for the mountBabalagoon2 Feb 11
Feb 10 Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare I'm trying to do the Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare achievement but at lvl 100 with all ilvl 700 gear from the invasion I one shot the adds instead of getting them down to a health % that the boss can kill off easily. I've tried on my 100 DK (main), DH, Pally, Hunter and Shammy. Anyone have any tips for what ilvl gear would be more useful for this achievement or any other tips to not kill the adds when trying to pre-damage them for the boss?Dréden14 Feb 10
Feb 10 suaramar storyline suramar questline/good suramatin/breaking the lightbreaker. have killed azoran a bunch of times.won"t give ach.Thukidd0 Feb 10
Feb 10 Pitied the love fool question this may have been asked before but can you complete part of an achievement on one character and part on another and it work? for instance the "I pitied the love fool" achievement. is it possible for me to pity a love fool on one alt, then pity another fool on another toon and get credit for it? I pitied a love fool on one character and the progress isnt showing up on another toon.Salpha2 Feb 10
Feb 9 WTB EASY ACHIEVEMENT 1.5K EACH 'I got what you mead' achievement you provide the 4 other players Requires * horde * basic mythic HOV dungeon * clear all ads * pick up mead / beer * run up the bridge and we all throw 1 mead each at all the different gods.Sharkprince2 Feb 9
Feb 9 Fool for Love Unobtainable? It seems the achievement is bugged and you can't get the Dangerous Love to complete the meta. what is the solution? I'm stuckJux8 Feb 9