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39m Get that achievement XVI Just a continue from topic. Last one to post was Frytanya so as a reminder you need to [Remember to Share]you only got four more to go! (: I'll take a couple achieves to tackle. (: For those interested in earning achievements with other here are some great discord link: Achievements , WoW General Secret Finding , WoWhead: World of Warcraft and Neall's Discord Server . All of these are among my favorite for getting and/or giving help with achievements, pets, mounts or toys.Winfree280 39m
3h Community Vote for 350 / 400 mount achiev The new expansion is just around the corner and I am guessing the new achievements will more and likely be released with the pre-release like they did in Warlords of Dreanor. Blizzard also let the community vote on what would be the achievement mount last time so hopefully if we get enough attention the community can come up with a great mount that gets implemented into the game. Here is what I compiled so far: Blizzard likes to make the achievement mounts from re-colors of previous expansions. Here is the list of achievements/drakes/sources -Achievements- Albino Drake - 50 - Vanilla Red/Blue Dragonhawk - 100 - Burning Crusade Jade Pandaren Kite - 150 - Pandaland Armored Red/Blue Dragonhawk - Burning Crusade / Wrath? Felfire hawk - 250 - Cataclysm Heavenly Azure Cloud Serpant - 300 - Pandaland 350 - Wrath? / Cataclysm / Dreanor With what Blizzard has given us in the past my guess is that it's most likely going to be a mount from either Wrath, Cata or Dreanor. My personal opinion the Cata mounts would probably look the best recolored even though I would like a Mimirons head recolored to Bowsers Copter in Super Mario Bros (I'm sure there's some copy write issues there). Below are a list of flying mounts released in the previous expansions. -Wrath- Proto Drake Armored Proto Drake Mimirons Head Invincible -Cataclysm- 4x Stone Drake 4x Wind Drake Dark Phoenix Mottled Drake 2x Fire Hawk Blazing / Harbinger / Hamdmaiden Obsidian Nightwing Spectral Gryphon Corrupted Hyppogryph *Tarecgosa* -Dreanor- Felfire hawk - Already done Emerald Drake - Already done Soaring Skyterror Heavenly Azure Cloud Serpant - Already done Ironbound WraithCHarger Eclipse Dragonhawk - Already done Solar Spirehawk Felsteel Annihilator Grove Warden Grinning Reaver Mystic Runesaber Cindermane Charger Infinite Timereaver With that said, in Dreanor they also released the "awake the drakes" achievement. That would also make room for a "drake of the stones" or "drake of the four winds" achievements / Mount recolors. Please post what you are hoping for as a new achievement Mount even if it doesn't follow what's posted above.Podgy10 3h
7h TCG Loot Buy/Sell/Trade Thread #37 Continuation from: ...Çx298 7h
1d Why No 50/110 Achievement? I attempted to ask this in the general forum but the trolls that abound there derailed the post, so I figured I'd ask here: with all the various achievements out there, why isn't there one for 50 110 characters? I know that those of us who have managed to level up as many as we have are few and far between but we do exist 8) There should at least be some sort of title 8)Arcturious30 1d
1d Everything Is Awesome! So I've gathered the initial treasure of Awesomefish from Shadowmoon Valley. Beyond that, is there any reliable way of obtaining these little guys? I haven't been able to find any on the Auction House to purchase, nor have I caught a single one since fishing today. Is this one of those "used to be a funny joke but is now quite hard" achievements?Reruro1 1d
1d Any and All Just A Worgen looking for more achievement points. Add me if you ever need anyone help with any achievement. I want them all.Anûbîs2 1d
1d Looking for new friends Hey how’s it going so my friends are all gone they quit playing the game and I’m finding myself being bored when it comes to doing raids and trying to get achievements like flying which is killing me btw but I mainly pvp and arena competitively and so to some it up I’m look for cool people to chill with and build friendshipsKeloendis0 1d
1d [H] Herald of the Titans group LFM We are looking for more to form a herald of the titans group. Currently we have: 1 priest healer 1 DK Tank / DPS 1 mage DPS We are willing to help with gearing you out inside of ulduar so as long as you have somebody level 80 (or close enough we can push you with a few dungeon spams) that you would like to grab the title on, we can help with the rest. Add Rav#1538 and hopefully we can earn this awesome title together soon.Sunelari16 1d
1d Achievements On Alts Is there any purpose to doing achieves that you've already done on your main? It doesn't seem to count towards the point total. I'm a bit of an overachiever, but there doesn't seem to be any point to going out of my way on an alt to get an achievement. Am I missing something?Maeverlyn4 1d
2d Issues with achievements I've had terrible inconsistencies with achievements for years and I'm just curious if any of these have explanations. I game my achievement window shows 17,320 points. In the forum it shows 17,185. When I join a guild it shows 15,980. Do we know the issue here? I understand that perhaps the guild window is showing just this character and I might have some characters that have achievements that my main does not. But even then there's no way any of my other characters have 1,200+ worth of achievements that my main doesn't have. Perhaps I lost some achievements or some things got bugged during a faction change? I've considered switching back to Horde to see how that effects my achievement score. Additionally since legion my achievement menu does not correctly display my incomplete achievements. When I filter to show only incomplete it shows I have no incomplete achievements in some categories. When I change the filter to show all, all of a sudden it shows incomplete at the bottom. Achievements are one of the only reasons I play this game. Is like my character to be properly representing and displaying my achievement in.... Collecting achievements. Is there a filter or website or any tool I can use to see out of my total achievements, which are from this character and which were collecting from other characters on my account?Hellvus7 2d
2d Collect all initial Class Mounts - Legion I was trucking along and finally got all classes to 110 and got all the initial class mounts from Legion. I hadn't checked to see if this was an achievement and had to say I was rather surprised that it wasn't. It's not something you can just run around and do in a day or two and anyone that has done it knows it takes some time and dedication to get it done. I was just curious if anyone else has done this and if they were also surprised that this wasn't an achievement.Nekrongar2 2d
2d LFM to run Pandaria Raider Achievement Currently I'm stuck the Glory of the Pandaria Raider achievement that are not soloable Need some help to get the following: "Sorry. Were you looking for this?" (this may take 5 ppl to complete) "I heard you like amber..." and maybe "Face Clutchers" as well If you like to do the same achievement or don't mind helping me, pls hit me up. thanks in advance. Btag: Starlyse#11384 IGN: Starlyse-BarthilasStarlyse6 2d
2d The Stable Master: Garn-Tooth Necklace Hello, everyone! I was wondering if anyone could tell me where to get the Garn-Tooth Necklace. I need it for The Stable Master achievement in order to get my Armored Frostwolf. I've read this page as to when I can obtain it (I need a level 3 Stables), but I'm not sure where to get it. Thank you in advance!Wildspirit32 2d
2d "Been waiting a long time for this" help I have been trying to complete "Glory of the Icecrown Raider" to get the mount and I only have one achievement left to complete for it. Im having problems with Been waiting a long time for this, I get to the point where I have a enough ghouls running after me, and I go to smack the lich king once and wait for the necrotic plague. But he never infects me with it, what am I doing wrong or missing? Im doing it on my 100 dkWhiteangel9 2d
3d Bloodmist Isle Quests So Im going Loremaster and Im doing Kalimdor quests. Right now Im at Bloodmist Isle quests Im at 57/60 quests and Im stuck, I dont know if I need to kill mobs for quest items. I installed Quest Completist but is not showing any quests there, like I completed them all. Here I put some screenshots on Imgur: Im gonna try and kill some adds to see if Im missing a quest item, I already grab a couple of them, maybe there is more. Anyone ran into the same issue and is there any other addon that can track which one Im missing?Zipfslaw3 3d
3d Can Nemesis Quests Still Be Done? Is there a fast way to get them done?Yin3 3d
3d No mage tower feat of strength? Just wrapped up my 'journey' to get all the challenge artifact skins on all classes/specs. Last kill was shadow priest... using Surrender to Madness (for the first time ever) to burn through the last Raest phase =) Worked like a charm... and then I died horribly =) Anyway, I'd seen this in another post (old post in general), but figured it could use a post here - this seems like a perfect opportunity for a Feat of Strength. I'm someone who doesn't raid. For various reasons. Same thing with competitive arenas/RBGs. I don't have many achievements I can point to that say anything other than "I just like to play this game a lot." It'd be nice to have something that reflects the accomplishment of completing so many mage tower challenge scenarios. I think it'd even be cool to have four different feats - a tank, healer, and dps one, and then a final one for doing everything. Thank you for your consideration!Wyler4 3d
3d WTS Wooly White Rhino Selling wooly white rhino on Zul'jin. Willing to move it to another server for you for an extra fee. Btag me if you are interested. thekwanos#1667Kwanos0 3d
3d mythic gul'dan mount groups are there people or groups out there that run mythic gul'dan for the mount? If so I would like to join, 952 ele shaman if not I would like to create oneHatchmark0 3d
3d But I'm On Your Side (10 Player) Hello, I recently ran through Ulduar (on this character) and defeated the Assembly of Iron while under the effect of the Iron Boot Flask (now a "toy") but the achievement did not pop up for me as completed. Is there something I missed or that it did not come up because the fight was concluded to fast or something else?Barauge0 3d
4d Anyone have Observer's Locus Resonator? Hey all, I was wondering if anyone had already saved up enough eyes to buy the Observer's Locus Resonator and would be willing to invite me to a group and let me use their portal. Rezira the Seer is one of the few I still need to check off for Commander of Argus. Thanks in advance.Menger0 4d
4d Mount Collector Support Group v 24 last one capped at 24 4d
5d WTB Heavy Junckboxes for the Insane Hello ! I would like to recruit a Rogue to farm 1,275 Heavy Junckbox ( I will pay 120k gold for this. If anyone is interested, you can contact me here or add me: Guewergues#1250 Thank you!Guewergues1 5d
5d achievement needed for flying now? flying achievement past 60?... is there a way to demand for supply if ya know what i mean. like complain to blizzard for taking away the point of exploration away in draenor. i just got to draenor and im so disapointed with what they've done with flying. all because of self centered people who wanna harass others and make other people play there way. im probly gonna quit warcraft because this is how I EXPLORE THINGS!!! if they dont like it. uhhmm...dont purchase the flipping LICENSE?????? and nobody should obviously get banned just for speaking out differently lets just get that straight. i just wanna know how to message them because i dont have an email or working ticket. its annoying reallyKryptodragon1 5d
5d Flight Unlock/Pathfinder in BfA and forward So I recently unlocked flight in the broken isles and my reaction to it is twofold: 1. It's much more time consuming then just dropping gold to get flight like in mists of pandaria and earlier. and 2. It's extremely nice to have flight unlocked for all characters, permanently when you have several alts. So my idea/suggestion for flight unlocks going forward into Battle for Azeroth is... why can't we have both? A "spend gold to unlock" option for those that only play one character or would rather farm gold, and a "do the pathfinder achievement" option for those that would rather have a slower method that saves gold in the long run. I'd also like to see this change be retroactive: add a "mists of pandaria pathfinder" achievement, "wrath of the lich king pathfinder", etc as well as an option to purchase flight in draenor and broken isles (for a single character) for gold. What's everyone else's thoughts/opinions on this matter? Do you prefer gold unlocks or pathfinder unlocks for flight, and why?Rianor0 5d
5d 90+ Exalted Factions Club Hey, If you're reading this you may have 90+ Exalted Factions in-game. This thread is for those to post that they reached this prestigious club in-game. I, Myself, Just reached 91 Exalted Factions yesterday, With my 92nd one not too far off. For those wondering - It's possible to reach 90+ Exalted reputations now even if you never got Exalted with the (2) factions that got removed some time ago from the game. So who here has 90+ Exalted? Show your pride! :-) Xanlorash [The Insane]Xanlorash26 5d
5d Over their heads - Pandaria I have been working on this achievement for nearly 2 months now. I have had I think three or so days where I wasn't able to check the NPCs up because my hard drive was broken. I am yet to see the Amber Venomlancer and I'm starting to wonder if it's just hiding from me :( Surely it didn't spawn all those three days in a row and is now taking a 2 month break... Anyone still working on this and can confirm it is still spawning, just not for me? Getting a bit fed up of it, I thought surely I would have seen it at least a handful of times now, I've certainly seen all the others plenty.Shekhina1 5d
5d Loremaster Achievement I am currently working on the Loremaster Achievement, and I read that the older zones will change from needing a certain amount of quests done in a zone, to needing the storyline finished to complete the achievement for that zone. I finished up Eastern Kingdoms last week, and am about half way through Kalimdor as well as Outlands. Will this change cause me to need to go back to some zones when this change is made, and do quests again, to get those achievements (which I have already earned) ... again?Kinners6 5d
6d Have... Have We Met? The Sequel! Continuing from Thassarian is still hovering over Sethria's Roost, for as long as I can manage (will I keep him past rollover? Let's find out!) All Hordies especially welcome! Especially if you can bring Mankrik or Linken wth you! This is happening on Wyrmrest Accord. There's a Custom Group for Alliance realm-hoppers.Glaswen98 6d
6d Have... Have We Met? achievement thread THERE IS ACTUALLY TWO THREADS FOR THIS ACHIEVE. My friend I met doing this also has one, and both are the most popular threads for this so please check both! First thread capped If you want to share one of the following NPCs for this achievement (Thassarian, Nat Pagle, Chromie, Linken, Mankrik, Hemet Nesingwary) to others please post here with realm or BTag. Times when you're online for that day, saying you're done, other relevant information is appreciated! BTW I'll have you know since this thread and thanks to people here I've gotten this achievement done! Use Premade Groupfinder addon, this thread, make friends! It's still possible!Vivec177 6d
6d "No More Tears" soloable... ? On a fury warrior? They ignore taunt and intimidating shout. Piercing Howl slows them but nowhere near enough. Is there something I'm overlooking? Or maybe some item or potion or something that will provide an appropriate crowd control? Even if I can only CC 1 per split, that would be enough.Diamonddave1 6d
Dec 5 Why do some drop/rare mounts not have a FoS? Has there ever been justification for why something like Mimiron's Head has a FoS, but Clutch of Ji-Kun or Voidtalon of the Dark Star does not? Just curious!Cooder5 Dec 5
Dec 5 Know Your Role This is still available, isn't it, and I'm just having bad luck?. Been to Master Snowdrift 4 days in a row and no quests from him.Diamonddave3 Dec 5
Dec 3 LF Herald of the Titans Group. Not putting together a group, I am actually currently looking for a Herald of the Titans group. I have an Ele/Resto Shaman. If you are forming a group, or have a group that needs that one extra dps, feel free to btag me. Saracalia#1520Saralight3 Dec 3
Dec 3 Working on The Insane Title. So I want to finally start working on this one. At the moment I am revered with the Steamweedle Cartel and was wondering if it would be better to get those up to exalted first before working on the Bloodsail Buccaneers? Any advice would be appreciated thanks.Sakuth6 Dec 3
Dec 2 Wingmen after 100 Just a note for anyone coming late to this achievement to max out reputation with all 5 of your Draenor bodyguards: they scale with your level, so if you are 110, so are they. The problem here is grey mobs don't give rep and the farming spots for a 100 (the wasps in Spires of Arak for example) will not work for a 110. This also means that some day when we go beyond 110 and all Draenor mobs are grey, this achievement will no longer be obtainable for those higher level characters. If you want it still, you now need to kill level 100 mobs and should decide before the end of this expansion if it is something you will want to have. Yea, I know that is still a long time to go yet, but better to put it on your radar as a possible something to do rather than miss it and maybe regret it later.Dakyras1 Dec 2
Dec 2 Garrison Draenor Achievements... I'm just going to be blunt I couldn't stand WoD and the thought of doing anything back there for achievement purposes is thus nixed. I'm also not sure why these got their own tab anyway, I mean, there's tons of things that seem like they could have their own tab but why Draenor anything of all things? I guess really I wouldn't mind if these were just all gone. Pet Battles as well... just... ugh... a few of the ones are ok but I feel like they should just be general achievements or something or extra, IMO.Balfuria1 Dec 2
Dec 2 Flying: Broken Isles Diplomat Can I use multiple characters to get revered for the achievement, or do I need to do it with the one i'm trying to get it on?Espressa2 Dec 2
Dec 2 Dinner Party achieve Query Does anyone know - 1) If its still achievable.......2) If all feasts are supposed to count or just current content and 3) Does it have to be in a guild group?Sparkliy1 Dec 2
Nov 30 350 mounts and 400 I think it's time we put these into the game, i got my 350th mount 2 weeks after legion launch and am still climbing the ranks. I feel big number mount achievements should be rewarded early to show off that collectors dedication and hard work and give players a goal to strive for. Since 400 is just about impossible to get atm it would be implemented with an eye toward the future after all when the next expac comes out 400 will be reachable with out requiring alot of unobtainable mounts. I'm sure many of you are still struggling to get 300 or even 250 but it's nice to know that there is always that reward to aim for. what mounts do you think would be a good reward for these players achievements?Evani71 Nov 30
Nov 30 LFM Only the Penitent... at boss now. I just want to get this roadblock achievement done already. I'm on the Illidan server and sitting at the boss now so we can do this quick. I need 5 other people who know what to do. Whisper me for group invite and make your way to Firelands. ThanksCennaria1 Nov 30
Nov 30 You Said Crossing the Streams... Okay I have been trying to solo this for two weeks now. Every other achievement has been successful at soloing but for some reason I can't do this correctly. I have watched all the videos and read the comments but I just can't seem to get it. There are three things Durumu does that are instant kill. Force of Will - Knocks you back to your death Beam - Just kills you ????Unknown - I drop dead, usually during his purple fog phase. I can manage to get a at least 1 of the fog beats, but I die instantly to some unknown attack. It seems to happen mostly during the phase when he does the killer beam and the ground is covered in purple stuff. I can't see the Force of Will Cone while this happens, but THAT tends you knock you back. What could be killing me? And is there a easier way to see the Light Bubbles? Please Help. Thanks.Mantaur9 Nov 30
Nov 30 Artifact Challenge To say that these challenges are bad enough as they are, but to add in glitches and ridiculous time constraints just takes the joy out this expansion. Before I get the, "But these are to show off your commitment to learning your spec" I've been playing WoW since vanilla, and not a single spec today is the same as it was 12 years ago... let alone last xpac. Also, I can appreciate the desire to award those hardcore dedicated players. But this isn't on the same level as challenge dungeons, or mythic raids etc. This isn't 1 transmog item, but a complete tier of some of the best weapon skins in the game. Let me break it down. 1. The tower Is only up for a limited time (So only 3 days every couple of weeks.) 2. We have to spend shards on attempts (really as if the time constraint isn't enough) 3. The tower being up is at the mercy of the whole community. (Awkward for a solo challenge.) But push all that aside because having the challenge glitch out, and transfer you across the world into a completely different zone is enough to make me want to uninstall. Yes that's right, after too many attempts to count, the Mage Tower glitched and I spawned in Azshara. I know I'm just ranting here, but this is infuriating.Luvnleather10 Nov 30
Nov 30 Buying All Heavy Junkboxes Buying all Heavy Junk boxes for the achievement - Insane in the membraneDeathkingg4 Nov 30
Nov 29 Do group members have to be there? So Im going for guild raid achievements and it requires the group to be 80% guildies. If I make a group, do they have to physically go into the raid with me to get the achievement of completing the raid?Chromcoff1 Nov 29
Nov 29 Mark of Prey Trading Thread #1 Us-Neutral: I have 14 Horde 110 & 1 Alliance 110 willing to trade kill. Keep in mind debuff timer stop rolling when you're log off unfortunately with the exception of a server reset happening, so you'll need to take at least 10min each day per toon in-game to get rid of the debuff. Wanting to do this least once per day so if you have alliance toons we can use my alliance toon to bring them over to the server or vice versa. We'll be doing this next to a spirit healers in one of the PvP and/or Falcosaur WQ zone. Btag is DarkHermes#1169 if interested. (: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FAQ Talon's Vengeance is a "hidden" faction, with no associated Achievement or Feat of Strength, and no permanent titles. The one reason to grind reputation with this faction is for the Ivory Hawkstrider mount, available at Exalted reputation. This mount is essentially a less armored version of the Swift White Hawkstrider which drops from Kael'thas Sunstrider in Magisters' Terrace (a Burning Crusade dungeon) on Heroic difficulty. Accessing the Faction To access this faction, first you must complete one of the four questlines granted by your falcosaur pets - Direbeak Hatchling, Bloodgazer Hatchling, Sharptalon Hatchling, or Snowfeather Hatchling. Only one of the questlines must be completed to gain access to Talon's Vengeance, but it is likely you will want to complete all four questlines anyway as they each grant a mount on completion. After having completed a questline and obtaining the mount, you must summon said mount in front of Aviana at [32.24, 66.86] in Highmountain. For those without coordinates, she can be found at Sylvan Falls, due east and across the water from the Sylvan Falls flight point (northwest of Riverbend on the map). Once you have summoned your mount and spoken to Aviana, she will have a number of dialogue prompts that you must click through. After you have selected "I will be the talons of vengeance", you unlock access to the Talon's Vengeance Quartermaster - Trinket, a raven that is sitting on the large statue of the archer near Aviana. After this point, you will have continued access to Trinket, regardless of what mount you use thereafter or what reputation you are with the faction. This makes this mount mostly sought after for completists and/or mount collectors.Reputation with Talon's Vengeance is only obtained by farming and using Mark of Prey, which grants 100 reputation per mark. Note that Mark of Prey is not a currency, and takes up bag space - it stacks to 20. These marks have NO USE after getting to 999/1000 Exalted with Talon's Vengeance. *No Paragon caches* Below is a table of how many marks it takes to get through each reputation level, broken down by the reputation buffs (if any) you have. The assumption is that you are starting at the very beginning of each reputation level. TOTAL 42,000 Revered 21,000 Honored 12,000 Friendly 6,000 Neutral 3,000 Reputation buff 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 30 29 28 27 25 60 58 55 53 50 120 115 110 105 100 210 200 191 183 175 420 400 382 366 350 Mark of Prey *EDITWinfree28 Nov 29
Nov 27 Naxt Victim Trading WTT [Portal-Stone: Than'otalion] for [Portal-Stone: Skulguloth]. Btag:Madness#12309Madness1 Nov 27
Nov 27 The Wish Remover For those that don't know, this is the Legion version of the old "fish up a bunch of coins from the Dalaran fountain". Now, Marcia Chase (or whatever her name is) sells a bunch of different lures that all specifically say they only catch certain coins, but I looked this achievement up on Wowhead and it looks like either that's a load of bull, or coins can be gotten by multiple lures. Does anyone know for sure? Are there certain coins that can only be fished by specific lures or is it just all RNG?Mackenzy2 Nov 27
Nov 27 Turkey Lurkey Help {COMPLETED} Hey all! Would anyone be willing to help me with this chieve? I'm on the Aerie Peak realm and I'm missing Dwarf and Goblin. I'm able to tip if you have a main alliance toon. Willing to fly all over just to get this done xD Thanks in advance!Nightcallerz1 Nov 27