Mar 29, 2012 Which achieves are you working on right now? So for all you achievement point collectors out there, which achievements are you currently working on right now? As of this post, I am working towards looting 100,000 gold (~6,700 gold to go); Gurubashi Arena Grand Master (1 more arena trinket away) and Knight of Arathor (less than 900 rep to go).Rebbatskcab22 Mar 29, 2012
Mar 29, 2012 The Empire of Zul'Drak Stuck at 99/100 quests for this achievement and have been searching for any possible way to complete one more for at least 5 hours now. Anyone that has been in this same situation have any ideas on how to solve this problem?Hewty10 Mar 29, 2012
Mar 29, 2012 Making History (Guild Achievement) My guild is stuck at 390/500 for this achievement--I just started paying attention to it so I'm not sure how long it's been like that. Is it only unique artifacts that count? That doesn't make sense though, since there's only 139 unique artifacts. I tried relogging too--no help there.Spoonzilla1 Mar 29, 2012
Mar 29, 2012 fl HI all im looking 4 a 10/25m reg or heroic im on the heart of flame quest and wood like to kill heroic rags pstIceemage1 Mar 29, 2012
Mar 29, 2012 [A] Lvl25 Guild LF Ach. Lovers/Rerollers Greetings! While we are primarily a raiding guild, we are also looking for rerollers who are looking for a fresh start before Mists of Pandaria is released. Between now and MoP launch, we'll be running raid groups to get achievements in Tiers 1-13. You'll find more about us below: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Realm Info: Realm: Stormrage (est. 12/30/04) Battlegroup: Ruin Type: PvE Timezone: Eastern Standard Time Faction: Alliance A to H Ratio: 7.6:1 (current as of 03/22/12) Queues: None Guild Info: Age Requirements: 18+ Up Level 25 High Activity Hours: 4-11pm EST Main Raid Schedule: Tue-Thur 7-10pm EST Alt Raid Schedule: Sun 7-10pm EST Scenario and Challenge Modes (MoP): Daily 4-7pm EST Are you a former raider who just can't find the time to dedicate to full-time progression anymore? Or perhaps you're just returning to the game after an absence and looking for a fresh start for Mists of Pandaria? Maybe you prefer to spend your in-game time with mature, knowledgeable and friendly players rather than...the 'other' types of players? Are you tired of being seen as nothing but a Gearscore number? Looking to re-roll? If any of these situations sound like you, please read on. <Doom Pandas> is an alliance guild located on the Stormrage realm (EST). We are a multiformat guild that enjoys all aspects of the game. Our goal is to create a fun, social environment for mature players to enjoy while they pursue their favorite activities in Azeroth. While we will provide serious raiding opportunities, we realize that social connections are what keep people engaged. The other side of that coin is that, while we hold our social atmosphere as the most important aspect of our guild, we will not allow players to waste what precious time we have in raids by being unfocused or unprepared. What We Offer: -Social/Leveling/Achievements: We believe our social members are a valuable part of our guild and regularly recruit non-raiders, newer (but mature) players and altoholics into our ranks. If you're generally a good person, we WANT you in our guild, regardless of your ability to dedicate time to raiding. -PVP: Players interested in PVP, will find a variety of scheduled and spur-of-the-moment activities, such as rated battleground teams, guild-sponsored arena teams, and organized opposing faction attacks. -Raiding: We will be running at least one progression-oriented raid team (10 or 25man) in Mists of Pandaria. We will have a set 'back to raiding' deadline where raiders will be expected to be geared and ready to jump into the new content. We will also be running more relaxed 10man alt teams in our downtime. -New MoP Content: Mists of Pandaria will see the launch of several new systems that we'll be participating in, such as Scenarios, Challenges and Pet Battles. Stay tuned! Raid Schedule: -Main Raid Team: Tue-Thur 7-10pm EST -Alt/Non-Progression/Non-Raiding Activities: Sun 7-10pm EST Raid Philosophy: We believe in individual accountability in a supportive and problem-solving environment. We will point out mistakes and give you the information you need to improve, but raids will never be allowed to devolve to ridicule or finger pointing. Our goal is to create raid teams that function at the highest level of competence and if you choose to raid, you absolutely MUST be committed to investing the necessary time and effort needed to play your chosen class at a serious level. Applying: -Website: -Social, Non-Raiding Applicants should register on our website and whisper Catenae in-game for an invite. -ALL Raiders will need to fill out an application and be interviewed in Vent.Catenae1 Mar 29, 2012
Mar 29, 2012 401ilvl dps lfg Fl/Delegation im trying to get a group to do delegation. id like to go for cinders after i complete it.i have a strat on how id like to do it if the group i find doesnt mind i just need rhy and alysrazor fragments for delegation then mini boss. but by saying that we can pull rhy get my fragments charge them up and then wipe it. do alysrazor same thing get those charge then wipe then do volcanus and then go to killing bosses and collect cinders. i know it sounds like alot of work but im trying to push for my orange stick which prob wont happen b4 mop but doesnt hurt to go for itVolkswaggin3 Mar 29, 2012
Mar 29, 2012 WTB pureblood firehawk, 50k+crimson charger topic, will transfer a toon to your server and pay the aboce realid troyness@live.comSeasloth0 Mar 29, 2012
Mar 29, 2012 401Kitty Dps LF H-Nef, Ala, Sin, Rag Looking For Tried to fit as much in the title as possible. Currently looking for cross realm raids for heroic mode versions of all the final bosses prior to this tier. I don't much care for other achievements, but not against doing them if you desire to. Me Current guild (including myself, not meaning they did it and I /cheered) is server first H: Madness of Deathwing and Glory of the DS raider. We formed from a group of friends and raid casually. We don't raid enough to go back and do past tiers, but I would personally like to go back and get these kills. My past experience in these tiers was very casual with average guilds, it wasn't until this tier we formed our own guild. I have no problem passing certain items for groups that have experienced people that have been their longer. I also just signed up for open raid if you want to get in touch on their.Zel0 Mar 29, 2012
Mar 29, 2012 Still no word on fixing Explore Ammen Vale eh Before the white knights descend upon me to defend Blizzard with one of the most overused excuse-alternatives, let me state that it is uncalled for to have to utilize something as ridiculous as corpse hopping just because a starting zone has one entrance guarded by an entire army of 90 NPC guards. Not when every other area either gives me the option to either combat guards or just simply fly over. Especially when said guards are able to resist Feign Death and see through both Stealth and Invisibility. So, now that that's out of the way, I want to see why this is still one of the most difficult achievements in the game!Barklight14 Mar 29, 2012
Mar 29, 2012 LF Horde XRealm H FL run. Willing to transfer Hi, I am looking for 1 run for the achievements and mount. I am not asking to be carried and know all the fights and was 3/7 H pre 4.3. Want to point out that I am hearing impaired and that does not hinder my game play. Edit- I am willing to transfer if needed to do this and if the price is right. ThanksSnotbubble2 Mar 29, 2012
Mar 29, 2012 LFM H-LK ( Come get your free title ) 25 man LFM H-LK ( Come get your free title ) 25 man Mount on free roll.Beerxoxo0 Mar 29, 2012
Mar 29, 2012 LF Acrocalypse Now I'm looking for "Acrocalypse Now" achievement. Would like to get it done before 8pm EST tonight. Realid - bryce@sevron.netBryce0 Mar 29, 2012
Mar 29, 2012 LFM WoW full clear 1-13(Australian Times) This Idea is adapted (stolen) from Skadge / Crushridge forum post ( I liked the idea but with me being Australian couldn't raid the times so have decided to start my own <Seriously> is currently recruiting! Accepting re-rolls and server transfers! Raid times/days are 7:00-10:30 AEST Thus/Sat. Server Frostmourne, Alliance Side *Currently on Levelling for Vanilla Content* We will progress onward to Wrath, Cata, and Mists, tier by tier, hard modes and heroics included. Wow full-clear! -Loot Rules- Loot will be handled by a loot council of me and the other chosen officers, this includes legendaries specifically shadowmourne and val'anyr as with the rare drop legendaries we will likely not be on a teir long enough to have a good chance for them to drop -Current Progression- 0/everything Recruitment needs: **NOW RECRUITING FOR VANILLA CONTENT** (start leveling now, raiding soon) Currently recruiting all classes. *Tanks/Heals please have a DPS off-spec in mind*. Core ranks are awarded for attendance and player skill. *Core = guaranteed raid slot, free bank repairs ALWAYS, and +10 roll bonus on vanity mounts* RULES: -no help from higher levels during raid progression -no reforging until cata -no pvp or boa gear allowed during raids (allowed during levelling) -no higher ilvl gear/enchants/gems than what we are currently progressing thru (imagine each tier has a herald of of titans achieve) -no death knights until wrath content This guild is absolutely not for the casual wow player. Expect this to take at least the remainder of the year to catch up to current content. However, imagine once we reach current content.. to have a guild that has literally been through it all and has formed a tight-knit atmosphere of unstoppable progression. Are you up for it? *********************** Contact myself for more info. All guildies can invite :D You may also contact me via real-id/email at Thanks for reading!Gubonjajatwo4 Mar 29, 2012
Mar 29, 2012 LFG H ODS Annoyed with only needing a H ODS kill for my meta, know every mechanic in the raid & can go as holy (398 ilvl) or ret (394 ilvl). Hit me up on this thread or in-gameAuxiliary0 Mar 29, 2012
Mar 29, 2012 [H] Spotnatious Glory of the Ulduar Raider!!! I'm on and need to stay awake and this is all i can think of. I will be on for the next two hours to try for this. Hit me up. 25 man BTW. Marck1105@aol.comCrackalacka0 Mar 29, 2012
Mar 29, 2012 LFG to down aly {FL} on normal before tornado down her before tornados spawn so instant achiev.Annathesia0 Mar 29, 2012
Mar 29, 2012 403 Resto Druid LF Weekly H Rag Hello. As the title states I am looking for a weekly Heroic Rag for a chance at the mount. I know the fight very well inside and out. I've already killed him twice. If you have a group going for this please let me know the day/time so I can check my work schedule accordingly for you. Thanks. Ciao!Wildlight0 Mar 29, 2012
Mar 29, 2012 [City Attacker] with only two 2 players Hi my friends, Guild Atena (2 players) doing this achiev. (some time with guest - 3 players) save world pvp!! 1350/2500 guild lvl: 5 Thank you all!Herbalista0 Mar 29, 2012
Mar 29, 2012 shadowfrost shard thread Pst about youre exp. at doing the quest how much drop weekly, if youre doing it now share you're feelings about it... Its a shadowmourne thread! :oYmcmb4 Mar 29, 2012
Mar 28, 2012 Blizz, save me a headache. Account wide ach. I was THRILLED when I got the news that achievements would be account wide. It is the only reason I have refused to play an alt in the last 4 years. Just the thought of getting those all over again makes my head explode. I am one of the few people who completed "Insane in the Membrane" back before the shen'dalar was removed (however you spell it)....Anyway, I am currently working on the league of Arathor rep which you are aware it takes about 500 wins of Arathi Basin to max out... I care nothing about the weapons / tabards / armor that some rep grinds offer. I dont mind waiting till the appropriate level to use those rewards. I just really dont want to earn some of these achievements again. In my opinion, factions should recognize the player as the person doing the work, and not the toon they are on. So all of Ironforge should know me as the person sitting behind the keyboard, not the toon that is standing in front of them. Is there any way we could have a hint of information about this so I know if I am wasting my time or not?Zephex5 Mar 28, 2012
Mar 28, 2012 Looking to join a group for FL meta Hello all, I am looking for a group that is completing the Firelands Meta Achievement. The ones that I need for my achievement: Do a barrel roll!, Death from above, Bucket list, Only the penitent. I hope this gets seen and hope to get my last 4 for the completion of this annoying thing. -.-Vilerot0 Mar 28, 2012
Mar 28, 2012 (A) LFM ICC25M Going now Real ID Shards are reserved and Red Helm (offset DK plate) everything else is free roll.Parts1 Mar 28, 2012
Mar 28, 2012 WTB: Pureblood Firehawk -Heroic Ragnaros drop Hello! I'm looking for a guild that is interested in selling the pureblood firehawk from heroic ragnaros! I am willing to transfer to the server that you are on. If you or your guild is interested in doing this, please contact me in game. Dipsi- Firetree. Where I hope to negotiate a price! Thank you!Dipsi6 Mar 28, 2012
Mar 28, 2012 WTS Formula: Enchant Shield - Lesser Parry Formerly Enchant Shield - Lesser Block. Just curious what the interest in this enchant is.Nakuul3 Mar 28, 2012
Mar 28, 2012 Needing to complete Legendary Staff I have had the misfortune of taking a break from this game and I came back to finding that the drop rate for legendary loot has been nerfed. With the added bonus of OpenRaid, I have started to try to collect what I need, as I want to have it completed before the next expansion. I am currently on the Seething Cinders part, and would like to be part of a 25 man run that raids regularly. I know this may be a long shot, but I am turning to the WoW community for help. I am willing to xfer and be a part of another guild if that is what it takes. I take this game seriously (perhaps too much at times), and want to obtain this item to improve my character's ability to contribute. Please respond here or use my Real ID: Demona_Brown@yahoo.comNeimara2 Mar 28, 2012
Mar 28, 2012 anyone selling RBG wins looking at getting/buying 2200 rating.Shamaze0 Mar 28, 2012
Mar 28, 2012 Impeachment Feature Suggestions. Alright so having spent a good amount of time arguing with blizzard trying to see if i could get my guild back after having been gone for awhile due to things that were not of my control..(family death and other things). They told me to come to the forums and post any suggestions i have to the developers. Well im tired of searching the forums for a suggestion box so im putting it here. Feel free to redirect it somewhere else.Someone from my guild decided to legitimately steal my guild, but the dude that did it was a lvl 1 toon and kicked everyone out. Now i know everyone who reads this is gonna say "but you were gone more than 30 days it was legitimate" that's fine i don't care. HOWEVER! In spite of this I would like blizzard to also implement 2 things when someone wants to take over the guild. 1. A feature where IF someone wants to take over the guild there should be an email sent out to the current guild leader FROM blizzard telling them that someone (it doesn't have to name who it is because when the guild leader decides to come back they may be kicked) wants to take control of the guild and if they do not respond in 10-30 days after that, the guild will automatically go into the challengers name and he/she can do whatever they want with it. Doing this, will allow the guild leader to let the guild go IF they choose to.I don't think its very fair to have this super imposed and force everyone to lose the guild even if in my case i lost it because things i couldn't control. 2. There should be a level cap at which someone can qualify to take over the guild. Preferably Level 60 and up, so that way it will hopefully be used instead of a level 1 taking it and kicking everyone out and letting it rot.Rhæ8 Mar 28, 2012
Mar 28, 2012 [H] Tot4W-BwD Achiev run 10 man I will be putting together a Thrown of the Four Winds and Black Wing Decent Achievement run for Tuesday March 27th at 10 PM central time zone (local server). We will do the achievements for each boss in the zones on normal difficulty and i will be putting together the herioc version of the runs sometime in the future. All loot will be master looted and rolled for by the appropriate class for transmog, if the drake drops from Alakir it will be open roll as well. Any loot that is not desired will be DE'd if a enchanter is available and shards rolled on at the end. We will need 2 tanks, 2 healers, and 5 dps with one of them with a healer offspec. Vent will be required, and i would like for you to have at least cleared the raid once with a level 378 item level. I expect the full clear of the zones to take no more than a hour and a half and if time permits we can do Bastion as well. If interested real ID is:, post on this thread or send me a in game message to Unforgivan on Laughing Skull. I will be online starting at 9:30 PM and will start invites 15 mins prior, any friends-guildies that are interested please ask them to come. Hope to be seeing you soon :)Unforgivan9 Mar 28, 2012
Mar 28, 2012 Selling Teebu's Blazing Longsword I have a Teebu's Blazing Longsword for sale on Aggramar. As I'm sure you know it is the sword that the dwarf is wielding on the original WoW box and is quite rare. I am unable to server transfer. My apologies. Please contact me on here or in game with serious offers if you're interested.Frostkane6 Mar 28, 2012
Mar 28, 2012 Have... Have We Met? Having some issues getting this done, and I can only see it getting worse and worse now that MF dailies are ignored by a vast section of the level 85 crowd. Any chance of Blizzard maybe increasing the chance for one of them to show up when you zone in, or maybe replace one of the druids to give you 2 chances a day for them?Ryuvk3 Mar 28, 2012
Mar 27, 2012 25 H icc metas 12/12 pst Doing IT RIGHT NOW add me (dont be !@#$)Ymcmb0 Mar 27, 2012
Mar 27, 2012 [A] 395 Rogue LF Glory of the FL Raider Looking to join a dedicated group to complete the Glory of the Firelands Raider. I don't mind going two weeks in a row in order to get this done (one for hard modes, another for achieves). Currently need: Death from above Bucket list Do a barrel roll (cloud, tornado, brush fire) H: Baleroc Feel free to leave a reply here, send me mail/tell in-game or via real ID (include a note with friend request).Elth6 Mar 27, 2012
Mar 27, 2012 (H) Heroic ICC 25m @ 3/28 9pm PSt Running a heroic ICC 25m please sign up if you want to come. All loot is open roll atm, should be a quick run.Zurgzurg0 Mar 27, 2012
Mar 27, 2012 Avast, Ye Admiral - The Insane HELP Here is the situation. I decided to do "the insane" title. There is a quest in Booty Bay called "Prepare for take off" where everything goes into phase. The Bruisers are only lvl 35. I worked my pirate rep up to honored while in this phase state. While in this phase state and once I had the appropriate rep, I was able to pick up the "Avast, Ye Admiral" quest. I complete the requirements (killing the 2 NPC's) and went immediately to turn the quest in only to find the quest giver now phased. In a matter of 1 min, I am not able to turn in the quest. I also can't turn in the quest to "un-phase" Booty bay because I am now hated with the goblins. I cant repair my goblin rep to make the un-phase quest turn-inable because it will damage my Bloodsail rep and make the Admiral quest giver hated. I contacted customer support and got no assistance. I honestly think this is bugged. The bloodsail quest giver went phase in such a short amount of time.. makes no sense to me. any help would be greatly appreciated!Ramdasbir5 Mar 27, 2012
Mar 27, 2012 RNG achivements So I knwo some may not agree with me but I am putting it forth anyways. Blizzard please please please for all things holy, unholy, burning, an iced over dont put any "RNG" based achivements in the game! Or if you do make it a fairly decent drop rate or offer an alternate "grinding" method to getting it. As someone whos now officially gotten every achivement outside pvp, and raiding (except the money one), I can honestly say the worst achivements to get were the RNG based ones. All the rep ones and other ones may have been hard to get but there was that light at the end of the tunnel you could see as you slowly grinded your way towards it. RNG there is no light. Its a pitch blak tunnel with a blind man leading the way. Some people get lucky (who Im sure will post here saying to keep RNG achivsments comin) but2706 runs of strathome for the mount makes me a sad panda. thousands of fish for the turtle mount, countles foxes for the fox pet (not an achivement but still). These RNG things can make one lose thier mind. Archeology I know many can relate to (tho I persdonally didnt find it as bad as some of the other ones). Yea tho I dont wish the nightmare of RNG grinding on anyone. So please take this into consideration for furture RNG achivs. And yes I realize I dont HAVE to get thm.....but my personality I feel like I do :p Im a bit of a perfectionist.Wenll32 Mar 27, 2012
Mar 27, 2012 Achievements Before MoP Hey i was wondering, If anybody knows what achievements Blizzard will be removing (if any) when MoP comes out which i should be focusing on, example once cata came out the title The undying was not longer available. ThanksEthane21 Mar 27, 2012
Mar 27, 2012 [WTS] Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger 300K Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger Only 300k - need to sell this fast or i wont be selling it at all. Need the gold purely to buy raid loot from another guild. Contact me via skype as im always on due to work. skype: Luke_as_himselfAuctionbuddy7 Mar 27, 2012
Mar 27, 2012 Did you continue to BG after Battlemaster? Just curious. Did the road to Battlemaster kill BGs for you or not? I ask because I've been picking at the Battlemaster meta for some time now. And remember hitting distinct points like "There. That's over. I'm never going to queue for SotA again." but I can still enjoy a round of AB, for instance. I also keep being surprised by how much I can manage to hate EotS. To the point that it will single-handedly prevent me from ever hitting the Random Queue button ever again.Aeolyn3 Mar 27, 2012
Mar 27, 2012 [WTS] Swift Spectral Tiger 400k add me to realID ingame - lukeyboy89@gmail.comThwarted1 Mar 27, 2012
Mar 27, 2012 account wide honorable kills tracker? with the implementation of the account-wide achievements do you think that honorable kills will be shared between all character's?Beastshot7 Mar 27, 2012
Mar 27, 2012 Nerf Alterac Valley Perfection After all the more difficult Battlemaster achievements have been nerfed, or removed from the requirement, I am not sure why this one has been overlooked.Stommped9 Mar 27, 2012
Mar 27, 2012 WTB Glory of Cataclysm/Firelands Raider Hey there looking at buying these two achievements. Any skilled guilds feel like letting me tag along let me know how much you want for these run throughs theres a link to my armory page if you want to check me out now that cross realm raids can happen i feel like this will be easier to achieveLovelyarrow0 Mar 27, 2012
Mar 27, 2012 HM Firelands 10 Hey there HM Firelands is up on openraid: 6-7/7 HM clear. Must have 6/7 HM experience and come flasked/fooded. This saturday @ 7PM GMT+10 Bads need not apply. Post either here or on the openraid site please :)Caleias0 Mar 27, 2012
Mar 27, 2012 [A]Resilient Victory, Openraid, 3/26 10pm EST Trying to form a premade for my final Battlemaster achievement. The goal here is to be as quick as possible. If we get it in the first attempt, we're done. If we don't, we'll continue trying in hopes that we do. I've created an openraid for this in case people feel that they really want to sign up that way, but I would strongly prefer you just whisper me on an alt between ~9pm and 10pm EST, or just leave a letter in my character mailbox. This will be a first come, first served basis (provided you meet the minimum gear requirement of full season 11 ruthless). My current goal is 10 DPS (including myself), 5 healers (1 DPS, 1 healer per node for 4 nodes, and 6 DPS, 1 healer as a roaming group to respond to threats. This is assuming we do not 5 cap for whatever reason.) The addon, Preform AV Enabler is required, and the ability to listen on vent. Vent info will be given to the raid prior to queueing.Octaevian1 Mar 27, 2012
Mar 27, 2012 Mount Collector Support Group v.4 Well our last thread capped so here's a new one! Links to the previous threads: 1. 2. 3. It's been a while since I've updated, but I've gotten Reins of the Blue Drake, Darkmoon Dancing Bear, Swift Forest Strider, and I should be getting Swift Lovebird in the next few days. This puts me at 123 mounts. PS: I hate the Rivendare family.Explosion500 Mar 27, 2012
Mar 27, 2012 Which achievements will be account bound? Will "ALL" achievements be account bound? I understand that the rewards for such achievements can not be used until my new toon gets to the correct level but I am not concerned with gear. Im concerned with reputationsI have the "insane" title, and I am considering grinding out Arathi Basin rep before panda. Anyone who has looked into it knows that it takes about 500 wins in AB to max that out. There is no point in me doing it if my panda wont be able to get the tabard as well. Just curious if anyone knows. To be honest, it is the ONLY reason I have not played an alt in 4 years....all the time and effort I put into this toon for achievements.Zephex1 Mar 27, 2012
Mar 27, 2012 HEROIC BOT 10man me and a few guildies are looking for start a heroic bot run. currently we have 2 tanks 2dps 1heals.. all above 395ilvl... add and ask for a invite.. please atleast be 387ilvl+ and know regular mode BOTKiskay0 Mar 27, 2012
Mar 27, 2012 Bloodsail Buccaneer Reputation(The insane) Greetings! I've submitted a few tickets now and they all tell me the same thing, to check wowhead and some other sites. I've yet to find a solution to my problem, would like some feedback if anyone else has encountered the same Issue. *The problem: Back in October of 2010, the 27th of October for an exact date. I decided to grind out Bloodsail reputation for the title and hat and other rewards. I took it to Honored, got my FoS and whatnot, then destroyed my reputation to get back to Neutral with the goblins. Only recently did I decide to go for 'The Insane'. Where my problem lies is the fact that it's a lot of work to get honored with them when I'm already friendly, and some honored with the goblins. Not to mention it's difficult to solo the bruisers these days. Some friends mentioned that I should have bloodsail marked off my list, but when I run the tracker for the Insane it says I still need Bloodsail, when in fact I have already hit honored and shouldn't need to start from square one. If you have any solutions, or comments feel free to share, I've tried 3 tickets now and nobody seems to have a solid answer for me. Thank you and have a great day. ~Teuin~Teuin3 Mar 27, 2012
Mar 26, 2012 H AC, BWD Achievs. T11 Glory Drake! Later on today ill be setting up a group for these. We will be doing H AC, Cho'gall Meta and BWD Meta's. Post here if interested.Eleetmo24 Mar 26, 2012
Mar 26, 2012 Any achievements i should do before MoP? jw if any are going get nerf since bliz likes doing that. mostly just have questing ones and arch.Fearyoda3 Mar 26, 2012