Mar 3, 2012 (H) UT sell runs Here's a list of what we're selling: Firelands Cinders 40k Rag mount 200k Rag title 125k 6/7 gear clear 40k Dragonsoul Heroic Madness Mount: Heroic Madness title: Full Heroic clear: All dragon soul prices will be upwards of 500k+ contact Qute for pricing serious inquiries only Crytic0 Mar 3, 2012
Mar 3, 2012 "Emporer" GM I put in this ticket, hoping to get some sort of response, but all I got was a response telling me to go post it here. So, here it is: "Could the GM usurping process please become due to weekly activity rather than just logging in? We have had a GM who hasn't done anything for almost two months, and demoted/removed privleges from almost everyone in the guild, the first three ranks are his alts. All he seems to do is log on and off again once a week or so, it's frustrating. A guildie has called and tried to talk him into giving up GM, but he refused. PLEASE HELP!" But yea, he's literally on like 5 minutes a week or less. Kinda not much we can do about it. I think the guild usurping process is a great idea, but could use some tweaking. The GM doesn't have to have a lot of activity points, but he should certainly be up there. And it shouldn't be just for one week or so, but a few weeks. I'm sure there are other guilds that are facing an issue like this too. Oh, and before people start hitting this for the obvious spelling mistake in the Topic header, it's how he spelled his title when he became GM. lol My guild was freaking fantastic before the change in leadership. (@#$.Emris2 Mar 3, 2012
Mar 3, 2012 Onyxia 25 Achieves - 3/3 at 1pm PST Planning to do "Doing Many Whelps! Handle It!" achieve. Please sign up here if interested in joining: or send me a tell/mail in game. Thanks!Permadrop0 Mar 3, 2012
Mar 3, 2012 (A) Heroic Firelands 6/7 Monday 5:30pm PST Hi looking to see if anyone is interested in doing weekly heroic fireland runs to complete their legendary. I would be wiling to help people complete their legendary even after I am done with mine. I am 6 weeks away but would be willing to help 2 people interested in attending these runs. Loot: Free Roll Mounts: Free Roll Eternal Embers: Free Roll Cinders: Free Roll Siphons: Reserved Roster: Tank 1: Tank 2: Heal 1: Heal 2: Heal 3: Dps 1: Goku Druid Dps 2: Dps 3: Dps 4: Dps 5: People on reserve if people don't show up (in order of posts): None At the moment. People possible for next week: Épia Paladin If interested in joining you can post in this thread or add me on We could also discuss farming heroic rag so everyone obtains their mount, achievement, and title if we get enough committed people. ==== Please do not expect to be carried through this, I am looking for people experienced with firelands who want to clear 6/7 heroic in under 1hour 30mins. ====Goku31 Mar 3, 2012
Mar 3, 2012 Legendary Fire Mage LF H-RAG I'm looking to do heroic rag before rest i have the legendary and i know the fight. Real ID - if you have any questions let me knowTomatos0 Mar 3, 2012
Mar 3, 2012 LFM for Heroic Ragnaros (A) I am looking to start killing Heroic Ragnaros on 10 man. I will provide Feasts and Cauldrons Planning on doing the whole raid on Heroic. Some things to keep in mind: The fight had a HUGE nerf Magma Geyser is GONE! We will all out gear it by a bit It's still hard, expect some wipes while we all learn to play with each other I'm planning on doing this until everyone in the original group is rocking the Heroic Mount that drops 100% from Ragnaros Essences are saved for the next 1.14 weeks. All the other legendary bits are open. My RealID: If you are interested, leave a post with your real-id or send me an in-game real-id request! I prefer that you send the ingame request. I don't check this thread as much as I should : / Make sure you include your character name/server if you send the in-game request. Current Roster (role / ilvl / spec / class): Is a mess atm. Schedule is still messed up at the moment. Trying to figure out a day/time that works. Trying to make a group for today around 3 or 4 pm est, I am online atm. For the sake of my sanity and being able to get this set up, make sure you get me on your RealID list if you want to go so I have a way of contacting you!Brolan14 Mar 3, 2012
Mar 3, 2012 (A) Icecrown Citadel 25 Reg Achieves Wed I will be doing a 25 man ICC regular achievement run this Wednesday at 5:45 PST. This will be the third week running it. We have gotten every achievement minus Portal Jockey, every run I have put together. Hopefully this will finally be the week that people do 'Portal Jockey' correct and not heal him to full when people are in the portal room. You can add me on real-id if you are interested in attending; ryonthechampion@gmail.comStraightupg5 Mar 3, 2012
Mar 3, 2012 [H] Glory of the Cataclysm Raider. 2pm, 04/03 Hi friends, I realise I'm well behind in doing these achievements, but I want them regardless for mah mount. The run will be Sunday the 4th March (this Sunday) at 2pm server time, which on Frostmourne is 2pm AEST. We will be doing BWD, TotFW and BoT for all the NORMAL mode achievements. I will be organising a separate run to do all the heroic modes at a later date. The run will be done on 10-man of course. If you are intending to sign up, please don't get yourself saved and waste both mine and the raid's time on the day. Sign ups will ONLY be accepted in this thread: and if you are from another realm, include your realid please so I can add you. Love, Shmiles.Shmiles8 Mar 3, 2012
Mar 3, 2012 Uld25 Non-Drake achievement run Friday night I will be doing a Uld25 non-drake achievement run Friday night, most likely around 9-10 PM PST. We will be doing the following achievemetns Nerf Scrapbots I Choose You, Stormcaller Brundir If Looks Could Kill Getting Cold In Here Set Us Up The Bomb (Proximity Mine Section) That covers XT (though we can wipe and do another achievement if need be) Iron Council Kologarn Hodir Mimiron Any and all other bosses we can do whatever achievements are needed, with a slant towards non-drake achievements. I would prefer to do 0 lights but it is not required if someone needs something else from Yoggy. Finally: Nothing is saved. All items, including Fragments and the mount are up for grabs. If you are interested in attending, please reply here and add my realID at For Nerf Scrapbots, we'll need some frost mages and hunters with frost traps to make it easier.Iwishiknew12 Mar 3, 2012
Mar 3, 2012 >>>Sinestra Kill 3/4<<< Looking to make an Sinestra Kill for March 4th probably around 7 eastern. I am planning this so far ahead of time due to work and school stuff I have going on. The fight is really not that hard, but pugs on my server still can not deal with cutter beams and when we do get people who can do them tanks fail with adds. It has been rough. I am looking for people with at least 390+ ilvl that know that fight and strats behind it. It is now possible to 3 heal and still defeat her fast, but two heal is still the best I think so looking for 2 good healers that know the wrack debuff very well. If interested post below with details of your toon and any previous experience . You can also add me for any questions: Thanks for your time.Broheals12 Mar 3, 2012
Mar 3, 2012 [A] LF Heroic BOT + Sinestra & Heroic TOTFW Prot Warrior and Survival Hunter LF a 10 man group to kill heroic BOT including Sinestra and heroic TOTFW to finish up our Cataclysm raid achievements. We specifically only need Ascendant Council, Sinestra and Al'Akir, but would be more than happy to clear all bosses on heroic to help anyone else that is helping us :). We're pretty much looking for a group that may run this every week or a few people we can get together. Thursday/Sunday this week would work best for us, but times are flexible.Vitaminwater9 Mar 3, 2012
Mar 3, 2012 HM Bael and Domo 5PM-8PM EST look for my post or just comment on this thread.Cataqt0 Mar 3, 2012
Mar 3, 2012 14k points & /played = achieves/day ratio just hit 14k.. curious to see how it compares.. my /played is 145 days. which comes out to: 97 achieve points/day. anyone with 14k+ points beat that?Viriya14 Mar 3, 2012
Mar 3, 2012 New Achievement & Title Blizzard, Some guildies and i are into the Achievements and Titles and was hoping we could make a suggestion for another, slightly silly, Title and 10 Point Achievement. (Hopefully you will hear me out.) So, say a character was walking around in a group and they (or someone else in the group) catches a mobs aggro. Any person in the group could type "/lookout", a message such as "[character name] warns everyone to look out!" pops up in chat. This can happen anytime, but if repeated say 10 times while they themselves or a group member already has aggro then the character could earn the "Heads up" or "Look Out! They're Coming Right For Us!" (or otherwise aptly named) achievement and earns the Title of "[character's name], Captain Obvious". Hopefully others will agree this is a viable, and funny, idea.Magicmorder1 Mar 3, 2012
Mar 3, 2012 remove [the perfect storm] meta from BM i think im speaking for many people. in 4.3 you removed the alterac blitz meta from battlemaster claiming it was too "difficult". are you kidding me? [the perfect storm] is ridiculoudly hard. i've done dozens of premades, countless attempts, but any ragtag pug can still sit at a base and keep it, no matter what. either the base holding mechanics need to be changed to how they are in rated battlegrounds in which you actually must CAPTURE the base. not just have a mass amount of poeple at the node to hold it, or just completely remove it.Spartacuz4 Mar 3, 2012
Mar 2, 2012 (H) 3/2/12 Light's t11 mount 5PM PST (GMT+8) My weekly t11 mount run, this week doing tot4w metas, bot metas and maloriak meta, then nef HM and all the other hms in BWD. The run is already full but accepting any and every seriously experienced and geared character. These runs are 400+ pve ilvl people who work together to get achievements. This means that we have a hard 397+ pve ilvl requirement for your main spec no exceptions. If we finish early we will work on finishing up glory of the firelands raider (t12 glory). Right now we could use a druid healer or priest healer maybe and any exceptional dps. Most dps in the group are 405+ pve ilvl and I think we'll have 2 sets of legendary daggers this week. My realid is I run these runs every week at 5 PST on fridays.Lightcrusade4 Mar 2, 2012
Mar 2, 2012 [H] Heroic BWD need tanks Need 2 tanks and a dps with heals offspec for a heroic BWD happening right now. Please have a item level 390+ and have some heroic experience. Come get yer free Blackwing's Bane title. Possibly doing other t11 heroics as well. Post here if you're interested and I'll contact you in game. *Edit: Full.Galavien0 Mar 2, 2012
Mar 2, 2012 (H) LF RealiD Group for T11 and T12 deletedMutedsilence3 Mar 2, 2012
Mar 2, 2012 TCG Loot Card Buy/Sell/Trade Thread 12 Aesf2 Mar 2, 2012
Mar 2, 2012 cancelled :(Cataqt1 Mar 2, 2012
Mar 2, 2012 WTB Heroic Rag Mount Looking for an alliance side kill. Wanting to pay around 150k. Post here with your contact info.Mishâ5 Mar 2, 2012
Mar 2, 2012 03/2/12 - LF 10M Firelord Tank Full Firelord group, we've cleared multiple times. DK is preferred; but if you have multiple rag kills I'll take any class. Full 7/7H achievement tanks only, I will ignore any 6/7Hs. All loot is free roll, including mounts. Invites go out at 6:30 Central, pulls by 7. realid: flaringwow@gmail.comMorike1 Mar 2, 2012
Mar 2, 2012 Tank LFG Heroic Firelands Hit me up, I have the experience/gear , and i want to run sometime this week.Cataqt0 Mar 2, 2012
Mar 2, 2012 [A] LFM 25M EoE Malygos run - 3/2 at 2pm PST Finished, thanks!Permadrop0 Mar 2, 2012
Mar 2, 2012 Fish or cut Bait: Darnassus Really, Stocking Up 6 days in a row now...Sirre5 Mar 2, 2012
Mar 2, 2012 (H) Ulduar10 Non-Meta Achieve Run (3/2/12) Title says it all, will be going for Ulduar 10 non-meta achieves. Here's a list of the details: Where: Ulduar 10-man Date: Friday, March 2, 2012 Time: 8:00pm - 11:00pm (Central Time Zone) Requirements: Level 85, MUST have ventrilo Signup Page: Here are the achieves we will be attempting (others MAY be done upon request): Getting Cold in Here Who Needs Bloodlust? Lumberjacked Deforestation Not-So-Friendly Fire Shadowdodger They're Coming Out of The Walls Supermassive Other popular achieves we will probably also attempt are things like Nerf Scrapbots and such. Again, Ulduar has been pretty much reduced to nothingness so as long as no one is blatantly going out of their way to mess up, this should be a pretty clean run. IF we happen to get any fragments, the person who currently possesses the most in-raid at the time of collection will get them. However, getting shards on 10 man is a slim to none chance. If you add me on realid (which will be posted on the page) please write "Ulduar 10" as your message to me so I know it's not spam. Signup on openraid and I hope to see you there!Ranzou8 Mar 2, 2012
Mar 2, 2012 LF H-Ragnaros Group 396 Prot Paladin. 6/7 HM Experience. Post Nerf Wipe Fest (>20%) Post if interested. ThanksDecorated1 Mar 2, 2012
Mar 2, 2012 Stormpike Perfection Do people ever really get this achievement anymore?? With the massive amounts of damage going around, its nearly impossible to get. Regardless of which side you're on, your captain dies in a matter of seconds. Pew pew is hard. /end chance at stormpike perfection. Yes, you can try to convince everybody to go defend said captain, but... I mean, in a massive bg pug, are people honestly going to listen? =P ^Official q.q But in all seriousness, any ideas on how I can possibly get his before Cata comes out? Trying to get battlemaster before the 7th.Lockandlol6 Mar 2, 2012
Mar 2, 2012 Missing mounts/pets in Armory Anyone else notice this? Just looked through it yesterday again and actually noticed some things missing. Mounts: Magnificent Flying Carpet and Frosty Flying Carpet Pets: Netherwhelp, Warbot(Mt. Dew thing), Tyriael's Hilt(sp?). Murky? Not sure why the Carpets got left out as the 2 Engineering Flying Machines are listed. I am aware the Warbot is gone totally but they could list it as unobtainable. They list the Mini Diablo, the Panda Cub and the Zergling but not the Netherwhelp. And it could be possible to find a Hilt and/or Murky code somewhere. Is it possible to upgrade an account to a CE to get the pets codes and that's why the vanilla CE pets are listed?Nyssa2 Mar 2, 2012
Mar 2, 2012 LF Heroic BWD Need 1 piece of transmog gear, and heroic nef achieve on this toon. MS holy but I can also dps or tank. 13/13, 7/7, 8/8 heroic experience.Drunkest0 Mar 2, 2012
Mar 2, 2012 Firelands canceledBreezyod0 Mar 2, 2012
Mar 2, 2012 Hunter achieve based around the 8 rares Would be interesting if they added an achieve (possible to add a new class achieves subsection in the future) based around the taming of the 8 new rares that have been added around the firelands daily areas. For those of you that dont know these new rares are not tamed via typical means. Each 1 has a specialised way to be tamed. So far we have... 1 Spectral Owl - Spirit Beast. Flies way above hyjal. Only way to aggro it is to fly up high and shoot it then slowfall/parachute cloak. Will require some help if you are not an engineer. Even then his attacks really hurt so you will need to trap it or have a healer. 2 Gondria skin white - Spirit Beast. Has to be tamed naked otherwise will 1 shot you. The amount of armor you wear effects his damage. 3 Gondria skin blue - Spirit Beast. Has the same armor effect + 100% movement speed. When engaged it will run around and aggro many mobs. 4. Lava Spider - Unknown. Has 100% move speed + 1000% attack speed and a buff called 'Blazing Speed' Too Fast to Tame. Nobody has managed to tame it yet since nobody can figure out the mechanics. It is in an area surrounded by runes that absorb damage and stun anyone around it when destroyed. Obviously need to stun the spider with the runes. 5. Lava Spider (different colour) - Unknown. Stepping into lava refills its energy bar Frost and Ice trap cools it lowering its Energy if it reaches 0 energy it instantly dies immune to being tamed until it's energy is low (i dont know the number proly 20 or so) As its Energy lowers its damage goes up. Its actually probably more worthy of a FoS with maybe a huntery title. Minko4 Mar 2, 2012
Mar 2, 2012 LF geared mage: 2-man Alysrazor Check out this video: It's quite an impressive solo, and you need a tank for trash. Any skilled mages (395+ ilvl, legendary a huge plus) want to give this a try together?Systum0 Mar 2, 2012
Mar 2, 2012 [A] XRealm: FL Hardmode Clear TONIGHT (3/1) Hello, everyone! PLEASE NOTE: This raid begins at 8:00 CENTRAL STANDARD TIME. I will start invites ~7:30 CST. As the title says. I would like to setup a meta achievement Firelands 10m run on Thursday (2/23) and the following Thursday (3/1) a hard modes run to finish the drakes, and get some attempts in on HM rag as a group. I'd prefer to run with the same folks both weeks, and maybe we can make this a weekly ordeal to get rag down. I have 7/7 HM Firelands experience as a resto shaman and balance druid, and am looking to get the same on my rogue. I will be extremely picky on who I bring. Here are the armory links of my FL experienced toons: (druid) (shaman) Requirements (I'm looking for experience over gear; however, DS gear is preferred): - Minimum 6/7 HM Firelands experience. - I feel this should go unmentioned, but just in case: full enchants / gems / appropriate reforging - Food / Flasks Currently most spots are open. Leave your RealID and armory link of the characters with experience, just in case you're intending to bring a different class/role. I haven't talked to my guild/realID friends yet (I'm at work), so let's assume I need the following: Tanks: - Krayos ( - Sunderstruck ( Melee: - Thieve ( - Lepz ( Ranged: - Carlucill ( - Nonamekiller ( - Whiteglow ( Heals: (Need one with a solid offspec if we intend to do rag properly) - Treehugger ( - Odesk ( - Salm ( Maybes (As in are tentative): - (Melee) Vault ( - (Melee) Achillius ( - (Melee) Whit ( - (Melee) Broode ( - (Healer) Mcslave ( - (Healer) Cinnic ( - (Ranged) Salm ( Lecklol is getting cinders and whiteglow is going to be siphoning essences I will update this list as replies come in and I hear from RealID friends. Look forward to it ladies and gents! JackThieve42 Mar 2, 2012
Mar 2, 2012 10m Hard Mode Firelands (continued group) Hello, everyone! PLEASE NOTE: This raid begins at 8:00 CENTRAL STANDARD TIME. I will start invites ~7:30 CST. As the title says, this is to continue this weeks achieve run and knock HMs out next week. Was a great run minus a glitch on beth (we killed her before she came down for phase 2 - that messes achieve up; and apparently pets can make you fail the domo achieve). We will be going for HM rag as well this coming week. That being said, great gear and 6/7+ HM experience is required. Here are my characters with HM experience to verify my achievements. (druid) (shaman) Leave your RealID and armory link of the characters with experience, just in case you're intending to bring a different class/role. I haven't talked to my guild/realID friends yet (I'm at work), so let's assume I need the following: Tanks: - Krayos ( - Ark ( Melee: - Thieve ( - Vault ( Ranged: - Carlucill ( - Nonamekiller ( - Edrisa ( - Dlp ( Heals: - Lecklol ( - Arnec ( Maybes (As in are tentative): - Mcslave ( Dlp will be getting essences. Cinders are still up for grabs at the moment. I will update this list as replies come in and I hear from RealID friends. Look forward to it ladies and gents! Cheers, JackThieve3 Mar 2, 2012
Mar 2, 2012 401r drood lf Firelands Barell Roll achieve * Looking for a group of people with high dps who can take Alys down before the tornadoes. Also need on same achievement Brush fires. Or looking for a group of peeps who know how to avoid getting hit by them. Looking for high dps group who can take down alys after 1 tornado phase. Real id : P.S. Looking for Eastern time runs or PST (on weekends only). ThxElvinna5 Mar 2, 2012
Mar 2, 2012 [A] Heroic: Ragnaros - Thu 3/1 8pm EST Have a h Rag lock. Plan to down it Thu 8pm EST. Requirements are: - At least 6/7H cleared previously - 390+ ilvl - Be able to raid 3h Firelords preferred. Mount on rag will be free roll. All others MS > OS > Transmog. - tank: Viriya - Shu'halo (prot warr) - tank: Brosum - Kil'jaeden (prot warr) - heals: Captiv - Cenarius (disc priest) - heals: Aqúa - Lightbringer (resto druid) - mdps: Paladiraan - Ravenholdt (arms warr) - mdps: Daboogyman - Alexstrasza (frost dk) - rdps: Broheals - Stormrage (ele shammy) - rdps: Cheshirë - Dragonblight (boomkin) - rdps: Minipwn - Velen (mage, smoldering essences) - rdps: Consair - Korgath (hunter) - rdps: Kaablam - Ravenholdt (lock - seething cinders, reserve) - rdps: Dog - Tichondrius (hunter - tentative) - rdps: Goku - Kil'jaeden (boomkin/resto druid - reserve, smoldering essences) - tank: Protshotz - Echo Isles (prot warr - reserve) - tank: Deathswipe - Uldaman (blood dk - reserve) Sign-up at OpenRaid compulsory: Mar 2, 2012
Mar 2, 2012 Sinestra Lockout Out of curiousity, anyone have a lockout to Sinestra? (4/5HM BoT, heroic cho'gall downed) I need to get cross-realm invited so I can save myself to it for my guild run tomorrow. :3 Cheers~ Post here ^^ Novalas5 Mar 2, 2012
Mar 2, 2012 WTB SWIFT SPECTRAL TIGER! AND FLAG OWNERSHIP! Hey there im looking for the Swift Spectral Tiger i wanna buy 2 of em and also seeking for 1 Flag of Ownership! pst with price thx a lot!ßrixton2 Mar 2, 2012
Mar 2, 2012 Buying Heroic Tier 11 Titles + Heroic Rag Anything over 250k dont bother me realid: davidmills00@hotmail.comAvrahkafara3 Mar 2, 2012
Mar 1, 2012 Tol Barad Veteran Achievment I had the Tol Barad Veteran achievment witch i'm almost certain i got it when the achievment required 100 wins, now it says 25 wins. I should still have the one that says 100 cause i did get it then and others who achiev. it later can have the 25 one. What im sayin is thats bull crap mine says 25 cause when i recieved it the achiev. was for a HARD 100 i earned it >: ( This is something that i do not believe would hurt to have it that way Dopemän1 Mar 1, 2012
Mar 1, 2012 Valanyr, who collected shards for lols So, just wondering who else that cant use a valanyr collected 30 shards for the hell of it :3 Started off as a joke...but the weeks went on and my transmog garonas guise has still failed to drop after 34 shards hehe -WhamWham14 Mar 1, 2012
Mar 1, 2012 WTS Level 25 Guild Kel'Thuzad (A) WTS level 25 guild on Kel'Thuzad. (Alliance side) Has 1250 achievement points, 600+ members, 8 bank tabs and also has Reins of the Dark Phoenix. Offers will be starting at 150k. Send me an in-game mail, whisper, or reply to this thread with your offer and I'll get back to you in-game. Serious offers only please, Thank you.Combatlog2 Mar 1, 2012
Mar 1, 2012 Sinestra LFM need all players that KNOW the fight. Please be 390+ preferably and not fail at cutters. Hoping to down this and looking to get started within the hour once the group is solid. You can reach me at Foster112311@hotmail.comMelzas1 Mar 1, 2012
Mar 1, 2012 faction transfer question! argent tourney so i faction transferred to pick up some mounts, I went to do my argent tourney dailies and they are not available, I'm guessing i may have to redo the quests horde side. If I transfer back to alli(which i plan to in the near future) would i go back to my old progress?Troyness5 Mar 1, 2012
Mar 1, 2012 Oracles egg Hi there... I'm getting crazy trying to get the Reins of the Green Proto-Drake from the Oracles egg. Is there a way to make lucky progressive? Because I need to go on, I need to keep doing achievements and get Mercenary of Sholazar, but while this mount doesn't drop I still stucked. There is also a competition of achievements, bad luck can make some dedicated people get discouraged. Thank you.Emilanna59 Mar 1, 2012
Mar 1, 2012 Heroic Rag tonite!! Doing Heroic Rag tonite 3/1/12 Need 2 healers and Several Dps Please have decent heroic expierenceNelan1 Mar 1, 2012
Mar 1, 2012 397 Surival Hunter Firelands Meta's! I am looking for a GOOD group to do Firelands Meta Achievements with this week. I am missing these achievements from Glory Of The Firelands Raider. #1 Death From Above #2 Not a Ambi-Turner #3 Do A Barrel Roll! (Only missing Brush Fire. I am willing to go for all of them. I do not get hit by Tornadoes at all!) #4 Bucket List These are the only achievements I need for Glory Of The Firelands Raider, But I am willing to go for all the ones that the group needs. I am reliable raider I will not screw up on achievements. If you are interested in bringing me in your group then Post hereBreezyod5 Mar 1, 2012
Mar 1, 2012 55 Exalted Reps How hard is it to get to 55? I have a toon with 51 right now and am considering going for the 55, but the final 1 or 2 look tough.Otus3 Mar 1, 2012