Mar 9, 2012 WTS lvl 25 guild! Selling a soon to be lvl 25 guild on stormreaver alliance side. asking for 200k+ offers. contact me here or through realid. mine: jmaster417@yahoo.comHide1 Mar 9, 2012
Mar 9, 2012 Problem with finishing achievements...GM! Okay so a long while ago for the Darkmoon Faire quest, I did a bunch of stuff, almost getting all of the Darkmoon achievements. I ended up getting a total of 5-6 of the total of 9 artifacts that I needed for the achievements. However after I made a server transfer, when I click on the achievement specifically for the artifacts that I have turned in, it claims 0. It used to have them highlighted in green, but now it is NOT highlighted in green and instead grey saying I haven't turned any in. This is really peeving me off. I just paid for the 12 month commitment too and then transferred servers to play with a friend. Now I don't have any of those portions for the specific achievement finished. I turned in a ton of artifacts and they were all highlighted green and now its grey saying I didnt turn them in. Is this some kind of glitch? Blizzard can you please LOOK INTO this problem and award me credit for the ones that I DID turn in. This is kind of ridiculous and very upsetting. I am unsure where I should be making this post, I'm not one of goes on forums much. So I will be posting this in technical and customer support. Please do not ban me for making multiple post with the same context. I am only doing that in case one of them is not the right area. PLEASE Blizzard, give me credit for achievements that I partially have finished, this is so unfair! Loyal Blizzard fan since Warcraft, Chlaf the ShamanChlaf4 Mar 9, 2012
Mar 9, 2012 WTS Enchant Weapon - Icy Chill Please contact me in-game via mail or directly whisper me an offer. All reasonable offers will be considered!Demetriel0 Mar 9, 2012
Mar 9, 2012 LFM Sinestra only kill Now! Need 1 Heals add bigbojangles1@yahoo.comBlissy0 Mar 9, 2012
Mar 9, 2012 [A] Heroic Bastion of Twilight Tonight 6:30CT Looking for more tonight at 6:30 CST for Heroic Bastion of Twilight, Must be 390 minimum iLvl and know the fights well enough to be of use. Currently in need of all. Add me at, Find me on my server Madoran or post your realid below checking frequently Tank 1 - Tank 2 - Melee 1 - Ignaeus Melee 2 - Ranged 1 - Ranged 2 - Ranged 3 - Healer 1 - Healer 2 - Healer w/ Dps offset -Ignaeus1 Mar 9, 2012
Mar 9, 2012 H Firelands Hello I am Looking For A Group to Do Weekly Cross Realm Heroic Firelands add me @ 396 ilvl Combat rogue Have Skype/vent/micSubbrogue0 Mar 9, 2012
Mar 9, 2012 WTS BOE Thistle Tea Recipe So I have had the BOE version of Thistle Tea recipe sitting in my bank for over 6 year and the time as come to sell it. I understand there is a large amount of collectors looking to purchase this item and here is your chance to finally own it! Currently I have an offer of 150k, that I received from my realm alone. So yeah, Looking for offers for the BOE Version of Thistle Tea! PROOF: Modz0 Mar 9, 2012
Mar 9, 2012 Any H BWD's or FL Achievement runs goin on(A) Especially barrel rollFragalonius0 Mar 9, 2012
Mar 9, 2012 LF FL run norm/heroic or BOT/BWD heroic LF a firelands run normal or heroic clear with embers not reserved i need them. Also looking for a BWD heroic neferian kill or full heroic BOT run. Ilvl 396 would like the run or runs to be this week. real id- rp3pt@hotmail.comBewm0 Mar 9, 2012
Mar 9, 2012 all achievs just wondering but who as all the achievments?Rileygmhman3 Mar 9, 2012
Mar 9, 2012 Fastest source of Challenge Dungeon credit? I play WoW mostly to hang out with my brothers. They have a guild which I assume was mostly just storage space, because with years of playing it was only level 2 when I joined up. I am interested in advancing the guild so that I can enjoy things like Mass Rez, but none of us brothers really plays enough to recruit. We are all in different time zones, so rather rarely have time to do dungeons together either. So: What is the absolute fastest you can manage for getting Guild Dungeon Challenges done? (We are only us 3, so can't do raids/battlegrounds) I was thinking if we all made level 17 or so Heirloom sporting twinks they could belt out Hogger dungeons in Stormwind while EXP locked. I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but I imagine that just the 3 of us should be able to survive that and maybe be really fast going through it. Has anyone already tried this? And exactly how high level can you get before it stops counting? Along the same lines: If we have 3 from the guild who are in level range for the lowest dungeons out there, and 1 more who is an 85 who plows through things for us... will it still count? We are quite capable of grouping up and joining the LFD Queue to pick up 2 other people and do a dungeon. But most of the time we only have a chance to do ONE of those at a time, so rarely do we finish all 7 challenges for the week. During Valentine's Holiday, the special dungeon counted for guild challenge and it was AWESOME belting out all 7 in just about 1 hour.Haayt4 Mar 9, 2012
Mar 9, 2012 Herald of the titans questions Hey all, just wondering if for Herald of the Titans if your group has to full clear or if we can use our 85's to steamroll FL and XT just for speed sake's until we get to Algalon. Also is this achieve like Sinestra's funky one or can we wipe to our hearts content and get credit for it once we finally down him? Thanks in advance!Baghib1 Mar 9, 2012
Mar 9, 2012 LFM earth,wind, fire 10 man should be rather easy now. post RID if interested.Fearyoda3 Mar 9, 2012
Mar 9, 2012 [H] ICC 10m Heroic clear Sun. 3/11 Looking to do a quick clearing of ICC 10m heroic on Sunday 3/11 at 6pm Pacific THIS WILL NOT BE A MOUNT RUN! This is specifically for Bane of the Fallen King. If we get random achievements on the way. Cool, but I am not going to go out of my way for them nor am I wiping. Looking for very well geared players so this is quick and painless. Add me to Real ID with your name so I can armory you or reply here with your real id. RID: Dynasty116@gmail.comFugitivus2 Mar 9, 2012
Mar 9, 2012 lfm h bwd post rid i will check to see if you have expFearyoda1 Mar 9, 2012
Mar 9, 2012 need shaman or mage heroic bwd now! doing heroic bwd now, need a mage or shaman dps. shaman can also be heals!! jmaster417@Yahoo.comHide1 Mar 9, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 [A] Heroic: Firelands - Thu 3/8 8pm EST Requirements are: - At least 6/7H cleared previously - 390+ ilvl - Be able to raid 3h Firelords preferred. Mount on rag will be free roll. All others MS > OS > Transmog. Sign-up at OpenRaid required: Mar 8, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 LFM normal 10m FL + barrel roll achiev starting 10m fresh FL + barrel roll achiev. Need all atm. post your real id on this forum and you will get an inv Elfcrusader10 Mar 8, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 LF1M tank/dps FL 6/7 heroic. maybe h rag right now. post ridFearyoda2 Mar 8, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 Ulduar 25 Non-Meta Achv Run Sunday 3/11 Sunday March 11th 7pm Central Fragments are reserved. Any transmog gear will be free rolls to the highest roller, other non transmog gear will be distributed throughout the raid fairly. Flame Leviathan Dwar!*!eddon Unbroken Three Car Garage Shut Out Razorscale A quick Shave Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare Ignis The Furnace Master Shattered Stokin' the furnace XT-002 Deconstructor Nerf Engineering Nerf Scrapbots Nerf Gravity Bombs Must Deconstruct Faster Iron Council I choose you, Runemaster Molgeim Can't do that while stunned Kologarn With Open Arms If Looks Could Kill Auriaya Nine Lives Hodir Cheese the Freeze I have the coolest friends Getting Cold in Here Thorim Don't stand in lightening Who Needs Bloodlust Freya Lumberjacked Con-speed-atory Deforestation Getting back to Nature Mimiron Set Us Up The Bomb Not So Friendly Fire General Vezak Shadow Dodger Yogg-Saron Kiss and Makeup Drive me Crazy He's not getting any Older They're coming out of the walls Algalon Supermassive If you see an achievement not listed and you feel it should be included send me a msg and we can talk about it. Thanks! Look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday. You can either send me a msg in game or sign up at openraid Mar 8, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 [H] LFM ULDUAR 10 RANDOM ACHIEVES -NOW! LFM FOR RANDOM ACHIEVE RUNS! real id is sephirofl@gmail.comLolër0 Mar 8, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 [A] LFM Heroic Firelands for Sunday Mar 4th Hello all, I'm seeking out those who are interested in clearing all bosses in Heroic Firelands (10 man, 25 man if enough interest). We may be attempting multiple achievements as well if people are up to it. Please remember to bring your flasks and food as well as potions if you are able. Post your role+ilvl and past experience for consideration. Message here or hop on Cenarius and message/mail me with your realID. We will be using vent and I'll be handing out those details when we start. Raid time is planned for Sunday, March 4th @ 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. Invites will be sent out 30 minutes ahead of time so please be ready. my RealID is eyeseesound (@) gmail (dot) com Loot distribution will be set on Master Loot with Main Spec > Off-Spec. Legendary staff items will be given to whoever is on the quest chain and /rolls the highest number in a 1-100 roll. 1 Apparatus of Khaz'goroth and 1 Crystallized Firestone are on Reserve If you have any questions feel free to ask them, I will be checking this often. Thanks for considering! Mar 8, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 {H} ICC25 HM+Meta's. Im going to be doing a quick HM+Meta run today around 11 Am PST. Am in need of heals and some dps. We will be trying for Neck Deep in Vile since it is one that alot of people end up missing. Anyways shards are reserved for myself but all other transmog gear will be free roll and such. Add me on realid or post here if interested. Nickwofford@cox.netValkerî4 Mar 8, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 [H] LFM Heroic FL happening right now Essences and embers are up for grabs, post real-id here if interested. Need DPS/heals.Gazzix7 Mar 8, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 openraid site question uh it appears I can't make an account because someone already took the character fearyoda? does that mean someone is pretending to be me? what can i do about this?Fearyoda7 Mar 8, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 (H)10M 3/12 9pm pst. H Nef/Council/Chogal/Sin Please sign up Raids Scheduled: 3/5 9pm pst 4 bosses to go!:) [b]Goal: Finish T11 heroics Requirements: *ILvl 390 or higher *All gem/enchants in place *Have vent access *Be able to listen *Have DMB Installed *Have Heroic Nef Experience Invites Go Out: Please be on 15 mins before raid time, so invites can go out, will start looking for replacements 7 mins before raid time if you are not on or talked to me previously. Raids still to come: BOT ** 2 of 4 hard modes done + 1 Achievement** Scheduled 3/5 BWD **H NEF** Scheduled 3/5 Videos Council Sinestra Current Rosters: Saturday (Heroic /bwd/bot) Seck- Tank - Faim- Heals/dps Alannin- dps Zurgzurg - dps Dearleader shamaze - heals Kektonic - Dps/heals Jose - Heals Zurgzurg146 Mar 8, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 3000 Quests Complete being kind of glitchy It seems to be changing a lot, at times it shows me at 2992 and then sometimes it shows me at 2950 something. Any advice?Gowhthedough6 Mar 8, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 Lfg Heroic T-11 boss kill..pst hey i figured id throw a post out here if anyone is doing a group for heroic nef or sinestra, if u happen to have a group going and need a dps just pst me( Or post here) and let me know if ur in need and if its gonna be cross realm Exp 6/6H but havent killed nef < Bwd 3/5H bot Halfus valiona chogall..have seen videos on sinestra tho 2/1 totfw H/Alikir heroic down Volkswaggin5 Mar 8, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 All you can eat 25 icc Just need a group that can guarantee me this achiev. I been trying and pugging for weeks i just want to get it and be done with it. Willing to help people out on a heroic LK achiev have title. real id- rp3pt@hotmail.comBewm3 Mar 8, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 Lfm Tier 11 Heroics Need all! Right now! okTeight1 Mar 8, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 LFM Firelands reg metas clear Need 2 Tanks 1 dpsBlissy0 Mar 8, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 LFM Meta Firelands forming now! Must have 7/7 reg mode and some heroic firelands cleared. add for inv and info need all atmBlissy5 Mar 8, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 [H] LF2DPS - H FL Tonight (3/7/2012) Guild run looking for 2 dps any flavor for heroic firelands (6/7H) W/ H Rag attempts ALL STAFF PARTS ARE RESERVED All loot will be on masterloot for /roll loot system. 11PM EST to 2AM EST 10PM CST to 1AM CST 9PM MST to 12AM MST 8PM PST to 11PM PST PLEASE BE AVAILABLE FOR THE WHOLE RUN WILL CLEAR FAST, WE HAVE FUN. Real ID: PUT SOMETHING IN THE COMMENT ie(Class/Spec/itemlevel)Dêviant6 Mar 8, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 LFM right now Heroic Tot4W Looking for more right now Heroic Throne of the Four winds please know the fights or have at least some experience, 390 minimum iLvl required My realid is add me there or comment below w/ your realidIgnaeus10 Mar 8, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 LF firelands clear normal or HM's Lf firelands clear normal or hardmodes with embers not reserved i would like to get the embers. Looking for the run to be tonight or sometime this week. real id- ilvl 396Bewm0 Mar 8, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 Mysterious camel figurines This is not a qq thread just curious about if anyone has any info on this issue. After finding 15 of this and countless hours of searching I have noticed that I haven't found one in a few areas of the map. Most notable area's are Schonttz's Landing, north of temple of uldum, and Orsis all this have multiple spawn sites. My question is with the amount of searching I have done its highly unlikely I haven't found one in those specific locations given the fact they don't have one but a few spawn sites. So I am wondering if this things are affected by phasing issues or is it just my luck if anyone can help that be great.Gagos7 Mar 8, 2012
Mar 8, 2012 2x (A)Mages LF Firelands 6/7 7/7 HM clear 2x Mages one has legendary and full DS PvE gear The other has full ds gear and is on siphons for staff I need a group for rag kills and prefer a group that lets me siphon know all the fights i just didnt care to clear on mages once i had staffWowice0 Mar 8, 2012
Mar 7, 2012 BuyingMagic Rooster on Elune US Alliance 350k I am buying the Magic Rooster Egg mount on Elune US Alliance for 300-350k thats about 150k more than the national average at which that mount sells for. Reason for the high price is to compensate for someone having to transfer to or off the server. Please contact me ingame or add me to real friend ID isaacvaisberg@yahoo.comChupakabra3 Mar 7, 2012
Mar 7, 2012 When can I spend my achievement points? I have so many.. for what though?Butteredbred7 Mar 7, 2012
Mar 7, 2012 H(10) Heroic Nef/Council/Cho/Sin 3/12 Please sign up @ Raids Scheduled: 3/12 9pm pst 4 bosses to go!:) Goal: Finish T11 heroics Requirements: *ILvl 390 or higher *All gem/enchants in place *Have vent access *Be able to listen *Have DMB Installed *Have Heroic Nef Experience Invites Go Out: Please be on 15 mins before raid time, so invites can go out, will start looking for replacements 7 mins before raid time if you are not on or talked to me previously. Raids still to come: BOT ** 2 of 4 hard modes done + 1 Achievement** Scheduled 3/12 BWD **H NEF** Scheduled 3/12 Videos Council Sinestra Current Rosters: Seck- Tank - Faim- Heals/dps Alannin- dps Zurgzurg - dps Dearleader shamaze - heals Kektonic - Dps/heals Jose - HealsZurgzurg2 Mar 7, 2012
Mar 7, 2012 Veteran of Molten Front I currently need 3 achievements for this meta, Have me met before?: I need some advice on this one the achievement to bomb the firelords: I always get the same three what do i do? Ready for Raiding II: I have just been lazy, I could get this one if I tried MF dailies more often.Gowhthedough3 Mar 7, 2012
Mar 7, 2012 [H] LFM Glory of the Firelands Raider As the title says, I need a few more good people to finish up my group for this. More information on this run can be found here (It's the first post on that page): Edit: So I don't have to personally keep everyone updated on this run, I will keep this post updated as we get closer to raid time. It was also brought up that we may do heroic Rag as well if everyone in the group wants to after we get our mounts. First run we will do normal achievements and then the following week we will do 6/7 HM and possibly heroic Rag. Edit #2: We are now full! First run will be Thursday 3/8 starting at 6pm PST and lasting until we are done for the night. If I don't have you added on RealID yet please do so. I think the only ones left are from MMO-Champion forums and I have PM'd you my email. Current Roster: Tanks: - Greivance ( - Stompadin ( Healers: - Moobs ( - Cazual ( DPS: - Galavein ( - Deathglyph ( - Noctys ( - Demindar ( - Breezyod ( - Gunn ( Mar 7, 2012
Mar 7, 2012 achievements i would like to do some achievements like trying to get battlemaster title , but whit no way to do alterac valley premade or some achievements are just plainly impossible since the game as evolve ... how im suppose to get them ? and if u can't get some achievements because they are old and not updated whats the point of even trying ?Drstränge1 Mar 7, 2012
Mar 7, 2012 [A] LF Healer & Ranged DPS for H-T11 8pm EST What: 1 Healer and 1 Ranged DPS Preferred qualities: Familiarity with the relevant encounters; keen raid awareness; patience and affability in the face of mass devastation. Where: BoT - Ascendant Council & Cho'gall When: Saturday & Sunday, starting at 8:00 p.m. E.S.T. time until 11:00 p.m. Why: Working towards the Glory of the Cataclysm Raider meta-achievement.Katrinka7 Mar 7, 2012
Mar 7, 2012 [A] 401 holy paladin w/p4 exp. LFG H Rag 401 ilvl 5/8 H 25m DS 6/7 H 25m FL Many pulls on Rag, p4 experienced. PST if interested. armstrj5@my.erau.eduIyou3 Mar 7, 2012
Mar 7, 2012 Feat of Strength with HUGE Rewards (Blue) I would like to see a feat of strength added to the game and im sure im late to the game and has been asked a lot. However, if its added I would like to see some HUGE rewards if completed. Perhaps added in MOP. I would like to see the Ironman Challenge added with the following rewards: Max gold, A mount, and a Title. Rules: Level from Level One to Max level using the rules below. 1. Only White or Grey gear. No Heirlooms of any kind. 2. No transfer of gear, items, or money from any other character (yours or others). 3. No gear enhancements, including gems, enchanting, and reforging. Class abilities are allowed (eg. Rogue poisons, Shaman imbues). 4. No specialization, talent points, or glyphs. No pet talent points. 5. No professions or secondary skills, except for First Aid. 6. No potions, flasks, or elixirs except for required quest items. 7. No food buffs or other external buffs (including buffs from items and other players). 8. No groups or assistance from other characters, even if not grouped. 9. No dungeons, raids, battlegrounds, or arenas. 10. No guilds, except for level 1 guilds created specifically for the Ironman Challenge. 11. No Refer-A-Friend. 12. No addons which assist in combat and/or leveling (eg. leveling guides, Ovale). 13. THE BIG ONE: No deaths. Character death for any reason disqualifies the character The following are allowed: 1. All class abilities, racials, and personal buffs. 2. All mounts, bags, and non-combat pets. 3. All quests, including holiday events and dailies (unless prohibited by some other rule, eg. Fishing and Cooking dailies). Your thoughts? Xysaerv24 Mar 7, 2012
Mar 7, 2012 WTT X-51 Nether Rocket for Firelands Run WTT X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREMEfor a Heroic Firelands run + Rag mount. You have to transfer the mount off of my current server.Fulm2 Mar 7, 2012
Mar 7, 2012 Lfg Glory of the Firelands Raider Hey im looking for a group to do my Alysrazor Barrel roll And Domo meta achieves to finnish off my purple hawk mount :D... if u happen to have a pro group who doesnt fail at it let me know and post here with date . preferable this week after thursVolkswaggin6 Mar 7, 2012
Mar 7, 2012 Heroic T11/12 Hello all. Basically, the fun-factor of Dragon Soul is beginning to wear off and I'm interested in clearing some old heroics for the achievements. My guild doesn't really have the time to do much else besides DS, so if anyone has any runs upcoming and has a spot for a DPS, I'd be very keen to come along. I do competent DPS (~36k+ on 10m Ultraxion) and know all heroic fights, including those I haven't done. Of particular interest to me are Sinestra & Al'akir, but I'm willing to go to any Cata Heroics. Hit up my realID if anyone has runs planned, thank you. starskream121@hotmail.comLestaris5 Mar 7, 2012
Mar 7, 2012 A doing normal firelands 10m clear right now if you want to come add essences reservedGoku1 Mar 7, 2012