Feb 5, 2012 [A] Paladin tank looking for T11 glory Hey. I'm looking for a group to do glory of the cata raider. I have a few of the hard modes already, including heroic nefarian. very skilled tank. 393 ilvl, i also have mirror for necessary fights. hit me up on real-id, jmaster417@yahoo.comHide2 Feb 5, 2012
Feb 5, 2012 [A]WTB firelord + mount i want to buy the firelord title and the mount and possibly dragonslayer leave your guild website and price here and your forum name so i can contact you.Smif4 Feb 5, 2012
Feb 5, 2012 i395/399 moonkin 6/8H DS lf 8/8H FL group. Looking to go back and do all of the achievements and get the kills on this toon. First hand accounts of 4/7, but know all the fights and my roles.Grisorn1 Feb 5, 2012
Feb 5, 2012 [A] WTB Firelord and Pureblood Fire Hawk As the title states, Alliance - WTB firelord and pureblood firehawk for around 150k - 200k Range. Fire Mage with legendary 394 pve ilvl Will be Cross-realm invite. I will xfer a guild with an alt with the gold in it.Hedeslol3 Feb 5, 2012
Feb 5, 2012 Love is in the air Any one know where Bouquet of Ebon Roses & Bouquet of Red Roses are dropping this year? Wowhead's information seems to be wrong as I've tried the listed bosses and no roses. It's the last achievement I need for title. Please help. Thanks. Nevermind I got roses from a Cata boss. LK ones not dropping roses it seems.Maichi1 Feb 5, 2012
Feb 5, 2012 (H) tank looking 4 cross realm raids achieves looking for a group for cross realm raids for achievements from vanilla to cata let me know. Add me to real ID rwinchester1687@yahoo.comBangling2 Feb 5, 2012
Feb 5, 2012 [A] warlock LF Firelands Looking for somewhere to siphon. If any groups are looking for a DPS and don't have the smoldering essences reserved already please let me know. =) Available: afternoon to evenings (have to be done by 9PM EST) Thursday, Friday, Sunday. Experience: 7/7H FL, 6/8H DS (not reflected in achievements on this character). Real ID: rainekachu@gmail.comRains0 Feb 5, 2012
Feb 5, 2012 394 Tankadin LF x-realm H FL group Hello! I am a 394 equipped paladin tank with a 387 equipped Ret set and pull 30k dps. I am currently looking for a 10 or 25m Heroic Fireland cross realm raiding. I have done reg too many times to count and have experience tanking 4/7 heroic fights. My guild never really ran heroic Firelands even with my months of begging and pleading we just are too casual to be able to raid as much as i raid. I also have a 389 DK tank(Thrallin) and a 386 holy priest(Habaasi). If interested in a solid aware tank that is motivated to get things done add RID: gustink90@hotmail.comUdyfrikt3 Feb 5, 2012
Feb 5, 2012 cross realm icc 25 Looking to form a 25 man icc run for achievements and mount sunday 2/5/12 @ or around 3pm eastern time. real id is c.gould1981@yahoo.comFadedsoul1 Feb 5, 2012
Feb 5, 2012 Gnomeregan for horde, classic dungeon Just wondering if anyone knows where the teleporter that was in BB went to...... Was trying to get in to finish my classic dungeons up.Klownx2 Feb 5, 2012
Feb 5, 2012 [Stormpike & Frostwolf Perfection] Groups Looking to start up a 20+ raid group for each achievement. Start Time will be Sunday 7pm Eastern Must have vent and use RealID As you can tell i have over 14k achs and i have a small idea of what i am doing just dont have access to a large player base. After we get these i will be willing to help out ppl with the other harder achs Add me @ for alliance and for the horde lets get these evil achs outta the wayFrostfever17 Feb 5, 2012
Feb 5, 2012 Darkmoon Despoiler...REALLY? So, let me get this straight: Blizzard's idea of fixing the Darkmoon achievements is to reset any currently in progress yet again. In other words, I get to work on the achievement for a THIRD time. The first time around, I couldn't complete it because I couldn't get the stinking Treatise to drop. The second time around, I couldn't complete it because the stinking Treatise still didn't drop. And also, I was too sick and tired of running dungeons to pick up the Monstrous Egg. So now I have to run dungeons I no longer like, for rewards I don't even need, with people who are increasingly undependable and often incompetent (apologies to the good people I meet), in order to roll on items I've already turned in twice! In the immortal words of Charlie Brown: AUUUUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH! Thanks, Blizz. You win at annoying me. You make Baby Thrall cry. Taleranor8 Feb 5, 2012
Feb 5, 2012 Rogue(H) Druid (H) DK(A) LF Firelands Rogue 393, Druid heals 381 looking for Firelands runs. Plenty of experience in the raid. Both are horde side. Ally DK looking for Firelands, 381 Tank, 380 DPS. Trying to do FL for the tier and achieves, mostly for tier and such. PST in game mail with your real ID if you do the run, thanks :)Zhrekgal1 Feb 5, 2012
Feb 5, 2012 Exalted with Bloodsail? Hey guys, was wondering if there's a way to get exalted with bloodsail anymore. When I quit WoW months ago there was no way to get exalted. Have they added a way yet? Pools5 Feb 5, 2012
Feb 4, 2012 ilvl 397 Mage LF H T11 / T12 Achs As title states, looking for H T11 / T12 Metas. H8/13, H6/7, H4/8 exp. I know all fights and most achs. Also looking for T11 Meta on a 395 Resto ShamanTeq1 Feb 4, 2012
Feb 4, 2012 LFG XRealm Raids [A] Let me know! Leave your realid I'll add you!Rambosaurus1 Feb 4, 2012
Feb 4, 2012 Love is in the air and the Goblins I recently began to grind my way towards Avast YE Admiral. I am hated by the goblins at the moment. I am looking at the love is in the air achieves and I see one that says help the steamwheadle cartel something or other. Has my bloodsail grind just screwed my long strange trip grind?Toof1 Feb 4, 2012
Feb 4, 2012 [Explore Isle of Quel'Danas] one of the achevements is Explore Isle of Quel'Danas i see where it is but i cannot swim to it, nore can i fly to it anyone know of ways to get there? its the island north of eversong woods (blood elf starting spot) going for the world explorer achevement and other than kalimdor which i havent really started yet is my last place to explore on eastern kingdomCelillea11 Feb 4, 2012
Feb 4, 2012 The Wintergrasp Elder With the patch coming, is it possible we could get that elder moved outside the fortress? It's really nothing but a hassle. I spent a day logging on and off to see if I could pick up the elder, sometimes running Wintergrasp, sometimes not. On my server, I don't think that the Alliance has lost it yet, this week. Certainly I haven't seen it in the last three or four days that I've been camping it. The siege engines die so quickly that all it takes is a couple of players to sit inside the fortress, run out, two shot the vehicle and then run back in. There's a graphic exploit that I can use, but it's proving to be a hassle to get it to work as well, and I'd really just like to not rely upon that to get one single elder. Anyhow: the short of it is, is it possible to just get him relocated real quick before the patch? I know, I know, two years of people complaining, and nothing done yet, but who knows. Maybe you'll feel the pain.Xaki6 Feb 4, 2012
Feb 4, 2012 [A] LF Tanks and Healer for Heroic T11 What: 1-2 Tanks and 1 Healer Preferred qualities: Familiarity with the relevant encounters; keen raid awareness; patience and affability in the face of mass devastation. Where: BWD/BoT/ToFW, alternately. When: Weekends, starting sharply at 8:00 p.m. E.S.T. time until 11:00 p.m. Why: Working towards the Glory of the Cataclysm Raider meta-achievement.Katrinka4 Feb 4, 2012
Feb 4, 2012 i396 disc LF Heroic tier 11 title says it all if you need a healer for some heroic tier 11 just message me in game and we can set something up. ill give you my real id and what not if it sounds legit :)Kélsohealz2 Feb 4, 2012
Feb 4, 2012 Crossrealm achievement raids (8am PST)- Ally Greetings, Crossrealm achievement raiding group. Raid start time - 8 am PST ---- PLEASE PLEASE double check what time is 8am PST for you! ---- We are doing raids from Vanilla up to Cata. More info on website: If you are interested, reply to this thread or contact me in game. Gonna mail my email for realID invite to your character(in game) that you reply with to this thread. Thanks for your time. Trux. P.S. People who haven't gotten my realID info, check your mail. Waiting realID confirmation: Sifern Armani Truxbeast24 Feb 4, 2012
Feb 4, 2012 [A]Squirrels/Pest Control/Well Read Guide Introduction This guide is intended for Alliance players at level 85. Completion will award you with 60 achievement points and 6 achievements: Well Read Friend or Fowl Pest Control To All The Squirrels I've Loved Before To All The Squirrels Who Shared My Life To All The Squirrels Who Cared For MeMy intention is to provide players with a reasonably efficient route to complete all of these achievements together relatively quickly (1 to 1.5 hours). I assume you have a flying mount, hopefully master riding, and access to all the Cataclsym portals. I also assume you have a basic working knowledge of addons & macros. Preaparation 1. Macro - having a keybound macro to /love stuff will make your life alot easier. You can also add an instacast damaging spell if you want, just be careful not to dismount and kill yourself with it :) 2. NPCScan - I highly recommend using this addon instead of target macros. If you are unfamiliar with NPCScan, see my post below for detailed instructions. Exit WoW and insert the following lines into your characters saved variables file: ... 3. Clear your cache and start WoW, let's do this!Zych7 Feb 4, 2012
Feb 4, 2012 DPS lf Firelands Achievement Run Looking for someone putting a run together for Firelands Mon/Thu/Fri or Sat. Know all the fights and I don't screw up. Have all of them already except Do a Barrel Roll. Will stick around for all of them though.Unholyfaith1 Feb 4, 2012
Feb 4, 2012 [A] BWD 10 man heroics I'm looking for players to add to RealID and finish this instance on heroic on Friday starting around 7 EST with some members of my guild and pick up the rest through here. I'm on a really low pop server/faction and I'm hoping this will give me the extra players I need to do this. Looking for players that are in good gear (dragon soul preferably 378) with raid experience in Blackwing Decent so we can get it done quickly. If you are interested please reply here with your class and spec(s) you can play and add my realid please mention the BWD heroic raid. The plan is to finish up older heroic raids/achievements every Friday. Thanks! Austille8 Feb 4, 2012
Feb 4, 2012 Small Guild + Love is in the Air Just a reminder to those of you in a small guild, like mine that rarely has 3 people online at once anymore if at all now a days, to make sure to get 3 guildies online somehow and run the Love is in the Air event boss. This should get you the weekly guild dungeon challange and it's easy consdiering it's a single boss. Lot of guild exp with almost no work x 7 runs. Probably take about an hour, just run it back to back to back to etc... . This is good to rememeber for other event bosses like Ahune and Headless Horseman =)Nyssa0 Feb 4, 2012
Feb 4, 2012 Thassarian What's his spawn rate for this guy? Does he only appear once per day or something? I ask because I've gotten all the other guys multiple times and have seen them multiple times but I have yet to get or see anyone with Thassarian. He's the only guy left I need to wave to and I'm about to finish the whole Molton Front thing. I really don't want to be in a situation where it's the last cheevo I need for the title since camping at Roost haven't turned this guy up at all.Sardorim3 Feb 4, 2012
Feb 4, 2012 Battlemaster Support Group Did all the difficult achievements these past couple months, notably convincing a premade do the 0-2 in WSG and 500 point resource cap disadvantage in AB. I'm glad we get 50 conquest points per win because it's really nice to get 403 PVP gear while doing this. I don't queue up for specific BGs and just try to do what I can via randoms. I lucked out with Arathi Basin Perfection and the 50 point win in pugs....still another 80 wins to go though. Some of the AV achievements were the only ones I didn't do this year. Looking forward to using this title. :)Digerati33 Feb 4, 2012
Feb 4, 2012 Looking for more achievement hunters Hello and greetings. Hi all, my name is Jim or otherwise known as Zot. I have been playing WoW since July of 2008. Like many of you, I have seen many friends come and go. I really do enjoy the game and I am looking for more like minded people. I am over 30 and not looking for drama or bad attitudes.. With the new cross realm raiding I’d like to find more people for PVE and PVP achievement runs. I am looking for more people willing to work for achievements, not those that just leave after a wipe. I don’t claim to be a pro, but I have a good attitude and I am a fast learner. I’d like to play with more people like this. I will provide cauldrons and feasts for all raids, and also have a Vent server for anyone to use for the raids or just to hang out. Runs will always be no reserve and free rolls on all. It would be fun to get a few legendaries and help others do the same. For those looking for more, I currently have a level 25 guild on Illidan. I am looking to put together a 10 or 25 man raid team for FL and DS and to move on into Pandaria. Currently we are not raiding due to lack of interest from the guild. This is the first time I’ve really tried recruiting. So if you are a bored raid leader or raider, this is the guild for you. I am really not looking to lead raid as I have enough to do with the guild already to be honest. Guild repairs, consumables, and enchants are provided to all raiders. Really like to just have a cool guild that kills stuff and has fun a few nights a week. For those that are interested in a new realm, Illidan is a 99.9% Horde PVP realm. The economy is very robust and you will always find what you need in the AH or in chat. You can always find a group no matter what time of day for those looking for PUGs. If you are looking to level an alt or try a new server, just message me in game or drop me a mail. We provide guild repairs for those leveling. Very simple rules for the guild and groups. 1. Be polite 2. Be patient 3. No drama So that's my pitch. So if you made it this far and are looking for a place to hang or have questions or comments, look me up. Ralm; Illidan Faction: Horde Guild: Avarice RealID: Skype: itszotZot0 Feb 4, 2012
Feb 4, 2012 Things you'd like to see as a future mount? Tonight I was doing my weekly farm run for the Azure drake and hopping on those discs, man those would make a killer mount. Just make them a mount instead of a vehicle. Aeonus, the last boss in the Black Morass, love that drake skin. Murozond, would kill for a drake with this skin.Vo60 Feb 4, 2012
Feb 4, 2012 390 ilvl hunter LF tier 11/12 heroics/achieve I am looking for groups doing heroic tier 11/12 content as well as achievments such as the meta for drakes and side achieves. I have a firelord dk tank with a few heroic tier 11 kills and i am looking to get the kills on my hunter now. My dk is försakenöne-kel'thuzad for reference. if you have a group or plan on doing them feel free to add me real id. Real ID: picklesickle@mail.comÖneshöt0 Feb 4, 2012
Feb 4, 2012 need healers/dps heroic rag ok so im gonna be putting together a heroic rag kill here soon Requirements Must be at least 6/7 heroic in firelands Geared,enchanted,gemmed right Post your real id with the toon you're bringing must have vent with working mic (i have my guilds vent we can use) must have the understandings of the fight loot rules -Ms>Os mount is open roll to everyone ill be glad to do this with the same group every week to farm the mount with me hope you guys would feel the same hope to see you guys soon :)Daddyelf27 Feb 4, 2012
Feb 4, 2012 where is our 150 mount achievement? Dear blizz where is our 150 mount achievement?Heavendawn13 Feb 4, 2012
Feb 4, 2012 Reins of Poseidus 25k ? Hey, im on a low-medium server and i just got Reins of Poseidus after months of farming and looking. My realm doesnt have many collectors, but im still trying to sell it anyways. Ive been called a crazy because its a useless mount.. My first serious offer is 25k gold, I said that's too low, but he wouldnt want to budge.. Should I get 25k for it ? Or wait until *one day* somebody comes and asks me 50k for it.. ?Prongs32 Feb 4, 2012
Feb 4, 2012 7/7 10H Firelands Weekly Runs Looking to make a weekly with Heroic Ragnaros Kills. Have a few extremely solid players from via Cross-Realm and need a few to round out the group. Time/Date: Friday Feb. 3, 7-11PM CST (invites go out at 6:30). Currently need: -1 Non-Paladin tank -1 Non-Paladin healer -2 Non-DK, Paladin DPS Have 6/7H experience or I will not respond to you. Bring your own food, flasks and pots. Be prepared to progress on Heroic Rag for 1-2 hours for our first kill. All loot, boe's, patterns and mounts are free roll (MS > OS). Legendary Staff info: -Embers: Reserved -Siphons: Reserved -Essences: Not Reserved (contact me for info). Contact info: Realid: (include your spec/role/ilvl) Skype: flaringwowMorike11 Feb 4, 2012
Feb 4, 2012 LF 10m Heroic BT/BWD for achs Anyone doing a cross realm raid need a good dps ?Matchez0 Feb 4, 2012
Feb 4, 2012 LF cross realm raid for tonight LFG for tonight. Either horde or ally for FL. Horde toon is locked up to Rags. this toon is free for all of FL. is realid. would like to start asap can tank or dpsIrònhide0 Feb 4, 2012
Feb 3, 2012 The future of Achievements The focus in game for me has changed through the years. Right now, I'm concentrating on achievements and alts. M.o.P will have so much more for people like me that I wait with bated breath for any news. Us achievement hunters are a small community, but we're an important part of the community. Would it be safe to venture that we probably have a ton more /played than the average player. We're probably more community focused and player focused than an average player. The points don't mean anything, sure but that's not why we do it, is it? The achievement system could use some work. Let's start with the Achievement UI. The U.I could use a bit of sprucing up. Back in 2008, what was released fit our needs. Three years later, we've outgrown the simplified grouping and we need a refined version. Take the raiding tab; now look at the Lich King raiding category. It's a mess! The raiding may have moved away from having two separate raiding lockouts, but that shouldn't mean we should dismiss the past. May I suggest a UI that would look like this Lich King Raid 10 man Naxx 25 man Naxx 10 man Ulduar 25 man Ulduar 10 man TOC 25 man TOC 10 man LK 25 man LK Obviously with each sub section, a player would click on the tab and then the specific achievements would populate. That style could also help with the Cata raids Cata BWD BOT Throne etc etc Achievement Variety Certain categories are “blah” or even lack luster; Most of the Twin peaks achieves are from WSG and most of the Battle for Gilneas are copied from Arthai Basin. The Dark Moon Faire achievements were a let down. We need more achieves that are fun to accomplish, like Bounce, Fungalophobia, Fungel Frenzy, and Ready, Set Goat! Those achieves can only keep a person occupied for so long. Once a player obtains Bounce what is the incentive to go back out into the world? Some “farming” achievements can bring people back out of SW and Org, and possibly help the World PvP situation. I miss farming or grinding. I do. Not the Classic version of Timbermaw Hold farming, but a more friendly rep grind. I miss when having a bad day at work or a fight with my boyfriend, I can grab a beer (or a glass of wine) log on, set a goal for myself and kill some mobs, obtain an insignia or some beads and turn them in. In Wrath and Cata, we didn't have anything like that to my recollection. Maybe we could have an achievement for farming mobs that would “scale” for killing each of the five most popular creature types. Creature types: Critters, Beast, Elemental, Humanoids, Dragonkin Scale: 50 100 250 1,000 5,000 10,000 25,000 50,000 100,000 Which means at the end of the farming, you would have killed 500,000 mobs and maybe earn a title? Slayer Smellyfeet has a nice ring to it. Obviously, the achievement could grab data from our history and credit a player with the kills they have earned already. For example, on my druid I have killed 22,000 humanoids. If this idea went live, she would have the first 6 achievements of the humanoid category. As a side note: Can we have more raid instances that have the non meta style achieves like Ulduar? Account Wide Achieves Here are some suggestions (some of which I think were brought up at Blizzcon): 1 of each class at max level 1 of each race at max level 1 of each profession at max level every Legendary in game on one account (maybe with the title, Legendary Smellyfeet) One of each class with epic gear (in MOP, obviously that would be the first ilevel of epic) skin 100,000 mobs d/e 50,000 items Mine 100,000 minerals Pick 100,000 herbs Craft 10,000 glyphs Cut 10,000 gems Craft 100,000 items (this would include everything from a bolt of linen, armor kits, greens, blues, whites, and epics of any level) Earn 1 million gold from the Auction House ** the numbers are just random...obviously they can be reduced or changedSmellyfeet3 Feb 3, 2012
Feb 3, 2012 H Firelands 2/8/12 Will be hosting a cross server Firelands 25man. Only the Smouldering Essences are on reserve. You MUST be minimum 4/7Heroic FIrelands experienced. Minimum 385 ilvl. add me on Real ID: and be online at 5pmCST - plan to spend 4 hours on thisNarsys3 Feb 3, 2012
Feb 3, 2012 Lovin & Killin guide? Hi folks, I'm looking for a comprehensive guide for the 3 'To all the squirrels' and 'Pest Control' achievements. Coulda sworn there used to be a sticky in here but I guess not. Did some googling & checked wowhead but everything I'm finding is pretty old, so I'm wondering if there's anything out there written post-shattering. Thanks!Zych3 Feb 3, 2012
Feb 3, 2012 ICC Infusions (question) Hi would someone be kind enough to explain me how to do these 3 the easiest way now a days thanks in advance.Randommize2 Feb 3, 2012
Feb 3, 2012 [A] H Rag weekly farm group/ Currently looking for a few more skilled dps and a Hpally for a weekly H Rag farm group. The whole group has 100+ attempts in T12 or multiple H Rag kills when it was current content. We need a few Legendary Caster DPS and a Hpally. You must be 6/7 HM with H Rag experience and have at least a 390 ilvl. This run will happen each week until we all have the mount. First run is going to be later today so add my realid and lets chat. Also intend on doing Sinestra sometime this week need the same things for it.Valkeri0 Feb 3, 2012
Feb 3, 2012 Vicious and Ruthless - Hero of the Horde Soooo... why did they make it his way instead of changing the Vicious achievement to a standard earn hero of the horde achievements (Like the Gladiator achievement)? Doesn't make any sense.Thug2 Feb 3, 2012
Feb 3, 2012 [H] Tier 11/12 Heroics (thurs/fri/sat) A few friends and myself are going to start doing heroic t11 & t12 for transmog gear, achievements & giggles. We started this group last night with the intention of doing it 3 nights a week. Half of our group is missing tonight. We intend to start doing 13/13 every week at some rate. We have multiple alts so this wont end anytime soon. Requirements - Defender of Shattered World - 130k health (tier 11), 140k health (tier 12) - Ventrilo ready & prepared. No mic needed but if it becomes a problem with communication I will replace you - 11:30pm - 2:30am (Mountain time zone -7gmt). If I find your skippy about this I'll just remove you and forget you. The smaller the roster the harder it is to organize. The bigger the roster the more slack I'll give on this. DPS - 16k+ (Tier 11), 19k+ (Tier 12). The reason I dont say any higher for either is because there will always be people who pull upwards of 30k if not more. So I wouldn't mind carrying a couple people as long as the total raid dps is matched to what it should be. HEALS - I dont like to judge off healing done & HPS. If I see a problem I'm going to point it out. The more experience in fights you have the more likely I'll pick you over someone else - At least 372 Ilevel TANKS - 160k health (tier 11), 180k health (tier 12) - I'll be picky about avoidance/mastery. Hard to judge upon 4 diff tanking classes. Heres our current group comp for tonight and anytime I recruit a new night I'll update it. Tank - Druid Tank Off Tank - Blood/Unholy Dk Heal - Heal - Off Heal - Dps - Shadow Priest Dps - Dps - Dps - Dps - My realid is Feel free to add me. If you don't see me on after tonight its because I removed you. If you want to come to another heroic just add me again. BE SURE WHEN YOU ADD ME TO PUT YOUR CLASS/ROLE & YOUR CHARACTER NAME. IF YOU DO NOT POST THIS I WILL NOT HESITATE TO DECLINE Thanks Recruit...Go! Sunhooves0 Feb 3, 2012
Feb 3, 2012 LF Cross Realm Raiding Achievements As title says, LF cross realm raiding groups for achievements, both new and old. Also looking for Rated Bg's group. 390 ilvl ret pally equipped (Pve) 391 ilvl 4500 Resil ret pally equipped (Pvp) Real ID: jarred.maciocha@gcldiesel.comLornt0 Feb 3, 2012
Feb 3, 2012 Leading the Cavalry mount reward requirements Collecting over 50 mounts is easily doable in the game at present, so the flight requirements and level requirements should be changed on this mount. The Albino drake is currently only usable by those with artisan or better riding skills and requires you to be 70 to ride. It should be changed to level 60 and require only expert riding. Please take this into consideration. Thank you.Lobotummy0 Feb 3, 2012
Feb 2, 2012 Achievements that require RL time travel Hero of the Alliance: Vicious and Hero of the Alliance: Ruthless currently require you to possess a time machine in real life to obtain. Why is it that these two achievements, a first in WoW, cannot be gotten under any circumstances if you failed to get them before X, Y or Z? I thought that was what feat of strength were for, at least that was the way up until now. This can easily be explained by how much Blizzard cares about achievements, and how lazy any game developer truly is, Blizzard being no exception, but still... Is this the type of impossible achievements we'll be stuck with from now on?Jugeum4 Feb 2, 2012
Feb 2, 2012 LFG for lvl 80 dung/raids for achievs. looking for group trying to get the achievments for the mounts. ICC 10/25 Uldum 10/25 Onyxa 10/25 and more. Need everything ill be in stormwind.Unbeknounced0 Feb 2, 2012
Feb 2, 2012 LFG for lvl 80 dung/raids for achievs. Im looking for a group that wants to get the lvl 80 dung/raids for the mounts ill be on in storm wind if anyone is down to go i need everything. ICC 10/25 Uldum 10/25 onyxa 10/25 and moreUnbeknounced0 Feb 2, 2012
Feb 2, 2012 108 MC clears later... and I finally get my legendary!..... @#$% it's the wrong one. someday :(Aeyr3 Feb 2, 2012