May 8 Garrison invasions in 7.2 In Legion so far you just needed to do one apexis daily to trigger a garrison invasion, which is nice because few people actually still do them. However I just completed 2 zones and no invasions were triggered. Looks like the new patch either broke the invasions or it reverted them back to their old state. Anyone else having issues? Edit: still works, my third daily triggered an invasion.Greville7 May 8
May 8 School of Hard Knocks AaagghhhhhLothranis32 May 8
May 8 Guild Ach Hello Wondering if there is a number of members required to complete a achievement? Me and a mate want to complete the Guild Achievement "Glory of the Cataclysm Raider" and were wondering since its an old raid if we went and smashed it out and are both guild members would the guild get the Achievement? If a guild has this achievement it allows members to purchase Reins of the Dark Phoenix is why I ask. ThanksBlythie1 May 8
May 8 Ach. Hidden From List? I'm just curious about achievements that aren't in my achievement list.. If this is a UI error or the same for everyone.. 2 examples: Both under Quests>Legion [Zoom!] and [They See Me Rolling] Neither of these appeared in my list. I learned about the first one because someone asked me to get it in the get that achievement thread. And I learned about the second one because my daughter got it one day and told me about it. I had no problem earning both of them - and then they do appear in there - once they're achieved - prior to this though - they weren't in the list at all. Is this the same for everyone? perhaps its a setting somewhere? I'm just wondering what other simple achievements I might be missing because they simply aren't showing.Bratzy5 May 8
May 7 TY ALL, all done. Two left! Been leading a few runs with various people. Finally down to 4! If you need/are willing to help for: XXXXXXXXXXEgg-cellent!XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Completedddddddd XXXXXXXXXXInstant KarmaXXXXXXXXXXXX completed XXXXXXXXXXPoor unfortunate soulsXXXXX Completed Waiting for Gerdo Than post your btag and I will whisper you! or... just whisper me in game! 3 achievements to go!Packofcrows2 May 7
May 7 School of Hard Knocks Sucks Been trying to do this achievement for 3-4 hours now. What i like about it ... forces people to do some PvP. What i don't like about it ... Eye of the Storm is quite possibly the WORST part of the whole achievement. I get taking our orphans out to see and experience the world but if i didn't have to do the EoTS part of this achievement i would have been done hours ago. i would like it if Blizzard would edit the achievement to require us to do 2 parts of this PvP shenanigans not all 4.Squick2 May 7
May 6 Advice for queues for School of Hard Knocks Is it better to queue as the lowest level possible to complete these? I am currently attempting to get a queue to pop on my level 102 alt. Should I drop right down in level? After a couple of hours at the most recent attempt I switched to a level 31 alt. It has the advantage of being able to exclude two BGs with only the required four remaining. So far 40+ minutes in the queue. And this queue is random. Queue experiences please.Taraezor3 May 6
May 6 Skull of Corruption toy-personal loot? Just wanted to see if anyone that plays a DH has managed to get this toy off the Gul'dan as personal loot. Only seen it drop once on ML, wondering if pugging each week is worth my time.Finesthour2 May 6
May 6 WTS Fire-Watcher Achievement I am now selling Bloody Coins farm FOR GOLD only (again). Why would you want to buy this? Instead of grinding many weeks or even months to get 2,000 killing blows I can help you get it done in an hour or less. This is completely within the ToS, as I am offering a service for gold and not making any real money. For Now I am only doing this on Horde. What Do You Need? (in order of importance) XD - A Finger (to spam an ability to kill me) - Fire-Watcher's Oath (purchased on the Timeless Isle for 100 timeless coins, takes 2 minutes to get) - A 110 Horde Character (any server) What Do You Get? - Save Hours and Hours of Your Time - You Keep Your Sanity - "Fire-Watcher" Title (which is usable at level 1, so you'll look BA :P) - Ashhide Mushan Beast Mount - 1500 extra Bloody Coins to buy whatever you want (you can buy 15 pets with the 1500 excess coins and make gold as you can sell them on the AH) Pricing - 50,000 Gold On Illidan (Horde)/Sargeras (Alliance)/Area 52 (Horde) /Kargath/Norgannon (Either Faction) - 70,000 Gold On Every Server Not Mentioned Above - I will also take rare items such as TCG Pets, Mounts, Transmog (depending on what it is), Unobtainable Items like Pocket-Fel Spreaders or Haunted Mementos. What If I Scam You? First off, this would never happen. Why? I would definitely be suspended and maybe even permanently banned. I have too much to lose, I've obtained/achieved so many things that would be awful to lose such as: - Every Tier 3 Set (for every class) - Unobtainable/Rare Items/Achievements You Can Add Me At My Battle Tag If Interested: Powerful#11662, join the Discord for updates @, or post below, all though Battle Tag and Discord is the best way to be in contact. For those that buy my service, I ask you to write a review down below and let others know I am legit, thanks!Fracturing10 May 6
May 5 Insane in the Membrane Well, hello, im going to be as simple as i could be, im looking for people, that are crazy enough to help me on my journey to murder booty bay... and get the "Avast Ye, Admiral" FoS, and also to get my reputation with Bloodsail Buccaneers to honored. If you're... ehm INSANE enough to help me and yourself in this journey, add me on Battlenet and we can talk about it :) Molton0251#1433 | US - HORDEMoltonz8 May 5
May 5 School of Hard Knocks For those trying to get this, you can get the WSG flag return portion done in the Weekly brawl. I wasn't sure if I could do it or not until I actually tried bc it's not a typical WSG match. Figured I would save some ppl time if they had the same question.Valiryn1 May 5
May 5 LFM Insane in the Membrane Free most days, just looking for a solid group of 5 to grind Bloodsail Buccaneer rep with. Really want to get this achievement so I want to start as soon as I can. Just need a group of 4 other 110s so we can destroy Booty Bay.Madvíllaíny2 May 5
May 4 Higher Dimensional Learning Can't seem to find any information on this achievement. Anyone know about this one?Phishop1 May 4
May 4 Inspector Gadgetzan I know achievements are a grind but this one sucks. I've been doing this one for 160 days now on my DK alt and so far only have 4 of the messages. I have gotten 001-168 4 times in a row now. I was hoping to have this done for legion to start on the next blingtron related achievement but that is not likely to happen at this rate. I would not care so much if blingtrons from different expansions didn't share the same daily cooldown. How long did it take you guys?Blastinya13 May 4
May 4 WTS Chromatic Sword I have a Chromatic Sword on Darkspear Alliance that I am looking to sell. It hasn't been obtainable since Cataclysm, and has a unique appearance+glow making it a highly sought after transmog item for collectors. I'm looking to sell for 3 million gold, but I am willing to negotiate. Contact me by either leaving a post here or adding my battletag: Selbink#1837.Selbink0 May 4
May 4 LF Herald of the Titans group,HORDE Looking for any groups planning to run this month,I'm fully gemmed and enchanted(my weapon hasn't updated,but it's a 232 wand/213 offhand) If you're planning a run or need a disc priest for your existing roster,add me Unleashed#11866Evangelism6 May 4
May 4 Children's Week Why does Blizzard make Pver's go into a Battleground to get achievements. I am 2 achievements way from getting Children's Week done, thus completing all of the World Events and getting my mount..But I have to do School of Hard Knocks and I am not a PvPer, so I would end up dying for the most part and pissing PvPers off cause I am not geared. They need to either just make the achievement by taking the kid you have into a battleground and just a group effort, not individual criteria like capturing a flag etc. Spent 7 yrs getting all these World Events done cause I hate PvP.Rargaman14 May 4
May 3 Been waiting a long time for this H10 I've read some instructions on how to solo this, I stand on the first few steps, back to the stairs, I let the lich king spawn his drudge ghouls and so on, eventually the plague hops around but no matter what, at some point I get booted off the platform, forward, backward, whatever... is there something that I'm missing?Falkenbach5 May 3
May 2 Farming Steamwheedle Rep, pst me!! Farming steamwheedle rep in tanaris behind caverns of time. Pst me @Blueprince, or @ÂckbarRedprincess1 May 2
May 2 Stratholme Deathcharger - How many runs? Title says it all: To those who have Rivendar'e Deathcharger, how many runs did it take you? I'm on run #86 at the moment, so just wondering how much more of this I have to look forward to, on average. :P (Yes, I'm aware RNG is RNG and I could, technically, be doing this for thousands of runs.) The drop rate is 1%, right? Someone was trying to tell me it was 0.02%. O_oLethyl26 May 2
May 2 Mount hunting in Legion How is mount hunting in Legion? It's kinda become my main interest but I never upgraded. Does the ability to create a level 100 make it easier to farm things like sha(and other world bosses)?Seasloth1 May 2
May 1 Please! :D Hey I was thinking earlier about some stuff after I found this: ... Please Blizz for next year's Winter Veil: Add a Northrend Pole zone for Greatfather Winter available only during holidays, pretty much like the Darkmoon Faire island phasing stuff. We could do more quests there, like a daily hub for Winter Veils holidays: - New Dungeon: Save Greatfather Winter from being kidnapped by the Legs of Ragnaros and their minions. - New event World Boss: The Grinch! - More different quests like defeating the Grinch whole family, saving Greatfather Winter's gnomes from different monsters, getting back all the gnomes huskies for their dog sleds, defending Greatfather Winter's workshop from an elemental assault (fire elementals), repairing the Workshop after a Blizzard or stopping a Burning Legion's mafia from making an alliance with the Grinch... - New Currency: Greatfather Winter's Cookies. Obtainable through quests, dailies, dungeon, reward bags. You can get 600 every year, you will need two Winter Veils holidays to get all the rewards. - New Pet Battle daily quest. - New Dungeon daily quest. . 5 new mounts: - A Reindeer (drop from daily dungeon's bag), - Santa's Flying Red/Green Sleigh (250 Greatfather Winter's Cookies currency each), - A Dog Sled (10 days of quest for taming 10 dogs), And... [Reins of the Flying Pancake] usable only during the holiday (like the Hallow's End Brooms). . 11 new pets: - Capturable: Red/Black Huskies (Beasts), Glowing Star (Magic), Abominable Snowman (Elemental), Frost Elemental (Elemental). - Magic Candy Cane (Magic), Cookie Man (Humanoid) - Cooking Recipes (100 Greatfather Winter's Cookies), mats only obtainable during the holidays, - Grey Husky (Beast) (150 Greatfather Winter's Cookies), - Woodman Toy (Magic) (150 Greatfather Winter's Cookies), - Gremlin (Humanoid) (Quest reward), - North Star (Magic - Pet Battle Daily). . 4 new toys: A mini Christmas Tree (100 Greatfather Winter's Cookies), a new bonfire (of course) (100 Greatfather Winter's Cookies), A Grinch spell costume (drop from daily dungeon's bag), a Snow Maker (Random zone drop). + new achievements, vanity holiday items (maybe spells that turn you into Christmas gnomes), quests, and yey :D PS: For WoD add Harrison Jones as a follower after reaching 700 in Archaeology and completing 1 or 2 quests.Azadea6 May 1
May 1 Bareback Brawl not showing up it's the only pvp WQ that doesn't show up or is active when I go to the evant area. why is this?Malcador0 May 1
May 1 Only Bareback Brawl showing up? Hello. I like to do the World events relating to PvP which are: - Bareback Brawl - Darkbrul Arena - Operation Murloc Freedom - Blackrook Arena. But only Bareback Brawl seems to be showing up. Is this happening to anyone else?Grghl4 May 1
May 1 Broken Isle Pathfinding Part 1 ugh why dont you just change the Reputation for the Nightfallen to Exalted because you have to get exalted to get the Lore master (Facepalm)Celyia2 May 1
May 1 LFM Show Me Your Moves 25M Looking for people crazy enough to do this. I've led 19 groups successfully on 10m. I'm able to dodge 10 attacks on heroic difficulty, so I'm able to teach very easily. There is a reason I'd like to do 25m normal and maybe heroic one day, but will share that later. I really do want to do this and am not trying to make a troll post. Can add me Succesinmind#1797 You don't "gain" anything from the achieve (anymore, as it used to be part of GLory of Pandaria Raider), but you will have my respect (as well as from your peers), a sense of true accomplishment and pride. It's fun seeing 10 opportunistic strikes going off at the same time and seeing the "RA: [Show Me Your Moves] Requirements Complete, kill boss now!" message. Think of seeing 25 of them....and of course having 25 people who don't have slow reflexes.Peqvals22 May 1
May 1 Need Help with Crossing the Streams Looking for help with Crossing the Streams. This is the last one I need for my Skyscreamer, I have tried to solo on my druid but the damn fog dose more damage then I can heal through. Please help.Tsumé1 May 1
Apr 30 Nighthold: Glory of Legion Raider Achievs Greetings, Bad Intent will be hosting an achievement run to complete the achievements found in The Nighthold for the achievement Glory Of The Legion Raider. We ask that you have a minimum item level of 890 and have Discord to listen to instructions. Raid is on Sunday the 30th of April and will run from 8:30am EST and stop once complete or 11:30am EST whichever comes sooner. Invites start going out at 8:10am If you're interested in joining us please add me on Btag: J4destar#1123 and send me a tell no later than 8:20am. We would like to have everyone in the instance, on Discord, and ready to pull by 8:30am so that we can get started on time. Have a great day Folks, ~TuwaTuwa3 Apr 30
Apr 29 More Exalted Reputation Achievments pls Can we please get more Reputation Achievements an 80, 90, and 100 exalted would be great. preferably each one having a reward as well. 80 reward pet 90 reward title 100 reward mountStinkybird5 Apr 29
Apr 29 Flying in Draenor without Legion? Long story short, i'm trying to get flying in Draenor, and based on things i've seen, I can't get it without buying legion? Because I have to discover all of the places on broken shore, (that the quest specifys) and reach revered with the new faction armies of legion fall, in which reputation is earned by completing the assault on the broken shores scenario, so anyway, I just wanted to clarify it was not possible to get without legion, correct? T.I.A!Kaail2 Apr 29
Apr 29 Only the Penitent.. Achievement Only the Penitent.. achievent. Need 5 more people to help click on the orbs for the acheievenent. I'm already at the part so should take 10 minutes to walk in and get er done. Last one for the egg of millagazor mountPartuzá1 Apr 29
Apr 29 LF Skulguloth for Naxt Victim achievement: done, can delete this post nowMijingakure0 Apr 29
Apr 28 Cant get all in scenario After I finish Ephemeral Manastorm Projector, I still dont have the "change of season" achievenment and dont have access to all in scenario. Not sure what to do?Flamez1 Apr 28
Apr 27 Demon hunters and tier gear? So, I was thinking about getting the achievements for the tier sets in old content. I would prefer to run through these on my main, which is a Demon Hunter, but ALAS there are clearly no tokens for the Demon hunters. I wonder, can I finish these? Or do I have to go to one of my alts to complete these achievements. For example, the achievement I was looking at was Back in Black or whatever, which is to collect any class set from Black Temple.Kahlan1 Apr 27
Apr 26 Appearances Achievements in patch 7.2 So I've put in multiple tickets now and there's nothing that can be done on their end apparently ... but I'm wondering if others has had this issue and what they've done to fix it. The first time I noticed an issue with achievement credit was when trying to buy a single PvP set item since it was the last I needed. I purchased it and the set completed, but I didn't get achievement credit. I sold it back, bought it back, equipped it, reloaded, relogged... and nothing. When buying a whole missing PvP set for 12 Marks of Honor the achievement would pop instantly. While doing PvE content, and obtaining missing items, if the set completed the achievement would pop instantly without a problem. I put in a ticket recently and was told to try to wait the 2hr cooldown timer .. which I did and still nothing. I put in another ticket after it didn't work and while waiting for the ticket to be answered I logged out for a couple of hours, came back in and the achievement popped. Another thing .. I originally WASN'T having a problem with PvE items but now I am :( I completed The Nighthold normal set last night and the achievement didn't pop until I logged for a while. I just completed the Throne of Thunder heroic set and nothing. I don't really understand why it's causing an issue and the two GM's I've spoken with haven't been able to give me a solution. The last one I talked to said to put in a forum post and see if others were having a problem which would cause more attention. Hopefully it's something that gets fixed soon! Thanks for any feedback :)Serrafina4 Apr 26
Apr 26 Way to look up completed achievements? Is there a way to look up how many people have completed a specific achievement? I wanna see how many people (US or worldwide) finished some of the harder achievements in the game.Sharpbladez2 Apr 26
Apr 26 GloryOLHero, EOA,NL,DHT, BRH,MAW 9:13 pm EST time currently, Completed, thank you.Sanctuarys1 Apr 26
Apr 25 Bigger Fish to Fry Is there something special I need to do to open up Bigger Fish to Fry? I've watched several YouTube videos, and the achievement is shown under the fishing section. I checked, and it didn't say that there was anything special needed to open the achievement. It's not showing anywhere in my achievements, so I have no idea if I am even able to start it.Sontoom17 Apr 25
Apr 25 Broken Isles Pathfinder - Loremaster Portion Hello. I am registering both a complaint and a discussion against only specifically the Loremaster Portion of the Pathfinder achievement. (fluff paragraph) First, let me start by explaining that I respect Blizzard's reasoning. I think that, by forcing Pathfinder as a pre-requisite for flying, it is true that players gain a higher respect, appreciation, and systematically different playstyle when exploring. Instead of simply flying over everything, I am allured by the beauty of the isles. Sometimes, even, I find myself appreciating how much work the designers and art team actually put into the world. (introduction to argument)This has changed with the introduction of flying to the world. Now that flying is actually a think in the Broken Isles, it should invariably be known that the fluff has been thrown out the window, now. Now that players have had since the release of Legion to appreciate the aesthetics, Blizzard feels confident to open up flying access. (background fluff about me) I am a player who, despite being casual, plays far more than casually. I can easily spend in excess of ten hours a day playing Battlegrounds, and this is what I enjoy doing. I also enjoy doing World Quests, as they are designed in such a way as to feel less linear than a yellow exclamation point; however, what I abhor is questing. I made a genuine effort to do a little bit of questing everyday in order to unlock loremaster. I barely completed one PHYLUM before I was tilted! (argument) The way Pathfinder is set up is negligent to PvPers, and those who may have leveled using PvP, or those who dislike questing. This is because the Loremaster portion of achievement is strictly quest oriented. I, being one who leveled extensively through PvP prior to the 50% experience buff yield, have little to no quests done for Pathfinder. However, my reputation yields are still high because post 110, I do World Quests daily and enjoy them, as well as dungeons. I am proposing an alternative completion method to Pathfinder that adds a "Loremaster OR ____" method. (possible solution) Personally, I would think it fantastic for Pathfinder to retain all of its current status, save the Loremaster. If I could optionally do either Loremaster, or for example, achieve Prestige 5, I think that would be tremendous. It still takes a lengthy amount of time to reach Prestige 5, or whatever Prestige Blizzard could deem appropriate. Mind you, this is merely a recommendation. It doesn't have to be "or prestige 5", etc. It can be something alternative. That is what I am seeking -- An alternativefor players like myself that wish to fly, but really can't stand questing. (conclusion) I'm trying to do it, Blizzard. It just feels like I'm missing out something vastly fun and luxurious, and mind you -- We do not demand PvErs complete any portion of PvP for Pathfinder, but yet demand PvPers complete massive portions of PvE. Despite this, both PvErs and PvPers benefit vastly from flying in the Broken Isles. Please consider adding an addendum to circumvent the Loremaster portion of the Pathfinder achievement (at least for part 1, thanks)Troxasch4 Apr 25
Apr 24 beginning quest giver for flying 7.2 beginning quest giver for flying 7.2 Legion. Have completed all requirements, but still do not have the achievement award.where do I go to get my flying mount?Whitemizt1 Apr 24
Apr 24 It's time for account wide rep achievements I'm not asking for account wide reps. I just want the achievements to function like so many other achievements do, mainly the HK ones. If one char has 200k HKs and another char has 200k HKs you get credit for 400k on your achievement counter. I have like 40 exalted reps on my mage that I quit playing at the end of cata.I also have 25 exalted reps on this guy that I started playing at the end of cata. Why would it be so hard for me to have 65 exalted reps on my achievement counter? It's obvious that I have earned those achievements. I've been playing for almost 11 years and only had 2 mains in that entire time, yet I feel like I'm being punished for it. Even funnier to look at: I earned the 45 exalted rep achievement back in 2012. I just today got the 40 exalted rep achieve on this guy.Gnomeer0 Apr 24
Apr 24 Spring Fling How do i do this achievement? i have the spring rabbit pet but not sure what to do from there any help would be greatly appreciatedSábrewølf1 Apr 24
Apr 24 Shake your bunny maker So at this point I'm convinced female goblins do not I'm on the proudmoore server if anyone has one or is willing to make one I'm willing to pay 20k gold just so I can finish this stupid achievment. LolThanosares0 Apr 24
Apr 23 Class Order Hall Campaign Completion During my campaign, I negelected to see a quest while in Deepholm for my Shaman. I was able to continue, so there was no immediate 'you've missed something' moment for me, until I hit 110 and thought I'd finished everything for the campaign, except everything that should of happend at such a point wasn't happening. After a couple of days at 110, I started to wonder if maybe I had a bug, or if I had missed something. I went to wowhead, which was too much information to work through easily. I asked some guildies if they had any issues, and searched out some of the suggestions they made. Then I thought I'd look at the achievement as I'd most liekly be able to track through that what has been done and what hasn't been completed, except it had zero to contribute. Eventually I wondered through my world maps (Deepholm was the last place I looked), and found the error I had made. I feel it took much more time than was necessary to resolve, and that probably a number of players would committ such a simple error. To me, this could have been so easily alleviated by the achievement for completing the Class Order Hall being more meaningful, than it's current 'no real information here.' The progression through the campaign is already grouped into blocks. Wouldn't it be fairly straight forward then to tie that into the achievement? That way, such an important milestone can be effectively managed.Mootown2 Apr 23
Apr 23 Alt Friendly, not so much. I'm probably beating a dead horse here, But I really feel like the lack of alt friendliness with Legion should be addressed. Blizzard claimed this expansion would be the most alt friendly. As far as content goes, I would agree. I've never wanted to level an alt more. Class hall campaigns are unique and full of interesting plot and characters. Each class Artifact skins create a ton of customization. That being said, actually acquiring the content or achievements has proven to be anything but friendly. Here's the skinny. We are all busy and the best part of WoW has been the ability to dip into this world and get lost for a few hours. The character creation screen used to encourage players to try all the classes and all the races, and many of us took that to heart. I just have a few issues with Blizzard's recent stubbornness when it comes to just a few achievements that are tied directly to Alts. 1. Balance of Power achievement has been compared to the Legendary quest lines in the past. I can see that but unlike the legendary which unlocks a piece of gear that dramatically improves game play, this quest line unlocks a set of weapon skins that have no effect on game play. Since they don't want to make this achievement account wide, maybe they could at least make the raid element portion doable in raid finder. (Also, why there is a raid element in a Dungeon based tier seems silly.) 2. Legionfall Rep. Conundrum. Last night I finished all the content on the Broken Shore with over 400 Legionfall war supplies ready to turn in, but all three buildings were up. I had no alternative source to turn in supplies. I'm super close to achieving flight. With the lack of any alt leveling bonuses, flight will be crucial to leveling alts during this content. So i will have to wait a few days before I can turn in the resources and gain the rep I need. Was this intended or did Blizzard miss that when all three buildings are up, rep through resource turn in is at a stand still? 3. No Item for xp gains on alts. With no BoA's or Potions for boosting xp on alt's, the grind on alts is just as long as it is on our main toon. 4. The invasions world quests give decent xp but don't happen often enough to really boost the leveling process, especially without flight. 5. Challenge Artifact Skin requires a specific Item level. This simply means that if you want one of these skins on an alt, you will have to grind for gear on alts. (This last one isn't as bad, but it could be seriously time consuming) 6. It would seem that the class mount process is going to be similar to the "Balance of Power" and "Challenge Artifact" achievements. Arduous grinding to obtain the class mount. I don't know how much of this will be available once this expansion is over, how much we will be able to do, or carry forward. Blizzard mentioned adding those artifact skins you earned to the transmog system, does that mean the ones you didn't earn you can still get but can't use the appearance? Don't get me wrong, I love Legion. I love the content, I love the plot lines, and lore. I just Don't see why Blizzard keeps gating so much content behind long grinds, and ridiculous requirements.Whiskeybuda1 Apr 23
Apr 23 All achievement addicts please!!!! Hello all, So I love achievements!!! Anyone want to group up & knock any out wheater they are PVE or PVP just add me please. Battle tag Dave#1669Vorenn7 Apr 23
Apr 23 Valarjar Strongbox Just got this, 10k rep grinding all quests in zone no mount.Gødrøk7 Apr 23
Apr 22 Cenarion Expedition Rep I'm looking to get the Cenarion War Hippogriph mount, and I'm not sure how to go about getting Cenarion Expedition rep quickly. All the guides on youtube seem to be outdated. What do you guys recommend as the fastest way?Rastha7 Apr 22
Apr 22 Free for all, more for me So I've been logging in solely to complete this achievement. Currently 50% of the way done with it having completed Darkbrul and Operation Murloc freedom. However the past week or so I've logged in and none of the 4 have been available. Is this intended? I remember they happen every 6 hours so 2 am, 8 am, 2 pm, etc.. and are up for ~5 hours at a time, going down about 45 mins before the next one is supposed to pop. However right now at 6 server time, still two hours away from the next event, there are none available. Anyone else bump into this? Edit: I should mention that there are times the past week where one is available. So this isn't a 100% of the time thing, more like 50/50. Edit2: alright so there's currently an invasion/assault/whatever in Valsharah. Do the invasions "take over" the zone? Meaning no world quests or anything are available? Edit3: Edit2 confirmed. Useless post is useless.Shtanky0 Apr 22
Apr 21 Stranglethorn Fishing Tournament Closed? Stranglethorn Fishing Tournament Closed? I have shown up at 2pm every sunday for the last 2 weeks and no event does anyone know what the deal isAnzù1 Apr 21