Nov 30 You Said Crossing the Streams... Okay I have been trying to solo this for two weeks now. Every other achievement has been successful at soloing but for some reason I can't do this correctly. I have watched all the videos and read the comments but I just can't seem to get it. There are three things Durumu does that are instant kill. Force of Will - Knocks you back to your death Beam - Just kills you ????Unknown - I drop dead, usually during his purple fog phase. I can manage to get a at least 1 of the fog beats, but I die instantly to some unknown attack. It seems to happen mostly during the phase when he does the killer beam and the ground is covered in purple stuff. I can't see the Force of Will Cone while this happens, but THAT tends you knock you back. What could be killing me? And is there a easier way to see the Light Bubbles? Please Help. Thanks.Mantaur9 Nov 30
Nov 30 Artifact Challenge To say that these challenges are bad enough as they are, but to add in glitches and ridiculous time constraints just takes the joy out this expansion. Before I get the, "But these are to show off your commitment to learning your spec" I've been playing WoW since vanilla, and not a single spec today is the same as it was 12 years ago... let alone last xpac. Also, I can appreciate the desire to award those hardcore dedicated players. But this isn't on the same level as challenge dungeons, or mythic raids etc. This isn't 1 transmog item, but a complete tier of some of the best weapon skins in the game. Let me break it down. 1. The tower Is only up for a limited time (So only 3 days every couple of weeks.) 2. We have to spend shards on attempts (really as if the time constraint isn't enough) 3. The tower being up is at the mercy of the whole community. (Awkward for a solo challenge.) But push all that aside because having the challenge glitch out, and transfer you across the world into a completely different zone is enough to make me want to uninstall. Yes that's right, after too many attempts to count, the Mage Tower glitched and I spawned in Azshara. I know I'm just ranting here, but this is infuriating.Luvnleather10 Nov 30
Nov 30 Buying All Heavy Junkboxes Buying all Heavy Junk boxes for the achievement - Insane in the membraneDeathkingg4 Nov 30
Nov 29 Do group members have to be there? So Im going for guild raid achievements and it requires the group to be 80% guildies. If I make a group, do they have to physically go into the raid with me to get the achievement of completing the raid?Chromcoff1 Nov 29
Nov 29 Mark of Prey Trading Thread #1 Us-Neutral: I have 14 Horde 110 & 1 Alliance 110 willing to trade kill. Keep in mind debuff timer stop rolling when you're log off unfortunately with the exception of a server reset happening, so you'll need to take at least 10min each day per toon in-game to get rid of the debuff. Wanting to do this least once per day so if you have alliance toons we can use my alliance toon to bring them over to the server or vice versa. We'll be doing this next to a spirit healers in one of the PvP and/or Falcosaur WQ zone. Btag is DarkHermes#1169 if interested. (: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FAQ Talon's Vengeance is a "hidden" faction, with no associated Achievement or Feat of Strength, and no permanent titles. The one reason to grind reputation with this faction is for the Ivory Hawkstrider mount, available at Exalted reputation. This mount is essentially a less armored version of the Swift White Hawkstrider which drops from Kael'thas Sunstrider in Magisters' Terrace (a Burning Crusade dungeon) on Heroic difficulty. Accessing the Faction To access this faction, first you must complete one of the four questlines granted by your falcosaur pets - Direbeak Hatchling, Bloodgazer Hatchling, Sharptalon Hatchling, or Snowfeather Hatchling. Only one of the questlines must be completed to gain access to Talon's Vengeance, but it is likely you will want to complete all four questlines anyway as they each grant a mount on completion. After having completed a questline and obtaining the mount, you must summon said mount in front of Aviana at [32.24, 66.86] in Highmountain. For those without coordinates, she can be found at Sylvan Falls, due east and across the water from the Sylvan Falls flight point (northwest of Riverbend on the map). Once you have summoned your mount and spoken to Aviana, she will have a number of dialogue prompts that you must click through. After you have selected "I will be the talons of vengeance", you unlock access to the Talon's Vengeance Quartermaster - Trinket, a raven that is sitting on the large statue of the archer near Aviana. After this point, you will have continued access to Trinket, regardless of what mount you use thereafter or what reputation you are with the faction. This makes this mount mostly sought after for completists and/or mount collectors.Reputation with Talon's Vengeance is only obtained by farming and using Mark of Prey, which grants 100 reputation per mark. Note that Mark of Prey is not a currency, and takes up bag space - it stacks to 20. These marks have NO USE after getting to 999/1000 Exalted with Talon's Vengeance. *No Paragon caches* Below is a table of how many marks it takes to get through each reputation level, broken down by the reputation buffs (if any) you have. The assumption is that you are starting at the very beginning of each reputation level. TOTAL 42,000 Revered 21,000 Honored 12,000 Friendly 6,000 Neutral 3,000 Reputation buff 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 30 29 28 27 25 60 58 55 53 50 120 115 110 105 100 210 200 191 183 175 420 400 382 366 350 Mark of Prey *EDITWinfree28 Nov 29
Nov 27 Naxt Victim Trading WTT [Portal-Stone: Than'otalion] for [Portal-Stone: Skulguloth]. Btag:Madness#12309Madness1 Nov 27
Nov 27 The Wish Remover For those that don't know, this is the Legion version of the old "fish up a bunch of coins from the Dalaran fountain". Now, Marcia Chase (or whatever her name is) sells a bunch of different lures that all specifically say they only catch certain coins, but I looked this achievement up on Wowhead and it looks like either that's a load of bull, or coins can be gotten by multiple lures. Does anyone know for sure? Are there certain coins that can only be fished by specific lures or is it just all RNG?Mackenzy2 Nov 27
Nov 27 Turkey Lurkey Help {COMPLETED} Hey all! Would anyone be willing to help me with this chieve? I'm on the Aerie Peak realm and I'm missing Dwarf and Goblin. I'm able to tip if you have a main alliance toon. Willing to fly all over just to get this done xD Thanks in advance!Nightcallerz1 Nov 27
Nov 26 LF Skulguloth for Naxt Victim LF Skulguloth for Naxt Victim. Message if you have it for sale. Licks#1372Licks3 Nov 26
Nov 26 Turkey Lurkey Help ( COMPLETED ) Would anybody from the Horde be willing to help me get this achievement? I tried doing it in Dalaran, but it doesn't seem to be able to let me unless I'm at the right level, so it's becoming a lot harder to do so. Only races I'm missing are Troll Thank you kindly in advance~ If you have an alliance toon, I'll gladly pay back some or return the favor as a Night Elf. I'm in the US Dalaran Server.Maxlynnora1 Nov 26
Nov 25 Turkey Lurkey US Dalaran server help please I need to turkeymise 1 troll rogue to get the achievement. I can't find any troll rogues. Can anyone with a troll rogue help me out please? My btag is Sagittarian#1898Zephius1 Nov 25
Nov 25 Rezira the seer portal help Hired someone, thanksSonth0 Nov 25
Nov 24 Herald of the Titans Done, tyBooze1 Nov 24
Nov 24 Herald of The Titans run. Looking to get this achieve done, If anyone is interested in doing it on Alliance add my btag Crabby#1476Lmaó5 Nov 24
Nov 23 Brag thread! Within this thread feel free to share your proudest achievements! (and possibly your rationale) My personal favorite would have to be the Competitor's Tabard achievement: My reasoning: Since it is currently unobtainable and allows me to pick up a new unique-looking tabard on any character I create.Fivetoe20 Nov 23
Nov 23 Pre-requisite to Champions of Legionfall Help ! I'm stuck. I'm at Champions of Legionfall in the Breaching the Tomb achiev on my DH and, while everything seem to be pretty much the same as on my 4 other class who have the class mount, the NPCs at Broken Shores do not have a quest for me. I keep doing class hall quests and what not that are obviously leading me no where closer to my mount and there isn't a single useful guide online since they all just say that you need the achievement but don't list the steps to get any of it. This is my only toon on which I had any issues and actually had to look online for help that apparently doesn't exist.Nossarinari2 Nov 23
Nov 23 Been waiting a Long time [Broken] The lich king will shadow trap max level players to their death. They cannot aggro, or do damage, or else they kill him, or get him below 70% hp and he stops spawning stuff. It is no longer possible to get this achievement. Someone at blizzard should look into this achieve, and remove it as a requirement for glory of the icecrown raider, or rework what it requires, or do something with lich king boss fight. It is glitched.Shadaver6 Nov 23
Nov 22 Only the Penitent... Hi, was just wondering if it is possible to do this achievement by myself. Also, where could I find a group to do it with if it is not solo-able. ThanksMahosu5 Nov 22
Nov 22 [Glory of the Icecrown Raider] - DK Solo I completed these achievements as a level 110 Death Knight, with Frost and Unholy specializations. [Heroic: The Frostwing Halls (25 player)] [Portal Jockey (25 player)] and last, but not least: [Been Waiting a Long Time for This (25 player)] I hope that this helps others who wish to earn the achievement, but like me, thought it might be impossible because of their class. Good luck, my fellow Death Knights! [Heroic: The Frostwing Halls (25 player)] You can choose any spec at this time. In order to complete this achievement, you will need the following: • Your [First Aid] must be close to (800). My first aid was (778) at the time I completed this achievement. • [Silkweave Splint] • [Pump-Action Bandage Gun] I bought both the [Silkweave Splint] and [Pump-Action Bandage Gun] from the Auction House for a few hundred gold. Set your raid difficulty to 25 Man Heroic. Once you've reached the Frostwing Halls, and Valithria Dreamwalker, you can begin. Target Valithria Dreamwalker and begin healing her with the [Silkweave Splint]. Her health will go back up to 100% in most cases, but you will not be able to finish the bandaging process. The four Risen Archmages will begin to attack you and interrupt the spell. Even though Valithria Dreamwalker's health will appear to be 100% when you use the [Silkweave Splint], she will not heal completely. In Heroic mode, Valithria's health is constantly declining, and the Risen Archmages will interrupt your healing before it is enough. Kill the four Risen Archmages, and target Valithria Dreamwalker once again. Immediately use the [Pump-Action Bandage Gun], and within just a few seconds she will be healed, and you will have earned the achievement! [Portal Jockey (25 player)] As I said before, in Heroic mode, Valithria Dreamwalker's health constantly declines, but it will not in Normal mode. The goal is to heal her before she is able to spawn any portals. Follow the instructions for the previous achievement, and you should be able to earn this one as well! [Been Waiting a Long Time for This (25 player)] You will need to switch to your Unholy specialization before anything else. I completed this achievement on Heroic difficulty, so yes, it is completely possible. I removed some of my gear (shoulder pads, chest and legs), but I'm not sure that this is a necessity. Use [Raise Dead] to summon your pet, and make sure that they are set to Passive. Do not attack the Lich King, but make sure that you have the Lich King targeted. Pay attention to when he casts the spells: [Summon Drudge Ghouls] and [Summon Shambling Horror]. Make sure that you are moving, and avoiding the circles that toss you off the Citadel. Count how many minions the Lich King summons. I did this by saying "3" when he first summoned the Drudge Ghouls, and then adding to that number every time he summoned anymore minions. So if he summoned more Drudge Ghouls, I would say "6," and if he summoned a Shambling Horror, I would say "7" after that, and so on... Once the Lich King summoned around twenty-five to thirty minions, I commanded my pet to attack the Lich King. Do not allow your pet to keep attacking the Lich King! As soon as your pet has taken aggro, make them Passive again! Otherwise, your pet will kill the Lich King and ruin your chances. I usually move my pet to another part of the platform so that I can clearly see that the Lich King is now attacking my pet, and not me. Once that happens, you will begin to be infested with [Necrotic Plague]. This is a common mistake, one of my own: The Lich King's [Plague Siphon] is not what you need to pay attention to, and not what you need to be stacked to 30! [Plague Siphon] will stack on the Lich King as well, which confuses a lot of people. At this point, don't even pay attention to the Lich King. Use the <tab> key to toggle through the Drudge Ghouls and Shambling Horrors that are following you. There will be a lot of them. Eventually, though, you will see a few with [Necrotic Plague], and it will begin to stack, very quickly. You may want to wait until the stack reaches 35 or even 40, before you attack the Lich King. I never saw the stack reach 30, but some people have claimed to have issues with this. While toggling, I found a Drudge Ghoul who had a stack of [Necrotic Plague] at 35, and took my chances, and went straight to killing the Lich King. You will not see if you've earned the achievement until after Tirion and Arthas' little role-play session, so be patient! After Terenas appears, and you skip the cinematic, you will earn the achievement, as well as [Glory of the Icecrown Raider (25 player)]! Congratulations!Izanämi1 Nov 22
Nov 21 Glory of legion hero Can anyone help me with this? I want the artifact appearanceKitteykat0 Nov 21
Nov 20 400th mount Just got my 400th mount sad thing is their isn't an achievement for 350 yet let alone 400 :( come on blizzard time to add it already!Evani14 Nov 20
Nov 20 Bigger Fish to Fry Is there something special I need to do to open up Bigger Fish to Fry? I've watched several YouTube videos, and the achievement is shown under the fishing section. I checked, and it didn't say that there was anything special needed to open the achievement. It's not showing anywhere in my achievements, so I have no idea if I am even able to start it.Sontoom27 Nov 20
Nov 19 Contradiction in actions So I do not mind a grind for something of value, but what I do mind is a grind, that is more hostile then anything I ever faced in classic. This coming from a player who did the mithril order grind, and the stv without flight points/mount. It was bad enough in WoD that your pathfinder in that expansion required a rep, that required killing a small, but packed group of elite npcs over/over again. Elites that could kill you unless you had a group and or the highest end gear. Now you come up with legion pathfinder. To say I am annoyed would be putting it mildly. I am more then likely looking at a second expansion where I am going to have to skip arch, and skip blacksmithing to make gold on the ah. One part was over kill considering it requires you to do a raid, let us not even get into the fact, that raids by nature require very high end gear. You added a part two that requires a large amount of rep. Here is my big problem you water down the classes, remove weapon skills, remove weapon choice, remove ammo, remove lots of abilities, and dumb down certain aspects of the game. All in the name of quality of life changes. Excuse me how is this grind for pathfinder in legion quality of life? Do you have any idea how long its going to take to do that. Ill probably be able to get part one done before the next expansion, but not part two. So here is my feedback and strong suggestion. You either keep the pathfinders as simple complete all solo regular world quests, or go back to charging huge amounts of gold for flying. This right here is was big !@# contradiction in Developer policy. On the one hand your saying the game is too tough, on the other hand your developing the biggest sob grinds in the game for a NEED item. This being flying. Flying is a NEED for arch, it is a NEED for mass gathering of materials for professions right now. Especially as your worlds get more complicated. Pointing to the city of Suramar. Multiple levels, with sections built in preventing you from jumping up to a section or jumping down, not to mention filling one half up with a cluster of highly compacted ELITE npcs. To be plain and blunt just in case you did not get the message. Make up your minds on what you want to do will ya?!Axefrost5 Nov 19
Nov 18 Who's Afraid of the Dark? bugged?? Hi all just wondering if the achievement Who's Afraid of the Dark? is bugged or not. We killed the boss after no one taking damage ( addon telling so and recount showing no damage taken from creeping doom ). And no achievement was awarded to any in the group.Dedee1 Nov 18
Nov 18 WoW anniversary achievement Could Blizzard give us a retroactive WoW anniversary achievement? I mean, from the fourth anniversary onward, you get the achievement if you log in the game in a specific date range. They could give the 1st, 2nd and 3rd anniversary achievement to players who had an active subscription on November 2005, 2006 and 2007. I don't know, just a suggestion.Makkey1 Nov 18
Nov 18 Soultwisted monstrosity Maybe rng is just bad but for at least a whole week if not more, this Npc hasn't been spawning I log on 4 times a day just to see if he's up cause I'm trying to get commander of Argus achievement and he is literally the only Npc I need for it but it seems like he'll never be up.Arathelas1 Nov 18
Nov 18 Guild achiviement Hello Blizzard, I come here to share an idea that I've thinking about since the beginning of this xpac. While I was leveling in legion I thought that my unique goal was to get 110 and start my new content, and I think that just the feeling of hitting 110 was great but I already knew that my path would be doing quests for some rep and then dungeon and raids, but I wanted something more and here it's; I think that it would be a good idea to add personal achiviements that you could only get if you're a member of a guild. Such as, "first of them" which would be a achiviement that you get when you're the first I suppose 120 of your guild, you know. I think that it would motiate people of joining more guild and being more social in order to "break" their "ranks". Also they will be part of a community and eventually will have something something to be glorious about or discuss. Lemme know what you think about it, I have other ideas that I would like to share if possible. Thank you, IanarianastIanarianast1 Nov 18
Nov 18 Insane BfA Is still possible to acquire the Insane in the Membrane achievement and if so will splitting Azeroth into faction specific continents make it impossible to complete after Battle for Azeroth drops ?Croxley2 Nov 18
Nov 15 Tarlna the Ageless won't spawn I don't know whether it's because of a bug or just abysmal RNG, but Tarlna the Ageless (a world boss in Draenor) has been nowhere to be found for an unreasonable amount of time. This is getting stupid; it's the only thing I still need to kill for my Pepe whistle. I can't find very much reliable info on how Tarlna spawns. All I know for sure is that both Drov and Tarlna cannot both be up at the same time. That could mean any number of things. Could it mean they alternate every week? Nope. I killed Drov last Friday, and he's still the only one I've ever seen. Could it mean they alternate every day? Nope. I've checked several days in a row, and Drov is still the only one I've ever seen. Could it mean that one spawns after the other is killed? Nope. I killed Drov again today and he respawned fifteen minutes later. (and a 15-minute spawn timer is the only other thing I see a lot of sources agree on) Could it mean that a random one spawns every week, day, or kill? Who knows? That's theory A. Theory B is that the system is bugged because it's outdated. The ideal solution is to simply make them independent, and both spawn on their own regardless of the other. It's outdated content anyway, nobody's killing them for their loot. Failing that, at least tell us what we need to do to get this elusive genesaur to spawn.Manabender28 Nov 15
Nov 15 Any one on Stormrage? Hey all, I've been getting more into achievements and mount/pet collecting lately and i'd love to meet some people on Stormrage who are into the same thing. I'd like to start up a small guild/group of achiev enthusiasts to work on these with. I play primarily at night and here and there through out the day (est). If anyone is interested or already has something like this set up let me know.Gânkstar2 Nov 15
Nov 14 Having Trouble achieving "Going Down" I have tried many loctions to get this and faild. Any sugestions?Sausha16 Nov 14
Nov 14 Classic Achievements Is WoW Classic gonna have the Achievement System? If so, will they be cross-realm? Cause I wanna know if my Battle For Azeroth account will have account-wide achievements from stuff I do in Classic.Antarîan3 Nov 14
Nov 14 Loremaster Hello, I would like to go for loremaster, is there an addon that will show how far each character has progressed on quests in a particular zone? rather then jump thoguh them all to check progress? thanks other helpful tips encouraged!Tiqq1 Nov 14
Nov 14 Achievements Discord Server Achievements Discord server is the community where people gather up to form groups for various achievements and meet like-minded players. Every single day more and more people create groups that successfully accomplish their sought-after achievements, such as [Herald of the Titans], [Show Me Your Moves], [Glory of the Tomb Raider] and all other kinds of achievements as well. Players are provided with roles that match their regions and factions in order to be notified whenever someone is organizing an event that they might be interested in, which makes forming groups much easier. Invite link: Nov 14
Nov 14 Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare (25 player) -- BUG? Hey, Well I'm getting the runaround from Blizzard and was told to ask the community about this. The past two weeks I've tried to do this, and received no credit for killing any Dark Rune Guardians with Razorscale's breath. The last attempt I had 30+ Dark Rune Guardians on me, waited until Razorscale beserked, and it took 2 breaths to kill them all. I have 0 kills on my achievement. I'm following the tooltip description, and would like this there something I'm doing wrong?Tiaan25 Nov 14
Nov 14 WTS Pendulum of Doom (Only 1 across US) Looking to sell my Pendulum of Doom. There is only one available across the US currently (mine) and barely (if any) have showed up in the past year or so. It is one of the rarest if not the rarest transmog that is still available in the game. Looking for serious buyers/collectors to give it a new home. I'm willing to bring it to any realm if the offer is right. Add my Bnet Kosta#1814 if you would like to offer/have any inquiries :)Glaivetoss3 Nov 14
Nov 14 Glory of Orgrimmar Raider (Horde/US) Trying to form a raid for this achievement is impossible in one day. As much as it interests me to get this mount, I'd also like to give a chance to others to join. It'll happen on November 17, so you've got plenty of time. If you're interested message me in game (I'm on Stormrage), mail me, or add me on battle net (Patootie#1832) and ask for more info. Any help will be appreciated.Sãn2 Nov 14
Nov 12 Black Proto Drake, Will it ever come back? Black proto drake by far is the best looking Proto Drake.... Blizzard do you have plans to return this drake to the game?Drokoth29 Nov 12
Nov 12 A challenging look deadline? Question in the title. When is the official deadline to earn your challenging looks? I've looked around the forums and the only concrete answer i can find is "the end of legion" However, I have a guildie and a few friends that states that the deadline is november 14th.. Any idea where they found this info? If it's valid? DO I REALLY ONLY HAVE 2 WEEKS? or would it be safer to assume that the end of legion would be the pre patch before the next expac?Fumetsu4 Nov 12
Nov 12 fixed fixedSkadie0 Nov 12
Nov 12 Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part one is garbage. I just finished this achievement today and after all that hard work. I can't see a difference in mount speed. What is this point of this game? If you can't have nice things.Souloflex19 Nov 12
Nov 11 Foulclaw Trying to get elemental escalation done and I am stuck on foulclaw :( Does anyone have a strat for a team of elementals for ppl that do not have Core Hound Pup?Bludbarf3 Nov 11
Nov 11 Why do some people not do achievements? Just curious as to why some people don't do achievements? Is it solely because achievement points don't do anything? Something else? Achievements for me give me focus. Gives me a goal. I have a lot of fun achievement hunting while I watch my TV shows in the background. Most fun I've had is in wrath on my Priest getting all the old expansions achievements, rep, etc... Currently I'm trying to get as many as I can on my rogue (minus raids).Solidllama27 Nov 11
Nov 11 master treasure hunter achievement how as an alliance character do you complete the master treasure hunter achievementImmagenthat4 Nov 11
Nov 11 Shared Rep Counter Hey guys I have a suggestion , you make the rep counter shared across all characters, I played paladin since BC but honestly I stopped because I don’t like them as much , I have 48 exalted reps on my pally but I can’t get the 50 exalted rep ach on my DK because the rep counter isn’t shared across toons , you should consider fixing that , for instance the 5000 quests completed counter is shared between toons so the rep counter should be like that , you start raising reputations on one toon and if you decide to switch you can still get the exalted reps achHeewee1 Nov 11
Nov 10 LFM TOS achievs Saturday 4:30pm EST Hi everyone, I'm looking for more sign ups for my TOS achievement run Saturday 4:30 pm EST. This will be 7th group I host for TOS achievements. You can add me in game Morganna#1933 Nov 10
Nov 10 Alt achievy help Is there a way to see where my alts are for achievement "Champion of Legionfall" After main does it, it shows up as completed on all my alts also. Any ideas? It's to do what's needed for my final Champion follower.Ustayalive1 Nov 10
Nov 10 Ulduar Timewalking and its FOS question From what i know the Ulduar raid is the only older raid that has a Feat of Strength achievement still available. Called Hearld of the Titans, but it needs to be set to 10m Ulduar, cant have Armor over 226 and Weapon items can not exceed 232. Those were the only requirements on obtaining the FOS to my knowledge. My thought/question is if we have a raid party that consists of JUST 10 people andour iLVL for armor scale to 226 and weapon items to 232, would this be able to let us get the FOS even though we would be 81+, or would we still need to LVL a fresh toon to 80 freeze there XP gain and get gear for them to do the Ulduar run for the FOS?Celticlore0 Nov 10
Nov 10 Beyond Bloodthirsty Ive had the bloodthirsty Achievment for a few years now, would be cool if they added a 500k 750k and 1m honorable kill achievements.Claire3 Nov 10
Nov 10 Stardust Crusaders Is that achievement a JoJo reference? :3Yrenyr0 Nov 10