May 26 Sorry, Were You Looking For This? Can someone explain how to obtain this... Do the dps/heals going in have longer than 30 secs? As a tank.. I blow up right b4 my channel goes through.Bopmarley15 May 26
May 26 Bring Back Tyraels Charger! Title!Neverbloom29 May 26
May 25 LF Any Who Need/Willing to Help Hey all, I had to buy a fresh account at the start of Legion. Therefore, I'm going back and doing any achievement/rep that relates to mounts. Of course, not all are solo-able such as School's Out Forever and Share the Love, etc. If anyone had any non-soloable achievements we could help each other out with...I'm down. Just hit me up btag: mlammey#1587Giantstalker1 May 25
May 25 Achievement Question Can you do The Rat Pack (from Kara) on 5 man heroic?Offline0 May 25
May 24 Guild classy achievement This is my bank alt in my bank guild. I've slowly been leveling alts to 85 (and honored with the guild) to work on the classy achievements (Just 'cuz). I logged on today to check my progress and I see that it's been wiped clean. I no longer have any progress on any classy achievement. For example I used the Legion invasion to finish leveling my Night elf druid and Draenei paladin to 85. I made sure they were in their respective race classy achievements before deleting them but now I have nothing in Classy Night elf or Classy Draenei. Is this a bug? Will my progress eventually come back? Is anyone else having this problem?Rokki9 May 24
May 24 Staying Classy Achievement I am part of a small guild that is not constantly active. We are all adults that work hard and try to find time to play between kids, jobs and chores. Over the last 2 or so years we have been working towards getting the Staying Classy achievement so we can get an 8th tab for our guild bank. Some of us have used our power boosts that we got over each expansion to fulfill another one of the races towards a class. Others have actually bought boosts just to achieve this. We only needed one more for the undead achievement, a DK. We had a few others for the Orcs and Pandaren left, as well. However, we were nearing the end to completing this achievement. With the change to make the achievement for all toons to hit max level, which is now 110, it has reset all the progress we have done towards each Classy achievement, such as this undead one, along with our orc and pandaren ones. We are fine with having to level to 110 for any we had not achieved, like the undead DK, but to reset the ones we have already technically got credit for is completely unfair. It is years of hard work reset and to ask for us to put the time to level each of those to max level again is just unrealistic. It makes us angry Blizzard would not be considerate of this and for small guilds like us who only want to have an 8th bank tab. Does anyone agree that these should have been grandfathered in with the change? We all have been players of WoW for a long time and most from its beginning, it is upsetting they did not think about how this would affect small guilds. I appreciate anyone's opinion. DoolinDoolin7 May 24
May 22 Glory of the Draenor Raider Glory of the Draenor Raider Still needing to get a few here, namely: He Shoots, he Ores Would You Give Me a Hand Ya, We've Got Time Ashes, Ashes all of which require large groups. LightScythe#1758 I'm also keen on getting all Legion ones done as wellKaleiha1 May 22
May 22 [H] Herald of the Titans Starting a group for Herald, horde side. Have 1 tank and 2 dps so far. HeavyT#1516 If interested, will probably go next weekend if we can find the people.Suspectx0 May 22
May 22 Pets/Mounts/Toys - Created Hello everyone! Please accept that this is a bit of a long post and a tad all over the place. I apologize about that. I want to start going for professions and their respective achievements. With that in mind, I realized that many professions (duh) can create unique toys, pets, and mounts. My goal is to increase the number of toys, pets, and mounts for score-keeping purposes and not to actually use them. I will be learning professions then dropping them for others. With that said, I am a little thrown off about the amount of information out there and where to find it. Is there an "up to date" guide on all of the toys, pets, and mounts that can be created via professions that you NEED to have a certain profession in order to learn? I came across both and also but both seem a little out of date. Here is the goal simply put: I want to learn different professions one by one to learn all of the toys, pets, and mounts. After maxing the profession, obtaining all of the toys, pets, and mounts, I will then drop it for another profession. This will continue until I have learned all pets, mounts, and toys from all of the professions. What do you all think? Any tips or guides or tricks to this? I am super duper serious about this and would love anyone who can point me in the right direction! Thank you all very much and cheers! <3Cykane2 May 22
May 21 Glory of the Legion Raider Completed this meta achievement today for the mount "Grove Defiler" Soon come to find out that the mount is a ground mount only. With legion flying now accessible, any chance we could see this thing becoming a flying mount, much like the Grove Warden?Sloomsa0 May 21
May 21 WTS 2 Unobtainable Rare Items WTS [Icebane Gauntlets] [Recipe: Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops] My preferred server to meet on would be Sargeras-Alliance. My battletag: BeeeJay#11456 we can talk about a price.Holacomo0 May 21
May 21 For The Alliance Achievement Looking to form a group next Sat for his achievement. Anyone interested? NA realmRhyian0 May 21
May 19 WTS Collector/Unobtainable/Rare Items Here is a pastebin of my guild bank: Guild is currently on WMA. Was told 1 Recipe: Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops is probably the most valued item. Feel free to CTRL-F through list. Easiest way to contact me is BTAG BeeeJay#11456 Or post here.Demunen1 May 19
May 19 EN achievements Lf a group to do the EN achievements with.Tavic2 May 19
May 17 Way to lookup a friends toy collection? Want to gift my friend some crafted toy items as a surprise, but wondering if there's a way I can check online without them knowing? I know there's websites that you can look up recipes, mounts etc. Not sure about toys?Earthward1 May 17
May 17 can you still get Primal Flamesaber? I just recently came back to WoW and unfortunately was absent during the Primal Flamesaber event on HotS does anyone know if this is still obtainable or if Blizz have any plans to allow us to obtain it again in the future thank you.Evani1 May 17
May 17 Please let Arena mounts be obtained in 2v2 I am not talking about Glad mounts they should remain 3v3, I am talking about the mounts purchased from the Vicious Saddles. Currently to get a saddle you need to win 100 3v3 games or win 40 rbg games. I am not a big pvper never have been I just do it for fun and the achievements but I do want to get these mounts. I have tried a few times to get them with some success I currently have 3 of them but finding a third player to do the arenas with is always a challenge every season since majority of my friends hate Arena/PvP or they don't care about mounts or are bad players and it would be a complete carry which I am not good enough to offer that. I think it being 2v2 but requiring perhaps 200 or 250 wins would be fair, I can get a second person no problem and grind the arena wins out. I understand if Blizzard want to keep it in the 3v3 only bracket but I feel giving us the option to 2v2 but require more wins is a fair trade off and would see more player participation.Evani1 May 17
May 17 Tarlna the Ageless won't spawn I don't know whether it's because of a bug or just abysmal RNG, but Tarlna the Ageless (a world boss in Draenor) has been nowhere to be found for an unreasonable amount of time. This is getting stupid; it's the only thing I still need to kill for my Pepe whistle. I can't find very much reliable info on how Tarlna spawns. All I know for sure is that both Drov and Tarlna cannot both be up at the same time. That could mean any number of things. Could it mean they alternate every week? Nope. I killed Drov last Friday, and he's still the only one I've ever seen. Could it mean they alternate every day? Nope. I've checked several days in a row, and Drov is still the only one I've ever seen. Could it mean that one spawns after the other is killed? Nope. I killed Drov again today and he respawned fifteen minutes later. (and a 15-minute spawn timer is the only other thing I see a lot of sources agree on) Could it mean that a random one spawns every week, day, or kill? Who knows? That's theory A. Theory B is that the system is bugged because it's outdated. The ideal solution is to simply make them independent, and both spawn on their own regardless of the other. It's outdated content anyway, nobody's killing them for their loot. Failing that, at least tell us what we need to do to get this elusive genesaur to spawn.Manabender10 May 17
May 16 Tier Achievement for Stylist I have some transmogs of tier that I already own and none of them are showing up as completed in the achievements. For example my current transmog. Is this intended for us to regather them or is it a bug that's being looked into?Tiersian7 May 16
May 15 Balloon event question. Balloon Thingy. Is there any rewards to the micro holiday event? like pets mounts achive etc? I did a bit of research and well nothing. Maybe its just that, nothing lol.Sunderundies2 May 15
May 15 Artifact Challenges (A Challenging Look) After completing the artifact challenge at around 899/904 ilvl, I'm realizing what a pain in the butt that quest really was! I understand that it was tuned for ToS gear but I feel like there should be a reward for those who do it before the raid comes. Perhaps an feat relative to Ahead of the Curve? I'm sure those who have completed it for whatever class spent a good amount of time optimizing their current status and they would for sure deserve recognition! Anyways, just a thought lol. I honestly just think with full ToS gear it's going to be a walk in the breeze is all. What do you guys think? Have you completed it? Was it super easy and I'm just being a butthole? Sorry if I am :PAteia3 May 15
May 14 Herald of the Titans Doing Herald of the Titans. If you have a toon add GavinS#1271Sprìg0 May 14
May 13 Have... Have We Met? The Sequel! Continuing from Thassarian is still hovering over Sethria's Roost, for as long as I can manage (will I keep him past rollover? Let's find out!) All Hordies especially welcome! Especially if you can bring Mankrik or Linken wth you! This is happening on Wyrmrest Accord. There's a Custom Group for Alliance realm-hoppers.Glaswen92 May 13
May 13 Done thanks. Done.Hyperborea3 May 13
May 13 Overachiever Add-on Wasnt sure if this was the right forum to post this. Recently, whenever I log in, if there is a Calendar event(currently its Darkmoon Faire), I get a popup notification that Darkmoon Faire is now going on. Its every toon, every time I log in. Is there a way to disable this? I have looked through the WoW UI and the Overachiever UI and cant seem to find the way to disable this. Thanks.Bearrepairjr2 May 13
May 13 10000 Daily Quest Completed Nm figured it outAsherons0 May 13
May 12 Herald Herald Of The Titans looking for people on the horde side to do it with please message me Derosina-Vek'NilishSwachhammer1 May 12
May 11 Have... have we met yet? Hey guys im trying to finish this achievement. Back in cataclysm i've got everysingle one of them but Thassarian. Currently if i go and accept the daily the main guy doesn't show up for the last 4 days. Is it bugged? P.S. sitting right now and waiting for him gavno#1379 till 10:30 CST everyone is welcome to come and see what hero you have up. Tips to find him are very welcomeVotka5 May 11
May 10 ID Share Still Work With One Account? Is using group finder to share a raid lockout between characters on the same account still a viable way to farm Invincible and Mimiron's Head?Jonaingo2 May 10
May 9 Herald of the titans Anyone doing this? If so I have a MW ready for it.Archangelos4 May 9
May 9 Guild Dungeon runs Just completed the Botanica dungeon with 2 other guildies and did not receive the guild achieve for it . All three of us got the personal achievement for it at the same time, so I'm just wondering if there were changes made to the requirements to get the guild one ?Pendleton14 May 9
May 9 Field Medic title not account bound? I could've sworn a few months back I was able to use it on my 110 rogue. Is this title really not account-bound?Velyr1 May 9
May 9 Fourteen for the Team Did anyone else get stuck and frozen at this level at lev 50 honor without a roll over to Fourteen for the Team, and frozen no more honor. Been waiting for bliizard for almost a day now so asking anyone else.Hipster1 May 9
May 8 Garrison invasions in 7.2 In Legion so far you just needed to do one apexis daily to trigger a garrison invasion, which is nice because few people actually still do them. However I just completed 2 zones and no invasions were triggered. Looks like the new patch either broke the invasions or it reverted them back to their old state. Anyone else having issues? Edit: still works, my third daily triggered an invasion.Greville7 May 8
May 8 School of Hard Knocks AaagghhhhhLothranis32 May 8
May 8 Guild Ach Hello Wondering if there is a number of members required to complete a achievement? Me and a mate want to complete the Guild Achievement "Glory of the Cataclysm Raider" and were wondering since its an old raid if we went and smashed it out and are both guild members would the guild get the Achievement? If a guild has this achievement it allows members to purchase Reins of the Dark Phoenix is why I ask. ThanksBlythie1 May 8
May 8 Ach. Hidden From List? I'm just curious about achievements that aren't in my achievement list.. If this is a UI error or the same for everyone.. 2 examples: Both under Quests>Legion [Zoom!] and [They See Me Rolling] Neither of these appeared in my list. I learned about the first one because someone asked me to get it in the get that achievement thread. And I learned about the second one because my daughter got it one day and told me about it. I had no problem earning both of them - and then they do appear in there - once they're achieved - prior to this though - they weren't in the list at all. Is this the same for everyone? perhaps its a setting somewhere? I'm just wondering what other simple achievements I might be missing because they simply aren't showing.Bratzy5 May 8
May 7 TY ALL, all done. Two left! Been leading a few runs with various people. Finally down to 4! If you need/are willing to help for: XXXXXXXXXXEgg-cellent!XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Completedddddddd XXXXXXXXXXInstant KarmaXXXXXXXXXXXX completed XXXXXXXXXXPoor unfortunate soulsXXXXX Completed Waiting for Gerdo Than post your btag and I will whisper you! or... just whisper me in game! 3 achievements to go!Packofcrows2 May 7
May 7 School of Hard Knocks Sucks Been trying to do this achievement for 3-4 hours now. What i like about it ... forces people to do some PvP. What i don't like about it ... Eye of the Storm is quite possibly the WORST part of the whole achievement. I get taking our orphans out to see and experience the world but if i didn't have to do the EoTS part of this achievement i would have been done hours ago. i would like it if Blizzard would edit the achievement to require us to do 2 parts of this PvP shenanigans not all 4.Squick2 May 7
May 6 Advice for queues for School of Hard Knocks Is it better to queue as the lowest level possible to complete these? I am currently attempting to get a queue to pop on my level 102 alt. Should I drop right down in level? After a couple of hours at the most recent attempt I switched to a level 31 alt. It has the advantage of being able to exclude two BGs with only the required four remaining. So far 40+ minutes in the queue. And this queue is random. Queue experiences please.Taraezor3 May 6
May 6 Skull of Corruption toy-personal loot? Just wanted to see if anyone that plays a DH has managed to get this toy off the Gul'dan as personal loot. Only seen it drop once on ML, wondering if pugging each week is worth my time.Finesthour2 May 6
May 6 WTS Fire-Watcher Achievement I am now selling Bloody Coins farm FOR GOLD only (again). Why would you want to buy this? Instead of grinding many weeks or even months to get 2,000 killing blows I can help you get it done in an hour or less. This is completely within the ToS, as I am offering a service for gold and not making any real money. For Now I am only doing this on Horde. What Do You Need? (in order of importance) XD - A Finger (to spam an ability to kill me) - Fire-Watcher's Oath (purchased on the Timeless Isle for 100 timeless coins, takes 2 minutes to get) - A 110 Horde Character (any server) What Do You Get? - Save Hours and Hours of Your Time - You Keep Your Sanity - "Fire-Watcher" Title (which is usable at level 1, so you'll look BA :P) - Ashhide Mushan Beast Mount - 1500 extra Bloody Coins to buy whatever you want (you can buy 15 pets with the 1500 excess coins and make gold as you can sell them on the AH) Pricing - 50,000 Gold On Illidan (Horde)/Sargeras (Alliance)/Area 52 (Horde) /Kargath/Norgannon (Either Faction) - 70,000 Gold On Every Server Not Mentioned Above - I will also take rare items such as TCG Pets, Mounts, Transmog (depending on what it is), Unobtainable Items like Pocket-Fel Spreaders or Haunted Mementos. What If I Scam You? First off, this would never happen. Why? I would definitely be suspended and maybe even permanently banned. I have too much to lose, I've obtained/achieved so many things that would be awful to lose such as: - Every Tier 3 Set (for every class) - Unobtainable/Rare Items/Achievements You Can Add Me At My Battle Tag If Interested: Powerful#11662, join the Discord for updates @, or post below, all though Battle Tag and Discord is the best way to be in contact. For those that buy my service, I ask you to write a review down below and let others know I am legit, thanks!Fracturing10 May 6
May 5 Insane in the Membrane Well, hello, im going to be as simple as i could be, im looking for people, that are crazy enough to help me on my journey to murder booty bay... and get the "Avast Ye, Admiral" FoS, and also to get my reputation with Bloodsail Buccaneers to honored. If you're... ehm INSANE enough to help me and yourself in this journey, add me on Battlenet and we can talk about it :) Molton0251#1433 | US - HORDEMoltonz8 May 5
May 5 School of Hard Knocks For those trying to get this, you can get the WSG flag return portion done in the Weekly brawl. I wasn't sure if I could do it or not until I actually tried bc it's not a typical WSG match. Figured I would save some ppl time if they had the same question.Valiryn1 May 5
May 5 LFM Insane in the Membrane Free most days, just looking for a solid group of 5 to grind Bloodsail Buccaneer rep with. Really want to get this achievement so I want to start as soon as I can. Just need a group of 4 other 110s so we can destroy Booty Bay.Madvíllaíny2 May 5
May 4 Inspector Gadgetzan I know achievements are a grind but this one sucks. I've been doing this one for 160 days now on my DK alt and so far only have 4 of the messages. I have gotten 001-168 4 times in a row now. I was hoping to have this done for legion to start on the next blingtron related achievement but that is not likely to happen at this rate. I would not care so much if blingtrons from different expansions didn't share the same daily cooldown. How long did it take you guys?Blastinya13 May 4
May 4 WTS Chromatic Sword I have a Chromatic Sword on Darkspear Alliance that I am looking to sell. It hasn't been obtainable since Cataclysm, and has a unique appearance+glow making it a highly sought after transmog item for collectors. I'm looking to sell for 3 million gold, but I am willing to negotiate. Contact me by either leaving a post here or adding my battletag: Selbink#1837.Selbink0 May 4
May 4 LF Herald of the Titans group,HORDE Looking for any groups planning to run this month,I'm fully gemmed and enchanted(my weapon hasn't updated,but it's a 232 wand/213 offhand) If you're planning a run or need a disc priest for your existing roster,add me Unleashed#11866Evangelism6 May 4
May 3 Been waiting a long time for this H10 I've read some instructions on how to solo this, I stand on the first few steps, back to the stairs, I let the lich king spawn his drudge ghouls and so on, eventually the plague hops around but no matter what, at some point I get booted off the platform, forward, backward, whatever... is there something that I'm missing?Falkenbach5 May 3
May 2 Farming Steamwheedle Rep, pst me!! Farming steamwheedle rep in tanaris behind caverns of time. Pst me @Blueprince, or @ÂckbarRedprincess1 May 2