Sep 11 Commander of Argus: Soultender Videx I lack three rares to complete this achievement, but this NPC is a mystery; it appears he was never found even on the PTR. What is Known 1) He is a "seer" type of demon. 2) He has an "unstealth" sound effect attached to him, per Wowhead. 3) So far, he has not appeared as a WQ, random spawn, and I have never seen any groups for him listed, and some have reported that he was never encountered on the PTR. Points to Ponder 1) His name would indicate his job is to attend to souls, perhaps a lot of them. There are a few places that might fit the bill, specially in Northern Krokuun and Antoran Wastes. 2) Since many seer demons are found in Antoran Wastes, that may be the best bet for his location, despite there being quite a few rares already in the zone. 3) He may require an "attunement" akin to The Many-Faced Devourer or Squadron Commander Vishax. I've seen no strange item drops in my time in Argus that would indicate this in the case, however. 4) He may not unlock until after quests in Week 3 are completed. 5) He may become available to kill when all the other rares have been killed, a la Xemirkol in Tanaan Jungle. However, Videx is included in the achievement list, whereas Xemirkol was not. 6) He is not yet in the game, or he was mistakenly left in the achievement. Things to Try 1) Kill only the seer rares in Antoran Wastes (maybe after the other rares have been killed?). 2) Explore the entirety of Antoran Wastes while under the "agent of the all-seer" buff. 3) Try out the Vindicaar powers in out-of-the-way areas. 4) Explore Argus while in ghost form.Valarc13 Sep 11
Sep 10 Gilneas reputation gains What's the best way to quickly gain Gilneas rep? For all the rest of the Alliance races, I got them without trouble while either questing in zones (e.g., I gained most of my Exodar rep by questing out Bloodmyst and Azuremyst Isle) or dailies for Argent Tourney. But I'm not sure what zones gives lots of Gilneas rep. Suggestions? And I am aware there's a tabard (and use it), but 85 dungeons aren't exactly 'quick' in the way that obliterating a bunch of low-level quests is.Arusta17 Sep 10
Sep 10 Camel Hoarder advice So I've decided to start camping for this. Any advice from those that have gotten it? Yukio45 Sep 10
Sep 9 Need healer for 3v3 Going for 100 wins Need a healer for 3v3 we are only interested in getting the 100 wins for the mount we do not care about rating. I don't care what class. Times: We are Australian and we will be free for arena anytime after 4pm aest. Monday wednesday and thursday from 6-9pm Aest i raid so no arena then. Comp: Hunter + lock + you What we expect of you: Don't be a #**!#*@*, be willing to stick it out for the 100 wins, use voice coms, be capable of winning a minimum of 10 games a week. Don't be bad!, we don't expect you to be a rank 1 gladiator or even a challenger for that matter but i do expect when i call for a cyclone or a bop to get it and not have you looking through your spell book for it. Oh and be Alliance What you can expect of us: We aren't glads not even close, the best i have ever done in arena was about 1600 earlier this year, although it was with a rouge lock hunter combo so it was hard to get a consistent winning run with out a healer. We don't arena much so any help you can offer would be awesome, making target switching calls etc, we will try out best to do this as well. We aren't complete noobs, despite having a low arena rating it's mostly because we never run a half decent comp and i rarely ever did arena until recently, but we both have had a 2100 rbg score and in the pve world have had some good mythic prog. If you're interested send me a friend request Evani#11424Evani2 Sep 9
Sep 8 Blood Infusion (Shadowmorne Quest) Before I started the Shadowmorne Quest chain, I looked up strats and saw that Blood Infusion was the only part of the chain that couldn't be soloed. It appeared that this could be duoed with a DK + Shaman whereas warriors and paladins needed at least two partners. I tried this today with my 93 DK and my 110 Shaman friend and we couldn't get it because the shaman couldn't die quickly enough. Tried taking off all gear and still not enough. I relooked at video strats and none of them mention this being an issue. Even videos posted in 2017 appear to be done with level 90-100 characters. Is there any way to do this with a DK and 110 shaman?Jonaingo2 Sep 8
Sep 8 War saddle mounts in 2v2 Hey everyone i made a forum post over on the arena forums about the war saddle mounts to be dropped in 2v2 aswell as the current 3v3 and rbg achievement reward. Click on the link if you'd care to show your support. Sep 8
Sep 8 LEGION TREASURE HOARD NOT SPAWNING Last chest I need for the achievement SHOOT FIRST, LOOT LATER isn't spawning. Have multiple people that we're there with me and the chest itself was not there. Please fix. <3Vannisshh0 Sep 8
Sep 7 Taking this Show on the Road I can't get guitarist to save my life. I've read all the comments on wowhead. I realize the Number One Fan requirement has been stealth nerfed. Does anyone have any advice? I've seen others get guitarist. I've seen other people get this achievement. I've tried getting hit by ALL waves and miss ALL chords. I've tried getting hit by ONE wave and miss ONE chord. I've tried TWO waves and TWO chords. It never works.Tristful4 Sep 7
Sep 6 Bring Back Tyraels Charger! Title!Neverbloom33 Sep 6
Sep 6 mountacular.... i am aware some mounts count once per side, profession stuff works different, etc. but how in the world can the journal show 250 mounts, the armory show 259, but the achievement shows... 201? how can it be off that much? i have logged into all my toons in the last day. i don't get how i am almost 50 behind for the achievement.Cluckadin5 Sep 6
Sep 6 Achievement: A Growing Crisis I am stuck with 9/11 chapters complete toward the Good Suramaratin. I am exalted 999/1000 and have searched very very thoroughly for any available quest. I also need A change of seasons and cannot find any quests to work towaqrd that one.Mykinglion14 Sep 6
Sep 6 Broken Isles Diplomat Is there any way to help this achievement along? It's all I have left before I get my Pathfinder achievement. I tried taking dailies but without the Emissary quest it's almost not even worth doing, the rep rewards are so low. I feel like I've missed something, I've been at this for weeks now... is there a better way to do this or should I just keep doing emissary quests and dailies?Cedarleaf4 Sep 6
Sep 5 ...And Chew Mana Buns : the quick way Heey so we did the achievement an Chew Mana buns yesterday, it took us about 1h-1h30, you have to be a little patient haha You have to kill 2 000 demons in Argus to get the achievement (which gives you the mount) and I'm sure it's going to be a common mount in no time as the content keeps flowing in. But if you want to get your mount a little faster and do not want to farm demons blindly in Argus, here's how we did it: Have fun!Feiniel0 Sep 5
Sep 5 Cata timewalking needs a mount and pet I'm sure it's been posted before and here it is again the title says it all. But whilst we are at it what mount and pet would you like to see them put on a vendor that has a Cata theme to it.Evani7 Sep 5
Sep 3 Arena Master I have every achievement (including 5s) for Arena Master except for the 2200 2s achievement. Is it possible to get arena master if I get 2200 in 2s?Synrage1 Sep 3
Sep 1 Breaching the Tomb Just out of curiosity, is there a plan for "Breaching the Tomb" once Patch 7.3 releases? It's going to be really difficult to do certain parts of it once everyone abandons Broken Shore content and moves on to Argus. For example, it will take far, far, far longer to complete a building and thus getting the part where you have to "Finish Building" one of them. Or the Sentinax portion. I can't say with certainty, but I assume that one will be quite a bit more difficult as well. Those are really the only two that I can think of, but still. The Sentinax one (while probably frustrating at best, since no one will be doing it except the people going for the achievement) will not be impossible. But the building one could take a really long time if the majority of players no longer bother to persistently add resources to them. So is there going to be a way to get that done in a reasonable amount of time once the patch drops, or is it just going to take a very long time to acquire class mounts after that point? Seems kind of unfair for the returning players especially that would like to get them. Or even the people with alts that haven't gotten their class mounts yet. Just thought I would ask.Cennik4 Sep 1
Sep 1 Balance of power... WHY? Hello! I'm Brazilian, and I apologize for my bad english. I do not understand this achievement of balance of power is associated with the character and not an achievement of the account ... This is a story that does not specify any class, a highly universal chronology ... I do not understand why having to do this Conquest for each character to simply unlock a line of weapon appearance ... Sorry for the blunder but it sucks .... Could any moderator justify this? And sorry to not use the chat of my country but it is through this perception that we have a greater attention ... Grateful.Markusv1 Sep 1
Aug 30 Death Knight: A Glorious Campaign This is ALL I have left to do...A Glorious Campaign...Trouble is, NOTHING can be found to say...THIS IS WHAT YOU DO... 1) for this...NOTHING listed, it does say that you need to do it...OKAY...HOW THE FREAKING HELL DO YOU DO IT?... 2) this website as well...NOTHING listed, it says the SAME EXACT thing, it does say you need to do it...OKAY...HOW??????.... 3) Went to Class Hall...NOT A SINGLE NPC NOWHERE...Has anything on their heads. 4) Went to "NEW" Dalaran...Got to Kadgar...NOTHING on his head... Now then...This is all I have to do...A Glorious Campaign...And I get Part one FINISHED...But like I said...Not a SINGLE THING says anything as to what you are to do, or where to go... So, just how is a person to do something, when there are NO DAMN directions to do it.Traecelle3 Aug 30
Aug 29 Twenty Five Tabards The Legion expansion factions' tabards aren't counting towards this achievement. Is this intentional, or just a bug?Zonthya3 Aug 29
Aug 29 Previous Expansion Mythic raid RF. So i was bored and looking on WoWprogress and noticed that some servers never had the last boss on mythic killed . An example is no guild killed Mythic Archy from HFC. I'm just curious if the Realm First cheevo can still be obtained? I have a feeling it cannot, but you never know lol.Heyitsinsane1 Aug 29
Aug 29 Naxt Victim - WTB Skulguloth Willing to buy Skulguloth Portal Key or Kill. 50k If anyone has one please message me. Btag - Stile#1963 Thanks!Stile0 Aug 29
Aug 29 Selling Portal-Stone: An'thyna Selling this portal stone wanting 100k. Will accept Cross realm gold. Add My Battle tag Jetpackzack#11292 if interested.Surprisemf1 Aug 29
Aug 28 Silverpine Forest Issues [Loremaster] I'm working on completing quests for Loremaster, and the only area I have left is Silverpine Forest. I'm currently 16/55 quests and cannot find ANY available quests. I downloaded an add-on (Quest Completionist), but the quest hubs it shows don't offer me any quests. I've also done some extensive Googling as well as asked fellow guildmates, and we can't figure anything out. The following is a list of quests I have completed according to QC (I completed these ages ago, so I don't remember where/with whom I left off): - Warchief's Command: Silverpine Forest! - Agony Abounds - Belmont's Report - Dangerous Intentions - Guts and Gore - Iterating Upon Success - The Gilneas Liberation Front - The Warchief Cometh - Waiting to Exsanguinate - Give 'em Hell! - It's Only Poisonous if You Ingest It - Lost in the Darkness - Playing Dirty - Skitterweb Menace - Steel Thunder - The Warchief's Fleet I opened a ticket, but the past few responses I've gotten to open tickets have been a copy-and-paste, "Hey, Google it, you dummy!" type reply, so I'm not particularly optimistic. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've been slaving over Loremaster, trying to finish it up before MoP, and this has me banging my head against my desk. -____-Saween9 Aug 28
Aug 28 Bigger Fish to Fry Cheevo I cannot find this cheevo in my list by hitting "Y" Is there a reason for this? As I am wanting to work on my arty fishing pole. I am 110 with 800 fishing.Skandy2 Aug 28
Aug 28 Been Waiting For This A Long Time... Did this on my warlock, let stacks go to 34 on The Lich King before burning him down...nothing. No achievement, no acknowledgement at all. What did I miss? Checked Wowhead, checked Icyveins and the forums here, can't find anything I missed.Pangtong7 Aug 28
Aug 28 Fishing 'Round The Isles Fishing 'Round The Isles Achievement. I am having an incredibly hard time with this. I have found/seen all the other WQ required for this achievement besides the Raft Fishing WQ. I have searched high and low on Wowhead. Blizzard offers this as the only help suggested. I have searched Google for any knowledge I could use on the issue. Nada. The only thing I have learned is that I am not alone. Many people have been searching for this WQ as long as/longer than I have and never had it pop. The only knowledge I have of its location is that it should pop up in Azsuna in the ocean sort of below the pirate area. I continue my search for this WQ in game and using the Legion companion app often. If anyone has any other information they would like to share or anything to add feel free.Andalaine4 Aug 28
Aug 26 Looking for people to do glory achievements. Looking for people to do glory achievements. I need Glory of the thundering raider. Soft hands. And you said crossing the streams was bad. Also need Glory of the pandaria hero, Glory of the Pandaria raider, Glory Of the Orgrimmar, Glory of the hellfire raider. Add me on my real id at daltt#!689 ThanksJynkyah8 Aug 26
Aug 26 Question about the Shado-master achievement I have been working on getting the shado-master title for a few weeks now, and i was wondering whether or not i could use the title on a level 1 character, and if i can't, when would i be able to?Rokkallø3 Aug 26
Aug 25 guild proffession guild acheievement proffession not showing right working better as a team. done enchanting got it to 605 and its not showing its done. why?Relielinea4 Aug 25
Aug 25 Stay Awhile and Listen Achievement Hi there, I had this achievement suddenly complete for me after finishing 12/20 quests. My problem is now that the level 3 Tavern blueprint is not available from Sparz Boltwist. I have tried logging in and out, restarting WoW but I cannot seem to get it appearing. Anyone have an ideas? Has this happened to anyone? Thanks.Soulface3 Aug 25
Aug 24 No 7.3 PvP Illusions for RBG players? :O Hello, I have earned all 3 Elite PvP enchants on my main character during Mists of Pandaria season 15 for 2258 Rating in RBG (Marshal). Seeing that these enchants are now coming back for only a PART of the people who had them in mists (Duelists), and that RBGs are being ignored despite our hard work an effort, the 7.3 notes need to be changed urgently. It is UNFAIR that something I had worked hard for was taken away from me, then given to others to obtain, and now given back to only a PART of the group who had it, and I am still not getting it... Very very unfair. (And my rating was higher than of a S14 Duelist who CAN get the Illusion in 7.3... what??) Blizzard, Please. You forgot 2200 in RBGs S14 and S15!!!! Oh, and Warlords RBGs :)Abelon1 Aug 24
Aug 24 Primal Flamesaber I'm sure many people will down vote the hell out of this post but here goes. During the month this promotion was on I was unfortunately unable to partake in the event due to IRL issues which I won't bore you with. Sad to say I did not get time to log into wow let alone HotS to attempt to get this mount being an avid mount collector having missed this one is going to haunt me for as long as I play wow like that dam Zul Aman bear does. Alas I hope blizzard will one day have another HotS event in which I can attempt to get the mount, the hearth steed was never a limited time mount but this one was which is a shame. their is a few other events that wow has had over the passed few years which have granted mounts which I was luky enough to be playing during this time I wouldn't be apposed to bringing those back even if it's on the store. Anyway finger crossed one day they will re activate the event thanks for your time.Evani9 Aug 24
Aug 24 Frostbitten - Horrid Timers I've been trying to get this achievement for years. My server is high population, I haven't seen a single spawn in six months. Even with camping. And checking consistently. PLEASE Blizz, PLEASE make the spawn timers more similar to Legion....Its ridiculous. And its not fun.Deyndri4 Aug 24
Aug 24 Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza I've been trying to get this the last 3 weekends, but keep getting ganked. Is it easier to just make a DK on a low pop realm and get it that way? Or can I make a trial lvl 100 character and get it?Kainne11 Aug 24
Aug 24 Dark Souls is garbage. It's not an achievement, it's a RNG sandwich that never should have made it into the game!Mezzivezz1 Aug 24
Aug 24 Lord of the Reins An In-Depth Analysis of What Counts for the Mount Meta Achievement The Problem When I became interested in working toward the Lord of the Reins meta achievement to collect 300 mounts, I searched around the web for information on which mounts counted toward the achievement. The consensus I found on different sites matched the description of the achievement itself: the achievement counts the highest number of mounts you can use on a single character. When I noticed that the armory stats seemed to contradict this, I started combing through the data. What I found is that the achievement is most definitely NOT counted this way (at least not in July 2017). The Analysis My analysis compares mounts between my two highest count characters according to the armory: my Horde Paladin, and my Alliance Warlock. (I should note here that other sites like Guildox have not consistently matched the in-game achievement counter and therefore I do not trust them. The armory has though, and therefore I trust it even though it could be wrong). According to the armory, my Paladin has 242 mounts and my Warlock has 240. Yet, according to the in-game mount journal, my Paladin had only 222 useable mounts while my Warlock had 230. The first thing I did was go through and include Legion class mounts because I heard that these counted on all characters even if they aren't useable. I included the Druid Lunarwing form because I had seen a blue post saying it counted toward the meta (even though it is not currently in the mount journal or the armory). This brought the count up to Paladin: 227, Warlock: 233. Next, I added the situationally-useable mounts (water mounts, AQ mounts); Paladin: 234, Warlock: 240. Including all of these, my Warlock mount count matched the armory, but my Paladin did not. So I added in mounts only useable with a profession and that brought my Paladin up to 240. Desperate to find the missing two mounts on my Paladin, I went through every faction-specific mount to see if I had a Horde mount without the Alliance counterpart. In doing this, I confirmed that every single Horde mount that I own has an Alliance counterpart. (I should note here that I started playing in Burning Crusade, so I cannot attest to the faction mount balance before patch 2.0 as I do not have any of the old vanilla mounts that were made unobtainable before BC launched). I kept going back over my list trying to find the two missing mounts. This is when I noticed that there are two sets of Paladin class mounts: one Alliance, and one Horde (there are actually four sets if you count the Draenei and and Tauren sets, but I'll get to that later). The only possible explaination I can think of that would get my Paladin to 242 from 240 is if Paladins get credit for multiple sets of class mounts. Observations Given the results of my analysis, I have come to the following speculative conclusions: Legion class mounts count on all characters The Legion Druid flight form counts on all characters even though it is not in the in-game mount journal AQ mounts count Water mounts count Profession mounts count on all characters even if they can't use them Paladins get credit for multiple sets of class mounts (even ones they can't use) Can anyone confirm or refute these observations? Further Study Because I don't have either the Tauren or Draenei Paladin mount sets, I can't confirm if having them would increase my Paladin's mount count. Does anyone have any answers or speculation here? Because I don't have the Champion's Treadblade (Alliance) or the Warlord's Deathwheel (Horde), I can't confirm that mount faction balance is perfect. I have read that the Warlord's Deathwheel is completely unobtainable now, but the Champion's Treadblade still is. This would mean that buying the Treadblade would increase Alliance character mount counts +1 compared to Horde. Can anyone confirm this? I also do not own any of the Vicious Saddle mounts, so I'm not sure how those might impact faction mount balance (though it appears that these are faction balanced). Does anyone know if there are obtainable mounts that only count on one character? Almost every single mount I currently own is either available to all chracters/factions or has a faction equivelant (the exception being the old class-specific mounts). If anyone has any input on this issue, I would love to hear your perspective. It has been driving me mad not being able to figure out how this achievement is counted. I would love to hear from seasoned mount collectors on how you count your own progress and how you think the meta achievement counts it.Jonaingo4 Aug 24
Aug 24 Enchanted Fey Dragon & Mountacular I was at 248/250 towards the Mountacular achievement when I purchased this mount. After adding it to my collection and mounting it, I noticed the achievement is still stuck at 248/250. In game CS seems to be out of service right now, btw. Disregard. Logging onto an alt tripped the wire on the achievement and put me at 249/250. This mount is usable by all characters on my account so don't know why the main didn't get it but whatever. Thanks for the help, guys.Snakefinger4 Aug 24
Aug 24 ToS & ToV Looking to do Glory of the Tomb Raider. And Trial of Valor achievs. Clefty#1443Clefty7 Aug 24
Aug 24 Legacy Legendary Achievement/Heirloom System As of today, I am now the owner of the Warglaives of Azzinoth set and Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury, while not being able to proficiently wield them (expected), I should be at least granted the achievements for obtaining them. Even so, having farmed these items once, players should be granted the ability to learn the items to then be allowed to remove them from banks to free space, and allow alternate characters on their account to wield them, for twinking or cosmetics and such (no need to allow ilvl scaling with such items). These items could drop or be converted to tokens which can be used to add these to your Heirloom journal and are locked at the specific levels for their respective xpack. I know some people are completely against the idea because nostalgia, but there's no reason my bank should be clustered with all possible to obtain pre-Legion legendaries.Deamean1 Aug 24
Aug 24 Unusual achievements? Hi there. So i'm one of those goofballs that has a lot of alts ( 18 110's currently). I have the feat of strength achievement for completing the class hall stuff on every character, but i'm doing it AGAIN, for the horde this time. While I know there is no achievement for having a 110 of every class on both alliance and horde, i'm curious as to if it's something I can track, i'm curious to see if anyone else has actually done this yet or not, likely someone has, but i'm just curious.Katelÿn3 Aug 24
Aug 24 It's not fashion unless it hurts Having trouble with the achievement for acquiring the season 14 pvp set. I already had most of the pieces from when MOP was current but one of the items I never bought was the belt. When I went to the vendor to buy it with marks of honor it appears that the belt he sells actually matches the season 15 not season 14 set and thus even when I bought it never completed the set in the appearance tab and thus never completed the achievement. Was just wondering if anyone else ran into this issue and if do how you resolved it.Shanock1 Aug 24
Aug 24 Artifact Skins Just Curious on why Balance of Power Quest Achievement is not account wide? The quest is so long and having to do it just for a skin on 12 different alts is long boring and just not fun game play. I know its not required to do or anything and its my choice but that sort of thing should be account wide so it doesn't feel necessary to need to do it multiple times for alts and make you want to bash your face in after a while....honestly that whole row has achievements that should be account wide cause its difficult enough to get on 1 character let alone 3-4 or more. If they are account wide please let me know but so far as I know they are not and it just seem like too much required for some skins. Stuff like that is o.k the first time around but after a few characters it just seems like too much for not a lot.Thunderga1 Aug 24
Aug 23 Mad Merchant Spawning I seem to be continuously missing the mad merchant. Is there any information or recommendations on how to find him up or when he spawns? Does realm hoping for him work?Salacin4 Aug 23
Aug 21 Herald of the Titans US Alliance 8/21 Thanks for your interest! This event has ended.Alianora0 Aug 21
Aug 20 Stealth Removal of Vashj'ir Seahorse? So are you guys going to give us credit for that one, or what's the deal? Went to hit Vashj'ir for the Elemental Lords Enchant Book quest last night, and suddenly typing 'seahorse' goes directly to Subdued Seahorse from Poseidus. Was this in a patch notes somewhere and I just missed it, or did they really remove it without saying anything, and suddenly we have to find another mount to make up the diff? (And yes, before people start in on me about 'you have other swimming mounts', I know. As someone who mount-collects, the loss of 1 with a rather unique skin means I have to farm up another one to make up the diff. When you're upwards of 300 mounts, it gets harder to get that 1 replacement -.-).Dominitari2 Aug 20
Aug 20 LFG to do get ICC achievement When? Every Saturday afternoon/evening. Looking for anybody who wants to get the ICC Blood Queen and possibly Shadowmourn quest. For the achievement , players need to bite another player (so clearly not solo-able). This is a two part achievement, but killing her without being bitten is solo-able. The Shadowmourn quest means a player has to bite 3 players, then kill the blood queen. Each player on the quest would have to bite a different player ( players who can die and be rezzed can be bitten again ). So each person on the quest would increase the ideal raid size by 3... Sign up, we will see what time on Saturday works best, willing to run it a few weeks in a row just to help people get it done.Psihound2 Aug 20
Aug 18 Tracking Guild Bank Money History Gentlemen, I'm a guildmaster on Sargeras and was wondering if there are any ways I can keep track of gold deposits in our guildbank. I recall that WoW's Armory used to have a history feature a while back where I could see who was withdrawing and depositing items, but I can't find it anymore. Are there any mods that would reveal this historical data from the guildbank? I need to be able to craft a list of who's depositing the most vs. least gold, etc. Thanks.Wretchedmist29 Aug 18
Aug 18 LFM TOS achievements Hi guys, I'm running TOS achievements tomorrow (Saturday) at 8pm EDT. This will be a 3rd run -- previous 2 groups got them all in about 3.5 hours. 9/9N required. My btag is Morganna#1933 and we are using Discord.Morgainn0 Aug 18
Aug 15 Armies of Legionfall Rep speed up? Is there anyway to speed up the Armies of Legionfall rep grind? I am seeing not many world quests there each day. I even got a battle pet so I could do those WQ's. I tried killing rare elites but they only give 6-7 War Supplies. I am almost through with the Broken Shore campaign as well Am i missing something? Currently 2235/12000 to Revered.Ammié3 Aug 15