Oct 16 Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare I'm trying to do the Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare achievement but at lvl 100 with all ilvl 700 gear from the invasion I one shot the adds instead of getting them down to a health % that the boss can kill off easily. I've tried on my 100 DK (main), DH, Pally, Hunter and Shammy. Anyone have any tips for what ilvl gear would be more useful for this achievement or any other tips to not kill the adds when trying to pre-damage them for the boss?Dréden13 Oct 16
Oct 16 Bigger Fish to Fry Is there something special I need to do to open up Bigger Fish to Fry? I've watched several YouTube videos, and the achievement is shown under the fishing section. I checked, and it didn't say that there was anything special needed to open the achievement. It's not showing anywhere in my achievements, so I have no idea if I am even able to start it.Sontoom14 Oct 16
Oct 15 Is Lord of War still obtainable? Talked with multiple GM's but no one will give me a definite answer of how to get it even though it is "still available" I have it on this char but never bothered to get it on my alt before I quit in early WOD. I have the Glad Sanctum lvl 3 on my Warrior but when I que it ques me then says you don't meet the requirements for this scenario. Anyone know how to get it now adays?Torpedostyle1 Oct 15
Oct 15 Master and Commander I have two summonable items and I would like to find others who have one also. I have the ogre one (Mage Lord) and the Goren one (Gaur) and I'm looking for all others. Is anyone else still looking for this achieve? Thanks!Liltaylortwo0 Oct 15
Oct 15 World quests Been doing these on my hunter. Getting bored playing the same guy so I want to start levening one of my other 100's. Question Is, say I get my dk to 110, will world quests show up immediately. ..or will I have to get friendly with every faction again? Also, if I did 50 world quests on my hunter can I do the other 50 on my dk for the achievment?Harrypalms2 Oct 15
Oct 14 WoLK Bloody Rare and Frostbitten This is my fifth circuit of Northrend zones. I am sure there are others that have invested more time then I have on these achievements. However, I have found zero Northrend rares, not even corpses. Nothing is ever up in these zones. Many spots like the Storm Peaks and Sholazar Basin are heavily camped by mount farmers and pet tamers. Now with the changes to CRZ and zones, I am thinking that these achievements are unachievable. I am not sure if they need to adjust the spawn timers, or sort out this CRZ nonsense. In the mean time looks like another thing I can cross off my "to do list".Rainbowcake5 Oct 14
Oct 12 How can i complete this? Stuck Trying to complete treasures of suramar and I have the map and 44/45 progress. It shows the chests only on the mini map and not the big map like in wod. Does someone have a tip on how to complete this? Maybe even like look in the north east... Or south or felsoul hold or something? I have looked everywhere it seems to no avail and even have pathfinder part a achieve and all the quests in suramar done.Ultimus3 Oct 12
Oct 12 Legion Achievement for 300 toys. Is it okay? As an avid toy collector I was excited when I first saw there would be a new achievement tied to 300 toys that gave a reward. For those that do not know, the reward is the Mechanical Lumber Extractor which is a recolored Sky Golem. For starters, why is the toy achievement rewarding a mount? The 150 toy achievement rewards a toy called the Robo-Gnomebulator so why all of a sudden a mount? Even if you are okay with a mount for a toy achievement why is it worse than all the mount achievement rewards? Currently there are 425 Total mounts in the live version of the game with only 259 toys. The toy achievement has a much more limited pool to work with making it much harder to hit the achievement thresholds yet our reward is a recolor of a mount that will be 3 years old. Currently you get 6 mounts from achievements up to 300 mounts while toys only reward a toy at 150 and a title at 200. If you do not want to show toys equal treatment to mounts in terms of as frequent rewards, you need to at least put some effort into the few you give instead of simple recolors of old mounts. Edit: To clarify, as some have misinterpreted what I meant, my complaint is not that it is a mount or the amount work involved in getting this achievement but rather the underwhelming quality of the reward given for reaching the 300 toy threshold.Relentléss9 Oct 12
Oct 12 Herald of the Titan I have always wanted to get the achievement and I have a fresh 80 warrior (no 200ilvl gear) on Alliance. I don't have any friends to help me gear him up so I am looking for a group who will help and I could help as well. If enough people are interested we could start our own group too. REAL ID: Robin#12632Serama1 Oct 12
Oct 11 Dropping Some Eaves is RNG Just did all 3 requirements perfectly in two runs with two different groups. Here is what we did as is said by everyone who has gotten the achievement. Killed all the sentries and deactivated all 5 pillars before killing the first boss. After the second boss, activated our disguises and found the spy on the first try. Killed the doom lord after the spy transformed and looted the keys. Stood outside the last boss room door and waited 20 or 30 seconds until the conversation was over. Waited an extra minute because no achievement was earned. Opened the door and killed the boss. Still no achievement. Happened twice. So the people that have been getting it on their first run is obviously from luck because just as many people (or more or less), have not gotten the achievement doing the exact same steps. So it looks like those of us with terrible luck have to keep doing it until we get it. Oh well, I'm glad I got all 6 of my BRH pages in about 7 or 8 runs :). That is some good luck.Thwompthing6 Oct 11
Oct 10 Glory of the Legion Hero 855 UH DK LF Grp to do Legion Hero or to start a group to do carries in 2/3/4 mythic+ starting this tuesday. add my btag if u have an opening or are intrested in doing this warcraftty#1204Nèon0 Oct 10
Oct 10 Selling TCG Mount Trying to sell Savage Raptor for 600k gold, Big Battle Bear for 800k gold, Wooly White Rhino for 700k gold and Mottled Drake for 700k gold to anyone on Alliance side of Proudmoore, if interested add battle tag JButts#1624, can negotiate prices slightlyJjbutts0 Oct 10
Oct 10 Patron of War achievement/Title Are the titles being handed out in waves? North American and European users are apparently already receiving theirs, but there's many reports of people who have sync'd their Twitch accounts and viewed parts of the European Finals and not yet had it pop for them. I'm one of them!Rannia9 Oct 10
Oct 10 Pandaren Phoenix gone forever? Does it go without saying that it is now impossible to earn this mount? I'm assuming with the MoP dungeon challenges gone, I'd say so. I am returning after a hiatus and was hoping to add these beautiful mounts to my collection. Any glimmer of hope?Rancho5 Oct 10
Oct 10 Broken Isles Pathfinder Disappointment So, all of that grind and the reward for part one is 20% increase in mount speed... seems a bit of a disappointment when paladins passively receive that. True it is account wide but i was hoping for a bit more oomph. Also would like to add, blacksmiths can make 20% mount speed increase spurs plus it's just a 10% increase to alts that aren't a paladin (and I think death knights still have it)Belindra5 Oct 10
Oct 10 Loremaster of Legion - Help I am having a hard time keeping track of quests to do for the Loremaster of Legion achievement. How do I do this? I have too may quests that go off the side track. Is there a way to keep track of this achievement and where the quests are if I abandoned it and want to pick it up? Thank you.Waterjugs1 Oct 10
Oct 10 Darkmoon Faire Races The Real Big Races need to ALL be removed, I don't know how you think people with handicaps can get any of this crap. And also the stupid rabbit needs to be removed, I've been camping the stupid thing all week and unless it's spawned when I was asleep it's NOT shown up or at the very least other folks are lying when they say it hasn't spawned.Nèrëid6 Oct 10
Oct 10 Glory of the Legion Hero Can never seem to find a group dedicated to getting achievements so figured I would try here to see if anyone was interested in doing the 5 man mythic dungeon achievements for Legion. I am a 861 resto druid so can easily heal the achievements. Feel free to add me #meowtowel1990. I am alliance.Wopplefrag1 Oct 10
Oct 10 Is "Strike!" Still bugged? Ran a group for this achievement today on two separate occasions, both times meeting the criteria of killing 18 (or more) Kor'Kron Warbringers with one iron star. Is the achieve bugged or is there a "proper" way to do this achieve in 7.0.3 that none of the guides hit up on?Grollow1 Oct 10
Oct 9 LF someone Exalted with Valarjar Hey there, Im looking for someone exalted with Valarjar for some testing on Alliance. I need to test a theory about killing some monster. You can add me on IIIPowerIII#1694 Thanks.Marylia2 Oct 9
Oct 9 Good Suramaratin Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me with what I am missing for this? I have now got Exalted and done all the quests I can find in the Zone except for the Raid and Mythic dungeon quests which I'll probably not complete for months. But apart from them, Am I missing another quest chain somewhere to be able to complete this part of Loremaster? Thanks Edit... Nevermind found the answer ... /sad oh well eventuallySerakhai8 Oct 9
Oct 7 A Specter, Illuminated Is this currently bugged? No matter how many times we tried last night, the mobs would continually despawn while engaging them.Janchet2 Oct 7
Oct 7 WTB You Said Crossing the Streams Was Bad Tired of still trying and frustrated with groups for this achievement...looking for a quick carry and gold is on LB if you will acceptBlondielox9 Oct 7
Oct 6 Inspector Gadgetzan I know achievements are a grind but this one sucks. I've been doing this one for 160 days now on my DK alt and so far only have 4 of the messages. I have gotten 001-168 4 times in a row now. I was hoping to have this done for legion to start on the next blingtron related achievement but that is not likely to happen at this rate. I would not care so much if blingtrons from different expansions didn't share the same daily cooldown. How long did it take you guys?Blastinya11 Oct 6
Oct 6 Are achievements account-wide? Im confused about how achievements work. I just created my second character and got the haircut achievement but I had gotten this achievement months ago on my main. When I go to my achievement tab, it shows all the achievements that my main has like its account wide instead of character based. Can someone explain this?Pëträ1 Oct 6
Oct 5 Make [This Side Up] account-wide It's insane to make players spend 16 weeks MINIMUM doing insanely tedious quests on many different characters. When quests are "go here and solve 30 artifacts" nobody should have to do them 10+ times. It's ridiculous how alt-unfriendly this is.Timomantwo1 Oct 5
Oct 5 WTS Channeler's Staff Channeler's Staff One of the RAREST items in the game with only 8 on the US AH total. Located on US Gilneas Alliance, add me on and let's make a deal! Trey#1449Cailyn5 Oct 5
Oct 5 Tabard of the Lightbringer Effect 6.0.2 Hello, I'm here to voice my and many other players discontent over the recent change Blizzard made to the Tabard of the Lightbringer. The light effect on the Tabard pre-patch 6.0.2 was significantly bigger and it has always been that way since it was first released. Was this a deliberate change or simply a glitch, and if it was an intentional change what was the reason behind it? I, amongst many others would love to receive a reply from a Blue poster concerning this purposeless change. Take a look at how the effect used to look like and how it looks like now. Please take a few seconds out of your day to vote on how you feel about the recent change: Old Tabard effect: New Tabard effect: Please vote here: Oct 5
Oct 5 Double Agent Realm Change I'm horde, if I boost a class on alliance is there any benefit I'm not aware of in staying in the same realm as my horde main?Viziêr2 Oct 5
Oct 4 Legion rep from dungeons I've noticed that on certain boss kills in mythics or heroics i'll gain rep from that zones faction, but I haven't been able to figure out the specifics of this rep gain, if anyone could please elaborate on this that would be awesome!Kaityperry0 Oct 4
Oct 3 I AIN'T EVEN COLD,Legion dungeon achieve Our group has tried this achievement twice now, and it is just impossible unless you have 4 prot paladins to completely remove the damage. when you get 5 stacks it starts ticking for 2mil+ even with absorbs. has anyone successfully done this on live?Forkheals7 Oct 3
Oct 3 Selling 2011 Blizzcon Murkablo pet code WTS 2011 Blizzcon Murkablo pet code, serious offers onlyNystagma4 Oct 3
Oct 3 Owned and Unowned Mounts There used to be a website that allowed you to put your character name in and would have a page of your owned and unowned mounts. It was very useful and I would love to use it again if it still exists.Yelle2 Oct 3
Oct 3 glory of the legion hero hi, I've just been reading that this achievement doesn't unlock the tier3 weapon skin, with the assumption the raid quest-line is a pre-req. Has this since been fixed, is it a bug or intentional? I've spent significant time on this only for the weapon skin, you can keep the mount!Eiluaq3 Oct 3
Oct 1 Glory of the Legion Hero not giving SKin So just so everyone is aware. We finished Glory of the Legion Hero tonight after that last couple of achieves. You are supposed to receive a new artifact skin. However this does not give you said artifact skin. I find it to be bad form that from your artifact skin page it simply states that this achieve grants this skin and upon completion it does not. I can only theorize that the skin is locked behind Balance of Power and unlocking that tier will grant you will the other ones you have unlocked. In a word........silly Players who do all the work to complete the achievement should be rewarded with the skin.Jadawin5 Oct 1
Oct 1 Stag Party bugged? We got our storm drake to 10 stacks on mythic difficulty, and then killed it, no achievement. Anyone else have this problem?Cheesie4 Oct 1
Sep 30 Legion Achievements - potential and errors I know that blizzard has put a lot of work into this expansion and creating a lot of personalized story and scenarios for the different classes. I am thankful for Blizzard for creating the Achievement (AC) system many years ago. Many players are die hard pvpers or raiders, and that is what they pay money each month to do. I pay each month to enjoy experiencing the lore and AC hunting. I have been pleased with the achievement list in every expansion before this one. This time around they spent time developing some areas of the AC list while barely putting any thought into other areas. In this expansion they spent a great deal of time developing the separate storylines, artifacts, and class halls for each of the playable classes, and yet all the ACs feel so generic with so much room for potential. For the most part, Dungeons, Raids, PvP, Pets, Collections, Crafting, Quests, Exploration are good in my opinion. 1. General Feats – Reach level 110 and 2 ilvl Acs. Seriously couldn’t come up with anything else Blizzard? I also want to express my anger about “It’s Over 9000!” being moved to “General”. They should have left it a feat of strength with a cutoff date on it. (I got mine back in 2011 when it actually meant something.) Instead they should have just created new ACs in the “General” section at every 5k or 10k AC point intervals. 2. Quests or Scenario– Why isn’t there an achievement for completing the opening scenario and/ or quests for Legion? WoD had “Welcome to Draenor” for completing its opening scenario. 3. Dungeons – Not sure how I feel about the meta-achievements requiring mythic to complete. What do you guys think? It may be that I am still thinking heroics should be somewhat difficult like previous expansions instead of the one week it had taken me to go from running normals to advancing on mythics in legion. They should have just made heroics as difficult as mythics are now, but that is another discussion. 4. Reputations - Every expansion before Legion has separate AC’s for each faction that can be raised to exalted. This time around they just threw them all together under a single Legion diplomat AC. This needs to be fixed. 5. Class halls - "A Glorious Campaign" should have been broken into 12 separate ACs (one for each class). The class halls are all unique and should be given separate ACs for completing each unique experience. These achievements could easily be named after the title the character is given when completing the campaign. There is “A Heroic Campaign” and “A Legendary Campaign” which some people may feel is enough to show off completing different class hall campaigns. It is kind of pathetic that there are only 3 unique ACs for all class halls. There are a bunch of mission table related ones which is something at least. "Roster of Champions" could be class hall specific as well since each class recruits different individuals from the lore. 6. Artifact Weapons - Good and bad. I like the ACs they have, except they have a terribly generic feel and provides no sense of accomplishment for something that is supposed to be monumental to a character. I know it sounds like a lot, but there should be a separate AC for obtaining each Artifact weapon. There should also be a corresponding "Power Realized" AC for each weapon. Leveling each of these artifacts is a serious time investment and should have an AC showing off such an accomplishment. Another possible AC could be for obtaining all of the appearances for your artifact weapon. They have an AC for each tier, but not one that covers all. I would like to hear what you guys think. Any achievements you feel should be included or areas for potential? Discussion on some of the points I brought up or mistakes. If you are just here to whine and say achievements don’t matter, please just move onto another forum topic. This is for the players who enjoy this aspect of the game.Corenthius4 Sep 30
Sep 30 Death knight legion I'm trying to do the next achievement after azsuna matata....I'm trying to do vrykul story bro anyone know where I go???Jëssbby1 Sep 30
Sep 30 Shado-Pan Geyser Gun I went into Throne of Thunder yesterday to try my luck on the two mounts that drop there (Horridon and Ji-Kun), but after dropping down following the council fight I remembered about the Shado-Pan Geyser Gun and the hidden achievement to earn it. So I thought to myself "Hey, you're already wasting time trying to get these mounts, why not waste some more jumping around on some geysers for an hour?", which of course seemed like a good idea to me since I had just had it. Sadly, the geysers weren't active, nor was the giant geyser in the middle that is supposed to launch you up to the earlier portion of the instance. Are the geysers not active on purpose? Do they work for anyone else? Was this "achievement" removed? Is this some sort of bug or (not) working as intended? BTW, I got the Horridon mount, but I'll have to return (many many more times I'm sure) for Ji-Kun.Imarobot5 Sep 30
Sep 30 How do you reach Azuremyst Isle as Horde? Title says it all, I have no clue how to reach Azuremyst or Bloddmyst isle for the flamekeeper achieves. The boats are gone, and even with crusader aura, I die before I get there. For that matter, why do they make these places so hard to get to anyway?Dancër20 Sep 30
Sep 30 Archaeology i hate you. I thought blizz when easy on us when they made only one pristine achievement but then found out that there is one achievement to get ALL rare artifacts also restore one of each of the common artifact, so we are looking at another 4 or more month grind of archaeology alone, i hate you blizz for this, i really do.Herxheimer0 Sep 30
Sep 29 100,000 Artifact Power Hello, In order to unlock some gear from my Class Order Hall, it says I must "Earn 100,000 Artifact Power". ~ How do I find out how much I have currently? ~ How do I keep track of my Artifact Power? ~ Does it keep track for ALL my Artifact Power or just for One specific spec? Thank you.Acero4 Sep 29
Sep 28 Argent Dawn Disaster! Help needed! Okay so I was of course maxed out on Argent Dawn a long time ago and when I did my DK class hall scenario the finishing scene at Light Hope's Chapel has destroyed me. I was confused, didn't know where to go, randomly killed some folk.. and they decreased my Argent Dawn rep. WAHT so shocked and now the exalted bar is half way instead of nicely filled in and I can't figure out who to kill to fix this. I hope someone can help me, I am despairing here.Narthexia2 Sep 28
Sep 27 Garrison fishing for coins plus turtles Anyone down for late night garrison fishing join my group "Garrison Fishing for coins" in group finder custom.Noxide1 Sep 27
Sep 27 PVP Victory Achievements Account Wide Like many of you who enjoy the PVP side of WoW I have several characters I leveled specifically for PVP. When I played the game most (Pandaria) I would be rotating through 4 different characters in battlegrounds because I enjoyed battleground healing so much. I probably would have all of these achievements if all my characters wins were counted together. I personally would like if all the battleground victories I have achieved throughout ten years of playing WoW would all count toward the achievement. Am I in the minority in thinking this?Bubbrub2 Sep 27
Sep 27 Pls get rid of most gold ever owned stat. okay.. I don't know if it's just me or not.. but this statistic, combined with my insanely-compulsive OCD disorder, on top of my money-saving tendencies, has ruined certain aspects of this game for me.. I can't spend any of my gold on stuff that I want, (as I sit here with 200k+ just sitting on this toon alone), because I'm afraid I'll "never get back to my high gold score".. Now, you might say "what the hell? just spend it!", or something along those lines.. but people who don't have OCD, you just.. don't understand.. I also know that a while ago blizzard removed the "currently owns XX amount of gold" statistic for similar reasons.. Please Blizzard remove this statistic? Am I alone here??Presarius5 Sep 27
Sep 26 Select Character Achievements Is there a way to display only the achievements of a particular toon? Trying to decipher what I need on this character is hard since it just shows overall for every toon that you did.Sxerix0 Sep 26
Sep 26 Glory of the Legion Hero is a lie. So when you go to your artifact appearance it says "Unlocked by completing Glory of the Legion Hero"...i completed it last night and it did not unlock..i put in a ticket and a GM responded with: "As it turns out, Game Masters are unable to discuss how to obtain the artifact appearances but this is something that is being discussed within the community on third party fansites" So basically i did exactly what the achievement told me to do to unlock it and it did not unlock it then the official response is "sorry we cant tell you, go on fansites and hope someone has figured out how" So wtf is the point in writing how you unlock it if this is not all you have to do to unlock it?Sinzzs3 Sep 26
Sep 26 When will Tarina the Ageless be active? Last boss I need for Pepe's whistle, I killed Drov on Sunday, waited for maintenance so Tarina would spawn in, but drov is still up. I thought they changed each week. Anyone have any ideas?Bagon2 Sep 26
Sep 26 Flying in Draenor what do you need to fly in DraenorJackiemae4 Sep 26