Mar 17 [Suggestion] Account-Bound Achievements. I just popped an achievement. Yay! Crap. I'm not on my main, and there's no way to transfer the points. There are those of us that prefer all achievement points go to 1 toon. If it meant that every other toon I had went to 0 points, I wouldn't care. Asking me which toon I want the points to go to every time I have an achievement (that isn't a level ___ achievement, obviously) go off also works. This is getting ridiculous. I already can't even PVP / PVE on any other toon for fear of getting an achievement by accident, I also can't even pet battle on any other toon now, since that's what just happened. I didn't realize my last pet for [No Favorites] was about to lvl. There are also points that will never be able to be obtained on this toon, simply BECAUSE I like playing her. Such as the [Dynamic Dou] achievement. Since tas is already 90, those points will ALSO go to the other toon. If I did the other toon first, the [Level 90] points will be in the wrong place. I'm missing about 265 points on my main in the guild-tab. (I logged on to a low lvl alt to get something before my main in MOP, not realizing that would happen.) That 5-point achievement for the pet battles is now also unobtainable on tas. This basically puts me at a disadvantage for friendly competitions between guildies. Please take off this account-bound achievement bit, let us choose where the points go, or let us retroactively move the points elsewhere via ticket or web interface. It's highly annoying.Taswind13 Mar 17
Mar 17 Goodness Gracious Anyone have luck with this one? You have to go to this room in Shattrath City and run over twelve small runes, which inflict a small amount of damage each time. However you only have 6 seconds to do this. Really annoying.Murdina5 Mar 17
Mar 16 Pathfinder, class mounts, and alts Let's say we have Pathfinder part one finished on our main character. Will we be required to finish all of Pathfinder PART ONE on our alt in order to unlock its class mount quest chain/mission chain/whatever? I guess what I am asking is; if we have pathfinder achieved on one character, will we be able to unlock another character's class mount without going through all of pathfinder again?Initone3 Mar 16
Mar 16 What breaks the Golden Egg during Ji-kun? Wanting to know because this week, my lockout is 25-man only - was doing the previous bosses on 25H for the Horridon mount (which dropped!). The only way I can actually kill Ji-kun is if I can get back to the platform with the golden egg and continue to kill her. That being said, I'm wondering what actually breaks the egg? If I use my Demonic Circle to get back to the main platform after catching the egg, does that break the egg? I'm no longer holding the egg but the achievement in the achievement tracker doesn't go red.Facebookmeme1 Mar 16
Mar 16 Wtb friend 100k Wtb friend to play hero of the storm achievement for 100k I haven't play hero of the storm before but I really like the mount and I have no friend so liking for someone to help me with the mount, tipping 100k Battle net I'd crankybaby#11208Lovesick2 Mar 16
Mar 16 LF healer to help with ICC meta Need healer on USA horde :)Arektion3 Mar 16
Mar 15 How to get Laughing Skull rep? So I skipped out on WOD, but I would like to work on this rep. I picked up the trading post, but other than Legion medallions and farming the Pit, is there any way to work rep for this faction?Kabbie1 Mar 15
Mar 15 How to reset old boss fights? Hey guys, I've been trying to finish off some of the old raid achievements I'm missing and I've run into a bit of an issue. There are situations where I can become stuck in a boss fight without any means of reseting the encounter besides waiting a very long time to die. For example, on XT in Ulduar you can't run out of his room once the encounter starts and I'll have to sit there for a solid 20 minutes before he can kill me. Trying to get "Nerf Scrapbots" is hard enough without this additional problem. I'm curious if anyone has any tricks or items that help them in these situations, as this is my main achievement character and switching to hunter isn't going to be an option. I remember there was a dagger in MoP that you could kill yourself with, but I guess it's not usable after level 91+.Siegürd7 Mar 15
Mar 15 Camel Hoarder advice So I've decided to start camping for this. Any advice from those that have gotten it? Yukio43 Mar 15
Mar 14 CRZ rare spawns Hey guys, has anyone really dug into how rare vendor items and rare NPCs work with the CRZ system in Legion? I really liked the ability to just go hunt around or camp out at some spot back before CRZ, but it seems like the cross-realm-zone system has really changed how things work. I want to try and figure out the best way to use my time, so that I don't camp out for 36 hours straight only to lose a Poseidus tag or a Formal Dangui spawn to a random server glitch or something. I tested it a little bit with the dressmaker lady in Moonglade. I fired up all of my old starter editions in parallel, flew alts out there on every account, and then split up the group so they'd all get in their own shards. A few of them got stuck together at first, but eventually they all ended up on their own servers. It seems that the Red Formal Hanbok spawned at the same time across all the shards, but I was only able to get a couple of them. I tried relogging and flying new dudes in repeatedly, and I'm pretty sure that I got a few of them booted out into freshly-spawned shards, but the new shards didn't have anything in stock either. Does this mean they've tied spawn rates to the calendar somehow? Or maybe it spawned on a shard, then I inadvertently split that shard myself? I'm worried that I'll camp somewhere for 35 hours, and then at hour 35, the shard will randomly split. At 35:05, the rare thing will spawn on the other shard, but not mine. Then the shards will merge again at 36 hours, and my shard will be in a state where the rare thing isn't going to spawn again for another week or more, while at no point did I get a fair shot at the loot.Garrulous0 Mar 14
Mar 13 nevermind nevermindOlengdoper0 Mar 13
Mar 11 Glory of the Legion Raider - Nighthold! Hello everyone, i'm here to call you guys to join a group i'm forming to do all the achievments on Nighthold. I'm planning to start as soon as we have a solid group! The only requeriments i want, beside be 890 ilvl, is that you at least follow my instructions! Tell me if you want to join us in this journey, and all of you, have a good day :DLanädelrey8 Mar 11
Mar 9 Toybox on the Armory Hello collectors, curious forum trolls and others alike. I have a solid request for the people working on either the WoW armory or the game in general. One of the things I like to do is surprise people with gifts. Cageable/tradeable things I can buy to put a smile on their face. But I've run into an issue. The armory shows: pets and mounts both collected and non. So i'm curious where is the show missing toys option. I love the toybox I love being able to transform, to teleport, etc. I just wish I could share fun items like this with others. But how am I to know what they have or don't have. Yes I could ask them but surprises I love them. So all I'm asking is a consideration: Possibly add a "missing toys" section to the armory. Please and thank you! BrandiBrandiqt3 Mar 9
Mar 8 Gul'dan LFR So I just killed Gul'dan in LFR and I saw two achievements pop up but the cinematic triggered before I could see what they were. The only one listed in my achievements is the Betrayer's Rise achievement but I can't find the other one. I'm assuming that killing him is tied to something else...but I can't figure out what...can someone help me?Graemon1 Mar 8
Mar 7 Only the Penitent... (Tuesday 6th, 5pm ET) I've been trying to pug this achievement for a while now, and everyone keeps messing it up. LOOKING FOR experienced people that know how to do this achievement. I have 5 slots available. Please know what you're doing so I don't have to wait another week. 1. Me 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Wait list (in cast someone drops): 1. 2. 3. 4. Tuesday the 6th at 5pm eastern time. If interested, I'll add you on BNET and to my top 6 list. I'll also accept a waitlist.Shamaroon1 Mar 7
Mar 7 [H] WTS True Love Prism Toy & Achievement Selling True Love Prism toy from the achievement "They Really Love me!" Accepting gold horde only, on any realm with preference to Caelestrasz. Add me on btag for more information hotmilo#1937Lovely0 Mar 7
Mar 6 Please allow us to re-earn missing items! I was recently looking through my toy box, and realized I was missing all the toys from the 5.3 world event (Battlefield: Barrens) . Thinking back, I eventually remembered that I had to delete a number of items before the start of WoD because I was running out of bag space (I think I even made a thread about it). If the current toy box or the Legion transmog system had been implemented back then I would have been fine, but unfortunately that wasn't the case. Seeing that Item Restoration only goes back a few months, I realized there was no way to fix this on my own. I opened a ticket and asked if there was anything that could be done for me to get back the items I'd had to drop, and unfortunately the GM informed me that since there's no achievement associated with the toys themselves there's no way to prove that I earned them in-game. They pointed out that this topic has been raised already on the forums: However since that's on the EU version I can't comment. Instead I thought I'd make a new thread here so NA players can chime in as well. I'll be honest: my desire goes deeper than just the Barrens. I would like to see the Bronze Dragonflight utilized to its full extent, allowing us to go back and re-live previous versions of any zone that's changed significantly over the years. But at this point I would gladly settle for a vendor that sells old toys, vanity items, etc. that have been lost to the sands of time, because there's a lot of things I used to have that I don't anymore. And while some of that is selfish - I earned those pixels, dang it! - I also think it might be neat for new players to get to see some of these things too. If nothing else it's one more activity to stem the tide of sub losses during content droughts, right?Eroicej39 Mar 6
Mar 4 Nightbane group Unsure if this is the place for this or not bug im looking for a place where i can find people who want to form a group to actively farm this. Enhance/Ele shaman is what i playOctorowena0 Mar 4
Mar 4 School's Out Forever *Edit* Thanks guys. Finally got a group for this.Tir4 Mar 4
Mar 3 How do you complete Securing Draenor? As we all know flying will come to Draenor but you have to complete a bunch of achievements first. I have done everything else except for Securing Draenor and of course the Tanaan Jungle rep. My question: How do you complete Securing Draenor? I have just went to Magnarok and Iron Siegeworks and no bonus objective pops up although I know I did a bonus objective in Iron Siegeworks before when completed the garrison campaign there but the achievement is still grayed out. I tried going to Magnarok but no bonus objective popped up what is happening? Do you really have to wait and get these in the Apexis dailies in your garrison? because I have only been getting socrethar and the arakkoa and the everbloom in the past two weeks.Erendir40 Mar 3
Mar 3 Farming steamwheedle cartel rep Forming a group in a couple hours depending on if people sign up. Need at least 2 more.Sgtlahman0 Mar 3
Mar 2 New Achievement Achievement : have a pen in possession when it runs out of ink. 50ptsTridiak2 Mar 2
Mar 1 The First Rule of Brawler's Guild Why is this achievement Character specific when it unlocks for all characters on that faction? I use main to get achievements, but accidentally used the invite I got on an alt before I realized only that alt would get the achievement.Solmoon4 Mar 1
Mar 1 The Grove Defiler mount... ...can't fly...what? The dungeon version of this achievement (Glory of the Legion Hero) awards a flying mount but the raid version doesn't...? This HAS to be a bug I'm sure, right Blizzard? We finally finished the Glory of the Legion Raider achievement last night, got our mounts and I can't even express the amount of disappointment we all felt, especially with flying coming in 7.2. Please fix this mount so that it can fly, thank you! Oh, and in before forums trolls start their hating.Herrmdh0 Mar 1
Mar 1 Guild Herald of the Titans run this saturday Hey guys, My guild is doing a herald of the titans run this Saturday (Feb 4th) at roughly 8pm GMT+10 (australia, sydney time). We have about 8 of us. Require 1 dps and possibly 1 healer. Add my ID to discuss, sinzz#1496.Lanthaelans0 Mar 1
Feb 26 How can we know when the Tanaan rares are up? Is there a 3rd party website that uses the Blizzard API to keep track of the spawn timers for each server? That would be ideal. I really don't like the idea of sitting around for 2-3 hours every day to farm Medallions.Killager1 Feb 26
Feb 25 LFG - Heroes of the storm WOW mount moving to general. Probably the wrong place for thisIthinin2 Feb 25
Feb 25 Loremaster title without Legion Hello, I'm working on Loremaster achiev/title and have a question. I have Legion but did not activated the serial key yet. Is it possible to gain LM completing Draenor, Pandaria, Outland, Northrend, Cataclysm and EK/Kalimdor quests due to thd fact my account is not upgraded? I hear Legion LM requires raiding. Thanks!Boogeycow2 Feb 25
Feb 25 Achievement project help Last week I thought it would be fun to make a brand new account and see how many achievements I could get in a year. Mostly I've just been leveling up so far ([shamelessplug] if you want to follow along [\shamelessplug]), but I was wondering if there's anything that I should be doing right now that I haven't thought of. Any events or anything coming up that I should be aware of? I know I just missed the Valentine's Day stuff. Also, does anyone have any thoughts on the order I should do things to be efficient?Kithalt0 Feb 25
Feb 24 Need more rewarding grinds. I know this may not seem appealing to some, and I don't usually go down nostalgia lane, but if there is anything I miss most about BC, is the painfully long grinds. Follow me here.. The netherwing drakes were pretty painful to grind, but in the end, it got me 6 mounts. 5 for the nether rays, a couple cloud serpents and all. I raid in a semi-hardcore guild, 9 hrs a week, and with less and less time to play, I feel like having to grind countless hours for 1 mount - that I already have - (I'm looking at you Ivory Hawkstrider) falls way behind in my priority list. Legion makes you spend a lot of time on your alts only to barely keep up with your main. I love raiding, but I'm a collector, and doing both is hard, so I kinda need a little incentive. Bring back reputation grinds with lots of mounts, pets, toys rewards. Bring back my will to live if you find it along the way. BrendaBrendawise2 Feb 24
Feb 23 Anyone Want to Trade Mounts? So I farmed up 10 Skyshards because a couple guildies offered to buy the Alani mount... Yet when it came time to pay up, they all changed their minds. On the other hand, I want to get the Nightbane mount, but nobody in my guild wants to go into Kara. So here's my offer: Looking for a group of 4. You get me a Smouldering Emberwyrm, and I'll get all of you a Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent. Post here if interested.Canofspinach3 Feb 23
Feb 22 Mistwalker TITLE - Mists of Pandaria CMs This topic may already exist, I apologize in advance for not previously navigating the forums, but I'm on a bus and posting from my phone, so it's very hard to search for things on it. I was curious if any MVP poster or blue poster could shed some light on whether this topic has been discussed at all and if there has been a large amount of feedback on making the mistwalker title account-wide for those who have achieved it? It is a great title to have and they have made every other aspect of CMs account wide, the transmog, purchasable weapons from WOD for toons that you didn't even do CMs on, mounts, etc, and in addition, we didn't even get a title like mistwalker for obtaining realm best in WOD, and this would be a great substitute. Anybody able to shed some light on the topic?Brambleton6 Feb 22
Feb 22 Starting From Scratch I am looking to make a character to unlock as many Achievements as possible. Anything I have found online seems to be outdated and I would like recommendations based on the current game in Legion. I want to make a character that needs as little outside help as possible. I will be hunting everything from Loremaster to PvP achievements. I will be making a Human character for the Reputation benefits. This is pretty much mandatory as I have so much Reputation to get. As a reminder, classes a Human can be: - Warrior - Paladin - Hunter - Rogue - Priest - Mage - Warlock - Monk - Death Knight Are there recommended Professions I should take? Is there a recommended server I should play on? Should I play on PvP or Non PvP server, RP or Non RP, High Pop or Low Pop? Is there any other advice you want to provide? Something I've forgotten to ask about perhaps?Kitizhane6 Feb 22
Feb 22 Earning Proving Ground Achievement I've entered the proving grounds a few times and I've successfully completed the Bronze Damage trial. Rotun says I was successful and to come to him for another trial, but I don't see that I've earned the achievement. What am I missing? Thank you!Xeyla2 Feb 22
Feb 21 i got acheivment but no artifact aperance unlock from acheivment. it said to do this acheiv for aperance unlock but it is brokenNoginfoger13 Feb 21
Feb 21 lonely achievement not working are they planning on fixing this? today was supposed to be maintenance day to fix problems, i'd rather the realms be down and they fix this stuff then have it not working. it took me awhile for this box of chocolates to finally give me those buttermilk delights then it doesn't work 3 times...Vod6 Feb 21
Feb 21 Love Rocket boss available at level 16 If you're a serious mount collector remember that the daily boss is now available at level sixteen. Make death knights and demon hunters on several realms to max your chances for the Love Rocket!Youkeyoh5 Feb 21
Feb 21 M+ Achievements - Suggestion Hello, Please add M+ achievements for completing a +20, +25, +30 etc... I have 0 motivation to run high keys right now because AP is no longer an incentive (have 54 traits) and the gear isn't worth it by itself. However, if there was a cutting edge mythic+ achieve for completing a 30 in time. I'd be motivated to push. Please add this feature. Thanks.Ëndër0 Feb 21
Feb 21 How to Cheese Alliance Racial Mounts I'm looking to get the racial mounts for Human, Gnome, and Draenei. Is there a way to cheese this without doing much work? Here are the ideas I've come up with so far: 1. Start a DK, quest out of the starting area, buy mounts, repeat 2. Start a fresh level 1 with a tank class (full heirlooms available) level to 40, buy mounts, repeat 3. Run old dungeons on my main with a tabbard on until exalted, repeat (this option seems really bad) Any other ideas? I looked at the level 100 class trial, but I don't think you can get back to the azeroth faction cities this way.Jonaingo3 Feb 21
Feb 20 Share the Love Looking for 4 others to help with the share the love achievement. Feel free to add HaLTheGod#1528Morosi0 Feb 20
Feb 20 lonely? How does one do this? What am I doing wrong? I had a guy in old dala, we both had the food buff, I put the picnic basket down, we both clicked it, and nothing. We tried in a party and outside a party. It was the toy picnic basket. Anyway, help? Q.QAlisi3 Feb 20
Feb 19 Brawlers Guild - Rumbles Hello All, I was wondering if anyone was interested in forming a group to do all of the brawler guild rumble fights? Stranglethorn Streak in particular is the worst. All attendees should be able to buy at least one card. We can also speed run these to get the 20,000 Coin Achievement. Warlocks, Mages and Hunters are preferred classes as these are best to do. I would like to do tonight around 9pm MST or Monday same time or next weekend. Selinace#1683Wildroot0 Feb 19
Feb 18 Guild Glory of the Pandaria Raider Is it still possible for my guild to get the achievement Guild Glory of the Pandaria Raider, for the mount. Or did it have to be achieved during MoPHaraambe1 Feb 18
Feb 18 Is there any Legion Achievement group? I want to complete my achievement to unlock artifact skin color, is there any discord group doing this? I wish to joinLotharadge1 Feb 18
Feb 17 Achievement - They Really Love Me! So, for everyone who's trying to get this achievement, its badly designed. I just spent 1h45 and 76 charges in a pre-made group, and the group disbanded when it was my turn. I request that the achievement be changed to using 50 charges on people. This is ridiculous. I hope I don't have to spend 50 more min to get that toy...I will keep my ticket open until I get the toy, please post here if you are in the same situation and are unsatisfied with this achievement, and request sticky for the post, thanks <3! For what it's worth, here is a screenshot: Sorry for spelling, English is my 2nd language.Oló161 Feb 17
Feb 15 Reins of the Golden King A couple of Alliance guilds on my server are level 25 now, and are running around on their lion mounts. I was excited when I saw the model for it--it was cool and felt like it belonged with the alliance. But after seeing it... I'm disappointed. The guild banner on it is distracting and detracts from the coolness of the lion. My guild will hit 25 next week, and I don't think I'll be getting the mount unless that banner is removed.Kyruus3 Feb 15
Feb 14 Field Medic Is there anyone that has farmed for this? I only need 4 notes left but man I'm going to go crazy over this. Any information out there on Wowhead is disjointed and confusing. I tried to talk with a GM about drops and mobs etc but they just brought me towards wowhead. Is there any clarity we can get on these? I've had some drop in completely different zones from where comments have said they drop. Or what mobs in zones can drop them and which mobs can't. I checked the loot table on one of the notes with a certain mob, that mob dropped a different note that wasn't listed on the table. Is anyone able to help shed light or give me a moral boost on this title.Velyr12 Feb 14
Feb 14 Most Time Consuming Achievements? What's the most time consuming achievement you've dived into and managed (or not managed!) to see the other side of?Stitches10 Feb 14
Feb 13 Need help with Fistful of Love Need a undead warrior and Troll rogue to complete Fistful of love achievement. GravyChipz#1348Rezort0 Feb 13
Feb 13 WTB EASY ACHIEVEMENT 1.5K EACH PLAYER 'I got what you mead' achievement you provide the 4 other players Requires * horde * basic mythic HOV dungeon * clear all ads * pick up mead / beer * run up the bridge and we all throw 1 mead each at all the different gods.Sharkprince0 Feb 13