Dec 16 Professions resources on the web In this thread, we'll create a good old-fashioned pile of links to resources on the web that are specific to professions in World of Warcraft. As you make suggestions of great websites that fit that description, I'll return to this first post and add your links (so long at they are germane). I'll start us off with these: WoWhead Professions Guides Alchemy Blacksmithing Enchanting Engineering Herbalism Inscription Jewelcrafting Leatherworking Mining Skinning Tailoring ----- Archaeology Cooking First Aid Fishing Now it's your turn!Kaivax36 Dec 16
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1h Alchemy 780-800 How are we supposed to do this? The cauldron recipe is listed as requiring 800 skill but everything is grey at 780Lilladin127 1h
1h Any requirements for fishing WQs? I have two characters with 800 fishing. One sees the fishing world quests and the other doesn't. Is there anything I have to do so that my second character sees it?Ignisaurum3 1h
3h Profession World Quests I'm a leatherworker on one of my characters, and have been looking for rank 3 of a pattern. Rank 3 of this pattern is tied to a world quest which has never been active. I have been looking for this world quest for 3 months now. Why are profession recipes tied to world quests if those world quests are not going to spawn at any reliable rate?Izira1 3h
3h WoW Tokens and Commodity prices Made a video for the first time ever...I think in game economics are fascinating (nerd). This is not a complaint or a "call-out", just something I think is interesting that people are doing. Certainly the bots are still a scourge (see what I did there) but I have had the server transfer system verified by many people who have tens of thousands of herbs on AH as we speak. I have noticed since the token change the bottom is falling out of the alchemy market price-wise and this is one of the contributing factors. When it is all said and done, this is probably going to cause the markets to be closer together in price. This also (good thing) allows people to do this server hopping gold making system w/o breaking ToS and going outside the game to convert gold into cash to pay for the swaps. Just curious if anyone else has thoughts on the subject. Have fun out there!Babirage0 3h
3h Quests that go Mythic Not all WOW players are in a guild, not to mention not all WOW players (even if they are in a guild) will ever make it into a MYTHIC dungeon. For those of us schmucks who Blizzard is forcing into Dungeons via the LFD/R by making a profession or an order hall quest require you into the dungeon ok, but a MYTHIC level? Really? This is immensly unfair!Seriphi5 3h
3h Jewelcrafting 780-800 a joke? I just hit 780 jewelcrafting, which seems pretty high based on other jewelcrafters I've seen, and the only things I can craft that give me skill ups are the 3 star class specific necks. Not only are these super expensive to craft with how bad prospecting is, but 90% of them are so terrible that people don't even buy them. On top of that the recipes for the 3 star necks are not exactly easy to come by. Essentially if you ever want get max jewelcrafting, so you can craft the main stat gems, you will have craft 20+ of these necks that, on my server at least, you would be lucky to sell even at a loss of a few thousand gold. I mean who is going to pay ~20k (market value of the gems for crafting the neck) for an 815 neck that is terrible unless you spend another 40k to upgrade it to 850 with obliterum. Meanwhile getting obliterum as a JC is awful, I don't know how much the class necks give when obliterated but the lesser rings and necks barely give any. When compared to any of the professions who can make tens of thousands of gold just by crafting bracers (BS, Tailer, LW) that you are required to have in order to make your forge, and who are getting to 800 skill level super easily it feel like Jewelcrafting is in terrible place.Kice151 3h
4h unlearn Unbroken Tooth and Claw-Skinning I must have gotten 20 thousand by now. No use for them. (don't bring up the drums lol) To make matters worse, a stack of 200, vendors for TWO silver! That literally isn't worth the walk to the nearest vendor. At least raise the vendor prices to be similar to other crafted items or trash drops. FYI, the haste drums use very little. if you spend 2400 gold for higher ranks, it uses even less. I think I would pay that if it used lots more ;)Toenail2 4h
7h Never seen... so many players unhappy with professionsSushie5 7h
10h Underlight Angler Appearance(s) How do we get the other two colors? Is there any other appearances, models for it?Aure36 10h
12h Nomi seems improved, 7.1.5 Since this last patch, Nomi seems improved. In the notes it said increased chance of level 3 recipes. Since the patch, I've gone from having 8 at 3 skill to 12 at 3 skill. I already had all the recipes, with all of them at least at 2 skill. I've got them two at a time, the remaining 3 skill ones, when going to check Nomi. I got Seed-Battered Fish Plate and Suramar surf and turf just now (to 3.) I think the last 4 I got to 3, were ones requiring Stormray or Koi; Those have been what I've been turning in, along with Highmountain Salmon (for the one I'm missing there) I've also been turning in the billion wildfowl eggs I have, after noticing that the Fizz one has that as an ingredient (while also being an ingredient itself, in one of the feasts that I only have at 2.) Koi scented stormray is also an ingredient of the other feast, as well as being an ingredient of one of the recipes I just got to 3. So turning in both koi and stormray seemed like a good idea.Kybeorie34 12h
13h Gathering prices once people can fly in 7.2 Is it time to dump my ore? I've been gathering it since I started playing this expansion and never used it for anything. Once people can fly I assume it will become much more plentiful. Has anyone discussed this implication?Tukwilla13 13h
13h Underlight Angler needs a "big finish" After getting all the abilities early on, the grind to level the pole is rough. I read that artifact weapons are getting some love in 7.2 Something cool at the end like "Way of the Flying Fish" (allowing gliding not flying), or something would be interesting. BTW, looking at the amount of AP from one rank to the next might be in order. A 30% jump at 50 AP per fish is too much IMO. (right now for me, it's going from 30k to 39k) If artifact weapons required 30% more each level players would pile them in the middle of Dalaran and set them on fire. ;)Toenail0 13h
13h 110 req'd for Demonsteel Armguards quest? Demonsteel Armguards are ilvl 815. Is anyone realistically still going to be wearing ilvl 815 gear when they hit level 110? Granted, I've only leveled one toon to 110 so far, but he was way over 815 on all his gear by then, and I only did dungeons when I had to and never did raids. What's the deal? Why is crafting so completely nerfed in this expansion? I have to do dungeons and raids just to open up recipes that are no longer relevant by the time I'm finished doing the dungeons and raids (not to mention the quests that require level 110 in the first place). Very disappointed with this expansion, and the professions are very high on my list of reasons why.Sunsu2 13h
13h Getting to Margoss Island / Fishing Pro Tip So if you're like me, you want to get to Margoss' Island quickly, without having to mess with the nasty PvP zoned Underbelly to fish up a coin to get there (yes, I know about bodyguards, but they only last a few minutes and I almost always seem to get abandoned before I've fished up one of those coins). If you do what I, and many others, have done and jumped off Dalaran proper and used a Goblin Glider or Skyhorn Kite or glide or whatever, you might have occasionally suffered from the small glitch where you don't quite make it all the way and get "dismounted" before the Island and fall into the sea. No worries, right? Just swim until you're in the Suramar zone and can use your Flight Master's Whistle to catch a ride, fly back & try again. A few minutes wasted, but no biggie. Here's the Pro Tip: Don't have your Underlight Angler equipped when you jump because if you fall, you will die when you hit the water. I guess the "Waterwalk" trait kinda turns the sea into a really hard surface. Bummer. You'll have to ghost walk off the edge of Dalaran, find your body and then swim to Suramar, rinse/repeat as above. Just giving back to the community :-)Wyglaaf2 13h
14h Underlight Angler..adding artifact power How do you add artifact power to this thing? When I equip it and try to use a green or blue + artifact power item it says it's not a valid item. Also, when I click on the forge nothing happens. So even when I do get AP I can't unlock traits. I tried relogging, reload ui. Nothing seems to work.Mogar40 14h
14h level 2 BS reciept where can i find these lvl 2 reciepts pleaseDellavee1 14h
15h No digsites I just got the quest for the 600 bones but there are no digsites showing up anywhere in the broken isles. I turned off all my addons, reloaded the ui several times, made sure i have track digsites checked....and still no digsites whatsoever are showing up in the broken isles. Any suggestions?Nadaclue2 15h
16h Predictive Combat Operations Databank Any get this to drop? It's the engineering item that drops off Iron Juggernaut in SoO. Only info from beta I can find is someone not being able to get it. It's the last item I need (by the way the piston stabilizer drops off mobs in Doomwalker's area now, got it off a felguard or something). Just killed Iron Juggernaut in LFR and it didn't drop. I'm fine farming it every week until it drops, but I want to make sure I'm at least doing it in a valid difficulty.Viridans21 16h
18h Bots are a plague Not only do I see them literally everywhere I go on the world map that has to do with goldmaking, absorbing all the valuable materials that would otherwise go to actual human players like me that choose to put in the effort and leaving honest subscribers with just the scraps instead... Not only is that a problem, but then I take my pitiful haul back to the auction house, and what do I see? The same bots, FLOODING the market with the goods that they literally STOLE from human players by taking it before we can through dishonest goods. I try to list a couple hours worth of farmed materials, which is maybe 1,000 herbs at best, and I'm looking at "Kdasosadtk"s listing of 63 stacks of 200 for 30% cheaper than market value (a market value that is insanely lower than it would be normally to begin with), that will never sell out, and only drive prices down further artificially due to what is essentially an excess in supply generated by a god damn herbalism script. That same character by the way, Kdasosadtk, I see him all freaking day when I'm out there, along with many other bots of coarse, and while I can gank that BOT a couple times out of frustration, nothing will stop them, it just wastes my time, and that botter won't even notice or care. It's beyond annoying to say the least. These bots are a legitimate plague on the game. Blizzard, for christ sake, you have zero excuse on this. Kdasosadtk, that one monk bot, he paid you 60$ roughly, UPFRONT. Every single bot that exists already paid you a fat paycheck of 60$ or they couldn't possibly exist to begin with. You should be willing to pay that full amount, 60$ PER BOT (or however much they paid for their games + subs) to your employees to handle this PLAGUE in a timely manner. If that's not enough money to warrant the full time BOT spotters that so many people have suggested before, then you're literally relying on BOT money for Christmass bonuses or somecrap instead. Make BOT removal a PRIORITY in this game. It's unacceptable cheating, and it's not even cynical anymore to say that you guys would just rather pocket the BOT money than remove them, since that BOT money is 10x more than enough to get the job done of removing them on it's own. You guys should use the money I paid for Legion, that full triple A title cost of an expansion, to make Legion content. You should use the money I paid for a subscription, over 150$ a year, to keep the game running and updated. You should use the money BOTS paid for these things to KEEP THE GAME CLEAN OF BOTS. Don't misunderstand and think that BOT money even belongs in your hands, they are cheating to begin with, enforce your EULA policy and use that money the right way, hire more people, don't just funnel that money onto your current staff and say, "Full time Bot spotters aren't practical!" because they for damned sure are practical with that kind of money involved.Cyy0 18h
18h Skill Level 800 in Archaeology Are there any quests that get activated once your reach 800 in Archaeology? Any other "perks"? I am enjoying the 2-week quests (just got my Spirit of Eche'ro mount) Thanks.Tukwilla1 18h
18h Infernal Brimstone rng? Have been mining since legion launch, farmed to 800 as soon as i could have have hardly missed an infernal WQ, yet i still have not even seen the rank 2 mining rank for brimstone... Is there no badluck rng protection on this? Is the % drop so low. I've farmed so many mats and nodes that I've crafted 10+ Steelbound Devourers and still have 200 Infernal Brimstone left at mining rank 1. I'm actually starting to think that my mining profession, at least for this rank is bugged. No one could be this unlucky. The % drop shouldn't be as low as the Ashes of Al'ar, because It's honestly starting to feel that way.Blackthunder2 18h
20h Rank 3 herbs and flasks are horribly attained (Except for Felwort) Herb after herb after herb picked and flask after flask after flask made and it is a lottery chance to get a rank 3. This is atrocious.Theira39 20h
20h DELETED DELETEDExegesis0 20h
1d "One that Didn't Get Away" achieve. Tips? Hey all, I'm one achieve shy of my "salty" title. Unfortunately, it's the above-named achievement, which looks like it requires me to fish ad nauseum in random spots throughout Azeroth hoping against hope for a rare fish to be hooked. Any experienced anglers have tips as to where the best place to farm this achieve is? Much obliged.Bilgewater20 1d
1d What goes good with tailoring? I am thinking of picking up tailoring as a profession for an alt and am wondering what second profession goes good with it. I looked at Wowhead guide to professions but didn't see anything and thank you for answers.Azerothwolf2 1d
1d Difficulty with Bigger Fish to Fry I've googled and looked up multiple guides on wowhead but I can't get the Terrorfin from Val'Sharah. One guide claims you can finish Bigger Fish to Fry in 3-4 hours focusing on pools. Well, focusing on pools in Val'Sharah got me the other two rare fish within five minutes, but I've spent over two hours just LOOKING for fish pools. Where do I go to find fish pools in Val'Sharah?Natharia1 1d
1d Couldn't turn in Rare Fish at contest So I ran the new fishing contest today. After I "won" the tournament, I went back out fishing for rares. Still need "The one that didn't get away", so I stick around for that. I fish up 2 of the rares - Dezian Queenfish and Keeler's Angelfish. Could not turn them in at the robot. Funny thing is, I log in later tonight and they are both still in my inventory. Is this bugged or do they only allow one turn in per contest? Scratching my head on this one.Hruin0 1d
1d Cant start Tailoring quest chain I just picked up tailoring as a second prof but I'm having trouble getting the quest chain started. From what I understand you're supposed to talk to the npc in the tailoring store in Dalaran but none of them are offering me a quest. Can someone confirm this is how it's supposed to work?Zubatz1 1d
1d Underlight Angler alt Coming back after a few months off and getting into this alt. I see the achievement for the rare fish is account bound so once my fishing is 800 do I just need to fish up the pearl? Please tell me I don't have to find all those fish again.Gozercrux2 1d
1d Inscription, worth it? Hello! I've been playing with Inscription for a while and I was wondering if I was actually wasting time crafting stuff for this profession at this point. What do you guys think? Should I switch for Alchemy at this point or is there any way to do more money with Inscription / something more useful with Inscription? I don't think Vantus runes are that good but maybe I'm wrong!Assya1 1d
1d they're slowly coming back the bots that is, ive seen a few in stormhein and suramar so far none in other zones as far as i can tell. They are flying through the air on their mounts whilst in the running animation and clipping through the ground and trees as well as following set paths around certain areas. Reporting when i see them of course, keep an eye out people, report asap when you see them!Tasany0 1d
2d Mark of the Claw for Ranged? So, I have a character I use for enchanting, and I've learned the Mark of the Claw enchant, but I'm wondering if it's for melee only or can I use it for ranged? I'd love to have an occasional 1000 haste and crit as a fire mage, but I don't want to use an enchant only to learn later that it doesn't work for my class. I've checked other websites for information, but no clear answer, so I'm wondering if any other enchanters out there know.Oxterre4 2d
2d Alchemy Alchemy seems to be a waste of gold and mats from 780-800 Or am I missing something unless you want the raid recipe which can't be sold what else is there ??Sphilibert2 2d
2d Please fix the Gem Chips I suggest either making them transmutable into the colour desired. Or.. Making the other colours useful for something. I just spent 3k gold only to go onto WoWhead to find out I bought a coloured version from the auction house and that they're completely useless. I feel scammed in a way although only by my own stupidity. The coloured variants that are dropped from the Boon of the Gemfinder are completely useless, why even bother having them? Apparently this has been a problem since beta and still being ignored.Inxanity3 2d
2d Alchemy Rank 3 Flasks, anyone got them yet? Simple question, has anyone gotten any flask to rank 3? so far i've made well over 100 flasks of the same type trying to unlock rank 3, chances are if you play frostmourne you've been buying mine, thats how many ive made compared to the rest of my server. I honestly feel like im chasing a carrot on a stick here, the shear amount of time im suck into it trying to get rank 3 in a flask so i can then get 800 alch is taking longer than anything else in the game. So with my rant over, has anyone actually gotten rank 3 and if so how many flasks did you make roughly?Masika101 2d
2d BS Plans: Lunelli in Shatt Not Giving Quests The NPC Lunelli "Keeper of Lost Recipes" in Shattrath City is supposed to (according to WoWHead) give me the quests "Clearing the Air" and "Earth to Earth" which allow me to earn six blacksmithing plans. When I talk with her, she only says: "During the shattering of Azeroth, much knowledge was lost. But I, Lunelli, speak with the earth and the wind. They have told me much and given me knowledge to pass on to those who think themselves worthy. So, are you such a person?" There are no selectable options for this quest. I'm a lv. 85 paladin, so I'm above the level threshold for beginning the quest. Can anyone help me out here?Oritum1 2d
2d Skinning Problems Rank 3 Stonehide Trying to get the quest for rank 3 stonehide skinning. Cant get Immaculate Stonehide Leather sample to start the quest I've completed the quest before it Highmountain Hides. I have skinned over a 500 beasts sense then and get get the sample to drop to take me to Ske'rit in Sumanar. I need help.Lurchtard32 2d
2d Archaeology questions Does anyone know if there is a list to see which Legion zones will be active for the the 2-week Archaeology? Also, I have been doing the dig sites in Highmountain all week and I have 60 Highmountain Ritual Stones (keystone) and that number seems really excessive to me. IN other expansions the keystones were not that plentiful and I'm wondering if I'm missing something here? Are they still only used to solve artifacts?Fandora0 2d
2d The Professions Nerf of 6.0.2 This is probably THE single most disgusting thing I've ever seen the developers of this game do (and I'm overlooking the colossal failure that was Dragon Soul). Professions made the game more interesting beyond the class. I chose BS/JC on my paladin because I liked having raw stats over procs for the entire duration of the boss fight which helped me push some of the highest dps parses Cataclysm ever seen on a Ret paladin. I chose engineering after seeing some of this content and saw how useful the goblin glider was for galakras, instead of jumping down and even having a chance to slowfall, or blink into fire I could have control over where I landed. I chose tailoring because of Challenge Modes and it's ability to help me push high ranking leader board positions as well as do proving grounds at a high level. If profession nerfs were done due to PvP i would understand but there are better ways to go about this. Did all the raid bosses complain about professions so the initial reaction was to nerf the PvE capacity of professions into the !@#$ing ground? Who cares if I can rocket boost across a boss platform in a fight I traded that ability instead of gaining how ever many raw stats I could from other professions. Why take away the ability to hit goblin grinder in combat? All in all this was probably the most thoughtless change I've ever seen in this game. every single person that plays this game might as well delete professions off all their toons as they serve literally 0 purpose right now. I would really like to see the reasoning why professions were nerfed for raids, if there is any logical reason why.Gluteuspunch104 2d
2d Do WOD essences still sell? While leveling a Paladin in Draenor, I took a look at prices of some blacksmithing items just to see if they were listed. I had blacksmithing during WOD, switching to Tailoring now to sell Hexweave bags. ANyway, I used to make money selling Steelforged Essence. I recently checked the price on my server, and it's quite high. If that's a price it well sell at, it's definitely profitable and I may want to switch one of my tailors to blacksmithing. Or is it one of those cases where somebody still makes it, lists it a ridiculous price, and it never really sells. When people aren't buying stuff, prices tend to get a bit wacky. Seller's auctions expire and the price can get reset to a ridiculous amount. As opposed to what might sell. Has anybody had luck selling Steelforged Essence recently? I can't imagine people spending too much money just for leveling in Draenor, but I could be wrong. If other people are willing to buy it, I may want to sell it. I actually have the same question about Ensorcelled Tarot, an inscription item for upgrading WOD trinkets.Buffydor0 2d
2d [Archeology] Spirit of Eche'ro quest random? So from what I can tell (vague as hell info on other sites), you are supposed to go to dalaran, talk to the trainer, she sends you to highmountain and the next quest that should pop up should reward spirit of eche'ro....I got a quest to walk some cow around while I dug, then kill a boss in a dungeon, for some lame 1h spear. Is there more to this, do I just need to dig more till something pops up? Do I have to wait till the next highmountain cycle happens? Anyone know?Hoshkar10 2d
2d Getting Jewelcrafting to 800 Touché, Blizzard. Touuuuuu-ché..... Good thing I have millions in gold. I would not recommend a less wealthy player attempt to max it out. It is bull!@#$.Kvaahl0 2d
2d Farming a Dustbringer... Does anyone know if the catch rate for Dustbringer is the same for all Northrend water or if it differs by zone? Also, do pools have a better chance of containing it than regular water?Kurogasa15 2d
2d Path to Ironhorn enclave Hope this helps! 2d
2d Alchemy Flask? Alchemy. I am lvl 110, and I still can't make flasks? did I miss a step somewhere? Just the other day I found out food buffs don't work in random bg's anymore. /sadfaceIroñthor2 2d
3d Alchemy Stuck at 780. So i know what i need to do to make it to 800 the thing is blizzard, I have made well over 1000 AGI flasks and I still cant get rank 3. WTF? The casuals in my guild have rank 3 flasks and they are not even making half of what i have made.Meowsan5 3d
3d BS recipe Dark Iron Plate I've been trying to get this recipe for a while now. Apparently it's supposed to spawn in Blackrock (I know which one but I cant remember the name atm) but I can seem to loot it. I see the scroll that the recipe is on but I can't click on it. I even when through on my toon that has BS to see if it was prof locked but I can't. Been through so many wowhead pages but its all super old. and yes its confusing but its a MAIL item not plate. >.> despite the name. Has anyone else tried to get this and not been able to? Is it just unavailable to everyone now? Should I open a ticket and ask?Elrinn3 3d
3d No forge in Dalaran weird Just an oversight?Fibes20 3d