Jun 6 Professions resources on the web In this thread, we'll create a good old-fashioned pile of links to resources on the web that are specific to professions in World of Warcraft. As you make suggestions of great websites that fit that description, I'll return to this first post and add your links (so long at they are germane). I'll start us off with these: WoWhead Professions Guides Alchemy Blacksmithing Enchanting Engineering Herbalism Inscription Jewelcrafting Leatherworking Mining Skinning Tailoring ----- Archaeology Cooking First Aid Fishing Now it's your turn!Kaivax37 Jun 6
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7h Making Money (Dis)enchanting and what?Vandal0 7h
7h Inscription Add-on: Herb to Pigment Tooltip? Trying to find an add-on I was using previously but deleted in a "clean up". Basically when hovering over a herb, the tooltip then mentioned what pigment / ink could be created by milling this herb. Tremendously helpful. Very frustrating to not have it. Tried many addons trying to find it again but no luck so far. Thanks in advance for any help.Janaq1 7h
9h How do you level tailoring from 800 to 850? How do you level tailoring from 800 to 850? I don't see any quest.Samandra4 9h
12h Enchanting Formula: Shatter Stone New Enchanting Item please.... Shatter Stone Requires Enchanting Skill of 1 to drop. Use: Place a Shatter Stone at the target location allowing friendly players to disenchant items up to level 110. Enchanters with a skill of 800+ have a chance to summon a Shatter Stone at their location each time they successfully Disenchant an item. Cooldown: 15 min Stone remains for 12 minutes before despawning. This Stone would require you to have the enchanting skill to use it. Level 800 Skill to make one (BOE) Once placed, ANYONE can right click the stone to bring up a window similar to the Garrison Enchanting Hut. Can only DE Items up to lvl 110 using the Stone. The stone itself is NOT consumed on use and remains in your bags. The Bonus Proc has no cooldown and will not activate the cooldown on the stone for max level enchanters and requires having the stone in your bag to activate.Coldspell5 12h
13h Engineering - "Reverse Wormhole" - a summon So, how often do we sit there waiting for people to run into raids etc? Quite a while right? Why can we not introduce an engineering device to help quicken this process up? A reverse wormhole. A max level toy that "sucks" people through a wormhole, very much like a warlock summons. Due to the complex nature, only max level engineers could use this, even if it was a toy. Of course, this is technology, not everything can be smooth sailing all the time. There is a chance that users will not be... "put back together again" properly at the other end, and some users may emerge dead. Some may emerge as an animal (short de/buff that can be removed so as not to hinder the raid). Or some other funny occurrence. Like/bump if you support this idea. Feel free to add effects/ideas to it!Cèowulf4 13h
13h old raid speed potions? as someone who likes to run through old raids for mount farming and xmog. I think it would be nice to have a speed potion for these places. Now don't get me wrong im not trying to complain but doing these places faster would just be nice. of course these potions should only work on max level characters. and of course i wouldnt think these potions should be cheap. like they should require herbs from every expansion to craft lol.Hatchmark3 13h
13h The frustration of Nomi (not again — still) This is my main character, and I’m *still* trying to round out recipes on Nomi. Granted, I haven’t been feeding him every available minute, but the last raid of the expac just dropped. When it’s *this* late into the expac, and I’m *still* trying to round out recipes, that’s not a good thing, IMO. Again, I took a few months off, and haven’t been *grinding* it, but I’ve been fairly attentive, and damn. It’s *cooking*.Kinderkat6 13h
14h No Strange New Ores The quest that gives you the Legion Blacksmithing, 700-800, is called No Strange New Ores. Now I've had Blacksmithing on my main for about a week now, switched from Enchanting, but I haven't gotten the quest yet. Why? It's given by Alard Schmied at Dalaran. I have some rank three recipes by now. Did most of the rank three demonsteel armor, almost all the rank three leystone armor. Leystone Hoofplates and Demonsteel Stirrups. Still waiting for my rank three Empyrial Brestplate to drop. My point is I've done a LOT of legion blacksmithing by now and he's still not popping up the quest. Can anyone help? I'm 700/700 blacksmithing, looking for just a little love.Noolore1 14h
14h Starlight Rose Can we get a up-date for more then 1 Starlight Rose when you herb it take's forever to get The mats up for are flask.Apocalypseqq12 14h
20h Why no new bandages? First aid is useless We have 5-6 million health now, and yet the best bandages are still Silkweave Splint, which heal for a little over 500k. Why weren't new better bandages added with Lightweave Cloth? We got new healing pots after all.Churchmouse3 20h
20h rank 2 recipe for demonsteel is the only way to get a rank 2 recipe from crafting rank 1 items? is there any other way? do they drop random in dung? I see that rank 3 recipe's come from faction and I see that BS can craft leystone gear, demonsteel gear, artifact, stirrups etc, nothing else, seems we need some recipe's that would be actually sought after. maybe in a future patch they will release something to strive forAkkanon5 20h
1d WTS Pattern: Stormshroud Gloves Title says it all. Message me if you're interested. US - Gorefiend Kompton#1225Shenanigins0 1d
1d Currently unlearnable — Blacksmithing recipes HEY! Skip to this post for a list of previously-missing Blacksmithing recipes that have been returned to the game! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a comprehensive list of all Blacksmithing recipes which currently cannot be obtained or learned if you did not already have them before Cataclysm (or Wrath, in some cases). Hopefully, it will help both new and old Blacksmiths waste less time trying to figure out whether the recipe they're looking for is simply rare, or actually not available right now. Personally, I think gutting all this stuff was really unnecessary. There's good streamlining (Timbermaw Hold rep shortening) and then there's bad streamlining (cutting off 100+ recipes that were fun to collect). That's like belt sanding while naked. That's bad naked. Unlearnable because the quest "The Old Ways" from Aturk the Anvil (Orgrimmar) was deleted: Orcish War Leggings Unobtainable because the quest "The Origins of Smithing" from Hank the Hammer (Stormwind) was deleted: Plans: Golden Scale Gauntlets Unobtainable because Blacksmith specializations were removed, and with them the quest chains from Galvan the Ancient (Stranglethorn) which rewarded the plans: Plans: Ornate Mithril Gloves Plans: Ornate Mithril Pants Plans: Ornate Mithril Shoulder Unlearnable because the Mithril Order quest chain and followups from Trenton Lighthammer (Gadgetzan) were deleted: Ornate Mithril Breastplate Ornate Mithril Helm Ornate Mithril Boots Removed because Kilram's Axesmith quest chain (Everlook, Winterspring) has been deleted: Plans: Dawn's Edge Removed because Seril Scourgebane's Swordsmith quest chain (Everlook, Winterspring) has been deleted: Plans: Blazing Rapier Removed because Lillith the Lithe's Hammersmith quest chain (Everlook, Winterspring) has been deleted: Plans: Enchanted Battlehammer Removed because the Armorsmithing specialization was removed, and all previous Armorsmith trainers had their recipe lists removed: Truesilver Gauntlets Truesilver Breastplate Earthforged Leggings Windforged Leggings Heavy Earthforged Breastplate Stormforged Hauberk Breastplate of Kings Bulwark of Kings Bulwark of the Ancient Kings Nether Chain Shirt Twisting Nether Chain Shirt Embrace of the Twisting Nether Chestplate of Conquest Legplates of Conquest Removed because the Weaponsmithing specialization was removed, and all previous Weaponsmith (and Axe/Sword/Mace sub-spec) trainers had their recipe lists removed: The Shatterer Blight Truesilver Champion (come on! Truesilver Champion!) Light Earthforged Blade Light Emberforged Hammer Light Skyforged Axe Great Earthforged Hammer Lavaforged Warhammer Skyforged Great Axe Stoneforged Claymore Stormforged Axe Windforged Rapier Lionheart Blade Lionheart Champion Lionheart Executioner The Planar Edge Black Planar Edge Wicked Edge of the Planes Fireguard Blazeguard Blazefury Lunar Crescent Mooncleaver Bloodmoon Drakefist Hammer Dragonmaw Dragonstrike Thunder Deep Thunder Stormherald (Stormherald? You took out Stormherald?!) Corroded Saronite Edge Corroded Saronite Woundbringer Unobtainable because Lorax's quest chain (Frostwhisper Gorge, Winterspring) has been deleted: Plans: Demon Forged Breastplate Unobtainable because the quest "Hot Fiery Death" (Blackrock Spire) and its followup chain were deleted. Plans: Fiery Plate Gauntlets (Why?! You had to loot Terminator's arm. In lava. That's good naked!) Removed in 3.02 with the deletion of Naxx 40; has NO Northrend iLevel 213 equivalent version, and is desireable for Transmog: Icebane Bracers Icebane Gauntlets Removed in 3.02 with the deletion of Naxx 40; has NO Northrend Naxx 10/25 equivalent version, is desireable for Transmog, and would fit as BS recipes: Icebane Helmet Icebane Pauldrons Icebane Leggings Removed because Zul'Gurub was revamped and the Zandalar Tribe faction was deleted: Bloodsoul Breastplate Bloodsoul Shoulders Bloodsoul Gauntlets Darksoul Breastplate Darksoul Leggings Darksoul Shoulders Unobtainable because the Enchanted Thorium quest series from Dire Maul West has been deleted: Plans: Enchanted Thorium Breastplate (argh!) Plans: Enchanted Thorium Leggings Plans: Enchanted Thorium Helm Unobtainable because Dustwallow Marsh was revamped, and this item seems to have been deleted off the loot table of Strashaz Myrmidons: Plans: Runic Breastplate Note that all other Runic patterns were successfully transferred to Dramm Riverhorn (Un'Goro) in 4.3.0, but this one was not. So that's a lot of dead recipes! Wow! I will update this as I remember / notice / find them, or if anyone suggests one I'm missing. I'll also update if (when!!) they're returned to the game.Bonfleur81 1d
1d Alchemy is trash Herbs cost more than flasks. What world does that make sense. Only time you get a profit is high yield procs. I'm gagginAmatox7 1d
1d Herbing leveling issue Been harvesting 1,000's of time Anthril. Still waiting to hit Rank 3. Is this a bug or what do I need to do to level it to 3? Thank youDrmark3 1d
1d WTS Icebane Gauntlets As title says, add my btag Zerokis#1753 if interested and we can talk about price.Bwj6 1d
1d dropping a Profession how do i drop profession?Takilya3 1d
2d Engineering is underappreacted I think we need a new overhaul of engineering. Engineers should be able to make a ground and a flying mount. For flying a biplane for ground a steam car model T for the Alliance and the Goblin buggie for the Horde. Also can you make something like a gunpack, except to be able to use any random weapon you use such as a shotgun, a rifle, a rocket launcher, etc. Also please bring back explosives to unlock lock boxes. Maybe a turret you can hop on and use in battlegrounds. There are a ton of ideas for engineering, but I have to say I am disapointed for engineering in Legion, no offense. Since we cannot bring our legandaries into the next expac can we please make more guns with bolt action designs?Rhalit1 2d
2d Reluctant Engineering Mat Drop Neural Net Detangler either needs 1 of 3 things done to it. Blizzard either needs to change its rarity to match its current drop rate, change its drop rate to match its current rarity, or make it so it isn't locked behind a raid boss's loot lockout. There is no plausible reason why people should have to farm for months behind a 1 and done weekly run to get this engineering mat that shows up in the game as a common material component for its respective schematic, especially for what is basically a pseudo-mount rather than an actual one. It's honestly ridiculous. I've been farming for 5 months now, once a week, each week to get this engineering mat and it is the only thing holding me back from making the item. Please, Blizzard, fix this issue. From my understanding, there are people who have been farming it since the beginning of Legion and it still hasn't dropped for them. That's just unnecessary.Thëö0 2d
2d Still no Rank 3 Felslate!!! I have played mostly only one toon this xpac. I have 60 days played at lvl 110. I clear zones of most WQ's and when I do, I stop for every Felslate node I find. I even try to farm them by going to places I usually find a lot of them. Hundreds and hundreds of Felslate nodes! Yet still I do not have Rank 3 Felslate! Why is this a thing??? How many months of mining do I have to grind to get rank 3 Felslate? I can just forget about getting rank 3 Felslate seam because there just aren't enough of them around. It's insane how low the drop rate on this is. PLEASE FIX, PLEASE!!!Regdor2 2d
2d Fishing skill past 800 Benefits Topic. Dose having a skill over 800 (+60 from artifact, 200 from worm, exc) give any boost to what you catch?Wavephoenix8 2d
2d Rank 3 Stormscale Quest Vanished On my rogue, Dominanox, after being summoned from Halls of Fear heroic to a do a mythic+ as soon as I hearthed to Dalaran the quest vanished from my journal into thin air. There is no quest item anymore in my inventory and the guys in Dalaran at the Leatherworking shop has no quests. WTF happened? Is this a bug? What can I do?Kalorea1 2d
3d Recipe: vial of the sands. Get again? All are there any alchemist who got the vile of the sands recipe dropped alch then got it again? I got it before back when it come out but after dropping and relearning alch I cant seem to get it to drop. I know it could be bad RNG but I have spent 50+ hours farming with 30+ jars and nothing. I’m fine putting in the work I just want to make sure I’m not working for something I can’t get!Littletwo5 3d
3d Item level 1000 crafted legendary? My mage has tailoring and according to the recipe I can craft the legendary and it will be item level 1000. Is this correct?Arigozia11 3d
3d Cooking and the guild professions tab I wasn't really sure where to post this kind of thing and only found a bug forum on the topic from 7 years ago. I want to know why cooking isn't listed under the guild professions sorting tab. It has all the main aspects of a primary profession from stars to materials. Why doesn't it get any of the same love and attention that other professions get. I understand that it is only a secondary profession but it has always been a strong aspect of the game for raiders and other people who enjoy professions. So, I guess my question is why can't it be included?Purplegecko1 3d
3d Legion Archaeology - what happened? so i'm leveling Arch for only the 2nd time since it's inception, and i admit i am only leveling it in Legion content, so my comments are based only on that experience. but what happened to Arch in Legion? i'm just under 500 skill points and i have one race of artifacts solved from 0-500, Highborne, and only 7 unique solves, 2 rare and 5 common, so basically 500 points of dupes of the same 5 items over, and over, and over, and over again. 2 weeks of Valsharah and 2 weeks of Suramar. why did Legion depart from the old system (or at least what i remember of the old system, i admit i could be wrong) where you would get 3 dig sites in a zone, and when you cleared those dig sites, 3 more dig sites would spawn in another zone? is it that i have just been unlucky twice in a row, or do dig sites in Legion content really spawn for 2 weeks in a single zone? Archaeology has never been my favorite secondary profession but at least you moved from zone to zone and got to see some different scenery and solve some different artifacts from different races. what is kind of a monotonous experience was at least somewhat broken up by the need to travel around the world. perhaps the bulk of my complaint would have been addressed had i started the Archaeology leveling process in the old world, but why the shift in design from pre-Legion to Legion? Arch in Legion feels like nothing but a super unrewarding grind fest. especially if it really is one zone per two weeks, i mean it just feels like zero thought or effort went into it this expansion. and in what i feel personally is the best expansion in several years and all around a well produced expansion, it seems odd to have something be so mind numbingly bad.Kryss1 3d
3d New beginning hi everyone, I just did a total re-roll from 4 years inactivity. I start back with nothing. So my question is what is the best two crafting professions for gold making ? Ench and JC/Tailor seems to be a good way to go but i can't decide between JC and Tailor. I will mostly play Resto sham in mytic+ and LFR with friends. I plan to lvl an alt with min/Herb to farm. ( probably a warlock since it was my main in Vanilla BC and seems to be a good farming class according to what i have read). I have 14g right know and i need something to help me haha. Will have a ton of time in the next 2-3 months so i can invest myself to lvl all the stuff. Thank youWolverer2 3d
4d Worth it to get artifact rod? With the new expansion right around the corner, is it worth going through hell and alot of fish grinding for the artifact rod if we are just going to lose our artifacts next expansion? Im assuming we are losing them and Im assuming the fishing rod will be no exception.Sathyr5 4d
4d Inscription Recipe Drops question I'm working on collecting all the glyph inscriptions, have a couple questions I couldn't find answers to. The glyphs that come from random drops, is there any difference in the kind of enemy? Should I just pick some spot and farm like a madman or would it be better to do heroic/mythics? The in game recipe of Fel-Touched Shards says it comes from the vendor on Argus but WoWhead is saying it drops from a rare on Argus. Which is right?Widdlytink2 4d
4d Nerubian Chitin not dropping from mobs Am I don't something wrong? I'm farming Forgotten Depths Underking and Forgotten Depths High Priest on the far East side of Ice Crown around 77.2 / 58.0 - 77.2 / 71.5 but when they die they are not lootable, and definitely not skinable. Is there a quest which unlocks them or something? Or am I simply in the wrong area? I've looked on wowhead and it is definitely suggesting these mobs are not only lootable but virtually the only decent hunting spot for Nerubian Chitin drops. Some one please throw me a bone here and clue me in on what I'm missing. Thanks for any help / suggestions.Stringerjade2 4d
4d More Glyphs! More Cosmetic Variety! When glyphs went from combat-effects to being purely cosmetic, a HUGE number of glyphs was trimmed, but I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing, the cosmetic effects that remain are often pretty cool HOWEVER, in BFA I think it's time to update the glyphs with a few common sense options for each class to add some aesthetic variety Examples: Warlock glyphs that allow folks to tap into more of the Legion demon models (and make Orb of the Fel Temptress work for non-warlock scribes already, even if I can't use the glyph I ought to be able to sell it!) Shaman glyphs that let you use another races totem-graphic (I don't wanna play a highmountain tauren but I'd love their totems!) Druid glyphs that give Zandalari dinosaur forms (at least the raptor travel form!) or "Wickerite" forms based on the death-druids in Kul'tiras Priest/Hunter glyphs that tap into Loa or Elunite aesthetics!Skytotem1 4d
4d How to get mining past 775? I'm trying to get to 800. I plan to use the darkmoon faire quest to get from 795 to 800. I just need 20 more points. I've been trying to level it up in Suramar, but it's been really hard since it's a level 110 zone. I can't fly yet so flying isn't an option either. Every node I've seen is now green or grey. The only green one is leystone seam. I've been looking near creeks in Suramar but I'm wondering if there's a faster way to level up mining past 775... Where are the places with high level ore nodes?Lokal5 4d
4d Lavish Suramar Feast lvl 3 I've looked through whatever guides I can find, but I can't figure out this: Rank 3 of Lavish Suramar feast is the last recipe I need. Do I have to give Nami bacon to get it? Or can I give him ingredients that are used to make the dishes that are included in it--such as giving the Leyblood found in Leybeque ribs that the feast contains?Huntessa11 4d
5d Lining Them Up Tailoring Quest When you create quests in the future, please do not create more like this one. It has all the problems of dull boring grindy quests: 1) Quest item drops at random off of scattered mobs (bears). 2) Need a lot of the quest item (15). 3) Drop rate is poor, some where between 1 in 3 and 1 in 2 (33% to 50%) 4) This means killing somewhere between 30 to 45 bears. 5) Though mobs can be tagged by multiple players, because of the spread, maybe 3 bears can be tagged at once. 6) New scaling on mobs means that the bears are always your level making for slow, but never in doubt, kills. Feels like a WoW 1.8 grind to me. Legion is a really great expansion so far, much better work than the last couple. I'm just asking to have this kind of cookie cutter quest either not included, or at least make it quick to do. Thanks!Mazlock3 5d
5d First Aid: Stabilize I don't understand why I can't create Stabilized bandages when I have the mats and meet all the requirements (730 FA skill) to do so. The options to create and create all are gray.Hemotosis11 5d
5d Alchemy Hello, everyone! I just got back into WoW, and I decided to level a monk to level 80, so I could be ready for Pandaria once world scaling drops. Currently, I have herbalism and alchemy for professions. I believe my herbalism is somewhere around 350, and my alchemy is somewhere near 150. Two questions: [1] What level should I get my herbalism and alchemy to for MoP content? [2] Any tips or advice to level alchemy quickly (i.e., routes, potions to farm, etc)? Thanks!Sifugains2 5d
5d Slow Maths Hello! This is really a math question for all you geniuses! I have 356 Bloods. 1 blood will get you: 3 Starlight Rose OR 10 Foxflower OR 10 Fjarnskaggl To make a agility flask, it takes: 7 starlight rose 10 foxflower 10 fjarnskaggl How would I figure out how many flasks I can and how much of each material do I need? My head hurts. Thanks!Givhrdmon4 5d
5d I still miss El's Extreme Anglin' It made fishing even more enjoyable.Anno6 5d
5d Legion Cooking I have two lvl 110 characters that have 5/6 recipes for Nomi's quest. They have been stuck at 5/6 since approximately level 105. I recall random drops for at least one of my other 110 characters that completed the quest, but these two have been stuck, seems like forever. Is the RNG just not favoring me?Symardai2 5d
5d Goblin archaeology at last? So I watched the stuff about all the new islands being planned and I'm wondering if there'll be goblin dig sites because it sounds like this is the area goblins originally lived in-though I suspect the artifacts will consist of rusted kola cans and hubcaps, but still, it would at least be something.Lenaswa1 5d
5d Suggestion,Inscription, Priest Recipe Does anyone know if there is a way to revert back to the non sparkles on our levitate? I used to love to levitate warlock's doomguard pets, causing them to fly and flap their wings. Now that there are sparkles in the newer animation, it just isn't the same for me. I prefer levitating myself with the old non sparkles look also. I want to suggest this as a new inscription recipie for a priest glyph. ty 4 your timeMyboyfriend1 5d
6d Leveling and Professions So it seems to me that I always out-level the usefulness of my own profession. I have been leveling without heirloom items at the moment, and I still ding at an alarming rate compared to older days. The profession system was designed around that pace of leveling in the past, so it's easy to see where it's flawed now. Unless I stay within a certain area to farm, say, leather, it's entirely useless until max level. I have to gimp myself and stop leveling entirely in order to get my skill high enough through farming to be able to have the gear I make be of any use. Even if I were to create that gear, I would soon outlevel it again and the issue would be present still. Recently, at level 50, I was still trying to get enough leather to craft level 20 gear at a skill of around 130. I have skinned every mob I could since I originally obtained the profession and I am still so far behind it's crazy! I've been crafting everything I can with the least amount of materials possible. So, end of the day, how can this be fixed OR do other people even see it as an issue? I myself was just thinking that it could be expediated though added points per item crafted and still have it be gated behind your player level, this would always make the gear of use at the times you need it. Or maybe reduce the material costs of the items themselves so it cuts down on the costs and alleviates the number of hours needed to be effective. Perhaps there are better ways than my suggestions. It just seems like an obvious problem that has never been addressed properly. I'm also wondering if the soon-to-be changes to the leveling process might help it in some ways? I don't know if the leveling will be slowed down or not, or what benefits it may offer just yet, but maybe! I'd like to hear other thoughts and opinions on this subject, I understand it isn't a huge deal to many since they use heirlooms and everything. But for the people like me who enjoy leveling and crafting my own armor to better engague with the game, it's important.Goobdaysir6 6d
6d WTS Patter: Star Belt I have the uber rare Pattern: Star Belt up on the AH on Blackwater Raiders / Shadow Council for 150k.Babynaeff2 6d
6d Gold potential for gathering professions? I took a long break from the game and I'm curious on how easy it is to make gold now. I stopped playing before Warlords came out, so I'm not familiar yet with Garrisons or anything in Legion. With one toon with gathering professions, would it be possible to make, say, 1 million gold per week? Or would you need to add more toons with crafting in to the mix?Hellolad6 6d
Dec 8 Looking for Alchemy Recipes Looking for the following recipes.. Alchemy Removed Recipes: Recipe: Lesser Stoneshield Potion The quest to obtain the recipe was removed during the shattering. Recipe: Greater Frost Protection Potion The mob that dropped this recipe was removed during the shattering/supposedly no longer drops it since the shattering. Recipe: Greater Arcane Protection PotionThe mob that dropped this recipe was removed during the shattering. However one rarespawn is rumored to still drop it at a very low rate. Recipe: Gift of Arthas The mob that dropped this recipe supposedly no longer drops it since the shattering due to zone level changes. It is still rumored to drop at a very low rate Recipe: Elixir of the Mongoose The mob that dropped this recipe supposedly no longer drops it since the shattering due to zone level changes. It is still rumored to drop at a very low rate. Recipe: Greater Shadow Protection Potion The mob that dropped this recipe supposedly no longer drops it since the shattering. It is still rumored to drop at a very low rate. Alchemy Rare Vanilla World Drop Recipes: Recipe: Wildvine PotionBeriç2 Dec 8
Dec 7 Cooking in garrison I can't find a cooking fire in my garrison. I've asked in trade but got the expected responses about using a campfire. It seems ridiculous to have a level 2 Garrison and not a single cookfire - you can't use the fireplace in the town hall. So there I am, surrounded by all sorts of handy buildings.... setting up a campfire by my fountain. Am I missing something, or is there no kitchen?Monongahela8 Dec 7
Dec 7 First Aid Can't progress button to create is grey. Whats the storyAvarath4 Dec 7
Dec 7 Need Milling / Prospecting / DE overhaul I know this has been brought up before, but with a renewed look at the leveling process (even if only a small one through level scaling) now would be a great time to make a simple tweak to the Milling / Prospecting / Disenchant sub-skills of the Inscription, Jewelcraft, and Enchanting professions. Tailoring, Mining and other such professions have line items in their Craft Skill interface for creating one material (ex. Bolt of X Cloth) from another material (ex. X Cloth) Why can Inscription and Jewelcraft not have line items for "Mill: Peacebloom," or "Prospect: Gold Ore" ? That way we're not sitting and clicking 80 times per stack of 200 flowers or ore? I'll be honest, I don't know how to streamline DE for Enchanting, but it has the same 2-clicks-per-each-item problem as the other two, with the caveat that DE-able items don't stack, so you don't run into trying to do several hundred things at a time (in most cases.) PLEASE can we get an overhaul to these Craft Skills?Okogna2 Dec 7