Nov 5, 2018 Professions resources on the web In this thread, we'll create a good old-fashioned pile of links to resources on the web that are specific to professions in World of Warcraft. As you make suggestions of great websites that fit that description, I'll return to this first post and add your links (so long at they are germane). I'll start us off with these: WoWhead Professions Guides Alchemy Blacksmithing Enchanting Engineering Herbalism Inscription Jewelcrafting Leatherworking Mining Skinning Tailoring ----- Archaeology Cooking First Aid Fishing Now it's your turn!Kaivax45 Nov 5, 2018
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Nov 15, 2018 What Professions I am cutting back to only having three toons anymore and I get burnt out. My question is what should I have for professions on my 2 alts. My main is herbing and Alchemy.Farósh2 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 BfA Ink Trader Anyone have any idea about when and how this will be implemented and how it will effect glyph mats?Grooth25 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 How are Professions doing right now? Apologizes in advanced if these is one of those "yet another post of the same question" type but quick cursory glance over forums didn't reveal anything similar. As the title says as it stands right now with BfA and with upcoming content, how are professions looking? Are they worth delving into to get maxed out at current or is it better to just pass on them? I only ask cause it seems like no matter where you look anymore it seems like professions are getting hit left and right with an ugly stick but regardless I figured to come hit forums and see what I could gleam from everyone here. My inquiry into the professions is more of a general question for all professions as I am not sure what to take for my warrior but I know the obvious choice would be mining/blacksmithing combo. First toon on a new server so I figured it might be better to cover all bases in case something else might be better off to get right now. Thanks in advanced for any and all info on the professions.Eitrue10 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 ICYMI: New Forums will be here on Tuesday Megathreads, Guides, and Stickied Posts will not migrate - copy and save them if they're worth keeping - and re-post later this week!Neall1 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Can we talk about Inscription pls? Two things that absolutely need to be adressed. 1. I have about a trillion Ultramarine Ink that are going nowhere fast. Why give me all this and no use for it? 2. Really? I cant use Sanguicell? REALLY?! I, honest to god, feel like I must have missed something. Why is my profession completely worthless all of a sudden?Taironn0 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 Anglers FIshing Raft Anyone know what's going to happen with the fishing raft in Bfa? From what I understand, the different expansions will have their own leveling curve, yet the raft is 525 skill to use. How is it going to switch over?Farhandl7 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 AH deflation I had been making my money by selling herbs. I make potions too but make more on the herbs themselves. However now the prices have fallen dramatically. I don't make near the money I was. I could rely on making 50-70k per week before now I am making about 10-14k. Huge drop. I can only play this game by using gold to buy tokens. That is now becoming extremely difficult. Any suggestions on what to do to make enough money to pay my subscription?Ahnknu9 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 Explosum... So the other day I tried to do a guildie a solid by making him some leather gear as he was leveling. I had all the mats I needed except expulsom. As it is soulbound he couldn't trade it to me, and I can't send it in the mail from my other chars... why have such a restriction on an already very limited part of the game? Can't we at least make this mat account bound?? Just not sure what the logic behind this is/was.Kauboy0 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 Unlocking the dig-sites in Pandaria. Hello there - I would like to level up archaeology on one of my alts (from level 1)and wanted to start in Pandaria. However the digsites are not visible on map even though the option for tracking digsites is enabled. Is there a minimum level required to see the digsites? if so, what level is it? Should mention that I am able to see the digsites on the Legion zones. ThanksWarloker5 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 Steelbound Harness?! Just re learnt my Legion Blacksmithing while purchasing the tomb that stated use this tomb to -relearn ANY recipe you learned during your adventure during legion.... So where is my Steelbound Harness?Calmdown2 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 Elixir of Rapid Mind or the like I thought there was a suggestion forum, or I just over looked it. Suggestion to let Alchemists make these elixirs, give them a quest chain or something to acquire the recipe. Even BoA elixirs would be ok I believe.Moonoak4 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 Why the demand for ghost iron bars I have been gathering ghost iron ore lately and selling the bars for a decent price. I was wondering why people are buying them, not that I am complaining. I have heard in the past that some people with blacksmithing make some of the MOP armor and sell it for transmog. I am a bit skeptical, since there are plenty of other plate transmog available (like the tyrant set I am wearing). I don't think it's for the sky golem (engineering) since that takes living steel if I recall, and living steel prices are tracking below ghost iron bars.Zharanya22 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 Ultramarine Pigment/Ink Sooo how about an ink trader or you know... anything to do with the sadistically massive amounts of Ultramarine Pigment/Ink other than vendor it?Amonte2 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 Blood stain bone Blood stain bone needs to be removed from lw. It really slows down leveling lw. Tailor and BS don't need extra mats from gathering to make any gear. Or let the vendor sell Blood stain bone just like Tailor and BS can buy thread/flux.Degame9 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 Enchanting Mats and the AH Deposit Overhaul Am I the only one who thinks that rare/epic enchanting mats shouldn't have been included in the AH deposit price change? I understand that the change was put in place to discourage listing single stacks of profession mats. This is great for herbs and ore, which are needed in higher quantities for crafting, but you only need one Veiled Crystal to make a weapon enchant, they go for nearly 1000g each on my server, and people tend to not want to buy them in stacks of ten or even less. More than once I've posted a relatively small number of them in stacks of one or two and paid over 1500g for a deposit, only to be undercut by a few gold and lose the deposit entirely. The deposit fee change was a bandaid fix for a larger problem, and this nuclear option isn't working.Lannim1 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 Jewelcrafting BFA - Worthless... Even in Legion Jewelcrafting has been entirely underwhelming, even more so in Battle for Azeroth. Where are our 355 crafts? Where are the benefits of being a jewelcrafter? I've got large amounts of lesser gems, and nothing to do with them... These are my issues with jewelcrafting, here are some of my suggestions. Since PvP is the main focus of this expansion, why not have jewel crafters have a buff that they can only apply to themselves, like working on our rings / Heart of Azeroth? For any of these instances - Give us the ability to add an extra socket to these items. And an extra stat to these equipments. And any kind of proc to attacks or heals based on enhancements to the item. Since you're intent on replacing neck crafting with weapon crafts, why stop at staffs, and why limit them to 300, and not 355? Jeweled Knives were a thing in history, why not in game as well? We once had totems that we could use for healing and other effects, why not see a return of those, it would help in the pvp usefulness where we lack. TLDR - Jewelcrafting needs love, get on it devs!Sievre57 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 How to level up older expansions' professions Legit, the only reason I'm even doing professions anymore is to get the cool mounts which come with it - and now nearly all of them are locked to older expansions (jeweled panthers to MoP, Tailoring in Northrend, Engineering all over the place, etc) how do I level up in older professions? Right now all I see for the professions bars are Draenor and Legion - how do I get back to older expansions so I can actually try and level up for the cool mounts?Doxxus4 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 332 casts and 1 midnight salmon whats going on? thats worst than bad luck, isnt it? fishing is broken or what??Babayága4 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 Removal of Pandaria farm? So there was alot of chatter about some upcoming removal of the farm nodes in pandaria. So we cant plant seeds etc because of something with old content vs new? What more can I read on this, discussion was in game this is going to ruin alot of my work.Sonagen2 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 The Current State of Inscription Has there been any information on any work being done to inscription. I as many are sitting on bundles of inks without a recipe worth crafting for some time now. My ultramarines out number my crimsons significantly and always will until new recipes that utilize them or an ink trader is available. I have been holding on to the profession since August with out being able to craft anything meaningful and it's becoming old carrying a bunch of inks that carry now value. I feel they really dropped the ball here.Erighton7 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 Scrapper Worth It? So far most of my use of the Scrapper has been underwhelming except for one item which gave me a ton of materials. Not sure if it was because it was an inscription item and the character I was using had inscription. Outside of that one time it seems more profitable to just sell items and avoid using the scrapper.Damedius19 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 13, 2018 How to get Goblin Engineering? 1) How do I get Goblin engineering? 2) Is it possible to have Engineering and Goblin Engineering on the same toon? 3) Am I required to have Engineering before I can get Goblin engineering?Zorgar2 Nov 13, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 Server Hop in BFA I keep finding conflicting information on the internet about this issue. Can you still realm hop to find extra nodes like you could in Legion and before? I never used any realm hop addin before, but now I think it would be a good idea. I keep hearing that the Addis’s no longer work. If realm hopping still works, what addon should I use? Thanks.Doness6 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 Let's Do Lunch: Darnassus Is it possible to complete this achievement - Let's Do Lunch: Darnassus now that Darnassus is burning in BfA? I've tried going to the time traveler person in Darkshore, but the cooking trainer doesn't have the quest(s). I'm guessing this achievement also went up in flames.Pmdracer6 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 385 crafted gear While I do appreciate the "free" 385 item, I find it more than a bit annoying to grind 50 expolsum for every craft. 6-7 crafts on the gloves and I haven't seen mastery on one yet. Honestly, scrapping them should refund all the materials since it is a random stat roll.Rotovibe8 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 Herb and enchanting questions So I have recently came to the conclusion that Mining/Engineering were not paying the bills so I picked up herb and enchanting and I had some questions. 1 Besides Anchor Weed what herbs sell the best on the AH. 2. I like to group farm greens as well as such I get a fair amount of greens now do I put them on the AH as is, disenchant them and sell the dust on the AH, or Scrap them in the scrapper, which of these give the most gold?Baldr4 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 Enchanting Question My main money makers are Alch/Herb but recently picked up Enchanting. Is it worth the investment to level it up to max or is profitable by itself to just use it for disenchanting and the speed buff to herb gathering. As of now my main has herb/Enchanting and my alt has Alchemy which I funnel all my herbs too.Mooing1 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 Trying to level professions post-bfa. I'm looking through my alts professions, something I haven't done since BFA launch and I'm discovering that everything my characters know are grey and yet, I can't find new recipes that aren't grey or there is nothing to learn at all, and everything is disorganized anyhow. What the hell is this mess?Pandæmonium3 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 Reduce Engi Requirements to use toys! Please for the love of Thrall change the requirements of all Engineering items to requires engineering (1) to use! Our alts need to be able to have quick access to these devices such as the teleportation devices underwater helmets and toys! Jeeves should not require engineering of 450 to use! I can understand making it that high a requirement to make but not to use! Seriously it's just a pet with a job! You can certainly keep the requirement of these devices levels to BUILD the items but the requirement to USE the items should be dropped to (1) so that alts can use them easily! This should satisfy the requirement to make them but keep the requirement to use them on alts to a minimum to prevent the need of endlessly grinding out profession levels! I've listed some items that should have their requirements to USE the item dropped to (1) so that alts may use them! Many of these items become toys and are listed in the toy panel but cannot be used until someone painstakingly levels each and every engineering alt to those levels! I have 8 characters about to be 9 I need these reduced so they can use these items! It will take forever to reach the levels required to use these items on each and every character! Thanks! Ultrasafe transporter Gadgetzan 260 [Ultrasafe Transporter: Toshley's Station] 350 [Dimensional Ripper - Everlook] 260 [Dimensional Ripper - Area 52] 350 [Foreman's Enchanted Helmet] 350 [Foreman's Reinforced Helmet] 350 [Turbo-Charged Flying Machine] 375 [Goblin Rocket Boots] 225 [Loot-A-Rang] 125Grumlins2 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 Arcane Crystals there have been times where i couldnt give away arcane crystals but now i cant give away thorium ore but arcane crystals are pretty pricey what are they used for?Intravenus1 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 UPDATE FISHING! It is literally the most annoying profession ever. I can spend 2 seconds and gather 10 storm silver ore, or I can spend 20 seconds getting 1 fish? I get that it's secondary, but can we at least be reasonable here?Monsterfx3 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 STV fishing tourney BFA active? i took a alt to STV today to hopefully catch the fish for the +5 pole enchant, i was there at the correct time. when it was supposed to start no announcement. i also looked at calendar and event is not posted. then i see comments from other players in general chat asking if anyone is catching the speckled tasty fish, i fished about 10 nodes and got none, i went to BB, the BOT and fishing NPC was there, so i did 4 more nodes, called it a day for fishing suspecting something is not right. has there been any recent news i missed about this not being active?Omegi1 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 Stop Cooldown Links Really! Crafting has been made difficult enough due to the amount and variety of materials we have to collect. Why have cooldowns; and, why linked cooldowns? Really!Judedrood3 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 Leveling BfA Engineering from 125-150 So I got my BfA engineering to 125. Looking at the orange recipes I have, everything is going to take atleast 5 Expulsion at a minimum. The helms at rank 3 are 20 expulsion each. Is this going to be another “5 points per month through the DM Faire to hit 150” or am I missing some recipes that could get me to 150?Bearrepairjr26 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 100 vs 75 stat Feasts Would anyone else like to see the Midnight Salmon requirement for the weaker feast removed? It seems kinda strange to me the way this works. If you are already min maxing your stats, and using feasts, you are probably splurging the small extra amount for the 100 stat. I feel like removing a few requirements from the smaller feast actually gives it a use on say a farm boss you don't wanna use good feasts for. Thoughts?Thorngraze2 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 Nat's Fishing Chair Blizzard, this is truly a massive issue and something clearly overlooked as I and many other fishermen around Azeroth have submitted bug reports about this... Nat Pagle's Fishing Chair, the one that we worked so hard to obtain in order to sit in comfort, in luxury, with a cool drink in our holder and some shade on our weary heads... is broken. Yes you heard me. It's broken. What happens when it's used? There is nothing but a fish. Just a non-interact-able green fish. Please, please resolve this glaring, horrifying bug so that all of us that enjoy the wonderful profession that is fishing can once again have our shade and drink cooler rather than sitting in the dirt.Kilaniani2 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 12, 2018 Profession WQs - How they feel. As many likely noticed, Blizzard removed profession WQs (and possibly a few other types) from counting as credit towards completing emissary quests. This change devalues professions and makes them less rewarding for choosing a particular profession while out in the world. Instead of being able to quickly finish one of the 4 WQs required for an emissary, there is essentially zero reason to go and do the profession WQs because the amount of mats they give is unrewarding in the first place. So by removing the profession WQs from the completion requirements for Emissaries, you have taken away a reward source for players and that feels horrible. Either keep profession WQs part of emissary completion, or remove them but buff the amount of reward they give. But by removing them and keeping the reward they give at such low quantities, there is nothing fun about venturing all the way over to an area for 20 ores I could have mined closer to town. Another suggestion would be to make Profession WQs more rewarding but increase their difficulty. Perhaps you could make them into mind-puzzles like the tortollan WQs or Kirin Tor WQs and increase the yield of mats they provide. Then at least they would give more benefit and be more interesting than simply doing what is normally done but with added travel time. Thanks for reading, I hope this feedback was constructive and reaches someone.Ardensolis5 Nov 12, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 Missing fishing WQs? Are there any of these? If they exist they seem to be kind of rare. I’ve not seen a single one yet. Do you need to do something to activate them?Ursá4 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 Vanilla Mining stuck at 290 I'm on a level 70 alt and trying--for the sake of completeness--to max her vanilla mining, but at 290/300 all old world nodes and smelting choices are gray. Am I missing something? Presumably if I head to Outland I will only get credit for Outland mining(?) I read somewhere that Rich Thorium Veins would level up (this is pre-8.0 info obviously) but I've hit quite a few and have not seen a single point past 290. I also mined a few frozen giants in Wintergrasp, but that didn't work either. I'm aware that it's not necessary to do this, but...something something OCD. [Edit] Have just noticed that Rich Thorium Veins are green, but still no points after many attempts.Ôsorong6 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 Professions Should Compliment Each Other The profession system should bolster market activity and have a mechanism to convert materials from the market and transform them into usable items. If materials are not in demand, there will be too much supply. Bag space and the auction house will be flooded with useless materials. The scrapping mechanism could also convert items created from professions into a special "bind on pickup" currency like Explusom, Hydrocore and Sanguicell. In order to prevent the player from being forced into the profession system, the special currency could also be obtained from scrapped gear collected from other sources, like instances and open world activity. Crafted gear from Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, Tailoring and Engineering have no stats and no sockets. They are raw. Blacksmithing: Craft all types of weapons. Craft sharpening stones to enhance melee weapons for 2 hours. Craft raw stones that can be enchanted by an enchanter. Leatherworkering: Craft head, chest, shoulder and leg equipment in plate and leather. Craft permanent utility functions in cloaks. Tailoring: Craft head, chest, shoulder, legs, cloaks and bags in cloth. Engineering: Craft wrists, hands, belt and feet in plate, leather and cloth. Scrapping any item grants Engineers a higher probability to yield Explusom, Hydrocore and Sanguicell. Jewelcrafting: Craft rings and necklaces. Can also craft an item that adds a jewel socket for all types of equipment slots. Enchanting: Craft scrolls that permanently enchants all types of weapons with powerful properties. Permanently enchant raw stones that enhance left and right hand equipment slots for 2 hour. Inscription: Craft magical scrolls that adds primary stats and secondary stats to any crafted item. Craft scrolls that permanently inscribes 1 secondary stat into any colored Jewel. Alchemy: Craft consumable potions. Craft powerful Trinkets from Inscribed Jewels and Enchanted Stones.Eyeris0 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 Lack of Cooking Fires in Dazar'Alor It's a little frustrating that none of the dozens and dozens of large grill pits covered in meat strewn throughout the city count as cooking fires. Am I missing where the real ones are, or will I have to make my own whenever I'm in the troll capital?Lerusya39 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 Fishing/Cooking Bank Tab I know theres the 'reagent' and they can go in there, and im not sure bout most of you but i got tons of reagents alot of them from this expansion a few from past expasnions. I just would find it a whole lots easier if when it came to anything Fishing/Cooking if they could get there own tab so this way i can hold more of the other reagents and as each expansion comes to an end sell any Fishing/Cooking things from that expansion.Celticlore6 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 Hide of the Wild I need a leatherworker to make it for me. I will compensate. message me here or in game.Lightbite1 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 Fishing BFA So have we been abandonded or have I missed something? Fishing in Legion was great there was heaps to do, now it seems like there is hardly anything?Madierose0 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 No Engi vendor in Dazar'alor... I think they just forgot to put it in. Theres a vendor for every other profession right next to the trainers. No vendor for engineering items and the blacksmith vendor doesn't have engineering items either.Bars3 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 11, 2018 Best Profs To Make Gold From? Also which class would be good to farm and a pull a lot and do damage?Cynthiana16 Nov 11, 2018
Nov 10, 2018 Arathi Highlands, Gathering Sorry if somebody already asked this. I Googled and didn't see anything. Since the Arathi Highlands is a 120 zone in BFA, and there is a NPC to take you to an alternate time line in zone; why can't there be max lvl herbs? Or at least a chance to drop anchor weed from the low lvl herbs. Do skinners get current mats for skinning in this zone? If so, why can't we be gather herbs or mine current content mats? I've had this question for other places this happens so I figured I'd ask. =DIllida5 Nov 10, 2018
Nov 10, 2018 Let's have 2-4 slots be crafted gear only. That would solve virtually ALL problems with professions and the economy: 1) Every crafter would make useful gear for themselves and this would immediately Make Crafting Relevant Again. Yes! #MCRA ! 2) Crafters could now sell crafted gear on the AH and it would be a moneymaker! The flood of crafted gear would help keep prices under control, unlike the shocking price of pots... 3) This would be an excellent gold sink for people who have earned tons of gold but nothing but cosmetics/mounts to spend it on. 4) Pride in our work. It feels GOOD to use gear that we made ourselves! Maybe we can even tweak the stats to our liking or change the colors before we sell it? The possibilities are endless... Agree? Disagree?Christlocke7 Nov 10, 2018