Feb 9 Professions resources on the web In this thread, we'll create a good old-fashioned pile of links to resources on the web that are specific to professions in World of Warcraft. As you make suggestions of great websites that fit that description, I'll return to this first post and add your links (so long at they are germane). I'll start us off with these: WoWhead Professions Guides Alchemy Blacksmithing Enchanting Engineering Herbalism Inscription Jewelcrafting Leatherworking Mining Skinning Tailoring ----- Archaeology Cooking First Aid Fishing Now it's your turn!Kaivax41 Feb 9
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1h Should I pick up engineering Should I pick up engineering on a alt wondering if it will be worth it in bfa plus I want to make a sky gloem for myself ??Brunone6 1h
1h Blacksmith I am a blacksmith but I can not find any ware were I can make anything I am 465 what Can I do please helpStartress2 1h
1h Jewelcrafting Rank 3 Recipes I'm trying to finish up Jewelcrafting, sitting at 760 but not seeing any World Quests for Work Orders, is this still available that way or is it only a drop? Wowhead says for example Design: Azsunite Pendant is gotten from Work Order: Azsunite Pendant.Jockstrap6 1h
1h Few Inquiries in Pertinence to Enchanting I'm new to WoW and I've been trying to figure this out for 62 levels (I'm currently level 62). I'm trying to become the highest level of enchanter, or enchantress is my case, and JC one can possibly achieve. I do realize that one with this specific combination of professions is a 'money maker' as I've read, and I do know that being a JC isn't cheap. My aim is to level up my enchanting a considerable amount in order to not only 'buy,' if you will, my way to top tier jewelcrafting, but also to make an additional profit. My first inquiry: This will work out in the end, correct? I'm now at enchanting level 70/85 and I'm desperately trying to get it to 85/85 before I actually improve my enchanting level with the trainer. For levels 1-50 it took only one disenchant to increase the number. From 50 to approx. 60-69 it took two or three disenchants in order to increase the number. I'm now at 70 and I've disenchanting over fifteen items and it still hasn't increased. My second inquiry: What is going on?? Why? I'm currently under the assumption that item level may be at play here but I have no way or time to really try to prove it as I'm just casually questing, trying to level up. The only reason I'm trying to get 85/85 is for completion and so that the next tier of enchanting will feel like it will go by a little faster. Please let me know if this is actually harmful to my character in anyway so I'm not wasting my disenchantable items. My third inquiry: If I'm level 62 and I'm still at enchanting level 70, I'm not hopeless to become max rank in enchanting, right? Henceforth there will be enough items in the game to disenchant to get me to max? The only reason why I ask this is because when I was reading an article about enchanting, someone said that if you didn't progress your enchanting level throughout your leveling, or questing, that enchanting was completely out of the picture. I didn't start my profession until approx. level 40 because I wanted to be sure I knew exactly what I was doing in the game to not be reckless and jack my character up. Oh how I'm starting to see the irony in this.. And lastly, I bought an enchanting bag long ago and now my bag is full. As a matter of fact it's been full and I'm not a high enough level to produce any good enchantments with them. I have bank slots taken up, and as I'm currently in Zangarmarsh, Outland, there are just so many new materials to get and now I have to start using my actual backpack slots. My final inquiry: What should I do with my enchanting materials(I have no intention of selling or destroying any of it.)? *Please don't say: 'just give it all to me.' serious answers please and thanks^ ^Inimeitiel2 1h
2h My Suggestions for BfA Yeah, they aren't going to read this, but I still want to put it out there. These are my wishes/hopes: Engineering Two crafted mounts usable by all, one ground and one flying. One set for Gnomish, one set for Goblin engineering. A return of a crafted gemslot for belts. Goggles, usable by all (no engineering requirement to equip). Let us make the four armor types, but not restricted to only being added and equipped by engineers only. More mechanical pets, and some more interactive type toys. Inscription Add the ability to craft 10% exp glyphs/enchants for belts, boots, bracers, and gloves to be able to be added to drops while leveling. It's a compromise to not having these slots covered with heirlooms. With the addition of allied races and such a small carrot reward in heritage armor, these glyphs would actually perhaps encourage more "from scratch" leveling, because as of this moment in time, leveling stinks (in my opinion, of course). Add primary and secondary armor dyes for crafted armor (not retro, but going forward). Keeps crafted armor desired for transmog, doesn't impede the design of tier or upper level raided/dungeon drops. Benefits other crafts and makes crafted armor more appealing. Dyes use pigments, pigments are made by scribes. Armor crafts Allow each armor craft to be able to create a gem slot useable on all armor types; i.e., blacksmith/boots, leatherworker/bracers, cloth/gloves. This, along with engineering, covers our "minor" armor slot bases. This also gives jewelcrafters a small boost. Further, let ranks of recipes cover the upgrade of crafted armor pieces rather than materials usage. Obliterum style upgrades were not utilized well and more of a pain, in my mind. Let the armor crafters rank up the armor in creation instead. Let armor crafters each craft a "disguise" pertinent to a zone or enemy faction for our toy box tabs. Enchanting I liked where enchanting was overall in Legion, and I certainly wouldn't take away from it in any form, though I'd like to see more variety in shoulder enchants. Take those off the zone rep merchants and give them all to the enchanters, please. Alchemy Alchemy needs to not have to go to dungeons for every level of every recipe at every dungeon difficulty to rank up. No, no, and no. Even Ion said it was too much. Other Remove class and profession restrictions and bind on pick up from crafts all together. It was really disappointing that the leatherworker got to make a great - albeit ground - mount after hitting max level in the craft, completing a totally frustrating quest (albeit was challenging to me) to allow us to learn a recipe we could only buy at max level, and then find out that it was a one-time-only make, because the mount is bind on pick up and only usable by leatherworkers! Same thing applies to cloth flying carpets. And engineering goggles. C'mon, let us share with the world.Akylees1 2h
4h Alchemy level for vial of sands DROP Does anyone know what alchemy level you have to be for the vial of sands recipe to DROP? I wanted to try to find it first with archeology level 600, then level my alchemy (right now I only have alchemy level 1). Will it drop for me? or do I have to level my alchemy first? Don't want to waste my crates xDKurenaierufu5 4h
6h Elderhorn Riding Harness - unlearned? I finally slogged my way up to 800 in leather working and tried to pick up the Elderhorn Riding Harness from the vendor in Dalaran, since it didn't become available until level 800. Much to my surprise it said "you can only have one" or some such comment. I searched through all my patterns and finally noticed an "unlearned" tab. Lo and behold, it was there. No idea how it got there or when. But how do I get it from "unlearned" to "learned"?Sylverhawk2 6h
6h BFA inscription Anyone know if we are getting anything added to inscription for BFA. I'm honestly close to going engineering to be honest, some folks are telling me that there won't be any new glyphs.Leafmealone3 6h
12h Herbalism- Chase the Culprit Have had this quest in my log for weeks. Try to complete it everyday. When will blizzard decide that I've put in enough time and effort to complete it?Sevardo7 12h
18h Bladebone Hook...please? Any chance this could be made to persist through death? I like to fish betweeen BGs, but it stinks having to "waste" a Hook after every BG.Simarra1 18h
21h Engineering Mounts (And Goblin Faces) Hiya. So lately I've noticed a bit of a frustrating trend with the engineering mounts we've been given. Since around MoP I think the distinction between gnomish and goblin engineering has been kinda nonexistant (if not done away with completely- I can't recall if there were specialization specific things in WoD and Legion, honestly). For some reason the only exception to this has been the mounts we've been getting-- I'll break it down with what we've got so far: Flying Machine - Neutral. Chopper/The Hog - Neutral. Geosynchronus World Spinner - Gnome Depleted-Kyparium Rocket - Goblin Sky Golem - Goblin And now, with BFA upcoming: Xiwyllag ATV (The hovercraft) - Goblin Mecha-Mogul Mk2 - Goblin It's a short list, sure, but at this point half of it is going to be made up of goblin-themed mounts, with only a single gnomish one in there. It's not even an issue of style-- the Sky Golem, Xiwyllag, and Mecha-Mogul are indisputably goblin, what with their big giant goblin face stuck right on them. The most frustrating thing about these for me is that this isn't due to a lack of assets to use- There's plenty of possibilities when it comes to new gnomish or neutral mounts. Off the top of my head, there's: Mekkatorque's Mech (please tho) Gnomish Spider Tanks (this even received an updated model in Legion!) Submarines (niche, but if there's going to be an expansion for them this would kinda be it.) Siege Tanks (smaller versions, sure, but why not?) Biplanes (the model has been in since vanilla- could just be touched up?) The MOTHERLODE! Pummeler (for reference- ) One of the original gnomish mechs (like the biplane, would need to be touched up) I'm sure there's more if I put some thought on it. To be honest, I hate to be cheap but I'd even be fine with just having an alternate of the Sky Golem or the hovercraft without the goblin face slapped on them. This isn't to say we shouldn't have stuff with the goblin face. Just that it kinda inevitably orients it to one faction, and some variety or some more neutral additions would be cool. Y'know?Artec3 21h
1d Tracking Second Underlight Angler Progress Is there an addon that will help me track my progress on an Underlight Angler for a second alt? I got the achieve on the first alt some time ago so I can't track the rare fish types that way. Or is there a way to clear the achieve?Hruwa2 1d
1d Should I level professions now or wait? First off let me apologize if this has been asked frequently since they announced profession changes... I don't often frequent this board, and I am awful at being able to 'search' a subject and get results that answer my questions. (The interwebs - I'm just bad, I don't know.) I have been shuffling around some of my toons - moving some Alliance side - and I'm wanting to ensure I have all professions covered on both sides (it is just something I enjoy having for myself). Thus far, any new toons I have been leveling (allied races, for example), I've just given two gathering professions because I assumed it might be best to wait for the BFA changes before I invested time in leveling crafting professions. ... but then the more I think about that, the more I second guess myself. So I wanted to see what the general opinion might be here. Should I wait for the BFA changes before leveling new professions... or is it a matter of six-of-one, half-a-dozen-of-another? I'm not seeing much point in leveling them right now... but, like I said, the more I think about it, the more I second guess myself. Please help! LOL Thanks! :)Ashaeri8 1d
2d Tailoring Queen Grace etc OK my Tailoring is 800/800 and I can make 1000 of all that I am at this stage able to make and go to all the quests and still, when I 'learn' points it still stays on 800 Now to get the stupid Queen Grace Loom I have to be level 810. I have no idea how to get to 810. Any higher things I cannot make yet. anything I have skills for, even if I make them, I am stuck on 100/800. I have read on the net all about how to get the Loom from that guy in Suramar. but I don't even get the quest because i am not yet level 110! To play this game for years and take time from adventure play to gather ingredients etc for YEARS and then they throw that into the mix! It is really very frustrating! I guess it is like "we are the kings and if you want to play - take it or leave it - loud laughter"Flamerayne7 2d
2d drop rate on Field Medic quest items Any chance the drop rate for Field Medic quest items will be increased before the profession is removed? Or progress on current achievement made account wide?Tocohara1 2d
2d Work Order Problem (World Quests) Most crafting professions require you to complete certain work order world quests to gain rank 3 on recipes. On my blacksmith (exalted with all the legion reputations), I was able to gain rank 3 on all my recipes in a short amount of time. As for my JC, scribe and alchemist (none of which have exalted legions reputations), I am still missing a couple of rank 3 recipes which come from work order world quests that I have never seen since the start of the expansion (I check almost every day). Could it be that some world quests require reputation to appear? (Side question): I have been doing the infernal brimstone world quest almost every time and I am still stuck at rank 1 (mining: infernal brimstone), is that just bad luck or am I doing something wrong?Peri6 2d
2d Recipe ranks in BfA Anyone know if they still plan to keep the 3 rank recipe system from legion? And does anyone know if they're going to make you do completely unrelated activities to acquire rank 2/3 for recipes (winning battlegrounds, arenas, doing old raids etc).Equitis3 2d
2d “ make engineering great again “ Honestly just a few things that I want in the new expansion . New goggles that are awesome because the ones in legion are meh And make a new exclusive engineer mount similar to the turbo chopper helicopter If anyone else has anything to add make your voice loud and proud LOLBomberaid13 2d
2d Elderhorn Riding Harness - unlearned? After reaching lvl 800 in leather working, I tried to purchase the Elderhorn Riding Harness. I got a message that I could only have one. When I searched through my recipes, I didn't realize there was an "unlearned" tab. There was the riding harness. So HOW do I "learn" a recipe that I have? Apparently I was awarded it through some quest at some point (I think), but must not have done whatever is needed to actually be able to use it? Would appreciate any advice to clarify this.Sylverhawk2 2d
3d How Blizzard Decided To Ruin Professions: In a Blizzard meeting to discuss what they are gonna do about Professions in Legion three Developers were discussing what to do: Dev #1 "So what are we gonna do about Professions"? Dev #2 "People like doing professions. We can't let them have any fun so how can we make professions less fun"? Dev #3 "Why don't we make them massive sinkholes of time, money, and materials with little to no reward for their effort". Dev #1 "Good idea, we all know no one will buy the finished things they make anyways". Dev #2 "Also lets have them quest for the recipies". Dev #1 "Well that almost sounds fun, lets offset that by using RNG so they almost never get rank 3 recipies". Dev #3 "We should also do something about Archeology thats fun to do and has some decent rewards". Dev #1 "Lets have them do a weekly World Quest and make it so it takes many hours to do the World Quest and we can give them a junk reward for their effort like a Telemetry Beacon". Dev #2 "But they might still have fun with that. Lets make all the dig sites be in areas full of quickly spawning mobs that are the same level as them so each fight they have to work for and then have the mob respawn quickly". Dev #3 " Yeah put one dig site in the Ley Ruins of Zarketh in Asuna and make sure all the mobs respawn 5 seconds after the player kills them so they get no time to even do archeology digging". Dev #2 "Hey lets put another dig site in the Temple of 1000 lights where all the mobs are all elites and a single player can barely solo the enemies there even tho Archeology is a solo profession". The meeting ends with the 3 Blizzard developers laughing their asses off at how stupid the player base can be.Shanathebelf85 3d
4d Goldthorn Tea Recipe Hello, I am currently farming a few recipes, the last ones I need in order to learn every cooking recipe. I was about to get done with it, when I came across the Goldthorn Tea in the Unlearned tab. The cooking tab stated that Henry Stern teaches the recipe in Razorfen Downs. I, then, rushed as soon as I could to RFD, cleared the dungeon and... he wasn't there. I checked the forums, wowhead and other websites and found out that the NPC was removed from the game. I'd like to suggest the reintroduction of Henry Stern as a trainer for the goldthorn tea, or the removal of it from the unlearned cooking recipes tab altogether. I know it's a VERY minor thing, but it's kind of frustrating, and either solutions I suggested would fix the problem just fine (Even though I'd prefer to have one more recipe in my cookbook). Thanks!Uichi5 4d
4d Stuck at 790 Mining So im at 790 mining .. and everything is greyed out now. I am level 2 with everything but living leystone and infernal Brimstone. I have mined over 200 nodes of leystone / felslate and have yet to see a rank 3 quest... Any idea what to do?Othinus9 4d
5d Leveling question Is it worth it to max out a profession at the moment? Or am i better off saving the gold, and waiting until BFA in hopes of using the new xpac profs to level? I recently returned from a long break and in need of help. Thank you in advanceRíse12 5d
5d LF Alchemist with Flask of the Titans recipe My mats, prepared to properly compensate you for making the actual flasks alsoEhks1 5d
5d Tailoring Moving into Battle for Azeroth For 2 expansions now the max bag slots per bags created has been 30 slots. This feels extremely low considering the bag space hogs that have come with Legion. I feel like tailors need some love and projecting the way expansions have worked in the past I would like to hear what people's thoughts are on catching up with that projected bag slot size for tailoring bags moving into the expansion. We had 30 in WoD, 30 again in Legion, considering the 'skip' we saw this time that really punished tailors in Legion I would really like to see us catch up with 34 or even 36 slot bags moving forward in Battle for Azeroth. I know the argument is always that we are a bunch of hoarders and need to empty our bags bla bla bla ok whatever i get it. Here are my reasons: Myself, i'm a druid we have over 30 legendaries now that are possible to get and no way to stop getting them! You cant Sell or Destroy them. So, not only has Blizzard not given us bigger bags but they are shrinking them through the Legendary system. Because of Legendarys we essentially are FORCED to hoard them and have less bag slots as a resut than even in WoD. Moving forward how do i get my 30 + slots back or am i forever just screwed because i played in Legion. Second, I should really preface this by saying i carry MANY gear sets on my character because i have 4 specs, BG's require you to equip your highest ilvl pieces wether you actually normally wear them or not b/c of stats, I also have sets for timewalking because gear from those eras had sockets that we dont have now and you can make very efficient sets that you can appreciate and enjoy building, or is old content gear just supposed to be a mog earn and a vendor cash?, and speed sets are also becoming a popular thing now. with running old content a speed set is almost a necessity as is Bear Tartar so its not unreasonable to carry one. running old dungeons and raids at 200% move speed is a life saver as i'd never have time to do it otherwise. with different specs you are also forced to continue carying different stat weighted gear and not throw it out because stats are not equal in such a way that i can just say hey it really doesn't matter what stats i have for my off spec. It really does matter and also forces the hand of the hoarder. Third, with crafted gear upgrading the way it does the past 2 xpacs it presents another necessity of 'hoarding' stat weighted pieces for expected upgrade potential so those are just more slots lost as a safety net against future bad RNG with drop rates on different gear slots or nonexistent gear with the stats you need for that gear slot. We also continue to accru items in our bags that would be better suited moving to the spellbook. We now have 3 hearthstones, a flight wistle, multiple items for transportation around the worlds like the old Kirin Tor ring, Brawler pub ring, Karazan ring, Tabbard for Argent Crusade Tournament grounds, Jaina's Locket, Booty Bay boots, Ruby Slippers from Kara, Wormhole Generators, Karabor teleport item, etc. The list really does go on and on with items that could be converted to 'boa' status or spellbook status items or even toys which there is now a precedence for with the 'Tome of Town Portal'. I don't think it is an unreasonable request to help people make more room in their bags especially when unique items like these come around. I feel FORCED to keep them just because they are unique and can assist in moving around the world more quickly in special circumstances. For one, i use them a lot when i'm doing old content so the items dont loose their usefullness. Another precedence for this is the portals gained in our spellbooks from Challenge Mode rewards from Pandaria and WoD. There is prescedence for these bag slot hog items. In essence. Not only has Blizzard robbed tailors of a prescedented bag size increase as has been the standard with every xpac in the past but we are also forced to carry more stuff. I've never felt so undervalued with a profession as i did this xpac with tailoring and i have some really old patterns i dont want to loose like the 'Rich Purple Silk Shirt'. i cant possibly warrant giving up tailoring for alch just because alch is more useful when i know, in the process i also loose all my old hard earned patterns like the shirt which, that pattern alone goes for hundresd of thousands of gold pcs. Tailors need some love moving forward. Who else felt this way this xpac?Lyserg10 5d
5d Question about Enchanting/Tailoring/Mains Hi guys, I'm not new but I am a noob, so I have a noob question. My main is a blacksmith/Miner I have a Warrior that is my Tailoring/Enchanter Is it more efficient to have Enchanting on my main character, or paired up with my tailor? Anyone with some wisdom on the subject would be greatly appreciated. TY :DGroovyshrap3 5d
5d Profession Cool Downs I can understand cool downs help to regulate supply and demand however a lot of older cool downs have been eliminated or where you have to go to craft special items is no longer a requirement. I’m just trying to understand why they appear to have been selective in making these decisions. I think this is relevant for recent expansions more importantly I think it’s a bigger part of game lore as to why you need to go to certain places in the 1st place to craft those items. Example: Titansteel once had a daily CD Living Steel still has a daily CD Moonshroud – Could only be crafted in Emerald Dragonshrine and can now be crafted anywhere. Moon Cloth - Can only be done at a moonwell. Guess I’d just like an explanation other than auction house and economy is why these changes were made and why they appear to be selective. Thoughts?Pravanisman3 5d
5d Mining is broken it's the only thing you can't finish by actually mining. You can only finish this off with WQ and most of them don't give any skill, only one one per week will give you any skill. It's usually the turn in of 40 whatevers to get +1 skill. With herbalism you can get there without doing any WQ. with skinning you can get there without doing any WQ. Nothing in mining levels you beyond about 775. I have never not topped out mining in 7 days and it's been over a year now and casual mining does nothing to level me up. What a worthless setupSkyhound4 5d
5d Sha-Touched Leather No Longer Available? I'm trying to level leatherworking from skill level 510 to 525. The guides call for turning Sha-Touched Leather into Exotic Leather, at 2 skill points each. This is currently the only orange or yellow recipe the trainer has for me. Sha-Touched Leather is supposed to have around an 80% drop rate from skinning level 85-86 beasts in Jade Forest. My character is level 85, so I am finding beasts in that level range. However, after about 30 kills, I find that I'm skinning 100% Exotic Leather, and no Sha-Touched Leather. The best way I can see right now to get from 510 to 525 is to spend 3 months visiting Darkmoon Faire. Anyone have any better suggestion?Lorlee7 5d
6d Can we please increase crafting speeds? I just finished making ~600 bolts of old cloths on my tailor while consolidating his bank. It took more than 20 minutes for about 6 button clicks. It's nice that Blizzard has mostly dodged this problem these days by using raw cloth/ore/leather for crafting instead of converting it into something else but for any older profession skills production becomes very slow. Is it too much to ask for crafting times to be increased? We know the technology exists. Perhaps some sort of stacking speed buff as you craft so that mass-producing 100 of something only takes 10 seconds instead of 200. I think what I'd like to see most is a buff while in a training building or near a trainer for that profession. Would add a bit of flavor to the game and make the cities a little more lively.Freshbrewed6 6d
Apr 18 Field medic? haveing troble with this achivement..i checked my bank no quest a few guides farmed a few hours no drops... dont know who the hell im supposed to do this if i cant get i have leveld 20+ 110s and i think in all that time i have had 5 ...yes im max skill and yes i know all the FA ablitites and even have them all in my bag.... still no joy...not clear if this is an account wide achivement or a singular charator and if so if a alt having a quest somewhere would prevent progress on my mainMäd5 Apr 18
Apr 18 Fishing WQs Hi, I posted originally in "general", should have posted here. I have noticed for the past week that there have not been any fishing WQs up. I have 800 fishing skill, I have the AF Rod, I have tried to turn off all my addons, I double checked on my map to make sure they were not turned off, and I have asked others about it in game. Did the fishing WQ get changed? removed? What am I missing? Any help would be great. Thanks.Miyka3 Apr 18
Apr 17 Profession mats "dismantling" I feel there should be a system for professions to gather mats, by "dismantling" gear they find in world. Example, tailors can "rip apart" cloth gear for the cloth, Blacksmiths can reduce plate into metal, etc I understand that blacksmiths have mining, and Leatherworking has Skinning; and cloth does drop from mobs. Just thought there should be a way to create from unwanted gear.Geralt7 Apr 17
Apr 17 MoP Alchemy lost recipe I know I am not the first one, but I do not have the 2 beginner recipes for MoP alchemy. I used a (free) character boost to go from 60 to 100 in Legion and now I am at 700+ alchemy with no MoP recipes. No they are not in the bottom or in grey, I have looked several times. Does anyone know if I have to talk to an NPC? Or quit alchemy and grind it back up? Any info will be appreciated!Celebrinal4 Apr 17
Apr 16 Chase the Culprit I've had this quest for +3 weeks. Farmed and still got completed it. Any tips?Fozzi4 Apr 16
Apr 15 using old and new mats Oh wise masters of Azeroth. After almost 14 years and 8 continents, your blacksmiths and alchemists seem to be stagnating. The blacksmiths have yet to combine any of the ores from different planets to find stronger alloys. Likewise the alchemists seem to be forgetting about their past flowers that could be used to come up with new potions. I am but a humble blacksmith and miner from the plains of Mulgore, but I have mined ore on 4 different worlds, and many different continents. Surely you masters of the universe can find ways to use all these materials together. Maybe not for armor or buff potions, but maybe mounts, toys, and potions that turn you into a terran marine, zergling, or a zealot.Sinisar0 Apr 15
Apr 15 Engineering - Piloted Combat Mode Why is it so hard to get the PCO part for the module. I have run Ogrimar every week for about 6 months now and it just doesn't drop from the Iron Juggernaught. All the other parts were easy enough to get and the ones that needed a kill had 100%, or from the very first run. I have looked all over, and have seen many complain about this part's crappy drop rate. And I have seen a few state that it dropped on the first or second run they did. But come on Bliizard, the RNG for this piece shouldn't be so poor that the drop rate is 0.0001%. This leads me to ask if some accounts, or some characters, are bugged since some items that should drop after a reasonable number of runs just don't.Holimoly6 Apr 15
Apr 15 Blacksmithing Seriously you guys screwed up low level blacksmithing when you changed to have the appearances tab. You gave leatherworker MORE stuff to craft that is mail armor but for blacksmiths you changed all of the low level items to AGILITY gear that is still mail instead of keeping it strength at least. I know your reasoning behind it is that mail armor should be agility/int as those are the primary stats of mail users. I get it. The problem is there is literally ZERO plate armor prior to 40 that is crafted. The BOEs that drop that used to be for warriors and paladins are now still mail even if it has strength on it. I get that too, transmog reasonings. There are only a handful of BOP drops that are plate though. What needs to be done is you need to add strength/int plate armor for a blacksmith to craft so the gap can be decreased and you don't have warriors and paladins running around searching for mail strength armor that is BOE just so they have the "right" gear on or you have holy paladins wearing anything with int on it because plate int is non existent other than BOA gear.. Also you need to add in some BOE dropped gear that is plate for prior to 40.Plezurenpain3 Apr 15
Apr 15 Argus jewel crafting question. I'm an 800 level Jewel Crafter and Vorel won't give me any quests. I'm already Honored with that faction. What do I need to do? Thanks.Enemigo4 Apr 15
Apr 15 Where are all the Daily Fishing Quests? Where are all the Daily Fishing Quests located at? Man it's hard to build fishing skill! Anyone have any other advice on it also?Maxjura12 Apr 15
Apr 13 delete .Olaidin0 Apr 13
Apr 13 Alchemy (Limitations) I have found this to be an issue with alchemy, not sure if it is with others or not as I have mainly been focusing on alchemy. Anyhow, I remember Alchemy being able to be used anywhere you happened to be standing at the time, as all it required was vials/bottles. Now however, it seems in order to craft potions and flasks, one MUST be at the alchemy lab in Dalaran. Nothing has been more debilitating for this profession. One of the perks behind alchemy was that we could craft on the go. Mid-raid you could whip up some flasks if your group ran low, or the GB hadn't been replenished yet. But having to be in Dalaran in one spot to craft basically anything in such a free-form profession, seems very much so like a bad thing. I am tired of having to run back to Dala every time I want to make ANYTHING, even though I have all the reagents and required items on me. Can we put it back the way it used to be? When we could craft them from wherever we were? I feel professions in general for Legion haven't been that great. Recipes locked behind huge quest chains and raids... Having a pattern drop from a raid, thats fine. It was more of a mystery, lent a sense of uniqueness to those whom managed to get them. But having a quest that leads to a raid in which you have to kill bosses in to obtain the quest item and then bring it back, seems like a long way to go, and unneeded.Navivi6 Apr 13
Apr 13 Bolt of Embersilk Cloth Recipe Can't see the recipe to learn to make a Bolt of Embersilk Cloth at the Tailoring Trainer on my Alliance Alt. Leveled Tailoring on my Horde Priest, but can't recall how I learned it. Help?Woohooh3 Apr 13
Apr 13 Rank 3 Vantus Rune Chronomatic Anomaly I'm 450 casts deep in Cursed Queenfish pools. What limited information I could find included comments from a few people who have gotten it and they all state from those pools. Has anyone caught it from anything else? I can handle a grind. I can't handle not knowing if I'm even grinding the right thing. So frustrated!Tristful3 Apr 13
Apr 13 Roll Lockpicking into Archeology? I really don't want to bug Rogue players to open them. This could also be used to expand Archaeology gameplay too. Imagine digging up a treasure map that sends you to locked off parts in the game world (you of course can stumble into them without a map) with puzzles and shortcuts (behind locked doors). Just have Lockpicking level = Archaeology level. Rogues get "free" Lockpicking tied to their level or Archaeology, which ever gives them the highest Lockpicking level.Catbuyer6 Apr 13
Apr 11 Technique: Glyph of Dark Absolution ...does this thing even drop? I've run Seat almost every day for the past 2 months on my scribe, and still have yet to see the recipe. It's one of two recipes I still need in the game (the other being the Glyph of Polymorphic Proportions from the Rat King WQ, which has refused to spawn). Can anyone confirm if this can even drop on heroic mode? :/Maizou2 Apr 11
Apr 11 Fun profession: Alchemy or Engineering? I have characters or friends with the most "necessary" professions already, such as Leatherworking for Barding and Drums, and Inscription for all the glyphs for my characters. What I want to play next is something fun. Something with neat effects and quality of life improvements. I think I'd like to try alchemy or engineering to that end, but the information out there is very difficulty to sift through, not only because there are so many recipes, but also because some effects have been removed or changed and not all that information is up to date. Which of these two professions do you think adds the most fun to a character? I will be playing a monk, so movement isn't an issue but invisibility, summons, water breathing and other fancy effects sounds enjoyable. What would you recommend to someone that just wants a profession for the fun things it can allow them to do?Rylen8 Apr 11
Apr 11 Most profitable shoulders Which shoulder enchant would yield the most profitable returns? I am an engie on this guy but the engie shoulders are all but useless so I want to farm items for either my enchanter or jewelry dude.Wrench6 Apr 11