Oct 8 Professions resources on the web In this thread, we'll create a good old-fashioned pile of links to resources on the web that are specific to professions in World of Warcraft. As you make suggestions of great websites that fit that description, I'll return to this first post and add your links (so long at they are germane). I'll start us off with these: WoWhead Professions Guides Alchemy Blacksmithing Enchanting Engineering Herbalism Inscription Jewelcrafting Leatherworking Mining Skinning Tailoring ----- Archaeology Cooking First Aid Fishing Now it's your turn!Kaivax43 Oct 8
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3h No Mat vendors by cooking trainers At least not on horde side in Dazar'alor. There is a trainer conveniently located in the Great Seal - no fecking vendor nearby. There's another trainer right below the flight path by the docks - no materials vendor. Yet another instance of small thing that kill fun bit by tiny bit. Bad enough cooking has kinda sucked for the last few expansionsEeogoughn5 3h
3h Why remove Mass Prospecting? Oh that's right! .. because selling ore is better since gems on the AH are less then vendor sell price...useless!Rangz1 3h
3h 2nd use for BFA uncommon gems. I have so many.. Should we have a way to spend them other than the cutting process? Like: Compress X# into a Rare gem.. or breaking them to dust, then use X# of it with another mat to craft Expulsoms.. or compress X# combined with Expulsom into Kraken's Eye. .. or should I just vendor them?Stormchops1 3h
3h BFA profession split up is not a favor right now you can rip to from 1 to 600-700+ primary and secondary profs with ease using a WOD garrison and Legion recipes, with that being said, not even a WOD garrison is needed. currently there is no major punishment having to go grind old content or reason to farm old content as being claimed. other than to farm older recipe drops, revisit trainer for recipes you want to learn, vendors to buy recipes. reputation recipes will still require grinding on either system if i understand what the DEVS are saying, splitting up professions to 100 skill per basic game/expac will cause alot of work and back tracking i will use tailoring as a example for a fresh 110+ in BFA. you level BFA 100 tailoring, you make 2 bags. to make a netherweave bag you have to go to BC content level tailoring there and then frostweave go to WOTLK, etc etc etc. where under the current system you would attain the levels and skill fast from level 1 skill in the curent expac. think about it....not a favorSðylent18 3h
3h Finally got rank 3 flasks today, and.. Agility flasks only so far, Made 10 as a test run, and ended up with 30 flasks! I expected maybe 30-40% extra, not 200% Anyone else see results like this?Smur2 3h
3h Skinning Tagging Can we please change how skinning tags work? I have just spent the last 2 hours in a standoff for skinning. The other guy doesn't want to loot and so we just sit here in deadlock. How is this the only profession that still works like this? I can grief with no effort at all. This system really needs an update similar to how mining and herbing work.Vorvadoss3 3h
3h Anchor weed relief So it appears that the fixes have worked. Returned after a bit and just got 7 spawns of anchor weed down one of the stormswake coastlines. That and about 20 spawns in an hour of farming last night in voldun and it looks like our prayers have been answered. Thanks blizz this will make flasks alot easier going forward.Vermin5 3h
4h Sha'leth Fishing error Sha'leth fishing area, can't target my bobber (around 8 secs )after i cast my line in the water for this reputation path. Any Ideas. Other people in the Raid claim to have similar problems.Gozu6 4h
4h Need Veiled Crystals - Help ? Anyone tell me where to farm these ?Nightchild8 4h
4h Meat to Pet...Fix Please This is getting beyond ridiculous. The RNG for this is totally off. A lot of my in game friends are doing the Transmute: Meat to Pet for BFA, to try and help me get the current pets, and yet NONE of them since launch has gotten ANYTHING other that common crap that can be bought on a vendor. I have 3 toons who are Alchemists, and today all 3 sac's produced the Yellow Moth, which sells for 35 silver and can be bought from a vendor for silver. You would think that with a recipe we paid gold to learn for BfA it would drop a pet related to at least Legion or better. Had the same issue in Legion.Dulçinea2 4h
4h is alchemy worth it? or is selling herbs betterFlipin3 4h
5h Herb botters? Was out in drustvar doing a little gathering, and I noticed in front of me were 9 people (3 each on those 3 person mounts) running from node to node in a pack. At first I thought it was probably just a bunch of guildies out for a romp, but I watched them for awhile, and they would gather the nodes in the exact same player order per mount every time. P1>P2>P3 repeat. Seemed very mechanical and they all had nonsense names like they were randomly generated. Idk if they were maxing out the node or what, but even following right behind them and looting while they were, I'd get "operation busy" and the node would disappear before I could get anything. Then I ran across a guy that must have been multiboxing, had so many toons following him in a tight mass duplicating his actions exactly that I couldn't even distinguish names from the pile of them. Just a fun day gathering. xDStrugglesnug11 5h
5h Crafting Professions and Expulsom I want to voice my opinion on a system that I view is broken not fun and not rewarding. The profession system in World of Warcraft and in BFA has been terrible. This is the first expansion that I've tried to get into professions specifically crafting. The reason I believe professions (specifically crafting) are terrible stem solely in the crazy amount of RNG that is involved in something that RNG should not be apart of. First Expulsom its incredibly annoying, time consuming ,and awful to farm. This is a important crafting material that you can mainly obtain from an RNG system known as scraping. This method is incredibly aggravating when trying to farm it to craft an item, For example a 385 crafted legs costs 60 Expulsom. On avg to acquire that amount you need around 300-400 greens. As a tailor the method is to craft Bracers as they are cheap, Which nets at around 3000 Linen cloth and 1500 Nylon Thread just to craft one piece of gear! to spend hours farming the cloth or thousands of gold to obtain it all is a lot of time and effort invested. Which in the grand scheme is fine. It will feel awesome to finally craft that piece of gear that you worked so hard to obtain materials for, but yet its not. Crafted gear and random stats is what ruins this experience. So you end up spending hours to farm your expulsom or thousands of gold and your ready to craft your item. But oh wait the secondary stats are randomly generated that means all that time and effort or money can result to piece of gear that ends up with two of your absolute worst stats! Cool it may be a 15 ilvl upg from the previous version but you still feel like !@#$ because you know there was a chance that it could of been so much better! This system is just designed to be as unfun as possible and keep you trying and trying again and again and hope you win the slot machine. Its nice and all when you scrap the crafted piece you get all the Sanguicell back but what about the EXPULSOM the arguably more difficult mat to obtain! How to fix some of the issues. First there needs to be more ways to obtain Expulsom, like adding them into world quests or add them to world drops, and if not just increase the drop rate in scraping. Second whatever happened to crafting items with set stats... I would rather my tailoring page be filled with 5 different pairs on 385 pants so atleast I have the PLAYER CHOICE to choose which ones are best for my character that way if i spend hours farming cloth to make bracers to scrap away for Expulsom I'm atleast rewarded with a piece of gear that I know will be the best for my character instead of throwing some dice and hope its not terrible. Yes I realize these are just band-aid fixes to a much bigger problem that plagues the game, but im not a game dev just a player who wishes to share his feedback.Eskanoras6 5h
5h BfA Profession system nerfed? Am I the only one that feel like professions in bfa were designed to not worth? Almost like blizz is nerfing it until we dont want to do it and it gets removed from the game. Look at the crafted equips, apart from the 355 exclusive ones, they are useless, I dont need to buy them, a normal dg give me the same ilvl. Enchants only 4 can be really sold. What left are flask, the problem is that everyone will change to alchemy on set 4th. If you really got into economy you know that scribs and other professions have little to offer too. I dont wanna sound radial ou arogant but that sucks. I do think that crafted equip cant be the main source of ilvl boost otherwise you could just buy them and not play to get them but the way it is done in bfa is not useful. The general feeling to me is "hey here are your new profession items that we use to put effort to desing but now we are tired of it but we wont remove them to not get some people mad". What people are suggesting is to enable ilvl upgrade for crafed items so they can worth for a bigger time window or/and make them for level 111. More enchants can help too. Apart from fix the excess or normal mats that some prof are suffering. Sorry for cry out here. :P Just wanna put it outNicksy39 5h
8h Get the classic recipes? Ok, so for my professions, once I got to character level 75 I jumped them to cataclysm mining/jewelcrafting without getting them to the full profession level 300. Therefore, I didn’t get all the classic recipes for them. Is there any way I can get them now?Mercysiren1 8h
9h Making Ink Is Hell So easy to Mass Mill and get the mats, then you spend 30 minutes making inks. Why?? What a waste of time.Karakuchi5 9h
10h What's next for Blacksmiths? Hi Blizz team, I'm just curious what to look forward to in professions? I'm a blacksmith and miner. Please help to give an update or two on what's in-store. Is there a revamp or are we keeping this system? What's going on? Just curious 'coz I look at my professions tab and just sigh in disappointment of this system. It's really bad :(Xazander2 10h
11h What Is Going on With Blacksmithing? Seriously, this is torturous. I'm not sure why I'm even leveling the profession, except in the hope that *maybe* it'll be better in the future. Everything that I'm crafting until I can craft Honorable gear is worthless to me. In fact, can we talk about how bizarre it is to have a tier of ilvl 225 gear that's both absurdly expensive to craft and replaceable by quest greens almost immediately? And then you have to keep making them. Over. And over. And over. And finally we hit ilvl 300 gear, which gets replaced with stuff from NORMAL MODE DUNGEONS. And then after that we get to the good stuff...except you need to do mythics, which means you may as well just do mythics. At the very least, the monolite gear needs to scale with your lvl, and at 120 should be ilvl 300. The Honorable gear should be between normal and heroic, 310-315 or so. Boom. You have a reasonable progression of gear that's useful to your player base and serves as an on-ramp to heroics. As it is, this just seems pretty pointless to do.Unsung21 11h
14h What's next for Blacksmiths? Hi Blizz team, I'm just curious what to look forward to in professions? I'm a blacksmith and miner. Please help to give an update or two on what's in-store. Is there a revamp or are we keeping this system? What's going on? Just curious 'coz I look at my professions tab and just sigh in disappointment of this system. It's really bad :(Xazander0 14h
15h Can we please increase crafting speeds? I just finished making ~600 bolts of old cloths on my tailor while consolidating his bank. It took more than 20 minutes for about 6 button clicks. It's nice that Blizzard has mostly dodged this problem these days by using raw cloth/ore/leather for crafting instead of converting it into something else but for any older profession skills production becomes very slow. Is it too much to ask for crafting times to be increased? We know the technology exists. Perhaps some sort of stacking speed buff as you craft so that mass-producing 100 of something only takes 10 seconds instead of 200. I think what I'd like to see most is a buff while in a training building or near a trainer for that profession. Would add a bit of flavor to the game and make the cities a little more lively.Freshbrewed11 15h
15h Are Dalaran Fountain Coins Still a Thing? I spent about an hour fishing the Dalaran fountain and got all sorts of "grey" coins i.e. coins that don't count towards achievement but I figured I'd get at least one achievement coin - but bupkiss. It's still possible right? Was I just unlucky? Is there anything special required i.e. certain time of day, etc.?Teef5 15h
17h Relearning a profession If I drop engineering for herbalism - just for the start of BfA, when I go back to engineering and relearn it, do I get back everything I knew? I'm guessing I'll now have to buy the catch books for each x-pac vs just the one for Legion? Any info would be greatly appreciated.Lesud3 17h
17h Archaeology and pets, can I get more than 1? My Archaeology is at 446/950, on my 5th Drust solve I got the Restored Revenant, lucky, I know. If I want to cage it and sell it, can it come up again for me? Or do we only get one shot at an Archaeology pet?Unférth2 17h
18h Best moneymaking profs? What should I pick up once I hit 110? I want to not have to struggle with gold like I have since starting in wrath, the most I have ever had on a character was 22k and honestly I feel like I can do more, any tips?Ravig3 18h
21h When to sell items? I use to believe the best day to sell any sort of gathering materials was on a reset day/night. Perhaps it is better to sell them daily in small chunks instead of swamping the AH with a weeks worth of Mats? Not a well written post, brain is not working right now. Should get the question across though.Freath2 21h
21h Skinning I wish we'd get xp from skinning. It's a gathering profession like mining and herbalism so why not let us get experience from skinning? Give the same amount of xp as mining or herbing a node. It's make leveling up go a little bit faster. Just my 2 copper.Tinydãncer1 21h
1d Water Mount fight Blizzard you seriously need to do something about a water mount. Have you looked at the amount of players at the Anglers Wharf, trying to get a water strider?Smokesburner10 1d
1d Can't get daily quests from The Rokk I'm level 70 and my regular cooking is maxed out at I need to increase Outland cooking or do something else before he'll give quests?Mïranda1 1d
1d Engineering - no use for Sanguicell? So there seems to be recipes for EVERY SINGLE crafting profession that makes armor, EXCEPT Engineering. Why? Why does Engineering feel like it was just tacked on at the last minute? We can't do anything useful. Had I known this I would have sold that million gold worth of materials I farmed to level it up.Sephrinx21 1d
1d Will Sanguicell ever have a use for professions like Alchemy? I'm sitting on almost 400 of them right now and I have no use for them as an alchemist/herbalist.Ursarin7 1d
1d How to Gather Anchor Weed Effectively [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Winter's Kiss [pick]... Anchor Weed /cheer Rinse and Repeat! The astute reader will notice that my tongue-in-cheek example yields Anchor Weed far more than can be expected in-game. :) So, if you want/need Anchor Weed, be prepared to grind it out and be patient.Bitcaster35 1d
1d Why do schools of fish exist in BfA? With fishing reduced to 8 fish, 4 inland and 4 open water, each with about a 50/50 shot of catching with the appropriate fishing skill/buffs etc, why do schools of fish exist. They appear to drop nothing extra. salmon rates are the same. So what is the point? I find it insulting that so much effort went into past expansions for fishing to have this one just say go fish and leave us alone Then, to have the one fish that everyone needs for feasts, to be impossibly , stupidly uncommon. This needs to be changed to have it be a much higher drop rate or have it drop from pools or have random pools of it spawn. I really hope ya'll take the time to look at this and fix it before raid season and the real complaining about this starts in full swing.Vandian12 1d
1d Fishing in BfA feels incomplete Skill points in BfA fishing are currently meaningless. You gain skill, but what is that skill used for? Are there certain fish that require skill to catch? No. Are there fishing poles that require BfA skill to use? No. Does having more skill make fishing faster or more efficient? No. Does maxing out your BfA fishing skill at least guarantee you wont fish up junk? No. (seriously guys?) Are there any fishing consumables (eg: lures) which require BfA fishing skills? No. Are there even any fishing consumables in BfA at all? No. Why is there no Nat Pagle in BfA? Why is there no equivalent to wreckage or floating debris? Why are there no fishing WQs or dailies? Why are there no lures? (eg: something that increases your chance of catching Midnight Salmon or other specific fish) There's a new mount you can acquire from BfA fishing and quelle surprise it's just a re-color of an already extant mount. C'mon guys... Why can't you fish up a "Weather-Beaten Journal" (ie: fish tracking) in BfA? (this one seems like a major oversight - you can fish up this item in every zone *except* BfA... if I pick up WoW at the current expansion I shouldn't have go back to old content just for the ability to track fish!) Is fishing pointless? No, but it feels hollow and undeveloped. The last point about not fishing up the Weather-Beaten Journal in BfA is what really bothers me as it basically confirms that fishing was neglected. You could do so much more, Blizzard. Not just with fishing, but professions in general.Wuffy14 1d
1d Khaz'Gorian Hammer... does it exist? Does the Khaz'Gorian Hammer exist in game yet? or ever will, still trying to find it.. so far no one knows. 1d
2d What proff is most beneficial? I’m tired of buying wow tokens for my only source of gold. I remember I used to do mining back in wotlk but I could fly to each rock. What should I get into? I’m on pretty much all day since I can’t walk so I figure instead of just spending money on tokens I might as well get a profession.Tsumi7 2d
2d No sound when fishing it doesn't make the splash noise anymore, is it a bug or intended?Stillstylin3 2d
2d First-Aid gone! can't use my first-aid abilitys!Bluegrit5 2d
2d Should I drop engineering for blacksmithing? Title?Ughash2 2d
2d Leveling BfA Engineering from 125-150 So I got my BfA engineering to 125. Looking at the orange recipes I have, everything is going to take atleast 5 Expulsion at a minimum. The helms at rank 3 are 20 expulsion each. Is this going to be another “5 points per month through the DM Faire to hit 150” or am I missing some recipes that could get me to 150?Bearrepairjr23 2d
2d Faster leveling versus antiquated professions It's great that you level faster now, but professions still suffer from cooldowns that prevent you from moving them anywhere near the speed of your leveling, and it was already a slower pace before. I'm almost level 98 in Draenor and my blacksmithing is 11. It might be closer to twenty if my truesteel ingot cooldown didn't reset to 24 hours every time I log in, preventing me from using that ability anymore. Regardless, the cooldowns for all the previous expansions lag you behind such that professions are downright useless. In WOL you could at least craft useful sets as you leveled up but this is just ridiculous. Drop the cooldowns on previous expansions.Navaxerum1 2d
2d Lack of Cooking Fires in Dazar'Alor It's a little frustrating that none of the dozens and dozens of large grill pits covered in meat strewn throughout the city count as cooking fires. Am I missing where the real ones are, or will I have to make my own whenever I'm in the troll capital?Lerusya32 2d
3d Ultramarine Ink We need a change to how the inscription mats work. The recipes need to not require them to be made into ink, and to be crafted out of pigment. This or an easier system to create inks. DISCLAIMER: I estimate I have over 60k ultramarine pigments, and I know of others who are in the same position. If it takes about 1 second to create an ink, it would take me 28 hours to change my stock into ink. I will not being doing so in the current state of the game. It also seems unlikely for me to search for a buyer at 25s per and would not be worth my time. Here are a few solutions I can think of: - Mass ink creation, similar to mass mill for herbalism. - A vendor who allows you to purchase them in ink form for a cost. - An item to make the creation of these items worth the time. Similar to the JC vendoring of the rings back in Cata. - Add an item that doesn't create gold that uses these that will be in demand such as adding the ultramarine inks to the vantus rune. - Remove the ability for old talent changing tomes to be used, and increasing the percentage of ultramarine inks needed to create these. If this doesn't change I would bet it will be more profitable to simply farm old dreamleaf monsters and make the old model in profit/hr. If none of these happens there will be that there is 100,000's of ultramarines being vendored.Summertime5 3d
3d Kul Tiramisu rank 3? Wtf is the deal with this quest? Are they ever going to offer it?Hulaturtle3 3d
3d Professions require dungeons in BFA? I am warring with when I should get the BFA expansion. The last expansion really turned me off when Blizzard forced dungeon runs for crafting professions. Life with young boys limits my time, so I am a VERY casual player now. Crafting was something I enjoy because it doesn't require me to be glued to the computer for more than an hour at a time. Ssooo, if mandatory dungeon crawls have been removed from BFA, I will get it and continue playing WoW, a game I enjoyed quite a bit until the Legion expansion.Brennok8 3d
3d AW gather suggestions This thread is suggestions for gathering Anchor Weed (for gatherers). It is not a thread for complaints to Blizzard (but feel free to make threads for that). 1. Non-gatherers: don't expect to find any AW "just running around doing other stuff". AW nodes are only 1/60 of all herb nodes. Worse, everyone stops and picks AW nodes: even players that skip other herbs. 2. Whenever I fly, I watch my mini-map, and sometimes see an AW. When I run back to pick it, half the time I get it. Half the time it has been picked. 3. Multi-spawns. A few times I have found 2 nodes near each other, within a minute. Today I found 3 nodes (I picked 2, was too late for 1) within a minute. Not next to each other, but within a minute on a horse. 4. Before that today, I went 45 minutes finding zero AW. So there's a lot of RNG. 5. As Haspian recommends, I picked one area with a lot of herbs, and run around that over and over. I have a pretty long route, with many possible-node-spots. 6. There is a lot of competition (usually 4, but I've seen 9) in my area, which means less herbs, but it also means herbs are picked a lot, so AW spawns more often. 7. When farming, I use Monel-Hardened Stirrups (pick Herbs/Ore from a mount) and Coarse Leather Barding (mobs hitting you don't daze/dismount you). So I rarely have to fight mobs: usually I can run away. The stirrups are expensive but to me they are worth it: they persist through death, and each lasts 2 hours (3 days farming, for me). 8. Mob attacks interrupt gathering. But you can speed up Herb picks (not Ore) enough to pick between auto-attacks: you actually pick herbs while being hit! Try 2 or 3 times. For this speed-up I use the BFA Herbalism Glove Enchant (permanent). I also use Darkmoon Firewater (there are 2 kinds: use the kind that allows faster gathering) which are 1 hour. I am not sure I need both, but the Firewater is usually cheap.Qri1 3d
3d How does Skinning in 5 man works? Can anyone advise how does Skinning in 5 man works? Is it fastest fingers first - or is it decided by the loot system? Confused here.Yzzy3 3d
3d Expulsom!!!! OK, this needs to drop more PERIOD! I have scrapped so many things lost count.. they simply do not to be had. This is one of the worst ideas to date! In the other xpacs you could get the same type of item by farming. Farming things to scrap, well just a waste of time if it does not drop... EVER! Please fix! This is for all professions.. Enchanters getting the worst.. DE or scrap... REALLY!!!! Thanks!Redseal22 3d
3d Truesteel Ingot Bug? Its been 3 days since I've used this. Everytime I log in my Cooldown remaining resets to 23hr 59min. Anyone else have this problem or suggestions?Astrik2 3d