Jun 6 Professions resources on the web In this thread, we'll create a good old-fashioned pile of links to resources on the web that are specific to professions in World of Warcraft. As you make suggestions of great websites that fit that description, I'll return to this first post and add your links (so long at they are germane). I'll start us off with these: WoWhead Professions Guides Alchemy Blacksmithing Enchanting Engineering Herbalism Inscription Jewelcrafting Leatherworking Mining Skinning Tailoring ----- Archaeology Cooking First Aid Fishing Now it's your turn!Kaivax37 Jun 6
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48m Where Should I Fish? I've just started fishing for drowned mana and I'm already up to level 375. I've been using day old doughnuts and fishing in a raid group to get more drowned mana. When I get to Best Friend and get the mount, where should I fish next? I'd really like to get a better fishing pole!!! And I've heard grinding out with the Anglers takes a month... Where would you fish for a better pole? Or should I just start with the Anglers? Thanks so much!Alsandar6 48m
2h Trial of the Crusader: Hides of Legend I've been trying to complete this skinning quest on my hunter for months (and months), but the Hide of Occu'thar comes from a boss in Baradin Hold and, unfortunately, the Horde is in perpetual control of Tol Barad. I've tried at least thirty times (conservative guess) to flip it solo, since my friends and guildies quit playing WoW years ago. I've also tried recruiting, even bribing, Alliance players to help, with zero interest. Is there a secret trick to gaining access to Baradin Hold? I don't mind that profession quests require returning to old content, but it's especially frustrating being essentially denied the possibility of completing a quest and moving on due to being locked out of pve content simply because it exists within pvp content that Alliance on my server never, EVER controls. Help.Fweet4 2h
5h Na'zak The Fiend, Prolonged Power Rank 3 So the one mob that drops the prolonged power rank 3 recipe doesn't appear to have spawned since December and apparently when it did it bugged out near death also. Can a blue please respond to this Is this really working as intended If not couldn't you just add the rank 3 to a mob that actually spawns? Please respond many threads about this and haven't ever seen feedback CheersDantrag4 5h
9h Celumbra - now iLvl 1000? So, is this a bug, intentional, is it meant to be 970 or still 940 ? 9h
16h Nomi research not working? I've done at least 25 research work orders with Nomi and have yet to receive any new recipes, just burnt food. What is supposed to happen?Dwray70 16h
20h Engineering 790-800? Is it even possible to max it? I made two Trigger and it turned yellow. With them being 50 bloods each I can't see ever getting to 800 since the bloods are BOP. :/ I really, really hate professions now. I like the quests and all but actually get skill ups and useful patterns is the worst part of Legion so far.Aayah15 20h
20h Ghost Moose <archaeology> Quest is up in Dal if you missed it last round! Go get your moose mount!Lore0 20h
20h Due for another wave of bot bans Has anyone else been noticing them popping up even more recently? Maybe because i'm on a high pop server, but no matter what zone i'm in I see tons of bots. Some are even more obvious as they use the fly hack (didn't know people still did this). I've even reported the same guy six days in a row and he's still flying around and flooding the market with hundreds of stacks of herbs/ore. It's getting pretty rediculous, the prices for herbs are getting so low it's almost not even worth farming (especially starlight rose).Jumbee8 20h
20h 7.3 Crafted Gear Is the gear that starts @ 885 upgradable to 915 or 935? At first I heard 935 but now some sources are saying it's 915. Considering you can't upgrade 7.25 gear past 900 in 7.3, you have to rebuy the new base gear @ 885. Seems like a pretty small bump if it's only 915, and if it is 915 why wouldn't they just make our current gear upgradable using the NEW mats? What a waste having new base models. Yeah I know it's gold and making people buy more tokens but we've been using and upgrading our crafting gear for alts all xpac and now basically it has to be scrapped.Loginerror6 20h
1d Boosted from 90 trial to 100 - herb/mining? I tried a 90 trial Monk. After an hour or so it told me I have to buy a character boost to keep playing him. So I did. $60. It boosted me to 100. I'm now trying to learn mining and herbing. But it looks like I have to start from level 0? Is that right? Can't I boost these as well somehow? That would be one heck of a pain to go from 0! Thanks.Wegro5 1d
1d Blacksmithing won't level past 600 I have a level 110 Paladin who started blacksmithing after hitting 110. I know I've done quests for the profession and currently have none outstanding in my log, however, I can't seem to train any higher than 600. I have all the patterns for the Demonsteel set, so I'm pretty sure I've completed the prerequisites.Krothan1 1d
1d Can't abandon Vigilance Perch quest I can't abandon leatherworking quest for Vigilance Perch in order to do a different legendary. Is there a way to do that?Smegoff1 1d
1d No engineering legendary? QQ 2nd class crafting prof. At least give us a new mount :(Vaelkar20 1d
1d Crafted legendary iLevel discrepancy When I look at crafting a legendary: Celumbra, the Night's Dichotomy (tailoring) it shows as item level 1000. When I look at crafted items on the AH they show as 970. Which is correct?Dåkmar3 1d
2d Sorcerous Shadowruby Pendant not for sale? Sorcerous Shadowruby Pendant. Jabrul does not have the rank 1 for sale. am I missing something? TY Others can see it but I cant, have even bought rank 2 already.Lifetakerr1 2d
2d Gathering XP I never understood why the devs decided to give gathering XP. I'm leveling a couple of alts and both have leveled several levels (in the twenties) by gathering alone. Leveling is already nerfed enough without it. IMHO.Rakoth5 2d
3d Unlearn Profession How do I unlearn a primary profession? Spellbook and Abilities. Professions tab. Or bringing up the menu for that profession. I don't see an unlearn button or a symbol with a line through it. I tried to go to the prof trainer and pick up the one I want instead, thinking that would give me the option to unlearn the other but that didn't work.Mizaka11 3d
3d Upgrading Sky Golem There needs to be a modification that engineers can make to upgrade an existing sky golem to work for mining too, like how you can upgrade Reeves to do different things. I mean, the sky golem already has a drill bit on its arm, cmon now Blizz, make it happen!Hànzo3 3d
3d Are sellers that dense? So I managed to reset 3 enchant markets today, got them up to a nice bit of gold. Sure enough, 2 people brought down the gold amount by 5k immediately after. Are that many sellers that dense, that they cut their own throats in making a good profit? There should be some sort of way to message all those sellers that do that in one massive e-mail to find out why they are so into trying to kill profit on purpose. There is no other reason that I can come up with for it. Same people, every time we get a decent reset, they purposely screw it up. Yes I'm just ranting, not expecting for it ever be solved. Anyhow, best of selling to all of you that understand the bring it down 1c at a time method of selling so we all make a good profit.Moemonay27 3d
3d Gathering Rank 3 They are real right? or is blizzard just playing some joke on use miners and herbalistCutesybutton6 3d
3d Work Order: Skaglldrynk bug? For my alchemist who has rank 3 Skaglldrynk the reward is a rank 2 recipe, for my alchemist who hasn't learnt rank 1 yet the reward is 10 Blood of Sargeras. Surely this isn't intended?Dillidos0 3d
3d Keep getting starlight rosedust I've completed all my herbalism quests from Dalaran. I can't get Starlight flower like my friends herbs it in stacks of 5,6 sometimes 9, but I not only rarely get Starlight, I mostly get Starlight Rosedust... what am I doing wrong? All other flowers ok except Starlight. Any help would be greatly appreciated. ThanksAlsu2 3d
3d Most profitable profession? i need help, i'm trying to pick my professions for this toon. and i want to pick the most profitable ones. ty in advance for your help.Zanona9 3d
3d Abysmal Pandemonite RNG? Is anyone else having this horrible issue, where you get absolute boatloads of all the other blue-quality gems but this one? I've mass-prospected well over 1600 Felslate and probably twice that of Leystone, and have yet to get any more than 2 Pandemonite (as a comparison - I just mass-prospected 600 Felslate, ended up with 5 Eyes, 18 Maelstroms, 6 Dawnlight, 5 Shadowruby, and 9 Furystone; not a single Pandemonite). I'm sitting on literally 15+ of all the others in my bank outside of that one particular one. It's a little ridiculous. Is this just horrible RNG for my server (because they're up for well over 3800 gold for 1 on the AH), or are other people out here having the same poor ratio issues?Dominitari4 3d
3d Skinning Rank 3 Worth It? My search brought me to some threads back from Legion's launch where people were reporting that rank 3 skinning only gave 2-4 skins over the 2-3 you get from rank 2. I'm just wondering if this is still the case or if it gives a higher yield now, thanks.Eingar4 3d
3d Archaeology: Rares on multiple characters? Hello, forums! In my years-long endeavour to get the Tol'vir mount "Scepter of Azj'aqir", the understanding I've witnessed is that if you have all rares of other races/civilization that can spawn on the same continent, then the only remaining one (Tol'vir) would have an increase rare rate. In this case, in Kalimdor, it would require having the rares of Night Elves, Fossil, and Dwarf. My problem is that I've been eternally unable to create some rares — the ones that I have found on another character. After 190 Night Elf solves, I've still not found Tyrande's Favorite Doll, which I have on my alt. I'm also unable to get a couple of Fossil items, but only the ones I've gotten on my alt. Could anybody confirm if this theory is true, or if it's just bad luck on my part? Thank you!Aerei4 3d
3d Save Blood of Sargeras for 7.3? Hey guys, I know that alchemists will be able to transmute Blood of Sargeras to the new Primal Sargerite in 7.3. But if I am not an alchemist, is there any reason to save the Bloods? Or should I just go for broke and convert everything to other materials?Ochyro5 3d
4d Recipes with rare fish? Can we do this please? it'd make cooking/fishing really fun if the materials needed for epic level dishes were not super super easy to catch. it'd make fishing more rewarding :)Ursor1 4d
4d Grimoira alchemist quest in VofW I get into the queue'd dungeon (normal mode)- me: "Hi" silence me: "I have the potion to get us into the Grimoira boss. We can do her for extra loot. Would you like to do it?" tank: "shut the f*ck up already" /disappointingIrisheyes2 4d
4d Missing: Transmute Blood of Sargeras So I don't normally use up my daily cooldown on bloods but every once in a while I do. What else can I use the transmutagens on anyway.... But I went to check it this morning's gone? And it's not under unlearned either. If bug: fine. If WAD: It's not like the amount of bloods you could procure were game-breaking. It's one extra blood a day. You make tons many more with the shoulder enchant.Wulm7 4d
5d WTS: (Recipe) Dirges Kickin Chimaerok Chops Looking to sell one of the, if not the, rarest recipes in game. Battle Tag: Hubbs#11847 we can discuss price (If buying x realm will take into account and give discount) P.S. If this isnt the correct place to post this topic my apologiesKrogtrog0 5d
5d Jewelcrafting at 780 everythings grey now what should I do to get to 800 just craft grey items?Fireplugs4 5d
5d Recipe: Demonsteel Pauldrons Rank3*** Why Blizzard mixed BS profession into RBG 10 man.The one who taken the last Decision was out of Ideas . -I have stoped doing pvp since season 1 just cause how many BOT's dominate me -Whats the point to MIX BS into PVP -I will never be invite to any group just cause they ask 1600+++ and my socre is ZERO . ppl know how to get info and simple decline all my Queue -Blizzard im asking is that normal to stay full day in front on my pc and none invite ppl like me for that Little Rank 3.... Hope u have plans cause Legion will END soon ,So im asking what ur next plan ( are u going to DELIST that Rank3 * when Legion END Hope u take a look into wowhead forums how ppl complain about Also the Q&A about that rank3 Recipe was a stupid Answer to all ur costumers we all hope we get Milk in Next pvp seasonGoldenwar2 5d
5d 800 cooking ... aaaand I'm done That was somehow (and good work on that) worse than Panda cooking! Soon as I saw that 800 pop up I told Nomi to shove it and closed the kitchen. No more of that nonsense.Hiperion3 5d
6d Bot purge/crackdown soon? Please? Hello all, I'm hoping a few others might chip in to share stories of the bots they have seen and its effect on your market. I have noticed that herb botting has been increasing drastically in the last couple months. I'd love to see another wave of bans to help keep the economy balanced. Our herb markets typically have between 2,000-8,000 of each herb listed. It has happened several times in the last month that one player will cut the price and post up 30-40k of a single herb type. I know there *are* ways it could be legit, but it is very unlikely. Also, to those saying to just buy it all, I have bought what I could but the influx is just too great and the market stays skewed for weeks. I have reported players when I see they floating, clipping, and herbing but I feel that the amount that I happen to see is small compared to the problem. Anyone else have stories of botters dumping in your markets? Any chance we can get some Blizz feedback on a new wave of bans for these players?Valac0 6d
6d Rank 3 cooking Stupid little burning everything panda finely gave me my final rank 3 cooking recipe Every legion recipe Rank 3! I see it in the loot window and was stoked, I memorized it freaking achievement for this? Are,You.Freaking.Kidding.Me.!?! so I ate 6 pieces of bacon to get an achievementOakseeds4 6d
6d Legend of the Four Hammers Can anyone tell me where the quest for the above starts? Its for an item required to make the new blacksmith legendary.Liovatar5 6d
6d Enchanted Thorium Breastplate Hello LF a backsmith to make me an Enchanted Thorium Breastplate i have the mats ,doesnt matter the server i can make char anywhere and farm the mats again i really want that piece, thanks!Meelenir2 6d
6d Why all the interest in Ghost Iron Ore? I recently picked up alchemy with transmute master to dabble in the ghost iron/trillium/living steel market. But I am still not sure what is driving the whole thing. I originally was going to craft a Sky Golem for profit, but the margins are not that great. My backup plan is to just do Living Steel and sell it direct, although prices of Living Steel are only OK, and only a little better than selling ghost iron bars or trillium (I have a miner as well as an alchemist). Right now, trillium bars seem to be priced fairly high, so I may sell those. I am wondering why there would be that much of a market for trillium bars themselves. I understand they are used in some MOP blacksmithing armor, but I don't see why people would be buying that stuff. I suppose it could be for transmog, although I am skeptical, because anything can be 'for transmog'. Can anyone shed some light here? If the MOP blacksmithing market is really that good, I would want to explore that.Emilydor8 6d
6d Alchemy vs. Enchanting I am a druid, which I am going to main due to the fact they can do it all. Tank/Heal/DPS in range or Melee. My question is on whether to go Herb/Alch (Especially with Tauren herb skill) or Enchan/Tailor for enchants and bags. It's not about a profit thing but more of a personal use as I am planning to progression raid and M+ farm. Also, I do have tons of mats for tail/ench but barely anything for herb/alch. Any opinion would be appreciated.Untouchable5 6d
6d Profession Window via Guild UI Google-fu is killing me right now ... was this changed recently? I couldn't open one of my alts profession windows through the Professions list in the Guild roster window. It's how I check to see if I have a recipe for them. =\ - Character I was trying to open the window on is Skin/Herb and on my second account, non-Legion account. - I could open other herbalists' skill windows, even those on my main Legion account. - I couldn't open any Profession window (Tailoring, LW, etc.)Mulberry0 6d
6d Alchemy Rank 3 Flasks, anyone got them yet? Simple question, has anyone gotten any flask to rank 3? so far i've made well over 100 flasks of the same type trying to unlock rank 3, chances are if you play frostmourne you've been buying mine, thats how many ive made compared to the rest of my server. I honestly feel like im chasing a carrot on a stick here, the shear amount of time im suck into it trying to get rank 3 in a flask so i can then get 800 alch is taking longer than anything else in the game. So with my rant over, has anyone actually gotten rank 3 and if so how many flasks did you make roughly?Masika119 6d
6d Prospecting window/pop-up? My jewelcrafter is just getting started in Legion. Prospecting appears to usually return gem chips that seem to be worthless to the profession. Reading about the chips on Wowhead, I see that the pop-up window as you prospect can be an indicator for the color of the next actual gem to be found. Unfortunately my pop-up displays for about half a second making it impossible for me (I'm 72 and have vision impairments) to see the color. Is there a way to make that pop-up display for a longer time?Jessimyn3 6d
Aug 10 Are 20 str gems from WOTLK gone? I never see them made but I see 20haste all the time.Executor7 Aug 10
Aug 10 What other 2 Prof's to add? So I am just now starting to get into Gold making with Professions. Prior to this I just made it off of farming, quests, order hall etc. I have 4 characters at 110. 2 I raid on, 1 I sorta play, and 1 I accidentally got to 110. On my Main I have Ench + JC, on my primary Alt I got Ench + JC (Figured having Ench on both is good as for they get tons of epics I always DE) other alt I occasionally play I got Herb Gather + Mining to gather stuff for JC/Alchemy. But what other 2 professions would be good to add with these on a Character I'll likely only log onto for its professions?Jethrol1 Aug 10
Aug 10 Alchemy - Mastery in Legion? So i remember back in Cata they had these forms of Mastery for Alchemy you could chose, Transmute / Elixir Mastery for instance. Do they have any versions of this for Legion? Does the Cata Mastery transfer over for Legion? Meaning I should go out and get that now for my Legion Alchemy? I'm basically a noob when it comes to Alchemy. Just now starting off, so I am un-sure if there are any major things I need to get done or if I just simply need to farm up to Rank 3 in Legion?Trilek1 Aug 10
Aug 9 JC - Obliterum Wondering what the most efficient way of farming Obliterum is via Jewelcrafting. I just made a bunch of Aszunite Loops because I have that recipe maxed out at three stars, but it didn't seem to give very much ash per ring. Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated!Kawachan0 Aug 9
Aug 9 BoE Recipe: Thistle Tea So, as it turns out, my first character (a Rogue) still had the unlearned BoE Recipe: Thistle Tea in her bags. I've been having trouble selling it. Is it still very desirable? I know that the Rogues can still get it themselves, but no one else.Zowiee4 Aug 9