Feb 9 Professions resources on the web In this thread, we'll create a good old-fashioned pile of links to resources on the web that are specific to professions in World of Warcraft. As you make suggestions of great websites that fit that description, I'll return to this first post and add your links (so long at they are germane). I'll start us off with these: WoWhead Professions Guides Alchemy Blacksmithing Enchanting Engineering Herbalism Inscription Jewelcrafting Leatherworking Mining Skinning Tailoring ----- Archaeology Cooking First Aid Fishing Now it's your turn!Kaivax41 Feb 9
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11m Resilient spellthread is a lie? I have Resilient spellthread on my cloak from Tailoring and I get dazed constantly even though it's supposed to prevent it. Is this a bug or am I confused about what it actually does?Koochikoo1 11m
17m XA-1000 Surface Skimmer Does Nothing When I use this in water I pop up a little bit with a rocket underneath me, but then there's no other effect. Is this anyone else' experience?Shootyshooty6 17m
23m It would be nice to use my profession I would love to create an alchemist trinket to use now that I'm at 120 and getting 310 gear in dungeons. I've taken extra time to farm herbs as I'm leveling and there is no way to build one of these trinkets in time to actually use the trinket, before being replaced with 310 dungeon trinkets. This has been my experience with most professions in Wow. It's such an awful design.Failidan0 23m
32m Dual gathering main? Anyone run dual gather on their main for whole expansion? I’m think about doing it this time around. Only profession I enjoy is alchemy but I just figure why not gather and buy what I need of AH or find a guild member to make? Not really looking to make a ton of gold although been doing ok for the little bit of work I have put in. Just looking to break even and be able to buy the potions/gear I need. Should I stick to dual gather or drop mining for alchemy soon? Have no plans for alts at this time so this will be just to support one character. Thanks for your opinion : DLevi6 32m
1h sad profession. the professions are created so you can make gold then the game makes bad tailor profession, we create 355 items are bound to collect. my friends having fun with mining herbalism and inscrption and more ahead will be the time of the enchantment. bag 32 slot (world drop) ty blizzard = ( Sorry for the bad English because I used the translator.Dangerzone1 1h
1h Suggestion: Make fishing interesting So this is a suggestion to make fishing interesting. It would be good if we can add something to keep people awake while fishing. My suggestion would be to add a small game into it. It would only occur from fishing pools and you would get a 'You're onto something big!' message. There would be a small count down(maybe 3secs) and then boom! you're into the fight of your life. You could add directional buttons onto your hotbar and have to press them as required to keep the big fish on the line. After fighting for maybe 30secs to a minute you would land the fish. Being a big fish it would hold large loot. Some suggestions would be: *A large stack of fish or a few small stacks of varieties. *Small stack of rare fish like the Midnight Salmon. *Fishing related loots such as Water walking boots, Mage hat with teleport, Lucky lures etc. Adding a feature like this would certainly make it more interesting for me atleast. Cheers!Namanari3 1h
2h Anchor weed C'mon blizzard you gotta up at that anchor weed spawn just a tad. I have 8 tons of every herb and no dam anchor weed.. what's the deal!Powerhouse31 2h
2h Archaeology: Artifact Mining Pickaxe @Blizzard, Any future plans for this? Any updates to the profession in the foreseeable future that gives players incentive to be maxed skill versus level 1 skill and getting the same loot? I'm much more relaxed digging than fishing and enjoy the idea of the profession. But there's very few lackluster rewards.Etrys0 2h
3h Ultramarine pigment Ok wth is going on i have 3 times as much blue pigment when everything uses more red pigment then blue.Rosyhead0 3h
3h Blizzard, Fix Your Gathering Nodes I know every so often there's the odd herb inside the tree, or ore buried in a cave wall...but until this expac, I've never found so many misplaced gathering nodes. I think my favorite was the one spawned floating just below the ceiling of a cave (unreachable, of course), but I have to admit that the Siren's Sting floating a couple of feet away from the tree was also entertaining. And the sheer number of herbs and ores buried inside the game geometry this expac honestly has me wondering if the fine art of clipping your camera through cave walls is an intended playstyle now.Hardwire9 3h
4h Unsure how Legion Arch works (I’m currently questing in the Broken Isles) Sorry if this is a stupid question, I’m pretty good at asking stupid questions. This character has an Archeology level of 750/800, but I’ve only ever seen digsites spawn in Highmountain. I don’t know about you, but Tauren the only reason I was digging there was to get Eche’ro. I read somewhere that three digsites spawn at once, and the three currently on my map are -Path of Huln -Highmountain Burial Ground -The Witchwood Does the “Highmountain exclusivity” have something to do with the Eche’ro event? I don’t remember when it ends/if it already ended. TL;DR I’m tired of digging in Highmountain but digsites aren’t showing up anywhere else.Cathala1 4h
4h Good skinning areas Any good areas for skinning in the alliance areas? Not looking for super secret areas that usually over camped. But a place to skill up.Jatarri3 4h
4h What to do with 12 thousand Ultramarine Ink? Do I just vendor this trash?Artimass4 4h
4h Alchemy gets a gimpy 300 ilvl item? When every other profession that can craft an equipable item gets to make mythic level items? Can alchemy get a decent ilvl trinket.. not some wimpy 300 trinket that’s useless? Only fairZasharo5 4h
4h Gold making as BFA continues? (Professions) So, we're starting to see inscription: darkmoon decks/cards and contracts drop in price. I suppose they may hold steady for a month or so as new players continue to come in, but will be a gradual decline. Some are saying that a switch to alchemy for flasks will be viable. Right now, based on herb prices i'm seeing around 200-400g profit per flask at most, so it's not that great. Wondering how/if herb prices will drop enough to justify turning them into flasks - or if we'll continue selling the raw mats. Also, wouldn't a drop in deck/contract prices be balanced out by a drop in raw mats? Is there anything other than alchemy i should be looking at ? Thanks!Leadbelly8 4h
4h Recipe for Marks of Honor Not bad enough that most crafting recipes are so insanely expensive in mats, now we need marks of honor to buy higher ranks ? Can you please fire the idiot(s) that came up with that ?Ezb5 4h
5h Hydrocore Hydrocore is a joke, not only the amount but the effort and whats required is utterly ridiculous. If you think i'm running 15 mytic dungeons to craft one item you need to get your head examined. I wouldn't run one. I been playing since launch on and off and if blizz thinks I have this silly amount of time after getting married and having 3 kids and work then they are flipping nuts and I need to find another game. I no longer raid due to time and I rarely run a lfg dungeon its just not my thing. Mythic might as well not exist to me, it's not in lfg so it does not exist. Honestly the profs this expansion are a total joke and until now thats the only thing i have enjoyed about this game. Please fix this joke.Steelblu5 5h
5h Proffesion Reset After the latest Patch Update i had just realized that all my proffesion were reset at lvl 1 but it says lvl 1 leatherworking Legion / lvl 1 Fishing Legion / lvl 1 cooking Legion. I was just woundering if this was a glitch or a patch reset all of my professions at level 1 skill level, I'm really confused by this.Huntza0 5h
6h Anchor Weed needs it own spawn locations Why this "rare" herb has a chance to spawn on existing nodes is complete garbage. There is absolutely no reliable way to farm this. I spent 4 hours farming! and walked away being able to make 5 flasks because of Anchor Weed - walked away with over 1200 Winter's Kiss, 400 Riverbud, 500 Sea Stalk, 250 Star Moss, and !@#$ING 29 Anchor Weed....Oloo0 6h
7h Looking For Investors! O.K, so I have had a couple people do this for me so far, and I have had good returns. It is something I am asking people to invest in, and just like an investor in real life you will obviously make more than you invest. Yeah I know people will comment on this saying another scam or what not, but if you want to know more information about this, please contact me. (Alt+0225) for the (á) in my name. I would explain it here, but obviously then others will do the same as I am, and then there would be no reason to invest. Not sure if this is allowed if not go ahead, and remove this, brand new to using forums. ALSO, investments are strictly gold currency, no real money will be accepted. Looking to make some profit on some things, with real investors, and some honest work. Thanks for reading!Kylár0 7h
7h Engineering above 150 but won't let me learn 150 scroll My engineering is 165 with Kul Tiran I have the engineering buff the head piece gives you but it won't let me learn 150 engineering scroll. Seems bugged?! Also when any tinker is do does not give me a skill up. Thanks.Arduck7 7h
9h Enchanting to difficult to level Once enchanters get to level 75 your only option to keep leveling is weapon enchants which are already yellow and Pact ring enchants. Both of which take Veiled Crystals with the rings taking 8 each enchant. The materials needed to just level up are insane. If you were to try leveling on the wands you get at level 85 each wand takes 3 expulsom. Which is stupid considering you already have to disenchant to get materials and then you need expulsom.Zonon9 9h
9h Darnassus Cooking & Fishing Dailies? I just made a brand-new Night Elf, went to pre-burned Darnassus, and there are no cooking or fishing dailies there. Is this intended? I don't know why it would be, since new characters are "in the past," before Sylvanas had her little fit.Califree2 9h
9h E.N.G. - Entirely Not Good. Dear Blizzard, I was very excited for some of the new items this expansion and have been farming non-stop, but when I crafted a level 120 mace it did not roll Str, (and to my surprise) NONE of the new Maces/Wrenches roll with Strength. Only Intellect or Agility. Seriously? So only Blacksmiths can craft items with Str now? Not that it really matters considering all the grinding that's involved just to roll an ilvl 300 wep when one can just que for a dungeon or world quest and score a 310 wep without an ounce of gathering or crafting effort involved. Great design there. Very rewarding. Also NOT a hunter, so aside from selling or giving away scopes and ammo ENG is essentially useless for any other class this expac. Thanks for that. Oh, bombs you say? Nope. 3 second cast times and bugged cooldowns that go up to 10 min. New belt "enchants"?- Underwhelming/not worth replacing boosters. Hope the re-used goggle models are at least worth crafting for the azerite perks considering they are currently the same ilvl as mythic dungeon drops and by the time you get the Mythic materials required you most likely already have a 340 helm. Eng Goggles used to be the pride of the profession and last well into the first few tiers of raiding. Many of the new Schematics and Eng. crafting reagents also can't be placed in the Toolbox... Again. Happens every expac. Still waiting on the 'Stealthman54' back from WoD to be able to be placed in the Toolbox. Don't think I've ever been this disappointed in an expac Bliz. Don't get me wrong, the story is Okay, but everything else feels like it got neglected pretty hard. Considering how messed up secondary stats and scaling are right now, you could at least make some lemonade by giving Engineers the ability to reforge/tinker secondary stats on items? Would be great to have more than 10% haste at lvl120 in Prot and Fury specs that finished Legion needing a soft-cap of 30-35% to feel playable.. Especially now that all our abilities are on the same GCD. Can only hope some of this gets through...Ragebomb15 9h
10h How do i get runed copper rod for enchanting? How do i get runed copper rod for enchanting?Skorg16 10h
11h Darkmoon Deck Crafting Starting from now, would it be possible to craft 1 or 2 decks from scratch without sinking gold into them by time raid rolls around? Basically myself going around and picking / crafting everything.Vargkrigare3 11h
11h Where are the profession quests? In all my time leveling up, I got literally no profession-based quests. I run Tailoring/Enchanting with all the basic professions of Cooking/Archaeology/Fishing and in all the time from level 110-120 no quests where offered at all. I can say from word of mouth that other professions like Herbalism and Alchemy have quests tied to them when I asked around. So what Is the deal? I feel like I got jipped. WHERE ARE THE PROFESSION QUESTS?!Blackguarde4 11h
12h Can we talk about Fishing.. I believe fishing has become extremely tedious, compared to the other professions, it is boring and takes up a majority of your time, and in my opinion encourage botting. I can't believe after all these years, the Goblins or Gnomes haven't come out with a fishing net, that allows you to haul in multiple fish at once! Please Blizz, Give me a net or a multiple lines fishing pole!Alunet0 12h
12h Can we get an ink trader? Hey so you gave us an infinite supply of ultramarine ink and nothing but lock pick scrolls to really spend them on. Everything else we craft takes such a small quantity of the ultramarine ink and a larger quantity of the rarer crimson ink, so I'm sure every scribe is sitting on thousands of the useless ultramarine ink. 5 Ultramarine for 1 Crimson and maybe something like 50 Ultramarine for 1 Viridescent would be good.Nihilist16 12h
12h Gathering Skills and BFA So for those who have been playing long enough to remember, one might recall how before the dark times.... before the Empire - no, wait. That's Star Wars. Sorry. Anyways, before Warlords of Draenor you could get away with having only one character utilizing gathering skills: one miner, one herbalist, one skinner. In Warlords and Legion, that was no longer viable (or at least not as easy) due to the BoP crafting mats provided by gathering professions. Given that so far the two BoP mats we've seen; Expulsom and Hydrocores, come from scrapping items and dungeon bosses respectively, does this mean we could go back to only needing to level one gathering profession per character? Or am I dreaming the fevered dream of a mad goblin because I'm missing something?Marthok0 12h
13h Deep undercutting. Stop this !@#$. If something is at 150k, and you wanna list lower, cool. But don't put it up for HALF of what the dude before you is selling it for. You literally just hurt everyone this way by tanking the prices of things. I don't mean common things that will flood anyways. I mean crafted, purple BOE's. Undercutting is fine, its apart of the game. But this lowballing stuff is just selfish.Greaterx10 13h
13h What Is Going on With Blacksmithing? Seriously, this is torturous. I'm not sure why I'm even leveling the profession, except in the hope that *maybe* it'll be better in the future. Everything that I'm crafting until I can craft Honorable gear is worthless to me. In fact, can we talk about how bizarre it is to have a tier of ilvl 225 gear that's both absurdly expensive to craft and replaceable by quest greens almost immediately? And then you have to keep making them. Over. And over. And over. And finally we hit ilvl 300 gear, which gets replaced with stuff from NORMAL MODE DUNGEONS. And then after that we get to the good stuff...except you need to do mythics, which means you may as well just do mythics. At the very least, the monolite gear needs to scale with your lvl, and at 120 should be ilvl 300. The Honorable gear should be between normal and heroic, 310-315 or so. Boom. You have a reasonable progression of gear that's useful to your player base and serves as an on-ramp to heroics. As it is, this just seems pretty pointless to do.Unsung18 13h
13h Aromatic Fish Oil Dont buy this !@#$ on the AH. Its sold by vendors for like 2 gold for a stack of 10. I'm salty that I cant make gold from fishing as easily now, but yeah, just a heads up if your using it for cooking.Bubblebðy24 13h
13h Expulsom Clarification Hello all, quick question. Ive gotten my blacksmithing to 105, I see that I can craft two exact copies of items. One requires Expulsom and the other does not: VS I dont understand as they are both the same stats, only one costs more then the other one, some help would be nice, Thank you ahead of time.Darkstêêl2 13h
13h Lack of Cooking Fires in Dazar'Alor It's a little frustrating that none of the dozens and dozens of large grill pits covered in meat strewn throughout the city count as cooking fires. Am I missing where the real ones are, or will I have to make my own whenever I'm in the troll capital?Lerusya10 13h
13h Blizz finally killing Engineering? No Mecha-Auctioneer No Wormhole No Robot like Reaves/Jeeves No Blingtron 7000 No good tinkers, granted it's hard to compete with Glider and Water Jets No new goggle transmog Can't upgrade goggles (Mythics drop 340 gear, which you need to do to make goggles which are ilvl 340) Seems like they're trying to get rid of all the perks of Engineering so nobody will notice it being removed entirely. Edit: As Adversa points out Engi goggles do have unique Azerite traits which is nice, but we still need to be able to upgrade their ilvl to keep them relevant.Vintorez8 13h
14h Ultramarine Ink After some inscription work i now have literally thousands of ultramarine pigment. Please make a recipe that can actually use a lot of it to be something useful. I don't want to start selling this stuff. If we could convert ultramarine to crimson, or a lot of it to viridescent, or war scrolls use a lot more utlra than crimson, or anything really, it would help a ton.Dumat0 14h
15h Rollback Aromatic Fish Oil Rollback Aromatic Fish Oil, there are 10k stacks on the AH (28g/unit) and I doubt that is all the inventory of the exploiters. Some people with beta access probably had full knowledge of exploiting this and now that the damage is done people are sitting on gold mines of exploited goods. I'd imagine the point of the oils was to give the useless fishes from fishing value. Now people who exploited their oils can undercut people who earned their oils since they only spent 2.5g per oil... It is still extremely early in the release, there is time to revert the millions of ill gotten potential gold.Hydration2 15h
16h Hyjal bag monopoly pricing? Auction house sites say there have been no Hyjal bags listed on my server for at least two weeks before I started listing them. I sold one yesterday for 3400, and one this morning for 3999. They're going so fast I'm thinking I should price them higher, since I'm the only one on the server making them. Given I have a monopoly, what price should I charge to maximize my revenue? If you're an herbalist and don't have one, how much would you pay? What value of herbs do you collect over an evening? Edit: the Hyjal bag is a 36 slot herb bag, for context.Ithiliel1 16h
16h Incendiary Ammunition Scope I have this on my hunter bow whos 120 , and it says "dealing extra fire damage to your target when dealing damage with ranged attacks", but when i look at combat logs, theres no mentioning of its dmg i missing something?Gruumsh3 16h
16h cant open professions i just started leveling my mage again and i still cant open my professions what gives here's a screen shot of what the professions tab in my spell book looks like Zàl7 16h
16h How much are you charging per expulsom? If someone asks you to craft something and they have all the other mats, how much gold would you want per expulsom? I'm having a hard time pricing them.Rafalar11 16h
17h Fishing Pole needed? I changed mains on horde side and I'm considering not getting the fish hat and underline angler on it. Is the fishing items even needed anymore?Jaréth5 17h
17h Herb Node Invalid target despawn Over the past 2 days I've noticed a lot more herbs saying Invalid target when I pick them and they despawn, or they just despawn in my face as I walk up to them.. Bugged? Intentional nerf?Skeeks5 17h
19h Enchant Cloak - Gift <stat> WTF!??! I'm trying to stay calm because it doesn't do me or anyone any good for me to come on here and rant and rage, but I'm pretty pissed. Just found out that I can no longer use Enchant Cloak - Gift of <stat> to legion level gear. WHY?? Do you remember when you nerfed these from +10% movement, to +2% at the start of the expansion (WoD) and said something to the effect of 'we can come up with more interesting movement speed enchants', or something to that effect.... YET YOU NEVER DID?? Do you?? Because I do!! Because that's what happened! For ALL of legion, I have used these enchants over the, what most would call superior, legion cloak enchants for the 2% movement buff. This again, would be argue to be a dps loss as the stats are not as great, but I didn't care, because I wanted the movement. But NOW, you've nerfed them to where I can't use them on higher level gear???????? What is the freaking point of this change? Please explain. Please. I'll tell you what it looks like the point is - you don't want people using older enchants instead of newer ones, because that would mean your new stuff sucks and you failed to come up with something good enough to incentivize me to use it. If I want to use sub par stats and take a DPS loss to move a freaking lousy 2% faster, then jesus christ BLiz, let me do it. Sheeeeesh. Damn I'm mad. This the type of change that you do periodically that is so bad I reconsider if I want to keep supporting this game with my money.Sultriss10 19h
20h Getting Ready for BfA Mining So my mining is at 70/100 for legion and I want to get that up before I start leveling for BfA. Do I need to farm legion ore to get it to 100 or can I farm BfA ore? I've tried farming Legion ore but almost everything's grey and things that are yellow or even orange aren't giving a skill up. What do I need to do?Shãðøwståßz3 20h
20h AH really slow? Or is it my addon? So I'm using Auctionator for my AH addon, but it is excruciatingly slow on certain items, but I have a feeling this is because of the sheer quantity of stuff. For e.g. There are 36 pages of Monelite Ore on my realm. I just want to use the addon to get the best price, but am I correct in assuming there's no way around this? I realize that I have to let the addon sift through all 36 pages of information - but is there any other addon that maybe faster than Auctionator at doing this ?Leadbelly12 20h
20h MAKE ENGINEERING GADGETS TOYS Many engineering items need to be converted into toys or a learned skill. Having these in my bags for years doesn't make sense. -Gnomish Knife -Mist-Piercing Goggles -Wormholes -Reeves -Electrostatic Condenser And some others.Wickedlock7 20h