Jun 6 Professions resources on the web In this thread, we'll create a good old-fashioned pile of links to resources on the web that are specific to professions in World of Warcraft. As you make suggestions of great websites that fit that description, I'll return to this first post and add your links (so long at they are germane). I'll start us off with these: WoWhead Professions Guides Alchemy Blacksmithing Enchanting Engineering Herbalism Inscription Jewelcrafting Leatherworking Mining Skinning Tailoring ----- Archaeology Cooking First Aid Fishing Now it's your turn!Kaivax37 Jun 6
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5h What am I even supposed to do with Sargerite? I know what it can be turned into, rather, my question is what's the point of Sargerite? My main professions have always been enchanting and alchemy, on multiple characters. An Infernal Alchemist Stone costs more to craft than an Astral Alchemist Stone takes to make, so that front was bankrupt from day one. Astral Healing Potions are also a gigantic loss and are rendered useless by my class via healthstones. I can transmute 25 bloods to a sargerite, but why? Primal Obliterum sells for 50-100g higher than obliterum. Bloods "Sell" for at least 300g up to 450g via Potions of Prolonged Power. My post begs the question for Blizzard; Why couldn't there be a new tier of consumables? This is the last content patch of the expansion, no? Why not add new potions that combine Astral Glory and some Sargerite with a completed flask to produce a flask that has 2000 mainstat opposed to the 1300 it is right now. Why not make a new tier of enchants as was done for Jewelry? 200 stat could easily become 250 stat. As it stands right now, I might as well vendor sargerite. Any use is a strict lossKishia6 5h
9h Trainer-taught recipes missing post-Legion I got this character as my free 100 boost upon getting Legion, but I'm wanting to do the old Dalaran cooking dailies in order to collect up all the recipes. My problem is, Awilo has no recipes for me. All he offers is Legion cooking training, which I can't get until 700. My skill is currently 444 thanks to doing WoD fishing dailies and cooking all my fish, but being a completionist I'm missing a huge chunk of trainer-taught recipes so I can't do the old Dalaran cooking daily that requires Rhino Dogs. I've noticed this with a lot of old world trainers in other skills as well. I know I could just buy them off the AH or make them on an older toon that already has the recipe, but this feels like an oversight, or possibly a glitch? What am I missing?Grendarion3 9h
12h Low level Blacksmithing I know low level profession skills don't seem to matter anymore ("Just level, lol!"), but I happened to log on an old alt I hadn't played in a while. He was wearing crafted Blacksmithing gear. Gear that used to be made for Strength users. Unfortunately, it's all Agility Mail now. Why is this? Leatherworking makes low level Agility Mail. Why does Blacksmithing also create Agility Mail instead of Strength Plate? Why were these items not converted to Plate? It seems like a new user might be a bit thrown off to find that they have no crafting profession for a Plate wearer until level 40+. If it's for transmog reasons, just copy the looks over to the fairly recently added new low level Agility Mail patterns. Those all use the same look now anyhow, so they could use a change without upsetting anything.Airc4 12h
12h Bigger Fish to Fry As the Game Master, Senior Game Master and Customer Support have all been inattentive, rude or dismissive, I come here seeking help. At this time, I am doing the grind for the achievement Bigger Fish to Fry. I have done this farm for over three days. Yes, I have the Arcane Lure. Yes, I have checked the area in which I am fishing. Yes, I have checked Wowhead. Can you please provide the reasoning why the drop rate for the items (Nightmare Nightcrawler, Sleeping Murloc and Stunned, Angry Shark) are so low? It should not be this difficult to obtain the fishing artifact. I have been playing this game for an inordinate amount of time with no issue, but this is absurd. As a quick test, I flew to Val'shara to try to catch the Nightmare Nightcrawler. I used an Arcane Lure with the full buff for thirty-eight casts. Per their own database (WoWHead) - Arcane Lure: Use: Increases your chance to catch bait in the Broken Isles by 100% for 10 min. In thirty-eight separate casts with the full ten minute duration of the buff, I caught zero baits. Yes, I noted above that you have stated that, "...drop are determined randomly. Even with specific bait, it isn't a guarantee that the associated fish will drop." However, this test has been repeated more than once over a period of almost five days now. If even with a buff that increases chance supposedly by 100%, should I not have caught at least one bait during the buff duration? Simple mathematics and probability would suggest so as would logic. As one test should never be considered enough proof, I have tested it yet again for you. Over two tests, we have seventy-four casts with the Arcane Lure buff in two different zones in Val'shara. In both tests, I did not catch a single bait. 0/74 = 0 Can you please explain this? This is for a Fishing Pole. This is not for World First Mythic Kil'Jaeden. This should not take something similar or comparable to weeks of progression and 653 wipes. Even if the catch rate is 2% and you use the Arcane Lure, the value is now 4% on each individual cast. There should be no reason that this is taking this long. What exactly could I be missing. Here are the links already reviewed: TLDR: I have checked Wowhead. The items Nightmare Nightcrawler, Sleeping Murloc and Stunned, Angry Shark are not dropping. I want to know why and what you can do to help besides send me to Wowhead which is useless.Amdir7 12h
12h Changes need to be done with prospecting!! Man I swear jewelcrafting Is getting worse. I Prospected 200 Empyrium and got one measly chemirine Gem the rest were chipped gems what gives. What the @#!% Man!!! Please blizzard team change the ratio or something. It totally takes the fun out of the professions because you don't even have right materials to make anything. To make a Epic necklace its gunna take weeks at this rateMelwyndude1 12h
12h Game is broken for miners. When the main way to farm Empyrium ore is server hoping Basiliks. Did two hours of farming in Mac, found one rich Empyrium node, seriously out of the hundreds of nodes ive farmed, I can count in one hand how many were rich. The spawn times on nodes are slow, and seems to be a fraction of ore compared to legion zones. Its dam stupid, really. Be back when its fixed.Shanikans8 12h
12h Scimitar of the Sirocco This is old news, but can I unlock Scimitar of the Sirocco while doing archaeology on my mage or do i have to be a pally, warrior, death knight for it to show up as shown in wowhead. Ty for any responses may be a silly question i know just want to be sure so i dont grind for nothingFire1 12h
13h Faster production please Any chance Blizz could bring in a utility item to allows faster production of say potions or smelting ore etc This would be similar to the chef's hat for cooking and would be an achieve in itself.Valcina0 13h
15h New Profession Recipes? Where do I get the new profession recipes? Doing the Argus questline on 2 characters now, I haven't been able to find any quests. Enchanting/Jewelcrafting/Tailoring.Astranna20 15h
20h Professions next expansion Next expansion please fix this joke of a system. I used to love working on my professions. Even as bad as WoD was, I got Grand Master of All. For legion, I have only capped like 3, and 2 of those are gathering professions. It's like you looked at the WoD system and asked yourselves how could we make it worse, and went with that.Yuzuriha21 20h
1d Eng: Gravitational Reduction Slippers So I just did the fun quest to unlock this recipe. I was expecting this to be a real Tinker/Enchant type deal for Shoes with an On-Use effect and cooldown like other Engineering tinkers. Instead it's a ONE-TIME use item... The crafting cost is not worth making this for a one-time 3 minute effect. Please change this into a Tinker/Enchant with on-use effect. Thank you. P.S. I DO like that it doesn't require engineering to use it. But Tinker would be better.Hyperior8 1d
1d Prospecting in Argus Second day in a row I have prospected over 100 empyrion and have received only 2 crystals total. That's a 1% drop rate and that sucks. I have received almost 50 useless gem chips in the process. What's up with the prospecting rate? And to top it off the empyrion mines are few and far between as are the basilisks. Can we get something done about this!!!!!Soayja4 1d
1d Are Engineering's cranial cannons still bad? I remember on launch they did like 80 damage, Absolute garbage effect. But now i could make ones to have a head piece at 900 with pure haste and the effect, If it does good damage now that is.Gêrâlt8 1d
1d Server hop mining against TOS? hello, I'm looking for an official blue post on if server hop mining is against TOS. I'ts hard to compete for nodes(or crocs) with people engaging in this. not b****ing just looking for an official post.Penacylin10 1d
17h Rogue has topped Hunter as my favorite The Hunter was my favorite up til today. I broke down and started a Goblin Rogue earlier today. Ive tried to NOT power level. For some reason leveling too fast absolutely ruins the game for me. I think Im going into areas like 3 levels too high sometimes and its taking some of the challenge from the game. Dont change anything, Blizzard...i like it as it is because sometimes I want to level up quicker. The Rogue gets to level 14 and he can sneak up behind someone, freeze them in place, rob them blind, then beat them into a puddle before they get a shot off. Funny as hell doing it to NPC's. Wouldnt want a real player to be on the receiving end, if it does work the same way. I always avoid the 'thief' professions in these games, generally going for a more adept killing machine, which the Hunter does in a most fashionable manner. Most games Ive played just dont do the Rogue/Thief character in a way that I am expecting it to be. Not WoW though. It was actually FAR better than I would have expected. Kudos to Blizzard. I finally found a game that does the class/profession the right way.Heagnin5 17h
1d When will Engineering be great again? Ever since the Saronite Bombs incident on World first Lichking Engineering has just been getting worst and worst for players like me who loved how many cool tools and trinkets it gave. Let me replace my body with machine parts that have amazing and powerful abilities. Robot legs for super running and jumping, Arms that turn into cannons, metal wings that pop out of my back and let me glide or fly. You worked so hard on the fantasy for the classes but you forgot about the fantasy of a mad bomber or an insane scientist for Engineering.Aulann6 1d
1d Professions are worthless. What gives? Professions have always been of dubious value. They take a huge amount of effort to level and you might find one or two recipes of any real worth in any given profession at max level. But in Legion it seems significantly worse. None of the recipes are any good. Leveling a profession is extremely time consuming, and the best way to get gear remains dungeon grinding. You can't realistically use professions from one toon to speed up leveling on another toon because of the level requirements of the items. It's faster to just grind quests or dungeons on the toon you're trying to gear up, as that earns XP also. There's really zero benefit to professions from what I've seen so far. Why is Blizzard crippling this part of the game? And a better question might be, why has Blizzard treated professions with such blatant disdain since vanilla?Shìne19 1d
1d Can't receive Prolonged Power (Rank 3)? Anyone else have this issue? I received the recipe perfectly fine on my 104 Mage and 104 Priest, both with 700 Alchemy, one has the rank 1 recipe, one doesn't. However, my level 102 Rogue cannot seem to get the recipe to drop. She has level 700 alchemy. People are getting the recipe just fine on level 98-100 toons, so it's not a level problem. Anyone else have any issues getting the recipe to drop on specific toons?Reinhilde9 1d
1d Jewelcrafting Recipes So as a recent JC who dropped Engineering, which sucks massively this expansion BTW, I was wondering about an issue with JC that I don't see with other professions. Namely, why is JC the only profession limited by time in regards to learning the WotLK/Cataclysm recipes? Every other profession can simply trade gathering materials for their recipes, while JC has no choice but to do a daily. I can learn everything I want in a day with the other professions, with JC it could take almost a year. Seriously, why?Zero59 1d
1d Leatherworking, worst profession There is literally nothing I can craft that sells for more than a few hundred gold. With all the new relinquished gear, there's no reason for anyone to spend gold on my crummy ilvl 900 crafted gear when they can farm shards for a day and get 910+ stuff. Even our craftable mount is BoP. I wouldn't even care if I could craft my own high ilvl gear, but we're limited to ONE slot piece which is useless to me anyway since I already filled that slot with BiS legendary. So now I have a metric crapton of fiendish leather (which I could sell I suppose) and primal sargerite, and absolutely nothing to "spend" it on. I sincerely hope that 7.3.5 adds more high ilvl craftable pieces, but it seems pretty unlikely. Even bumping the obliterum upgrade to 915-920 would be helpful.Trumpwolf4 1d
2d Tasting To Learn WoD Recipes at 110? So,, after a 4 year break, I come back to find out that the game has changed,, ALOT. Anyways,, I ran across a post that said you can learn WoD recipes by tasting,, and since I used a free bump to get to 100, I figured why not buy a bunch and see what happens. The problem arises that if I mouse over the foods from WoD on a low lvl char, it has a note that tasting can help learn the recipe, however on my now 110, this food does NOT say so. I tried a few, but if you cannot learn the recipe after a certain cooking or character level, I would prefer just to sell them instead of burning through thousands of gold worth of food to see if it finally works. Any thoughts?Exosus1 2d
2d Suramar Fisher Friend You expect me to run around in circles following a pool that's constantly moving for 6 hours? LOL - NO! That was a really bad idea.Tilliad4 2d
2d LF LW to make belt of the black eagle Hey guys, was seeing if there was anyone on tich (H) that can make me the belt of the black eagle. Need the belt to finish my transmog. I have the mats, will also tip 5k. I would greatly appreciate it, thanks!Mexcellence0 2d
2d Can't Obtain Imbued Silkweave Bag pattern I was a level 800 tailor and had the Imbued Silkweave Bag pattern. However, I decided to drop tailoring to try alchemy. Long story short - I didn't like it and switched back. I leveled tailoring back to 800 and bought the book from the trainer in dalaran to relearn many of my patterns... except 1. I'm missing the Imbued Silkweave Bag pattern and I can no longer do the quest since I completed it a few months ago. Is this a bug? Or is there something else I have to do?Diddy0 2d
3d Blacksmith to craft Felsteel Longblade Looking for a blacksmith to craft this one handed sword - Felsteel Longblade. If any BS have this plan I would greatly appreciate your time. Thank you!Vettra1 3d
3d Mass Prospecting results My alt is my JC and I've been cutting gems all the way back in the WoTLK. I find it a pain to prospect 5 ore at a time. With the amount of prospecting I do at a time, I need to do it by mass prospecting. I've priced the rare gems on the uncut price. I need to value that price because I need to know if buying the uncut gems would be better vs. prospecting. spent 28.1k gold on Felslate from the AH. 23 mass prospect Felslate Maelstormx5 Furystonex4 Eye of Prphecyx3 Dawnlightx15 54.5k - Total cost of rare uncut gems 8.1k - total cost of common and gem chips. 38 mass prospect of Felslate about 45.6k. Using blood vendor ore on my other alts. Shadowrubyx7 Maelstorm Sapphirex12 19.8k Rare uncut gems. 9k common gems and gem chips 28.8k total. Spent 25.2k on Felslate from the AH. 21 mass prospect shadowrubyx6 Panemonitex9 Maelstorm Sapphirex3 Eye of Prophecyx2 Dawnlightx8 68.1k gold Rare uncut gems 5.2k in common gems and chips 73.3k total. Prices of ore has fallen to 50 gold each (was 60 gold each). Spent 14.2k on felslate. 14 mass prospect Felslate Eye of prophecyx2 2.5k in rare uncut gems 3.2k in common and gem chips. 5.7k total. 39 mass prospect for 39k gold. Took a couple of weeks buying anything around 50 gold. Prices have been about 60 gold each. Maelstormx8 Furystonex2 Eye of Prophecyx12 Dawnlightx5 38.7k rare gems 7.4k in common gems and chips 46.1k gold total. 25 mass prospect for 26k gold. I had to buy little be here and there. Prices were for 45 to 55. I'm guessing the average price was around 52 each. shadowrudyx3 5.250 Pandemonitex5 20.446 Maelstrom Sapphirex3 2700 Furystonex5 3500 31.8K rare gems 14.9 in common gems and chips 46.7 gold total 1st round of mass prospecting, I made more gold then I spent buying the ore off the AH. 2nd round, I lost more gold prospecting vs selling the ore on the AH. 3rd round was better. 4th was a total lost. 5th was not a lost nor a good profit. 6th good return for mass prospecting. I should make some more money by cutting the gems. I'll sell the chips on the AH and make common gems into rings to DE.Nighthand13 3d
3d Let engineers craft [Neural Silencer] It's not like we've gotten anything this expansion worth crafting. and the only way to get them are from an outdated blingtron.Fortó0 3d
3d What to do with Astral Glory? Hi all, I'm an alchemist and herbalist and got a lot of spare Astral Glory. Is there much I can do with these to make some gold? Apart from just selling them. Thanks for any adviceßowdown3 3d
3d Dreadhide Leather I just recived some Dreadhide Leather from a Cache of Wyrmtongue Skins from a rare but have no idea what to use it for...looking on Wowhead I saw some leather Dreadhide armor but it's from the Relinquished tokens and not crafted. So what is this leather for?Shamtul2 3d
3d Cooking problems I am 600/600 and I cant find any trainers to unlock 600-700 because they all say i need to get to 700 to unlock legion and I have tried all cooking trainers from vanilla to legion. Anyone have an answer for this?Sathyr1 3d
3d Disappointed LW and Skinner Im sort of disappointed right now with how Blizzard just gave us two patters for LW. I mean dont get me wrong its great that as a LW we get two new leather patterns but outside my leather wearing toons and guild mates who want the shoulders for Ilevel boost I dont have any use for the shoulders and they aren't selling on the AH at all. Likewise I am also disappointed with skinning as well. Because I dont have enough patterns to make the fiendish leather with I have all this leather and nothing to use it on. Granted I could sell it on the AH but since launch of 7.3 a stack of 200 on my server goes for 1.5k which is not even really worth me going out to even farm for this leather and posting it on my servers AH. So I'm really sadden that I cant do more with the leather I have and the fact that right now Im sitting on 3000 leathers and I cant do anything with. So I was just wondering if anyone else has also been disappointed and wish that Blizzard would give professions a few more patterns so we can actually do stuff?Linalight3 3d
3d Learherworking legion armor kits? Sorry if this is a stupid question, I haven't done more than dabble with any professions since vanilla... Early on in leatherworking you could create armor kits that boost armor for some of your items permanently. Do they still have such recipes for ~900 ilvl items or is this a thing strictly for lower ilvl now a daysMuadiab1 3d
4d A lucky skinning day Today I took this character, my DH, over to Nagrand to level his skinning and do some fishing. I just wanted a break from the Broken Isles. By chance I landed in the southern region where there is a hut and bunch of warsong wolves that spawn quickly. As I landed a noticed a huge pile of corpses ready to be skinned. It turns out there was a level 110 DK there just killing wolves, one after another. He was obviously not a skinner. So I started skinning. At one point I asked him what he was doing - I presumed he was looting corpses for fur. But I never got an answer. Couldn't tell if it was a bot. Anyway, in about 20 min or so I went from level 200 to 610. Didn't get much XP for the effort since there was no killing on my part, but it was a nice way to get my level up.Diggster2 4d
4d Make professions great again So y'all know how legendaries are awesome, and you can craft some legendaries but those kinda suck? And professions kinda suck right now? Take all the legendaries that can be acquired and send them out to the professions, make them have a quest to acquire a specific item for the specific legendary that ANYONE can complete or some come from boss drops. Then have some base materials like 100 ore and some other stuff that might be hard to acquire and BOOM legendary RNG issue fixed and professions are now important again. People will set out to grind money to buy them off the auction house, they'll beef up their professions to craft them, people will go gather, people can choose what legendaries they want but they'll be difficult to obtain and still be legendary What do y'all think?Cissoid1 4d
5d Mining Issues I've already put in a ticket, but I'm curious to see if anyone else has this problem. I switched professions to mining recently, and started from level 1, I leveled up all the way up to 734. I have rank 1, felslate/leystone seam, and living felslate/leystone. However, I haven't received rank 1 leystone/felslate deposits. I was wondering if anyone has had this issue, and found a fix, or am I just out of luck?Sparkleshine1 5d
5d Jewelcrafting bugged? I have level 750 jewelcrafting. I cannot get any quests for plans for legion plans. I SHOULD be on: But timothy is nowhere to be found. There is no way to get this quest. Wtf is going on?Thedingus1 5d
5d Inscription: Vantus Runes My guild recently finished Heroic ToS. We of course utilize Vantus Runes for KJ. Does anybody else actually use Vantus Runes to raid? I see they sell for very little gold. I rarely see them being offered or utilized in PUGs. Is it simply that the 1.5k Vers not that useful unless the entire raid uses them?Fyddy2 5d
5d First Aid: Treat Fever Not Creating First Aid problem: I wanted to make the treat fever kits. I bought the field pack reagents from the first aid trainer. However it won't let me create the packs. I guess I did something wrong. Can anyone advise?Ahnknu34 5d
5d ENGINEERING IS ON THE FRITZ! #MEGA YO! BLIZZARD! Murgle (110 HUNTER) here. Now you know I loves ya with all my heart but I have a ton of engineering grievences and I intend to now air them. AND FURIOUSLY SO! FIRSTLEE: ARGUS MOON BOUNCE SHOES!?!?!! SERIOUSLY! Like the original Reaves they are extremely limited, not all that fun, and a slap in the face compared to our Sky Golem/World Spinner days. THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE A SATISFYLING SILLY SOUND EFFECT. Fix that noise tout suite! SECONDERARY: Portals!?!?! More like Schmortals! Random portals are no fun and about as useless as a Hunters' Eagle Flight Paths. The specific location transporters, or specific location wormhole generators made a little bit of sense. The random transportation/generators are a bunch of fracking hogwash. The RNG failure occurence of the portals was a bit much too but I'LL ALLOW IT. There is no point of using them if you are going to end up 10 skillion miles away from to your toon's goals of the moment. EXAMINE THIS HOGWASH! IMMEDIATELY! THIRDISH: Why no cool, exclusive mount for Argus or even the Broken Shore? Why no neato adorable Battle Pets? Why not some nifty gadget that actually helps us unleash Azeroth's mechanical ingenuity upon the Legion. I mean... COME ON! It's reaching a point where our pitiful abilities are being laughed at by Herbalists... TREE HUGGING, MUSHROOM SNIFFING, HIPPY HAIRED HERBALISTS! It's embaressing, it truly is. ALMOST AS EMBARESSING AS NOMI'S COOKING SKILLS. These abilities need a 10cc OF AWESOME STAT! Now... I don't want to hurt any feelings or make you fellas think I don't still love this game. I do. It is one of my favorite games, favorite companies, and favorite storyworlds ever. Alls I'm saying is my urge to take an Uber over to Irvine and school your Engineering... um engineers I guess... in some Engineering 101 is hitting a fever pitch. (I won't actually do that... please don't report me to the local authorities. I promise i'm sort of, kind of sane). Anyhoo. Keep making great stuff. Keep keeping it real and keep this eloquently badass, dashingly handsome, highly intellgent, and amazingly HUMBLE little Orc happy and his pocket's full of sweet, sweet gold. Sincerely/Your Pal, Murgle the MagnificientMurgle0 5d
5d Pattern: Imbued Silkweave Bag I had the pattern before i quit tailoring,i took up tailoring again but after buying the book for lost recipes the bag recipe didn't come with it,i got the next rank for the bag but can't use it yet. Is there another way to get the bag recipe again?Johnisme8 5d
5d Goblin glider was farming icc for lk mount and after beating blood queen i jump in the hole in the floor and tried to use the glider. havent been there in a wile and was cought up when it didnt want to work. did they fix the glider so you cant use em in certain place ? was always able to use it there but not as of todayTerminatrix3 5d
5d Prospecting new 7.3 ore dam blizz still hasn't fix professions. nothing but gem chips from new ore.Degame3 5d
5d Gathering Rank 3 They are real right? or is blizzard just playing some joke on use miners and herbalistCutesybutton8 5d
5d Astral Alchemists Stone: 885 lol So I finished the quest to get the recipe for the infernal alchemists stone. It has versatility (of course) but most shocking was it has an ilevel of 885! Really? The catch up gear you can buy from the freaking vendor is 910. Can you fix this Blizzard and at least make it 910? 885 is USELESS at this point.Rastlin3 5d
6d Idea: Make Primal Sargerite "Bind on Server" This is literally NON-SENSE, for characters that have 2 gathering professions, and even more NON-SENSE when it's a character with 2 crafting professions. Blessed are the people with 1 gathering and 1 crafting profession, because the synergy is there. So the idea is to make Primal Sargerite(and possibly Blood of Sargeras) "Bind on Server"(You can send it to your character of the same faction, on a same server. But it will still act as "Bind on pick-up"(So you can't sell them in the AH and etc) The good effects: The idea is that you can send primal sargerites from a character to another character(of the same faction, on the same server) This way, you won't feel "punished" for having a character with 2 gathering/2 crafting profession. If someone have a lot of alt, they will get an advantage, but they put their time t I can see from miles away that some people will tell me: Why don't you unlearn one of Enchanting and learn Herbalist, to go with your Alchemist? Sure, i could do that, BUT i would lose EVERY PRE-LÉGION pattern that i learned. Since the book only specify: "Relearn any LEGION recipe that you learned THROUGHT QUEST" Which would be an even bigger loss. If, somehow, Blizzard would do this. I would see people asking the same treatment for Blood of Sargeras. Blizzard could put a limit of PS/BS that you receive, from one of your alt, per day on all character. The bad effects: Well, it will increase teh availability of items, and the price would go down by doing so. It's probably a TERRIBLE idea, so i wouldn't be surprise if people dislike my post to the ground.Tihealy14 6d
6d Sudden Disappearance Of New Glyph technique TL;DR: OP is confused and worried about the reason as to why his "Glyph of Fel-Touched Shards" (the third variant of the floating-shards glyphs for warlocks released since 7.2 meant to serve as a revamp of the Verdant-Spheres from MoP/Wod) technique has suddenly and without warning disappeared out of his inscription tab and if it'll ever be coming back Since we first got hinted at it being added in some of the 7.3 PTR notes, I had been eagerly awaiting the for this new glyph, the "Glyph of Fel-Touched Shards" as seen here - - (wowhead link for more info as well) - - to be added into the game so I could complete my destruction warlocks look. (Sadly all 3 variations of this glyph can only be seen client-side) and I'd also been selling them in an attempt to make enough gold to pay for this month's wow token and today when I went into check mail and make some more, I was shocked to find out the glyph's technique had been completely removed from my inscription menu. Both learned and unlearned it wasn't showing up. I can't imagine as to why the glyph's technique was removed yet the visuals persist in game. Now I can only hope the visuals don't get taken out as well and I'm really just looking for an answer as to why the techniques were removed to begin with... was it because the Devs just decided to give all scribes access to it at the release of 7.3? Because that's where I got mine from... it was just randomly in my learned glyph section of my inscription tab and are the Devs now deciding to revoke it for whatever reason? Is it perhaps because it was originally meant to drop off a rare on Argus or something? Either way I just wanna know how to get it back/if it's ever coming back because this was what I banking on to continue paying for game time...Insanerate3 6d
6d New Red and Green gems Have you seen anything in the mined game data indicating whether these are going to be used in anything but the crowns (and the green one for the occasional WQ) ? Counterpart for the Saber's Eye gems would be my natural guess ... if and when.Nadja0 6d
6d Archaeology question: Artifact appearance Hello, I would like the archaeology artifact appearance. I have never done archaeology before. I am reading through an archaeology guide and if I am understanding things correctly I need to get 9 rares for the achievement, but you only get 1 at a time from a quest every 2 weeks. Does this mean if I was to start now I would be time gated for 18 weeks before I get the appearance? There is simply no way for me to grind it? Cheers,Vysandra1 6d