Dec 16 Professions resources on the web In this thread, we'll create a good old-fashioned pile of links to resources on the web that are specific to professions in World of Warcraft. As you make suggestions of great websites that fit that description, I'll return to this first post and add your links (so long at they are germane). I'll start us off with these: WoWhead Professions Guides Alchemy Blacksmithing Enchanting Engineering Herbalism Inscription Jewelcrafting Leatherworking Mining Skinning Tailoring ----- Archaeology Cooking First Aid Fishing Now it's your turn!Kaivax36 Dec 16
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3h I Cannot Afford to Raid I'm recently back from a hiatus, I've been back playing regularly for about 90 days. I'm having trouble affording to buy the necessary materials to competitively raid: i.e. potions, flasks, and tomes, and also keep a positive cash-flow (and I play everyday). Here's a total for one raid night on Turalyon: Flask of Whispering Pact: 897g x 3 = 2691g Potion of Deadly Grace: 325g x 20 = 6500g*; assumption: 2-3 wipes due to stupid Suramar Surf and Turf: 29g x 20 = 580g Tome of Tranquil Mind: 160g x 5 = 800g ------------------------------------------------------ Estimated Total ~10, 600 gold / per 3 hour raid (not including repairs)* It's a lot. Especially when you dropped your gathering profession due to garrison bonuses in WoD, not to mention Engineering in its current state. *Estimated Total with Potion of Prolonged Power (46/per) in lieu equals ~4,991g NB : all prices for items obtained off as the median price for US-Turalyon as of 02/17/2017; numbers are roundedIstarion10 3h
3h Foxflower elusive af Does anyone else feel this way? There are times I will do a whole lap around this zone and find maybe 1 herb. Periods of 5+ minutes without a single node. Am I missing something? I can collect 5-10 nodes of any other herb in the time it takes me to find 1 foxflower... whatz up??Howaitoraion5 3h
4h Gathering prices once people can fly in 7.2 Is it time to dump my ore? I've been gathering it since I started playing this expansion and never used it for anything. Once people can fly I assume it will become much more plentiful. Has anyone discussed this implication?Tukwilla10 4h
4h Best way to lvl artifact Fishing Pole? Post your best ways you've found to lvl the wonderful fishing pole. Personally, I like to head to Stormhiem and fish up the neat ring. Pop it on, find a school of whatever and start fishing. You usually get a second ring by the time the first one runs out, use it again and you can keep fishing from the same school of fish. Rinse and repeat.Noolore13 4h
4h [Archeology] Spirit of Eche'ro quest random? So from what I can tell (vague as hell info on other sites), you are supposed to go to dalaran, talk to the trainer, she sends you to highmountain and the next quest that should pop up should reward spirit of eche'ro....I got a quest to walk some cow around while I dug, then kill a boss in a dungeon, for some lame 1h spear. Is there more to this, do I just need to dig more till something pops up? Do I have to wait till the next highmountain cycle happens? Anyone know?Hoshkar9 4h
5h So many roses! A few days ago, around noon, I headed to Suramar to pick some Starlight Rose. It was amazing, I picked over 100 in less than an hour, and there wasn't a single Sky Golem in sight. It looked like every node was up. Since then, same time of day, there have been more bots than rose plants. So, what happened that day? Did I get dumped into an empty phase? Had all the bots been kicked, only to be replaced the next day?Picker0 5h
5h Any requirements for fishing WQs? I have two characters with 800 fishing. One sees the fishing world quests and the other doesn't. Is there anything I have to do so that my second character sees it?Ignisaurum1 5h
5h Tiny issue with guild profession listing Hey guys, just a small thing i noticed, nothing major at all, i am a Draeni jewelcrafter and by default i have 10 extra skill points added to the profession, making it 790 points instead of 780, but when i look into the guilds roster and look at who does what proffession, my jewelcrafting skill shows up in the guild as 780 instead of 790. Its not a big deal, but i was just curious if its intentional for the system to ignore the racial bonuses to professions when it lists them, not just for jewelcrafting.Sentury0 5h
6h 5 days left.. No digsites I am doing 'laying to rest', and i have some bones and 5 days left but I can't find any digsites to get more bones. Am I missing something???Jdredneck4 6h
7h Additional Felglass For people who have crafted and equipped their engineering goggles, what are you doing with your additionally obtained Felglass? Sell in the AH or build another goggles and sell that on the AH, or get a different shoulder enchant?Tukwilla0 7h
7h Getting to Margoss Island / Fishing Pro Tip So if you're like me, you want to get to Margoss' Island quickly, without having to mess with the nasty PvP zoned Underbelly to fish up a coin to get there (yes, I know about bodyguards, but they only last a few minutes and I almost always seem to get abandoned before I've fished up one of those coins). If you do what I, and many others, have done and jumped off Dalaran proper and used a Goblin Glider or Skyhorn Kite or glide or whatever, you might have occasionally suffered from the small glitch where you don't quite make it all the way and get "dismounted" before the Island and fall into the sea. No worries, right? Just swim until you're in the Suramar zone and can use your Flight Master's Whistle to catch a ride, fly back & try again. A few minutes wasted, but no biggie. Here's the Pro Tip: Don't have your Underlight Angler equipped when you jump because if you fall, you will die when you hit the water. I guess the "Waterwalk" trait kinda turns the sea into a really hard surface. Bummer. You'll have to ghost walk off the edge of Dalaran, find your body and then swim to Suramar, rinse/repeat as above. Just giving back to the community :-)Wyglaaf1 7h
8h Advantage of having prof @ high skill? What advantage is there of having a profession at a high skill? Let's say 800?Feridius9 8h
9h Enchanting: Breaking Crystals into Shards Can we please have this be a thing, tired of spamming cheap blues from tailoring to disenchant them for blue shards.Blackdark0 9h
9h CRZ and lack of archaeology immersion Is it just me or does doing digsites with multiple other people also there digging for fragments really ruin the feeling of "I am digging for a rare and ancient treasure"?Nzete0 9h
9h Can we please do something about skinning? Extremely annoying when you mass pull some falcosaur or other beast to skin...and a random person ends up tagging em and not looting any of em....denying me the ability to skin them. and this happens frequently. Why is this the only profession that is able to be ruined by others actions?Lockedheart16 9h
13h Engineering Gating behind rep So the Reeves quests gated behind the 3rd Cartel member you talk to and not the others is gunna get patched soon right? I mean Y'all bumped the guards up to at level So I cant solo grind and nobody wants to do this Insane title right now. I haven't touched Engineering since week one cuz of it and it'd be nice if this random attempt at faction hatred that exists almost nowhere else in the current portions of the game would be removed. If you want fantasy then do a lot of that otherwise its not immersive just irritating.Ashael0 13h
14h Unable to pick some herbs I've been having an issue where herbs show up on the map, but when I try to pick them I can't loot them. There's several nodes like this in Stormheim. What gives? Is this happening to other players, too?Cricton8 14h
18h Prospecting: Back but so whacked I was really unhappy when Prospecting was gone in WoD; it's one of the reasons I didn't play it much. I always enjoyed prospecting and then doing JC to make cool stuff for friends and to sell on the AH. So when it came back in Legion, I was pretty thrilled. Until I got into it and realized how much it sucks. Getting nothing but gem chips from hours of work is depressing. Yeah, maybe a green-quality gem here or there, but generally chips. I have 1098 of them now, and that's after using a lot to make the Delicious Nightborne Dinner of Awesomesauce (or whatever it's called). [As an aside: why isn't there a recipe for Awesomesauce that you cook using the Awesomefish?] I've been trying to make various items that require panedmonite, but have seen almost none of them proc out of all the ore I've prospected. Whether I use the trick of watching the chip colors or not, green comes up rarely, and when it does, the only gems it procs are green-quality, not blue. I loved JC back in the BC days. It was even pretty great back in WotLK. But now it's mostly a depressing process of destroying valuable ore so you can cook Epic Nightborne Tasty Noms of Greatness (or whatever it's called).Tirabitty2 18h
21h Underlight Angler..adding artifact power How do you add artifact power to this thing? When I equip it and try to use a green or blue + artifact power item it says it's not a valid item. Also, when I click on the forge nothing happens. So even when I do get AP I can't unlock traits. I tried relogging, reload ui. Nothing seems to work.Mogar38 21h
22h dropped mining for chanting, back to mining dropped mining for enchanting back to mining, did i lose anything permanently like can i learn to smelt elementium and dark iron bars again? i would NEVER drop mining in the first place for chanting (to de legion purples) for something that cannot be learned again......i think we should make some kind of thread like a "warning thread" saying what you can "permanently lose" if you switch professions cause in legion its so easy to swap professions but we lose all the old stuff we learned.....i mean i love the flexibility of switching professions but the cost can outweigh the benefit if you lose something permanently (like a pattern that does not drop anymore, a quest to get a pattern that is no longer obtainable etc etc)Boro3 22h
23h Court of Stars?!!! Man, I hated - H-A-T-E-D - all the gating of professions behind Mythics, but...found out I need something in the Court of Stars to advance Engineering. [Yes, I am late to the realization but I stopped pushing professions for a long time.] So the professions devs go from Very Disappointed to Scum Of The Earth, Azeroth Division. Nothing like taking a fun part of the game and making it a chore, and then piling your - you know what - on top of it. GFY, just GFYQueuequeue2 23h
1d Chaos Crystal Shatter needed Please add this recipe. I'm not sure why it isn't in the game. Not much to say other than all your content rewards chaos crystals so it makes ley crystals more rare than chaos crystals which seems strange.Yrrdemonic1 1d
1d Kharmeera I have the quest to visit Kharmeera in Azuna and he aint there. Did I miss something?Peeweebowman2 1d
1d Blacksmithing: Steelbound Harness Is not a 100% drop in lfr. =(Audaldas5 1d
1d Gem Chips for cooking These are an absolute nightmare. Prospecting a 5 stack of ore yields one gem chip Milling a stack of aethril MIGHT yield one gem chip Nightborne delicacy platter requires 20 gem chips. Its bad enough the recipe already requires a starlight rose which is gathered one at a time and has a failure rate without rank 3. That means one batch of this recipe alone , (not counting the lower food also required) is equal to 10.3 Bloods of Sargeras, plus vendor mats. When compared to a flask for instance which is equal to 4.33 Bloods and persists through death , that seems a bit unbalanced. Why are these not at least offered by the blood vendor? Silly things like unbroken claw/tooth are included and those don't even REQUIRE skinning to actually farm them.Laissa14 1d
1d Nomi seems improved, 7.1.5 Since this last patch, Nomi seems improved. In the notes it said increased chance of level 3 recipes. Since the patch, I've gone from having 8 at 3 skill to 12 at 3 skill. I already had all the recipes, with all of them at least at 2 skill. I've got them two at a time, the remaining 3 skill ones, when going to check Nomi. I got Seed-Battered Fish Plate and Suramar surf and turf just now (to 3.) I think the last 4 I got to 3, were ones requiring Stormray or Koi; Those have been what I've been turning in, along with Highmountain Salmon (for the one I'm missing there) I've also been turning in the billion wildfowl eggs I have, after noticing that the Fizz one has that as an ingredient (while also being an ingredient itself, in one of the feasts that I only have at 2.) Koi scented stormray is also an ingredient of the other feast, as well as being an ingredient of one of the recipes I just got to 3. So turning in both koi and stormray seemed like a good idea.Kybeorie29 1d
1d Underlight Angler 7.2 Any word on whether we're getting more traits for this? Also it would be nice to maybe get a skin or 2 for it. Probably one of the best expansions for people who like fishing but why stop now? C'mon Bliz you know you want to add more.Kharmen12 1d
1d [Engineering]: Delete Leystone Buoy script I used a script to delete these things while leveling engineering, and if you're doing the same you will probably want to use it since buoy's don't stack and otherwise you have to delete them 1 by 1. Enjoy: /run for b = 0, 4 do for s = 1, GetContainerNumSlots(b) do local l = GetContainerItemLink(b, s) if l and l:find("Leystone Buoy") then PickupContainerItem(b, s) DeleteCursorItem() end end endSuper3 1d
1d Never seen... so many players unhappy with professionsSushie4 1d
1d Racial Profession Perks I have a Question pertaining to the whole +10 and +15 racial Perks. If I have a Character that gives one of them like the Dranei that gives +10 to JC, IS that +10 even worth me not dropping that Profession on that toon, does the +10 not even help in any fashion at all or are certain racial profession perks better then others for certain reasons?Celticlore1 1d
1d Enchant Cloak: Word of Strength R3 I have been waiting for months for the formula to show up as a reward from a High Mountian work order per wowhead and my profession ui. Is this buged or it it else wear?Lynnaria10 1d
1d Alchemy-Put a cork in it So tonight I thought I would work on alchemy and low and behold I find I have to go into a dungeon for a cork. Why? I have no desire to pug a dungeon these days and since I'm dps I have limited time in waiting in que. Why put in such a requirement when all I am trying to do is complete the quest line so I can level my alchemy. So disappointed. There are various reasons as to why this will be complicated to complete. Short on time, not enough friends online, small guild and I'm dps(long ques and I don't really care to pug). Is there any other work around for this?Risona150 1d
1d Best Day of Week to make gold? Any of you have input on this? Is there any correlation between days of the week, time of day etc that creates more revenue? I notice the servers just came back up after maint. and it looks like alot of people trying to do some resets. Bear Tartare 10 for 1k as an example. May as well ask, Im using TSM and it always fails at say 9/10 post or cancel. I restart the process and it finishes the last post/cancel that it failed to do. Not sure whats up with that.Cloakñdagger4 1d
1d Flask making I thought the last update was supposed to lower the amount of flask it took to get the third star i made 70 intel today and 5 strength and did not get it on either one i have made almost 700 intel so far this is just crazyRatlaa2 1d
1d highmountian alch worldquest how often do these spawn so i can upgrade my avalanche potion? been checking pretty much every day for the last month and they have not spawnedSimpso3 1d
2d Arcane/Legion Lure gone on Death I noticed that the arcane lure and legion (non-pole) lures which act as buffs and not true lures, disappear when you die. Is this supposed to happen? If so can this be changed? Being penalized in wpvp through death and abysmally long walks to your corpse are one thing, but to lose your own time and resources because someone wanted to kill you while fishing is an other.Okimage3 2d
2d profession problems Leveling professions past 700 is such a ginormous pain in the rear. I have played this game since vanilla wow and have NEVER had so much trouble leveling my professions. Blizzard what were you thinking? That everyone raids? That everyone is an uber elite player? Some of us just enjoy playing the game without raiding or mythic dungeons that I will never be able to do. What can you do for people like me who don't raid, who don't do mythic dungeons and raids? Yes I understand that you have to keep people playing so you get your money's worth. I will play this game till I can play no more that is how much I enjoy questing with occasional dungeons but please do something to make obtaining level 800 in professions a bit more even. Please consider making 800 professions a bit more obtainable in a future patch. Thanks for listening.Tandivyana1 2d
2d How to get alchemy flasks? Everyone keep telling me to finish the quests in dalaran and I did? The last quest was in vault dungeon and now I have no more quests to do in dalaran? Is it a bug or am I just lost?Alwaysvirgin2 2d
2d Alchemy Rank 3 Flasks, anyone got them yet? Simple question, has anyone gotten any flask to rank 3? so far i've made well over 100 flasks of the same type trying to unlock rank 3, chances are if you play frostmourne you've been buying mine, thats how many ive made compared to the rest of my server. I honestly feel like im chasing a carrot on a stick here, the shear amount of time im suck into it trying to get rank 3 in a flask so i can then get 800 alch is taking longer than anything else in the game. So with my rant over, has anyone actually gotten rank 3 and if so how many flasks did you make roughly?Masika99 2d
2d Skinning TOL Barad Skinning quest hides of legends, A person who doesn't do PVP has to gain control of tol barad (a pvp zone) to get in to the raid and complete the quest? IT's DUMB AS !@#$[u][/u]Kickingit2 2d
2d Best profession in Legion... OK so i came back for legion and i have to say the profession in general appear to be very lackluster, with a few apparent exception. This character was boosted but i have a ally mage since the beginning... typically this has always been tailor/enchanter... but i have to say right now that seems kinda... idk pointless maybe? Crafting professions cant really make gear upgrades till you are likely already in better gear from world quests and such so they seem rather out of date and pointless. Yes you enchant along the way and such but still once you get to higher levels it isnt like thats happening every day. Seems to me the better choices might be something that makes consumables such as Herb/Alch. Would cost less perhaps to buy enchants as neded and not have to pay for other things that i need to use much more often. Bottom line to me im considering dropping Tailoring/Enchanting in favor of Herb/Alch and was wondering if i was overlooking something i should be aware of. ThanksConaria9 2d
3d Blizz plz make a limit for gaining rank 2/3 In order to help players avoid bad luck, Blizz should but a limit on the amount of items you need to gather/make before you get the next rank. For example, once you make your 200th agility flask, the rank 3 recipe will have a 100% chance of spawning, but prior to reaching the limit, the recipe will still have a certain % chance of spawning so that some people can get it without having to make 200 flasks.Mythelm5 3d
3d Theft of herbs planted using seeds Second time in as many days I've had Felwort produced through seeds taken by other players, while I hit a lag spike... gotta be a way to prevent this from happening :SDoomrogue5 3d
3d Alchemy 780-800 How are we supposed to do this? The cauldron recipe is listed as requiring 800 skill but everything is grey at 780Lilladin125 3d
3d Tailoring nets I'm going tailoring for the nets. Well to use in PvP, can someone tell me the pros and cons of them.Naadir0 3d
3d Profession World Quest Not Apearring I have checked for the appearance of the profession WQ "Work Order: Avalanche Elixirs" during every quest reset since mid-September when I unlocked them, but I have not seen it even once during the past 5 months. It may have potentially been up during the first week of world quests, but that is for sure the only time. I did not complete the quest at that time, and thus do not have the recipe it gives. I can't imagine any WQ would not spawn for 5 months. Is there a reason it is not appearing for me?Ðexter4 3d
4d Enchanting Problems Hey guys, So i switched out of enchanting and back into it, bought the skill book and used it, I relearned SOME of the skills i had (very few), so i am going around to the different vendors like the dragon in azuna and giantess in stormheim, but they have no quests for me, nor will they open so i can buy from them. has this happened to anyone else? (i submitted this as a bug too but got no response in the bug forum)Healingwaves3 4d
4d That said... I mostly like Alchemy Unlike my somewhat ranty position on prospecting and JC in the Legion expansion, I've mostly been quite happy with alchemy. Yeah, it's a modest grind, and yeah, I'm still only at 790, but it's been a lot of fun and I get what Blizzard is trying to do. They do need to tune it a little, but the quest chain to get there was fun, mostly. The problems I see: Making players who don't PvP do PvP (or quest in PvP areas) for even a short time in order to level up a profession is just cruel. Having players go into dungeons to get recipes and recipe boosts is okay by me, but requiring mythics is overkill. There needs to be a retune of the final 10-15 points of skilling up. Personally, I think there should be a little tweak to the drop rate for Yseraline Seeds; it's hard to keep my characters in health and rejuv pots sometimes. It doesn't need tons of work, but it does need some tuning. With those things fixed, it could be so much better. Make alchemy great again!Tirabitty0 4d