Dec 16 Professions resources on the web In this thread, we'll create a good old-fashioned pile of links to resources on the web that are specific to professions in World of Warcraft. As you make suggestions of great websites that fit that description, I'll return to this first post and add your links (so long at they are germane). I'll start us off with these: WoWhead Professions Guides Alchemy Blacksmithing Enchanting Engineering Herbalism Inscription Jewelcrafting Leatherworking Mining Skinning Tailoring ----- Archaeology Cooking First Aid Fishing Now it's your turn!Kaivax36 Dec 16
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1h Stonehide Leather 3rd star WHY is the 3rd star for stonehide leather gated behind old PVP content? The horde on my server NEVER win this. Literally never. My skinner is maxed in skill and still stuck at the second star. I have one toon that sits in tol barad to check hourly to see if the horde'll ever win. Spoiler alert: they never, ever do. Is the reason you're having a sale on select services because you know half the population needs to faction change if they ever want to get level 3 on stonehide leather?Alisi0 1h
3h Are professions fun? I've never gotten around to choosing and grinding it out,it seems like tiresome work. Can it be fun when you get to level 800,or is it mostly done just for gold?Darcyon12 3h
8h no flask formula after more than 300 flasks I brewed 98 flasks of the whispered pact a few minutes a go in hope for the formula to pop in my bags, but no. Is that a common issue?Zeneida2 8h
9h Alchemy Rank 3 Flasks, anyone got them yet? Simple question, has anyone gotten any flask to rank 3? so far i've made well over 100 flasks of the same type trying to unlock rank 3, chances are if you play frostmourne you've been buying mine, thats how many ive made compared to the rest of my server. I honestly feel like im chasing a carrot on a stick here, the shear amount of time im suck into it trying to get rank 3 in a flask so i can then get 800 alch is taking longer than anything else in the game. So with my rant over, has anyone actually gotten rank 3 and if so how many flasks did you make roughly?Masika110 9h
10h Wild Transmute Is it just me or has this been horribly nerfed. I don't remember seeing any patch notes about it... All i am getting anymore is a stack of 6 cloth or something.Dorilton1 10h
12h alchemy............. gating flasks on what feels like a ridiculously low proc to be able to get 800 is utterly stupid so far i have made atleast 150 rank 2 and am now stuck at 780. RNG is not fun when lvling professions blizzard it really isntLathrias17 12h
14h Rank 2 for Imbued Silkweave Bracers? How do you get the rank 2 pattern for Imbued Silkweave Bracers? I thought it was supposed to be on Lalla Brightweave in Dalaran, but she does not have it for me. Does anyone know how I can unlock it? Some specific quest, perhaps? Thanks.Spicemonkey0 14h
18h Enchanting 750-800 Hello I am having issue with lvling enchanting. I was able to go from 1-700 using starlight shard shattering. Then I went from 700-750 using dust from it. I know I can use DMF to get 5 points, but is there another way to get the last 50 points? Just looking for ideas on how to get there quicker. Thanks.Ziene0 18h
18h Jewelcrafting 780-800 a joke? I just hit 780 jewelcrafting, which seems pretty high based on other jewelcrafters I've seen, and the only things I can craft that give me skill ups are the 3 star class specific necks. Not only are these super expensive to craft with how bad prospecting is, but 90% of them are so terrible that people don't even buy them. On top of that the recipes for the 3 star necks are not exactly easy to come by. Essentially if you ever want get max jewelcrafting, so you can craft the main stat gems, you will have craft 20+ of these necks that, on my server at least, you would be lucky to sell even at a loss of a few thousand gold. I mean who is going to pay ~20k (market value of the gems for crafting the neck) for an 815 neck that is terrible unless you spend another 40k to upgrade it to 850 with obliterum. Meanwhile getting obliterum as a JC is awful, I don't know how much the class necks give when obliterated but the lesser rings and necks barely give any. When compared to any of the professions who can make tens of thousands of gold just by crafting bracers (BS, Tailer, LW) that you are required to have in order to make your forge, and who are getting to 800 skill level super easily it feel like Jewelcrafting is in terrible place.Kice154 18h
18h Underlight Angler 7.2 Any word on whether we're getting more traits for this? Also it would be nice to maybe get a skin or 2 for it. Probably one of the best expansions for people who like fishing but why stop now? C'mon Bliz you know you want to add more.Kharmen17 18h
18h Engineering Did they remove the parachute and rocket speed stuff from engineering?Kuzma7 18h
18h Missing work order? I've been trying to get rank 3 of Auto Hammer (engineering) I have been checking every time I am on and it's not available. 2 months now this is one of the 2 Legion engineering recipes I am missing (other is rare drop off elite mobs) The rank 3 comes from work order in Highmountain and I am beginning to think Blizzard forgot something or accidentally removed something. There's a bug report that a few other rank 3 (other professions) that comes from Highmountain WQ are also not showing up.Nerrus0 18h
19h Sylvan Elixir - Missed Opportunities I'm a ~big~ fan of helping other players, and so was happy to see a potion appear in Legion that would let me do just that-- the Sylvan Elixir. It puts you into a tree form and anyone standing under your leaves get a nice buff. In theory. The reality is a bit different, so here are my criticisms of this potion. 1. It's same-faction only, so I can't buff Horde players, and most of the time they don't know I'm Alliance 'cause I'm a tree so they stand around and get nothing... 2. I understand why the buff isn't useable in instances, but even getting on a flightpath and changing zones seems to drop it. It strikes me as 'fragile' and hard to keep on while moving around doing world stuff, which makes it pretty meh. 3. The potion duration is awful (not the buff, 1 hour is great for that). Why would you want to force me to sit there repeatedly quaffing potions to help other players? I feel like I'm being penalized with tedium for my good will. Obvious suggestions to improve this potion and make me want to actually use it more: 1. Make the buff cross-faction. The potion states "you and ANY player", so why doth thou lie to me broeth? Everyone should be able to benefit from leaf shade. Racist trees are not cool. 2. Make the buff more stable. It's fine if I can't tree out before a mythic run, but it would be nice if I could give it to others in Dalaran and they'd actually keep it for the next hour while questing and moving around the Isles. 3. Make it last. For me, the design of this potion begs a longer tree form duration.. I should be providing shade for ~at least~ 5 minutes, ideally even 10. That way I can pop one up for folks during my micro breaks, instead of having to sit there picking my nose and clicking a new potion every minute. :( That's about it from me. I was like "coool" when I first picked up the potion, but that quickly turned to "this is derpy" when I realized its use was not very polished. Please tweak this one a bit so I can go back to being an arboreal friend to those seeking shade!Endei4 19h
20h Disenchanting Bonus Yield? Guys, I want to know does enchanting skill level affect disenchanting materials. Basically if a higher level of enchanting results in more mats when disenchanting. Some people say yes at 700 you start getting more mats per disenchant. Is this true or is the same? Maybe at 800?Vakyrian1 20h
22h Q: Discover new rank but no bag space? I have a question: Normally when you are making flasks and potions and you get to learn a new rank for any of them, you get a 'recipe' to learn as an item along with the flasks and potions you were making. You normally then right-click the recipe to upgrade the rank of whichever flask/potion you were making. Now what happens if you don't have bag space to get the recipe to upgrade rank? Does it never 'drop' or do you get it separately by in-game mail? Thanks in advance for your replies.Momomomo2 22h
1d Frozen Runes 15 Frozen runes available on Kil'jaeden let me know if you're interested and we can figure out pricing.Icupee0 1d
1d Legion cooking recipes An oversight to possible returning players? I got my cooking to 700 a hour ago and then went looking for the NPC Nomi for the Legion recipes with no luck for I didnt do MoP expansion. Am I going to have to go back to to get this npc to appear in the inn for my cooking?Neseldë43 1d
1d Best Profession Options So, on this toon I have skinning and leather working. I have LW almost to 800, but the problem is I NEVER use it. So what would be my best option? To keep LW still and just make leather and mail gear and sell it? Or should I drop it for mining or something? Basically I just want to make a little extra gold on the side and not worry about having to craft my own gear, since most of it can be bought on the AH.Thadror0 1d
1d More Skygolems than Starlight Rose??? In Suramar, why can I not find any Starlight Rose, but 15 toons in the last 45 seconds have SKYGOLEMS? bit-o-hate going on hereLopchong20 1d
1d Profession World Quests I'm a leatherworker on one of my characters, and have been looking for rank 3 of a pattern. Rank 3 of this pattern is tied to a world quest which has never been active. I have been looking for this world quest for 3 months now. Why are profession recipes tied to world quests if those world quests are not going to spawn at any reliable rate?Izira12 1d
1d Starlight Roses price Starlight Roses price dropping insanely quick... on Sargeras they were almost 100g a pop about a month ago or couple weeks ago... today i just checked and they are in the 30's ....Grimswold1 1d
1d Mass Prospecting results My alt is my JC and I've been cutting gems all the way back in the WoTLK. I find it a pain to prospect 5 ore at a time. With the amount of prospecting I do at a time, I need to do it by mass prospecting. I've priced the rare gems on the uncut price. I need to value that price because I need to know if buying the uncut gems would be better vs. prospecting. spent 28.1k gold on Felslate from the AH. 23 mass prospect Felslate Maelstormx5 Furystonex4 Eye of Prphecyx3 Dawnlightx15 54.5k - Total cost of rare uncut gems 8.1k - total cost of common and gem chips. 38 mass prospect of Felslate about 45.6k. Using blood vendor ore on my other alts. Shadowrubyx7 Maelstorm Sapphirex12 19.8k Rare uncut gems. 9k common gems and gem chips 28.8k total. Spent 25.2k on Felslate from the AH. 21 mass prospect shadowrubyx6 Panemonitex9 Maelstorm Sapphirex3 Eye of Prophecyx2 Dawnlightx8 68.1k gold Rare uncut gems 5.2k in common gems and chips 73.3k total. Prices of ore has fallen to 50 gold each (was 60 gold each). Spent 14.2k on felslate. 14 mass prospect Felslate Eye of prophecyx2 2.5k in rare uncut gems 3.2k in common and gem chips. 5.7k total. 39 mass prospect for 39k gold. Took a couple of weeks buying anything around 50 gold. Prices have been about 60 gold each. Maelstormx8 Furystonex2 Eye of Prophecyx12 Dawnlightx5 38.7k rare gems 7.4k in common gems and chips 46.1k gold total. 25 mass prospect for 26k gold. I had to buy little be here and there. Prices were for 45 to 55. I'm guessing the average price was around 52 each. shadowrudyx3 5.250 Pandemonitex5 20.446 Maelstrom Sapphirex3 2700 Furystonex5 3500 31.8K rare gems 14.9 in common gems and chips 46.7 gold total 1st round of mass prospecting, I made more gold then I spent buying the ore off the AH. 2nd round, I lost more gold prospecting vs selling the ore on the AH. 3rd round was better. 4th was a total lost. 5th was not a lost nor a good profit. 6th good return for mass prospecting. I should make some more money by cutting the gems. I'll sell the chips on the AH and make common gems into rings to DE.Nighthand9 1d
1d Enchanting with one more prof.. Hello all, I have a lock that I am boosting through and was looking for opinions as to which would be better here.. Enchanting with Tailoring? Enchanting with Herbalism? I play the auction house a lot but not dealt with either of these markets - i.e. tailoring and herbs. Which do you think will benefit more in the long run? I know tailoring pairs well with enchanting but herbs have a larger market. Do let me know your thoughts! Thanks!Jhaser2 1d
1d So.... that alchemy quest line.... WTF, is never ending, is there a legendary at the end of this?Bhräzzhill14 1d
1d Quests that go Mythic Not all WOW players are in a guild, not to mention not all WOW players (even if they are in a guild) will ever make it into a MYTHIC dungeon. For those of us schmucks who Blizzard is forcing into Dungeons via the LFD/R by making a profession or an order hall quest require you into the dungeon ok, but a MYTHIC level? Really? This is immensly unfair!Seriphi28 1d
2d Boon of the Builder this enchant is only for EngineersStinkybird9 2d
2d Leylight shards Anyone know of a reasonable way to farm these without relying upon a secondary crafting trade skill? The only guides I've seen require a second character to farm leather and make leveling blue to disenchant. Seems a bit ridiculous to have to go to that extent for "blue" mats when I'm swimming in purple mats. I started soloing Norm Legion dungeons in hopes of a way to farm these mats but for some reason I have to use personal loot while in solo play so I only have a 20% chance of getting loot to disenchant. Is Blizz planning on some sort of "shatter" for chaos crystals to get leylight shards?Bloodspecter6 2d
2d I Told Nomi to Beat it and Now He's Gone. While I was leveling my mage I had no intent on furthering his professions (since I was only using him to PVP at the beginning) when I received the cooking quest to go meet Nomi in Dalaran I abandoned it and sold/dispose the recipes i got from quests. I have recently started to get back into raiding with some friends and now find myself wishing i had cooking so i can make my own buff food. How ever now i cant seem to find Nomi or where pick up the quest again (also Nomi is phased out in his normal spot on the Horde Inn in dalaran.) Anyone have any idea what I need to do? or do I need to contact Blizz support when their servers are back up.Twistedmana1 2d
2d Glyph of 1h crossbow outlaw Throwing this idea out there... a glyph to turn pistol shot into a 1h crossbow shot, or even a flicked throwing knife. Purely visual/audio, just to give an alternative to the pirate motiff.Signi0 2d
2d RIP Bots? Remember back in the day you had to be the first one to get to a mining / herb node or "Too bad sucks for you"? Well instead of Blizzard PERMANENT banning bots, they just made nodes available to everyone for a short period of time after the node has been tagged. *Everyone gets nodes *Bots still here *Blizzard gets rich off bots Instead of fixing the main issue here, Blizzard puts money over customers. Win win for everyone right? ~sarcasm~Ylenaris9 2d
3d GatherMate Mining Profile? Does anyone have some data to import to the GatherMate addon for mining node patterns? Right now I'm needing data for copper nodes around Dun Morogh, for my Gnome toon, as I really haven't been able to survey the place enough for good coverage and I'm not sure where to look for precious resources to mine for engineering.Lemonuke4 3d
3d Feedback for Engineering I had to post here because Blizzard locked my post in the class section. I tried posting there because that area seems to be taken under consideration, whereas this area seems to be largely ignored by Blizzard here is my post. I know this isn't a class per se but I feel it needs to be addressed. Despite all of the improvements made to classes and professions in Legion Engineers are still nerfed to the point of being useless. While engineers do have several items we can make, they are near useless in all areas where they can make any sort of difference. First we have the staple of the Engineer, the Gunpowder charge. It does a decent amount of damage and has a one min cool down. But it can only be used once in a fight. The cool down wont even start till the fight is over and the damage isn't enough to make a difference in a fight with one use. The bandage gun and the gun pack have similar limitations. But worst of all is the Reaves robot, specifically the combat mode. While the other modes have some moderate uses the combat mode seemed to be something worth working for. We have to go through a grind fest to get the parts for this thing, I myself took months of grinding Siege just for one part. Only to find the stupid thing is completely useless. It is powerful, you can spam gunpowder charges, turrets, and even the bandage gun for self heals but it has two HUGE flaws that make it useless. We can't use it in dungeons or raids, where it could actually make a difference, and we can't even use it for target world quests. If there is a world quest where you need to kill a specific mob such as a rare spawn, if you do it with the reaves combat mode you do NOT get credit for the kill. SERIOUSLY!? We go through that grind fest for something that is near useless? I wouldn't mind if the stuff was easy to get, but this was a serious pain to do, and for our reward we get nothing. I don't want something for little to no effort, but when I have to give this much time and effort into something I expect something in return. If I had known what a waste this was I never would have bother in the first place. [Title updated to something more appropriate - Forum Moderator]Uguay11 3d
3d Treatise of Mining in Draenor Can we stop giving this to me over and over? It's like I have to keep it in my bags indefinitely or I keep getting it time and time again. Can't vend it. Can't put it on the AH...what is the point of this other than to drive me (possibly others) totally mad? Could we at least make it quicker to delete, or something? Please.Xullthara4 3d
3d Transmute still worth it? I usually run transmute spec as it seems to synergize well with mining and other professions, but it's a fairly expensive trait at 4xLiving Steel (around 4500g on my server). Is it really worth the investment? I'm mostly through leveling my characters (have 8 110s and 4 more 101+, all professions about 700+). Sort of seems that it'd be better just to sell the bars I'm making (so people can make sky golems, I assume), unless I'm looking to farm a 1000g/day CD. EDIT: Didn't want to boost the thread by thanking you for the answer. All of the mats are free since I have the xmutes and a miner, plus all the other transmutes. I still find uses on my other alchemist, so maybe that's the answer.Alexpope2 3d
3d Resetting Dig sites? Is there any way in Legion to reset your dig sites for archaeology? I have the aggravating Temple of a Thousand Lights site and would like to reset that to something else. ThanksWirhl1 3d
3d Archaeology : Echoes of my Ancestors Are you kidding me with this quest!? Complete 25 projects? If this profession wasn't already pointless and boring now its even more of a tedious grind for a bunch of worthless grey items.... And an artifact skin is locked behind completing 8 of these dumb quests that show up every 2 weeks and take an eternity. Archaeology needs a complete re-think.Tharrik102 3d
4d Scepter of Azj'Aqir I'd like to say I finally got mine to spawn in my Tol'vir que today, and practically had a Arch heart attack/gasm. For those of you still chugging for it, good luck! It's out there. I love you all <3Aruadragon17 4d
4d Can't receive Prolonged Power (Rank 3)? Anyone else have this issue? I received the recipe perfectly fine on my 104 Mage and 104 Priest, both with 700 Alchemy, one has the rank 1 recipe, one doesn't. However, my level 102 Rogue cannot seem to get the recipe to drop. She has level 700 alchemy. People are getting the recipe just fine on level 98-100 toons, so it's not a level problem. Anyone else have any issues getting the recipe to drop on specific toons?Reinhilde4 4d
4d STV FishingExtravaganza Hello, Can someone please confirm when this starts on Oceanic realms? It is Monday 9.20am Sydney Time at time of posting and I thought it would have started at 9.00am.Makkade1 4d
4d Glyph of Flickering I'm sure there were posts before about the accessing the Glyph of Flickering vendor. So, just a reminder...Please change the vendor to be available to other than shaman or move to a different source. Inscription took enough of a beating in Legion. Please don't limit the source of this glyph to only the population of shaman(s) who happen to be inscriptionists.Torsdan0 4d
4d Rank 3 herbs F.U. Blizz, that is all.Thebeastie2 4d
4d Fishing world quests? I haven't seen a fishing world quest since patch 7.1. Has anyone else noticed that? I'm slowly trying to work on my fishing artifact and need these quests.Spagetti15 4d
4d Work Order Problem (World Quests) Most crafting professions require you to complete certain work order world quests to gain rank 3 on recipes. On my blacksmith (exalted with all the legion reputations), I was able to gain rank 3 on all my recipes in a short amount of time. As for my JC, scribe and alchemist (none of which have exalted legions reputations), I am still missing a couple of rank 3 recipes which come from work order world quests that I have never seen since the start of the expansion (I check almost every day). Could it be that some world quests require reputation to appear? (Side question): I have been doing the infernal brimstone world quest almost every time and I am still stuck at rank 1 (mining: infernal brimstone), is that just bad luck or am I doing something wrong?Peri3 4d
4d Alchemy 780-800 How are we supposed to do this? The cauldron recipe is listed as requiring 800 skill but everything is grey at 780Lilladin136 4d
4d Blacksmith stuck at 760 Everything i got is greyed out. How do I progress past 760, anyone knows? Thanks!Nommi3 4d
5d Inscription Questions Returning player Hello, I am just returning to wow and I haven't played since WOtLK. I used to be herbalism and inscription and from what I understand inscription is now a completely cosmetic. Is there any real point to keeping this profession? If not, what should I switch to to compliment my herbalism? Also, is leveling a profession the same as before, just a longer process since the level cap is higher? Thanks!Tøkk6 5d
5d 3+months since Na'zak the Fiend Kind of BS having to wait this long since you gated a highly used profession recipe on a boss with a completely random spawn timer and we have no idea when or if he will ever spawn again. Could we get some damn clarity on this?Djanos2 5d
6d Queen's Grace Loom Why is this a requirement? I thought you apes in the development department took the hint when we told you over and over and over again that having to visit Scholomance to create Alchemy potions and the like was just asinine. You provided a further Alchemy table in TBC in Shatrath and then did away with having to find an Alchemy table altogether either in Wrath or in Cata. Why reintroduce this sh** to tailoring with Queen's Grace Loom in the middle of Suramar (which requires you to be 110 to even visit the zone) Each Time you want to craft a tailoring recipe? WTF is the damn point? Why bring back the stupid from Vanilla? Improve those things that make sense to improve leave the things that are already ok ALONE dont mess with sh** that breaks my rythmRodrick2 6d