Jun 6 Professions resources on the web In this thread, we'll create a good old-fashioned pile of links to resources on the web that are specific to professions in World of Warcraft. As you make suggestions of great websites that fit that description, I'll return to this first post and add your links (so long at they are germane). I'll start us off with these: WoWhead Professions Guides Alchemy Blacksmithing Enchanting Engineering Herbalism Inscription Jewelcrafting Leatherworking Mining Skinning Tailoring ----- Archaeology Cooking First Aid Fishing Now it's your turn!Kaivax37 Jun 6
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2h Bag of thousand pockets This item is required for Tailoring and it is in dungeon Kharazan and in a hidden corner far off where the group goes. So two questions: 1. How is a person supposed to get it? Groups (tried 4) not interested in helping, if I run off by myself I get killed or they kick me (understandable) 2. Does this quest actually help tailoring in any way or is it just a bag? I am tailoring 780 and just cannot go any further making all the quests get a green new pattern which does nothing and an kind of 'stuck'. Is there a way of sneaking into the place without group and use invisibility potions?Lionara0 2h
2h Drop mining for alchemy? Despite having a prot pally and shadow priest at 110, though barely even through Suramar with them, I’ve decided to focus solely on this character, who I just got to 110 today. I have mining and herbalism for making money since I’ve never been huge into crafting, but I’m considering dropping mining for alchemy because it seems more interesting. Any reason I shouldn’t make the change?Gihaahia4 2h
2h How often should I be Prospecting? Basically title. What percentage of the Ore that I mine should I prospect, vs what amount will I need to smelt/craft into things to make jewelry with?Sephrinx1 2h
4h LF alchemist on Gnomeregan Im sorry if this is the wrong forum, but our server is so dead i cant find anyone to literally do anything at all. I need a transmute for sageriteSoulshifter1 4h
14h (living content) So, I was thinking like others most likely. That maybe we could have a crafting system that has each prof mastering their crafts at current content conflict, so soon its what Dwarf making the armor platting and frames?... gnomes the turrets, humans their Gem stones... elfs ther weapons..orcs their crazy war frames(hard unlocks due to types of grouping and random quests) Also, this can lead to other faction types since you know...the vastness of space and their floating broken ecaped ships are like..then I wanna be a Tuskarr...who mines asteroids with raiding mobs, and or players/mobs and or....current over aggressive mobs are in story plots. (Random environmental events causing special mob types from spawning... (Super focused crafting items that takes time to build...soplayer (made legendary) something that's you, and will always follow you. -weapons -cosmetic -ring/trink/cap lots and lastly you can do an ultra farm for mount armor.. because thats alot of work. Also mach suits.. of course as shown, mech frames will have a decay like gear.but, maybe something like the weekly crafting/gold sinks. which are great mind you.Oathoak2 14h
15h Archaeology 8.0 - Make it great! We all "love" archaeology, but we also know it can be so much more than it is. We've had a few expansions now with each one making rather drastic tweaks to this sub profession and so far they've all been flops. Although Legion Arch has helped improve it a little by adding more nodes and more frags per node, but it doesn't actually fix the core issue with the profession. Archaeology is BORING! There, I said it! So here is "MY" idea to improve the profession and hopefully make it an amazingly fun time in Warcraft 8.0. First off, keep the basics the same as they are now. Use the survey skill to dig up fragments at dig-sites. Along with Fragments and Scrolls, each dig should have a very small chance of digging up a map. Using the Map will bind it to you and a new dig-site to your map. (Yes, these maps can be sold on the AH) At the dig-site, you'll be able to dig up something 3 times before the site vanishes. Each dig will award you with Fragments, scrolls, and a small chance at digging up a Lock Box or chest. This first dig will be a 100% chance at getting a Lock Box with a 15% chance at getting a box on the next two digs. The First Box will be the same quality as the map used to find the site. Additional boxes can be the same quality or lesser depending on luck.Tattered Map (Green) - Rusty Lock Box (Green) Weathered Map (Blue) - Silver Lock Box (Blue) Preserved Map (Purple) - Golden Lock Box (Purple) Perfectly Preserved Map (Legendary) - Jeweled Lock Box (Legendary) So what's in the boxes? Each box contains some gold, a grey sell-able item, and a quest item. Quest Items... Rusty (Green) - Simple Random turn in item for gold to a random NPC. Ussual awards around 50g with a small chance at 1000g item. Silver (Blue) - Begins a quest chain to discover a new Toy to add to your toy box. Gold (Purple) - Begins a quest chain that will either award a LARGE amount of gold or a chance to discover a new mount. (These mounts could be new or even discover older mounts like the Call To Arms Satchels used to do.) Jeweled (Legendary) - Begins a quest chain that will take you all over the worlds of Warcraft to eventually discover a new Archaeology ARTIFACT!!! Bronzebeard's First Compass (Legendary) Grants you a chance at digging up Legendary Fragments (Arch AP item) while the compass is in your bags. Having this legendary in your bags will also give you a small chance of having Bran Bronzebeard show up to check in on you. Traits... Snatch and Grab (Final Gold Trait) - Grants a 5% chance to dig up an entire Dig-site on your first dig. Quick Work (3/3)- Increase your movement speed by 15%/30%/45% for 10 seconds after using your Survey Ability. Gentle Hands (3/3) - Increase the amount of Fragments dug up by 10%/20%/30%. Scroll Expert - Grants you a chance to find additional scrolls per Dig-site. Dig Master (Gold) - Teleport you to the nearest Dig-site (10min CD) Snakes? Why'd it have to be Snakes? (Gold) - Gives a 5% chance per dig to unearth a snakes nest releasing 5-10 snake critters that scurry in all directions. Each Snake can be looted for additional fragments and scrolls. Survey Master - Automatically points your character in the direction your survey tool is pointing when using the Survey Skill. Artificer (2/2) - Gives you a 10%/20% chance to discover a Completed Artifact when you COMPLETE a dig-siteColdspell1 15h
15h returning player need update on economy Hey folks can someone explain the status of alchemy, chantining and JC as it seems the professions are not as good as they used to be, and what about LW can you still make pant armor enchantment or no? What is the status of legacy materials lets say from WOD is it still in demand should i keep grinding my garrisons. farming old world mats like wotlk? Whats is avrg gold per hour now? thank youStrrog1 15h
18h Hide of Occu'thar So i have to wait for horde on my server to control tol barad. No one is joining tol barad on horde side so i can't even try to take it myself. So now i have to wait. I tried joining a friend on another realm to get into Baradin Hold. Can't enter via cross realm. Amazing.Lebensdauer6 18h
1d What's the point of Inscription in Legion? I've loved this profession since it's inception in Wrath. My friends and guildies could always count on me to have the latest glyphs ready for everyone when they were released. Without glyphs really being a thing in Legion, what's the point of the profession? We lost shoulder inscriptions last go, and now the whole point of this profession seems unnecessary. It's almost as if they added the couple of things (runes for weekly raid bosses and the tome for easy talent swaps) just to give them something to do. I worry that Inscription is becoming super obsolete. What does everyone else here think? I'm hoping I've just overlooked the changes.Nissalee52 1d
1d Rank 3 Enchanting Recipes Can you obtain the Rank 3 Enchanting Recipes from LFR? About 3 of them require Emerald Nightmare raid and it's hard to put together a normal or heroic run for this outdated content. I've run it every week in LFR for about 10 in a row and no drops. (Yes I have Rank 2)Shortcut1 1d
1d R3 Prolonged Power Another week, another world boss repeated without this boss coming up. We were told there is now a schedule for all world bosses to come up. Clearly they missed one. It is absurd that there is zero ability to get this recipie.Azaalin4 1d
1d Alchemy WQ Never seen a single one and I'm playing the character with 500 skill points and all recipes learned. Several of them have rank 2 as a WQ drop but never seen a single alchemy wq, just herbalism fishing and cooking wq.Nekrosia4 1d
1d Path to Ironhorn enclave Hope this helps! 1d
1d Sabelite Sulphate For crafting I need the above and supposedly it comes from the quest Horoic Black Rook Hold -"heavy but...". To enter group there is only one choice for Black rook hold for heroic and I did that whole long quest and there was not a hint of sabelite sulphate. I also asked but nobody answered. So is it in some area that is not covered perhaps, or are you at the mercy of one leader (who may be a 12 year old) to attend to your aim of the quest? How do i get this stuff? I have two more vague quests like this to do for other ingredients.Lionara2 1d
1d Max engineering, worth it? I stopped grinding engineering right away. Been there, done that. Got the Argus portal which has been fun. The boots are great for exploring, cool down is too long. Everything else I'm ignoring. I get that about right or am I missing out on some amazing utility for maxing out eng? Also engineering general -- got a protip on how you've used items would love to hear it!Wyspers1 1d
1d Salty Sailor Tavern ONLY Hearthstone. I thought there used to be a Suggestion forum, I put this here because I think the people who have the same form insanity that I suffer from which makes me want to win the Stranglethorn vale fishing extravaganza on all my toons would appreciate this. I would say make this an item purchaseble from Innkeeper Skindle. We have Cloaks that get us back to Stormind, Rings to get to WotLK Dalaran, Etc. I know that after you win the Tourney you can chose Boots of the Bay which also work like a Salty Sailor Tavern Hearthstone, but not everyone wins.Lincöln1 1d
1d Ingredients for Apothecary crafting Ok I am supposed to craft these three flasks for three types of stuff which I get in various heroic areas. So I do the first quest Heroic Black Rook Hold and supposed to get Sabelite Sulphate. Did the whole quest and so Sulphate So I do the second one and supposed to get some sand, wow, I got the sand. Now i want to craft the flask but there is no receipe for the flask. Can somebody clarify if you have worked it out, PLEASELionara1 1d
2d Dual Gathering or Starlight Rose only? I'm looking for a casual way to make some gold with gathering in Suramar. A YouTube video suggests to get starlight roses only, but I feel Mining and Herbalism together would make more gold. Can anyone plz answer me with one makes more gold? Thanks! :DEggpie4 2d
2d The unobtainable robe and tailoring pattern Since cata, many many people have been searching for Chan's Imperial Robe and Pattern: Cindercloth Vest. The robe itself is valuable with transmog coming up, but the vest is a key piece to anyone wishing to cosplay as the final boss in sm cath. At current, since the release of cataclysm, the only way to obtain the robe is off someone who previously obtained it before the expansion and the pattern must have been learned by a tailor previous to said expansion. Up until now, Gms have answered our hopeful inquiries saying that they still drop with a very low drop rate. What they've also said is that even they can't find much information about where. The information we have on Chan's Imperial Robe according to GMs: low drop rate limited lookup ability most likely does not drop from the rare spawn it previously was carried by because of the level of the rare spawn hinterlands itself was lowered in level due to cataclysm, and according to the above logic it cannot drop from mobs there. *new* GM has confirmed it can be found in Hinterlands, which completely boggles my brain because of previous statement. Same GM also mentioned that their information may not be up to date. -- wowhead poster mentions it was removed for it's previous rare spawn's loot table The information we have on Pattern: Cindercloth Vest: GM confirmation that it is still in the game GM confirmation it has low drop rate wowpedia states it, like the robe, has not been seen since cata's release the pattern for pants still drops same place, but neither the vest or gloves have dropped since cata. *New* GM data suggests that it still drops in Searing Gorge, however as mentioned with the robe the information has a high possibility of being out of date. GMs have no direct link to the development team, but the one who most recently suggested it may be outdated information also suggested that this may be our best chance of getting a dev's attention into this matter. So if you like me have been searching for these two items, please pass it on. Post and show them it's important to you. Most of us who truly want it have no problem with farming for hours, days, or weeks for them. However, it is not acceptable to me to sacrifice my valuable time for things in a game I cannot even be confirmed that drop where they should. edit: additionally I'd like to mention that in the past Chan's Imperial Robe was always a low drop rate, but the pattern was a lot easier to get.Neenjâ179 2d
2d No Iron Ore Blues I have an alt. that's mining. Problem, I need to smelt iron ore to progress, but I can't buy or dig up any type of iron that I can smelt. Please help if you can !Pinnett8 2d
2d Why is it ok that when I'm sitting here farming basilisks a rogue stays in stealth and camps my kills until last inch of their HP? Why is this okay? They steal my kills then wait till i loot and auto mine my crap... its bullcrap.Bloodandguts13 2d
3d About Blingtron 6000 So I have max engineering and have gotten the part to summon Blingtron 6000 but so far I've been very disappointed in the vendor loot that I've been getting from it. I hear you can find legendarily from the gift but is there any other reason to put it down compared to the 5000 which seem to give me more gold from vendor item. Wowhead says 5000 has pets and mounts but can they also drop by the 6000?Aulann8 3d
3d Luminous Pearl so am i just unlucky? i am trying to get my artifact fishing rod and i have the bigger fish to fry achievement already. i have been using the arcane bait in pools and nothing. i looked it up on the forums and almost everyone was saying they got theirs in like 8 pools. im probably at about 150 now. so anyone know somthing i dont.Emothebunny15 3d
3d Faster Fishing? Is there a way to speed up how fast you catch a fish? My base skill is 800, 866 with the underlight angler and argus +6 fishing enchantment. I'm not looking for Legion fishing but more for fishing in non Legion areas. Does a higher fishing skill level make it faster? So lures, etc... help? Does your haste matter?Tinkerizmo2 3d
3d Engineering Toy Idea: Faulty Teleporter Veteran Engineers might remember, back in Burning Crusade, they added teleporters to Toshley Station and Area 52, that had these quirky random "Malfunctions" such as being replaced by your evil twin, being shrunk, or, most importantly, my favorite of the bunch, having your "DNA Matrix swapped with the last person to use the teleporter", or in gameplay terms, it transformed you into a random race/gender from a selection of combinations for an hour, retaining all your current gear appearances on top, unlike similar toys that have preset outfits for the transformation. After Burning Crusade, these quirks became the only reason people continued to use these teleporters. I know, for my part, I love getting the transformation to a random race to mix things up once in a while. It's also fun to play as the ever-elusive Troll Paladin xD. So, my idea, as you probably have guessed by now from the title, is to include new versions of these teleporters, craftable by engineers, that are guaranteed to provide this debuff when used. The debuff could be included as is, or it could be an opportunity to update it with new race/gender combinations, like worgen and goblin. Hell, if blizzard is feeling generous, we could even possibly get a new toy entirely, like a "DNA Matrix Destabilizer" that only provides this "debuff" without teleporting the user to outlandThemurlöc2 3d
3d Help with archaeology Ok I could really use some help wrapping my head around archaeology in regards to a specific goal: getting the Crawling Claw pet. So my archaeology is level 399. From what I understand I need level 600 to buy crates of Tol'vir fragments to make the pet. I use restored artifacts that I'm collecting in broken isles as I level to buy said fragments at level 600. What happens after I buy the fragments and how many do I need? I've looked at guides but I'm incredibly confused. I can also get Tol'vir fragments from the dig site in Uldum right? Is there anything else that I am missing?Kirela3 3d
3d Crafting Legendaries Hopefully this is right spot but was wondering if Crafting Legendaries messes with the RNG or "Bad Luck" rolls of actually getting one from a drop. In the guild tab it show i got a legendary as a drop even though i crafted one ThanksMynnara2 3d
3d LF friend with Glacial Gloves Pattern Willing to x-fer to you to get them crafted - (My mats provided) Xycx#11763Delisum2 3d
3d Jewelcrafting Empyrial Crowns - max ilvl 935? Does the ilvl 885 starting level for the Jewelcrafting Empyrial Crowns seem a bit low to you? with a max of 935 right? After a few Argus quests you can get a lvl 910 headpiece. If you're lucky with a drop/chest maybe 955? (I've gotten 920, 930, 955 & 970 in ~2 weeks) Seems to be a lot of expensive/hard to find mats to craft an ilvl 885 item. I really like to craft/wear my own stuff, but for it to then be 25 ilvls lower, seems a bit off to me. Shouldn't it be starting at a base of 910 eg) what I can just buy after <10 quests, and going up from there???Loregen4 3d
3d Fishing problem Hi All, I started levelling fishing and read up on the new artifact pole, so need to fish up a rare fish in Legion. I cant see pools of fish because i haven't learned the ability by getting the achievement [Fish Don't Leave Footprints]. I have tried fishing in all the places people recommend, and cannot for the life of me get this "Weather-Beaten Journal" i need to fish up for this. I am starting to wonder if i have in the past and deleted it, if so does this render fishing useless on this character now?Pyrodeath1 3d
4d Charector Profession Item Slot Thought/Idea my Thought/idea would be making a spot on our Charector screen in which we could put those items like the Gnomish Army Knife, Skinning Knife or any item that helps you deal with the profession for your toon that way we can always have the item on our toon with out worry of accidently selling/destroying it, then logging off before realizing we sold/destroyed it. Granted in this case all a person would have to do in this case all a person would have to do is equip the Dreanor Gnomish Army Knife obtainable from the Engineering building from the garrison (long as there professoins doesnt require something like the Philoshers stone). Being able to have the Gnomish Army Knife 'equiped' to our toon is not a BIG perk but its more of a way to make dealing with professions better not having to worry bout if we have the item needed in our bags or if we sold it or destroyed it.Celticlore3 4d
4d General Crafting Question re advancement All my chars doing crafting have the same problem: You get your crafting to 750 but need 800 to advance to next stage However: none of the craftable items give xp there are no more quests that will advance your crafting So.... how do you get to 800?Lionara6 4d
4d Vanishing skins Wonder if any other skinners having items vanishing before you can skin them? Was at favorite spot in Stormheim today farming Stormscale from the crabs. Normally there are about 10-12 per group to skin after killing them, and skin them. Today after skinning the third one the rest just vanished not having the chance to skin. Is this a bug, glitch, and if so how to report to be fixed. I also have the skinning chant on gloves this is the first time this has happened, so just seeing if anyone else is having this happen.Gussooner1 4d
4d Grade Blizzard So on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being very dissatisfied with professions and 10 being the opposite) Grade Blizzard's handling of professions in this expansion. Please give specific reasons if possible as to why you feel that way. I bet my friend some gold that the majority of the answers would be a certain way. Lets hear what you think. :)Roknash19 4d
5d Arcane Lure what is happening with the arcane lures for fishing, I have 5 in my bag, but doesn't show anymoreMoriharu1 5d
5d New bandages Can we get new bandages that heal for more? Healing potions received a new one that doubles the heal amount.Lunk2 5d
5d Neural Net Detangler! Trying to acquire this piece of the "Piloted Combat Mode" for Reaves has become a real chore. I've killed Mimiron for weeks, trying both normal and hard mode. I have no idea if it has any bearing on drop rate, though. I assume it's a purely RNG drop, but is it a mount-level percentage, or a more like a 1-in-5 rate? Someone mentioned in Trade chat that they think porting directly to Mimiron from the entrance might "guarantee" the item to drop since they specifically added that shortcut, but I can't test that until Tuesday.Rhythic8 5d
6d Mastered archaeology - when do quests appear Bought my way up through archaeology in the Dalaran shop, when will quests begin to appear for this profession?Borimrath1 6d
6d Engineering: Mind amplification dish Hi Guys, just some query if anyone has used the mind amp dish against those security guards in Blast Furnace Mythic? Thanks.Grumash2 6d
6d Ornate mithril looking for anybody that can make the Ornate mithril breastplate, Ornate Mithril Gloves, Ornate Mithril Shoulde, rOrnate Mithril Boots, Ornate Mithril Helm on silver moon! drop me a message .Norannithia8 6d
6d over 2800 tol'vir fragments gathered and still no vial recipe. feelsbadman this is not zug-zug.Wolfspero3 6d
6d Last time Spirit of Eche'ro quest appeared? I took a break and am wondering when is the last time anyone saw the spirit of Eche'ro quest pop up. I know last year September.Rindari3 6d
6d Mass Smelt Mass smelt available at level 525 or the reigning max skill would be awesome. Provide constructive views if you'd like to see this happen...blues :OJahsoja19 6d
6d Inscription in Legion Is inscription even worth it in legion? it looks to me like other professions would be much more useful and make a lot more gold than inscription. The only reason I'm hesitant to give it up is because it's near maxed out. Any idea on whether i should keep it or not?Gagarin2 6d
6d Eng issue I've had Eng since WotLK, and started legion with it. I recently tried to continue the quest line to further my eng cause I got bored with the current content and realized I can't. I have no available missions nor ways to further my eng. I checked the quest line and I am missing one and have no idea how to get it, or even get it again in case I droped it earlier without noticing. Just wondering if anyone has had a similar issue or possibly knows a work around.Takali2 6d
6d Tank help Best professions for Bear, warrior, and DK tanks? Will be doing mostly mythic's and normal/heroic raids.Trollybeary3 6d
6d Best professions for Ret Pally? This is my first character, and just trying to level as quickly as possible, but I've overlooked my proffesions. What are best professions to have?Clips17 6d
Oct 10 Profession Idea With all the items that have been removed from game over the years that were either dropped from quest or from professions themselves. I had an idea for people to atleast obtain the look with out bring back the items. We could get a Profession Pattern that let us obtain the looks of the items that profession can craft. I understand that Engineering, Enchanting, Jewel crafting, Alchemy and Inscription may not benefit like others unless they did it where they took all the items no longer obtainable that had a 'use' effect and turn it into a toy that wasnt a stat boost and let engineers have it. Unless they gave Enchanting more of those weapon effects not sure what they could get in place or what JC, Alchemy and inscriptioon could get.Celticlore0 Oct 10