Feb 9 Professions resources on the web In this thread, we'll create a good old-fashioned pile of links to resources on the web that are specific to professions in World of Warcraft. As you make suggestions of great websites that fit that description, I'll return to this first post and add your links (so long at they are germane). I'll start us off with these: WoWhead Professions Guides Alchemy Blacksmithing Enchanting Engineering Herbalism Inscription Jewelcrafting Leatherworking Mining Skinning Tailoring ----- Archaeology Cooking First Aid Fishing Now it's your turn!Kaivax41 Feb 9
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10m New Professions? Just curious does anyone know if there will be new professions? And if not isn't it about time? For years I thought woodworking would be a great addition. Any other ideas out there?Cellanna8 10m
2h How do professions work with level scaling? How do professions work with the new scaling system, both in terms of matts and recipes that have to be farmed? I never saw much of an explanation for changes other than enchanting, so I'm not sure if anything's changed or not. Basically, what I'm wondering about would be the following: -Does mob level impact skinning and other reagent drops (spider silk, cloth type, misc things like elemental / primal / eternal fire, etc) -Have mining and herbalism been impacted by zone scaling? -Are recipe drops impacted by mob level? Can you outlevel a recipe drop? -To look at it from a more general angle, is there any scenario in which a lvl 110 is actually worse at farming something than a lower lvl? Basically, I'm not sure to what extent things were tied to specific mob types and zones vs general mob level.Kurogasa8 2h
8h Fishing question re: Ancient Vykrul Ring Hail to you, champions- My fishing level was 300 when I started to fish tonight in Stormheim. I fished up one of these rings in the title. Subsequently in the next 90 minutes I fished up 5 or 6 more! Right now I have 75 of those Oodlefijsk which, as you know, give 5 fishing skill per fish (up to 800 skill) when you toss them back in. Added to the 26 other 5-point throwback fish I saved, I can mathematically get to 800 skill right now. Query: Did I get super lucky or did the ring drop rates increase recently? Going from 300 skill to 800 skill in under 2 hours seems crazy. Thanks for your replies. edit: Yep, it worked- I am fishing level 800 now with 11 Oodlefish left and one ring. The rings sell for between 2-3k on the auction house. However you can only hold one at a time. I don't know how well they sell, but I'm going to try to get 800 fishing on all of my alts since it is this easy.Myxlplixx2 8h
20h Most lucrative profession to go with mining? I haven't ever done mining but I have done nearly all other professions, but my guild has set people that make things mats wise for people so I'm looking more on the money end of things. What would be the best for mining?Kaluleigh2 20h
1d Professions Hey everyone, Quick question. In the event you have every profession leveled & accounted for on your server, what professions are good to double or even triple up on for extra alts? ThanksOltr22 1d
1d Bra professions Do we get any advantage from max level profs in legion?Jiblit4 1d
1d Argus missions that award Blood of Sargeras "Argus missions that award Blood of Sargeras now cost 600 more Order Hall Resources. This will not be correctly reflected in the Legion Companion App until its next version update. Developers’ notes: Completing these missions with bonus rewards previously returned more Order Hall Resources than they cost. Rather than reduce their yield, we’ve increased the cost of the missions so that players with ample Order Hall Resources can convert them to tradeskill materials." As far as I can tell order hall missions that give bonus Blood of Sargeras have always yielded more order hall resources if you were to turn said bloods in. (Not just the Argus Blood missions) Maybe this wasn't originally intended but many of us depend on turning these Bloods in for Order Hall Resources not just "tradeskill materials" In the case of the Argus version you would spend 1200 Order Hall resources and if you are able to get the BONUS bloods you would come out at 2000 resources for a 600 resource gain. Was this not intended? Where the other Blood order hall missions changed? I believe the other ones may have been even more profitable. I understand if this wasn't intended but I want you guys to know that I value order hall resources to be just as valuable as Trade skill resources. I personally no longer will have any reason to do them and it will become even more difficult to keep alts stocked with order hall resources. I'm not able to get in game at the moment I believe my numbers are correct, someone may want to check for me =)Rangeddps6 1d
1d Questioning Nomi I see that you need to provide Nomi with an abundant supply of a certain ingredient to have him discover some feasts and end-game dishes. How many do you have to give him cause it's draining my own store stacks?Faralos3 1d
1d Bringing Life Back to First Aid So im going to explain how I feel we can bring new life back into this dead profession with a slew of new ideas with First Aid still being that secondary profession that bring Aid to the people of Azeroth in need of it most, that being us the players. I guess the NPC's around the broken isles to. -----Changes----- The first change is that anything first aid related does not share a cool down with potions. Just this change alone makes first aid a worthwhile profession to pick up and level as this means two "potions" during combat to be used. The second change is I would increase the debuff timer of recently bandaged to 2 minutes, this is to make players refrain from all grouping around 1 player and using first aid on a single individual quickly. This applies to ALL first aid items introduced in this re-haul, even if it makes no sense. -----Bandages----- So how would I change bandages? Well for starters they heal for 1,000,000 instead of the 480,000 that potions heal for. This makes bandages WAY more appealing, but this comes at a drawback, that drawback being the increased cast time from 8 seconds to 14 seconds making you a pretty good target for a long time. -----Additions (items)----- There are quite a few. You have been warned. -Mana Patches- Probably the biggest addition is the mana patch. It does exactly what it sounds like. This is similar to a bandage but applies itself just like a nutrition patch in how it will provide you with benefits over a set period of time. So a potion heals for 160,000 mana but the mana patch will give you 50% of your mana back over the next minute. The patch itself has a 5 minute cool down and if used in combat makes all other first aid items unusable. -Anti-Venom Oil- This makes a triumphant return from good old Warlords of Draenor. It does almost exactly what the previous one did. Except it only cures all poison effects. This item cannot be used in PvP. Has a 2 minute cooldown and if used in combat makes all other first aid items unusable. -Cleansing Oil- This makes a triumphant return from good old Warlords of Draenor. It does almost exactly what the previous one did. Except it only cures all disease effects. Can be used anywhere EXCEPT in PvP. This item cannot be used in PvP. Has a 2 minute cooldown and if used in combat makes all other first aid items unusable. -Warming Bandage- Completely new this item helps fight the cold and other things, magically. This item makes it to where if the player is being slowed by any means, the slow is then removed. It is applied instantly and has a 2 minute cooldown and if used in combat makes all other first aid items unusable. This item cannot be used in PvP. Think of it like Paladins Blessing of Freedom but contending with a bunch of other stuff that could potentially be better for you. -Soaked Cloth- This item helps the player stay wet, now that sounds not very helpful but it gets better. This item makes the player immune to any fire that is on the ground for the next 20 seconds before the cloth dries up and burns away. So that fight with a ton of fire on the ground, yeah you can ignore for 20 seconds like a boss. Has a 4 minute cooldown and if used in combat makes all other first aid items unusable. -Sticky Oil- This helps one kite those pesky adds that the tank refuses to pick up or the dps refuses to kill fast enough. This item works exactly like the Hunters Tar Trap in how it slows enemies caught in the trap. Except this item applies the oil directly onto the grand and does not need to be triggered. The oil radius is 5 yards making it smaller than the traps 8. Has a 3 minute cooldown and if used in combat makes all other first aid items unusable and cannot be used in PvP. -Bandage Barrel- This item is exactly what it says it is. A barrel that's filled with bandages for you entire raid group to use. Place down the barrel and if a player right clicks it he or she will take out a bandage and heal themselves. The heal is less than an actual bandage and does not put the other players first aid stuff on cool down should the other players choose to use the barrel. This heals for 500,000 health instead of 1,000,000. Once 30 players have used a bandage (meaning the same player could heal themselves more than once!) or 2 minutes have passed the barrel will disappear. Has a 5 minute cooldown and if used in combat makes all other first aid items unusable and can't be used in PvP, even if the barrel is already placed on the ground.Holyaj7 1d
1d Bigger Fish To Fry Achievement Hey Guys I can't find the Bigger Fish to Fry Achievement in the Achievements Finder. Does any one know how i can track my progress?Simi10 1d
1d Cooking - chilled meat quest I was wondering if anyone could help me with the chilled meat quest. WoWhead indicates there's a quest giver in Silithus called Senior Sargent Kai'jin, however when I go to her location she isn't there. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!Aglarannah4 1d
1d Fishing Friendships I have some questions about gaining friendship reputation via the group finder, perhaps y'all can help. Does casting the oversized bobber on top of others help you catch more fish? Does having your companions out help you get more rep? Does parking your Worgen, Draenei, or Tauren directly infront of other groups aid your fishing? Does hovering your largest dragon mount over the fishing area get you special buffs? And last but not least, does the train attract more fish?Brewteaful4 1d
1d Any reason to do crafting in Legion? So.... I'm scratching my head trying to figure out if it is even worth doing crafting in Legion, beyond Enchanting and maybe some Inscription. I'm not talking about profit on AH, I mean more for my own use. There are gear for 101, 103, 105 etc but usually outside of the occasional 101s to use for people wearing junk from Draenor, I don't really see a use for Blacksmithing/Tailoring/Leatherworking. I know that with some ridiculous grinding, you could upgrade something to the 900s with Obliterum but uh... it sounds like the grind for that is so atrocious, it's ridiculous, and besides... I could probably get that if I were patient enough with World Quests; I've already got a 905 helmet that way. I like how World Quests make for a decent way to gear alts up, but it kind of gets rid of the whole reason to level crafts at the same time, which kind of nerfs the premise behind a lot of my alts, that I made back during the Cataclysm and Pandaria days where you wanted crafters because crafted stuff was good for alts (especially in Pandaria).Hirai24 1d
1d Best profession to make a lot of Gold What's best profession to learn to get the most gold? Like someone said Herb gathering and Alchemy is one of the best but is that true? I am leaning Mining and Blacksmith since I' am a warrior and if I was a hunter I learn skinning and leatherworking or Mage I would learn Tailoring. But he said I don't need to go based on my class anymore. So I thought would learning Herb and Alchemy be best to make gold? I use to do Herbs and Alchemy when I was started playing this game for first time in 2011 when the starter edition came out and I was a hunter. ThanksPikachudall40 1d
1d Fisherfriends... Account wide? Thanks for any responses. I'm working toward getting the Underlight Angler on all 12 of my Horde guys. Will probably do it on 1 of my Alliance guys as well. Also, I am working toward getting (name?) Fisherfriends achievement on 1 horde guy now. Q1:... Is fisherfriends account-wide? Can I use the 2 extra tints for Underlight Angler on my other guys, or only on the one who gets the achievement? Q2:... how high are you guys going on your Underlight Angler? I'm stopping at level 12 on all toons, all golden traits. Too many fishes after that. (You can tell I am not a real fisherman)Nusku2 1d
2d This Crawling Claw is killing me Yet another night wasted :( . I was level 80 when I started this immediately I had access to Pandaria. I'm 93 now entirely through archaeology and have nothing to show for it besides levels. No claw, no vial...I'm losing heart this is brutal. How long did you take you guys to get them? Or even just one.Pohwaran2 2d
3d Blacksmithing and Foxflower Flux Just a heads up for those who are unaware, you can just buy it from NPC's. No point in wasting gold buying it from AH, the Blacksmith vendor in Dalaran, as well as a couple other NPCs sell it for around 4g each.Narosev7 3d
3d Level 3 flasks i have been trying to make flasks to get Level 3 flasks i have made thousnds of flasks on more then one char thought maybe it was bugged. What the hell is this some kind of bug or am i so unlucking that in almost 2 years i have yet to get a single level 3 flask?Amermito7 3d
3d Sallow Ink Was leveling up my inscription and got a skill called "Mass Mill Aethril". My question is, if I mass mill my aethril will i still get Sallow Ink and is it better to use that then to do it individually?Midnightstär1 3d
3d Really like how BFA Blacksmithing looks I got to admit that I really like how blacksmithing is looking for Battle for Azeroth. The Kahz'gorian hammer looks especially nice, really. Finally we Smiths can fix our own gear! I'm extremely curious what the Stormsteel equipment looks like as well. I really hope we're seeing a return to original gear-models for Smithing, instead of off-colored questing models.Baldris1 3d
3d Can the Spirit of Eche'ro fly please??? I just farmed the archaeology for Eche'ro and it doesn't fly? I don't see a point in having this bad-!@# moose ghost not being able to fly. If you can make it fly that'd be dope :DMilita2 3d
3d Cooking Mist Style Blizzard really should take a look at how Cooking was done with Mists and bring it back. It wasn't perfect but it was atleast involved. Growing your own crops and killing beasts for meat. It even had a minigame for extra ingredients daily. It was the first expansion where I actually leveled my cooking to max and I enjoyed it. Like most professions in Legion the RNG fest needs to go.Felrane1 3d
3d Unable to make First Aid items Unable to create First Aid items in legion, even though I have the proficiency and the regents... I realize that (so far) these items are for quests only, but they are still supposed to be able to be made by the player... First aid kits and stabilize being two of the items i am talking about. they are in my first aid list, and green, but the Create button is not able to create I checked the first aid station and trainers for solutions, yet found none, and have asked extensively throughout the game on many characters and NO ONE, and I do mean NO ONE, seems to be able to create these items... As stated they are listed as green and would give no significant skill boost unless created in bulk - even then they would gray out as soon as a couple are made. So What's the deal developers?Dreamsender7 3d
3d Garrison mats trader Why does the cost of mats from the garrison mats trader that you trade resources to for prof mats change back and forth between 24 and 40 per single stack?Deanington3 3d
3d 7.3.5 Disenchant Value Addon With the changes in 7.3.5 (removal of several disenchant mats-now consolidated), Auctioneer's disenchant addon Enchantrix is broken. It's hard to tell what to d/e or sell when farming old raids/dungeons. Anyone know of an addon that does a similar function?Jaskra2 3d
3d Engineering DPS boost? With engineering do you still make bombs? Is it worth it to take it? I'm in Draenor right now so I'm just kinda deciding my profession moving forward, I'm either going with alchemy or engineering but I dont plan on raiding; if both suck then I'll make another leatherworker.Relax7 3d
4d 1-110 Profession profit guide help? What would be most profitable gathering profession for leveling to 110 im not talking about at 110 i mean leveing there. Im currently seeing the amount of gold i can make on leveling to 110 with full professions and selling greens on the ah as well also looking for tips on making more gold on the way.Blóódy1 4d
4d Engineer getting old tinkers? Hi Just leveling up some alts. If i pick engineering up what is involved in making sure I get all the tinkers like the parachute and the rocket boots? Thanks!Minstrel3 4d
5d Saving First Aid So I've been reading about the possiblity that First Aid might get removed from the game. I know a lot of people are kinda, meh, about this but I'm of the opinion that First Aid is worth saving. Aside from the fact that it's been available since Vanilla (which isn't enough of a reason to save it alone) it is still part of the RP element in MMORPG, it adds to the game's fantasy world. There are still a lot of players that use First Aid and it's valuable to leveling characters too. I'd argue that removing First Aid isn't a solution and that fixing it or making it more interesting/valuable to players is what needs to be done over removing it entirely. So if I were attempting to save First Aid, here's what I'd try: Bandages: Increase the healing benefit of bandages by 5-10% of total health over 6 seconds, breaking on damage. Specialty bandages. Such as Rum soaked bandages that also dull further pain/damage for 10 minutes, or Arcane infused bandages that increase Arcane magic resistance, etc... New First Aid craftables: A defibulator to resuscitate dead players. Medicine for curing a disease, crafted using medicinal herbs everyone can gather (herbologists get a bonus). Poison extractor/pump to remove a poison, crafted using engineering parts from a vendor or crafted. A Field Kit hour long buff that reduces the duration of various health effects on your character by 1/3rd of their total duration (a 12 second debuff becomes an 8 second debuff). Works on poisons, diseases, blindness, bleeds, some movement impairing effects (hamstring for example, but not roots or ice nova), polymorph, and fear. A First Aid Station, similar to a feast, would provide the Field Kit buff to party/raid members. Any thoughts, additons, suggestions, or should we all really lose this minor profession skill?Pernicious12 5d
5d Professions Gated Behind Instanced Content My main is a holy priest, and 905 ilvl. I'm also an alchemist. I love the profession, and how it can help others in my guild and my friends. And being in science for over 30 years made me like the whole chemist thingy. This expac, the buff flasks and transmutes were only available if you did instanced runs. I have a significant tremor, which is progressive. And I'm 68 years old, which will only progress as well, ;) . I have problems targeting. I tend to have problems moving out of aoes, out of floor effects, fast enough to keep from dying. I used to die regularly in the "dance" in Nax every run, and that was when I was faster and my tremor was not as bad. I am a liability at times, which is not how I want to play. I don't want to be "carried" through something, I want to be a plus to the group. And to do that, I've got to heal and not die all the time. I don't mind not doing the instanced content. I mind that the profession is gated inside them. It used to be that only the highest level recipes/patterns were drops from instances. So if you wanted to get the uber stuff, you had to do them. But you still had the lower level flasks and pots and could contribute to the guild and your friends. Now, if you don't do dungeons, your profession is just crap that you do for fun, not something that is useful. So, if Blizzard wants to make it an optional quest in the outside world, where my death over and over does not harm anyone else, I have no issues with that. I'll gladly do it until I get it done. And it will be MY accomplishment, and not the accomplishment of some people who took pity on me. But don't make me put the run in jeopardy and affect others just so I can advance a profession. Make the instanced runs for those who want to do that content because they like to, not to weed out those who have challenges (dare I say the infirm ?). This is the same for all my toons who have all the professions. I have the achievement of getting all professions to 800, through crafting the green items over and over, and going to DMF. But I did it, and not someone else doing it for me. I'm a feisty old lady who plays World of Warcraft, and not someone who wants to get it all for free.Norna32 5d
5d Fishing looking towards BfA Fishing is the best profession in Legion. And those are words I never would have thought I would say. I've always liked fishing (Salty, etc etc) but it was just a thing you did to get raid mats or if you had a reroll on a new realm and you wanted some cash. This expac has been great. Postives: I loved that there was a reward to work for (pole) and then I could improve it and make it better. I like that the special fish made leveling easy for my alts, and that there was end game after leveling for my main. Being able to buy and sell bait both makes an extra cash flow and makes it simpler to target the fish I particularly need today. (And also easier for alts.) Conjurer Margoss had toys and pets; raid fishing is oddly enjoyable and sociable. I'd love to see more raid fishing. Mounts to fish up are always spiffy, and the fisher friends are interesting. (Total aside, wtb content to use swimming mounts.) Negatives: The little fish from the sleeping murlocs are hard to see with graphic settings at medium. The basic UI doesn't like to display enough buffs, and I had to resort to addons to see all of my fishing buffs. (I quite like addons but I regard it as an issue that needs fixing.) I adored all the baits, but they took up SO MANY bag slots. Neutrals: I'm doomed to be sad in BfA because it will be hard to top Legion's fishing. Would offer up sacrifices to get a keybinding as well as a mouseclick for reeling in the fish. The larger bobbers help, but on shaky hands days I can't fish. All up, wtb next expac like this one but new settings.Brambleberry3 5d
5d Blacksmithing: Old recipes still mail Any news yet on these getting changed to plate? For myself, it would be nice to RP a character that uses only crafted gear to level with. For other players, especially new ones, it would be nice to have some sort of incentive to have blacksmithing as a "useful" profession before level 40 gear rolls around.Brokkarn18 5d
5d Throwing Cards for Inscription It would be nice if we could get throwing cards for scribes or, in the alternative, a rogue glyph that turns throwing knives and shuriken into throwing cards. ... for reasonsGnives2 5d
6d Why would I level fishing? What benefits do I get as my fishing increases?Scathe22 6d
6d Neltharion's Lair: Potent Powder needs portal Please put a portal at the bottom of the hole of the Naraxas boss in Neltharion's Lair. At this point in Legion the dungeon quests for professions like Alchemy are annoying and a waste of time. Because I still have to do all of these at this point and on alts I just try to go through the dungeons fast paying little attention to anything else. Well, if you forget to grab the quest item for this quest in NL you can't go back to get it once you go down the hole after Naraxes. Honestly, why a portal to take you back up isn't there at the bottom of the hole is beyond me. There is no reason there shouldn't be. Well, time is wasted and I have to now go back into a dungeon I don't want to do, to complete a quest I have already done on other character to progress a profession on an alt character that for some reason at this point in the Legion expansion is still a time consuming quest line that we have to do over and over on other characters if we want the profession. If professions are like this in BFA I will be seriously disappointed.Hazathal9 6d
6d How can I do fast filleting Draenor fish? How can I do fast filleting Draenor fish? Is there a macro I can use? An Addon? I have an ocean of fish to fillet and cook.Yurichan1 6d
Feb 17 Grand Master and Master profession ranks Firstly, I'm a new player, so sorry if this seems obvious, but I've searched a fair bit online elsewhere and on the forums but can't find anything. When I go to profession trainers, I see that the Master and Grand Master ranks both require your skill level to be 275. Online, it says Grand Master requires 350 though. So if both require the same level, can I just skip Master and go straight to Grand Master to keep leveling?Stormfrost2 Feb 17
Feb 16 Can I do _anything_ with creeping carpets? So I accidentally made several creeping carpets. (Not his char, and alt.) When you have the mount, you don't need them. But the darn things are soul bound and can't be disenchanted. You can't even vendor them. So, is there anything I can do other than just throw them away?Rixlee3 Feb 16
Feb 16 Guild Bank enchanting mats didn't convert. Enchanting mats on guild banks did not convert! Also, the lesser illusion dust on it converted to a single rich illusion dust. There are no notes regarding these changes in the official patch notes.Tezkatlipoca5 Feb 16
Feb 16 Gathering inefficient w/ new scaling system Hi. Gathering is now super awkward if you do the zones out of their original "order". You might end up just getting nuggets and stems from your gathers because you are not skilled enough to gather that particular node in that zone. If the goal is to have players be able to pick and choose zones as they please, then I suggest making gathering more like fishing is now. At first you might get nuggets and stems, even trash, but then as you skill up, you're able to get normal resources.Koochikoo7 Feb 16
Feb 15 Engineering Question: Tinkering Hey guys, I have engineering as a profession and have a question about tinkering. I want to add the goblin glider upgrade to a friend’s cloak, but I don’t want to have to trade his cloak to me to add it. Is there any way to add tinkering upgrades to other people’s equipment without having them trade the stuff to you?Alistrasza3 Feb 15
Feb 15 Legion First Aid bugged account wide I have two 110's and a 102 now and NONE of them have had anything drop related to first aid. They all have first aid as a skill. My main has a 700 skill. Is anyone else having this issue?? Anyone know how to fix it?Flexlee31 Feb 15
Feb 15 Is this a good idea? I came back to the game last week after a post-Cata hiatus. I found all my characters wiped off my original account, so I just purchased a new one and started over since WoW feels like a completely different game in a lot of ways. Luckily, I farmed 4 pieces of heirloom from DMF/Guild Vendor. As for professions: I really want to level whatever 2 productions professions I feel will benefit me the most on my main and main alt (probably a Human Fury Warrior and an Orc Enhancement Shaman). Should I take gathering professions for now and gather everything up I can from now to 80ish, then turn around and use the mats to level out my professions later? Of course, I'm gonna try to make gold along the way, but is there a better way or does it matter anymore?Drakenocas4 Feb 15
Feb 14 Zone scaling and cloth drops These are my observations on zone scaling and cloth drops. I started leveling this void elf priest two days ago, after 3-4 levels I decided I liked the priest enough to go to Stormwind and get some professions. I took Enchanting and Tailoring. Enchanting seems fine, as I got higher level items to disenchant the material received went up appropriately. This is not the case with Tailoring. For Tailoring I saved up cloth as it dropped while I leveled, so I have pretty good numbers. At level 60 I went to learn recipes and do some crafting. For Linen recipes, no problems were encountered. I made stuff until it turned grey. I then leveled First Aid on linen recipes. I still have about 250 linen cloth left over. For Wool recipes, no problems were encountered. I made stuff until it turned grey. I then leveled First Aid on wool recipes. I still have about 110 wool cloth left over. For Silk recipes, a big problem was encountered. I had enough silk cloth to make 16 bolts, which is like an order of magnitude short to level Tailoring past Silk recipes, let along level First Aid as well. I have yet to get a single piece of Runecloth. Just for reference here are the zones I did to get to level 60: Westfall (10-60) Duskwood (20-60) Loch Modan (10-60) Redridge Mountains (15-60) - less than half the zone, cause it sucks Darkshore (10-60) Ashenvale (15-60) Wetlands (20-60) North part of Stranglethorn Vale (25-60) - maybe a third of the zone Despite all of these zones scaling up to level 60, I was still getting lots of linen, a good amount of wool, very little silk, and no runecloth. My conclusion is while zone scaling works fine for leveling, it does not work for cloth drops. I know that I can wait and level Tailoring when I get to Legion content and use Shan’doei Silk recipes, but how would a new player know that? Probably too late to address this late in Legion, but I hope the issue is addressed in the Battle for Azeroth expansion.Letlianna6 Feb 14
Feb 14 How do i get runed copper rod for enchanting? How do i get runed copper rod for enchanting?Skorg15 Feb 14
Feb 14 Eng Glider Tinker in Instances I returned to WoW in Legion after MoP and I was really disappointed to see that my goblin glider tinker won't work in dungeons/raids anymore. I heard that it was removed in WoD due to concerns about gliding to skip bosses or something, but given that the single-use gliders and demon hunter glides work in dungeons/raids it seems kind of pointless to keep the tinker locked down. Will this ever be reinstated? Is there additional logic for keeping it locked down?Pyornthe3 Feb 14
Feb 14 best gold making profs? BS and mining just won't work for me anymore after 6 months break. Gonna boost a new one soon. What profs for high pop realms do you guys think make most money?Vwdéobugnhé1 Feb 14
Feb 14 White woolen dress? I'm trying to complete the 'INSPIRE ME!' quest line for tailors and I cannot find the white woolen dress recipe anywhere! I've looked on the tailoring vendors and I've looked in the AH. It doesn't even come up in my unlearned recipes tab. Has this recipe been renamed? Help!Viragos4 Feb 14