Dec 16 Professions resources on the web In this thread, we'll create a good old-fashioned pile of links to resources on the web that are specific to professions in World of Warcraft. As you make suggestions of great websites that fit that description, I'll return to this first post and add your links (so long at they are germane). I'll start us off with these: WoWhead Professions Guides Alchemy Blacksmithing Enchanting Engineering Herbalism Inscription Jewelcrafting Leatherworking Mining Skinning Tailoring ----- Archaeology Cooking First Aid Fishing Now it's your turn!Kaivax36 Dec 16
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4m What's even the point of crafting anymore? Actually questioning, and only semi ranting about my views of Blacksmithing...Without getting into the whole 'forced to do dungeons and the Underbelly' topic because that goes for all profs. - 815 armor is worthless because even random WQ can give much higher ilvl loot, and with a chance of upgrade no less. 815 is only useful literally for the first hours of reaching 110. - To upgrade that armor we have to make more and more items to turn into Obliterum and upgrade it up to 855, IF we got the mountain of Demonsteel, Blood of Sargeras, and haven't gotten a better item by that time*. *Or buy it all in the AH, at which point you're still spending tons of gold for it. - To upgrade an item, it must be soulbound, so thank you Blizz that we can't even sell the one thing our profession is supposed to produce. - Relics are 805.....805, I even need to explain this one? - At least I can sell the hoofplates for an extra 20% mounted movement speed... To anyone that isn't a Paladin or has completed the Pathfinder achievement... As it is right now I see absolutely no point in crafted gear other than to be made into Obliterum or enchanting trash. The only people I can see benefiting from crafting at all are the ones that play so little on a weekly basis they might as well not play at all. (Ok, I kinda sounded like an !@# here, but it's just to state my point) I got that Blizz mentioned they didn't want profs to feel forced or mandatory...but crafters were reduced to some pointless make-believe artisans and toy makers while other professions like Enchanting or Alchemy are still useful for the great majority, how is that fair in any way, shape, or form?Rahku20 4m
9m Alchemy 780-800 How are we supposed to do this? The cauldron recipe is listed as requiring 800 skill but everything is grey at 780Lilladin123 9m
23m Your best extra potion proc What's the most extra potions people have gotten off of one cast? I just got 20 potions of deadly grace off of ONE craft. I'm hoping this is insanely high, but it made me curious as to what others have been getting. What's your best??Davethemage3 23m
32m Professions are dead. I used to love this once great time filler, being self sufficient and getting max on every prof throughout my toons. These days for me to get 800 I need every toon to 110, the toon to be played long enough that i get rep to revered or exhalted farm loads of bloods and force me to run dungeons with people who want to be in there but not with me as an undergeared spaz to be carried and get kicked for not pulling the dps required. Sure some things were awesome, i like the ranking idea, when i finally get toon to 110 the WQ for higher ranks thats cool, even having to farm world areas is not terrible. Please think of this for next time. Gated is not always fun or neededDruidnasty0 32m
2h Found ~12 bots Suramar/Bot-Test I have spotted and reported 12 bots in Suramar farming Starlight. This increase in bots is likely due to the market being up to sh*t. How close are we to a ban wave? Because actual players like myself spend our time farming, and struggle getting gold, with proffesions being the way they are, and the amount of botters there are. Seriously, I've been playing since Vanilla, and I've never seen this many bots around in one spot. This is only in one zone!! Get rid of them!!Kalhell25 2h
2h Wild transmutation after all discoveries Worth to keep doing it after you learn everything? I guess rank 3 would be the only reason. If there is any other though let me know what you think. What about after rank 3? ThanksDaginz4 2h
4h Inscription Helppp So...I've been working on leveling Inscription and I think I'm lost. Now I know that using Warbinder's Ink Research will make you learn all glyphs, so that's what I did, and it now tells me that I've learned everything I can from that....yet I only know a total of 42 glyphs. ...42. Is there something I'm missing here? How to I go about learning more glyphs after exhausting all the research?Claladia1 4h
4h How Do You Get 880 Engineering Goggles? Does anyone know where I can learn the recipes for the new 880 engineering goggles?Rebourn60 4h
11h What Once Was Fun... now tedious work. I used to love professions. It was a great, fun side part of the game that could prove useful. Now it is just a grind. And not a very enticing grind. Just a couple of the problems: 1. Nodes are fewer and further between, distance and timewise. 2. Shoulder enchants are so terribly sporadic as to be forgettable. And those don't touch on the failed mechanics...Fleetwood11 11h
11h NOMI HAS TO GO!!! 96 work orders in 3 weeks have nomicakes have all but 2 recipes which i dont care if i get them but can't get a lvl 3 drop at all for that matter any drop other than duplicates of what i already have . Put the last 24 up when patch notes said improved lvl 3 drops guess that didnt mean or refered to Nomi fix it plz. I know what recipes I want and yes I have all the lower ones of the higher recipes I want . The drop rate on the higher ones is like 0% atm I have wasted about 4000 g of mats and the other profession drops get real have to do pvp or a raid to get them. I won't be doing professions or Nomi anymore and me and a lot of friends as a lot of the people here on the forums that I have read their posts also might quit Please do something !!!Dvdwacker10 11h
11h Did Flasks 3 star discovery get nerfed? Sitting at 346 Whispered Pact Flasks made tonight and no luck. Plus I probably done about 200 more before tonight.Gibsonex6 11h
11h Daily profession cooldowns in Legion? I haven't gotten too involved in crafting in this expansion, so are there any daily profession cooldowns like previously? If you were going to have alts for crafting, you'd have one of every production profession and then you'd have multiple Alchemy toons for the transmute cooldown and/or multiple tailoring toons for the cloth cooldown, to make as many bags as possible. That doesn't seem to the be the case in Legion. Did I miss something?Malphage1 11h
12h Predictive Combat Operations Databank Any get this to drop? It's the engineering item that drops off Iron Juggernaut in SoO. Only info from beta I can find is someone not being able to get it. It's the last item I need (by the way the piston stabilizer drops off mobs in Doomwalker's area now, got it off a felguard or something). Just killed Iron Juggernaut in LFR and it didn't drop. I'm fine farming it every week until it drops, but I want to make sure I'm at least doing it in a valid difficulty.Viridans14 12h
13h Dungeon Quests and Professions Looking for some advice: I'm trying to get my tailoring quests done so that I can craft some decent armor. However, I'm currently at a step where I need to do a dungeon quest with Eye of Azshara. My problem is that every time I queue, I end up spending 30 min + waiting for a group and often I just have to give up after I run out of time that I can spend at the computer. Only once has the queue for this dungeon ever popped and after the loading screen, I was back where I was with the dungeon deserter debuff (Maybe they kicked me for having a slow loading screen?). Is there anything else I can do? I can't queue for heroics yet because my gear level is too low.Heksana5 13h
14h Reagents increase Hi I am a Scribe and I find buying my light parchments gets annoying when I have to buy them 200 at a time I was hoping a Moderator could look at this post and possibly increase the stack size of all reagents from a max stack size of 200 to 1000 (well 999) Hopefully that will not include gathering reagentsDalsarius0 14h
16h Jewelcrafting 780-800 a joke? I just hit 780 jewelcrafting, which seems pretty high based on other jewelcrafters I've seen, and the only things I can craft that give me skill ups are the 3 star class specific necks. Not only are these super expensive to craft with how bad prospecting is, but 90% of them are so terrible that people don't even buy them. On top of that the recipes for the 3 star necks are not exactly easy to come by. Essentially if you ever want get max jewelcrafting, so you can craft the main stat gems, you will have craft 20+ of these necks that, on my server at least, you would be lucky to sell even at a loss of a few thousand gold. I mean who is going to pay ~20k (market value of the gems for crafting the neck) for an 815 neck that is terrible unless you spend another 40k to upgrade it to 850 with obliterum. Meanwhile getting obliterum as a JC is awful, I don't know how much the class necks give when obliterated but the lesser rings and necks barely give any. When compared to any of the professions who can make tens of thousands of gold just by crafting bracers (BS, Tailer, LW) that you are required to have in order to make your forge, and who are getting to 800 skill level super easily it feel like Jewelcrafting is in terrible place.Kice128 16h
17h Fel Piston Stabilzer... I Done with this game its official! You Devs and sick Jokes this isn't even funny anymore! How hard is it to put this on another mod seriously!Maraxxus1 17h
18h Any Blacksmithing 880 ilvl craftables? Does us Blacksmith's have any 880 craftable item just like the 880 ilvl engineering goggles? Thanks in advance.Grumash0 18h
21h Alchemy - Work Orders for Rank 2 I'm having the issue of still being stuck on rank 1 for both Avalanche Elixir and Sylvan Elixir. Been that way since launch. I'm sure I missed the World Quests for them once upon a time but for the past few weeks I've been checking daily for the World Quests in High Mountain and Val'sharah that are required to get rank 2...but alas they have not appeared. I wonder if anyone else is having this issue? Have they appeared recently and I just missed them? I'm beyond frustrated of having to wait for those World Quests before I can even get the recipe for rank 2. It's frustrating. Edit: Stormheim to High Mountain. Just noticed I typed the wrong zone.Saedana4 21h
22h Enchanting underpowered Ok you can call me slow, but just noticed that the very best enchant I can do 200 intell (or what ever primary stat ) is still not as good as last expansion's best flask. I know Blizz will say they do not want to make it so our enchants are op, but that makes no sense when the flask for this expansion is 1300. I am not arguing they should nerf flasks but that they should boost enchants. Honestly our enchants are still less powerful then last expansions flasks.Awakes4 22h
23h Boon of the Builder this enchant is only for EngineersStinkybird8 23h
23h Alchemy Rank 3 Flasks, anyone got them yet? Simple question, has anyone gotten any flask to rank 3? so far i've made well over 100 flasks of the same type trying to unlock rank 3, chances are if you play frostmourne you've been buying mine, thats how many ive made compared to the rest of my server. I honestly feel like im chasing a carrot on a stick here, the shear amount of time im suck into it trying to get rank 3 in a flask so i can then get 800 alch is taking longer than anything else in the game. So with my rant over, has anyone actually gotten rank 3 and if so how many flasks did you make roughly?Masika90 23h
1d Blingtron 6000 Seems like such a waste right now. Takes 5 felstale for the Reaves battery which comes out to around 300-350 gold depending on the day and then the gift package generally only contains vendor trash worth about 5 gold? Any plans to make an infinite use battery or just an infinite use Blingtron 6000 at some point?Tinytifa5 1d
1d Profession frustration I'm fed up. I have always enjoyed the professions but this expansion has made them too frustrating. I have friends quitting wow because of this. I don't mind a challenge but this is over the top. 1. Inscription. You spend hours farming dreamleaf to make a few darkmoon cards to make the trinkets. (1000 dreamleaf for 5 or 6 cards) You get multiple cards you don't need and they don't sell on the AH. But the cincher is that you cant obliterate them. 2. Engineering. They finally give us something good to make 880 helms. But the drop rate on the boxes you need is so low and they rarely have what you need that I feel like I am going to be way better than 880 before I can even make one. Spent 3 hrs today on my engineer and got one box, it had useless junk in it. 3. BS, LW, Tailoring. Multiple hoops to jump thru, ok fine. The real problem is that you have to make multiple of what you want to get the stats you need. Plus the ones w/ just one stat are even rarer. Why cant we reroll like we could in the last expansion? At least you can obliterate what you make. 4. JC. Prospecting is a joke, you never get any of the good gems. OK so I have gotten the gem shoulder enchants for all my toons (except my engineer ) but, the drop rate is very low and often no good gems are in these bags either. 5. Enchanting. My big complaint here is that you cant obliterate the lower level enchants, why not? 6. Herbalism. How many starlight roses to I have to collect for level 3. I've already collect at least 1000. 7. Mining and skinning. Same complaint never getting to level 3 but unlike the roses at least I'm not getting worthless dust. The minor professions I also have issues with but who cares. Getting the artifact fishing pole has actually been fun. To sum up this is a game and should be fun. Not everybody can be a high end raider and people who like doing the professions should be supported also. They made the professions to easy in the last expansion but this time they are so frustrating I'm thinking of finding a different game to play...........Cln2 1d
1d Infernal Alchemist Stone Rank 3 Bugged Just wanted to let you know that you will finally be able to get procs for these things now that 7.1.5 is out, unfortunately instead of getting a free extra stone, they use your mats to make the proc'ed stone instant. Apparently this is too difficult for the devs to fix properly since its been bugged since legion dropped.Cobaink1 1d
1d Crafting catch-up mechanics? I was wondering if they were going to give some sort of catch up mechanic for professions? If so, I guess I will wait until last patch of expansion to finish the grindfest that is current. Engineer and JC never see a WQ for Blood of Sargeras that will actually give more than one it seems. My herbalist receives them all the time. Sadly, it looks like i am going to have to switch from mining to skinning on my engineer just to farm bloods. Why would blizzard make this so one-sided? My monk here, had like 220 Bloods. Whereas my engineer did good to have 20 at one point. Mining rank 2 and 3 seem to be RNG behind RNG with a side of RNG to make sure that the drop rate is at 0.001% for them. And even if you have rank two for mining, you may get 1 blood per every hour of farming for them. I can gather herbs and get 5 to 10 per hour. Skinning I can get around 10 to 15 an hour. So I in short, I am hoping that they add in some sort of catch-up mechanic or fix the broken system that is current. I have never complained about how professions are here. Even in BC it may have took me a while to cap all my professions but this is ridiculous. I have to get lucky and get a rank three just so I can grind out the last few points in a given profession? Yeah, fix this mess please.Taichielf2 1d
1d 140 starlight roses no bloods Took my double gatherer herbalism and mining out for 4 hours picking starlight roses and mining. Got zero bloods from picking over a hundred starlight roses and 4 from mining. And yes i have rank 3 starlight roses. It's my understanding that the drop rate was recently nerfed from 7% to 2.5%. Seems more like .01 drop rate. How in the world is my herbalist supposed to get bloods with his profession now ? Anyone else noticed this ?Devestation5 1d
1d Felslate mining Rank 2 Does this even exist? Because I've got everything else from mining to at least rank 2 save for Infernal Brimstone.Aoir25 1d
1d Tailors got nothing Let's break down what each profession gets besides crafted gear that only sees limited use at the start of an expansion. Blacksmiths got a mount, a buff to interact while mounted, and a buff to increase speed Leatherworkers got a mount, 4 toys, and a buff to not get dazed Jewelcrafters got two toys and gems will always be useful in an expansion Scribes got a toy Alchemists got 3 pets and potions are always needed Engineers got a pet, an item to change your music anywhere, and an item to let Hunter's tame mechanical pets Enchanters got 3 pets, a toy, and enchants are always needed And tailors get... a bag that's the same size as the bag from last expansion and a buff to make our mounts "comfy"Fengar19 1d
1d Can I relearn smelt dark iron and elementium? I have always had engineering/mining combo. I dropped mining in dreanor due to the abundance of ore in my garrison mine for alchemy. When I acquired a ton of flasks potions and elixirs I dropped alchemy and went back to mining. I acquired smelt dark iron via quest in blackrock depths and got the drop for smelt elementium from BWL prior to dropping it for alchemy. Can I repeat the quest and reobtain the elementium recipe? I would like an answer before I shlep myself through that place. I ran BWL last night and recipe didn't drop.Geordon4 1d
1d obliteratum i feel like alch got screwed on this... i put a potion in and got 1 dust i tryed differnt ones and got 3 dust i go to the ah and buy a cheap ( lol no 2kg) armor and throw it in there just to see. 86 dust. then a green one got like 30 or 40. point being is there a higher potion that gives out more or are we just screwed?Juggla1 1d
1d Chase the Culprit I have chased God Knows how many foxes. The quest never drops. Even on a 110!!! Since 1 week after Legion!! So, I was wondering, are you trying to make me quit the game? Because I am turning my sub off over this BS.Alliara3 1d
1d Botting Seems like Suramar is a botters dream come true. I have watched for over a week as a guild of 4 botting dks slaughtered our Starlight Rose prices. That was a giant source of my gold income. Bots will always exist and I have always seen them. So, for the herbalist and miners out there, you know those nodes or flowers that you go to pick and they are bugged? Like the Foxflower SW of Blackbeak Overlook, that you can pick over and over without getting any loot.... Why not add some of them on purpose to Suramar. Wonder what it would do to a bot..... Also, I would be fine with randomly finding a unlootable flower if it meant Starlight Rose prices were still 115-125g each, instead of 69g each..Bonzilla5 1d
1d Tired of competing against herb bots Blizzard please do something. During the afternoon i didn't realize how much Fjarnskaggl was in the area. Late night there is nothing here.Banklot1 1d
1d Herbalism- How do I get rank 3? Hello, I have all my herbs sitting at rank 2 atm, I've farmed so much foxflower that I've made 95k gold so far from it, but the problem is I have yet to get the rank 3 quest yet. Do I need 800 herb in order for the quest to drop or is there something else I need to do?Gwýn137 1d
1d Little advice and direction please I'm an older player returning and starting fresh new server new character everything new except class. Before mop my play style was pvp and making gold. Back then I loved the old JC Shuffle for those that know about it. I made good gold. So in game now as before que dungeons / raid and professions are what makes me happy. I have been leveling with herb and mining but I m not interested In just gathering end game. I know the shuffle doesn't exist but I want something I can just work with and make a little gold. I don't mind keeping one gathering I was honestly thinking herb / chant but not sure. I'm interested in Eng but not sure they have a anything that would be a steady seller. If I could find something that has one or two good sellers that i could get mats and craft sell steadily I'd be golden. Thanks for any and all helps.Chanalam0 1d
2d Anyone happy with Legion Profs? Title pretty much says it all: Anyone other than Herbalists happy with Legion Professions? I've managed to get most of my enchanting recipes to 3 stars, but the normal bigger ticket items, the weapon enchants we usually get, are not available in Legion. For Alchemy, I can say I'm downright angry. I have 1x 3 star recipe for Healing Potions, and despite the immense number of herbs I've blown to create potions and flasks, still have nothing else to show for it. The discovery RNG amount on the damn recipes is awful, pure abysmal. I've probably made a few hundred flasks and still can't get 3 star recipes. And without the chance to proc multiples, at this point the herbs are worth more than the single flask you create with them. And I'm stuck at 785 (and only there because of the Darkmoon Faire), because i can't get a bloody 3 star flask recipe to proc. So much ridiculous RNG. So little return for any time we put into the professions. Except herbalism, which apparently makes gold hand over fist because of how they set things up. I'd drop alchemy entirely and pick up Herbalism - IF - I could relearn all my recipes with the Legion "Forgotten Formulas of the Broken Isles" item, instead of just Legion recipes. But I'm not going to drop my profession if all the older rare recipes I have go away forever. I've been doing Enchanting / Alchemy on this character since Wrath, I'm not going to just drop it if I can't get back to where I am. So, instead, I have an alt that I need to run for herbalism, because its the only thing worth a damn. How in the world is this supposed to be fun?Lorsaire125 2d
2d Ore Recipes rank 2 and 3 Anyone else having difficulties getting rank 2 and rank 3 of the ore minerals? The tool tips say they are a drop from mining, but I have yet to see a rank 2 or rank 3(felslate, leystone etc...) since launch.Bearrepairjr4 2d
2d Demonsteel Stirrups Is there any requirement for getting these plans to drop? My Smithing is just over 700 and i have done the Blacksmithing quest line up to the part where you have to go into Maw and make a full suit of Leytone armor. I have farmed for these plans for 10hrs or more and not gotten them to drop. Everything i have read or watched on wowhead or youtube says that you dont need anything but the smithing skill and that they are a quick drop. Anyone have any advice?Korgrimm0 2d
2d Vial of Sand Not sure if this is the right place to post this. Looking for someone to craft 2 Vial of Sands. I have the obtainable mats and I know the vendor mats run 29k per Vial If you have one or two already made and would like to trade mats and gold for it that would be great. I am Alliance and on Greymane. Thanks.Ephany3 2d
2d Best profession to make a lot of Gold What's best profession to learn to get the most gold? Like someone said Herb gathering and Alchemy is one of the best but is that true? I am leaning Mining and Blacksmith since I' am a warrior and if I was a hunter I learn skinning and leatherworking or Mage I would learn Tailoring. But he said I don't need to go based on my class anymore. So I thought would learning Herb and Alchemy be best to make gold? I use to do Herbs and Alchemy when I was started playing this game for first time in 2011 when the starter edition came out and I was a hunter. ThanksPikachudall9 2d
2d How do you get Blingtron 6000? Do I have to do some Mythic to get the recipe?Rhodeÿ4 2d
2d wow team has to go they ruined pvp they gutted classes they ruin professions.glyphs had cool lock horse riding on water with the fire trail stuff like that was removed why.ret pally feels clunky.most class now have 2 to 3 button spam.are these new devs are what.Knasth1 2d
2d Blood Transmute Can you please make the transmutigens have a higher drop rate or at least let the transmute blood give more than one? Right now getting one transmute blood every few weeks and it takes so long to get enough to make it. Then to only get one after all that time feels terrible.Applefriter0 2d
2d Profession suggestion It would be nice to see enchants and gems that are multi-spec enabled like the gear is today. As an example: Helms, Shoulders, and Chests have either +agi or +int and Cloaks have either +agi, +str, or +int Add truly superior Enchantments and Gems that will switch the stat the enchantment or gem provides based on the spec the player is running.Fibit0 2d
2d Get 800 jc, or cut my losses? I am currently at 769 JC and I am already starting to realize just how costly it will be to max. Is having the last 3 gem cuts worth the heartache? Should I just keep crafting rare quality gems? Grab herb and dual gather? To hell with mining in general and join the mob of people who are herb/alch? Help me, oh wise forums.Chekyoursix8 2d
2d Engineering Helm Am i being trolled by blizzard? I just got the patterns for the new 880 helm and i see no secondary stats associated with them. Am i missing something? how is this possible . . .Hatethisclas7 2d
2d Can we get a stat reroll mechanic please? The glass for the engineer goggles is a low drop rate at least for me and of course it rolled crap stats. Why cant we have a reroll item we can craft like last expansion. Its not like we can sell these to non engineers and the stats I got nobody who wears my armor type will want anyway.Connery5 2d