Dec 16 Professions resources on the web In this thread, we'll create a good old-fashioned pile of links to resources on the web that are specific to professions in World of Warcraft. As you make suggestions of great websites that fit that description, I'll return to this first post and add your links (so long at they are germane). I'll start us off with these: WoWhead Professions Guides Alchemy Blacksmithing Enchanting Engineering Herbalism Inscription Jewelcrafting Leatherworking Mining Skinning Tailoring ----- Archaeology Cooking First Aid Fishing Now it's your turn!Kaivax36 Dec 16
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7h Unlearning Professions Hello, I have had tailoring and enchanting since the inception of my character, back in 2006. I do not like alts, and find myself attached to my main - this mage. I was curious that the profession vendors sell a tome that states you will relearn all forgotten recipes. Is this incase a player wishes to learn a new profession? Do the tomes allow you to relearn all recipes you had already known, prior to the removal or replacement of your current profession? Lastly, I do realize that World of Warcraft is an enormous game, and many players have alts that are strictly profession alts and seldom see game play outside their professions. What I am asking is, is that any different from granting the ability to pursue as many professions as one would like on a single character? Respectfully,Kiekö4 7h
7h Legion Leatherworking Quests Are these still worth pursuing? I just got Legion last week, iv'e done a ton of them already lol (hell of a time to ask i know, but once i pop i can't stop). I never really got into crafting to make gold in game, just mainly used to mine and sell the mats. What should i be aiming for in terms of top money makers? Also i just finished the Respect For The Past quest and holy crap... that was a lot of work for a small upgrade lol.Vasghull1 7h
10h Path to Ironhorn enclave Hope this helps! 10h
15h Suggestion: match pattern/ mount names I just crafted my second Great Northern Elderhorn, and deleted it, because I scrolled down my mount list and didn't see it in the "E" section. Doesn't even vendor for anything. I'm ok with no CS support for "uncrafting" but this one stung. I understand the search function is there, but there is a failsafe way to deal with this when even second tier mount collectors like me have a list of 170. Maybe please have patterns and mount names match? Great Northern Elderhorn Harness as a listing on both would have saved me weeks worth of felhide.Owlbeard1 15h
20h Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza Jang has become superfluous, you can't get fish in your bags anymore to turn five in for gold? You used to be able to continue fishing even after people won the tournament to try and catch the Keefer's Anglefish, Dezian Queenfish and Brownell's Blue Stripped Racer. Have you put every sever together for the fifty people who win and turn in? How do you know what order/number you turned in at if you were one of the first fifty? Last week I logged in at about 5:00 PM Est (3:00ish server) and got a win on one of my tunes, logged in other account and started working on that. I caught three of the Keefer's Anglefish and turned in on two tune, must have been within the first fifty. This week I staged four tunes thinking I'd start gearing the, worked on and started on the second when the tournament was over and I couldn't even catch anymore Speckled Tastyfish. Please give us the opportunity to at least catch the rare fish after the tournament is over.Lincöln0 20h
21h Zero info on Armorcrafter's Commendation. Absolutely terrible implementation on any information about crafted legendaries. Even third-party websites are scratching their heads over the criteria for obtaining the Armorcrafter's Commendation short of what I explain below. The tooltip on the Nethershard Disruptor isn't helpful. If you didn't have max Blacksmithing/Leatherworking/Tailoring before accepting the quest to finish construction on Nethershard Disruptor you are screwed. If for some reason you didn't obtain it even with max profession(s) you have no way of knowing why. Maybe you didn't finish a profession questline? Maybe you had to relog? Who knows? Even if you managed to get the Armorcrafter's Commendation and start the questline, there's still people who already saved to dungeons/raids wondering how to get the materials if they reset weekly. Why couldn't you just made it a separate quest flag from the turn in NPC? You know, the NPC that you have to turn in the Armorcrafter's Commendation to start the quest anyway? What do you even have PTR for? So some players can abuse it and look for exploits to abuse on Live while others have to suffer through misinformation and hotfixes?Eigahata16 21h
23h Magistrix Elisande's Coin Has anyone gotten this coin yet? It's the only coin I need for the achievement but after 9 hours of fishing I don't have it yet and I've used all the new lures. It took about 4 hours to get the other 55 coins but this one coin refuses to be caught. Is it bugged and not dropping or am I just crazy unlucky?Tasariska3 23h
1d Reasons to stick with any profession I have never been good at sticking to them. I keep agonizing over what to pick, how good it is for my character and if it can make a decent amount of gold. What I am looking for is something to improve a single character, no alts for support, that can make a small amount of gold. Right now I am engineering and while I really like the glider and nitro boost, everything else seems useless or extremely situational. Scribe is a decent money maker but has no bonuses and most of the glyphs are terrible or don't sell that well. Enchanting would be great if it didn't take the most boring grind ever to complete. Anyone help me work through these issues and either stick with Engi or find something to suit me?Xelvera4 1d
1d Unlocking the dig-sites in Pandaria. Hello there - I would like to level up archaeology on one of my alts (from level 1)and wanted to start in Pandaria. However the digsites are not visible on map even though the option for tracking digsites is enabled. Is there a minimum level required to see the digsites? if so, what level is it? Should mention that I am able to see the digsites on the Legion zones. ThanksWarloker3 1d
1d Still Missing Transmute:Cloth->Herbs I do Wild Transmutation nearly every day. Anyone else have this problem or with another one that is still missing?Sgrios1 1d
1d Why Shouldn't Engi's be Able to Summon? Engineer's can already perform a few functions with a long cooldown with craftable items (resurrect, self-port, loot as some examples). The biggest argument against this is, "Summoning is key to Warlocks." My response to that is, "Why?" Let's go over a list of things that Warlocks still bring to a party or raid that will remain unaffected by things change: Lock Rocks Demonic Gateway Battle Res This is still quite a bit of utility to bring to a raid. Lock rocks never go out of style, and taste exceptionally delicious with a little bit of pepper sprinkled in, and gateway can provide quick movement if it used accordingly (Krosus is the first to come to mind with the Orb of Wiping). While having a Warlock available to summon is a very big QoL feature, sometimes Warlocks are just not available. This is primarily the case in pugs, which is what I encountered this evening and why I thought to post this idea. I feel as though it would be a great addition to allow Engineer's to create a remote that summons something to port allies (the means of summoning literally doesn't matter; mole machine, mechanical "mock" demonic gateway, etc.). "What would the cost be for such a feature?" There should be, as per usual with engineered items that serve another purpose, be a significant cooldown on this item. My first thought is 30 minutes, but could possibly even be as few as 10 minutes, with a duration of something as short as 2 minutes. This wold allow it to be available for use multiple times, if a Warlock isn't present, but not diminish to ability of a Warlock to drop their coffin indefinitely. If an additional cost is needed for such an item, it could be a craftable legendary item specifically for Engineering. It was not given a legendary to craft when the other professions were. To ensure that this item isn't used outside of Engineering, it should have a skill level requirement of 800. This ensures that the item is used by dedicated Engineers, and that people do not swap between Engineering and other professions simply for the ability to summon others. "What would this bring to the profession?" First of all, it would provide Engineering with a legendary to craft. Secondly, it would bring some utility to a profession that has not had utility outside of the "self" in quite some time. Thirdly, it would bring a nice utility item to a profession that has largely become (in my opinion) a novelty profession. Lastly, it would provide another gold sink into the game. I am not sure what the other craftable legendaries require in terms of mats, but taking a quick glance at WoWhead, they require a bit of investment. There's no reason that this item would be, or should be, any different. What are the thoughts and opinions of Engineers, Warlocks, and the greater community?Korrein7 1d
1d Underlight Angler AP Farm needs tuning Throwing back thousands of fish for 50 AP each is ridiculous. Make the Artifact Power fish stack to 200 and let us throw it all back at once. At artifact level 15, it takes 226 inventory slots of AP fish to level up. This is nearly 4 constant minutes of just throwing back AP fish due to the 1 sec CD. Also, equipping the fishing pole removes my poisons. This makes Assassination Rogue the single worst spec in-game for fishing.Dragomir7 1d
2d Potion of Prolonged Power Rank 3 You create: [Potion of Prolonged Power]x10. You create: [Potion of Prolonged Power]x10. You create: [Potion of Prolonged Power]x11. I am rapidly alternating between laughing my !@# off and facepalming.Qwasi2 2d
2d Hammer of Forgottten Heroes I have successfully reached lvl 800 in blacksmithing in hopes that the quest for the hammer would show up. It has not yet. I was wondering if there was something that I am missing. Do I have to have all of the supplies to make the legendary for the quest drop? Do I have to get mining all the way up to 800 also? or do I just have to play the waiting game for the quest to drop?Deever2 2d
2d prospecting- not cutting it I am having a tough go with JC. Ive bought around 200k worth of ore in the last 3 days. 10g a piece in stacks of 200 I couldnt really pass on it, probably a bot. I dont have a break down of the total prospecting results but: id guess, 30+ orange, 25+ yellow, 30+ purple a freaking ton of gem chips and hundreds of smaller gems of all colors. There is a fellow on my server who rarely leaves SW and is also a JC. So major competition. He was gone the last two days and I almost made my money back from the ore but he is back now. I have been making rings, DE them (on my alt), then making what i can enchant wise then selling the arkana. I attempted to Obliterate the smaller gems then sell obliterum but its only going for like 450g right now. So not a great flip but a fast sell. Im 775/800 JC, should I just bite the pillow and bust the rest out and work on getting the large gem patterns? I just checked and he is selling the big cuts too. :/Flexeçutie7 2d
2d Herbs vanishing Not sure if this is a bug, phasing issue or what but a lot of times in the new zones I will try to collect an herb and it will simply vanish. Anyone know what's going on?Systersyn6 2d
2d Alchemy Rank 3 Flasks, anyone got them yet? Simple question, has anyone gotten any flask to rank 3? so far i've made well over 100 flasks of the same type trying to unlock rank 3, chances are if you play frostmourne you've been buying mine, thats how many ive made compared to the rest of my server. I honestly feel like im chasing a carrot on a stick here, the shear amount of time im suck into it trying to get rank 3 in a flask so i can then get 800 alch is taking longer than anything else in the game. So with my rant over, has anyone actually gotten rank 3 and if so how many flasks did you make roughly?Masika117 2d
2d try rank 3 on flask or sell the herbs? ok, with the token price sky rocketing, and i only have 154k gold, i am a little confused on with to do. first , i was been trying to get rank 3 on seventh demon for a long time, got more than 3k crafts and no lucky yet ... (yesterday crafted 150 and no luck) - i also dont have rank 3 on any other flask, i was trying this first since i am rogue.. but doing the mats, i am losing gold... fjarnskagglx10 = 90g foxflowerx10 = 138g starlight rosex7 = 188g ____________________ TOTAL = 416g Flask of the Seventh Demon = 286g TOTAL - FLASK = 130g so, i am having trouble since i am losing 130g/flask doing that. Does the extra proc on flask make it worth it, or even with rank 3 i would be losing gold? because actually, idk if i sould still try to get rank 3 after all the crafts i already done or just go selling herbs and buy it from ah (or craft the ones i need by myself and hope i cant get rank 3 before the 3rd expansion release after legion...)Wäkeupdead4 2d
2d 2 vs. 3 Professions I would like to see development for Professions where players could have up to 2 professional skills + 1 Gathering Skill + 4 Secondary Skills available. 1. Profession skill (2 available from the following: Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Engineering, Inscription, Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking, and Tailoring.) 2. Gathering Skill (1 available from the following: Herbalism, Mining, and Skinning.) 3. Secondary Skills: Archaeology, Cooking, First Aid, and Fishing. Example: Alchemy, Inscription, Herbalism, Archaeology, Cooking, First Aid, and Fishing. or Blacksmithing, Jewelcrafting, Mining, Archaeology, Cooking, First Aid, and Fishing.Gears0 2d
2d Am I cursed or what?? I typically don't gripe that much about is what it is, but this is making me wonder if my character is bugged. Since I have hit rank 2 for Flask of the Seventh Demon (and all other flasks really) I have made what I estimate to be over 1k Seventh Demon flasks and I have yet still to get rank 3; not to mention I still haven't gotten rank 3 on any other flasks as well. Could I be missing something or am I just really that unlucky??Demonmack2 2d
2d Potion of Prolonged Power Could we perhaps get a second place for the rank 3 to drop? Perhaps an LFR boss in the next tier or even past tier for this expansion. I've been asking around and looking at other posts and it seems the boss that currently drops it has been up once on US and perhaps not at all on EU.Krokaar1 2d
3d Tailoring vs. Inscription Hello, I'm trying to decide on a crafting profession for an alt. Have it narrowed down to either inscription or tailoring atm. Unsure which one has more utility. Haven't played actively since pandaria. A little discouraging to peruse the forum and see that the general consensus seems to be that professions are slowly becoming tedious/useless. Anyway, any advice is greatly appreciated.Snoh5 3d
3d Into the Whirlpool? This is the last quest I need to complete Fishing 'Round the Isles, I haven't seen this quest come up in months? Am I missing something? Is this quest broken?Lincöln4 3d
3d How Blizzard Decided To Ruin Professions: In a Blizzard meeting to discuss what they are gonna do about Professions in Legion three Developers were discussing what to do: Dev #1 "So what are we gonna do about Professions"? Dev #2 "People like doing professions. We can't let them have any fun so how can we make professions less fun"? Dev #3 "Why don't we make them massive sinkholes of time, money, and materials with little to no reward for their effort". Dev #1 "Good idea, we all know no one will buy the finished things they make anyways". Dev #2 "Also lets have them quest for the recipies". Dev #1 "Well that almost sounds fun, lets offset that by using RNG so they almost never get rank 3 recipies". Dev #3 "We should also do something about Archeology thats fun to do and has some decent rewards". Dev #1 "Lets have them do a weekly World Quest and make it so it takes many hours to do the World Quest and we can give them a junk reward for their effort like a Telemetry Beacon". Dev #2 "But they might still have fun with that. Lets make all the dig sites be in areas full of quickly spawning mobs that are the same level as them so each fight they have to work for and then have the mob respawn quickly". Dev #3 " Yeah put one dig site in the Ley Ruins of Zarketh in Asuna and make sure all the mobs respawn 5 seconds after the player kills them so they get no time to even do archeology digging". Dev #2 "Hey lets put another dig site in the Temple of 1000 lights where all the mobs are all elites and a single player can barely solo the enemies there even tho Archeology is a solo profession". The meeting ends with the 3 Blizzard developers laughing their asses off at how stupid the player base can be.Shanathebelf69 3d
3d Can rank 3 skinning be gotten by a 101? Hi, I'm a twink at 101 and have my friend helping me farm leather for my rank 3 in suromar. Is it even possible to get this without being 110 ? We have killed soooo much without the rank 3 :>Edward1 3d
3d Jewelcrafting: Nibbler! No! What is up with this quest?... i've had it twice now, the first time i thought it was a fluke that it took me an hour and a half to complete. The second time doing this quest its now going on 2 hours, this is a bit excessive for a daily quest the time involved for doing this daily is crazy. The zephyrite drops need to be increased and whats up with the mining nodes they were respawning at a decent rate(not great) where I could at least get some nodes to prospect and then they seem to quit respawning i waited at an area where i could see 3 nodes and it was over 20 min just to see one of them respawn. This quest needs fixed!!!Krohnus17 3d
3d Huge QoL improvement for Inscript Alchemists: Vendor sells x20 Vials at a time, Recipes cost x1 Inscription: Vendor sells x5 Parchment at a time, Recipes cost x20-40 It kind of absurd how long it takes me to buy Parchment for crafting Tomes. Why do Inscription recipes take so many per craft, and the vendor still only sells them at x5 per click. Can we reduce how much vendor crap Inscription takes or possibly increase how much the vendor sells? Huge QoL improvement for this prof.Baddoggy2 3d
3d New tailor legendary pattern. What are the pre reqs to accessing this? I don't see it for sale at the dalaran vendor.Cptslasher34 3d
3d Lavish Suramar Feast How long does one take to get this good feast? I mean really I've been giving Nomi food for 2 patches now and still can't even get rank 1. Is there any restricting factor???Sapphire3 3d
3d Predictive Combat Operations Databank bugged? This is the part for the Reaves Piloted Combat Mode that drops off Iron Juggernaut (thanks Blizz for making Galakras not soloable btw). It didn't drop for me and can't find any confirmation on the internet that it has yet (with people having run it 10+ times). Is it bugged?Natalam3 3d
3d Relearning a Profession and Being Punished I searched for this topic and found someone who said that not being able to go back and redo the quests lines are on purpose. This means that you can't learn rank 2 for many of your patterns. Is this true, or is it just a development issue? I personally find that rather disturbing and something that should be made very clear to us before we switch, and not in a general way (if its true). Has anyone gone through this process, and was able to obtain their rank 2 patterns? Specifically what was the action, and did it involve rolling your character back or just getting the recipes restored?Aflockalypse6 3d
3d What's even the point of crafting anymore? Actually questioning, and only semi ranting about my views of Blacksmithing...Without getting into the whole 'forced to do dungeons and the Underbelly' topic because that goes for all profs. - 815 armor is worthless because even random WQ can give much higher ilvl loot, and with a chance of upgrade no less. 815 is only useful literally for the first hours of reaching 110. - To upgrade that armor we have to make more and more items to turn into Obliterum and upgrade it up to 855, IF we got the mountain of Demonsteel, Blood of Sargeras, and haven't gotten a better item by that time*. *Or buy it all in the AH, at which point you're still spending tons of gold for it. - To upgrade an item, it must be soulbound, so thank you Blizz that we can't even sell the one thing our profession is supposed to produce. - Relics are 805.....805, I even need to explain this one? - At least I can sell the hoofplates for an extra 20% mounted movement speed... To anyone that isn't a Paladin or has completed the Pathfinder achievement... As it is right now I see absolutely no point in crafted gear other than to be made into Obliterum or enchanting trash. The only people I can see benefiting from crafting at all are the ones that play so little on a weekly basis they might as well not play at all. (Ok, I kinda sounded like an !@# here, but it's just to state my point) I got that Blizz mentioned they didn't want profs to feel forced or mandatory...but crafters were reduced to some pointless make-believe artisans and toy makers while other professions like Enchanting or Alchemy are still useful for the great majority, how is that fair in any way, shape, or form?Rahku29 3d
4d Feedback on Legion Enchanting Pre-Legion, Enchanting felt useful to my mage both from my own use and for AH resale. The vast majority of sub-ilevel 600 gear slots have some kind of recipe that enhances them in a small way. No one enchant is OP and to get any kind of noticeable effect you had to enchant nearly everything the same. With Legion enchanting, it feels… incomplete. Neck, cloak and rings are the only slots with relevant recipes. Shoulders? 1 utility recipe for scavenging professions. Gloves? 4 legion-specific utility recipes. Then a bunch of toys and companions and the transmorg book. But nothing for wrists, chest, belt, pants, boots and head. Even if Blizz didn't want to add additional offensive buffs they could have added utility buffs (move speed on boots? Please!) or even lifted the WoD item level cap on enchants allowing those to be still be useful. Given the effort required to get to 800, the usefulness of what was achieved is extremely limited. Perhaps some additional recipes can be added in later patches as drops.Tinkerizmo6 4d
4d First Aid in Draenor I got Aremir to Broken Isles Dalaran via a friend's helpful mage, for convenience in portals while leveling, and bought First Aid skill to 800 while I was there, but now First Aid in Draenor will not drop. I got my 1A skill to 600 in case that was the issue; I did a bunch of the quests in Shadowmoon Valley; I flew to Frostfire to kill Groog repeatedly; and yes, I did a full UI reset (replacing Interface/Cache/WTF). No love. Not in the bank, either. What do I need to do?Aremir5 4d
4d Farming cloth... are dungeons the best way? So I am working on leveling tailoring. PITA. I've stuck to mostly running instances non-stop. I grabbed around 2-3 stacks of cloth out of Ragefire Chasm per run. Around 3-4 stacks of wool per run of SFK. Apparently Scarlet Monastery was nerfed, so I moved to Ulduman where I am getting around 3-4 stacks per run. But still, silk on up (especially Netherweave, Frostweave, and Embersilk) require a ridiculous amount of cloth to level.. So am I doing it the most efficient way? If I keep getting around 4 stacks per run, it's going to take me around 10-12 runs of EACH cloth type except WOTLK dungeons where it will take me 15-20 runs... uggh. Can someone tell me if Northrend scavenging improves these numbers (i.e. more stacks from dungeons?) I am trying to avoid the AH, as I know for a fact I am going to need to save my money for 525-600 and Windwool and other mats.Pugsly13 4d
4d Legion First Aid: Intersting...Annoying Legion First Aid started out interesting with the random quests and the achievement for completing all of them. Unfortunately this secondary profession and its features quickly moved to boring, then annoying as these quest starting items continue to drop after you reach max skill and complete the achievement. They offer a disingenuous reward for the materials and time to complete and there is absolutely no reason to complete them at 800 with Field Medic. Please make these items either stop dropping when they provide no progress for First Aid or have an incentive stronger than 25 order resources. (I have 572k at this posting.)Ruaidhri3 4d
4d Legion lockboxes The way this was handled leaves quite a bit to be desired. 1) Engineering has almost always had some sort of explosive to open lockboxes; it's much-needed at this point both to offer further unlock sources and just to give the profession something. The whole "shoulder enchant" business was okay, I guess, for maybe a month; at this point it's worthless and might as well have never been added. 2) Having Jewelcrafters being able to create a lockpick is cool. Limiting it to only Jewelcrafters seems odd. It's just a lockpick and doesn't seem relevant to the profession at all. I can understand a bomb requiring Engineering, it makes sense to me, but this is just weird. To me, the entire point is to let people spend gold/materials on an item to unlock things - regardless of profession - whereas a rogue can do so for free. It's your decision to make the trade or not. --- Anyways, with 7.2 I definitely noticed more Lockboxes and at this point they're pretty much just an annoyance. I'm not going to delete them, but they end up sitting in my bags for a week until I finally unlock 4 or so at once. It's not the end of the world, I usually just ask in trade for 5 minutes or so until I can find a rogue, but as an Engineer being able to unlock things has always been one of the "perks" I enjoyed. Engineering has lost a lot of its "feel" lately and losing this just compounds that -- I love Engineering still and couldn't live without the portals, but still. On another note, I think it's time to look at lockboxes in general. What's the point? A randomly dropped container with a minor unlocking mechanic attached to it that pretty much guaranteed drops a small amount of gold and (relatively) worthless green item. I guess my point is that nobody really cares when they get a lockbox. I feel as if this is how they work because... well, it's just how they've always worked. We're sticking to the recipe. Why not change things up? There are two routes I see -- make them more rare but contain much more valuable items, potential for gear or legendaries, anything. This would be really cool; imagine if they were significantly more rare but were potentially worthwhile, and players being genuinely EXCITED when one dropped? That'd be awesome. On the other hand, you just recently increased the rate they drop (or quite possible enabled it entirely, before the patch I don't think I'd ever seen one drop for me) so I'm assuming you don't want to go and make them drop less afterwards. Even at the current drop rate, can't you make them a bit more exciting? Why not have items related to your specific profession? Tailors get a few cloth, JC get a green gem, whatever. Think of them as the shoulder enchant bags; a lockbox is a universal container that can offer items similar to what a shoulder enchant would, related to your specific profession. At least then it would feel a little more substantial, I dunno. I started rambling a bit, my apologies; my main point is that I really think Engineering is missing out on the standard "blow open a locked container" item. It's pretty standard issue for WoW at this point. Would have a slight chance to fail and damage some/all of the items inside the container, as it has in the past. So yeah, I want that. Thanks!Extremity1 4d
4d Nomi won't give bacon recipe I have been trying to get the bacon recipe from Nomi, but all he ever gives me is burnt food.... It is tedious to even find bacon for him to start the work orders, and I am running out of inventory space from SO much burnt food from this guy. Am I doing something wrong here, or is this just more Blizzard RANDOM?? Whatever it is, although I realize that they want to change the name of the game to Grindcraft, is it truly necessary to make EVERYTHING an endless grind of random stupidity?? Sorry to sound angry, but I AM!!Cherri1 4d
5d Prospecting? Is really meant to be this hard to prospect gems? They are so freakin' rare that I die inside every time I mass prospect something, knowing I could have sold the ores for 800g on my server.Grandork11 5d
5d Make Inscription Great AGAIN! We once were a force to be reckoned with in the Auction world with items like. Crafted Malevolent Gladiator's Medallion of Tenacity Secret Tiger Claw Inscription Runescroll of Fortitude III Forged Documents Mysterious Fortune Card Scroll of Stamina III ETC. We used to sell flask equivalents to non alch's, we could blackmail the baker into giving us money, we could even craft BoA and BoE shoulder enchants that could be sold on the AH, we would also get new pets to craft, and allow people to gamble with fortune cards. I was so exited about a new professions team coming back with an huge emphasis on craft that I spent 300k on game time (24k a wow token) I am still playing for *free* but am thoroughly disappointed at the state of this profession. What the heck is happening to all professions in wow... I want this fixed, give us our buff items pets and gambling back (new fortune card), the game is starting to die for PvE'rs because professions are end game for an expac and there is nothing to be gained or min maxed and no ones really buying cosmetic glyphs.Rufflezdruid5 5d
6d Need a crafting addon that displays mat trees Here is what a simple crafting tree looks like: Frostweave Bag __x6 Bolt of Imbued Frostweave ____(x6)x2 Bolt of Frostweave ____(x6)x2 Infinite Dust __x2 Eternium Thread Those are 2 levels with 4 branches, and that's not even remotely close in complexity to what otherwordly extents behemoth crafting trees of some mounts and epic gear reach. By the Spine of Deathwing, has no one yet created an addon or a website that shows you this tree in a single pane/window without requiring you to painstakingly open them one by one like crawling through a maze in the dark with nothing but your fingers to sense the way with?Jentix0 6d
6d Food Buffs Question Is there anything that can allow food buffs to persist after death available in the game?? Thanks in advance!!Cherri1 6d
6d Capped at 700 Leatherworking??? Hey all, I recently leveled my leatherworking to 600 (I also completed the entire questline for leatherworking including Mounting made easy) and went to my garrison for the first time ever (this was a boosted toon for a new server) to pickup draenor leatherworking. I had up to level 700 unlocked after that, so I quickly made some legion armors to get there. Now I'm running into a problem because I previously unlocked "Legion Leatherworking" from the first leatherworking questline, but my leatherworking cap was never raised to 800. So now I'm not sure how to get legion leatherworking again as no trainers have anything for me and I can't redo the first leatherworking questline.. Thanks for the help!Funkymonk6 6d
6d Herbalism- How do I get rank 3? Hello, I have all my herbs sitting at rank 2 atm, I've farmed so much foxflower that I've made 95k gold so far from it, but the problem is I have yet to get the rank 3 quest yet. Do I need 800 herb in order for the quest to drop or is there something else I need to do?Gwýn157 6d
6d No engineering legendary? QQ 2nd class crafting prof. At least give us a new mount :(Vaelkar15 6d
May 22 Tailoring 'Queen's Grace Loom' problem Hello, I've finished the quest 'queens grace looms' and unlocked imbued silk weave and braces. But when I try craft the braces it says "requires queens grace looms quest". I'm pretty new to this game so it might be something simple I'm missing. Anything that could help would be appreciated.Zareliaeda15 May 22
May 22 Best profession to make a lot of Gold What's best profession to learn to get the most gold? Like someone said Herb gathering and Alchemy is one of the best but is that true? I am leaning Mining and Blacksmith since I' am a warrior and if I was a hunter I learn skinning and leatherworking or Mage I would learn Tailoring. But he said I don't need to go based on my class anymore. So I thought would learning Herb and Alchemy be best to make gold? I use to do Herbs and Alchemy when I was started playing this game for first time in 2011 when the starter edition came out and I was a hunter. ThanksPikachudall31 May 22
May 22 Where Are The Patterns? I've Jewelcrafting on my Monk and am trying to get the necklace patterns. According to your tooltip all of the patterns are sold by Jabrul in Dalaran. I have Jabrul in Dalaran now but he's not offering any of those patterns nor any quests.Akujack3 May 22