Dec 16 Professions resources on the web In this thread, we'll create a good old-fashioned pile of links to resources on the web that are specific to professions in World of Warcraft. As you make suggestions of great websites that fit that description, I'll return to this first post and add your links (so long at they are germane). I'll start us off with these: WoWhead Professions Guides Alchemy Blacksmithing Enchanting Engineering Herbalism Inscription Jewelcrafting Leatherworking Mining Skinning Tailoring ----- Archaeology Cooking First Aid Fishing Now it's your turn!Kaivax36 Dec 16
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11m Best place to buy cooking ingredients? Is there a place I can buy venison etc, or do I have to go out and kill the stag?Taurentotem1 11m
4h "A Personal Touch" JCing quest About 45 minutes of running around so far trying to find the very exclusive NPCs that actually drop the Nightborne Loupe. I've killed a little over 30 of them now, and not a single drop...What the actual !@#$? On wowhead this quest item is listed as a 0.36% drop chance...Seriously can this item's drop chance just be a 100% because the respawn rate on these mobs is just stupid low, as only the female guards drop the item and you have to compete with opposite faction tagging in an area where these NPCs are regularly killed for other quests.Alocin7 4h
4h Question about LW boots The legendary quest Leather of the Ancients says that I need to gather 100 ancient dreadleather from humanoids. WoWhead says that the dreadleather tokens drop from both humans and demons. Given that 1) harpies aren't up today and naga are too spread out to farm efficiently, and 2) there are a lot better places to farm demons than humanoids on the Broken they actually drop from demons as well, and if so, why does the quest text explicitly say humanoids?Notmathi0 4h
4h Herbalism and Mining dead Thanks to blizzard giving away Bloods of Sangeras and flying bots. Just spent 15 minutes doing 3 quests on broken shore and got 18 bloods reward. Prices in the AH are hitting clearance sale levels Starlight roses going for 20g most herbs going for less than 10g Ore prices hitting bottom as well Felslate under 20g Leystone under 10g Gathering bots operating 24/7 in SuramarDevestation1 4h
5h FISHING - Underlight Angler Rank 25 trait Hello, Has there been any announcements regarding more traits for Underlight Angler. I farmed the needed 105,280 AP for this today and on screen popped the thing saying a new trait is available. I ran off to Dalaran and checked, but no new traits. Stuck with 1 unspent point. I can still gain more AP. Rank 26 is showing 138,650 AP needed. Thank youSytarius1 5h
5h Alchemy Lab Coat As I'm sure like any others that makes pots and flask by the bulk knows it takes a long time. We need something like the Chief Hat for Cooking. I was thinking about something like a Lab Coat for Alchemy to speed things up. It goes with the profession and you could put it in the chest piece slot.Sawnya2 5h
6h Legion Archeology 550 Requirement? So I was doing some archeology in Suramar and everything is fine until in the middle of a dig sight I'm no longer able to pick up any of the Highborn Archeology Finds because they "require 550 Archeology lvl" which is weird since ive done like three other dig sites today with no problem and I had already dug up like three things in this dig site before this started hapening. Sooo glitch?Vanderis2 6h
6h Predictive Combat Operations Databank Any get this to drop? It's the engineering item that drops off Iron Juggernaut in SoO. Only info from beta I can find is someone not being able to get it. It's the last item I need (by the way the piston stabilizer drops off mobs in Doomwalker's area now, got it off a felguard or something). Just killed Iron Juggernaut in LFR and it didn't drop. I'm fine farming it every week until it drops, but I want to make sure I'm at least doing it in a valid difficulty.Viridans23 6h
7h Most Lucrative Professions? I took up mining & blacksmithing because back when I played during BC (yeah, it's been awhile since I've played WoW, but I'm back, baby!), that's just what you did as a warrior. However, I don't want to keep up with blacksmithing. It doesn't seem like there is much profit involved. I rather use my professions for profit. Mining seems to be legit. I've made a ton of gold so far off it, but what other profession is profitable? Thanks!Azramwol3 7h
7h I dont understand cooking in Legion. Not being facetious. I literally dont get it. I knew cooking pre-legion and decided to start back up with it. It seems really confusing. Before I leveled my skills, unlocking more powerful recipes. I just dont understand whats going on. Can someone give me a quick overview, please?Victor4 7h
7h Any hope for the market flood decreasing? My profits have sharply fell in my JC, Enchanting, Alchemy, and gatherer characters. The Sentinax and flying is the perfect storm for this flood. There was a great increase in profits when 7.2 came out, before sentinax was widely abused. The WoW Token price hasn't flinched since 7.2Rin8 7h
11h 7.2 Suramar Feasts: Slice of Bacon problem?! From 7.2 Patch Notes - "Hearty Feasts now grant 400 stats (was 150), and Lavish Suramar Feasts now grant 500 stats (was 200)." Me likey! So now everyone and their mother will want to craft these for raids. But Slice of Bacon is looking to be a serious problem. Check this out. Please fix. Assuming all rank 3 recipes (including the feast itself), and assuming that one craft makes a single feast (which it appears to do), the current cost to make one feast on my server (which is certain to increase, probably dramatically, with increased demand) is as follows: Note: I am not including costs of vendor purchased trash, as its mostly irrelevant anyways. Note 2: The value in the bracket is a rough AH price. In all but on case, the crafting cost is much less than the AH purchase price. The one exception being the Drogbar-Style Salmon. This is because its effect is mostly worthless for actual use. But with the new demand / use for feasts, the market is sure to correct itself pretty quickly. I went ahead and used the crafting cost for all ingredients, except Bacon, which cannot be crafted. Note 3: With Rank 3 recipes it takes 5 of each ingredient to make 10 food. Which is equivalent to 1/2 of each ingredient per food. Hence simply dividing the cost by 2. Except for Stonedark Snail, which is 10:10 or 1:1. Leybeque Ribs (20g) Craft: Leyblood @ 2g + Big Gamy Ribs @ 11g = 13 / 2 = 6.5g Suramar Surf and Turf (20g) Craft: Runescale Koi @ 15g + Lean Shank @ 0.3g = 15.3 / 2 = 7.65g Barracuda Mrglgagh (21g) Craft: Leyblood @ 2g + Black Barracuda @ 10g = 12 / 2 = 6g Koi-Scented Stormray (37g) Craft: Runescale Koi @ 15g + Stormray @ 4g = 19 / 2 = 9.5g Drogbar-Style Salmon (7g) Craft: Highmountain Salmon @ 20g + Stonedark Snail @ 8.5g = 20 / 2 + 8.5 = 18.5g Slice of Bacon (950g) Craft: Not available. (6.5g + 7.65g + 6g + 9.5g + 18.5g + 950g) x 3 = 2,994.45g per feast. Uhhh, pardon? I don't believe my maths are bad. Without the 3x Slice of Bacon, the cost plummets to 144.45g per feast. This seems like a serious bottleneck / hindrance to making them. Could you make the recipes cost only 1 Slice of Bacon, allow us to trade Blood of Sargeras for them, give us other avenues to obtain them, make world quests reward significantly more of them, or.... something? please?Iredescent6 11h
13h LF Engineering kit LF some1 w/ engineering kit on Kel'Thuzad HordeUntaintedx0 13h
14h Mounting made EASY?!!! Finally just completed this quest (seriously, check the tips in Wowhead regarding food...massive help). This quest is, without any doubt whatsoever in my mind, the WORST quest WoW has ever dreamed up. I genuinely hope whoever the sadistic son-of-a-murloc who thought this up AND the kodo-butt-hair who approved it are not only fired, but lose all that they hold dear in this life. Video games are supposed to be fun and entertaining. Sure there are some who like the game to be "challenging". And that option should totally be available. But it should be just that.....OPTIONAL. I don't play to be challenged. Dealing with the idiots by which I'm surrounded irl is challenging enough.Orrun40 14h
15h First Aid: Treat Fever Not Creating First Aid problem: I wanted to make the treat fever kits. I bought the field pack reagents from the first aid trainer. However it won't let me create the packs. I guess I did something wrong. Can anyone advise?Ahnknu33 15h
17h Extra Felwort Procs When picking felwort and I get a proc for another one to appear the second one that appears I cannot loot. I have had this happen 2x. For such an expensive herb to be broken in this manner can be costly overtime. Can someone like fix this sometime or nerf other people's professions in a financially crippling way to even it out?Razíel4 17h
18h 800 Herbalism, Mining, Skinning, etc. What's the point? So far as I've been able to tell, you get the same amount of materials at 1 as you do at 800. IS there any point to raising these up to 800, like there might be for the crafting professions?Raloreith2 18h
18h why does blizz rng hate me w/rank 3 flask been making the int. flask since week 2 of legion and here it is mid april 2017 and still no rank 3 flask, got rank 3 healing pots right off the bat, even got rank 3 ley torrent without much problem but flask forget it i missing something with the flask? I just craft them until rank 3 pops right after rank 2?Moonyte3 18h
1d Underlight Angler Appearance(s) How do we get the other two colors? Is there any other appearances, models for it?Aure41 1d
1d Felslate price tank Was selling for 30-32 gold a piece. Currently I see it as 20-22 gold a piece. Is this how this is now? are gathering professions dead? or will these go back to normal once Tomb is out?Dún5 1d
1d I can't enchant my heirlooms. I don't have any characters higher than 19 other than my level 100s, so I can't use certain enchants on my heirlooms that I've upgraded to be the level 100 variant. So, I want to use, say, Shadowleather Leg Armor on my heirloom pants. The pants go to ilvl 605 when Im holding them on a level 100, so the leg armor can't be used, becuase the enchant can't be applied to items higher than ilvl 600. If I had a level 85 - 90ish character, this would be fine, but sadly I don't, is there any work around or fix for this? Am i missing something? Appreciate any help.Rsbank15 1d
1d Is Mining Broke? Been farming mining since I got flying for broken isles and I'm not getting up in skill points? stuck on 750 something...what is the issue here...thanksVêntrêss6 1d
1d Enchantments that proc to nearby allies? What enchantments proc a benefit to nearby groupmembers? I know of Battlemaster and Spellsurge. Are there any other enchantments that I am missing? Thanks, MalMaellstrom0 1d
1d Legion Cooking: Why level? Legion Cooking If Nomi gives recipes and you can gain the recipe ranks by research and you can craft anything, why bother leveling it? Im sitting at pre-draenor 600 level, doing lots of research (no crafting yet), what am I missing?Jaguarclaw5 1d
1d Chaos Shatter Isnt it about time to introduce a breakdown ability for chaos crystals. It is getting harder and harder to get leylight shards now.Flåm6 1d
1d How to make lionheart executioner reborn? Like how do i make one, what all do i need?Dtk8 1d
2d Alchemy and PvP Should have done the research first, i'll admit. But i just busted my ballsack off (My wife is not happy about my new sterility) to grind out 800 only to find out I can't use this spirit cauldron for !@#$. I wish we had more potions or PvP handy things beyond invisibility pots and free action potions from the old days. I don't raid, so what exactly is the incentive for people to hit 800 in Alchemy if their primary passion is PvP? That illustrious spirit cauldron is now going to sit in my bags never to be used. Damn my stupidity!Velyria1 2d
2d Thank you for mecha-bond Just wanted to pass along a thank you to Blizzard for making the recipe for the mecha-bond level one. I guess they figured hunters are going to want to make their own and save gold from buying off the auction house. Being a level one I was able to drop skinning to pick this up then when I make my own I can drop engineering and go back to skinning. If they had made it so you had to be max level to even make it could have made for many sad hunters. So thank you Blizzard for making the mecha-bond a level one recipe.Azerothwolf0 2d
2d Top grossing gathering I have maxed enchanting bc no profession compares. (Self sustainING with high demand crafts) So I need a single profession I won't have to dump tons of gold into in order to make a profit, be useful, save gold. I keep leaning to alchemy but idkRichard0 2d
2d Prospecting Leystone needs a buff It's really bad. You go through 200+ ore and still not be able to make a level 101 ring. The gem chips no longer predicting your next gem thing is not helping at all. Felslate's rate is decent but prospecting Leystone is pretty much just a waste of Leystone at this point. The issues that make the problem with the terrible drop rate is the amount of mats needed don't reflect the scarcity of the drop rate of mats, and we have SO MANY different kinds of mats. Compare it to Inscription which you still need to destroy other mats to get what we need, but there are just two different pigments and you are guaranteed to get at least something you can use even if it's not the thing you want. Or alchemy which while has the second most variety of mats in Legion, but mats can be found easily simply by going around the zone that has the herb you need looking for nodes until you have enough.Forairus5 2d
2d Are professions fun? I've never gotten around to choosing and grinding it out,it seems like tiresome work. Can it be fun when you get to level 800,or is it mostly done just for gold?Darcyon34 2d
2d No engineering legendary? QQ 2nd class crafting prof. At least give us a new mount :(Vaelkar9 2d
3d Relearning Professions in Legion I've read you can relearn professions in Legion after switching from them. Is this only Legion Profession recipes/ranks or is it all recipes. It sounds like only Legion recipies which is a rip off for 1000 gold. Anyone have any more information?Tanrith16 3d
3d boost didnt apply When I added my Legion my professions didnt boost like it said it would. I was about 60 when i boosted.Gypsumwalker4 3d
3d Herbalism- How do I get rank 3? Hello, I have all my herbs sitting at rank 2 atm, I've farmed so much foxflower that I've made 95k gold so far from it, but the problem is I have yet to get the rank 3 quest yet. Do I need 800 herb in order for the quest to drop or is there something else I need to do?Gwýn153 3d
3d First Aid Can't progress button to create is grey. Whats the storyAvarath3 3d
3d New tailor legendary pattern. What are the pre reqs to accessing this? I don't see it for sale at the dalaran vendor.Cptslasher28 3d
3d Professions for 1-100 leveling Planning on level some alts in a another realm, from level 1, and I was wondering if it's worth while, or something at all, to pick up and level some gathering profession along the way to level 98Völrath8 3d
3d Leystone Buoy. WTF already? These things are a sort of testament to short sighted thinking, Especially where Engineering is concerned. Leystone Bouys should either: Stack Become toys Have multiple or UNLIMITED charges. or Be vendorable Take your freaking pick, Blizz. Hell pick two!Hizeye0 3d
4d Alchemy Rank 3 Flasks, anyone got them yet? Simple question, has anyone gotten any flask to rank 3? so far i've made well over 100 flasks of the same type trying to unlock rank 3, chances are if you play frostmourne you've been buying mine, thats how many ive made compared to the rest of my server. I honestly feel like im chasing a carrot on a stick here, the shear amount of time im suck into it trying to get rank 3 in a flask so i can then get 800 alch is taking longer than anything else in the game. So with my rant over, has anyone actually gotten rank 3 and if so how many flasks did you make roughly?Masika114 4d
4d Archaeology - Old Pristine Projects I'm still trying to get 2 pristine artifacts from the mantid archeaology projects and so far i've completed each hundreds of time with no luck... are old pristine projects unobtainable now?Vlädii0 4d
4d Let's talk about: Transmutagens I'm drowning in them. A quick count gives me: 63 Oily Transmutagen 171 Black Transmutagen 47 Viscous Transmutagen And two recipes to use them with. One requires 5 black, 4 viscous and 3 oily. The other needs one of each, and has a week-long cooldown, shared with the other recipe. So the day I use the Meat to Pet transmute, I can't reduce my stockpile using the Blood of Sargeras one. And it's not like I need any more Bloods of Sargeras anyway. So I just bumble along using one of each, once a week; generating a few more as I transmute cloth to herbs and do a Wild 'mute each day. So, any chance they could a) get a vendor price b) proc less often c) be included in more recipes d) become tradeable or account-bound e) increase the quantities needed for the Sargeras 'mute *with a corresponding increase in output there from its borderline insulting 1 a go; or f) just cease to exist entirely I'd be happy with any of the above. Cheers and happy transmuting. Ayr. (ps, I'm also whispering softly in Elune's ear for a bit of a bump on the proc rate for rank 3 recipes. I think we're up to the part of the deal where she gets the eternal & undying adoration of the majority of murlocs. Though, I'm thinking about throwing in an annual parade featuring semi-naked furbolgs to see if that sweetens the deal.)Ayrendal5 4d
4d A New Swordsmithing Quest Chain Because I love Mining and Blacksmithing, I am in the process of writing a new swordsmithing quest chain. I am writing it first and foremost for my own benefit. I will write it, and then I will play it through as if it were in game. I share it so others can do the same if they wish. And perhaps it may offer some useful ideas to the powers that be about how the carnage that was professions in WoD might be improved. My goal was to tie together most of the lore and locations and materials related to mining and bladesmithy from all the expansions of WoW into a single, coherent questline that would tie them all together and end in the creation of truly epic swords. It's nostalgia, recipe completionism, and location tourism all wrapped up into one. For old players with all the recipes, a lore-based review of what they've done that they can burn through pretty quickly. Most of the time would be spent running around. For newer players, it's a way to introduce them to all the good things that the mining and blacksmithing professions have included in the past that they may not be aware of. For my purposes, the chain includes mining and blacksmithing components. You could easily modify it for yourself to exclude the mining components. It's up to you. It only requires recipes that are still available in game, although some of them are almost impossible to get. Feedback welcome, and have fun!Byrhtnoth56 4d
5d Another kick in the balls.... Trying to grind out the legendary LWing quest, that can only be done when the window is open. I ran mythic Darkheart thicket to loot the shroud,...but apparently i ran it earlier this week helping out a lowbie. SO it's loot locked and I can't get a !@#$ing PROFESSION MAT. Makes no %^-*ing sense.Fluidd2 5d
5d Felhide Location Someone posted the loc for the herbalism one, anyone have the loc for the felhide one? presumably someone has found it. if u do post it here for all of us skinner brosGohomebrah24 5d
5d Can you only make one crafted Legendary? Or when the building comes up again can I get another hammer?Vivec8 5d
5d Is there an addon or way to FILTER nodes? Here's my issue and reason for this thread: this warrior is a miner. I want to mine Felslate every time I see it on the minimap, but not see Leystone nodes which are more common. Any addon that does this filtering?Vivec2 5d
5d Crafting and Gathering Professions Lately ive been going over all the Main professions in my head and been thinking. As great as it can be having Gathering professions seperate from crafting Professions I personaly do not see why the gathering professions are not part of atleast 1 if not all the crafting professions that require the pets from that particualr Gahtering professions like Skinning I feel should be integrated into Leatherworking since it is quite literly the only profession the intrinsiclly needing the mats from it (sure there may be a few patterns here and there in other professions that ask for Skins but its not like if skinning was part of LW that they just could ask LW if they were willing to sell them some of there skins) plus i feel with this new Multi tap system for nodes that came with legion that it would of been a perfect time to introduce skinning nodes that dont require us to kill and possibly loot to get the skins plus could of made it where multiple Skinner/LW could have the skin from the node. Plus, in the case of making Skinning and LW a single Profession then those who hapen to have both of them could get a different profession like Enchanting which would make it a second Profession to be able work with it like how Tailoring and Enchanting works well together. I could also see for those that require ore have it where engineering (either in general or as a goblin or gnomish thing) where it gives the person a buff of getting more ore from nodes then with other professions could even give BS a similar bugg I feel even if they worked differently like have 1 deal with the more common ore and other deals with the more rare ore.Celticlore0 5d