Jun 6 Professions resources on the web In this thread, we'll create a good old-fashioned pile of links to resources on the web that are specific to professions in World of Warcraft. As you make suggestions of great websites that fit that description, I'll return to this first post and add your links (so long at they are germane). I'll start us off with these: WoWhead Professions Guides Alchemy Blacksmithing Enchanting Engineering Herbalism Inscription Jewelcrafting Leatherworking Mining Skinning Tailoring ----- Archaeology Cooking First Aid Fishing Now it's your turn!Kaivax37 Jun 6
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1h Professions for a dk I’m rolling a new do after being gone from wow for three years what profession is most useful and fun. I know inscription is mostly just image changes and engineering is self mods like run buff. And that’s fine with me and I’m not to worried about money for matsMcnaschty4 1h
1h Garrison useful? Is there any reason to keep tending to your garrison?Cubcakes9 1h
1h Legion Archaeology Just finished Bits and Pieces, and was pretty excited to get a rare find. Went back to Dalaran hoping for a new quest and discovered that there wasn't. After some research I discovered that the quest changes once every 1-2 weeks, and that dig sites only appear in that zone. I also discovered that the only way to get rare finds is from the quests that appear every one to two weeks? This greatly diminishes a lot of the fun with archaeology, there's no motivation to get out there and just keep digging once you finish the quest because you'll never get anything but common finds. Sure you can get pristine versions for the achievement, but that's not really a good motivator. I think that maybe if the quest changed daily instead of every one to two weeks it would feel a lot more rewarding. This would fix only being able to do archaeology in one zone for 2 weeks straight (so tired of stormheim), but it wouldn't fix the motivation to dig when you don't have a quest. To fix the motivation to keep digging, even without a quest, maybe if there was a way to dig up quest items that lead you to other rare items that aren't linked to the This Side Up achievement. That way people are still getting fun things, but aren't getting the artifact skin color faster than intended, although I don't see why that would be a problem. If anyone has other ideas on how to fix this, please share, I love archaeology in previous expansions, and with all the cool lore and fun things on the Broken Isles, I would really enjoy to love it here too.Pâzuzu14 1h
2h Inscription Needs to bring something to the table other than Codex and Tomes. 90% of the profession is trash. Make Tomes class dependent or something so it's a competitive profession.Poach7 2h
2h Professions with zone updates With the update to zones and leveling in lower level content, does Blizzard have a solution to the vast amount of very useless craftable items that exist? I think it's time they revamp the system as a whole and not bandaid the topic anymore. I know that they want options for people to have gear, buff items, and damage dealing consumables, but let's be realistic and admit that most of us don't use it due to heirlooms and outleveling it. Solution: I'm going to make a post soon with a plan to fix this weird system we have. Simplye start is to just wipe the slate and start fresh. Those of us that have played for a while have done it old school and some will appreciate the changes. Those who are new will have more incentives to make alts and use professions. Kinda off topic, but let's look at Weapon Skill. Blizzard deemed it useless for gameplay and removed it. NOT insisting on taking away professions, but get rid of all the trivial items and limit what is craftable to that which has some relative use for crafting, consuming, and will have a place in the player market. Stay tuned for my solution.Valiros12 2h
2h White woolen dress? I'm trying to complete the 'INSPIRE ME!' quest line for tailors and I cannot find the white woolen dress recipe anywhere! I've looked on the tailoring vendors and I've looked in the AH. It doesn't even come up in my unlearned recipes tab. Has this recipe been renamed? Help!Viragos3 2h
6h Little Known Fishing Spot Enter the Death of Chromie scenario. Take the Andorhal portal. Instead of fighting anything, step outside and travel directly to the dock on the water's edge. It will get very foggy at the edge of the instance. Fish from the dock. You'll catch about 80% huge catfish that are worthless even if your add on says otherwise. But, you also catch gems such as Jade, Huge Citrine, rare plans/formulas/recipes, and mog items that can be quite valuable. I fished 4 15 minute instances of Andorhal with Chromie and ended up with about 100k worth of goods. One formula that dropped was listed by auctionator as being valued at 188k but I'm sure it's actually sellable value is significantly lower so I adjusted down to about 100k.Threewolves6 6h
8h Profession Leveling With gear dropping the way it is, what makes it worth leveling professions when next to drops its practically garbage? Is there a point to leveling professions anymore?Saarge5 8h
8h Allow skinning without looting This is more a quality of life issue, but since a lot of people tag mobs yet don't loot, likely cause anything worth while will be mailed to the character, it is sometimes hard to gather the skins needed for quest or crafting. What I propose is once a mob is dead and, if the skinner tagged the mob, looted by said skinner the mob can then be skinned and left as a pile of bones/meat/etc. if others still have loot on them. Now to counter the stealing skins issue, only ones up for grabs would be the ones no skinners tagged, if a skinner tagged they get first crack at the skin.Maiara19 8h
8h Cannot buy Draenor Transmute Tome Now that we are well into Legion, I cannot buy the Transmute (Tome of Sorcerous Elements) Recipes for Warlords of Draenor. Samantha Scarlet has not visited my garrison in the last 2 months that I have been checking (but Muradin can't stay away for more than a day). Since very few people are playing Draenor anymore, there are no longer any open groups to visit traders in other garrisons. Would you please consider eliminating the rotation and put all of the traders at the level 3 garrison all the time? Thank you.Neekka5 8h
9h One Shot Legendary Crafting? I went through the entire quest chain to get my [Hammer of Forgotten Heroes] so that I could craft [Rethu's Incessant Courage]. I gathered all required supplies and made this legendary for a guildie. Upon completion, the Hammer was gone from my bag. This means I have to complete all the mythics and scrap gathering in the quest line in order to craft another. Isn't having to gether 65 BoS, 150 Demonsteel, and 8k Nethershard enough of a headache??? O Wait, i have a Leatherworker and am planning to make multiple [The Sentinel's Eternal Refuge]... Does this mean that i have to do those prequests multiple times also?Vaughan1 9h
9h Lavish Suramar Feast lvl 3 I've looked through whatever guides I can find, but I can't figure out this: Rank 3 of Lavish Suramar feast is the last recipe I need. Do I have to give Nami bacon to get it? Or can I give him ingredients that are used to make the dishes that are included in it--such as giving the Leyblood found in Leybeque ribs that the feast contains?Huntessa9 9h
12h Are Rush Orders still possible in Garrison? Hey folks. Quick question. Is it still possible to earn rush orders using my garrison? Thanks.Axebreaker1 12h
1d Stuck on 740 Leatheroworking Hi everyone. i am stuck on 740 leatherworking. The only LW quest I have is for that LW wolf. I've done all other quests and don't see any new quests on map. Not sure how to get to past 740 I have 2 green recepies I could craft (rank 2) requires expensive matz. Is it the way to grind it? ThanksLinnka4 1d
1d Is there any reason not to vendor BoE greens? Nothing sells.Cubcakes4 1d
2d Your best JC WQ score. The one where you get to cut a gem every day in Dalaran. What's the best cut number you've gotten so far? Personally, try as I might, I can't seem to get better than 21, lol.Stonemoore0 2d
2d Mounting made EASY?!!! Finally just completed this quest (seriously, check the tips in Wowhead regarding food...massive help). This quest is, without any doubt whatsoever in my mind, the WORST quest WoW has ever dreamed up. I genuinely hope whoever the sadistic son-of-a-murloc who thought this up AND the kodo-butt-hair who approved it are not only fired, but lose all that they hold dear in this life. Video games are supposed to be fun and entertaining. Sure there are some who like the game to be "challenging". And that option should totally be available. But it should be just that.....OPTIONAL. I don't play to be challenged. Dealing with the idiots by which I'm surrounded irl is challenging enough.Orrun58 2d
2d Underlight Angler in 8.0? What's going to happen to it?Falathiel6 2d
2d Blacksmithing: Old recipes still mail Any news yet on these getting changed to plate? For myself, it would be nice to RP a character that uses only crafted gear to level with. For other players, especially new ones, it would be nice to have some sort of incentive to have blacksmithing as a "useful" profession before level 40 gear rolls around.Brokkarn4 2d
2d Why can't I use any fishing lure? I can not use any fishing lure. Why? None of them give a hint that I need a certain level of fishing pole. But I tried three--shiny bauble, gaudy bauble, and aquadynamic--and got this message with all three, "that item is not a valid target". I tried to apply it to a Staat's Fishing Pole.Gymlea7 2d
3d WTS Icebane Gauntlets As title says, add my btag Zerokis#1753 if interested and we can talk about price.Bwj4 3d
3d Professions and level scaling So, if the world will be scaling to our level or the max level of each area (classic 60, outland 70, ECT.) will the gathering professions also scale or have the same nods for herb and mining. Also with cloth will say a level 60 knoll in westfall drop wool still or runecloth? How will greens work also, after a certain time can my 110 not get low level greens to sell or disenchant? I'm sure the devs will tell us more in the coming months but I am curious if anyone has heard anything as of now or if a Blue could respond that would be great.Bigbluebox1 3d
3d How are professions now? Just starting to get back into the game after a few years without playing. Are professions really useless now, or do they still have their purpose? Can you make money on any of them anymore? And which ones are the best to do right now? Thanks in advanceKrung7 3d
4d 8.0 Profession Recomendation Hi Blizz Devs, Pretty simple idea but i think it's the best direction if warforging/titanforging remains. Separate Blacksmithing into two processions, Weaponsmith & Armourer. Why? With artifact weapons gone, RNG on weapon titanforges will be huge. Giving players the ability to craft weapons will be huge. Now i'm not talking like BC crafting with the lionheart executionier tier process again. The obliterum forge was a good idea i think should move forward into 8.0. With Weaponsmithing allow it to make boe's that are bop only if they titanforge/warforge while also allowing them to be obliterum forged. This will reduce the amount of class dps decrepancy with weapon dependant classes getting lucky high titanforges vs those that do not have a high ilvl weapon. A class making its own/other weapons makes sense. A non plate class forging plate armor however is silly. Plus it allows recipes introduced for staves, bows, etc.Derilore5 4d
4d Max Level? Why not just scale the recipes to max level and make them max level content? They were originally designed to be leveled with vanilla's leveling pace. The current game is probably 1000% over that pace. However, if you didn't have to worry about them until max level then you could just ignore their existance until max level as well. You could also do interesting things with the nodes and requirements of the recipes because they too would become max level content. So you could have recipes require copper and thorium in a max level 110 recipe. You could also rebalance every single profession in the game more easily this way. Even rebuild it from scratch if needed. Another bonus to doing it this way is you would have completed most of the game at this point. Thus telling you where all the nodes are.Yuyupimp3 4d
4d Fun profession: Alchemy or Engineering? I have characters or friends with the most "necessary" professions already, such as Leatherworking for Barding and Drums, and Inscription for all the glyphs for my characters. What I want to play next is something fun. Something with neat effects and quality of life improvements. I think I'd like to try alchemy or engineering to that end, but the information out there is very difficulty to sift through, not only because there are so many recipes, but also because some effects have been removed or changed and not all that information is up to date. Which of these two professions do you think adds the most fun to a character? I will be playing a monk, so movement isn't an issue but invisibility, summons, water breathing and other fancy effects sounds enjoyable. What would you recommend to someone that just wants a profession for the fun things it can allow them to do?Rylen6 4d
4d Broken Isles Recipe Scraps still dropping? I have all the R3 cooking recipes but still getting scraps from Nomi. At least the Prepared Foods are somewhat useful. Maybe the loot table shouldn't include the Recipe Scraps once you have everything? Or maybe new/better Cooking Recipes could come from them? +375 to a stat was good once, before gear inflation made them blah.Toenail6 4d
4d Returning Player Needs Prof Suggestions I just returned after a ~4 years hiatus. After picking a new toon and faction, I am a bit lost as to the state of professions. After doing some reading here, I gather that crafting is not really in a good place atm. Be that as it may, I would like some advice on picking one. I’ve chosen a Pandaren Monk, and for my first profession; Tailoring. So I can at least sell some bags (and make my own). What would suggest for my second? I was leaning towards herbalism to gather something to sell. Or perhaps a different pair all together? Most of my playing will directed toward quest/exploration. Occasionally some dungeons. Then world event/holiday stuff. And working with professions to amuse myself and make a little gold. Ideally, I would like them to have some type of usefulness to my character.Abiarcana5 4d
4d Tier set bonuses gone? so yeah with the set bonuses going away make the crafting professions relevant for an alternative for raids. like it sends you on a long quest chain to get items from here n there so that's what i think should happen. dont want to raid craft raid like armorKrissignacia1 4d
4d Nomi cooking recipe question Right now I just care about getting 2 recipes. Nightborne delicacy platter, and the lavish suramar feast. I'm just trying to figure out what foods are needed to get the recipes that I give to Nomi. Wildfowl eggs for Nightborne delicacy? I just keep getting burnt food when I give those.Furrlex4 4d
5d Primal Sargerite Drop Rate. Seriously. I have damn near 300 Astrals in my backpack and ONE Primal Sargerite to show for it. Ive made a trinket for myself that took alot of effort and time and I cant level the damn thing up! The Primal Sargerite drop rate from Herbalism is absolutely pathetic and needs looking at. Its SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO frustrating.Rougaroux3 5d
5d Tier 21 Feast I'm pretty sure the answer is 'no' on this, as I have not been able to find anything, but does anyone know for sure if there will or will not be a new feast added for the next tier of raiding? Want to be sure before I start wasting foods to make the current top feast in preparation for the new raid. Thank you,Tarrondor1 5d
5d help with smelting I am a new player and I have a problem I can't find help for on the web. I have mining and blacksmithing for my professions. I have plenty of copper ore, a copper recipe a blacksmith hammer, but I can't find how to smelt. Everything I read says to go to a forge and I have. Then open the spells book and smelt is on the general tab. It is not in my spell book on any tab. I have also read that when you go to a forge if you run your cursor over it, it will show forge. Not on my game. Can you help me?Aristrinn4 5d
5d Mining is so terrible! Trying to get the last 20 or so points has caused me to waste hours farming and I still am not even close to finishing. Having skill ups only maybe come from felslate seams which are hard to find anyway is dumb. I can appreciate the last 5 coming from the mining WQ like with herbalism but even getting to 795 is awful. I hope they change professions in BFA and make them less horrible. :(Aayah11 5d
6d Engineering bolt gun Could this work in Legion please? It seemed to be okay until 100, and now it’s useless. Would be nice to have an interrupt to hand =] Thanks.Blessed2 6d
6d Simple Skinning/Mining/Herbing fix This effects Skinner's mostly, but I've had the same issue with mob corpses that could be mined or herbed on as well. The moment you AOE loot, your kills are up for grabs for anyone who wants to run in and skin it. My idea to fix it would be to add a skinning loot option that allows you to hold a modifier such as the Control Key when looting to cause your player to AOE Skin and loot at the same time. The more creatures you try to skin at a time, the longer the channel will take to complete up to 10 seconds max. So once I kill something, I simply hold the modifier key down and right click the corpse. It will start channeling and once complete the loot window will have the loot and skins in it to take. The modifier key could be changed in the keybindings or interface options along side the Auto Loot Modifier.Coldspell1 6d
6d LF Glacial Vest Recipe Hello all, I am looking for a tailor with the old school Naxx pattern Glacial Vest. I have all the mats for the item, I just need a tailor who can craft it. I am tipping well and server does not matter as long as you are on alliance. Thanks! Edit: My real id is Floormat#11902 please add me if you have the pattern or might know someone with it:)Floormat2 6d
6d Low Level Legion First Aid? Others Available? I was grinding through the Wetlands when I came upon the First Aid trainer. I figured it would be a non-issue to pick it up while I was there. Surprisingly I was able to purchase Legion level First Aid of 800. How the heck did that happen? More importantly, is it possible to purchase other Legion level professions at low level? I've scoured other trainers in Stormwind and so on with no avail. Help please? Image for proof:ælangelo2 6d
6d Returned... What makes money? Hey all, recently started up again (only lvled to 110 at legion start then basically took a break), and I was wondering what professions are currently most profitable and why? Thanks :)!Fél12 6d
6d Best profession for goldmaking? As an alchemist, it's dissapointing to see mats on my server (Proudmoore) cost so much more than flasks and pots. I was thinking about switching professions. What is the best profession for making gold right now?Irathael4 6d
6d Enchanting: The Grind - Suggestion So I'm leveling enchanting and you still have to do the old "Enchant" button and then select what you want to enchant. When you're trying to quickly level the profession it gets extremely tedious. Then I had a thought: What if we could have Enchanting recipes require a vellum? Then we could turn that "Enchant" button into a "Create" button and add a quantity field as well as a "Create All" button. So here I am throwing this idea out here, hoping it gets some attention. I don't know how complicated this would be to implement on Blizzard's side, but it wold be a great quality of life improvement! :)Arrawm11 6d
Nov 13 LF tailor with molten front completed On the Illidan server. I need two Luxurious Silk Gem Bags for this jewelcrafter but doing a month and a half of dailies with my own tailor just isn't feasible for me. I'll provide all the mats and a generous tip to whoever has the pattern.Ârtøriâs1 Nov 13
Nov 13 Help Please. (Plus Signs and no gold graphic) Hello. I have a big issue. For some reason, there are plus signs on my professions, and everywhere in the game really, and the graphics for the gold do not show up as well in the quest logs. But here is an example of what I mean.. Nov 13
Nov 13 Argus Engineering Quest I have completed the entire Argus questline up to where Velen says, "on to Antorus!" and I have yet to get the engineering quest from the repair guy on the Vindicaar did I miss something possibly or do I need to wait a week?Coyto1 Nov 13
Nov 13 Rank 3 on herbalism and mining come on blizz, this grind is getting ridiculous; i've been farming since launch,(sept2016) and still stucked on rank 2 except felwort and infernal brimstone. please, please do something about itSillydan2 Nov 13
Nov 13 A Tip to Enchanters I know I should of thought of this way earlier right when they brought out Argus content, but I thought of it about 2 weeks after When that Mission for "Elite Strike" comes up, Make sure to do it!!! (Might be obvious to some of you already but just informing the people that don't know.) And, Always do the Motherload quest too when it comes up. Elite Strike = 7500 Nethershards 400 shards each for a purple gear piece, Disenchant them -- Profit! Enjoy and hope this helped people that didn't know!Shadowy0 Nov 13
Nov 13 "Bigger Fish to Fry" achievement advice So I just burned through this achievement in one evening and decided I'd give a few tips to help those of you who are already working toward your artifact pole or are planning on doing it 1. Make sure you pick up some arcane lures from that floating island off Dal. If you don't know where that is, there's some good wowhead guides that will help you with it 2. Farm at least 20 lures before you leave. If you go at busy times you may have others fishing who will spawn the elemental that increases drop rate 3. Try to stick just to pools for acquiring lures. I spent a ton of time fishing in regular water and only got a lure from it once 4. I don't think fishing skill or bonuses affects drop rate of lures but it never hurts to use whatever you have 5. Before you use a lure, do two things: First, make sure you have at least one full pool nearby, preferably two or three to fish from. You are not guaranteed the rare fish if you just fish outside of pools and I've even wasted a lure doing this. Second, make sure you've cleared any nearby mobs. It sucks wasting 15 seconds fighting a mob that got aggro'd when you could've been picking up another rare fish 6. You can sell your rare fish for 10g each. You should max out at 800 without throwing fish back in so keep them and sell them instead 7. For the invisible pools that become visible when you use specific lures, they are endless. So go in a big open area, pop the lure, look for one, and settle down, picking up 15-20 fish off of it for a nice profit 8. YOU CAN BUY/SELL LURES ON THE AH! If you have one awful lure that you have trouble picking up, just buy it off the AH. I bought one for 9000g but I saw some for 4000 and 6000. Sometimes its worth just biting the bullet 9. Find a route to travel. Here are mine: -Suramar: Up and down the river by Tel'anor -Highmountain: The icy basilisk area East of Thunder Totem -Val'Sharah: Start at the waterfall near highmountain and follow the river -Azsuna: Make circles around the academy in the middle -Stormheim: Start SE off Weeping Bluffs, follow waterfalls to Dreadwake's Hope these tips help you out in your pursuit!Týr4 Nov 13
Nov 12 Faster Smelting? Is there away that we can smelt things faster? Or can we please get an item to increase the speeds of this please?Brugarth21 Nov 12