6d Boosting a level 60 toon, profession choices. Hello everyone. I'm currently leveling my warrior to level 60. When I get to 60, I'm going use my free character boost that comes with Legion to boost my warrior to level 100. This is gonna be my first level 100 toon on this account (I left my old account behind). My question is: Which professions should I choose to boost? This is gonna be my only level 100. With that being said, I was thinking of the following choices: -Mining/Blacksmithing -Mining/Jewel Crafting -Blacksmithing/Jewel Crafting. I am leaning towards Mining/Jewel Crafting. I figured that most BS crafted gear is replaced fairly quickly, but gems/jewels are always needed. And if I take mining, I won't have to buy uncut gems on the AH & I can mine nodes as I wait for dungeon ques. What do you guys think?? Any feedback is appreciated! P.S. Do professions still offer exclusive benefits? Haven't played since Cata. In Cata, professions offered special benefits, like Jewelcrafters getting a few special gems, enchanters being able to enchant rings, etc.Geroldt5 6d
6d Vantus Rune: Tomb of Sargeras Soooo after quite a bit of scouring, I haven't been able to find anything pertaining to the drop locations of these patterns. Anyone have a clue?Alkavar6 6d
6d Picking professions Alchemy/Jewel Crafting I'm trying to figure out if it's absolutely necessary to pick herbalism with alchemy or mining with jewel crafting ... I want alchemy and jewel crafting. Wouldn't the cost of materials be next to nothing compared to the price of what I could sell things I craft for once I become proficient? I honestly would rather go with enchanting over jewel crafting (I'm a fire mage), but the process of learning enchantments looks like it could become a little overwhelming.Vorhalis2 6d
6d How to hire an Alchemist? After almost two years of trying and 44 jars with no recipe, I am ready to give up on ever getting the Vial of the Sands recipe. My grandson wanted a two-person mount and has been patiently waiting about half of that time, but I can't make him wait any more. I have the mats to craft the Vial, but with no recipe, I need to find someone to make it for me. I hope this is not a dumb question, but how would I go about finding an alchemist to help? Is the Trade channel used for this - just periodic announcements or is there a more efficient way? Thanks for your advice on this - it is something I have never done!Elym7 6d
6d Herbalism or mining? Which one do you guys find more profitable? I currently have both maxed on an alt but I'm thinking to drop one for a crafting profession so I can make some legendaries for profit since they have huge profit margins. (not sure if it's worth switching though...) Both gathering professions have zero problems selling but I can't tell which one I get more out of. There seem to be more herbs around the place and in less awkward locations (caves, bottom of cliffs, underwater) so it's faster and easier to gather and there are also more herbalism perks to speed it up even further. But while leystone is pretty uselesss, felslate deposits of all kinds are very profitable and they're fairly common too which makes me think mining is better. Herb nodes seem to be worth about 50-70gold. Leystone nodes are like 30g. Felslate nodes 100-500 Any opinions?Naxa3 6d
6d any way to speed up this nomi cooking grind? gotta get rep with this little turd panda and it seems to take ages... any way to make it faster?Heltor3 6d
6d Felslate Mining Quest Question Recently had an NPC appear to offer me a felslate quest. Something about how I had been duped by her sister. Started reading the quest but a LFG queue popped and I hit accept before accepting the quest. Has this happened to anyone else? Will the quest giver show up again at some point or do I need to open a ticket?Haspian2 6d
6d First Aid in Legion Is it worth it? Ancient Healing Potion and bandages don't heal for much. What am I missing?Emergent4 6d
6d Best shoulder enchant for jc? I was have been discussing this with my jc what is the best shoulder enchant for jc. I think it’s the gem one because it looks like it has a higher drop chance then the blood enchant. So he gets more bags. But he thinks it might be the blood one because he has been using the gem enchant for a while now and it doesn’t drop a lot of the rare gems. So has anyone done the math on this yet? What is the best enchant?Necroblade2 6d
Jul 20 Auto-hammer WQ missing? So....STILL have yet to see the Auto-hammer WQ appear for either of my engineers (this character or rogue). It is (outside of the goggles) the only engineering schematic that I havent gotten to 3 stars. I have seen the Bullet Dispenser, the Pylon, the Bandage gun, etc countless times and yet STILL not even one time have have I seen the auto-hammer WQ. Has anyone else gotten this yet? Anyone else having issues with being unable to get to max stars with recipes because somehow that specific WQ just refuses to ever show up for you?Jham11 Jul 20
Jul 20 Prolonged Power Rank 3 - unable to get Why in the world is the rank 3 of this potion tied to a boss that has only showed up 1 time this whole expansion? I've been waiting to get this, but can't because I have no boss to kill for it. Any way we can let Blizz know that this is a bad idea?Moemonay7 Jul 20
Jul 19 Could we get a way to Survey while mounted? For all the people that don't do archaeology, the general pattern goes like this. Survey> Mount Up >Fly in the direction >Dismount > Survey > Repeat Even with buffs that let you "Interact" while mounted, you cannot survey while mounted with anything. Could we get something so that we don't have to dismount and remount every 10 seconds?Shadilayy4 Jul 19
Jul 19 Legion Enchanting help So i have had enchanting for a little while and i dropped one of the quests and havent been able to pick up the quest line again. Idk what im missing. I dropped the proff and picked it back up and nothing. The only enchants i have are the ring and neck. Any help would be appreciated!Verric2 Jul 19
Jul 19 Vault of the Wardens: Demon's Bile I like how my leveling of Alchemy is now dead cause this quest no one wants to do Lone the hour wait to find a group. Sure if fun can't wait to see what we have to do at lv. 120 will we have to clear mystic to get flasks?Antale5 Jul 19
Jul 19 Heirloom Enchants - WTH? Why is there no level cap on Draenor weapon enchants (so they are able to be used on level 1 heirlooms) but there is a level 91 limitation on Ranged Weapon Enchants from engineering. This doesn't make any sense?Felredeemer1 Jul 19
Jul 18 Gold farming levels 60-70 I need tlike know how to make hold for riding I have mining and engineering both about 300 How can I make gold?Catsyy4 Jul 18
Jul 18 BS/JC or BS/Mining? I'm sure this has been asked millions of times, but: Ive had blacksmithing/jewelcrafting since Wrath. I'm a college student now so I'm not sure I can keep up with 2 crafting profs, let alone ANOTHER alt to farm for me. Any help or suggestions would be wonderful! P.S. I just resubbed after about a year, if that helps!Valnor9 Jul 18
Jul 18 Fel Iron farming Dumb question but what mining skill is needed to farm fuel iron ore? Also what is the best stacks to sell ore,herbs,cloth and leather in?Catsyy6 Jul 18
Jul 18 Question for Jewelers This is coming from a veteran WoW player. Once upon a time, there were a lot of cut gems that had two stats on them instead of just one---a Misty gem might have +crit and +spi, a Potent gem might have +int and +crit, you get the idea. Anyhow, one of the drawbacks of gems as they are today is that there's not much variety in cut gems. To add some variety back in, would it make sense if Blizzard brought back these mixed-stat gems again? Or in today's world, where sockets never have required colors and few pieces of gear even have sockets at all, does it make no sense at all to bring back mixed-stat gems?Longwriter3 Jul 18
Jul 18 When can you make gold with jc? I just got jewel crafting when can I begin to make gold with it(w/o dranoir recipes)Catsyy3 Jul 18
Jul 17 How am I supposed to summon reaves? I just decided to level engineering and got the first quest "Modular Modifications".It asks me to create a reaves module and apply to reaves.Excet I can't summon reaves because the quest giver didn't give me one and neither tought me how to craft it.She and the NPC's in the building don't sell the schematic either.Every single source says the schematic to create it comes at the end of the chain.So how am I supposed to get to it if I have to craft it on the first quest?Was something broken last patch?Did she use to give a reaves to you?Tormento5 Jul 17
Jul 17 fishing world quest frequency The world quests for fishing is very sparse. There needs to be more up all the time. Have 1 or 2 quests per zone up and available for more than 4-6 hours at a time. I have been waiting for months to finish my fishing around the isles achievement and there are 3 that i have yet to see.Kizuna0 Jul 17
Jul 17 Potion/Transmute/Elixir Master in Legion? Do these still apply to Legion alchemy or is it worthless now?Solari2 Jul 17
Jul 17 Zero info on Armorcrafter's Commendation. Absolutely terrible implementation on any information about crafted legendaries. Even third-party websites are scratching their heads over the criteria for obtaining the Armorcrafter's Commendation short of what I explain below. The tooltip on the Nethershard Disruptor isn't helpful. If you didn't have max Blacksmithing/Leatherworking/Tailoring before accepting the quest to finish construction on Nethershard Disruptor you are screwed. If for some reason you didn't obtain it even with max profession(s) you have no way of knowing why. Maybe you didn't finish a profession questline? Maybe you had to relog? Who knows? Even if you managed to get the Armorcrafter's Commendation and start the questline, there's still people who already saved to dungeons/raids wondering how to get the materials if they reset weekly. Why couldn't you just made it a separate quest flag from the turn in NPC? You know, the NPC that you have to turn in the Armorcrafter's Commendation to start the quest anyway? What do you even have PTR for? So some players can abuse it and look for exploits to abuse on Live while others have to suffer through misinformation and hotfixes?Eigahata18 Jul 17
Jul 17 price for alchemy services? So I've been gathering materials to craft something, but I need an alchemist to transmute some things before I can complete the recipe. My friends have told me that even if I have all the materials the alchemist will want compensation, which makes sense, but I am low on funds and have absolutely no idea what to pay them. Is there a standard rate, is it based on a portion of the material's value, or does it just depend on who I ask?Miuoakbreakr1 Jul 17
Jul 17 Alchemy discovery is ridiculous!! I just wasted 600 Yseraline Seeds trying to learn a rank 2 of an alchemy recipe I have because I do not want to HAVE to go back to Dalaran every time I want to craft the potions, but Blizzard is RUTHLESS about their RNG junk, and even after crafting over 80 of the things, it STILL did not give me the upgrade recipe.... I am trying to understand what in the world they are thinking down there at Blizzard Entertainment honestly, but I cannot get it. I mean, alright they have a desperate NEED to destroy professions in the game for some reason, and they LOVE that RNG to death, so they want to force everyone to experience it. Still, WHY ON EARTH do you have to go to the Dalaran Crafting Table to make potions?? Also, Why do you have to learn recipes through Discovery, which is just FORCING your broken random number generator on anybody who makes the mistake of choosing Alchemy. Come on guys, if you HATE the game that much, just stop hosting it, but stop stealing money from people to do your little experiments on us!!Trashe7 Jul 17
Jul 17 Celumbra - now iLvl 1000? So, is this a bug, intentional, is it meant to be 970 or still 940 ? Jul 17
Jul 17 Mounting made EASY?!!! Finally just completed this quest (seriously, check the tips in Wowhead regarding food...massive help). This quest is, without any doubt whatsoever in my mind, the WORST quest WoW has ever dreamed up. I genuinely hope whoever the sadistic son-of-a-murloc who thought this up AND the kodo-butt-hair who approved it are not only fired, but lose all that they hold dear in this life. Video games are supposed to be fun and entertaining. Sure there are some who like the game to be "challenging". And that option should totally be available. But it should be just that.....OPTIONAL. I don't play to be challenged. Dealing with the idiots by which I'm surrounded irl is challenging enough.Orrun52 Jul 17
Jul 16 Vial of the Sands still there? I know it is old content, but from time to time, I spend time working on Tolvir solves to try for the recipe with my Hunter, who has Alchemy at 784 and Archeology at 758. I am seriously thinking that: A. It is gone or bugged in the game, or B. I got it at some point and lost or vendored it before I knew what it was. Does anyone know of a way to check to see if your character already got it and I assume will never get it again? Does it show up as a 'Completed artifact' in the solve screen? Anyway, after a couple of years of work off and on, I have 5 Tolvir rares and 342 commons, of which 40 have been canopic jars, and no recipe. I understand a bit about RNG, and I don't mind a long grind, but after reading about so many cases where people got the recipe opening between 1 and 20 jars, I am beginning to think something is wrong. From those who got it after along grind, is 40 jars so unusual to be an indication of a problem? Any 50 or 60s out there? It is becoming less fun.... and my grandson is bugging me to get him the mount. If I knew it would take this long.... BTW, I am thinking of asking someone with the recipe to make it for me. I have all the mats ready to go... Thanks!Elym6 Jul 16
Jul 16 Archaeology, can I lose content forever? I was reading how to power lvl archeology and it warned not to lvl it to fast if you didn't want to miss something? I want to power level it for the time being to get the puzzle box of Yogg Saron asap, but I don't want to forever lock myself out from some content. Did I simply misunderstand what I read? Because I may want to come back later.Jackofdemons3 Jul 16
Jul 16 Potion of Prolonged Power Could we perhaps get a second place for the rank 3 to drop? Perhaps an LFR boss in the next tier or even past tier for this expansion. I've been asking around and looking at other posts and it seems the boss that currently drops it has been up once on US and perhaps not at all on EU.Krokaar16 Jul 16
Jul 16 Engineering lackluster? Does anyone else feel Engineering is pretty lackluster this xpac? Our goggles got replaced really quickly and potions beat out using any Gernades, bombs or any other little gadgets we have. Even our repair bots/hammers are pretty obsolete due to the repair mounts. (Granted, ToS did a good job of making us more relevant by not having any outside zone until Kil'jaden. Thank you) I do still have fun with my tinkers in BGs but that's about the most useful aspects of it (I know that's kinda always been it's niche) Idk, I just feel as though I'm only good for my blingtron currently.Jk12 Jul 16
Jul 15 Major vs. Minor professions I'd like to start a discussion, hopefully some of the blizzard folks will chime in, discussing how / why some professions are "major" professions and some are "minor" professions. Let me start by asking how /why / where the decision was made to combine some professions (i.e. enchanting and disenchanting) yet professions like leather working (LW) and skinning are separate? If you keep everything separate then enchanting is major while disenchanting is minor, LW is major while skinning is minor, etc. OR you combine those professions that are totally dependent upon another profession, again skinning and LW as examples. I'd like to hear from people who have thought about this for other professions in WOW and maybe blizzard can give some feedback.Redlantern7 Jul 15
Jul 15 Celumbra the Night's of Dichotomy Level 1000 tailoring legendary celumbra the night's dichotomy list as level 1000 but when made is 970 what is the truthJujuursa1 Jul 15
Jul 15 abandon legendary crafting quest for other Is there a way to abandon the quest line after it started. For LW you get a mail and leather option, I picked one but want to abandon it for the other.Alacnarubi3 Jul 15
Jul 14 Obliterum Why can't the crafted relics be upgraded with obliterum like the rest of the crafted gear?Hitties4 Jul 14
Jul 14 inscription Inscription is just horrible now everything that you make other than trinkets is cosmetic so on that note let us scribes make ink or colors to sell now to dye gear for transmog? Other games I hear have it and since transmog is a popular thing now, I know I like to match my gear with certain mounts I ride. This I believe would make inscription viable again in the game. To the Players if this is something you'd like to see in game vote for this post or just reply to this post the more likes I hear will make Devs think about it.Lorgen5 Jul 14
Jul 14 Can go from a rank 1 recipe to rank 3? I've got the Demonsteel Helm rank 1 recipe but I was wondering if I could go straight to level 3 recipe once I buy it.Thrúum2 Jul 14
Jul 14 Suggestion: Uncompleted Tab for Arch I think it would be a good idea to have another tab for archaeology projects that you have not yet completed. Similar to how the Collections journals have an "uncollected" section. It would be nice to be able to see which projects you still need, and besides adding new races and quests, there really hasn't been any big updates to archaeology in a while.Shamtul1 Jul 14
Jul 14 Bigger Fish to Fry WTF? I've spent four hours trying to get an aromatic murloc slime so I can have a chance at a leyshimmer blenny. In those four hours looking for pools in Azuna, I've got two skrog toenails. When I did get the skrog tonails, you have to play beat the clock to find another pool. I've used well 20 arcane lures but it isn't helping get pass getting this skrog toenail. Does Blizzard actually think this is rewarding gameplay for all this time and effort?Rhiwyth7 Jul 14
Jul 14 Jewelcrafting Rank 3 Recipes I'm trying to finish up Jewelcrafting, sitting at 760 but not seeing any World Quests for Work Orders, is this still available that way or is it only a drop? Wowhead says for example Design: Azsunite Pendant is gotten from Work Order: Azsunite Pendant.Jockstrap2 Jul 14
Jul 14 Armory: No Profession Tab Hi, So I literally just logged out of World of Warcraft only to realise I'd forgotten to take note of my profession progress, (as in which are rank 3). But I really don't want to have to go through the hassle of starting it all up again just to check my professions, take note then exit game again. So I checked the Armory instead but... where's the Profession section? I've tried using other sites but they only show me what I can make, not my rank in them. Will professions be coming back to the armory at any time or? It's more of an annoyance than an issue I suppose but I'd like to hear opinions on it.Boxie0 Jul 14
Jul 13 Ancient Black Barracuda Artifact Power So I've been attempting to level up my underlight angler with rare fish, and I've noticed that for some reason I cannot use ancient black barracuda. I caught them after unlocking the ability to use rare fish to power it, but it still shows the +5 fishing level text and only functions for that. Is it a bug, or does the pearl just hate that type of fish? (edit: I had not equipped the rod when catching rares, shame because I had about 27 rare fish I wasted, thanks anyhow!)Miuoakbreakr5 Jul 13
Jul 13 Remove progessions next expack? I mean they are just so much fun now forced to be max level and do raids/extra bosses or hope RNG is good to you. I mean who wants all that old just learn stuff by lveling right.Jeanemon2 Jul 13
Jul 13 Gathering nodes not in phase Is there any way to remove gathering nodes from what phases? It's pretty annoying to see something on your map fly down and it disappears because it's in a different phase.Jainese4 Jul 13
Jul 13 Farming speed boost question I have the Forager's Glove that drops off rare MoP and Legion enchant. But those only boost farming speed from MoP and on, is there any item that can speed up mining or herbing in old world contents? Farming a lot of mat in Northrend to make a mount takes a long time, farming a lot of mat in Netherstorm to make Turbo Flying mount takes even more time.Megumin2 Jul 13
Jul 13 Alchemy Quests I'm trying to get a few alchemy recipes, but I can't find the quests to get them and I don't have any alchemy quests in my quest log. Is there a way I can check what my last alchemy quest was? I recently did a faction change, so I'm not sure if it cancelled the quest and bugged out.Thadiddles10 Jul 13
Jul 13 Recipe Discovery and leveling?? If you are trying to learn a recipe from Discovery, can you still discover it if the recipe you are using is grey?? Am I just wasting mats trying to discover the recipe now, or do grey recipes still work for Discovery?? Thanks in advance!!Trashe1 Jul 13
Jul 13 Anvil Toy suggestion With the addition of many useful toys in legion, I think a deployable anvil toy with a reasonable cooldown would be awesome to not depend on the engineering consumable, having to buy it on the AH. Leveling blacksmith is really a pain if you don't have many of those with you or be forced to go to Dalaran.Darkwillow2 Jul 13
Jul 12 Leatherworking or Jewelcrafting I have been struggling this xpac to find the right profession. Alchemy is too boring. Enchanting is nice but I don't wanna farm gear. Scribe is a hollow husk of its former self. Engineering is useful but for very minor inconveniences I do not see as a problem. I truly fear that LW is just farming Oblit, I don't raid and just run some Mythic+ so it would be nice to have some good gear at hand. Also I know that JC is a giant roulette machine if you get anything useful or not. A little advice would be most appreciated!Raynfire5 Jul 12