Jan 9 i'm stuck on cooking anyone know where to fish for large raw mightfish, I really need it to level up and I can't find it on the auction house. been looking for a while nowDelvie5 Jan 9
Jan 9 Best Legion profession questline? Hello! I've only done tailoring so far and albeit it was mediocre overall, I gotta say that the questline slightly exceeded my expectations with its character development aspect. Do you guys think there are any professions to avoid or choose just to experience their questlines, especially from a lore point of view?Jentix2 Jan 9
Jan 8 Rerolling Secondary Stats? Can we not do this anymore? The Google wasn't very helpful in finding an answer. My well-meaning GM sent me a neck piece with awful secondary stats. For the life of me I can't find an item to reroll the stats. It seems awfully wasteful, as gems are so rare, to blow so many of them attempting to make an item that isn't useless. If I somehow overlooked this item, could sometime kindly point out what it is called for jewelcrafters?Ruarc4 Jan 8
Jan 8 Rethu's Journal? So I have this quest in my quest log and its marked as complete, but I've checked my bags and bank and I don't have it anywhere. Is it possible I might have deleted it? Or is this one of those quests that always have a "?" on it even if you haven't completed it? I read up that you have to mine it from a leystone deposit? I've been mining and haven't had it pop up yet. Any ideas?Lithios2 Jan 8
Jan 8 Mounting made EASY?!!! Finally just completed this quest (seriously, check the tips in Wowhead regarding food...massive help). This quest is, without any doubt whatsoever in my mind, the WORST quest WoW has ever dreamed up. I genuinely hope whoever the sadistic son-of-a-murloc who thought this up AND the kodo-butt-hair who approved it are not only fired, but lose all that they hold dear in this life. Video games are supposed to be fun and entertaining. Sure there are some who like the game to be "challenging". And that option should totally be available. But it should be just that.....OPTIONAL. I don't play to be challenged. Dealing with the idiots by which I'm surrounded irl is challenging enough.Orrun60 Jan 8
Jan 8 Can you only make one crafted Legendary? Or when the building comes up again can I get another hammer?Vivec13 Jan 8
Jan 8 After a long time of farming I have finally got Zin'Rokh, Destroyer of Worlds.Ghøsts2 Jan 8
Jan 7 Luminous Pearl so am i just unlucky? i am trying to get my artifact fishing rod and i have the bigger fish to fry achievement already. i have been using the arcane bait in pools and nothing. i looked it up on the forums and almost everyone was saying they got theirs in like 8 pools. im probably at about 150 now. so anyone know somthing i dont.Emothebunny16 Jan 7
Jan 7 If you guys have learned one thing It's that having location requirements on crafting items is absurd and stupid. It was stupid with moonwells, and it's stupid with blacksmithing now. Can you please just never have location requirements again? Every damn expansion it seems you add it again and then at the end go, Oh our bad that was pretty stupid wasn't it. Then go around and DO IT AGAIN! I'm sick and tired of needing to go all the way to Highmountain to do anything involving demonsteel. Craft demonsteel? Need that damn stone. Craft a piece of gear for an alt? Need that damn stone too! Screw highmountain taurens and screw their damn stone.Faelese7 Jan 7
Jan 7 Rare Fish - Fishing Pole leveling Are you suppose to fish different types of fish for better returns on the rare fish. I leveled mostly by fishing the ghostly neckless pools. I've hit a point where it's not doing much of anything anymore to catch them. I started leveling my fishing pole late.Mstokies6 Jan 7
Jan 7 So.... that alchemy quest line.... WTF, is never ending, is there a legendary at the end of this?Bhräzzhill21 Jan 7
Jan 7 LEGACY, the untapped market Blizzard, I would like to propose something to help with old school markets. basically each expansion has something you can craft from each expansion that will do the following, NOTE: everything requires you to be max level to benefit from it. ALCHEMY: legacy potion HOW TO CRAFT : using herbs from that expansion WHAT IT DOES : increases run speed in that expansions dungeons/raids by 50-100%, lasts 5 or 10 minutes. BLACKSMITHING: legacy gear drop buff HOW TO CRAFT: using materials from that expansion WHAT IT DOES: provides a buff that increases chance for plate pieces to drop (only works on bosses from dungeons and raids) TAILORING/LEATHER WORKING : same idea as BS INSCRIPTION: teleport glyph HOW TO CRAFT: using materials from that expansion WHAT IT DOES: teleports user to entrance of dungeon, weekly reset CD, only for raids. JEWEL CRAFTING: can't think of anything lol ENCHANTING : we pretty much already got stuff.Hatchmark2 Jan 7
Jan 6 Changing profession question I have 700 bloods of sargeras and i was thinking about dropping enchanting and picking up alchemy. If i wanted to pick up enchanting after i spent all the bloods on prolonged power will i be able to relearn all my enchants back and their ranksAzlne1 Jan 6
Jan 6 Archaeology Tracking Addon Hi, I was wondering if anyone used an addon like Archydb where it keeps track of the number of times you have solved an artifact? ArchyDB doesn't seem to have been updated in years and just gives me 0/0 solvesRhalliord1 Jan 6
Jan 5 935 Crafted Items This should be opened up to older crafted recipes as well. It makes no sense that pre 7.3 crafted items should be capped at 900. Or at the very least make sure every spec that can craft some form of armor be given some new recipe... Muh engineering goggles need to be worn!Erience1 Jan 5
Jan 5 Nitro Belt Hey, I was just thinking, to make the mechanic EVEN BETTER than it already is, when you're out of combat, and the belt explodes, instead of nearly killing the player you could instead have it delete their character from the game. I think that'd be much more useful. That'd be great, thanks. Can you get rid of these cancerous mechanics? Jesus christ... I mean, the belt already sometimes blows you up in the air, which could be good OR bad. That's ENOUGH isn't it? Like... you're supposed to be making the game FUN not the same feeling as when I accidentally staple gun my hand to the table, which is what it feels like when it explodes out of combat. It wasn't good when they came up with the idea in the first place and it STILL isn't good. Can you realise that yet?Tekken5 Jan 5
Jan 5 First Aid Singed Plea RNG Can someone please set my mind at ease and confirm that the Singed Plea does in fact still drop? Or even better, advise a good spot to farm it? I've spent over 24 hours farming mobs in Suramar for this last quest I need for Field Medic and seem to find plenty of other first aid quests, just not the Singed Plea. I've tried farming the ghosts at Falanaar, which sounds like the best bet at 0.9% chance (not bad) but they spawn slowly and I've only found one quest. I've spent more time farming the Loyalist Sycophants who spawn nearly instantly in groups of 5 but they have a significantly lower drop rate at 0.01% but have dropped over a dozen of the other First Aid quests, enough to keep me hopeful. Is there a First Aid shoulder enchant I don't know about, or a better spot for mobs? Any advice? Or any suggestions for shows to watch on Netflix? I'm getting bored. Edit: Two and a half seasons into Great British Baking Show and it finally dropped off a Loyalist Sycphant - felt like I just beat Peggle with Ode to Joy playing in my head.Nakhara1 Jan 5
Jan 5 Trial of the Crusader: Hides of Legend I've been trying to complete this skinning quest on my hunter for months (and months), but the Hide of Occu'thar comes from a boss in Baradin Hold and, unfortunately, the Horde is in perpetual control of Tol Barad. I've tried at least thirty times (conservative guess) to flip it solo, since my friends and guildies quit playing WoW years ago. I've also tried recruiting, even bribing, Alliance players to help, with zero interest. Is there a secret trick to gaining access to Baradin Hold? I don't mind that profession quests require returning to old content, but it's especially frustrating being essentially denied the possibility of completing a quest and moving on due to being locked out of pve content simply because it exists within pvp content that Alliance on my server never, EVER controls. Help.Fweet15 Jan 5
Jan 5 Blacksmithing: Old recipes still mail Any news yet on these getting changed to plate? For myself, it would be nice to RP a character that uses only crafted gear to level with. For other players, especially new ones, it would be nice to have some sort of incentive to have blacksmithing as a "useful" profession before level 40 gear rolls around.Brokkarn10 Jan 5
Jan 4 A Keen Eye What do you with Legion archaeology after you achieve this? I always thought they were going to add more digs but I'm not sure archaeology has been updated in Also why are these quests still appearing when I've done them?Caskbreaker1 Jan 4
Jan 4 An idea for Inscription in Battle for Azeroth Just had an idea, and I thought I should put it out there. In BfA, blizz is bringing back buffs, and I'm assuming this means all 8 of the buffs we had in previous expansions. Since not all raids, or dungeon groups will have access to all the buffs, why not let inscriptionists make an item that gives a version of the buff? Inscriptionists don't have much to do these days, and this will help smaller guilds who don't have the people to cover all the buffs.Jutxi1 Jan 4
Jan 4 Truesilver Ore Help I'm having a hard time finding this node. I've looked at some guides on WoWHead but they don't seem to be very accurate. Does anyone here know a good spot to farm them? I really need them and they are really expensive on the AH. Thx in advance for anyone who responds to this!Lañfear1 Jan 4
Jan 4 Where to begin in enchanting? I am doing enchanting but can not seem to find any way to start doing it. I see nothing about what it takes to do my first one, or where to go to find someone to give me a quest to get started on it. In cooking a cooking supply guy in Ironforge had me buy the ingredients to make bread and then make him ten loaves. Is there anything like that for inscription?Eisenor13 Jan 4
Jan 3 Counterbalancing I am working on the leather working quest Counterbalancing... I've managed to look Enstraa's oil... How can I get more?Estareen2 Jan 3
Jan 2 Professions Hey everyone, Quick question. In the event you have every profession leveled & accounted for on your server, what professions are good to double or even triple up on for extra alts? ThanksOltr3 Jan 2
Jan 2 Do crafted legendaries reset 'pity' timer? I am in the process of gathering mats to craft the blacksmithing legendary item, 'Rethu's Incessant Courage.' I don't plan on using this myself, but rather to sell it on the AH or guild member. As I was gathering materials today, I was wondering if by crafting the legendary item does my 'pity' timer reset? I wouldn't equip it, it would only ever enter my bag and then the AH, but does this affect my chances of having a legendary drop for me? I assume it does not, but just wanted to see if anyone had a different answer. Thanks! -FredFredkray4 Jan 2
Jan 2 How do you get Blingtron 6000? Do I have to do some Mythic to get the recipe?Rhodeÿ11 Jan 2
Jan 2 Herbalism- How do I get rank 3? Hello, I have all my herbs sitting at rank 2 atm, I've farmed so much foxflower that I've made 95k gold so far from it, but the problem is I have yet to get the rank 3 quest yet. Do I need 800 herb in order for the quest to drop or is there something else I need to do?Gwýn163 Jan 2
Jan 1 sex change potion Has this ever been considered? Permanent would be nice but if it was temporary that wouldn't be bad either.Clooie15 Jan 1
Dec 31 Rank 2 for Imbued Silkweave Bracers? How do you get the rank 2 pattern for Imbued Silkweave Bracers? I thought it was supposed to be on Lalla Brightweave in Dalaran, but she does not have it for me. Does anyone know how I can unlock it? Some specific quest, perhaps? Thanks.Spicemonkey2 Dec 31
Dec 31 Mining Bags Um... if you get gems from mining they should fit in the forking mining bag..... ???Psychanix0 Dec 31
Dec 30 How do you get Cloth Scavenging now? I went to the guy in old Dalaran and also Alexandra at Tailoring 300, yet neither of them will give it to me. Am I missing something?Macetomeetya2 Dec 30
Dec 30 Can't skin Anyone else have a problem with skinning? Lately, after a few kills, I find I can't skin mobs. I loot them, skinning icon shows up, but nothing happens when I click it. Sometimes the problem corrects itself for awhile but reoccurs. Relogging sometimes works for a bit but then it happens again. Wondering if anyone has experienced this and knows how to fix it. No one else is tapping mobs so that is not the trouble.Turlogh1 Dec 30
Dec 30 Is there any reason not to vendor BoE greens? Nothing sells.Cubcakes14 Dec 30
Dec 30 Best Path to a water strider mount? I was max level fishing before I quit at the beginning of Cata, and I see Pat Nagle sells the mount. I got a free Garrison using the level boost when I came back, but i'm not sure what is the current best path to quickly getting any water strider mount. Should I be doing fishing Dailies in WoD? Should I be fishing for rep in Pandaria? Should I just buy one from a vendor I can find without a grind? I've looked up guides on how to do several of these, but I haven't seen anyone point out what is the best current available path to getting one. Thanks in advance!Felestia5 Dec 30
Dec 29 Currently unlearnable — Blacksmithing recipes HEY! Skip to this post for a list of previously-missing Blacksmithing recipes that have been returned to the game! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a comprehensive list of all Blacksmithing recipes which currently cannot be obtained or learned if you did not already have them before Cataclysm (or Wrath, in some cases). Hopefully, it will help both new and old Blacksmiths waste less time trying to figure out whether the recipe they're looking for is simply rare, or actually not available right now. Personally, I think gutting all this stuff was really unnecessary. There's good streamlining (Timbermaw Hold rep shortening) and then there's bad streamlining (cutting off 100+ recipes that were fun to collect). That's like belt sanding while naked. That's bad naked. Unlearnable because the quest "The Old Ways" from Aturk the Anvil (Orgrimmar) was deleted: Orcish War Leggings Unobtainable because the quest "The Origins of Smithing" from Hank the Hammer (Stormwind) was deleted: Plans: Golden Scale Gauntlets Unobtainable because Blacksmith specializations were removed, and with them the quest chains from Galvan the Ancient (Stranglethorn) which rewarded the plans: Plans: Ornate Mithril Gloves Plans: Ornate Mithril Pants Plans: Ornate Mithril Shoulder Unlearnable because the Mithril Order quest chain and followups from Trenton Lighthammer (Gadgetzan) were deleted: Ornate Mithril Breastplate Ornate Mithril Helm Ornate Mithril Boots Removed because Kilram's Axesmith quest chain (Everlook, Winterspring) has been deleted: Plans: Dawn's Edge Removed because Seril Scourgebane's Swordsmith quest chain (Everlook, Winterspring) has been deleted: Plans: Blazing Rapier Removed because Lillith the Lithe's Hammersmith quest chain (Everlook, Winterspring) has been deleted: Plans: Enchanted Battlehammer Removed because the Armorsmithing specialization was removed, and all previous Armorsmith trainers had their recipe lists removed: Truesilver Gauntlets Truesilver Breastplate Earthforged Leggings Windforged Leggings Heavy Earthforged Breastplate Stormforged Hauberk Breastplate of Kings Bulwark of Kings Bulwark of the Ancient Kings Nether Chain Shirt Twisting Nether Chain Shirt Embrace of the Twisting Nether Chestplate of Conquest Legplates of Conquest Removed because the Weaponsmithing specialization was removed, and all previous Weaponsmith (and Axe/Sword/Mace sub-spec) trainers had their recipe lists removed: The Shatterer Blight Truesilver Champion (come on! Truesilver Champion!) Light Earthforged Blade Light Emberforged Hammer Light Skyforged Axe Great Earthforged Hammer Lavaforged Warhammer Skyforged Great Axe Stoneforged Claymore Stormforged Axe Windforged Rapier Lionheart Blade Lionheart Champion Lionheart Executioner The Planar Edge Black Planar Edge Wicked Edge of the Planes Fireguard Blazeguard Blazefury Lunar Crescent Mooncleaver Bloodmoon Drakefist Hammer Dragonmaw Dragonstrike Thunder Deep Thunder Stormherald (Stormherald? You took out Stormherald?!) Corroded Saronite Edge Corroded Saronite Woundbringer Unobtainable because Lorax's quest chain (Frostwhisper Gorge, Winterspring) has been deleted: Plans: Demon Forged Breastplate Unobtainable because the quest "Hot Fiery Death" (Blackrock Spire) and its followup chain were deleted. Plans: Fiery Plate Gauntlets (Why?! You had to loot Terminator's arm. In lava. That's good naked!) Removed in 3.02 with the deletion of Naxx 40; has NO Northrend iLevel 213 equivalent version, and is desireable for Transmog: Icebane Bracers Icebane Gauntlets Removed in 3.02 with the deletion of Naxx 40; has NO Northrend Naxx 10/25 equivalent version, is desireable for Transmog, and would fit as BS recipes: Icebane Helmet Icebane Pauldrons Icebane Leggings Removed because Zul'Gurub was revamped and the Zandalar Tribe faction was deleted: Bloodsoul Breastplate Bloodsoul Shoulders Bloodsoul Gauntlets Darksoul Breastplate Darksoul Leggings Darksoul Shoulders Unobtainable because the Enchanted Thorium quest series from Dire Maul West has been deleted: Plans: Enchanted Thorium Breastplate (argh!) Plans: Enchanted Thorium Leggings Plans: Enchanted Thorium Helm Unobtainable because Dustwallow Marsh was revamped, and this item seems to have been deleted off the loot table of Strashaz Myrmidons: Plans: Runic Breastplate Note that all other Runic patterns were successfully transferred to Dramm Riverhorn (Un'Goro) in 4.3.0, but this one was not. So that's a lot of dead recipes! Wow! I will update this as I remember / notice / find them, or if anyone suggests one I'm missing. I'll also update if (when!!) they're returned to the game.Bonfleur84 Dec 29
Dec 29 Alchemy is trash Herbs cost more than flasks. What world does that make sense. Only time you get a profit is high yield procs. I'm gagginAmatox12 Dec 29
Dec 28 ATTN: Sterios, Level 65 Mage ... Saw this posted in a necro'd thread from 2011 that the moderator's locked, thought I would take a moment to comment. Your best bet while leveling is to level 2 gathering professions, herbalism and mining are the best choice as they provide additional leveling experience. Although you can choose to level crafting professions while leveling, it tends to be very expensive (have a level capped alt to fund your materials purchases) and time consuming, especially if you rely on gathering your own materials. You will often find yourself sitting in major cities trying to get another 10-20 skill levels in your profession instead of being out in the world questing, so your best bet is to either avoid professions or stick with gathering, selling everything on the AH. With improvements to professions in Warlords and Legion, it is now possible to level from 1-700 or 1-800 with just materials from the current expansion, increasing the chance of making a profit from crafting. There are also multiple patterns that provide increased skill-ups when your skill is below the "norm" for the expansion (i.e. less than 700 in Legion). Sticking with enchanting is fine while you are leveling, though at times you will be better off vendoring gear instead of disenchanting it. And while jewelcrafting or tailoring are both good choices for enchanting, you will likely be more successful with mining until you hit Legion content. Another improvement to professions is that the ore you mine in Outland (minimum skill traditionally 300) will drop nuggets of ore until your skill is high enough, eliminating the need to go back to low-level content to raise your mining skill.Haspian0 Dec 28
Dec 28 Best profession to combine with Enchanting? Hello, I am currently leveling Enchanting (and Tailoring to lessen gold drain pain) on this character. Since Enchanting is an extremely expensive profession to level I am planning ways to recoup my leveling costs (~10,000 gold so far). What is the single best profession that can be combined with Enchanting to make gold? Also, once I have leveled up Enchanting is Tailoring worth keeping? Many thanks.Oudhp29 Dec 28
Dec 28 Messed up first garrison profession building? So I had engineering and the engineering quest to start the building which I didn't realize when I unlearned engineering to learn Blacksmithing. I ended up doing the quest and getting the building anyways. Torgg Flexington in Ashran has some of the building plans but he doesn't have the lvl 1 for the fordge :( Will I have to wait until I get the lvl 2 garrison so I can replace the engineering works?Lithanos2 Dec 28
Dec 28 Legion Vegetables Haven't bothered trying to cook anything or even looking at the recipes having heard the Nomi horror stories from back in Alpha but actually looked at one while leveling my Paladin yesterday and saw it required some vegetables. Are these Nomi things? I have only ever seen meat drops. Thanks!Guillotaur2 Dec 28
Dec 28 Engineering - "Reverse Wormhole" - a summon So, how often do we sit there waiting for people to run into raids etc? Quite a while right? Why can we not introduce an engineering device to help quicken this process up? A reverse wormhole. A max level toy that "sucks" people through a wormhole, very much like a warlock summons. Due to the complex nature, only max level engineers could use this, even if it was a toy. Of course, this is technology, not everything can be smooth sailing all the time. There is a chance that users will not be... "put back together again" properly at the other end, and some users may emerge dead. Some may emerge as an animal (short de/buff that can be removed so as not to hinder the raid). Or some other funny occurrence. Like/bump if you support this idea. Feel free to add effects/ideas to it!Cèowulf8 Dec 28
Dec 27 enchanting got the shaft with legion. Nothing special at 800. Nothing special when antorus came out. Only 3 things you can enchant(not including shoulders) and just recently we got the ability to break chaos crystals. They should have been given something like most all other professions got when hitting 800.Arigozia0 Dec 27
Dec 27 +200 ring enchants how do you get the +200 ring enchants? I found rank 3 but cant find how to get rank 1Larson2 Dec 27
Dec 27 Herbalism requirement in Zangarmarsh? Is that intended or bug? In Hellfire Pen. I can gather for stems.Sieta9 Dec 27
Dec 27 When do professions get to be Legendary? To All the Artisans of WOW, When are we going to be able to craft the pieces that can stand alongside the Mythic Titanforged Raid Quality items using the hard-to-find materials and the recipes you have to dedicate yourself to finding? In the end of it, everyone ends up having the same recipes, yes? In many ways I would rather be known for being a master Artisan (We need better profession titles, I think) than for being a master Raider. Isn't it time to hold Professions up in Higher and Better standing in-game?Honorheart1 Dec 27
Dec 27 Artifact Fishing Pole Talents As nice as the talents are on the Artifact Fishing Pole they really only work great for Legion content. The only traits i feel that really need to change are the 'Angling' traits. As it stands there's one Angling trait for each legion zone. What i was thinking was maybe condense them to where there's an 'Angling' trait for Vanilla and each Expansion and as we get a new expansion they add a new trait for that expansion (even if we could only get the new angling triat when we hit max LVL and reach the new max fishing skill). I think another option would add a trait that lets us 'fish up' all the fishing gear not bought from vendors (could even exclude the Fishing event gear). Maybe even a trait that lets us get more Nat's Lucky Coins.Celticlore3 Dec 27
Dec 27 crafted Gathering gear item The only hands im aware that any professions can craft is the LW hands that boost Herbalism by 5. I would like to see a new pattern maybe give it to Tailoring so that all classes can use the items and make the item a hand peice so this way it can also be enchanted by the Gathering enchant.Celticlore1 Dec 27
Dec 27 Looking for Profession Opinions I've played for quite awhile now and have been known for constantly switching professions. I'm looking to settle that down now and am looking for opinions of profession combinations that are both enjoyable and profitable. I realize that none of us can predict what is going to happen with the expansion coming up so speculating on that at this point isn't worth it. I'm leaning towards herbalism/enchanting. Just looking for opinions. Thank YouDrk5 Dec 27
Dec 27 LW Mount Quest: What are the prerequisites? Happy Winterveil! I have read all I can find on the 'Mounting Made Easy' quest online. It appears that the LW Trainer in Dalaran (Nahma) should issue the quest, and I've read in other forums that while the mount cannot be crafted or used until you hit LW skill 800 it can be obtained as early as 600. I have LW 800 and Nahma is not giving the quest. Are there prerequisite quests or other achievements / etc. that you must obtain before this quest is available? (Also, for those who want to caution me on the frustration of actually doing the quest - I'm fully prepared with my Stonehide Leather Barding and Fighter Chow ;) ) Thanks for any help!Odin3 Dec 27