Oct 2 Stormscale Spark I did search and there is a lot of talk about stormscale 3. I thought Oh my goodness there are more versions of this? very discouraging since all seemed to have probs getting it. I was away for a while and apparently I must have gotten some somehow but cannot remember. My quest still asks for Stormscale Spark and I have run around looking and even looked on the auction house for Stormscale Spark and there is no such thing! I also looked at all the receipes for stuff, right up to past lvl 800 and I see no need for any "stormscale spark". Anybody know about this item? (in my search all the comments were 2016 at the newest)Lionara2 Oct 2
Oct 1 Warlock professions? Looking for the best pair of warlock professions. Any help would be appreciatedPooterscoote8 Oct 1
Oct 1 Unable to get quest "Aww Scrap!" Hello, I have a question. So I just learned Engineering and searched up how to get to Legion Engineering. On Wowhead it said that I have to get a question called "Aww Scrap!" from Hobart Grapplehammer in Dalaran (Broken Isles Dalaran, if you were wondering). I checked him out and he didn't have a quest to give me? Is this a bug or am I doing something incorrectly?Demonscout3 Oct 1
Sep 30 Nomi improved? So, yesterday I had 14 cooking WO's that were finished and received 8 recipes. 2 of them I needed and 6 were duplicates. Has something changed to increase the recipe reward or was I just oddly lucky? Anyone else see an increase over the past week?Bearrepairjr2 Sep 30
Sep 30 Engineering Ultimate gnomish knife broken? I chose engineering for lots of neat stuff it has, and this item is supposed to have a 100% resurrection with a 10min. cooldown. I use this after the boss on our healer and nothing happens. She said it didn't work. I've revived at least 5 people with this item, when did this stop working at 100%?Furrlex7 Sep 30
Sep 29 Last week's Archaeology quest? It was Spirit of Eche'ro wasn't it? I missed it and will have to wait another what... 2-5 months, won't I?Nagro2 Sep 29
Sep 29 Suggestion: Skinning Profession Apologies if this has been suggested in the past, but thought it was certainly worth bringing up. While running world quests this week and having to slaughter dodo-birds (falconsaurs) as well as completing a profession quest (Hide of Fenryr), I had a thought when it came to the skinning profession. That thought being to have skinning work much like looting, in that one could kill several beasts before looting & skinning by only having to select it once to farm all hides/scales/etc. that you're responsible for in the vicinity. The major up side to this is when running dungeons and raids. Most folks just want to run through these as quickly as possibly for the experience, gear or rep, but I'm of the mindset of "never leaving money on the table" as it were. It'd be nice to be able to skin-all in such situations, or have the hide/scales/etc. be part of the 'loot' (like in 'Hide Of Fenryr') if you have the skinning profession.Marikoth6 Sep 29
Sep 29 Gnomish/Goblin Engineering I assume if i were to choose either Gnomish or Goblin for Engineering its possible to choose the other one later and one and keep the Patterns and in essence collect all the Gnomish and Goblin engineering Patterns. My question is this assuming i do this is it easy or hard to swap between the 2 IF i wanted to.Celticlore2 Sep 29
Sep 29 Blacksmithing or Engineering? I've done engineering before, and it seems incredibly handy, especially able to use your lil robot dude to make a feast or a repair thing or whatever. I'm thinking of going it a second time, but I want to know if blacksmithing has any advantages to it, other than 4 times longer use of that mount buff.Feight10 Sep 29
Sep 28 Relearning Professions in Legion I've read you can relearn professions in Legion after switching from them. Is this only Legion Profession recipes/ranks or is it all recipes. It sounds like only Legion recipies which is a rip off for 1000 gold. Anyone have any more information?Tanrith22 Sep 28
Sep 28 Linking Profession Recipes? So far, I have been unable to link profession recipes in game for months now. I have freshly installed WoW, disabled addons, enabled them, but nothing. In fact, unrelated to WoW, I had to reinstall my entire OS recently (failed hard drive), and the problem persists. Is this a known issue, working as intended, or something wrong with me and mine?Havatsi3 Sep 28
Sep 28 Inscription or JC with enchanting? Is inscription or jewelcrafting better for enchanting? Everywhere says tailoring, but I want to do inscription or jewelcrafting. Which would yield more fodder for disenchantment?Blarglefart4 Sep 28
Sep 28 Material Farming nerfs It's currently Sept 27th 2017 and I have been trying several farming areas to find Shal'dorei Silk or however its spelled. I have Zygors addon and even Dugi's addon and have researched most if not ALL the latest areas for silk farming in legion , I even have the Scavenger enchant and I have been very unlucky or perhaps they have nerfed the drop rate heavily for some reason. I spent 2 hours running LFR last night in hopes the drops would be better there for the Scavenger enchant to work ...nada .. only 2 bags .. Has anyone got a bone they can throw me? or am I stuck to a very slow tailoring grind .... :(Whorcester3 Sep 28
Sep 28 Profession Helpful pets I have the Lil' Ragnaros pet and i love it when im in the mode to LVL up Cooking since it acts like a cooking fire. There have been times though where I wish there were pets that would allow me to Deal with BS, Engineering and Mineing for the older smelting patterns. I could see the Cinder Kitten be used for both the Older Smelting Patterns for mineing, Plus for Blacksmith. For engineeeering i could see Lil' KT be used as the Anvil or what ever Engineers need for crafting. I would also think if they did this the sales for these pets would also go up; unless they were to release pets either as a drop or crafted that would work as well. I dont think Engineering requires a special 'forge' like Blacksmiths do if they need to craft the Hammer needed to deal with the Vanilla Legendary that requires that forge in the one dungeon; but if they were to lets pets act as the Forge for BS and Miners i would hope it would act as those forges as well.Celticlore1 Sep 28
Sep 28 Cant do Legion Archaeology at level 1? I have to go back and do every single old world zone? Oh, dear lord in heaven. Edit: Is there an easy way to level this up? I want my weapon skin unlocks, please.Victor4 Sep 28
Sep 28 Nitro boosts - 7 min extra CD now WTF. 10 min CD instead of 3 min on nitro boosts now? Ninja patch from hell. It can already fail in more ways than one to kill you and now you can only benefit once every 10 minutes? Engineering... so I guess we get jeeves?Dirtyfox2 Sep 28
Sep 27 making lightweave useful? lightweave has only 3 patterns, and the price has dropped to normal silk levels on the AH... can we make this even slightly more useful? current bandages only heal 10% hp over 8 seconds when not taking damage. my food gets me 100% hp over 20 seconds. that's really sad. can we get lightweave bandages? great opportunity for a lightweave flying(or not)-carpet and requires 3k lightweave cloth! army of the light saddle blanket making a mount much much much more comfortable for 4 hours? repeatable turn-in to bolster the war efforts at the gates of AQ? c'mon. give us something...Terihlon1 Sep 27
Sep 27 More 'Account Wide' Options for Professions. I love professions in WoW. I don't mind the grind for Primary professions, have engineering on my rogue, and just switched this guy from blacksmithing to engineering. After leveling it to 700, i was like "Oh boy I can use all my Blingtrons and Jeeves/Reaves now!" I looked into my toy page and realized Jeeves/Reaves aren't 'Toys' like Blingtron is. I understand that Blingtron is purely a toy, and that Jeeves/Reaves are very useful items, but I already did the painful grind for them once :/ After thinking for a minute about this I was pondering my secondary professions, looking so proudly at my max fishing and Underlight Angler. "I wish I could just have the Underlight Angler on all of my characters, I already did the achievement after all." Then I got to thinking, why can't secondary professions' levels just be account wide? I've leveled Archaeology up to ~300 on like 4 different characters because of attempted main switching. Did the same with fishing. First Aid. Cooking. It takes up a lot of time for something I've already done on atleast one character. I'm not at all saying to make account wide profession levels for primary professions, that has a lot of obvious issues. But secondary professions aren't big money makers like primary professions, so I don't see the problem with letting them be account wide. Also, let Jeeves/Reeves be account wide (Only usable by characters with appropriate engineering level of course.) TL;DR: Make SECONDARY professions' levels account wide plezVerzpally4 Sep 27
Sep 27 Underlight Emerald "I thought this thing was worthless but you might like it" Yeash, that's harsh. Ah well, I'm still glad to have fishing content. Thank you. As a side note, the phasing between shards is really noticable when fishing and every hour or so the world around me just randomly resets. Nice to see some other people out there; I didn't join any organized groups, but there were some nice passive "hanging out" that happened most days that gave the game that nice friendly MMO vibe it sometimes lacks in all the rushing around.Sergonar0 Sep 27
Sep 27 Is it worth to equip my own crafted items? With all the dungeon drops and world quests often offering purples I'm wondering if it's even worth to upgrade a crafted 810 with obliterium or just sell them on the AH and expect to get a better item from another source, even if I can upgrade them to 850...eventually.Ikken17 Sep 27
Sep 27 Prospecting busted? prospecting the new ore, Empyrium and i just get 1 gem chip each time... is it busted or are the gems that rareAlusarial2 Sep 27
Sep 26 Prolonged Power Rank 3 This boss has spawned 1 time since release. Make it happen please.Urgent0 Sep 26
Sep 26 Professions are worthless. What gives? Professions have always been of dubious value. They take a huge amount of effort to level and you might find one or two recipes of any real worth in any given profession at max level. But in Legion it seems significantly worse. None of the recipes are any good. Leveling a profession is extremely time consuming, and the best way to get gear remains dungeon grinding. You can't realistically use professions from one toon to speed up leveling on another toon because of the level requirements of the items. It's faster to just grind quests or dungeons on the toon you're trying to gear up, as that earns XP also. There's really zero benefit to professions from what I've seen so far. Why is Blizzard crippling this part of the game? And a better question might be, why has Blizzard treated professions with such blatant disdain since vanilla?Shìne21 Sep 26
Sep 25 Fishing Debris Pools in Legion So I found a kinda sorta Shipwreck Debris pool in Legion. It's at 40.46, 18.66 in the Cove of Nashal in Stormheim. It acts differently than other debris pools, for instance all of the ones at Darkmoon Fair or down south around the Cape of Stranglethorn. It doesn't appear as a yellow dot on your mini-map with fish finder turned on. However, at the above coordinates is a pool of debris with the pulsating white ring that all fishing pools have. The debris and the ring never dissipate, or at least they didn't for me after about 54 casts. On my first few casts I got: Deck Sandals of the Quickblade (Cloth, BOE, ilvl 780) Crate of Bobbers: Can of worms (toy) Over my next 52 casts I got: 6 Stormray 46 Silver Mackerel From what I can find, there don't appear to be Legion debris pools as there are in other zones, expacs. I have fished this pool off and on for about 6-9 months now and never got anything besides Stormray or Silver Mackerel. It just suddenly changed today. The non-fish I got out of it weren't in a crate. Anyone got any info on this? Found any weird pools anywhere else?Ironigor3 Sep 25
Sep 25 Wormhole Generator: Argus Has anyone ever been teleported to the Antoran Wastes using this thing? I've had it since shortly after patch and use it all the time, but not once have I been ported to Antoran Wastes.Valarc1 Sep 25
Sep 25 Best way to lvl artifact Fishing Pole? Post your best ways you've found to lvl the wonderful fishing pole. Personally, I like to head to Stormhiem and fish up the neat ring. Pop it on, find a school of whatever and start fishing. You usually get a second ring by the time the first one runs out, use it again and you can keep fishing from the same school of fish. Rinse and repeat.Noolore17 Sep 25
Sep 24 Great time for miners to make gold Hey guys I just wanted to share this gold farming tip that's making me 30k-100k / hour no gimmicks. On Argus at anthoraan waste you can mine the Felfang Basilisks for Empyrium ore. They drop 3-7 ore each! Gets crowded in the evenings but late night/morning its wide open on my server. Heres my video showing the farm route! Thanks guys.Tacobelltom2 Sep 24
Sep 24 Unlocking the dig-sites in Pandaria. Hello there - I would like to level up archaeology on one of my alts (from level 1)and wanted to start in Pandaria. However the digsites are not visible on map even though the option for tracking digsites is enabled. Is there a minimum level required to see the digsites? if so, what level is it? Should mention that I am able to see the digsites on the Legion zones. ThanksWarloker4 Sep 24
Sep 24 First Aid I'm a little stumped as to how to max this profession out. I'm stuck at 760, with nothing to make. I do have a few things in my first aid that are green (stabilize, the treats), but the create option is greyed out. So is the only way left to level first aid from random drops that lead to quests?Mogar5 Sep 24
Sep 24 Ligtweave Bandage Why is there no recipe for this? With healthstones providing a flat 25% instant healing, at least a million+ health for most of us and health pots doing an instant 1m health, the 528k over 8 seconds from a silk weave splint is pretty anemic. The reason why no one works up first aid is because bandaging sucks. Why has it been forgotten?Eva3 Sep 24
Sep 24 Primal obliterum its a jokeZeneida8 Sep 24
Sep 24 Prolonged Power Rank 3 When was the last time Na'zak spawned?Millinic4 Sep 24
Sep 22 Obliterum Hi guys. How are you? So, I crafted a Heavy Skullblasters (of the Quickblade) with Engineering. It's a plate ilvl 880 goggles. I then equipped it (to make it soulbound) and proceeded to apply obliterum to it, trying to reach ilvl 900. BUT... it keeps telling me "Invalid Target". I have a lot of blood or sargeras. They were on the bank so I then tried to place them in the inventory, but unfortunately, for the same result. Am I doing something wrong? I guessed ALL crafted items could get obliterum applied to increase ilvl, as long as they were soulbound. Actually I spent quite a lot of money to craft this item ONLY because I thought I could reach ilvl 900... Sorry to ask this in here, I tried opening a ticket and ask but Blizzard limited the options to just a few... it's really hard to even be able to open one.Valkyriah8 Sep 22
Sep 22 What am I even supposed to do with Sargerite? I know what it can be turned into, rather, my question is what's the point of Sargerite? My main professions have always been enchanting and alchemy, on multiple characters. An Infernal Alchemist Stone costs more to craft than an Astral Alchemist Stone takes to make, so that front was bankrupt from day one. Astral Healing Potions are also a gigantic loss and are rendered useless by my class via healthstones. I can transmute 25 bloods to a sargerite, but why? Primal Obliterum sells for 50-100g higher than obliterum. Bloods "Sell" for at least 300g up to 450g via Potions of Prolonged Power. My post begs the question for Blizzard; Why couldn't there be a new tier of consumables? This is the last content patch of the expansion, no? Why not add new potions that combine Astral Glory and some Sargerite with a completed flask to produce a flask that has 2000 mainstat opposed to the 1300 it is right now. Why not make a new tier of enchants as was done for Jewelry? 200 stat could easily become 250 stat. As it stands right now, I might as well vendor sargerite. Any use is a strict lossKishia11 Sep 22
Sep 22 Archaeology solves Blizzard, Please for the love of !@#$ing god, increase the solve chance rate on the Zin'rokh. It's the most IRRELIVENT and pointless RNG in the game now that the weapon itself is useless to us due to Heirlooms. Most people just want it for the Xmog and die a little more inside with each solve that is wasted on farming this thing. Thanks.Sarestian5 Sep 22
Sep 22 Eng: Gravitational Reduction Slippers So I just did the fun quest to unlock this recipe. I was expecting this to be a real Tinker/Enchant type deal for Shoes with an On-Use effect and cooldown like other Engineering tinkers. Instead it's a ONE-TIME use item... The crafting cost is not worth making this for a one-time 3 minute effect. Please change this into a Tinker/Enchant with on-use effect. Thank you. P.S. I DO like that it doesn't require engineering to use it. But Tinker would be better.Hyperior10 Sep 22
Sep 22 Alchemy 780-800 How are we supposed to do this? The cauldron recipe is listed as requiring 800 skill but everything is grey at 780Lilladin140 Sep 22
Sep 22 Leatherworking, worst profession There is literally nothing I can craft that sells for more than a few hundred gold. With all the new relinquished gear, there's no reason for anyone to spend gold on my crummy ilvl 900 crafted gear when they can farm shards for a day and get 910+ stuff. Even our craftable mount is BoP. I wouldn't even care if I could craft my own high ilvl gear, but we're limited to ONE slot piece which is useless to me anyway since I already filled that slot with BiS legendary. So now I have a metric crapton of fiendish leather (which I could sell I suppose) and primal sargerite, and absolutely nothing to "spend" it on. I sincerely hope that 7.3.5 adds more high ilvl craftable pieces, but it seems pretty unlikely. Even bumping the obliterum upgrade to 915-920 would be helpful.Trumpwolf7 Sep 22
Sep 21 Professions for HPal? I was thinking of going Herb/Alch, but I don't know much about the professions and was wondering if there was a better option.Droe2 Sep 21
Sep 21 Vantus Rune Ursoc Hi I'm curious if anyone else is missing rank 3 of this recipe? I know you get it from a world quest in High Mountain but so far I've never seen it spawn. I realize I could be really unlucky and just miss it but it's hard for me to believe that in multiple months, I have missed it every time.Noobacleese2 Sep 21
Sep 21 Alchemy Sylvan Elixir bugged? I tried to use Sylvan Elixir in Eye of Azshara and got the message "You're in the wrong zone". Did this work in dungeons in beta? There is no indication there are area/zone restrictions on the tool tip. Huge bummer as it's a nice group buff (and the first alchemy unlock is worthless).Strikeapose22 Sep 21
Sep 21 Starlight Rose Quest Item Issues. I have been farming Starlight Rose on my alt for about 2 hours now and the quest item for the first rank hasn't dropped yet. I have read that if you have already gotten the quest item once it won't drop again. I don't have the quest and I don't have the quest item in my bags or my bank. If I did get it already(doubtful) and somehow managed to get rid of the quest and delete the quest item, is there ANY way to get it back? Do I need to drop the profession and re-learn?Zaije0 Sep 21
Sep 21 Changes need to be done with prospecting!! Man I swear jewelcrafting Is getting worse. I Prospected 200 Empyrium and got one measly chemirine Gem the rest were chipped gems what gives. What the @#!% Man!!! Please blizzard team change the ratio or something. It totally takes the fun out of the professions because you don't even have right materials to make anything. To make a Epic necklace its gunna take weeks at this rateMelwyndude3 Sep 21
Sep 20 Disappointed LW and Skinner Im sort of disappointed right now with how Blizzard just gave us two patters for LW. I mean dont get me wrong its great that as a LW we get two new leather patterns but outside my leather wearing toons and guild mates who want the shoulders for Ilevel boost I dont have any use for the shoulders and they aren't selling on the AH at all. Likewise I am also disappointed with skinning as well. Because I dont have enough patterns to make the fiendish leather with I have all this leather and nothing to use it on. Granted I could sell it on the AH but since launch of 7.3 a stack of 200 on my server goes for 1.5k which is not even really worth me going out to even farm for this leather and posting it on my servers AH. So I'm really sadden that I cant do more with the leather I have and the fact that right now Im sitting on 3000 leathers and I cant do anything with. So I was just wondering if anyone else has also been disappointed and wish that Blizzard would give professions a few more patterns so we can actually do stuff?Linalight4 Sep 20
Sep 20 Cooking problems I am 600/600 and I cant find any trainers to unlock 600-700 because they all say i need to get to 700 to unlock legion and I have tried all cooking trainers from vanilla to legion. Anyone have an answer for this?Sathyr2 Sep 20
Sep 20 What to do with Astral Glory? Hi all, I'm an alchemist and herbalist and got a lot of spare Astral Glory. Is there much I can do with these to make some gold? Apart from just selling them. Thanks for any adviceßowdown4 Sep 20
Sep 20 Let engineers craft [Neural Silencer] It's not like we've gotten anything this expansion worth crafting. and the only way to get them are from an outdated blingtron.Fortó1 Sep 20
Sep 20 Can't Obtain Imbued Silkweave Bag pattern I was a level 800 tailor and had the Imbued Silkweave Bag pattern. However, I decided to drop tailoring to try alchemy. Long story short - I didn't like it and switched back. I leveled tailoring back to 800 and bought the book from the trainer in dalaran to relearn many of my patterns... except 1. I'm missing the Imbued Silkweave Bag pattern and I can no longer do the quest since I completed it a few months ago. Is this a bug? Or is there something else I have to do?Diddy1 Sep 20
Sep 20 Are Engineering's cranial cannons still bad? I remember on launch they did like 80 damage, Absolute garbage effect. But now i could make ones to have a head piece at 900 with pure haste and the effect, If it does good damage now that is.Gêrâlt9 Sep 20
Sep 20 Secondary professions Blizzard please make secondary professions unlearnable.Onig3 Sep 20