Apr 15 Archaeology Fortnightly Quest (Sorry if this should be in the profession forums - but I looked there and didn't see anything related to this - please move if you feel appropriate) Was there an intended change with the way the fortnightly Archaeology quests are given from Dalaran? Previously - they have been repeatable on the character. Last fortnights one (highmountain) could be picked up and completed even if it was one that had already been done on that character. This week (according to others) it's suramars crown jewels. I am unable to pick it up from Dalaran. Is this quest not repeatable anymore? I asked in general and had some friendly discussions. One person claimed he couldn't get it this week - and he had done it. Another messaged me and told me they had completed it twice and were able to pick it up. So the information I'm getting in is a little conflicting. Can anyone else confirm they are able to pick it up if they've already completed it? If they can't, I can only assume it's an intended change. That way I know the problem is on my end and I can look for a resolution if others can grab it from Dalaran. Kind Regards.Bratzy4 Apr 15
Apr 15 BS/ENG Im leveling this Alt and i havent touched him since MoP. He has BS and ENG, but from what i can tell so far both of these professions seem meh? BS used to give you two extra sockets for your gear to put gems into. And ENG had some kind of do-hicky to put on your gloves and belt or something that was awsome. These things that MADE these professions nice to have are gone now? what is the point of crafting gear that is worse then what i am going to get killing a world boss or heroic dungeon? Are there no perks anymore? If i drop these what would be the best thing i could do from a min/max perspective. Pick up herb/alchemy? or maybe keep one and get mining. I dont know what to do but look at the spell book for these two professions and wonder why even keep them at all.Oversized2 Apr 15
Apr 14 How do you get the next bolt of shadowcloth? Well, after you completed the legendary crafting questline and make your first tailoring legendary. How do you get the 2nd bolt of shadowcloth and starweave to make the next legendary? I have not been able to find out the answer.Sealu0 Apr 14
Apr 14 Where Do Rank 3 Alchemy Recipes Drop? Just out of curiosity, are these going to be exclusive to raid drops? I've gotten a few rank 2's at random but have yet to find anyone who's gotten a rank 3. Another thing I considered was it becoming available as a random drop when you reach 800 Alchemy. Anyone know? Thanks!Classiccs22 Apr 14
Apr 14 Brinedeep Bottom-Feeder is Too Slow So, I finally received my Brinedeep Bottom-Feeder mount from Conjurer Margoss and I must say that I am extremely disappointed in its speed. It seems way too slow, and I'm beginning to believe that Aquatic Form for Druids is actually faster than the mount. It's a long time to fish for reputation and Drowned Mana, so why isn't it more rewarding? What do you guys think?Wildspirit18 Apr 14
Apr 14 How Blizzard Decided To Ruin Professions: In a Blizzard meeting to discuss what they are gonna do about Professions in Legion three Developers were discussing what to do: Dev #1 "So what are we gonna do about Professions"? Dev #2 "People like doing professions. We can't let them have any fun so how can we make professions less fun"? Dev #3 "Why don't we make them massive sinkholes of time, money, and materials with little to no reward for their effort". Dev #1 "Good idea, we all know no one will buy the finished things they make anyways". Dev #2 "Also lets have them quest for the recipies". Dev #1 "Well that almost sounds fun, lets offset that by using RNG so they almost never get rank 3 recipies". Dev #3 "We should also do something about Archeology thats fun to do and has some decent rewards". Dev #1 "Lets have them do a weekly World Quest and make it so it takes many hours to do the World Quest and we can give them a junk reward for their effort like a Telemetry Beacon". Dev #2 "But they might still have fun with that. Lets make all the dig sites be in areas full of quickly spawning mobs that are the same level as them so each fight they have to work for and then have the mob respawn quickly". Dev #3 " Yeah put one dig site in the Ley Ruins of Zarketh in Asuna and make sure all the mobs respawn 5 seconds after the player kills them so they get no time to even do archeology digging". Dev #2 "Hey lets put another dig site in the Temple of 1000 lights where all the mobs are all elites and a single player can barely solo the enemies there even tho Archeology is a solo profession". The meeting ends with the 3 Blizzard developers laughing their asses off at how stupid the player base can be.Shanathebelf62 Apr 14
Apr 13 Is gathering less crowded? Now that Broken Shores / 7.2 is live, I wonder if the Starlight Rose (and Fjarnskaggl) farming area are less crowded. I stopped farming sometime in March, so I don't know.Qri2 Apr 13
Apr 13 Engineers beware: Didi's Delicate Assembly According to the tooltip, "Rerolls the secondary stats of an engineered gun or goggle with item level 630 or higher." Well; my Legion goggle is iLevel 880, and it's engineered. Yet, I was tricked into thinking I could reroll it's stats. Lame.Antoho1 Apr 13
Apr 13 Farming methods These are general farming methods to help those who are having trouble with farming: First things first, google what you are farming and get a layout of where you should go. After that here are some tips! Farming between 2-6 am server time is the best time to farm since nobody else is pretty much farming during then, this is a great way to get a ton of matts especially when you are leveling your farming profession. Farming during a server shutdown and right after a server comes up is by far the best time to farm, especially if you are on a high populated server. Virtually nobody seems to think of this, not sure why, but herbs are everywhere and farming just 30 mins before and 30 mins after can equal hours upon hours of farming time. If multiple people are using a route that is often used, it does not hurt to stray from that rough onto one that most if any use. For instance, when farming Starlight Roses, many people are going left on the map in a normal circle however, I personally go right altering this circle slightly when lots of people are farming. This allows me to get a lot more matts since many people arent going in the side area I am going. Try and keep your farming rotation in sync with the herb respawn time. You can do this by waiting until herbs start spawning in the area they heavily spawn in, pick them, and then begin your rotation. If the herbs aren't there, your rotation is likely either too short or long, probably too long. Dont be afraid to farm somewhere else if one area is heavily farmed, I doubt one certain matt is all you will need, for instance, you can farm Dream herbs while people are farming Fox Flowers. By the time you make matts in an hour in a non-heavily farmed area you can probably sell them and get twice as many herbs for the area that was heavily farmed in that hour. For instance, Area A yields 300 herbs in an hour. Area B yields only 70. Area B gives 80 gold per herb however area A only gives 30. 300 times 30 is 9k on the other hand only 70 times 80 is only 5.6k. That means you are losing 3.4k worth of time and as the goblins say, time is money friend. You will find that little tip is a HUGE misconception people have and never often consider it, especially those on a high population server where selling matts is incredibly easy but farming them is incredibly hard. So keep this in mind. I've been playing this game for nearly 2k hours, I know its not enough but its long enough to teach the new players on how to farm and ultimately make gold and I hope this helps some people so they wont be at my disadvantage when I first started playing. :) Happy farming guys.Jocundbeast3 Apr 13
Apr 13 Fossilized Raptor Requirement? I know that you have to have 450+ Archeology skill to find epics, but what about this mount? I got the pet really early (maybe before even 100, I think), but I'd really like that mount. Someone said it required 300, others are saying 450. I'd just like a final word on it. So which is it? D:Myro13 Apr 13
Apr 13 Leatherworking Legendary Crafting Who/where is the quest-giver for The Legend of the Elderhide? That's the first quest to obtain the Wisp-Touched Elderhide used to craft the leather legendary (, but I can't seem to find out how to start it.Anoriel1 Apr 13
Apr 12 LF some1 that had Baradin Hold Horde US LF some1 who can inv me to there group that has Baradin Hold Horde controlled on US servers so i can do my Stonehide Rank 3 Quest Add Dylan#11323 on BtagRexxÿ1 Apr 12
Apr 12 Ghostly queenfish stacking Hi all .... I only have my underlight pole one one toon and have noticed that the ghostly queenfish ( stacks on the toons that do NOT have the pole but do not one the toon that does ... Is this intended or should i put a bug report in? Edit: apparently there are 2 versions of this fish ... One for artifact and one for fishing skill unlike the other fish ... Make sure you have bag space if farming for APPallyerin2 Apr 12
Apr 11 Make Cooking visible in Guild Professions tab We can see Herbalism, Mining, and Skinning but we can't see Cooking? I assume this has to due with it not being a primary profession; however, it makes no sense, especially in this expansion (and early on when it mattered significantly more), that guildmates can't see who can cook specific food. Please include cooking to this tab. It would be a nice quality of life change.Apfeladin12 Apr 11
Apr 11 Why aren't cauldrons sellable? Question of the day. Why is it that the top level alchemy recipe is not able to be sold on the AH? It would make a lot more sense to me to allow this to be sold, if I am an alchemist. I don't want to pay for the whole guilds flasks for tonight's raid ... And the cost of flasks has dropped in half since 7.2 as well.Ursor1 Apr 11
Apr 11 Lavish Suramar Feast lvl 3 I've looked through whatever guides I can find, but I can't figure out this: Rank 3 of Lavish Suramar feast is the last recipe I need. Do I have to give Nami bacon to get it? Or can I give him ingredients that are used to make the dishes that are included in it--such as giving the Leyblood found in Leybeque ribs that the feast contains?Huntessa8 Apr 11
Apr 11 Starlight Rose hard to farm? So as an alchemist I constantly get people telling me how hard it is to farm Starlight Roses or how hard it is to keep up with bloods for selling PoPP but I just laugh. I have 1 word to this: Foxflowers. By far probably the hardest generally easiest findable farmable loot in the game. Mobs everywhere, and I mean everywhere, by far the lowest yield rate compared to other herbs except Starlight Roses and Bloods and by far the toughest farming route ive ever had and I farmed since pandaria. So why is Foxflower even harder to farm than Starlight Roses? Well for one it's much harder to reach rank 3 because of the farming route. Also, the herbs are so hard to find that by the time you find just 1, you would have found at least 3 Starlight Roses and keep in mind that Starlight Roses need less ingredients for potions IE flasks only need 7 of them VS 10 Foxflowers. The Aethril Rank 3 buff is virtually irrelevant for foxflowers since they are so sparsely located. The Rank 3 Fjarnsomething buff is also virtually irrelevant since mobs are near a herb roughly 70 percent of the time. However you can use both of these major buffs for Starlight Roses. Also, Bloods are by far the easiest to farm for me though some say they are tough. I get them everywhere, all my herbs are at least level 2 and I get at least 2 blood drops per hour and that's not counting WQ and Dungeons. Ive got 50 bloods left after making over 2k PoPPs and 40+ Obliterums. Ive constantly run out of other resources for Obliterums (No I wont use PoPPs for them, way too long, even with the addon.) and I have 1k PoPPs left and cant even get rid of the rest fast enough. Then for Starlight Roses well, its just so damn easy to farm them when you get rank 3 for it and fjarn and aethril. They are everywhere and best part is they have a very high chance to give bloods. I get around 4-6 per hour. Foxflower is by far the worse to farm or at least for me and I think it was made this way to make flying more emphasized on for farmers like me. I think once flying comes out Foxflowers will be a TON easier to farm. However, they still will be in my opinion still the toughest to farm simply because they are so sparsely located and constantly near mobs. So I dont wanna hear anything being hard to farm other than foxflowers because after farming at least 2k of each herb and over 10k of aethril herbs i seriously dont wanna !@#$ing hear it because ive only farmed around 700 foxflowers while ive farmed well over 1k Starlight Roses.Jocundbeast4 Apr 11
Apr 11 Outland alchemy discoveries Does anyone have a list (or know off the top of their heads) which recipes I should be crafting to discover the Outland ones? I'm a bit of a completionist and wanted to try my hand at learning as many alchemy recipes as possible in my spare time.Zinaya0 Apr 11
Apr 11 No new fish or anything? Broken Shore seems pretty underwhelming for people with fishing. The pools are scarce and you don't seem to get anything unique with fishing, unlike say Tanaan in Wod. How? Why? Am I missing something?Fran3 Apr 11
Apr 11 Starting Late I'm really late, I started mining when I started my char but my second profession was costing more than it was producing, so I figured I wanted to try enchanting. I like enchanting a lot, but I also found out you can have first aid, archaeology and fishing so I just got those now too. I'm now a lvl 90 having to go to Elwynn to grab linen cloth and spec. equipment to disenchant which is so backwards. Sorry if I sound very dumb, this is my first character. TL;DR How do I catch up.Jedithon2 Apr 11
Apr 11 BS 800 I have BS 800 but not getting the Armorcrafter's Commendation from the NPC. The Nether disruptor is still active as of now...for 9 more hours.Dreadnova1 Apr 11
Apr 11 Engineering Quest Not Showing I have no quests left. I'm suppose to get Locke and Loaded from Dal and it's not there. Halp?Koehali0 Apr 11
Apr 11 Cooking Leveling Stuck I've been working on my cooking and apparently to my skill level I got it to level 375. And to purchase further training for more recipe's it say's l need a level of at least 350. And the trainer shows my skill level of 298. But all my recipe's are grey and cannot gain further levels. Especially since a trainer has no more recipes to purchase. This is my first time training in this profession. So is there something I'm missing? I've tried asking in trade chat but as usual it's spammed with scammers providing paid services & only internet trolls reply which do not answer my questions at all. I tried looking at other threads and couldn't find a mutual problem unless I was looking in the wrong place. Wish I can post my screen shot of the skills and issues. Please help.Måyan5 Apr 11
Apr 11 Saved and Can't complete Legendary Quest. I can't loot quest items for the legendary crafting quest chain because I am already saved to the Mythic 0s. The Nether Disruptor building will be gone before reset, so are these quests going to be available after the Nether Disruptor goes down?Egnorc38 Apr 11
Apr 10 Nice one blizz Nice one blizz for putting the crafted legendries behind mythic dungeons. The requirements are ridiculous for players coming back for this patch.... How many hours do you want me to sit there getting spam declined because I am 10 ilvls off what people are asking I've done this mythic 0 so many times and now I cant get into one.. so stupidAceise0 Apr 10
Apr 10 Primary Stat Scaling Question I don't understand why the Primary stats this expansion scale so poorly with profession enhancements. The secondary stats seem fine- you can buff Mastery/Haste etc 100-150, and with a total pool of 9k-10k, that kinda makes sense. But what is the rationale behind the same stat increase for primary stats (str, agi etc..) when the totals are near 40k? I don't understand the logic. And especially when you are looking to add a buff/gem/enchant and deciding between the cheap 100 variety or the much more expensive 150. The same old argument (every little bit counts) can be made , and I agree, in respect to secondary stats, but Primary? The difference is between .0025 or .0037. (The numbers are generalizations, I can't log in atm and give actual numbers but these are close enough to start a discussion. And it's been bugging me for awhile.)Desdamona0 Apr 10
Apr 10 Zero info on Armorcrafter's Commendation. Absolutely terrible implementation on any information about crafted legendaries. Even third-party websites are scratching their heads over the criteria for obtaining the Armorcrafter's Commendation short of what I explain below. The tooltip on the Nethershard Disruptor isn't helpful. If you didn't have max Blacksmithing/Leatherworking/Tailoring before accepting the quest to finish construction on Nethershard Disruptor you are screwed. If for some reason you didn't obtain it even with max profession(s) you have no way of knowing why. Maybe you didn't finish a profession questline? Maybe you had to relog? Who knows? Even if you managed to get the Armorcrafter's Commendation and start the questline, there's still people who already saved to dungeons/raids wondering how to get the materials if they reset weekly. Why couldn't you just made it a separate quest flag from the turn in NPC? You know, the NPC that you have to turn in the Armorcrafter's Commendation to start the quest anyway? What do you even have PTR for? So some players can abuse it and look for exploits to abuse on Live while others have to suffer through misinformation and hotfixes?Eigahata15 Apr 10
Apr 10 prime legendryscale So I did everything, got the 1, how do we get more mats or scales?Redseal2 Apr 10
Apr 10 Problem with herbalism Hey guys, I recently dropped mining/engi for herb/enchanting and I noticed that when I started herbing, i never got the quest to get rank 1 from the herbalism trainer in dalaran. I remember on my other alt with herbing, I got this quest immediately for every herb in each zone. Is this a bug? Or is it not guaranteed anymore on your first herb?Senseilimb1 Apr 10
Apr 10 Can't Fish? This might be a silly question but I need some help. When I go to fish, and press the button to cast, it won't work. The icon is highlighted green, and yes my rod is equipped. Anyone know how to fix this?Watson8 Apr 10
Apr 10 Fishing 'Round the Isles can now be completed With 7.2, Fishing 'Round the Isles acheivement is now possible -- they removed the Mounted Shark Fishing WQ requirement (the quest was apparently fritzy) and, after at least 6 months out of rotation, the two Work Order WQs for mossgill perch and highmountain salmon are now showing up. Between completing the two work orders on Friay and Saturday, and finally after 4 years getting the Turtles All the Way Down achievement an hour ago, I just finished all 58 fishing achievements. A damn fine weekend's fishing!Suntius5 Apr 10
Apr 9 Leather of the Ancients Ancient Dreadleather - does anyone know which mobs you need to kill for these and the drop rate - I have killed about 20 of various kinds but nothing.Merdrin9 Apr 9
Apr 9 Legendary Swapping Would there be any interest in a Legendary swap crafters (for their alts)? For example, I have an 800 BS and Tailor, and would be willing to craft a Legendary and trade it to a Leatherworker for the Shaman Legendary. Not this go round, I think we all probably crafted the one off for ourselves (well there are some in the AH going for bank), but next time the Nether Disruptor is up, would there be any interest?Roffleshocks0 Apr 9
Apr 9 Issues with BS legendary hammer Issues with BS legendary hammer that is consumed immediately... wtf ... so for a blacksmith, each time the building is up, we got to redo all the quests again for the hammer..Nanzepnatiel2 Apr 9
Apr 9 Cooking 600 - 700? Hello fellow travelers. My cooking is maxed out at 600 via my time in Pandaria. I skipped WoD (and so don't have a garrison). I have upgraded to Legion. I am capped at 600 in cooking and need to get from 600-700 before the Legion cooking will open. I did find a way travel to visit Elton Black in Stormshire (I think it was there) (WoD cooking trainer) and he wouldn't train me either. Nomi has visited me in Legion and I have a couple of Legion recipes, yet I can't figure out how to remove the cap from 600 to train to 700. I submited a ticket and only got a partial answer so I'm asking here. What I do know is that cooking works a little differently in Legion than the other professions. Any help would be most appreciated! I want to cook! Thanks.Amalise32 Apr 9
Apr 9 Cloak enchants need to change I do not think that cloak enchants in Legion work well. Ring and neck enchants are secondary stats that can be used by multiple specs while cloak enchants are primary stats. I use the same cloak for all my specs, an intellect enchant is required for my main healing spec while it serves no purpose for my damage/tank specs. I would need to re-enchant my cloak every time I change spec - which may be several times in a raid - to optimize my stats. Would it be possible to change these cloak enchants from primary to secondary stats in the future? The current set up for them seems impractical given the present cross-spec nature of gear/loot. Thoughts and comments on this are appreciated.Grumpydin2 Apr 9
Apr 9 Where is the legendary tailoring pattern? I've completed the Broken Shores quest chain, and I have the 2 pieces of legendary cloth; and I'm 800 tailoring. The quest giver has nothing else for me after the last quest where I got the cloth. I've checked both the Dalaran trainers and the Org trainer and none of them have the pattern, nor do the tailoring vendors. So now I'm wondering, where is this pattern located?Lazuliann1 Apr 9
Apr 9 Crafting Legendaries 7.2 Bugs/Info Here is a link that had everything on it before the building went up. Bugs: If you don't get the recipe before completing the quests it may bug and you are stuck with 910 for now. I have a ticket atm to see if it gets fixed. ... If you did not have a profession to 800 BEFORE the building went up you may not see the quest. Dungeon Bugs: It would appear that for now the quests that are needed to upgrade the recipe from 910 to 940 require you to do 3 separate dungeons or raids. There are some dungeons that you can do the quest and get the item in a heroic instead of mythic should you be saved. NOTE: I said some, there are a few that do not work and some that do. The Raid quest, should you have it and have completed all the difficulties you can, will not drop the item if you are loot saved AT THIS TIME. It is unfortunate but from what I have gathered there is no way around this. Recipe: There is a recipe you need to learn from Stormwind or Orgrimmar at your profession trainer. They give you the 910 recipe. There are 3 quests after the commendation that you do in order to upgrade the recipe to 940. Mine consisted of 2 mythics and 1 raid. (Read above in dungeon bugs if needed) The 4th quest is to gather your ancient resource from humanoids on the broken shore. My personal drop rate was about 5-10%. Mats Info: You can farm the Nethershard item however at this time once you complete the legendary resource quest you can not do it again. Ancient resources are dropped from humanoids on the broken shore with a personal drop rate of 5-10% If anyone has anything else to add or think i missed something let me know and ill edit this.Masonr0 Apr 9
Apr 9 Can Crafted Legendaries be crafted again? Pretty much my question in the title. Anyone know the story about them? I'd love to know if there is a cooldown of some sort that I have to wait to make another again. Just made one today and sold it.Xeruis9 Apr 9
Apr 9 Legendary pricing Has anyone seen any of the craft-able legendaries up for sale yet? I'm wondering what a decent price to sell some items might be. Any input is appreciated.Helacious4 Apr 9
Apr 8 Recipe: Demonsteel Helm Leveling a blacksmithing alt and just got to buying the Demonsteel recipes, how is it at all feasible for everything else to require fairly cheap materials, and yet the helm recipe requires 5 gems that at the moment are going for 1.6k on my server at the moment? And it's not like blacksmiths are required for any other profession as far as I'm aware. Surely this should be changed to be an accessible purchase option?Arcynite3 Apr 8
Apr 8 Crafted Legendaries Can anyone clarify how this works? Am I going to have to dump both my professions to pick up skinning / leatherworking to craft the druid legendary? (Which looks siiicckk). Or is it possible to gather the mats and have someone else craft it for me? I really don't want to do 800 levels of leatherworking LOLRafíkí7 Apr 8
Apr 8 Felslate Basilisk no ore not sure if this is known or not. Since patch the extra spawned Basilisks from mining felslate have dropped zero ore.Dún2 Apr 8
Apr 8 Tailoring where can I get bolt of shadow cloth and bolt of starweave for tailoring the shoulder legendary?Tateanna4 Apr 8
Apr 8 Ornate Mithril Breastplate Is there anybody on Earthen Ring on either faction that knows how to make this? I wish the old quest line hadn't been removed v_vSolarand2 Apr 8
Apr 7 7.2 and recipe drop rate Since 7.2 hit, it seems like the drop chance for recipes in dungeons has gone down and I can't seem to find anywhere if this has been the case. I've run the dungeons on heroic and mythic difficulty and haven't been able to get them. Help?Zeallidan0 Apr 7
Apr 7 New to professions I played Legion very casually at the start of the xpac, and mostly made my money selling disenchanted equipment mats. Previously, I did leatherworking, but that didn't get me much. I don't know (or think) that's the best way to make my gold, especially since I eventually want to start heroic raiding regularly with my guild, but I don't know what is viable right now. Is there anything that goes well together with enchanting, or are there other combos worth trying right now?Caelghan2 Apr 7
Apr 6 7.2 And STILL Rank 2 on all Mining Nodes... Am I doing something wrong here? I've been farming all the damn time, I've been maxed out at 800 for months now, and I STILL haven't triggered any of the rank 3 quests/items/whatever. I'm exalted on all reps, I even have the Gnomish Army knife for +10 to mining and the mining enchant on my gloves for good measure. What the hell am I doing wrong? There HAS to be a reason I haven't hit rank 3 on ANYTHING yet besides "RNGlol". Does anyone know? Is there some step I haven't done yet or a quest I haven't done or an NPC I haven't talked to??Lonawolfe5 Apr 6
Apr 6 Should I continue? I have all of teh secondary professions learned, and I was wondering if someone could say if I should unlearn something.Alphafury2 Apr 6
Apr 6 Herbalism proc changes? So I was out gathering herbs this morning, first time since 7.2 came out and I probably gathered from 100 or so foxflower nodes and fjarnskaggl each and got only 1 r3 aetheril proc. Usually I would see several... did they nerf the proc rate or was I just having really bad luck? Also the foxes seem to spawn far less often as in i didn't see a single fox during this time.Lirieth1 Apr 6