Nov 9 sorcerous earth tried researching this so sorry if it is simple. how do I get this as a tailor/chanter? want to make some hexweave bags and not sure how to go about gathering this product?Arduinar15 Nov 9
Nov 9 Any profession commentary during Blizzcon? I didn't see anything myself but I saw an un-sourced thread in General stating that professions were staying the same. Did anyone hear about professions either during one of the main presentations or the various streamed interviews?Igniferroque2 Nov 9
Nov 9 Fishing - hooked a fish - help I'm asking this in 2 places (here and ui macro) and hopefully someone can help. My hearing isn't very good and I sometimes will miss a hooked fish because I didn't hear the splash noise. And if I'm looking away from the screen at the wrong moment I miss the bopper motion. Is there an interface option to display a chat message or change the bopper to make it clear that a fish was hooked? Or a Blizz API or event that I could call from a Weak Aura? The various fishing addons seem to rely on sound and the one that said to enhance stuff visually doesn't seem to do anything.Tinkerizmo3 Nov 9
Nov 8 Grade Blizzard So on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being very dissatisfied with professions and 10 being the opposite) Grade Blizzard's handling of professions in this expansion. Please give specific reasons if possible as to why you feel that way. I bet my friend some gold that the majority of the answers would be a certain way. Lets hear what you think. :)Roknash24 Nov 8
Nov 8 Leveling engineering? I decided to try out engineering and I wanted advice on the quickest cheapest root I'll add I have 800 mining.Paudric2 Nov 8
Nov 8 Sha'leth Fishing error Sha'leth fishing area, can't target my bobber (around 8 secs )after i cast my line in the water for this reputation path. Any Ideas. Other people in the Raid claim to have similar problems.Gozu2 Nov 8
Nov 8 Shoulder Enchants and Blood Vendor Will profession shoulder enchants be a "thing" now/again? Has there been any confirmation around the presence of a blood trader such as the ones located in Dalaran and on Argus in future expansion? I quite like this system as it opens up the feasibility of using two production professions on the same toon.Skÿe2 Nov 8
Nov 8 Need Five of Immortality! Blackwing Lair, Dethecus, Detheroc, Haomarush, Lethon, and Shadowmoon. Please! Before Darkmoon Faire ends q.q CoD me 15k! Dethcow-DethecusDethcow1 Nov 8
Nov 7 WoD Herb/Ores AH cost Hello, Is there a reason why posting WoD herbs/ores in the AH costs are incredible higher compared to Legion mats?Tinkwi4 Nov 7
Nov 7 What to do with Restored Artifacts? I'm getting into archaeology, and am a bit confused. What do I do with the crates that I craft? What purpose do they serve?Borimrath4 Nov 7
Nov 7 Alchemy idea for Flasks and Potions I was watching Blizzcon and how they were saying how they wanted to do something bout being able to hand out Flasks to people on different Servers which got me to thinking back in MOP when they introduce the Noodle Cart. We were given a questline to do which had us get 3 different Noodle carts kind of like a Rank 1-3 but we kept each version. My idea is based off this where Alchemists would get a pattern from a quest for the LVL 1 (assuming they keep the rank system)Pattern that would allow us to bring out a Cart that would allow us to get both Flask and a potion from it. This cart could have items similar to what we saw in the Alchemy Building in the Legion Dal. Assuming they keep the Rank system but just have us need to craft the item to LVL the Pattern up this pattern could potentaily be one of the oes that get LVLed up quickly for Raid teams.Celticlore2 Nov 7
Nov 6 Suggestion: New crafts, old mats Story (PvE), PvP and Professions (the money) are the three big heads of Guam when it comes to making a good MMO. But whenever a new expansion comes out it seems one head is fed well while the other two suffer. I think Legion had very good story elements, but its PvP and crafting left a lot to be desired. With Battle for Azeroth being announced, I am hoping we can plan to see some gnarly PvP, but I have not seen much on any profession changes yet. The life-blood of profession is farming, either through collecting nodes or killing mobs. You need to collect things, to make things, to sell things. Some players buy things to make things, and others collect things to sell things, but it is all part of the same beast. And I think that it is at this farming level that we can make changes that will benefit not only professions but also the Auction House. Without a doubt there will be new designs, recipes, blueprints or whatever, and that's good, that's what we need, but instead of focusing on creating a bunch of new materials like Walnutium, lets instead use existing materials that players have been gathering since the beginning of WoW. Have the new crafts require older game mats, maybe even exclusively in some cases. In theory there is a type of hierarchy when it comes to the value of mats that is based on the most recent expansion. 1. Legion - Most valuable materials, everyone needs them for current content 2. Draenor 3. Panda 4. Cata 5. Lich 6. Burning Crusade 7. Vanilla - Least valuable materials as no one really needs anything from vanilla There are a few exceptions for things such as transmogs, but for the most part it's true that if you want to make money you target the latest content. Removing this hierarchy is key to the survival of the market in WoW, and I think there are multiple reasons why it should be considered. 1. It will bring low level or new players into the market A good portion of the market comes from players who find things while doing quest. And I think that is something that we should be promoting as an MMO. Not everyone is out there trying to make a buck, and the extra pocket change players make when they stumble over a node can really help out with armor repairs or buying a mount or trying to impress that one goblin chick at the tavern. 2. Cut back on the impact of bots From what I understand, farming bots usually focus on one zone at a time in order to maximize profit. I imagine it is easy to pinpoint where a bot should go because even as players we know what mats are valuable and where they spawn. In some cases even players have been mistaken for machines. The value of some nodes in WoW are very reliable, we know that these materials will always do well in the Auction House. But if we do make all mats on the map worthy of plucking, then its a lot harder to arrange these bots where they can mass harvest. Lets expand that idea, what if a bot had to travel from Northern Kalimdor to Southern Kalimdor in an effort to hit as many valuable nodes as possible? There should be no tolerance towards botting, but to a player, isn't is far less bothersome to deal with bots if harvesting took them much longer? 3. Make the game unfair, make the game fun Even though there is money to be made in Legion, it is held back by how easy it is to acquire mats and things like leystone are far too abundant. This is probably because the Broken Isle is not very big, you can get mats off of mobs that previously would not drop them, there is a way to trade mats with npcs and there are quest that reward mats by the stack. Going back to the idea of using old mats, when you open the market up to the entirety of the map, it isn't fair to everyone. Its not suppose to be, things will be hard to get. Fair does not equal fun. Recipes should not only require old ingredients, but a mix of ingredients from other expansions. Make players travel to Outlands, make them go to Northrend. Is it a pain? Of course it is, but that's what makes it valuable, that's what makes it gratifying. 4. It fits the theme The upcoming expansion is about war. It's about who fights the hardest, who gives the the most bandages and how fast they do it. We are ALL a part of this, every member of your faction in every zone should be included in this struggle. As mentioned in the first point, this is a way to lower level players into the fight, and into the market.Osas5 Nov 6
Nov 6 Tips for farming primal sargerite? Got a few off the bat in Argus, but now even doing wqs and invasions, no drops for a couple days. Suggestions appreciated!Macreturn2 Nov 6
Nov 6 Is archaeology worth from a Lore standpoint? Would like to get some feedbacks on it before leveling all the way. Thanks in advanceTitanflash4 Nov 6
Nov 6 Inscription Reasearch Started up a character to be my inscriptionist. Trying to decide if Wowhead's list is correct or not. According to the data, it shows only a few glyph recipes that can be researched with the ink research, but, in the comments, I see them talking about there being 30-some possible ones. The comments are old, so it is possible that has changed since. Any info?Syleasia3 Nov 6
Nov 6 Fiendish leatherworking Macreturn2 Nov 6
Nov 5 Do I need rank two prolonged for rank three? My alchemist alt hasn't gotten the Nightfallen rep for rank two and I was wondering if I need that before rank three will drop from the world boss. Please answer sometime this week .-.Noolore3 Nov 5
Nov 5 What's the point of Inscription in Legion? I've loved this profession since it's inception in Wrath. My friends and guildies could always count on me to have the latest glyphs ready for everyone when they were released. Without glyphs really being a thing in Legion, what's the point of the profession? We lost shoulder inscriptions last go, and now the whole point of this profession seems unnecessary. It's almost as if they added the couple of things (runes for weekly raid bosses and the tome for easy talent swaps) just to give them something to do. I worry that Inscription is becoming super obsolete. What does everyone else here think? I'm hoping I've just overlooked the changes.Nissalee55 Nov 5
Nov 5 DH + tailoring I picked up skinning and leather working for my DH for obvious reasons but I just can't seem to be motivated to level leather working. It feels like an affront, but I'm thinking of swapping to tailoring. My warlock makes steady income with bags so this way I can double production. Is there really any reason to stick with LW?Diggster13 Nov 5
Nov 4 Archeology Only In Stormheim? I hit 800 arch today, but I have only and ever had digsites in Stormheim. Is this working as intended? Is there some point it opens up to other zones? It is based, perhaps, on faction rep? Any help appreciated.Fleetwood6 Nov 4
Nov 4 Enchanted Thorium Breastplate Greetings! I'm looking for someone that could craft this old piece of armor.Hadrias2 Nov 4
Nov 4 Can we upgrade the Underlight Angler? May be a nooby question, as I just got the pole yesterday, and just started fishing about 4 days ago. I have the Underlight Angler fishing pole, and was wondering if it could be upgraded with fishing lines or other permanent buffs outside of lures. Is this possible? If so, what can we apply to the pole to increase fishing levels, or other things?Moneyman1 Nov 4
Nov 3 Can I get decent gold through fishing? Im new and decided to start worKing on my professions. I know on Runescape fishing was a great way to get gold but what about on wow? Are there any up to date guides for making money through fishing that I should check out that dont require warlords of draenor?Narsaris12 Nov 3
Nov 3 How to create from "Unlearned" tab In Ironforge daily quest "Can't get enough spice bread" that requires to make 10 Spice Bread, I have it in "Unlearned" tab, I have enough materials for 10, but button "Create" inactive. Am I so dumb or profession designers? How to create something from that tab?Dussy4 Nov 3
Nov 3 Thread off Vandros' Robe For tailoring I have ques to get thread off Vandros' robe. Thread text does not say to go to dungeon. Anyway, it IS in a dungeon. So I list for group for the dungeon and get it and the group races through the thing like there is no tomorrow! Not only I but another one also got lost. Eventually we got out of the game. Tried again, same problem Tried again, same problem but all I did the whole time was to basically cling to leader's frock to make sure they don't run away again! Nearly they got away again, Warlocks cannot run fast! After racing through the bloody dungeon we get to last boss, Velen. And guess what, I did not get the thread! Is it in his robe and whoever gets the robe gets the thread? Great, I can do this quest a 100 times and if I am unlucky never get the stupid robe. Plus getting a nervous breakdown running through the dungeon like a maniac!Flamerayne2 Nov 3
Nov 3 Making Gold with Engineering how? I have no other professions to work with. I have one dude and he's an Eng/Miner. I sold some toys recently for 1-2k. Anyone have some clever ideas they'd be willing to share? :)Sugoman0 Nov 3
Nov 2 Felcloth Farming I am wanting to farm up Felcloth so as I can craft items to sell for Transmog or what ever I can that would sell using felcloth, But no matter where a site may say in the farming of this mat I am seeing that id be lucky to get 20 an hour or the one vendor in I think Winterspring that MAY sell it for a limited quantity. I would think since this is a Vanilla mat (and I think I heard some BC patterns requiring it) why not just allow these to drop in the same amount as the other clothes even if they have them just drop in Silithas, Blasted Lands AQ 10 (formerly AQ20) and AQ40 along with in Hellfire Penninsula so as we can have a couple decent farm spots for this cloth. if anyone knows of a spot that gives more then 20 Felcloth an hour let mw know.Celticlore2 Nov 2
Nov 2 Older Warlock PVP Gear. Looking for the name of the warlock PVP set that has skulls on it. I've looked on the internet, found picture but not name. Any help appreciated.Kril1 Nov 2
Nov 2 cooking past 600 without WoD? so with all the invasion power leveling that I did, I want to move my 100 alts into Legion, but all their cooking is stuck at 600, fishing (learnable at 675) and all other professions I can see can go to 800 max easily but for cooking I dont see any trainers that will let me learn the 700 cooking, it seems like I have to establish my garrison and go kill a few things to get the recipe to learn 700 cooking then I can start cooking, I have tons of fish, to learn 800 cooking. i've looked and havent noticed a way around this... so question is is there a way around this? or that is what I have to do? create my WoD garrison and farm until I get the cooking recipe to start the 600-700 cooking?Ojelflock13 Nov 2
Nov 1 LW Legendary Quest HELP I have gathered all the mats for the new LW Legendary items and was wondering how to start the quest line for the last piece needed: Wisp-Touched Elderhide. I know you receive it from completing quests from Elizexer Hammerbeard, but when I go to him, he has no quests. Need HELP!Warheal4 Nov 1
Nov 1 Engineering Grievances 1. Nitro belt exploding while out of combat almost killing you. Why? Can we just stop this already. Either kill me completely or just stop with unnecessary mechanics honestly. 2. The Gravitational Reduction Slippers last 3 minutes? Seriously? And here I was thinking that they were going to give us 1 thing that was actually useful and decent - you know, like other professions get. It lasts THREE minutes. Can you just make it a Tinker already? It's pretty damn expensive. Like, what is actually wrong with the dev team? Are they ill for months on end or something and it affects their brain? You're supposed to be making this game FUN. Mind = Boggled.Tekken4 Nov 1
Nov 1 Blingtron Account wide? For the past few days I have accepted the Blingtron 5000 gift package on 1 character and then have been unable to accept it on any other character. This is the case even if it is a completely different Blingtron in a different location. I remember reading patch notes or something stating they patched it where you cannot drop a blingtron and then switch to another character to accept the package. However, I have not seen anything stating it is once per day account wide. Is this by design? On another note, my blacksmith got the package today and received hexweave cloth >.<Kamiri4 Nov 1
Oct 31 Belt of the black eagle I am trying to collect the set from serpentshrine cavern from the burning crusade era. I am needing belt of the black eagle made for me. I am on the alleria server that is paired with khadgar. I can supply the mats as needed. The recipe dropped from SSC or the eye. I have tried the ah but since it is a very old item i am highly doubting anyone would be making it for saleZatherous0 Oct 31
Oct 31 Blood of Sargeras BoA PLEASE! For the love of Pete!!!! Please make this a quality of life!!! BIND ON ACCOUNT BLOOD OF SARGERAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I'm not the only one that finds Gathering professions to be the job of an alt. Your main is your champion! Back in BC I dropped mining on my main and went enchanting so I could afford enchants, as well as being a better option for raids (Bring that guy hes an off tank and he can DE). I'm a bit of a collector, I've been slowly farming all the recipes for Engineering and Enchanting for mannnny years. I have some rare and some extinct recipes/schematics. I won't loose them for a gathering profession at this point. That is what alts are for!!!! gathering and sending to mains or more alts! By making Blood of Sargeras a gathered / WQ item we have been stunted (I'm not the only non gatherer.) We are no longer in the window of Server first 800 skill, PLEASE make it so we are not stunted by inability to gather. The last 10 points needed in Engineering are Tunneled into a pet that takes 50 Blood of Sargeras, these are the slowest 10 points to skill when you don't have a gathering profession! OMGKrytren14 Oct 31
Oct 31 Inscription DarkMoon Card question So I have finally made quite a few cards for the decks and wanna make them for alts hopefully to itemize / up their damage quite a bit hopefully getting a decent turn out, however though was wondering if I can trade my excess cards for other ones via the vendor , or am I just going to have to trade it with other players.Facefisted1 Oct 31
Oct 31 Archaeology Help Hey guys, I'm sorry if this is a question that has been asked already, but I'm having a time finding an answer to my specific issue. I wasn't playing when Arch came out as a profession, so when I came back I sorta just blew it off. The entire time I've been on this toon, it always tells me "You can't use that here" so I thought maybe it was just a dead profession and continued not using it. Recently, a fried told me that it's still active, and at that point I was leveling an alt so I tried it out and, sure enough, it worked fine. Back to my main, now and just doing "things" so I thought I would level it for a bit, but I'm still getting the same message. No matter where I to survey, it won't let me. I started trying to do the Stormheim arch quest and it wouldn't work so I thought I may try in lower level areas to test it there, but in 3 separate zones in Eastern Kingdoms, the same thing happens. I'm trained up to 700 so I should be good, right? Am I missing something? Do I need to have something in my inventory that I've lost, and if so, how do I get it again? I understand how it works...I go to the shovels on map, stand in the poi circle on my mini map and hit survey, correct? Any advice on this would be grately appreciated. Thank you in advance.Ragefoote4 Oct 31
Oct 30 Cataclysm Jewelcrafting recipes Really wish Blizzard would add easier way to get the cataclysm jewelcrafting recipes than doing dailies for two years. Just seems silly for long outdated content.Huntardis0 Oct 30
Oct 30 Sargerite vendor As a scribe, this guy is my new best friend! And that being said, Blizzard, next time we get another crafting material like this, or bloods, or the things we got in WoD, and spirits of harmony back in MoP 9before they were unbound), please, please, PLEASE put the mat vendor in right at the beginning. I mean, three expansions now of this, surely the devs have learned this?Mackenzy0 Oct 30
Oct 30 Lavish Suramar Feast shopping list I made a spreadsheet that can help you calculate your shopping list for making feasts based on your own cooking ranks. All you have to do to use it is go to File>Make a copy, then press the green button at the top left corner then find the copy you just made. Alternatively you can download it and put it into excel by going to File>Download as. After that just input the number of feasts you want to make then your ranks of each meal/feast.Saikog1 Oct 30
Oct 30 The 'unlearned' tab for engineering... Is chock full of stuff you can't actually learn. Specialization specific (goblin vs gnome) ones, and tons of class locked goggle schematics from sunwell. It's not indicated that you can't learn them either. Pretty annoying if you're trying to use this feature to collect missing recipes.Woodhaus1 Oct 30
Oct 29 Engineering Obliterum Has anyone found the most efficient thing to make to break for Obliterum?Alkapwn3 Oct 29
Oct 29 Engineering Toy Idea: Faulty Teleporter Veteran Engineers might remember, back in Burning Crusade, they added teleporters to Toshley Station and Area 52, that had these quirky random "Malfunctions" such as being replaced by your evil twin, being shrunk, or, most importantly, my favorite of the bunch, having your "DNA Matrix swapped with the last person to use the teleporter", or in gameplay terms, it transformed you into a random race/gender from a selection of combinations for an hour, retaining all your current gear appearances on top, unlike similar toys that have preset outfits for the transformation. After Burning Crusade, these quirks became the only reason people continued to use these teleporters. I know, for my part, I love getting the transformation to a random race to mix things up once in a while. It's also fun to play as the ever-elusive Troll Paladin xD. So, my idea, as you probably have guessed by now from the title, is to include new versions of these teleporters, craftable by engineers, that are guaranteed to provide this debuff when used. The debuff could be included as is, or it could be an opportunity to update it with new race/gender combinations, like worgen and goblin. Hell, if blizzard is feeling generous, we could even possibly get a new toy entirely, like a "DNA Matrix Destabilizer" that only provides this "debuff" without teleporting the user to outlandThemurlöc3 Oct 29
Oct 29 Selling Pattern: Blue Dragonscale Shoulders Selling Pattern: Blue Dragonscale Shoulders unobtainable pattern that no longer drops in the game. Shoulders that they create are a unique, blue model. Mikeyplocky#1807 is my bnet, emoemu on Bleeding Hollow is the character. Serious offers only please.Emoemu0 Oct 29
Oct 28 Work Order: Silk weave Gloves - Val'sharah Level 3 of this recipe. It says I can learn this from World Quest is Val'Sharah. In over a month of logging on almost every single day, I have not seen this quest appear. Am I just unlucky and missed it? Surely it should have showed up a few times by now. All the other ones have.Bluzah6 Oct 28
Oct 28 Currently unlearnable — Blacksmithing recipes HEY! Skip to this post for a list of previously-missing Blacksmithing recipes that have been returned to the game! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a comprehensive list of all Blacksmithing recipes which currently cannot be obtained or learned if you did not already have them before Cataclysm (or Wrath, in some cases). Hopefully, it will help both new and old Blacksmiths waste less time trying to figure out whether the recipe they're looking for is simply rare, or actually not available right now. Personally, I think gutting all this stuff was really unnecessary. There's good streamlining (Timbermaw Hold rep shortening) and then there's bad streamlining (cutting off 100+ recipes that were fun to collect). That's like belt sanding while naked. That's bad naked. Unlearnable because the quest "The Old Ways" from Aturk the Anvil (Orgrimmar) was deleted: Orcish War Leggings Unobtainable because the quest "The Origins of Smithing" from Hank the Hammer (Stormwind) was deleted: Plans: Golden Scale Gauntlets Unobtainable because Blacksmith specializations were removed, and with them the quest chains from Galvan the Ancient (Stranglethorn) which rewarded the plans: Plans: Ornate Mithril Gloves Plans: Ornate Mithril Pants Plans: Ornate Mithril Shoulder Unlearnable because the Mithril Order quest chain and followups from Trenton Lighthammer (Gadgetzan) were deleted: Ornate Mithril Breastplate Ornate Mithril Helm Ornate Mithril Boots Removed because Kilram's Axesmith quest chain (Everlook, Winterspring) has been deleted: Plans: Dawn's Edge Removed because Seril Scourgebane's Swordsmith quest chain (Everlook, Winterspring) has been deleted: Plans: Blazing Rapier Removed because Lillith the Lithe's Hammersmith quest chain (Everlook, Winterspring) has been deleted: Plans: Enchanted Battlehammer Removed because the Armorsmithing specialization was removed, and all previous Armorsmith trainers had their recipe lists removed: Truesilver Gauntlets Truesilver Breastplate Earthforged Leggings Windforged Leggings Heavy Earthforged Breastplate Stormforged Hauberk Breastplate of Kings Bulwark of Kings Bulwark of the Ancient Kings Nether Chain Shirt Twisting Nether Chain Shirt Embrace of the Twisting Nether Chestplate of Conquest Legplates of Conquest Removed because the Weaponsmithing specialization was removed, and all previous Weaponsmith (and Axe/Sword/Mace sub-spec) trainers had their recipe lists removed: The Shatterer Blight Truesilver Champion (come on! Truesilver Champion!) Light Earthforged Blade Light Emberforged Hammer Light Skyforged Axe Great Earthforged Hammer Lavaforged Warhammer Skyforged Great Axe Stoneforged Claymore Stormforged Axe Windforged Rapier Lionheart Blade Lionheart Champion Lionheart Executioner The Planar Edge Black Planar Edge Wicked Edge of the Planes Fireguard Blazeguard Blazefury Lunar Crescent Mooncleaver Bloodmoon Drakefist Hammer Dragonmaw Dragonstrike Thunder Deep Thunder Stormherald (Stormherald? You took out Stormherald?!) Corroded Saronite Edge Corroded Saronite Woundbringer Unobtainable because Lorax's quest chain (Frostwhisper Gorge, Winterspring) has been deleted: Plans: Demon Forged Breastplate Unobtainable because the quest "Hot Fiery Death" (Blackrock Spire) and its followup chain were deleted. Plans: Fiery Plate Gauntlets (Why?! You had to loot Terminator's arm. In lava. That's good naked!) Removed in 3.02 with the deletion of Naxx 40; has NO Northrend iLevel 213 equivalent version, and is desireable for Transmog: Icebane Bracers Icebane Gauntlets Removed in 3.02 with the deletion of Naxx 40; has NO Northrend Naxx 10/25 equivalent version, is desireable for Transmog, and would fit as BS recipes: Icebane Helmet Icebane Pauldrons Icebane Leggings Removed because Zul'Gurub was revamped and the Zandalar Tribe faction was deleted: Bloodsoul Breastplate Bloodsoul Shoulders Bloodsoul Gauntlets Darksoul Breastplate Darksoul Leggings Darksoul Shoulders Unobtainable because the Enchanted Thorium quest series from Dire Maul West has been deleted: Plans: Enchanted Thorium Breastplate (argh!) Plans: Enchanted Thorium Leggings Plans: Enchanted Thorium Helm Unobtainable because Dustwallow Marsh was revamped, and this item seems to have been deleted off the loot table of Strashaz Myrmidons: Plans: Runic Breastplate Note that all other Runic patterns were successfully transferred to Dramm Riverhorn (Un'Goro) in 4.3.0, but this one was not. So that's a lot of dead recipes! Wow! I will update this as I remember / notice / find them, or if anyone suggests one I'm missing. I'll also update if (when!!) they're returned to the game.Bonfleur80 Oct 28
Oct 28 Predictive Combat Operations Databank Any get this to drop? It's the engineering item that drops off Iron Juggernaut in SoO. Only info from beta I can find is someone not being able to get it. It's the last item I need (by the way the piston stabilizer drops off mobs in Doomwalker's area now, got it off a felguard or something). Just killed Iron Juggernaut in LFR and it didn't drop. I'm fine farming it every week until it drops, but I want to make sure I'm at least doing it in a valid difficulty.Viridans25 Oct 28
Oct 28 Profession Leveling Stars Greetings I have a question around the topic of leveling up a profession star ranks. For this scenario I will use [Astral healing Potion] The first star is gained by learning the skill, The second star is gained by crafting the potion, The third star says you need to buy the recipe from Toraan the Revered. Now does that mean I can still keep crafting potions with a chance of learning the 3rd star or do I have to buy the recipe. This quest is focused around all alchemy recipes. Thank you for your time and power to the forsakenBigbadstevo1 Oct 28
Oct 27 Best professions for stats Hello. I have been gone awhile and I know there have been lots of changes. I would like to know what are the two best professions for a boost in stats. Thank youElinndel1 Oct 27
Oct 27 Gathering Professions With how Gathering Professions have gone since the almost Gathering Profession Killer known as Garrisons. I feel its come that Gathering Professions become Merged with least one of there perspective Crafting Professions. What i mean by that just so its clear is like have Herbalism be made part of Inscription and Mineing part of Engineering. We still would have a Choice in what professions wed want, it would just be that the would be no more Gathering Professions. Some people may prefer just having Gathering professions while others prefer just having Crafted Professions. I feel by merging them that Those who prefer to "Gather" the mats still can would just give them an option to also craft there own things (for example IF Inscription and Engieering were the professions that could gather the mats then they could also Craft there own Toys, Mounts and Pets from engineering and the 2 pets for Inscription) which i feel could also mean they could have other options to make gold other then selling the mats which ever may sell better for them depending on there server. IF i missed anything or was unclear bout anything let me knowCelticlore0 Oct 27
Oct 27 Glyphs, Why are most of them terrible? I would check videos on what some glyphs do for certain classes, and I find that they are really lazy and boring. Some are flat-out stupid. The game has changed so that people could LOOK amazing, and glyphs are a very important part of that, yet they are lacking. Some, just add a streak, or some smoke, or maybe a little twinkle, or just a color swap! Barely noticeable, and pathetic looking. I admit, that some of them, do make the player look fantastic, cooler, awesome, but that is like one or two per class. I don't know if they plan on making more glyphs or this is just a side thing that isn't that important to take notice. Glyphs need more attention since the game is all about looking good now.Visara5 Oct 27