Jan 14, 2012 Are red gems too valuable? It seems every spec except tanks, who use mastery or crit, get their best stats from red gems. I remember back in Wrath holy palies used get intellect from yellow gems, but now those are red too. I'm a jewelcrafter, and I've enjoyed the bounty given this expansion to those who can play the ore shuffles. But I think it's a flawed and frankly unfair system to have everyone depend on the same type of gem. I mean come on. When was the last time you saw anyone wearing a pure Blue gem?Koloscope2 Jan 14, 2012
Jan 14, 2012 Monthly package of free gems Do many of you also pick up the monthly package of free gems from that guy in Nagrand? Seemed to me it was too good to pass up. They seem to be what I'll need to get through the early 300's in JC for essentially nothing. "Of course it may take me a while to get to 300 ROFL"Geodyr4 Jan 14, 2012
Jan 14, 2012 Alchemy flub Ok so i do a lot of forum surfing for my classes and notice the same flub for alchemy every one seems to think that an alchemists flask gives them 80 extra what ever( int, str, agi.) But it does not, we get the same 300 from the flasks like normal players do.. our bonus id the flask lasts 2x longer than normal (IE: flask of the winds on its own = 2 hrs not 1hr)Zivadavid2 Jan 14, 2012
Jan 14, 2012 Gathering bonus +main stat What is the point of this garbage gathering bonus? This is WoW, not a creative project where you add stuff for flavor that just annoys people and makes them hate playing their gathering alts. If professions have bonuses they have to be equal. All gathering professions should be +X to your highest stat of intellect, strength, or agility. Period. "Herbalism - Your familiarity with nature has energized you with +80 to your highest stat of intellect, strength, or agility." "Mining - All your hard work has built up a +80 bonus to your highest stat of intellect, strength, or agility." "Skinning - Your knowledge of anatomy informs you with +80 to your highest stat of intellect, strength, or agility." tada, you have flavor and the game is actually functional.Jancy13 Jan 14, 2012
Jan 14, 2012 How profitable/useful are Cooking/Fishing/Arc So I am starting to get my Fishing up, i want to max it out, and after that I want to get my cooking up to 525 and max that out but before I do I had some questions. Fishing is pretty easy to get up and is this profitable? For example where would be the best place to fish for the best items and also when I look at my map I see "Schools" of some type of fish..would it matter if I fished in those areas or does that effect fishing loot in any way? Also cooking seems like it is going to take a bit of gold to max out but in the end is it worth it profit-wise? Any examples are appreciated And one last thing is Archaeology, mine is still at 1 lol 99% of everyone I asked told me that it's very boring and definitely not worth it, what are the plus sides of having Archaeology maxed out as well as cooking and fishing? My main profession besides my already maxed out mining is Jewelcrafting and I am at 404/425 now and boy, it is a HUGE pain to get up to 525. The question I had on JC is when do the dailies become available so I can get those tokens and any tips to raise my JC quicker is greatly appreciated as well. Thank you very much for your help. Any input on how profitable/useful these three professions are will be greatly appreciatedVusin7 Jan 14, 2012
Jan 14, 2012 Thanks profession forum Hey guys, I am an regular reader of the profession forums due to my long and overdue break from raiding. Anyhow since I have started reading tricks and tips of everyone on here my gold stockpile which used to be around 60k has soared to well over 300k in a couple of weeks. Though I usually do not do the mass volume like most Jc shufflers do , I usually still tend to make a decent amount each day. So, basically this thread is just me saying thanks for all the ideas and being positive for the most part to everyone asking for help on here. It has definitely helped me without me even asking a single question. TL;DR Thanks for all the help on the forums! <3 BulishBulish3 Jan 14, 2012
Jan 14, 2012 Archaeology "The Innkeeper's Daughter" "The Innkeeper's Daughter" should not share coold down with "Heartstone", or not will no meaning to do Archaeology to get this rare piece.Ddcupjecade8 Jan 14, 2012
Jan 14, 2012 Boots of the Protector, BoP to BoE for my paladin I chose to go with the T5 set for Transmog, and a friend of mine wants to do the same so we match. Why I'm posting this is because Boots of the Protector, a Blacksmithing drop from TK, are the only pinkish purple boots that I have seen in game/on atlas loot (I may be wrong, correct me if I am) These boots are BoP and my friend already has 2 maxed professions on their paladin. Since im sure other paladins have also stumbled onto the problem my quuestion to blizz is; will you change Boots of the Protector from a BoP item to BoE so that paladins who aren't BS's can enjoy a full set?Kaylevia1 Jan 14, 2012
Jan 14, 2012 Book of Glyph Mastery I am not sure if this has been covered or not but on some realms where the factions are severely unbalanced such as Mal'Ganis with Cataclysm out no one does the dungeons where the Book of Glyph Mastery drops. There are a total of 54 recipes learned via these books. On the alliance side of Mal'Ganis you cannot find them on the AH and farming enough to have all the recipes is a joke. Just out of curiousity are there plans of making these recipes attainable from another source or allow the Book of Glyph Master to drop in Cata zones and dungeons?Mishann4 Jan 14, 2012
Jan 14, 2012 Arcanite Just a thought can we give it over to the miners like they did with enchanted thorium, I need an arcanite rod and there are none to be had in my AH I am thinking this is because BS are skipping it because of the hassle of transmutation.Lizzbeth7 Jan 14, 2012
Jan 14, 2012 High Society Top Hat/Rhinestone Sunglasses With Cataclysm slowly coming to a close, I continue to ask whether these wonderful crafted items will ever be implemented. I've often considered paying the 25/30 dollars to simply have a non-worgen with the Top Hat, but why should this be the only way for any other race to obtain such a wonderful item? I'm not attempting to demand that these items be released, but I am asking that we get an answer to whether they will EVER be available.Steelspark1 Jan 14, 2012
Jan 14, 2012 Disparity: Jewelcrafting v All Other Crafting Yes, yes, another rant on this. Yeah, I know this character isn't a jewelcrafter. That doesn't make the points I am about to make any more valid, however. In Cataclysm thus far, all crafting professions have a few methods of obtaining patterns. There are patterns learned from trainers, patterns that are dropped somewhere, and patterns that are bought from vendors with either reputation or some sort of token. For most of the crafting professions, those "tokens" are in fact crafted materials, such as Heavy Savage Leather or Pristine Hides. All others use a similar system, save for Jewelcrafting, where it is only possible to get one vendor token per day by completing a single daily quest. I can understand how it was at launch, where gating peoples' progress would make sense and allow people to pick and choose which cuts they thought were the most important to go after. But people who want to become independent of the auction house have one problem: the token system. Excluding the Chimera's Eyes, the patterns (pre-epics) take a total of 253 tokens. Assuming someone grinds the dailies every day for them, that's 253 days of invested time just to get all of the token cuts that aren't epic-quality. Compare against a leatherworker, who is also likely skilled in skinning. A leatherworker can skin 50 savage leathers and craft 10 heavy savage leathers to get patterns, or to trade up to Pristine Hides for the few that use those as a token. He can then immediately go back out and do the same thing, again and again, trading in to complete pattern purchases. The only gate is investing enough time to gather the materials, but they are not daily-limited. It takes far less time than 253 days for a leatherworker to get all of the patterns that are available at the Twilight Highlands vendor. Even in Wrath, by the last "major" patch, we had Damaged Necklace drops and Titanium Powder. Now, we have had - since the expansion's launch - one token per day. We're near the end of Cataclysm's plot line, and have one world event left before MoP... is this ever going to get looked at, seriously?Maltharis75 Jan 14, 2012
Jan 14, 2012 The display weapon enchant fix Make the weapon enchants not have any displays Make a separate feature where you can add the special effects from any of the enchants in the game to weapons for a fee Viola. Hold your applause please.Respeconize0 Jan 14, 2012
Jan 14, 2012 Glyphs? Ok, I am curious about this one. Does anyone actually KNOW how many glyphs are in the game? I am curious because I still can do Northrend research, but have been farming for books of glyph mastery for about 6 weeks. Out of all that time guess how many I have actually found? 3. That's it. And that's ridiculous. What I'd like to know is, can all the glyphs be learned through research and pateince, or do some HAVE to be found only through those non-existent books? If it's the latter, why on earth hasn't Blizz fixed the drop rate or at least made them drop in Cata dungeons too? This one just baffles me. I'm not one to complain usually, as I have tons of patience and a better than average tolerance for MMO problems (I played UO at launch, trust me, this game is HEAVEN). Just wondering.Kerlock6 Jan 14, 2012
Jan 14, 2012 engineering question so my lock has mining/skinning maxed. how long and how pricey would it take/be to drop skinning and lvl up engineering from scratch at lvl 85?Honors5 Jan 14, 2012
Jan 13, 2012 Archaeology Recipe Has the recipe: Vial of the sands drop rate decrease since release. I had a guild mate dig it up on 3rd jar. I am on 5 months, 50 canopic jars and still no recipe. What is the actual drop rate? Is it bugged? I request to have it increased slightly. Anyone else have any luck digging this up? Happy Friday, Cheers,Kandore7 Jan 13, 2012
Jan 13, 2012 I just farmed 20 stacks of obsidium ore. They are currently 80g/stack. How do I decide if I should prospect or just sell the ore? If I don't get lucky with carnelians/rubies, then I feel like I will lose out. I do have an enchanter and alchemist.Starkuma17 Jan 13, 2012
Jan 13, 2012 A Slippery Snack Does this quest still exist? It's the only quest my hunter has needed for a few weeks to complete the Darnassus fishing achievement and it has yet to pop up. I log on everyday on my mage who is parked at the quest giver and check what the quest is so my hunter doesn't have to travel there for nothing, and the quest never seems to appear.Parisoftroy3 Jan 13, 2012
Jan 13, 2012 Now's the time. Hi, Remember when you said it would take a full expansion for full epic gems? Granted you may have meant a full expansion to ACQUIRE them yourself, but still, with queens garnets only at 3.5k each on my server, are they THAT hard to obtain from raiding if there are so many of them at such a low price? I am now 4 epic gems away from having a complete set, and the only reason I haven't got the remaining 4 is because I'm waiting for a giant shuffle to sell. This time tomorrow, I'll have a full set in my current gear, and I know I am not the "average" player, but with epic RED gems in plentiful supply getting as low as 2.5k on my realm, they are becoming a lot more realistic for the progression minded player. Instead of buying a vial of the sands, for example, which is obviously WELL within the reach of the average player to both buy AND sell/make, you can now get a full set of epic gems. So why, why, why haven't we even been offered an option to get our profession bonus. Why, can't we just have it now, a couple of months into the patch? I understand that you don't want JCers to have an immediate bonus for free, but why can't you at least offer making "perfect" epic gem cuts, which are required to be bought with JC tokens and can give the corresponding bonus like chimeras eyes (eg a perfect brilliant queens garnet giving 77 int and being a max of 3 able to be equipped, or hell, making them 70 int and having a max of 4 being able to be equipped?) This would provide a cheap alternative in the eyes for people who don't care for epic gems, or their profession bonuses that much, offers an increased market for epic gems, gives us our epic gem bonus, and completely balances us back in line with the other profs. Then make the BS sockets limited to rare gems, and BAM, perfect balance again. Its not hard. It doesn't require much effort, or time to be spent on coding. It is fair, to ALL involved. So why hasnt something been done?Darkestfaith26 Jan 13, 2012
Jan 13, 2012 Inscription... needs help. I have two scribes. One was leveled in WotLK and learned all the glyphs, slowly but surely. My second scribe was leveled in Cataclysm. I finished doing the oh-so-irritating Northrend Research and discovered I am 50 glyphs shy of knowing them all. Then to my even greater frustration, I discovered that even though my "Adventurer's Journal" leads me to believe I can learn the glyphs I hadn't... I am too high a level to benefit from said book. I am frustrated beyond belief. This means I have to vainly attempt to find 50 books of glyph mastery when virtually no one finds them in WotLK areas???? Blizzard... Please fix this gross oversight. I am sure it is not your intention to frustrate your crafters. Either allow us to find books of glyph mastery in Cataclysm level areas or allow the Adventurers Journal to teach us the same things the WotLK Book of Glyph Mastery did/does.Feyorea2 Jan 13, 2012
Jan 13, 2012 Alchemy discovery still possible? I still have one discovery Transmute: Primal Mana to Fire to learn. I learned the rest of them during WoTLK except this one. I've been wasting my transmute every day trying to discover this last one. I'm one of those who has to learn every recipe for my profession. Is it still possible to discover this recipe? Do I need to be in a WotLK zone to do so? I feel like I'm beating my head against a wall, not to mention, I'm wasting my transmute when I could be doing truegold or living elements or something. If nothing else, please remove this transmute cooldown from effecting the cata transmutes since primals are worth maybe 3g now.Halanna5 Jan 13, 2012
Jan 13, 2012 WTS: Recipe Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops Have the recipe on Greymane server. I've seen several forum posts asking for 100k for the recipe, but I'd be willing to sell it for 50k. Not going to x-fer. Respond to this post, or send me in game mail if interested. (alt 141 on the last I in character name)Viridìs5 Jan 13, 2012
Jan 13, 2012 Potion of Treasure Finding... Anybody having trouble with the drop rate of Chests while using this? Out of 5 used today while questing I noticed that: 2 gave nothing 2 gave 1 box each 1 gave me like 6 boxes The 2 that gave me nothing I noticed that I had the effects of another potion on at the same time ( Flask of Enhancement actually) On the last Potion or Treasure I used, I clicked off the Flask effects to see if there was any improvement. This is when I got 6 chests. Are my RNGs just very poor on some or is there a bug with the Flask interrupting the effect of the potion? Has anybody else noticed this?Demiria4 Jan 13, 2012
Jan 13, 2012 Tradable 'Enchants' Hello forum , As we know , the things we make from the Enchanting profession are tradable using the Enchanting Vellum. Are there any other profession that does the same ? I have tailoring as well but i read in the tooltip that most of the enchantments can only be used on our own gear. Am i missing something ? Again my question is , what are the professions that can benefit the account instead of only 1 char ? I look forward to the replies and happy gaming forum :) Regards RuiQiMiiranda4 Jan 13, 2012
Jan 13, 2012 Discouraging new competition I didnt see a thread like this, so I figured maybe a discussion on how to discourage new competition would be helpful. I wanted to give a thing I do and maybe see what other people do. Now let me start this off by saying that in my opinion, if you are serious about making gold, you want to discourage new competition into your market. More competition means more people to undercut you and more people to do spazzy things. So I want to make new competition frustrated, its not always nice but its usually effective. The most basic thing Ill do is undercut them, a lot. I mean aggressively undercutting them, usually one gem at a time, but non stop. Ill even go below my cost if I think the situation is appropriate. Now I realize thats a gamble because I dont want that product to be bought, but I do want to send the message that: A) I dont care how low we go and more importantly.... B) If they want to make gold in my market, they better be prepared to work for it. Anyway Im sure there are other things people do in this not so nice side of gold making, but I do feel it is essential when you go from casually making gold to a serious goblin.Coritaku6 Jan 13, 2012
Jan 13, 2012 Outland Dig Site How do I unlock the ability to go to Outland dig sites?Agalton2 Jan 13, 2012
Jan 12, 2012 why are disenchants available to all? i still don't understand this decision by blizzard to allow everyone in a group to benefit from my profession. this might sound QQ, but i really would like to know how it is fair to enchanters. enchanting is one of the most costly professions to level, yet it benefits everyone else more than me. how is it fair that with my prof, i only have a 20% chance to get a DE of something in a dungeon? how is it fair that someone else profits from my profession? so many dungeons i watch shards and crystals go to other people and i never see anything from the instance. it is really disheartening. people with other profs should obviously be able to greed role, but i can't understand why they should get free mats off of it. let them sell the items like they used to, then pay for mats. i can't roll on skins, i can't roll on nodes. i don't get free leather, minerals, jewels, etc. i am sure this was posted when this first happened, but i just need to rage a bit about it again. i really don't understand the reasoning behind this. please blizzard do explain.Veyn42 Jan 12, 2012
Jan 12, 2012 JC: I think I missed something.... So I started JC'ing after I hit level 85, not the smartest thing I know. But I feel like I am missing something. All I did was farm a bunch of the same item and leveled it up really quick, I know nothing about this profession, so here is my question to by more recipes from the vendor, you have to have some kind of reward (and I apologize I don't know what they are called), what do I need to do to get those? And If I did miss something along the way, if you could tell me what that it So a little reading points me towards JC dailies? Where would I locate them? I appreciate you guys helping me out.Luminesence3 Jan 12, 2012
Jan 12, 2012 End the tyranny of red gems It really is quite absurd how grossly overvalued red gems are. Something needs to be done next expansion. I've read plenty of posts on this, and I think this is the best solution. There are 3 primary stats, and 3 primary gem colors. There is the solution. Red = agility Yellow = int Blue = strength Or something like this. Mix around the secondary stats to keep them balanced. But problems could arise where some desirable combinations of stats aren't available. For example if haste remains yellow, Int+Haste wouldn't be possible. The solution is to allow a green Int+Haste gem. Haste is still yellow, but when taken in combination with Int you allow it to be blue.Slainidh16 Jan 12, 2012
Jan 12, 2012 hedging against inflation I was blind, but now I see -- not too well, however. I'm starting this thread with the hope of getting some suggestions for how to hedge against the inevitable inflation that will come with a new expansion. I've thought about investing in choppers or Vials of the Sands, but have only vague ideas at this point. Any helpful thoughts would be appreciated.Alarand7 Jan 12, 2012
Jan 12, 2012 Does Anyone Use Truegold Anymore? Title of the Song.Laramore4 Jan 12, 2012
Jan 12, 2012 Fishing for the sea turtle mount... Blizzard the RNG drop rate on this thing is horrendous, i'm up to like 3000 casts and still nothing! Been trying for weeks, and it's one of the few fishing achievements i'm missing, does any other fishers feel like the drop rate on this thing is god awful?Roxxaene22 Jan 12, 2012
Jan 12, 2012 Mechanized Snow Goggles Was this a ninja patch? I'd swear that at the beginning of 4.3 these were wearable by any non-engineer (with the respective armor skills, of course). These were nice income for engineers who wanted to allow other people to xmog their helmets. Please lift the profession requirement for these goggles and remake them as they were. And oh yes, they were.Jameson2 Jan 12, 2012
Jan 12, 2012 Disenchanting I have come across items that I've worn worn for a while, replaced and then tried to disenchant the old item when it says "this item cannot be disenchanted". I can see why new items to the game are not disenchantable but after a certain length of time not many ppl want those items anyways since new gear is available. My suggestion would be this - have a notation on the item that enchanters can see that states it is not disenchantable. After a certain length of time, say when new content is released, allow the item to be disenchanted. My enchanter is not my main but does provide the mats for all my characters' enchants. AH mats can be expensive. Disenchanting is part of the enchanting profession. Shouldn't matter whether you buy the items with gold or rep or honor, you had to earn it all. Allowing all items to be disenchanted either when replaced or at a later date, with a notation on the items for enchanters to see, would help keep the cost down for enchanters. Anyone have any thoughts?Sezame6 Jan 12, 2012
Jan 12, 2012 Enchanting should be reconfigured Leveling a character fresh right now on a server, figured I could easily level enchanting by disenchanting all the items I get and upgrade from. There are a few problems with Enchanting, and I shouldn't have to power level it like I'm a 85 with gold to blow. First, you get skill ups from disenchanting for like the first 40, but after that, what happened? Second, it's ridiculous leveling this up by enchanting these items over and over, and when you do it 30 times on the same item, it's just boring. Third, the amount of mats you need for enchants that will actually give you decent amount of skill ups are ridiculous. You would have to go out of your way to go find these disenchantable items when you could be leveling because you need like 200 dust. There is no variety, it's just enchant this, make a wand, pretty much a female dog to level, and I'm sure this goes for some other professions, but this is my experience on this so far. Making the rods, boy did I have to go out of my way to make them, level 50 killing naga in STV to get a pearl so I didn't have to spend 150g on it. Blacksmiths for some reason are the only way to get the rods after the copper, which was sold by a vendor? Why not sell all of them at a vendor? Games dumb.Xo2 Jan 12, 2012
Jan 12, 2012 Returning Player: Archeology So, lets start this off by declaring i have been apart of the WoW community since about 2 weeks after the classic WoW first released. I have seen and been apart of most of every one of WoW's idea's ranging from World spawn bosses (loved it) to the addition of battle grounds (ruined world pvp) to having horde and alliance stuck in the same city (bad idea but fixed thankfully) to seeing these new in-game cinematics with the different expansions plus lots lots LOTS more that i dont wish to write 100 pages in detail on. Anyways, this forum is to reflect on Archeology in the perspective of a returning player. Normally i choose not to visit forums let alone creat my own thread but i felt this needed to happen. I chose my mage (Jfrost) to do my archeology after noticing i would be flying all over azeroth in order to skill it up (realized porting to cities would speed up the process). My overall goal was to reach a high enough skill to go to Uldum and do archeology there after looking up what could be found through Tol'vir and Fossil Artifacts. My mage is now 525 in Archeology and extremely disappointed in the new profession. Archeology Pros: Interesting items can be found through this profession (this is the only thing i can say good about this profession). Archeology Cons (MUCH longer list): Telescope tends to point you in a bum direction (more often than not i get zig-zagged across the archeology field because the telescope cant make up its mind where to send me, aswell i find that it will send me in a direction only to send me back where i came from to be just a couple yards from the last artifact). Too many night elf dig sites (70% of the time im doing night elf artifacts). Top level Archeology is tied in with bottom level Archeology (How seriously drunk was the creater of Archeology when he decided to do this?). Even at top level Archeology, this is amazingly too time consuming flying back and forth from Winterspring to Tanaris just to PRAY that a Tol'vir dig site will pop-up. Aswell, after finally getting an Archeology field to pop up in Uldum, there is the chance that u just spent an HOUR of your time that god will never refund to you just to get the minimum Tol'vir peices (15) and be required to ONCE AGAIN fly to Winterspring. All-in-all i rank archeology a 2 out of 10 and the only reason it didnt receive a 0 out of 10 was because of the canopic jar that has roughly a 3% chance to contain a awesome Alchemy recipe. I almost wish to ask for a refund of the expansion price ($39.99) and two single month game times ($14.99x2 = $29.98) because of how let down i am once again by your expansions. It took me two weeks of play to level my guy from 80 to 85 and kill Deathwing. Is this how you intend to keep your customers around? By making the expansion two weeks from completion??? You got things twisted around, leveling and gearing up should take longer than getting one digsite to appear in Uldum. Enough said. Thank you for reading. Edit: So after writing this i decided to continue doing a lil more Archeology only to be given 4 more night elf digsites (Oh, how i love digging up useless artifacts for hours at end) and noticed that bottom level archeology was placed in.... HYJAL?!?!?! really??? a level 80-82 zone has artifacts that you can get at skill level 1 of archeology. Maybe you should hire a 8 year old kid to come up with your content because im sure they could come up with better idea's than this....... On second thought you may have already done this, the next new race in kung fu panda >.< Scratch the 8 year old kid idea, was just as bad of an idea as Archeology. I'm not sure how much longer i plan to play this game but i have very few intentions of playing WoW after the new race/class is modeled after kung fu panda and the new idea for non-combat pets is pokemon. My only request is PLEASE don't taint Diablo 3 like this. Ive been a Blizzard fanatic for WAY too long to see your games ruined like this. Edit2: On second thought, i am cancelling my subscription now. I really did enjoy this game. Its too bad that it had to evolve into this.Jfrost7 Jan 12, 2012
Jan 12, 2012 Murglesnout. Can we please have a blue comment on the drop rate and use of murglesnout. Currently in game there appears to be a huge chance to catch these from coastal waters and they have no use at all. Please don't let this be the Borean Man'o'war of Cataclysm. It is a huge disadvantage for players who fish for profit.Sprìng4 Jan 12, 2012
Jan 12, 2012 Mother of God, Zephyrite again, why?!?!?! Dear Blizz, my heart dies a bit everytime I prospect some ores and get a Zephyrite. God, why?!?! What should I do with that? Just sell to the vendor next door? Why not make some useful recipe with it? Is that ask so much? Please, ease the pain on this poor undead jc...Mesmerim15 Jan 12, 2012
Jan 12, 2012 How to use enchanting vellum? Looked here and Wowhead and can't seem to find what this is about. Any tips on how an enchanter uses this stuff? TIAGeodyr6 Jan 12, 2012
Jan 12, 2012 Shadoweave Mask I am disappointed that blizzard took away the Shadoweave Mask. It was the only purple mask that covered only part of your face. I would like to see it come back so i can have it again. On my tailorer that is.Remeron0 Jan 12, 2012
Jan 12, 2012 Landslide Enchant glow! Please fix it! So I finally got Fear and Vengeance today! YAY ME! Beautiful daggers! It's a shame they are part of a Legendary quest line so I will never be able to use'em as Transmogs in the near future. :( But that's okay. So I took a couple screenshots as a memento........ and then I enchanted them with Landslide. /sigh ... now I have two glowing yellow balls of lights on my sides, I can barely see this amazing dagger anymore unless I zoom in up close. Please Blizzard! There's been tons of threads about people complaining that the Landslide glow effect is too bright! Can you please make it less brighter! Or maybe even add an option in the Interface window to disable weapon enchant glows? Please! I love my new daggers, but i'm a little disappointed that I can barely even see them while I play the game.Itsybitsy0 Jan 12, 2012
Jan 12, 2012 nod problems ok so im in twilight highlands mining for some ore to get mats for the 397 bracers and for leg enchants (volatile earth). im just minding my own when i get to a certain nod and as i was to start mining it a DK shows ups and lands when i started to mine it and then a few sec later he whisper me saying he was going to report for stolen ore nod. my defense is that i was there first on the ground and mining it before he even demounted. and the last time i heard was that if someone is mining (or herbing or skining something) that its locked to that player if it is successful and even if i dont loot right away. the guy kept going on about it and after awhile i did start to feel harrassed by him going on about it and keeping me from playing the game. he wouldnt leave me alone till i logged out and swapped toons for awhile then came home to play here. is there anything i should be worried about or should i just wait for the GM to come handle it and settle it?Rayvasher18 Jan 12, 2012
Jan 11, 2012 Leatherworking Patterns Have Both Legs and Wrist Deathscale patterns 397 and various other patterns. Blackwater RaidersNumlawen0 Jan 11, 2012
Jan 11, 2012 Character Profession Transfers Every profession has its own perks, and if you decided that your rogue was going to have tailoring when you were level 5, then you're really not benefiting from the *free* spellthread, now are you? But oh noes, you've got a rare pattern from Kharazan! Whatever will you do? I would love to see an option sometime soon where I can bring, for example, my mage's enchanting over to my paladin, in exchange for, say, jewelcrafting. Obviously, there would have to be a basic list of requirements, such as: -Both characters must have the required level to use the skill(s) being transferred That's really the only restriction that would make sense to me at this time, but feel free to add your own. I see this as a potential opportunity to save some of the BoP Classic and Burning Crusade patterns that you would otherwise have to grind for these days if you were to drop a profession to pick up a different one.Caeina7 Jan 11, 2012
Jan 11, 2012 Cata epic gem distribution is REALLY LAME!!!! Yeah this is a qq but epic gems have been out how long now and no one can access them unless you raid normal 10 or above... WEAKSAUCE!Heighties3 Jan 11, 2012
Jan 11, 2012 Recipe: Greater Arcane Protection Potion Where can I obtain one of these? According to what I can find, you can only get them from Cobalt Mageweavers dropping at a small rate. Yet, I can't find them in Winterspring anymore. Were they removed? Was the recipe removed or maybe drop from a different mob?Xanin2 Jan 11, 2012
Jan 11, 2012 JC money making I just power leveled JC to 500ish and I was wondering if there was any way to make money right off the bat? Im going to start by buying the primary red cuts and then working toward the others, is there any way I can make money with just 1 cut or do I need all of them? Im also a alch so i can xmute the green gems.Chintan4 Jan 11, 2012
Jan 11, 2012 There is no reason to buff Chimera's Eye ...because it will take pretty much all of the expansion to fully gem a blacksmith with epic cuts, right? CHALLENGE ACCEPTEDWon35 Jan 11, 2012
Jan 11, 2012 Archealogy FUN or BORING! Ok I've got Archeaology and I'm flying thru it its got its perks and offsets Start archeaology early because 1 gold for a lvl2 starter GOOD! Perks) 1mount, few companions and many valuable items offsets) BORING!, LOTS of Travel, LOTS of patience and they put them in the most hardest areas for players at certain levels! like in the middle of an old city swarming with TROLLS!!!!Lysian4 Jan 11, 2012