Jan 5, 2012 trying to switch from macesmith to axesmith I'm at where the npc Kilram is at in winterspring and I have no idea how to switch or if it's even possiable..... >.<Chomesuke5 Jan 5, 2012
Jan 5, 2012 Cheapest way to get engineering from 425-525? I want to save money as best as possible. I have mining also. What are good items that dont use tons of mats for me to craft to 525? Thanks in advance.Bloodmonster4 Jan 5, 2012
Jan 5, 2012 Cataclysm equals Unemployed Potion masters I am a potion master. there is no work for me in Cataclysm. Potions are worthless in this expansion. one drink of any mythical and you fill 1/32 of your hp or mana pool. elixar masters have there 250gp flasks of the must needed uber buffs, transmutes have there 500gp true gold and lavish jems, potion masters have there 50gp sugar water. Please do something for us. Give us recipes that restore players more hp and/or mana that we can only brew, and if your worried about the abuse, a cool down for players that would binge drink them.Gramilan24 Jan 5, 2012
Jan 5, 2012 Thankless Grinding Night Elf Sites 117 Night elf artifact with 6 rare, Mostly common with some as many as 12 times 8 Dwarf artifact 29 Troll artifact with two rare 40 Fossil artifact with 4 rare 20 Tol'vir artifact with two rare I believe the sites in Kalimdor is so broke that I see Night Elf FAR too many time that I want to go back in time and burn their entire civilization to remove their archaeology sites! I already got all BOA I need from Night Elf except for Tyranda's favorite doll which is preventing me from having reduce odd of Night Elf sites.[1] *Notice this is not a flame about racial Night Elf. If anything I LOVE Blood Elf and their addict habits which remind me of my Druid and Archaeology dig sites unfortunately. [1]...Lotidu9 Jan 5, 2012
Jan 5, 2012 Skinning needs a 'buff' so LW is cheaper Seriously now. I fly out there on my mount to gather mining mats... each node i mine gives 2-5 ores, and always gives what I want as long as its the right node (Iron Deposit doesn't drop mithril/tin) When I do skinning, each mob takes longer to reach + kill + loot + wait for refresh + skin, than mining each node. As such, for my alt... my engineering is already at 355... (and i'm holding out on getting the cobalt ores cos i know theyre easy... got a JC at 400 + already), but leatherworking... ridiculously expensive nightmare. At 214... and still taken TWICE as long to get the mats to level it up to there. I've resorted to paying some ridiculous prices on the AH, but I do know why they are so expensive, and its not because the demand is high (people will just slap it on a high as they can, even when nobody is buying, you end up waiting days on end and no price drop follows), but only for heavy hides because those are 'rare' drops... For typical leather.... UGH... each kill gets me what... 1? on average? Sure i get some useful higher leveled leather that can be used later, but almost 90% of the time, i only get 1 leather per mob kill. I flew round feralas for iron... 30 mins, never went back, went to searing gorge, 30 mins, didn't have to go back, went to winterspring, 30 mins, enough thorium. I paid for nothing on AH to get my Engineering up to 300. Then i paid for some fel iron bars (only needed what... 3 stacks? maybe a little more?) and then hit 350 while spending on cheap motes. Leatherworking.... i spend 1 hour farming medium leather... ended up failing some skill ups, getting frustrated and buying off the AH. I farmed medium hides from the boss in Wailing caverns, locked out for 1 hour after 5 skins, next run, 2 of the 5 did not drop. More than 2 hours just for some hides.... Then i spend what... 2 hours farming heavy leather... failed some skill ups, bought a whole lot, bought heavy hides at 20g each (reasonable perhaps), and then it was over 65-100 gold per stack of new heavy *edit * leather (not hides). I had 78 thick leathers on hand... AH prices for them per stack are at 100g each... I need 20 stacks... And then i still need rugged leather.... 20 stacks or more, again more than 100 g each. If i were to farm these mats myself, i can easily level another character to 80. I could probably just level up a new character to 85, and farm up to heroic gear level within the time it takes me to level up leather working to 300. The reason why the prices are so high on AH, and why people are complaining about leather working, is because it is utterly crap to levle at the moment. The grind is too long. We don't have as many low level skinners as we did back in BC/wotlk. Too few leather is skinned per mob. This is making a direct comparison with engineering, another profession that doesn't give any reasonable returns. I leveled my warlock as my first cataclysm toon on a fresh realm. Maxed herbs, making pots using twilight jasmine already. All on its own. (Only the gold thorn bit was irritating, but I only needed 3 stacks of it, not 20). Please change skinning/leather working for lower levels. Nobody wants to do repititive garbage when they realise a little too late that they might have invested in the wrong profession. I'm really considering just dropping the garbage (LW) altogether (leaving it at 214), and just farming leather mats and selling them off. *Edit* My warlock is now a transmute master, i started as elixir master, queing twice for opening of the dark portal dungeon, so it was easier, then a fee to unlearn, and a free swap to Transmute. (much cheaper than paying 1200 for 4x primal mights).Ärtêmìs27 Jan 5, 2012
Jan 5, 2012 Cooldowns on transmutes Anywhere a collected list of the cooldown times on various transmutes, and which are linked? Just finally got one of the Eternal set and wondering how long till I can try working on getting the others. TIAGeodyr1 Jan 5, 2012
Jan 5, 2012 Trying to Change my Engineering Spec I'm trying to change from goblin engineering to gnome engineering. I've tried the book at Narain Soothfancy's old hut, but it says all the pages are torn out. I'm staring at him at his new hut, and he tells me to use the book on the table, but nothing nearby is responsive when I click on it. I can't see the cogwheel at all. I've disabled all my addons, just in case it was something like that. Am I in the wrong place? Was this changed? How do I change specializations?Hanbal1 Jan 5, 2012
Jan 5, 2012 Bring back the Mithril Order - Bring back the mithril order or something like it. blacksmithing is a dead end with a couple of socket bonuses and the occassional high end plan from a raid, which normally get auctioned for ridiculous extortion level prices, like i really want to spen 100,000 (50k for plans, and 50k more for mats) gold for a new pair boots that dont even have jordan in the name. you really let this fail blizz. the mithril order quests were quite alot of fun and made things interesting. id like to see them figure out a way to make professions more interesting and not just a source of gold or a stat bump. but then blizzard has lost alot of its creativity in that way.Gorebang3 Jan 5, 2012
Jan 4, 2012 Profession question. Can't find the answer anywhere some say yes some say no so question is. "If I level a profession to 525 then unlearn it for something else is it possible to unlearn the new one and get the original profession you had back?"Solvi3 Jan 4, 2012
Jan 4, 2012 profession creativity in the toilet. blizzard lost its creativity in terms of professions. theyve become totally boring.Gorebang6 Jan 4, 2012
Jan 4, 2012 JC Shuffle I spent 50k on ore, I made 125k. 'nuff saidBloodluzt34 Jan 4, 2012
Jan 4, 2012 Who is willing to do dungeon? I need some brave ppl to do some dungeon,15 -above people only,join me to gain BIG XPPicomix3 Jan 4, 2012
Jan 4, 2012 Skill-ups from prospecting? Does prospecting ores give skill-ups for jewelcrafting? I haven't seemed to get any although I've prospected all the ores I can at the JC level my alt is at. I get skill from disenchant for enchanting so it seems odd if it doesn't.Geodyr1 Jan 4, 2012
Jan 4, 2012 hunter professions i made a hunter and cant decide on professions, im thinking of Mining/eng, skinning/lw or mining/jc. Can anyone please give me some insight on these, which ones work best for hunter, and how they are at max lvl? I would appreciate some good advice pleaseJuggernaugt4 Jan 4, 2012
Jan 4, 2012 max level enchanting I'm about to max out my enchanting skill and I was wondering what recipes are in most frequent demand. I am aware that i will not make most of my gold from this but it could be a good way to supplement my income. Which recipes do you think are worth the investment of time/resources to learn?Steinherz4 Jan 4, 2012
Jan 4, 2012 Epic Steam Train Mount For engineers. Steam train! And other players can ride, but when they do, a little caboose is added on the back of the engine, and there is no limit to the number of cabooses there are. Just think, there'd be trains going up and down the kingdom, cause you KNOW, that if you were just flying along and you see a steam train chug-a-luggin', you'd hop on it. Or you KNOW, that if you saw an enemy train, you'd pst your guildmates and friends and get the "Ran a Train" achievement... who doesn't want that achievement?!Pookenstein4 Jan 4, 2012
Jan 4, 2012 Alchemy profits? Does alchemy give money at high levels? im rolling this shammy with herbalism. My last toon got a lot of money by selling herbs and i wanted to know if i will get as much as money if i level alchy and turn the herbs in potions and sell em in the AH. Does people buy potions on the Action House? PD: as you might noticed, english aint my native lenguage lol, i tried to do my best... :)Landsraad5 Jan 4, 2012
Jan 4, 2012 Max out a prof on a low level toon? I have a level 49 Rogue, and I would like to get Enchanting. Is there anything keeping me from maxing it out on my low level Rogue so I don't have to get rid on mining on this Mage? (I know this is a noob question, I just don't want to waste gold)Gandin12 Jan 4, 2012
Jan 4, 2012 Ask Jeeves... Where is the best drop for this recipe, based on my research its the gnomes on mechano striders in the peaks. Library something something?Unseengreen4 Jan 4, 2012
Jan 4, 2012 Can JC make money without an Alchy? Anything that isn't red barely sells for over 10g-30g depending on color, and with not much profit. And that is after relisting 5 times a day because of fierce undercuting. Most crafted jewelry to be DE'd tends to be just dust and not essences. Red gems are hard to come by it seems. Is the trick to this having an alchy doing transmutes? I'm missing something here.Talinnaomi6 Jan 4, 2012
Jan 4, 2012 Thrift Store I'd like for Blizzard to implement a vendor or group of vendors called thrift stores. The premise behind these vendors? Players vendor a lot of useful stuff without ever realizing it's that useful or even valuable. These vendors would take all vendored loot across the world and accrue it into an inventory that would be searchable/browsable much like the auction house is now. 1. All items vendored on a particular server that were not soulbound to the owner would go to these thrift stores, but only after they were no longer able to be bought back by the owner. 2. The items would be sold for anywhere from 2-4 times the sell price the person got for the item. 3. Items would decay after a certain amount of time of not being bought. 4. This would obviously be a huge hog of virtual memory and storage for Blizzard servers, but it would provide something of an actual gold sink, while at the same time allowing lucrative junk sifters the chance to make some money.Fogrum0 Jan 4, 2012
Jan 3, 2012 Old crafting reagents that suck Here is a list of old things still required for Vanilla recipes, which suck horribly and are a pain in the butt to farm/obtain. It would make me and many other crafters/moggers infinitely happy (infinite happy! That's like approaching the limit of dividing happy by zero! Or something!) if you could do something to make these components more available. Annoying because 4.03a reduced its drop rate to "abysmal" and the number of mobs that drop it dwindled to a handful of trolls in Cape of Stranglethorn: Wildvine The extreme prices on Wildvine (due to its newfound rarity) makes its requirement in many recipes for leveling/profession-building/mogging gear really harsh. Annoying because it's BoP, and honestly, why is this still BoP? Demonic Rune Annoying because they're used for exactly one set of level 40 Intellect Mail, no one ever sells them, and the only way to craft this stuff is to have a personal Skinning alt: Turtle Scale Absolutely obnoxious, because they're used for exactly 2 level 15 items — for patterns sold in Redridge — yet only drop from level 24 mobs in Wetlands. Again, personal Skinning alt or give up. Black Whelp Scale Annoying because you deleted all the Vanilla Blue Dragonkin from Azshara and Winterspring, meaning the only place to get these now is off Chromatic Dragons in Blackrock instances at a very poor rate: Blue Dragonscale Annoying because they have a very poor drop rate, compressed to just Blackwing instances, and are only used for a handful of old mogging stuff: Black Dragonscale Red Dragonscale Annoying due to being hyper-specialized, but not too bad if you abuse Sunken Temple: Green Dragonscale Worn Dragonscale Could you just change all Azeroth Dragon mobs to drop "Vanilla Dragonscale" (yum) when skinned, and make these recipes require Green/Blue/Red/Black dye? Or how about Jessica Sellers, Jr. <Scale Trader>? =/Bonfleur3 Jan 3, 2012
Jan 3, 2012 In need of community input So I was wanting to get a set of the Vicious Dragonscale Armor made for my wife's hunter so I collected all the mats then advertised in trade that I was wanting the set made. I got a response and we were on our way. The first item that he makes, Vicious Leather Chestpiece. I tell him that that is not the correct item. He then creates 4 pieces of the Dragonscale set and opens a trade. I then tell him I still need the Helm, Shoulders, and Chest and then we would be all set. He then makes the Charscale Shoulders...I tell him again that that is the wrong item. In the time it takes to make the last 3 items he asks 3 or 4 more times if I want Charscale or Dragonscale to which I replied Dragonscale in capital letters. After finishing this 30min transaction, I thank him for his services and he follows up with "Tips appreated." My eye twitched at the last comment after I watched several thousand gold in mats go down the drain at the hands of this individual. Would any of you tip this person based on stress caused alone on top of how long this whole process took?Senrae4 Jan 3, 2012
Jan 3, 2012 Drop Gnomish without losing the patterns? I can't get a consistent answer from anyone. Please help. I am gnomish but would like to learn goblin and I've heard that I can drop gnomish and do the quest for goblin and learn the patterns as well. I want to make sure I won't lose my current patterns though.. Please someone confirm for me.Microondas1 Jan 3, 2012
Jan 3, 2012 Arthas' Tears removed from game/patterns Posting this here in the hopes of keeping others from wasting their time as I did. As of 4.3.0, Arthas' tears do not appear to spawn anywhere in-game. After multiple runs of RFD attempting to gather them, I went to WoWhead to check... and they are no longer used as reagents in any item in-game. Prior to this patch, Elixir of Detect Undead took 1 Arthas' Tear. Now, it takes 1 Purple Lotus. None of this was mentioned in any patch notes that I saw.Zulrias4 Jan 3, 2012
Jan 3, 2012 Postponing prof progress? hey guys just trying to find whether this is a good/bad idea. anyway on my warlock i started 1 of my 2 primary professions an s a tailor, tho due to recent purchases ive found it hard to keep leveling my prof and buying other goodies, atm im only like 80 skill level in tailoring and im just wondering if its worth waiting till 85 (when i have more money/ access to materials and time) to gather and increase my tailoring skill level? Atm i can easily sustain on the current gold im earning from auctioning items and gathering materials to sell and figured that my profession levels can probably wait, Im very intrested to see what you guys have to say, as im a newbie/inexperienced player and im posting to learn more and hopefully get a few tips on the subject matter, or maybe a tutorial?. helps appreciated :)Eloril6 Jan 3, 2012
Jan 3, 2012 Just leveled JC, how do I make money as one? I just dropped alchemy for JC since I'm not using my alchemy perks any. Now, I went through most of my money leveling it. How do JCs make money? Should I just go on an all day mining spree then prospect everything? But after I do that, what gems do I cut? I know carnelians are really expensive on pretty much any server, but JCs can't turn those into inferno rubies can they?Galook20 Jan 3, 2012
Jan 3, 2012 Ideas of what to do with dust? Hey guys, I've been researching what to do with all this hypnotic dust (1500+). I see people say make scrolls but It's not worth it on my server. You are under cut within 3 minutes. Don't know if there is an autopost mod now, or if people are just for some reason OCD on selling scrolls. Is there any big expensive items you can make that takes a ton of dust?Puthypaly6 Jan 3, 2012
Jan 3, 2012 Reforge/Transmog given to professions Transmogs and Reforges should be done by the appropriate armor type profession, giving Blacksmiths, Leatherworkers, and Tailors ways to level, earn money from other players and increasing p2p dependency in game. JC and Enchanters are making a killing with their professions because they can create what players want and need, gems and enchants, everyone wants to gear to the 9s. But of course most of this is based on prices of ore, gems and craft items. Well we need reforges, and if I'm wearing all leather I wouldn't mind paying a leatherworker to do this for me. Of course I don't want to be paying 150g for what was supposed to be a 9g reforge/transmog, but I'm sure there's ways to keep it cheap, maybe have it be a high cost ability or specialization that the player pay once for and accepts tips from others for their work. Pricing is the only thing I could see a problem with, or maybe low population servers. How would you feel about looking for BS/LW/TL to do your reforges and transmogs?Pookenstein1 Jan 3, 2012
Jan 3, 2012 uldum dig site How do I get to dig in Uldum ?Toofastforyo4 Jan 3, 2012
Jan 3, 2012 Shadow priest professions? Hey guys I'm going to make a shadow priest with heirloom and I wanted to know which professions are good for a priest ? Another question , which parts that I keep of my heirloom till level 80~ ? Thanks! :)Akasnakes4 Jan 3, 2012
Jan 3, 2012 gimme mah bs plans back dear blizz development guy, please make those plans reappear. Gorebang0 Jan 3, 2012
Jan 3, 2012 My idea for archaeology. Archaeology is boring. Very boring in fact. I think archaeology could be vastly improved to provide access to some much more interesting things to do than merely grinding for some low level epic of limited usefullness or some unique companion, which is actually more appealing than some of those epic weapons. In any case, Archaelogists should be able to work together to create events for their guild or random pugs. We should be able to discover items that when put together allow us to summon a boss, like the Shade of a long forgotten dragon aspect or a the shade of hideous demon. This would make archaeology alot more fun and interesting to both archaeologists and non archaeologists.Gorebang0 Jan 3, 2012
Jan 3, 2012 Jewelcrafting: Stardust Should use Zephyrite instead of Nightstone. Nightstones are used in several recipes and are practical. Zephs are next to worthless and at least if they were used for a vanity item, I would grind them into a bunch of Stardust instead of just cutting them and vendoring them.Kyale4 Jan 3, 2012
Jan 3, 2012 Profession Roll bonus Idea As an enchanter I feel that I am beind somewhat screwed in dungeons. Here is my idea. When an enchanter rolls disenchant on an item they would get a +10 profession bonus to the roll. I know that this could be applied to other professions as well. I am just tired of having to go to the Ah or go quest when I am out of mats. Prices on my server are high. 1 Greater Celestial Essence goes for about 140 gold. After running about dungeons I normaly end up with Hipnotic Dust and a few Lesser Celestial Essence and 4-6 Maelstrom Cryastals. Just to get mats I am about to start rolling need on everything just to get mats to enchant my own gear. Here is another Idea Blizz. Give us the option to turn off the Disenchant roll. Is it fair that everyone can use my profession that I put the hours and gold into? I can not use someone else's skinning while I am in a dungeon. Here is another profession idea. Allow Blacksmiths to repair. Give them something like an BoP crafted item that allows them to repair gear.Tenusbawl7 Jan 3, 2012
Jan 3, 2012 Any reason to level up Secondary Profs? So On this char, I have first aid max level so far. I am working on maxing fishing and cooking. I am waiting to max out arch until I have an alchemy char. My question is if I have first aid, fishing, and cooking maxed on this character, is there any point in even leveling these profs on my alts? Is there any benefit to it?Ladiran8 Jan 3, 2012
Jan 3, 2012 make botters less profit I was thinking the other day as i reported yet another hacked/botted account that one way to make mining less profitable for hacks/bots would be to lower the drop rate from ore to 1 piece and make up the difference with high level guild perk. Increasing the current guild perk to equal the current drop rate for ore or add new perk. i would make the perk revokeable so if a guild lets botters operate inside of it the whole guild would lose the perk and find themselves getting 1 ore. This would kill the profit margin for botters even running 24/7 Allwet6 Jan 3, 2012
Jan 3, 2012 Book of Glyph Mastery still required? I know I had read that book of glyph masteries were no longer going to be required, and instead you could get everything (albeit slowly) via northrend inscription research. Did this change ever make it live? Everything on wowhead seems to indicate that this change was left out of 4.2, but it's not clear if maybe 4.3 finally got it.Carrottop23 Jan 3, 2012
Jan 3, 2012 Cant Find trainer. Help!? So Im a level 11 worgen now and i still havent been able to find any trainers! I need to find the skinning trainer so i can start my profession :/ please help and thank you <33Nightswind2 Jan 3, 2012
Jan 3, 2012 Did I miss Something?..... Everyday I seem to notice more and more people trying to buy up hessonites and nightstone in bulk. I understand we can transmute them and then toss them to our JC who in turn can cut them. Sometimes the market is so bad that you see people selling the demonseye and ember topaz cut gems for a mere 15 gold. Is it worth it? The other thing is; I notice people trading inferno rubies for carnelians. What's that about?Healzfoyou4 Jan 3, 2012
Jan 3, 2012 How do I macro my Synapse Springs? I've tried the line /use 7 and it doesn't work. I tried different item IDs in case I can't count, but none work. I then tried /use Blackfang Battleweave Gloves and it works fine. Just for the sake of convenience I'd like to know why /use 7 doesn't work.Jones4 Jan 3, 2012
Jan 3, 2012 Minimum Undercut I propose that we not be allowed to undercut by less than a meaningful amount, possibly around 5% of the buyout. I believe this will allow prices to lower to their equilibrium price faster. I also believe it will allow players who are busy doing other things to not worry about whether the local AH fanatic who does nothing but undercut will undercut him, at least not by a meaningless margin. I do not believe that this will harm anyone other than those who spend all day in undercutting warfare. They are a minority and will still be able to undercut, by 5% (or whatever value is acceptable). It may or may not be acceptable to have equally priced items sorted such that the first poster appears first.Elru108 Jan 3, 2012
Jan 3, 2012 Potential Auction Income Hey Everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows of a clever way (be it a mod, a macro, a 3rd party website, etc) that can total your CURRENT auction listings and give you a value. I don't want anything as sophisticated as, "This item has a 30% chance to sell, therefore it's potential value is x" but something that totals all of the items I currently have listed and gives me the value as if they had all sold/will sell. I know, I could just use a calculator... but when I have ~190-250 auctions up at any one time, that's extremely tedious. I'd even settle on a way to export that information into a .txt/xml/etc - that way I could write a quick script to total it for me. Thanks, CalaxCalax4 Jan 3, 2012
Jan 2, 2012 [Suggestion] Archaeology Transporter Yet another suggestion about reducing the travel time involved in Archaeology. My friend Feorellas and I were discussing our love/hate relationship with Archaeology and agree that its the travel that makes Archaeology feel so grindy, not the fragment drop rate. Some sort of fast transport between digsites would relieve much of the tedium. What we would like to see is a rare artifact added that gives instant transport to any currently active digsites (same continent only). It could be Draenei for a source to make it possible to obtain mid-way thru leveling. Another option could be artifact "parts" solved from multiple races that are combined to form it - such parts could be BoE and traded to other players. A transporter formed in this fashion would still require a minimum Archaeology skill level to use and be BoP/BoA when created. We realized that some players would just selectively dig until digsites were set in key locations and then use it for instant transport when they want without practicing Archaeology after that. To reduce the chance of this, Feorellas came up with the idea that the transporter should be fueled by 5 fragments (Fossil of course!). Or there could be a BoP fuel cell artifact that has limited charges so you'd have to continue solving artifacts to get another. Either one would make a transporter more convenient for those active in Archaeology and less convenient to those just wanting an instant transport.Joynal1 Jan 2, 2012
Jan 2, 2012 How to make gold. I've recently been having problems with gold, Im sitting at about 4k right now and I need to make some more, I just dropped herb because I never really herbed and it was useless to me. Im looking for a new prof so that I can make a decent amount of gold and not have to worry about it for a while, something to push me upto around 25-30k would be nice. Im thinking about leveling JC, is that good? Is there something better? Any input would be appreciated, also if someone could tell me the cost of JC from 1-525 buying everything from the AH, it would be much aprreciated.Chintan21 Jan 2, 2012
Jan 2, 2012 Alchemy specialization changes for 4.3 Just read on MMO-Champion about upcoming changes to alchemy specializations. What is the point of this change? Alchemy pretty much sux anyway beyond flasks and now you just make it worse? How about fixing alchemy by giving us something useful that doesn't require leveling a snoozefest of a secondary profession just to get the recipe for? It never ceases to amaze me the stupidity of the changes that are made that are unnecessary. I am sure there are plenty of things that actually could be fixed instead of coming up with this.Kurumu34 Jan 2, 2012
Jan 2, 2012 2 Ideas Please make a "chef hat" for people like alchemists who need to sometimes make literally hours worth of product or miners for smelting ore, etc. Is there some lore reason that the hours i spend farming these mats are met with more hours of turning them into the final product? Also pleas allow glyph's to be combined into a set that could be sold on the ah. Like a DMC deck. You could make 1 of every mage glyph and click on something to create a "set of mage glyph's" that you could then post that 1 item on the AH. Really the only time people buy glyph's is for a new character and it would be easier for them and the sellers to have something like this.Chilidog3 Jan 2, 2012
Jan 2, 2012 Tailering bags I also am complaining about the lack of tailering bags for tailers.We need a large bag for tailers!I have been assured that wow frequently reads these threads.So wow please pay attention.Seeraanda2 Jan 2, 2012
Jan 2, 2012 Give us back our Blacksmithing plans All of them! PRONTO!Gorebang1 Jan 2, 2012
Jan 2, 2012 Best time of day to gather? I'm really sick of competing with 10 other people for ore. What are the best times (between 7am and 11pm would be best) to log on and gather for the least possible amount of competition?Gandin12 Jan 2, 2012