Nov 29, 2011 The Shuffle is Wonderful! I invested 1000g last Friday into trying out the JC shuffle. Over the course of the weekend that 1000g turned into 15,000g (approximately). I have very few cuts so I only sold the following blue quality gems; +40 int +20 int +20 spirit +20 int +20 mastery +20 int + 20haste +20 stam +20 mastery I transmuted all of my red common gems into blue quality aswell as my orange common gems into blue quality. My yellow, purple and green common gems I turned into jewelry, selling the rare procs on the AH and DEing the common ones. I sold several enchants with the mats from the jewelry and sold the rest of the enchanting mats on the AH. I still have tons of gems left over to sell and have so far seen a profit of about 14,000 gold. I know I could easily have made more with more JC cuts. I'd like to thank everyone who has posted guides for this on the forums and would like to express my "giddiness" at how simple it was to make gold this way rather than just buying random items and re-listing for a profit. The shuffle is wonderful! Sallana11 Nov 29, 2011
Nov 29, 2011 Void Storage Variation [Suggestion] TL:DR I propose password protection for banks and void storage (seperate from login password) across all toons/banks, and gbank access for GM only With the coming of patch 4.3, my fellow auction house players and myself have more than likely filled their banks with materials in anticipation of an upcoming spike in demand for our goods and services. However lucrative this may be, the more gold I amass the more I worry about the absolute mess my finances would become if i were ever hacked. In the 4 years that I've been playing, I've only had my account compromised once, and now change my passwords regularly but I disconnect too often to want to invest in an authenticator. I think having a 2nd protection on extra gold and profession materials would help cut down on hacking and exploitation, and that this password should be setup through battlenet with the same protections as the account password. Also there should be an option to opt out as with an authenticator. Any thoughts? Apri10 Nov 29, 2011
Nov 29, 2011 Bloodthirsty to Vicious armor I know all the recipies for Bloodthirsty have changed to Vicious but I also assumed that my inventory of Bloodthirsty armor would also morph into Vicious armor. Was that a bad assumption?Agincourt4 Nov 29, 2011
Nov 29, 2011 Pattern drops from Raids I entered Firelands for the first time on June, 28. My guild decided to try Lord Rhyolith. So we cleared the trash up to Lord Rhyolith, got a Leatherworking pattern (the player that took it no longer plays the game) and a few BoE 378 epics. All fine and good. On June, 29th, all of the drop rates for patterns and BoEs were nerfed. For the next five months of Raiding Firelands we didn't see a single other Pattern drop. What's the point of having profession patterns drop in Raids if the drop rates on obtaining the patterns are so low that a typical realm will never see a pattern?Sethmann4 Nov 29, 2011
Nov 29, 2011 Can't make decent gold as a engineering Any other engineers out there found that they can't seem to make a decent amount of gold with of their profession compared to other crafting professions? I have pretty much leveled every profession, everything was costly to level except inscription and alchemy. Alchemy I brewed and sold potions(netted a small amount) did transmute of truegold, living elements, and inferno rubies and netted a nice amount. JC, I make decent amount of gold with gem cuts, and the ore shuffle. Enchanting I also make alot via DEing stuff made from crafting uncommon gems. LW I've sold a few epic belts as well as a few melee leg enchants the profit margins for those are very good. Blacksmithing I've sold a few epic plate tank and DPS belts, those bought in a nice profit. Lesser profit projects includes enchanting rods, and belt buckers. Tailoring I've sold a couple epic belts, as well as a few spellcaster dps leg enchats, and spellcaster leg enchants. They profit margin was big, and the 7 day CD for dreamcloth cloth was worth it. Inscription I only made a small amount selling fortune cards. But then again it was very cheap to level inscription. Engineering costed a ton to level. Guns and scopes are extremely hard to sell, and the cost of mats cost more than what the final product sells. I've only been able to craft one pet which I can sell on average one every 2 days, the cost of mats is around 125g, and sells for 500g, leaving me a 365g profit after AH cuts once every two days. This boils down to a 182 gold profit off engineering per day which is a drop in the bucket when compared to the rest of the professions excluding inscription. When I had a gathering profession in the past I had a device that collects volatile airs, but the airs only equal a small faction of the income of the stuff I farm from gathering. I dropped the gathering for another crafting.Pyronugget10 Nov 29, 2011
Nov 29, 2011 Are any of the professions getting new things Hello, Are any of the professions getting new items when 4.3 comes out? How about the expansion? is there a list of things to come? Thanks, YortYort3 Nov 29, 2011
Nov 29, 2011 Engineering Suggestion Very simple, why not let engineers tinker other players gear? I mean it works basically the same as enchanting, so what's the problem? I can understand the synapse springs being equivalent to the blacksmithing gem slots and enchanting rings, but the others, namely the nitro boosts and the flexweave underlay, could be sold to other players very easily, at a tidy profit. As for the other things like target dummies and so on, coulndn't there be an option to "package" them and sell them? Maybe have different levels of boxes or packages, like Fellsteel Packaging (can only pack items up to I Level X), Titanium Packaging, etc. It could "come with instructions" so non-engineers could use these neat little items, since they don't get much use anyway. I've always felt the engineering profession was very limited in what it can sell, considering it's engineering that paves the way to progress. I mean what if the goblins and gnomes never shared their inventions with other people? Just a suggestion, I'm sure it's been made before but what the heck.Gilbert2 Nov 29, 2011
Nov 29, 2011 So where does one learn rhinestone glasses? Can't find them off the SW JC trainer.Balthius0 Nov 29, 2011
Nov 29, 2011 New armor and weapon recipes? Are there any new PvE armor or weapon recipes? I have a hunter and a holy/prot paladin that like to buy the newest stuff.Sithra1 Nov 29, 2011
Nov 29, 2011 New Containers (Bags) Needed Let's face it... Some of us actively employ specialty bags: Herb Bags, Leatherworking Satchels, Engineering Toolboxes, Enchanting Bags, Mining Sacks, and even Tackle Boxes. But there are still a few places where there's a propensity to accumulate resources for one Profession or other (sometimes via a 'bank toon') and there's no place for them apart from the smaller general-purpose bags. Yes, I know 24- and 26-slot GP bags are becoming common, but they're also insanely expensive - particularly for newer players and those of us who have lots of toons. In light of the forthcoming Pandaren, one container I've been dying to see for a long LONG time has been "Grocery Bags". With patterns available to both Tailors and Leatherworkers, these bags could readily be as large as 48 (or even 52) slots without becoming an issue. Northrend Spices, eggs, assorted meats, consumables, Feasts, Goblin Barbeques... pretty much anything cookable or edible, including recipes, (possibly including stuff like the Chef's Hat) could be stored in these bags. Another long-overdue container (comparable to other 'trade' containers) would be strictly for various cloths and threads - linen through embersilk, bolts or raw fabric, threads of all sorts, Tailoring patterns, etc. In essence, a Leatherworking Satchel for Tailors. One other container 'issue' that deserves address is regarding larger non-binding GP bags. Mooncloth Bags and Traveler's Backpacks (@ 16 slots each) are pretty much the limit for non-binding bags - both of which date from Vanilla. We need Northrend-based 18- and 20-slot and Cataclysm-based 22- and 24-slot non-binding bags. If anyone else has ideas for new containers needed in WoW, please feel free to pitch in.Behitha0 Nov 29, 2011
Nov 29, 2011 4.3 Fishing Idea: I personally do a ton of fishing for gold, raid mats etc. What if at max fishing you were able to do a quest and be rewarded a fishing net. This net would allow you instead of casting 3-4 casts with your epic fishing pole to be able to cut that time by just casting a net and catching all your fish in one shot? Let me know thoughts.Redcode2 Nov 29, 2011
Nov 29, 2011 Recipe: Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops Price check anyone? This hasn't been in the game for quite some time, it's extremely rare. What do you guys think it's worth these days?Discounted7 Nov 29, 2011
Nov 29, 2011 Greater Eternal Essences Well, since the changes to scholo and strath these have become a god damn nightmare to farm. So my question is - How do you obtain them in bulk since Cataclysms release?So11 Nov 29, 2011
Nov 29, 2011 Possible expansion for blacksmith or engineer i have an idea to bring Ammunition back into the game as a temporary damage buff; similar to wizard oils, or sharpening stones. what about having crafted ammunition give a limited bonus for instead of a time duration; a limited supply or charges cap arrowheads or bullets stacking in 250 or 500 charges that would apply to only base damage or autoshot abilities other classes get temporary weapon buffs that make a difference for a short time, why can't a hunter? we don't do melee, and we don't cast spells, why not give us a small bonus for temporary damage?Incredibul4 Nov 29, 2011
Nov 29, 2011 Prediction: Maelstrom Crystal price bump I'm going to go out on a limb and predict a price bump in Maelstrom Crystals after 4.3. The market is flooded with them now. That's because people run ZA/ZG a lot for Valor Points. Most of the gear gets disenchanted. There aren't a whole lot of dungeons that use them. With 4.3, any level 85 dungeon awards Valor. So, people won't be running the ZA/ZG stuff as much. So, fewer crystals. Of course, the new five-man dungeons will make crystals, but I don't see people running them to death, as there will be easier ways to get Valor. Also, there will be a recipe to shatter the crystals into shards, thus giving them more demand. There will also be more crystals from the Looking for Raid finder. However, I see most of that loot getting used, not disenchanted, at least at first.Sithra6 Nov 29, 2011
Nov 29, 2011 enchant shield lesser block i got this item today and i know its very rare but how much is it worth?Floormat7 Nov 29, 2011
Nov 29, 2011 Recipe: Transmute Water to Undeath What's it going for these days? Wowhead lists it for 100G and the comments say 300G. I've found a couple of links on google where people were offering upwards of 3000G for it.Vw1 Nov 29, 2011
Nov 29, 2011 New Engineering Mounts!!!! I want a blue comment on this! or at least eyes :D Engineers haven't been able to make any new flying mounts since BC. My RoflCopter is cool and all, but I'd really like the ability to craft some new mounts - ground and flying alike. I think it might be cool if we could craft submarines or boats that an entire guild could jump on and sail around while listening to Lonely Island, drinking our left over stashes from Brewfest. How about making some Mech-Suit mounts like the ones from Avatar, or even individual Mech-Animal mounts where you and five of your friends have different animals and then later you can activate them to form the Megazord and battle it out against other Megazords across Azeroth. That would inspire more people to be engineers IRL. Maybe we could get a recipe to craft two seater Jets for all the Top Gun fans or even 10 passenger commuter planes to fly raids around. Obviously these examples are awesome and just off the top of my head but you get the idea. Post some more of your own ideas for new possible mounts for engineers because we definitely need some!Doombutter18 Nov 29, 2011
Nov 29, 2011 LF BS BlackRock Horde Tipping 1500g My MATS need BS with Felstell Longblade Pattern My mats 1500gSwagadiñ0 Nov 29, 2011
Nov 29, 2011 Crafted PVP armor and 4.3 Is there going to be an update to the ilvl of crafted pvp armor in 4.3? I am sitting on the mats to make 8/8 of the Enhance set for my shaman, and I want to know If i should wait or not. I did not see anything in the patch notes.Qat5 Nov 29, 2011
Nov 29, 2011 4.3: Epic Gem Pattern Buy Order So what is the best order for epic gem cuts to buy? I get that it is... Red -> Purple -> Orange -> Random Book... but what cuts are going to be the best to spend the tokens on in each of those three main colors?Prometheium7 Nov 29, 2011
Nov 29, 2011 Fishing skill and the open water I have maxed my fishing skill and have done so almost exclusively at schools of fish. Now that I am maxed I wonder are there any fish that are worth fishing for not at schools as far as time spent and fish gathered? It seems like the only valuable fish are the ones needed for seafood magnifique, which is what I focused on. What are some fish that are worth fishing in open water? Also does a higher fishing skill change what fish you do gather given that you do not gather junk?Andrais3 Nov 29, 2011
Nov 29, 2011 Engineering Needs a Submarine Seriously. Engineering needs some form of an underwater mount. My life simply is not complete without such a thing.Sverget10 Nov 29, 2011
Nov 28, 2011 Crafting spell cast times should be shortened The title says it all. Or maybe instead of shortening the cast times, make an achievement or something that you can buy that gives you an item similar to how the Chef's Hat works with shortening cooking times. Call it [Illustrious Crafter's Helm/Gloves/Tunic/Boots/whatever] crafting one item at a time with a 3 second cast may not be a lot, but at 200+ items at a time, it's rather a pain to sit there for 6+ minutesKritkin11 Nov 28, 2011
Nov 28, 2011 4.3: Epic Gem Pattern Buy Order So what is the best order for epic gem cuts to buy? I get that it is... Red -> Purple -> Orange -> Random Book... but what cuts are going to be the best to spend the tokens on in each of those three main colors?Prometheium0 Nov 28, 2011
Nov 28, 2011 Selling a cooldown? Hi all, This toon is lvl 76 but maxxed on ench/alch. I have the transmute specialization. I mostly use this alts proffessions to feed my JC toon and DE stuff for mats. So, I can transmute truegold, not that I ever have. I am not in the 80's so I don't know if I can get to Uldum to transmute volatile life to volatile air (which would sell better). So I am considering "selling my cooldown" but I don't know exactly what that means. Do I just offer to xmute some truegold for someone on trade? How does that work? Thanks.Joseywales6 Nov 28, 2011
Nov 28, 2011 Blizzard stole my Wrath cuts Seriously, I know for a fact I had purchased several Wrath Patterns during WoTLK and I was asked to cut several Wrath gems, patterns I knew I had. I waltz to over to said customer, only to find I no longer have these cuts and i loose a customer. What have you done with my patterns, is this some ploy to get me to waste my time and get gem patterns i already had learned? I wish to have my patterns returned post haste! OR At least an explanation of why.Taeglin3 Nov 28, 2011
Nov 28, 2011 What happened to Engineering in Cata? It pains me greatly to have to make this post. I've enjoyed World of Warcraft for a long time like many of you here. I've taken the good with the bad and understood that some things must be. Unfortunately I just can't understand the reason behind the poor showing for Engineering in Cataclysm. The following points combined make me wonder why has engineering, the profession that was never about min/max but supposed fun, arrived where it is now. 1. If it is broke... FIX IT! 2. Someone fixed all the gas leaks in Easton Kingdoms and Kalamdor. 3. It takes a long time to have "Fun" again. 4. Crap-a-rang 5. Goblins stole my toys. Point 1: Engineering is the only profession that 1. Items fail. From the much loved (past tense) rocket boots (that's now attached to your belt BTW) to the force field, even the transporter, Engineering items has a chance to fail and not work. No other profession has this "feature" built into their items. Does the Blacksmith extra socket have a passive chance to stop giving you the bonus the gems placed in it? Or does an Alchemists flask do nothing when you try to consume it and force you to make another? No? So why does Engineering have to endure this? 2. Has catastrophic consequences when it does. 95% dmg delt to you when the rocket fuel ignites. Or the shield instead of protects agros EVERY mob in the area towards you. I await the day that the JC trinket interrupts your own casted spell instead or the tailoring cape enchant backfires and deal damage to the wearer. If it's not acceptable for the other professions then it shouldn't be acceptable for Engineering. Point 2: In Burning Crusade gas clouds were implemented to help engineers gather the motes they needed in their craft. This continued into Wrath but with the release of Cataclysm it was no more. What made things worse is the reliance engineering now has on volatile air. I could see they reduced the types of clouds to be gathered to only air but take them all out? I find that hard to swallow. Now I know what some will say: 1. We don't want engineers monopolizing the market for volatile air. I'll ask you this. Who's monopolizing the market on volatile life? To my knowledge and the research of players there is no mob that drops volatile life. You got to either herbalize the corpse or get extremely lucky to find it in the bloated sack when you skin. 2. You get an item that lets you get more air from gathering professions. The item you claim requires you to both have engineering AND mining/skinning/herbalism on one character. No other profession asks this of you. Imagine they tell enchanters to collect the greater and minor essence they need to make an item that requires a high level of enchanting to use just so they'll be able for a chance (and a small one) to get those essences while performing mining/skinning/herbalism on high level stuff. Not so nice is it?EVERY profession the mats or items to attain mats (ore->prospecting, herbs->milling, green/blue/purple items->disenchanting) on a character other than the character with that profession. You can remove engineering from that list. Point 3: Why must the items that are considered "fun" items have long cooldowns? I'm talking about stuff like the World Enlarger. the snowmaster 9000 & the transporters. The CD on the world enlarger was worse now it's down to 15mins but why? What's wrong with a 7mins or at most 10 min CD? 4hrs on a transporter cooldown? Why? And a day to make a single snowball... !?!? Where's the fun in that? Point 4: Why did you even include the Loot-a-rang? I was holding out hoping the loot-a-rang did what it appears to claim to do. Retrieves the loot from a nearby corpse. (10 sec cooldown) Perhaps I was being an idiot to believe thet you have this item you click it and it loots the nearest corpse that you are allowed to loot. Nope. You have to target the corpse then use the item. So what's the point in the 10 sec cooldown? I truly am confused to the lack of purpose of this item. I used it once after creating it and it now sits in my bank. Point 5: And the worst of them all, Goblins. Engineers have rocket boots, they give goblins rocket jump which they can use in rated BG's and arena matches. Also they can use from level 1 with no cost to them. Engineers gotta level their skills a bit before they get that. Engineers got Jieves that take an insane amount of mats to use plus requires very high skill in engineering. Jieves got a 1hr cooldown and Goblins get a banker they can call once every 30 mins. Oh and look they get a mechanical bike too. ~sigh~ I truly hope something is done soon about Engineering. A profession with little to no means of making profit on top of the stack of previously mentioned flaws. Nuria... Dissapointed Engineer... Nuria101 Nov 28, 2011
Nov 28, 2011 Wishing for normalized trade goods vendors Some examples of pain points due to trade goods vendors not being the same everywhere: In Outlands, it seems that you can't get parchment in Shatt as a scryer, and it seems that trade goods vendors all carry a strange mix and match sub-set of all the necessary things for leveling professions, but not a complete set. If I find a trade goods vendor, I have no idea if it will have the stuff I need. It's a gamble, and I think that's silly. I wish that Blizzard would normalize the inventories of vendors of the same type (General Goods Vendors have the same stock... Innkeeper vendors.... Trade Goods Vendors have the same stock etc... regardless of where they are.) Same thing with riding trainers. Why can you only train all the ranks of riding from only a few trainers? Why not all of them? It seems like unnecessary inconsistency and it seems that it adds unnecessary work for the developers to have to have all these different vendors with stock lists (presumably) programmed in individually. I can only imagine what a pain it is to update this each patch. It seems if they all carried the same stock, that code could be reused, and updated more consistently.Abbigail6 Nov 28, 2011
Nov 28, 2011 Different way to obtain choas orbs For those of us who very much enjoy the professions on WOW but do not enjoy herioc dungeons it is impossible for us to obtain choas orbs. We need something new for more solitary players to obtain the orbs, something along the lines of the marks of the world tree...that would require steady questing daily for a week or more to obtain a choas orb so we can create the things in out professions, that we have worked so hard to max out, and to get the new patterns. So many of the good new patterns require choas orbs, some as many as 5 orbs to make one item. I have the patterns but no way to obtain the orbs except for herioc duneons which I usually am kicked out of the group for not knowing all the fights. I don't enjoy dungeons and would prefer questing to earn my choas orbs.Andjoh5 Nov 28, 2011
Nov 28, 2011 Let's make fishing less tedious :D Here are some ways to make fishing more attractive to pick up and level. 1) Fishing in a level appropriate zone gives you a +25 percent chance to gain a skill point. 2) Fishing from a pool gives you a 35 percent chance to gain a skill point. 3) The above two would stack. 4) Fishing only pets which you can catch. 5) Repeatable fishing quests which reward rep and skill points, but not as a daily. There may be ways to make fishing more exciting, but hopefully some of those would make it less painful to level. Before I gave up, I would watch a movie when trying to level fishing on my main and that to me says something is terribly wrong. Lockyfuzzles13 Nov 28, 2011
Nov 28, 2011 Is there new recipies or patterns for all professions in 4.3 or is it just JC's who are getting new items to craft? I haven't been able to find any mention so far. ThanksAggysdaddy3 Nov 28, 2011
Nov 28, 2011 Suggestion: Prospecting Bag Quite simply a new bag: 1. available only to Jewel Cutters 2. smaller and more expensive than regular bags 3. only holds ore which can be prospected 4. one button to prospect everything in the bagDaegul4 Nov 28, 2011
Nov 28, 2011 Tailoring - extra cloth from everywhere or? Hello, I'm thinking about dropping Engineering for tailoring (I don't need any gear from tailoring) but I do like the fact that I'd get extra cloth from pickups. Though if I don't get extra cloth from everywhere I don't see how it will be profitable enough to drop 525 engineer just for some extra cloth. This is a question strictly based off of a farming standpoint. Though any other opinions are welcomed.Yort6 Nov 28, 2011
Nov 28, 2011 Are there any Blacksmithing daily quests? could someone please tell me if there are any blacksmith dailies on the Alliance side anywhere?Thandral2 Nov 28, 2011
Nov 28, 2011 Enchanting for new players This is my first character, and I just upgraded to Cataclysm today. I've been leveling really fast but noticed that my gear and my gold pouch seem rather pathetic. I've picked up enchanting but I am at a road block. I cannot seem to do what I used to do for leveling anymore. Does anybody have a certain method or advice for new enchanters? Much appreciated, RamhornRamhorn16 Nov 28, 2011
Nov 28, 2011 Please help me decide which Pro I should pick Currently I have Mining and Blacksmith. But I feel as I don't make money from mining, I can make more money doing something else than farm Mining. So I have decided I will be dropping mining from my profession. So I have thought about JC, Alchemy, Enchanting, and Skinning. JC: I think, it will take me a while to lvl up to 525. Time is money to me, so JC isn't in my first priority. Alchemy: I use lots of Golemblood(?) Potion, that increases Str for 25 secs, so It might be worth it to level Alchemy(potion master) and sell Potions. I have plenty of Elixir master in my guild. Enchanting: It doesn't look like this profession would take a lot of time to level, just few thousand Gold. Selling few selected scroll is a money making, and able to DE whenever im in an instance. Skinning: I make enough gold selling those strength food from gator tails in Tol barad. So while farming those meat, I would be able to skin them at the same time and I get +1% crit(OMG). Alchemy or Enchanting looks good to me. Hell maybe I will drop Blacksmith and Mining and pick up Alchemy and EnchantingFluenz4 Nov 28, 2011
Nov 28, 2011 JC: Band of Blades 75 Volatile Air? Really? The last one I made repeatedly did not sell for 700g, which was the base cost of the 4 Chimera's Eyes alone. Plus I farmed a bit wasted all my air early on in the expansion thinking that it called for so many because they were maybe cheap or something. Just saying, this seems like an unbalanced crafting recipe.Shaithe6 Nov 28, 2011
Nov 28, 2011 Can someone explain this undercutting? I've been working on re-entering the glyph market. So far I have about three or four dozen different glyphs on the auction house, and most of them are moving as well as can be expected, with undercuts of a few copper or silver. But there are three or four different glyphs that look like this: (from Auctionator's Sell tab) Note that when I made the auctions, mine was the lowest price. Also, I apparently cropped out the fact that this is for Glyph of Voidwalker. Now I'd understand it if all of my glyphs were undercut this way -- someone taking a loss to try to drive out the competition. I'd understand a huge undercut like the auctions undercutting the 250 gold glyph (far above typical market price for almost every glyph I'm selling). But it's just a handful of glyphs like this. No more than about four. Other trainer-taught glyphs aren't seeing the same issue. So I'm really confused... is it just someone amusing himself (or herself) by cornering the Voidwalker glyph market? Also, I'm not complaining about being undercut, even by so much. As I mentioned, other glyphs are priced at what I'd expect and they're selling slowly. Just trying to figure out why someone might want to do this. And also also, as soon as I saw this happen I remember it from the last time I was in the glyph market on this server. Attempts at buying and reselling the glyphs simply caused me to have a stockpile of the massively undercut glyphs, as the seller made more and repeated the whole less-than-a-gold undercutting price.Qazzi7 Nov 28, 2011
Nov 28, 2011 About profession-specific mounts If I dropped Engineering, would I lose the ability to summon my Flying Machine and Turbo-Charged Flying Machine?Guykild2 Nov 28, 2011
Nov 28, 2011 Blacksmithing specializations Any chance we will see a comeback of the swordsmith weapons for transmog gear?Lightbendz1 Nov 28, 2011
Nov 28, 2011 Suggestion: Disenchanting Bag Quite simply a new bag: 1. available only to Enchanters 2. smaller and more expensive than regular bags 3. only holds items which can be disenchanted 4. one button to disenchant everything in the bagDaegul1 Nov 28, 2011
Nov 28, 2011 Profession Mounts/Pets > make them BoA/BoE. I would like to see all profession mounts/pets made bind on account or bind on equip. A long time ago Smokey and Pet Bombling were bind on pickup, now they are bind on equip. They might aswell do it on other non combat pets/mounts aswell.Goldash5 Nov 28, 2011
Nov 28, 2011 Professions overhaul. So with another expansion on the horizon I think it is time for a professions overhaul for 1-80. I was hoping for this change in cata but that didn't come and in my opinion that made it worse. With how fast you level 1-60 these days its incredibly easy to speed through zones with dungeons and a better questing experience, but this leaves professions behind. Once you level past where your profession is it makes it a real grind to go back and level it. This is also very problematic for new players. I recently had a friend start playing (not with RAF) and leveled past his professions very fast because most new players won't quite understand professions or their importance, especially when quest rewards are so all emcompassing and well itemized. Professions should be companions for leveling to help you not a long grind to complete after leveling. I see no reason to change how professions work at the max level such as 80-85. At that point professions should be a grind to get to the max. But when its harder to get from 100-150 leatherworking than it is to get from 450 to 500 theres a problem. Not to mention some professions have absolutely brutal grinds in certain points. Examples are Blacksmithing from 325-350, Alchemy 275-300 and Enchanting 275-300, and pretty much all Leatherworking before 300. With a new expansion coming and more changes theres no reason professions shouldn't recieve some changes to make them easier and less tedious and expensive to increase while leveling.Myramensgone4 Nov 28, 2011
Nov 28, 2011 Crafting Idea I have an idea that I think will make crafting in WoW more meaningful. Why not give crafting components a quality level to get away from the cookie cutter stats on gear? For example: You get a 92% quality iron ore from a node that gives you a 92% iron bar when smelted. That 92% bar when added to a piece of armor will give you a bonus of 200 strength instead of 175 strength from a 76% bar. The quality of the material determines the level of the stat. If crafting the item takes 6 bars and you have different percentage bars, they will all average out for your total percentage. And, you choose which stat it increases. This would obviously apply to all gathered resources. It would be so much better than what WoW has now. Thoughts?Lockybalboa1 Nov 28, 2011
Nov 28, 2011 They should make Construction a profession! Imagine wow with your own house that you can teleport to! Think about how much fun it would be if you could build things in this game. The downside is that there would have to be different phases of the game (so to speak) where you join a phase with so many houses on it. You could invite friends to your phase and throw like party's and stuff. Also a guild could make a castle/house. Leave me some feedback on what you guys all think. I know its a crazy out there idea, but im sure it would make the game even better XDRaztrotzul9 Nov 28, 2011
Nov 27, 2011 Profession Crafted By Tags... So I've had them disappear on my equipment in the past when I transferred Factions/Servers. Will they disappear if the person who crafted them Faction/Server transfers away?Zero3 Nov 27, 2011
Nov 27, 2011 Master Craftsman Omarion Now that Master Craftsman Omarion has returned to Light's Hope Chapel, it would be really cool if the Tailoring, Leatherworking, and Blacksmithing patterns that he used to offer while he was imprisoned in Naxxramas 1.0 might be made available again, albeit with modified materials requirements. I realize that since they are for Level 60 Frost Resistance gear they might have little utility, however some of the models would be great for Transmogrification. I mean, look at the armor set he is wearing, it's pretty sweet. Also, for those of us that are profession completionists, we can sate our OCD by finally acquiring these patterns. Anyone else agree? Discuss.Judelak2 Nov 27, 2011
Nov 27, 2011 zone skills list ? anybody know of a website that gives all this info in one place? ex: zone herb skill is mine skill is skinning is etc... ive been searching the web and cant seem to find anythingDianntha3 Nov 27, 2011
Nov 27, 2011 Vanilla patterns....? It's been over a year since I last played, and it seems that a lot of professions lost patterns and mats from vanilla. I've collected every pattern prior to Cata except Naxx40 patterns(Which were removed in TFT. Is there any word on these coming back? Naxx40, Gordok Orge Suit, ect...Manicwarlock0 Nov 27, 2011