Nov 10, 2011 Levelling the struggle and keeping the fun We the lower levels of WOW, would like to square off in the challenges of finding the ..herbs and minerals and other such items. But what we find is that the high levels who fly , harvest all before we get a chance. We have to find ways to get to the items through strong monsters of our levell and then find where you have hidden them.. high levels just fly in and take. Is there not some way to equal out the playing field. ie: levelling plateaus set to eliminate their abilities and give us a chance to enjoyable level our characters. Please consider thank you..Bludruid4 Nov 10, 2011
Nov 10, 2011 Does anyone actually buy elixirs? And, if they do which ones?Raijinn6 Nov 10, 2011
Nov 10, 2011 Specialization for enchanting? Has this ever been brought up? e.g. for weapon enchants, ring enchants, etc.Noxtrael6 Nov 10, 2011
Nov 10, 2011 Inscription worth doing ? I have a fair few little alts and my rogue i am leveling atm i have taken up inscription and herbing, due to it being the only profession i haven't leveled before. Does it benefit you in anyway at 85 like most other professions ?Strifegambit12 Nov 10, 2011
Nov 10, 2011 Why not add epic gems to the Fire Prisms? At least some small chance of getting them that way?... It doesn't make sense to me for non JCers to have the same access via raiding, and Alchemists to be able to create them... but no way for JCers? What sense does that make?Fataldamage13 Nov 10, 2011
Nov 10, 2011 MinIng and Jewelcrafting Hi there every one I am here to day because I was looking to level up mining and Jewelcrafting and have a few questions first. About how long does it take to level these both up, and is jewcrafting decently easy and cheap if I level it up with mining any tips or things I should know please let me know. Thanks >Druidgonwild< Druidgonwild10 Nov 10, 2011
Nov 10, 2011 Mining/Skinning vs Mining/JC Hi, i cant seem to choose between the 2 combos, gold making, pvpwise etc. Any opinions or help would be great Thanks in advance :DIdknight3 Nov 10, 2011
Nov 10, 2011 Goblin Hotrod Goblins like to make profit. They know how to make Hotrods, surely there is a market for selling them, or the plans to build them. Crafted Engineering mount perhaps?Bilespawn4 Nov 10, 2011
Nov 10, 2011 INSCRIPTION: Book of Glyph M.= Cata Pro Joke Do Jewelcrafters need to go back Dalaran for JC dailies ? NO , they don't . because Pre Cata JC epic cuts aren't worth today. But why do most good glyphes require to be learned from "Book of Glyph Mastery" which drop in the wrath of lich king zones? Please remove those old books and let them to be discoverable from " Northrend Inscription Research" . Or make a new skill -" Azeroth Inscription Research" that require "Black fallow Ink".Sagittan182 Nov 10, 2011
Nov 10, 2011 Archaeology, the brick wall of wow. At the time of writing this, I am currently 1,041 solves into archaeology. I started back when it became available and have been digging off and on ever since. It has caused me to quit the game twice and been the source of more swear words than I could ever count. My problem is, I started digging essentially for the 2 hander. I figured it would give me a leg up when everyone I knew was crashing and burning on just trying to down magmaw. So I took up my virtual shovel and went a diggin. I knew what I was after from the start and did the right thing. I saved up all my troll fragments until I hit 450 (this was back when you could save a huge amount). I hit 450 and used up my 1500+ troll fragments. Sadly, no sword. I kept going like a champ though. Even to this day. Right now, I am 502 troll solves into this thing. I know RNG can be a pain but this is rediculous. Probability wise, I have well over a 99% chance to have seen it by now. It is similar to flipping a coin and having it land on heads 10 times in a row. It's near impossible. My main issue, is that all this time, all this effort, is all worthless. I have made a few thousand gold and that's about it. Even at it's best arch can only pull out 100-200g per hour. So what's left? A massive time sink but more a huge source of frustration. Like I said, it actually was a major factor in my quitting wow... twice. Now I am no stranger to obscene grinds. My main has the title "the insane" after all. But this is different. I am stuck here digging over and over again with only a slight hope of this being worth it someday. The problem is, if I stop now, all these hours were a complete waste. I literally have nothing to show for it. After all this time, I have a few baubles, a couple thousand gold, and a whole truck load of frustration. So with all this being said, arch needs a reboot so to speak. RNG, when combined with extremely low drop rates, makes for much, much more frustration than challenge. If it is supposed to be a grind, make it a grind. If someone grinds out something difficult, they should have something rare to show for it. Right now though, it's not about a grind. Most people who have this "rare" thing have gotten it within their first hundred solves, maybe 2 hundred. Luck should never take such a major role in a grind.Bruttle27 Nov 10, 2011
Nov 10, 2011 cooking/fishing quests You know what I'd like? I'd like to work on cooking and fishing daily quests while my raid group is forming up, that's what I'd like to do. Having 24 extra people does not make bread rise any faster, or fish bite more often.Breccia0 Nov 10, 2011
Nov 10, 2011 Hunt for Cooking Recipes, #200 trying for the Iron Chef Ach Award, requires 200 recipes and I have only 199, need one more, have checked all lists I could find online, and addon(s), need some sort of way to check my list against some "Master List" and see what I have missing, then find the source ... I can't be the only 1 with this problem ... lol ... eh, oh, yeah ... {?}Oucho6 Nov 10, 2011
Nov 10, 2011 Black smithing is BS really worth it to have for a plate class? and on top of that, what about gold?Airoshock8 Nov 10, 2011
Nov 10, 2011 Professions in MoP We've virtually nothing about Professions in Mists of Pandaria. There seem to be a lot of fun things in professions already in cataclysm, but I feel the rewards for being a certain profession are a little bland. An extra 80 strength for me. Hooray. That's not anything 3 or 4 other professions can't give. And since everything I make is BoE, I feel very unrewarded for being a Blacksmith. Are there any changes planned for 5.0 for professions? I'm not saying I should make BiS gear that's BoP, I recognize the problems that caused in Burning Crusade, but isn't there something more that could set me apart as a blacksmith? Or maybe leather workers and tailors? A little digression here, what about the chance of making Transmogrified gear with crafting professions? Perhaps a BoE piece you could make to sell on the AH. Or what about the possibility of some of these creations being BoP for the crafter? That could set us apart as crafters for these items without having an impact on raid viability.Maeltum1 Nov 10, 2011
Nov 10, 2011 Jewelcrafting nerf in 4.3 - bonus decreased Patch 4.2 rare gem: 40 strength JC bound gem: 67 strength ---- so 27 strength more them a regular gem a JCer can use 3 of them, so 27 * 3 = 81 strength Patch 4.3 epic gem: 50 strength JC bound gem: 67 strength ---- so 17 strength more them a regular gem a JCer can use 3 of them, so 17 * 3 = 51 strength any other profession has a enchant or something like that that provides 80 plus in your main attribute. Jewelcrafting had it, but nomore. Epic gems made JC bonus to be only 51 higher than a person that is not JCer It wont be changed to something like 77 strength to fit same 80 plus attribute?Cacaroto9 Nov 10, 2011
Nov 9, 2011 Engineering - Benefits? Not really. Don't get me wrong, I love Engineering. But it comes down to its effectiveness overall as to determine whether it should be chosen over a different profession... and here's how it ranked: Compared to just about every other top-tier profession, Engineering is actually a dps loss if you (either accidentally or purposely) pop the gloves stat enchant prior to popping Deadly Calm or your dps trinkets. They all receive a GCD for the duration of the gloves buff! I can't think of a single other profession that handles itself like this - but why? I see no real reason that it shouldn't stack with these buffs. Other professions have their stats stack with their class-CDs and trinkets, why not Engineering? Sure, 480 Strength for 10 seconds is a lot. It's essentially a third dps trinket (or about 1/4th of a real dps trinket), but does that really qualify it to put your actual cooldowns on GCD? It doesn't put Recklessness on GCD - which makes lining these cooldowns up together a pain! It's like you wanted to make Engineering sub-standard to Blacksmithing, Enchanting, and Jewelcrafting this expansion.Imatarp4 Nov 9, 2011
Nov 9, 2011 Oh no! A concern about xmog? I just thought of this, well with the Darkmoon Fair getting old armor sets that you cant get anymore. And that they want to add more ways of getting retired, hard to get, lost gear... archaeology... Wouldn't that just be depressing? The only way to get some awesome graphic like corrupted ashbringer or later, even legendary graphic skins, is to solve them in arch... With people still complaining about how they have yet to get the sword from the trolls even after 1000+ solves. The thought of this being an avenue for xmog gear just puts a knot in my stomach. How about you?Okugi1 Nov 9, 2011
Nov 9, 2011 Iron Chef Achievement, need 1 more recipe 200 known recipes are needed and I have found only 199, really, have checked several lists found on line and addons, can't seem to figure out what I don't have, much less how to obtain, buy, or learnOucho6 Nov 9, 2011
Nov 9, 2011 Vial of the Sands Tip Now that the expac has been out almost a year, what would be a reasonable tip for vial of the sands?Ovaltina12 Nov 9, 2011
Nov 9, 2011 Leatherworking does not feel fun I started playing a little after BC came out, and this druid was my main. I leveled leatherworking as I leveled to 70. I remember making the nightscape set, the devilsaur set, the stormshroud set, the wolfshead helm, etc, and using them while leveling. By far, the most exciting set to make was the devilsaur set, because I had to kill these enormous dinosaurs to get the right leather. Once I got to 70, I farmed and farmed for the clefthoof set for tanking and the windhawk set for my hybrid dreamstate build. I made tons of drums of all sorts for raiding. Leatherworking felt fun then, but maybe it was just my innocence. Fast-forward to today, leatherworking has no purpose. All the professions do is give you an extra stat boost. There is no need to take leatherworking whatsoever. Not counting the fact that it is one of the hardest professions to level because of the lack of leather (or high price), there is absolutely no point to level past the bracer enchant. I easily could have leveled my LW to max in Wrath and now in Cata, but it didn't matter in Wrath, and it doesn't matter now. I'm not going to drop LW because I have so many old patterns, but I will probably never level it to the max level again during the expansion. So that I am not just complaining, here are a couple suggestions I feel would make leatherworking more fun as a profession: * Incorporate skinning into leatherworking. So few people take skinning because it only gives crit as a bonus stat and no one really needs leather. * Give us more drums. Make them not-usable in raids if you have to, but give us something fun and useful. Is it such a big deal if people use them in 5-mans? * Give us more types of leather balls. Make a leather ball have rainbow trails as it is thrown. * Give us a recipe to make a good piece of gear that is BOP, not BOE. * Give us more set bonuses on LW gear. Make the set bonuses FUN, not just +50 to int or something boring. -.25 sec off starfire cast time! your entangling roots now have roses! your force of nature spell summons an addition treant. you are healed for 2% of your maximum health when you kill an enemy that gives honor or experience. your faerie fire now summons a wisp that heals you when you kill an enemy that grants exp or honor, but faerie fire now has a 1 minute cooldown - or SOMETHING. Anything. Thank you for reading.Tehbadgar4 Nov 9, 2011
Nov 9, 2011 Looking for blacksmithing recipe! If anyone has or had gotten their hands on golden scale gauntlets recipe and would like to sell them for a good price please contact me!Cyraptor3 Nov 9, 2011
Nov 9, 2011 BS and LW Specialization Recipes Searched the forums and found no answers to my question. When can we expect to see the recipes removed from Specialization trainers to come back in game? We were told when Specs were removed that they would become available to all in those professions so far as I can see only one (mentioned in on of threads linked below) has made it back in game. I liked the idea of removing the Specializations(although it gave your character some uniqueness, it didn't serve much of purpose as most of your items only you could use.) Threads on the Topic: Fugicakes2 Nov 9, 2011
Nov 9, 2011 why do rocket boots kill on fail in pvp? The title pretty much says it all. Why is the punishment for a failure on rocket boots so severe in pvp? How come when they fail which they do quite a bit about 33% of the time is it -80% life if your full life damage to you. How come it is not something like a - 50% movement speed? Engineering used to be a fun profession but in cata it has received no love at all unless you have a hunter alt to make the gun and scope for which 90% of the time you can buy off the auction house for less then the cost of the materials. The reason world of warcraft has lasted so long is because it used to always be fun (but that horse is out to pasture now). Normal bg's are nice because people can use some items which fall into the "unexpected" category. However no other profession causes you to actually hurt yourself but engineering. With spells like chains of ice, chillbains, hamsting, rogues slow poison, mages slow spell...etcc. not being removed when we use them the question still remains "why when they fail do they have such a penalty?" I am just curious as to why this was the decided upon side effect for an item that is used 99%of the time only in normal bg's.Yehright9 Nov 9, 2011
Nov 9, 2011 Commenting on Engineering Thank you. Engineering has just.. It has made me have so much fun with the most random of situations. Yeah, like that one time, where I try to mind control the enemy, but it backfires, thus causing me to become mind controlled and I wipe my own team - Hilarious. Or or! Nitro Boosting in general; Always win. But, for serious; I really thank you, Blizzard, for making a "for fun" spec. World Enlarger, Xray goggles... Oh man. Please keep adding fun, creative tinkerings to engineering. They make my random BG queues complete.Grommi4 Nov 9, 2011
Nov 9, 2011 Transferring Gold Between Servers So I have a weird problem. The server that I have my main toon on is dying. I want to raid and pvp in a more populated server. Transferring isn't a big deal....moving over the millions of gold that I have is. I've made almost 50 Vial of the Sands to bring with me, but will need to make almost 50 more to bring all my gold over. 100 slow-selling mounts seem like a lot to me. Also, I don't want to "put all my gold in one basket", so I was wondering what others have done to transfer large amounts of gold with their toons. Any suggestions?Firefoxy16 Nov 9, 2011
Nov 9, 2011 Herbing in Vash: Suggestions So, there i am, herbing and mining in vash and with each node, i start to grit my teeth a little. the herbs are too small the coral gets in the way the camera offset on the sea horse feels funny and makes me drive in to coral (scale down the sea horse model just a little bit) the puff of mount smoke is blinding while in first person camera and makes me drive in to coral --- its not like i havent tried ways to cope: i zoom out the camera to where i can see to avoid the coral and the lowbie mobs, but the herbs are so small that they become hard to click when the camera is zoomed to the point where its easy to navigate through the mobs, landscape and coral. the seahorse gets in the way at that camera distance too, not to mention coupling that with the micro herb models. so i zoomed in all the way so that i could see the herbs and navigate the landscape a little easier, first few nodes werent so bad, but i started to grit my teeth again the PUFF of smoke that appears EVERY time you mount and dismount has to have its camera offset moved so that its behind first person view, made shorter in duration and smaller in scale. its not even like its a quick puff of smoke or a small puff of smoke when you are zoomed in that close (which you have to be in order to click the micro herb models) because of the PUFF of smoke i typically end up running in to a lowbie mob, a wall, or any one of the tons of non-passable coral makes things more tedious than they need to be dont get me wrong, i love vash, its a beautiful zone that looks like a lot of work went in to it, but with the way the camera, micro herb nodes, non-passable coral and that puff of mount smoke (EVERY FREAKIN TIME YOU GET ON OR OFF THE SEAHORSE WHILE IN FIRST PERSON) makes herbing a little frustrating :)Ettubrute3 Nov 9, 2011
Nov 9, 2011 Where's the old BS weapons and armour? With the removal of weapon smith and armour smith specialisation's, does anyone know if acquiring the old respective weapons and armour is possible? I've trained every avalible craft from the trainer and this doesn't seem to include the old BC crafted blues and epics. I'd specifiacally love one of the epic 2H mace/axe/sword from endgame BS in BC for transmorg (i posted this in general and realised it probably best fit under "professions" topic)Dozzer0 Nov 9, 2011
Nov 9, 2011 Guess MoPs Stuff! (Ore,Fish,Cloth,Herbs,ect) Also posted in the MoP Forum. <a href="" class="bml-link-public"></a> As the title says, lets try to name MoPs crafting mats. Ore/metal. Some type of Jade. Use to make solid jade jewelry for JC. (Catas was basically glass so...) Pandemonium! (Not really but I had to say it.) Some type of Iron. We had plenty of steels but only one other type of iron. (Fel Iron) Cloth. Silk would be my first guess, since it is based of china, but we already have Silk and Embersilk. So I would say Pandaren silk or something like that. Mistweave (Thank you Steth from Archimonde) Leather. I got nothing. I guess they can stamp 'Exotic' on it or something like that. Meat. Tiger meat. Yak meat. Something from the Verming, (Or what ever those rabbit people are called) seeing as it has been a while since we ate something sentient. Lasher 'Meat'. (Or flesh. You can hunt plants... if they move.) Snake meat. Dodo meat. (I want thees guys as a pet) Fish. Coy Fish Some type of seahorse. A tiny shark. We only get to fish up one shark and that's for a fishing tournament. Baby Sea Turtle "Mmm! That's good turtle!". A type of snapper. A new type of clam. THAT ATTACKS YOU WHEN YOU OPEN IT! (Drops pearls for JC) (Below are all from Tanin From Icecrown, thank you) Spotted Carp Paradise Fish Silverfin Redfin Shark Freshwater Viperhead Yellow Pufferfish Tiny Sponge (as a junk drop) Herbs. Some type of lotus. Some type of jasmine. Cherry Blossoms. Lets pick from a tree for once. Rice. Also used in cooking and to make Rice Ink for scribes. Grows in groups of 2-5 and drops 2-6 per plant. Bamboo Shoots. Also used in cooking and to make rice ink even though that makes no sense. Orchid That has a chance to turn into a lasher. "A wild lasher appears!". Ink. Rice Ink. Blossom Ink. That's all I got for now. What do you guys think? Edit; Added Coy Fish.Drede5 Nov 9, 2011
Nov 9, 2011 Tailoring and….. Am just wondering what the best 2nd profession is to go along with tailoring?Photovoltaic3 Nov 9, 2011
Nov 9, 2011 BoA Archaeology Crafts. I know there are some archaeology crafts that are BoA but why not make all of them? It seems like a huge waist of time to make all my crafts and only have a few BoA. ex: [Druid and Priest Statue Set] why shouldn't it be BoA? It's a fun item, but i dont want to have to do archaeology again on my hunter to get it! =(Arlanos0 Nov 9, 2011
Nov 8, 2011 Jewelcrafting Recipes So as a recent JC who dropped Engineering, which sucks massively this expansion BTW, I was wondering about an issue with JC that I don't see with other professions. Namely, why is JC the only profession limited by time in regards to learning the WotLK/Cataclysm recipes? Every other profession can simply trade gathering materials for their recipes, while JC has no choice but to do a daily. I can learn everything I want in a day with the other professions, with JC it could take almost a year. Seriously, why?Zero58 Nov 8, 2011
Nov 8, 2011 Idea for new secondary profession Ive been throwing this idea around in my head, it is by no means complete, nor am I closed to further suggestion or refinement from the community - but here it goes: Bounty Hunter - Here is how it works in my mind: Rogues play a special part in this, as a rogue bounty hunter you would go to SI:7 (or Horde equivalent) for a "daily" in which you are given a mark - some random opposite faction non elite NPC. Stealth in, kill it, collect ear (I love Diablo) and turn it in for some coin. Here is where it gets interesting. Completing this causes you to gain a De buff called "Mark and Reprisal" in which opposite faction Bounty Hunters can kill you regardless of whether you are flagged PvP and collect your ear, thus collecting a bounty on you the rogue. Couple things I think that should be included in this. 1) Rogues can also hunt other rogues for their bounty. 2) Your De buff clears off at midnight OR when you are killed, which ever happens first, thus allowing you to only be collected from once per assassination you complete (or day). 3) if you make it to daily reset and your buff clears off, the next time you get it, the reward for killing you is higher. 4) Bounty Hunters can purchase a list of current opposite faction marks. The higher their buff is, the more information is given about them (something like being able to track their current Continent or zone for significantly high levels of marks.) 5) You would NOT be able to bounty hunt in battle grounds or arenas, making it possible for rogues to still enjoy this aspect of the game. Like I said, this is an idea that can be built upon, but I thinks its cool and would put a cool twist on some world PvP.Ketiper10 Nov 8, 2011
Nov 8, 2011 Question I didn't get to ask at Blizzcon 2011 I had a blast at Blizzcon 2011 this year! By the time I got in line for the Q&A's the line was out the door and backed up to San Diego! So here are my questions, I hope it find their way to someone who can give accurate (non-speculative) answers: 1. Would it be possible to add a "mass" milling, disenchant, prospect, etc item to the game? 2. Would it be possible to add an wearable item (like the chefs hat) or spell to the game to increase the speed at which players craft items or mill, disenchant, prospect, etc? Thanks!!Marjan12 Nov 8, 2011
Nov 8, 2011 Fishing!! I did'nt/have'nt heard anything new about fishing in MoP, and though i know it's early yet, I would like to put out a few idea's or maybe hear a few from other's. I personaly enjoy fishing and im sure there are other's and the item's in-game are very limited. I dont think we need more fishing poles but some more gear would def. be nice. As it stands there are very few ways to get the few fishing orianted gear gear in-game. I would still like these things to be some what of a challenge to get but a pair of boots and a trinket aren't a whole lot to choose from. Maybe add some other gear that would play into the RP type scenarios in terms of look and have cool on use effects like the trinket. I'm not the most creative so ill leave that up to others. Hopeing fishing gets some more love soon : ) Rocketz13 Nov 8, 2011
Nov 8, 2011 2 farming professions? Okay so on my main I have a lot of people get on my case about the fact that I have 2 farming professions. Skinning and Herbalism. I really don't see why it matters. I've been told its because I don't receive the extra stats (like with JC they get special gems.) So should I drop one of these and pick up like enchanting or something?Taellana54 Nov 8, 2011
Nov 8, 2011 Why Start Archaeology? What's the point? Someone please give me the pros/cons or whys/why-nots.Sunshiny16 Nov 8, 2011
Nov 8, 2011 Archeology....sad face programers get VERY defensive about the use of terms "bad design" ...or "lazy" , but in real life....WoW has some VERY bad designs. Not bad choices, no pre thought, and no follow up. Archaeology. Not only do you spend much of your time criss crossing a zone, Vs a predetermined set of three. The rewards Vs. Time spent to "solve" the puzzles has not in any way kept up with current rewards in other professions. You as a team, came out with have completely dropped the ball. By....Bad design. Not to leave you hanging, and to just point fingers with out potential fixes. Here are a few ideas to help make it .......playable. (some would rather lick the soles of their shoes than lvl archaeology) 1. Predetermine the location of all 3 finds, and have your tracker bring you to them from closest to furthest. 2. Flightpoints and connections( harder to fix, but a viable option) reduce the time to fly by speeding up the flight mounts( I know you worked hard on the beautiful graphics, i have seen them you did good...enough already) as well as more direct flights from capitols to flightpoints. Using the capitols more as hubs. 3. Hearthstone, without portals, the time to travel to all of the zones has gone way past extreme. make the innkeepers daughter have a seperate cooldown 4. Puzzles. the rewards need to have current gear or potential drops such as satchels, gems or some reward to help keep a zone or faction fresh, by placing random drops in the dig sites, you could make it more fun. With the changes made, it would be more fun to play and have rewards that would be worth going after......just food for thoughtFathertim2 Nov 8, 2011
Nov 8, 2011 Can't see herbs in Stranglethorn I'm hoping someone can help me figure this out. I went to Stranglethorn to collect some herbs, and none are appearing. I flew all throughout both zones (northern and cape), and not a single herb to be found. At one point, a cluster of herbs did appear on the minimap, but they disappeared instantly. When I landed on the ground and waited, they never appeared. It does not seem to be a lag issue, as I can find other herbs in other zones just fine. As a note, I have not completed the final phase of the Bwemba quest line. Would that have anything to do with it? Thanks in advance.Qinelle3 Nov 8, 2011
Nov 8, 2011 Jewelcrafters, what is an appropriate tip? I've been leveling mining and blacksmithing like crazy on my warrior and I have come across quite a few gems while mining ore for hours on end. (About three stacks?) Some rare, some not so much. I've been thinking about asking someone to cut them for me, but seeing as I have no idea about the profession because I haven't leveled it on any toons yet, I don't really know what an appropriate tip to give is. Is it tip per cut? Depending on the gem? All of the above? What do you expect to be tipped as a JC?Alajandria7 Nov 8, 2011
Nov 8, 2011 I need to stop this botter! Hello fellow entrepreneurs. It seems on my server, Agamaggan, there is a botter that sadly is abusing the system. I would like to stop him, but I do not have enough proof. I know who his mining bot is because of a mistake in spelling his name and it turns out he logs onto this toon to let it mine elementium ore in Deepholm. I feel that this injustice should be stopped. Just need ideas on how to do so.Backsmack19 Nov 8, 2011
Nov 8, 2011 Still possible to change Alchemy mastery? I ultimately want to be a transmute master. Can I still do the potion quest, and then simply pay some gold to change my Alchemy mastery? I did look into this but there were a lot of conflicting comments and I want to be certain that as of today this is still how it works and hasn't been changed.Glenlivet10 Nov 8, 2011
Nov 8, 2011 Question about Making Gold I need to start making some serious gold so I can get my flight license, etc before I head into outlands and want to do this the right way of course. Was thinking of making a DK alternate for this purpose alone equipped with both gathering professions and start playing the AH for a bit. Should this do the trick? any advice is appreciated as I'm still somewhat new to the game.Xarlea6 Nov 8, 2011
Nov 8, 2011 Engineering & the AH i have been having some issues selling Engineering items on the AH on my server. i am not sure if this is similar to issue on other servers/factions. the best i can determine, one or more of these are the issue: 1) materials required to make an item does not reflect the quality of the end product. 2) players do not know what to price things at, so they price things wrong. 3) raw materials are over-priced. i determine what the raw materials cost for a particular item i am posting (based on AH prices) and almost everyone posting items are posting them for huge losses in relation to raw material prices. the only items that seem to have consistently high costs are the 'endgame' scopes, vanity pet, and the final gun. but... Elementium Toolbox for 10g??? Threatfinder or Safety Catch for 25g??? Throat Needler for 30g??? at least try to price accordingly. or is this just a problem with production professions handled poorly in an environment with easier/cheaper dungeon, rep, and raid rewards?Fomerle2 Nov 8, 2011
Nov 8, 2011 Gems moving so slowly... I'm guessing it's because it's the end of a patch and not many people are getting new gear plus there's fierce competition. It seems like I can't sell a single gem unless I babysit the AH 24/7 There's one alt in particular that is extremely annoying... he floods the AH and undercuts immediately on pretty much every gem. I have a feeling I know who his main is since the main stopped posting and had pretty much the same behavior. I almost don't think it's worth the cancel/repost fees to even keep trying to sell gems. Maybe I'll just wait for the patch when gems should sell pretty quickly. Is anyone else having a tough time selling gems? Or are you the guy that camps the AH 24/7?Shambeef38 Nov 8, 2011
Nov 8, 2011 Is there a plan to buff non-BS profs for 4.3? Similar to wrath to compensate for the stat gain from epic gems becoming available? Or at least maybe make it so BS's can't put epic gems in their sockets? Otherwise we're gonna have a balancing issue with BS becoming a clear choice.Brute10 Nov 8, 2011
Nov 8, 2011 Salvaging Archaeology (not official content) It is probably a good idea I am not in charge of anything at Blizzard. But if I were, I'd do something like this to Archaeology. DAILY QUESTS (HORDE) They daily questgiver is a bald orc by the name of Brarcus Mody, who resides in Grommash Hold (right next to where Belloc stands). Because Archaeology requires player level 20, these quests involve more work and more danger than the Cooking and Fishing dailies. Each day, a player gets one of the quests at random from their available list. Unlike the Cooking and Fishing dailies, however, the same quest is not server-wide. You might get the Night Elf quest on your main, but the Dwarf one on your alt, the same day. Daily Quest 1: They Bael'dun Out On Us "Have you been to the Bael'dun digsite, <NAME>? Just outside of Thunder Bluff, it used to be a research site teeming with dwarves. They must have wanted something very important to get inside Horde territory. The latest reports I've received suggest they have, in fact, unearthed something...but not what they intended, as they've all been slain by rock elementals. They may have left something behind." In Bael'dun, there are a number of Dwarf Archaeologist Corpses which can be clicked on. Half the time, this results in a Mysterious Dwarven Fragment. The other half, the corpse becomse a Dwarf Archaeologist Zombie (level 20-22) and attacks the player. If slain, the zombie has the same fragment on its corpse. The quest is completed with 6 fragments. Daily Quest 2: Graffiti Don't Fail Me Now "Not all archaeological finds are so simple to pick up and carry. Troll has been carving hieroglyphics into their temple walls for centuries, and moving an entire temple wall can be...frustrating, at least. Still, these rune and glyphs would be much easier to study if they were here, rather than off in the wilderness, surrounded by hostile creatures. <CLASS>, why don't you take this wax stick down to the troll ruins in the Ghostlands and see if you can make a copy of some of the more relevant carvings?" The player needs to get 5 Light Parchment and the Wax Stick (provided) and go to any of the troll villages in the Ghostlands. Certain wall fragments have the title "Interesting Troll Hieroglyphics" when mouseovered. Near one of these, use the Wax Stick to turn a Light Parchment into a Troll Hieroglypic Rubbing which, naturally, stack up to 5. It is not possible to use the same wall twice per quest. The quest is completed with five rubbings. Daily Quest 3: Fallen Arches "Have you heard of the Emerald Dream? Of course you have, any student of the archaeological arts has. You have probably also heard that there are four ancient elven constructs, portals into the Dream, that have lied dormant for ages. Time was they were guarded by huge corrupted dragons, but that time appears to have passed. You should go take a look at these majestic works of elven magic and art, you never know what you could learn from them. Be careful, though...just because the dragons are gone, doesn't mean something else hasn't moved in." The player needs to visit any of the four nightmare dragon portals to complete the quest. While any will work, the one in Ashenvale is closest and the least guarded. ** As a special note, using The Lost Relic of Argus while this quest is active sends you to the nightmare portal in Ashenvale. It doesn't do anything special for the other quests. Daily Quest 4: No Bones About It "There are some that say that the oldest type of creature on Azeroth, before men, before elves, even before rats and fish, were the insects. Not everyone agrees, of course, but that's why it's called research, isn't it? What we need are some carapace fragments from two related species, one old and one new. You will need to find a place where such creatures have been nearly undisturbed for a long the Skittering Dark. Find some old, intact pieces of exoskeletons as well as some fresher ones to compare to." The player needs to harvest 4 Ancient Chitin Fragments from objects spawned in the Skittering Dark, as well as 4 Fresh Chitin Fragments from any spider anywhere in Azeroth (such as the Skittering Dark). The drop rate for the fragments increases with level, reaching 100% at level 30+ spiders. Spiders in Outland and Northrend (are there any?) don't work. (continued)Breccia4 Nov 8, 2011
Nov 8, 2011 Herbalism and Alchemy I was about to level herbalism and alchemy and was wonder about how long does it take?Bigft5 Nov 8, 2011
Nov 8, 2011 Truegold usage question Can anyone enlighten me as to why Truegold isn't used by 4.2 and 4.3 raid crafting patterns? I find it frustrating that it stops being useful at the ilvl365 weapons. It seems almost a waste, especially compared to Titansteel bars in WotLK. At least those were used all the way through the expansion. Heck, miners couldn't proc extras either, so they were essentially even harder to come by (before they removed the cooldown, anyway.) So, anyone with insight?Kizitria2 Nov 8, 2011
Nov 7, 2011 Gimme Some Job.. Hey Guys, I used to play on horde side, I had 2 85, but I decided to make an alt on alliance side, so here I am. I Created this warrior 1 weeks ago, and he's leveling pretty fast, be I Would Like to have some profession before Outland. I'm planning on being mostly PvP, but Tanking Heroic, and Something raid, won,t afraid me, and I Would Like to know what would be the best for me, considering that i'm new on this server. I Will roll a Mage too, for Bg and Profession, so Should I Go like, 2 crafing profession on my warrior, 2 Farming profession on my mage? Or 1-1 on Each? And Wich One should I Choose? I Tought about Enchanting, and Jewelcrafting, but i'm not sure ! I'm waiting for you guys to Help me, Thanks a lot : ) ( Sorry about my English, I'm from Quebec, Canada :s )Stirik4 Nov 7, 2011
Nov 7, 2011 Engineering: wing suits Sick of flying downwards why not dismount and wing suit it. fall faster but have control on where you landSkuxley3 Nov 7, 2011