Dec 16, 2011 Question on Tailoring I haven't been leveling up my professions because at first I didn't think it was that important. But this is my first character leveling but now I realize it's important. Anyways, is there any place where I can buy some Linen Cloth in bulk? I'm tired of killing level 5 Humanoids for Linen Cloth.Mysticshadow14 Dec 16, 2011
Dec 16, 2011 Spider's Silk drop rate Could the powers-that-be consider upping the drop rate for spider's silk? It's ridiculously low.Rythmn21 Dec 16, 2011
Dec 16, 2011 Which to choose? What two professions would be best for a blood elf tank paladin? I'm level 40 and this is my first character so I'm new and not sure which professions to choose? Any Suggestions?Aendakianis9 Dec 16, 2011
Dec 16, 2011 Skinning while lvling: Vash'jir or Hyjal? Of the two lvl 80 Cata zones (Hyjal and Vash'jir), which one tends to favor skinning while questing the most? This toon will be hitting lvl 80 soon, and I'm trying to figure out where best to lvl him. I'm tempted to think that Vash'jir likely isn''t the best of zones for skinning, but I also recall Hyjal quests tending to favor saving the local wildlife (as opposed to killing it).Erldor4 Dec 16, 2011
Dec 16, 2011 Jewelcrafting Changes I would like to see some changes to the primary gem slots in the game. Currently as it stands the only viable gems worth even crafting/selling are red/orange/purple. Why not spread it out a little bit? Master = Yellow Intellect = Red Strength = Purple Agility = Orange Stamina = Blue Parry = Blue Haste/Critical = Green You really do not need hybrid gems. They do not serve much of a purpose, however if they are a must either allow gems to be reforged or allow the jewelcrafter to modify them at the cost of the original statistic. This may not be the best solution, I am just tired of seeing red gems sky rocket at every tier release while green and yellow gems sit at an idle 10g. If this solution does not suit then then keep items released that require only these gems, not red, orange or purple.Phenominon3 Dec 16, 2011
Dec 16, 2011 Glyph System Revamp in MoP Blizzard has said they are unhappy with the way the glyphing system currently works, but so far nothing has been said about what exactly they are concocting for MoP to fix it. So, here are my thoughts and hopes on the matter. (I've posted in the Profs forum because of its direct relation to the livelihood of Inscriptioners.) Blizz has stated that one of the key hopes for the new talent system is that it will allow the player to play how they want to play, and avoid 'cookie-cutter' specs. I think they could accomplish the same thing with glyphs by making them more generic. I envision a system where characters have a number of 'glyph points' that scale with their level. Each glyph would have an assoicated 'glyph cost', and players could glyph as many glyphs as they want, provided they do not exceed their max glyph points. Glyphs would work for spells much like enchants do for gear now, so you could open your spellbook, and attach a "+1% spell haste" glyph to any of your spells. Each spell can support one glyph, but the total of all glyphs on all spells sill can not surpass your glyph points. I imagine there would be generic glyphs that would work for any spell, and then "Elemental" glyphs that would only work on spells of a given type. For instance, "Fire: Causes all enemies within 5 yds of the target to burn for 10% of this spell's direct damage over 15 secs." or "Nature: Critically hitting with this spell will root the target in place for 5 secs." These two examples I just came up with off the top of my head could only be applied to Fire or Nature spells respectively. Also, like enchants and socket gems, replacing a glyph on a spell would destroy the old one. Additionally, I'd like to see some of the current prime glyphs recycled as Inscription quest rewards. So an Inscriptioner could, with the right mats, target a player and do an inscription that would give that player a quest. The player can then turn in the quest at their class trainer, and the reward would be one of 6 or so significant buff to one of their spells (ala Prime Glyphs). Players can do the quest more than once, but accepting the quest again removes their previous bonus. Those are my thoughts, let me know what you think. Or, if you have your own ideas to add, please do so. Rhastia6 Dec 16, 2011
Dec 16, 2011 Dear Blizzard, A concern of most. I, and most likely the World of Warcraft community, would like to know if you plan on bringing all other professions in line with Blacksmithing, or should we sink our teeth and money into rerolling our professions to Blacksmithing for the sake of min/max. You did have 77 stat Jewelcrafting Chimera's Eyes on the PTR, but they did not go live. I'm sure you have a ryhme and a reason for this, but now it makes JC the worst profession to have. I'm not going to say its easy to equalize all the profession bonuses, adding bits more to inscription and leatherworking stat gains because you would have to recalculate the bonuses from engineering glove tinker and the Tailoring embroideries. I'm hopeful that soon all will be brought in line with each other soon. Sincerly, Concerned customerRaginhardbro4 Dec 16, 2011
Dec 16, 2011 Concerns with leveling Jewelcrafting In my recent searching, I've noticed some things about Jewelcrafting that I am a bit concerned about. It seems that leveling the skill past 500 we are left with very few or in some case no choices on what we use to level the profession. For example, we require meta gems made by alchemist to level our profession but alchemists cannot make those gems until they are 525. Our only other option at that point is the daily quest reward bought gems and they don't even get us very far. So in essence it appears we jewelcrafters simply will not be able to get to 525 without alchemists being maxed out first. Are there any plans to add more recipes soon to make our advancement a little smoother or have I perhaps missed something crucial here? I was setting aside tens of thousands of gold to power it up but it just looks like that will not be possible.Silanyu26 Dec 16, 2011
Dec 16, 2011 How to get my Master of Xmute back? I dropped my ALt's Alch a month ago, and it's Master of Xmute. Now i kinda regret about that, ima lvling it back, but after i got my Alch up to 325, i can't learn Master of Xmute again? Does anyone know how to get that master back? Thank you soo much!!!Kevila2 Dec 16, 2011
Dec 16, 2011 Remove the tapping system in Mining Nodes. So far you have yet to fix the issue with starting to mine a nod and getting interrupted only for the node to become tapped and unattainable. Your system is flawed and should just be removed as its causing more problems then doing good.Hooyuwamekil8 Dec 16, 2011
Dec 16, 2011 Real Money for AH ? Was just reading some updates on a fansite and read that Diablo 3 was going to allow for items on the Auction House to be sold/bought with the option to use real money. Not sure if this will have any kind of WoW application. But just throwing my 2 cents in on this since its a Blizzard sponsored event in one of their games. I am for blizzard doing this, I think this might help wein off the cost to the players to play. You could , theoreticaly , have an in game job selling mats and items and it could literaly pay for you to play. I can see the real money feature being abused as well, so again not sure how to work that in but I really like the idea of having it as an OPTION , not a requirement. Would still like to see most items sold for in-game currency. Also Blizzard could "tax" each thing sold which would generate better revanue. I'm posting this as more of a related post and hope to see this spark some constructive feedback. If you disagree then thats ok, everyones entitled to their opinion on the matter. But my vote is yes!Kátara48 Dec 16, 2011
Dec 16, 2011 Patch 4.3 Archaeology changes not in notes I discovered that we are getting more fragments from digs now by reading the patch guide on Wowhead, as well as doing some archaeology digging, which was not in the patch notes at all. Also not in the patch notes however, was that there seem to be some new rares. I solved a Tol'vir common and a rare called Mummified Monkey Paw popped up as my next solve. I don't see this rare listed as an item on Wowhead, nor does seem to know about it. If one of the CMs, or whoever does this, could please add the archaeology changes to the patch notes it would be really appreciated. Thanks!Sineidin33 Dec 16, 2011
Dec 16, 2011 Having to Raid to Get epic gems/Xmute pattern Completely bad Idea. Although, today Blizz might introduce epic gems for sale through honor i think it would truly be a terrible idea if blizz were to not implement this. My guild is Solely a PvP guild and having to raid to upgrade our gear is utterly rediculous. Even w the LFR, its only in 25 man. The chances of getting a pattern for Xmuting epic gems/getting an epic gem is incomprehensible. Does anyone else feel this way?Bådass36 Dec 16, 2011
Dec 16, 2011 Dreamcloth soulbound Ok I've been pretty casual for Cata due to my work schedule but I've recently started making a push to get geared so I can once again raid with my friends. I spent a fair amount of time gathering mats and such to get certain gear crafted but today it was brought to my attention that Dreamcloth is Soulbound. Great so now in order to get the item I gathered the mats for Boots of the Black Flame I either have to try and some how get a group together to farm Firelands which would be pointless since I can get the Valor boots that would just replace them anyway, or I have to coerce my friend who has the pattern on his alt to farm all the mats I just farmed to create the 8 Dreamcloth which would still take longer than farming the valor to get the valor boots. So I guess my point is, why is Dreamcloth soulbound? What about Truegold, Pristine Hides, Enchanting Mats etc.... IMHO, just get rid of this horrible excuse for a profession system, it is by far the worst professions system I've seen from any game.Semisane7 Dec 16, 2011
Dec 16, 2011 Inscription Bags needed? I'm about to level up inscription and I was just wondering if getting those large profession specific bags (for inscription) are worth it. In exemple I'd say the Enchanting Bags are a must while the JC ones are hardly worth it. just wondering if I'll need alot of room (like Ench)for materials or I can go easily with the normal bags.Syllandra3 Dec 16, 2011
Dec 16, 2011 An annoying issue As a Blacksmith, I can open boxes with the skeleton keys I can make, but ppl are unwilling to believe that I will not rob them when I tell them I cannot do it in the not to be traded window like a rogue, why can't u ppl at Blizzard fix that, so I can open them in the not to be traded window?Qulion0 Dec 16, 2011
Dec 15, 2011 Should I lvl Herb w/ Alch. or just sell herbs should i lvl herb and save herbs for alch or just sell herbs... wut would be more gold towards the end?Remorsfull2 Dec 15, 2011
Dec 15, 2011 Keystones, should I use them up? Should I be saving keystones, or using them up as I solve various artifacts?Aronoth4 Dec 15, 2011
Dec 15, 2011 Spider silk and how it applies to JC OMG Spider Silk and Epic Gems and Enchanting Mats. WTF Blizz Fix This Shiz!!! And Stuff. And I'm Mad About It. And Stuff.Analgesic3 Dec 15, 2011
Dec 15, 2011 Professions for guild My guild says if i keep mining and herb i can't raid with them because i won't be at max stats..... Should i consider dropping. I like mining herb because of the mad cashJoatjap5 Dec 15, 2011
Dec 15, 2011 Engineering Is there an average price range of how much it would cost to max the profession?Goner3 Dec 15, 2011
Dec 15, 2011 New professions for pandaria. Blizz didnt say a word for new profession on the next expansion, but i believe theres at least 2 new profession that should exist. Lumberjack: they're on warcraft 1, 2 and 3. Carpenter: Using mats from Lumberjack u can creat, Bows, Staffs, Crossbows, Fishing pole, maybe some boats too. IDK they´re not created because environment, but in fact these items are not crafted in any other professions.Throdaki2 Dec 15, 2011
Dec 15, 2011 so, how much have you made so far? I'm just a bit player, but I'm curious as to how much the serious shufflers make on a day like this.Alarand101 Dec 15, 2011
Dec 15, 2011 Leatherworking/skinnin needs a serious revamp You dont get exp for skinning a mob You HAVE to spend time killing the mob to get something Even when you do skin it, it's usually one leather Leatherworking takes about - times longer than other professions to level. I picked up Herbs and Inscription. In 2 hrs I was about 280ish inscriber and about 250 Herber. Skinning and leatherworking. Skinning leveling is easy but leatherworking is T E D I O U S. Ive been farming Heavy leather for 2 hrs now and STILL dont have enough to get from 165 to 200. went to AH and theres about 8 various heavy leather I can buy. Which obviously means not a lot of skinners. Can we PLEASE get like eight to ten leathers PER skin OR drastically lower the amount of leather needed to make ONE item? Tailoring dont have an issue cause EVERYONE get cloch and a lot of people resell it. Metals and Herbs are plentiful on the AH cause you can just fly around and find a ton in a short time. ThanksLocun16 Dec 15, 2011
Dec 15, 2011 Professions to make lotsa gold As you can see, I am getting BS ever closer to max level. I have found it to not be very profitable. Now I understand I will make more off it as I get closer to max level, but I am wondering if there is another profession that could also benefit me and would allow me to make more gold towards end game? I was thinking of picking up jewelcrafting but I am wary since BS is already such a high level. Any thoughts on this?Ladiran4 Dec 15, 2011
Dec 15, 2011 Can't decide between Alchemy and Inscription I'm at a 135 Inscription level right now and I'm pretty bored. Though I'm making quite a lot of money on Glyphs I wanted to know, does it ever get "fun?" I had it suggested to me that I switch to Alchemy. How is that for money and "fun?" Another issue is how useful either of them are for enhancing my character. I know that I can make that double mounted dragon eventually. I don't want to create another alt because then I would have to go through the hassle of leveling up all over again.Adaell3 Dec 15, 2011
Dec 15, 2011 Greater Celestial pain in the Essence It's probably too late in the expansion to change anything, but here's hoping in MoP enchanting mats will be more balanced in usage, or at least be more readily generated by professions. I feel like somebody dropped the ball with there being a whopping 1 crafted green weapon this expansion.Ersiusp27 Dec 15, 2011
Dec 15, 2011 Tailoring. Fix it. I'm not here to just !@#$% about how unfair this is, but because the amount it costs. I'll try to keep this short. So tailoring, should be a good money maker, with all the bags people need? Hell no. I spent well over 20kg leveling this ^-*! to 525, and I barley make any money? Honestly, I make the most money from Embersilk Bolts. Illusionary Bags NEVER sell because people never think they're worth as much as they are. 8 Dreamcloths, and a 7 day cd for them, the bag should be 2.5k-3k. I get offered 100g, because people don't realize how expensive it is to make Dreamcloth and say that's what it's worth. Raid patterns barley drop for me, so thats out of the question. Either reduce the mat cost, increase the slots, or remove other bags, like 24 slots, that dont cost NEARLY as much. If I spent this much on Tailoring I should at least be making 500g a day, which I'm not. I would have leveled Eng or BS if its this expensive. I don't care how you fix it, just fix it and you'll never see me @#$%^ing about this. And honestly, my main source of income is my herbing and mining on my alts. I'm done here.Oxgero9 Dec 15, 2011
Dec 15, 2011 [Request] Greater Celestial Essences Many Cataclysm encounters involve heavy movement. Most raiders use Lavawalker on boots. This enchant requires TEN greater celestial essences! This is by far the hardest to obtain enchant material at the moment. I greatly appreciate being able to break maelstrom crystals into heavenly shards now, that is a huge help. We need way to obtain GCEs that involves a bit less RNG. I DE'd four green weapons with an item level of at least 312 and got all dust. I understand the concept of RNG, but this is terrible. Especially when they are required by nearly every high level enchant. Crystals are very plentiful and as a result so are shards. I'm swimming in dust as well. Suggestion: Increase the rate at which items disenchant into essences. Also, allow us to either shatter shards into essences or give maelstrom shatter a chance to create either shards or essences. I've actually created new alts as enchanters to level up and break quest rewards. I've done all Cataclysm quests on both of my 85 enchanters. The rarity of these essences is absurd.Jones3 Dec 15, 2011
Dec 15, 2011 Mining as a competitive sport Only a few months ago, I could get 10+ stacks of Elementium ore in Twilight Highlands with only one circuit. Now I'm having to fly two or more to get the same amount, and it's not uncommon to encounter three or more players descending on the same node at the same time. I'm not complaining; in fact, it's fun to find routes that others don't usually take, and also to beat them to the looting punch, so to speak. It also seems to help to fly a small mount that's not easily seen from a distance. I love my little Dark Phoenix for that reason. The only better mount for mining I ever used was the Magic Broom with its instant-go, but it's only available during Hallow's End. The other thing about encountering other miners is that when you see them looting a node, you can fly past and know you're ahead of them -- at least until you loot another node yourself. I guess 4.3 brought many former players back to WOW, and most of them are miners! :+)Jaxle2 Dec 15, 2011
Dec 15, 2011 Prof switch I have JC and Enchanting. Thinking of switching human, I'm settling down and just gonna get lore master and the rep + is going to be nice. That said I have a drood with max mining and Herb. Question is- Once upon a time when iwas broke (wolk) i was an engineer maxed with jeevs and everything. Really enjopyed it. Cata popped out and I dropped eng for enchanting. I now have a process of bringing up another toon. Would it be a smart pally tannk/heal to drop enchanting and JC as a human? I will prob pick up BS and Eng and put these 2 profs on my shaman thats being lvl 10. Smart dumb? idk. Your vioce PleaseInkrest2 Dec 15, 2011
Dec 15, 2011 Pre-Current Expac Profession Oversights Or: More QQ about how Professions are forever neglected during content revamps. Dear Blizzard, While we the players certainly appreciate that previous content has been nerfed to be able to speed through it more quickly, it feels like you missed a rather obvious impact. I speak of Professions, of course. Those of us who have chosen to level professions as we level, and enjoy the feeling of having professions at a content relevant level (using Netherweave as we go in BC, Frostweave as we get it in Wrath, and then finally Embersilk in Cata) are having a difficult time of it. I'm sure this applies to miners/engineers with at level metals, and scribes/alchemists for herbs, as well as leatherworkers for at level leather. While their materials are arguably easier to farm by spending a little extra time flying around mining/herbing/killing all of sholazaar and skinning it, I don't think anyone is beyond the impact of this oversight. Since Tailoring & Enchanting are my most recent experiences, I'll stick to those for the purposes of this post. There are a few points in which both are bogged down by lack of material availability and accelerated leveling speeds. Even without any BtA and no guild leveling perks, I struggled to keep my profs. up to date. Enchanting in Pre-BC: There are several points when there is a large gap in the mats you need, and the mats you're getting, often leaving you with huge caches of mats you will need in 10-30 points, but none that you need immediately. Enchanting in BC: While not as much of an issue, if you are lucky with green drops and early disenchants from your produced goods (if you produce things in tandem with enchanting), the end of BC Enchanting can be an absolute nightmare, in addition to the punishing enchanting rod mats. Enchanting in Wrath: An absolute nightmare. I appreciate that you let us pick up Cata level enchanting at 425, but reaching 425 is so ridiculously material intensive. If you find yourself unlucky with winning DE rolls, or not getting many world greens beyond quests, you are sure to struggle. Tailoring in Pre-BC: There's a few points where you are simply leveling too fast to keep getting the cloth you need copious amounts of. The end of Silk, Mageweave, and Runecloth come to mind. Tailoring in BC: Again we come to a problem towards the end when you're ready to hit northrend but still need another X cloth to make Y bolts for Z skillups. Tailoring in Wrath: I can't help but feel a little frustrated here, because the amount of cloth required to reach 425 from even 400 is so rediculous. I don't think I managed to loot the required frostweave for the number of bolts you need (assuming you don't get unlucky and fail to get skillups) in my entire time in Northrend. Even with Northrend Cloth Scavenging, and killing mostly humanoids/undead while questing. In closing, I thank anyone who takes the time to read this and contribute their opinion or extra details of their own! I do realize that with enough money, you can buy yourself through these gaps, but sometimes you don't have that option (IE if it's your first character (or first character on a new realm!) and isn't this expack all about new player retention?) Audrianna2 Dec 15, 2011
Dec 14, 2011 book of mastery and low pop servers Hi my problem is Im on a low pop server and some very important glyps come from book of mastery . no one is playing in northrend , plus the drop rate is terrible . can you plz find a way we can get importent glyphs another way i cant find anyone with glyph of howling blast thx tomShazara3 Dec 14, 2011
Dec 14, 2011 VOID SPHERE - Cooldown removal? I was leveling up my enchanting on my priest, around the 350 skill mark earlier, noticed Void Sphere was an orange skillup. Decided to craft one up for a point, since I have a bunch of Void Crystals, and no recipe to use them with. After which I saw there is a 2 day cooldown on it. Is this really still needed anymore? I guess I dont see the need, while the recipe may be of dubious usage, why not let us use it for skillups? Just a thought.Sylvi1 Dec 14, 2011
Dec 14, 2011 Northrend Alchemy Research Is there any reason to do any of these 3 day CD "research"? Are there any worthwhile items that are worth producing in Cata that are Northrend recipes?Andrais3 Dec 14, 2011
Dec 14, 2011 Another crafting prof with JC I was thinking about having alchemy that way I could tramute my own gems and but them with JC. Or I though chanting cant go wrong thereBucknasty3 Dec 14, 2011
Dec 14, 2011 JC Daily Would be nice if Blizzard treated it like the dungeon dailies and give it a weekly cap. Still only 7 tokens per week, but it would be more convenient for people who don't want to log in every day.Girlfriend6 Dec 14, 2011
Dec 14, 2011 Where can the chopper plans be purchased? Title says it all. Please be helpful, as I get trolled in trade for asking this.Sargant13 Dec 14, 2011
Dec 14, 2011 Near 1 million gold I understand the gold cap has been lifted. I also heard that when you reach 1 million that Blizzard freezes your account so they can check to see if you are a gold farmer. Is that a true story? Once I get to 1 million I will be pretty much done with the ah except to generate occasional revenue to fund my guild. For me the ah was a challange to see how long it took to get to 1 million but now I want to be done with that aspect of the game as it take up a lot of time.Agincourt25 Dec 14, 2011
Dec 14, 2011 Nonexistent Enchant Formulas in Armory Understandably, this is a trivial issue in comparison to many of the other complaints out there. I simply find it to be an irritation and I'm curious as to whether Blizzard is even aware of the profession-related armory flaws. I'm an enchanting collector and strive to have every enchant in the game. I've been using an in-game mod to track the patterns I'm still missing but armory doesn't reflect "reality." Apparently there are three enchants showing in armory that were never implemented in the game (they were introduced on the PTR, or data-mined, but never went live). Is there any chance of this getting corrected/removed from armory at some point in the future? I'm sure it's not just enchanting as there are probably similar inclusions for other professions. Again, I'm not trying to make the argument that this is a significant issue, but it would still be nice to see accurate reporting under the armory professions.Fidea1 Dec 14, 2011
Dec 14, 2011 Any plan on updating JC only gems? So with 4.3 they introduced epic gems, but JC only gems have not been updated, this brings JC down from +81 to a stat to +51 to a stat once epic gems are more available. So what is the reasoning behind making JC go from one of the best raiding professions all the way down to the worst? And will it stay that way?Bayuriel18 Dec 14, 2011
Dec 14, 2011 I DON'T Understand... I know that you want ppl to gear up faster to see content. But is there any reasoning behind making maker profession almost useless. Tailoring//Blacksmith//Leatherworking. All new patterns come from the new instance(except JC). And all the orbs come from the new instance. By the time I buy the patterns and orbs come down in price to a decent level new content comes out and the patterns that I wasted money on are useless. ex. I have tailoring been making dreamcloth for a very long time, it has been for nothing. Went to make some 378ilvl boots to get rid of some of the dreamcloth that I have stocked up. I knew of the new boe VP boots. But to have a new boe boot 378ilvl from the 5 man heroics? And there was already the boe boots from Shannox...really. Why are there patterns at all? Now with the Leg and Bracer 397ilvl patterns...what is the purpose of having boe VP Bracer? So that ppl that get the patterns are SoL. With everyone getting 1000vp a week why spend a huge amount on orbs to have pattern bracers compared to VP bracers.(Some cases pattern bracers are better but at the cost of tens of thousands of gold). 1250vp, Ill just do some heroics on a alt and bam! wrist for main. What happened to the Wrath style of orbs and patterns. Patterns from new instance and orb can be from vendor//rare boss drop? Yes you have to find a person that has a pattern, but that makes HAVING the pattern worth it. Buying a pattern that was 10k could pay for itself in the long run. It was self feeding, ppl had almost unlimited supply of orbs for ppl to make more items to sell. But now the restriction on orbs stifles all the maker professions at this point. Doubly so for tailors as Dreamcloth doesn't grow on trees. Blacksmithing got a lot of love with the FL daily quests, BS couldn't have enough chaos orbs. But FL is now long forgotten and BS is back to the same boat as Leather and Tailoring. edit: Tailoring if your thinking of leg kits, they are now less that I can make them for because the 4 chaos orb pattern to one dreamcloth. If I were to sell them it would be for a loss. Why am I doing this if it is not going to make any money?Moonjit10 Dec 14, 2011
Dec 14, 2011 Night Elf Digsites So...I've completed all the NE rares (yeah even the trinket which I've never actually used). I am STILL getting around 50% NE digsites which I find absolutely retarded. Once you get all the rares from one type of digsite, wasn't the chance of another spawning lowered? These fragments are just making me a small amount of gold and wasting a huge amount of my time.Shmiles0 Dec 14, 2011
Dec 14, 2011 BC prof bonuses Back in BC, enchanters could enchant their rings, giving them a stat advantage over non-enchanters. Were there any other profs that received buffs back then?Dushkup2 Dec 14, 2011
Dec 14, 2011 Gems, prospecting/from motes Since the latest patch, the drop rate for red gems has dropped drastically from prospecting. This has helped drive the prices up a great deal. Also, the drop rate of epic gems from the motes you receive from motes in Dragon Soul are terrible. I got 10 to 11 motes on my 2 main toons, Mahria and Druinda on Boulderfist server and received small gems, not even blue gems, for all but one, and that one was a blue gem. Not one single epic gem. That is terrible to give small gems for these motes and the epic gem rate needs to be upped. At least give blue gems if not epics. Also, while prospecting pyrite ore, I only received small gems. Since this is the rarer and higher level ore, it should have better gem drop rates. Please review this and fix it.Roshana5 Dec 14, 2011
Dec 14, 2011 [Suggestion] Profession Leveling Heirloom Make a max level BOA crafted item for each profession that can be be consumed by a character's alt to speed up the process of leveling that same profession on their new character so shuffling professions around on characters is less painful.Cynity5 Dec 14, 2011
Dec 14, 2011 can we get the shadowweave mask back? I know this seems odd but I personally would love to have the pattern back as finding cloth head gear that is of a darker appearance is hard enough. So any chance of getting the pattern back?Zackyd0 Dec 14, 2011
Dec 14, 2011 Tailoring, leveling it I know there's a thread on tailoring but that one is about making money out of it. I would like to whine about the cloth drop rate or the inefficency or the cloth buff or the amount of cloth needed per recipies. Let's crunch numbers shall we? Let's say you want to make a glyph. You farm 15 herbs mill it for 6 to 9 pigments. Crunch 6 into 3 inks and voila, 3 points... Let's say you want to make a frostweave belt. Belt is 3 bolts so you need 15 cloth. You get a single shiny point making you move on to the recipie that needs 5 bolts for 5 points then the one with 7 bolts for 5 points. One single point at time. How much time will i need to level tailoring to 425? Sure money's faster but i just spent all my money on this and i made about 10 points. using about 70 bolts that's 350 cloth. at 1.0-1.5g each. I can't keep doing this. It doesn't make sense. Plus the cloth never drops. Because you farm it of course. I get tons when i'm not farming.Aethër3 Dec 14, 2011
Dec 14, 2011 Leather working good source of gold? I have skinng 375 and just recently picked up leather working. Im just wondering if this is a good source to make gold as of 4.3??Paaku3 Dec 14, 2011
Dec 14, 2011 Question about Flask of Enhancement. When I drink a flask, say flask of the draconic mind, is the 80 stat bonus included in the buff? How come I see int increased by 300 instead of 380?Jackswallow1 Dec 14, 2011