Sep 7, 2011 Enhancement left out of new BS patterns Why is enhancement the only spec that gets no love from the new blacksmithing patterns? Either add agi one-handers for us, or change the swords to something we can use!Naala9 Sep 7, 2011
Sep 7, 2011 hunters Why are hunters able to dual wield and there are good 1 handed weapons out there they can use, but there haven't been any good 1 handed weapon enchants for them since WOTLK. There is no reason why they shouldn't have a 1 handed weapon enchant.Fàceroller3 Sep 7, 2011
Sep 7, 2011 Not important but... Was thinking to myself the other night that horde, particularly forsaken, ought to be able to skin human characters. Kinda cool in a necronomicon kind of way.Mjol2 Sep 7, 2011
Sep 7, 2011 4.2 Blacksmith recipes I think blizzard needs up the item lvl on these. Its gonna take a long time to get these and by then most people will have trash weapons from firelands or close to gettting new arena weapons. I know someone will say alts can use them. I say to that bullcrap!!! why put something in the game with intentions of it going to alts. I think the item lvl needs to be uped atleast to 372Kongwongsui6 Sep 7, 2011
Sep 7, 2011 Archaeology, Nine Races or Ten The Arch main screen shows 10 icons representng the different races that have artifacts to find but only 9 are in use. What is the 10th one, it looks like a Harrison Jones hat with crossed shovel and pickaxe? I have completed 230 solves and have earned the Professor title so I am assuming I am not missing something here. Anyone have any ideas?Janissaries22 Sep 7, 2011
Sep 7, 2011 Suggestions for PvP I don't think professions are quite balanced in PvP. Namely, the gathering professions. In PvE, there's plenty of mobs to skin/mine/gather herbs from after they die; however, PvP lacks this. To help close the gap a bit, I propose: *If a worgen dies in worgen form, they should be skinnable (you can skin non-player worgen enemies, right?) *If a resto druid dies in Tree form, let us gather herbs from it.Elvenskwig2 Sep 7, 2011
Sep 6, 2011 Suggestion for outdated Jewelcrafting tokens I have roughly 80 something Dalaran Jewelcrafting tokens sitting around doing nothing and would love to see a conversion similar to what they did with Valor Points for 4.2 Not as a 1:1 obviously, but 3:1 Dalaran Jewelcrafting token to Illustrious Jewelcrafting tokens maybe?Ldienka1 Sep 6, 2011
Sep 6, 2011 Help with a milling macro Hi there! I need a bit of help with my milling macro. Right now I use: /cast Milling /use Cinderbloom /use Whiptail /use Heartblossom And so on for all the cata herbs. As it is right now, however, it will mill the Cinderbloom I have but then give me the "Requires 5 Cinderbloom" error when I run out. Any suggestions?Tyroo9 Sep 6, 2011
Sep 6, 2011 Giving up professions? Ok, I've been having trouble with this lately but should I give up my 292 Enchanting for Engineering? I'm just at a stopping point in enchanting right now and I wanna do something fun.Milenga3 Sep 6, 2011
Sep 6, 2011 What IS behind that Gate?(archaeology) The quest "The Sealed Gate" asks you to find out what is behind the gate that Bael'Gar stands in front of in BRD. Well actually it has you defeat Bael'Gar and you never find out what is behind that gate and at this point there is most likely nothing. I have noticed there are many such gates and doors in this game, in dungeons and in the world. (of course now they are just decoration) This sounds like a job for archaeology and a job to make archaeology actually fun. There should be "keys" you discover in archaeology or items that lead to quests that get you the "key". These should be common, white items that just come up eventually if you are high enough in level and arch skill and digging for a particular race. These should unlock special instances, or wings in instances that are designed for 1 to 3 players and focus more on puzzle solving than combat. Solving these would reveal certain lore stories and maybe special items. There could also be special digsites within the instances that give items that are not found outside.Zarcistiri7 Sep 6, 2011
Sep 6, 2011 Elementium Depths spawn rates nerfed? Noticed today while mining on my rogue today that the nodes in the Elementium Depths(Twilight Highlands cave) were respawning way slower than usual. I thought someone else was farming it at first, but I camped out in the cave for a while and noticed pretty much nothing respawning.Amatarasu3 Sep 6, 2011
Sep 6, 2011 Engineering -- Suggestion Tinkers, make then trainable from a trainer like back in Wrath. I can't imagine how many things I had to make JUST to get Synapse Springs.. And I know I am not the only one who has experienced this.Àphex2 Sep 6, 2011
Sep 6, 2011 Profession leveling in next expansion Something that crossed my mind that I thought I would create a thread for it and see what people think. Currently professions max at 525 and that in of itself seems to take forever when starting from scratch on an alt. I don't even want to imagine how daunting it must feel for new accounts that don't have the gold to buy out some materials to assist in the process which leads to my question. Are the developers going to do anything with leveling professions through the low levels (like 1-400 or 450) when the next expansion hits? As no doubt we will have another 75 skill points tacked on for a max of 600. Six Hundred. I'm not sure about other players but the speed at which we can level now even w/o RaF is pretty insane with all the changes that have been made to experience gains and the upcoming change to 71-80. Yes the profession recipes did get tweaked a while back but if I didn't have the gold to assist my alts leveling the professions would be insanely slow. New accounts will have to grind out so many materials either as they level which means constant stopping to farm or an absurd amount of farming at max level which is normally when players want to do anything but farm. They want to either run dungeons/raids, arena or BG. So in my opinion the developers need to take a closer look at all the professions both crafting and gathering for not just the new players but to encourage long time players to continue to level alts or feel like they can switch professions w/o the weight of spending a large amount of gold or a great deal of farming.Gôulet22 Sep 6, 2011
Sep 6, 2011 My archaeology fix idea Ok so archaeology at this point has gotten pretty pointless. You get a few toys maybe a BOA epic for some toon you are leveling, and "keystone's" to work dungeon dailies that are more or less unnoticeable in their impact. I was thinking along the line of combining a true ARCH daily with a special vender similar to the JC vender and daily. Arch daily could be something simple complete an artifact of whatever race and bring it back. In return you get a museum token. Museum tokens can be exchanged then for Keystones, hard to find profession patterns, mounts, pets, and best of all out of date armor token for previous tier sets. The most recent armor token available would always be at least two tiers behind the current top tier and would require a fair number of Museum tokens to get.Belenoch7 Sep 6, 2011
Sep 6, 2011 do you share how you make gold with others? I personally don't. I may seem like a jerk for saying that but I don't really care. Ill share tips tricks an ideas on the forums and with personal friends but i dont say jack in trade or general. If you put in the effort to try to look up how to make gold or hit the forums all the power to ya, but it jus bugs me seein people in trade or /y asking for gold. sorry for the rant, just remembered the wall of text of people asking for gold in trade an /y before i came to work an ya...blah.Djdizzle9 Sep 6, 2011
Sep 6, 2011 Early Leatherworking needs more variety There are leatherwearing casters out there who would appreciate the ability to craft pieces with intellect or spirit. There is nothing easily available like this until skill level 145. Sure, you could make Fine Leather Gloves (learned from a drop) or Moonglow Vest (which was from a quest but now seems unavailable?) But comparable pieces with agility Fine Leather Tunic can all be had right from the trainer. Hillman's Leather Gloves is the first pattern with intellect that can be learned from the trainer and you have to have a skill of 145 to make (and have to be level 24 to wear). I just think this is a serious oversight on Blizzard's part and should be addressed.Steelie5 Sep 6, 2011
Sep 6, 2011 Making Money... Enchanting.... How do i make money?Cherwin4 Sep 6, 2011
Sep 6, 2011 Help Deciding Main and Main Alt Profs Hello everyone, I'm hoping to get some of your insight to help me decide what crafting professions to take up on my main and my soon-to-be-created main alt. A little background: I currently have a level 85 hunter with mining/skinning, who will always be my main. I plan on starting a mage (possibly warlock) alt soon. I've been saving gold for some time now and am ready to drop the gathering professions for crafting professions. For a variety of reasons, I will not be a player with multiple level 85s and all professions maxed, so I'm down to picking just four crafting professions. I'm trying to decide what four crafting professions will be the most useful for the characters themselves, while also being able to generate some profit. This is where I'm struggling... If I'm thinking correctly based on what I've researched, three of the four professions should be alchemy (xmute), enchanting, jewelcrafting. That leaves me to decide on a fourth crafting profession, along with determining how I should assign the professions between the hunter and mage. Sorry for the wall of text! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time. Drakii3 Sep 6, 2011
Sep 6, 2011 Turtle scale The patterns are still there, Wowhead still talks about it but I never get any anymore outside Revantusk. Do I look for turtles that are the level the Hinterlands ones used to be or what?? I don't want to Wowhead and Google all of Cata.Coureur4 Sep 6, 2011
Sep 6, 2011 Skinning need higher proc Ok so i have a few 85s, that are gatherers. Herb Gathering get about 3-5 drops Ore Mining get about 3-5 drops Disenchanters get about 2-5 drops Why oh why do skinners only get 1 drop, with a rare 2 if you have a guild perk. You have a better chance of getting a frost lotus then 2 skin drop. In fact, i have never recieved a skin drop with a pristine hide. Although my herb gatherer will get a WOLK herb & Frost Lotus in same plant. Sometimes even 2 lotus in one plant. Fix the leather drops, so its easier to level LW. Takes sooooo long, and no one cares if you skin if you are in a dungeon.Canucks3 Sep 6, 2011
Sep 6, 2011 Stat Ironic Problem I love professions, and i love stat bonuses. It's a lot of fun to pick which one you like and get skill ups and learn recipes. And I love finding out I can get a bonus to my stats from my profession. I have learned however, that to have the best stats as a flag carrier, I need to be jewelcrafting and blacksmithing. I don't like blacksmithing. I love skinning. But I can't have stats and be a skinner. I'm not saying it's unfair at all. I can afford to level blacksmithing. The issue is that the stats are makeing me do things that I don't enjoy. If all profession bonuses had about the same value then I could be a skinner. I changed my professions for stats on my other toons as well. So currently I am amassing cobalt and saronite before I unlearn skinning.Lips11 Sep 6, 2011
Sep 6, 2011 northend alchemy research is there any chance of having the northend alchemy research increased from three days down to one day. its tough having to wait three days knowing that northend inscription rfesearch is one dayMaeko3 Sep 6, 2011
Sep 6, 2011 Blacksmith specialization masters gone? i recently ( after hearing about the transmorph thing) started farming gear.... then once i had the things i wanted armor wise came across a sword that i thought was beautiful.... seems the way to get this sword is to become a master sword smith... but after running to Iron forge and going to him he says nothing to me... im a 525 BS and have been for some time... i dont remember choosing a specialization at all so why cant i learn it now so i can go go gadget farm my life away for a sword.... i wish to know where this trainer went and how to learn the plans for the BC lion heart blade 3 set.... its cool that u wanna make me farm my eyes out for rep and run heroic after heroic blizz but to remove vendors for no reason.. what the hell... i have atleast spent 2 hours on attempting to find this vendor to learn the plans.... and i know that my thoughts mean little but i cant be the only one that feels that u guys removeing these plans is less than aggravating... im quite angry..... KradleKradlë6 Sep 6, 2011
Sep 6, 2011 How long do you spend farming per day? Greetings, As I am nearing the end of leveling what will be my first level 85 character, I would like to know a little bit more about farming and making gold. I am seeing that some people are making 5k-6k per day, and I can easily see how that is done, but I'd like to know if I am farming effectively in terms of time spent vs profit. As a herbalist, I can see myself realistically earning about 4k in 2 hours (give or take) gathering Whiptail and Volatiles, plus quick runs through Hyjal or Deepholm for other herbs. Although, this figure is based on the assumption that I can sell without a undercut over a period of time, maybe a week of listing small amounts when they are selling at a price that isn't low, as opposed to gathering and selling everything I make on the AH at once only to have some tool undercut you immediately and lose your deposit. Anyways, I'm really just wondering how much time people are spending farming per day and what they are making just to get some perspective as this is my first level 85 character. I'd also like to know what I can do to improve what I am doing as I have a bank FULL of mats that I haven't sold yet. Should I undercut even though volatile life goes for 10g most of the time, or wait until I see it at 15g and risk someone immediately undercutting me? Thanks in advance.Nocturnus11 Sep 6, 2011
Sep 6, 2011 Cooking/ Fishing Dailies Achiev Do the Cooking/ Fishing dailies ever rotate, i've been checking these every day in IF and Darn to complete the achiev's and there always same. Was finally able to get Cooking done in IF, but took almost week. I mean i don't mind flying or taking boat every day, but this is just screwed up. Rotation of dailies needs to be fixed.Wrathknight7 Sep 6, 2011
Sep 6, 2011 tailoring=fluff is better? From what I've seen on my main (which has tailoring/enchanting), it's almost worthless to tailor anything but pure novelty items. I have some success selling gear but for the most part, DEing it and using the mats is better than selling the actual items. Granted, I've hit the point where I'm making and selling bags pretty successfully but it's weird that I can sell a stat-less novelty item for more than a pair of rune gloves, for instance.Hyacel1 Sep 6, 2011
Sep 6, 2011 Archeaology transofmation items.. 20 seconds? Way too short. Older items like Orb of the Blackwhelp give you 15 minutes! As-is, it's not worth even keeping the items. I accidentally vendored the Bones of Transformation item, and just didn't see any good reason to submit a ticket to get it back. Fugubar0 Sep 6, 2011
Sep 6, 2011 Any word on when Chaos Orbs will be BOE? I remember seeing something about this happening at some point, but have not seen anything firm...Moparek9 Sep 6, 2011
Sep 6, 2011 Armorsmith, Weaponsmith PLANS gone? Hi, I was wondering what happened to the PLANS taught by the "OBSETE" armorsmith's and weaponsmith's (that don't exist anymore)? Ex : Arcanite Reaper, Arcanite Champion,Phantom Blade.. etc. Blizzard made the game so easy to get to 85, its like they forgot that some people actually like questing at low level... Now is there anything useful in the professions anymore for low levels? Or is it a countdown clock to get to 85.. and then start a new character again.. and again.. and again? Thank youKentt6 Sep 6, 2011
Sep 6, 2011 Blizz taking the fun out of novelty items. K, I am maxed out in Archaeology and I must say blizz I absolutely love it... truly enjoyed leveling it. With that said I have received all kinds of novelty items, which in general they may do close to nothing but I can’t help but get excited about them. Why blizz…WHY, did you make every effect from each of these items last 20 sec and have enormous cool downs. I just got the Bones of transformation and I didn't even have enough time to make it to a mob to see if I could attack it before I shifted out of the form. This is supposed to be a purple item why not last at least a little longer. Novelty items are meant for enjoyment and serve no other purpose then to be silly, but you don’t even make the effects last long enough to do that. I can be a warrior Naga for 20 sec then wait ten min’s before I can do it again. I have tons of these items and 20 sec from what I have seen is the max this stuff lasts. It seems you have taken the fun out of fun novelty items. I would love to see the rational of why you decided that even 2 min was too long. I would vendor them cause they are not worth the bag space they take up and to be honest it takes a bit of time to even get them in the first place so to the bank they go in hopes that someday you will fix these truly worthless items. I want to make it clear I love novelty items.... always have but this stuff is worthless when it has such an incredibly short duration. I don’t even have time to show its coolness to a friend before they look over to see the effect disappear. Teega4 Sep 6, 2011
Sep 6, 2011 Herbing Twilight Jasmine I've picked a lot of flowers over the last few weeks. I've watched other herbs get tweaked both up and down, in most cases for the best. I write this to draw attention to Twilight Jasmine as this particular herb is in desperate need of review. The issue is 2 fold. Demand and supply. There is high demand as this herb produces the draconic mind flask which all casters utilize. Even healer data indicates this is the right flask to roll with for raiding over flowing water flask. Supply is article needing review by developers. The spawn rate is sparce with limited space in the Twilight Highlands that it spawns in the first place. I'm sure the phasing issue has been state numerous times but this needs serious address as it compounds the problem. If you complete the quest lines in the Highlands with the expectation it would resolve some of the phasing you're quite incorrect. In fact it just phases several additional areas where these herbs spawn. Additionally, after the latest patch i've seen spawn points for some of these herbs wind up in trees which is also frustrating as they cannot be picked by any one. I've seen three such points to date. These combined issues make farming this herb particularly frustrating. A review of this herb would be greatly appreciated to ensure that these herbs are spawning and functioning correctly. It seems as though they aren't compared to other herbs.Pete11 Sep 6, 2011
Sep 6, 2011 how much to level eng 1-525 about how much would it cost to lvl eng 1-525 using the ahSneakystab11 Sep 6, 2011
Sep 6, 2011 Can anyone tell me.... all crafting professions didn't get new recipes with the new daily rewards? Alchemists, nothing. Leatherworkers. a new bag! that's funny. Why no new secondary profession items? This is the problem with professions. There is nothing really worth crafting for the everyday player. There should have been new recipes for all professions at least at 365 level. New goals to strive for. I don't need money, I want to create new amazing items. Isn't that supposed to be part of the game. Oh, and Archeology is a joke! Peace, Love and Groovy.Mudgrim1 Sep 6, 2011
Sep 6, 2011 Phasing and gathering professions I'm sure that this affects miners too, but I'm getting really ticked at watching herb nodes disappear right in front of me as soon as I land on top of them. I know that the herb is phased out because it reappears on my mini-map after I move away and into a different sub-zone. I've done 110/120 of quests in Twilight Highlands and it seems like most of the herbs in the zone are in a different phase from me. Is anything being done about this?Ademia2 Sep 6, 2011
Sep 6, 2011 Professions give EXP - but not all of them? So, mining a node, herbing, and archeology give experience while leveling. Yet, skinning, fishing, cooking, first-aid, dis-enchanting, enchanting, blacksmithing, LW, alchemy, tailoring, jewelcrafting, inscription, engineering don't. I wouldnt expect all profs to give Exp, but I think there could be some more. At a minimum skinning. Agree/disagree?Moondrake4 Sep 6, 2011
Sep 5, 2011 Best profit profession for dungeon grind Sorry to recreate this thread. But I used the words "jack, off, Arthas, screensaver, Ghostcrawler, and awkward" in the same sentence. So I got a temp ban, along with every post I ever made ever deleted. Anyways, Hello. I like to tank. I dont like going on quests to collect animal parts for a stew, and I dont like being anybodies messenger boy. Even in my lowbie levels, I perfer to spend my time levling either in the dungeons or in battlegrounds. So I thought I would pick up mining and skinning, mine the nodes in the dungeons, skin the mobs, and me on my way. Easy money. But it seems that Zenjamin levels up faster in the dungeons then does his skills with a knice or a pick ax. I twice have had to stop, go out into the world, and farm skins and nodes just to keep my professions up to date. So. I thought it was time for a change. To put it simply, What are the most profitable professions, if you only sped your time in the dungeons. I picked up Alchemy to make elixer of giant growth (heard that was profitable) and picked up enchanting so I can DE items in the dungeon. but if there are more profitable alternatives im willing to pick them up. PS: I also do not have a higher lv toon in Zenjamin,s realm.Zenjamin7 Sep 5, 2011
Sep 5, 2011 Alchemy Specialization Hi there, Im a new alchemist and am wondering what is the best specialization choice. I am a resto druid if that helps. I do have another toon that is JC at 400, so im not sure if transmutation is abetter choice. i am hoping to be able to send stuff to my JC to make my epic gems and send back to this toon. i also want a choice that will net the most money as im broke atm. Any suggestions? I do not raid, only quest and 5 mans if that also helps. I appreciate any and all advice.Moonscream2 Sep 5, 2011
Sep 5, 2011 Guild Professions Tab: Secondary Professions? On the guild professions tab, secondary professions are not listed. Although First Aid, Fishing and Archaeology are not as helpful to the guild, we all know cooking is important for end-game. Shouldn't Cooking be listed for others to browse recipes?Burnide4 Sep 5, 2011
Sep 5, 2011 Enchanting-Dolls and Golems as Temp Guardians This is just an idea I had to add some more fun to the Enchanting profession. Among all of the professions in-game to me, Enchanting is the one I feel could use some more variety other than just stats and adding cool glowing effects to weapons. While it is certainly an extremely helpful profession for gameplay, it just doesn't feel, at least to me, to have the same level of feel of enjoyment as crafting a wearable equipment piece or a unique trinket or item. Aside from a few things like wizard oils and wands in the lower levels, Enchanting is almost solely based on enchanting items, without any other unique secondary things to make like the other professions that are really fun or useful. The Enchanted Lantern and Magic Lamp companion pets that were added I felt was a long-needed gust of freshness that I think the profession could be made better with more of. This post is an idea I had to help the profession in this area, and takes a leaf from one of the funnest professions out there, Engineering. Now I am a really big fan of the old Ogre Battle games, and I got this idea from two unit classes from that series called the Doll Master and it's advancement class Enchanters. Enchanting in WoW so far has focused almost exclusively on adding magical qualities to improve weapons and armor, but thinking in a broader sense, those aren't the only things an Enchanter could use as a medium for their powers. The idea of an "Enchanter" can really apply to the use of such powers for any kind of object. An Enchanter, in addition to improving weapons and equipment, could technically be thought of as a form of magic user who can bring life to inanimate objects as well such as dolls or golems by animating them with magic to defend themselves. With this concept in mind, Enchanters could potentially make new types of guardians to temporarily aid them in battle that could be added into the game in the future. These guardians could act similar to the Engineering's Mechanical Dragonlings and be cooldown trinkets that summoned the guardian for a brief time. New recipes for different and better levels of these guardians could be added throughout the Enchanting learning list and be made into a fun new thing that the profession could make. While enchanting weapons is still the profession’s focus, this could add a little more of the variety the profession seems to have been missing. As for what these guardians could be like and do, some lower level ones could be as simple as ordinary dolls (see this link here and scroll down to where it says Doll Master and Enchanter for my inspiration for the idea’s design: ) armed with either dagger-like knives or possibly some capable of casting spells using the same magic that animates them. At higher levels, the Enchanter could gain access to stronger creations to animate like different kinds of golems with a few new models added to the game that could improve in the quality of the materials they’re made from as the strength of the recipes increased (possibly showable with a color-change for the model.) A greater enchanter could possibly even be able to make an Arcane Golem like the ones that guard Silvermoon. Again, for an idea of where I got the inspiration for the new golems from, see here: ) It would require some work to make the new models, but I just thought it could be a cool new addition that could add a touch of newness in a unique way to the profession. Feel free to discuss it if you want. Lastren0 Sep 5, 2011
Sep 5, 2011 New Engineering Mount Don't get me wrong, the flying machines are cool. It's just a little old after a while. My suggestion for engineering in a future patch is a mount like those gnome fighter planes you see from time to time (like in uldum). Maybe it could be a two person mount? Thoughts? Suggestions?Keider4 Sep 5, 2011
Sep 5, 2011 Alchemy Specialization Trade Skill Concern I have just a curiosity question about Alchemy. I was wondering what is the point of being any of the specialized Alchemists, if you don't automatically get at least 2, and then it proc from there. For example, transmute master Alchemy, to me seems no different than a regular Alchemist, because you are always guaranteed 1, like regular alchemist get, but you have the possibility of more, which rarely happens. Is there a reason why each specialization just for doing all the work, like quests, mats, etc. seems to have no perk for anyone with the specialized Alchemists.Amarilyn4 Sep 5, 2011
Sep 5, 2011 Profession mount change I am a mount and pet collector on my warlock and the one thing I think that sucks is that I have to train in a specific profession in order to learn its mount. I actually only use a few mounts to fly and ride around with, but I like having the collection. I would like to see the profession mounts changed so that you can still learn them whether you have the profession or not. Obviously keeping it so that you have to have the profession in order to summon it. I don't really care if I can actually use it or not. I just want to be able to learn it so it gets added to my list. I have both of the engineering flying machines setting in my inventory, but I don't want to spend another month moving back and forth between professions just for one or two mounts.Animamundi4 Sep 5, 2011
Sep 5, 2011 Need pearls? I found the best way to farm pearls if you're level 60+. Go to Bloodwash Cavern at the Red Reaches in the Blasted Lands. There's a spiral path leading down to the left and to the right it goes up onto the top of the center bit. Kill the Naga on the top, then drop down the hole to the very bottom. Kill the Naga at the bottom and as you work your way up. They respawn fast enough that by the time you get to the top again, they're back. Drop in and repeat. In about 2 hours, I opened 160 Big Mouth Clams, ended up with 8 Irridescent Pearls, 10 Black Pearls, and 3 Golden Pearls, not to mention 320 pieces of Runecloth, which sells really well in the auction house. Enchanters need pearls for rods and Jewelcrafters need them for some items, too, and this is the best spot in Azeroth to find them. Plus, you can use the portal in the Mage Tower in Stormwind to get there in no time, then hearth back when you're done.Thoorick0 Sep 5, 2011
Sep 5, 2011 Archaeology Put in low lvl armor recipes in there. Sets that have no stats but slightly better armor values. People would go nuts for low lvl sets and people will bring more interest in running around like an idiot for HOURS. I want to collect low lvl sets that just look kick !@#.Deadraiser1 Sep 5, 2011
Sep 5, 2011 New idea: Salvaging Lets face it folks. JC and enchanters make money hand over fist versus the other professions. Oh sure, every profession has it's querks....tailors make capes and spellthread (that only the softies and healers use anyway), leatherworkers make leg armor and um, that's it....and blacksmiths are in high demand, only when they have orbs. Engineering...well....lets not go there. The point is that the demand of gems and enchanting far exceeds that of the other professions. I want to make tailoring, blacksmithing and leatherworking a little more profitable. Think about all those loot, BoE greens in dungeons, trash and world farming, that just end up getting disenchanted. A bright shiny chest plate gets turned into a mere stack of dust? What happens to the metal that it is made out of? My idea is to take a green BoE item, an uncommon plate chestpiece, for example...and turn it into metal bars. If the chest requires level 81 to wear, then it "salvages" into a few obsidium bars and the enchanting mats (hypnotic dust/lesser celestial essence). The conditons of salvaging are: 1. Only a blacksmith can salvage weapons, plate and shields. 2. Only a leatherworker can salvage leather/mail armors, as well as bows/guns/thrown. 3. Only a tailor can salvage cloth, capes, wands and "held in offhand" items. 4. Salvaging an item yields materials of it's level requirement and equivalent professional skill. (Level 5 = copper/linen/light leather), you get the idea. 5. You cannot salvage an item that is higher than your professional skill level. (A lvl 81 plate chest cannot be salvaged if you only have 300 blacksmithing skill). While I'm sure that the developers and creative minded fans of World of Warcraft can think of loopholes, pitfalls and imbalances to my theory, please feel free to comment. I also realize that this post does not mention a benefit to scribes, engineers or alchemists, but I cannot confirm or deny an inability to make gold with these professions, as I have little experience with using them to make gold. Rhystern7 Sep 5, 2011
Sep 5, 2011 Archiology. Where can I go to learn this? I tried the Archiology trainer in Under City and I couldnt learn it.Miri2 Sep 5, 2011
Sep 5, 2011 Elixers are Pointless title says it all, they are weaker than flasks they disapear when you die and aren't cheaper to make or use than flasks so whats the point?Randthor6 Sep 5, 2011
Sep 5, 2011 how to switch engineering specs? how do you switch engineering specs and do you keep schematics?Treé1 Sep 5, 2011
Sep 4, 2011 Alliance BS on LB US help me help you I need some to make me brainsplinter. thats allNorington1 Sep 4, 2011
Sep 4, 2011 heavy savage leather i started to level my skinning and i was wondering if it was possible to skin heavy savage leather or do i need LW?Lightcow1 Sep 4, 2011