Sep 6, 2011 how much to level eng 1-525 about how much would it cost to lvl eng 1-525 using the ahSneakystab11 Sep 6, 2011
Sep 6, 2011 Can anyone tell me.... all crafting professions didn't get new recipes with the new daily rewards? Alchemists, nothing. Leatherworkers. a new bag! that's funny. Why no new secondary profession items? This is the problem with professions. There is nothing really worth crafting for the everyday player. There should have been new recipes for all professions at least at 365 level. New goals to strive for. I don't need money, I want to create new amazing items. Isn't that supposed to be part of the game. Oh, and Archeology is a joke! Peace, Love and Groovy.Mudgrim1 Sep 6, 2011
Sep 6, 2011 Phasing and gathering professions I'm sure that this affects miners too, but I'm getting really ticked at watching herb nodes disappear right in front of me as soon as I land on top of them. I know that the herb is phased out because it reappears on my mini-map after I move away and into a different sub-zone. I've done 110/120 of quests in Twilight Highlands and it seems like most of the herbs in the zone are in a different phase from me. Is anything being done about this?Ademia2 Sep 6, 2011
Sep 6, 2011 Professions give EXP - but not all of them? So, mining a node, herbing, and archeology give experience while leveling. Yet, skinning, fishing, cooking, first-aid, dis-enchanting, enchanting, blacksmithing, LW, alchemy, tailoring, jewelcrafting, inscription, engineering don't. I wouldnt expect all profs to give Exp, but I think there could be some more. At a minimum skinning. Agree/disagree?Moondrake4 Sep 6, 2011
Sep 5, 2011 Best profit profession for dungeon grind Sorry to recreate this thread. But I used the words "jack, off, Arthas, screensaver, Ghostcrawler, and awkward" in the same sentence. So I got a temp ban, along with every post I ever made ever deleted. Anyways, Hello. I like to tank. I dont like going on quests to collect animal parts for a stew, and I dont like being anybodies messenger boy. Even in my lowbie levels, I perfer to spend my time levling either in the dungeons or in battlegrounds. So I thought I would pick up mining and skinning, mine the nodes in the dungeons, skin the mobs, and me on my way. Easy money. But it seems that Zenjamin levels up faster in the dungeons then does his skills with a knice or a pick ax. I twice have had to stop, go out into the world, and farm skins and nodes just to keep my professions up to date. So. I thought it was time for a change. To put it simply, What are the most profitable professions, if you only sped your time in the dungeons. I picked up Alchemy to make elixer of giant growth (heard that was profitable) and picked up enchanting so I can DE items in the dungeon. but if there are more profitable alternatives im willing to pick them up. PS: I also do not have a higher lv toon in Zenjamin,s realm.Zenjamin7 Sep 5, 2011
Sep 5, 2011 Alchemy Specialization Hi there, Im a new alchemist and am wondering what is the best specialization choice. I am a resto druid if that helps. I do have another toon that is JC at 400, so im not sure if transmutation is abetter choice. i am hoping to be able to send stuff to my JC to make my epic gems and send back to this toon. i also want a choice that will net the most money as im broke atm. Any suggestions? I do not raid, only quest and 5 mans if that also helps. I appreciate any and all advice.Moonscream2 Sep 5, 2011
Sep 5, 2011 Guild Professions Tab: Secondary Professions? On the guild professions tab, secondary professions are not listed. Although First Aid, Fishing and Archaeology are not as helpful to the guild, we all know cooking is important for end-game. Shouldn't Cooking be listed for others to browse recipes?Burnide4 Sep 5, 2011
Sep 5, 2011 Enchanting-Dolls and Golems as Temp Guardians This is just an idea I had to add some more fun to the Enchanting profession. Among all of the professions in-game to me, Enchanting is the one I feel could use some more variety other than just stats and adding cool glowing effects to weapons. While it is certainly an extremely helpful profession for gameplay, it just doesn't feel, at least to me, to have the same level of feel of enjoyment as crafting a wearable equipment piece or a unique trinket or item. Aside from a few things like wizard oils and wands in the lower levels, Enchanting is almost solely based on enchanting items, without any other unique secondary things to make like the other professions that are really fun or useful. The Enchanted Lantern and Magic Lamp companion pets that were added I felt was a long-needed gust of freshness that I think the profession could be made better with more of. This post is an idea I had to help the profession in this area, and takes a leaf from one of the funnest professions out there, Engineering. Now I am a really big fan of the old Ogre Battle games, and I got this idea from two unit classes from that series called the Doll Master and it's advancement class Enchanters. Enchanting in WoW so far has focused almost exclusively on adding magical qualities to improve weapons and armor, but thinking in a broader sense, those aren't the only things an Enchanter could use as a medium for their powers. The idea of an "Enchanter" can really apply to the use of such powers for any kind of object. An Enchanter, in addition to improving weapons and equipment, could technically be thought of as a form of magic user who can bring life to inanimate objects as well such as dolls or golems by animating them with magic to defend themselves. With this concept in mind, Enchanters could potentially make new types of guardians to temporarily aid them in battle that could be added into the game in the future. These guardians could act similar to the Engineering's Mechanical Dragonlings and be cooldown trinkets that summoned the guardian for a brief time. New recipes for different and better levels of these guardians could be added throughout the Enchanting learning list and be made into a fun new thing that the profession could make. While enchanting weapons is still the profession’s focus, this could add a little more of the variety the profession seems to have been missing. As for what these guardians could be like and do, some lower level ones could be as simple as ordinary dolls (see this link here and scroll down to where it says Doll Master and Enchanter for my inspiration for the idea’s design: ) armed with either dagger-like knives or possibly some capable of casting spells using the same magic that animates them. At higher levels, the Enchanter could gain access to stronger creations to animate like different kinds of golems with a few new models added to the game that could improve in the quality of the materials they’re made from as the strength of the recipes increased (possibly showable with a color-change for the model.) A greater enchanter could possibly even be able to make an Arcane Golem like the ones that guard Silvermoon. Again, for an idea of where I got the inspiration for the new golems from, see here: ) It would require some work to make the new models, but I just thought it could be a cool new addition that could add a touch of newness in a unique way to the profession. Feel free to discuss it if you want. Lastren0 Sep 5, 2011
Sep 5, 2011 New Engineering Mount Don't get me wrong, the flying machines are cool. It's just a little old after a while. My suggestion for engineering in a future patch is a mount like those gnome fighter planes you see from time to time (like in uldum). Maybe it could be a two person mount? Thoughts? Suggestions?Keider4 Sep 5, 2011
Sep 5, 2011 Alchemy Specialization Trade Skill Concern I have just a curiosity question about Alchemy. I was wondering what is the point of being any of the specialized Alchemists, if you don't automatically get at least 2, and then it proc from there. For example, transmute master Alchemy, to me seems no different than a regular Alchemist, because you are always guaranteed 1, like regular alchemist get, but you have the possibility of more, which rarely happens. Is there a reason why each specialization just for doing all the work, like quests, mats, etc. seems to have no perk for anyone with the specialized Alchemists.Amarilyn4 Sep 5, 2011
Sep 5, 2011 Profession mount change I am a mount and pet collector on my warlock and the one thing I think that sucks is that I have to train in a specific profession in order to learn its mount. I actually only use a few mounts to fly and ride around with, but I like having the collection. I would like to see the profession mounts changed so that you can still learn them whether you have the profession or not. Obviously keeping it so that you have to have the profession in order to summon it. I don't really care if I can actually use it or not. I just want to be able to learn it so it gets added to my list. I have both of the engineering flying machines setting in my inventory, but I don't want to spend another month moving back and forth between professions just for one or two mounts.Animamundi4 Sep 5, 2011
Sep 5, 2011 Need pearls? I found the best way to farm pearls if you're level 60+. Go to Bloodwash Cavern at the Red Reaches in the Blasted Lands. There's a spiral path leading down to the left and to the right it goes up onto the top of the center bit. Kill the Naga on the top, then drop down the hole to the very bottom. Kill the Naga at the bottom and as you work your way up. They respawn fast enough that by the time you get to the top again, they're back. Drop in and repeat. In about 2 hours, I opened 160 Big Mouth Clams, ended up with 8 Irridescent Pearls, 10 Black Pearls, and 3 Golden Pearls, not to mention 320 pieces of Runecloth, which sells really well in the auction house. Enchanters need pearls for rods and Jewelcrafters need them for some items, too, and this is the best spot in Azeroth to find them. Plus, you can use the portal in the Mage Tower in Stormwind to get there in no time, then hearth back when you're done.Thoorick0 Sep 5, 2011
Sep 5, 2011 Archaeology Put in low lvl armor recipes in there. Sets that have no stats but slightly better armor values. People would go nuts for low lvl sets and people will bring more interest in running around like an idiot for HOURS. I want to collect low lvl sets that just look kick !@#.Deadraiser1 Sep 5, 2011
Sep 5, 2011 New idea: Salvaging Lets face it folks. JC and enchanters make money hand over fist versus the other professions. Oh sure, every profession has it's querks....tailors make capes and spellthread (that only the softies and healers use anyway), leatherworkers make leg armor and um, that's it....and blacksmiths are in high demand, only when they have orbs. Engineering...well....lets not go there. The point is that the demand of gems and enchanting far exceeds that of the other professions. I want to make tailoring, blacksmithing and leatherworking a little more profitable. Think about all those loot, BoE greens in dungeons, trash and world farming, that just end up getting disenchanted. A bright shiny chest plate gets turned into a mere stack of dust? What happens to the metal that it is made out of? My idea is to take a green BoE item, an uncommon plate chestpiece, for example...and turn it into metal bars. If the chest requires level 81 to wear, then it "salvages" into a few obsidium bars and the enchanting mats (hypnotic dust/lesser celestial essence). The conditons of salvaging are: 1. Only a blacksmith can salvage weapons, plate and shields. 2. Only a leatherworker can salvage leather/mail armors, as well as bows/guns/thrown. 3. Only a tailor can salvage cloth, capes, wands and "held in offhand" items. 4. Salvaging an item yields materials of it's level requirement and equivalent professional skill. (Level 5 = copper/linen/light leather), you get the idea. 5. You cannot salvage an item that is higher than your professional skill level. (A lvl 81 plate chest cannot be salvaged if you only have 300 blacksmithing skill). While I'm sure that the developers and creative minded fans of World of Warcraft can think of loopholes, pitfalls and imbalances to my theory, please feel free to comment. I also realize that this post does not mention a benefit to scribes, engineers or alchemists, but I cannot confirm or deny an inability to make gold with these professions, as I have little experience with using them to make gold. Rhystern7 Sep 5, 2011
Sep 5, 2011 Archiology. Where can I go to learn this? I tried the Archiology trainer in Under City and I couldnt learn it.Miri2 Sep 5, 2011
Sep 5, 2011 Elixers are Pointless title says it all, they are weaker than flasks they disapear when you die and aren't cheaper to make or use than flasks so whats the point?Randthor6 Sep 5, 2011
Sep 5, 2011 how to switch engineering specs? how do you switch engineering specs and do you keep schematics?Treé1 Sep 5, 2011
Sep 4, 2011 Alliance BS on LB US help me help you I need some to make me brainsplinter. thats allNorington1 Sep 4, 2011
Sep 4, 2011 heavy savage leather i started to level my skinning and i was wondering if it was possible to skin heavy savage leather or do i need LW?Lightcow1 Sep 4, 2011
Sep 4, 2011 Chaos Orbs, are we having fun yet? I'm sick and tired of doing the same 85 heroics I've done a MILLION times between my six 85s just for the chance at a stupid chaos orb off the LAST BOSS. I'd pay a THOUSAND gold each just to buy the stupid things and not have to take my chances in a random heroic. Sure, you're probably saying well get your friends/guild to pass it to you then. Well currently I am not in a guild because I recently changed servers and my friends are usually too busy. Besides that shouldn't be the point. The point is new crafted weapons were added and it was exciting until you realized to make any money you'd have to run random heroics until your eyes bleed to get enough of these damn bind on pickup orbs. I heard once Blizzard was considering making these trade-able or at least making a new way to obtain them. I'm sure there are lots of ways to do it but something needs to be done. I've already ran Cata heroics a million times for gear, points, more points, orbs, and more orbs. Add up all my characters doing the same and I'm dying here. The lack of 85 dungeons is just making it worse. Not to mention some of them that are just so God AWFUL long... I am not having fun. Simply put, just make the orbs account bound and able to be mailed to your different characters. I wouldn't be raging right now if that was the case. If that's no good then just make them available in some other way.Ralulh12 Sep 4, 2011
Sep 4, 2011 Patch 4.3 Milling/Prospecting Update? During one of the first few Ask the Devs Q&A sessions Blizzard discussed making some quality of life changes for Milling and Prospecting. Any word on whether or not we will see these changes implemented in Patch 4.3? Ask the Devs #3 ...Ranvier1 Sep 4, 2011
Sep 4, 2011 Firelands Leatherworking Recipes I understand that during the time trash was being soloed and farmed that you Blizzard had to decreased the drop rate of crafing recipes in order keep their availability low, but since trash in Firelands has been hotfixed to the point where it is very difficult to solo, can the drop rate be increased or even checked to see if it is dropping correctly. My guild has run FL, killing several bosses and lots of trash ever since FL was released. The sum total number of recipes that we have seen dropped during the +1 month of FL time has been ONE, and it was a tailor recipe. Never see any in the AH, never see them drop. This is getting kind of ridicules. As a leatherworker now sitting on 26 orbs for the hope of a drop or find of one in the AH I’m getting disappointed and frankly irritated. I have always hated the idea of ALL new recipes being a drop, some that’s ok, but ALL? Come on! Wasn’t that model found lacking back in BC? And yes I know that you can get 2 bag recipes, Whoooooa be still my beating heart. >< Please fix this or at least check to see if the drop rates got hosed in the last couple of hot fixes/patches. ThanksGrogos1 Sep 4, 2011
Sep 4, 2011 Collected Wisdom of the Ages 1) Buy Low, Sell High. 2) No matter how much gold you have, don't mention it- somebody else will mock you for not having nearly as much as they do. 3) Yes, the system for learning glyphs is annoying. No, it's not easy to get books of glyph mastery. 4) Yes, the random way you get stuff in Archaeology is random. Get over it. 5) No, they will not take away the disenchant button in loot rolls in dungeons. I don't care if you feel exploited. Get over it. 6) Yes, material cost should enter into your thoughts when you craft something. If you could have sold the herbs for 20g, you are losing gold if you sell the glyph for 10g. This is a fact, get over it, although you might have a reason to do that. 7) No, transmute/elixir spec isn't bugged. It just doesn't proc all that much. Get over it. 8) Yes, people act strangely on the AH. They charge a lot for some things and deep undercut other things. People aren't always rational, and sometimes they have different goals than you think. Get over it. 9) Fortune cards are a waste of money. The best way to make 5k gold in fortune cards is to spend 25k on cards and flip them all. Get over it. 10) No matter what anybody says, there's no easy way to make gold. Some ways sound easy or seem easy, but when you get down to it, there's risk, planning and time investment. 11) No, I won't give you any gold. Get over it. There. Not sure if we need any more threads in this forum. Or at least not nearly as many.Sprocki2 Sep 4, 2011
Sep 4, 2011 How many items does it take? (Archy) I am trying to get scarab mount so I am digging in Kalemdor. I am finding I have about a 1 in 10 chance of even getting a Tol'vir dig site. Just keep getting Nelf sites. I just counted I have made 142 elf items. Still no Doll. I just want it so I can stop doing Nelf dig sites. So how many elf items can I expect to have dug up before I get the Doll?Kazairl1 Sep 4, 2011
Sep 4, 2011 Add tooltip for prismatic slots Prismatic gem slots need some kind of tooltip like "you do not have to put a prismatic gem in here".Slainidh1 Sep 4, 2011
Sep 4, 2011 Cheapest way to get Darkmoon cards My healer needs a darkmoon card: tsunami. Should I wait until the darkmoon faire is around or do prices skyrocket because everyone can now hand them in. Is the cheapest way to buy a deck before the darkmoon faire is around and then hand it in when it is?Gonnagetit2 Sep 4, 2011
Sep 4, 2011 Guildies can't see my recipes I'm a 525 Blacksmith and when you check the professions tab on the guild window it seems to only show my wrath recipes. It does not show my Molten Front and BoE's from Firelands. Anyone have any idea?Oriian3 Sep 4, 2011
Sep 4, 2011 Gnomish Gravity Well I know its only a fun item and it was removed as a trinket. I am thankfull for that btw, but can u please change it so it only overheats every 10 or so clicks.Vesuvious3 Sep 4, 2011
Sep 4, 2011 Salvaging and mecnaical bosses. I just read a thread about being able to skin boss level mobs by either being a Worgen, dual-weilding weapons with a bonus to skinning, and getting a glove enchant. All of that will get you to 575 skinning, more than enough to skin any mob in the game. Mining and Herbalism also have the glove enchant, and I seem to remember a helm that increases mining skill, and a sword that increases Herbalism skill, along with the racials. Engineering has no such equivalent. If you're a Gnome, you can go to 540, but the Foe Reaper 5000 needs 550 Engineering to salvage. To my knowledge, there are no enchants or weapons that increase Engineering skill to the level required to salvage boss level machines.Rubyheart1 Sep 4, 2011
Sep 4, 2011 Cool engineering killing stuff? help So are there any cool stuff like Goblin Rocket Launcher ?Treé2 Sep 4, 2011
Sep 4, 2011 Darkmoon Faire and Top Hats Anyone besides me hoping the pattern for the High Society Top Hat ( makes it on the Darkmoon Fair vendor lists? I race changed when Cata hit, so I didn't get the Lord Walden's. Also, the new Tuxedo skin Harrison Jones and the Banker in Stormwind wear would be awesome to see.Taium0 Sep 4, 2011
Sep 4, 2011 Most profitable profession (surprise answer) AH Flipping No other profession can touch it for making profit for the player that actually plays the game (professional farmers excluded) I'm a 525 BS and JC and do really well. In fact I sell more Ebonsteel belt Buckles than anyone on any server in Wow. JC is a total grind and te profits are small. That said I make about 2-4K gold a day flipping stuff that others dont want to sell. Here is what I do: -Rule #1 of WOW goldmaking is to sit in the AH at all times. Then I can manipulate my prices in between queues for PVP and raids, -Rule 2 is to stop doing Tol Barad dailies. Those take 20 minutes and yeild 100 gold. I can make 3 times tat much just manipulating my auctions -Let it be known that you are a wholesaler for people that dont want to do the AH grind. I have a list of farmers that come to me every day trying to dump mats. I let them know that I require a 35% margin on any volume I touch. I have one guy that comes by twice a day and drops a bunch of volatiles on me. We never talk and he just opens up his window and tells me the price. I never check it until he leaves and it's always half AH price. -Let it be known to the famers that you are "the little guy" and not a foraying farmer. They like to help guys like me compete against the pros and give me incredible deals. -Tell every seller to add you to their friends list. I have one farmer that comes buy and likes to talk about life for 10 minutes. I never bring up business but at the end he asks what I need and gives me 30% off AH price, calls me "small time" and goes away. Don't know how popular I am as a player but I'll guarantee I'm on more friends list as a buyer than anyone on the server. The farmers know my name. -Know what you are buying and what it is used for. If I can give you the approx price of an item off the top of my head and know what it is used for I won't buy it. -Buy stuff that people need. Every player needs an enchant every time they earn a new piece of equipment. Therefore I'm all about Heavenly Shards, Maelstroms, Dusts, Greater celestials -Advertise your product on trade chat. Many players dont know that a Ebonsteel Belt Buckle can add an extra gem slot. I have a funny ad that educated them. Many whisper that they didn't know that and thank me. -Be generous. If I sell a full set of armor to a person I mail him a pyrium weapon chain to thank him. I have had more than 1 person come back and buy my stuff because they remember me and the human touch in a game full of nerd ragers. -Think in terms of profit percentage rather than gross profit dollars. Too many people think about the dollars rather than the percentages and could have used those mats elsewhere and made more profit. It's about the percentage return on what you invest. -Consider the cost of unlisting and item and that you lose your deposit. Can add up to thousands of gold a year for some sellers.Agincourt35 Sep 4, 2011
Sep 4, 2011 Engineering Target Dummy So I was thinking how engineering didn't get anything interesting this expansion and sometimes during raid while we're waiting for people, or take a 5 min break I get really bored. I was thinking what if engineers could make a permanent on-use item Target Dummy similar to Jeeves that lasts for 10 mins. I know sometimes during raid I'm trying to think of improvements to my rotation, to the raid, or you might want to setup a scenario, or just see an example of what someone is doing during the boss, but you can't because there is nothing to attack to make those scenarios happen. Obviously though it's more for killing time and having fun when you are bored and can't just go to orgrimmar/stormwind. Then obviously you would have to make it despawn during raid combat so people can't inflate their numbers, but it would be such a fun thing to drop during a break. Wouldn't this be a really fun and cool addition to the engineering arsenal? Maybe if I get enough responses I'll post it on the suggestion forum. Reply below and tell me what you think.Shadowdance2 Sep 4, 2011
Sep 4, 2011 Can a blacksmith make ?Trasp5 Sep 4, 2011
Sep 4, 2011 Enchanters don't deserve tips? So for the past 5 years ive been playing this game i have always been an enchanter and have always made decent money off tips and what not. Recently when i enchant something, people always just accept without a tip. Just me kinda going on a rant but wtf, some of these enchants have costed me 6k+, should I refuse my service or just stop crying.Kalawaka24 Sep 4, 2011
Sep 4, 2011 Care to share some of that financial wisdom? I'm more our less a noob to gold making. So with the hope that you don't find this beneath your time I'm asking for some advice on how to make money with max alchemy. Specifically what to spec (currently xmute spec), how to make the most of my daily xmute, and how to make good money in general. Any additional informationas well as info regarding what profs work well with alchemy would be GREATL appreciated. ^ wall of text that I apologize forDelphi4 Sep 4, 2011
Sep 4, 2011 Skinning......... OK lets break this down. Mining feeds Blacksmithing, Jewel Crafting, And engineering. Herbalism feeds Alchemy, And Inscription. Tailoring and Enchanting does not need gathering profession and they stand alone. Skinning feeds Leather Working, Leather Working, And..........Yup you guessed it. Leather Working. Can we add another profession so Leather workers are not just selling to other Leather Workers?Bashyou45 Sep 4, 2011
Sep 3, 2011 Zulian Slicer skinning boost I have zulian slicer in my bag and it works as a skinning knife but I can't skin mobs above level 525. Is this because I do not have it equipped? If so that is BS since I cannot equip it. Edited for typos.Übah18 Sep 3, 2011
Sep 3, 2011 How long to Level BS/Mining? Hi, This toon's professions are screwy atm; she was my first toon on this server so she was stuck with two gathering professions while leveling. Now that I'm at the level cap I'd like to give blacksmithing a go, though I'll probably level mining beside it. I would buy the mats but I'm broke from funding two other characters' skill ups. My question is, if I were to level mining and BS together, as in farming for a while then crafting, etc., how long might it take? If BS is not terribly expensive to level I may might the bullet and just buy, though I'm a cheapskate. How much gold does it cost an average to get from 0 to 525? (I know it varies from server to server, though I'd say the prices here are decent) Any tips are appreciated.Briannon1 Sep 3, 2011
Sep 3, 2011 How to deal with deep undercuts? Hello, I am new kinda new to playing the ah. I mainly make my gold from glyphs and it's being brought down to the sub 25g range by one person. From reading several gold making blogs, they seem to encourage deep undercutting but I am having trouble finding a solution for being a victim of deep undercuts. I am pretty sure they are not making much gold right now but it's frustrating that everyone else is making so little profit lately because of him. The character he posts on mainly has 400k gained through the ah so I'm pretty sure he has reasons for doing this. I've been in the glyph business for a couple months now and he has popped up a few weeks ago. Already I feel he made an impact. He sells rare glyphs and common glyphs, I can't really figure out the pattern. Some he sells for 50g, but most are sub 25g all the way to 10g. I sometimes buy his cheap glyphs but he reposts them sometimes even cheaper. This is my first post on the wow forums ty for any help.Moosoh41 Sep 3, 2011
Sep 3, 2011 Idea for Skinning I was reading some complaints for skinning earlier and I thought of an idea. Make skinning a secondary profession, and add a new profession. Leather workers would get all their mats from the general public like tailoring provides cloth. I always thought woodworking would be a fun idea for a new profession. Give the profession(whatever it is) a chant to the helm or boots similar to the way inscription enchants the shoulder slot. Woodworkers would be able to make the very best staves for hunters and druids, and bows for warrior, hunter, rogues. They could also make bonfires to provide a better spirit buff then the standard camp fire. Wooden Swords and two handed mauls. Daggers that have a chance to proc a splinter(bleed damage plus debuff). Rare recipe for a wooden wedding gazebo for those who wish to get married in the game. A special wood whistle (think native american) that encourages the party or raid and increases critical strike chance by 25% for 15 seconds and has a 1 minute cooldown. There is room to improve, I know it's not perfect, but this would be awesome for the game.Withering3 Sep 3, 2011
Sep 3, 2011 Archaeology: Dwarf or Tol'vir? I've been doing a lot of Archaeology in Kalimdor on my paladin, trying for the Doll and the Tol'vir staff. Now that I have a 359 trinket, I'm considering going to the Eastern Kingdoms for the Staff of the Sorcerer Thane. Should I stay Kalimdor or go to the Eastern Kingdoms? Would I get the Dwarf Staff faster (more dig sites for dwarves)?Yiraa4 Sep 3, 2011
Sep 3, 2011 Suggestion for Chaos Orbs Make them a Justice Point vendor item, with a cost of 3000+ (They would still be BoP though)Kamahil26 Sep 3, 2011
Sep 3, 2011 Modification to the disenchant roll So most people are quite pleased with the "disenchant" roll. Some people QQed about no longer being able dominate the enchanting mats market. Some people have discussed how the roll disenchant feature doesn't allow for the Bountiful Bags guild perk to activate. I'd like to suggest that that feature be added and if the disenchant does happen to proc extra mats via Bountiful Bags they go to the disenchanter, or perhaps directly to the guild bank of the disenchanters guild similar to to cash flow perk. Thoughts?Bubblehealha20 Sep 3, 2011
Sep 3, 2011 Cant put enchants on vellum anymore Everything was great until I hit lvl 65, now I cant do it anymore. Help? Maybe my enchants are too high for the vellum, no idea.Castratia3 Sep 3, 2011
Sep 3, 2011 So will JC get epic gems come 4.3? Please make us happy!!Shamrocka10 Sep 3, 2011
Sep 3, 2011 Gems Stacking I was just wondering if there was a reason now that cut gems can be stacked why they don't stack as i cut them.Norias6 Sep 3, 2011
Sep 3, 2011 Wands and staves Enchanters have low lvl recipe for wands. Why have we never been able to make pre tier wands? And for that matter, a staff? JC can make trinkets with gem slots. BS has all the weapons, and I think that they are all melee stuff( ill have to look into that). There are some of us that cant get back into raiding or farm enough to afford the stuff on AH. Wands are hard to come by. I had to run with a quest reward forever until I picked one up in BRC. Im not talking about tier lvl gear, but starters that are heroic equivalent. Just some 350ish stuff that most raiders and jp farmers have already out grown. Guys that can only run a few heroics a week would have an option for a decent enough upgrade to boost the stats a bit, and the hard mode guys farming will still have a bigger epeen. Everybody wins. Azunyaan6 Sep 3, 2011
Sep 3, 2011 Frostweave Cloth I have an 83 mage that I am trying to level up in tailoring to compliment my maxed enchanting. While leveling up through the levels of tailoring hasnt be too bad for the most part, I have hit a brick wall. Upon getting to frostweave / northrend levels, I cant hardly find frostweave cloth. I spend a couple hours killing off random mobs, only to get 60 cloth or so. I have trained to be able to get extra cloth off mobs like I was supposed to as well, but still I am mostly getting 1 cloth per mob that actually drops cloth. The AH wants 60+ gold for the frostweave stack, and 300+ for the bolts. So my question is where is the best fastest way to farm this cloth? I could very well get on 1 of 4 85's to farm as well to do so (such as a tank to do a dungeon with a high drop rate).Pryra6 Sep 3, 2011
Sep 3, 2011 Archaeology Title I completed the Archaeology Achievement "It Belongs in a Museum!" but the title above my toon did not change to Professor, is this a bug or did Blizz change something during the last patch?Deangelo4 Sep 3, 2011