Aug 29, 2011 Trading Darkmoon Cards I have found few scribes interested in trading to complete decks. Is that because most scribes view trading as helping a competitor? I've tried selling extras on the AH and they rarely sell, and it seems the cards I need are always among the most expensive on the AH. After making a couple hundred cards without any decks, I wonder if I'm doing something wrong or if I'm just really unlucky with the RNG crafting.Quaidas1 Aug 29, 2011
Aug 29, 2011 Gems we cut should have our names on them should say like, "created by depressing." i want my name on every alliance person's gear on my server. y notDepressing9 Aug 29, 2011
Aug 29, 2011 Addon showing gathering routes? Is there an addon where I can have the map in a window on the screen and have it show a route for gathering herbs/ore?Nocturnus3 Aug 29, 2011
Aug 29, 2011 Making Gold with JC I am asking this on an alt because, frankly, I'm embarrassed. Let's assume I have a toon that is max Mining and Max JC. I've been told/have read that JC is one of the most lucrative professions when it comes to gold making. I must suck; or am missing something. I am not making squat! So, I am looking for info, advice or nods in the direction of a good guide to use. Thanks in advance for any help and I apologize for the noob question. TahssaTahssa33 Aug 29, 2011
Aug 29, 2011 engineering 526 - 540 Where do i get the recipe for engineering 526 to 540?Ironhamme8 Aug 29, 2011
Aug 29, 2011 Inscription Worth leveling? Made an clothie alt a few days ago and can't seem to decide which profession to take with herbalism. I already have max alch, enchanting, tailoring, and jc. I was considering inscription but was wondering if it would pay off at 525 like my other professions.Selfridge2 Aug 29, 2011
Aug 29, 2011 This is crazy... 6 troll digsites in a row, 4 of them in the same zone (too bad im looking for dwarf digsites lol)Pöledra2 Aug 29, 2011
Aug 29, 2011 Maelstrom Crystal shatter u think blizz will give us a maelstrom crystal shatter like they did with abyss crystals in WoTLK? Sofototy4 Aug 29, 2011
Aug 29, 2011 Tailoring - Worth it in the long run? So, hear me out. A while ago, this character was made on Moon Guard, where my main nurtured her until level 70, where I twinked her out for the bracket. I picked Tailoring for one reason, and one reason alone... I wanted that freaking magic carpet. Fast forward a bit, I transferred this mage to Wrymrest Accord. I have about 7000g to my name. When I hit 85 on her, I plan on doing Endgame PvP. That's it. No dungeons. No raids. Just PvP. I've been mindlessly leveling up tailoring for just for the hell of it, but after seeing the -insane- amount of frostweave I need.... I'm at 412/450. I'm not even sure if I should keep going. I'm more concerned about making money now than my carpet (As much as I love the flying carpet). Would I be able to cash in on all my hard work with tailoring once I'm maxed out? If so, how? Or should I just ditch it and start leveling my herbalism?Vaniva8 Aug 29, 2011
Aug 29, 2011 Leather working Hi guys this will be my 3rd 85 eventually. The other two are both herb/alchemist and make a ton of gold. I never leveled a crafting profession so since I'm a druid chose skinning and LW. I'm regretting my path. Have to grind grind grind grind mobs just to get enough leather to make one piece that wont sell unless i list low enough for a enchanter to buy it. I've been buying skins when i can but Outloand skins are few and far between and very over priced. I guess what I'm asking does it get easier and is it worth it in the end? All i do is Arena and RBG's on all toons but don't mind gathering. But gathering enough herbs to get 15 volatile lifes takes 15 mins on each toon. Feraldog3 Aug 29, 2011
Aug 29, 2011 Portable Anvil/Forge Since Blizzard introduced the portable bank and mail box as well as portable repair bots and services......Why have they not introduced the portable Anvil/Forge. By doing this, we would be able to build armor mid raid as well as smelt the ore needed to create it. I think this idea would only make sense and should be introduced into the game ASAP! Oh yeah and name it after me...YUP pretty solid idea.Ðrethæus1 Aug 29, 2011
Aug 29, 2011 4.3 Darkmoon Faire Suggestion... Blizzard, I noticed you mentioned in the preview for the new Darkmoon Faire that you will be adding new profession recipes, I'm assuming that things like the long awaited High Society Top Hat ( will be one of the new recipes, but I'm begging you; PLEASE! PLEASE! Add all the old recipes that got removed in Cata, PLEASE! I'll do anything, ANYTHING! (Or get one of my guildies to do it) - AldurinAldurin5 Aug 29, 2011
Aug 29, 2011 Mixology Question Was under the impression that Mixology increased the Intellect from Flask of the Draconic Mind from 300 to 380, but after testing it out (just leveled my Alchemy today) it looks like I'm actually gaining 423 Intellect upon using the Flask. Did the amount increase or any idea why this is? I tested it out 3 times and got 423 all 3 times, no other buffs on me not MoTW or anything. Not complaining at all just a little confused as to how it works exactly.Hillis3 Aug 29, 2011
Aug 29, 2011 Lf blacksmith on spirestone I need a blacksmith to make masterwork elementium deathblade i have mats and paying 1500 gold for orbs and payin 100 gold tipJartan1 Aug 29, 2011
Aug 29, 2011 How do I get 2 million from professions Cause I got that in 2 weeks from trashPollyvinyl3 Aug 29, 2011
Aug 29, 2011 Archeology rares, one time finds? Can you find rare relics multiple times? Reason I ask is because I don't want to! I don't mind getting repeated common finds, but it would be annoying if I keep finding the same rare over and over.Midran3 Aug 29, 2011
Aug 29, 2011 Engineering; that 'other' proffession I just posted this in general discussion, and then finally found this thread, so ima slap it here too. Seems like every since wrath, engineering has been getting the back end of any proffession. Its almost like the joke proff now. So in cata they added cool new tinkers, but theyre all for the belt, and gloves, so we can only have 2. this really blows considering eng sucked even when you had half your items tinkered. Furthermore, back in BC we could make cool trinkets and such, like the flame turrets, ice bombs, rocket launcher, and polerizer(that chicken thing), and it was so cool cause it was like we were very involved with our proffession, creating bombs and turrets and using them, now we just tinker stuff once and were done for the expansion. And of corse pre BC it was a very interesting proff, even more than BC, with those ray guns, and stuff like that, we had so many trinkets we had to use em and swap em out, it was a great thing, but now trinkets are so much more permanent than they were before that it wouldnt even be worth it if we had useful trinkets without stats. So check this out, I suggest we have bombs that are useful again, and have 2 different kinds of bombs, cheaper sapping bombs, and more expensive short duration stun bombs. I also recommend trinkets and creations like we did pre wotlk, but we dont have to equip them as trinkets, lengthen the cooldown, hell even double it, as long as we could enjoy our proff again Xinaroth2 Aug 29, 2011
Aug 29, 2011 Archaeology- stuck! So, I decide to continue studying Archaeology on my L72 Hunter, having abandoned it in my 40s. I maxed out apprentice (75/75) and went to Harrison in SW to train the next tier. The problem is, he has nothing to offer me (neither "available" nor "unavailable"). I also tried Falda in Borean Tundra (Valiance Keep), but still nothing. What am I missing?Langstrum1 Aug 29, 2011
Aug 28, 2011 Best place to get pristine hides? Where is the best place to farm pristine hides? And are pristine hides the best way to make $ as a leatherworker?Hertaru3 Aug 28, 2011
Aug 28, 2011 Archaeology: Does it relate to... ... previous questing experience? Say you've done all of the troll quests in the entire game. Does it give you a better chance to get Zin'rokh?Scooshy2 Aug 28, 2011
Aug 28, 2011 Archaeology - what to do with keystones? So I am a level 200 archaeologist and have tons of keystones in my bag. Do I do anything with them or just vendor them?Karedwyn4 Aug 28, 2011
Aug 28, 2011 Changes to Leatherworking and/or Skinning I'd never leveled up leatherworking before now, but it really is the most time consuming process of any of the professions that I have done. most of the recipies in the 170-300 area really cost way too much when you look at the relation between skinning and leatherworking. So I have two suggestions that could be used together or seperate... A) would it be possible to make some of the recipes that take as much as 14-20 leathers (or more if you include the ones that need scales on top of that) and make them 3-5 skill points like was done with may professions at the cata level. B) make mobs drop 2-3 leather instead of just 1. The way it is right now, it's just a giant grindfest that I think could be scaled down just a little bit. I think this would also be more in line with the changes that were made to the game to allow you to level faster from 1-60. Thanks for reading! Jaedus0 Aug 28, 2011
Aug 28, 2011 Limit on Northrend Inscription recipes? I log on just long enough to do the daily Northrend research, or farm if I'm short on mats (AH too expensive). Last few days I haven't been learning any new recipes, then I have to wait another 24 hours to try again. I haven't been playing that toon other than to do the research because I wanted to get the glyphs needed for the appropriate specs - I refuse to pay more than 10 gold for a glyph. I've been trying for a couple months now to get the glyphs I need and now I cannot seem to learn anything new. Is there a limit with how many new recipes you can research?Shmendrik3 Aug 28, 2011
Aug 28, 2011 Enchanting 275-300 Anyone know of a cheap way to get this done? I actually only need it from 275-290 but all the things I have are so time consuming or expensive to get :(Olrankha5 Aug 28, 2011
Aug 28, 2011 Herbing/Mining doesn't make me crap no more Herbing and Mining doesn't make me crap no more -_-. Or am I farming the wrong things? Here's the avg prices I always see stacks on the AH for. Whiptail - 2g each in stacks of 20 Azshara's Veil - 3g each in stacks of 20 Twilight Jasmine - 6g each in stacks of 20 Heartblossom - 5g each in stacks of 20 Stormvine - 3g each in stacks of 20 There's always 3-4 pages of herbs up there by like 1-2 people, max 4 people. Mining is the same. Elementium Ore is around 2g each in stacks of 20 Obsidium Ore no one even bothers with it Pyrite Ore is 7g-20g in stacks of 20, but no one ever buys it -_-. There's around 4-5 pages of ore always on the AH.Brycè7 Aug 28, 2011
Aug 28, 2011 Longer buff from scrolls for scribes Hi would be nice if scribes get the same as alchemists and get longer buff time when they use scrolls.Alfybett5 Aug 28, 2011
Aug 28, 2011 Maxed in Arch.. and not one Tol'vir digsite I have never seen a Tol'vir Digsite in Uldum. I know they're rare.. but this rare? How can I get them to show up? My server's Trade Chat doesn't know. One said you might have to be 525 for them to show up, but Wowhead says nothing of the sort. Please clarify this. I want to get my hands on Tol'vir stuff so I can use the daily in Lost City of the Tol'vir.Benie5 Aug 28, 2011
Aug 28, 2011 Where to begin in enchanting? I am doing enchanting but can not seem to find any way to start doing it. I see nothing about what it takes to do my first one, or where to go to find someone to give me a quest to get started on it. In cooking a cooking supply guy in Ironforge had me buy the ingredients to make bread and then make him ten loaves. Is there anything like that for inscription?Eisenor12 Aug 28, 2011
Aug 28, 2011 550 skinning for druids y is it that druids of all classes cant skin for 550 kinda seems like they got over looked on the horde side will it ever be fixed or lowered?Furismurder0 Aug 28, 2011
Aug 28, 2011 Engineering Rant (or suggestion?) I love engineering, really I do! But, engineering is losing its appeal to me. Nitro boosts were amazing, in my experience they had less than a 5% failure rate. Now they fail at least 1 in 4 times, often killing me if I don't get heals. Don't forget they can't be used in PvP anymore. I can no longer count on them in raids, I'm switching to a more useful Ebonsteel Belt Buckle. The parachute is awesome, but 30 seconds of slow fall? Complete crap, I see no reason for a parachute to disappear after 30 seconds. The scopes are great, but I can get them from any other engineer. Flintlocke's Woodchucker is a joke. Why aren't our guns and goggles 378 iLvL? BS and LW have craftable 378 BoE armor items. And unlike our goggles, BS and LW armor doesn't require the respective skill to equip it. The only thing that keeps me from dropping engineering is Jeeves, at least I can't fail pulling out a repair bot. One thing that I think should be added (and I'm surprised it hasn't been added already) is a portable anvil/forge. Share your thoughts, and feel free to correct any wrong information.Hedggie7 Aug 28, 2011
Aug 28, 2011 Does Archeology slow down like fishing? Basically the title. What I mean is, as you get higher and higher with fishing it takes more and more catches to gain a level. Is this true of archeology as well? Just seems like there's a lot more effort involved with archeology (due to all the traveling) so I'm kind of hoping blizzard took that into consideration...Katmandont4 Aug 28, 2011
Aug 28, 2011 The Archaeology improvement thread One thing I think we can all agree on is that Archaeology has a lot of room for improvement and refinement. It's current implementation is mindless and repetitive. Dig, fly, dig, fly, dig, solve, fly, dig, ect. With that in mind, I think there are two roads for improvement: A.) Adding more things to do with Arch (summoned bosses, quest-beginning artifacts, and the like) B.) Refining the digging (allowing focusing on races, excluding races, adding items that assist in digging and other such things). With that in mind, the two above things are not mutually exclusive. This thread is intended for discussion and ideas for the improvement of archaeology. (Please keep this thread polite and civil) I'll make a list of current reasonable (please, nothing outlandish or unfeasible) suggestions Concerns: 1. Archaeology is too random. One person could have thousands of solves and never get what they want, while another could have six Tol'vir solves and have everything. 2. It's not engaging enough. Like I said above, dig, fly, dig, fly, dig, fly, solve over and over. 3. Not being able to focus or exclude sites is very frustrating. An example from myself: Farming Staff of Ammunae and Tyrande's Favorite Doll, seeing the following: One site in the Barrens (fossil) Two in Un'goro (fossil) and one night elf site far off in Desolace is extremely annoying, and really kills my desire to do archaeology. 4. Fragment randomness. Another anecdote from myself. A fossil site: 6, 6, 6. A Tol'vir site: 3, 3, 4, I don't need fossil but Tol'vir is what I want.Shylvas52 Aug 28, 2011
Aug 28, 2011 Suggestion: Black Smithing // Transmog Was looking though old weapons from blacksmithing, and actually got sad because of the transmogrification patch coming up on 4.3. The reason is because all of these amazing blacksmithing specializations are basically gone forever. (DragonSpike) for an example is only obtainable by someone who played during BC and was able to get the recipe before all the specializations were taken out. My suggestion is for professions like Blacksmithing,Tailoring, Leather working, and other professions who used to have specialization to possibly allow everyone to learn the recipes or make the items such as DragonSpike BOE so that these amazing looking weapons/armor aren't lost forever. (also sorry for spelling/grammar been a really long week.) Healiesplox2 Aug 28, 2011
Aug 27, 2011 Suggestion - Enchanting Scrolls Would it be possible to color the scrolls to make it easier to identify which slots they're for (blue for wrists, red for boots, etc..)? This would make it much easier to sort, locate and identify in a guild bank.Jawaka5 Aug 27, 2011
Aug 27, 2011 milling and prospecting we should be able to mill herbs and prospects ore like we are able to smelt ore.. instead of having to repeatedly use the move.Viridian14 Aug 27, 2011
Aug 27, 2011 Only 1 dalaran jewelcrafter's token a day? Why does Blizzard only allow us to do one jewel crafting daily a day for 1 token? Why wont blizzard make a more difficult daily that gives more tokens?Skro22 Aug 27, 2011
Aug 27, 2011 Transmutation Master My goblin hunter is a potion master; is there any way to drop it and get Transmutation? The transmutation trainer in Netherstorm won't trigger any actions.Velikiy4 Aug 27, 2011
Aug 27, 2011 Why is nobody buying my weapons??? I literally have the ONLY Elementium-Edged Scalper up on the AH. Nobody's buying it. I advertise in trade to sell a Deathblade for 1000 less gold than the cheapest one on the AH. I honestly can't understand how anybody is actually able to make money off the blacksmithing profession. What am I doing wrong?Sarnoth5 Aug 27, 2011
Aug 27, 2011 Herb/Mine to Herb/Alch Thinking about dropping the mining for Alch. I like herbing because it doesn't break flight form and I'm a Tauren which makes it even quicker. Think I'd make more gold if I were Herb/Alch? My original plan was to level Arch and once I reached the 80+ zones to herb and mine while digging for sites.Schmokel0 Aug 27, 2011
Aug 27, 2011 Vanilla Tailoring There seems to be a lapse in the tailoring line when leveling it up. Each cloth type, when you begin to be able to make bolts, you also get to begin using those bolts by the time crafting said bolts turns grey. This is true with each type except mageweave. Once you finish making bolts at 185, you are dropped right back into endless amounts of Silk. I suggest moving the magewave around a bit or raise the learnable level on magweave bolts so that they coincide with being able to use them on patterns like everything else.Kamegwyn0 Aug 27, 2011
Aug 27, 2011 Unable to solve artifacts Since last night I can't solve any artifact with the help of stones/tablets/etc... The only way to solve it if I have all the pieces for it. For example I had a Troll rare and I was around 80/100 and I put 2 Troll tables in the slots. The "Solve" button turns red but when I click on it nothing happens. As soon as I got all the 100 I was able to solve it. This is happening with all of my artifacts.Wardran1 Aug 27, 2011
Aug 27, 2011 Maelstrom Crystal Shatter (Enchanting) I'm not sure why this hasn't been implemented yet but we really need to be able to shatter Maelstrom Crystals into Heavenly Shards. A lot of raiders don't run normal dungeons anymore so we rarely see blue items to d/e for shards. There doesn't seem to be any reasonable way to get them either. It's either dungeon grinding or spending 600 jp per shard (of course raids don't give you jp to buy them either). We try to supply enchants to our guild but it's extremely difficult as the weapon/boot/chest enchants require Heavenly Shards and we can't keep our stock up. We can easily go through a stack a week. Anyone else having trouble with this?Penicillin19 Aug 27, 2011
Aug 27, 2011 Looking for a reason to get enchanting Is this profession still inferior for tanking use due to only having Stamina bonuses available? I am currently running Alchemistry and Jewelcrafting.Rauth1 Aug 27, 2011
Aug 27, 2011 Lich King transmutes share CD with Truegold? I just attempted to perform a Transmute: Cardinal Ruby (from WotLK) and realized that it not only still has a cooldown, but it shares that cooldown with Truegold and Living Elements. The transmute would have been useful to make gems for leveling alts. Alas, since it not only still has a cooldown, but shares it with Cataclysm transmutes, it is useless. This is inconsistent with Jewelcrafting, where the Icy Prism cooldown was removed. I was able to make 4 Icy Prisms in a row for Scarlet Rubies, just to realize that, nope, I can't use them to make Cardinal Rubies.Elodeon1 Aug 27, 2011
Aug 27, 2011 archaeology training How do you get training? I have been to two different trainers and both times the trainer has turned around and acknowledged me but the pop up window was options at all. what am I doing wrong and how do I fix this????????Lavida5 Aug 27, 2011
Aug 27, 2011 Need to make archaeology better in next patch I don't know about most but I happen to like Archaeology. However I think Blizz went about it the wrong way. You should be able to get rare items for lower levels for starters. Second they should make the rare items more....wel quite frankly useful. I understand making it so that you can not get the sword or any of those goodies unless you work at it, however I don't really need another hearth stone and don't feel like watching dwarf chicks do a dance!Aston1 Aug 27, 2011
Aug 27, 2011 Engineering tinkers? I'm really considering dropping Blacksmithing which I got tired of really fast to pick up Engineering. I looked at Engineering enchants (tinkers or whatever) and they seem to have changed quite a bit, and not at all for the better. Is there currently any advantage outside of killshades for a tank to pick up Engineering? The plasma shield sounded cool but someone told me its misfire will screw you in most PvE situations. And I think I saw where they removed the + 800 armor on gloves to an on use armor increase on gloves, and removed nitro from boots, but the posts I read were pretty old. Is all this still the case?Laurifer5 Aug 27, 2011
Aug 26, 2011 Need help about DMCs and Inscription Which is a better way to earn money out of Inscription? Herb my own herbs, mill em and create DMCs. Or create glyphs and play AH? I hit 525 on my alt yday and it seems like I can create 2 random cards in less than an hr of herbing.....Also is it worth selling the individual cards rather than create the pack after collection Ace to Eight?Bede1 Aug 26, 2011
Aug 26, 2011 Archeology useless at max level? So I leveled Archeology on another toon because I wanted to get two Nifflevar Bearded Axes for my 74 enhance shaman. I was then told by a guild mate that I have to level two archeologists to get two of them. This leads me to feel that Archeology is a pretty usless profession if certain items cannot be made more then once. Once you have solved every artifact there is nothing more to do with the profession other then recreating uselss artifacts that only sell for 50-80g. It may feel like alot of gold but I could easily make that amount of gold just by soloing a BC heroic and selling everything I loot for around 100-200g in the amount of time it takes to make an artifact. My point is that I think items such as armor and weapons should be solvable more then once on one character. If the item can be dual-wielded it should be solvable more then once in my opinion. Some may disagree and feel that the profession is fine. But many others I believe would disagree. The profession for one is incredibly boring. Most other professions that are time consuming are normally not boring because they require materials that you can go and kill stuff for and do quests for. Archeology on the other hand requires LOTS of traveling and LOTS of patience. Doing the same thing over and over again isn't fun at all nor interesting for that matter. Flying from zone to zone, surverying from location to location. Having to hearth to a city to get closer to a location you just don't feel like flying to. This profession really needs some major improvements imo. But these are just my thoughts and opinions for it.Agonyzation5 Aug 26, 2011