Dec 30 Best Addon for Herbalism Title says it all. What is the beset addon when it comes to herbalism? Are there any addons that come preloaded with spots of where herbs will be? Thank you for any help.Nac1 Dec 30
Dec 30 Tailoring is a DISASTER! My tailor never does any dungeons! I was ok with doing the very low level dungeons that were needed for the first few steps of Tailoring. Now I'm facing doing Karazhan at some unknown Level and there is no way I will ever get to that (unknown) level. So I guess those of us who don't wish to be cursed out, thrown out or taunted constantly can ever finish the profession we have had since WOW started?Prophesy8 Dec 30
Dec 30 Herbalism needs some changes The RNG in this expansion is plaguing so many aspects of the game but when it hits the professions its ridiculous. I get it, play for days and hours and hope to get a legendary. That can in some way make sense since legendary items are supposed to be some of the best items ever. Not the point of this post though, the point is I can farm endless amounts of herbs and never see rank 2-3 for some of them. I can wait 2-3 days and never see a felwort WQ up on the map. I can get lucky and get a felwort quest and when I finish it MAYBE get a seed. That seed is then available to all players. HOW does it make sense that the item, which on my server cost around 1k-1.4k per, can be picked by other players when I plant it? The aggression behind this post is aimed at the fact that I got two seeds miraculously the other day. It was one of the greatest herbalism moments ever, I went to go plant them and I made the dumb mistake of planting them both at the same time. They both spawned at the same time and I tried to pick one while some RANDOM guy came and grabbed the second one. I then stopped picking mine to see if that herb the random guy picked was available and it WAS NOT, while I did this someone else grabbed the second felwort. Had I known that once I plant them they are open game I would just hold on to them forever. This is so !@#$ing dumb, If I wanted to plant seeds for other people I would invite them to my group. How the %^-* does it make sense that I get one seed almost every other week and when it comes I can lose it to a random dude. Why do I need to farm for what seems like months to get a rank 3 herb? Should I wait for the server to be dead at 4 in the morning before I attempt to plant seeds? Make me work for my ranks by doing stuff that takes skill rather than making me farm for months while the other guys gets his within a week. So many issues with this game but when professions which are supposed to be these concrete forms of income and player improvement are just as random as the other aspects of this game it spoils the whole expansion. TLDR PLANT FELWORT WHEN THE SERVER IS DEAD SO NO ONE STEALS IT. QUIT YOUR JOB TO GET RANK 2-3 OF A HERB. MAKE ALL OF YOUR CHARACTER HERBALISM FOR MORE CHANCES AT FELWORT WQ.Desolidra3 Dec 30
Dec 30 Leatherworking help Leatherworking: I am trying to unlock patterns for leatherworking but I'm stuck, not sure what quest I have and haven't done? how do I get back on track?Banbrin3 Dec 30
Dec 30 Saltwater Potion AFIK Saltwater Potion is not available in game as a Alchemy recipe. Why not? The potion is won occasionally in a pvp drop box. It is one of the very few alchemy items that is useable in battlegrounds. Seems this could give alchemy something useful to craft, even if the mats were difficult to come by. Dec 30
Dec 29 Work Order: Silk weave Gloves - Val'sharah Level 3 of this recipe. It says I can learn this from World Quest is Val'Sharah. In over a month of logging on almost every single day, I have not seen this quest appear. Am I just unlucky and missed it? Surely it should have showed up a few times by now. All the other ones have.Bluzah5 Dec 29
Dec 29 Inscription changes, why would anyone choose? I'm failing to see how the Post-Legion changes to Inscription didn't make it completely pointless. I just don't see any of it being too useful. Glyphs are all cosmetic now and don't actually benefit you in any way other than changing animations/looks?Wulfharth4 Dec 29
Dec 29 Greater Potion of Luck recipe Can anyone confirm if this recipe is still obtainable while making MoP potions? I have probably made around 3,000 potions over the past couple days trying to learn the recipe, but nothing. I'd like to know if its still obtainable or not, so i can stop wasting my time making a rediculous amount of pots in an attempt to get it.Hitgirl7 Dec 29
Dec 29 Routes for Herbs TL;DR - I have the addon "routes" how do i get routes that other have made to show up for me I am trying to farm mats for flasks and what not and i saw a video of certain routes that have optimal yield. I downloaded routes, gathermate, and gathermate data addons. however when i downloaded the routes LUA file from the author of these routes in the video, i can not get them to show up in game for me. does anyone know how to import and load the actual ROUTES onto the routes addon? TYVM!Zdrasti0 Dec 29
Dec 29 Auction Addon Any suggestions for an addon besides auctioneer or auctionator? I am on a very high pop realm. My needs are simple. I want to be able to search for herbs with a basic sort of per stack that condenses the idiot that put 500 single stacks up into one stack like auctioneer currently does. I only need to be able to search for 10-15 items to check prices and easily buy items. Auctioneer is perfect except that the load times are awful now. It takes several minutes to even do a basic search, and buying a single stack takes 30 seconds to a minute. I don't have 10 minutes to buy the mats for a single night of raiding. Auctionator is useless without a realm scan, and even with extreme filtering it takes nearly an hour on my realm. I cannot see a method of only searching for a small list of items. I don't care what every single thing on my realm sells for because I do not have hours to search for information that is outdated by the time a search finishes. Any suggestions for an addon until auctioneer isn't broken?Cákë6 Dec 29
Dec 29 Noni I guess I should have taken heed when he says "There is no hope" every time I close my dialog box, that IS truly what he means. Countless high mountain salmon and no recipe to speak of. There is no hope.Wisp6 Dec 29
Dec 29 Nomi Cooking No Test Recipes. So i did Nomi's beginning quests but now he doesn't give me anything else to do and there are no test recipes to work through. Anyone had this issue?Sylixe0 Dec 29
Dec 28 Finished leveling Underlight Angler Ok. Finished leveling my UA. No achieve, title or reward. I knew this because others had mentioned it but it still sucks. Anybody know how to unlock appearances? Any chance we can xmog this childish thing? Any Quest or any future activity planned for Fishing and/or the UA? Am I the only one fishing in Legion? Beuller? Beuller?Malmedula2 Dec 28
Dec 28 Rank 3 vs Rank 2 - Blood difference? Does Rank 3 of Skinning Stonehide Leather give MORE bloods than rank 2? Farming blood to gear up crafted gear. I have the rank 3 quest. Does rank 3 give more bloods vs rank 2. Thanks!Danlock4 Dec 28
Dec 28 Herbalism rank 3...? So, 26 days played at 110 and I haven't reached rank 3 for any of the herbs yet. This seems kind of silly. Now, I don't go out of my way and spend hours at a time gathering herbs. But you know, I get them when I come across them while doing world quests and travelling to dungeons. I've picked hundreds and hundreds of herbs at this point. The way the rank 3 drops are currently tuned, I can see myself going through the entire expansion without reaching rank 3 for all of the herbs. Seems kind of broken to me.Lightdeity1 Dec 28
Dec 27 Inscription Fel Wings This is completely obscene. I have killed well over 600+ mobs. I have ground myself more than 76% of the entire level from 106 to 107 just trying to get a prof skill to use for an alt. This, is @#$% bull @#$%! This is not fun Blizz. This is an excessive mechanic that makes players like me give up and go to a different game. So far, this is just a waste of my time.Dinadira0 Dec 27
Dec 27 Spirit Cauldron Question about making cauldrons in this new expac. Anyone know if you can double dip? Like grab a potion, drink it, and grab another one for later... Doing raid runs with less than 20 people at the moment, with flasks and mats getting more and more expensive, I'd like to know if its worth learning/making.Artzombie20 Dec 27
Dec 27 Can't use engineering, no reaves schematic Pretty pissed right now, did the initial quests for Engineering and the schematic was never awarded to me so I literally cannot do any other engineering quests. It's been 3 days now and there is no way for me to resummon reaves for the snack module. Why couldn't he just be a toy instead of a consumable schematic? This is ridiculous.Wtfel4 Dec 27
Dec 27 Elves need pasties Nah...Well, Yeah, but really just figured I'd repost this and bump it Blizz desperately wants us to do specific content and use Professions to force us. Or try to. Hey Blizz! How's it working out for you? Loving the numbers? ...Malmedula0 Dec 27
Dec 27 Tell Blizz Tell Blizz you want change. This is not a troll. I want my Wow to be better. Maybe this helps. Open a Ticket. List your issue as a bug or a suggestion. Blizz Customer Service is good and they want to help you. Really. If a ton of people convince Customer Service there is an issue then the Customer Service department will deal with the Devs for us. They will. They play this game. Until then. Profs gonna suck. Darkmoon Faire is the only hope for anybody now. I expect it will be Nerf'd soon. I'm surprised they haven't done it already. But so what? Assume you get to 800 Jewelcrafting(for example) and can finally make that treasured Saber Eye of Strength...its worth 200 points. For me with a current strength of 23471 that's a boost of 0.864%. Wow! Months of effort and thousands of gold and that is the pinnacle? Of course that assumes you have a socket to put it in. Whats really funny is that Icy-Veins, Noxxic and Wowhead all stress that you NEED this. Really? Get 2 gathering skills and sell mats to people who have not figured all this out. What? Still reading? Yes. I think about this too much. Go submit a ticket now. Actually do something to try to help. bumpMalmedula0 Dec 27
Dec 27 Dreadleather Bindings Rank 3 So can we smack some Devs for coming up with the idea of putting a rank 3 pattern as a RNG drop from Small Treasure Chests in Withered Training? So the choice is just hope and pray that we might get lucky during regular completion or spend eons wandering aimless around the training grounds looking for chest respawns and still have to hope and pray to be lucky. No that I am almost exalted and about to have a full clear I doubt I will be wasting my time on withered training much in the future, so not much hope of ever attaining this pattern. Thanks Devs.Ailanthus3 Dec 27
Dec 27 Herbalism Question I'm trying to farm the item to start the quest for rank 3 Starlight Rose. I'm curious if the quest item can drop if you are in a raid group. I know you can't quest while in a raid group, but can the item drop that allows you to start the quest for rank 3?Kurras0 Dec 27
Dec 26 Too many random items for Engineering? How do fellow Engineers manage having to buy all these random greens to be able to craft Legion Engineering items? Do you just accept that you have to go to vendor to make items or put a ton of random green items in your bank?Xchai14 Dec 26
Dec 26 World Of Gatecraft Okay I have played since BC my main has 80 reps done this one has 70. I am working on my 3rd story line for Legion and have decided to say enough. I have come to hate every profession in game Cooking being the Number 1 followed by crafted, and you know the reason why? Gated behind rated PVP Sorry, I'm not going to waste time doing a rated BG in the hopes the random number god will drop a pattern. And to make it worse you did it to all. Why cause no one like the new PVP system and you feel the need to force us to? I really don't like the idea of doing old raids to complete some crafting night mare when I can't even get the lvl 2 and 3 for mining on my hunter. Professions have been the biggest time sink in game this time and I actually hate them more than anything else. And there are more who feel the same way beside me . I don't like how the whole game is becoming gated and less fun than it use to be.Khim4 Dec 26
Dec 26 "of the" in AH Auctionator is very useful for buying, selling, and checking (on the More tab) to see if yours is the lowest post price. But it runs into a problem with "of the" armor. If I create Frozen Gloves, the game puts a different "of the X" on each of them: Frozen Gloves of the Burp, Frozen Gloves of the Fonzie, etc. I want to undercut all the other Frozen Gloves posted. But Auctionator will only compare my Frozen Gloves of the Fonzie with other Frozen Gloves of the Fonzie. So it will tell me 1,030g is the lowest price when other Frozen Gloves are selling for 450g. I have to check prices by hand. Does TSM do it better? Or will TSM do what Auctionator does? Is there any other AH addon that handles this? Thanks.Qri5 Dec 26
Dec 26 There is no forge in Dalaran. Am I insane or is there no regular forge in the Legion Dalaran? I get that we have thermal anvils now but it just seems like an oversight, especially considering the fact that the Wrath Dal has a forge. What's the deal? Kirin Tor couldn't pay their gas bills?Crattle11 Dec 26
Dec 25 Felhide Location Someone posted the loc for the herbalism one, anyone have the loc for the felhide one? presumably someone has found it. if u do post it here for all of us skinner brosGohomebrah23 Dec 25
Dec 25 Legion fertile soil Hello, I am having a hard time finding any fertile soil in legion to plant seeds in, I have a felwort seed, and was wanting to plant it but I am looking around lakes and rivers(including the grove of cenarius, a place that is incredibly fertile) but I am not seeing any soils anywhere. now I know of the flower ports around dalaran, but those are for the herb proper and not the seeds. can anyone give me more info so I can plant seeds(and maybe farm the herb).Kiriasky28 Dec 25
Dec 24 Mounting made EASY?!!! Finally just completed this quest (seriously, check the tips in Wowhead regarding food...massive help). This quest is, without any doubt whatsoever in my mind, the WORST quest WoW has ever dreamed up. I genuinely hope whoever the sadistic son-of-a-murloc who thought this up AND the kodo-butt-hair who approved it are not only fired, but lose all that they hold dear in this life. Video games are supposed to be fun and entertaining. Sure there are some who like the game to be "challenging". And that option should totally be available. But it should be just that.....OPTIONAL. I don't play to be challenged. Dealing with the idiots by which I'm surrounded irl is challenging enough.Orrun28 Dec 24
Dec 24 Order Resources Cache and ME Hi, I have a miner/ I use most of my order resources to fund my 7 110s for research since we all know how alt unfriendly this expansion is...I just can't keep up with making gold/farming ap/levelling etc etc. But that's not the point, I dug my grave and I will lay in it. What I'm asking is if we can get our awesome devs over here at Blizz to allow the Order Resources Cache to stack so we can purchase more than one at a time...or even if they took away the confirmation that we are going to spend a blood for one. Thanks babes! <3Nokura2 Dec 24
Dec 24 Bot's are ruining my experience gathering I'm literally feeling so utterly put off by the bot infestation that I barely want to log into the game at all now. It's not just that I see these bots on the world map in droves every time I decide to spend a few hours collecting mats, and I have to just accept the fact that there are countless herb nodes that would have been mine to snag, but because a freaking bot got to it first, it despawns before I get to it, causing my # of herbs and ore per hour to be less than it should be... but it's also the fact that when I go to the AH to list what little I manage to get, I see 27 stacks of 200 listed by Asijaaxz the random name generator BOT at 50% market value because they have too many to unload and have to crash the market to sell any of it now... Never mind that I actually love camping rare spawns too, it's something I always liked to do, but I literally spent weeks camping out Poseidus just for the heck of it, and bingo, it's also infested with BOT's, and this isn't like Herbs in Broken Isles at all... if the bot gets the Poseidus before me (and it will, since they don't sleep and are deadly efficient with their camping) then that literally takes my chance away. It's practically theft in that regard, only one person gets that loot, and that person isn't even a person anymore, it's a freaking BOT 90% of the time. These aspects of play are my end game experience. I love farming gold. I love camping rare spawns while watching netflix. I love doing mind numbing, therapeutic herb and mining routes with pandora on. What I do NOT love, is having a BOT infestation quite literally and directly demolishing my profit margin, just because I made the ridiculous decision of being a LEGIT player and not saying, "If you can't beat em, join em." Call me crazy, but I believe we can beat em. Although I don't have the power to do so, Blizz this is on you. Can you beat them already? Can you do more than having these very rare, highly publicized "Ban Waves" that are more of a symbolic gesture for the community than actual solution? Can you put your shameless desire to profit off the BOT's subscription payments aside and start to value your living, breathing, human players experiences more? Please, get this crap taken care of, make it a top priority...Cyy6 Dec 24
Dec 24 Legion Professions in the toilet Yes, Legion professions are in the toilet. I've spent quite a bit a time reading the Professions Forum and I'd say 90% of the postings are complaining about Legion professions. Very little in the way of positive posts. Sad, considering the fiasco that was professions in WOD. No lessons learned. Does anyone think cooking is fun? After all, Fun is the name of the game. Does anyone know if the devs read this forum?Joth0 Dec 24
Dec 24 Engineering for Raids Hi everyone ! Im looking at Engineering to help me out with some raids mechanisms What Im looking for is - Rocket boost to help either run to/from boss - Rocket Jump (in the air) to dodge !@#$ on the ground (maybe combine with parachute?) I've found nothing so far on WoWhead that looks to be usable in combat Im wondering am I missing something or is this profession very bad in pve context ? Thanks !Palajack1 Dec 24
Dec 24 2 best professions to blow money on? I know engineering used to be one, I think it still is? What would the second choice be. How much gold is it to max engineering these days roughly?Voodoodrood0 Dec 24
Dec 24 Maybe inscription should... Be able to craft augment runes.Meadow0 Dec 24
Dec 24 What's the point of Inscription in Legion? I've loved this profession since it's inception in Wrath. My friends and guildies could always count on me to have the latest glyphs ready for everyone when they were released. Without glyphs really being a thing in Legion, what's the point of the profession? We lost shoulder inscriptions last go, and now the whole point of this profession seems unnecessary. It's almost as if they added the couple of things (runes for weekly raid bosses and the tome for easy talent swaps) just to give them something to do. I worry that Inscription is becoming super obsolete. What does everyone else here think? I'm hoping I've just overlooked the changes.Nissalee38 Dec 24
Dec 23 Why don't I have any cooking WQs? My friend was telling me they exited. I was like...wat...? My cooking kill is at 67. I can make some 375 stat foods. Is there something I'm missing here?Feridius6 Dec 23
Dec 23 I'm onto you, Nomi! I know what you've been up to, taking all my hard-won fish and meat and keeping that for yourself whilst giving me burnt "food" made from elekk dung. Well, my pudgy little friend, your skimming days are over!Vulcanturist3 Dec 23
Dec 23 Shouldn't Archy be account wide? Since most of what Archaeology gives you is toys and things, why isn't it account wide progress? Toys and mounts and xmogs are.Fysiks0 Dec 23
Dec 23 Pro Fishing Tip If you are planning on getting your fishing artifact, and have yet to learn fishing, i suggest you go and throw a few casts in a WoD fishing area, you will fish up the book to train you right to 700. I lost out on a lot of fishing levels because i would cap out at whatever level i had and not realize it.Simpso0 Dec 23
Dec 23 Impatient Righteous Dawnlight Medallion So i've been making the righteous dawnight medallions for a while and still haven't gotten the impatient, the one i need. Is it a really low chance or something?Lorthaan0 Dec 23
Dec 23 Opinions on professions I have herb/alchemy on my druid but can't decide on what professions to pick for my priest. Was thing about tailoring and enchanting but it would take a lot of money or time to level them. Also heard that they don't make any money and it's not worth leveling them. Just wanted some thoughts from the community and from people that have multiple toons to see what other professions are popular.Pegasys4 Dec 23
Dec 23 [Fishing] Underlight Angler Artifact Guide For the most up to date version check my reddit post: This is all the info you need to get this Artifact. Requirements to start the quest... - Be level 110 - 800 level fishing skill - Catch all the rare fish in Legion completing the achievement "Bigger Fish to Fry" (can be worked on while leveling character and fishing skill) - Once all of these requirements are met you will be able to fish up the quest item called "Luminous Pearl". I'm guessing you can fish it up anywhere but I caught mine on the southern coast of Suramar within 20min of finishing the Bigger Fish to Fry achievement. Back in the Beta, a lot of the sites like wowhead and wowdb had information on the bait and fish for the achievement. Problem was that it was not totally complete. Here is a complete list I put together with all 18 of the rare fish, locations, and the baits you must catch to get them. A small tip that might help speed things up is using the item "Arcane Lure" available from Conjurer Margoss. They cost one Drowned Mana, which can be fished up in the small pond right next to Margoss. This item stacks with your regular fishing lures like Worm Supreme and doubles your chance to catch bait in the Broken Isles. So if you want the extra little boost you can take a little time to catch some Drowned Mana and grab some lures. Here is my overview on Conjurer Margoss: Now for the clips from my adventure towards earning the Underlight Angler. Its a two part video because the quest bugged on me for a couple days until Nat Pagle spawned. I don't know a thing about video editing so its from my streams which are recorded live so please excuse the rambling and some mature language etc :) Part 1 - Catching the Quest Item (Luminous Pearl) and starting the quest. - (This is part of a long stream so follow the annotations to skip to the important parts). Part 2 - The final part of the quest. A fun little scenario with Nat Pagle that earns you the Artifact. - -kruptTommbombadil35 Dec 23
Dec 23 Neural Net Detangler One more week of mimiron kill and still no Neural Net Detangler drop, I was wondering if it is working as intended?Vyola3 Dec 23
Dec 23 Enchanting Rods Hello Forums , The Enchanting Trainer says that there are no skills to learn Silver Runed Rod , that was really cool to me. Using a Copper one at level 800 enchanting seems kind of retarded in my opinion bring back the old enchanting skills please! Mist of Pandaria expansion should of not taken out the level 100-150 enchanting rod. Also The Copper Rod use to take a copper bar now it does not , in my head it still does did I miss something? Blizzard if you have any information on why you would take it out of the Enchanting book or if it is a bug? From , FleetfeatherFleetfeather1 Dec 23
Dec 23 Blacksmithing is there really any point to holding onto hope with blacksmithing? I can get a mount maybe later in the expac. all the gear that is crafted is just ok. even taking the time to upgrade it doesn't seem worth it when WQs give pretty good gear. should I drop blacksmithing? and if so, for what? whats actually useful? maybe jewel crafting so I can keep mining?Bigmikeyd3 Dec 23
Dec 23 Are dungeons required to level professions I keep picking up and abandoning quests which appear to be required for leveling professions. Some players are saying that we must do dungeons in order to get the recipes patterns and formulas for crafting. Others say it is not so . I have done some forum searches but rather than give a direct answer people seem to hedge as if they do not understand how doing a dungeon is a 35 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being unacceptable. THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE If someone was to ask is it true that players must to do a minimum of 25 quests for each dungeon that they want to run and 50 quests for each raid, there would be some very direct yes or no answers with some explanationsMykinglion12 Dec 23
Dec 23 Class and professions dependent on dungeons For those of us that don't enjoy running the dungeons it really sucks that we are now forced to do them to advance class and professions. There are some of us that just enjoy the questing. I usually don't have luck finding good groups through group finder and waiting an hour to queue are definite drawbacks for me.Mirale14 Dec 23
Dec 22 Level 3 aethril Ok I need to know, this whole week ive been farming aethril for lvl 3, ive farmed 30k+ and no level 3 is the quest bugged or am I missing a step I already have lvl 2 aethrilMagnamedjrmy9 Dec 22
Dec 22 Jewelcrafting in Legions (DEVS PLEASE READ!!) In warlords you completely gutted the profession. Many of us feel you need to make some serious changes to all professions but Jewelcrafting in particular. I really miss prospecting ore for gems...please, please, PLEASE give us back the ability to prospect gems and also add more gem slots back into gear. Jewelcrafting has always been my favorite profession, I loved buyng tons of ore and then prospecting it, it was almost like playing a slot machine when you did that. I can't describe how great it felt to pull TWO blue gems from one prospect. In short, give us back gem slots (and slot bonuses on gear) along with prospecting in Legions. Thank you. Edit: typoDankletz23 Dec 22